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Contacting HEB Customer Service Center

HEB is an independent food store established in 1905 in Texas. The company expanded exponentially over time and now more than 150 stores are currently open in Mexico and Texas. HEB expanded in recent years to include more general merchandise, lending even more to the similarities between HEB and Walmart.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

HEB customer service is available via phone, email and standard mail. While mailing a letter may seem like the easiest option it is also the option that takes longest to receive and respond.

Phone Contact Numbers

The HEB customer service department is open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday. There are no weekend hours, but there are other means of initiating contact on the weekends.

  • Corporate: 1-210-938-8357
  • Customer Service: 1-800-432-3113

Mailing Address

There are times when talking with someone is not enough or maybe you want to praise or complain about the person you spoke with on the HEB customer service line. You can write to HEB Corporate office at:

HEBAttn: Customer RelationsPO Box 839999San Antonio, TX 78283

Customers contacting HEB customer service for a problem that requires immediate attention should attempt to call or email an agent before writing a letter. It could take weeks for a customer service agent to respond to a letter, but only minutes for a call or days for an email.

Official Website

HEB‘s official store website is online at The website gives readers insight into new store openings, the store history, current sales and coupons. The store also offers prescription medications so customers can request refills from the official website.

Customer Service Email

Customer service options have expanded in recent years to include email and social media sites. HEB customer service can be contacted any time, day or night, but email using the email contact form at

HEB customer service is also available on Twitter or Facebook .

Our Experience

HEB is a Texas-based company so customer service calls are answered 8-5 CST, not local time. We called the customer service number and much to our surprise the call was answered by a HEB customer service agent at 18 seconds into the call. There is no automated system or list of options – just a customer and a customer service agent.

We asked the HEB customer service agent if the company had any plans of expanding into other states. She said the corporate office would be the best bet for answering that question.

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59 Comments on “Contact HEB Customer Service
  1. I wanted to know if H.E.B. ever thought of building a market/super H.E.B. in Lufkin? We have a small old H.E.B. but there is a lot of people that don’t like to shop there because it’s so small and doesn’t look clean. I think it’s because it’s a old building. You have great price’s and i think if there was a market H.E.B. here you would give the other merchants a run for our money. Lufkin is growing and i hope H.E.B. will be partof it’s growth. There is a vacant building here that is 68,500 sqft with plenty of parking and in a great location. Any feed back would be appreciated.

  2. The worst customer service of any grocery store. Charging premium prices not delivering on the service. You guys suck

  3. Think you need to take another look at your recent meat market commercial showing butchers changing shifts after processing meats. YOU NEED TO put a sombrero on one of them as it just infuriates me to see steaks and other beef products in your stores that in very tinly letters say “procuct of Mexico”. As a Texas ranchers wife it infuriates me to see Mexico beef in our stores. Plenty of cattle in this big state for your customer needs. You should put that meat in your Mexico stores only. Your stores are great overall but I will continue to point out to fellow shoppers when I can of the Mexico beef, They are shocked as well to hear. Bad enough we have their veggies at times, fozen too when Texas farmers cannot get water debt Mexico owes for Texas irrigation. BUY LOCAL is my advice.

    • “No store does LESS than my HEB”. I keep seeing these wonderful commercials on TV about all the USA grown produce and meats prepared especially for HEB. I have yet to find very many of them in the Buda, TX HEB. Over the past 6 months I have politely begged the produce department to PLEASE stock at least ONE variety of USA grown tomatoes, and to have more offerings of the other produce grown in the USA as well. Deaf ears. It really looks like Fiesta Foods in there. I give up. It’s Sprouts for me I guess. Evidently supporting US farmers and ranchers is not a priority.


  5. Awful bolillo bread made in Heb store San Pedro and oblate i drive to 410 marbach Lincoln Hts Military and zarzamora HEB`S to buy nice and tasty bolillos bread please send someone from zarzamora store to SAN pedro Oblate so i dont have to drive so much .Ilove HEB THANKS.

  6. I went to the HEB on military & zarzamora for groceries I bought 8 luchable that said and was posted buy one get a free pack of turkey franks (weiners) there were no yellow coupons so when I went to pay the manager (Josh V) said I couldnt get them, I told him it was the stores sale but he wouldnt do it, so I didnt get the free item even though it was the stores sale, then I bought 2 bags of mothers cookies and it said buy one pack and get a free orange crush but he was very rude and said I could only get one, I showed him where the coupon said I could use four coupons, one coupon per purchase, the coupon was on the bag of cookies, so I will let that company know about my experience, I spent over $100.00, but I will start grocery shopping at walmart from now on, that manager needs customer service training, I have a good mind to take everything I bought back and get a refund, and let everyone know how I was treated and to avoid that store cause it was a horrible experience.

  7. This is to inform you that your store in Mission TX on Hwy 83 is absolutely the finest store I have ever shopped in. The staff are so incredibly helpful, friendly and professional. EVERY time I have asked for help, they immediately leave what they are doing and show me exactly what I am looking for. I cannot say enough good about the staff at this store. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABOVE AND BEYOND what anyone might expect!!!!! Thank you to all the staff at this particular store. I hope credit will go to the right store ……. sincerely (Mrs) Aggie Walters

  8. was in the store at Texas ands Villamaria at about 3:00 pm the guy behind the counter was more interested in talking to his friend that just came on then taking care of coustmers. So I will be going to some other store from now on if they don’t want to take care of coustmers

  9. Every time I shop in HEB (Fredericksburg, TX), I seek out cashier Gloria, who makes every customer feel special, always chatting with the customer without missing a beat handling her cashier duties. She’s an excellent employee. I love seeing her smiling face!

  10. Have really been proud of doing business with a Texas home base company….but some items I depend on getting at HEB at economical prices, have been goin to sheeit….for instance, the frozen Boneless so called skinless Chicken Breast 3 and 5lb bags (which now my store in West Columbia forces the 5lb on me).

    I depended on these for part of my healthy diet and they HAD good flavor and tender texture.

    At first down hill move was the salt solution, so salty it became inedible if mixed with any other packaged food, and if boil water was reused…forget it, would have to throw out, the money was not the big problem, my time and 9 hungry mouths were.

    Now the last 3 times I have picked up the CB, they look like they came off a giant domestic turkey on 12 weeks regimen of steroids, with fat and skin on all 3 of them in a fkn 5lb bag, after cooking them on low heat for 2 hrs, they had the texture somewhere in the combination of cardboard and synthetic rubber, my girlfriend said they tasted like my Magnum Trojans.

    What is up with the brown eggs, they use to be the cheapest, now that the city folk figured out they were healthy which us country boys have known for centuries…you have jacked to the price of triple…and here I thought You doted on the country folks that put Your business on the Texas PREFFERED list….havin second thoughts now about my favorite Mercantile, guess when you get Your HyperMarket built in Lake Jackson , You will start the WalMart tactics…… Used to be Customer David McAlister, FoFolks, Texas 521×524

  11. We just had your Spinach Quiche and let me tell you, if it even beats what I’ve had in restaurants! Are other variety’s available?

  12. Can anything be done about rude, disrepectful people who go well beyond the 15 item suggested limit for the express lane. It is becoming a big problem. Maybe put a sign that says Please be respectful of other customers? Please do something before something serious happens.

  13. Why doesn’t HEB carry Trappeys pickled jalepenos? I have been buying this product for years as well as others then there taken off the selves and have no choice but to buy HEB brand?

  14. I recently spoke to your rep. regarding your small cups of ice cream not being full. I was told it was so the lid would fit and then when I told her that there was a void then she told me it was because of the weight. I guess walmart has it all wrong since thir cups a full and yours use to be. I guess you are just trying to raise your profit.


  16. I have just come from your Wooded Acres store in Waco, Texas and spent $155.
    This was the worst experience I have ever had in that store. They are rearranging and I understand that but there is no one(although the sign says “ask someone in an orange vest”)to ask for help in locating an item, I was in the store about 45 minutes and never saw a person in an orange vest.
    I buy all my groceries and gas at this store and over the course of a month, I spend quite a bit of money there.
    The last problem was when I checked out today. My checker, Alberto on station #10 at 10:15 a.m. sacked the groceries but never asked if he could help me put them in the cart. There was not a sacker at this station.
    Normally this would not be a problem because I am an active and independent 75 year old but he put 3 64 oz. bottles of V-8 in one sack and a 4 lb. bag of flour in another sack with a 1 lb. bag of sugar. I am recovering from a broken shoulder and really cannot lift that at this time. He was on to the next customer and never bothered to look to see that I was having trouble lifting the sacks into my cart.
    I am not a complainer but your employees need some training and manners in observing older shoppers and asking if they can help. You have a lot of wonderful employees but they all need training in being wonderful.
    Unfortunately, Waco does not have any real competition in grocery stores other than HEB. Today I wished that they did.

    Patricia Watson

  17. I’ll make this short n sweet. My fav HEB store @ Weber&Holly is the BEST!! My concerns, Mi Comida retried beans(vacuum packed), made w/ (pinto beans) are not being stocked when I visit HEB. Instead, a similar far superior product, (made w/ “BLACK BEANS” is in it’s place. The black beans are still good tasting and I use them on other dishes, but please!!! W/ sugar on it…bring back the PINTO BEAN version back to your stores.

  18. August 29, 2015 , 12:30 pm on check out, your cashier’s attitude was not acceptable, when I warned her that she start talking back. I called the manager but she said she will talk to cashier. Nobody apologized . We go this HEB store on hwy6 & 90 sugar Land since you opened it. I did not buy the items that day and I don’t think I will ever shop on heb again. Your customers are not not your high school student cashier’s classmate and you should train them not to talk back to the customer like in the trashy talk shows. I’m sure you have cameras in the store and can wiev the entire incident.

  19. I thought Krogers deli was slow. I think molasses moves faster then the girls chit chatting behind the counter. Extremely disappointed. Although the male who helped me was very courteous. The girls need to work not chit chat when there are customers waiting.

  20. I’m a regular customer at you midland Tx store, i appreciated the variety and healthy food that your store carry but your managers and cashiers, not all but the majority especially the younger ones need training in customers service and handling of customers groceries, they handle the fruits peaches, pears, avocados and chips, bread (soft, easily bruise items) etc like things they are throwing out not like someone is paying their hard earn money for, and another thing they advertise fruits etc at one price and on cashing out it twice the price, this is a new 0ccurance as before i had no problem, been to that store on two occasion this week and each time the grapes which were on sale for $0.89, was charge $3.98 then $0.99 was charge $1.68 when i told the cashier she didn’t even check on the price of the item, each time i left grapes at the cash out counter, then there is the issue of your express line where if you have large items but less than 15 the cashier are very rude to you about which line you should be in, I’m over 50 and i know i can count to 15 and above n I can read, don’t need a cashier shouting over other customers heads to tell me I’m in the wrong line. You guys are getting like Walmart advertising one price and charging another, take note Walmart quarterly earning is not what they use to be,train you employees and treat your customers better or this one will be looking for a new place to spend my money

  21. I have shopped H.E.B. since 1960, starting with the McAllen store. I’ve shopped the H E B in Calallen for the last 45 years and until lately I have been satisfied with the products offered. I used to go for the house brands, but in the last year I have found the quality of H E B brands sinking lower and lower. Some examples; black pepper ground to a powder state, ground turkey ground to a powder state and when cooking, nasty white stuff leached out. I threw it away. Garden Club (this could be incorrect name) Vegetable Juice replaced by HEB 1/2 water Vegetable Juice, Flour tortillas that are so thin, they have holes, produce that is overpriced and evidently 2nd grade, because for instance the celery is 1/2 the size I buy elsewhere. I bought shrimp that was ready to turn bad, cod fish that smelled to high heaven, and today, the ultimate. I bought fresh chicken breasts that resembled something on steroids/growth hormones when I took them out of the package, Unfortunately, I bought somewhere around fifteen pounds of them, which I cleaned and froze individually. Today I put two into a crockpot and the stench of them made me physically ill. Worse, the broth had that nasty white stuff in it. Even the cat will not eat it. I am throwing away the entire fifteen pounds. I bought fresh thinking that I could do better than the frozen. They too are full of water and cook down to 1/2 their size. These area only a few examples of the poor quality HEB brands have become. Is it true that much of your House brand products are now coming from Mexico?
    As we have no other choices here in Corpus Christi except Sprouts and WalMart for groceries, I will try those.
    So, except for Major brands, quick pick-ups, and the pharmacy, it is adios
    H E B.
    Right-I understand you won’t miss me, but maybe other shoppers are taking notice of your high prices and lower quality.

  22. My husband and I are frequent shoppers at the HEB on Austin Hwy in San Antonio. Today is his 21st birthday and he wanted to celebrate this milestone by buying his first alcoholic beverage at this HEB. The cashier asked for his ID, which we expected, and then asked for mine as well, despite the fact that I wasn’t the one paying.
    We’ve never bought alcohol before so we were confused. We didn’t understand why she needed my ID as well so we asked what was going on. She ignored our questions and snapped at us, just demanding my ID again and again. She was rude, it was awkward, and we felt very embarrassed to be treated like criminals in the middle of a bunch of people. We asked for a manager and he was very short with us as well. We finally gave up asking and trying to figure out what exactly we had done wrong.
    After leaving, I researched this issue and now understand that even though Texas law allows me (19) to drink with him, store policies concerning this matter differ due to liability issues. What I don’t understand is why no one would explain this to us and why we were treated in such a disrespectful manner. This was humiliating and instead of enjoying his day, my husband is still fuming over this terrible customer service.
    I don’t care what your store policy is, but please make sure your employees have the decency/knowledge to explain it instead of just being rude. We will not shop here again.

  23. My overall experience with HEB has been good. I just have an issue with the manger in cosmetics. She first upset me when I had to wait 39 mins while her and the other cosmetic girl loaded up her personal coolers. The next time was when she decided to fill the isle on the Thursday before good Friday with all theses blue boxes. When I said something about it she replied if you don’t like it you can come back later. Today she was bent over with but crack and hanging out! Let’s not mention her behavior outside the work place. I am sure you can tell this girl has rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t know her name and I don’t care to know it. She is a prime example of the younger generation not having any respect and being down right lazy.

  24. On January 5,2015 I purchased HARVEST OF THE SEA PRIME SELECT COLOSSAL ALL NATURAL SHRIMP with cocktail sauce. The shrimp was tough, tasteless, rubbery. The cost was $29.97. I am so disappointed in this product. I barely shop at HEB as it is….this confirms many reasons why.

  25. My 2 year old loves the Garden Veggie Straws , the Zesty Ranch flavor. Walmart is the only store that carries them. I would much rather shop at HEB.

  26. Hello I would like to stay confidential for I feel embarrassed for what’s happen at the** Morgan heb** in Harlingen Texas.
    My friends who are black men have been approached by FEMALE heb employees on numerous times and asked to get aroused so the employees can see their penis’s in their pants. I witnessed it at a distance after a friend told me of what’s happening. I failed to video tape it but It will go viral if it doesn’t stop. There are kids/customers who can easily notice a black male aroused with “Heb employees” huddled laughing and staring at their pants. It’s childish and is harassment! I have to drive another 5miles to the next heb. Once you’ve fixed this problem let me know that it is safe to shop at Morgan h-e-b hr manager in harlingen tx

  27. To the terrific young man at HEB on Buffalo Speedway in Houston, TX. The store director, Andrew personally thanked everyone in line for coming in yesterday and gave me a ticket for free HEB brand iced tea. It was a lovely gesture and so unexpected. He actually apologized for the long lines to all. In my mind, it states that HEB is popular with lots of hungry Houstonians. What a nice way to end my Valentine’s Day. Please thank Andrew!

  28. On Friday 19, 2015, we went to the HEB on Expressway 83 in Harlingen, Texas about 11:45 p.m. We usually go at that time to avoid crowds. As we were doing our shopping the intercom comes on and the voice says, “The store will be closing in 10 minutes.” I look at my watch and my phone and the time is 12:40 a.m. Now, If I’m not mistaken, it says that HEB doesn’t close till 1:00 a.m. I understand that your co-workers want to get home to their families after a hard days work but if they want to do that, they should change to another shift so they don’t get home so late. At some point, it was said that there was only 3 minutes to shop and I look at my watch, I had about 13 minutes to shop. I asked one of your co-workers about that and they told me that sometimes they lock the door before 1 a.m. That isn’t right!!! Why state that your company is open till 1 a.m. and your co-workers are locking the doors for their customers like me? Something needs to change because that always happens when we go to this store at night. Someone gets on the intercom and tells its clients that they will be closing soon. I understand if its 5 minutes but 20 minutes till closing is really ridiculous, it’s like a person doesn’t feel welcomed at,” your friendly HEB store.” I will tell you one thing, I hate, hate going to Wal-mart with a passion!! Last year alone, I only went to China-Mart (Walmart) a hand full of times and I hate it. I think of HEB as a wonderful place to get my shopping done and don’t want to change that. It’s really unprofessional that this happens.
    The voice on the intercom is a female.

  29. I’m highly upset. I visited heb like I do atleast three times a week for the past 6 months that I’ve been in the USA. I today was refused a 6 pack of Milwaukee light beer. After producing my South Africa drivers license with my picture and birthdate clearly on it. This is the same id that the police Accepts from me. First of all I was treated like nothing more than poop. The ladies I spoke with was Jenniffer and Tony. Tony being a supervisor that had the cheek to tell me the drivers license is in a foreign language. After which I had to spell out the words in English to her. I was not explained to what the issue was at all. Then asked for my address. What the hell does my address have to do with my age? And I’m well past 30. This is crazy and I want to know how these employees will be dealt with. I feel discriminated against to be honest. I was looked at like I had a fake drivers license since I’m white with a African drivers license. Never ever will I put my feet in another HEB! This was at bay city heb Texas. On 27th February 2016.

  30. Why can’t heb put 1 full service checker at each end besides 15 or less checker, not in the middle where us old cripple people have to walk to the middle and walk out to the end. Was told baggers would have to walk to the ends to bag and was told can we walk out your cart, what is the difference walking outside or walking 25 steps to the end checkers. I have to bag my groceries most of the time anyway.

  31. Pls check on stock employees at night. They are throwing merchandise when stocking. When I get home food items they are broken or dent. Mcallen area.

  32. Hello

    I have an issue about expiration dates. I just bought something expensive and I came home. My sister noticed the expiration date and it was over by 2 WEEKS. Im mad because i spent some of the money I earned to waste it.

  33. I purchased groceries from the HEB store in Houston TX today: HEB #12322,, 5417 S. Braeswood, Hou, TX 77096. Your Cashier: Johnnie W. was very, very rude to me, (to me only), because she address every person in line, ahead of me, no matter what; except me. Evidently, I said, or did something she did not like, So, her attitude and actions display the conditions of her heart.
    She doesn’t acknowledge me as a customer, a senior. She does not respond by counting out your change, she just shelves it at you. I have ask her how much change do I get from a $100 bill. I could add more, but I think you get the picture.

  34. Thisnconcern. About how to apply coupons
    If u buy off basket like if u buy 20 and have yellow coupon of $5 or $10 can u still apply the certain coupon of each item of you buy? Because this deal very confusing and sometimes very embarrassing to the customer behind you.. pls need reply here and to mybemail address thank you

  35. I cant sho pics on here but i bought watermelon and cooled it and went to cut it and it looked sooooooo gross.i dont have reciept but i will never buy it from there again.what can i do?

  36. “No store does LESS than my HEB”. I keep seeing these wonderful commercials on TV about all the USA grown produce and meats prepared especially for HEB. I have yet to find very many of them in the Buda, TX HEB. Over the past 6 months I have politely begged the produce department to PLEASE stock at least ONE variety of USA grown tomatoes, and to have more offerings of the other produce grown in the USA as well. Deaf ears. It really looks like Fiesta Foods in there. I give up. It’s Sprouts for me I guess. Evidently supporting US farmers and ranchers is not a priority.

  37. Purchased 60.00 dollar amazon card HEB Spring Branch, card was defective. Returned next day with card and receipt and was told nothing could be done, I would have to go to card manufacture or Amazon. Problem I have is your policy, If I purchase card from you and you take my money you should be able to handle this issue. I send about 1000.00 a month at your stores and have done so for about 30 years. I don’t like being told sorry not our problem. Don’t sell something you can’t correct. It took about 2 hrs. with amazon to correct, but at least they were helpful. We do have a new Walmart across the street, and as much as I don’t like them they are looking better all the time.

  38. I would like to submit a complaint against the HEB store on Texas Ave. Bryan Tx. I’ve been shopping here since I moved to Bryan in 2014. I am a disabled veteran and shop here because it’s closer to where I live. Since I been shopping here I feel disrespected because of the way the employees make me feel. Over the years I’ve struggled with the decision to submit this complaint, but as of yesterday I felt the needed to. The security personnel there seem to go to the extreme with their jobs. I feel as though they try to see who could be the first to try to catch a person stealing or try to. I only come to shop not steal. I feel that they treat me this way because of the way I dress. I now feel uncomfortable whenever I shop there. As soon as I walk through the doors I’m being followed through the store. One day while I was in the produce section I stopped to look at the Roma tomatoes and the I turned to grab a plastic bag this employee named May , an Asian woman , was soo close to me pretending to mop I nearly tripped over the mop. As I move throughout the store a black woman in a yellow shirt follows me up to the checkout line as I began put my groceries on the counter she reached over me as though she was picking up empty baskets preventing me from placing my groceries on the counter. That was very rude and disrespectful. As I was headed out of the store she was standing at the exit and leaned over pretending to sweep and was nearly hit by my basket. This behavior is disgusting. On another occasion a middle eastern guy also follows me around the store and stands at the exit pretending to be talking on the phone. Yesterday a tall guy with a buzz cut, resembles an Asian followed me and peeking around corners every where I go throughout the store. I only come to shop. The prices here are very reasonable but to be treated this way is obscured. There is another older black woman wearing a blue or grey shirt followed me throughout the store and as I arrived at the checkout counter she came over and started to handle my groceries and I had to tell her twice that I can unload my own groceries. This is the worst store to shop at due to customer service. This behavior could cause problems if not addressed soon!

  39. solo para interponer una queja de HEB a la cual someti una aplicacion de no lucrative y me negaron todo me dijieron que ellos no podian ayudar HOMELESS CATS santurario para gatos en Del Rio, Tx.78840

  40. I am writimg to let you know that I bought a bag of Central Market Kettle Corn and discovered two pieces of rather long blonde hair in it. Both my husband and I are gray haired, so it wasn’t us. I will not be buying this item in the future.

  41. In regards to the store on Midkiff and Wadley in Midland, Texas: the sackers (people putting groceries into bags) need to be aware, mindful and trained. Canned goods and chips in one sack is absurd, chicken with pork is dangerous, as is beef and chicken, veggies and fruit being sacked with soap/hygiene products is ridiculous. I love HEB but this is becoming a real turn off.

  42. Passed 4 female employees in pharmacy. Not one spoke to me. Two manager type young ladies at the fifth register from the door, also too busy to speak to me or make eye contact. The woman in the deli department calling out “I got cho spehshaaalll riiiight now!” No sign on either side of the in-store BBQ restaurant to specify where to be served from–BBQ or sushi. Sushi sample employee using her phone instead of noticing that there is a pileup at the BBQ counter. BBQ counter clerk paid no attention to who got to the front of what line first, so took two other customers who arrived later than the front of the bank style wait line. Colossal waste of time. Went to the ready made salad section disregarding the loud woman calling over the public address system about the specials. Not one single salad on the top row had a shelf tag or item tag specifying the price. The cashier was pleasant, but failed to ask if I found what I wanted. When I volunteered that I had experienced a problem in the restaurant area, she looked at me in disbelief and said, “The deli department!” Zero effort to find even a cashier supervisor to further discuss my problem. Soooo, in less than 20 minutes I had a problem with 5 separate department employees, price recognition, and absolutely no interest in intervening on my behalf.
    I will cancel my Digital Coupon account with HEB and tell every single person I know that it is very much worth paying more at Kroger—no matter how long we have been waiting for a full-size HEB to come to Huntsville, TX.

  43. I am writing abt being bummed abt my curbside order and follow up from my neighborhood. Tonight I am still stuck with items I didn’t order and abt $15 extra on my bill for things I didn’t receive. Felt pleased when I called customer service, but dissatisfied abt my store not calling to make it right. ?

  44. RE: HEB King Cake
    I lived in New Orleans for 27 years and always enjoyed Mardi Gras and especially, the King Cakes. I was in New Orleans last weekend and had the opportunity to partake in eating several varieties of King Cake from well known bakery’s. While all were pretty good, I was able to get an HEB King Cake when I got back to Houston. Now, the HEB King Cake, in my opinion, surpasses all of the ones I had in New Orleans by leaps and bounds for flavor and it looks like a King Cake is supposed to look. Thank you for a great product.

  45. Your web page is ran like your burnet TX store. Like crap. As a resident of burnet, I’m extremely disappointed in the. The local corner store is a better option than the local when. It has the worst management I have experience in my 40+ yrs

  46. It is disappointing that HEB stores no longer carry my B’iota hair products, they have suddenly disappeared off the shelves after being able to find what I need for the last 20 months since moving here.

    Also, we are tired of standing in lines 10-12 long at the Manor Walmart just to pick up a few items in between our grocery store trips, and am wondering when we will see an HEB store out here in the area? There are so many new subdivisions being built around the area that HEB would be well-served to put a store in the East Austin neighbourhood, maybe off E. Parmer somewhere.

    Thank you.

  47. I know y’all like to make room for new products. It seems as though every time I find something I really like to discontinue carrying it. Are used to love the cream a pablano soup I even made a recipe with it. It has been gone for a while now. LaChoy duck sauce is gone now.
    ( I understand LaChoy might have discontinued that) The latest I cannot find his Robert reserve pineapple coconut mango tequila sauce. I’m just curious what the deal is with all of this. It’s just frustrating when I find something I really like and then all of a sudden it’s gone

  48. I shop at the Georgetown HEB on I-35. Whole Wheat Panko is mentioned in many recipes, but it’s not available at this HEB. It is necessary for me to shop at Walmart in order to find it. There is no substitute for it, but some of the shelf space is dedicated to flavors that would be simple to copy with a few ingredients.

    Also, I communicated with that manager regarding HEB whole wheat baking mix (like Bisquick) I had purchased there before and he told me he would get it for me and let me know when it came in. I never heard from him and it isn’t on the shelf.

  49. I know your company is a Texas Icon generations of my family hav e always shopped for our daily needs . We thank you for your service . We ever we need a fishing or hunti f licence HEB is our stop. My question is why dont you all sell Ammo or guns ? It would be a great thing to do for the Texas family. God Bless . I eagerly wait on your response.

  50. I don’t know the name of the lady who was working lane 4 in the Atascocita, Tx. location around noon, today; but this is the second time she made my wife feel very unwelcome, bad energy, and apparently she threw our chicken after scanning it. She also, prior to scanning our merchandise, felt the need to go speak with a coworker about something in either general, or talk about my wife and not wanting to do her job, basically. Management needs to reprimand this employee for her treating loyal customers in a negative manner, her unprofessional need to keep customers waiting on her to finish socializing before specified breaks, or find something new. This is unacceptable behavior and far below the standards of what we expect from the HEB franchise.

  51. I went into your Conroe HEB off 336 and Frazier in July and was given a rain check for some candles that were on sale but you were out of stock. When I called and spoke to the lady at the pharmacy- the manager of that department- or so she said- she told me that if it had been up to her I never would have been given the rain check for the candles as they were discontinued due to new products coming in.
    She was very rude and told me to get rid of my raincheck as she wasn’t going to honor it since HEB wasn’t carrying those particular candles anymore.

  52. Hello. I recently moved from the Katy Texas Area to our Retirement home
    near Palestine, Texas. The Country life is just what we Expected. However the Availability to a H.E.B. was not. Do you have expectations of building a Store in
    the Palestine Area. We would be Happy to Promote it. Thank You, Nancy Ball

  53. My husband purchased ground sirloin beef burger patties and he cooked them on the BBQ grill. He ate one pattie and all seemed fine on the ground beef pattie. I found a strange bone with a pointed fang or claw on my ground beef burger patty. Please tell me what I need to do to or who to notify for this situation
    I have taken a photo of this.

  54. I want to ask if you have ever considered helping the homeless and non-schooling children by forming a foundation named after your company in Africa. I am interested in establishing and managing such a foundation on your behalf and request for funding.

  55. Hello, I am writing about the new store in Bellaire, TX — it is spectacular and we are very happy to have it. However, one thing that is a big issue for me is how the store favors its inside curbside shoppers over the in store shoppers. Recently I was waiting for service at the deli counter, and the queuing system was out of paper so several of us were sort of lining up there to get deli meat and cheese cut to order. The problem was that everyone stayed busy – while there were 4 people were behind the counter and 3 were working on cutting machines, those of us who were waiting there to be served, were not getting service – all of the cutting was being done for inside shoppers who were dropping off tickets for deli products. So, in my opinion, that should not happen – maybe have a meat cutter out of sight working on the inside orders, but the people standing there with baskets full of food should not have to wait that long. This area definitely needs attention.

  56. I am contacting you with a concern I consider a safety issue at your El Campo, Texas location. Some time back I asked an employee why they moved the Frito/Lay’s 6 Packs to the very top self and replaced them with HEB products. He said he did not know why. So I asked could it be so people would buy HEB’s products first? He replied probably. I understand the ploy of marketing one’s own product and making it more accessible. But what they did was put Frito-Lays almost out of reach for some of it’s customers, when you get past the first three rows. The problem I’m seeing is customers not only myself stepping on the bottom shelf to reach them, very unsafe. They never pull the product forward to make it more accessible. And handicapped people can just forget it getting the 6 PACKS of Frito-Lay products. We all know that the Frito Lay products are the most desirable pick. But isn’t the customer’s convenience and safety also important? If they could just put the Frio-Lay 6 Packs to the next shelf down, it would resolve the safety issue. Thanks.

  57. Just want to confirm my home delivery date b/c it was changed from curbside pick up. It is supposed to be Mar 27 now at 2-3. when it is still saying P/u Mar 27 at 11-11:30, I’ve reserved a new date, Mar 28 at 3-4 so I won’t lost my place b/c I can’t pick it up on the original scheduled time. Thank you for your immediate attention & consideration. HEB is really doing a great & awesome job. All partners are friendly, courteous & helpful especially to those older customers.

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