Contact Huggies Customer Service

Contacting Huggies Customer Service Center

Huggies is a household name for moms a new and old. Diapers, wipes, swim pants and training pants are all available from the company. Huggies is a Kimberly Clark company established in 1968, but the public wasn’t given the opportunity to purchase the diapers until 10 years later after testing was complete. Today Huggies is one of the most popular names in diapers and wipes.

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Contact Info:

Huggies can be found in more than 150 countries, which means lots of contact information. We’ve chosen to add US contacts for Huggies customer service and some corporate information, where beneficial.

Phone Contact Number

From 8 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday (CT) Huggies specialists are available to answer consumer calls about products.

  • Huggies Phone Number: 1-877-648-2484

If you’d rather talk directly with the parent company, agents are available during the same hours as Huggies customer service.

  • Corporate: 1-888-525-8388

Mailing Address

We found the same mailing address on both the Kimberly Clark website and the Huggies website. You can write your letter to Huggies customer service at:

Kimberly Clark CorporationDept INTPO Box 2020Neenah, WI 54957

Official Website

The Huggies website where moms go to find out exciting news about Huggies diapers is located at The corporate site for Kimberly Clark, the parent company behind Huggies, is located at The information on the corporate site is more business in nature, while the Huggies site is geared toward mom and baby. You don’t have to wait until baby is born to visit the Huggies website to take advantage of information and coupons. There is a pregnancy page and coupons are available to everyone.

Social Media

The big two social media sites are Facebook and Twitter. Both work well for customer service purposes, but each offers a different style of interaction. Huggies customer service is available on both pages.

Customer Service Email

Without a doubt, contacting the Huggies customer service department by email is the simplest way to voice your concern, opinion, compliment or question. You can fill out the contact form on the Huggies page, but there is no email address you can use offsite to contact an agent.

Our Experience

When we called the customer support team, we were delighted to have the ability to speak with a live agent in under 90 seconds. Did Huggies have an automated system? Yes, but it offered few options; one being for the customer care department. The agent who answered our call was pleasant and helpful. By the end of the call, we are delighted to report, our questions and concerns were addressed. This is what customer service is all about. Do you have a great customer service story? Please share your thoughts below.

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191 Comments on “Contact Huggies Customer Service
  1. I like huggies, but I just got a box of what I thought was regular huggies diapers it was the “guarantied fit” my son leaked poop though them. Not just one time or two but every time ( he was cutting teeth) I am sick of huggies “guaranteeing” things

  2. Hi Huggins team I write this coz I am dissapointed as far
    As huggies goes,I have been useing huggies with my twins almost from birth and on the 18th of April they turned a 1year. So my problem is that the naPpies are leaking can’t keep them on to long then everything is wet including their cloths. And we can’t just waste nappies twins are ecspensivejust imagen for yourselfs thanx for reading and hope to hear from you soon

    Kind regards
    Angelique van Loggenberg

  3. Hi. I have just purchased a large pack of Huggies Gold Green Bag for my 11 month old son. He wets through within an hour depending on how much he has had to drink. It seems to go right through the nappy, not just leaking out of the sides. Previously when I used your nappies he ended up with silicone type balls stuck to his bottom which seems to have been released from the lining of the nappy.

  4. Ur diper stink I have a 3 month old and he goes right threw them I will not be buying buggies ever again I use to love them when my daughter was born 12 years ago now there not so good

    • I just wanted to say I love your diapers! I’ve been a customer for 15 years. You guys have a been my go to diapers si.ce 2003 .💜Keep doing what you’re doing.

  5. I have been buying Huggies since my one year old was born and the passed like 7 boxes I’ve bought the diaper Velcro straps have been tearing right off when i change my baby’s diaper and I’m no too happy I’ve wasted my money not only have I wasted my money my baby is uncomfortable because when they break at the strap while she’s wearing them so she has a saggy diaper and she cannot wear any other kind of diaper because she gets bloody rashes from them… I will be calling and making a complaint about this issue because I Am not satisfied and neither is my baby

  6. I recently tried for a second time ti signup for rewards. I carefully followed the requirements only to have i kicked out by the system. It sucks. also I too have have experienced the tabs ripping off in my gentle hands. please fix these issues and offer sign ups over the phone as well. Thanks

  7. Just Opened huggies wipes in the hard plastic container, went to use them and there is black mold on the wipes…. Will not be using huggies anymore makes me wonder since ive been using huggies diapers and wipes how much more i havent caught.

  8. Hi there! ive recently switched to huggies gold for boys, i love them, but my last nappies that i bought the sticker breaks off loose on all the nappies on the 1 side thats so dissapointing

  9. The most recent box of huggies snug & dry ive purchased has been making large welps on my daughter. Ive used these before and had no problem with them, but after my experience ive seen other parents also having the same issue.
    Will never again be using huggies. We are highly upset.

  10. I have recently purchased a pack of huggies to my disappointment in the pack of 44 size 5 there was only 2 nappies that had the sticky strips all the rest have none, so I’m now using sticky tape to secure the nappy……

  11. I hate the diapers!! My daughter has had multiple blow outs in them and ruined outfits because of them. I would not recommend them to any of my friends.. Go with pampers!

  12. I recently bought a pack of Huggies for boys, my baby used it for about a week, and it was terrible!!! His bottom was never dry and he got a terrible nappy rash from using this product.

  13. I am so dissapointed last week friday i bought jumbo pack of huggies 2 the blue pack i am half way throw the pack already the tape at the back of the nappy is breaking it does no streach at all i had to buy the yellow ones the small pack i was also dissapointed because they are leacking

  14. My son has worn Pampers ever since he was born . I bought a big box of Huggies at Sams . I loved the price but the product leaks . My sons clothes are always wet. I need a refund so I can buy some Pampers

  15. I bought a big box of Huggies and am not to satisfied with them either they gave my daughter a bad rash and diaper rash and they leak thru as well can’t wear them too long cuz they will start leaking from the sides.. I want my money back.

  16. To whom it may concern
    My husband and I love huggies products
    We have used other wipes & diapers but nothing compares to the price and comfort of huggies.
    Thank you for making a great product that parents like us can love and believe in. Keep it up.

  17. I wanted to tell you how much I love your diapers but last batch I bought of size 6 some diapers were stuck together and it was hard to separate them.

  18. I recently purchased huggies for my first time and never again will I. My daughter has blisters all over her bottom which has never happened before. This is ridiculous. She has burns on her body from these. I will be taking this much farther than just writing a review! Go with pampers because huggies is a horrible company that does not care about the babies but rather the money they will make!

  19. We love huggies brand but the diapers are so expensive. Can we have some coupons or free samples please, we use size 3.

  20. The diapers are a huge disappointment. They leak! This has happened a few times for my 4 month old baby and the clothe get all wet and it can happen while he is sleeping. It really is frustrating and even my clothe got wet. Also had issues for BMs with Huggies. Not satisfied at all!

  21. I have been trying to sign onto the Huggies rewards program and every time I try to log on the the website it won’t load up!! Not sure what the issue is, but I just wanted to get signed up to start earning the rewards points. Please help me! I don’t know what to do! I even went into the Australian Huggies website and was able to upload that page, so what’s wrong with the US site??? I use cloth diapers and was considering using the Huggies wipes to earn the rewards, but if it’s going to be this hard, forget it!

  22. I had a diaper shower and got lots of huggies, but they are horrible !!! My daughter leaks urine all over me and the furniture while she wears them! Even the dollar store brand doesn’t leak, but luvs and pampers are my favorite. I wish I could trade in all these huggies for a brand that isn’t so horrible!

  23. I had my first born in Africa but he used pampers because then I had no choice. But when we moved to the U. S.A I fell in love with huggies. Since then huggies was the ultimate till they all grew up. Hearing peoples’ comment about huggies how fake huggies turn out to be is not good at all. I actually tell my family here and back home that huggies is the best diapers for all their children. I have been buying huggies for the past eleven years and had been sending it to Africa. Please huggies, live up to your name. We love your products do not allow little changes to ruin the trust we have in your products for our babies. Thanks.

  24. I am completely fed up with Huggies !! My son can’t pee or anything without the nappy leaking !! Huggies was on special so I thought I’d give it a go but cleary it was a HUGE mistake !! I can see why it was on special because its useless nappies !! I’ve spoken to many moms and they all have gotten fed up with this problem aswell !! I’m not waisting my time and money on this so called “best nappy brand” again !

  25. I always buy huggies for my boy but i recently noticed that the brand ar not as good as it was its either the strap breaks with one slight pull or my boy is just pissing ryt through,is there anythng u can do bout it coz i jst wasted money and the nappies ar just laying there.

  26. Hi Huggies… I just want to tell you… Your nappies rocks especially nappies for boys since you guys made them I’ve been using them and its the best thank you so much hope to hear from you. Keep up the good nappies…

  27. Hi Huggies… I’ve been using Huggies since my baby was born… And the best is Huggies for boys I love it… Keep up the good nappies. Hope too hear from you guys…

  28. Hi I’m sunil from trinidad I normally buy huggies for my son stage 5 from price smart trinidad limted but for sum reason they stop carrying huggies brand so I brought the same huggies in the same box but sold locally an was very disappointed with the product it was very thin an not as padded as the ones from price smart is there a different way to make your products for different countries or do u have some form of quality control I can send pics to illustrate my point if u wish the ones I brought are really poor quality can u look into this please

  29. Hi huggies,I have a 4 week old baby and used pampers for the first week but had to change to Huggies dry comfort due to my baby having nappy rash from the pampers. I bought a Size 3 jumbo pack of 76 nappies and I’m experiencing leakage and straps breaking on the huggies dry comfort. Its disappointing because I used Huggies on all of my other kids and never had a problem. Please advise what I should do.


  30. hi
    I am amin from iran
    I am manager of aras company
    my company is one of the largest broadcasting companies in the production of cellulosic
    and we worked my baby and molfix diapers brand in iran
    huggies brand in iran is very famous but import in iran as illegal without ministry of health clearance
    and many of dragstore and supermarket and chain store can not put huggies in shalves because is illegal and needs for healthy code
    and take this healthy code is very difficult and in some situation is impossible
    but my father is one of the senior officials of the minidtry of health and take this code is very easy for me and in short time
    please search market of huggies diapers in iran .iran has a good market for last years the rate of selling diapers was about 330,000,000,000 $
    we need exclusive representative of huggies diapers for iran
    I will wait for your kindly reply

  31. Me and my friend have been using huggies from when our children were born and we had no problems but the last about 2 months we bough huggies it was very disappointing. she uses huggies gold nr 5 for her little girl and I use huggies dry comfort nr 5 for my little boy. we have experienced that the nappies is not the same as we always bought. it leakes just after I few houer (3-4 if you are luckey) and the elastics that goes around the legs rips out and then the wee wee coms out there and then everything is wet. we pay a lot of money a month for nappies and we expect good nappies for our money. can you please give me some feed back on the matter. thank you


  33. I recently bought a pack of Huggies the diaper Velcro straps have been tearing right off when i change my baby’s diaper and I’m no too happy! I wasted my money but not only have I wasted my money my baby is uncomfortable. It is clear that the diaper is of a poor standard. I have photos for proof.

  34. My son is 11 months old. We recomend huggies comfort fit to everyone we know. The huggies diapers are the only ones my son can use. I have tried other diapers to try and save a little, but huggies have never failed us. Thank you for making the perfect diaper for my son.

  35. I recently bought a pack of Huggies little movers after 1 day use my daughter has gotten a horrible rash on her bottom very disappointed now i have a pack of diapers i will not use.

  36. I have a preemie and have been using Pampers but decided to try Huggies because for the same price I got 3 more diapers. They are so big on him that I cannot even use them. Very disappointed.

  37. I can not get the points to appear. I have saved like 5 huggies rewards and none of them are working even the points I had previously are gone.i find this extremely unfair considering I buy your diapers for the rewards and what I had was taken and what I’m submitting isn’t adding any points!

  38. I am very dissapointed in your nappies,and as far as I’m conserned wwill not buy it ever again! My husband don’t have a big salary and tto pay that much for nappies just to have the wee to gome out of the nappy liner is disgusting!! Specialy if u are in town and the wee came straight out of the nappy on my cloths straight to the foor that was so embarrising,he doesn’t even go one night waking up tthat morning with a wet bed!! And then its huggies gold for boys!! Don’t know if I got a bad batch or what,but was very dissapointed in huggies,I bought pampers but ny bboy got a rush from the nappy so we moved over to huggies gold just to get a big dissapointment from the nappy.

  39. hello i am writing yu because my god sister has 3 kids…shes 21…her most recent is 8days old…i know she loves to buy huggies, but she simply cannot afford them.. and needs all the help she can get…i am reaching out on her behalf…if you can help out in anyway. I know she will appreciate it greatly..

  40. I bought Huggins newborn diapers and was very disappointed. They leak real bad. The baby’s bed would always be wet, And clothes would be wet. I wouldn’t buy again.

  41. I got some little movers for my grandson a big box and the diapers are like little swimmers I will not buy them again

  42. Warning to parents using Huggies diapers!! I just opened a new pack of diapers and out it on my 12 week old son. When I changed him, I found a long white push pin in his diaper. Luckily it hadn’t penetrated the skin too bad but there is a red mark and it’s swollen from where it had been poking him.

  43. VERY UPSET MAMA AND BABIES….my kids 15 mnths and 5 months have always used huggies welp both kids have “burns” so angery i have contacted a few lawyers they have welps and blisters would love to share the pix on on her unfortunately i can’t

  44. Dear sir
    i would to know about your company i want to import huggies daipers to afghanistan please contact with me

    best regards

  45. Until now i did not receive a sample of huggies pants.. how long should i wait before i receive the item???

  46. Dear huggies I’m very disappointed with your product little movers. Your double protection layer is crap, I notice when I changed my daughter her skin is moist from urine . I just. Purchased a large amount of huggies. It’s time to switch to another brand BEFORE. MY DAUGHTER HAS DIAPER RASH!!!

  47. Hello Huggies, I have been a loyal customer for over ten years, i have bought four packages of huggies diapers at target a yesterday and they were all stained and they smelled reallly bad, i am thinking about finding another brand but the only brand that is good for my daughter is huggies however i am pretty upset that this is the first encounter ive had that four big boxes of diapers are damaged. I am pretty upset, i dont know what you all can do but it is not something i am used to with your brand. Please help me, target will not take it back and i am scared to purchase any huggies diapers from target now. I AM UPSET. What do you suggest and how can you presuade me to stay with huggies brand, can you ensure that there will not be any damaged diapers?? Now the couple diapers that have no stains, dont have a velcro strap on it. Cmon huggies thought you can do better than that.

  48. I have been using Huggies on my son since 2007 which they were great. Now that I have a daughter in 2013 Huggies have went downhill. My daughter leaks through the diapers everytime I put her on one. Including the overnighters they supposed to protect her and she leaks through them. I’m going to move to Pampers because Huggies is not the one for me anymore. They cost so much money but yet you don’t get your money’s worth.

  49. I love your wipes. I have tried other brands but nothing comes close. The other wipes are either too thin, too wet or not moist enough. Huggies wipes are just right. Thanks for such a great product.

  50. I recently purchased a big box of Huggies diapers. I’ve always used Pampers but I wanted to try something new. I’m so disappointed with the Huggies brand. My son leaks through them and I’ve ruined several outfits. I’m requesting to get a FULL refund on these diapers.

  51. i am very displeased with huggies snug & dry brand i bought the box n i thought it was me jus putting the diapers on wrong or my kids messing with the diapers but i realized that it was the diapers i took one of my son and the pee jus fell out right on the floor right out the diaper as of it didnt even absorb any of the urine at all maybe yall should fix this problem for future references.

  52. I bought a box of Huggies little movers diapers and when we went to put one on my 6 month old son we found a sharp piece of metal with yellow plastic on the end it looks like something off an electrical wire if I were to not notice it it could have cut an artery in my sons leg which would of killed him NEVER again will I ever buy Huggies or even think of recommending them to anyone. You’re supposed to be one of the best diaper brands

  53. Why is it that every time I try to enter my reward codes, they do not work. The site acts as if it is loading, but it never goes through…? This is so irritating. I have several codes saved and none will go through. Anybody else having these issues?!

  54. I have always used huggies on my son and I was so happy at first. Once he got into size 3 I saw a big difference on how they were made. The weenie the pooh kind not sure of the fit since their are so many, little movers, snug and dry, and so on., are very cheap looking and the diaper looks like it’s falling apart in front from the moment I put on my son. I buy big packs, so it sucks even more. I can’t let them go to waste simply because a company can’t be consistent on making a good product. I now use snug and dry and there is a major difference.

  55. I bought Huggies. Cool alert. They are a joke. Was planning on potty training my son with assistance from them. Bought a extra large box. Had regular box to asst. They didn’t seem to help. So I pulled one from each box and did my own experiments. I compared many different things they were all exactly the same. I even took them apart. they are the same diaper. I was charged more for the same thing. Not ever using again. Probably not this brand. False advertising.

  56. I am not able to find huggies pure and natural on amazon or in target. PLEASE tell me you are still making them. Hugless in South Jersey.

  57. so very dissapointed my husband always buys higgies for our twins like it been six months now n we always thought it d helper dat took long to change them bt we just notice it today dat it dis nappies coz we now on our family trip n it so dissaponting coz it leaking n we dnt knw if we have to carry on on try another brand.we so nt happy at all plz help.

  58. I just brought a box of 180 count size 3 diapers for my daughter whom is 5 months old and noticed the diapers have no sticky to them or tabs! Not all of them but most! I can only 40 of them. I’m very upset since this cost me 36 bucks!I tried to submitte a complaint but it wouldn’t let me. Can somebody pls help correct this. I’m extremely upset with this product!

  59. I know Huggies snug and dry just came out with the ‘ultra dry’ diapers, and Im literally so displeased with them!! I normally use pampers dry diapers and they have worked amazing for me, well I saw the ultra dry Huggies at Walmart last weekend, May 2nd. Well today just 4 days later of use my son has a HORRIBLE DIAPER RASH!!! never has he had one this bad, and i frequently change him. Every hour just about. One point yesterday when I was changing my son, it looked like part of the diaper came off on his bottom. Plus he cries so bad and fights me when it comes time for me to change him. Never dealt with this with pampers! So other moms out there don’t use these diapers they will burn your babies little bottom. I am calling in the morning once customer service is available and letting them know this. Honestly this would be the worst diaper rash my son has ever had. Plus he hardly ever gets them he’s maybe had 3 and he’s 1½. Huggies definitely just lost a customer, what a joke! Family company my butt, I’d be ashamed to say that and my products hurt babies. Many other moms on my social media have had the same issues also, so be warned other mommies. Don’t do it just because its a good deal! I give the diapers a -4 star rating. Plus the wipes suck, they just tear apart when trying to get them out of the package no matter what! Big thumbs down to Huggies.

  60. Huggies suck and leaked poop and pee every time my baby uses them. I’m so disappointed and will be going back to pampers.

  61. I really like Huggies produceds and I would love too get samples of new stuff and some coupons team Huggies

  62. I bought my babe boy pamper today and my babe girl some pull up they don’t like all them both would cry everytime I put huggies pamper on today I don’t got no more money to buy my kids huggies pamper so What y’all going to do about.

  63. I jus wanna say that im a first time mom of a baby boy and i have tried every other diaper and out there and none compare to the amazing quality of huggies. I love huggies snug and dry… it is the best. Thank you

  64. My comment is i am very disappointed. This past week i have bought several packs of diapers and was going to buy more but the coupons in side the packs were all expired as of 12\31/14. I got about 30 packs with 27 coupons in them 9 2 dollar coupons and 18 dollar fifty coupons. I really wanted to use them to get more. 🙁

  65. I am very upset and disappointed! I used Huggies Snug& Dry diapers last week and they were terrible! My some almost immediately, within an hour, broke out in a terrible rash all over his bottom. I am also not the only person who’s had this issue I guess. I’ve tried to email the customer service, when I actually get the page to load after trying for ever! I haven’t gotten a response from anyone, so yesterday I called the number listed and I got no one. Im very disappointed in Huggies right now. I’ve ised this brand since my son was born. But that fact that I can’t get ahold of anyone about this issue is making me very mad. I most likely will switch brands and be done.

  66. I was very unhappy with using the huggies brand the don’t hold a lot if fluids and because they get saturated so offten I think its the cause of my babies rash so not cool

  67. My son is 5 months old isn’t crawling yet and his Huggies fall right off of him… He pees threw them every night,even when changed in middle of night… I mainly got Huggies at my baby shower and diaper party.If have another baby I’ll request that guests not bring Huggies!!! Ya don’t get what ya pay for!!! I thought in 13 yrs diapers would have gotten better but I have same problem with them then as I do now… Really dissapointed…

  68. I just bought a box snug an dry I was putting on my daughter wondering why her pant were wet I notice that the bottom wasn’t stick together so she. She goes pee it came out I look at all the pampers an they are not stick together I love your product but has to buy another box of pampers. Thank you Sara perez

  69. I recently purchased a big box of snug and dry and coupons worth up to $10, I go home to change my daughters diaper, i open the box and what do I find… coupons at all! That’s the main reason why I decided to buy the box in the first place. I was very disappointed and thats not the first time it happened to me before and the box’s are always taped up, then I tried calling the store I purchased the item from and they said it’s not their fault I need to call the number on the box.i tried calling that number but they keep saying they open @ 8 a.m. till 4p.m. but everytime I call it keeps saying the same thing no matter what time. I have been buying these ever since she was a newborn but if I can get my coupons or something l have no point of buying them at all.. and if its say coupons come inside coupons should be inside!

  70. I recently seen a video of facebook ,about fiberglass in the wipes checked mines and also had some . I am so didsapointed to see this

  71. I purchased a bag of wipes containing glass in them. I am very dissatisfied and scared something could have potentially happened to my daughter.

  72. Huggies wipes have fiberglass in them which have tore my newborn sons butt all to heck and back im highly dissapointed and something is going to be done abkut this.

  73. I’m so mad I bought a big box of wipes (one done refreshing) and they felt hard and sharp on my face so I look closely and I can see tiny glass fibers. I’m so upset with ya company. I call the number on your website and I was on the line waiting for 30 minutes… Never answered my call I won’t be buying ya wipes. I hope everyone buying wipes check them… Before using them…

  74. I’ve been using wipes for the longest time and i’am very upset they have glass and some shiny things like my baby had a big rash cause of that .. I need refund ..!! Never using them again and I though it was the best brand ..

  75. Hello I have noticed my 7 month having a sore bottom n didn’t know why well everytime I wiped her she would scream and cry and I looked at her wipes and there’s some kinda stuff on her wipes that looks like little pieces of glass or something and I looked at the wipes I just purchased there the same way n this is ridiculous I shouldn’t have to worry that the huggies wipe are doin this to her she shouldn’t of ever had this happen something needs to be done or I’m contacting a lawyer BC my baby should NEVER BEEN HURT BY YOUR PRODUCTS!!!! I need to speak to someone at huggies about this issue BC its sooo wrong that this happened and she been being hurt everytime I wipe her bottom!!!!

  76. I was wondering if I can get a refund on my wipes they have those little glass shards in them I never will use your product ever again. Thank you!

  77. I AM A FURIOUS MOTHER WHO CAN’T BELIEVE YOUR PRODUCT HAS FIBER GLASS IN THE WIPES. NOT TO MENTION YOU’RE DIAPERS GIVE A VERY BAD RASH ALMOST LOOKING LIKE BURN MARKS ON THE BABIES SKIN!!! I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE EVER BUY YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN. IM SURE you wouldn’t use your own product on your own children’s bottom with fiberglass on the wipes. I will definitely show the video I just seen on facebook of evidence of fiberglass on your product. In addition, let everyone know who try and buy your product at the store to show them this video so they don’t harm their child with your absolute horrific careless product. Shame on you for allowing this product to go on the market that can harm our children!
    A furious mother!!!


  79. I am disappointed and disgusted with huggies. I used to use huggies with my first child and loved it. I was set on doing the same with my second. Now huggies are no longer the same. The diapers leek and pee gets all over my child. The reason for diapers is to keep the mess contained. If i knew that was the case I would asked for no huggies are presents. Also the wipes are so rough and I have found fiberglass in the wipes. I am highly upset you would do this and I am NEVER going to buy anything huggies again. My second child is a luvs baby and I’m so happy with them.

  80. Hello. My name is Jami debrular. I have quite a few cases of the simply fresh baby wipes. And thank goodness I have yet to use them, because I had found tiny little pieces of glass or some sort of material on the baby wipe. I had ran my hand acrossed it and got a tiny little slit in my thumb. I don’t appreciate you guys selling this product for the simple fact you have received complaints prior to mine. And I’m sure plenty of you are parents yourselves and wouldn’t want anything to hurt your Child. You may say there is nothing wrong with those wipes, but myself and plenty others beg to differ. If something is not done about this I will not hesitate to go to your corporate office and or take this to the courts. I suggest something gets done, or the consequences will be much worse than this review. Thank you for your time. I expect to be hearing something back, or as I said before I will make sure something gets done

  81. The huggies baby wipes don’t work they are really bad it has a whole lot of fiberglass a lot of crystals shining and when you wipe it on your hand you will feel itchy minutes later so imagine how a baby must feel and was worst they can’t tell you anything yet I decided to stop using the wipes because my daughter has been getting rashes since birth and I feel stupid for not realizing what was going on so moms please check your wipes before using them on your baby

  82. I purchased Huggies Natural Care Plus wipes in an 1160 count with a plastic tub and also a clutch mid July. Since the purchase both my son and daughter have encountered several diaper rashes, as well as my son (18mo old) itching his bottom. I associated it with the wipes, but have since realized (after researching rashes online) that several other mothers are complaining about the same thing. My wipes sparkle and appear to have fiberglass in them. My husband and I both rubbed our arms with the wipes and became itchy. I have discontinued use and their bottoms are doing much better using another brand of wipes. I am extremely disappointed, as I used Huggies for years with my oldest child. It’s a shame that my infant and toddler both had to suffer due to the poor manufacturing of your product and failure to inspect and see such an issue. I will no longer use your products and will deter any family and friends I can from using them as well.

  83. I have been using Huggies on my daughter for the last 18 months and I just noticed there are shards of glass or fiberglass in her wipes! I am very upset and dissatisfied by this and I will be contacting a lawyer about it. The wipes need to be recalled immediately! The number on the wipes is ml5 1 8 3 0 5 X expiration date 0 7 2017!

  84. I bought my kids a full box of Huggies wipes, two days ago and then decided to check them out and see if I could find any glass. I did!! I thought my son having a rash, starting yesterday… was coincidence but not so much. I am so angered by the unfortunate carelessness this company is showing.

  85. I’ve been seeing viral videos of huggie wipes having shards of glass or fiber glass in them so I imediatley checked my wipes and they are shiny, I used it on my arm and one side felt itchy and hurts after I used it. These wiles are used on our BABIES. I know we are all human and everyone makes mistakes but this is uncalled for. This is dangerous. I have multiple friends who have also checked their wipes and found this as well. One of my friends baby was crying everytime she changed his diaper and he would day his butt hurt.. she thought he was going through a phase when really it was the wipes. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY HUGGIE WIPES.

  86. I am oh so dissapointed in the huggies natural care wipes!! my daughters tushie has broken out so bad! And I went to go rub a wipe on my hand and it turned red and itched! I used to love using huggies but I will no longer be using them until this fiber glass issue is fixed!! I hope to be hearing back from you! I wrote you also!

  87. How dare you send out contaminated and dangerous wipes! My mother in law nearly died from fiberglass poisoning in her blood streamlast year so I know It is dangerous stuff and it’s in a product you make for babies! Shame in you! Recall it before you are put out of business!

  88. A Huggies wipe package I purchased had shiny little shards of either fiberglass or actually glass!! I have seen others the same as well! My lawyer will be contacting Huggies immediately!

  89. I bought a box of huggies wipes after using them my sons bottom became very itchy, he always scratching come to realize these wipes are CONTAIN WITH FIBER GLASS. I’m wasting my money in your product to hurt my child’s bottom, this is ridiculous. Moms out there be very careful on the huggies wipes you buy and check them out they have fiber glass and should not be selling over the counter!! I definitely won’t be purchasing any type of huggies anymore!!!

  90. My name is Andrew Remondino. My girlfriend recently started nannying for a two year old and a ten month old. When it was time for us to buy wipes for these children, we decided to go with Huggies because you are very well known and a very reliable company. So we thought…
    We have been noticing the two year old itching every time we would change her diaper. We thought maybe it’s the diapers that we were putting her in. So after we tried three different brands of diapers, we noticed the continued itching. That was when we did our own research on your baby wipes and found multiple videos about fiberglass being in your wipes. After opening a brand new package of your “Huggies Simply Clean”, we saw it for ourselves. There is one side of the wipe that has, which look like little sparkles, on the wipe. I then tested it out on my own hand and there was definitely a burning sensation.
    My only question is, being such a well known and reliable company, how can you do this? How can you sleep at night knowing something like this is going on? When grown adults can feel it on their skin with one use, how do you think it feels on a baby’s private parts? It disgusts me that this company can let something like this happen. Do you use these wipes on your own children? I’m guessing you don’t because you have to know about this. You have lost a customer, in me, and when I get this out to my friends and family, I hope you lose a lot more.

  91. Just heard about fiber glass in the wipes. I buy my wipes from costco cuz i have 4 children. My 1 year old has had a horribal rash ever since i switched back to huggies 2 months ago. Looking threw the wipes i still have from the first box i bought 2 months ago n there is shinny looking stuff in the wipes. I opened the brand new box that i bought 8/14/15 and they are shinny along with big pieces of fiber glass. My fingers itch from the few seconds of touching them. I am very upset about this n can almost garuntee i will discontinue using all huggies products. Which is a shame since i still have a good 3 years left on using wipes for my family. Take care of this problem. If youd like to see the video i took of opening this brand new box of wipes feel free to contact me at any time.

  92. I was just going through all of my daughters wipes and I find shards of fiber glass in them!!!!! My daughter was using these and getting diaper rashes and now I know why! I cannot believe you guys made something so harmful to childern. I as a mother am thoroughly disgusted and will be telling EVERYONE about Huggies and how they have glass in them! On top of that I used them on my daughter. I feel sick to my stomach now knowing why her bottom was breaking out in rashes it was because of your horrible wipes! I will be posting all about this and making sure I tell everyone about this! I am one very very very pissed off mommy! & I guarantee you will NEVER get any of my business, ever again!!!

  93. I would love to know why my sons butt and private parts is cut all to hell wonder if this has something to do with the post over glass being in the natural care wipes which he uses bc of his sensitive skin and don’t tell me I am wrong I have pictures to prove he is cut all to hell and if something ant done about this action will be taken….!

  94. I have bought boxes of wipes for my daughter and she has complained of itching and discomfort… Upon closer inspection there was GLASS SHARDS all over the entire package and in each one of the 3 packages in the box. I’m at my end point with this and I will be contacting my lawyer you don’t even recall them after multiple complaints.

  95. Why do my baby’s wipes have shards of glass in them I have them and will be consulting and attorney if you do don’t respond

  96. My newborn daughter used huggies wipes of a certain type, the ones in a mickey mouse pack that weren’t stuck together, for about a 6 week period. During this time she developed a severe rash to the point when we would have to change her and use wipes she would scream and cry so hard it was as if she couldn’t breathe. At the time i thought maybe she was just allergic to that type or fragrance. So we went and got new wipes and the rash stopped. It wasn’t until recently reading about your wipes I would have considered something of that nature to be on a wipe. The great news is we saved those wipes we had stopped using as a reference to not buy again. So yesterday me and my wife inspected the wipe and there is clearly what appears to be shards of fiberglass on the majority of each one. I’m just blown away. Before I decided how to proceed I would like to hear from you, and for god sake recall these wipes. If your a parent like me and change dipers with disposable gloves you would never now your rubbing the cause of your childs problem right on them.

  97. Hi, I just want to say that your wipes need to ‘ve taken off the shelfs because my baby has been getting little burn/cuts and I know a lot of other women who have gone through this as well.

  98. What the hell is wrong with you??? These wipes should be off the shelves NOW ! Fibers?? Really?? This product is intended for our poor innocent children for crying out loud!! I will NEVER purchase your products again! I hope to see your company vanish after all this!

  99. I have the large bag of the Huggies One and Done. I too see tons of tiny shards of what appears to be glass. I would like to know what you are doing to stop this from happening again. I would also like to know why you haven’t done a voluntary recall? I have been an avid huggies user for my children for the last 17 years. We all are owed an explanation on what’s going on.

  100. Completely upset about my babies huggies wipes. This is another complaint you can add to your list so that you can now recall the wipes. It sounds as if huggies may need to rethink their employees.
    Signed a very upset mother.

  101. Omg I’m so mad.I have been using ur produced and notice my son’s bottom getting really red on not just one kid ….two a 8 month old and a3 year old son says his but burns ..didn’t know what could be I have used the same brand of diapers for years so I knew it wasn’t that so I checked the wipes and there is glass shards in it I rubbed the wipe on my four arm and it burned a few seconds later ..I’m so angry I have been using this on my kids ..I need to talk to someone now………!!!!!!!

  102. There is something in the Huggies wipes breaking my daughters butt out.. ive read other people reviews and everyone is saying that it is fiber glass. I’m very unhappy with this. I will not be purchasing Huggies brand any longer. Please fix this problem!

  103. I put a comment on here earlier and you still haven’t put it on here. Why don’t you want all the other people to know about the fiberglass that is in the wipes?
    If this comment does go on the board for everyone to see. Please people, if you buy Huggies wipes, please check toake sure they do not have “sparkles” on them. It is definitely fiberglass. I have done my research and i want everyone to know and to tell their friends about the horrible wwipes this company continues to sell to us. I

  104. I am extremely upset. I have always used huggies wipes with my son. Recently he started getting this awful diaper rash. It looked as if someone took sandpaper to his bottom. After switching diapers, constant rash cream, air drying, etc, I noticed shiny things in my sons wipes. I could pull the pieces of shiny stuff off of the wipes and it appears to be glass? I’m not entirely sure. I also took the wipes to the back of my hand and my hand was instantly itchy. I can’t believe this. I have switched to using honest brand wipes and his rash has gone away within a day and a half of switching. Something needs to change. This can’t happen.

  105. very up set parent !!! I have several pack of wipes I have opened and throw away in discuss I can not belve how much glad was found no Wounder why my son does not like to poop I’d like a refund of all 5 packs wipes I had throw away due to ur wipes and no way it’s fiber glass and if it is it’s just as bad what the hell Huggies never will I use ur products again ever!!!!!!! How could u do this to a child I mean dame u pay all these people for why they can’t inspect the products like wow

  106. Okay so I was on my Facebook and my cousin in new York made a video she found all glass shards in brand new pack of whipes and just so happen I bought a huge box and had another big pack of whipes left I look through them and of course I find glass in my whipes whipes are not suppose to be shinny I the light all of mine are and there are little balls in the whipes I open and dismantled them and found glass shards in them now I have a baby not even two yet and now found the reason why she cries when I while her and her but gets red a day I know it nit me I change her regularly if not more than I should this is a problem a big one babies can get seriously injured or anyone who uses them I would like to be contacted by email or speak to someone who is in charge this is crazy and I’m appalled by this

  107. I would like to know if there will be a recall on your baby wipes. I am very disappointed in your product. I checked my son’s wipes and they sparkle I am not sure if it’s glass but there’s something in them and I have stopped using your product

  108. I just opened up a box of my wipes to see what everyone is talking about with this whole fiber glass in them and if they are shinny / sparkling it means it has that . Well mine has them this is absolutely absurd am really disappointed because I have noticed my daughter grabbing herself and she’s only six months and having more rashes you guys need to get together this is ridiculous and you guys should take these off the shelves . I have been a loyal customer to you guys for both of my kids using your diapers and wipeys. Very very disappointed I will not be buying your products no more !!!!!

  109. Hi I have been buying Huggies for over 1 month and just noticed that the wipes have crystals in them and that explains why my daughter has rashes and little cuts I don’t think its fair that I’m buying all these wipes and u guys don’t mention that the wipes have crystals ???

  110. I’ve been using huggies for 5 month, this last box I bought was not so good , my baby has a rash on his private area, and I’m stuck with a brand new box

  111. I am very furious My baby is suffering from really bad skin rash now due to wipes have glass in them I have been trying to get in contact with someone in regards to this matter and have had no luck at all. I have pictures of my baby rash. I had to throw away several packs of wipes someone needs to contact me ASAP

  112. I bought 2 cases of huggies night time size 5 and im really having promblem with if he potties 1 time there is like a jelly always coming out the side of his legs. I didn’t save my reciept. I know i should of but didnt think i would have a problem.

  113. I’m am really unhappy with the last box of huggies I bought and am using now. Diapers are to expensive just to be thrown away cause sticky tab keeps coming off when I go to put diaper on my 4 month old. Thought it was ok when it happen to one but now a total of 6 out of a box so far and not even half way through box. Very unhappy

  114. I like to say I’m disappointed. We stuck to using huggies since that’s what we started off with at the hospital and it was fine until recently. We just bought a box of size 3 diapers and they are not absorbent at all. I would understand if my son peed a lot and the diaper leaked but he barely peed and his urine has leaks out everywhere(sheets,pants and shirt). I don’t think the diaper is small. He only weighs 15 lbs. I am not satisfied with the huggies diapers purchase at all.

  115. I just bought a pack of Pull-Ups for my 2 year old, and he keeps complaining that his pee is dripping down his leg. He has worn Pull-Ups for months now, but we tried the new “cooling” ones this time. I have been very disappointed to find that they are, in fact, leaking through. At first I thought maybe the pull-up was too full, but it has happened even after we put a new one on. We have been loyal Huggies customers for almost 3 years now, but I am hesitant to buy more of these.

  116. Hello. I was told that I would receive a gift card in mail for the may 2nd births, since I did not receive diapers. It has been some time and have not get received it. Please let me know what’s going on. Thank you

  117. I was writing with concerns with a recant purchase. My dtr is two and we have used huggies or costco brand diapers since birth. My concern is with this last box of movers she developed blister and redness where the outside edges touch her skin. Obviously loosing $25 on a box of diapers since i cant use is very unfortunate and having to turn around to purchase another brand. Ive never had problems before and wonder if something was changed in the way these are made as of real recent?

  118. I have a box of huggies little movers that I paid $45 dollars for and a bunch of the tabs are defective and the Velcro rips off very easily when opening them up.
    UPC # 36000 41957 3
    # on the bottom of the box is 500000029213

  119. I bought sung and dry it gave my son a rash which he had to get a cream for. we usually u pampers with no problems but my sons farther decided to buy huggies which was a bad idea.I know I can get a refund but it would be best if they take it off the shelf of the store so other parents won’t have to go through the same problem

  120. Hi i have a set of twins so I buy in bulk from Costco & I go to change my boys diapers I open a brand new pack and the wipes were dried out the previous packs I used were just fine however this pack was dried out and they all come from the same box Huggies products are all I use on my boys if possible will u replace this one pack it would be grately appreciated.

  121. Hi! I’ve been using huggies for close to 3 years. For my oldest daughter, they are the only diapers that lasted all night without diaper leakage. So now I use huggies with my 4 month old son. I don’t know if you changed your diaper formula, but my son keeps peeing through his diaper at night. I use the snug and dry. Just wondering if you guys had changed anything. I still love huggies and don’t want to find another brand.

  122. There’s something black on the last pack of diapers I bought off huggies. Its like black glue and there’s hole around it. On the actual diapers.

  123. Hi
    Seen my son born it’s been 2 years we have been using huggies every time never had any problem. But 2 days ago I bought a box of size 6 . And it was midnight I had to use it ones I realize at 3 am my son was soaked by pee when I check the diaper at the biggening felt really thing we realize it’s see throu and there is no patting so I took it back to Walmart they told me they can’t take it back cause I use it few from it. So I would be happy to send u the diaper also some pic we would like our money back please . Cause this diaper I bough they are extreme horrible . But other wise we are happy with huggies
    Banu Gozlu

  124. I purchased a box of hugging diapers for my grandson.on a couple of the diapers there was extra glue on the inside of the diaper on the waist band. Please check out to make sure that there isn’t anymore like the ones I have find in my package of buggies diaper. Thank you for your help in this matter for me.

  125. I would like to know what the hell is in your diapers!?!? My son is special needs and he ripped open your diaper and all these little gel like crystals came out…he was playing with it and I don’t know if he ate any but I would like to know what is it and is it toxic?!?!

  126. I’ve purchased a pack of your number 4 diapers. My daughter had a diaper on for nomore then 2 hours not even over night. When I changed her she had little gel things that burst through the diaper. And little red bumps that she broke out with..

  127. I’m epilepic and iwear goodnights but can’t fit them because the new 5layer design sucks plse make them up to 175 lbs the sides break out I need the protection badly or make size 14 baby diapers plz do something call me @

  128. I brought my son 2case of wipe this weekend I opened them today an I see glass fibers on the wipe I’m am so up set my child is 2 month this is totally unacceptable I opens another pace the same thing I need to speak to someone asap plz this is unacceptable

  129. I recently purchased a box of huggies diapers for my baby. It was the first time I used this brand, I’ve previously used pampers brand. I used two diapers ba cause the rest of the diapers were messed up, the straps would not attach. I was highly disappointed in the product and the CVS would not take 5hem back or give me a refund. I lost 29 dollars and I don’t think I want to try these diapers again.

  130. I’ve recently purchased the value box of wipes from SAMs and most of the wipes in one bag has extra material lodged on the wipe(s). I feel like I’ve wasted money simply because I won’t be using the wipes anymore. I’ve only been using Huggies wipes since 2012, and after the dilemma with the fiberglass incident, I never would’ve thought something like this would happen to me. I have pictures of the material.

  131. My youngest daughter’s diapers are not holding up she is 10 months and constantly leaking at tabs ripping off. This is very sad at 25 $a box they useless with not absorbing or holding up

  132. Am in Nigeria. I nid a contact number 4my country. All ur lines here online ain’t available. Do something pls.

  133. I’m very upset. As a new mother of a 6 month old girl I was shopping last week and sewn a sake on huggies wipes save 4.00$ when buying 2 packs of 3 packages. Thought it was a decent deal…. Um no!! Worst thing I’ve ever done was buying and using huggies wipe. My daughter now has a chemical burn on her privates from these wipes. It’s so red, burn and irritated. I’m so upset that I bought them to use on her. Looking back I remember in the beginning I bought huggies wipes and diapers and the diapers were awful and I said never ever again. I’d never buy huggies again. When she went potty in the huggies diapers all I smelt was pee all the time. I should have known to not buy anything huggies ever again. I’m so upset and mad that my daughter has a chemical burn down there. I can squeeze the wipes and see soap bubbles ring out from these wipes. That’s not right. I’m mad. So parents be aware of huggies stuff. Don’t buy them even if they are super cheap.

  134. I just bought a big box of huggies and most of them a crushed together . I’ve never been this disappointed

  135. I was using the huggies wipes on my 9 month old son and I saw shiny particles on and around his genital area. Then after closer examination, I see that my son’s genitals has scratches and his skin has been broken on the tip of his genitals. I though I was seeing things, so I had my sister in law to examine my son as well, and she saw thie same thing that I noticed. I am VERY PISSED!! I go to research defective huggies wipes and see that there are videos of parents showing the wipes with shards of fiberglass. I Am Not Pleased and I Will Be Taking This To Higher Levels of Management. PARENTS FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD DO NOT PURCHASE ANY HUGGIES PRODUCTS!!!

  136. Hi, I am trying redeem my points on your huggies rewards website and one of the rewards I picked was shutterfly. I put in the promo code and it stated that my free 11×14 was saved to my shutterfly account. I have downloaded the app, accessed the site through and I don’t see my free 11×14 print. I have uploaded the photo. Please help me figure this out. I’m not sure if I have to contact shutterfly but I really need your help. Thank you and have a blessed day

  137. Hello I’m not writing about a complaint for customer service its about the product itself. I’ve been buying Huggies for my grandson for awhile now its been the last 6 months and I notice this rash on him when I change his diaper but didn’t think anything about it at first because I thought it came from him sweating a lot, but I just recently bought another box of 112 Huggies ultra as always and my daughter woke me out my sleep to show me this rash that cover from his private part to his behind near the crack and throughout the thigh area….. he was crying and barley walking and don’t want to sit down on his behind because it hurts, this is the third box and I need this situation to be rectified please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience please and thank you

  138. Hello,
    I bought Dipers for my Daughter from Walmart. from first day till now she got Diper Rash. and now we treat her by some gill it cost about 10$ so i contact walmart in order to return i team and chang it Huggies® Little Snugglers Super Pack this one is very good but the other one is pad from my Daughter. now please i want to refund my money i can’t pay for staff with out quality.

  139. Hello
    I just wanted to say thank you. My baby boy was wet every morning and so was his cvrib. I just started buying your overnight diapers and they are perfect. He is dry every morning. Just wanted to leave some positive feed back.


  141. Hi I loved your products, just thought I’d give you guys as company a idea. I have a child with Down syndrome , she couldn’t potty train till she was 5yrs old she was 2-3 yrs behind developmentally .The water was a great activity for her but unfortunately little swimmers didn’t go that big. I know alot of parents struggling with children who have disabilities that would benefit from being in water. Just as a suggestion if you guys could come up with a little swimmer/big swimmer for kids with developmental delays. Our kids are not always staged at a perfect size. Just a idea, I’ve talked with other parents and they would benefit. Thanks for your time.

  142. hI huggies,
    I’m very disappointed in using huggies since everybody said there such a good Brand I starred to use them for My son and hes gotten a really bad rash I’ve tried it for about a month now an no improvement in his rash so I will no longer be using huggies

  143. “My family loves all your products! We would love to be able to buy more, but do to hard times our grocery budget is very minimal. Were a family of 5! Two adults and 3 Toddlers. We could use some help. We wish we had a way to get coupons, but we are unable to print any. Could you please send me some coupons or samples so we can continue to enjoy your products until we get back on our feet?
    Thank you

  144. I am very upset because I purchased a box of buggies diapers nd each one that I used one of the side strips ripped off also my son wet through the diapers within 30 mins it was such an inconvience for me especially knowing that the diapers are so expensive .!!!

  145. I want thank you best diapers ever. Last week I bought pampers bad idea . Thanks for being best diapers Huggies

  146. not happy with the extra value I’ve used thee other huggies and they worked well but the with the value pack they seem to leak will not buy them again

  147. I got a box of Huggy diapers from Walmart and I put a diaper on my daughter and when she woke up in the morning I changed her and I noticed that she had a burn on her female area from the diaper I have tried to contact Huggies all day long and have had no success and noticing that their offices close at 4 o’clock instead of having a 24 hour service is absolutely ridiculous so if any of you see this please do not buy Huggies diapers.

  148. I purchased these diapers and they gave my son a rash. Which really sucks cause I used huggies on all my kids. I hate other products and I really pray whatever changed goes back. I need huggies in my household. We love your products.

  149. Have you change the makeup of the Huggie diapers. My grandson is 18 months and has worn them since birth and has suddenly developed a rash ehen wearing them.
    I had 2 boxes size 5 and 2 bags stocked and unable to use.

  150. If y’all could email me that would be great.
    I bought snug and dry diapers and they have burned my baby girls butt!
    I would really appreciate if y’all could send me some size 4 snugglers or movers to replace the the whole box of snug and dry I can not use!!

  151. I have only bought huggies for my son in the past 11 months of his life. However he recently it’s like the quality has drastically decreased. Almost every diaper I put on him leaks and I change him constantly because I don’t want him setting in his own mess and the insides of the diapers are trying to come apart if they don’t come apart. I might just end up having to switch brand brand because I only want my baby to have the best of quality.

  152. I bought two bags of number (2) huggies out of the two bags most of diapers they have no top strips to secure the nappy we had to use the tape until the shops opens the following day. If it was one or two we can say it factory fault not 7 diapers can have faults this must be the best brand and they do not come cheap.

  153. I opened a big box of your diapers size 4 12hr and a lot of them look as though they have already been uesd I would send a picture if there was a place for an attachment. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Why is it I can’t even trust my baby’s diapers to not be used when I open them new.
    It’s not even like I got them from a store where they could have been tampered with before purchase. I ordered from Amazon so obviously this happened during manufacturing or packaging. Someone please make this right.

  154. My name is Becky Morris and I have had four kids and used highway supers for many years. Well I had a grandbaby two months ago and I bought huggies.they leaked like crazy. I bought two cases and they were leaky and ruined numerous outfits. I had to buy stain remover for the urine stains and it still stained the babies clothes. I still have a case left that I can’t return. I’m very dissatisfied with this product and hope we can fix the problem.

  155. Am a father of 4 children’s. First one is 13 (boy), second is 4 (girl) and last one’s are twins of 9 months (girls). All of them used huggies product and I never see any problem on them. I have recommend Huggies to all my friends and they don’t have any problem but what I will love to know is that if I will like my twin babies be on your advert diapers packed what must I do. their very beautiful twins that I love to see them one day on your advert page. Please let me know what to do.

  156. Hi Huggies i just wounding why you have stopped sell .
    Fresh linen & Rose softner as they where the nicest its always the way find something nice they stop making it

  157. Huggies is my favorite diaper brand as it doesn’t cause allergies and the fit is wonderful. I have 1 big problem, my baby doesn’t urinate in great quantites, but urinates frequently. She hates feeling wet. She wears the size 2 diapers. I use about 30 to 40 huggies per day. Diaper boxes only last about 1 week.

  158. I bought a box of Huggies snug and dry size 4 box count 188 and there is supposed to be two full sleeves in the box however the one sleeve is open and half the sleev is missing. Bought from walmart and cannot return because I don’t have my receipt and they will not take them back because I opened the box. Paid 38.99 plus tax and 1/4 of the box is missing. I would like someone to get back to me on this ASAP

  159. I absolutely love your products with my four boys all 5 and under we use a lot of your product. And it would be great to save money and use a great product! I don’t have a printer.

  160. My son has a horrible rash where there is friction when he walks. It’s so bad that I have to apply diaper rash cream every diaper change. I have never dealt with rashes with any of my kids till now! I think it’s the style of the diaper. I bought a huge box of this style and am stuck using it because diapers are so expensive. Please help….

  161. hi Huggies head office South Africa
    Time frame 2000 – 2018 … i was the one who accecpted challenge to change your daiper back then (the one and only thick leaking uneasyfit daiper) with my BLUE PRINT DAIPER with 80 % oth the features making Huggies multi billions and you dont know who to back track , find the original correspondence file my request all these years PLEASE , investigate, talk to Me !!( no one in it right mind will use someone elses patent s with out paying) you are making billions iam jobless an sole provider going through Hell pls ,honor business ethnic , bring Closure or tell me who recieved / the money for bu !!!siness ventue do some thing

  162. Dear Sir,
    I am Md Jamal Uddin from Chittagong,Bangladesh, I am importer, I want to import Huggies for selling in our bangladesh market

    So, pls reply me about my thoughts
    Best regards
    Md Jamal uddin

  163. I’m Huggies mum but for the first time I bought a pack for my sister that was not to my satisfaction. She put it on for her son and the sides were loose, tried another one it did ex the same. We tried calling customer service no answer just on hold for ages. Please I don’t want to lose faith in Huggies.

  164. I had diaper explode I called huggies and was treated with respect and understanding they are sending me a gift card even I certantly didn’t expect that I was just calling to find out how dangerouse the stuffing was but I do appreciate it tho and will continue to buy huggies I forgot to mention I am a grandma and I have never had a problem before so I found it very unusual this time thank you huggies

  165. I vcannot believe it!!! I spent $10.00 on Huggies movers size 2 package of 29 only 5 had sticky strip and then went back bought ANOTHER package but only had size 3 they also have strips missing I don’t understand why we can’t get a refund for a product we are missing parts of lol

  166. Good afternoon,
    My daughter has a 13 yr old girl and an 11 year old girl and used Huggins for both. She loves the way they fit.
    Well she was done having children and everything is long gone and quite unexpectedly she finds herself pregnant again but not just one but 2, TWINS. They will arrive at the end of July.she is 8 was right now.
    I was wondering if you have any specials going on for multiple babies, coupons or anything? It would be very helpful since they are starting all over.
    Thank you for your time.
    Cynthia Burdick( Nana)

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