Contact HHGregg Customer Service

Contact HHGregg Customer Service

Contacting HHGregg Customer Service Center

HHGregg is a retail company specializing in electronics and appliances. There are offline stores in addition to a huge online presence. HHGregg offers financing to consumers who would otherwise not be able to obtain financing, but the cost of ownership if far higher than the price of the item.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contacting HHGregg customer service requires calling between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday or 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday is you need to contact the sales department. Customer service hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

  • Sales: 1-866-974-7344
  • Customer Service: 1-800-284-7344

Mailing Address

If you would rather contact HHGregg customer service by mail, feel free to address your letter to:

HHGregg AppliancesAttn: Customer Service4151 E. 96th St. Indianapolis, IN 46240

This is not the address where you should send financial, bank or payment information. Call HHGregg customer service for more information on where to send payments. Or, if you have an HHGregg credit card, call the number listed on the back of the card to make a payment.

Official Website

The HHGregg official website is available at Consumers can find a local store, browse through electronics, appliances and computers available from the company and order products online. Delivery is available, but customers also have the option of picking up the purchase from a local store. If there is no HHGregg store near you or the item you are interested in is out of stock, the product cannot be shipped to your home. The online website is nothing more than a product locator for local stores.

Customer Service Email

We didn’t find a customer service email address for HHGregg customer service, but we did find a contact form. We assume customer service emails are read and answered during normal business hours as listed in the Phone Number section above.

Our Experience

HHGregg customer service is available in English and Spanish. Press 1 to hear options in English. You cannot press 0 to skip the list of options. You can press 1 to locate a store, 2 for information on home delivery and installation, 3 for product repairs or 4 for customer service. After pressing 4 we were taken to another list of options. You can press 4 to skip the options and reach a customer service agent. Susan, our agent on the day we called, was a wonderful help. We gave her a product number from the HHGregg website and she located the nearest store with the item in stock. She was even willing to call the store to verify the item was in stock.

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8 Comments on “Contact HHGregg Customer Service
  1. Dear Monica and Marcia .. Hope you are doing well

    Thanks to Beth from the valuation company , we finally have got the numbers etc

    Finally… after a lot of efforts , we have managed to submit all the details on the claim and would like a response .I want to speak one on one to a Senior executive at HHGregg like a VP of customer service to make sure they realize how hard it is for a common man to understand and take steps to get attention and appropriate action to a faulty installation by HHGregg

    It has taken years to realize the damage and even a long time to get this

    This is no fun and innocent customers like us have lost value due to careless installations which could have done much more damage than we can imagine

    Pls help me connect to a senior executive so that i would like to make an appeal to HHGregg with some good suggestions so that other customers dont go through such a painful experience ..

  2. HHGregg Customer complaint resolution including fastrack process is not customer focused and has not resolved a long standing issue .The efforts are very high and repeated on the customer end to talk to over 4 – 5 people repeat the story again and again and yet get no resolution.It is not response and despite all the hard efforts to prove the issues , the response has not been there .Sincerely disappointing as i purchased significant amount from HHgregg

  3. Hello. I just today shopped at your store in Mentor, and would like to send Kudos and admiration for the following Personnel who, in spite of faulty equipment, made my visit and my purchase well worth my time.

    August (Manager) who went out of his way to welcome me and make my visit successful, Nolan, one of your newest employees, who in spite of these problems did an excellent job, ( I must have been his worse nightmare!) and last, but certainly not Least, Keifa (I hope I spelled it right) who was also absolutely marvelous!)

    I have been an HHGREGG customer for many years, and, have to say this was my most pleasant experience to date, in spite of the Technical problems. Thank you so much to all of these lovely employees!!!

  4. My name is AJ Anderson. I purchased a 47″ LG television in 11/13. I purchased the extended warranty with this purchase. I had to contact the warranty company this past weekend to file a claim. Mike’s Electronics from Bowling Green, Kentucky come and picked up my TV Tuesday. I called Mike’s today to check the status of my TV, was told my panel was out and the warranty company would be contacting me. I contacted the warranty company myself and told them the same situation I just explained here. They had no record of Mike’s even picking up my TV. A very nice lady from the warranty company put me on hold and called Mike’s directly. Mike told her he was behind on his paperwork and would try to get it done when his wife returned to work. When will this be?? How long am I gonna have to be without a TV while we wait for Mike’s wife to show up and get caught up? Does this seem right? Please help!

  5. Bought several things on black Friday got home and one of the dvd players was damaged I thought nothing of it. Went to the store walked to the counter and said I would like to exchange this. This is all I ever said and was never asked anything else or aloud to speak. I had the dvd player in the box and tapped it shut so nothing fell out and had set the box on the counter. what happened next was weird I didn’t see anyone talking to any one but somehow the whole store seemed to know why I was there as you will see. . the lady I told I would like to exchange it to, grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting the tape, another lady showed up they did not communicate with each other, then the first lady walked away the second lady finished cutting the 8″ piece of tape and removed the dvd player a third lady showed up to the counter and grabbed the dvd player and the second lady walked away again also with out any communication 123 yea this gets your attention whats goin on as the third lady picked it up she graps a phone and calls the manager I ASSUME ” yeah I have a guy here wanting to exchange a dvd player hun ha yeah yep, no I don’t know yeah it looks like it was throw against a wall picked up and thrown again then they picked it up and through it again yep yeah no probably not no “, sir did you buy this online? no I replied ,in store” mind you I just walked in the door and asked to exchange a dvd player I’m 50 years old and have never seen anything like this in my life and am just standing there listening to all this, she tells the person on the phone were not going to exchange this right by this time I’m furious I say yes you are going to exchange this as if I were part of the conversation which I was not. she goes whoa get this he just said were going to exchange this type no yeah I sure he docent have a receipt she turns to me smiling ear to ear yeah were not going to return this get out of here I grabbed my dvd player and asked a guy on the way out what the store number was number 50 he says I get I’m my car call hh greg corporate and tell them what happened the file a report and say a supervisor will call me within 24 hours and they also tell me that they are sory of my misfortune but they can not returned damaged products I call 3 days later as I never reciverd a phone call they have no report # no record of me calling after two hours on the phone they find were I called thec all the manager of the store and I have to mail pictures and am assured anyway there not going to exchange damaged goods I still have the dvd player several calls latter nothing hhgreg hassle free return exchange policy apparently is just word on there webpage I am done with hhgreg for sure ill keep fighting with them though until I get my money back or a working dvd player its hard to imagine a large company would take such a stance on a cheap little $50 dvd play that are made by the millions in Indonesia stuffed on a cargo shipped and sent to the usa obviously a percentage arrive here damage in any other store in the usa the would been a exchange without a question unbelievable

    • I have never experienced such lack of customer service after placing an online order. One of the items were to be shipped to me. I have waited a month and still not gotten the item and theUPS tracking number that was linked to my order indicates that it could not locate the shipment. I called HHGregg customer service three different times.. the first two times I waited on hold for over 20 minutes and finally hung up, right now I am on my third call to them… 32 minutes currently!!!! How is this okay? How is HHGregg still in business treating customers this way. I will NEVER EVER order from them again!! I want my order canceled and my money refunded ASAP but can not get ahold of anyone to help me.!!!!!!! I am livid!

  6. Yes,we went to HH Greg on friday,March 10th,2017.We bought a washer,and dryer,and was told the dryer should be in Monday,and they’d contact us to deliver it.We called Monday and was told we had to call the installer to see when he could come,we haven’t heard anything since then,and I am very upset about this.I expected it to be here and delivered at least by Tuesday if not today.I will call tomorrow and if this set isn’t deliversed by Friday,i’m contacting customer service at the main headquarters,and ask why it has taken so long.You get someone to come right to you as soon as you go in the store,but when you’ve paid for it,not so fast.

  7. We bought an out of the box LG dishwasher from the hhgregg store in Boardman, Oh, and purchase a 5year extended warranty with it for $99.99. I need warranty covered service on the dishwasher, but can not contact any one for the claim. The purchase date was 5/4/2016.

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