Contact Husqvarna Customer Service

Contact Husqvarna Customer Service

Contacting Husqvarna Customer Service Center

Husqvarna is a company that’s all about power tools with a clear focus on lawn care tools. There is no about page listed on the website, but if you visit the website for the Husqvarna group you can learn more about where the company started. Husqvarna opened its first plant in 1689 making weapons. Electrolux bought the company in 1978 and from there several mergers and acquisitions expanded the company product line dramatically.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

It took a few clicks around the Husqvarna customer service page to find the contact phone number. The customer service team is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST to help customers with product support, warranty claims and other customer service issues.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-487-5951

Mailing Address

We found two mailing addresses for Husqvarna customer service. The first is for the Forest and Garden division and the second for Construction Products.

Husqvarna Attn: Customer Service9335 Harris Corners PkwySte. 500Charlotte, NC 28269


HusqvarnaAttn: Customer Service17400 W. 119th St. Olathe, KS 66061

Official Website

The online home of Husqvarna is available at The website is primarily a marketing tool to sell consumers on Husqvarna products, but there is access to customer service information as well. You must enter your zip code to find support information from the front page or you can click Customer Support for a list of FAQs, dealer locator and warranty information. You can access the Husqvarna customer support page at

Customer Service Email

We were unable to find a direct email address or contact form for Husqvarna customer service, but there is a huge FAQs section at You can type in the question you have and if that question is not answered customers are advised to contact Husqvarna customer service by phone. Customers can also ask other Husqvarna customers questions about products via AskArmy at

Our Experience

Husqvarna customer service is not a quick and easy call. You can press 1 for Poland products or 2 for all other products. We pressed 2 and the call was transferred to the Husqvarna consumer support line. From there we pressed 1 because we were calling from the United States then we pressed 2 for support. Two more options were offered, but the call immediately transferred to a customer service agent before we could make a selection. After two minutes on the call – all spent routing through the options – Jessica answered. Jessica was more than willing to verify the customer service hours for the Husqvarna call center.

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37 Comments on “Contact Husqvarna Customer Service
  1. We have managed wildlife on our acreage in Western New York State for fifty years. We have several Husky chain saws (372s 355s), pole saw, string trimmer and a commercial zero turn mower. We also have a husky hedge trimmer (326HS75) which has provided very good service, trimming over a mile of road sides and field edges. We recently purchased a 122HD60 hedge trimmer and are writing to express our considerable satisfaction with the unit. It is lighter than the other machine, starts more easily, and cuts at least as well. The rotating handle greatly improves safety and efficiency. So often equipment users are quick to complain about poor design…so we’re happy to applaud your design and construction team for particularly good work. Thank you.

  2. I live in Merrill,Mi. and have had no luck in finding a 220t or 322t mulching lawn mower in this area. Can you help me? Thank you

  3. I have a lgt2654 mower the rear axle snapped at beginning of mowing season, now the trans axle is slipping I am very disappointed. I have noticed there is a lot of talk over the internet about the same problems are there any recalls concerning this matter. I have always been fan of your products. Until now!!
    Frank Ford

  4. Appears Husqvarna has opted to drop their Email Support they Did have. Maybe because now you can buy their Products from more Big Box Dealers they are over loaded with issues with their Products they cannot keep up with the large number of problems and theyr so called Community is useless for the most part because most don’t work or know the products like someone directly at Husqvarna would and provide good competent information. This shows they have grown to large as to selling more products than they could support so they leave it up to users that are not qualified enough to provide the right information. But they did have an email support not that long ago. Guess it is more about selling than servicing as their Dealers lack the knowledge as to parts and replacement since they have several design for the same model and they cannot get the right replacement parts for it and had 2 dealers order the parts and could not get the correct part for that chainsaw! Disappointing when they once were a Top manufacturer of outdoor power equipment such as chainsaws. Guess they are just too large to have true Customer Support and calling them is another issue when they have too many different parts for a model!

    • I work for the MN DNR Fish and Wildlife. We purchased a 16″ bar basic chainsaw. Wrist pin was improperly installed and after 5 minutes of run time the motor was fried. Since we are a government entity we are considered a commercial business and this was not a “commercial grade” saw, which would cost twice the price, even though we use our saws less than the average homeowner. Sadly Husqvarna would not stand behind their defective product. I advise all to buy from Stihl!

  5. My battery pack was broken and does not stay shut without tape have only just open box my son got it for me

  6. I purchased husgavarna about 5 years ago. So far is the worst equipment I ever purchase.For the past 5 years the head was replaced 3 times. I call the husgavarna number of times , nobody ever call back. Thanks for your support.

  7. Purchased zero turn 54″ mower from lowes. First cutting belt came off 2 times. 2nd cutting same thing contacted the service center lowes told me to use. They came and picked it up and kept for 2 weeks. First cutting the belt came off again. I requested to return it and swap it out for another model. I was told that I would need to have it returned 4 times to the repair center before they could do anything….I called Husqvarna customer service and discovered their was nothing they would do except run me in circles. I thought this corporation was one of the best at making and supporting their mowers. Being on Social Security fixed income and shelling out what money I put aside each month to buy this thing and then being run in circles on support . I’ll go back to Sears if I can sell this one and buy another Craftsman. My last one held up over 15 years and their policy and warranty can’t be beat. Take note Husqvarna and start treating your consumers the right way.

  8. My Husqvarna lawn tractor is 3 years old and I am on my third ignition switch! Not happy:( I tried to return the last to Lowes where we had to buy it because the dealer we bought the tractor was on vacation. Lowes told us to contact Husqvarna. …..

  9. Hello I bought a new Husqvarna Hatchet from Amazon. I had it not even 7 days I was chopping a pice of small wood and Axe head itself broke. I’ve left a message and I’m not getting any help.I paid 30 dollars plus shipping for a tool that just broke I’m a new customer and a disabled veteran that not rich I’m on a fixed income now I’m out my Axe.I thought husqvarna was the best.

  10. I just purchased your L128 Trimmer. I was tired of purchasing cheap trimmers and replacing them every year. One comment about restringing. Your engineers must be able to come up with a better way. The manual that came with the tool on how to restring is useless. Youtube helped but actually doing it with the “kinky” string that wants to return to it’s coiled shape makes it very difficult. I spent more time trying to restring the damn thing then I did weed whacking my yard which is not all that big. I hate the device just because of this poorly designed, unfriendly way to replace the string. Your trimmer is not the only one but I do have yours so it’s “personal”.

  11. whyl does a snow blower only used approx 15 hrs die after purchaseing only 2 yrs ago. no explaination as to why a warrenty only lasts 2 yrs on engine.
    how do i know what covered and not?

    • why is there no email address to corporate? this is a terrible customer servic. i called and was put on hold approx 7 mins on cell phone of corse then i get to pay for phone call on wait. then oh its out of warranty. surprise no explanation as to why motor only lasts 15 hours. so i spend over 1,000 dollars for snow blowing 4 times. i could but a plow for that.

  12. Hi I owned a Husqvarna motocross bike when I was a kid and thought y…our products were still of the same quality. About two years ago this summer I bought 128cd trimmer thinking the name is good enough for me. This thing is pace of crap. I have had it in three times for a total of $175(more than the damn thing cost) for minor tune ups just to keep it running. I just got it back a couple weeks ago and I can not keep it running. I have pulled a Sears Craftsman trimmer out of my neighbors trash a few years back that ran better than this p o s. I tried looking on your web site for someone to contact…guess what no way to do that other than a long wait. If I don’t hear back from somebody in the next couple days I’m throwing this thing in the trash and buying a Toro and bad mouthing you guys on every social media site I can. You had a customer for life because of your bikes and you just screwed that all up. Mark

  13. I recently purchased your Husqvarna LC221A lawn mower. I just want to say it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made! It started the first pull and it cut my lawn amazingly! Great lawn mower! Thank you so much! Well satisfied customer!

  14. We got a née sewing machine from Joann’s fabric. We err told it would see thick material and leather not true no matter what we do and have Trudeau everything that the book has told us it will not see bent needles broken thred very upsetting the machine is not even one year old we were sold this machine and it dose not do what we were told very I unhappy and will Perdue this to the end I need help with this problem

  15. Dear Husqvarna, I have used your products exclusively in my tree service for over 15 + years but recently I bought your
    Curved Fixed pruning Saw 300 CU and your A2400 multipurpose axe to try out for my climber’s and groundsmen, needless to say they both didn’t last 2 weeks. The axe broke at the top and the saw dulled on the first day and finally snapped a week later. I am disappointed and out over 100 bucks because where I bought it said it was a warranty issue and I had to contact you. If this is the quality and service I am going to receive in the future, I will be forced to look elsewhere for my saws and equipment. Thank you, James Landreth Jr Timber Tree Service, Greenville

  16. Bought a zero turn mower in 2014 did great the first season taken care of clean, kept in shop. The next year started mowing got less than half done and it went dead pulled it back to shop and took it to be repaired they couldn’t find a problem next week did same thing . Same results. Season 2had in shop 4/5 times. On and on…. This season started out mower went dead while mowing sent to shop. Had to have it in shop 5 (at least) times.I got it back after after about a week said it was mowing switch. Mowed my yard 4 acres without problem. Started mowing again dumb thing started going dead again had to start it a least 10/15 times just on first acre . I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.spent a lot of money and very disappointed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. i bought a 46 inch zero-turn in april last year, 2016, 25 hours run time blade pully came apart and ruined the spindle, seems like cheap material the pully is made of, i had a snapper last 30 years almost no problems, i made a huge mastake buying your product, ‘won’t’ happen again, very dis-satisfied !

  18. I purchased a 128 LD Trimmer from Lowe’s in Ontario, Canada two weeks ago. The tag indicates that various attachments are available but they were not in stock or available at Lowe’s. I contacted the local dealer in Mount Forest, Ontario who indicated that the pole saw attachment that I needed was not available. I then contacted Husqvarna customer service today and I was informed that the pole saw is only available on in the US. I then searched on the website and it is only available for the LDX model and not the model I purchased.. How can a company sell a product but no longer have the attachments despite a large tag promoting that they are available? Hugely frustrated!

  19. I recently purchased a 125 BVX Blower/ Vac to replace another brand that was used extensively. Your unit performs better than I expected with both functions than my old unit. I really like the Cruise Control Knob for Blowing as it makes it easier to hold and control the Blower without holding the Throttle. I wanted to get a Husqvarna because of my Lawn Mower that was purchased at Sears long age. It is a Husqvarna Self Propelled 21″ Battery Start with a bagger that has performed very well for me over the years. It has never been in a shop and still starts on the first pull (Never used the Battery Start). I am very pleased with your products and will continue to buy them in the future.

  20. The “Customer Service” department for Husqvarna is anything but customer service!! They aren’t able to confirm a part even when you tell them exactly what it is, what it goes with, a dealer store’s skew number, and even their own model number! They say they have to have a “product number” when for the majority of parts their is no number on it in any way.

    Do yourself a favor, NEVER NEVER try using Husqvarna’s phone number listed in their Warranty document. Instead find your local dealer and work out things thru them.

    Btw, the Husqvarna Warranty phone number can’t even give you the correct local dealers. I was given 3 of them and 2 don’t do their work! If Husqvarna can’t get their USA branch working better, some other manufacturer will and send Husq packing back to where they came from. (Try finding Hebel in the USA that came here and had Americans handle things)

  21. I have an ST224 SnowThrower that needs a belt for the Auger/Blade. I ordered one a few days ago in anticipation of an 18″ snow storm we are expecting in New England tomorrow. I received a belt today, but it was the wrong one. The one I received was for the engine and not the auger. Now, I am going to have to shovel a lot of snow by hand. I called your customer service folks and asked that they overnight one, as the wrong belt was not my mistake. She refused which made me very unhappy. I need you to send me the correct one asap, at no cost. I will be happy to return the wrong belt.

    Mark Fairman

  22. I have an ST224 Snow Thrower that needs a belt for the Auger/Blade. I ordered one a few days ago in anticipation of an 18″ snowfall here in New England tomorrow. I received the wrong belt today, and will have to dig out by hand tomorrow. I received the belt for the main motor and not the one for the auger. I called your customer service line and your agents were not helpful. I need an auger belt overnighted. I will be happy to send the wrong belt back.

    Mark Fairman

  23. My grandmother had a working Husqvarna sewing machine which has a card inside. The card that contained designs are similar to the designs from The American Girls Dress Designer software program. When will Husqvarna release a separate card containing the designs from The American Girls Collection (for use in their sewing machine)?

  24. no where in our area does any one carry just the simple parts for our mower. If I would have known this (my fault) I would never buy the mower. I will never buy anything with husqvarna name again.

    • Spoke with Linda regarding Amps output on YTH 22V46 that I want to add extra running light for late evening mowing. Glad to hear 28Amps ’cause I only need 5.4. @8 should cover all I need.
      Thanks for the help and good product.

  25. I am Soo dissatisfied with Husqvarna chainsaws now. I bought a new 435E 16 inch saw 3weeks ago from my local Lowe’s. It ran a total of 15 minutes and quit. I took it back, they replaced it with another new one. It ran a total of about 1hour then it quit. This time I got my money back. I don’t get it. I’ve had other Husqvarna saws that I ran for years. I will not buy another one, that’s for sure.

  26. Hi this is Jay Lebreton in Alton Maine . I bought my husqvarna yta 24v 48inch lawn tractor at lowes July 23 2016 .the rear end clutch went .Took it a dealer its been 5 weeks trying to get parts .The dealer has been very good about it keeping me informed on what’s going on.they informed that this model has A diffent rearend then A genuine husqvarna .therefore the have to go through a different company to get parts . I am up set its Takeing so long . I would hope husqvarna would do something about it .Once again it’s not the dealer that is fixing it its the junk rearend in it you should use genuine husqvarna parts.

  27. High this is Jay Lebreton again everdently leaving a comment doesn’t mean anything to husqvarna either still haven’t herd from cluster service. Still waiting for parts going on six weeks know with out a mower. I would they would want to try and solve this problem or give me a replacement to use till they get it solved. I Guess I will have to go buy another mower

  28. Have bought husqvarna products all my adult life. But now have to drive a considerable distance for quality repair and service work. The local dealer had my chain saw for 3 months and never looked at it. But it did collect a lot of dust at their shop. As a result i just purchased a new Stihl weedeater. Will buy their products from now on.

  29. I received a Poulan Pro made by Husq as a gift. It was brand new in the unopened box. It would not run so I had it repaired for $70. It still wont run and is a total waste. It appears no one can get these to run. Had an old Poulan 30 years ago and could not wear it out.

  30. I was gifted a Husqvarna 128LD trimmer in Dec of 2018 since that time I have had nothing but trouble in keeping it operational At first I called your customer service number and they suggested I use your premixed fuel off the shelf and that did work for a few weeks . Than on July 17 of 2020 I could not get it to stay on . My local certfied small engine repair shop said it needed a new carburator I paid $134 for the new one . It worked for a few weeks then stopped . I returned it to the shop now they say the motor is bad . I have over $300 in your trimmer what do you suggest I do?

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