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Contacting Hot Topic Customer Service Center

Hot Topic is a rock and roll, off the wall sort of store that caters to people who live outside the mainstream. The store is wildly popular among young adults and teens offering unique clothing lines, body jewelry and more.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You can order online or purchase Hot Topic items in store. The contact information provided below is associated with the online order side of the business, though customer service is available to answer questions about products before and after purchase from the store.

Customer service agents are available by phone between 6 AM and 7 PM Monday to Friday and 7 AM and 5 PM Saturday and Sunday PST.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-892-8674

If you must call the customer service department from outside the United States use the international number.

  • International Customer Service: 1-626-709-1189

Mailing Address

If you have an issue or praise for Hot Topic customer service, you can contact them via mail by addressing your letter to:

Hot Topic, Inc. 18305 San Jose Ave. City of Industry, CA 91748

Do not include your credit card, debit card or bank account information with the letter. If the customer service department needs such support for your claim they will contact you with instructions on how to submit those documents securely. Include contact information with your letter so the customer service agent knows how to respond to your letter.

Official Website

Located on is the official website for the company. The website is a shopping site, so much of the information you’ll see pertains to selling Hot Topic merchandise. If you need customer service you must click on the Customer Service tab at the top of the page.

Customer Service Email

You can email Hot Topic customer service at any time. There is no direct email address, but there is a form on the Customer Service side of the website. The email form is located at

Our Experience

Hot Topic customer service is automated. If you press 0 you will be moved to hold for the next customer agent. The music when placed on hold is quite loud and typical of the Hot Topic brand – rock and roll. Intermittently a brief message will pop up on your call to remind you of new products, online customer service options and thank you for waiting on hold. We waited for 3:17 before an agent answered our call. We asked the agent about the sizing of a particular shirt on the Hot Topic site. The agent explained the sizing and told us about the return policy if we are not comfortable with the cut of the piece.

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One comment on “Contact Hot Topic Customer Service
  1. Hot topic sadly has the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with. As I sit on the phone and wait for 30 minutes they play the same song over and over again. Then the customer service rep tells me something about my order which does not happen. I placed an order about 3 weeks ago and still have no received my order. I will NEVER buy anything from them again!

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