Contact Hotmail Customer Service

Contacting Hotmail Customer Service Center

Hotmail, now called Windows Live Hotmail, is a free or paid email service offered by Microsoft. Most of the Hotmail accounts are free, so live customer support is not offered for Hotmail account holders. It appears lots of Hotmail customers have an issue with the lack of Hotmail customer service and support, so we’re going to look through the many Microsoft websites to see if we can find a contact number or other customer service contact information for Hotmail customers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Finding a phone number for Hotmail customer service has proven to be an impossible task, because no phone number for the email service exists. Due to the fact that most of the customers using Hotmail email choose the free account, Microsoft would lose money offering phone customer service. We did find a few numbers for the Microsoft company, however.

  • Microsoft customer service: 1-800-642-7676
  • Microsoft technical support: 1-800-936-5700
  • TTY customer service: 1-800-892-5234

The hours for the customer support line are from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday (PST) and 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday (PST).

Mailing Address

Sometimes sending a letter is more appropriate for your Hotmail customer service inquiry. The mailing address for Microsoft, the mother company behind Hotmail is:

One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Official Website

The official website for Windows Live Hotmail is You can use this site to log in to your Hotmail account, click the Help Center button at the bottom of the page or leave Feedback about Hotmail. You may have to log in to your Hotmail account to access the Help Center and Feedback.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email for Windows Live Hotmail. There is a customer support center with thousands of answers to questions from Hotmail users. You can visit the Hotmail Portal here: for more information and answers to your questions.

Our Experience

We were unable to contact Hotmail customer service support because no such number exists. According to several customer responses online, the customer service team does not have a phone number because most of the services provided by Hotmail are at no charge to the customer. If there is a concern about Hotmail customer service, it may be appropriate to write a letter to Microsoft as they are the parent company behind the Windows Live Hotmail service.

Do you have experience contacting Hotmail customer service with a concern or question? We’d love to hear if you were able to contact someone directly or if you needed to use the online support portal to receive help with your problem.

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164 Comments on “Contact Hotmail Customer Service
  1. Hello sorry I’m not very happy . My account has been hacked and I filled out a form to have it re opened I still I have not go the email yet I don’t no who closed my account but really like to no why is going on as I work out of that account please email me back at the above address thanks

    • My account has been hacked and I filled out a form to have it re opened I still I have not go the email yet I don’t no who closed my account but really like to no why is going on as I work out of that account please email me back at the above address thanks

    • Can not get into my e-mail. I am presently in germany
      and the 800 numbers does not work from europe.
      please let me get into the account. i don’t care if it
      is being hacked. i’ts my business. just don’t close the

      • yes exactly that is not their business why they are closing our accounts all my back up on my email
        I regret being a customer for this stupid hotmail all that years

    • I share exactly the same painful experience, and I am asking who ever in charge at Hotmail Customer Service please resume my email address account. I am expecting very important information through this email address of mine from overseas. I would hold Microsoft responsible for any consequential losses due to such account closing without prior notice and arrangement with me…

  2. The account was blocked so that paid support is the only access which is $99.99. Essentially after 8-10 yrs of free hotmail, I have basically been cut off and forced to seek a different email carrier.

    • please help me my hotmail account is blocked and i cannot access my mails again please help My account is blocked. You are sending a code to the wrong e-mail address. My e-mail is listed above. I can not reset my account unless you sent the code to the right address. Thank you

      • please help me, my hotmail account is blocked and I cannot access my emails. You are sending a code to the wrong email address. My email address is listed above. I cannot reset my account until you send the code to the correct address. Thank you

  3. My account is blocked. You are sending a code to the wrong e-mail address. My e-mail is listed above. I can not reset my account unless you sent the code to the right address. Thank you Tresa

  4. I have this problem with my hotmail for the last three days and till now it’s not fixed.

    “You haven’t signed in from this location recently”

    I need this problem to be fixed as I need my hotmail urgently.

  5. The customer service for hotmail is really very bad as I have a problem with my hotmail for the last three days and till now not fixed.

    • I haven;t been able to get into my email for four months can;t figure out what the problem is i know my pass word but msn said i can;t send or receive emails what is wrong?

    • I am having problems getting into my email acct. I have contacted customer service to have my account password changed but still no one has been able to help me. I have went through the on-line steps and still I cannot get into my acct. I really need to get into my acct. as soon as possible, is there any one who can really help ?

  6. My account has been blocked, I have done all they have asked to be done and still cannot get it reopened. They have asked me to enter a code which is not there and which I do not have.

    I have very important information that I need to work with on that account. Can someone tell me what is going on.

    I need help.

    • my motherinlaws hotmail acct has been locked we redid her password but she still cant get on they gave us an email acct to go to but no code to sign in. i tried her new password and that didnt help what do we do next as she has important info that she needs to get to and she isnt that good on resttig things that is why iam emailing you

  7. I dont know if my maessege got to you but just incase a friend is having trouble with remembering the hotmail id and psw,And I think my account was back just in case something like this happens,I think it was Sasscat and a number @ or something like that,Thats the trouble part becouse she cant recover the psw to my account,Its not worth having a account sitting there forever with out signing in,

  8. My in box is locked; I don’t know why. I have had this for years. Let me know what to do. wayne k

  9. Hotmail customer service jus charge the money but nothing they do,i will never make hotmail acoount.same happend with my wife she had an acoount and after 4 years it stopped working when my wife called to hotmail support centre then they start to ask visa or mastercard no… they jus make the money,my personal advised is never make an account in hotmal,go for or else

  10. I get the following message when I go to my hotmail account. What does it mean?

    Unable to complete secure transaction
    Show Details

    Secure connection: fatal error (1066) Unable to verify the website’s identity (OCSP error). The response from the online certificate validation (OCSP) server was too old.

    Check that the address is spelled correctly, or try searching for the site.
    Search with Google

  11. my email account is blocked,and my password is not accepting, please send new password to activate my account


  12. After years of using hotmail, I have been locked out for a month and there has been no come back on my requests to resolve the issue. I am travelling so this account is a lifeline for me. How can a company continue to operate (free or not) with such service????

  13. My email has been hacked. You are sending the code to the WRONG email address. How and I supposed to fix it that way. please someone help me!

  14. I have used my ” hotmail Email ” now for a long long time.

    And on last week on Thursday night, when I clicked on my e-mail, it did not allow it to open and to read any
    e-mails on my item.
    Every time I click on my e-mail and the other list item, it never opened my e-mails now for a number of days
    (8-days) .

    Can you do any help on my computer item to open and to use my e-mails ( ? Can you do any help on my item as it would very help on my computer to open and to use my e-mails on my “hotmail”.

    Thanks for any help, quickly !

  15. Dear Sir,

    Kindly note that i have been informed that my email has been blocked because the same has been hacked and the hackers are perhaps sending undesirable mail by using my email.

    But my problem is that professional student magazine and my important professional are stucked in my email and it is imperative for me to have accessed to my email. My exam is nearing and everything is on may email. Therefore, being a reputable service provider, i do believe that Hotmail will enable to unblock by email.

    Thanking you in anticipation.


    Rudra Bholah

  16. It is outrageous that following a large scale hacking attack in London a company like Microsoft which blocked all these thousands of accounts can’t set up a system to allow customers to inform you where you should send the code to release the account
    Then to direct customers to support without telling them there is a charge of at least £39 is exploitation of a most cynical kind

  17. Please can someone help?
    I can not access my old hotmail account, and I need information from my school. It’s locked and I’ve had this account for years. The spam I received everyday was bad enough. but now it’s locked and I can’t seem to get in touch with any customer service.

    The email that is locked is
    I am using currently.

  18. after 16 years of using hotmail,my account has been blocked and I have been trying for nearly 2 months to get it back. there is no code to be entered and changing the password does not work either. all my contacts have been lost and i am very upset with hotmail. i was asked to pay an expert to restore my account. is this a scam?

  19. please can you send me a email to maryhyman so i can get my hotmail acct back as i have been locked out.i need to get my acct up and running asap thankyou

  20. From last one week my account has been blocked same i have seen lots of comments says about the code were is the code if the hotmail people dont want to us to continue then they can say like that dont take it personally iam pissed because of mail ID every thing is there.

  21. Before I log into my hotmail account it asks me to provide another email address and a phone number but when I put in my phone number it just says that phone number is not valid for that area/region, I have tried other peoples numbers as well and it keeps saying the same thing, so frustrated it is the email address on my resume and I cant access my account. Could you send me an email at

  22. Through my own error I have forgotten my password however when I go to recover the password it will not accept any of the letters or numbers I input and tells me to try again until finally it says I have inputted the information too many times and for security purposes I should try again later. I gave it a six hour window then tried again only to come up against the same problem. Hate to lose all my contacts I have stored. Please help.

  23. Dear Sir,

    Kindly note that i have been informed that my email has been blocked because the same has been hacked and the hackers are perhaps sending undesirable mail by using my email.

    it is imperative for me to have accessed to my everything is on may email. Therefore, being a reputable service provider, i do believe that Hotmail will enable to unblock by email.

    Thanking you in anticipation.


  24. My email was blocked, I followed the forms of how to get it un-blocked, it says it could take up to 24 hours, well I have done this 4 times now it has been a week and a half, 24 hours I wouldn’t have minded.

    I really need my email, what else can I do?

  25. My email has been blocked for past few days & it is really irritating, my work emails me through there all the time.
    I’ve had to fill a form to get a response from microsoft support 4 times now & still no help…
    I’ve never had a problem with my hotmail before…
    Please please please can someone help…
    I would be really grateful if they could.
    Thank you.

  26. Ny account is blocked and I am unable to answer the questions asked to unblock it I need some help can some please let me know who ring to speak to about this

  27. My email has been blocked for three days. I have followed the instructions to get it reconnected without any success. It has gone past the 24 hours as indicated. I need to access my account urgently

  28. I just received a message that my emails are blocked. They request you to fill out a long form with more personal information and ask for credit card information. I feel like this is a scam and will not give that kind of information out. Perhaps Mr. Gates can answer to these problems.

  29. ph.number.0452187879.please can you help can not get into my hotmail ive had norton backup hotmail will not acceptmy phone number they say my account had virus used by somebody else please can anybody help.

  30. Im SO unbelievably tired of looking for a customer service number for Hotmail. My email account has been hacked and I can’t access it. I keep being directed to a questionnaire which apparently proves that it’s my account, but asks me for my credit card details. Are you kidding?! Can someone please get back to me on the email provided – obviously not on my Hotamil email as I can’t log on!!!

  31. its time for a change, this is ridiculous that we pay thousands of dollars for microsoft loaded computors and programs and we cant get support for a service they offer!!!! hotmail, you cant supply years of an account and then not have a support system that is user friendly. Can we please talk to someone you microsoft idiots!!!!

  32. I recieved an e-mail from an individual saying that because my account is older and there are upgrades happening for Hotmail, I need to send him my password, name, address, etc. This individuals email address is registered at hotmail. Ìs this person a fraud trying to con me to get my information

  33. my account has been blocked temporarily, i cant access my account. please help to unblock my account its so urgent.
    I have already provided all the necessary information that had been asked also i have provided the alternate email address. Why and how it has happened i don’t know.

  34. I have been unable to access my Hotmail for three days. i had a Microsoft message telling me someone might be using my account and they had to be sure my account was mine. I have done everything requested and still can’t get in. I need my e-mail urgently.

  35. My hotmail account was blocked and they will not re-activate it. I gave them all the information I could…and then some…and they are still saying that they can not verify my identity…this is so very frustrating. I have had hotmail for years and I need my contacts as well as everything else in my hotmail. Has anyone actually gotten ANY help from Microsoft to get them back up at running? SOMEONE HELP US PLEASE!!!!! Clearly this is a huge issue and it needs to be resolved immediately!

  36. asalam-o-alikum
    sir i am hafiz nisar ahmed my email id hacked hacked person email id all profile detail changed please recover my email id sir all security option changed i providing all security question detail send sir
    Hafiz Nisar Ahmed
    Mobile:+92-333-5167846, +92-346-5926953

  37. Sir, I need your kind and urgent favor my hotmail ID is not working Please help to get my ID I don’t know what happened when I gave my password then option come but account not open, my email id is; and this ID account is not open please help me urgently my some personal and business work stopped.

    Yours very sincerely
    Business Coordinator, Consultant, Facilitator,
    Cell: 0092 3365665454
    Landline: +92 64 2462342

  38. Currently, i am unable to access my account and unfortunately it is extemely important to me. please Advise on it. it is not being haked.I need to recover my account.

  39. YASTERDAY WHEN I WAS TRYING TO LOG ON MY EMAIL it says it it seems that someone else using your acount did recoery they gave me code but i dont know what i will do with it please help meeeeeeeee im using my email witch i created today il got inportant email cant tell u how inportant it is

  40. OMG, based on the number of complaints here on this site, I believe the hour has come for all of us users uh? Can someone please help me to get back into my hotmail account. Microsoft, I have done everything you have asked me to do in terms of providing information to the best of my abilities so you can send me this link to access my account. After having this account for over 12 years I am shut off from accessing information for my work so I can earn a decent living. If you were going to do this to customers, at least provide some warning so we could have removed all the important emails documents, photos and contact information before shutting it down. I need to get in please, what else do you want me to do. Can some please contact me at +1-306-789-1334 seeing that it is virtually impossible to get a hold of someone at Microsoft who can assist with this worldwide ‘Hotmail’ issue!!!!!!

  41. can’t get into hotmail. It won’t accept my password or any new one. I also used a new user name so not sure where I am now or what to do. I suspect phishing but perhaps you can enlighten me.
    It keeps asking for my bank a/c details? This would not be wise surely or necessary, since I pay for the use of my internet.
    k kelly

  42. Dear Sir /Madam
    I did not use my email address for long time and now it seems not working. I would like to activate it as many friends do know it.
    My old email address
    Please send me the way of getting back my email on the underneath address

    Dr Abdul Gbaj
    Assistant professor of Genetics and Biochemistry
    Department of Medicinal Chemistry
    Faculty of pharmacy, Tripoli University of Medical Sciences, Tripoli – Libya
    Tel: + 218 21 -4627798 -4628098
    Fax: + 218 21-4625577
    M: + 218 913556785
    P O Box 13645

  43. hi . i been receiving an email saying i won an ipad 2 . hahaha. it says that i was selected on hotmail microsoft as a winner hahaha. i think its a scam cause there is a weird link .
    i need some help what’s going on

  44. Hello

    I cannot access mt hotmail account, I’ve gone tjrought the password resetting process however, each time post password reset and after entering this new password it will not open my account….?

    Can you please help by contacting me to let me know can this be fixed ASAP?

  45. My email address has been hacked password changed and my secret question and answer have been changed also my other email address what I put down has been changed.. So there is no way in which I can reset my password or sign into my email… Can some one please help me: my hacked/blocked email address is: I would be so grateful if someone can help me.. Email address means a lot to me.. My email address I’m using at the moment is: many thanks: Sarah

  46. I got blocked out of my account and can not get in. The reason they gave me is that I have logged into my account from to many different computers and now I have no way of getting back into my account. How do I contact someone who can help me or resolve my problem.

  47. Hi,
    My account was blocked, a message from email support team asked me to send an alternative email address so they can check out my authenticity. They have now approved my authenticity and have replied me on the alternative email and have said that they have sent me a link to reset my password. But there is no such link, could you please resend this link via Thnk you

  48. Can’t get any help to get into my Hotmail account
    Been charged over 300 dollars and think it is a disgrace no one has bothered
    To return my emails or called me I have had to change all my contacts and missed
    Very important emails
    My phone number is 306 480 7339 Canada
    A very sad customer

  49. I need help i buy black ops 2 and i no have the bonus of nuketown 2025 please help. my name of playstation 3 is huesos_darwin.

  50. Sir,

    I am subhash chandra pathak my email id : today whenever i try to open the same they ask for verification code & its goes on my another id which is not operational.

    so kindly look into this matter & unlock the same

  51. using the address;

    my address is not working i have been through the over view procedures and it says its not satisfied how many times will i have to go through the over veiw process i dont know who tried to use my email address and blocked it but however it is important i retrieve this information I have used this for years and i would like the information to do with my babies father and our custodial proposals which will be addressed in feb this year. please act immediately i also have other commitments and responsibilities.


    Erena Heta

  52. iam havin the same trouble as all the above , cant access my hotmail acc . .. why do i have to refill in my acc . also . it says ” free hotmail” so why do u need my creidit card details .. hotmail is fallin to the pack .. please connect me back to hotmail where all i have to do is put in my password ..

  53. Hello customer service team,

    My hotmail address is not working properly, the only thing I see on the page is the Inbox contents. I am trying for 3 days to open a singl message without succsess. Please help

  54. My hotmail account got hacked.It changed my password and security answer.Also it sent weird email to all of my contact list include government agencies. how to stop this issued? please help me.

  55. My account was hijacked a week ago, and I have sent many email´s to no avail, I cannot access my account, I cannot open my emails, I cannot get my contacts list, I can´t do anything I am helpless, and whoever has hijacked my account can do as they like, because I can´t close the account or do anything as they have changed my password, I think this is a diabolical service, and there should be some kind of recourse that can be taken against Hotmail for the trouble and expense that their inferior service has caused me.
    I have tried to phone on all the numbers they supply and am told by the operators that these numbers do not exist.
    Does anyone know how I can sort this problem out, I am getting no sleep wondering what someone will do next with all my contacts etc.

    • Hello my friend,
      I am facing the same problem! but I guess mine isnt as worse as your problem!
      did anything happened with you? did you recover it? do they have any email support to ask them to help me recover it, I did once.. couple of years ago…
      lets protest 🙂

      goodluck mate

      p.s : fight for your right – Bob marley – alaho akbar..


  56. hotmail has a new system to recover “SENT” emails.
    The previous system designated each “SENT” email.
    The present system presents several emails when only one is needed.
    This system is insane. It presents 4 or 5 emails, olny one email is needed.
    It is a mess. Return to the previous system of I will change services

  57. Hello, my account was hijacked a week ago by my ex girlfriend but she decide to wrote herself an a threading mail pretending to be me and she sent it to her account. I really need to get this email back since she deleted the whole entire history and all evidences. Please help me to get this email back and the IP address. This is serious matter so I can used it against her and actually prove that I didn’t wrote this message from my computer or My IP address. Thanks!!

  58. I have been trying for ages to get my hotmail unblocked with accurate information but I cannot get an answer from Microsoft? Please could you send me the unblock code??
    I need to get into my emails urgently.

  59. Hi
    I can’t access my account, It is saying I’m not providing enough information to relocate the account. There is no help provided so please can you resolve this situation!

  60. I’m being spammed from hotmail accounts with sex solicitations sent in response to an ad I posted on Craigs List to sell a clothes dryer. Craigs List says I have to contact Hotmail to stop it, but there appears to be no way to do it. Tell me how.

  61. Cannot sign in to Hotmail it says there is someone else using my account. Sent alternative E-mail address for security code still no code. Then asked me to fill in form, asking details of recent emails I had sent. Then asked for my card details for billing, please tell me what’s going on

  62. i need to help my son to reset his email password, his alternate email address had been cancelled, so that is no way to change it n he cannot remember what is his latest email he had send out, pls help, asap, as we need to open up his email to check his school status

  63. This new Sucks big time!! I am unable to log out and unable to view my junk mail. Fix it or i’m going to drop account. This is rediculous i never had this problem with hotmail!!!!

  64. All day trying to open my email and keep getting” something happened and can’t open your account. try later, been trying all day. Want to know WHAT HAPPENED.

  65. Good mornning

    I doubt maybe somebody use my account hotmail
    Can you know if my doubt real

    Sometime wrote error password
    Can you know who send and receive from my account hot mail

    Thank for your collaborate

  66. I have had a really hard time getting back into my email account and I have tried and tried every password I can think of to try annd get back into it. The questionare sucks and I believe you should have more than one “secret question”‘s. Everytime I filled it out, it asked the same question. Never changed nor did my answer work even though I KNOW it was the right answer. I also don’t really use my email to contact anyone but to store important things like pictures so incase someting happens to my phone or my computer, I know I still have them somewhere so on the questionare, it asks for “recent sent messages” or “contacts email addresses”. I don’t really have any. I don’t keep up with my last log in either so the questionare screwed me over totally. I will be callng the numbers above to see if they are any help or not. I really hope they will be of some help. If anyone can give me any information about what else to do (if the numbers are of no help), I’d be over greatful and totally appreciate it. But if I don’t get my email address back, I’m losing 10 years of memories.

  67. Thanks so much for your help!! Phoned Microsoft technical support, spoke to a live person right away, and they are emailing me directions on how to unblock my email address, and make my computer safer. I’m going to keep that number in my cell phone for future reference, just in case!!

  68. I have been unable to access my Hotmail for three days. i had a Microsoft message telling me someone might be using my account and they had to be sure my account was mine. I have done everything requested and still can’t get in. I need my e-mail urgently.

  69. Hello

    My account has been blocked .lrjones at I’m entering all the correct important now I get a email stating I should create a new account .. This is my business email very unprofessional and inconvenient . My phone is always logged on , I just don’t understand how this could happen ..

    Very disappointed would not recommend this company

  70. ive been trying to open up a hotmail account for my daughter the prosses has gone through ok and ive been in the account but when i sign out and try and sign back in it wont except the hotmail address

  71. I couldn’t recover my account even I sent the verification form twice already. First time fail as it mentioned couldn’t be done through other than hotmail whereas I provided gmail as my recovery access account. Second time failed because of the system down. Could u please help me to r3cover it? Urgent.

  72. Listen to me people! My hotmail account got hacked back in march. I paid them a hefty price to get it fixed and they made it sound like this wouldn’t happen and again and that the next time wouldn’t cost anything…they deceived me! Not only did my account get hacked again, they said my network got hacked as well. $309.00 later and they fixed it and added security to my laptop! I own a Macbook and feel like they went a little over-board and I now feel I got fooled into spending more money then I needed. I felt pushed because it was my email which is connected to my banking and such so of course I’m going to freak out a bit. Now when I turn on my Macbook stuff will pop up that’s not supposed to and files are now in zip files that weren’t before. I am completely and utterly unhappy with the service here! I recommend to everyone to not deal with them and switch over to g-mail or something else. Even though they will say anyone can get hacked…look at how many of us are having issues with our hotmail accounts! Also, when my email got hacked the second time, a lady from the company called and barely explained to me what was actually happening and accused me right off the bat of being the one spamming people with porn and etc! Her name was Veronica and she came off rude and didn’t defuse the situation at all. Yes, I was upset, but i did not yell at her! I told her i wanted her name and some information and when I used the word “lawyer”…she hung up…weird right!! I had to call them back to see if it was a scam or not!
    Too top it off they phoned me 2 days ago again! Once again they did not explain the situation very well! They just sounded like they wanted more money off the bat! So apparently my payment in march went through when my email first got hacked but then their system messed up and put that money back into my credit card in july! Well guess what! I just maxed out my credit card paying the $309.00 for my email and network getting hacked again! This guy (Michael) got very pushy and for the first time in my life I told a tech support person “to back the f%$# off”…I’m a patient guy but I got pushed hard for my money! It is not my fault you guys screwed up! I just gave you guys money to fix it AGAIN! You guys have pushed me so hard that I am in fact going to take the time to talk to my uncle (political and lawyer connections) to figure out my rights! I don’t think I have to pay you back and the way it sounds like your service is going with everyone else…something is not right. Especially with 2/3 of your staff I have dealt with came off pushy and rude! What kind of pre-school type company are you guys running! So I told the guy I maxed out my credit card and he pushed me for any credit card I could find! This is not a bluff about talking with my uncle! I’m not just doing this for me but for everyone else on here! I will figure out my exact legal rights! Though I gave you guys $50.00 already and still you need $120.00, I’m not sure if I have to pay that!!! I already paid it once!!!
    I will say one thing! The one guy I talked with named David was very helpful, diffused me being upset, took time to properly explain stuff and was very patient with me! Props to you man for knowing how to do your job! Though I think this company is a sham, I would give you a raise and say job well done!
    People I am not over-exxagerating, though this company is legitimate, there is something not totally correct in how they are going about their business. Don’t be surprised if you get phone call from someone that isn’t me and might ask this company some questions. As for now, I will do more research!

  73. My account has been blocked or hack at I’m entering all the correct important now I get a email stating I should create a new account its a big problem a waste of time trying to get back my Hotmail they ask question that now one can’t remember for a sample they ask for the fist time you open your Hotmail or the most resent massage that you receive. came on people we just need to get back are Hotmail.

  74. i found my hotmail account are blocked recently, i try to resume back my hotmail account but been asking many question, and i do answer it one by one, but still cant let me access to my account, i have an important email need to open, please resume back my account please.

    • My email have been hacked so I change my password and delete existence account and restart again the setting on my devices but still I can send an email but I’m not getting any email
      So what else I do to get my emails


  75. I have been trying to access my hotmail account for three days now with no sucess. if a person travels from one country they should still have access to their account. I am very upset that I cannot get into my account and support continue to send me on a run around with access. my US telephone do not work in europe and I have no access to the code which Microsoft sent me. I need my account open today and I have sent my email address gregoryL77@yahoo which I still have access to after giving a challenged question.

  76. Why I receive this
    Your E-mail account has exceeded it’s limit and needs to be verified for your safety, if not verified within 48 hours, we will suspend your email account.

    All you need to do is to update your security questions and answer in other not to loose your email account.

    Click below to verify your email account now!


    • What is the point of emailing my email address. I cannot open it.
      Filled out everything. Keep receiving an “issue” number and nothing happens. What is an issue number even do? It says to wait 24 hours, which I keep doing. I have completed my VERIFY ACCOUNT several times. PLEASE tell me what is going on and when to expect my email to open

  77. I’m calling BULL CRAP on Hotmail’s decision to REQUIRE a phone number that they have to VERIFY via a call or text for “account security” for me to continue to access my account. It is total BS that I should need to have that tied to my account if I don’t want it. I believe they already have a secondary e-mail address for me that they can use if I need to reset my password; I do not want to give them my phone number, and I don’t care how many times they promise they aren’t going to use it spam my account, THEY DO NOT NEED THAT INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am ticked and seriously considering giving up this account that has become increasingly more annoying in recent months.

  78. Are Microsoft not willing to sort the hotmail sign in problem, or just incompetent. I have sent an alternative email address for a new code and not recieved a reply. Obviouslyt microsoft do not care about its customers anymore

  79. Since about April !9th, my email was blocked. It is most inconvenient to relate to a machine about my account.because of stored information on my email, I would like to get back into it.

  80. I have been shut out of my account for almost three months i.e. since March until June 30th. It is a complete disaster. They keep asking for my Paypal password as validation of my hotmail account, I presume to gain access to my credit card payment method! I suppose it’s a hacker on the Microsoft team who is doing this?

  81. all the free numbers for HOTMAIL support are answered by people from India…..disappointed problem not solved I want to talk with Americans

  82. Friend using my email address for communication. Just “issue” number received. Verify Account had been accepted. Now what? What does the “issue” number even mean?

  83. My email has been hacked by someone in Nigeria i have called so many people til i dont know what to do somebody asked me to pay the a 100$ that i dont have its asking me for a code that i dont have i have not got any results yet and i cant get it to my email what do i do

  84. Have been blocked fm my acct 3 or 4 days. Utility bills come in here. Cannot access bank acct which hotmail is a resource for.
    I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG except have accessed my acct fm another location & now have a new service provider which has just stacked more days to block me as say I’ve been hacked…it is ME trying to get onto my acct. Now I hear I have to wait another 24 hrs. I CANNOT Reply to HOTMAIL. I am 70 & cannot remember all the crap they ask me such as subject of my emails & all the passwords I’ve used…and WHO I send emails to. Also I DO NOT have an Xbox 🙁 🙁 CRAZY !!

  85. This is the LATEST Thing when I try to access my account:
    You’ve reached the limit for account recovery requests
    We’ve received too many requests to recover this account today. (We have a limit to help keep your account safe.) Please try again in 24 hours.

  86. Why do I bother doing this? There is no help-there is no service-there is no one who cares-there is no hotmail. Is there even ONE person out there who found help?

  87. The only way I can find an older email is in my inbox. If I go to one of my other folders and do a search for an email, it won’t allow it. Extremely frustrating!!

  88. For the past few days (may be a month) I have been encountering security settings of firefox browser blocking the java scripts because of which EMail signing in has not been posssible and cannot use with FIREFOX Mozella Webbrowser.

    Even though I can access my email account at Hotmail with the microsoft internet explorer, processing of the mail messages and editing to compose,reply and forward the mails has not been forth-coming during this period.

    Request attention and instructions.
    Firefox webbrowser has Java plugin enabled at the add-on list.


  89. Can not get into my e-mail. you always send me a code before I can open my email but its now two days every time I try to open you do not send the code and this hinders me from completing the process of opening.
    I am in urgent need of accessing my mail box, please let me get into the account. i don’t care if it is being hacked or not. it is my business. Just don’t close the account but help me access it.

  90. I to have had my hotmail account of 12 years closed due to being “accessed by someone else”. I have filled in the form 4 tmes to no avail always requesting further information. All I want to do is reset my password on this account as there are emails in there from my childs school that I need to access but am unable to. I even received a text message from some number but when you call it back no one answers and some of the talking isnt even in english.


  91. Try to log into my hotmail account when away from home, but needs to verify because something is different. Alternate email address is also a hotmail account, but can’t access because something is different, so need to verify information, but can’t because because because …
    In other words when I am away from home, hotmail is useless to me and if it is useless to me, then I need to explore other options … other options are going to someone else for my email and my internet browser as well …. you are all linked together. Maybe this is the reason Apple is better than you.

  92. Dear Hotmail Contact Customer Service.
    06/30/2015 the administration of support your’s site unilaterally made changes in the settings of my account and as a result of this action I did not receive in my mailbox no any messages.
    In this regard, I ask your help:
    -please, recover the settings of my account as they were previous and the ability to receive any messages sent to me.
    Kind regards,
    Ben Khayut

  93. Dear Sirs,

    Recently I have received a number of spam mails from different senders with links requesting me to update my account, otherwise my account will cease. I would like to forward these messages to Hotmail Customer Service to see any precautions could be made and any recommendation from the service team.

    Best Regards,

  94. Dear Sirs,
    I have acute problem about “CODE” you have asked from when I filled up the
    email format for a new address.
    I have wasted much time to enter the Code in the required box but every time
    retrieved back. There is much difficulty to quote even that you have not mentioned any process to guide me what type of code you want.
    It is honorable that you yourselves select a a CODE and send to me.

  95. hello iam having a probleme my email addrs is in chinise or indian
    id like to have it repaire has soon is possible so i can carry on with my
    work thank you

  96. hello iam having a probleme my email addrs is in chinise or indian
    id like to have it repaire has soon is possible so i can carry on with my
    work thank you

  97. i can’t open my account. i have emergency mail in this account.i did the correct password but still my account is not opening. they want to verify my account.i gave them information but they need my credit card number etc. i dont know why. could you help me please, because one urgent mail will come from homeoffice i need to check it.

  98. I have forgotten my security questions and answers which I used for opening my Hotmail account. Could you please let me know the same for using to retrieve my account if the web page does not open. I regret that I could not find your email add for bringing the matter to our knowledge.
    I hope you wouldn’t disappoint me.

  99. Good day,please I have forgotten my password to above emaiL which has made it difficult for me to access my account specifically on my phone.kindly assist in retrieve my password.Best regards.

  100. Months ago, I was blocked from getting into my davidb214 account.
    They say it was security reasons but your blocking every try to recover my password.
    I go through you steps and they say that it will be sent to another of my email addresses, it has never been sent to any of my email accounts.
    I have some problem from a major fall years ago and I need to get into that account for addresses I need.
    Doctors, rehab centers.
    Thing I must have.
    Please help me!!!!!!!

  101. You locked me out of my account and refuse to help get the information I need for my treatments.
    I have a memory problem that’s why I put the info in the safest place I could think of (was I wrong}.
    I have a mild mental problem and I answer you the best I can,several time

  102. Please help me! I am travelling in Russia, and will go to Indonesia. I am absolutely dependant on my email account, in case my family needs me in an emergency. I am with a friend, Joey. Please write me to, how I can retrieve my account. I have filled out the form twice, with as much info as I could, it denied me both times. This is absurd, I depended on reliable service and I am not getting it. The phone contact for a new code won’t work because overseas, I cannot answer my phone or receive texts here. I can tell you that I have one draft saved with an e-mail typed out to Who is it reviewing these forms? How would I know all these common subject lines I use if I were not the owner of the account? Bottom line, I am really going to get hurt bad if I cannot use my account for my travels for the next two weeks, so please send an email to, and give me access to my account. I am desperate. Thank You.
    Gelitza Miome

  103. Hello,
    I am not receiving mails sent from the recipients. Why is this no matter my account is active. Please resolve my problem.

  104. I need recovery my hotmail email back somebody seems to be using it . l I can’t login. Else I want to block it. Pl. advice

  105. I’ve had an e mail supposedly from Hotmail alerting me that my account has been used from a different location and to download a form to fill out. I want to know if this is a bogus e mail or if there really is a problem, before I download this form and open a can of worms.

  106. I am very upset that hotmail keeps telling me that my account doesn’t exist. i know it does and i have accounts linked to this email and i cant recover them because i cant get into my hotmail account… help!

  107. I am having a problem with one of my contacts not being able to send me job alerts like they used to. They are not blocked when I go into blocked senders, they have said it is potentially the Hotmail server that has blocked them which happens to some of their clients like me. The suggested I contact Hotmai to unblock them. It is Sitter City, I was getting their job alerts and then they stopped coming, I did not block them. They told me that sometimes it is a server problem and they do not know about it unless a client has that problem.

  108. Dear Sir,

    I can not sign in our hot Mail Account.
    I need recovery my hot Mail Account but not clear the step Verification.

  109. i have face these 2 problems every now and then.1.i keep getting emails fro the blocked list. same email id keep sending e porn &other offer, which is embarrassing and frustrating
    2. whenever I change my computer or location, I have endless problems to sign in even when my password is correct. Most of the time I failed to access my email till I return home and log in from my home computer. even while in town, I cnat get access thru Library or any other computer.
    in some cases, Hotmail sends OTP to yahoo and Yahoo sends OTP to Hotmail. how can I open either account when both act so stupid?
    Isnt it ridiculous to block me rather than blocking those whom I disqualify to contact me?
    what kind of system is this?
    isn’t it the reason for popularity of Google over Hotmail and yahoo?

  110. Good evening
    I would like to clear some of my boxe message
    But all gone
    I make mistake
    Can you send me back all my message please ?
    I carrefull the next manipulation
    Best regards
    Mr rovere yann

  111. Hello,
    since this morning I do not receive any emails anymore.
    Can you assist and advice what to do?
    Thank you.

  112. I am having serious difficulty in accessing my hotmail account. I have tried to recover it and spoken with the virtual assistant on your website but I really need to speak with someone.

    Could anyone get in contact with me regarding account recovery?

    Kind regards, Eoghan

  113. Dear MSN Hotmail CSR Manager,

    I am utterly disappointed that you refuse to allow me to access my accounts even after I have informed you that my account was NOT being hacked and I have NO desire to use a shared platform for my accounts. This is your attempt to cyber bully me into agreeing to terms I have never agreed with so:
    1.) Please STOP telling me my Hotmail and MSN email addresses accounts need to be repaired as no-one broke into them in the first place!
    2.) Please STOP telling me that I need to verify and change my password as I have no intention to do so
    3.) Thirdly, Please stop trying me to use my passwords on a shared platform as I refuse to do that and I have one pass word for each account and prefer it that way!
    Thank you for your understanding in anticipation of your immediate release of my account for my use ASAP! Thank you, Modupe

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