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Contacting HP Customer Service Center

HP, or Hewlett Packard, is a computer company founded in 1939. The company started out in a garage and has since grown to a multi-billion dollar company. As of 2011, HP reported more than $127 billion in 2011 and is ranked as the no. 11 company on the Fortune 500 list. The official website for HP serves as the starting point for sales, marketing and customer support. You can access a multitude of contact information from the official website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

HP offers a long list of contact phone numbers for everything from technical support to general support. They’ll even answer your questions about HP products before you decide to make a purchase.

Technical Support

  • HP home products: 1-800-474-6836
  • HP business products: 1-800-334-5144
  • HP Touchsmart, HDX Notebook, Envy Notebook, Firebird Desktop: 1-866-408-5408
  • Palm, HP Veer, HP Touchpad: 1-877-426-3777
  • Palm smartphones: 1-866-935-7256
  • Hard of hearing or deaf customers: 1-877-656-7058
  • Customers with disabilities: 1-888-259-5707

Sales Information (Before You Buy)

  • General questions and customer support: 1-800-752-0900
  • Home office products: 1-888-999-4747
  • Business products: 1-800-888-9909

All Other Customer Service Inquiries

  • General customer service: 1-800-752-0900

Mailing Address

Contacting the headquarters of HP may be just what you need for your customer service inquiry. Customers can use the main headquarters address for questions about US sales, service and products. There are additional addresses listed on the Contact HP – Office Locations page.

Worldwide Corporate Headquarters

Hewlett-Packard Company

3000 Hanover St.

Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185

Official Website

The official Internet address for HP is simple: The company website is a portal for all support and sales. If you want to learn about new products, product support or accessories for your HP computer, printer or other product, you can access everything from the main website.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address for HP customer service, but we did find a customer support page that offers an email contact form. HP accepts email questions about HP products, technical support, software security problems and other general questions.

Our Experience

We called HP’s customer service line for the United States. We were directed by an automated response, asking us to say our option. We pushed 0, and we were put on hold for a representative. The representative that answered had a foreign accent. It took about 45 seconds to get connected to a representative. They asked us “How may I direct your call?” After directing our call, our question was answered.

Do you own an HP product? Have you experienced problems with your HP Product? Have you called HP’s customer service line? Tell us your story.

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241 Comments on “Contact HP Customer Service
  1. Connected to a service rep for desktop support within a couple of minutes after answering some basic questions. Received support to isolate problem to motherboard and was then connected to a rep to replace tower via mail.

  2. my computer turn off automatically
    then monitor show HDMI no signal VGA no signal

    what is the meaning of this

  3. have now been bounced around between 5 departments – i have a case ID # but that seems to not matter a whit. This is horrid!

  4. i m using hp veer,I have a problem when I call then my phone screen is locked & much try but screen not unlocked

  5. Would like to purchase a desktop computer for my small business. Would like to know the minimum cost for the desktop computers you have in stock. Thanks.

  6. i am a final year student of computer science who is presently working on DATA STORAGE SECURITY IN CLOUD COMPUTING as my project topiC using HP Nigerial as my case study. Pls i do i contact you.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am having HPPavilion g series laptop from last year.I had faced few
    issues during the period and visited 3-4 times to service centers.

    I was facing keyboard issue last time and called care center, machenic
    came to me and checked the laptop suggested to deposit it to the
    service center.

    I deposited it on 3rd september and received on 10th (Yesterday).
    Keyboard issues has been resolved but now another issues arises that
    my headphone connector and brightness keys are not working.

    During the period i called service center few times but dinn’t got any
    response or clarification of the problem.I had issue with my harddisk
    but they took 2 weeks time to

    my complain date is 12 semptember and my coplain ID is 4682000453 and
    there is no responce till now and i called to customer care they take
    me confrrence call with the sercve centre and promise me that my my
    issu will be resolve with in 2 day’s but there is no responce again
    what’s going on……

    resolved the issue.I fed of your customer services which you are
    providing because i faced lot of problem every time. Now as my
    warranty period is going to over and i received laptop with a problem
    from service center. Now one problem is resolved another arises.

    Every time i had visited the service center while you promises to
    provide services at home.

    Please look in to this matter Or provide me escalation details so that
    i can escalate the issue at the higher leve

  8. I buy a hp 2136tx(pavilion g6)model laptop.but there was no any driver cd & user guide inside the can i get that?pls reply.

  9. please assist me in my labtop i bought it last year september30 at ellerines furnitures johannesburg, so now i took it for the fault that it have i never use it by internet or put a memory card into port so only to find out that all port are not working, now itook it back to the shop they keep telling me that there is no parts, how could you sell a products that does not have equipment.Tell me what to do now because i use that computer for my studies now i am writting exam witout commputer iam lost.

  10. please am in need of your product with the following hard drive one terabite memory six gigerbit vga tweenty gigerbite

  11. I wasted 1 and a half hour today with this above #.I have HP Care Pack Service Plan with HP…cost $99/Yearly. Yet I had a HORRIBLE experience today especially Phone Support in INDIA.Repeatedly they took my required info….and then instead of helping me,they disconnected the phone!!! My computer problem was very simple,but I am convinced they simply did not want to do any work. They went thru the motions

  12. sir,
    when ever i am switching on my laptop the screen gets blank and it doesn’t show booting and after a longer period of shutting down it appears. This happens frequently so will u kindly tell me the solution of this problem as early as possible

  13. I just bought hp pavilion dv6 about 4 months ago and all of a sudden my screen went off but the machine is still on with the fan working is it a hardware problem or software problem. I am in Africa Ghana to be specific .What can be the cause and how do I get help?

  14. Have a Pavilion dv7 ticket #8063448899 (screen melted where you shut the lid plastic part towards right hand side) after 3 or 4 times that I called, finally did get a call back from Keven Yousa(Saftey Engineer)telco #***-***-**** said he would send a box so I could return Pavilion notebook, never received, tried calling him at least 1/2 dozen times to let him know I didn’t receive it, no call back. Called customer support again & you are on the phone at least 1/2 average, I would like to get this resolved. Thank You

  15. Apears HP has a problem that is not handling/carying about.Have used HP items ,over 9 years,on/off items.BUT I am one of the people that several health items happened.Also I am Handy-cap,so on.Anyway just purchased the new HP Computer! I have a faily hard communication,talk or understand except seeing email tipe communications BUT TRYING FOR LAST 5 HOURS CANNOT FIND ANY E-MAIL WITH HP.SO ONE OF YOUR DEVELOPED CORP,CAN’T HANDLE TYPES LIKE US.Handycap’s are just as important as any people.If I can get any communications on e-mail would be greatly well taken.Thank’s GOD Bless

  16. I have tried over and over to get what I need to restore the scanner function of my 8500 all in one to now avail. .. your support is sadly lacking

  17. I have always thought Hewlett Packard put a a quality product…that was until the company I work for bought me an HPOfficejet 6000 Wireless printer. What a piece of “crap”. The thing “growls” at you between print requests and it takes FOREVER for it to reset for another print request. I can’t believe your quality control department would put this out on the market.

  18. I had a problem with a 3-in-one copier, which I purchased one week earlier. Interesting a couple days ago, after I downloaded the program, we developed a severe Virus. In contacting HP, they sent us to Techzilla, the technical support for HP. After a very confusing 1.5 hour, they fixed the Virus, but somehow sent us hardware, we did not want. Calling HP Customer, they don’t even know Techzilla, and gave us the run-around RE: customer service. They would NOT give us anyone from Customer service. We wish to return the package, bu are required to use regular mail, since FedEx would not return, after we opened the box, after finding we did not order. We have no written authorization for these products. We were under the impression these were needed to fix the problem.We are NOT getting HP’s customer service from which to complain. We are constantly being routed to computer-generated responses, with no ‘real person’ from which to complain.

  19. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I purchased a notebook PC about month ago from the USA. According to HP the product has a global warranty and that is one the biggest reasons i purchased an HP notebook. Recently i noticed that my note book display was not working properly so i contacted customer support in India and they told me to visit the nearest service center. When i visited the HP service center, they told me that its accidental damage and is not covered under global warranty. First of all being an HP customer I am entitled to on-site service which was not given to me. Secondly If an Indian bought notebook of similar configuration/make is covered against accidental damage than why not a notebook purchased from the USA. If HP USA and HP India are two different companies i should have been told about this and if not why this indifference towards me just because I bought my notebook from the USA. Moreover, the damage to my notebook’s display is not accidental as it was working just fine in the morning and the problem cropped up in the evening without any mishandling or mishap to the notebook. There is not even a scratch on the outside of the notebook. How can it be accidental damage. In any case it should be covered under warranty if HP provides global warranty and it is covered in the USA. In case it is not covered under global warranty the whole point of global warranty is lost. I am in deep trouble because of this indifference from HP. I hope someone in HP takes note of this and does what a true customer service professional should do.

  20. A couple of years ago I bought a new HP desktop- it lasted about 2 years and then just crashed and could not be recovered. In May 2011, I bought a Windows 7 DV5 directly from the HP website, and almost 2 years to the date of purchase, it too has crashed and appears to be unrecoverable. I feel completely discouraged and cheated that the HP products I purchased were apparently of such low quality that 2 years is the lifetime of the products.

  21. I purchased my college aged son a HP Beats Audio laptop dec 2011 and myself an HPLT 2000369W in may 2012. Both batteries no longer can be charged. Will think twice before purchasing HP again.

  22. Dear Sir,

    My self Tarak Rajani
    I Purchase hp Laptop from Ahmedabad from Vijay Sales Situated at SG Highway after a month time my Lap top have some critical problem with its speaker then i went to the service station and their they solved my this problem

    But I dont know how it happens then after my speaker start working my CD Drive is not working and even their is no icon is showing in my computer i suppose that their is some hardware problem with my lap top can you Pleae help me out to solve this problem

    Thanks and Regards
    Tarak Rajani

  23. Bank of Tanzania would like to buy various computers from your company,is it possible to buy direct from your company?

  24. I have buy HP 8 GB pendrive in March 2012.When i try to connect pd to my laptop or any other laptop then it can not be detected. So i contact with my seller.He is not able to replace my pd although i t has 2 year now what can i do? also send me the technical problem behind that. Plz, reply on my email address.

  25. Officejet Pro 8500A Plus e = my printer
    Serial = CN0CNBK1JO Product = CM756A
    Downloaded HP software when I bought a new computer.
    When trying to use any function under HP Office Assistant,
    I get the following error:”The parameter is incorrect.”
    Please help. Thank you….GW

  26. i bought an envy 6 in sept 2012 in may a screw came out of one of the hinges so i couldn’t close it with out fear of shattering the screen. I sent it off to HP for repair and now the same screw has fell out again. I’m not impressed with customer support or the repair job !!!!! The repair lasted for only 4 months with very little use

  27. I think your HP laptop with Windows 8 sucks! I hate that I even bought one. I don’t see how its still on the market. I have tried contacting you several times and get nowhere. This piece of crap is 6 months and the mouse has already went tits up. If I had the means to replace this piece of crap believe me I would and I’d smash this to pieces. I know 6 others that have it and hate it.

  28. Terrible customer service. I had problem with my scanner that I thought CS would be to resolve pretty easily. Instead, they demanded payment before even attempting to help, simply because the scanner was no longer under warranty. This is after putting me on hold for 20 minutes. This is the last HP product I’ll ever buy.

  29. HP,

    How can your customer service be so poor. All your people want is my credit card information so that they can charge me more money. Deplorable! Last night I spent 35 minutes with your “tech support” and all they were concerned about was me cc number. When they found out that I already paid they would pass me on to someone else. Meg……You better fix this before the place collapses. I’ll never buy another HP product…..and I will tell my friends.


  30. I purchased the hp 02 Magenta ink cartridge for my HP Photosmart 3200 All-In-One Printer (Serial number MY616832YN) from Wal-Mart. I installed the cartridge. It has leaked magenta ink on the inside of my printer. It also leaks onto printed documents. You will correct this problem immediately. I have never had a problem with any cartridges in the past.
    This is NOT a comment. It is a demand for action.

  31. purchased a laptop from amazon which was shipped from best tech express on July 29 2013. Two days ago the laptop went black…took to a computer repair service and they said it is a defect and is the led light. I bought this new for my son and the repair guy said it would cost around 200.00 to repair it. This is only 4 months old. It was a 2000-2b19wm 15.6 inch laptop pc (winter blue) 324.43 was price of pc. Please help me with this matter I had hp products for years and always like them realize there can be problems with some. I am on social security and can’t afford to pay for repairs that aren’t our fault.
    Thank You
    Veronica Husak

  32. My scanner on my Office Jet por 8600 was working at 9:00 and not working at 10:00. I tried the web site and got absolutly no where. I tried to ‘CHAT’ and got nothing. I called the tec support and the system hung up before it connected. I called back and got a non stop bable from an Indian/Pakastanian before HE HUNG UP on me. Good customer service. And i expect that i will not hear back on this e-mail either.

  33. have spent the last half hr trying to order ink from Hewlett Packard. couldn’t fine phone number nor area to order the ink.
    What is the problem at HP

  34. December 18, 2013

    Dear HP Customer Support,

    HP has totally lost my business and respect!

    I have a 4620 home office jet printer purchased on December15, 2012. It has multiple printer problems, the latest being continuous messages to clear the paper jam. The jammed paper was removed and there is no longer paper left in the printer to cause a paper jam. It has now voluntarily lost power that I can’t regain.
    The incident happened Friday, Dec.13. 2013. I was unable to find the right phone number for technical support until today and spoke with a HP agent in India who gave me Case # 8070061259. He then put me in touch with his supervisor who told me my printer is “out of warranty by 1 day” ~ unbelievable that HP won’t honor this 24 hour time difference. He gave the option to buy the same printer (probably refurbished) for $49 without shipping charges. I’m not interested in purchasing someone’s refurbished printer problems and a 3 year warranty — Really?

    The HP supervisor that offered me this cheap-skate sales option needs to rethink that HP is loosing a life-time customer. I have the option of offering this type of support service to Consumer Reports, Costco, face book, etc. and I will. My last two printers were HP and I did put up with the HP pop-ups trying to sell their products. Most annoying and hard to delete, but not any more!.

    As you deserve, my business will go to Cannon in every way.

    Bonita Sorensen

  35. I have been trying to get my Mac computer to print with my HP Office Jet for months. I’ve talked to at least 6 people in the Phillipines since last September. The problem gets fixed temporarily then re-occurs. Each time, I’ve had to repeat my entire story and spend at least half an hour to an hour on the phone with these apparently diligent people trying to get it fixed. On some of these occasions I’ve been told that I would receive an email with instructions on how to proceed and that I would receive a follow up call to make sure the problem was resolved. I received one email, today, and not a single follow up call. I found out today, that each of these service providers is supposed to record notes on the problem and provide me with a case number which can be referred to on a repeat call. The last person to do this did it in September of 2012. I have spoken to at least 6 people since, and until today, not a single one of them made notes or offered me a case number. This has resulted in me having to go through the same process and spend at least 8 hours of my valuable time, trying to get it resolved. I spoke to a supervisor named Allen today to let me him that his staff is not following HP protocol by not recording notes, providing clients with case numbers or actually making the follow up calls and sending the emails they promised. Frankly his attitude was bla,bla, bla, I don’t give a darn about your complaint. I’ve never owned anything but HP printers and have, historically, been very happy with their trouble free performance and the service I’ve received on the help line. So this is a real departure from the norm and extremely disappointing, especially since I paid for an extended service package. The only person who I’ve spoken to in the support center in the Phillipines that seemed to know what he was doing and followed uo as promised, today, so far, is Rowell. The rest, obviously, don’t give a darn about HP clients. Yet another benefit of moving our precious North American jobs offshore to people who are completed disconnected with our reality.

  36. I am talking to HP for the fourth time in twi months about the refund of money on a printer that I returned to the company in November. I have been told that my money will be refunded in two weeks, 3 days, that I’ll see the credit in my next billing cycle. So far, nothing. Never purchase anything from HP through their overseas sales people.


  37. HP Pavilion hard drive is fried just over 1 year old. Pressured to sell “1 more year warranty @$99” before foreign tech support @HP would even offer to analyze problem. The $99 is about 1/2 or more of what I paid for the whole system, but in my frustration on the tech call, I said okay. Later came to my senses & asked for canc of this “extended warranty” & full refund. The foreign reps “Mick” or “Carmelia” or “Jon” or whoever they say they are will lie big time. As Mick did for me…saying the warranty service was taken off & refund given….only to call 8 days later to see where refund credit is. Each time asking for supervisor & the foreign rep does not want to oblige. Today, a foreign rep who claims to be a supervisor says the refund cannot be promised by a rep. So I let them know I don’t appreciate being lied to by the rep then. They talk in circles & the foreign accent is very quick & very hard to understand especially since the calls literally sound like they are talking across oceans! Duh?! Last chance for them to make good on a refund as far as I’m concerned….then I will seek legal aide instead. I will NEVER buy another HP product of any kind. Anyone can kick out computers & other tech products, but once a company has soiled their honesty record w/customers, they will not last. I will not go back to HP to be burnt again ever. I thought I was buying an American company’s computer….obviously tech support is not in America! Like HP is saying Americans are too dumb to provide our tech support?! When actually it once again is bottom line dollar that made that decision. Shame on HP & all of us who fall for it in America!

  38. HP Pavillion bought in 2008. Hard drive fried. Called tech support to confirm, It was sometime in Sept. 2013. I was told by your tech that there were no more compatible hard rives being made for this model. W

  39. We have a HP Pavillion that my wife bought in 2008 from Best Buy.
    The hard drive crashed and burned in Sept. 2013. I called your tech support and spoke to a gentleman who informed me that there were no replacement hard drives being built anymore because they were obsolete. We ran our outdated Compaq laptops with windows xp till they also failed, After purchasing our New HP envy desktop, we brought the old model in hoping to recover data off of the old hard drive. The tech at Geek Squad informed us , if the hard drive was the only thing wrong he could fix it for $100.00.
    It turns out there ARE hard drives available off the shelf for our old Pavillion.
    After the years and money spent on HP products by my wife and I . I was very disappointed in your tech support. Not only were we able to repair the desktop. we got the right info from a trusted source.
    I don’t think I’ll rely on or recommend your tech support to anyone. I may report this “almost fraudulent” tech service. Shame on you.

  40. Incidentally, relative to the preceding post, I also was conned into buying an “on-site” repair policy which was stipulated by both the tech and his supervisor {I talked to them both because I was worried about giving them a credit-card number over the internet} to be an all-inclusive cover-every-possible-problem “walk in the door and fix anything on the computer” guarantee {$80.00} that as of now the people to whom I have spoken today contend that, well, the former information was inaccurate insofar as the only thing the “on-site techs” will walk in and do is to install a component that I have already trouble-shot, have received from HP, and it’s ready to be installed. Not anything I would have ever purchased had they told the truth about what they were selling because just about anybody can do that now all by themselves. I have also asked for a replacement computer at the end of the conversation in this case but haven’t been assured they will ever do any such thing, since the computer is three days off the thirty-day exchange period.

  41. Got a new all in one touch smart 20 less than 90day ago and it is a piece of junk one time it work the next time error no boot disk been detected or disk has failed. Called for help got some one in India I can’t hardly understand. As far I’m concerned I will never buy your product agin

  42. You would think that HP would do something about its customer service after so many negative reviews. I too was a victim to this horrible customer service. I don’t even know why I continued to call after the fourth or fifth attempt to fix my problem. I still have the same problem. I don’t even want think about calling them again. That is how fustrated I am right now.

  43. i purchased HP Pavilion last yr.have had nothing but trouble with would like to know if i can return it to you.don’t like it have had other computers & never had problems with them .this is a peice of crap call computer.i only use it to mess around on computer.everytime i get on it it’s telling i need to buy this & that because mine is out dated that’s hog wash.even when this was hooked up1week later every thing is out dated NO NO i don’t think so.i’m not happy with this peice of would you please be kind enough to take this back & refund my money.i purchased this @ sam’s in valdosta, have my receipt.i will never purchase another hp. thank you

  44. HP Representatives:

    I’m writing this note to inform you I have just returned my wife’s HP laptop because after 4 days of continuous attempts, I was unable to retrieve her password from Microsoft 8.1. You may ask why? Simply, I don’t have time to learn a foreign language. Microsoft has put a product on the market that does not relate to it’s earlier editions. An this is something HP should have considered when it was decided to incorporate into it’s hardware. SHAME..SHAME on you!

  45. bought a new hp laptop and wanted to download the appropriate software and drivers for my hp printer. Did so and guess what they did not install. Contacted tech support and they could not install it either. Best answer received other than the fact that i am the only person in the world that cannot install it was from a tech supervisor who told me that HP’s 8.1 printer software is not compatible with windows 8.1. When I said “What?” he transferred me to someone else

  46. I bought a HP Officejet 4620. It worked fine and the screen got cluttered with ‘cannot find EZARC.msi.. it is a great annoyance, especially when I check the control panel and find the program with no trouble whatsoever.

    I probably will not ever buy or recommend a HP Ink Jet again. I have put up with this for months.. I have re-installed the product disk a number of times
    to no avail. I begin to wonder if HP is awake or to cheap to use someone in tech support who speaks intelligible English. (I don’t speak Pakistani)

  47. There must be ZERO Quality Control for HP Printer Ink Cartridges. The last 2 564XL Black Ink carts I have ordered/received from HP have not worked. Either they were never refilled, or the ink had dried up?
    I just put in a new Black Cartridge in yesterday, and my printer will not print in black.


  49. to whom may I concern:

    hello there, I have one question about my computer. Everytime I try to download something and it downloads and I click it, it says win32 is blocking it. Can you please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you

  50. I have deleted PC fix speed which I never wanted. How it got there I have no clue!!! It deletes to the recycle bin and then I go there and delete it. It still keeps coming back and I have this frustrating problem with PC performer also which I never sign up for. I already have security and they keep bothering me. I even called the customer service and asked how to get rid of this freaking problem. What they told me is what I already knew and do but it keeps coming back and is very hard to get off of my screen which disables other programs that I have running. Will telling the AZ BBB DO ANYTHING TO GET THEM OUT OF MY COMPUTER. IF NOT CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME AN E-MAIL HELPING ME WITH THIS STRESSFUL PROBLEM. I AM 60 YRS OF AGE AND THIS IS MY FIRST computer which I purchased at Best Buy almost 5 yrs ago.SO I REALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO A LOT OF THINGS BUT I REALLY ONLY USE IT TO TAKE AND PRINT PHOTOS-SEND E-MAILS AND FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE AND YOU TUBE MUSIC VIDEOS AND SOME FREE LESSONS ON GUITAR AND THAT IS IT SO I REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW A COMPANY CAN KEEP HARASSING ME. PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN WITH SOME INFO THAT MIGHT HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM BEFORE I GO CRAZY. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I DO LIKE THIS HP PAVILION ENTERTAINMENT PC WITH A WINDOWS 7 INTEL CORE 2. THX AGAIN-HELP!!!!!!!

  51. tried to get help connecting printer said not under warranty no help. wont be buying any more hp products. thanks for nothing

  52. I am a life long customer of HP. Desk top computers and printers. I have been very happy with most of the products. My biggest complaint is the customer service. It is not good. I have called many times and have had a hard time understanding the rep. Being transferred many times in a single call is quite normal. The last time I called was just a few days ago. Was on the phone for over an hour. Rep. took over my computer remotely and finally solved the problem, but in the process took out my screen saver and other saved options on programs. I also asked him to speak slower and more clearly, but I still had a hard time understanding him and he had a hard time with me, also. I asked him to update the info on my printer warranty. It has the wrong date of purchase. I also did a live chat for the similar problem, but didn’t get anywhere with him either. Also asked him to update the info on my warranty, but to date, it has not been done. I was on the live chat for over an hour with him also. He can’t asking me to please bear with him while he analyzed the problem All in all, it was a very bad experience.

  53. Dear HP Customer Service,
    Our Mr. Biodun Adeyemi took our system mentioned above to your Abuja Office for repairs 13 months ago. He was given a quote and assured that the job would be promptly done.
    He duly paid to your account after an interminable diagnostic period (via Citibank Teller in favour of HP dated 19th October 2013. About three weeks later, he went to retrieve same system from your office in the same condition in which it was received.
    The front Desk Officer there informed us
     That a new Hard Disk Drive was put on board to replace our old one
     That our old HDD was sent to US office making it impossible for us to retrieve our data
     That it is policy not to reload any software on repaired systems
     That even if software are loaded we shall not be given any of the drivers loaded
     That our payment only covered the replacement of the Hard disk

    Our Stand and understanding
    We believe that HDD is our property and should have been returned to us especially since no attempt was made to retrieve our data – the main reason we came to HP was to salvage our information. We also believe that materials on the HDD are proprietorial and therefore ownership of the information on the HDD and the HDD itself are ours and should remain ours since we purchased them from HP.
    We returned same product to the Abuja Office and they have since refused/done nothing on the excuse of unavailability of power for three days – causing us whopping losses as we are deprived of the services of the system.
    How can we believe that the HDD in question was really replaced? The original problem we had was lack of executable boot file. The status quo of our system almost 2 months later was the same. We returned same to them. We seek redress.
    HP is too big a brand to involve in petty pilfering. Kindly investigate what happened in your Abuja Office and let us know soonest.
    A copy each of our bank teller for payment to HP Abuja for the job and their letter to us is attached. The services were far from instant as the ‘HP Instant Repair’ appellation implies, since close to one month after the job was taken on we are still far from using the system. Even their feedback and turnaround time leave much to be desired.
    Kindly rectify this situation and return our original HDD. We pride ourselves on using HP products.

  54. Your customer service is the worst I have dealt with. I bought a printer directly from HP. Now I find out it is a remanufactured unit!!! Can you believe it! It came in a brown box with no registration card and no documents. They want to give me a remanufactured unit when I bought a new unit! This is a disgrace. I have 8 HP units. I bought my last!

  55. I have an HP photo smart 7520 printer; serial number CN32P490RG.
    this printer has never been initially “set-up”; it requires specific HP set-up ink which I do not have. I purchased this printer from Best Buy, they informed me that the ONLY way to obtain the required ink is to get it directly from HP; they provided the phone number.
    THE PROBLEM: though I have repeatedly telephoned HP, since June, 2014, and have been told at each phone call that the needed ink would be shipped and I would receive it within 3-5 business days, no ink has been received.
    Shipping case #3004636399; I was assured on 8.11.14 that the ink would be received by me within 3-5 business days. it has not been received.

    Needless to say I am very frustrated. I feel that I will never purchase another HP product [though I consider HP a preferable product, without supportive service the product does me no good!]
    I NEED a PRINTER. Your horrid customer service is forcing me to consider purchasing another printer WHICH I CANNOT AFFORD

    I am leery of this method of reaching HELP. PLEASE send me an email within the “promised” 3-5 days informing me that you have received my plea
    thank you, susan sacaloff

    PS since I am unable to print I have no means of saving this communication. I hope you will honor me.

  56. I purchased an HP certified reconstructed Officejet 6700 Premium printer in February 2014 and the care package was offered to me on 3/14/14 by an Indian technician who promised free ink. By 4/25/14 after talking to atleast two other technicians with nothing but promises I gave up on the ink. Now its September 2014 and I ran across this HP Customer Service comment post. Thanks

  57. Simply needed to email HP tech support for a EliteBook 8570w ($3100 box!) problem…how many dead end links does this web site have. Starting to regret not buying a Dell! I have 15 months left on the warranty and can’t get a seemingly simple problem solved…PATHETIC!!!!

  58. HP is replacing my HP Photosmart C410a printer and I just wish to say how knowledgable and kind you people were in finding my problems. and solving them. The new printer is to have a USER GUIDE OR MANUAL WITH IT. THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. CUSTOMER # BFFB8765-01 CASE # 3008537063

  59. I absolutely love your products!!! My Computer and Printer are amazing!
    However it is very very frustrating to get a hold of someone in technical support who speaks English!!! I spent 2 hours on the phone being bounced around to this person or that person, who doesn’t speak English. When I did get someone who spoke English they couldn’t help me. Endless to say, very very disappointed and I will not be buying anymore product from up anymore until you can get your technical support fixed!!!!

  60. I called to ask why my printer takes so long to print or not at all unless i slap the screen and Then it doesn’t always work. I got an oriental that couldn’t speak or understand English. I tried to make a print for her and it took 10 minutes for the printer to print out a copy she asked for and she didn’t seem to understand what I was telling her. I told her, I needed someone else and she wouldn’t transfer me and I told her, I am going to hang up and did. She called me back and said, we were disconnected. i told her, I hung up on you and did it again. If HP doesn’t have anyone that speaks and understands English, I will never buy another HP product again. I had one good Hp printer at one time and two bad ones and now the third one isn’t working good. Someone needs to pay attention to consumer calls.

  61. Hp tech support is seriously the worst run support I have ever been involved with. Based on this I refuse to ever buy another hp product again. I bought a one time support issue for 100 which they were very quick to process. I could not get through to support as it took over 2 hours of waiting and they lost the call. Not only that JUST TRY to get a refund. I have Ben transfered and transfered and transfered around and still trying to get in touch with anyone that can just refund me my 100 bucks. Also which company doesn’t have an email to complain abut this? Seriously I think I short the stock tomorrow as this is THE WORST SERVICE ( if you can call it service ) I have ever known.

    As of this writing they still have my cash

  62. I could not find an HP site to post this notice (easily), so am doing so here. It looked to me as if they reckoned they were infallible.

    I will never, ever, ever! buy another HP product. True HP product discern-ability went out in the 1970’s.

    I have owned 3 HP lap tops in my day, the worst was a Vista machine. Slow, prone to overheating and basically unreliable. HP solution to Customer Support was to abdicate it to user bulletin boards and award points for solving other customer problems.

    I’ve owned 3 HP printers, a 6100 series combination printer/scanner/fax that worked the best. In later years I purchased a 9600 wide carriage printer (11 x 17). This lately proved very unreliable – for some reason I needed to reinstall the drivers periodically, switch USB ports and stand on one leg while saying “la, la, la, la” with my tongue pointed out the left side of my mouth. Usually, this happened when I needed to urgently print a business document. Recently it would only print a border of a drawing, then mysteriously quit. It have been because it was trying to “call home” via Explorer, since I disabled that through my firewall after receiving notice “someone” was calling home. HP stopped support of drivers for it for newer operating systems, so I was basically stuck with only being able to use it on XP operating systems.

    The worst printer I ever owned hands down was a 8500 Pro combination printer/scanner/fax. The device would insidiously go through cleaning cycles EVERY DAY!!! until all my ink was used up. HP had a solution for this – buy more ink. The cartridges were very expensive and I stopped short of re-purchasing more, weighing the cost of another printer. The cartridges had a microchip that prevented re-filling, and even though you could fill them, would register as empty once the chip had determined ink depletion based on usage. The printer could not be installed with my AVG firewall, no one from AVG was able to help me on which ports to open or how to go about doing it. I basically abandoned hope on using the AVG firewall. I believe the printer would call home to tell the mothership whether I was mistreating it by not buying new ink cartridges.

    All in all, my experiences with HP other than my old reliable HP41CV calculator were abysmal. I gave it a try, working through my problems to no avail. My loyalty to HP is gone. I’ve found there are other products available that function without quirks and customer service is represented by people who actually speak English, not Engrish. Goodbye HP. Maybe you will have a better customer base with people who can understand your Customer Service centers.

    Calgary, AB Canada

  63. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! And please DO NOT call yourselves tech’s. What a joke! UNPROFESSIONAL. INEPT. LAZY. AND GROSSELY INCOMPETENT! That must be the qualifications you must posses to work there. Cant even transfer a phone call correctly! And the “supervisors” (yet, another joke) are just as useless as the people they supervise. I will NEVER buy another HP product again, so I will never be subjected to such abhorrent service, if you can even call it that. HP should be ashamed if thier selves for treating there customers this way. There is a reason why it’s so hard to find a complaint number. But I found it, go to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU’s website. And yes I will be filling a complaint. I almost want to say FRAUD! I think I am actually tramatized by the stupity of the whole situation! I want the almost TEN HOURS (acumatively) I wasted talking to FREAKING INCOMPETENT MORONS!!! So pissed!

  64. Had tried for three times over two months to get a way to talk to a support person that wasn’t a tech number. Finally got through to a real person and after all this time, we ended up having to take our printer beck to store and exchange for another. We had a piece broken when we unpacked the printer and wanted to just get the part and replace it ourselves. The people I talked to at the support site were very nice and helped us all the could but part wasn’t available.
    Not a bad experience, just took a long time to get a person that understood what we needed.

  65. I bought a touchsmart laptop on Feb 14, 2014. Hasn’t worked. Went to Texas 3 times, but still doesn’t work. I need a new laptop, or give me back $500. I paid $415, in February, but u have held my money for a long time. Plus all my heartaches and the many man hours I spent trying to fix it, $500 is cheap.
    Valsa Abraham

  66. I received a laptop for Christmas last year. The touch screen stopped working a few weeks ago, I thought I had until dec 25th for my warranty the day I first unpacked it but they told me it was from the purchase date dec 2nd so it was 10 days out of warranty. So I paid for extended service and then got cut off. I called back in and was transferred 9 times and no one could help me telling me they were not the correct department and not the dept that took my credit card info and not who I needed to talk to. I will use the lap top without the touch screen. I am vice president of an equipment co and we operate over 200 computers in the locations along with road sales. I just sent out a memo that NO HP products are allowed to be purchased by any dept for any reason. And if a road salesman buys a laptop we will not cover that cost if its a HP. Your loss.

  67. Very high pressure. Will never consider another printer from HP. (FYI, my glass on my printer cracked… and I was asking about feasibility of repair… And the customer service person was He’ll-bent on upgrading me to a bigger model. Would not listen to me… Just kept talking. ). Very unsettling.

  68. I tried to access My Account which I have had for years. I did all that was asked of me at the log in site. I was rejected in every case. I cannot access those items that i registered nor update information in my account. Your customer service requirements are inadiquate.

    • Worst customers serviceI have received. I have not gotten the solution of how to and where to return my ink cartridges which I have bought from hp services and parts department. Order number
      I want my money back, please.

  69. I bought a HP computer. It came with Windows 8 loaded on it. I have made up my mind to take into the middle of the street and run over it several times with my truck. Biggest mistake I have ever made. Will not repeat that one.

  70. I have purchased six (6) laptops from HP in the last 2010. We have had good luck and CS till now. Windows 8 was a disaster. Now, 10/17/2014 I called CS with one question, not clearly answered, and was charged 49.99 from HP SmartFriend. on 11/17/14 I was charged $14.99: called talked to rep who assured me it was an error and would be fixed asap. 12/17/14 charged 14.99 called, was assured again..1/17/15 and again I am charged, I call and cannot reach anyone, tech difficulties. This means I will be charged again.. REALLY HP is this any way to treat a very loyal cust ?? I own Paviions, by the by and love it/them. What IU want is to be cancelled out of this monthly farce I feel I was trapped into and credit my credit card for the amount charged.. thanj you for listening, this out of

  71. I am so sick and tired of these companies taking advantage of us hard working individuals!!!! We get suckered into buying the junk and when it won’t work they insist on charging us again just to talk with us about the issues!!! Well guess what never again will I buy a HP printer or a Linksys Router!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. I upgraded to Yosemite and now cannot connect for printing from my HP Photosmart C4780… Interesting to note: according to one can’t call the support phone # even though it is between their hours of operation, NOR can one contact anyone AT HP for help!! I am not impressed with HP at all now

  73. I have been trying for 6 weeks to find out where to buy a replacement battery for my HP 2000 Notebook in Shanghai where I currently live.
    I have yet to get an answer. I always get somebody outside the USA who probably would not know the answer if I asked him his name!
    Is there any way to get an answer to my question?
    Customer Service in general in China is the poorest I have ever known.
    USA is usually much, much better.
    Then there is Hewlett Packard!

  74. Purchased computer in March 2015 called HP 1 day later to get help setting up the device with uploading a external hard drive and uploading pictures from a digital camera. The HP customer service said he could help me with having full access to my computer and that he could resolve the issue and I agreed he then went into my computer and was clicking things all around so fast before I could even have a chance to ask him what he was doing he was just open and closing windows like crazy. He then told me to restart the computer and it would take 15 minutes we then completed the call and he never fixed a thing I still can’t upload pictures and access my external hard drive what makes this situation very upsetting is what did he really do on my computer?????? Hack it I’m wondering……Every time I call back they still want access to my computer and I refuse and they connect me to a totally different company (NOT HP) and then they want to charge me 150.00 for customer support. Terrible customer service I want answers 🙁

  75. I have HP Photosmart 6520 printer that I have barely used I just bought new toner for it since the time of purchase. I called HP customer support because the black was not working. In following the technicians directions in using paper towel and then inserting the color cartridge’s back into the computer the wheels started turning and sucked the paper towel into my printer. It is now RUINED and I have to purchase a new printer to replace my one year old printer. I am so upset. I called to speak with a supervisor and he was not even interested in listening to me. I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau as my printer was purchased in Dec. 2013 so it is no longer warrantied. If you allow technicians to help your customers, be sure that the steps that are being instructed to follow will not ruin the product. I will be looking for a company that can talk to me and actually help me when I invest in a product. Especially since I also purchased an HP computer recently. Very Unhappy.

  76. pls I have a problem with my laptop, any time I open a game I get a response like XINPUT_4 dll is missing . the problem started after I updated my new hp laptop to windows 8.1 pro

  77. I have the HP photosmart 7520 printer. I need the set of color cartridges that used to have the black color included but now it only has cyan,magenta,and yellow. The black with the bow tie symbol I can no longer find and the other black ink cartridge the printer uses is to big to fit in its space. Where can it get the smaller black cartridge?

  78. It is impossible to reach someone with questions or comments. This is one of the worst sites and customer service programs I’ve encountered.

    What I wanted to tell them was that I will never buy one of their products again. I bought the Officejet Pro 8620, and it is extremely fussy and time-consuming. Unless you use the special hp paper, it repeatedly rejects the loaded paper, saying it’s not the right size. This makes it extremely difficult to print checks for home/business. What should take 1 minute can end up taking 30. I absolutely hate, hate, hate, hate, hate this machine.

  79. I called technical assistance relative to my hp deskjet 2130 all in one printer was spoke to a representative in technical support who was rude, condescending and angry. I had a simple question about the printer and was advised that I did not pay enough for the computer for him to be concerned. I have a laptop from hp and called for assistance and was never confronted by such horrible behavior. I am returning to the printer and will never buy another hp product.

  80. I have a hp officejet pro 8500A premium printer that I had to spend a lot of money on in order for it to work with my Mac laptop because no software was with it. My son used my computer and now it will no longer work with your printer. I do not have funds to set it up again AND THE SOFTWARE IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE ANYMORE. I also have trouble with it with my iPhone. It has NEVER worked with either through the cord nor with a USB. I have continually been frustrated and disappointed. Always in the middle of my copying items (when I am turning a page and such) it wants to check itself; always when it is in use! It sits there unused most of the time but when I want to use it, it wants to check itself!
    At this point I can not use it with my computer nor cell phone so I have a worthless copy machine. I must have a copy machine with shrinkage and enlargement for my work but I MUST HAVE A PRINTER CONNECTED TO MY COMPUTER TOO AND YOURS HAS NOT KNOWN HOW WELL IN THE PAST AND CAN NOT NOW AND THERE IS NO SOFTWARE AVAILABLE ANYMORE THROUGH YOUR COMPANY TO HELP THE STUATION.

  81. Your customer service is who sent me to someone I had to pay big bucks and work 3 days with in order to have my printer work with my Mac computer and a few people tried. They were only able to ever get it to work with wifi, nothing else.

  82. I have an HP charge on my AAA visa card with a transaction date of 08/05 and a posted date 0f 08/06 for an HP Product SVC&RPR in the amount of $99.99. Will you kindly let me know the details of this product? Thank you.

  83. At this moment I have been on hold with Phone for 20 minutes listening to some sort of music. HP has the absolute worse customer service I have ever encountered. I have been an HP customer for over 20 years but as of today I will never purchase an HP product. All I wanted was for someone who could understand me and who I could understand to answer a couple of questions.

  84. I have a recurring debit of $15 for Smartfriend which I did not authorize. I want to cancel the subscription, however the website offers no phone number or email address to do so. Additionally, when I call support, they say they will reroute me then disconnect my call. Very shady business practices!

  85. I had a fairly new hp printer. With good amount of ink left, I get a low ink warning. I reset, did an alignment, cleaned heads, wasted a lot of ink, trying to get a good copy. I though; new printer, must be my ink cartridges. With new ink, same problem. If I was lucky, I would get one to five good copies and back to same problem. Gave up. Staples told me, sounds like the heads were no good. I should have brought it back. I bought a new hp officejet pro 6830. I have not been through one set of ink cartridges and I am getting a warning; problem with heads. I haven’t had a chance to do 25 copies and already, I can’t get one good copy. I never had this problem till I bought a printer with separate color cartridges. But, they don’t sell the printers that use one color cartridges w/black cartridge any more. Am I the only one with bad luck… Or are others having problems with printers that have several color cartridges?

  86. I’ve called support for four days, and have not had a solution to fix my HP Stream PC13, other than to BUY another windows program. I bought this laptop in March of 2015. Really? So I have no warranty on this unit. I can’t imaging EVER BUYING ANOTHER HP PRODUCT. I only paid 299$ for this and the agents that are supposed to HELP are telling me I need to purchase another Windows program @ 199$ You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  87. Utter garbage. I spent 30 on the phone to be told that I had to purchase extra warranty just to FIND OUT HOW TO ROTATE THE WEBCAM. An issue so simple, yet I could not seem to find the informati0n anywhere online, so I called. Long hold times, transfers, disconnects…All I want to do is learn how to rotate the built in web cam so I can take pictures from a different angle….also to take pictures of items on the computer….

  88. I recently received my replacement printer because my printer had defective printer heads, The defective printer is boxed up and ready to be shipped back to you. I am waiting for a mailing label to ship it back. Please send me this label. Thanks

  89. HP Case # 3021062900

    I am a loyal HP customer. Between my wife and I, we have 3 HP laptops 2 are work computers and 1 is our personal computer. The Personal Computer is:

    Model # HP DV7-4263cl
    Serial # CNF1115P3R
    Product # XZ288UA#ABA

    As you can see in the HP Case – My hard drive crashed, I am having the hard drive replaced by a local computer store. They advised me to contact HP for original Recovery Media. HP Support has identified that they will no longer support this computer with HP Recovery Media.

    My DV7 cost roughly $900 about 5 years ago. The computer itself is in excellent condition. I have come to enjoy the larger screen at home and have children that use it for their homework on a nightly basis.

    If HP does not support their own products for a reasonable amount of time, I will not be purchasing another HP computer again.

    HP Support recommended having the local computer store load some kind of inferior software or buy a new computer.

    Really? I spent $900 with your company and that’s it. Your solution is buy another one or get some other software?

    I would be embarrassed to work for a company that supported customers that way.

    Please respond to my email.

    I will be buying more computers in the very near future. I would like to stay with HP.

    But, I am definitely considering other PCs.

    Bill J.

  90. I’ve given my laptop which was in warranty to the service center as it stopped working and the ports were also not in working condition.after 4 working days they conveyed that it would charge me 20 k to repair.disgusted with the services with the hp product. .

  91. Absolutely worst customer support (if you can even find a number to call, find the correct number for your product without being disconnected, your call re-routed numerous times and on hold for hours). Just trying to get tech support for a new (3rd replacement) spectre 360 convertible PC still with issues.

    Also, after numerous back and forth emails with my escalated service manager, I’m still waiting for return labels for return labels for the previous computer. I’ve owned several HP products previously, went to other brands and thought I’d go with HP again. I do not know what happened to the decent quality of the computers/support I experienced in the past. Oh and my 2nd (replacement) HP tablet I got in the past year just crashed.

  92. Delayed Receipt of Product – Service Order # BHBP2646-01

    I am still waiting for a return label to send a defective printer back to your company. I have been waiting almost a month now. I have called your company 3 times. I am a very unhappy customer. PLEASE SEND OUT THE LABEL, this is very poor customer service

  93. Delayed Receipt of Product – Service Order # BHBP2646-01

    I am still waiting for a return label to send a defective printer back to your company. I have been waiting almost a month now. I have called your company 3 times. I am a very unhappy customer. PLEASE SEND OUT THE LABEL, this is very poor customer service

  94. I wish to report to the highest administrator possible about your rep in INdia who tried to cheat me big time. His name (false, of course) is supposed to be Marc Benson, phone 1-800-434=2116 Two weeks ago on the weekend I had lost my sound on my computer. I called HP support. THis guy with a heavy Idian accent answered. I told him I had lost my sound and we did the share thing. He then told me I needed new drivers and he would charge me $399.99. THen, when I said no, thanks, he went down to 299.99, then 199.99 and finally 99.99. He gave me his name and phone number and asked that I call him back and said he would call me back. A few minutes later, I kept fooling around with itand found that all I had to do was reboot my computor. I did that and the sound came back on immediately. . He was definitely trying to cheat an old lady, me. An advisor like that makes me want to blame the company. Wonder how many people this guy has cheated>

  95. Last Christmas I received the HP ENVY 4502 printer. Since my other HP printer was still working great, I put it in my closet for the time being. Well yesterday my old HP printer quit working and lo and behold I wanted to hook up my brand new printer. Box was sealed, inside was no packing for the printer, no installation CD, no bonus software for making scrapbooks, artist craft studio. NOTHING. Someone had returned it to Walmart with all the “goodies” missing and professionally resealed. But did find a death certificate. Please contact me …I need the manuals and CDs. Thank you for all your help on this matter. I only use HP printers and computers in my home becasuse I love your product so much. THANKS…..

  96. I purchased a HP 21 Cartridge & a HP 22 Cartridge by mistake for my HP Deskjet 1512 for $41.97 at Walmart on Nov. 16. I opened the package and discovered I had mistakenly purchased the wrong Cartridge, I needed HP 61.

    On Nov. 17, Walmart refused to let me return the cartridges because I had opened them. I then had to purchase the HP 61 for my HP Deskjet. I’ve always had HP printers and just mistakenly purchased what used to work in my old printer.

    Can HP help me out? I would like reimbursed. I also would like to be able to return the cartridges so someone could use them. They have never been used.

    • Called customer service last night. The female and male supervisor I spoke to ALL they wanted was MONEY since my HP laptop was out of warranty. H/P just wanted to erase all. Their fast talking did not work with me. I asked supervisor for a place in my area that I could have it look at. He suggested the Geek Squad. I called them and a very kind female said that she did not think that was the answer. She believed my laptop was repairable not to do erase all. Called Microsoft and WITHOUT charging any MONEY they are working to resolve the problem at this time. Well H/P you LOST another customer! I will NEVER purchase another H/P product. (You are not the only fish in the ocean.) If you are planning to purchase a H/P product please be aware their customer service is substandard and money hungry!! H/P I hope you are happy with ALL your BAD comments.

  97. No Email address, no chat for the HP Laptop HP ENVY 17-n000 Notebook PC (Touch) Model #M8W98AV, and difficult to find the phone number by just looking at the Support Page (either the generic one or specific to my model number). When you do find the phone number the wait has been as long as 1 hour!

    All other aspects of support are excellent, but it certainly appears like you don’t want people to contact you & get information quickly. Unfortunately that’s a major unacceptable situation, and I will write a review on Amazon reflecting this.

  98. HP support is nothing but a money grab. issues that should never have been happening on my computer from the day it was sold are not covered. money money money. thatsall its about. selling inferior products knowing a person will need support is garbage.HP as far as I am concerned u r scum

  99. the HP customer support, itself, is ok, but, the, company ISN’T! Why? because, they wont let me talk to a customer support person, unless I pay, what they call cheep, $100 for a extension on my 1 year warrantee!! I think that’s a rip-off, and no customer should have to pay for customer support, because, we already payed when we bought the device! Besides, the hp computer I bought was a windows 8.1 device, and ever since the first day I had it, I’ve had nothing but problems! So, no more Microsoft devices, period!

  100. I am having trouble contacting someone at HP to inform them of the issues we are having shipping a defective printer back. FedEx has screwed up several times, and have not picked it up yet. CsO # BHHG4590-01. Please contact me to confirm you have received this message. FedEx will try again tomorrow

  101. This service I have highly recommended until now but we have been without ink for nearly a week. We’ve had to privately pay for photocopying I have phoned several times only once has the call been answered & a promise made to get it her. No one has answered any calls since then, even though I hang on for half an hour.
    I have received an email telling me we’ve run out of pages. We have tested it & each time when we’ve used these extra pages out of desperation they come out blank or only light.
    Does anyone care enough to answer this email?

  102. In February 2015, I purchased a HP laptop (model #J9M23UA). Nine months later and the computer is falling apart (the screen is breaking away from the keyboard). Under warranty, the laptop was returned to Fremont, CA for repairs. Someone there decided since I didn’t buy additional coverage at the time of purchase the machine would be repaired for $299. If a product is within the warranty period, why is there an extra charge for service? NO MORE HP PRODUCTS FOR ME.

  103. You cannot even contact them. There is no customer service. I tried their download, but it will not install. I feel that I am stuck.

    I would not recommend buying an HP product.

  104. if you bought a HP pavilion desktop like I did thru office max or office depot and something goes wrong in first year .at the first sign of trouble return it and either get it repaired by O-M or O-D or hp during hp first year.get it certified.I would not buy another HP again.from the stores aforementioned or HP direct.lousy attitudes to go along with lousy computer and non existent customer. service from the store first off. you are better off dealing with local companies.I will be in touch with my credit card company and the better business bureau here in Colorado springs,co

  105. Terrible. Website for support has a incorrect phone number???? also website states you can email them,,, but do not provide an email??? very frustrating!!
    Need service but no way to contact support??

  106. I purchased a HP ENVY x 360 -15t Laptop on Feb 27, 20126 order number H399065653 and found I bought the wrong model. Please cancel this order complete and I will return this week with the laptop with the correct specifications. Please confirm to my this order has been cancelled please

  107. we bought a hp computer, and we went to put the cd in and it will not play at all. and I am trying to add a wifi router to the computer and it will not go on our computer. can you send another cd. so we can watch it and see how to add a wifi. mrs. debra olinde

  108. On Sunday, March 20, 2016 when turning on my laptop I noticed the screen did not full load, instead the blue circle continued to rotate on the screen . After several attempts to reload the computer with no luck, I called HP Customer Support at 8:39pm. I was on the telephone for 33 minutes when I was informed by the representative the department I needed to speak with was closed. She said she would have a representative from that department call me the following day at 6:00pm and she would also call me around the same time to ensure my problem was addressed. Neither phone call was ever received.

    On March 21, 2016 at 6:42pm, I phoned HP Customer Support and relayed the above information along with case number 3026654146. The representative was very apologetic and was conducted further troubleshooting until after 17 minutes when the call was disconnected. Luckily the representative called back and after 16 more minutes it was determined they would be sending a USB drive out to restore the computer.

    On March 23, 2016 the USB was received and unfortunately did not work. I continued to received the following error: This computer is not supported by the system recovery media. You will not be able to continue to recover this system with these media. ERROR 0200. At 6:12pm, I called and spoke to yet another representative who gave me case number 3026775340 and conducted more trouble shooting. After several disconnected calls, I was leaving the house and took my laptop and cell phone in the car and would continue the troubleshooting while driving. She did state toward the end that she felt another USB would need to be sent and the call was disconnected. I never received another call back from HP.

    On March 23, 2016 at 8:45pm after 13 minutes of getting threw the prompts when the operator answered the line was disconnected.
    I do not understand why no one has been able to fix this laptop and why I continue to get transferred and hung up on. I purchased this laptop recently and have used it maybe 5 times therefore there is no reason I should have to deal with in inoperable piece of equipment and be inconvenienced by having to deal with this . The model number on my laptop is N2Z33AV and the Serial Number is 5CG6030TR8. If this is a problem that can’t be fixed why has this laptop not been replaced? I purchased this item to use it, not to spend my evenings on the telephone with HP Customer Support.

    I would appreciate someone taking the time to look into this issue and would appreciate follow-up on how and when it will be resolved.

  109. purchased your hp office jet pro 8610 and I am trying to print in mirror image. Can’t fine any help on in your online manual nor will I call for help in your tech. dept. I don’t think this is the way to take care of a long hp customer. Thank you in advance.

  110. I now have 2 broken HP printers and it has been impossible to get a phone call or an mail through to HP to find out location of a service center for repairs and or spareparts. It has been a very frustrating experience that has teken em up way too much time filling out webforms and navigating phone menus that lead absolutely nowhere. HP WHERE ARE YOU?

    A very frustrated customer that own 4 HP printers and will now switch to a different brand

  111. Two representatives just hung up on me and told me I wasted their time. I need to speak to a supervisor immediately. I will be attempting to reach out via social media because I cannot believe the rude service HP reps just provided me with.

  112. I am trying to reach someone, anyone, to tell them about my experience and the quality of the computer I purchased.

    Keith Stephens

  113. After my HP ENVY lap top was out of warranty, a couple of screws fell out of the bottom. Both in the back corners under the hinges. When i open the lap top one corner would separate over a quarter of an inch. I took it into Best Buy where I purchase it and after waiting in line for an hour due to them being short-handed day, I was told I would have to go through HP.
    So I called HP support and after a time was able to talk to a live person, but this person could not help me and would transfer me to someone that could. She said that if I got cut off, they had my number to call be back. I got but off but no one did. So I started the process over and this person told me that just replacing the screws would not help and it would cost $250 dollars to repair. So after 49 minutes on the phone, an order was placed.
    I told my wife about this and she remembered finding a small screw some months ago and was able to find what she did with it. It held the hinge nice and tight. So I immediately called back to cancel the order. After another 54 minutes and talking to 4 different support personnel, none of which could cancel the order, I was told a supervisor was notified to cancel the order and was given the part number for a screw kit to replace the other missing screw. However, someone else would have to help me with that and that someone would call me back for that. No one called back except I did get a call the next day because i received and email as a “quality assurance measure” to confirm my address for the repair. I am in the US, but I think most of the personnel I spoke to may have been in India and hard for me to understand

  114. My printer (Under guaranty) stopped functioning. Ink cartridge not moving.
    After contacting HP and trying to fix the problem with a technician. I was sent a “certified refurbished” machine, over night. At this time I was impressed with such a service.
    Unfortunately the printer provided faced the same problem.
    After an hour on the phone, following the same instructions as before, I was finally told that a “Reconditioned” printer was sent to me but it would take 12 days for delivery.
    It is impossible to communicate with HP by email, their messages indicate “NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE”.
    On the phone it is often very difficult to understand the HP tech whose accent is very strong.
    First impression was very positive, second one disappointing.

  115. Your tech support for your printers is OUTSTANDING! After having a problem with my Photosmart 5510, it was determined by the techs that the printer needed to be replaced. The supervisor handled the problem swiftly and got a replacement in 2 business days. When I received the replacement I had everything working except printing from the spooler. Dan, the tech in the ink jet printer section,. was absolutely a credit to HP. He tried everything that he could think of to correct the problem. Ultimately he discovered the spooler had been corrupted. I told him that I would have my computer tech to work on my unit, because of the work that he put in to correct the problem, I felt that he had gone beyond the limit to try and satisfy me. This kind of service will be rewarded by my telling everyone how good I was treated. Rest assured I will be buying HP products in the future. Thank you Dan. You did great.

  116. I spoke to customer service on yesterday regarding information I sent in Feb. to get a warranty on a 4630 office jet new floor model printer that I purchased through hh greg in Fayetteville, Ga. I was instructed to send sales receipt and model serial number which I did this printer was purchased 01/13/2016. I was told they never received my information and they would send me an email yesterday 05/06/ 2016 with all the contact information so I can resubmit the info, I never received the email my case # is 3028144154. I really need this warranty as I”ve been having lots of trouble with operating my printer it did not come with instruction, please advice me to what I need to do.

  117. Trying to reach customer service with HP is horrible…..your on hold forever with the message high volume calls…..I placed an order and an hour later it shows it was cancelled.. I tried Live Chat but they were not able to help me…. I tried placing a re-order and hour later it was cancelled. So frustrating with no explanation of why the orders are being cancelled.

  118. I am on my second Hp laptop in the last 5 years and it is my last.Spent over 800 for the first one and about 300 for the last one and have had nothing but trouble with both. I reluctantly bought the second one because it was easier to match up with a Hp printer I have and I hoped for better luck. I was wrong and I will never buy another Hp product because I’m tired of wasting my money on poorquality products. I will take my business elsewhere.

  119. The worst experience I EVER had. Wrong equipment delivered to my home and left out in the rain. In a hurry to get your credit card number – slow to remove charge even after verification that equipment had been returned.

    One IDOIT even asked me if I ever made a mistake (takes no ownership of errors). I assured him that I had – but it didn’t involve his money.

    A lot of promise without delivery on said promises. Are all of your employees new hires or ones that just don’t care about your image? Employees that just don’t value your time – but in a hurry to get your money. HP I am done with you – you can’t take my money and insult my intelligence.

  120. This number is a fraud i talked to go and they said this is a scam they tried to charge me when i had a warranty and said it didn’t cover it and needed my credit card number I hung up and card the number that was on the papers with the laptop and they said that this number is a scam

  121. I have an HP Officejet Pro 8600. It needs a new bulb to be able to see the display. HP has the worst support access of any technology company I’ve encountered. All options lead to dead ends. They don’t respond to phone calls or provide any real technical support. There are a few mundane support questions that repeat on every access point. I will never buy an HP product again. It is unconscionable to provide such a low level of customer service that a printer has to go into a landfill because a company won’t provide information on replacing a light bulb. Shame on you HP.

  122. If anyone monitors this site you should be ashamed of all of these comments. We’ve ALL had terrible customer service, and saying it was terrible is being kind.
    I guess Hewlett Packard could care less about the consumer, its products, or its customer service.
    Bravo at being the most apathetic company, ever.

  123. hp has become the worse product/service /billing /support company out have now moved into 1st place.youve won the blue ribbon.but my question is how long will your company continue this the way the rude ,poorly trained and non English speaking employees ,will either have to wake up. and start to realize that the customer pays them wkly,and all the other bills. so when the loyal customer stops returning for your poorly made product.and your sarcastic treatment .You will be looking for a job like everybody else,and not many companies will put up with your ways. most companies value the customer. so happy job hunting employees of a company slowly killing itself with over charges. billing people without permission,and just poor customer care.

  124. First, Google lists MULTIPLE customer support numbers for HP printers technical support. One or two actually have HP URLs. The HP sites do NOT offer technical support on WEEKENDS! They’re open only during weekday office hours! Yu call that customrr support???

  125. HP has HORRIBLE customer service, we sent it in to get repaired and they are making us pay $399 to get it repaired, in which we are not going to do. We told them to send it back, and its been over a month and we still have not received it. No one knows English at all, been on hold for hours on end. They aren’t fixing it because “something was spilled on it” in which we figured out they are lying just so they don’t have to fix the computer. No liquids have been even close to that computer. DO NOT BUY AN HP.

  126. I have been a Smart Friends subscriber for over 10 months, I have dealt with 100 “tech” personal. 6 were excellent. The other 94 were incompetent. Training is needed. Why? Always ask specifically the customer the problem. Not jump ahead and mess with the computer. Most do not listen. i have been told the most ridiculous responses to a simple problem. “Excuse me Sir, if you buy a Mercedes Benz, do you expect them to tell you how to drive it”. “Excuse me Sir, if you had plastic surgery,do you expect me to reverse it”. Unbelievable. I pay for customer service and get abused? When i ask for an escalation manger, I am told they will call back in 24-48 hrs. Excuse me, as a paying customer, I am not that important? Only at their convenience. Wake up and treat the paying customer right. Many corporations are failing. Why? Did not treat the customer right. Amazon is blowing many away. Why? Great customer service. Do not ask yourself what happened to HP when your jobs are gone. You did not provide great customer service.

  127. Seriously the HP customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, even worse than their products. The brand new Envy desk top computer been sent to the company twice for the trouble shooting not to mention that after hours of technical support over the phone, their technicians can’t find any problems and we are left with no options. On top of that the so called higher level people are even more arrogant than anybody else, echoing as if you take what we give or leave it.
    Absolutely no HP anymore for my entire business needs.

  128. HP customer service is really bad, I got so many options to choose from that is overwhelming, a waste of time really, no help. When I called the second time finally I was able to talk to someone, but the connection was really bad, static and loud, the guy from the other country said to call back again. I spent 30 minutes trying to deal with HP. Issue not resolved yet. Very disappointed.

  129. I have tried to get help through HP Friends quick connect and have received nothing but a startup page for over an hour each time if I do not here from you I will call my credit card co.and stop payment to your company.

  130. Hello my name is Mark adams philips from London
    I need it in bulk hp laptop spectra x360 15″
    Please answer is very urgent.

  131. Here is my BEEF… I just spent over $600.00 on a BRAND NEW HP PRINTER. It didn’t work out of the box to start with… then I had to spend $200.00 on TECHNICAL SUPPORT??? I just received the printer this morning and now I feel completely violated! This is inexcusable!!!! I have always purchased HP Products. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

  132. Customer service sucks. Automated voice asks all kinds of questions and at the end drops the call. I have been trying to talk to someone about my Pavilion’s poor video playing quality but have not been able to find anyone to talk to.

  133. Hi my name ankit jain from trinity info serve one of my client need 600 CPU Hp (i5/8GBRAM/500GB Hard diskWithout dvd writer)

  134. My husband and myself have always had a high regard for HP products
    upgrading as necessary with all -one- printers, larger monitors & CPU’s, the latest being the very expensive OMEN. Very happy with our hardware. BUT, deciding on HP technical support was the worst decision we ever made as the frustration of trying to understand foreign accents was beyond us (almost leading to divorce!) as we had to figure everything out for ourselves! what a disappointment to our loyalty of the HP name! Today a gentleman of American or British descent spoke very clear English leaving a phone message telling us that we had to pay $70:00 to cancel the HP support we have paid for monthly and couldn’t use! It would have been brilliant if he had helped us technically – as i hope you understand. Would appreciate exactly who we can register a complaint with and hope to warn any future customers against HP Technical Support.

  135. This is about a commercial plan printer that we purchased, case #5003289217. Paid extra for installation. Richard, one of the installers, had an attitude when he arrived. Knew he didn’t want to work. We were told that the printer would not go in the place we wanted it, yet there was a printer in that same spot before!!! Total waste of my money to have someone come and install!!!

  136. Your “customer support” is the worst excuse for service on any product in the world! It is execrable! In my 61 years of purchasing various products, I have NEVER, with any product purchased for any purpose, received such poor response to a simple “how to” question! Do you seriously think, when one buys ah HP product, that you should not provide help to that customer on how to use the product?! No, you apparently think that, having paid for the product, the customer should have to pay a monthly fee to be told how to use that product! I am only one person, and my purchase apparently means nothing to you. But I assure you that I will loudly proclaim, to anyone seeking a referral for
    purchasing a product, “don’t buy the one from HP! It is a piece of excrement, and they will not provide any support on it.” I personally will NEVER purchase any HP product again, and I will most likely return this one to the store for a refund of the purchase price. I am deeply, sincerely, disappointed in your company! I am sure that both Mr. Hewlitt and Mr. Packard are rolling around in their graves over the abominable way you have run their company into the ground! You should look at yourself in the mirror and spit on your reflection.

  137. Your “customer support” is the worst excuse for service on any product in the world! It is execrable! In my 61 years of purchasing various products, I have NEVER, with any product purchased for any purpose, received such poor response to a simple “how to” question! Do you seriously think, when one buys ah HP product, that you should not provide help to that customer on how to use the product?! No, you apparently think that, having paid for the product, the customer should have to pay a monthly fee to be told how to use that product! I am only one person, and my purchase apparently means nothing to you. But I assure you that I will loudly proclaim, to anyone seeking a referral for
    purchasing a product, “don’t buy the one from HP! It is a piece of excrement, and they will not provide any support on it.” I personally will NEVER purchase any HP product again, and I will most likely return this one to the store for a refund of the purchase price. I am deeply, sincerely, disappointed in your company! I am sure that both Mr. Hewlitt and Mr. Packard are rolling around in their graves over the abominable way you have run their company into the ground! You should look at yourself in the mirror and spit on your reflection.

  138. HP is the most difficult place to get anything resolved. I was bounced around for over an hour with people I couldn’t understand and then when I told them I couldn’t understand them, they hung up on me. After an hour of wasting my time. I am so furious, and their website won’t let you chat with anyone, it just keeps offering suggestions, and my battery pack is junk, I just bought the machine less than a month ago and it won’t hold a charge, so I don’t know how to get this resolved with these assholes. I’m so furious in dealing with them.

  139. I AM SHOPPING FOR A PRINTER. It will not be a HP product. In the past I purchased a HP OFFICEJET and when I contacted HP for help with it and windows 10. I was told by HP, SORRY WE NO LONGER SUPPORT THAT PRODUCT. So I trashed it and also my HP Pavilion computer and purchased Dell. I have no use for a company that doesn’t support it’s customers or product. I MAKE SURE I LET PEOPLE KNOW TOO.

  140. Email sent to HP 2017.10.13.1443 PST – On 2017.10.09 order number H377745316 I received the order I placed for the personal computer I ordered from HP online. Concerning the keyboard I ordered on this personal computer after looking at some options I wanted a backlit keyboard and the color of the keyboard and keys was ash silver, ash silver as the HP SPECTRE x360 shows is a bright silver color. A few other HP products with ash silver showed a bright silver color for the keyboard keys and the area surrounding the actual keyboard. However, when I received the laptop I ordered, the keys and keyboard around the keys were almost a black color. Is there a way HP can replace the black keyboard and area around the keyboard that I received with the laptop I ordered with a backlit silver keyboard and silver area around the keyboard as I ordered? Gary Tydryszewski

  141. Will never purchase another HP product because of terrible tech support. I live in the United States. I always get a poor phone connection. and when I do I get someone from India who can’t understand me, and I can’t understand them. Every time I try to use my HP ENVY 5530 to fax or print something I have to call support, and go through an absolute nightmare. The last time after being transferred at least 6 times, with no help at all I gave up!


  142. Dear HP Team,

    We have a Laserjet 100 Color MFP175nw colour printer which has been in use for some years now. We usually replace the imaging drum every three months and its quite expensive.

    I would like to know why this is happening and also how many pages can the imaging drum print before replacement or 0%.

    Await your swift reply as this is urgent

  143. HORRIBLE! Beyond words. I will write a scathing YELP denunciation of this wretched company, which deserves to go out of business.

  144. Saturday, 11-11-2017

    On Wednesday, 11-8-2017, my husband (Thomas) ordered a battery (on-line) to be EXPEDITED to our home.

    We PAID EXTRA ($16.95) to have this shipped as EXPEDITED… with a delivery in 1 – 2 business days.
    We received a confirmation of the order and it says “Expedite Shipping”.
    We received a tracking number and checked the order status on-line and Fed Ex tracking says “GROUND” shipping…
    The package left Louisville, KY on Thursday 11-9-2017 but it says the “expected” delivery is Tuesday, 11-14-17.

    I have attempted to CALL someone at HP and EVERY time I get someone on the line… they give me a different number to call.
    NOBODY will Help find out why this order was incorrectly shipped.

    I have tried several different versions of the HP websites and have gotten nowhere, as well.

    We WANT A REFUND of the EXTRA money we spent to have this order EXPEDITED (1-2 day delivery) but have not been able to find anyone who can help us.

    Thank you,
    Lou Ann

    • Yeah, HP is useless for customer service and or repair. I got upsided
      with the phone numbers and excuses, threw it in the trash and spent
      more money for another brand machine.
      New unit is less complicated and results are many times improved…..

  145. I have deposited our Hp laptop to your nearest dealer M/S AGARWAL COMPUTER,KATIHAR,BIHAR due to power problem.They insisted to deliver it within 3 days by service engineer and told that approx Rs. 2500 will be charged but it was not delivered on due date . It was delivered after 6 days and instead of Rs. 2500 they have charged Rs. 2800 .They did not provided any money reciept against that servicing.They told that there is no such provision by our company to provide the bill. How do we know that for what services they have charged money.How can we further claim for any default in future for any replacement done.If not satisfied i have to go to consumer court for further action.Please take necessary steps for customer satisfaction.

  146. I purchase a new hp printer today, got home started the following instructions. however their website “” is not working. Since an setup disk was provided I tried to use it to install the software. I opened cd files and clicked on setup and Iget an error message asking what app do I want to use to open this file. There were no instructions provided fo using the cd for installation. I have read about Hp having terrible Customer Support. I tried calling Customer Support but had to wai about 20 Minutes to be told by the that I needed to call another number which he gave me. I called that number, it was an automated number that understand anything I said so I hung up. If I can’t get assistance soon I am Returning the printer and buying a different Brand.

  147. I’ve been trying to get help over a double billing for about four days. Every time I call I get a different answer. Have been speaking to people I don’t understand and they don’t understand me. Is there help anywhere for customers. HP has billed me 42:79 on my credit card for mcafee on 11-08-17. I did not get an email saying it was installed so I ordered mcafee myself on 11-12-17. I receive my credit card and have been billed twice. No one has been able to resolve. I have spoken to your people and been sent to mcafee. I have spoken to them as well and they send me back to you. I do not want to pay for this service twice. Please help me. Since I did not receive an email, I don’t have a receipt from you. I do, however, have my statement from my credit card showing double billing.

  148. my son purchased a HP Laptop from Delhi.
    it is in guarantee period.
    its CHARGER is out of order.
    i am in CHANDIGARH.
    let me know complete adress of SERVICE CENTRE in Chandigarh.
    1800 752 09000 is unavailable for guidance.
    please help.

  149. Tft Monitor Compaq Led F191 18.5″, Sl. No. 3CQ4520SNR is required to repair as it has a black line across the monitor. Kindly check and recover the problem as early as possible.

  150. I bought a HP laptop with EDGE ,touch screen, a pawn shop for almost $275.00. I have no idea how to set it up as it came with no instructions.Can some one please help me?!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Having a lot of trouble resolving what should be a small problem. I use the instant ink service. My printer is telling me to insert a cartridge. I do not have one and nothing it seems has been dispatched. Been through all the prompts on the system. Would just like a live chat line or perhaps too much to ask for a proper telephone call.

  152. I could not find an email address to contact HP, so I am using this way to contact you. I purchased a HP OfficeJet 4652 on Thursday. I could not get it to work using in the black ink cartridge in box. I kept getting an error message. Fortunately I had an extra black ink cartridge. It worked when I installed the spare one I had. I asking you to replace the black ink cartridge, since your cartridges are soooo expensive.

  153. I have had the worst service from HP Philippines since I purchased my 4650 printer. They put me on WiFi and now my printer will not print w sided printing. When I chose that option it says it cannot print to a 8.5×11 index card. What index card. They signed me up for instant ink, they are padding my printing by saying I printed on days I did not print anything. Today, 2/12/18 they said I printed 1 page plus 21 rollovers. I called at 5 pm PST and they finally connected me to East Asia, when I told her that I wanted them to prove that I printed 21 rollovers after I supposedly only printed 26 pages on 1/15/18. Also, they are charging me another 26 pages I. 1/12/18. While I was waiting to be transferred to another dept. someone got on the call and said they close at 6pm est. LOL. This is the second time I was disconnected like that. Also, I wish I had a penny for every time they have lied to ,e, disconnected me because they don’t know what they are doing and saying. I am getting to the point that I will not do business with any company that has foreign countries answer their telephones for customer service. They are a insult and shows the quality of HP company. I am looking into what federal govt agency that can help me as a consumer to put you on doing anything legally. They have access to my printer 24/7, 365 and now today they can’t tell me what i copies for 21 pages?????????? Give me a break!

  154. I am getting frustrated in talking or writing my question
    again, I thought I ordered ink cartridge #63 for my new printer from hp, but apparently It came from another company and it doesn’t fit my printer. how did this happen and what can I do?



    When Personal Computers just started. All Computer Companies would hand out Computer Books. The Computer Books was for the First Beginner – Educational, Instructions, Directions, & Tutorials. It was a Book of 200-300 pages. The Large Computer Book they put in the packages, When they sold the Computers.

    I am looking for the First Beginner Personal Computer Book, That all Computer Companies including Hp handed out when Buying the Personal Computer. I need to know how to Control and Work the Computer. I am Beginner. I need to know of the Network, the Hardware and the Other Parts of the Computer.

    How Much does that Computer Book Cost?

    My Computer HP OPP ALL-IN-ONE – 20-c032

  156. PLEASE CONTACT ME. you are VERy hard to contact and I thought you were
    an excellent company, but I have my doubts. Isn’t there some American person I could talk to???? Are these comments even read?

  157. i purchase the computer on or 1/31/18. item# 347826. for a week now it start
    getting heat up on left side. this is a new laptop and should not have this problem.
    did you sell me used or recycle one. this is the same problem i had with my
    old laptop and that one was seven years old and its the same company hp. i am
    disable and i don’t drive. i have to pay to somebody to go to office deport.
    please get back with me soon. i need the computer soon.


  158. Second time around that I have had terrible customer service from HP about product orders and returns (due to wrong product being shipped) then trying to speak to anyone is impossible, with the hang ups and lack of them listening to the problem you need to discuss. My 1st phone call on this matter I was given a #$300448798; when I requested a phone number I was given some health insurance number and I specifically confirmed the phone number. I have spend too much time on your customer service dept’s incompetency, no to mention their lack of the English language and communication rudeness of overtalking and not listening to you

  159. Wrong dept., no English speaking reps that do not understand and are lacking in training to do customer service. How difficult can it be to process a return label request to return a product. I keep getting transferred to the wrong dept. 7 phone calls later I still have not got the right dept. for a return shipping label. I do not have any ppwk on this shipment. I can’t believe I was given 1-88-999-4747, this is a complete joke. This company sure was johnny on the spot when I placed the order. Customer service dept needs direct lines for ordering and product return. This is ridiculous.

  160. my printer is printing blank pages I have tried for hour to resolve this issue and all of the links are not working I will never purchase an hp product again since I wasted all this time

  161. bought new hp6255 printer — already have 5 year old hp desktop. When I used the 123HP set up site, I was told that the two were not compatible as they were, but for a $99.95 charge, they could make it work correctly. When I told them I was not paying, they made it clear that it probably would not work. Told them to disconnect immediately I had Geek Squad coverage, so I called them and they made the items mesh with no extra charges. Total ripoff and gouge. Have purchased my last hp item — will make sure any future replacements are not hp

  162. HP Support for the issue I have with my HP Officejet Pro 8100 – N811 printer is totally non-existent! I have tried for years to get an anwer regarding how to print a non-traditional size envelope (i.e., 7.25″ X 5.25″ envelope to mail a card in). I have gotten nothing but ‘the run around.’ There is no selection in the print menu that allows a person to put in a size that is not listed. I am pretty much worn out with this! I’ve had this printer for several years and like it, until I try to print a non-traditional size envelope. Please, please let me hear from you! I have tried several of your support sites/methods today — to no avail!

  163. I am frustrated and thoroughly disgusted with HP products. I am elderly and disabled and my income is below the poverty level. After a year and one half I finally had saved enough money to purchase a laptop and printer. I bought HP products because I believed that they could be trusted and were a good investment Boy, was I wrong. I have had them for four months the printer has never worked. The laptop has been sent in for repairs for the same problem I am currently experiencing. It will not turn on. I do not want to have to send it in again because it has never worked properly since the last time I went it.

  164. I have tried to print an email from my iPad it’s an Hp printer number 4527 I put what I want to print on my iPad then print. But it comes up blank what am doing wrong

  165. I want to print an email from my iPad but I put on my iPad what I want to print but when I press print on the printer it come out blank can you help me

  166. Dear Sir thank you for your phone call the other day, I’M sorry I missed it, I need a new ink cart I’m getting an ink cart system printer system fail

    modelCM 749A
    Sirial #cn34nbvjzp
    product name HP OFICE JET PRO All in one printer-N911A

  167. Purchased two HP computers (Elite desktop and Probook laptop) with Windows 10 before realizing neither HP had an internal modem for my dial-up. None of the four USB modems since applied will work. Does HP have an internal modem that I can install that will get me online with Windows 10? Thanks.

  168. Customer service with this company is a joke. I have spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out where I can voice a complaint and still have gotten nowhere. And that’s after I spent another hour trying to figure out why my new printer wouldn’t work, why the toner cartridge they sent me spits toner all over the page and why the sheets won’t feed straight. And why didn’t the sales person I spoke to when I looked for a printer that would print labels tell me that it only takes one kind of label? Now I’m stuck reprinting a third of every page I print.

  169. I just bought an HP laptop. The paperwork inside the box states “#3. This product includes 90 days of complimentary phone support. After 90 days, a fee may apply ”
    One person was helpful but said I should talk to an expert in internet and transferred me. No one else would help. They told me after the initial set up I’d have to pay for help. I read the statement that promises free phone support for 90 days but they won’t provide the service. Are they so poorly trained that they really can’t help? Too lazy? Are they paid by how much money they generate? How can they ignore the printed promise of free support for 90 days? Obviously they have someone with the skill but expect more money and won’t honor their own paperwork stating 90 days of free service. Abhijit couldn’t help me; Manager Andy also refused me service. Finally they transferred me to level two service and said try to get a waiver of fee from them. Edwin took that call and said I’d have to pay. They all tell me what service they provide but all ignore the paperwork which came with the computer which states free 90 day support. Edwin and Moises also ignored the statement. I’m sure lawyers approved this yet staff will not give service. I’m returning computer unless I hear from someone willing to meet the terms. There are other brands!

  170. Funny how you are willing to take our money but don’t even have information available for us to contact a English understanding human to answer a question.
    Makes me question if after 20 yrs of buying HP if it will ever happen again!!!!

  171. I have HP support and pay $14.95 a month. I have been on hold for over 1 hour waiting for someone to answer. That is not what I consider customer service… Very upset customer.

  172. Purchased a Laptop from QVC in Oct.2017. Last week I was working on it and the screen went black. I tried everything I knew to get it working. Nothing. Took it to a tech and when he turned it on – said, It cannot be fixed. Said he has seen a lot of this with HP. Right now I am typing this from my old HP desktop which is really slow. This HP is 15 years old if not more.

    What happened to HP. Very disappointed. Need this replaced. Did not spend good money for it to break. I am the only using my laptop.

  173. I just wanted to verify that my laptop had blue tooth connection capabilities and in one area it asks to add Bluetooth device but in another area says this device does not have blu tooth.. a laptop notebook E2L07V7J windows 10 operating system .. Home Edition. do I have to pay to find this out or can someone email me? please. thank you.. I am trying to connect a blue tooth speaker that actually connects with both my iPhone and my vehicle .. makes a sound on the computer when usb plugged in makes a sound on the speaker device as well but no sound coming out of the external blue tooth speaker from computer. what is the issue?

  174. I have a slate 21 running a broken Android 4.4.2 bought in Japan in 2016 that keeps on crashing when browsing. Keyboard disappear. Flash plugin crashes. Java? Who knows. Also touch doesn`t work anymore on the left half of the screen. I have tried to do a factory reset but it won`t let me. Cannot update or upgrade. I have been trying to replace the OS with a Ubuntu touch dist but HP forum is unsupportive. It has been over 2 years and they never helped. I am not going to throw the slate 21 away even though I suppose that is what they want from me. To buy a new product.

  175. I have been trying to find a way to reply to a “do not reply” email from HP providing me with my case number for my problem for 3HOURS. Why can they not provide the information on how to respond? Then their contact page will not accept my sign in info. Then the chat is only open M-F. Then they give the hours to contact by phone but NO phone numbers! The home page is useless in providing any way to contact HP and only FAQ’s answered are for everything else under the sun but what I need. Seems a lot of these companies these days just don’t want to be bothered once the sale is made. This comment won’t make any difference but at least there’s somewhere to vent.

  176. I have made two communications to HP regarding a printer 3830 paper jam that does not exist. I purchased the printer at Staple’s and they kindly checked it, determined there was no paper jam, and told me to call 800-565-9917 to report my problem and I should be given the information regarding what I should do to get the printer replaced or repaired. With the two messages, there has been no response. What kind of service is that? Common courtesy would be a response. Is there someone in charge that will acknowledge my comment and enable me to have a happy experience by replacing my printer which I purchased in April 2018, and also purchased the Square Trade printer protection?

  177. i have called several times, i am trying to contact someone in the warrant dept because my warrant amount from my account show a debit of $16.45 it suppose to be $14.99, if the amount changed i have not be notified if there was an increase in the monthy warrant amount this is my warrant #1806240000

  178. i have called several times, my warrant debit amount is $14.99, but this month my debit amount was $16.45, if the amount increase i have not been notified.

  179. May be a good product but heaven forbid if you have any kind of problem with your laptop. All I did was forget my password on a brand new laptop and all they wanted to do was sell me a service agreement for 99 dollars. I’ll just spend that money on another computer. HP has got the last of my business. There are plenty of companies out there that I’m sure would like to have me as a customer.

  180. I regret to inform you that I could not contact you even after repeated phone calls. I purchased a hp Laptop 15-AY542TU (INTEL CORE 13-6006U PROSSESSOR 4 GB DDR4 RAM/1TB SATA HDD/DVD RW 15.6 LED DISPLAY/ WEB CAMERA) from Logtech infoway Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum on 02-09-2017. But in the begining itself point (.) button of number side (Right side) was not working. It is in guarentee period.
    So I request you to kindly replace the key pad.
    Abraham Plakkeel, (Teacher), Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Chettacel, Vithura, Trivandrum, Kerala State -695551

  181. H-P IS VILE FILTH. They sell products which don’t work,they won’t answer the phone, then they refuse to acknowledge you on their website, then they botch their website, and it doesn’t recognize its own serial and product numbers when they are definitely correct, and they have the unmitigated gall to REFUSE TO RESPOND when that happens.
    “H-P…Where the customer is always the enemy!”
    Don’ t ever buy ANYTHING from H-P.

  182. my computer has this words written on the display screen
    reboot not found in this hard drive need system startup.

  183. HP service….What service, junk products by a disrespectful company. You need to buy a new printer when mine is under a year old does not cut it. No more HP products for this household or my business.

  184. I think it sucks that a person can not e-mail HP to tell them how a company that they have helping people hook up there new HP printer is ripping off their customers. I have been ripped off buy this company. Esteemed Teck that they say work for you. please call me if you really care about your customers

  185. Just bought a new lap top. Won’t let me use my “personal” computer until I create a new Microsoft account and email. Sorry, I didn’t by this computer to be a hostage to your software. Back in the box it goes. Maybe a Dell or an apple next. Thanks for wasting my time HP. Never again.

  186. brand new computer, got a update that has turned my computer screen dark, its now slow, can’t go back to original settings. called 3 times today on hold for 20 minutes each time before someone answered only to be told to call back in two hours each time
    they were updating their system. Then told they couldn’t help me unless I paid 35.00 and 14.99 a month. I paid $400 for this computer and will never by another HP Product

  187. I have had a Best Buy account for a number of years. I have purchased laptops and other electronics for all of my family members at Best Buy. All of the laptops that I have purchased at Best Buy have been HP. This past summer my son was in need of a new laptop. I recommended he chose an HP laptop and I would purchase it for him as a birthday present with my Best Buy account. He went to Best Buy and chose the HP laptop that would meet his needs. Best Buy had it shipped to Washington State where he is stationed. My son is active duty military and is pursuing his Masters degree online while serving in the Army and needs a dependable laptop. In October the sound would no longer work on the laptop purchased in July. My son took the laptop to the Best Buy nearest him in Washington State. He was told there was nothing they could do because Geek Squad protection plan was not purchased. My son informed me of the problem and I contacted HP. I was told it would not be a problem to fix and was given a number for him to call and they would take care of it for him, no mention of a charge to do that was mentioned. He called the number I was given and was told it would be $100.00 to fix. I am very disappointed in Best Buy and HP. I would not expect that a company and product would require additional funds after 4 months. It seems as if Best Buy should inform customers that the HP product can not be expected to operate beyond 3 months so the Geek Squad protection plan should be calculated into the listed price. I was under the assumption that both the seller – Best Buy and the manufacturer – HP were reputable businesses willing to stand by the product they sell and produce.

  188. I have a new HP printer but when I print there are never any page numbers, is there a way I can fix it so the pages will be numbered

  189. I have been trying to contact HP by e-mail since their phone number says CALL AGAIN… ..but there is no 3-mail … great Customer Service
    Very frustrating… when a Cyber code says it is expired yet it still says it is available on the website.

  190. I called your customer support TN for inkjet support and spoke with Debbie ( I found your virtual agent difficult to use). Debbie was rude and condescending. During our call, I informed her that I did not believe she was listing to me and she accused me of calling her DUMB which I did not. She put me on hold and never came back. POOR Customer Service.

    I have been a lifetime user of HP products with three HP computer on my desk right now with me trying to determine what is wrong with them and several printers.

  191. I am very disappointed with this company. I enrolled in July for home delivery of ink cartridges. I have been charged every month and they send out via the level ink you have left, yet still charge you. I never received any cartridges in September or October, but paid for them. I called and their excuse for September was the hurricane. They tried to make up by giving me 2 free months and reimburse me for September. They still charged for October. Told me I would get my cartridges in 6 days. It has now been 3 weeks since that call.

  192. Like all the rest of the complaints, no customer service. Support for my all in one 27″ was very good as my problem was I could not register my new computer. Tech. support found that my computer had been registered in Sept.20i8, there for warranty was only for ten months instead of twelve. Was with tech. support for three hours, sent them info of my order being made in Nov. 2018. I just received my pc Nov. 30th… Set it up Dec. 1st, 2018… Any way after all this I printed the long chat and was going to get with HP customer service and complain that my pc was registered to another person earlier and therefore was not a new pc, although tech support said my warranty would be updated in 24 hours. That is not the point… Is this a used pc , as it was only to be registered by the “OWNER”…

  193. So upset with the lack of support with my instant ink program. I emailed with no response. Called and was hung up on. Am STILL waiting on my ink to be delivered, meanwhile I have had to purchase ink on top of paying monthly for my pages. GRRR…… Thinking of giving up on instant ink all together!

  194. I contacted HP for technical support in getting my printer reconnected with my HP laptop. They had me on the phone in excess of 3 hours trying to pinpoint the problem. I was placed on hold, transferred, and sold a plan that in the end I did not need because the tech support had me hook my WIRELESS PRINTER to my modem. I don’t feel that this was the answer to my problem and would like my money refunded. I could have done this in the first place. The reason I purchased wireless equipment was due to my disability. I am unable to crawl on the floor and unplug, lift printers, etc. etc. I am so VERY DISAPPOINTED with HP and I could say more but I will not. Hopefully someone in the customer service department will contact me and find a remedy to my situation.

  195. I brought online hp instant ink but its not except in my printer so pls can u sort out my problem? I have hp envy 5541 all in one printer.

  196. I need to talk to a live person. I tried the on-line tech support with no luck. When I called the toll free number, I was merely directed back to the on-line site. No help whatsoever.

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