Contact Humana Customer Service

Contacting Humana Customer Service Center

Humana is an insurance company that offers individual, Medicare and employer insurances plans. Your contact information for Humana should be listed on the back of your insurance card. If you’ve lost the card or you need to contact a different department or division of the company not listed on your card you can find additional contact information here.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Humana phone number list provided online is split into four types of contact – individual, employer, agent and provider. Choose the contact number that best describes you.

  • Employer Group Plan for Members: 1-800-448-6262
  • Claims Medicare: 1-800-457-4708
  • Medicare Premium: 1-800-992-2551
  • Employer (Small Business): 1-800-232-2006
  • Employer (Large Business): 1-800-872-7207
  • Business Insurance Agents: 1-866-427-7478
  • Reset Password for Agents: 1-800-558-4444 (extension 4118)
  • Provider Customer Service: 1-800-448-6262
  • Internet Specialists for Providers: 1-877-845-3480
  • Consumer Medical Claims FAX: 1-888-556-2128
  • Humana Corporate Office: 1-800-486-2620

Mailing Address

The corporate address for the Humana corporation can be used for compliments and complaints, but it should not be used for claims other insurance account contact. We’ve provided the claims and correspondence address for your convenience.

Humana Inc. 500 W. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202


Humana Correspondence Office PO Box 14601 Lexington KY 40512-4601

Official Website

The master or main website for the Humana insurance company is available at There are other websites that link out from this main site. These sites are provided so the consumer can learn detailed information about a specific product or service, such as the Medicare plan available from Humana. Contact information for each individual plan is available on that specialized site.

There are also social media pages available for customers who have general questions about Humana coverage and insurance.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer contact form listed on the Humana website for the general public, but there is a secure email form available to members when they log in to MyHumana.

Our Experience

There are various Humana customer service numbers, so we chose to call the Employer member line for to share our experience. If you are a member you can press 1; if not press 2. When you press 1 you are asked security questions before the call can progress. You must enter your Humana account number or your social security number so the automated system can find your account. If you press 0 a couple times your call will be transferred to an agent. If you press 2 as your first option, you will be given additional options to connect your call with the correct customer service department.

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88 Comments on “Contact Humana Customer Service
  1. I have medical ins through Conexis @ a cost of $492.89 per mo. In Jan. I went to Walgreens to pick up 3 rx for a UTI and was told I had no insurance so I paid for the medications thinking this will be fixed in the next few days. Well that was 1/6/13 Now this is 2/22/13 and it is still not fixed. I called Express Scripts and they told me I have to wait till Monday and call Humana. I am very annoyed about this problem.

  2. Yesterday I spent over three hours talking to 3 different Don’t Give A DAMN customer support persons. I am 73, diabetic, out of insulin. I had enough for a couple more shots yesterday. The company that makes my insulin is setting on ready to mail me a supply since I am now in the so called donut hole and CAN NOT afford to buy any at the present. All I got from the 3 customer service persons was a hard time. I was to give them a fax number and they would fax the paper to show I have no more medications payments available to me. Over and over I explained the emergency of the situation and was each time given back ” we have rules and just don’t care type attitude.” It has now been well over 24 hours and no fax has come. I have no insulin now. I have been with humana for many years but since they DO NOT CARE except for their rules and it takes over 24 hours to just get a badly needed fax, when time to change providers comes around again I WILL BE CHANGING companies.

  3. I am getting calls at all hours of the day & night from a number listed as Humana Inc. on my caller ID. The number is from 502-722-9148. PLEASE MAKE THIS STOP. I have already registed with the DO NOT CALL LIST so I hoped this type of thing would not happen again. Please contact me and I can give you the phone number that’s being called. I will take this matter up with the Better Business Bureau if I do not hear back from you! Thank you in advance, Helen

  4. Why is it so damn hard to navigate through your web sight. I have been trying for hours to look at my account to see what shipping address is listed. I have been charged $44 for a prescription I never received and want to know what the hell is going on. This is the most unfriendly user application it is my misfortune to run across. I worked as a programmer for years and wrote many online applications and would have been fired for writing one like this.

  5. I bought my policy on Dec 7, 2013. My Supplement plan A card came today in the mail. I did not receive policy book with benefit details as TDI states is required along with rates, several other documents. So, I went to and tried to register as member, to my plan details and benefits. It is 01/04/14, on the 6th I have dr. app. My name, id number or medicare number and birthdate only got response “Name and number were unfamiliar as an insured humana policy. Why cant I register? payment was made on Dec 7. Thank you

  6. If my Wife still is being abused and her medication still is being withheld for her,by the phone by mail pharmacy that represents your insurance company,and I don’t have an advocate or menator from Hamana contact me as requested. I will be contacting all nashville news stations., to make it public , and will be taking a legal suit against Humana & Right Source RX for abuse of a senior citizen and withholding Medication that is required for my wife’s health needs.


  8. After numerous calls to Humana I was mis-transferred four times and hung up on two times.

    This is the worst customer service!!!! The agents don’t have a clue on how to transfer a call and keep hanging up on the members. And this is what we pay insurance for…this less then zero service.

  9. There customer service is the worst, all the times I have called I’ve had to wait for over 30 minutes and after waiting I would get transferred to other departments. I cancelled my policy due to frustration with the services and now it’s been over a month and I have not received a refund and they keep telling they will give me a call and fail to do so. I would not recommend.

  10. Hi, I recently purchase Humana Health Ins., but I discover that my Doctors are in the Humana net work. All of my Doctors are at Christ Hosp. They are in a different plan from the Obama Care that I purchase on line.

    I want to keep my same Doctors. Can I change to my plan so I can keep the same Doctors?

  11. Why do your commercials have to be so LOUD? Maybe you should have upper management have a TV on in their office and have to listen to them for a week. That would change things… They would probably do what I do and many people I’ve talked to about LOUD commercials. THE MUTE BUTTON! AND make a mental note to never buy their products…
    I would appreciate some follow up on your reasoning. It gets peoples attention alright. NOT GOOD.

  12. My CPAP machine provided by Apria Healthcare, a provider for Humana, broke 17 days ago. I have made numerous phone calls to Apria and they have promised to ship the part three times, but I have not received it. I wrote to Bruce Brossard President of Humana six (6) days ago and still no one from Humana or Apria has contacted me. The CPAP machine helps prevent strokes and without it I am more liable to have a stroke. Does anyone care?

  13. My wife had a stroke 9-15-14. Medical Professionals were unanimous in agreeing she needs acute rehab. It was denied by A Dr. Alexander medical director in Dallas , Texas for Humana.I am a licensed insurance agent and good friend to the health insurance industry seldom if ever using benefits. I am appalled by this decision and will urge all seniors to beware of Humana

  14. It seems very simple to me. Instead of having this advertising Blitz to get people to sign up. All you have to do is stop with the mail flyers, telephone calls, emails, TV commercials,etc. Just lower your insurance and part D premiums and I guarantee by word of mouth seniors will find out and they would be signing up with you in droves. Quite simple.

  15. worst insurance in the world. nothing but a bunch of liars. will lie to get you enrolled, lie about the plan, agent made 3 appointments for mother so she could cancel and never showed up. no hospital in our network. the list is even longer

  16. I have had Humana for about 6 years and they were great until now. To get my medication refilled now I have to file complaints with the Mississippi Insurance Department. My RX has been the same for 12 years and now Humana has decided it’s to much. It’s to lake to change but next year I will get away from Humana. I see 5 different doctors and I will pass the word about Humana, “STAY AWAY FROM HUMANA”

  17. Horrible customer service. I’m trying to cancel my coverage because I found a better option, and they told me via chat that the only way to cancel my policy is over the phone. I’ve called several times and they keep hanging up on me. I am going to file a complaint with the Mississippi Department of Insurance. There is no way this is an innocent mistake–they’re trying to take money that I didn’t agree to continue paying.

  18. all I want to do is cancel my plan I talk to a guy name Justin on line for a half hour all he said was wait ok wait he acted like it was his first day all I want to do is cancel
    and find the fax to cancel

  19. I signed up for Humana 11/25/14 and today, 1/15/15, I have yet to receive a card or plan information. My policy was to be effective Dec. 1. I have talked to Dahlia, Mindy, Cotrissa in Customer Service, Mike in Sales, Michelle, a Supervisor, Rochelle, Amber, Donna, Keisha, and Audrey. They’ve all been just as polite as they can be, but not one has had an answer for me.
    Since calling hasn’t worked, I tried to email but my sign-in is not accepted. They have worn me out!

  20. OMG…..was on hold for over half an hour and the call gets dropped. So I go online…..your website is down. I do more web searches for phone numbers and get 7 of them…..six declare you are experiencing technical difficulties, the 7th is the corporate office and the message is ” all representatives are in an ‘all-department meeting’. ???? HUH ????? ARE YOU FOR REAL? THE ENTIRE CORPORATION IS IN AN ALL DEPARTMENT MEETING? WHO LET’S YOU GET AWAY WITH LYING AND THIS KIND OF SERVICE? Who? what agency oversees you? I’m calling my state insurance commission and finding out how to log a complaint against you bozos. GREAT WAY TO DO BUSINESS!!!!!! How did EVERYTHING GET SHUT DOWN? WEBSITE, PHONES !!!! YOUR CORPORATE OFFICES???? UNREAL. SHAME ON YOU

  21. 3/26/15 starting @ 2 ;45 pm. Call the calims department # wanting to protest a bill. Questions verifying soc. #, bd, zip #. Finally got it straighten but was transferred to another number. Repeat of same info. Explained issue but placed on hold what she research records. After 3 mins phone went dead. Call# back & got claims dept again but never able to switch to medical department; repeated same msg over & over &over & over & over. Hung up & redialed again. SOS. Then tried customer service # & got someone who said she could help. Requested a # where I could reach her in case cur off again but no go. Placed on hold. Cut off again!!!!! All I wanted was to ask a question reg bill noone to assist me. Crap to the service.

  22. Thank you to DEJUAN in the billing dept. for helping mee out today.
    I finally got to talk to a live person and he was so helpful.
    The automated service was no help to me when I had questions about billing. He was patient, understanding and answered all
    my questions and resolved an ongoing issue.

  23. I have been trying to get refund from humana insurance for overpayment of $ 72.44.I changed my ins from humana to UHC prior to 12/15/14 as required by the marketplace. Unfortunately, I had set up auto payment with humana for 2014. Humana did not discontinue my ins despite being notified by marketplace and charged me for the month of january 2015. I have requested a refund a number of times .I was told they had no verification of termination of my ins contract with them despite written notice of termination by the marketplace by note, conference 3 way call and case # established as proof to humana by the market place. I continue to be billed for payment by humana through the month of april 2015.I am enroll with UHC and have neen making monthly payment. I am on social security and would appreciate humana in being decent by refunding my over payment in january 2015.

  24. I have called your company several times (about my daughter Kelly Strong) trying to get this billing system resolved and every time I talk to someone they say it is resolved. I ask them to send me a bill in the mail and they will say I will get one in the mail and it never happens. You keep sending me an eBilling with the wrong amount on it and all I want is it fixed! I have both my other daughters in your company and I have no problems paying their bills but you just keep screwing this up. My daughter Kelly has got her “Summary of Benefits, Individual Medical Policy booklet” and her medical card and everything except a bill so I can make a payment on her policy. I don”t know what is going on but I will cancel the other 2 policies as soon as the period runs out if this is how your company works. The last person I talked to was Kiamesha-Ref.#829648525616 and she said everything would be taken care of but obviously that din’t happen. you keep eBilling me the wrong amount of $210 when the bill should be $31.86. I have paid all my other 2 daughters payments (Ryan & Shelby)with no problem but I can’t make a payment without a bill. This is totally your companies fault and now I just got a cancellation notice for non-payment. I have been calling since January trying to get this resolved to no avail. Just check the notes and you will see that I have made every attempt to pay this bill. I will be calling on Monday and blowing up your phone and asking for a supervisor to try to fix this mess. I am beyond losing my temper over this but someone is not doing their job there. Every person I talked to since January has said “no problem I will get it fixed”. I have contacted my attorney and he wants to see everything I have Your the only company I know that does not want their payment when a person is calling all the time in an attempt to pay it. I want this resolved and I trust nobody in your company anymore!

  25. March 18,2015 I stayed on the phone for 7 hours trying to find out why my mom Humana card wasn’t working ? During that time I had customer service hang -up on me a few times because I was told it was someone name on the account and not my mom name although everything else matched.I was so furious how I was treated. They the next day I called Medicaid and I was told maybe the card was missing a number. So I called Humana Corp. on the phone for almost 2 hours it was true Humana make a major mistake on my mom card one number was missing. I was able to print-off a paper card from my computer today is April 4, 2015 no card Humana wasn’t mailed to my mom house.There also was an representative paper for my mom to sign me on . It was never mailed to my house, thank GOD I had the paper card but the wasn’t my mom Doctor. Found out it was a Doctor in Tennessee my mother never lived there. If this is not corrected I will contact the Attractor General because I found out when my mom did go to her Doctor finally her blood pressure was 200/70 major mistake.

  26. We have been calling Hunana for over two hours. We followed the prompts. The last propnot said to press zero. Guess what! The phone system then hung. Thus has happened 4 times.
    What a WONDERFUL company!,,

    No customer service at all.

  27. I’m currently enrolled with the Medicare Silverscript Insurance Co. I’m really not sure If I want to stay with them. I currently have Medicare at:100%. I also have extra help Part D along with QMB. Which type of insurance should is best for me through Humana?

  28. I have called every number possible only to get one recording after another.Do you ever read these comments? Do you have a number I can call to actually speak with someone? Not a recording! I have wasted almost 2 hours of my time.I FINALLY GOT THROUGH

  29. It has truly been a nightmare working with them. After over 12 years with BCBS, I needed to find a more affordable policy and Humana offered with same doctors. However, I never received anything from them, I spoke to 7 different agents who could never find the notes from the last call, they would also say let me look into and call you back, never received any follow up call except finally when they out of blue tell me policy cancelled. Im exhausted with these folks. They are taking money on automatic payment but I can reach anyone to find out what is going on. I regret I made a change and as a self employed person, this has been way too much time wasted with their customer service to get help. I wish they offered a decent website that you can get into to get answers to questions. However, without your ID which they did not give and then cancelled, I could never see what was going on but when I registered I did automatic payment and they seem to still be taking the money out of my account without benefits. Hope to get answers asap.

  30. 8-17-15 rec’d letter from Silver Script stating I had failed to re-order Losartan 25MG…the Rx I have is dated 5/26/15…this is 8-17-15…when I called to refill the recorded voice (Nurse O’Neil would not stop talking for me to punch in the Rx No…I c

  31. this will not let me complete comment before it sends…pretty much the same treatment I have received from your “live” help…put in writing what I have done WRONG and why all the questions about my Discover Card? I’m old and do not hear too well…will fax the label from the Losartan, but am unable to find a FAX number for you people…respectfully, George Doughty

  32. Helloooooo, Humana Pharmacy,
    Since you took over Rightsource, the service has become extremely bad. In fact, you stink, and I foresee that you will get out of business soon because people hate you.

  33. The only difference between Humana and a prostituteis, with a prostitute, the prostitute gets screwed and she gets the money. With Humana you get screwed and they still get the money.

    Worthless, Privacy invasion, Obama supporters.

  34. Humana Specialty Pharmacy is now charging a copay that I never incurred previously. For starters, I never received a letter from Humana informing me of this new charge or a billing statement. When I spoke on the telephone with Humana Specialty Pharmacy several months back regarding my monthly shipment I was informed that I had an outstanding balance. This was a total surprise to me as I had previously satisfied my deductible and had never incurred this charge previously. Over the past few months I have had to spend countless hours on the telephone between Benefits and Pharmacy trying to get it straighten out to no avail. Kept getting passed around between pharmacy and benefits. Further, Humana Specialty Pharmacy has taken the position to refuse to ship my drug to my doctor unless I first pay the copay. As a result, on September 4, 2015, I mailed a formal written appeal to Humana Appeal in Lexington Kentucky and mailed a copy to Humana Specialty Pharmacy requesting a copy of the policy provision corresponding to this monthly copay amount. To date I have not received a reply. Today, I have tried to reach Humana Appeal by telephone number by calling the corporate office and had no results. I have done all I can do as there is no telephone number for Humana Appeal, no email, no street address. Only a PO BOX. Humana Specialty Pharmacy has been put on notice that I have filed an appeal and they have acknowledged my filing. Until this is resolved accordingly, I fully expect my monthly shipment to continue by the Pharmacy and not be held back. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Customer service is of no help either as all they do is look on their computer screen to see if an appeal has been posted. It should not take over 3 weeks to receive an acknowledgement from Humana that they are in receipt of my appeal.

  35. Not happy! I called the hotline and the automated message kept saying someone would get with me…only had the patience for 1 hour 1 minute….you weren’t going to answer my phone call EVER!!!!

  36. switched back and forth to the same dpts. for almost two hours and was finally told to hang up because the call could not be completed.

  37. Cannot contact you, misplaced my Humana card, please replace, my no. is H47505788, need to reinroll for 2016. Same coverage as 2015

  38. Humana is a bunch of liars and crooks. We have the drug plan and have had it all year, paid our monthly premium, paid the 350.00 deductible, have been paying copay and getting some drugs through rightsource at no cost. We still have 400 plus left before going to next stage, but suddenly you want to charge 71.00 for a drug that has been 0 all year-(just because it is going off the formulary next year)We received no notice of this change for this year 2015. Now that we are captive in your plan you change the cost?! That is WRONG! It is the weekend so I have to vent here, but I will be calling and giving another earful tomorrow. If this is not resolve, I will be reporting this.

  39. I have tried and tried to get help. I need to reset password, but email listed is no longer valid, there is no mobile phone number or security question, so I am unable to get the temporary password. I need to update my information so I can logon but cannot do that over the phone at all-no one ever responded to me.

  40. Wanted to send in writing for the record: I mistakenly applied for AARP Saver Prescr. Drug Plan. Called Medicare to withdraw. They said call AARP UHC & inform and Call you and inform about withdrawal. Customer Svc. Rep. seemed unconcerned. I want to be SURE Humana doesn’t withdraw my 2016 coverage due to this dumb mistake. Couldn’t find anyplace to send email, and today is Dec 3, 2015. PLEASE DON’T DROP ME!

  41. My situation started on October- present.. Every year they been raising my insurance up to about 25 dollars extra. I couldn’t pay the monthly payment because it was over 225.00. I canceled my insurance. They were refunding my money but it was the wrong amount. Every time I talk to CSRep. they give me a runaway. It got mailed on this day……..I have gotten that response every time. I am getting frustrated. I even sent them proof of the correct amount the refund I should have. I even sent their refund back (wrong amount). Every two weeks I have been calling them up. Trying to figure out where my exact refund is. I have to be on hold for at least 15 minutes so CSRep can look thru my case and all of them are saying “they have to look the paperwork”. It’s December and no refund yet.

  42. Please cancel my request for a Mecicare Health plan as I discovered my PCP isn’t on your list, even tho their clinic shows they take Humana (my PCP is Dr Sheryl Robin Gruen) Thank You
    Margaret Eberhardt

  43. Good Morning,

    I joined Humana in September 2016 at my birthday of 65. I went to “My Doctor” to get the required paperwork for the Human Pharmacy. My Doctor completed and faxed the required paperwork for three prescriptions: Nexium/Livalo/Tricor (generic – Fenofibrate). I received a letter stating that “My Doctor” had not forwarded the information (which was not true). I called. I was told all the paperwork was there.
    I received another letter stating that “My Doctor” had not forwarded the information (which again was not true). I called again. I was told that Nexium had been “attempted deliver” — and that I was to pick it up at the post office. I was also told that there were two orders, so they were both put on hold. I spent over one hour on the phone (most of the time on hold) and was told the other two prescriptions would be delivered on Saturday. This was two weeks ago. No one ask for $. Much to my surprise when I picked up the one prescription – it was NOT Nexium (which I need daily) – it was the TRICOR GENERIC – which had no cost – Fenofibrate. So, obviously, the clerk told me wrong information — and to date I have not received (the much needed cholesterol medicine needed to prevent heart attacks). I received another call to all 1-866-747-0628 with the code 3056836. Today, Saturday – January 9, 2016 – I called. I was led through a series of questions and then the computer voice – said, my address wrong. I was told by the computer voice that the prescriptions would not be mailed until payment was made. I clicked to speak to a representative. I was cut off. So, I called the number in my letter 1-800-379-0092 and ask to speak to a manager (three times politely). I was cut off. If this how Humana treats a paying customer (meaning I pay my monthly fee on time) and so far, Humana has misinformed me from day one; has not filled the required prescriptions for me as prescribed by my doctor to maintain a healthy heart; and the response from the Humana clerks has been rude, then, it is obvious that this company is not to be trusted with an individual’s health plan.

    Since one medicine has been mailed, it makes no sense that Humana does not have my correct address. It also makes no sense, that I was told that Nexium had been mailed – when in fact it had not. So, I am having to purchase on the open market (double) to have the required dosage daily at an extra expense to me. I also do not have any Livalo and have not had since December, therefore, I am at a higher risk for a heart attack since the required medicine has not been delivered to me – because of Humana’s inability to maintain accurate records, deliver patient’s medicine in a timely manner, and their ineffective communication.

    Therefore, I will forward this complaint and since I have been literally “cut off” on the phone twice: once for trying to correct my address for billing purposes and once for politely asking to speak to a manager three times. I have been misinformed and still do not have the medicine I need to maintain my health; thus, it is apparent that Humana’s personnel have not set up or maintained effective communication. — I find this company’s policies dangerous for my health.

    Barbara Friesz

  44. I am very disappointed with your customer service and claims department .I was encouraged by you company to get a Colonoscopy at no charge to me. Chose a doctor on provider list he set up appointment I went to a hospital also on provider list. then after procedure I am told the hospital is not a provider and billed 550 dollars called customer service they check and tell me yes the hospital is a provider they would take care of it . then i get a letter denying the claim.I CALLED AGAIN they said previous person must not have provided all information HE would send all info ,he would take care of it i get a second letter denying claim AS OF YET THIS HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED.

  45. I ran out of Lipitor (Atorvastatin 20mg) and was expecting a refill by mail. When it wasn’t received I call your customer service phone number and after a extensive phone dialogue with your automated phone system, I was finally connected to one of your representatives (Angle). She said my Lipitor prescription was inactive and I would have to contact my doctor to have a new prescription sent (I thought you provided that service???). I checked my prescription and it says I may refill one time by 04/02/2016. So I called Wal-Mart pharmacy and they will have it within 3 hours. I thought filling prescriptions by mail would be easier. I couldn’t get much easier than a phone call to Wal-Mart.

  46. I signed up for this insurance with my employer Bojland Restaurant Group in Evans Ga and I have yet to get my insurance card. I called the number on the card and it said that my social security number was not noticed in the system. What do I do?


  48. I am writing this on behalf of my husband. I now see, however, from the previous posts why Humana does not have an email address. Also this seems to be a place for customers to vent, but the same issues are mentioned over and over with no apparent resolution.  We are very unhappy and dissatisfied with the drug plan we have with your company.  We have been attempting to get two kinds of eyedrops since January, but as of yet we have received none.  If all of our phone calls are recorded, I am sure someone can find out the exact content of our messages and how many people we have talked to and how many different stories and price quotes we have received.  On Feb. 10th. I was on the phone for 65 minutes, thinking the issue was resolved, when a week later, we received a phone call stating it was not.  At the end of that conversation, the price had gone up one hundred dollars!!!!!  In a weeks time!!  I believe your company is too large, with too many employees, and not one person knows what the other person is doing.  Will we renew this plan in October….absolutely not!!!  Will I refer Humana to my many nurse friends nearing retirement age….absolutely not!! My husband was led to believe that mail order was the best and cheapest way to go, sorry but it is apparent our home town CVS is a lot more personable, convenient, and willing to accommodate.    
    Sent from my iPad

  49. this humana plan does not cover any of the dr.s in my area. they all say they do not participate with humana because of the poor reimbursement rates. I am going back to plain medicare because I do not have these problems with them

  50. I am writing concerning claims for Brenda Machen, member ID# H74128214. I Have summited claims for a Doctor that is in network who will jot file a claim from their office because Humana is too slow in paying, therefore we must pay for the office visits and attempt to be reimbursed from Humana.., I have talked to Bridgett a customer advocate number 855-639-8833 x 476. she gave me several excuses why these claims was not being paid and sated she would work me as long as necessary to get them paid. She was supposed to call me on Tuesday March the 15th at 12 noon my time. She did not> I have called and left many messages of which she is ignoring. Can someone with some integrity please contact me.

  51. I have tried to contact someone in reference to getting info about the date of my last Pap smear. I followed all the steps, but when I hit send it just run and runs. I tried a couple of times, but no connection was made. Now, what do I do?

    Thank you.

  52. I couldn’t find any other email address to contact Humana. I just wanted to say thank you to Humana for sponsoring bell hooks dialogue at St Norbert college this past week. Also, I walk the trail at Humana in De Pere, Wisconsin. I’m not sure if Humana employees cleaned up the garbage along the trail, but if they did a big thank you. It’s a great trail and now it looks so much nicer. Thank you, Humana.

  53. I received a letter that stated Humana did not get my payment and to contact Customer Care. They did not give me a phone number so I went to the web site to get one. I tried several but was unable to make myself understood on the phone. When I logged in to make a payment it said that I did not owe anything. Why did I get that letter? I would appreciate a call to settle this. Thanks

  54. Your company lies when I call to try to get something straightened out. They just cut me off, this is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!

  55. I have been receiving the mail of a humana member for over a year. I cannot call to stop it, because you need a member id to call. “Return to Sender” and “wrong address” has no effect.

  56. I’d like a list of insurance covered contacts covered under my vision plan. The optometrist at ShopKo Optical prescribed Acuvue Oasis for me, which I don’t think fall in the category of insured by you my insurance company. They were $165.00, you only covered $130.00 under my insurance plan, so I had to pay the other $35 plus tax out of pocket. So for a 6 month prescription, insurance covered contacts shouldn’t cost me any money out of pocket. That’s why I’m not sure they did what they were supposed to do. The doctor only prescribed what he thought I should wear for contacts without contacting my insurance company to find out. So I need a list of what contacts are covered by my insurance so they get it right the next time and every time. Thank you for your time.

    Anthony Mayfield

    Group Name: Craig Industries

  57. I sent in my mothers medical Durable Power of Attorney and Consent for release of protected health information (PHI), for both my sister and myself. This was faxed in 2015. I called Humana pharmacy after they left a message to call back, and low and behold, NO FORMS ON FILE. Its 2017 for goodness sake. Really thinking about different insurance for my mother next year!! If anybody at Humana has seen our forms please get them entered into your system.. I’m not a happy camper. Forms were faxed, AGAIN



  59. I have received this date a package from Humana Pharmacy containing two bottles (presumably Rx) which I did not order. A few days ago I received an email informing me of this order, #108704609, for two prescriptions ending in 5588 and 4609.
    Please correct this happenstance, make sure my account is not charged, and tell me what to do with this package which has not been opened.

  60. I received coverage terminated notice from my doctor when claim was filed. However Humana NEVER notified me in writing. Now I am left will bills to pay?

  61. I have called twice for a Smart Summary RX for the month of December2017 for tax purposes. The first time they said they would mail me a copy. Never received. Yesterday she told me she would email me a copy (all I need is the first page with my yearly total for spending) for tax purposes. Did not receive an email. I will wait patiently for a week to see if i receive one in the mail.

  62. Can’t seem to find a phone number to call for questions on problems logging into Humina Site. Humina could do a better job providing such a no. , making it easier for patients. Not very user friendly. Provided info. so I could change user name and password and got notice I was not in system. This is getting very nerve raking. Could someone get back to me that can resolve my problem? Thanks.

  63. I received a check from Humana, drug store was making a killing off me, will you check and see how much more money you owe me

  64. I called twice last week to inquire about locations near me for eye exams since where I was going is now closed. The first time I talked to someone they said they were going to fax closest locations to me. Got the fax and it was blank! Second call I made I told them about the fax and they were going to email me the locations. They said it would be about 24 hours until I received the email. I have never received the email and it is now a week later. Absolutely terrible customer service!

  65. I work in healthcare and never have I seen such disregard for patients as I have with the Humana/Medicare plan my mother has the displeasure of having right now. She has been a Humana plan member since 1979, yes when it was associated with Michael Reese Hospital. She had an HMO and it was such a great plan, I too picked up an HMO when my organization offered it up. Now my mother has gotten older, retired and picked up a Humana/Medicare plan one of which you offer on television for many seniors. Shame on you! She is a fairly healthy elder, but every time she needs diagnostics, she is charged for every single thing. What exactly is a healthcare plan paying for these days. Blood work is needed to diagnose not only health issues, but to determine if a person is in good health. If you can find a way of scanning a person without venipuncture, then you should offer it. She’s charged for x-rays, MRIs and every thing that Medicare used to pay 80% for before she picked up this plan which was suggested by an agent. I now wonder who employs the people who offer this plan that many seniors can little afford. I will be doing my research on other plans that will allow my mother keep her health and some money to live on. No loyalty by any businesses. Shame on you Humana!

  66. Hello,
    I am in China and cannot contact you by phone. Since you have no email address available, I am hoping the proper department–billing– can get this. Please email with an email address that I can respond to. Thanks.

  67. Humana doesn’t have any customer service that I can see. Closed weekends, can’t service people with emergency problems with provider, unable to access a human on the weekends, unable to resolve any problems on the weekends. That is 5/7th of the week, not to mention that other 2/3rds of the other 5 days of the week when you are closed. Didn’t you know that your customers live 24 hours a day and have problems 24 hours a day. Lousy customer service at best. The automated phone calls are so anal and pedantic that only a moron could communicate with them. The result in absolutely no satisfaction to the customer and is a waste of their time – probably thousands of man hours per year of customer time wasted dealing with anal automated moronic lines. As far as resolution of problems, I have seen none. It is a good old boy network where business scratches the backs of each other to make money from the government as a handout. No customer service at all!

  68. I was wondering after 2 hrs on phone and switched from one person to anther and still know nothing a request was sent for approval on a MRI so i could get an injection in my back all I wanted was to have a shot to have less pain hospital heard nothing since a week roughly ago cant stand the pain what is the problem could you please check into it I heard orders are cancel in 48 hrs and to much hassle to get approved to much paperwork are you hoping to change Humana we would forget we need better service and less hassle please work on this i do not want to change humana has a bad name you should see there faces do not want to deal with all that drama please help me today

  69. After having a stroke and going to rehab your insurance denied my claim. Thanks a hell of a lot Humana,I will not be renewing my insurance with you. My doctors told me your company is the worse in the nation and to get out as soon as possible,I am going to listen and not renew my policy. Maybe if enough people quit you as their insurance you will go belly up HAHA can’t wait til it happens. You are nothing but a bunch of crooks ripping off old people and the government,SHAME ON YOU

  70. I just wanted to change my charge acct number, there was no prompt for this to put in my new AX number for my auto payments . My old AX had been tampered and I wanted to put in my new number , but the prompt gave all chge card no’s exceptbAX , and there is no,prompt for you to,talk with some one .

  71. HumanaChoice PPO R5361-002
    Included Medical
    Deductible: $183.00
    Primary care coinsurance: 20%
    Specialist coinsurance: 20%
    Maximum out of pocket: $6,700.00
    IncludedPrescription drug
    Deductible: $390.00
    Search for doctors & hospitals in your area $117.00
    please mail me an information packet and enrollment form for the following:
    Edwin Jackson
    1303 Ironwood CC Drive
    Normal, Il 61761

  72. I have been trying to contact Humana about invoices sent to me to no avail. Your number for reply 18002816918 is an unresponsive loop. My acct number is 720694045. My email is I cancelled Humana in Nov of 2017 since I live overseas and you don’t cover in Ecuador. Humana keeps in billing me. My phone number is+593 96-272-2249

  73. I have been trying to contact Humana about invoices sent to me to no avail. Your number for reply 18002816918 is an unresponsive I cancelled Humana in Nov of 2017 since I live overseas and you don’t cover. Humana keeps in billing me.

  74. I am, for some unknown reason, not getting my monthly EOMB — the one that says how much was paid out for my prescriptions & the details about them.
    Please start sending them to:
    Lisa Tyree
    21515 S. Figueroa St.,
    Carson, CA 90745
    *Note: Please forward to the right department.

  75. I was promised 3 gift cards from go365. I cannot find anyplace to email to customer service . I WANT MY GIFT CARDS, I DID MY PART, NOW YOU DO YOURS !!!!!
    Ranging from 1 to 10 1 being good, ten bad, id give you a 20

  76. I hope this is a monitored comments service in that customer service will respond to my request above.
    I am waiting.
    Thank you!

  77. I called today as a provider and I experienced the worst customer service of my life, literally. I clearly stated the reason for my call three times. she took my tax I-d and it was not in the system. I asked her if I could ask her a question and she said no and that she could not assist me with anything else. I was taken aback with the abruptness and curtness of her reply. I cannot believe that this person is in the business of customer service. I never want to do business with Humana if this is the experience you offer.


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