Contact Houston Chronicle Customer Service

Contact Houston Chronicle Customer Service

Contacting Houston Chronicle Customer Service Center

The Houston Chronicle is a print and virtual news source in Houston, Texas. Some of the news stories published on the official website an in print are local stories, but the Houston Chronicle also covers US News, World News, Sports, Entertainment and other news topics.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found a single phone number for the Houston Chronicle customer service department on the official news website. In the FAQs section we located two additional phone numbers for home delivery customer service. The home delivery call center is open from 5:30 a.m. to 7 pm. Monday to Friday and 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

  • General Information: 1-713-362-7171
  • Subscriber Services (Local): 1-713-362-7211
  • Subscriber Services (Out of Area): 1-888-220-7211

Mailing Address

The corporate phone number for the Houston Chronicle is listed with a physical address for the office. This is the only address listed on the official website.

Houston Chronicle Attn: Customer Service801 Texas Ave. Houston, TX 77002

Official Website

The official website for the Houston Chronicle is available online at You can read the latest news, hottest news stories and more on the official website. As is the case with most newspapers, the Houston Chronicle offers most of the news stories found in print online, but the Internet version will display breaking news as it happens. You can comment on news stories, but you have to register for an account on the Houston Chronicle website before commenting.

Customer Service Email

There are multiple email addresses for the Houston Chronicle customer service. Choose the email address that delivers your message to the appropriate department.

Website Problems or General Questions About the Paper:

Request Permission to Reprint Content:

New Tips or Story Ideas:

Send Comments to the Reader Representative:

Our Experience

When we called the corporate phone number for the Houston Chronicle the number was answered immediately by an operator. We asked for the customer service department and the operator gave us the phone number listed as Subscriber Services. She said there was no customer service department at the number we’d called. We gave the subscriber services phone number a call and we were greeted with an automated system. There was a long introduction message before we were given a list of options to choose from. After choosing an option we were prompted for the 10-digit subscriber number. We pressed 0 and the call was placed on hold again. We waited for more than two minutes before we finally spoke with a customer service representative.

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12 Comments on “Contact Houston Chronicle Customer Service
  1. I see it is no longer possible to send email to customer service, the only option being the automated call answering service.
    I subscribe to the sunday-wednesday service. Today, Sunday, I did not receive my $4.00 newspaper. The call system said it would be delivered tomorrow. It will not because I do not receive a paper on Monday. And I will not receive it Wednesday and would not want a 4 day old newspaper.
    What I want is a $4.00 credit to my account for the paper not delivered to me.

  2. No one answers the emails sent. I doubt reporting not getting the paper does not work either. I have not gotten my paper since March 21. Talking to customer service is fine but they cannot deliver the paper. They just make a note of the missing paper. I am told I have a substitute carrier. My neighbors get there paper. No me.

  3. 3 weeks ago I requested vacation hold for my daily paper. The paper never stopped being delivered so I requested cancellation. No use – I still keep getting the paper! Also, my paper delivery man plays really loud music at 3 am when he delivers the paper!

  4. ‪ It’s terrible that after several calls and a promise I just want to read the paper on my day off with no emails or annoying business. I never received my Sunday paper. I deserve a weeks paper delivered free. Just horrible that you promise the don’t deliver. Also hours limited to talk to a human. I deserve compensation or something to keep me. Unhappy in EDO‬

  5. I have had problems with delivery service, the second time this week
    the first time it called they did deliver the paper late in the day
    Today Saturday November 10, 2018 no paper. I called and because they are closed on Saturday there is not any thing they can do. I feel this is bad, because I feel they just don’t care about my business
    Joyce Blacksher

  6. I receive the Chronicle on Wed. & Sunday. You
    missed Wednesday, I called the number – the recording said it would be delivered Thursday –
    Today, August 21. Still no paper . . .you need to
    have a person in Customer Service . . . not only
    an automated system. Step up, please.

  7. My subscription was put on vacation hold from 8-2
    through 8-13. We have done this for years and have
    usually had a problem getting our vacation pack de-
    livered. Since 8-13, I have talked to Ladaisha (twice), Jada, Sharolyn, Helena and now Andrew and
    Ky. Still no papers. Sharolyn told me my request
    would go not only to the carrier but to the district
    manager and that someone would call me back.
    Today, Helena told me that doesn’t happen. When
    pressed, I was given the name of a “supervisor,”
    Robert and his ext. number 4014. Well, Robert
    won’t be in until 11. Is this any way to run a
    business? And why does one hand not know
    what the other hand is doing? And why am I
    getting the runaround and no response? I am fed
    up with this POOR customer service!!!

  8. In addition to my above comment, why are the
    customer service people so secretive when you ask
    for a supervisor? It’s like getting blood out of a

  9. I went online to pay my bill , which was 73.00. When I called this AM I was told I owe another $118.00. I received ONE bill in the mail and just received it in Dec. when I asked why the extra 118.00, I was told by the billing dept that the bill was for this psat July until Dec. The rate per month I was told is $34.00. If you don’t pay by overdue date, you are charged by the day which is more expensive? I had NO idea this was the case and was NEVER informed of this even on line! I have cancelled the paper, since I believe this billing practice to be deceptive !!!!!!

  10. Not sure our request for redelivery went thru online. Paper is wet as thrown in ope ditch. Too Frequently!!! 21 Spilt Rock Rd, The Woodlands 77381 acct 130886678. Pls redeliver. Larry Gaskamp

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