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Contacting Homedics Customer Service Center

Homedics is a personal safety and health company offering massagers, foot baths, air cleaners, alarm clocks and security devices for the home, among many other products. There does not appear to be one clear angle the company is looking to follow aside from the one that sells products to the consumer. Homedics is a relatively new company started in 1987 in Michigan.

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Contact Info:

We found it relatively easy to locate customer service contact information for Homedics. All information is listed on the official website contact page with the exception of the mailing address.

Phone Contact Number

Homedics lists three different customer service phone numbers. One is for Homedics customer service, the other two are for third-party products sold by Homedics.

  • Homedics Phone Number: 1-800-466-3342
  • Taylor Precision (Homedics Bathroom Scales): 1-866-843-3905
  • Black and Decker: 1-800-297-5028

Mailing Address

We often find the mailing address for a company in the privacy policy, but that’s not the case for Homedics customer service. We were able to find an address, but only through an outside site. The mailing address is for letters only, not returns. To ease your customer service experience, we’ve included the returns address as well.

Homedics IncAttn: Customer Service3000 Pontiac TrlCommerce Township, MI 48390


Homedics Return CenterDept 1683000 Pontiac TrlCommerce, MI 48390

Official Website

Open your computer browser and enter for more information on Homedics customer service and products. You can order products through the officiate site or learn more about the products you want to purchase offline, in major retail stores. We’ve found Homedics products in pharmacies, major retailers and high-end department stores, so there appears to be no limit to where you can find Homedics products.

Social Media

Homedics is proud of the social media connections the company offers to customers. All pages are listed on the front page and at the bottom of every page of the site for your convenience.

Customer Service Email

If emailing a customer service representative is the best way for you to contact Homedics customer service, use the contact form listed on the official website at:

Our Experience

Calling a customer service department should not be a chore. Customers will endure a lengthy message prior to listing to the long list of applicable options. Although there was an option to speak with a customer service agent, the call does not connect immediately; you have to wait. And we mean wait. Our wait time exceeded 7 minutes. The automated system continued to apologize for the delay, but didn’t connect to a live agent. When the agent addressed to call, we noticed the agent appeared flustered and not professional. Our concerns were addressed, but the overall experience was not the best. Did you have a better experience you want to share? Take minute to leave a comment below.

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60 Comments on “Contact Homedics Customer Service
  1. I had the same problems as previous person, a long message before being able to connect with a person. After 12 minutes on hold, finally a rep answered and not very professional. Supposedly sending me a replacement BP machine but not given shipping date or tracking. Not very helpful!

  2. I have had enough of buying “HoMedics” products that break quickly,or just don’t work at all. Foot soakers that stop heating, massagers that stop working, and now I buy my husband a neck and shoulder massager that the adaptor plug won’t stay connected !!!!! I will return it to the store for my money back and NEVER buy this junk again, three strikes and your out!! I have truly learned my lesson, how upsetting to give my husband a birthday gift that’s not working. DONE

  3. What does customer service mean to you, Homedics? It is doubtful that anyone in the company will read this email but I need to vent. I needed a cord for my Sound Spa; called 3 times, was on hold for several minutes each time, no one ever answered. So I left 2 phone messages, no return call. I also emailed twice, no response. I don’t know how much you pay customer service representatives, but it is way too much.

  4. I have a Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier. I have used it on and off for three days. Now it is dripping the distilled water from the vent opening so badly I have to put a bowl under it. I shouldn’t have to replace the filter that soon, so what is the problem. It did not drip the first two days.

  5. There is no customer service. It is non-existent. I purchased a Spa Plus Paraffin Bath yesterday morning, and turned it on this afternoon. After heating for an hour the paraffin had not melted, and the ready light was not on. It’s been an hour and a half now. I first tried to reach customer service on line. I was told I would be called within 15 minutes. Twenty-five minutes later I went to the web page again and found the telephone number, 1-800-466-3342. I called that number only to be told, automated voice, that there was no one could help me today. If I don’t receive any service by tomorrow morning, I will return it and go with another brand. Judging from my experience and the comments I read, I don’t know how you stay in business.

  6. just bought a oscillating ultrasonic humidifier on friday january 17 2014 worked for about half hour then shut down.willn’t run more then half hour.what a piece of junk.

  7. I have a Tony Little Sleeping pillow it collapeds from go it is under warrenty.Why should I have to pay for shipping to you for an exchange.

  8. I have a Tony Little Inversion, Massage, Heat Spa Recliner, Model Number:AG-3500TL. Is there a repair facility in or near Sacramento, California. I really need this item repaired so that I may use it now. I recently had major surgery on my spine and this chair would be a real joy now!

    • I have a Tony Little Inversion, Massage, Heat Spa Recliner, Model Number:AG-3500TL. I have misplaced my AC Power Supply Adapter and therefore unable to use the remote. I found the information pamphlet online and it states ‘do not use any other AC Adapter other than the one that came with the chair’. I would like to order one, but do not know where to get it. I live in Canada but if it is only available in the US, I would be happy to order one from there. If I am able to purchase one at a store where I live, I would need the correct AC Input and Output Voltage information in order not to burn out my remote for the chair. Thank you for your help.

  9. I have a Tony Little Inversion, Massage, Heat Spa Recliner, Model Number:AG-3500TL. Is there a repair facility in or near Sacramento, California. I really need this item repaired so that I may use it now. I recently had major surgery on my spine and this chair would be a real joy now!

  10. purchased Hip and Pocket pedometer and discovered there is no tool enclosed to open
    battery case to install battery required. I think it’s ridiculous to have to now go out and
    purchase a tiny screwdriver necessary for that ! why no tool enclosed ?

  11. I have been calling off-and-on, since January, and it is now May. Should I just assume you do not have an actual CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT???

    Left many unanswered phone calls…..this is regarding my blood pressure wrist monitor.

    Will someone from you company please respond to this for assistance OR are you even still in business. If you are, maybe Walgreen’s should stop carrying your line of products.

  12. I recently purchased 2 Homedic pillows that are made of memory foam pieces. The smell of the pillows is terrible. They were both in the same plastic bag and sealed when I purchased them at Sam’s. The card inside the sealed package said to air them out before using and the smell would go away. I have been airing them out for a week. I even took them out side and hung them on a clothes line to try and remove the toxic odor. I am so unhappy with these pillows. How do I remove the odor. Going on 10 days now and they still smell toxic.

  13. I have tried so many times to get hold of your company by phone. I wait and wait still i get no one to help me. I have a Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor. Model # BPA-060 My problem is the Large size cuff doesnt work any more. I bought this in May 20, 2011 at CVS HERE IN CARLYLE And I have my sales receipt. Please let me know how I can get one to help me take my Husband Blood with my same monitor. Thanks you

  14. I have a homedics pedicure spaw model hl-300-b and looking to replace the attachments. I have gone onto your addresses and connot find anything for this model. Please advice if the attachements are available. Also using the address E-MAIL ADDRESS


  16. I suffer with very bad neck and shoulder cramps due to cholesterol lowering meds. My son bought me the Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager w/heat for Christmas and I love it. When the pain wakes me up in the middle of the night I grab it and 5-10 min later I’m ready to go back to bed. Best gift ever.

  17. Worst customer service I have encountered. On 3 separate tries, after waiting for over 8 minutes and listening to the apologetic message, I was forced to leave a message, because no one was available to take my call. Would have been nice to hear that before waiting. No one ever returned messages, or replied to e-mails. I have returned an unused product, with proper documentation, have a proof of delivery, and will probably never be credited. DO NOT BUY DIRECT FROM THIS COMPANY!!

  18. I would like to tell you about our humidifier that we were using. our furnace stop running the repair said that the white dust came from our humidifier and we use filtered water.which is soft water.we didn`t see the dust now that we know about this we have to have someone come and clean out our duck system, which now we have to spend money, the repair man said the dust will be in our house until it is clean up . now we have to change filters in our furnace every 4 or 5 days so the furnace we keep reunning and or funrance is only 5 yrs old……I will never use this again, in fact our will go in the trasn……not happy with this product at all……….and we read the info that came with the humidifier….thank you judy jones.

  19. My Homedics scales worked fine until recently I noticed overnight that my weight had increased over 25 lbs. My husband weighed and the exact same increase. We both weigh under 160
    normally. The scales are broken and I called the 800 number and was told to return the scales, of course, at my own expense. Postage for this would be more than it is worth to buy a new set.
    Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Designed to ignore you and you will just go away, no more of this product for me.

  20. The customer service is horrible. I have had the same experience as those who wrote it takes forever to get through the waiting period. I have left several messages and no one calls back. I have emailed them and no one answers.

    I have had some good Homedic products but the ones I just returned were made out of plastic and fell apart. This is my last purchase with Homedics.

  21. Having problems with homemedics blood pressure monitor.I had the wrist version for less than 30 day s before it ceased to expand without losing air pressure. I have been trying to make contact to find out what my next step should be. Thank you for your help in making sure that I am compensated.

  22. HoMedics customer service should be re-titled the “customer service black hole”. I had a problem with a product I liked – the remote on their Deep Sleep machine was not working well. Their site invites inquiries and comments – I wrote three times to them over several months and never once did I receive a response – they won’t even acknowledge my emails.
    Conclusion: they know they have poorly performing products, and worse, they don’t even care that they have poorly performing products. A very poor business model.

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  24. I have JetSpa Ultra Pedicure Foot bath with a very gentle use. Today I found out the jet action & heat is not working. Infrared light is on if I turn the spa on.
    I love my JetSpa and want to fix this problem and continue to use one.

  25. I have a Homedics Blood Pressure Monitor BPA-260-CBL that has an E-1 error each time I try to use it.
    I have called for 2 days – being put on hold for hours – have left my number twice and have not been contacted yet. How in the world do we get service. I need this repaired or replaced. My husband and I both have hbp and need to monitor it.

  26. I purchased this air purifier some time ago and it does nothing my husband and I smoke it will not suck up anything I need your help on the settings maybe we do not know how to properly turn it on HoMedics Air Cleaner Model #AR-OTSC
    120v AC 60Hz 60W

  27. Needed to return blood pressure monitor because reading was erratic. Previously I waited almost 2 weeks to receive a replacement monitor and could not take my blood pressure so I was concerned about the turn around time. Spoke with Jeff, supervisor who sent the return label and emphasized I should take it to a FEDEX location to speed up return. Two FEDEX locations said this was NOT a FEDEX label!!! I drove 40 miles, talked to four people including the FEDEX delivery guy and all agreed, this label was USPS. Once again called customer service, waited 45 minutes again, spoke to Jeff who insisted I was wrong. Asked for manager and got Monique, very helpful. she will look into matter and expedite sending another machine. Today I called waited 50 minutes, no rep answered call, then left message for call back, no call back. Once again no communication, I just want to get the tracking # on the monitor Monique is sending me.
    Denise Zagnoli
    352 527-8650

  28. I have had a blood pressure monitor that only worked for 6 months it has a 5 y warranty how can I return to get a new one

  29. I have a Homedics Soundspa Permier Clock Radio Machine With Time Projection & Temperature Reading. The remote sensor has ceased to function. It will no longer send the outside temperature to the indoor unit. On October 3, 2015 I sent the remote sensor to your company for either repair or replacement. As of this date, I have yet to receive a reply of any kind. I would appreciate a reply of some kind. Any suggestions?

  30. Have a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier less then a month old that stoped working. Called service two days running.waited on the phone 15 min same old me story. HELP

  31. I leave msgs, many msgs, no response. Now I have just read all of the negative emails. I plan to return my much needed BP unit. If you cant give good customer service, how good is the equipment. Got to go now, must return unit.

  32. 2nd request for info. 2/5/2016 – we have a uhe-wm85 humidifier. It is working well but our concern is the high volume of white dust created by the unit. We have the capsule filter in the unit. The furnace filter is white with mineral dust in two weeks which means the dust is in the air. QUESTION: Is it a health concern for us breathing in this dust?

  33. This is request #5 Is there anyone in “Customer Service”?
    All I need to know is what the input voltage and amperage is for the HoMedics heat and massage lounge chair pad assembly. There is no model number tag or identification on the unit other than the following: Remote A30954 [5 zones with speed & strength control buttons and 6 massage functions]. Pigtail end of wire from pad ID KD 55J. NOTHING else.
    PLEASE I need information as I have 3 power reducers that fit with 3 different outputs and center pin polarities combinations.

  34. Bought the bubble spa massaging bath spa model # BMAT – 1A . The mat is missing from the box. Tried calling and was on hold for over hour nobody ever answers. Would just like the mat so I can take a bubble bath.

  35. I’ve called multiple times and no one answers the phone at your company. Your website says you’re out of stock on HEPA Air Cleaner Replacement Filter – AF-75. I need one, when/how can i get one as soon as possible?????? Frustrated that I can’t get through on the phone to ask this. Hopefully someone will email back with an answer.

  36. My ordered item was not working when I open the box.
    I called many time. But no one take the phone.
    I need return lable. How can I do now?

    • I bought a HoMedics massaging cushion, which stopped working. I contacted HoMedics via email, to inquire as to repair costs. The response I received was that HoMedics does not have service centers. You have got to be kidding! This was not an inexpensive item!

  37. Attn: Nancy we spoke about the Jam Transit Boothtooth Wireless Headphones that stopped. working. I am sending the info.
    you asked me to send you to get another one mailed to me@101Mulberry stB105 Greenville SC29601 Thanks Here are the pictures you requested

  38. I have a homedic Rain Forest Fountain Envirascape. Does this product have a replaceable fuse? Where would I find it on the product?

  39. I am waited for 1 Hr on Homedics customer support line and nobody responded. I bought Fb300 spa and it is not working. As it is on warranty, Homedics should take it back and provide me replacement. Horrible customer service.

  40. The owner of this business is not attentive to their customers.
    I will remember never to buy another “Homeric” brand again.

  41. Have a sc405 1309 digital scale. Just started flipping numbers from 260 to 49 to 170. Can not weigh on this. Replaced batteries to no avail. Help

  42. Has anyone had a good experience with your company? Sure sounds like no is the answer or no answer at all.

  43. I have a sc405 1909 bathroom scale like another customer has,
    but mine, after I put in new batteries, just registers 0.0 kgs, then 18.8.8,
    then O-L d. Is it just saying I am old? That is really ha-ha, funny.
    Please answer my question and solve my problem.
    Thanks. Judy

  44. I have a homedics massager and it broke. There are 4 black gaskets I it I need gaskets. Where can I get them? Model SM666

  45. I have a jam Bluetooth speaker for Christmas and it stop working before 3 month after I got it so I will like to send it back for a new one

  46. I purchased a Homedics ultrasonic humidifier from Walgreens 4/7/16. It worked for almost three months. (Why is it so hard to make a product with a life span). So now that it’s time to get ahold of the company regarding the warranty here come the road blocks: the contact number given in the info booklet-no is there now, they are closed earlier than stated in the booklet. If can find a number to call and get someone, oh no they only handle something else but can give another number which of course is again closed. Then we have email which just looks as though comments (complaints) are posted but not responded to or resolved. So much for customer service.

  47. I just received our blood pressure monitor back from your recalibration site as undeliverable. I mailed it to the address in our owners manual? So the $7.35 was for nothing. PLEASE tell us where to send it and advise us if the $10 fee is still correct.


  48. I have a HoMedics lithium Electronic Scale that I think needs a new battery. I
    took the old battery out and then I lost it. Will you please tell me the battery number
    that is required for replacement.

  49. I lost the instructions manual, & I forgot how to maintain the sound on all night.
    I love my deep sleep white noise machine, it keeps me asleep all night!

    But I have a bad memory, & forgot how to keep it on all night. I wake up when it turns off, & I have to get up to reset it, & have trouble getting back to sleep!
    Please send me another manual or verbal instructions.
    Thank you, June Barreto.

  50. I tried unsuccessfully to reach your help desk since the phones are obviously not being answered.

    Here is my question: I own a homedics cool mist ultrasonic humidifier model number UHE-CM45. I misplaced the manual for this machine. Please send me the site where I can obtain a new manual (or at least read the manual).

  51. On Feb. 21, 2018 I spoke to a customer svc. rep. Charlotte re: poor/intermittent vapor/mist from a newly purchased HUMIDIFIER Model # UHE-WM15. Was told to press on the spring on the bottom of the water tank which was done. NOW no vapor/mist is emitting. I am on a respiratory medication and sprays, live in Arizona with a very arid climate and urgently eed this humidifier to be in a flawless operating condition. Today efforts to reach one of your reps by phone has been virtually impossible. I need to speak to a rep for help as early as possible.

  52. OK – so I called and like others, waited and waited and waited. I am at 15 minutes and about to hang up. Why cant they hire people to answer phones – even India would be better than this.

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