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Contacting Hotwire Customer Service Center

Hotwire is claims to sell last minute hotels, flights and more for up to 50% off or more. The site specializes in booking those last few spots that companies want to get rid of in a short amount of time, but there are deals on the site that can be booked in advance. You book and manage travel directly through, but you will receive travel information from the airline, car rental agency or hotel – depending on your travel experience.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Help Center for is available 24 hours a day. Customers can book travel, change travel and cancel travel using this customer service line.

  • Help Center: 1-866-468-9473
  • Help Center (toll): 1-417-520-1680

Mailing Address

Writing a letter to customer service is a dying passion, but one some people still hold on to. If you want to write a letter to Hotwire customer service, you can use the address provided in the company’s Privacy Policy.

Hotwire Customer Care
655 Montgomery St.
Ste. 600
San Francisco, CA 94111

Official Website

Go to for travel, hotels, rental cars and account access. You can access your account 24 hours, a day, but just because you can access your account and contact customer service does not mean you can alter your reservations. Read through all the details about your travel reservations before booking your travel to ensure you can make changes before making the final purchase.

  • Customer Service Email

The Help Center is available by email to answer customer service questions. Contact Hotwire customer service via the contact page If you have a billing question or a question regarding your credit card or travel accommodations, you may want to call customer service. The customer service team attempts to contact all customers within two hours of receiving email communication.

We’ve sent an email along to Hotwire to see if we really receive a response that fast. We’ll update you with all the details when we hear back from Hotwire customer service.

Our Experience

Hotwire customer service uses an automated system to route calls. You are given six different options for specific departments. We pressed 2 for help booking accommodations. The automated system warned us that call hold times were higher than normal, but our call was answered within a few seconds. The agent had a thick accent and the call connection echoed. She asked us to call back for a better connection. The second time we called the hold time was more than two minutes and the agent sounded identical to the first call. We asked about getting a refund for a missed flight and the agent disconnected the call before giving us an answer.

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29 Comments on “Contact Hotwire Customer Service
  1. I no longer will be using Hotwire, and I’d like to tell you and lots of people why this is. The “teasers” that Hotwire is now using, “Hints” are unethical and misleading, causing customers to think they are being given some real information on the narrowed down options that the hotel will be. Even the employees mislead the customer as if the hotel they want is quite likely. While Hotwire will admit this if pushed, it’s quite misleading when trying to assess the options online…and even on the phone.

    Tonight when I tried to make a reservation, the call was cut off at the end…. I called back then to finish the reservation, only to find that Hotwire had booked it even though the call was cut off. This was not cool with me. I ended up with the wrong hotel level and reservation. I tried to fix it, calling hotwire immediately and they were unwilling to help even though I was not trying to cancel it. I’m very disappointed in the customer service I received.

    Money is not everything. Customer satisfaction is.

    Business is about win-wins. This is a lose-lose. Please take all records of me off of your website and company. I will never use Hotwire again after tonight. I will be posting this on every website I can.
    Respectfully, Marguerite DeSpain

  2. I am very unhappy at this time. I will never book wit hotwire again. The staff is unprofessional and inconsiderate. I was stuck stranded over 200 miles away from home because someone canceled my hotel room and refunded you my money with out my permission. When I arrived to my hotel there were no vacancies and I was forced to sleep in my car that night because I was told, that since it was after 12 am, hotwire stated there was nothing they can do.That should of been listed in your “terms and confitions”

  3. I am very unhappy at this time. I will never book wit hotwire again. The staff is unprofessional and inconsiderate. I was stuck stranded over 200 miles away from home because someone canceled my hotel room and refunded you my money with out my permission. When I arrived to my hotel there were no vacancies and I was forced to sleep in my car that night because I was told, that since it was after 12 am, hotwire stated there was nothing they can do.That should of been listed in your “terms and confitions”. The worst service evet!

  4. Iam very unhappy with Hotwire, This is the last time I will use their services, I will inform all my friends and family not to use this service. I have used hotwire in the past,when I ran into a situation and was unable to fly, there were no accomondations. I am advising everyone to beware of this services. They are no different than a bank robber. Their customer services representives were rude and not accomondating. I will also inform the BBB of this companies practice, BEWARE. I will never use them again.

  5. Misleading bait and switch tactics used. Booking came thru with a hotel that is unsatisfactory not listed on their 2 star choices of possible hotels. The hotel is far inferior and within an hour of the booking could not be credited or refunded. The hotel reservation had not even been processed by hotel itself yet hotwire was firm in their no refund policy. I will never use hotwire again. Spread the word!!

  6. I booked with hotwire yesterday the hidden 3and half star hotel hotwire showed me few known hotels all were good hotels but I did not see what was the private 3and half star hotels. it was my luck to get a hotel with one bed and no elevator , and sleeping on the first floor is too noisy in montreal it was a disappointment , they will hear from me after my trip for sure . Robert

  7. I booked with hotwire . yesterday a hidden hotel in Montreal Canada and hotwire showed me all good hotels , there was one private and my luck they gave it to me 3and half stars hotel no elevator , one bed and no parking , I phoned them and talked to Jeff , he said nothing they can do , disappointment , and I wil write more complains to the business bureau Robert

  8. Watch who you deal with from my experience hotwire isn’t trusted company I was charged two times for the same rental car booking

  9. I have a supposed Hotwirecar reservation and want to know if the price quoted is a firm price or a bait and switch. Are reservations made thru Hotwire guaranteed?

  10. We are greatly disappointed in Hotwire and their secret hot rate deals.

    We travel a lot usually make at least 6 trips a year with a couple international trips and rely on websites for the best deals on lodging & airfare.

    I booked thru Hotwire secret hot rate for 5/18 – 5/19 Baymont Inn Denver International Airport. You had it listed as a $160 hotel for $106 (save 34%). Sounded like a great deal at booking, but after booked and revealed it was the Baymont Inn, I checked the your regular price and it was listed as $118. That is NOT a 34% savings, but $12 savings.

    I feel you are misleading & not accurate in your secret hot rates hotels and will not use Hotwire again for booking hotels or airfare as you can’t be trusted and aren’t accurate in your listings.

    Dale Block
    Alto, Mi 49302

  11. I booked a hotel reservation on hotwire on May 28th for a May 30th hotel stay. The price at the time was $70 (I have a screen shot). When I received the confirmation by e-mail, the price had jumped to $74, and there was an additional $20.95 in taxes and fees – suddenly my $70 reservation was costing me $94.95! I immediately called hotwire to cancel, but they “explained” that since it was a hotrate, it could not be cancelled. I explained what happened and was told to fax a copy of the screen shot showing the $70 rate and I would hear back in 7 – 10 days (my reservation was in 2 days) – not a lot of help. I called back 3 more times to speak with another supervisor, twice I was conveniently disconnected when I explained the problem, and the third time I got the same company line. I finally called American Express and contested the charge. I will never use them again.

  12. I had a reservation booked for Vegas for July been on the phone all day cause the booked me in Rivera a hotel that no longer exists. Then when I try to get another hotel they book it and then I call hotel to confirm and I will be having to pay$350 for the room when I’m there and they keep hanging up on me I will never use this site again and I will be reporting it as well.

  13. I was on hold for over 2 hours to talk with a supervisor! Then when finally getting one he was rude and didn’t take care of my needs! I then called back and was hung up again with another supervisor. When you try and call back forget it! The wait time is insane !!! I WILL NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN AS WHAT THEY SAY THE RATE IS IT ISN’T AS IT CHANGES WHEN YOU GET YOUR RESERVATION, I TOO TOOK A SCREEN SHOT AND TRIED TO EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCES HOWEVER HE MUST BE GOING OFF OF A SCRIPT AND DIDN’T EX- KNOWLEDGE WHAT THE TRUE FACTS WHERE!

    • I forgot to mention that the phone disconnected before rep was given any authority to process credit card for payment hotwire only sent email with itinerary. I hope they have a voice recorded line because her at my employment we do and if it has to been used they have agreed to release.

  14. I booked a car rental with hotwire as we usually do and have never had a problem be it that I usually booked for myself online. This time call customer service due to system was down, the rep took reservation information and credit card info, but never getting my approval to run credit card. Hotwire charged my card without my approval and now I have been on hold to speak with someone for the last two hours this is crazy, not only will I be contacting BBB but my attorney also.

  15. Booked a hotel in el Paso for the night of Sep 05. Went to the hotel to learn that the hotel is overbooked.
    It’s 12:43 in the morning and I am on the phone on hold for 55plus minutes when I was told that the wait time was only 13 minutes. My wife is on her phone listening to an on hold tone from a supposively call you back

  16. Been with hotwire for more than 2 years and spent thousands of $$$$ and this is the level of their customer service. Okay finally someone picked up the phone and am talking with that person. It’s 2:52 right now. You owe me a hotel too and a good nights sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I was unable to keep the Hotel reservation I made. When I called to cancel the reservation I was told that I had to call Hotwire. Hotwire was called and they too refused to cancel and refund my $449.00. I was told that I needed to send my Grandsons Death certificate to Hotwire before they would refund the money. So after I received the Certificate I wrote to Hotwire and faxed the letter and the Death Certificate to them. I have heard nothing from them at all. I was unable to make the trip, and I would like my money back. I have never in my life been unable to cancel a reservation. I live on social security and this is a lot of money to me. It was a hard time for me and the family and the added stress of fighting for my money back is not appreciated. Could you please let me know who else I should contact about this matter or give me another fax number or phone number to call.
    Thank you,
    Judi Sacosky

  18. I am at La Quinta Inns & Suites for a three day stay – the price I got was acceptable but when I got to my room I was very disappointed that they have no type of a reclines like a lazy boy – I was expecting this – my first night was a night from hell – I can not sleep in a normal bed but can sleep in a recliner – I asked if a recliner was available even at a additional cost the answer is no — I wish when making a reservation I could find hotels that have or have no reclines in their rooms —

  19. Itinerary# 12639841721 want to help

    My given name is “ke” and family is “zang” , when I book the ticket I convert the two name in Chine custom. Would you please correct the order of my name to “ke zang”? Thank you so much.

  20. What is wrong with your web-site? I have been trying to book a trip and it says
    the site is unavailable at this time. Please fix so I can make my reservation!!!

    Please let me know–Also -I tried to call your customer service number–No luck.
    I am very upset and frustrated!!!!!

  21. My husband and I are booked at a Extended Stay America for the next two nights. Early this a.m. our daughter called and said this hotel has bedbugs. My husband is recuperating from a major heart surgery so I called Hotwire to see if we could go somewhere else. The supervisor was extremely rude. I have never used another hotel help except Hotwire for the last 15 years and felt something could be done. She explained nothing could be done unless my husband was having an operation within the next two days. She would not listen to me at all. I told her I would never use Hotwire again. I did call the hotel and they assured me they no longer have bedbugs. I certainly hope so as my husband could get very ill since he is still quite weak and our purpose for going to Glendale is two/fold as we are going to the Mayo Clinic for another echocardiogram and also our great granddaughter’s birthday. I understand the Hotwire rules, however, not the rudeness I received from your supervisor. Wish I could have remembered her name. Hotwire has always been great and normally we go to at least 3 star but this was the only available reservation we could get since it is baseball season in Phx. Please reply to me. Thank you.

  22. I will NEVER use hotwire again. I booked a room for my husband at LAX with hotwire over the phone. I even stayed on the line while the person who made the reservation called the hotel to be sure the shuttle ran 24 hours. When my husband arrived at LAX and called the hotel, they didn’t have a reservation for him, and would not take him to the hotel. Both my husband and I called hotwire, and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. This was at 11:00pm, my disabled husband on the curb at LAX. Hotwire would not help us, and when it turned midnight, we were told that hotwire couldn’t get another room because the date had changed and my husband would have to wait until 3:00pm the next day to check in. my husband ended up not sleeping that night. He got hung up on when a hotwire agent was supposedly looking for another room…I was on hold for over an hour and a half, then I talked to someone, they disconnected me. Unbelievable.They still haven’t refunded the room, and there is no way to talk to a customer service agent. I don’t think they have any.


  24. This was the worst service I’ve ever encountered. Hotwire not only booked me at a rental car location away from the airport, but when I finally got there, the office was closed before my pickup time. When I called hotwire customer service they tried to make it all seem better that I had not been charged yet as if that would make me happy that I did jot get charged for crappy service and no car. They did not offer to find me another rental so in the end I spent an extra hour and a half going to another rental car location and paying over $250 more for the same rental. To top it off, hotwire kept sending me emails in the days leading to my rental saying no need to confrim anything, I was all set. I will not use hot wire again and will warn anyone who will listen to avoid your site.

  25. My review is strictly on HOTWIRE.COM services or lack thereof.

    It has been 4 months now and I still haven’t gotten any resolve on my complaint Hotel Complaint – Itin: 7350093394598 – Case ID : [REQ:S-160557308]
    I have had phone interactions, emailed and nothing has been done. I arrived at a hotel early morning (4am) that I purchased online at HOTWIRE.COM only to be told that the hotel was sold out and NO rooms available. We had called the hotel to advise them that we were driving in from ATL and will be arriving late/early morning etc. We had no idea they wouldn’t hold the room nor was it communicated over the phone. After the hotel overbooked we were not “walked” or given any consolation and there was a city-wide happening the same night so everything is SOLD OUT. The hotel clearly gave our room away and HOTWIRE.COM took our money. They got payment for the room as well as the hotel and I slept in my car. THIS IS PURE EVIL. IT’S WRONG WRONG WRONG and driven by GREED!!!! If you value your travel experience I urge you NOT to book using HOTWIRE.COM They are Greedy merchants and care less about valuing the customer.

  26. Hotel confirmation # 1106245888

    the hotwire booking info did not disclose that best western charges a $15 pet fee – hotwire only states that the hotel is pet friendly, upon booking and making the selection of hotel. Best western explained to me upon checkin that they put this info all over their site so that there is no surprise to guests, however I did not book through them, I booked through hotwire, which does not communicate this info.

  27. Why did you change your site. Before I could read the headlines. Now it won’t even let me read your short news cast I have quit even trying to use your page. Very disappointed customer

    If you know how to fix your problem please email me

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