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Contacting HTC Customer Service Center

HTC is well-known as the company behind some of the most technologically advanced smartphones available today. The company hasn’t always hit the mark, however. The HTC Tilt was one of the first advanced smartphones the company released, but it was riddled with problems. As technology moved, the company took a different path and ended up creating quite the impressive line of smartphones. As of 2012, HTC offers the HTC One S, HTC One V and HTC One X, among others.

The mobile phone market is highly competitive, which means companies like HTC must provide fantastic customer support to keep their fan base happy. Unfortunately, when you purchase an HTC phone from your mobile phone provider, HTC is not responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the phone.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

HTC is not a US-based company and the company is spread internationally. We have collected a series of phone numbers for customers to access customer service from various parts of the world. US customer service is open from 6 A.M. to 1 A.M. EST every day of the week.

Customer Service

  • US (English): 1-866-449-8358
  • US (Spanish): 1-866-963-0960
  • Canada (English): 1-866-449-8358
  • Canada (French): 1-800-368-5370


  • United States: 1-866-449-8358
  • Hong Kong: +852-3520-1234
  • United Kingdom: +44-1279-206-906
  • Taiwan: +886-287-615-959

Mailing Address

Official Website

The official website for HTC is You can learn about the smartphones offered by the company on the site, but you cannot purchase the cell phone directly from HTC. If you want to contact customer service via social media, a link to Facebook is provided on the HTC page.

Customer Service Email

Contacting customer service by email means filling out an online form at and sending that form to the customer service team. If you currently have an HTC phone you can fill in the IMEI/MEID number so the representative can locate your specific phone (they keep track of all phones produced by HTC). If you just have a general question about HTC you can skip the phone ID. If you are part of the media and want to contact a representative from HTC US, email

Our Experience

HTC customer service support line is answered with a message about software updates. The automated agent then gives the caller the opportunity to press 0 for immediate transfer to customer service. We pressed 0 and the phone rang once before David picked up the line. David was more than happy to answer our questions about the HTC One X and all of his answers matched the information listed on the HTC website.

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2 Comments on “Contact HTC Customer Service
  1. Tried an Uh Oh replacement and the device sent is worse than what is being replaced, and due to their limited hours of support with no e-mail contact, I have been unable to reach them to return the phone they sent or even communicate that I am having problems for a few weeks now. Must presume that they have now charged my account because I have not returned the phone that was being replace. I want to just keep my old one and send back the referbished one that they sent as a replacement, since the replacement has multiple issues (very poor battery life, erratic touch screen, vast majority of information/data/apps would not move to the new device (items that on the original device transferred from a Xperia Z1s would not migrate between HTC devices).

    Once again HTC is closed so I cannot reach them in an attempt to resolve these issues.

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