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Contacting HSN Customer Service Center

HSN, also known as the Home Shopping Network, is an online shopping website connected to a television network. The television network presents new and exciting merchandise in a studio setting where customers can see just how the item works. Many of the items sold on HSN are available on a flexible payment system so the customer does not have to pay for the item in full at the time it is ordered. Customer service contact information is listed at the far bottom of the main website.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

HSN offers customer service phone numbers for online orders, phone orders and autoship orders. Choose the appropriate customer service phone number for your comment or concern.

  • Online customer service: 1-800-933-2887
  • Phone customer service: 1-800-284-3900
  • Autoship customer service: 1-800-557-0714
  • Place a new order: 1-800-284-5757
  • TDD: 711
  • Fax: 1-727-872-6559

Mailing Address

Customers have two options for sending letters to HSN by mail. You can choose to address your letter to the customer service department or to a show host in particular.

HSN – Customer Service
P.O. Box 9090
Clearwater, FL 33758


Show Host (Fill in the show host name here)
c/o HSN CA Correspondence
P.O. Box 9090
Clearwater, FL 33758

Official Website

You can find contact information, information on specials and sales and access to your online account at If you have never ordered from the company, you will need to register for an account before ordering.

Items sold by HSN range from large-scale exercise equipment to beauty and clothing items. There have been some reports of HSN prices being higher than those in stores, but the flexible payment system appears to make up for the difference in price.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email form is called HSN Self Service Support. You must enter your email address, feedback or question, category and your phone number before proceeding with your question.

We submitted an email asking whether or not a direct email address was available from the customer service department. We’ll let you know what HSN customer service says.

Our Experience

The customer service phone number is answered by an automated service. We pressed # then 0 and we were asked for our phone number or account number. We pressed 0 again and we were transferred to a representative. The hold time for the call lasted less than 10 seconds. The customer service representative spoke clearly and told us there was no email address for customer service.

The email inquiry resulted in a 10 hour turn around. Instead of receiveing an automated response, we received a response from a customer service agent. To an extent, the representative answered our question. They mainly explained that we should visit the HSN FAQs here: or call customer service in order to have our questions and concerns answered. See the communication below:

Date: Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 9:10 PM
Subject: Re: Reply Required – Contacts (03/24/2012 3:09:39 PM) *
To: Richard B

Hello Mr. Banks,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our email address for Customer Service. You may address any concerns to this email address. Please understand, not all concerns can be taken care of via email for security reasons and need to be handled on the phone by verifying security information.


Cindy Customer Service

For quick answers to your questions anytime, go to:

or you may call us at 1-800-933-2887 from 8 a.m. – 1 a.m., Eastern Time.

On 3/24/2012 11:10 AM, Richard B wrote:

Is there is direct email address for customer service?

HSN is a based upon customer service. When we contacted a representative, our experience was positive and pleasant. Did your experience stack up to ours? Shout out and share your thoughts with us.

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76 Comments on “Contact HSN Customer Service

  2. i wish to purchase an electronic sewing machine-singer feather weight, can u send me the price in rupee, nd hw can i buy, where is this shop etc

  3. The order that I placed was confirmed through an email. On 12/17/12, my account was charged. An email confirmed that my item had been shipped with second day air. It should have arrived by the 19th or 20th. It did not. I called and was assured it will arrive on the 21st. It did not. I called again and was assured by a supervisor that it had shipped and would arrive by the 24th. It did not. It said instead on their website that it was now on back order. It seems to me that they had lied the whole time to me. It is outrageous thatg they can just say that we did not ship it because we do not have the item you order. I am not mad as my husband warned me that HSN is not a reliable company to deal with. I just want the item that I ordered through this website.

  4. I tried to e-mail Customer Service three times and every time my e-mail froze. I was unable to remove the “FRequired Information Is Missing” pop-up w/o hitting “refresh,” which deleted the e-mail. Problem was, the boxes did not appear where I was to enter the information! HSN has the WORST website. It is frustrating and 100% unsatisfactory and unacceptable. because of this, I will never shop with HSN again.

  5. This is my SECOND REQUEST -Please delete my e-mail address from my account. I do not want to received e-mails from HSN daily.

  6. WOW…I am so disappointed with HSN…I ordered a cell phone 2 weeks ago…Not knowing that they didn’t have my latest credit card number on file, my order was declined and I had no idea until today, 4/8/13…..I never got a customer service call from a rep…….something that could have been settled on the spot……So I was thinking, relax, they said I would receive it in 7-14 business days so I wasn’t sweating it until today……They could have given me a courtesy call after all of the $1,000s of dollars I’ve spent with HSN over the last 5 years or so….Now I have lost the cell phone without getting a replacement offer…I’m done with HSN…..I can shop elsewhere…..and get treated better… QVC……I’ve been with them for over 5 years as well and never got treated like this……Bad Business Practices……and the rep today was saying yeah, and nothing else…….I’m pissed and I’m moving on……If I owed them money, I would have gotten a 1 (800) call from them every night…..

  7. Well you got promote the semi tablet and even though I like buying things from hsn, this has got be the worse piece of garbage ever. Please for the sake of HSN, don’t continue to sell’ this worthless gear. I am stuck with it until I can maybe pawn it. It is a lousy, slow tiring, malfunctioning, tablet. You should extend to return time , thanks for nothing and enjoy my money. Because I won’t be buying anything else.

  8. I was so exited to purchase a tableas as the Today’s Specials on 12/2/13. It was a gift for New Year’s for a kid in my life. He had it for a month before it just stopped working. Today is 5/19/14 and I’m trying to get through still to the so called manufacturer to use the 1 year warranty and the message says the voice mail is full and they never call you back when you leave a message and there is no getting a person to speak to. Now I’m calling HSN to get help and can’t get anything. The 982 number isn’t in service and the 248 number keeps saying I dialed wrong. All I have is a disappointed child becuase I can’t purchase a new tablet and I have a headache about the whole issue and I can safely say forget HSN for future purchases.

  9. Caution to customers on Cosmetic Armoire…. Front mirror fell off on my 10 year old grandchild. Armoire was installed properly, mirror just fell out of frame. This mirror is very heavy and could seriously injure a small child. If you have one, problem can easily be solved by buying a corner metal strap from Lowes and screwing it to the frame on all four corners. This has been reported to HSN as well as the manufactor Mirrotek International. Still a happy customer with HSN and their customer service.

  10. I ordered the item number 090-758 prog.lights w/remote and was toldit would arrive on November 22,2014 it did not. I spoke to a Rep. and again was told I would receive it on the 24 of Nov. I am still waiting for my lights. I am irritated with HSN for lying to me and not being upfront with me as to when I would be getting this item Never again will I ordered from them again!!!! They sure wasted no time in charging my credit card Mad as Hell:(

  11. I forgot to mention that I placed the order in the first week of October. I would appreciate a courtesy call from them letting me know the Truth as to when it would be coming. I was hoping to have it by Thanksgiving.


  13. I order a LG TV in October, 2014 and received delivery accordingly. This was the best part of service but after receiving my LG I noticed a volume problem. I contacted LG company and they came out and stated that volume board needed to be changed. I later called HSN and have on several occasions no result as of today. Still waiting of return receipt and nothing. Buyer BEWARE!!!!!MAYBE THEY WILL CONTACT ME WHENTHEY HAVE AN ANSWER

  14. We have dealing HSN for a long time and I am beginning to dis- like HSN because of the service we are getting from your company the way the package come to us and the way we has to pay to send things back and when I ask to have something ship to another place HSN ship it to the home address so I think hard about getting things from HSN and will be telling my friend about the company

  15. On March 7,2015 I ordered a black 8″ Tablet with a keyboard case. The tablet was sent to me without the keyboard case. I called HSN and was told they didn’t have any more with the keyboard case. So they sent me the tablet without the keyboard case? Terrible service. I saw on HSN a 10.1″ Tablet with keyboard case so I ordered it. It arrived today. It did not have the keyboard case I ordered either. I am returning it today as well in hope of getting an exchange for what I paid for.
    Buyer Beware…

  16. When I finally reached a live person, she was most helpful. Why is it so hard to speak to a live person????? This is poor customer relations!!

  17. I intend to pay off this acco9unt and never use it again . Yoour interest rates are to high and I cant get my account balance below $500.0 unacceptable , NOt happy . I actually was a few days late with payment and got a call wanting to know if I would be making a payment ( minimum . No NOT !!!!!! I cant get below this amount …..
    I am mad and dissapointed …. no more using this card and no more shopping unless I can pay cash as I did before your great Card . RIPOFF …… interest TOO high . The Hosts make it sound wonderful and benevolent not , more like menacing ………

  18. Today is Sunday. and I placed an order for Dr. Amos cleaner yesterday. I remembered today that I tried this before and did not feel it did the cleaning it said it does. 436-204

    I spoke with a man on the phone to cancel an he said it is packed for shipping and can’t be cancelled. If it is not shipped yet { it is Sunday} I am surprised. I may not order from HSN again. The shipping back is ridiculous.

  19. I am vert disappointed in your return department at this time. I have never experienced what I am going through now. It has been almost a month and I do not have the returned lable to mail my tablet back. Someone said the label will be sent through email which was not legible nor could it be printed. Then I was told it will be sent by UPS two weeks ago and I still dont have a lable. Now I was told to wait until Friday (Sept. 18, 20014). It appears that I am being push to the side. Please help me I do need the tablet repaired as soon as possible. At least I thought the tablet would have been already sent for repairs and possible on its way back to my home. But I am wrong. Please help me

    • I am vert disappointed in your return department at this time. I have never experienced what I am going through now. It has been almost a month and I do not have the returned lable to mail my tablet back. Someone said the label will be sent through email which was not legible nor could it be printed. Then I was told it will be sent by UPS two weeks ago and I still dont have a lable. Now I was told to wait until Friday (Sept. 18, 20014). It appears that I am being push to the side. Please help me I do need the tablet repaired as soon as possible. At least I thought the tablet would have been already sent for repairs and possible on its way back to my home. But I am wrong. Please help me

  20. I purchased Sharif camel color satchel that as his signature seal on the front. I love this bag so much. I purchased it about 2years ago but the handle is stripping terrible. I need it to repair or purchase another. Please help. The bag is fabric with leather trim with geometric designs with earth tone colors.

  21. On 10/12/15 I tried placing an order online and ran into problems trying to check out. I called customer service and left my phone number and they returned mr call. The CSR representative tried helping me and then said she couldn’t stay on the phone with me to make sure I could complete my order. I wasn’t very happy about that response. I’ve never had an experience like that before.

  22. Just received iPad mini- did not get the Bluetooth keyboard case or accessory bundle kit in purple with my order- emailed customer service was told the item is sold out and contact to Apple support- I did that and was told by Apple that the order was not filled by Apple- filled by HSN and it was HSN’s responsibility to fi the order correctly- not theirs-they said to contact HSN again- since they did not fill the order. Also, these keyboard cases and accessory kits are still being offered by HSN in another iPad bundle so I’m confused as to why I still am
    Not being provided with the items in the bundle that I ordered- I bought the bundle because of the other bonus items and still have yet to receive them- not very pleased with this! Please send the Bluetooth keyboard case and accessory bundle in purple- I have been a very loyal HSN customer and would love to continue being one! Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. Thank you, Clarissa Carter

  23. I don’t have a comment, I have a question and don’t know where to ask it. Several months ago I purchased a Dell Laptop and paid an extra $100.00 to have Microsoft office installed with the software package so where exactly is my office?

  24. purchased a tracfone from hsn, two weeks ago, it was defective, sent it
    back and now i am waiting How disappointing and I am totally upset, not
    having my phone

  25. as I have said before Joy needs to shut up and let IMAM talk Coleen you should be shame IMAM there and the two of you act like she not there shame on Coleen

  26. On this day 5/12 I ordered1321770576 &1321770766 Makeup.
    I wanted to use a 20% off coupon and was told I could not. Why?
    If you sent them I expect to be able to use them. I am 85 , on limited income’ and could use the 20% 0ff this order.
    Thank you Mary Schlatt

  27. How do I get to speak to a supervisor regarding a return issue, please?
    Am having lots of problems with this……with no resolution as time marches on.

  28. I was very upset when I couldn’t get a customer person on phone, I had a question to ask and could not get anyone to answer it. I won’t I won’t be ordering anymore because of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. hello-
    Please pass this on to Joy Mangano’s “people”—her candle warmer set was EXCELLENT last night after my dog was skunked, Dog ran in through her door, stopped to rub her face on bedroom carpet. I had purchased the warmers awhile ago as back up for my first set- in living room. Now was the time to plug both large and small in. Large in bedroom, small in bathroom. Headed out with dog for a short walk so the wax melts could do their job. I placed a small fan behind larger warmer. Came back to a bedroom which didn’t stink anything close to before plugging in. By the time I was finished scrubbing the dog, only a hint of skunk remained. WHAT A HUGE HELP THE WARMERS WERE!!
    Now it’s time to pull out the carpet machine (HSN of course) , pour in an extra dose of Professor Amos solution and hopefully the remaining smell will disappear.

  30. You e-mail return info instructions OK but the return label is not just as print out I have to do this and that to bring it up to print. It should just be a page I can print out from the e-mail. I know what to do making it so hard on me to return item. Then I won’t purchase anything more from you. I wouldn’t mind the return charges if it was a simple process. This may be good for me but not you one bad experience and I’m done if they don’t make it easier by sending me a return shipping label to stick on outside of box I can print out boldly to put on package.
    I would hope you could and would email the step by step things to do to return because it won’t pick up Wi Fi. Computer place couldn’t get it to connect to Wi Fi kept saying couldn’t do. If you choose not to help me return then I have to do what I think is best first never ordering anything from HSN again. I leave it up to you to decide what I do. 9-3-17

  31. Today’s Specilaslinky ruffle top have no three inch slits for elongation and the top doesn’t cover anyone behind please make alltops cover the behind. If you don’t add the slits the top will cling. Lovely top but redo it please. And the models never turned around. This should be required to make a complete turn. Thank you.

  32. My did Hsn discontinue Joan Boyce from making boots and shoes? Very sad . Holidays without her shoes is a disaster. Heart breaking.

  33. Please ask the buyers to consider the faux fur vest by slinky incorporate three inch slits on each side of the vest it gives elongation.

  34. Please consider getting a chef from New Orleans for Hsn . The cuisine is mouth watering delicious. And get the buyer to order some of the great homemade pralines. Thank y’all.

  35. I wanted to cancel an order that I did not really place and just called your online customer service and was told by your employee that she could not help me with that. How can I cancel this now it was already taken out of my bank acct.?

  36. extremely disappointed in the way you treat your customers you are helpful with ordering items, not so much when customer asks for help with the product he has purchased. i recently bought a printer from you. went to set it up then i went to hp. support. i tried myself first, couldn’t even put ink cartridge in their lame instructions didn’t help me. my first printer. when i went to their page no help, they gave me a #to call. called it , the connection was so bad she couldn’t understand me. i called your customer service. explained to her what was going on. she said their wasn’t anyone there to tell me how to install ink. she gave me another # to try. the guy that answered acted like he didn’t understand frank. they can’t be that stupid? after several attemts he finally got my name. then i was told everyone was busy, they would call me back it was hard for him to understand my phone#. i got a call back an hour later, i let it go to voice mail before picking up. i couldn’t understand his language. i gave up, luckily i have my pc. i bought from you. went to utube found out how to install ink. this isn’t the first time i have had problems with hp. support. i bought my first pc from you a couple of months ago, a nice desk top. i spent an hour on the phone with hp. support never could get my pc. started. i sent it back, got me a laptop for half the price of my beautiful desktop paid a guy to set it up for me. then i hired a maintainence team to help with any future problems. they speak english, DON’T SELL PRODUCTS THAT THE CUSTOMER CAN’T USE. I EXPECT A REPLY OR I WILL NOT BUY FROM YOU AGAIN.

  37. My scores are not being recorded tonite for some reason I’m really upset I tried to explain to Hsn arcades but the supervisor in that Dept. Said she didn’t know how to figure this out .she said go to Hsn help. This an unacceptable response I’m so heart broken about your hsnarcade Dept. I was given no tickets for the games I played- Tonite

  38. on todays show you had the fixmestick on sale , 2 for $69.95 , either for computer or mac , I would like to buy 2 for 69.95 but I need one for computer and one for mac , can we do that ?

  39. I ordered the Too Faced ‘Sugar Plum Fun’ (a four piece set). This was my first time ordering from hsn. I LOVE Too Faced products, so I was very excited. My package arrived to day and 3 of the 4 items were MISSING! I couldn’t believe it! Not what I expected. I even thought about obtaining the hsn card, since the deals are so good on skin care and cosmetics. Not if this is the standard. Very disappointing!

  40. I just spoke with your customer service department for the second time in a week. You all are delivering packages (four in the past week) to my address to someone by the name of Jackie Busler. She does not live at 1213 Alicante Dr. in Pacifica, CA.
    I asked the rep to have someone call Jackie to try and get this worked out. She indicated that she didn’t have the authority to make the call. I told her to have someone who does have the authority make the call. I also told the rep that any packages received from this point forward would be thrown away. Lastly, I told the rep that if this turns out to be an ID theft issue and HSN didn’t follow-up, I would hold them accountable if we suffered a loss

  41. i too am upset with hsn. I bought a tv antenna that was supposed to get lots of channels and didn’t get very many. the one I have been using gets lots of channels but the one from hsn looked nicer. a picture frame. now I am trying to return and they wont let me send back with prepaid label and I went to ups and it would cost about 37$ to ship back and if I send by usps its about 20. since it does not do what they say I thinki its a ripoff for me to spend all that isn’t right so I told hsn that it will be a long time til I shop with them. I am very unhappy with them right now

  42. I was wondering if I should cancel my account. If I can’t order your products through flex pay, then there’s no need to carry an account with you. I have bought a number of products from you and never had any problems. I can switch to Amazon or QVC.

  43. I purchased a Viotech IdeaPlay tablet from HSN that completely stop working 5 months after I bought it, wouldn’t even power on. I called HSN – they gave me Viotech’s customer service. I left three voice mail messages at Viotech and they never returned my calls. I took a day off work to contact Viotech, hoping I could speak to a live representative during “normal business hours” but only had the option to leave a message, again. I will NEVER shop HSN again and I will share my negative experience with my friends and family.

  44. I never requested that you send me emails. Please unsubscribe me if you have not already. I will not be linking my paypal account to an hsn account.

  45. I have a complaint. I ordered a over the door mirror to be delivered to my daughter in Wisconsin. I gave the phone order clerk the shipping address and the billing address. Days later I received an email stating that it was shipped….to neither the shipping address nor the billing address, but to an address that you had on record. I called right away to inquire and was told that it was shipped to Michigan and there was “nothing that HSN could do”! I was offered that they put in an intercept request and return the item to the origin drop ship site. I thought that meant that it would be redirected to where I originally requested that it be shipped. But no, “HSN cannot do that”. Somehow this problem, which originated with HSN became my problem. I was told that I would be issued a refund, which I never was. I was told to track the order. I went online today and it stated that the item was delivered (not returned) and no refund was issued. I called again today, and there was no record of it being returned, but when I explained what happened, they said “oh yes, it was returned” but not refunded. I never asked for flexpayments, but apparently they were set up for me.

    I am apalled at the terrible service, or more actually the lack of service. I was told that I would get some trivial amount of credit, which I cannot find and do not believe was even issued. If it was, it is invisible.

    Unless I get some apology and a real credit, I will never, never, never deal with HSN again. I would think that after being in business for all the years you have, that you would have a handle on customer service and remediation of a problem that was generated by your staff. I spent hours on the phone, spoke to 4 people in customer service to get this “fixed” but it is in no way fixed. I did not get my order sent where I wanted it to go, and I have nothing but a trail of torment. I am very dissatisfied.

  46. I would like to return the brother embroidery machine 770.
    I charged it on my credit card. How do I do this? thanks

  47. I received a new HSN credit card and was given $10 off. I placed my order, was given the discount and ordered another product. Customer service told me that discount was given to the specific customer and I could not get any discount now.

    I ordered Andrew Lesman’s vitmains (2).

    Could you look into this for me.

    Let me know what info you need from me to find me

  48. HSN does not stand behind their products. Bought a Sevilla silver bracelet and 6 weeks later it broke, emailed HSN, no response, so I chatted with an agent, get this , there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO because it’s been over 30 days so no refund no exchange… just wasted another $27….I asked for the manufacterer or the company contact info they don’t have a contact number. REALLY HSN. thieves

  49. I just hung up with your customer service and let me first say the rep was polite and tried to help me, but after she checked with her supervisor, I was advised that there was nothing she could do for me. I honestly did not realize there was a 30 day return policy and I actually had returned my item 60 days after I received it. I had not even opened the package as I realized that it was not going to work for the purpose I had originally ordered it for. Between the holidays and the terrible weather we had been having (a lot of snow) I never seemed to be able to get to the post office. My fault for sure. I also did not realize that I had it in my home as long as it did. I am so disappointed with HSN that I will no longer order from them. I have been a customer for quite some time and for HSN to lose a customer over a purchase this small is a poor business decision. Thank you for your time.

  50. much like RCA customer support HSN is not willing to help with the SCAM items you sell. Please I would like someone to contact me about a RCA tablet I bought form HSN that will not charge, and after a month and a half of trying to get RCA to authorize return and fix it or replace it I have gotten no response. Now I try to contact HSN customer support and get the same run around. Please respond. If you can’t provide reputable suppliers you should cover the problems instead of replaying the deals and just selling items for a company that does not stand behind the products you let them sell on your station.

  51. I bought an RCA tablet from you on 7/19/2017. The tablet worked for a couple of months then would not charge. I contacted RCA through their websites and phone calls to customer support. The RCA company SCAM is to try the website again. I have done this 4 times with no results. Your company and online hosts tout satisfaction with no problems. Well we no this is not true. I would like you to provide information about RCA corporate phone numbers or websites where I will not get the run around like I have for almost the last two months. I have been a loyal customer but lately the quality and service is not up to par. Please respond.

  52. We ordered a hp chromebook w/google
    have not recieved it and have been billed $327.70
    Question was it sent? when!!!
    Thank you
    Ms. Rita Gill

  53. I have never returned anything to hsn and yet when I did the refund has taken forever to receive. I am disappointed in this. It has made me reluctant to try a product in the future.

  54. I recently ordered 2 Perlier Products. You asked me to write a review. I wrote my review THREE times but the SUBMIT does not seem to work, again and again.
    Today I tried my luck again. By pressing REVIEW I got a page for today’s
    specials. I did not ask for today specials! If you want to know your customers
    opinion of orders they received you should at least make it possible without
    having to go through a hassle.

  55. I contacted HSN after I purchased an RCA tablet and was not able to login as it kept saying it was an invalid password. I know for a fact what password I created however it never worked. HSN told me they were going to send m a new one and email me the forms to send back the first one ….well the second one did the same so I tried contacting RCA and they were no help and kept sending me a message saying there were issues with the google accounts and windows. Well I’m still waiting for the forms to send this back but I did receive a letter stating I had to return the item or else I would be billed for the units and I checked my account and they have billed me for two pieces which I was only able to turn one on !!! Please send your forms so I can return this unit. I’ve called and left messages and I’ve been waiting for a call and the return forms .

  56. If you want to order something like a laptop or computer don’t do it. The process is to put in all your information, they run your debit or credit card, they can tell you if you do or don’t qualify for flex pay without running your credit. The worst part is if you don’t qualify they still keep your money for 3 days.

  57. I really, really love signature A breathable make-up. I live in South Carolina where all we have is heat and humidity. The breathable make-up is light with full coverage and best of all does not melt or feels heavy on my face throughout the day. I am going on a cruise next month and last year, with the wind, sea salt, tropical heat my breathable make-up was amazing. Please, Please ask signature A club to run a special.

  58. this company has gotten too big and is now cutting big corners by not allowing customers to reach anyone there except to buy. 3 of the 800 numbers do not even ring once. Think of the profits when never having to handle a customer question or return question. I will not buy from hsn again after years of business and lots of money spent. Needless to say I’m not posting my real name since if there’s trouble with that I would be inable to reach anyone.

  59. I am trying to open an online account with my email address and make a purchase with a good credit card in MY NAME but I never received an email from your site for 15% off first purchase and I also was told to use a different credit card which is totally crazy. I let someone else use my card a couple of times that has an HSN account with my permission but it is my card and your site was asking if I was that person no I am someone else that card is mine in my name they just used a couple of times with my permission. Why is your site so complicated and why did it not acknowledge me and send me an email when I signed up with my email and wanted to make a purchase with MY CREDIT CARD IN MY NAME THAT IS A GOOD CREDIT CARD?!

  60. To whom it may concern:
    I placed a recent order and have not received it, so, I tracked it and it went to my old address. Before this order, I placed an order and that was sent to my recent address. I called customer service to find out what happen and I was told by the service representative that I clicked on that address. I am so upset I cancelled everything. I have been at my recent address for 6 years and I have been getting my packages. I have been a loyal customer and the service is lacking. I wanted this package for Christmas gifts. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED. I may have to stop shopping at HSN.

  61. I ordered a Christmas tree and some gift bags on 11/11 the money was taken out of my account yet you have no record of me ever ordering anything I have been a valued customer for years instead of sending me the tree and the gift bags now I have to go to dispute with my bank very wrong for you to handle the situation this way

  62. need to register my Einhell Electric Snow Thrower,cant find Info on given Registry
    Also it seems my Credit Card was hacked and used in Florida after I ordered my
    Snow Thrower,you need to check your Employees.Very Disappointed.
    Canceled my Credit Card and reported to my Bank.

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