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Contacting Hobby Lobby Customer Service Center

Hobby Lobby is a huge warehouse of crafts, home interior decor and furniture. Stores are located all over the United States. You can choose to contact your local store for customer service reasons or, if you’ve already tried the store, you can contact the corporate office or main customer service line for Hobby Lobby.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

All of the contact information listed on the Hobby Lobby website, including the Hobby Lobby phone number, is for the corporate office. The office is setup to provide website, online order and customer service help.

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no customer service phone number for Hobby Lobby corporate on the official website. We were able to find a phone number listed outside the Hobby Lobby site.

  • Corporate Office: 1-405-745-1100
  • Online Shop Customer Service (toll free): 1-800-888-0321
  • Online Shop Customer Service (toll): 1-405-745-1200

Mailing Address

You can contact Hobby Lobby customer service by mail, but your letter will be addressed to the corporate office. To best service each customer, Hobby Lobby suggests contacting the local store before communicating with corporate. The store can resolve most customer service problems.

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.7707 SW 44th StreetOklahoma City, OK 73179

Official Website

The main page of the Hobby Lobby website is available at, but the customer service page is what most people are looking for. You can find all the customer service contact information provided by the company, aside from the Hobby Lobby phone number, on the customer service page at Hobby Lobby customer service is also available via social media sites like:

Customer Service Email

There are two main customer service emails for the Hobby Lobby company. Both are manned from 8 AM to 5 PM CST Monday to Friday. Emails sent on the weekend will not be read until the following week. Hobby Lobby does not promise a specific response time. They simply say your email will be addressed in the order it was received at the office.

Our Experience

The Hobby Lobby phone number for corporate office or customer service are not listed on the official website. We researched deeper and found the corporate phone, which is the one we tested. We called Hobby Lobby corporate to see if we could find a customer service phone number. The agent claimed the phone number for each store is available online and she gave us the online shop customer service number, but there are no other contact numbers according to corporate.

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75 Comments on “Contact Hobby Lobby Customer Service
  1. victoria hobby lobby should be investigated along with the managers and the three above the general manager on sexual discrimination (gay/lesbian)and how some girls are getting special treatment by general manager eddie derosia and bobby jeff and randy not seeing it or just ignoring it

    • In the same region, the store manager (Ralph Pinon) at store 470 was encouraging an employee to date his son.

      Other than that they will demote you for no reason and cite “needs of the store” when all that really happened was switching you out for a woman.

  2. My name is Kylie Gibson, I am a previous Wilton Instructor. I did not receive my W2 and am looking for some one to help me get another. Please HELP! Thank you.

  3. Someone seriously needs to evaluate the extremely unprofessional service the customer’s are having to endure, from some of the employee’s & all of the manager’s, in the Hobby Lobby store, located in Harlingen, Tx. Personnel at this store make my shopping a dreadful experience. The personnel at this store are EXTREMELY rude. Personnel never smile, even if the customer smiles at them. Unfortunately, because personnel make shopping so uncomfortable, I have since began traveling 30 minutes out of town, in order to shop at Michael’s Arts & Crafts. If I’m in another city, I look forward to shopping Hobby Lobby, but only
    when out of town. Someone needs to make some changes.

    • Managers never smile, never say hi. Working like robots in Orange City, FL. It wasn’t like that in Orlando when I used to travel many miles to shop there. I rarely shop there, here or Daytona stores because it has become almost all secular even at Christmas! CEO ought to be ashamed of himself of promoting satan for Halloween-witches and a lot of items and decorating stuff. So are you afraid of satanists suing? There is NOTHING for Jewish for Hanukkah-NOTHING.So you think next to Christmas items a section of blue ornaments etc. is a replacement?Shame on you! I brought it to a managers attention and he said they used to have Jewish holiday items. There were like 1/2 million shoeboxes sent to Operation Christmas Child in Volusia and Flagler counties last year.I see now you advertise to do so in your store.You charge for the box and I bet if you see the comments on OCC sites posted many cannot afford to buy shoebox items at your stores. We could pack 2-3 boxes for the same items bought at other places which means 2-3 more children get the gospel message in their boxes. Wish it wasn’t just for publicity and you would give a good discount on certain items when people purchase the box and fill it in your store. There is barely anything Christian sold for children in your Christmas aisle. Maybe bracelets, puzzles,color books only. You used to have a whole lot of items-what has happened? Most the whole store is secular and from China. Also why not have the free cardboard Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes that companies buy and give them out free? I hope you make changes. We all supported you when your store could have closed. Show your faith, show smiles, ask if help is needed…

  4. I guess I am not the only customer that have received the worst customer service from these so called managers and assistant managers. They are very rude and unwilling to assist customers, I did not receive one of my bags with a purchase I made called back and just got the run around from THE MANAGEMENT TEAM!!! in St.Augustine, Florida. I am so glad that there are competetive stores and I do not have to return to this foolishness but I am going to file a report with consumer affairs to at least have an investigation into how this company is allowed to remain open and treat customers so badly. I hope the corporate office revamp the entire management tea, becuse they all seem to want to collect a paycheck and pass the buck to whomever else answers the phone next.

  5. refusing to provide health care b/c of your religious views is keeping many people away from your stores. i am a very strong Christian. i love the Lord with all my heart. but i don’t try to force my religious beliefs on others–esp thru laws, which is unconstitutional [see 2nd amendment.] i have bad feeling when i think about hobby lobby and i used to enjoy shopping there.

  6. My two kids received a slot car racing kit for Christmas, it was purchased from the Hobby Lobby in Oxford. When we opened it and began to put it together it became obvious that this kit had been used…quite a bit! The cars had been run so much they had carbon buildup on the relays, it was missing a couple pieces of track, stickers had been removed, parts were placed in zip lock bags . Great care had been taken to make this kit look like it was unopened! One of the cars stopped working, so I went back to buy a car and ask the mgr how to handle this. He said that he couldn’t give cash but would replace the kit since it was a gift and we didn’t have a receipt… that’s was cool!
    When I came back with the kit, he acted like he didn’t remember even seeing me! He was very rude and said he couldn’t do anything for me. After exchanging words at the counter I told him to keep the kit and I walked out.
    This car kit was my two kids MAIN CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!
    It was over $140.00, I am now furious and I will get my money, an apology, and I need to see VAST IMPROVEMENT in customer service st this store!
    If not…the local newspaper will get a weekly blog on the bad customer service at this store. I’ve already received several comments on my Facebook post about this treatment, and how people have been treated badly at your store in OXFORD , ALABAMA!!

  7. So, you discriminate against economically challenged people? Because I am constrained to a bus schedule I cannot even be considered for full time? Just shot my hope that you’re a decent company into the ground, thanks.

  8. This store is the worst company ever. I do not want to set foot in it again after witnessing management kick doors and yell and scream at employees . This is how you treat people ? Well slaverly went out years ago . Your managers in the Columbus, Georgia store is a disgrace to your company . He is rude and I have seen him yell at employees several times then laugh about it in their faces . That’s is nothing but emotional abuse one young girl was in tears . Christian store ! That’s is a total lie of you employ this pig and let him get away with abusing those employees what a terrible place to work for them . I hope you actually read this and investigate him . This is a serious matter .

  9. Ishoped at store 91 bought some item s 12 all the same they had different prices so i ask if tgey could give the same price on all of these item’s and was told to speak to manger that was on duty at 3 pm manager was very rude said he would not it was nt much different s but same idem should all be same price i told him will you should change tags he said they dont change tags i felt that s wrong bad for business

  10. i am furious because of your sloppy attitude towards women. I will never go to your store again. I live in Rockford Illinois and find your crimes against women unacceptable.
    This is not my e mail but a friends so do not contact this e mail.
    I do not care that you have set women back into the stone age….

  11. Dear Sir or Maam;
    This is extremely important. “Godfather Politics News” has put out an internet news bulletin that the Liberal agenda intends to enter your stores, and engage in sexual contact with each other, in the presence of your customers, within your stores nation wide. I am sending this warning to you so that you may be able to prepare your stores’ security of these facts. If caught on video you’ll have evidence enough to prosecute for various decency crimes; and maybe even some child abusive types of crimes.
    Sincerely yours;
    Billy W. French
    Augusta, Ga.

  12. Loved to buy your candles one in particular SPingtime IN PArIS
    Can”t get it anymore .bought same name only smelled like wax.too bad will go back to pier one for good candles.otherwise love the store.

  13. I purchased some prints and had them framed at the East Haven, ct store. A young lady by the name of Alicia Roy took care of the framing. She was very professional,very helpful and did a marvelous job. She is a great asset to your company and look forward in doing business with your store again.

  14. I’ve been to the hobby lobby in Miami Kendall several times, & I am so pleased how this particular young lady Dainelis I believe is her name, treats me and everyone else. Her customer service is excellent and goes above and beyond for her customers. I’ve been there on Saturdays when the lines are extremely long and she makes sure to that everyone is pleased, works fast and proper. We sertainly need more your people like this.

  15. I was in the Arlington, Tx. store and found an item that had a missing part of the display it was in. (a die cast car) I ask a manager if they would discount it because it was not complete and and she replied that the car was still new. In my opinion it was defective. She rudely said it was still new but it was not, because it was missing part of the display it was in so it is not new. If she had not been rude I would not be writing this. I feel she was wrong. I want shop that store again. Dean

  16. Store 348 has on it’s payroll a full time employee who does not even deserve a part time position.
    A paper crafting associate who is constantly last to complete simple department tasks and takes more time to complete a six aisle department than home accents (the largest department)
    Even seasonal is done with recovery Before said associate has even stepped out of paper crafting.


  18. As much as I like your products I cannot stand to shop at your Marion,IN location anymore due to the loudness of the stocking employees including the manager talking to them. You play this wonderful peaceful music to help you focus while shopping but I can’t listen to it cause the employees yell at each other 5 isles away just being goofy. And even the manager yells. And while all this caos is going on there is never enough people on registers. I have to plan on being in line half an hour. Never experienced this at your kokomo atore.

  19. As much as I like your products I cannot stand to shop at your M
    Marion IN location anymore. The floor employees yell at each other 5 isles down from each other and it is so nerve racking I can’t think to shop. I’d complain to the manager but she is just like them. Like that everytime I go there. Never enough registers open. Takes half hour to check out bout everytime I am there.

  20. Hello Please forward this message to your real estate office. I am asking that Hobby Lobby Consider a store site for Largo Florida. There is a perfect spot in the former Wal Mart store ( Wal Mart moved across the street into a bigger store.)The site is at the corner of Rosary and Missouri in largo Florida Thank you! Stephen Stapanian

  21. I was at your store #178 this evening, I checked out at 06:51 PM to be exact. I was to receive 45 cents in change. Your checker gave me
    nine nickels. I said “really 9 nickels” she said that is all the change I have in the register. I find this very bad service, if she was that short
    of change she should have got change from someone in charge or maybe she just didn’t know how to make change, in that case it is the
    responsibility of the store manager to either train her or to have someone else on the register. By the way her name is Addysen according
    to my receipt.

    I would appreciate to hear back from you on how this matter is handled.

    Thank You
    Pat Schlindwein

  22. Today I was in Hobby Lobby #120 in Tomball, Tx (which I had to ask another employee for the store number) with my daughter and grandson to buy party items for my grandson’s 1st birthday and I asked a worker named Sarah (who had a VERY bad attitude) where some items were in the party section. She got very ugly and walked over to the next aisle and I heard her refer to my daughter as a witch. I have shopped at Hobby Lobby for many years and after this incident I WILL NOT be back.

  23. Hello…I am a very frequent shopper at your Findlay, Ohio store. I do a lot of crafts, paintings, etc…for gifts or for myself. I could spend quite a bit of money every time I walk in the doors. And I truly believe and stand by your Religious beliefs and stands; and appreciate a company these days with higher morals. But I’m very upset with the customer service I have had, and have witnessed with other customers recently. I used to work in retail for 30 years or so, and I am aware of issues many companies have staffing or having enough staff. Also the pressures on those employees to get all work done by a certain given time. But the rudeness and lack of concern I have received and witnessed is unacceptable. There are no other stores like Hobby Lobby that offer the variety and array of unusual items then you do. But I have considered driving an additional 25 miles to another city to shop at Pat Catans for my crafting needs. I don’t want to do that, especially since your store is 5 minutes from my home. But to make a point on good customer service, I would. I know your store will not be impacted by just me not shopping there any longer, but word of mouth can do a lot of damage to even you. The fact that it has become a regular issue when I shop, to get poor service, not to mention long check-out lines, I will consider going elsewhere. I would like to say the people I encounter at checkout are always pleasant and courteous. I’m sorry this is such a negative e-mail, because that is not the kind of person I am. But what Hobby Lobby stands for, and what they offer, it’s very sad that you fall very short on the customer service level. Thank you for your time, and I hope that this will prompt some changes in my local store. I sure do not want to shop somewhere else. Sincerely, Mrs. Shawn Ladd

  24. I was in the Dothan Hobby Lobby today to buy fabric and two women were working in the department and people were standing there waiting. When the clerk finished with the customer in front of me, she started straightening, rolling up, and pinning the fabric on the bolts from the previous customer. She said “Oh excuse me, I need to do this, other wise it will get away from me”. No, you don’t. You set those bolts aside, and wait on the customer who has been standing there awaiting her turn. I’m 53 and have been going to fabric stores since I was a little girl and went with my mother. You put away the bolts when you DON’T have customers waiting. The other clerk was no better, she was very slow and would slowly re-roll the fabrics and pin it after cutting. I kept my mouth shut because I knew I would have said something very rude. Instead, I left and went to Hancock’s across the street. No standing around while they “tidy up”. It’s called good customer service.

  25. trying to find a drapery rod you had in the store there is one on clearance the number is 1003524 which is a 66 inch I need a 120 inch rod . I know you had them but missed it because I was out of town. the finial looks like a ball of twine.Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  26. I found out this week that Hobby Lobby gives NO charitable donations from the local stores. The manager at the Duluth, GA, store told me that all charitable donations are handled at corporate. I called corporate and was put into a recording that said…because we receive so many donation requests, we only donate to a certain number of organizations. Well who supports the local store??? No one in any of the organization that they support. THEN…since I couldn’t get a donation from them (I was wanting 10 boxes of strings of 100 Christmas lights), I decided to go the 40% coupon route by printing coupons from their website. They state that they will only honor one coupon per customer per day. Since I wasn’t asking for a donation, I asked if I could just use 10 coupons in one day so I wouldn’t have to make 10 trips to the store (24 miles round trip). The answer was an absolute no….corporate policy. So I left, went across the street to Walmart, bought the lights for a better price, all in one trip, and I do not plan on ever shopping at Hobby Lobby again. That’s saying a lot because I have been a regular customer for as long as the stores have been in my area.

  27. I love the products in Hobby Lobby. .however, a company that is faith-based, I, a woman of Faith, am perplexed that none of your employees ever smile nor ask with sincerity if they can help anyone. EVERYTHING..appears SO corporate AND stressful. Very focused on perfection and task at hand, that they do not acknowledge anyone. I hear complaining and see unhappy employees. Why? Isn’t it a joyful place to serve to valued customers least with a happy heart-felt smile that we are there. Truly don’t understand or feel this to be a place of God – based business. No Joy!!

  28. My wife and I were in your store on Hanes Mall Boulevard in Winston-Salem NC last night. My wife was looking for stitch witch. I rang the bell for a sales clerk and when she came I found her to be rude. She told my wife that the stitch witch was on the wall in a very rude manner and offered no assistance at all. I was standing between two tables in the cloth department and she told me to step off the mat also in a very rude manner. There are other stores where we can shop and not have rude service.

  29. Thank you for letting us continue to celebrate fall by keeping it in the forefront of your store!!! And not throwing Christmas in our faces yet(like Home Depot and others). Although I wish you would not follow the worldly bandwagon by starting to put Christmas things out…was it in July?? Every single customer near those aisles, including children, were complaining how ridiculous it is. And yes I know people buy it because we are “consumers” but that it partly because of the way stores have manipulated us into it because everything will be gone by December! Please consider changing the trend and letting us enjoy the season we are in as opposed to “rushing” through them before they even get here!
    For the record, I am a huge fan of your store(probably my all time favorite) and appreciate the values you stand behind.

  30. Anita/ framer in Merrillville, Indiana is the best!!!!! Very helpful with ideas,not pushy,knows how to bring out the best in your art work.Thank You for such great people to service your clients.

  31. Dear Hobby Lobby,
    I was at your store # 45 on 8000 Research Blvd, Austin TX 78758. The Associate Sharon, went above and beyond to help me with craft pains and fabric dyes. She was very knowledgeable of all the items, she showed me. She generally was interested in helping. She went above and beyond ( all while stocking her area.). She is customer service personified.

    Deidra, the cashier was very personable and nice. She was warm and friendly, even though she had a line, she acknowledged, everyone and she was continuing smiling. A sign of a happy worker and a happy person.

    I hope these ladies, get some recognition for their great customer service.

  32. Gaylord store forced out my wife at 8:00 pm. I know it was closing time, but the staff and manager were rude about it. Manager on his cell phone texting while letting customers out the door one by one unlocking and then locking the door, without talking and never putting his cell phone down. Very unprofessional not even talking to customers but paying attention to the phone….”:have a nice evening” was not in his vocabulary, he just wanted customer out! And no shopping after 8 and they let everyone know it………..Merry Christmas!

  33. my last visit to Hobby Lobby will my last. The last person in line must have forgotten to take a package. When I check out I must have picked up the package. I got out to my car and noticed it and took it back into the store and took it to the cashier I stated she must have given it to me by mistake. Instead of thanking me she said very rudely I did not give it to you it was on the floor by my feet. I asked her if she was excusing me of walking behind the counter and stealing it. She said it was on the floor by me feet. I started to cry as she was embarrassing me in front of customers. I said if I was stealing it way did I walk it back into the store. I could not believe this was happening. She was rolling her eyes and laughing with the customer. I requested a manger she pointed to another cashier so I waited the girl stated I’m not the manager but called her. She said she was sorry and would talk to the girl but the damage was done. I thought I was doing the right thing and taking back something that was not mine. I wish now I did not take it back I was made to feel terrible and ruined my night. This was in Fort Myers Florida on Six Mile Cypress. The cashiers are usually very friendly but this one should not be working around people. She never spoke to me while aching me out. I can not stress how bad she made me feel by doing the right thing. I have a high stress job and work 9 hours a day I do not have to steal a picture frame. There is nothing that I need at Hobby Lobby that I can’t get else where. Thank you for listening. I was one upset and embarrassed costumer . Maybe better training in customer service for these younger people.

  34. To whom this may concern,
    I wish not to give my name for this letter… My spouse works for Hobby Lobby @ store 66 in Corpus Christi, Texas… My wife comes home to me every day with disturbing stories about her rude manager Andy. What this man does is harasses them in way that has them coming home crying about their day.. My wife loves her job and needs her job that she still sticks around to work for such an amazing store with such a rude manager. And every day she hears all his negative comments about others… This is a very sick man that hates his life and takes it out on his employees. He’s not a fair manager; he has his favorites that get away with a lot. He gives them a lot of breaks on a lot of things that most of the others would not be able to get away with… The way he talks to some of them is very rude and not so nice about the situation. He talks to others about other people’s business. He is not a private person (considering that he is a manager). He works them all day on Mondays morning to night in just one day. He expects a lot from them in one day while he sits most of the day in his office. He has no concern that they have kids and a spouse to come home to and cook a hot meal for them. The nights they stay late Andy complains to some about their spouse calling the store just because he hears them talking about the time they will be getting out. This man doesn’t realize that what he does can ruin a relationship and break up a family. This man has nothing to lose because he already lost his marriage and looks like he has to ruin others. I ask and pray that y’all can take care of this matter. This man needs to be talk to and put him in check.
    Thank You

  35. I shop at Hoppy Lobby in Fort Myers, Florida after a long day at work I stopped and had to pick up some things. The cashier never spoke or smiled. She checked me out and i picked up my bags and left as I was putting my bags in the car I notice that one bag was not mine and the person who checked out before me must have forgotten it. I took it back into the store and told the cashier that this was with my packages. She looked at me and said “No it wasn’t” it was on the floor by my feet. I just looked at her as how would I have seen the package by her feet and would have had to walk aroung the counter and picked it up while she was standing there. I asked her if she was excusing me of stealing. She stated” Well I did not give it to you and it was by me feet” She was saying these things in front of customers and she was rolling her eyes. Why would I be bringing it back into the store if I was stealing it. I started to cry and asked for the manager, she pointed to a girl two resigsters over. I waited until she was done with a customer and stated are you the manager she said no. She called for one and she came up. I told her what happened I stated this cashier told me this package I brought back was on the floor behing the counter by her feet. First from where I paid i can see her from the waist up, I would have had to walk around the counter with the girl standing there and take it. REALLY… So for what I thought was doing the right thing made me feel so bad and cried all the way home. The Manager stated she would talk to her. The cashier was talking the whole time with another cashier about break time. There is nothing I need at Hoppy Lobby that I can not get elsewhere.

  36. Complaint store# 503. (Return) Upon arrival into your store I had stopped at a registered to ask the cashier if her register is the returns and too also show her I had bag of yarn. The casheier explained I can or at register 5. However there was an issue of me returning the yarn due no receipt and was only going to be given the sale price. So I choose to wait. However I needed other items and went to shop. Mind you I was allowed to take my bag with me. As I was in your store a few of your employees questioned other employees. Which I heard and knew what I was being accused of. This made me feel very uncomfortable and angry because I was being glared at like if I had stolen the yarn in my bag, like some criminal! I shop at your store all the time.I am always spending good amount of money on yarn. As well recommending your store to family and friends. I shouldn’t be treated like a theif! when your mangement/employees fail to have some type of system of situations like mine.

  37. Just want to thank you for the beautiful Christmas ad you had in our local paper. In an age where people don’t profess their faith very freely, I appreciate the fact that you are willing to make a bold statement. Thank You

    I also love shopping in the Norfolk, NE store. ALL the associates and managers (Mark Miller) are very cordial and helpful.

  38. I am a frequent customer of your Valparaiso, Indiana store. I can honestly tell you that I will never return again after the customer service displayed today. After 4 different employees passing by me at the framing department asking me if I had been helped and me letting them know I hadn’t, they continued on with saying they would page someone for me as they couldn’t do anything in that Dept. This happened after I had already rung the bell for service. Not to mention on Thursday, I phoned your store to ask about my pieces and whether they were finished and the girl who answered rudely said, “the date of completion is the 2nd, they will be done then.” Not even 2 hours later we got a call from your store to let us know that our pieces were ready for pick up!!!
    As your employee was walking me to the register like a criminal, I said to her, I thought I had already paid for them? She turned towards me and loudly said, “You already paid?!” I’m sure she saw my reaction of shock as almost all the customers at the front of the store looked at her and I. Then she said, “We do not take pre-payments for framing.” I said fine just get me out of here. What terrible customer service!!!!!!

  39. I am very unhappy with your decorative trim lace. You went from 9 yards of lace on a roll to not even 4 yards on a roll. I make lap handkerchiefs. Usually I am able to put lace around one of your 116590 handkerchiefs. Now I am not able to complete one. What is the problem?

  40. Thank you for a great experience working in your Naples, FL store last year. I was a cashier while completing the process for obtaining a FL dental license. I learned a tremendous amount about crafts (FUN!) and retail from your manager, John, and assistant manager, Patrice. Everyday I saw the LAST poster, “Learn, Apologize, Solution, Thank”. As a dentist, I recently used this technique to solve an issue with a patient satisfactorily for everyone. What I gained from your organization has certainly helped in my own professional career. Thank you, and I look forward to going to your Bible Museum in 2017.

  41. I have never been so mad in my life. I went to the store in Turkey Creek in West Knoxville, Tn on Monday 2/8/2016. I have never been treated with more disrespect. I was with my best friend, her son and his fiance. We were wedding shopping, as they are to be married in August. We found a lot of neat stuff and decided to buy it since it was on sale. Everything that we had was suppose to be 50% off! Well that wasn’t the case when we got to the register. The rude clerk argued with us over the price, when the signs clearly stated 50% off! There were signs right in front of what we were purchasing on the shelves and she still argued, saying that wasn’t on sale. THAT IS CALLED FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! Then we decided to switch some things to get the 50%, well when we did that the manager then argued with us, saying it wasn’t on sale! WHAT KIND OF PLACE ARE YOU RUNNING???? The clerk and manager didn’t seem like they wanted to help or wanted our business once they found out this was all for a gay wedding. DISCRIMINATION! I will never be back to a Hobby Lobby again, not when they discriminate and argue with you over their sale signs!!!! This problem needs to be fixed immediately.

  42. I used to love shopping at my local store in Layton, Utah. But now it’s horrible. The local manager is awful and has driven out all the long time employees that I used to love. Moral is horrible and there is never anyone on the floor to help because it’s so understaffed. And the people that are left are so over worked and stressed out are constantly being hounded that they can’t get their work done. It’s very sad to see such a nice store being destroyed by one person. I will be taking my business elsewhere from now on.

  43. I am a previous employee and would like to state my case to someone in hr via personal email, however, I am unable to locate it ANYWHERE! So if someone in hr or corporate could contact me, that would be greatly appreciated.

  44. The bathrooms in the store at 7800 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX 78240 are the FILTHIEST bathrooms I have ever seen. I’ve been shopping at that store for 10 years and there has been no change. The whole facility needs to be gutted and rebuilt. There is black filth all over the room. If something isn’t done soon, I will contact the health inspectors with the city of San Antonio. Children are often in these bathrooms and exposed to all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

  45. I love the Hobby Lobby stores. Love most of my experiences I have had in the store. Unfortunately, today that was NOT the case. Please know if this were the first time this has happened to me in this store I would not be writing. The new North Myrtle Beach store employees have have actually left me completely without words.
    I sew for a living so I have to frequent the store at least twice per week. The fabric and sewing section of this store has 1 employee that is actually the RUDEST employee I have ever dealt with. I do not know her name but she has red hair and is middle aged. She has time and time again ignored customers and when you excuse yourself and say something she actually yells at you with a very dirty look on her face, telling you she’ll get to you when she will. Now mind you there are normally other employees in the area too just putting things away. I just think the customers should be helped first before employees are worried about putting things away.
    I do know this is the ONLY Hobby Lobby store that this kind of behavior is aloud. Maybe it’s because the managers are unaware… Which is why I’m writing. I would hope this red haired women would realize it is because of people like me that she has employment. I am sorry to be writing to complain but I really felt I had to.
    On a niceier note, your Wilmington, NC store is amazing!!! Great people who truly make you feel welcome and appreciated.

  46. Tuesday, May 3rd around 6:00pm I was fabric shopping in your store on Battlefield Rd. in Springfield Mo. Debbie is the name of the woman working the cutting table that night. I was purchasing fabric at $23.99/yr with your 30% discount. I told Debbie that I had frozen shoulder and would appreciate if she could make 2 cuts. Before I even told her how much I needed she is telling me about store policy and how much money it looses when people return fabric. I had my niece with me and asked if she could buy 2 yards and I buy 2 yards. She said no and I asked for her supervisor which instructed the other cutter to cut what I needed. We all have bad days, I get that. Here’s where my blood boiled. I look over my shoulder and Debbie has a group of co workers gathered and they are looking my way laughing. I don’t confront issues like this until the next day and if I’m still upset then I need to say something. I love shopping at Hobby Lobby but when I think of her evil laughter at me and the way she mocked me at the table I get angry all over again. I worked at Hancock’s Fabric for 5 year making less money then what you pay your employees. I would have been fired for this kind of behavior. Too bad Debbie doesn’t see it fit to treat people better then she does. Annette Wasson

  47. I returned 5 items to the store in Grove City, Ohio on Sat. afternoon(5/14 at approx.4:oo P.M.) I had all my receipts and had used coupons on all the items. I did this because I had planned on making a wreath for my daughter, but wasn’t able after several visits of finding the matchimg wire ribbon that she desired for the wreath. Even with the coupons the wreath would have cost in excess of $60.00 to hang outside.(if the full price were paid for the items). In the process of seeking the return the manager in charge was called up to assist. Everything was going well until he made the statement about me using the coupons on all the items, and when I said that I had made several trips to do so, he came back with “it’s a good thing that we don’t make you bring them back one at a time.” I thought that this comment was totally uncalled for and that I could and will make my purchases elsewhere from now on. I know that you are in business to make money and if the coupons are not suppose to be used, don’t put them out there.

    Thank you,
    Lorretta Endicott,
    Grove City, Ohio

  48. Sat., May 21, 2016 My husband and I went to the Lawrenceville, Georgia location to exchange 3 McCalls sewing patterns purchased the previous week, on sale, for $1.99 each. A call to the store was made in advance to find out what we would have to do–provide the receipts. We found the 3 patterns we wanted to exchange and went (with the receipts) to the Returns/Exchange register where we were provided service by an individual who was hired only 2 weeks prior named Sierra. She did not know how to find the patterns on the receipts, asking ME what to do (after which I helped her locate each one–which she only marked with a small parentheses–not circled and dated as is the policy), but then was uncertain/untrained in what to do next. We asked her to get us someone who knew the steps and she couldn’t even pick up the phone to page someone. She turned to the person working the next register and asked her for help, who attempted to call out to the person I had spoken to on the phone (Sharon) who was nearby, but she unknowingly walked off as she was assisting another shopper and apparently didn’t hear. The person at the register nearby attempted to help but said a manager’s number was necessary to do a return. I have exchanged patterns before and at this point an EXCHANGE form pad is presented, filled out, and the simple exchange process is completed–not a return, which would have eliminated the need for any manager’s number. No explanation was given by this 2-week employee for why we were given the extra steps of going through a return and purchase rather than a simple exchange. The 3 patterns I wanted to purchase were entered in the register, not at the $1.99 exchange price, but at full price, totaling nearly $60. The manager, Tom, had reached the counter and I had asked if he would handle the transaction. He refused but stood and watched her enter the full prices of the patterns. I contested the register total. He looked at the 3 dress patterns I had returned, looked at the craft patterns I wanted to purchase and proceeded to tell me that SINCE THE PATTERNS I WANTED IN EXCHANGE WERE “SPECIALTY PATTERNS” THAT I WOULD HAVE TO PAY THEIR FULL AMOUNT, OVER $60 AFTER TAX, WHEN THE EXCHANGE PRICE SHOULD HAVE BEEN $6 PLUS TAX—WHAT?! I asked if, when the patterns were on sale last week, did the HL sales flyer state a differentiation between fashion patterns and craft patterns? (No, and it never has. Nor has the HL pattern book made any distinction in price between fashion patterns verses craft or accessory patterns…not in over ten years.) He paused to think and said nothing. There was no admitting he had made a mistake, no apology, no retraction of the comment, no comment to Sierra to adjust the price. It was clear he had MADE IT UP AND TOLD ME AN OUTRIGHT UNTRUTH TO GET MET TO PAY TEN TIMES MORE THAN I SHOULD HAVE HAD TO PAY. And…I was standing my ground. I further stated: “If no distinction in patterns was made at the time of purchase, then no distinction should be made when i wish to make a return or exchange, that’s Georgia Consumer Law. I won’t pay $60 when I should be paying $6. You wife would do no less.” He had the audacity to tell me, “I’ll make an exception this time”, and told Sierra how to enter a price adjustment. The conversation was witnessed by my husband (Hobby Lobby isn’t the only one who records things), as well as Sierra, and the person standing next in line who gladly spoke with us afterward. CERTAIN CONSUMER AFFAIRS AUTHORITIES MIGHT EASILY CONSTRUE THIS AS CONSUMER FRAUD–ASKING A CUSTOMER TO PAY MORE THAN THEY LEGALLY ARE REQUIRED TO PAY. Does HL do this to minorities who may not comprehend English well and fall for that lame sales pitch I was given, or those that HL may have a prejudice against? Is this how they make their money?–Making up rules that are not only against their own policies but are legally and morally unethical? So we decided it’s time to call in the investigative reporters! Stand your ground consumers. Know your rights. And if this happens to you, report Hobby Lobby to the GA Attorney General’s Office, the GA Office of Consumer Affairs, and the news media’s investigative reporters.

  49. Today i visit the store 641 in kissimmee florida i was looking for foam the material located in the fabric department i did’nt where to find it i ask a yough ladie her name was Bianca she was really helpfull and happy to shown me where it was located, while she was explained it to me another asociate walk in to her, her name was KC and start demanding her that she need to leave because it was pass 3 and she need to get off the clock, the the young ladies turn around and told her that she was helping me and when she finish with the customer she will leave she reply to her that she did not care but she got it go i did’nt know what is going on i froze and i was confuse for a moment i told the young ladie if she need to leave that was fine with me i was going to figure out my self what is the best foam to use to replace my foam chair the young ladie was embarrish and sorry she apologize and stay with me and help me with what i need when she was leaving she apolize again for the bad moment the other ladies left to the fabric desk but before i leave the store i took good looking of her name because the other girl was just making sure i was leaving the store satisface she stay with me and help me with what i need.. Kc need to learn how to be more professional specially infront of customer she need to put the associate on the side and talk to her with matter and respect not demanding and telling her that she need to get off the clock now!!!! Over all good store i love hobby lobby and Bianca great job.

  50. I visited Hobby Lobby in Orlando, Florida store #438 On Wednesday, 8/24/16
    I just wanted to take the time out to show my heartfelt gratitude to a young associate. A young lady(Heather) greeted me in the craft department with a huge smile and was extremely helpful. When I apologized for bothering her a second time with a question about another department she smiled and said I would gladly walk you over and help all I can . This young lady beams with pride for her job. Most of the associates walk around in a daze or a rushed feeling. Heather was a delight to meet and if it wasn’t for her kindness and taking the time to help an old women out I think I would of left frustrated. So thank you Heather. I truly hope this young lady is recognized for going above and beyond customer service , She is a keeper . She is the only reason I would go back. I wasn’t impressed with the floral associate. or the cashiers.

  51. Hello, I would like to thank our Hobby Lobby Corporate Team for their sincere gratitude in helping during the Hurricane Harvey disaster. Your help and assistance really made a difference for my family thru this disaster. Thank you for stepping up and taking care of our Hobby Lobby Family and A Special Thank You to Mr.David Green from My Family. God Bless You.

    Very Respectably,

    Lisa Ronje #66 (CSM)

  52. To whom it may concern.
    I purchased a number of skeins from hobby lobby to use in number of crochet blankets over the last few years. I’m very concern that I’m finding more and more knots in each one. These are very poorly knotted.
    I really like the yarn and choice of color. I may not purchase any more for my projects. I had to take time to cut these out.
    This is last skein I used:
    Art#: 20
    Name/color #: Butter/20
    Lot#: 1074

    I hope you respond to this email.
    Thank you

  53. Today I was at a funeral for my 95 year old aunt. The center piece of the photo table was a large bunch of cotton balls under a glass dome. For all of the nieces, nephews and grandchildren, this could not have been a better display or honor for her and our family. But while we were there someone said that your company has dispensed from selling cotton because a customer had complained about being a disgrace to those of color. We too are of color, the color of white. My mother’s family was extremely poor and survived by picking cotton right along with those families of black color. All of them were just trying to survive. Perhaps the person complaining could have been shown photos of all the families who picked cotton, and proudly.

  54. Good Afternoon. I have been a customer of Hobby Lobby ever since your store opened in Layton, Ut. I have always loved shopping there because of the way I was treated by your associates. However, on Friday, the 10th of November I had the worse experience ever. I had purchase several small glass blocks from the store that previous Monday. When I placed them in my car I wrapped them individually and made sure they wouldn’t hit the other blocks or anything else while driving home. I took the blocks to my basement where I intended to use them on Thursday the 9th. I unwrapped them and one had a large chip on it. So I took it back to the store with my receipt to exchange it for another one. The clerk looked at me like I was a thief and that she would have to get her supervisor to approve this. The supervisor came over and looked at me and then looked at the clerk and said go ahead and do it but make sure it is double wrapped. At that point I said are you suggesting that I dropped this? Nothing was said at first. I was clearly in tears as I pride myself on my honesty and integrity. I have been known to give back a nickel at the grocery store when I was given to much change. I just wanted to let someone know how unhappy I am and that it is going to be hard to go back in that store. It is the one closest to me, but I may start shopping in the new one in Riverdale, UT. Thank You

  55. Unbelievably long wait in line twice now, here in Kalispell. Didn’t open extra lines until I had waited 15 minutes, then did not take next people in the original two lines. Very poor. Will go to Michael’s next time.

  56. TO :whom it may concern I am looking for assistance in the aiding of valentine’s gift baskets for the patrons of heartland healthcare nursing home (8 mile in livonia) and was wondering if you could donate? thank you tiana thiesmeyer

  57. I was at the Duluth, Mn Hobby Lobby on Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018 and just wanted to say that Karen, in the Fabric Department was most helpful, creative, and Kind. I asked her for some help with a dress that I was making for a Father-Daughter Ball. I appreciated her so much. I am a customer who is in this store a lot and enjoy it and am blessed with great customer service.

  58. Hi, My name is Sherry and I am one of the local artist in the Dawsonville area. Your store here is always clean and I have no problem with customer service. The complaint I have is the selves are always empty. Can’t you up the point of sale in your paper (card stock and shadow box frames?)

  59. Hello,
    I contacted you about a month ago concerning wanting to apply for the new Hobby Lobby coming to Christiansburg, VA 24073. I was told the grand opening was going to be on March 12. It still has not opened and to my knowledge there has been no job fair held yet. Just wanting to make sure somehow I did not over look anything posted in the newspaper.

  60. Hi:
    I came in on Saturday morning to pick up small wood picture frames. I had purchased them in the past, and had a hard time finding them. After asking, 2 associates found them for me. I was extremely happy that they were able to find them. Also, had trouble finding a staple gun , and a manager, I assume, pointed it out. Oxnard, Calif. Thank you for the great customer assistance.

  61. I wanted to tell you about a wonderful employee at the Brentwood/Antioch Branch.
    His name is Jorel and he works in Framing. On two occasions he has helped me and each time, he is kind, patient and informative.
    He goes above and beyond in helping me with all my questions and concerns, even if its not about framing.
    He deserves recognition and I hope this comment helps him get it,
    Thank you,
    Lura Sanchez

  62. I wanted to give a shout out to Jorel in Framing at the Brentwood/Antioch Store.
    He has helped me twice and each time he is very helpful, informative and extremely nice. He always goes above and beyond in service.
    He deserves some recognition and I hope that his manager reads this and gives it to him

  63. I come into this store A LOT! Came into the Oxford AL store Saturday August 25th. I need to give praise to one of the employees here. Her name is Renee, she is absolutely amazing. She’s is very personable and nice, treats her customers the way she would want to be treated. I walked around looking for some items for daughter my daughters and I noticed she acknowledged everyone, asked if they needed help. She really made it enjoyable to be shopping and helped me find everything I needed.

  64. You have a lovely Christmas message but could I suggest leaving 50%off your ad and adding Hobby Lobby discreetly at the bottom of the ad!

  65. I was surprised to see a vast selection of DREAM CATCHERS and other items of witchcraft for sale in your Lebanon, PA., store…..I pray that your being a Christian operation that our Lord Jesus gives you insight into this ungodly situation.

  66. your store manager treated my wife at check out in front of coustemers and cashier. about date on her check. She is by-polar and was confused with what she had wrong.He really talked very rude . this is manager at Oxford Alabama at 11:16 Monday. I will get his name and talk to a lawyer since i have witnesses

  67. I have a question. I saw a mirror I want to purchase but it’s only st the store which is currently closed. The mirror is on sale
    How can I get the mirror st the sale price ?

  68. I order a frame and it not at all what I thought it was. I want to return it and I can’t get anyone on the phone and they said to send e-mail but that not working on your site. It is really is disappointing when you can order but if you can’t get anyone how are you suppose send it back. It is hard to tell on line what you are getting. It is upsetting when you can’t go to the store. I am in Michigan and don’t know if our Govn. is ever going to open anything up. That your fault. Please contact me what I am suppose to do about this.

  69. I tried to exchange or return an engraving art kit yesterday to the sevierville tn store due to one scrapecutter missing from the kit. I did not have a receipt. I was told by an employee they couldnt exchange if parts were missing without a receipt. I told her i was returning it due to the part missing. They said there was nothing they could do. This is unacceptable bad customer service! I expected everything to be inside kit and thats why i threw the receipt away. It makes me not ever want to shop at hobby lobby ever again! The least they could have done is exchange it!

  70. I attempted to order an18 x 18″ zipper pillow cover in dark beige or tan, $2.75 sale price, but the wait times for customer service are too long!

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