Contact HSBC Credit Card Customer Service

Contacting HSBC Credit Card Customer Service Center

The HSBC Credit Card is offered by one of the world’s largest financial institutions, HSBC. As a global player in the financial industry, it is important for the company to put the needs of the customers first. HSBC puts customers first by offering unparalleled customer service with a support team second to none. Customers wanting to connect with an agent can do so using the email customer contact form, traditional “snail” mail or call the customer service department.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-888-385-8916
  • Lost/Stolen Cards: 1-888-292-3629
  • Premier: 1-800-327-4214
  • Technical Support: 1-866-406-8693
  • PIN Self Select: 1-800-685-3500
  • TDD: 1-800-655-9392
  • Outside the U.S.: 1-716-841-7141

Mailing Address

HSBC Card ServicesP.O. Box 49352San Jose, CA 95161-9352

HSBC Card Services1301 E. Tower Rd.Schaumburg, IL 60173

Customers can utilize the following mailing addresses in the event they want to send a payment.

Card ServicesP.O. Box 60501City of Industry, CA 91716-0501

Card Services Inc.ATTN: Exception Dept2012 Corporate LaneSuite 108Naperville, IL 60563

Official Website

Visit the official HSBC Credit Card website apply for services, make changes to your existing account, make payments or contact the customer service team. New customers will need to register an account before sending secure communication to the customer service team. The only option available is contact a representative by phone, unsecure email or traditional mail.

The customer support team recommends reviewing the FAQs and Help documentation prior to contacting an agent, in the event this information satisfies your concerns.

Customer Service Email

Customers can use the unsecure email address to send general inquires to the customer service department. We sent a message asking for the hours of the customer service department. This information was not readily available on the official website.

Our Experience

The customer service hotline provided detailed information relating to the various customer service departments, but none for general customer service. We were able to press 0 and the automated system directed our call to an agent. When the agent answered, there was a noticeable language barrier and quite a bit of background noise. This led us to believe the call center was not local.

We asked for information relating to customers having difficulty making a scheduled payment. They explained the company wants to assist customers. The provides services including, payment deferral, low or zero interest payments as well as giving customers the ability to change the due date of the payment. This information was rather helpful. Were you assisted like us? Take a second a comment about your experience.

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18 Comments on “Contact HSBC Credit Card Customer Service
  1. i am writing to let u know that i lost more than 3/4 of my salary and i want you guys either to lower my interest rate or do a settlement with my current rate or balance and tell me exactly what you can do for me because the interest rate is too high and i have been your customer for a very long time and i am asking you for your help, get back to me as soon as possible.

  2. I have been trying to make a payment on my HSBC credit card as I have done for years on But for some inexplicable reason, that easy convenient way of making a payment is no longer available. Given HSBCs history of making their website as user unfriendly as possible, this fits right in. Please know that I have closed every other account that I once had with you, because of the appalling lack of customer service. You tell me to just log on to personal internet banking, and I try to sign up, but it tells me that I am already signed up. But I never got the password, and there is no way to retrieve it without logging on. Congrats!! You have created the most user unfriendly website, in the history of the internet. I have called a number of times and waited hours to hear a human voice, just so I can make a payment. Yes, your customer phone service sucks as bad as your website, maybe worse, if that is possible.
    All I really want to do, is pay this damn thing off, so that I never have to deal with HSBC again.

    Gary Bertino

  3. It is impossible to get contact your customer service by phone. I waited 25 minutes Oct. 1 before hanging up. I have been waiting today since 9:30, almost 20 minutes. This is terrible customer service; there is no excuse for not having enough people to take calls, etc. I am tired of hearing how important my call is to you. I want to talk to a live person and I want to get off the phone so I can get some work done.

    Susan Townsend

  4. I Have Credit of HSBC.Where i havent used my card not even once.But now i feel i need to make use of it(from 6 months).pls reply me whether its lapsed or can i make use of it.

  5. getting to speak to anyone is impossible. I have been calling the fraud number for days and it rings busy, the dispute number says ” we are in a meeting,call back in 1 hour(this lasted 3 days)0perhaps time to change credit cards-also can no longer log on my acct on the internet

  6. Still did not received this visa & master statement, please resend using email to speed up so that I can in time.
    CK Neo

  7. Worst, suspicious bank I have dealt with in 55 years! The bank known by the news is too big to fail and to big to audit and to big to service their customers. No customer service, a web site that is impossible to enter, no fax number, customer service hang ups. After hours and days of trying to speak with someone, I final was connected and after supplying my ss#, date of birth, full name, user ID and SPECIAL TELEPHONE SECURITY CODE, I WAS ASKED, “the date I took out the card and the highest sum I charged?” Hard to answer those questions when I had the card for 20 years! I asked to cancel the card. It has been a month and still no confirmation of cancellation. I filed a formal complaint with their regulatory agency and it is a nightmare communicating with them. I finally get a email from the regulatory agency it will take two months to investigate. All I wanted to know was is if the damn card was cancelled? Today I get an email from HSBC saying their reply is in their web site that I can’t enter! f*#k t(#@

  8. I tried to call HSBC Creditcard customer service three times today, and each time my call was disconnected after a 2-5 minute wait. This is unacceptable customer service. I have a negative balance on my card, and after six months, I’m still waiting for the refund. I won’t use this card anymore because they raised my interest rate to over 30% last year due to ONE late payment. They get failing marks in all categories.

  9. I received the SMS message from my cellphone aug. 1, 2014 that the due date for my payment for my credit card is on August 4. The transaction was done last July 13′ 2014 and I have not received any billing yet ever since. Please have it earlier billing statement and what other bank could I pay? And please cancel my card once I made payment. You have a very bad information service.

  10. I just found out I lost my HSBC credit card. Tried to contact the 1-888 number but could not get through. I reside in Metro Manila, Philippines.
    What do I do?

  11. I am working in STATE of QATAR.Sri Lankkan .I would like to apply for HSBC Credit Card.My NO 0772059513.Presently in Srilanka on Vacation.Pl need your customer service Rep to call me.

  12. I just received my credit report and there is an open account on there from you guys from 1/2007. I need this account closed out as I never even used it. I do not even have the card! I am unable to get through to your customer service to speak to a representative. Please respond in a timely matter to my request as I need this removed and CLOSED OUT IMMEDIATELY with a letter statement stating so!!!!!!

  13. Ive attempted to receive a replacement credit card for 15 days, Ive spent 11 hours on hold, spoke to 13 different people and still no card. I am cancelling all accounts with HSBC.

  14. Very BAD service for prospective customers. Received pre-qualified Gold MasterCard offer in mail, unable to open the application on your websire because it kept running a script that blocked my search engine. Called customer service telephone, waited 10 min. to talk to an operator who told me the “application team” was closed and only works 8AM – 5PM EST. Not sure I still want this card if your customer service is this BAD.

  15. I got an invitation for HSBC MC Gold Card in my mail…,When I fill out my info. via the internet…You turned me down!…I am a retired Banker & my credits score is 760..I have never been turned down any credit….My address is : 1403 Wood Hill Place, Jacksonville FL 32256-7997…..What gives with my turned down.. ????

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