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Contacting HBO Customer Service Center

HBO or Home Box Office is a premium television channel available in some areas. The channel can be accessed with cable, satellite TV and online. HBO, like many other huge companies that provide customer entertainment, leans toward email communication, but they do list a customer service phone number.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Depending on the type of customer service you need, you may not have to contact HBO at all. If your issue deals with the HBO channel as provided by your television company you’ll need to contact the cable or satellite provider responsible for pushing the channel to your television. HBO is not responsible for poor signal and other technical problems.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • HBO Customer Service: 1-212-512-1208
  • HBO Corporate: 1-212-512-1000

Mailing Address

The only mailing address available for HBO customer service is the corporate address. We were unable to find this address on the HBO website or the HBO corporate site, but we managed to track it down for your customer service needs.

HBO Corporate1100 Avenue of the AmericasRoom H13-16New York, NY 10036

Official Website

There are two websites for the HBO company. The first is the consumer-driven website with information on shows and programming located at The other appears to be the corporate website, which is located at This site offers company information, but the Contact Us page just leads back to There is also a Facebook and Twitter page for customers to contact an agent.

Customer Service Email

The predominant means of contacting HBO customer service is clearly the contact form located on the contact us page at This form gives customers the option of sending a brief message to the customer service team. No personal or financial information should be sent to HBO. Common customer questions are answered in the FAQs section, so you may want to check there first before sending your email.

Our Experience

To our delight, we didn’t have to wait long in order to speak with an HBO customer service representative. In less than 30 seconds, the consumer affairs agent answered the call. We got straight to the point. We asked for information relating to the hours of the customer support department, considering the company broadcast 24/7. The agent explained the HBO phone number is manned from 9 AM to 5 PM eastern time, Monday to Friday. No calls are taken on the weekend.

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640 Comments on “Contact HBO Customer Service
  1. I am feelng a bit ripped off here. Been tryin to get help but cannot find anyone to help me…here is my problem I have HBO GO application on my tablet downloaded and ready to go but evertime I try to watch a movie an “Error” message comes across the screen (therefore NOT letting me view any movies at all) can you help me with this problem by explaining to me what I need to do? Exact error message is the following: ” Error: A rollback to the system clock has been detected. Please correct the date and time in order to continue playing the content.” My “tablet” is an IdeaPad Tablet K1 with an Android 3.1 operating system if that helps at all. Thnx

    • I had the same problem eith rollback time. My watchlist has also been erased. I thought that with hbogo I could see a movie whenever I wanted.

      • Having the same problem. Tried their customer what a joke. All you get is a run around. A customer servicer rating of 1.5 is way too high!

    • I have the same problem on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. I am a Comcast subscriber and its Xfinity logo shows up in the upper right corner of the screen, so I am activated.

      Why haven’t you fixed this problem? People have been reporting it for several years.

  2. I tried to watch an episode of the Sopranos today on HBO GO and was informed that the episode was not available, thanks for nothing; as a paying customer I expect some compensation from the company directly since this is an HBO problem and not a Time Warner problem.

  3. What is wrong with HBO Go? I’ve watched it religiously since the start and now its doesn’t seem to work. I am a PAYING customer and the services are not meeting the expectation of the site. Why is this?

    • Rachid Homstedt-

      Maybe you are not meeting the expectation of the site, perhaps try paying more and most importantly find a new religion.

  4. Unable to retrieve HBO GO 4pm-10:30pm PST. Provider Verizon CA. Select Program on HBO-GO starts to retrieve 10-15 minutes later it may start to play will play for maybe a minute or two then states re-loading again 10-15 minutes may play for 5-10 minutes when again starts to re-load this continue over and over until I give up and watch something on Netflix.
    I have been a customer subscribing to HBO through local providers in Thousand Oaks Ca. for over 15 years. I would like to get programing I pay for and you are paid to provide.
    You should give west coast view some free time to make up for service we are not getting.
    Ken Koch

  5. i have subscribed hbo through tWC on staten island, i have smart tv and has hbogo apps, but it is not allowing me to activate inspite of calling twc , no one seems to know why i am not able to activate the device, all the time spend to get technical help was wasted, please have your tech support find a way to fix this issue

  6. We bought HBO to see the Game of Thrones series and when we were able to watch about 6 episodes of season 1 and then we were anticipating watching the next evening and season one had disappeared and wasn’t available! That series is why we signed up for HBO and now you’ve removed a whole season that we haven’t seen. We’re trying to catch up to current episodes. That makes NO sense to not have all seasons of a series available. What are we paying for? You keep randomly removing shows!! How can we watch season one?! Very frustrating!

  7. I am having a similar problem, it was working, and now is no longer. I am getting an error message 1007. It is impossible to even speak to anyone about fixing this issue. You can not speak to any technical support people. I have been over a week trying to get the movies to work, and no go. Maybe they should re-pay me 1/4 of the month’s fee….could be more as the problem is still not fixed. It is amazing to read this blog and see how many people are having problems as well.

    • Add me to the list. Same problem as Missy Roman. Limited customer service hours and no answers. This blows.

    • Frances-

      I like the part of your post that says “no go”, because we are speaking about “HBO GO”. haha. Get it?

  8. I have been trying for several days to contact anyone with HBOGO to help with the problem of constant buffering and NO NO NO NO movie coming up or help from this company. I would not recommend this product to my worse enemy. fix the PROBLEM.

  9. Hi! I am reading Game of Thrones, and really want to watch the show. However, I don’t want to see the practically pornographic images that I’ve heard make up a large portion of the show. Are you going to have any censored versions?

  10. HBO go completely ruined tonight’s episode of game of thrones for me. I’m canceling as soon as the season is done. Your service stinks.

  11. I went to set up hbo go on my roku player. But my service provider (Direct Tv) is not supported are you kidding me. Direct tv is a nation wide dish company. I will be canceling my hbo service if Hbo Roku and Direct tv don’t get on the same page really soon.

    • I feel your pain, I have Dish and even though I’m subscribed to Showtime Dish doesn’t support Showtime On Demand or Showtime Anytime. Luckily for me they do support HBO GO.You might wanna check with Direct on that. My roomate always had trouble with HBO GO and On Demand with them. As for the Roku device, it supports HBO GO, I double checked. If you go to and hit “Sign up” it has the list of providers that support it and Direct TV is one of them, so it’s not like HBO isn’t giving them the opportunity to and it sounds like DTV offers it. I’m really not sure where it’s going wrong. I’d check and make sure DTV supports Roku because that’s the only one I’m not sure of. I’m sorry to hear of the trouble your having, I’d go into withdrawls without Game of Thrones.

      • DTV does not support the Roku for HBO Go. It is a DTV decision not Roku’s or HBO’s. DTV does allow AppleTV, Xbox and Samsung Smart TVs.

  12. I really hope that you all don’t fire the dwarf in game of thrones. He has done a spectacular job! Please, renew his contract for season 4. The show wouldn’t be the same without his character.
    You do not fix things that are not broken. He deserves the money pay him!

  13. To whom this may concern-

    I have had problems with sound cracking and noise on HBO Hd movie channels and Cinemax . I have had the problems both with vios and cox communications. The cracking sounds only happen on loud action scenes like gun fire or explosions . I have read a few forums on this matter and it appears I’m not the only one dealing with this issue. Please let me know if something is being done to resolve this issue?

  14. When I sign into HBO (No) GO, it pops up a window from Verizon that says:

    Single Sign-On Error

    To watch videos, you will need to subscribe to FiOS TV with HBO.

    Funny, the kids were watching HBO HD at the same time, so I called Verizon. After 35 minutes of them debugging, they claim HBO isn’t authenticating my account correctly and to call HBO.

    HBO, can you PLEASE separate your on-line “service” (or lack thereof) from my cable???

    I’ll call HBO from the office today and hopefully someone there can figure it out.

  15. Tried to watch HBO GO on my Samsung Smart TV but had no luck in obtaining support from Samsung who blamed the situation on the HBO GO app. Tried to reach out to HBO-GO for support but had no success in finding anyone who I could complain about the lack of service. Ironically HBO-GO works on the I-Phone and PC but not on Samsung’s Smart TV. Trying to get support from HBO-GO is nearly impossible.

    • Dear Astronomer-

      Get your head out of the the stars and read the instructions, then you would be able to work the HBO GO app. If the Andromenda Galaxy was common sense, then you would be the Milky Way because your not gonna recognize common sense until it slaps you in the face. HBO GO FOR LIFE!!!

  16. I wish I could go home before 5pm pacific. bad support!Having the same problem with apple airplay. Used to work! No place in APP to see where to get support! Once again bad customer service. Hope everyone get the idea.

  17. I suppose hbo will destroy there company by showing stupid liberal programs like Newsroom. One cannot live on liberals alone . I will never subscribe.

    • Gene-

      Where will HBO be doing this destroying? Is there a certain place that HBO people gather and literally destroy THEIR COMPANY? Because I think you mixed up “There” for “THEIR”. To further clarify, I will use it in a sentence. “A University, there is where Gene should go to learn english”.

      HBO FOR LIFE!!!!

  18. Trying to finish watching the Deadwood Series on HBO GO
    but NO GO!! It starts and then searches “optimizing video quality”
    FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thanks for ruining Season 3 of the Game of Thrones for me. I’m 70 and can’t afford to add to my TV package. I buy the series as it comes out and then watch, but you advertise on regular TV about Season 4 starting and show some clips. I haven’t seen Season 3, but I now know that King Slayer looses his right hand. Thanks for nothing.

    Question, when will Season 3 be available to purchase?

  20. I have been a customer of HBO since the Sopranos started, and enjoy having access to HBO series through HBOGO. I have trouble hearing and would like to use closed captioing. Why isn’t this available on HBOGO?

  21. Been trying to watch The Wire for days now, keep getting error messages saying that the “video is not available at this time. Ay idea when it will be fixed?

  22. If Bill Maher had a show on any network other than HBO his pathetic talent would be unemployed. I may be a small demographic in New Hampshire in the states, but most friends of mine who have HBO can’t stomach the Bill Maher show. He is toxic for the American way. I do not prescribe to The “angel ” network Espn/ABC/Disney their us of pc is too extreme. Unfortunately, Bill Maher has no right spewing his liberal views about a country and citizens who’s economy and idealism are being threatened. By Mr.Maher’s attempt to clense America with his plagiaristic comedy only breaches a line of contempt for his viewers as well as irradicate disdain from folks who have had enough of this whining. As a country we need to move past our trouble and go forward to eventually prosper from a better economy and lifestyle. Mr. Maher has not only shown he is ignorant of his fellow man but arrogant towards America only proving his antiquated propaganda has no place on a large network such as HBO or our living rooms.

    • Only a fool lives by what they see on television. You sir, and any other like you, should turn back to dust so that Monsanto can put you into fertilizer to feed the biologically altered corn they feed the poor.

      Now if you would like to explain how HBO is a network that can reach young minds, I would point out that this network is pay to view and not broadcast over the air. Meaning that the choice is yours and or the parents to prevent the viewing of such propaganda.

      If you read/view something and just live by it, you have larger issues and need to consider a convent. Perhaps you are 3 and mommy left the laptop on.

      Also just moving on without solving troubled areas means you will still have troubles… you are just ignoring them. I do not agree with everything Maher has to say. I do not agree with anyone 100%. That is the reason we have this crazy freedom of speech thing. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN!!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I myself think that for the most part Maher is a breath of fresh air. He’s a comedian but also an activist, not only for the poor but for many other things.How about democracy for America and bringing back the middle class. You don’t see the good things about him only what your small closed mind lets in. People like you is what makes our world suck.

    • Watch …Rome, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, The Leftovers, Vikings, Borgia’s, The White Queen. Enjoy yourself. Avoid politics for a while.

  23. i am grateful to hbo for bringing us the amazing, disturbing and very important two part document on “fracking.”

    this is truly a crisis that is being kept from the public with outright lies ad distortions. it is our future and the future of our children and grandchildren that is at stake!

    josh fox….thank you for your insights, your courage and your persistence.

  24. I want to thank you for showing the Sopranos again. I’m enjoying every minute of this show all over again. I do hope, however, that you are showing them in the proper sequence. I think I’m in the middle but that’s my regret.

  25. My service provider is directv. I tried to watch an episode of True Blood and they say it can not stream at this time try later then I downloaded the go app for android and it will only let me watch the latest episode. So I signed in to hbo go on my laptop and episode 3 will play but with no sound. Yes, I put all volume controls up.

  26. Why does hbo only have the anti fracking documentary Gasland?
    And not a neutral documentary about fracking like Fracknation?

    I’m concerned about knowing the truth about fracking. Not opinions.

    • There are many different types of documentaries. Gasland is an objective narrative…it’s not ABC’s Nightly News, ala 1958, it doesn’t have to be “neutral” hahaha. I’ll also remind you that it’s a private channel. You don’t have to buy it idiot.

  27. I do not know who does your viewing schedule but I must
    say it horrible there is never anything on it’s the same
    crappy shows and alot of kid shows….I pay alot of money
    each month for this service and can never find anything
    to watch….I’m really think I will be cancelling.

  28. Programing realy sucks, old movies al the time, nothing new. You try light night soft porn, but really! Hard core is on the Internet. I would noty have you if it was not free for 3 months. Asta la Vista in 3 months.

  29. To have such great programming, it has lousy customer service. The first voice is, “Do you want to leave a msg?” Why would someone be calling to leave a message? Then it goes into a loop and gives the same recording over and over.

  30. Has anyone else had a problem with the audio on HBO GO? This started about two months ago, and has not been rectified. I can’t watch anything on HBO GO, nor on MAX GO, because of the sound quality…it always sounds like it is stuttering…breaking up, no matter what you are attempting to watch. It is not my PC to blame, as anything else I watch has perfect sound quality. I contacted Charter, and they said it was HBO’s fault, and that they could do nothing about it…THIS REALLY SUCKS-BIG TIME!!!!!

  31. I communicate with you on this occasion to request that its name be removed from the game Daenerys game of thrones is causing me problems, I had no knowledge of these games. My name is Daneris and Daenerys is same. I don’t like.

  32. hbo india is not showing good movies now a days.for instance movies of richard gere,julia roberts,jlo etc.we love your channel and looking forward tp see good legendary movies….thanks

  33. For a so called Premium channel you sure dont have Premium programs. Too much repeat showing of old shows and very little new shows airing. What is the deal with your networking. I would be ashamed to say I was responsible or even worked for such a so called Premium network

  34. you have been showing the same movies all summer, just changing the station. what happened to a NEW MOVIE every saturday night? we are dropping you!

  35. HBO GO on my AppleTV will not activate. It says my Verizon FIOS account is not subscribed to HBO, but it is. Verizon says they can’t help. HBO GO on my iPad works fine.

    • I TOTALLY AGREE!!! HBO SUCKS THESE DAYS. Back in the day there were movies all day!! Now they are showing too many infomercials and just selling juicers and other crap!!!

  36. HBO is a joke! Friday night is prime time movie night and all they have on is Bill Maher talk television. What a failure. What happened to the HBO entertainment value they had back in the day?

  37. Wow! Guess we are lucky that we haven’t experienced any playback problems when watching HBO GO, but oh, that’s right…we can’t even watch HBO bc someone got a hold of my account info. Seriously pissed off that HBO and DirecTV have been contacted multiple times about our account being accessed illegally, and no one can help. I have not watched anything on HBO GO for a month, while some completely worthless asshole is using my account info to entertain themselves. Multiple email and password resets, and even having my online account locked have not helped. Don’t even other calling HBO’s customer service,because they’ll just redirect you back to the website. I emailed HBO’s tech department on deactivating my account, and I got a really quick response that they needed some more info. I responded right away, and provided all the required info…and then nothing. Ready to just cancel my service, because that’s the only way this could possibly get resolved after all the other attempts we’ve made.

  38. Hbo go, while a good idea is so poorly executed that it often does not work. Case in point – tonight it is down again. Usually it just forces me to re activate or sign in again, but tonight it is just down, down, down on the only night I will use it this month. So, the best thing I need to do is look for an alternative in one of the other premium channels if hbo has such a hard time providing your programming.

    Disappointing, at best. You guys have been around long enough to be able to provide better service than this. And, no phone support on Sunday night? Wow. As I said, disappointing!

  39. Family Tree is fantastic! It is original, hysterical, clever and smart. Don’t cancel it. Give folks time to discover it. Advertise it. the monkey is a star! I have told friends to watch it and they all love it but had never heard of it before. Chris O’Dowd is so great as are all the other cast members. Take a chance silly people and go for another season!!!!

  40. Deactivate devices (iPhone and iPad) in an attempt to fix some bugs. Now HBO GO updates to ios7 version, it won’t allow me to sign in saying someone is already using this device!!! What do I need to do????? Anyone? I tried reinstalling app, reset my apple device, register again (but it won’t let me) – an other clues!?!?!? HELP!!!

  41. I do not have cable but would love HBO. Please consider allowing HBO go for non cable customers. I can not afford cable & HBO…

    Also please don’t cancel True Blood

  42. Dont understand why we cannot get hbogo to work on my wifes tablet, but yet it works on my tablet and tv, keeps saying wrong access code whatever that means,

  43. After hearing Bill Maher make fun of our WWII vets this week I will NEVER subscribe to your services again . What a classless ugly person to make fun of the very men and women who gave him the right to be a jerk. Shame on you for continuing this crap of a show !!!!

  44. Why is this second rate politician Bill Maher still allowed to spew his hatred all over your network? He obviously hates soldiers, hates republicans, or anything else that is not is lockstep with far left leaning idealism.

  45. This is about bill maher. This is the only place I found to sent a complaint. I am cancelling HBO tomorrow because of what Bill Maher said about our WW2 vets. I am done with you I have ignored him for the years on here but no longer.
    Susanne Stehly

  46. I am about to drop HBO from my contract. Everything carried other than your “made for” series has been shown and reshown for years. The same movies for years. Then you have that loud mouth, Bill Maher, who apparently thinks any shocking comment he says is worthy of a Pullitzer. The fact he can make negative comments regarding World War II veterans that would have any politician fired adds to your stupidity. This moron should be fired for calling old men stupid because they tore down barricades to a memorial that was paid for with private funding, not governments. It belongs to the people, not Obama. You are becoming another voice for Maher and his liberal gang of idiots.

  47. My comments on their web site: Bill Maher has once again crossed the line. You need to seriously think about canning his show. He is a disgrace. I do not have the option to cancel my HBO subscription because it’s included in my association fees…. BUT I WILL DO MY BEST TO HAVE OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS (on both associations I’m affiliated with) cancel HBO from our cable line-up. I will share this information with everyone I know who receive HBO through their associations. And as far as myself personally – I WILL NO LONGER WATCH ANY HBO PROMGRAMING!

  48. I saw the 34 seconds clip of Bill Maher commenting on World War II vets at their memorial. What crude and condescending remarks from this nitwit. I don’t subscribe to HBO, so, I don’t see this guy’s show. If I were HBO…..I’d let him go.

  49. I am so upset that HBO allows Bill Maher to talk about our WWII veterans so disrepectfully.I know about his freedom of speech but he needs to remember he has that right only because of them.HBO needs to support true American heroes not insult them.HBO and Bill Maher should not bite the hands that feed them.It is so easy to cancel subscription services.

  50. Bill Maher only has his freedom of speech to spew his hatred for others & to the say the “F” bomb every other word BECAUSE of our VETERANS. He is the very reason why America is becoming financially and morally BANKRUPT. He is a pathetic, slimy, disgusting LITTLE MAN who doesn’t deserve to live in America let alone have his own cable show.

  51. Shameful for Bill Maher to make fun of our WWII vets wanting to see the WWII memorial after they had pre-planned their trip to D.C. before the government shutdown. Regardless of the context, I also found Maher’s words describing the veteran’s as maybe the greatest generation but not necessarily the brightest to be beyond acceptable. We are debating right now about canceling our subscription to HBO.

  52. Not all ADULTS go out drinking on Saturday nights!!! Very disappointed with the 95% ratio of animated / kids movies as the premiere on Saturday nights.

  53. I realize that it is a money maker for you, but you should realize and understand that your support Of Bill Maher and his hatred of over half of the political system. Using divisive language he is issuing hate speech which you are supporting. Please review your policies and the requirements of the law. Expecting to see changes in this programing.

  54. I’ve been waiting for an update of the Broadwalk Empire for phone viewing. What is wrong with HBO web support? I paid my subsciption?

  55. I added HBO to my cable so we could watch Game of Thrones Season 3 on Demand. NOPE. It’s not available. HBO -you need to clean out your on Demand box and add the series that people want to watch! I am waiting??? Please put it on so I can watch it on my cable box. I am not watching it in front of my computer like a teenager!

  56. I will cancel hbo unless you fire Bill Rude Mahr,after what he said about the Boston bombing tragedy,he makes me sick,goodbye hbo unless you remove that drug cocaine pig

  57. I do love HBO, unfortunately after listening to Bill Maher”s comments the other night I have no choice but to cancel my subscription. While I try and reserve quick judgment on all public/ private commentary. This guy didn’t just cross the line he crushed it along with so many victims hearts here in Boston!

    What an ASS!

  58. Bill Maher’s comments about Boston Strong has pushed me over the edge. On the whole I could never see Maher’s cometic value and never really watched him but HBO on the whole has great programming. But In light of poor judgement on TimeWarners side to allow this fool to spew his garbage mouth, I had to cancel my subscription as well as sell all my holdings in your company. I hope you keep him on the air so eventually he will put you out of business.

    Boston Strong

  59. Your political position with Bill Maher is pretty obvious. I refuse to pay for his junk show, and plan to boycott any Time Warner offerings. Also sending notes to all your advertisers that my friends and I won’t support a company like yours. I understand I’m only a grain of sand in the ocean. Good luck.

  60. Ditto for me. I sort of looked at HBO as the gold standard in satellite/cable tv and I guess in reality they still are. But as far as streaming goes they seem to be pretty much bush league. One of my Roku’s is even hard wired but it makes no difference, the programming simply will not come up. Even when it does come up it takes far longer than any other channel. A true disappointment HBO, I’m sure you can do much better.

  61. Giving me a 212 number to call for customer service? That speaks volumes. I already tried to cancel through COX cable, but cancelling is the only dept not available on weekends? I’m watching all of ONE show on HBO right now, and it’s on for half the year. Making it about $30 month for those four hours. I’d still stay with HBO, if I could see old episodes (new to me) of “Game of Thrones”, so I could then watch the new season. No, I’m not sitting in front of a computer screen to do it. HBO and Netflix separated, and now HBO can’t show me old episodes (paid for over 10 years) of a series, so I may get hooked? Amazingly stupid.

  62. Dropped HBO after Bill Mahers comments about the terrorist attack in Boston. He is an idiot and I will not renew until this piece of trash is off the air. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

  63. Please bring back Eastbound and Down. It is the funniest show on television. TV will be boring without this show. I have HBO for this show only after Entourage, Sopranos, and the Wire have ended. DO not take Eastbound and Down away. Kenny Powers and Will Farrell are absolutely hilarious.

    • Robert-

      Your right “Television will be boring without this ONE SHOW”. Its not like modern day television provides multiple channels and multiple shows that you (the viewer) can watch and enjoy. You’re totally correct, we all should just get rid of our TV’s because ONE SHOW has been cancelled. Maybe we can use the material that makes up the useless Television sets to build some life size memorial of Kenny Powers and the whole Eastbown and down cast! Good comment Robert.

  64. East bound and down was one of the best things you’ve ever had ! The final episode made me laugh out loud so much I’ve watched 3 times so far! Pease please please bring it back?

    Also this last Boardwalk was a fantastic episode- please don’t kill Chalky off he is super unique and an incredible character !

  65. Your programming sucks now. The movies you show on your network sucks. Once in a blue moon you may show something worth while. Overall the quality of your programming has plummeted.


    Extremely Disappointed

    • Ms. Hardy-

      Instead of complaining about HBO’s great programming which is honestly great, why don’t you move on with your life and if you truly don’t like it, then change the channel. Also maybe you should use you time more wisely, for instance, instead of taking time to write horrible HBO reviews, you should try to find a life partner and turn “Ms.Hardy into Mrs.Hardy”.

  66. I’ve just watched the movie “killer joe” and I think you have lost any sense of dignity and proportion about the meaning of cinema and entertainment. The movie is a horrid and pornographic piece of sadistic madness. I’m cancelling HBO right now and I hope many others you do the same.

  67. what a f—ing joke. I pay for HBO, can’t get in on my roku, can’t get ahold of anyone at HBO. What the hell am I paying for????

  68. Ive had hbo and used hbogo for some time, I received a galaxy tab 3 for christmas and the sound does not work on the hbo go app! I wouldnt mind waiting this issue out if I had the ability to watch programming I enjoy on demand but it seems like nothing on demand is worth while anymore (no game of thrones only half the movie selection of hbo go). Please resolve issue with audio on new galaxy tablets! Im beginning to think I pay for hbo for nothing now!

    • Larissa-

      The problem is not with HBO GO but with your friend/family member who was so cheap that they couldn’t pony up the extra cash to actually get a iPad. The reason you can’t hear the sound is cause the galaxy is a horrible device. I actually have an iPad which I can hear and watch (with sound) HBO GO wherever I go. So your friend/family member should HBO GO-back to the mall and get you an iPad.

  69. What a way to run a railroad! Customer service is only open M-F til 5 pm EST, and I live in AZ. I have been waiting patiently for the last two episodes of Treme to be available on Demand and I am still waiting! What is the problem? They are available on hbogo, but not on my television screen. –How do I get reimbursed for a service that has not been working for at least two weeks? (Will someone actually write me back?)

  70. I agree with previous comnent….no sound comes through hbogo using a samsung tab3. The the initial hbo music comes through but as soon as you start the programs, there’s no sound! Please fix this problem as soon as possible!

  71. Can’t see to view episodes beyond the first two using HBO-TO-Go. Have seen the first two Mildred Pierce and the first two Thrones but cannot access subsequent episodes. I am an HBO subscriber and love HBO and HBO to-Go, but this is quite frustrating. I use APPLE TV to stream.

    Where can I go for help with this problem?

  72. I am sick to death of HBO. Once again I have a program that is worth watching, and HBO decides to cancel it. Boardwalk empire, Deadwood, Sopranos. When Boardwalk Empire ends, so will my subscription to HBO.

  73. I am extremely upset with the fact that with the hbo to go program people can now share their accounts numbers their friends and family. So they get to watch these series for free. While I have to still pay for the service. I have had hbo for about 8 years. This is not right!

  74. Just subscribed yesterday. HBO GO worked yesterday and most of today. Suddenly I’m getting the “video player cannot play this show”. What’s the deal? If this is how HBO runs their business, I’m cancelling. No need paying for something I can’t even watch.

  75. I applaud all you have done with your network. I still Love your intro over the town/city fly over without digital help! I have been a suscriber since 1981. I understand the competition you have. But please take a step back and remember….HBO sets the standard! OZ!!!! The Sapranos!!!! I have to admit I and my family are huge fans of the walking dead. However, my favorite weekly show we watch is BOARDWALK EMPIRE!!! WOW, no other network/cable can measure up to the standards you set and the HIGH QUALITY of the actors and production set. Steve Buscemi and the the rest of the cast should be commended for their efforts. You have the ability to build a “Godfather type legacy here”, plese do not give up!

    • I have to agree with Rick. If Maher can call Dr. Ben Carson “a drooling idiot”, “half brilliant brain surgeon, half Tea Party dumb”, I then have to believe he is a racist, bigot. How can HBO put a small mind like Bill Maher on your network?

  76. I have followed Sam Berns for some time. I learned that the documentary “Life According to Sam” was to be shown at Sundance then it was to be on HBO. My mom has cable but no HBO. We weren’t even able to pay per view – we had to have the HBO package. I happened to be doing a search recently and found that we could watch the documentary without charge which we did. I was very informative and touching to learn about this young man. Sadly he died last Friday. I did a search again for the documentary and found that it was only available if you have the HBO package – interesting. I do hope that HBO will be making a rather large donation to the Progeria Foundation with the money they will be taking in because of Sam’s death. VERY THOUGHTLESS AND POOR TASTE HBO PEOPLE!! 🙁

  77. I have been an HBO customer for years with Direct TV. I don’t know who is in charge of your programing, but they need to be fired. I am really tired of the same movies on night after night, week after week, month after month. I have seen the Die Hard trilogy shown over and over for the last year. The same with the Superman trilogy. I also do not think we need to watch Christmas movies in the summer. What is with all the movies about Vampires and the undead? Also your after dark (Showtime) keep showing the same things year after year. How many times has Co Ed Confidential been on? Full Metal Jacket I know by heart. Why are children’s shows on at 10 PM on school nights? Well I think you get the flick, no pun intended. I guess I will just cancel and watch ESPN. Thanks.

  78. Was super excited to be able to watch hbo on my new tablet. It was the deciding factor to subscribe. Still haven’t been able to watch. No sound. The hbo theme plays and the movie starts…with no sound. Forget about trying to contact anyone who can help. Shame on you hbo. You have forgotten about you’re customers… used to be the best for customer service. What happened? Really disappointed.

  79. I have hbo subscription. Until today, had no trouble with HBO to Go on my apple tv. Today, I get a message that I don’t have a subscription. Verified subscription w/ provider. Can watch HBO programming through cable right now, and when I to to hbo to go on the apple tv I can get an activation code. However, at the website, I am still told: don’t have a subscription. Have checked email address / account, to make sure all is correct. Most frustrating: have been on hold with customer service for 40 minutes. Is this normal???? Do they actually have “customer service”??

  80. I have HBO in my subscription with Comcast and it comes with the package or otherwise I would cancel it, you play the same OLD movies day in and day out, your line up should offer more current shows, we are getting to the point of not even watching tv anymore

  81. Many of the lucky few at least got to watch somethiing on HBO GO, Mine always says error- try again later. I keep paying for it. It is going to cause me to drink cleaning fluids with wreckless abandon. Nothing can ruin an evening worse than HBO GO. They should rename it to HBO Gotcha

  82. I am appalled at your new series called the “Looking ” degrading the innocence of our children and young adults….why you choose to put this kind of programming on your line up is so hard to understand. Everyone family and friends are equally insulted that this is on our TV sets!

  83. hi,I and im sure the rest of the American citizens who watch your show true detective, would appreciate it if you guys would air the current episodes in English and not in Spanish Episode 4 was aired in Spanish and Episode 3 was in English. im pretty close to unsubscribing. please fix it!

  84. I have HBO and am very satisfied ! I hear they are ending Boardwalk Empire , this coming season will be the last. I am disappointed but i guess it is what it is . My thought is , we can’t somebody like HBO or ( cough cough ) showtime or starz do a series on the biggest gangster of all time , Al Capone ? My friends as myself love when big Al comes on in Boardwalk . He makes the show !!!! I think it would be a hit for HBO , come on think about it HBO ? Scareface !!!!!

  85. I have HBO and am very satisfied ! I hear they are ending Boardwalk Empire , this coming season will be the last. I am disappointed but i guess it is what it is . My thought is , we can’t somebody like HBO or ( cough cough ) showtime or starz do a series on the biggest gangster of all time , Al Capone ? My friends as myself love when big Al comes on in Boardwalk . He makes the show !!!! I think it would be a hit for HBO , come on think about it HBO ? Scareface !!!!! Sounds like a hit to me !

  86. HBO GO is likely the most asinine attempt at a meaningful web site. I have to create a new ID with HBO because I changed providers instead of linking my old one to the new provider. All usernames I generally use are taken, so I will forget it, making it useless. Who was the architect of the system, they should be FIRED. I can make more useful data associations in my sleep. For a company with a lot of money, your ability to develop useful websites is only outdone by Comcast. Hire real programmers and web designers, and some day you may actually not get someone who would have just canceled if not for Game of Thrones.

  87. Dear HBO,
    I have subscribed to HBO and I watch the channels. I am a little bummed that there is no set channel for HBO shows. I am tired of either watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I am sure there are more movies for Harry Potter other than 2, 5, and 6. True detective is always on every channel and does not allow room for those of us who doesn’t want to watch Girls either and to watch movies worthy of the money we pay to watch movies without having to log online. I love HBO and I understand the need for variations on each channel… but sincerely… I am tired of the repetitive shows… please give me better variations with better planned times. Thank you

  88. Hbo go is still not compatable with samsung tab 3. Good picture but NO sound. I’m sure that this problem belongs to some chinese outfitf out there. Netflix knows how to make there products work, why don’t you.

  89. I have avoided Bill Mahers for many years. His hollier than thou attitude is nauseating! His diatribe about our Olympic athletes is moronic and short sighted. He is no athlete. If he persists on HBO you will not continue in my home. With all the competition for my viewing dollars, cable is rapidly falling behind.

  90. It seems impossible to get help for my malfunctioning hbo go app. I have video but no sound!! It is the only app on my samsung galaxy 3 tablet that doesn t work!!!

  91. I have HBO go through my xbox and it always fast forwards without me pressing the button to do so. How do I stop this?

  92. In your hbo shows, when nudity is involved, it’s women who take off all or part of their clothes and men who may more delicately bare their backsides at most or their bare chests ( which one can see at the beach). Men who direct the movies/ tv /cable programs, assume that their audience — male and female — will share their fascination if not obsession with a woman’s nude body. I believe with changing society & with women rising to the top of the success ladder, in business, times are changing. Directors and everyone involved in production of tv/ cable shows even movies, need to realize that the male physique (think ancient Greek statues even) is a very beautiful one. The male private is a beautiful showpiece. Men need to be reassured that they are as beautiful no matter the size, shape , thin, large whatever, and they need to see themselves as beautiful on screen, full frontal so the men watching this can say that looks like i do and i am not ashamed of myself. I see myself on the tv or movie screen full frontally. As we women have seen ourselves nude so many times on tv or the movie screen. We can see that we are beautiful no matter what we look like. So, its time to make it equal quality for both sexes. I don’t want my sins thinking that only a female body is acceptable and glorified on tv or a movie. I want my sons to feel empowered and not be embarrassed by the lack of male frontal nudity on tv or the

  93. I don’t want my email address displayed anywhere! Too many kooks out there! They’ll be emailing me all sorts of garbage! Thanks

  94. Y isnt comcast xfinity on hbo go providers list for playstation 3? And is it going to be anytime soon?

  95. Why is one movie, Snitch, on 6 out of 10 channels at the same time? Why don’t I get a a 50% discount on my premium for that? Why should I pay full price for your service if I only get to choose 5 shows to watch out of 10 HBO channels? Why am I paying for 10 channels but I only have 5 choices as to what to watch?

  96. Absolutely horrible service. I am currently paying for HBO GO and it does not work on my iPhone, iPad, Wii, or Lenovo Helix laptop. Why am i paying for a service that does not work? Why does HBO let people subscribe when they cannot provide the service people are paying for? I will be canceling my subscription tomorrow.



  98. I will cancel my service effective today, as a direct result of the program hosted by Bill Maher. His insult to God and religion was unacceptable and paralleled the word “Niger” in reference to Blacks or “Kite” for a person of Jewish faith. Ops guess your team finds those words offensive, but God, his Son Jesus are fair game.
    If he (bill maher) had used “Niger” or “Kite” he would have been pulled.
    In closing let me say that his lame attempt to raise ratings was a failure.

  99. Dear HBO,

    I like Harry Potter as much as the next person, but can you please move on to another movie in the series and stop playing the Chamber of Secrets?? Seriously it’s been like 4 months. Theres 7 other ones to pick from! Thanks.

  100. Hey guys can any of you tell me how much is it to have HBO GO monthy, I wouldnlole to get it but I need to know how much is it?

  101. Stop Showing the same movies over and over and over and over, 100’s of movies are released each year. Why don’t you rent a new one. I have seen Die Hard’s. The Nutty Professor, The Lethal Weapons series so many time, I know the line. Taken—every day. Come on give us a break. Lease some new movies and put them on your channel.

  102. I wish HBOgo was available for the xbox one. I realize it’s very early In the streaming systems lifetime however it will be around for a while and I was wondering if we could be looking at support for it anytime in the near future

  103. I cannot understand how you believe The Bill Maher Show is actually entertaining and a valid political program. He is not very amusing and insults the very people that support your network. I I am seriously considering canceling your service. Do you believe support of a completely liabral bias show is in your interest.

    Irving Hefner

  104. What is up with HBO??? I get so tired of watching the same movies, which they have been playing for months now. Will they ever change? Now that Blockbuster is gone, you’d think that they would provide their customers with better movies. There are tons of great movies available but they only provide us with a handful. I don’t know if HBO owns Cinemax but they just played two newer movies, The Conjuring and The Purge. In the past HBO would play the newer movies first and then they’re played again on Cinemax.

    Come on HBO, you owe it to your loyal customers. I don’t want to pay for movies that are constantly replayed over and over again….Marie

  105. I would like to thank you for putting previews of the CURRENT GOT season while watching on demand got previous seasons. Now I know what happens. Stupid people I’ll be canceling my Hbo service what need do I have for such stupidity.


  107. For the past 36 hours, I have been trying to access HBO GO without success. I have spent hours on the phone with DISH and ROKU but without any satisfaction. I called HBO and got this address. Every time I attempt to get a program, I get the message that the show is cannot be seen at this time. They say that they will resolve this problem “soon,” whatever that means.

  108. I keep getting hung up on it said mon-fir its friend can I please have input please please please please contact me some way somehow

  109. I need technical instructions I called you said you were open mon-fir its friend why am I getting hung up om I have been with hbo for over a year I would just like a little courtesy I have been reliable now my hbo is missing I have no answered I’m sure you would not like that please contact me email phone preferably I’ve been cortius might you do the same

  110. I loged into hbo go earlier today but when I need it the most to watch the new episodes of my favorite series all I get is server errors. the issue is not on my side I got all internet explorers going trying to log in( Google C , FF , IE. ) but no success. some time I get to the point of email and password login but then stuck in a continues loading screen.for shame HBO for shame.

  111. I tried for an hour just to access hbo go then once it finally let me in I tried for another half an hour just to sign in and I’ve still yet to do it. I’m so disappointed in your site and about ready to never watch your channels again. I’ve never had this problem with showtime or Cinemax. What a disappointment!

  112. I am very upset. I pay a lot of money to have HBO and GOT is one of my reasons that I do so. The season 4 1st episode is not on demand yet and it’s been 2 days. I will unsubscribe if this is not solved soon. I am very upset!

  113. As an educated viewer; to whom it may concern:
    It is boggling to the mind. And I am certain feedback of this degree has been received by your company in the past. But as an adamant fan of game of thrones (which, at this point, I am hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t), as well as true detective (which may be the finest cop drama ever produced)…I am incredibly concerned as to how poor the quality of your late night programming has degraded. I hold such a high standard for home box productions, and yet when trying to indulge in a late night feature such as this (“The super sex program”), I am amazed at the boredom it produces. I understand the constrictions involved with the FCC, but in making essentially a softcore porn, your attempt was about as exciting as a bill o’reilly speech at best. All I ask is that you dare let an independant director step in, and bring his talent to the table. Hell, my girlfriend and I could make. Better porno.
    All my best, continued fan ship,
    Tricky D.

  114. First season of LOOKING was great! Acting and store line was believable and refreshing to see a good gay show. I am hoping the powers to be will bring it back for a second season. Thanks HBO.

  115. Hi there…I have been a loyal HBO subscriber for many many years now and I just noticed you stopped airing the Sopranos at 5PM West coast time. I have a lot of friends and we have made it our mission to watch every episode and build our day along seeing the Sopranos at 5 and then talking or going out to meet for discussions. I’m sure there are many more like us. PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE, I implore you to keep airing the Sopranos, it is the greatest show ever on HBO or any network. Sincere thanks, MT.

  116. I just subscribed to HBO. My main reason for subscribing was to start watching Game of Thrones. I am incredibly disappointed in whomever decided to place previews of season 4 on the episodes for the 1st season. It has greatly diminished my viewing experience.


  118. Trying to watch T.V shows online is the most difficult thing due to poor quality. I do not struggle to watch Netflix or any other streaming but on HBO Go, it is a terrible hassle. Please either keep your shows On Demand longer or improve the quality of online streaming. This has been a constant issue for a very long time. The shows are great, I would love to be able to watch them.

  119. Hi, I am writing today because I have recently started watching the HBO series, Game of Thrones. I was in the middle of Season 2 when all of a sudden the episodes were no longer available. I am very saddened and disappointed that you have decided to take off all episodes from On Demand, Optimum which is my cable and internet provider. I don’t see why it was an issue to provide these episodes. Game of Thrones is a very popular show and I enjoyed watching your series after work. Now I won’t be able to. I hope you understand my disappointment and hopefully bring it back. I really would like to catch up to the most current Season 4.

    I have always enjoyed HBO. I’ve watched plenty of series like the infamous Sex and The City and Girls. A lot of times I watched these series On Demand. I don’t think I would have become a fan of HBO without the opportunity HBO gave me by providing these series On Demand. And what’s a show without fans? I think that if HBO allows old episodes of popular series to play On Demand it will get a bigger customer base and more fans. Thank you for your time. I hope you take this letter into great consideration.


    Angie (fan)

  120. HBO go has worked for me since the spring of 2013. Suddenly with the ios 7.1 update it continues to work on my iPhone 5 but won’t work on my iPad 2. It says I am not signed in. When I try it says I am not connected to the internet and to try again. Then when I press the sign in button, it crashes and I am taken back to the iPad home screen.

    Is this a known problem with a fix? Please provide a suggestion to fix this.

  121. Dear HBO
    I cant believe Bill Mahr has the nerve to call Republicans racist ! And promote afermative action ? When he didn’t have a single person of color on his show !!! Blacks and hispanics aren’t smart enough yo be pn his show? Maybe HBO should have a qouta system to promote ethnic diversity ? If its good enough for our colleges its good enough for HBO

    Don Miller
    Arlington tx.

  122. Sorry guys, you lost me! I can watch all the movies I want on other PAY channels. I stuck by you for a long time, but now your political slant has made my decision to go elsewhere so much easier. I am one of those middle America guys who believes in this country and it’s founding fathers. You guys have decided that between Bill Maher and now Joe Oliver that you can openly demean my beliefs with these morons and their anti-anything normal antics, that I will continue to pay for your service. You are infact, wrong. I am going elsewhere for my movies. I can get “Game of thrones” after the fact somewhere else. I have already read the books anyway. Good riddance to such a passé network. Go preach somewhere else

  123. HBOGO application does not allow you to activate your PS3 device if you’re a Comcast XFINITY subscriber!!!

  124. The fact that my television service provider doesn’t offer HBO Go (even though it doesn’t cost them anything) is one thing, but the fact I can’t subscribe for HBO, and use HBO Go directly is ridiculous. I just want to pay HBO to watch Game of Thrones. I’ll just have to stream it for free. Way to go HBO.

  125. I have NEVER been asked to verify my account more often than I have with HBO Go. It seems like every 6 months I have to go online and type in information to view programming. It’s extremely inconvenient and on top of this the buffering ability on HBO go is horrible. STOP ASKING ME TO VERIFY, FIX THIS APP. Netflix is 10x better when it comes to ease of use and how smooth the app is.

  126. Okay, I can’t afford your stupid HBO go thing. I /can/ afford Netflix, and I just want to see what all the hype is with GoT. I can’t watch it anywhere but here because you guys have to be stingy with your whole HBO go thing. I do like your shows. I really like most of them. But I just want to be able to watch GoT without so many complications!

  127. Re: Real Time With Bill Maher

    I think I can take criticism, but this show has become what I understand, from victims of abuse. an abusive relationship. I don’t know whom he hates more, liberals or Muslims, but the hate is definitely palatable. So why do I return to it faithfully each week? My parents used to say “with friends like that who needs enemies?” And so they are telling me from their graves:”you don’t have to put up with this”. From now on, I’ll masturbate or find a good book to read. Adios, and thanks but no thanks. You can keep your Real Time.

  128. I have been a HBO viewer for many years. The movie lineup for May is terrible. If it wasn’t for GOT I would have dropped HBO.

  129. HBO needs to get some new movies ive seen savages and big mommas house 2 on the guide for the past 2 weeks change it up paying extra money to watch reruns of terrible movies HBO sucks

  130. I have not been able to get into any HBO sites for two days now. They pull up but the black screen just tries to load and will not. I was on the site the day before and had no problems and I see that many others are reporting the same problem even though HBO claims there is no problem.

    Please get back to me as I am very concerned this may indicate a virus associated with the site.

  131. I love Bill Maher. While obviously I don’t always agree with him, it is one of the extremely rare shows where you can real talk from both sides of the political spectrum along with biting sarcasm.
    Keep it up. Bill is great.

  132. I have been a very satisfied HBO & HBO-GO customer for several months until about a month ago I began having streaming problems with HBO-GO. It seems to effect all programming on HBO-GO but is not a problem with any of my other streaming services (Netflix, Vulu, Amazon, Redbox, M-GO, etc.). I have been an AT&T U-verse customer for several years and am very happy with the HBO programming service we receive on both regular and on demand cable. What’s the problem?

  133. HBO took a good show and turned it into gay propaganda. Game of Thrones has helped push the boundaries of morality to the breaking point with its visually and audibly graphic homosexuality. The full frontal nudity of both genders is almost expected in a pay channel TV, but graphic homosexuality is not acceptable and is looking at offensive in the rear view mirror. I have stopped watching Game of Thrones because of this disgusting programming they pipe into my home. I have also stopped subscribing to HBO.

  134. I am a huge fan of hbo and particularly hbo boxing. I’ve never understood why HBO doesn’t take advantage of services like Amazon to resell their premium fights after the live air. HBO has a huge archive of fights and I would as many fans love to have an opportunity to rewatch many of them even if I had to rent or purchase some of them upon occasion. Instead most of these great fights seem to be gathering dust in your archives ,Just a thought.

  135. I don’t understand why you cancelled deadwood and then keep showing it. The show rated very high. Not enough money for u I take it. But good enough to keep showing to keep getting more people to watch it and never know what happens. How about if u cancelled the show stop showing the other episodes. Why in earth would u cancel a show right dead in the middle of something big and then keep showing it over and over. Give the man back his rights to do it on another channel

  136. hbogo say success when i activate but will never work . been trying to fix this for 6 months now . show previews try to watch show say activate , go to activate says success you can now stream movies . back and forth . got email from hbo say ready to use hbogo been 6 months never worked once.

  137. Silicon Valley is a SMASH HIT – I absolutely love it and can’t wait to see season 2 please make more episodes next season !!!

  138. Please cease Spanish language programming on your mainstream HBO channels. If I wish to view Spanish language movies and/or programs I could tune into one the dedicated Hispanic channels. If HBO continues with this most annoying activity I will gladly cancel my complete HBO package from my cable television provider. Thank you.

  139. HBO go has to be the worst user friendly tv app I have ever used. Most of the time it does not work and then wont remember where you left off in a show or episode. Wish it was more like netflix..

  140. MY HBO GO, is a NO GO! What is going on saying I don’t have a subscription when I do?
    I called direct tv and everything is fine on their end. I want this fixed ASAP.
    Not to mention you try and call hbo and y’all are only open mon-fri from 8-5.
    Wow. Great customer service. Not! Get it together.
    Hbo isn’t cheap.

  141. Why do you keep showing the radical Bill Mare? I thought HBO stood for movies! Please discontinue showing his ultra-radical crap.

    Thank You

  142. Hello im a make up artist from spain and i hear that hbo gone shoot game of thrones in Almería..maybe hbo will need some make up artists from spain…where can i sen my curriculum..can you help me??Thanks a lot.

  143. Hello im a make up artist from spain and i hear that hbo gone shoot game of thrones in Almería..maybe hbo will need some make up artists from spain…where can i send my curriculum..can you help me??Thanks a lot.Miguel Sesé Guillot.

  144. If you have problems with, contact the FCC and lodge a complaint–either with a call or in writing. This is especially important if you are a paying customer. Also contact your credit card company and lodge a complaint. Enough complaints and HBO will lose privileges with the card issuer.

  145. what is going on with the new episode of Game of Thrones? The only reason i subscribe to HBO, at this time. Is HBO gonna play it or what?

  146. HBOGO plays on my iPad however doesn’t on my Samsung Smart TV.. message always saying unable to play video at this time? It was playing just fine until this week?

  147. I FEEL AS IF I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED! People pay for Premium viewing and on the GO..BECAUSE..they aren’t able to watch during the regular time slots! But what do you all do…you won’t air it for a least a week or until the next weeks original showing. What a rip off!!! I’m thing of jus canceling my subscription and waiting for all of them to air on Nexflix..we might be far behind but we will save a hell of a lot of money!!1

  148. I FEEL AS IF I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED! People pay for Premium viewing and on the GO..BECAUSE..they aren’t able to watch during the regular time slots! But what do you all do…YOU WON’T AIR THE PREMMIUM SERIES UNTILL THE NEXT WEEK’S ORIGINAL SHOWING! What a rip off!!! I’m thinking of just canceling my subscription and waiting for all of them to air on Nexflix..we might get further behind but we will save a hell of a lot of money!!! Stop ripping people off!!!

  149. I am Glad to wake up to hbo in a hotel room this morning only to hear the racist rant of Bryant Gumbel again. After his racist remarks at the winter games I canceled my subscription to hbo…..did that to make a point. I won’t pay to be chastised about racism when he himself is a devout racist. So this morning, I was glad to see Hbo still has the same views as Mr Gumbel. I will never give one more penny to any HBO affiliate or cause…….I made the correct decision

  150. HBO GO worked for a week or two on my Android tablet – now it will not connect. I have Comcast and hate their crap service so once HBO GO fails there is no way to know whose problem it is – Comcast or HBO. I hate that.

  151. Hello,OPSSSSSSSSSS,I had been mistaken, I would like to speak with the casting department.
    if anybody can help to find casting department of HBO , thnk you very much.
    Hbo is wonderful oportunity for an actor!!
    thanks a lot

  152. I have been watching Game of Thrones on Charter cable in North Carolina. It is offered “on demand” and has been free for charter customers. Today I bring up this show on HBO on demand and the only listing that is offered for seras 4 ep. 8 is HD and not everyone has the ability to watch HD tv. Is this HBOs way to hook us in and then force us to buy their shows or the ability to see them? Well it backfired with me because I absoultely hate big business doing this to people. So bite me HBO!

  153. why are we wasting time posting in this huge vacant room? HBO built this room as a waste dump for us to vent in and no one cares what we post here.

  154. I have been extremely disappointed with HBO.Constant Reruns over and over again for months on end. The violent movies are continuous, what’s up?

  155. We have tried to get service for HBO go for two days…we have paid for this service and the show we were watching is not available ( True Detectives) your service are terrible and we are frustrated with your services….on a scale of 1 to 10… Your costumer service access after hour is a zero!!!

    You charge lots of money for limited service….not very consumer friendly for people who work during the day.

  156. In your Bryant Gumble story about World Cup and and Olympic white elephants the reporter and host ignored the real reason why countries do this. Corruption by politicians who sacrifice their whelfare recipient voters for the huge corporations that enrich them and keep them in power. That is Obama. That is the Mexican president, et al. Now I wonder why I bother sending these emails to companies like yours.

  157. I have been watching HBO/Starzz via DirecTV since 1999. The past few years your programming has continued to deteriorated. I am now considering canceling, why should I pay $75 a month for a limited number of movies that are repeated over and over again. You schedule one or two newer movies a month and other than Game of Thrones, that’s is all that is worth watching. I can stream more current movies via Netflicks or Hulu for $7.99 a month and save over $65 per month.

    HBO used to be number one, everyone wanted to watch HBO, no longer! I hope someone bothers to read this and have the authority to make changes to your programming to maintain your customer base.

  158. Love HBO but hate British comedian ( and that’s a stretch) airing now, Comcast, Denver, 9:24 pm. Sophmoric humor without the HBO edge, a poser and poor imitation of Bassem Youssef. So sick of seeing the British posing as Americans, news, commentary, cooking and now comedy. It’s time to throw them out of US. Again.

  159. Profugos – Season 2 TBA

    A friend of mine recommended ‘Profugos’ to me, and I was able to watch it via VOD. I watched all thirteen episodes to discovered that it was the first season of the series. I understand that Season Two was shown already last year but I can’t find it on VOD.
    When would HBO make Season Two available?

  160. Hi! I am a big fan of HBOGo but I had a suggestion. Would it be possible to add descriptions of tv shows like you have for movies? There are a lot of shows on hbo that I haven’t heard of, so it would be really helpful if there was a way to learn what each show is about besides looking it up separately. I would be more willing to watch shows if there was a description in the app. It could pop up like they do for movie when you click on the show. Thanks!

  161. I’m in disbelief this is the final season of true blood, this is why I keep hbo this show is so awesome I can’t believe it’s over, I’m so sad true blood was the best serious ever. I’m speechless

  162. Hbogo will work for Xbox 360 keeps saying I’m not prescribed to hbo but I am who can I contact for help I have called both direct tv an xbox 360 buy still no luck can any help me

  163. why aren’t you showing A Haunted House? it was definitely the funniest the funniest spoof from the last few years.

  164. How does hbo go not have the same capability as netflix/other services to recognize what episode a viewer stopped on (series viewing), and start on the next episode. It is a very unfriendly viewer experience when other companies have shown that it would seem to be an easy fix.

  165. Please , I am unable to contact HBO comments! Many Search Engines!
    What’s up,
    Replay movies over and over and over again… Is. That good business ?
    Month after month, same movies, where their is 1000 good Hollywood movies
    To play, what’s going on?

  166. Constant reruns, same movies being played month after month after month, is this a joke?
    Surely other customers have the same complaint!
    Please respond, with an reasonable answer.
    Contacted HBO by phone and through email… No response for 3 months!

  167. I think it’s disgusting that HBO would charge to watch old episodes of “The Americans” on Comcast.

    Slimy, and truly disgusting.

  168. hello I have hbo at home and I want to instal hbo go on my mobile device but when the app ask me who my provider is (tele2) it does not show it and I cant install the app and so I am verry unhappy wright now so my question is how do I salve the problem??

  169. Im a big fan of boxing and was wondering if hbo was going to start showing the full undercards like showtime does..also im not able to see the cotto/marinez fight on my on demand.I have comcast and usually after the encore presentation of the fight its on hbo on demand the following week. Why is it not on demand?

  170. I am 43 years old, i always enjoyed HBO. But your premiere of LEFTOVERS make me cancel my fee with you. This show is awfull, i hated it.

    Why are you going in this direction? Soo much money for that?
    I hated this show.

    Alexandre si ard

  171. I am a big fan of HBO. I loved the Soprano’s, Six Feet Under, Rome, and LOVE, love, love Game of Thrones.
    I have been watching True Blood since the beginning. I must say my interest has fizzled out after the last episode. I erased it after five minutes, and don’t care to watch it ever again.
    Since when was there an attraction between Jason and Eric?
    Did I miss something along the way? It just seemed so “out of character.” I am no prude….it just turned me off to watching another episode.


  173. I subscribe to HBO through att verse. I wanted to watch the new series “The Left Overs” on my TV, but it is not listed. I am able to watch the show on HBO Go on my iPad 2 tablet. Why is it unavailable on my TV.

  174. My husband and I just finished watching Band of Band of Brothers on Amazon streaming. This series was by far one on the best shows we have ever seen on our small screen. I cannot thank you enough for the gift given to us. We are both 67 yrs old and old kids from the 60’s. The older we get the more respect we have for what Americans had done for us and are sad for what our nation has become. I wonder if HBO “Band of Brothers” made in 2014 would be the PERFECTION the 2001 series is? Thanks again for making our July 4th even more meaningful.

  175. I’m so bummed. I have been waiting for a good show after LOST and Breaking Bad. I was so excited for The Leftovers. After the dog getting blown away, thanks for that, I can’t erase that from my head, and the teen sex, and jamming a fork in their arm, I had to give up and turn it off at the teen girl lying next to the boy jacking off while she reached over to choke him. What audience are you playing to? Certainly not adults (well adults who don’t get off on that). Our teenagers? Great! Way “To Go” sharing that with them. Then we wonder why there’s growing issues such as sex trafficking in this country etc etc etc… Parents, I know it isn’t easy, but monitor what your kids watch.

  176. The audio DESPERATELY needs to be fixed on HBO GO. The shows decrease in volume substantially. Even turning the TV up all the way, does not always help enough. The audio needs to be regulated better. Please fix this.

  177. I want you to know how terrible the leftovers is and that you missed. Please leave this trash to amc and fx. That is all.

  178. I have been having trouble using/viewing anything from Apple TV for the past months that I’ve had it. It used to work and now I get one frustrating prompt after another that lead to dead ends and blank pages. I pay you. Fix it.

  179. I assume your “good company” will reimburse the paying customers that have not been able to use your service more that they have been able to?

  180. This email was sent to DirecTV and is being copied to this post as well…
    This email is only meant to be informative in nature and not a complaint of DirecTV services. DirecTV was recently kind enough to offer me three months of HBO free. I was very grateful for the offer and accepted. I have been very disappointed in the HBO programing, in which I know you have no control over. Maybe it’s my age showing when I say this, but I remember the days when HBO was the premiere place to go to watch great movies. Now there seems to be too many trashy “made for HBO series” programs and not as many movies. There seems to be just a handful of movies (if that) during the month that are worth watching, and they constantly repeat. After the first week, I’ve just about seen everything that the month has to offer and have to wait until the next month to see anything new.
    If DirecTV didn’t offer this to me free, I likely would have been upset at myself for paying for a single month of this “premium” service. Thank heaven I didn’t have to and have now realized that HBO has nothing to offer me that’s worth spending good money on.
    I, as one consumer, have very little influence over the programing of HBO. However, DirecTV has a much bigger say and I would encourage you to use your voice to help HBO along with their programing decisions. If DirecTV wants more clients to shell out money for this service, we have to feel like we are getting a good service.
    I hope this helps you going forward in providing your customers with the best service possible and something that will help you in keeping your customers for the long run.
    Steve Xxxxxxxxxx

  181. Hello,

    I am a registered member of your HBOGO service through DISH, my television provider. Over the past several weeks I have been encountering problems when utilizing HBOGO’s bonus features. Namely, I have had trouble viewing the special feature videos on Game of Thrones(GoT). The side menu with bonus features still appears and I can view and open bonus features, but the videos specifically just open in a pop-up and stay with a black background at 0:00. During this period where the issue has resided, I have attempted viewing GoT bonus feature videos through at least 5 different devices (including a combination of Windows and Apple operating systems), and on at least 2 internet browsers per device, yet the problem continued.

    Is there something I, or HBOGO technical support, can do to help fix this problem for me?

    Thanks for your time

  182. Hi i have been haveing an issue with 1 of your t,v, series oz on hbo i have had 2 technisions from comcast at my home to fix this problum also contacted comcast tech, support there is no problums with in the comcast company, sooooo,,,It is an issue with a signal or another problum with in your company,I would appreciate this on going problum for the past 2 months to be handled , thankyou Lori medairos

  183. HBO claims a new movie every Saturday. All I see tonight is boxing and more over priced re runs. Same with all the paid channels. Silly sitcoms and no name boxing . Feeling ripped off and ready to cancel.

  184. this is to comment on one of HBO’s worse series ever put on cable, ” leftovers” just stinks. It is the worse series HBO has ever put on the air. there are series on regular TV that are way more superior to it. this series is TERRIBLE. please get rid of it.
    i am not the only person who does not like it. it is stupid, nonsensical, and the worse series HBO has ever put on the air! I hope it will get cancelled soon! Terrible Terrible Terrible!


  186. I caught 5 min of jon olivers program and i am disgusted that you would pay that man money. i will stop watching your original programing and will miss the great movies you could show instead of this hateful critic of america.

  187. The show called “The Leftovers” has to be, by far, the worst, most boring, stupidest show you have ever put on your cable network. It makes about “Zero” sense. I hope you soon find a quick substitute program to replace it with.

  188. What is HBO’s obsession with calling conservative Females cunts? First Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a cunt (which he never apologized for) and now True Blood’s last episode with the Rebulicunt comment. Your producers cannot be stupid enough to realize that over 50% of this country is conservative and we do not find your little game amusing. But franlky I do not think you Hollywood types even care. You want to talk about the real war on women?!!

    I think I will check out ShowTime….

  189. Given your tasteless anti conservative program True Blood, I am canceling all HBO service in my home. You are disgusting. Why not call black people the N word? Just as bad.

  190. After about 30 years I have just canceled my subscription to your service due to HBO’s obvious disdain for conservative women and their views. I do not appreciate programming like True Blood attacking people who do not agree with them politically, and also to push a 1 party rule agenda. This is frightening and UN AMERICAN and I will not be party to it, or pay for it!!! I know your company could care less how I feel about this issue, that was apparent from the TB episode, but it makes me feel better to know I will no longer monetarily support your agenda and if more people like me unsubscribe, perhaps you will have programming in the future that keeps it’s political views to itself. What a shame what your company has become.

  191. You all Kill me ,
    It took over 30 minutes to find a way to try and convey to you folks on how wonderful an episode was…… But AAaaa if you could care less to know how to better yourselves then God Bless to you !! It was VERY hard to even say GREAT JOB !! If You all are that scared to hear remarks….. I question your abilities !!
    The Bryant Gumbal handicap episode was wonderful, and I would donate

  192. Still having problem with the app on the PlayStation 3 the update didn’t work still having those video error and why don’t you guys write back

  193. My husband and I think that This week with John Oliver is one of the funniest, most intelligent and much needed shows ever on TV.

    Thank you for your courage in putting something on like this. I will promote it to everyone. Please please keep this show on.

    Bravo HBO!!!!!


  194. I know what the show is about and I like the concept but I will not be continuing to watch the leftovers ……the last episode gladys was way too much ……I mean like a certain degree of violence I even really liked the scene in fight club of the brutal face beating BUT!!!!! This was too much for me I even lost my appetite while eating which never happens because that stuff really dosent bother me but this was way too much sorry liked the idea but I cant keep watching

  195. Every evening between 9 pm and 11 pm HBO GO has issues.It stops for a while and stops. Messages tell us they are sorry for the disruption so I know it is not our system.
    It is so irritating I am going to cancel HBO altogether.
    I am not a Beta Tester.

  196. The episode of left overs that occurred last Sunday showed a lady getting stoned to death!! This is not something that should be on tv!!! This was so disturbing I started to yell at the tv!!!

    There was to much blood and to many close up shots!! The sound editing was horrible!!!

  197. I hope the newsroom is going to come back on for more than just one more season, it is one of the best shows you have.

  198. I am also receive a server error message every time I go to view a show and I haven’t even been able to watch HBOGO for three days now! It won’t load videos. It says server error. I pay for the service I expect it to work correctly. I have spoken with Xbox and comcast and it has been termed an hbo problem. 3 days?? And customer service has done nothing to help. You’d think that loyal customers could receive some assistance

  199. I have been a loyal HBO customer for the last 20 years. Over the last 5 years I have noticed a disturbing trend in the programing. The programming has become politically charged with an extreme slant towards the liberal side of politics. From the garbage that Bill Maher spouts the the left leaning movies such as W and game change, the programing has become nothing more than a liberal propaganda machine. As such I have decided to discontinue my service with HBO. I no longer am willing to pay for garbage programing with a liberal slant.

  200. After reading ALL the above maybe I do NOT want the service.. HBO Go is a scam!! I have only streaming for all my TV entertainment. You can get anyone on the phone so it is like HBO does NOT care to handle any customers. Let’s just route them back to their cable providers… So much for customer service – HBO has NONE!!! Until you can provide a COMPLETE service to all customers, with or without TV Service Providers, please do not waste our time.. Deleting my app and will look for a different streaming channels to enjoy. Those who are tight on budget, smart NOT to hand your $100 a month to cable company’s, get a Roku 3 and stream what you really want to watch for FREE!!!! Need Netflix or Hulu Plus for just $8.00 each a month. BOOT your cable or satilite company’s and save over a grand a year.. HBO needs to get up to speed and join the streaming world.. That $5.00 a month for HBO Go would have been a nice fit.. Off to find a channel that wants this family’s $$$$$. Good Luck to you all > PEACE <

  201. I have an internet ready tv. I’m tired of paying outrageous cable fees. I’m wondering if I can get HBO without having to subscribe to a cable provider.

  202. Hi,

    I don’t mean to be that asshole critic who leave a mean review. I really dont!

    I’m just honestly curious. What’s up with the HBOgo UI?! Why is is so incredibly bad?

    It’s been the same (or at least appeared to be the same) for honestly, god knows how long.

    A few things that drive me nuts…
    there is no one click button to automatically rewind 10 seconds (or any seconds)
    there is no way to jump to the next episode
    when looking at a catelogue of options (ie all documentaries, or all episodes of a given show) scrolling functionality is about as fun as a flaccid dick.

    What I find most crazy is that more and more people are moving to online viewing. Why y’all just chilling on the hbogo?!?! Improve this already!

    Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts,

  203. NBC’s 12 mini-Series contract for Anne Rice’ s “Witching Hour” has expired. Personally I do not think that they could have done it justice like HBO could. SHE has millions of fans for this book.This would be a moneymaker for HBO You folks should look into it.

  204. Hello ,
    My name is Ami and i was wondering if if you and your company could air the show “The Secret Circle”. Thanks you for your time .

  205. How does the person in charge of programming live with themselves. Absolutely horrendous movie selection. I’m a long time subscriber. What a waste of money. Shame on you HBO !!

  206. I have a problem, with HBO GO. when I want to watch whatever video ,cant load and says VIDEO PLAYER ERROR
    “Sorry, the HBO GO server is not available right now. Please help what to do.
    Phillip Shives

  207. it is 10:14 on tuesday night and right now in 202 HBO CHANGELING you sat on the channel but that is what’s not on. HBO needs to get it together. there is a vince vaughn movie is on not changeling. i have been paying for years for HBO and it really pisses me off when i but it on and the right movie is not on. yes i do have better things to do than to email you people but when i pay for it you are taking money out of my pocket for this get it together would you.

  208. Have been a Directv customer for many years wth HBO premium channel.
    Just purchasEd a Roku media player and should get free HBOGO channel due to above subscription.
    The HBO on Roku shows about 30 seconds of The Sopranos and then buffers for another minute.
    This happens for anything you watch on HBO Go
    What’s up here HBO.?

  209. Same movies over and over and over and over again! Mostly horrible. Waiting for Boardwalk Empire to end so I can dump station that I actually pay EXTRA for. Debby

  210. Looks like they are redesigning sections of the app interface. Please note they have made past series (non featured episodes) unreachable/accessible. Love the app, looks like someone fogot to readd the link. Had been watching old episodes of ‘Rome’ – at this moment I am unable to navigate to the videos.

  211. I would love to have just HBO. But it’s so expensive.
    Your shows are terrific. Especially True Blood & The Borgias.
    My 2 favorites, which I only got to see parts of with the free previews, thus missing a lot of the shows.
    I wish there was a different, less expensive way to watch the shows.
    It would be nice to be able to get the shows only for a much lower price.
    HBO is my favorite channel with 2 local channels.
    Wish it was possible to pay for only the channels I want to watch. You need your own TV service, or a puck & choose package I could make my self. I hate that True Blood is ending, please reconsider. S.

  212. If you pay for premium tv then that programming should continue all year. HBO should not take holiday breaks. You should ignore all religious and secular holidays. Indeed, it should be a relief to have the continuity of the hbo programming to look forward to during those times.

  213. HBO service is terrible. I downloaded HBO go for my xbox 360 2 weeks ago, and it worked for a few days and the HBOgo server has been down ever since. Also when I was on my computer trying to watch HBO go the “auto quality” setting which you are unable to change is always set too high. This causes ANY program you watch to be choppy and UNWATCHABLE. I went on forums to try to find solutions but no hope, I even called up HBO but they were closed at 2:00pm on a Monday. I’m unsubscribing asap.

  214. I signed up for HBO just so I could use HBO Go and it still does not recognize my account as having an HBO subscription. Quite a piece of crap if you ask me. If it is not fixed soon I am cancelling my subscription

  215. Why, but why don’t we see decent movies on HBO????? All these violent. Science fiction, actions movies are sicknening!!!! Repeats and more repeats day after day are a rip off to people like me that pay so much money every month. I am seriously considering canceling HBO.

  216. I read that HBO and BBC 2 are working on a remake of I Claudius. What is the progress on this project and do you have a release date yet ?
    Thank a You
    Ed Miranda

  217. We have been trying to stream HBOGO to our
    samsung smart TV UN46F5500AFXZA. We go through the procedure and successfully log on the computer,but the TV indicates not available at this time.This has been going on for weeks. Our service provider says this is an HBO problem. Please contact me ASAP.

    Sincerely, Howard Wilcox

  218. i watched season 5 broadwalk empire on sept 7, 2014 and couldn t belive those two young boys you had at the banquet collecting the money. u should try to find find other places for them. they stole the show. they fit the part to a tee.

  219. More over she gave me some stupid answer about why that seems like she was reading it off a screen. What happened to you hollywood? Who hurt you! Who hurt you??? (oh thats right you all like screwing with people).

    Such hypocrites they have no problem filming sex and violence but hey ask for something other then pg 13 during the day and your the bad guy. You HBO ladies suck! (i am talking to you CEO)

  220. HBO GO is a horrible experience. Once in a while it will actually connect to my tv. More often than not asks me to activate it. I go on the computer follow the directions and get a activation successful on the computer screen and the tv says can not connect at this time try again later. It’s a waste. Amazom Prime is quick to access and they have good movies and tv shows. I’ll check back with HBO GO in a couple of years to see if they’ve fixed the problem.

  221. Please remove any shows with the hate monger Bill Maher, no entertainment value at all. We pay a lot for your movie service. My continuing subscription depends on it!

  222. I was disappointed to see a rerun of true detective on Sunday night. I pay a lot of money for this service and expect to see new original programming and this time slot thank you.
    Dennis Sousa

  223. HBO Go is awesome but can we get some 720p??? Awful quality. I can waithe buffer time if it just optimizing my download speeds. No big deal, but watching these shows and movies on my Super AMOLED display and getting less than 360p is almost not worth it. Please fix this.

  224. Ok, HBO makes some of the greatest series’ on television. Howvever, what is up with HBO playing Lord of the Rings & Mission Impossible every stinking day? Seriously, WTF? add some variety for heavens sake…your programming department cannot be that lazy or stupid!!.

  225. You guys need to start the inheritance cycle series. This Is the cycle of 4 books that are “Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance!”. If you starts a show on this I know EVERYONE WOULD LIKE IT. There’s already a movie about eragon but has like no detail. If you made a show you could include all the detail and stuff and everyone WOULD WANT THIS!! Please start this show series and make it awesome!!

  226. For the past month, we have had a continuing problem with HBOGO.
    We have to constantly activate it. After we activate it, it will work for a few days, and then we have to activate it again. It is extremely annoying. Please fix it.

  227. This is about the big picture dyslexia, you should look into the Lab school of Washington or Baltimore to school that specializes in dyslexia I know I graduated from there no I’m in a one live sound engineer. The web school was started by a woman who couldn’t give up on her own son, her name was Sally Smith and she was the head of special education’s at American University before she passed away a few years ago. I thought you might be interested in looking into that side of the story of dyslexia is well there save hundreds of both of those kids.
    Scott Lange

  228. Although I know the impact will go unnoticed, I will no longer view Real Time with Bill Maher. To condemn the entire Islam religion (which spans several countries within many continents) based on the actions of a few is truly appalling. Reminiscent rationalization of the words that have been said and acts that have been perpetrated unjustly against people throughout our history. Mr. Maher’s biggest clue that he is dead wrong should be when Fox News has his back. Also, why does Mr. Maher invite guests on his show of differing opinions and then he talks over them and tells them they are wrong. Isn’t it supposed to be a discussion? I am done.

  229. Wish I could get help on my issue. I called and was on hold for 10 minutes before giving up.

    The below episodes of The Wire and Game Of Thrones are not viewable through VOD on DirecTV (they come up blank when downloading via RECORDING or PLAYBACK)….

    I figured it HAD to be a DirecTV issue but they swore up and down this issue has been going on for quite awhile. They stated this VOD episode issue was an HBO problem, not DTV and only HBO could fix the issue.

    I CAN watch these on HBO Go but since I only have an iPhone to do so, it is a pain to watch on a small screen.

    1-5 The pager
    2-4 Hard cases
    2-5 Undertow
    2-6 All prologue
    3-7 Back burners
    5-8 Clarifications

    4-1 Two Swords

  230. I recently dropped my show time for hbo because the wife wanted to watch game of you stop showing G.O.T AND ALL I SEE ARE MOVIES FROM THE 80″S AND 90″S WTF why can”t you at least show the reruns of G.O.T. so my wife can be happy and I will be happy.

  231. I have a suggestion, why not do a Russian mafia series. Everybody loves watching mob movies. Sopranos being the best. I would love to see what HBO would do with a Russian mob series.


  232. I thank you so much hbo. I make one suggestion to Mr. Gumble how we are wore out of hearing about inequality of multi million dollar athletes and next thing I see you have no more instant reply after a show. That’s awesome. As I ask Mr. Gumble before if he wants to report on something unfair contact a family of a soldier who did not make it home. Until then continue with positive reporting and keep missing us with the B.S.

  233. I could deal (barely) with knowing my money was going to Bill Maher. Now that I’ve given watching your relatively new super liberal left wing socialist BS British talk show a try – I am finally DONE WITH HBO!
    Why are you so incredibly foolish to insult 45% – 50% on the American public by producing shows that humiliate half of AMERICAN’S??? DUMMIES!

  234. ATTN: If you criticize Bill Maher and the new Brit guy of being too left wing – the won’t publish your post’s!
    Very cowardly HBO!

  235. If they don’t publish your critical comments, ‘copy and paste’ what you posted and send to Fox News. Make the News organizations aware that HBO only publishes comments that tell them how great it is that they show Harry Potter 50 times a month.

  236. I can’t , for the life of me, understand why you decided to end Boardwalk Empire! There is so much more you could have given us regarding that era and its denizens! Adding insult to injury, you then decide that we only are gifted with 8 lousy episodes!! What’s up with that??!! I was heartsick when you ended True Blood, a sensational Vampire series; and now Boardwalk??!! What’s next, Game of Thrones?! I mean, other than
    G o T, there is really nothing worthwhile watching on HBO anymore. You had 3 excellent shows, now down to 1. When you throw G o T in the trash, I’ll never watch HBO again. You can’t replace these shows with anything as good as them. What a shame you’re all so blind.

  237. I recently watched “Banksy Does New York” on HBO Go and I wanted to point out a factual error in the film. Banksy’s piece with the quotation from “Gladiator” was done on a laundromat in the Queens neighborhood of Woodside, and not Astoria as the caption read in the film. The laundromat is on the corner of 38th Avenue at 69th Street, almost 20 blocks east of the border between the two neighborhoods, which sits somewhere around 51st Street.




  239. I am canceling my HBO immediately I will not support any company that uses my money pays child abusers. Ms Lena Dunham needs to go.. Its obvious in her own words that she is a pedophile.

  240. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE The Come Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve just recently watched season 1 straight through and can’t wait for the new episode of the 2nd season.
    Keep it up Lisa Kudrow, a stellar performance. And “Mickey” too!!

  241. I plan to drop my HBO service based on the insulting closure to the HBO special Concert for Valor. It was the least patriotic symbol of a tribute to those have and are serving our nation. Having artist grabbing their crotch and singing songs that had nothing to do with the day we were celebrating should be considered a disgrace for HBO executives who had other intentions. Shame on HBO for taking a good intention and making a mockery for those of us that served

  242. Your show that was supposed to honor veterans was disgusting with the vulgar language from Eminem. I am seriously considering canceling my subscription.

  243. Really considering whether to cancel my hbo subscription after u all allowed that stupid white rapper to cuss on air on veterans day. Shame on you all!

  244. You people should be ashamed of the show you put together for Veteran’s Day. You booked a guy that dropped a bunch of F Bombs and another over rated playing 20 year old plus Anti War songs. Way to go booking the wrong people for a day dedicated to Veterans. You guys are a bunch of Brain Boxes!

  245. It is beyond comprehension why HBO would disrespect our veterans by allowing such meaningless, but intentional vulgarity by Eminem at the Concert for Valor. Having just attended the Salute the Troops Concert at the White House, I was appalled that an event spotlighting veterans and their stories was devalued by this vulgar punk. After outstanding performances, by so many, HBO encouraged a black eye on the veterans celebration. A punk rapper who celebrates domestic violence in his lyrics and trashed this event is reprehensible. HBO will never be my choice of service and Starbucks just lost a customer.


  247. Eminem was a disgrace to Veteran’s throughout our country. What a bad move on HBO. That’s exactly why I do not get HBO and I will discourage everyone I know on ever getting HBO. What the hell is wrong with you people? You’ll never ever get my business. Your network is trash.

  248. Shame, shame, shame. The Concert for Valor was not the place for some of the acts. Yes, it is HBO, but it was at the nations capital and on TV, both with audiences that did not deserve to be exposed to this trash — and on VETERANS DAY. What were you NOT thinking?????????? An apology is in order. Despicable promotion of trash. Horrible programming decision.

  249. Planning to cancel our HBO due to the Veteran’s Day concert vulgar song choices by certain singers. Totally not family friendly or respectiful of our great military menbers.

  250. We were very disappointed in the artist and lyrics of songs in the Concert of Valor. The “F” bomb and “MF” bomb were way to much. Shame on you and those making the decisions for such garbage. Our veterans deserve much better than what you gave them. Our children in the audience deserve better. I’m a veteran, and I know there was not one veteran in the audience that would have got on stage and dropped those bombs. Thank God they have more common sence and ethics than HBO.

  251. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IDIOT CHOSE TO HAVE Eminem on the VETERAN’S DAY PROGRAM? he is not only disgusting, vulgar, ignorant but NO VETERAN OR ANYONE ELSE SHOULD BE EXPOSED TO SUCH GARBAGE AS COMES FROM THAT IDIOTS MOUTH. Everyone pretty much knows that the media is filled with idiotic personnel who do not know how to produce, direct, create quality anymore. This is the PERFECT example and HBO executives and the person responsible for the garbage should make a public service announcement on EVERY network and channel and apologize to OUR Veterans and to the families and anyone else who had to experience that idiot’s filthy mouth and disgusting attitude. He has ALWAYS been a garbage mouth w/no morals that were visible to anyone. the venom he spews mirrors satan’s disgusting appearance in the world today. SHAME ON ANYONE WHO HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE DISGUSTING DECISION AND MINDLESS DISRESPECT FOR VETERANS WHO HAD TO BE EMBARASSED AND ASHAMED THAT IGNORANCE WAS SO BLATANT. COME ON HBO, AT ONE TIME YOU REPRESENTED QUALITY AND THAT IS NO LONGER TRUE….

  252. I am a Viet Nam Vet, that makes me old. I was a marine and am not offended by gross language. however, there is a time and place for professional artists to use common sense and refrain from such poor taste. The concert was to honor vets, alive and dead. Dropping f bombs did nothing to honor anyone and was a f bomb of a way to end a otherwise excellent show. Whoever signed this idiot should be fired. It should have been made clear to him that he needed to exercise some judgement in planning his performance. What did the planners expect this artist to do on stage in front of the Capitol, in front of so many heroes, dancing in his hoodie, dropping f bombs, the man should put on a uniform and try serving our country. HBO should have been smarter than this when allowing him to participate. If they wanted a rapper, get Maclamore, he would have rapped a clean show with some respect.

  253. What the FFFFFFF bombs were you thinking HBO, Eminem, M+M, what a great tribute to our Vets with the F-Bomb, was that some sort of tactical salute via BOMBS, as in F bombs, I don’t know who is more pathetic, M+M for using the language he did to pay respect to Vets or HBO for not seeing that coming, Give me a break, both of you deserve a slap in the face for being Idiots, TRASH. Had enough!!!

  254. I have cancelled my HBO because of the despicable concert for the veterans. If that’s the best they can do then it is a sad day for American vets and America..

  255. Dropping HBO from our DirecTV package. The Concert for Valor was both disappointing and disgusting. First of all could you find a bigger group of people that are anti-military? Second, the language was disrespectful and crude. Eminem really! Who’s brilliant idea was this?

  256. As a former member of our armed services and a mature adult I find your choice of entertainment on Veterans Day disgusting and vile. Grow up and show some class.

  257. I find it disgusting that HBO allowed such profanity on the Concert for Valor and then plays it on cable. Thought you had more consideration for your customers

  258. Re: Newsroom
    Having worked in a newsroom for many years, the staging,and interaction of characters is true to life. The focus on the topics of today makes the show exciting and ‘real’. I hope you would reconsider the decision to end the programming after the 3rd season. It is truly one of the finest programs on air.

  259. You are not a network channel that does not have to operate under censorship rules of the FCC and that is fine. As an adult I have the right to watch what I want or don’t want and it is the responsibility of adults to control what they want children exposed to by blocking certain shows. HOWEVER, how were those in uniform suppose to control what their children are exposed to when attending what we can all assume should have been a patriotic PG rated Veterans Day celebration and they get exposed to the likes of Eminem or should we change his name to ENEMA because what he spewed was disgusting. I see a lot of outrage in this list of feedback and I purposely waited a few days to calm down so I would not resort to the language of this sicko. The sad thing is that I don’t think there is one person at HBO that really cares, much less to apologize or hang Enema out to dry. Yes, while I have enjoyed some of the adult programming I will be dropping HBO when my special offer runs out in 30 days.

  260. M&M’s performance was a total disgrace, HBO should be ashamed ,,,KIDS see this, I realize that at the end of the day you need to make money, however I personally will continue to wait for a well known large network like yourselves to make a stand and send a message,,,,the right thing ,, the country desprately needs it now more than ever, their display had nothing to do with: music, creativity , art or message.
    Tv has unfortunately regressed in the past few decades, it’s a shame that it hasn’t progressed.
    As I taught both my kids when they asked me “dad, how when faced with more than one choice do I know what the right thing to do is ??”
    The answer is easy
    It is always the harder, unpopular choice every,,,time it takes courage and conviction to act and be the voice of what is right for our country and the children of tomorrow and I realize how difficult having honor and strength can be

    Ben Hurley

  261. When I heard about the concert honoring our veterans I thought it was a wonderful thing. Then I listened to news shows that talked about some of the performances. DID YOU NOT MONITOR THEE IDIOTS?? The goon who used the F-bomb throughout his performance (really, a complete ill-literate) then how about the group that sang their song about the Vietnam war? While one may agree or not with the war, singing something like that must have brought back the treatment of the vet when they returned and were spat on. I would expect HBO to use their control to make sure the performances really honored all vets instead of insulting them.

  262. LOVED EMINEM! The best you have ever presented. Should do an entire show on him highlighting his record sales, etc. The true “Rap God”

  263. HBOGO:

    Every time I hit pause or spacebar, there is a 50% chance that it will just reset the video.
    Why do the episodes start from the LAST episode? There have been so many spoilers that I have accidentally seen trying to get to the earlier seasons of an episode.
    For your iphone app and on your website, why is there no “next” button to see the next episode? For both applications, I have to exit out of the episode I am watching, remember which episode I was on, and hunt for the next one.

    This is a great service but terrible execution.

  264. I can’t tell you how excited I am about, “Ballers”! Finally something to look forward to each week! Sounds like a great cast & producing staff! I’m so excited!!! Hurry up already!!!!!!!!

  265. When do I get to have HBO GO? and What is cable anyhow but a dated utility from the 50s? why would I pay for media, then pay again for your service? A bit redundant. The market has changed. I watch all my shows on PS4 via subscription service, no need for cable. yeah, Its called the internet. and I know you guys are vertical integrated with your own cable companies. But I’m telling you as I am sure you already know, my entire generation is just downloading everything for free when we would gladly just pay for your service. I suppose you still make enough cash off the old folks that are literally grandfathered into the cable TV dogma. Don’t worry answering, I’ll do that for you. It’s way more worth your money to get them signed up for two media bills every month then a just a few million kids paying for one service. Thanks guys, let me know when enough of your old market croaks so we can reach a tipping point and have media the way everyone is already using it. I’ll patiently wait until then.

  266. Wish you would make more Hello Ladies. Loved the show and the movie. Please keep it running. I was bummed when I found out no season two and THRILLED to see a bit of a co tuition in the movie. Please add more seasons and more episodes!!!

  267. Tried to contact HBO but to no avail. Would send me to the site marketing their shows no contact. My issue is been watching Boardwalk Empire and this season stopped at show 8 three weeks ago. And now on my app it says it is not available but all the other shows are what gives and why so hard to get ahold!d of anyone?

  268. So sorry you do not like us as gay men and lesbiansi. Can tell you truly are a man of character, depth,and integrity. Glad you are not a part of my world so go enjoy your narrow small closed mined world you’ve created for yourself.

  269. Just watched the first season of family tree on amazon. Qurky but a lot of fun Ring it back for discerning viweers. At any rate easy sell for Canadian and British markets

  270. We are extreme fans of The Newsroom and wanted to know why it is no longer going to be on HBO after this season. I think it is a show which is a must in this day and age. Also, I do not watch the staged “reality shows” because I appreciate and love watching really good acting that is intellegent, progressive and thought provoking.Please reconsider not canceling this show. Thank you.

  271. It is absolutely unimaginable that the HBO Family channel would air a cartoon like “Whitewash” at such a racially charged time in America. With the incident in Ferguson and the ruling in the Eric Gardener case, it is extremely insensitive to African Americans to air such a show, especially one geared towards children. It’s rough enough for us to have to explain to our children what’s happening in our country without your company forcing us to also explain to them what’s happening on a cartoon aired at 9:30 am. I demand your company make a public apology and agree to never air the show or any like it in the future. Futhermore, I will be canceling my subscription to HBO and suggest others do the same due to your company’s racial insensitivity. Hopefully in the future, you’ll know better

  272. Recently watched a cartoon that was extremely racist at 9am you aired a cartoon that referred to black people assume niggas and painted a young black know girls face white. I am extremely offended due to the fact my children watch TV and I at no point in there lives have ever taught them about race. I teach them that we are all equal and to never do these things in which were aired. It is very discouraging and disappointing to see this type of behavior aired on a major television network. Just disgusting.

  273. I would like to appeal the decision to cancle newsroom. It seems a shame that a well written, complex, current program should be canceled. . Does it cut too close to reality? Are you afraid of real discussion causing contravesity? Please reconsider. A very interested longtime customer . Michael Dimmick

  274. I find it incomprehensible HBO’s decision to cancel “THeNewsroom.” It was one of the best, if not the best, program ever aired. The only reason I subscribed to HBO was “THeNewsroom.” There is no longer a need to continue my subscription, so I will end my subscription come 12/30/2014.

  275. Canceling Newsroom? You finally have a show for people who can actually think and you cancel it! What gives? To liberal and truthful for your corporate office? There is nothing left on HBO but violence and reruns. Please reconsider. This show was well written and timely, got the viewers thinking instead of mindlessly staring at the drivel that passes for entertainment.

  276. Writing over the concern of the Newsroom. My husband and relatives love this show and can’t understand why you have cancelled it. It is the best show on TV. Very disappointing. When I think of the shows you could get rid of and you pick Newsroom. Get rid of the affair and some of the stupid comedies. Guess I will have to stick with Homeland on Showtime.
    Very disappointing.
    Wendy Hemingway

  277. The series “Newsroom” was without a doubt, the best program on HBO. Great writing, great cast, and excellent camera work. Hope there are more like this in store for the future.

  278. I recently subscribed to HBO for the first time. HBO is called a premium channel. For $17 dollars a month, I have not seen much premium on the channel. Most of what I see listed are movies shown hundreds of time on other channels, mixed with a few premium movies shown over and over, and already viewed from other sources. I have found that Amazon Prime is a better selection of free movies, and will discontinue HBO at the end of the month. I am sure HBO is well received by many, my self included, but does not live up to the hype I had been led to believe.

  279. Watching “Sunshine” on HBO and someone obviously spliced in some random party pics into the film…about 50 minutes into movie…amusing prank…wonder who and if HBO has any idea?

  280. It was upsetting to have the most well written program on television come to an end, The Newsroom was great television.

  281. You have to bring back Deadwood. Advertise it more. It’s a sleeper. It’s an incredible body of film work. Its so laced with history, human interest, human struggle, psychological drama, economic subject matter…and the casting, acting and dialogue is nothing short of incredible. It’s way better than Soprano’s and at least equal to Breaking Bad.

  282. I have just watched the last episode of the Newsroom. The reality of ending this program devastates me. This show is by far the best programming on yours or any network. The intelligence and sincerity of the writing is by far at the top of the plateau of integrity. I will miss it and feel that my entertainment experience has been diminished with the loss of THE NEWSROOM. Shame on you HBO……..

  283. So tired of HBO Go not functioning. It only works about half of the time. Today, I wanted to watch a movie on my computer as my living room TV was overrun with other folks’ selections. HBO Go loads up fine, but I cannot play anything. Any movie or TV show supposedly “loads” but the screen is stuck on a black screen with 00:00/00:00 actually loaded. So, basically nothing.

    This site is such a rip-off. If I didn’t have a cable subscription to HBO, I would definitely NOT get a solo online HBO Go subscription. It is not stable and there are problems ALL THE TIME with actually being able to watch something.

    DO NOT get HBO Go if you have a choice!

  284. Your service offers nothing but a constant repeat of very old movies. There is little or no real value to your customers. We have decided to discontinue your service.

  285. Your service offers nothing but a constant repeat of very old movies. There is little or no real value to your customers. We have decided to discontinue your service.

  286. why is it that you don’t The Wire in production,Great show realistic and educational telling what could happen if these kids continue on the wrong path and how good life could be with education,how some people have served time by running with the wrong crowd and also how they have changed there lives for the better come on HBO keep The wire a live go back get those actors and lets go.

  287. Why should I pay for HBO when I am reading that people are going online and bit torrent and watching whatever they want to watch from HBO and not are paying for it. I mean why should I continue paying for my service?

  288. Congrantulations on season finale of the comeback in fact the whole second series. What a triump the best tv show on any network this year. Im between 2 minds on third series i didnt think it could surpass season 1 but i was so wrong.

  289. The only reason I keep HBO is because of Girls. The movie picks are horrible and repetitive. HBO needs a change. Waste of money. Thank You.

  290. Why do you make it so difficult to get HBO guides that were supposed to be sent to our hotel? We did not receive our January HBO guides, and I have wasted 30 min looking for a phone number to call to let you know that the website, ‘’ is getting me nowhere. Then, when I finally find the phone number, I find out you are closed for the holidays, and it is Jan 2! Holidays are over! Please send us our HBO guides for our guests.

  291. Dear HBO,
    I thank you very much for the creation of My Little Pony. I was wondering if you could continue the series of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. This comment is on behalf of me and the other My Little Pony watchers. I would like you to think about the many children that watch that show who miss it. I am a HUGE fan, and I know that many more people miss the show. Please take this into consideration. I and many others would LOVE to see HBO try to continue the series. Thank you very much for your time and effort. Sincerely,
    Maggie Dator A.K.A. Biggest MLP fan ever

  292. What happens when you give previous episodes of Game of Thrones to HBO GO and online users? You loose HBO cable customers who are unable to watch it on demand. I am canceling my subscription.

  293. It’s currently 1:31 PM Pacific Standard time on Saturday. How in the hell does a huge company like HBO not have customer service reps at this time? While trying to get HBOGO I keep getting an error message that I do not have HBO on my account. I’ve had HBO since 2013. I called AT&T U-verse and everything is ok from their end. I pay a lot of money for HBO. Don’t know what the problem is but you need to fix it ASAP. AND YOU NEED TO HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS ON THE WEEKEND! Ridiculous!

  294. After hearing Bryant Gumbel ranting and raving I am going to go out and joint the NRA. Gumbel apparently falls into the Obama’s “lap dog” category with his anti gun diatribe.

    Who is the world would take him seriously.

    HBO….good luck with guys like that.

  295. Just read the comments made by your host Bryant gumbel that he HATES the NRA and thinks they are all pigs. well let me tell you how I happen to feel. I have canceled my Hbo from Brighthouse and have been in touch with every sportsman I know to do the same. Tomorrow I will be at the Antelope gun and sportsmans club in St.petersburg Fl. to let all 500 members know how he feels. If he wants to run his mouth he has the right, but gun owners have the right to turn you off.

  296. I happy that Mr. Gumbel thinks I am a “pig” because I am a member of the NRA. I always look to sportscasters for enlightenment on how I should or should not live my life. As a “pig”, I will be looking somewhere else for my sports news in the future.

  297. I just read Mr. Gumbels thoughts about the NRA. I am a member and have been called a pig. I just cancelled HBO on all three of my homes and in my daughters homes. Your just lost five accounts. In case HBO might actually read these reviews, your network is gone until he’s gone!!!!

  298. Why do you keep deleting my honest comments and Bryant Gumbel??? Please tell him this NRA PIG is cancellling hi OBH service!!

  299. I am writing about the following statements: “I hate the NRA;” “they’re Pigs;” “they don’t care about human life;” “a Curse on America.”
    What a hateful and wicked statement. I personally know people that join the NRA because they are victims of crimes. They are moms, many veterans, many police officers, firemen, and Americans from every segment of society. If a conservative host said he or she hates a liberal organization with all the other hateful and wicked statements made on HBO by Brian Grumble (that is if you would hire one). I think they would probably be out the door. He forgets that many NRA members are pro-lifers, so the idea that they don’t care about life is plain “stupid.” Many military personnel from every ethnic background that have put their life on the line to protect this country are members of the NRA! As a veteran I am disappointed but not surprised that this happened because I doubt he will be held accountable. When conservatives make statements that are considered hateful, the entire liberal media, and most of Hollywood, not to mention Al-Sharpton and I am writing about the following statements: “I hate the NRA;” “they’re Pigs;” “they don’t care about human life;” “a Curse on America.”
    What a hateful and wicked statement. I personally know people that join the NRA because they are victims of crimes. They are moms, many veterans, many police officers, firemen, and Americans from every segment of society. If a conservative host said he or she hates a liberal organization with all the other hateful and wicked statements made on HBO by Brian Grumble (that is if you would hire one). I think they would probably be out the door. He forgets that many NRA members are pro-lifers, so the idea that they don’t care about life is plain “stupid.” Many military personnel from every ethnic background that have put their life on the line to protect this country are members of the NRA! As a veteran I am disappointed but not surprised that this happened because I doubt he will be held accountable. When conservatives make statements that are considered hateful, the entire liberal media, and most of Hollywood, not to mention Al-Sharpton and high value politicians demand he or she be fired but Brian will not be put to shame in that way even thou some people will talk about it. I am not asking for him to be fired, he has the right to say what he wants but I hope he will be reminded that he represents an entire organization when he speaks on a HBO show. He needs to be ashamed of himself and his hateful and wicked speech
    high value politicians demand he or she be fired but Brian will not be put to shame in that way even thou some people will talk about it. I am not asking for him to be fired, he has the right to say what he wants but I hope he will be reminded that he represents an entire organization when he speaks on a HBO show. He needs to be ashamed of himself and his hateful and wicked speech

  300. I’m a former customer and I’ll never come back as long as you’re paying Bryant Gumbel and Bill Mahr. I will not have my money paying such trash.

    I dislike Mahr and Gumbel for their anti american ideals but Gumbel is also talentless and dull as hell.

    Just my two cents…

  301. Hi guys,

    I just bought a crhomecast and downloaded HBO go but it seems that the little icon to cast to chromecast doesn’t show.

    What can I do?


    Thanks a lot!

  302. Please play BLAKE CLARK’s comedy Stand up more. why wouldnt you???? It’s so relevant from the late 80’s to 2015!!! You’re missing out!!!

  303. As a long time subscriber to HBO AND a long time member of the NRA, I find Bryant Gumbel’s comments regarding the NRA and its members to be inappropriate and extremely offensive. The NRA is an organization of good people who care about the United States, many of whom are HBO subscribers. Mr. Gumbel should apologize immediately. If his apology is not forthcoming, I’ll no longer watch your station nor patronize your sponsors.

    Thank you.

  304. HBO go is awesome, but just a couple of recommendations.
    1. Either rate your movies or develop an outside agency to do so. Your description of movies is less than generous so at least provide some sort of system to provide users a way to rate movies or at least provide a more detailed description.
    2. On your main screen it rolls through options extremely quickly. There is very little time to distinguish one option from the next. HBO offers awesome programming, so don’t make it hard for people to review the options

  305. One last opinion for HBO go. When watching a series let the next episode just pop up. To have to go back to the menu is a bit of the pain. At risk of sounding like a lazy person, I think it would make it more enjoyable to watch.

  306. I love the show getting it on…unfortunately out of my circle of friends I am the only 1 watching it but I love talking about the show. I have worked in health care for 17 years and the show is hilarious…I have a couple of stories you’ll would love…patients shopping in the laundry room but thinking it is the Goodwill, nursing assistance calling out of work because their boyfriend is mad at them and want watch the kids to the hospital leaving dementia patients/wondering in hospital alone and the hard core cut backs to due health care reform. . I can go on and on…you’ll are super stars let me know if you need a story or 2…keep up the good work!

  307. To activate my hobgo on my Samsung smart tv , I’m going to your web page , it asking me the same quested over and over agin , I have call HBO in NY and get the run a round about this , I have call Samsung about this too, it your activate that is jack . I have dish network and HBO ..can this be fix this year , this have been going on for 60 days now .

  308. I’d strongly voice my protest. I have been a customer of HBO for decades . IT disrespectful that your company repetitively denied Gennady Golovkin a shot the middleweight title . First, Sergio Martinez, now Miguel Cotto. I have had up top neck with the Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather not fighting. I hope you are not the current road block. IT seems you are!

  309. Hi,
    I would just like to say I hope you guys plan on streaming before the new series of Game of Thrones that starts April of 2015. We are cutting our cable when we move in a few weeks and I still want to watch Game of Thrones and everything else that I like to watch on HBO. I refuse to go back to cable when we move. Thank you! 

  310. I wanted to know is their any way to purchase the Happily Ever After for every child seasons 1-3? I grew up watching these tales, and would like my children to grow up watching them as well.

  311. GIRLS: What is the “message” this show is trying to send.
    Women come in all sizes and shapes. Beauty is more than just a size 0 or 2 or being a blonde with extensions. The media tells us to see ourselves as “less” if we are different. If that is Durnham’s “message,” it is not enough to build a show around.

    These young people lack depth. What do they have to say? They are as mindless and uninteresting as the young people on the sitcom “Friends” which was a huge success. If that is what Durnham is selling us, she is successful.

    Nudity is really not significant. We can all look in the mirror and see that we do not look like a Barbie doll! Okay, Is that all there is?

    PS : maybe the “message” is that these are children of helicopter parents! They “want” to be creative writers, etc but they have no clue that there is work behind the desire to achieve. They expect to be recognized as “important” because … why? Yawn!

  312. Can’t find Game of Thrones on hbogo anymore. Was it removed? Is there a way to still watch? I was only in the middle of season 3. Bummer. Thinking of ending my hbo subscription now.

  313. Rate service 0 on 5 point scale. Since I can’t sign in to HBO GO .com on my TV I’ve just decided to drop my subscription. No reason to pay if I can’t watch.

  314. I’m sick of seeing the same old movies over and over and over on HBO. They charge for this and if you are a movie viewer, you will see their entire lineup in a week or less if you are a subscriber. I’m seriously considering dropping them as well as Showtime because of their refusal to show new movies. The only reason why I’ve kept them this long is the Bill Mahr show, Boardwalk Empire and true blood two of which have now run their coarse. Paying for Showtime and HBO is a total waste of time and money and they ignore subscribers like myself.

  315. I’m so sick of seeing the same old movies over and over and over on HBO. They charge for this and if you are a movie viewer, you will see their entire lineup in a week or less if you are a subscriber. HBO and Showtime are a total waste of time and money.

  316. What the hell is wrong with you tv people! Far i care tv has gone to hell a long time ago . You not putting game of thrones on till 2016 thats ridiculus.
    no ones going to remember whats it about or care if it comes back. As far as i am concerned and probably a greater percent of the public tv is ruined !!!
    Without customers you would not be dont forget it !!!!

  317. All I have to say I let Daniel knauf finish his award winning show carnivals! the amount of people who want to see this show is amazing. Following characters and their lives as a fight between good and evil. I am turned on numerous people to this show and now they are hooked on it and want to know what the ending is and where the characters go.

  318. i beg you to drop Bill Mahar from you programming. The information he shares especially in recent years are full of inaccuracies, therefore losing all credibility with me As a long time HBO subscriber, I’m now considering dropping HBO because of your support of Bill Mahar. I consider myself an open minded person that does not mind listening to the views and opinions of others. However, Bill Mahar has become so inaccurate and absurd that I can’t stand listening to him any more. In the past year I’ve gone out of my way not to watch his shows, please drop Bill Mahar from HBO, he’s an embarrassment to HBO and most Americans.

  319. PLEASE Renew “Looking”. Great show that’s just getting started. Downloaded HBOGo just to catchup and rewatch. Loving Patrick & Kevin. Love, Love, Love it!

    Can’t find anywhere else to post this so I hope it gets to the correct department. Thank You!!!

  320. hey i will so happy if any body can tell me that the one movie that shown in HBO channel in 2011 0r 2012..Actully i dont know that film name..but i give you some hints to find that movie..firstly,sarah-name called one girl was performing and one little boy name called Binito in that movie…secondly, that might be the gang film and hero was also in that gang members and his first girlfriend was killed somehow by his own gang member..thirldly,in the mpvie,while he and gang members was going to steal the train he found sarah and …..he save her from his members while doing unusal thing to her then after he taked her with him…then after, his gang member was so angry of his behaviour and they searched him because he beat his gang leader while saving her..In the end of the film he was killed by them but sarah alive..plz mail meee

  321. Dear,
    The beautiful movie I.Frankenstein could not showing completely .(where is climax).this happened at today noon show at hbo..what is this…please don’t do like this…
    Jinu varghese

  322. i’ll bet hbo has as many senior citizens as other age groups. why do you not give us good, interesting entertaining movies instead of all this garbage? why not pick the top movies from the 80’s 90’s 2000 forward? we want movies, movies, movies.
    Right now you have Tammy—Really what a waste of time. we get so sick of being offered the same movies hundred times a month. what a rip off your industry has become. The days when all good stuff comes over the net will be here soon. Thank god. then your gone.

  323. We have watched 9 episodes of Psi on HBO Latina and have really enjoyed them. It is a smart, interesting and funny series. Four more episodes have been produced but are not available. We would love it if the additional episodes are available.

  324. Can HBO please play different movies? Same movies over and over. Please play Toy Story 1,2and 3. Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Pitch Perfect and deliver us from Eva.

  325. I started paying for HBO in order to watch “Looking.”

    Looking was such a bad show I cancelled HBO.

    Your programming is NOT good.


  326. I am appalled after hearing you are canceling “Looking”. Never watched HBO until “Looking”, wont be watching it now! A great show that was just getting started! STUPID!!!

  327. Dear HBO,
    I am devastated to learn today that you have cancelled the series, Looking. I subscribe to HBO because you offer quality series not dependent on ratings or advertising. In Looking, you provided a well-acted and well-scripted story of gay life more poignant an meaningful than attempts on any of the networks.
    While I don’t think I will cancel my subscription, I am truly disappointed over your decision.
    Brian Duggan

  328. The column Lena Dunham wrote for the New Yorker equating Jews and dogs is intolerable. She must be taken off the air.
    If she wrote the column about African Americans, or Moslems, she would have been removed from the air before the publication hit the stands.
    Bill Feldman

  329. Lena Dunham’s column in the New Yorker is insulting to all Jews.
    If she had compared her African American boyfriend to a dog you can bet that there would be a huge protest outside HBO headquarters led by Al Sharpton.
    HBO- you need to cancel the series Girls immediately and remove all episodes from your service.

  330. I was going to become a subscriber of HBO but refuse to do so since you allow the bigoted Ms. Dunham to have a show .Her foul and reprehensible comments do not belong in today’s society.I’m going to go to Showtime instead.You canthank Dunham for losing a customer.Great job HBO,NOT!

  331. Hello a long time fan of your network…. sorry to say the movie selection u have is very bland no interesting choices of movies. the same movies shown over n over. your network is pushed as a main part of many cable companies in order to have a economical package. I would really appreciate a better movie selection from ur company. Thank you

  332. hi HBO
    thank you for making “Going Clear” I have not been able to watch it yet but would really like to.
    my TV provider is Direct TV and they are sending your Movie in Spanish, I do not speak Spanish.
    can you please tell me where and when it is sent out again in English ?

    Thank you

  333. Have been trying to register my PS4 for five days every time you go to all it does is say it’s unavailable. Poor app, poor service, poor communication on how to contact HBO. Call a number and it just directs me to a website. Horrible. Remind me why I pay extra each monthbfirbthis “service”?

  334. Dear Sirs;
    I waited for too many minutes to obtain a customer service and hence I AM canceling my subscription to HBO for the season. There are many customers who feel the same I can assure you, but few of them bother to do what I have done

    Raymond Shaffer
    Wynmoor Coop A senior coop with 8,000 potential viewers

  335. Thanks a lot. For nothing. We’ve waited for so long, to have the company choose to cater to Apple uses only. Well, I’m glad your shows are great and you can afford to leave those of us who didn’t buy into the Apple BS in the dark. We thought this was an awesome thing but, we guess not after alL. Enjoy your Money.

    • I wonder if Phillip Marlowe series of the 80’s starting Boothe Power can be broadcast . It was one many good detective story’s of it time. What a good reflection of the style between the old and new (The Detective) detective stories,

  336. I have used HBO go in the past and deleted the app because of freezing during the movie I was watching. I recently came back downloaded the app again and found that now while I’m watching a movie the same freezing happens at different spots but the time line of the movie keeps going so when it starts again I have now missed 5 to 8 seconds of the movie and this will occure every 5 to 10 minutes of the movie. I use Netflix and HULU and this has never occured.I have never filled out a complaint card in my life but I love HBO so I just want the problem fixed. Please help

  337. I hope someone will read this and respond.

    The news documentary Vice is an excellent show! I learn something new every time in watch it. Most of what I’ve learned is totally shocking to me and it’s information that is not covered by conventional news. The format needs to change to at least one hour!

  338. Wow I’ve watched so many Doc. You have shown The awareness. To show open eyes to what is going on and have the not knowing or who cares, this is how it’s told or what! That says Look!!! Proud HBO Fan! Keep up the work Awarness!!! This is our World!!! Thanks HBO! Makes me proud to have some Rock!!!

  339. Why doesn’t HBO release a whole season of a series at once on HBO to go like NexFlix does? People want to watch things when they want to watch them. That is where television is going.

  340. I am unable to contact HBO because I work on an older computer, and their
    swanky website is inaccessible to peons.
    Why aren’t Bill Maher and John Oliver available off cable?

  341. 4/21/15 at 10:20 ob 503 HBSeHd your own info about the cast is wrong. You have listed Jonathan Rhys -Meyers when the actor in the movie is Rhys Ifans. Could cause you problems as this carelessness is chronic.

    Hope you resolve,
    T Pizzicaroli

  342. I have had HBO for a year and half, I am very disappointed with the variety of movies they play the same movies for the past year and half, and the are movies that you can watch on regular tv
    I will give hbo another month and the I will cancel and go to epix which I had before and it was a lot better

  343. Why won’t it work? It is very inconsistent, it works and then it doesn’t. The video is so much behind the sound. I know it is a free trial but this is a sorry trial to get people to pay after the trial, especially if it doesn’t work.

  344. This is in regards to Cris Rock on Bryant Gumble real sports. Did I miss the point of this, I thought it was supposed to point out why blacks don’t like baseball anymore. But what I got was insulted for being white and how the game needs to rid itself of tradition in favor of black culture. He said there is no celebration by athletes in baseball and then compared it to basketball and football. I realize I may be in the minority but in my opinion these celebrations have come to the point where it takes away from the game. This is what has changed, we now have fans who focus on the sideshow and not the game. This again in my opinion is why black viewership of baseball has gone down in the younger generation, no outrageous celebrations and they call it boring. Why don’t you do a study on basketball the same way and see what results you get. I used to be a big fan and now it is a sport dominated by the sideshow and I just can’t watch it anymore. Football is close to the same thing for me. Up until now I have always found this show entertaining and informative, this is the first time I have found it insulting.

  345. HBO Now crashes constantly. Between 10:28-11:46 PM on Saturday it crashed 15 times, couldn’t access it on Sunday and crashed the 5 times I tried this morning.

  346. Have been trying to get customer service. You are on hold for hours! I go to sign in to HBO Go and it wants me to use a new ID. When I use my ID since it is my ID, it says it’s already being used! Uhmmmm yeah! By me! so let me in! It is associated with my email address! Is HBO Go screwed up at this time again?

  347. HBO please hear the voices of your viewers. If you are going to show female nudity often in your shows please do the same for the men. Full frontal nudity for women while hiding men’s genitalia is just wrong. More than half your viewers are women and trust me most of them have seen lots of male penises. What is the big deal?

  348. Can anyone tell me if the HBO go app will be offered on 2015 Samsung smart TV’s using the Tizen operating system?

  349. I am an avid Game of Thrones fan and tune in every week to watch the latest episodes. I was very angry to tune in to this weeks episode on channel 305 (which is the channel I usually watch it on) and have it be in Spanish. I understand that it is the Spanish channel, however I don’t understand why normally it comes on in English but now it is in Spanish. I’m very pissed that I’m missing this weeks episode because of this stupid problem.

  350. HBO get it together. Netflix and Hulu are running perfectly fine but HBO Now and Go are basically unwatchable because of the lag and constant buffering. Regardless of where I watch it what internet connection I use its the same problem. I’m about to cancel my subscription if you guys don’t get this sorted.

  351. Hi. I haven’t use HBO Go before and I’m using it now I can’t sign in and I tried register it but it’s said that my account been used also I called but no one answer me. Can you please help me to fix this problem thanks

  352. The hbo go app has many choices which excited me. I love having the variety it offers. Hbo go app is terrible though. I tried the app on three different devices and each time I went to watch a movie it constantly had to buffer. I spent more time waiting while it buffered than actually enjoying my movie. I tried reloading the app and completely deleted and redownload ando still nothing helped. Hbo needs to do something about this!

  353. In his program last Friday, Bill Maher referred to Senator Bernie Sanders as “a Pot Smoking, Socialist Jew.”

    This showed very poor taste and consideration on his part. He does not refer to other candidates by their religion or personal beliefs or habits.

    He owes Senator Sanders an apology.

  354. I love good stories, I read the books, and I was REALLY looking forward to watching the Series GAME OF THRONES, but the nudity and the violence is a huge problem for me. How about recutting “Game of Thrones”, taking out the worst of the nudity and violence making it PG-13. I signed up for the 7 day free-trial, and after 2 days I had to cancel, because The “Game of Thrones” series was extremely interesting, but too disturbing. It is hard to watch a movie with the palm of your hand blocking much of the drama.




  356. I really enjoy HBO GO. I currently play movies and shows on the HBO app, using my Bluetooth as the listening device.

    Withe the new update, when I try to watch this app with the use of the blue tooth, the app goes directly to AirPlay Apple Tv. This occurs even when I select Bluetooth. If I turn the blue tooth off the app will play. Can you tell me, how to correct this problem. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

  357. Good Morning:
    I’m a trucker who use netflix, hbogo, stazgo over the road all the time using around 25 to 30 gb a month steaming video. I do have a cable on my Iphone 6 connecting to my tv to watch it. For some reason this last version of hbo go is not let it me watch nothing on my tv. It was fine before! Now I only see the presentation hbo go once the movie start it is all black. please fix this error. Im still can watch it on the phone but not on my tv.why? netflix & staz are no problem to watch. thank you

  358. This is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve had the HBOGO app for several months now and it just keeps getting worse. Game of thrones is basically all i watch, so i got chromecast and literally this app doesn’t work 95% of the time. I’ve kept up with the updates so i don’t really know what else to do but this is driving me insane!!!!!

  359. I am wondering why HBO is not offering episode 5 / season 5 Game of Thrones on my HBO on Demand through ATT? When I called ATT they tell me HBO did not offer this one episode. It is strange that we have every episode for this season 1-4 and 6 but not 5? ATT told me to take it up with HBO.

  360. I travel for a living. I subscribed to HBO for many reasons but one of them was HBO GO. The motto is … “IT’S HBO. ANYWHERE”

    False advertising…. I’m in Brazil and have no access. Thanks for deceiving me.

  361. Like HBO programing,but you can not watch on Direct TV when you are mirroring second TV,Let me know if you ever correct this problem.

  362. Wonderful Programing, unfortunately I had to quit HBO NOW which I received on my Apple Mini iPAD because it was incompatible with our U-VERSE.

  363. Lo primero que quiero pedir son disculpas por escribir en español dado mi falta de nivel de idioma inglés.

    Les escibo para asegurarme de que sepan lo ocurrido durante la emisión de True Detective en España, concretamente en la cadena LaSexta. Durante el pano secuencia del capítulo 1×04, que es uno de los momentos más alabados de la serie, la cadena decidió irse a publicidad y así nos dejaron a los telespectadores sin la posibilidad de apreciar ese plano secuencia en todo su esplandor. este desprecio de la cadena por la serie ha suscitado muchas quejas por parte de los espectadores que se sitieron ninguneados por la cadena.

    Por último, me gustaría que tuviesen en cuenta lo ocurrido para que no se vuelva a repetir este desafortunado incidente.

    Muchas gracias por su atención

  364. I’m mad! I’ve been trying to watch episode 9 of game of thrones for hours. Its not on hbo go, and when I try to find out why all I get is diverted back to the worthless hbo homepage. Everything else says it should be on there. And when I finally did find a way to “contact hbo” I again get diverted back to the hbo homepage. Why can’t I email someone at hbo at any point night or day? The call office is only open for 9a to 5p, and closed on the weekends. I’m mad now, and I just want to watch my thrones, or at least know why I can’t.

  365. Horrible service. Sit on the phone for 15, 20 minutes. Phone Robots. Simple question unanswered: when will HBO NOW be compatible with ATT Uverse? Doesn’t anyone at corporate care that I left? Apparently not.

  366. I don’t see the cast icon to Chromecast HBO go from my iPad. YouTube and pandora work but there’s no icon to caste in HBO go. I just updated my HBO app and Chromecast app.

    This is incredibly frustrating since it’s the main reason I have HBO go. My account is under the same email.



  367. I love many of the mini-series. The Bill Maher show has got to go, the guy is such an a know it all arrogant liberal prick I have seriously considered canceling HBO after stumbling onto his BS show. The movies are pretty repetitive and Game of Thrones is seriously the only reason I maintain a subscription.

  368. Bill Maher’s comments about Christians has crossed the line. Poking fun about being “a long way from getting them eaten in the coliseum” is a heartless thing to say when Christians are being rounded up in other countries and massacred.
    I know he is an atheist and that choice is his God-given right…l do expect him to at least be a decent human….some things are best left unsaid.

  369. I have never posted a complaint ever for any reason. I have been a customer for many years through our cable provider. I have a major problem with your show (Looking) this is a show that has good message with such shocking sexual content that is completely unnecessary. This no less Gay oriented pornography. At any point most children in most home can turn this on. You should remove this. I will be removing HBO from the package that my provider offers. I’ve always appreciated all the shows that HBO has produced over the many years I have used your product.

  370. I have Verizon FIOS in New York with HBO as a premium channel , up & running at this moment, yet I get a message saying that I am not subscribed to HBO. Impossible, as I am watching it at the same time this message appears!!
    Called Verizon & advised that it is a nation wide problem being looked on, now for days!!!
    I have been advised that it is a problem on your end. When will this be corrected?
    I am patient, but am paying for a premium service which I am not receiving.
    I must mention that this is a recurrent problem for weeks now.

  371. I am paying for UVerse to keep current on
    “Game of Thrones” episodes. If I miss on Sunday
    ATT Uverse sometimes will not update on demand for
    several weeks. I am considering going back to

  372. Okay, this may be a small point, but it is annoying. I was trying to look up a movie (The Judge) on HBO the other day and found it filed under the word “the”. As far as I know, there is no system in the world that files under the word “the”. It should be “Judge (the)” Just saying.

  373. I am very disappointed that I cannot go back and watch game of thrones season 2 and season 3 so I can go back and review some of the characters. There are so many characters that it would be great to go back and enjoy the series with better understanding of the series. Thanks hope you can post all the past seasons: I aso would like to know when the next season 6 will be available.


  375. Mwhen the Sopranos came to be I got all my family members on to HBO. Watched every series since then. I’m watching TRUE DETECTIVE now and I’m confused. Vince Vaughan is great for romantic comedies. Where the hell is Cole and Marty?? The darkness is gone and now it’s boring. Lame HBO, Lame

  376. There are ten episodes of Game of thrones showing for HBO on demand Uverse, however only nine are actual shows the tenth item is a four minute preview of episode nines battle scene /I’m unsure as to why that is but I am not very happy about it! Is there away to fix this issue

  377. Well have I have tried everything to get hbogo to work through my Xbox 1. I can’t watch anything without getting a buffer every 10seconds. I have charter Internet at 60mbs down connected by ethernet cable. All other streaming apps work fine. I have access to this service because my parents have it on uverse. I’m currently living in a dorm away from home so it would be nice if it worked. Actually the main reason why my parents picked up the service was for me. So this is a big problem if I can’t use it then we will drop it. Hopefully you can give me a solution.

  378. Worst customer service experience I’ve ever had. I will be canceling, and will be telling all my friends and family to cancel HBO just because of this

  379. Is it really require to include the Buddha Statue in Ballers series episode 3 during the yacht party?
    That scene really offense to all the Buddhisms around the world.
    I will not be watching this series anymore and I will be contacting to the Buddhist organizations to boycott the HBO.

  380. HBO has now lost another long time customer. You should really try to stay away from politics. You have the idiot ” Bill Maher ” and now your “gun violence documentary”. I can never understand the thinking that taking guns away from law abiding citizens will stop criminals from committing crimes.

  381. I found it interesting that HBO would ask boxer Sergey Kovalev to remove the name of the ammunition sponsor from his trunks considering the daily fare of violence and gun misuse they provide.

  382. I sign for the offer one trial but won’t aplenty to do anything .what should I do. And I sign up with a different email that was not exiting any more. Again the name is fino.amuo..pls help


  384. General problems hbo now

    Just stops have to wait until it chooses to start again
    Voice synching off 20% of the time
    When I pause it, I again have to wait…it’s never a specific time, e.g. 5 seconds or one minute.
    Random arbitrary issues
    Never have problem with netflix leads me to believe an internal problem with service

  385. I have had HBO as part of a package for three months now. You have been showing the same movies over and over again for that whole time. Someone should tell your programing dept. that there are more than 10 or 12 movies out there. As soon as this free package ends I am gone. why would anyone pay to watch the same thing everyday.

  386. How can intelligent people cancel one of the very few intelligent shows that are on TV; that show being “NEWSROOM “

  387. Recommendation: Consider producing a HBO special on the impact of powerful religious ‘fundamentalists’ on public education policy and finances. Example: East Ramapo school district in Rockland County, New York. Thank you. Dr. Janet Markowitz

  388. Consider producing a documentary on the worrisome influence of religious fundamentalists on public school education. Example: East Ramapo, Rockland County, New York. Justification of local school board control. Serious consequences. Dr. Janet Markowitz

  389. I’ve been a subscriber to HBO for years …this year HBO sucks…whoever is picking movies to play has horrible taste… USA and syfy is showing better movie’s than HBO …I’m sure my review will not change a thing so HBO you are getting canceled see you…your very old movie selection sucks my old DVD collection is better

  390. I have used HBO for yr’s why can’t program newer and decent movies instead same off the wall movies over and over again.
    I’v only watched one or two movies on hbo in the last few yr’s.
    Thank you for your time

  391. I am trying to activate my account through u verse on my ps4. Getting a sign in error. Please fix this problem or you will lose a loyal customer. Thanks

  392. HBO, what has happened? I love your network. I could do a testimonial about the high quality programming you develop and I voraciously consume. However, HBO Now is an absolute nightmare. The sound and video are almost always off. So I pause until it gets synced. But tonight I have spent close to 3 hours trying to watch the movie WILD that you are enthusiastically advertising. The movie has stalled over 30 times, and has gone to black 4 or 5 times. What the hell? Don’t advertise a program you can’t support!!! I’m at a loss. I get Netflix so I have an expectation of relatively seamless delivery. Your delivery is AWFUL!!!! I am very disappointed. I dislike Cox Communications and wanted to bypass them. I am unsure how to proceed. Your terrible delivery coupled with no immediate customer service leaves me bewildered. My experience of HBO Now does not jive with my idea of your operation as a first rate, high quality, media company. Surely you are working on improving your streaming capabilities. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Ashley Grisso

  393. I was wondering what idiot is in charge of HBO on demand for the Hard Knocks series? In the on demand section we have episode 1, episode 1(again), episode 2, episode 4(missing episode 3 if you didn’t catch that), and episode 5 hasn’t been posted yet. I thought HBO was on top of there game! If I order HBO I expect my shows in on demand at least the next day!

  394. I have HBO through my Direct TV subscription. There has been some talk about HBO dropping the Bill Maher show and replacing it with Jimmy Kimmel on Friday evenings.

    Please, keep Bill Maher even if you move his show to another time slot. Why:
    Bill’s show is more than just a comedy show. He has informed, educated guests who can discuss all sorts of things that most Americans need to consider such as politics, environment, current events, etc. The Kimmel show could not begin to be a better choice than Bill’s show. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Richard Jackson

  395. Hello,

    I am an ATT Uverse customer whom has HBO and I downloaded the HBO Go app and have been trying (15x) to log on but keep getting a System error. I’ve tried where it automatically finds my network and with user name and password. No luck. All of my other TV channel streaming apps that are connected to my ATT Uverse subscription are working fine. Could you please help me with this.
    Thanks, Erin Carter

  396. I am having trouble with hbo go. Programs are not leading efficiently and repeatedly load throughout the program. I tried opening “hbo go help” but it won’t open. Hmmm. Sort of tells me something.
    This web page isn’t offering an email address for customer service. Calling will be fruitless. This is frustrating to say the least considering how much $$ I’m paying a month for your service- or lack there of.

  397. I signed up for HBO NOW via Google play store. I will be cancelling very quickly. HBO get your act together. If you want to be like showtime w Hulu or other competitors, then offer a service that can be easily accessible through Roku w a channel for HBO NOW, not just the current HBO GO. For the price your asking, you sb ashamed for not getting it together before you offered the release. This is a basic concept. Clearly you figured out how to stream HBO GO. Please invest a little energy to fix your problem before I will pay that monthly fee.

  398. I’ve been a subscriber to HBO for years!

    While I love “Game of Thrones”, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is the BEST show HBO has ever presented viewers. LOVE IT!!


  400. HBO channels, about 12, in receiving them I have big black bands at the top and bottom of the television screen. Verizon advised that it is due to the way HBO is broadcasted and they can’t do anything about it. Needless to say, it’s aggravating to pay for your service and not receive the whole picture. Is there not anything that can be done about my service?? Thanks, in advance, for your time.

  401. Hello, I am a HBONow subscriber for IPad. The question I have is why am I not able to view Season 2 of “The Knick”. I am aware that series is part of the Cinemax line up. I am also aware that Cinemax is a division of HBO. I signed up with HBONow to allow me to view current HBO/Cinemax series. I would a response that will explain what’s possible and what’s not .

  402. Hello HBO! While watching 24/7 Canelo/Cotto a song in the beginning of the piece was playing in the background. I heard it before but don’t know the name. Can you provide the name or artist of the song. Thank You, Love the show, Jay from NYC

  403. Please put different movies on, it’s annoying to want to watch something different but it keeps showing movies we’ve already watched or doesn’t look interesting …what’s the point of paying for hbo channels when there’s nothing to watch…ready to drop hbo, unhappy customer

  404. Your channel guide on 11/14/15 at 7:00 p.m. shows the movie “Run All Night” playing; indeed, “Draft Day” is playing instead; very poor customer service.

  405. Hey I want to now who putting the wrong movie in uni at 10:00 in channel 401 because support to be run all night and someone put the draft I want to know who is running these channel tonight I was so happy to watch tonight this movie run all night, can you please explain this to me and all the customer in regarding this mistake, sincerely a customet

  406. I was sitting at a table of 15 people and we all mutually agreed that The Brink was the best show of the summer. I am very upset to hear it will not be renewed. Please reconsider your perspective on this show.

  407. I have just started using your HBO NOW service and I have to say it is the WORST speed I have ever had. I have 40megs service and your channel will play for about 5 min and then load for another 3 minutes. none of my other streaming channels have ever had this issue. I cam very disappointed in your service and I will be canceling the first chance I get

  408. I just “bought” a free trial month for HBO. Unfortunately, the show, I wanted to see is not available and I do not seem to be able to receive any shows here in Barbados, where I spend a lot of time baby sitting my grand children. So I wanted to cancel again, 40 min after I applied for it. It is impossible to cancel, it is sooo frustrating. Now I am spending already an hour and a half to cancel the HBO APP. I have an I pad, I assume my supplier is Apple…how can they use my Apple credit card on file, that should not be possible!! I am extremely upset, getting angrier by the minute. HBO does not seem to be a reputable company, if they make it impossible for you to cancel. Can anybody out there give me help or advice?? Barbara von Oppen

  409. I travel out of country a lot. i pay for hbo at home with uverse account but cant get in other countries , but I can get Netflicks. I am flight crew and would like to know solution . thank you

  410. I tried to look into the hbo go app and tried to exit out but instead it said payment successful it don’t want this and do not want you to take anything out of my account I did not down load this


  412. I have hbo with cable one in Texarkana, Tx. Since the last two mos all of the channels on hbo are now showing just half the picture and I have had it for a few yrs, now. Why is this happening? I have had cable one out here 3x about it and they keep telling me it is just the program. Why hasn’t it always done this? It also does it on my hd, tv, also.

  413. My wife has spent over 5 hours trying to sign up only to get all kinds of problems and nothing working at the end. Your process is abhorrent and most difficult to negotiate. You should check out NETFLIX… they seem to have their act together.
    The process is simple, easy to use and works all the time…So now we are cancelling whatever we signed up for.

  414. I ordered your HBO mobile app months ago.Recieved it and also paid for a couple months service.Well,l watched maybe 6-8 hrs of your movies and deleted app.To find out I’m still being charged for services cause you want to make it so hard to unscribe.Would you please give me back control of my phone.End my service like months ago.

  415. why are these morons allowed to so call , call fightes.thay totally suck. we need punch for punch play buy play. a lot of my friends agree.and are turned off buy the stupid commentary, when theirs a dame fight going on….were is the unemployment line.


  417. I decided a while ago the content of the media is interesting, though it appears as space. Most of the material fails to contain The content of the competitors for the same price. Now some how I’m on your list of viewers were I cannot unsubscribe. Even if I was desperate to watch a movie I would have to look else were that it appears you are ripping me off. Please unsubscribe me, such business practices are undisireable and unethical. To charge for a service that I don’t receive is not acceptable.

  418. Why are you not responding on those complain….. Why I can’t even contact the phone number you on the screen. Are you trying to scam people??? I want to cancel my subscription because it is stupid I can’t even watch it even on one month trial.

  419. I am pleased with Max Kellerman’s post fight interviews with the boxers and trainers. He asks good questions. I just finished viewing him interview Khan and Carnello and their trainers regarding the May 7th match. He did a great job getting them to discuss their strengths and strategies.

  420. Dear HBO:

    I have been an HBO subscriber since the early 80’s.

    I am writing to you about the HBO produced movie, “Confirmation” about the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

    I am old enough to have watched every minute of those hearings on CSPAN back in 1991.

    I don’t appreciate being treated like I’m stupid or being lied to by an obvious propaganda piece trying to rewrite the history that is obvious to anyone who watched those hearings….that Anita Hill was a spurned woman and a liar being used to destroy a black man’s and prevent his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, since HBO has a long history of producing left leaning agit prop movies, but I’ve ignored it until now.

    Now more; I’ve had enough of this kind of crap from you.

    Insult me with any more left wing agit prop movies like this again, and I’m cancelling my subscription.

  421. Very frustrated. It starts ok then when the episode is supposed to start, the green line only goes about 1/3 of the way and then I get a No Signal – HULU and Netflix work fine. I use a ROKU.

  422. I love the HBO Go content. Any plans to add the HBO Stand Up Comedy? I would love to re-live Robin Williams Live on Broadway HBO Special!

  423. I’ve been on hold for over half an he waiting g for help. I. Just going g to cancel my subscription. If ur so busy obviously there are other problems

  424. For my hbo go account I’ve received no email to let me know my password for any other device I might want to use it on and your website is anything but helpful. You expect me to pay $15/mo to barely have it on roku (after every episode I play I have to restart my roku to get it to work. This is insane. I pay only $8 to Netflix and Hulu and they both work without fail. I need either compensation or I’m done. You think I’m paying because I have to? I don’t. I have 5 people on deck for their subscription…. I’m trying to be a good person, do the right thing…. Maybe you follow suit.

  425. We have HBO. Have had it for at least 20 years… Why are you not releasing the GOT season 6 to on demand? It’s really starting to piss me off that I can’t bring it up on demand. We live in Fort Wayne Indiana… WTF I WANT MY GOT NOW… Push the damn button already… If you can’t do your job, move over for someone who WILL

  426. I can’t find the hbo go icon on my chromecast app.
    I’ve tried everything that is written in your page about that problem and everything written in the chromecast page and nothing.

  427. Good evening,
    I have installed the HBO Go app on my iPhone to try to use it trough my chromecast. Unfortunately it’s not working and I don’t know why. The casting button does not appear. I tried everything. Reinstalled the app on my phone, reset the chromecast device and my internet connection.
    Please help me.
    Thank you and regards.

  428. Hey most of us boxing fan are sick of hearing about Floyd Mayweather, Lets get real the only reason he won matches is the referee that always referee his fights was for Floyd,, lets get real it was obvious in the first Pacquiao and Mayweather fight, enough so you lost a lot of us boxing fans. Please STOP
    Talking about Mayweather or you are going to loose a lot more boxing fans. Mayweather hasn’t been a good boxer in a long time,,,,, it sad but a lot of boxing fans are wondering how much HBO was paid by Mayweather to win.
    Thank you

    • Ain’t the truth. Hire once then the so the other guy doesn’t land a punch. He will be boxing till he is 75 with tactics like this. Many are fighting this way now with ‘re on. When did they start wearing skirts?

  429. No sound on HBO Naples Comcast during Game of Thrones
    Second week in a row when we were unable to watch program due
    to errors
    Getting very tired of this

  430. In Aventura, there are no longer any Real Time with Bill Maher programs shown On Demand –only the Overtimes. Please take care of this for very loyal fans!!

  431. Aaaaarrrrggghh!! How come I cant watch the videos that i want? I pay to see the movies and series that i want but it doesnt work..
    “Uppspelningen misslyckades” is says.. Error error..
    Please help!

  432. Literally the only reason I pay for your service is to watch GoT and it’s 7:30 MST and I can’t watch anything on your servers. Why should I bother paying for a service that doesn’t work?

  433. I just love love love your HBO line up for documentaries .. however they seem not to change over long periods of time. Do you have more documentaries lately? I love how you guys show raw information and how you have shown this for years and years. I have learned so much because of your documentaries. Could you show something more up to date like the micro chip or RFID information in a documentary? Also could you show more about depression. So many people don’t know that this disorder is not on purpose but chemicals in the brain is what causes it. Also I would like to know more about transgender and homosexual people. I want to understand them and how they feel the heterosexuals treat them. Your documentaries are so very informative. Thank you

  434. Hello
    I couldn cast with my ios HBO Go application.
    The cast button doesnt apear.
    I tried uninstalling the application but it didnt work.

  435. I miss HBO so much but cannot get my credit and HBO to agree.I do not understand the conflict as HBO only says my credit card company declined to accept and my card company says HBO is the problem.I can get no further with HBO because it is such an unusual problem and my credit cannot correct HBO….what can I do?

  436. I loved Vinyl
    The people who didn’t care for it were unfamiliar with the era of that particular phase of music.
    Most were too young to understand how different things were in the 70s
    I’m disappointed you’ve cancelled the series. It was a lot better than most of the other series available now.

  437. I can’t believe you’re taking “Vinyl” off the air after just one season.
    Man, that was a great show. I was really looking forward to the
    sequel. I guess Finestra had nohwere to go but behind bars, but
    did you have to put the second season there too?

  438. Just wanted to let you know that I have canceled my HBO today. I am truly tired of supporting HBO while your programming is disgusting, main topic Bill Maher. I will not pay to hear this idiot rant.

    But of course I will not hear back from you or will this company for one moment be concerned about this issue. I will be encouraging everybody I know to do the same. Possibly even start some kind of drive for the rest of America to do the same, at least moral individuals who do not appreciate their values being denigrated and their beliefs ridiculed.

  439. Please renew Vinly. The only reason I subscribed to HBO was to watch Vinyl. I am canceling my subscription and subscribing to Showtime to watch Roadies.

  440. On HBO GO The Sopranos seasons 4, 5, and 6 don’t play. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 play fine. This makes me think there is something wrong on your side of this transaction. Please fix so I can continue enjoying the series I’ve already committed a great deal of time to completing.

  441. Sirs: I have been a happy HBO Now customer through Amazon Prime for the past year. Just recently we changed our TV for a new Sony smart TV (a great product) but HBO Now will not work with it – I get an error message saying the software is not yet compatible, and a promo asking me to subscribe separately. HBO Now works fine with my smaller TV. Can you help? Is there a setting that will make this work?

  442. can u please play teen witch Halloween 4 fried green tomatoes turner and hootch
    poltergeist 1 evening star Halloween town 1 and 2 cats eye ghost boogie man Cinderella pt 1 can u please play these movies theres nothing good on these channels with us have to pay for them thanks

  443. You need to know the only reason I subscribe to HBO is because I look forward to Friday nights at 10 PM to watch Real Time with Bill Maher. We all know Bill is in no way a prejudice person and just made a mistake. He has apologized for it and it’s time to move on. If I tune in this Friday night and he is not on the air your network will be history. Please don’t let the right wing get away with this. They have gone after Stephen Colbert, Kathy Griffin, and now Brother Bill.

  444. As a subscriber of HBO and Cinemax thru Cox cable,I wonder why you have a political ass,Bill Maher, on the air. It is one less of the HBO channels that I do not watch,and never will again. Get HBO out of politics and lewd so called biased programing. I am being cheated out of unbiased program selection, and just may cancel HBO.

  445. I have emailed over and over,and I get no response from HBO.The marvel movie the avengers is five years old,and hbo still does not have it.I understand getting the rights,but damm this movie came out in 2012.Will hbo ever get the avengers?

  446. today i started seeing commercials on my HBO on demand… trying to watch season three of GOT and it has commercials…..cable provider said its your fault not theres……??..what is the point of having HBO is there are commercials….

  447. 10 days ago I contacted my local cable service and they contacted HBO to let them know that season 5 episode 7 of The Sopranos is not showing on HBO On Demand. It’s been 10 days and HBO still has not added it. Please add it!!! I can’t skip an episode and continue watching. Thank you.

  448. Just read on a news line: HBO to produce a Racist Twisted Alternative Reality civil war series. Who dreamed up this twisted Leftist, race bating piece? Lynch the MFer. Just what we need is white leftist flaming the coals after 8 years of Obama. Segregationist Democratic Party which flipped in the late 60’s have got to be up to more dirty tricks. Idiot HBO geniuses! CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION if this go thru to production. Bad enough Alex Haley hijacked another persons history and made it his own. Now you idiots are going to run a ‘what if’. More echos and lies for the dopes to suck on.

    • Many of our ancestors killed brothers in Beijing slavery to an end. Wasn’t any black uprising or revolt. Why do they now start to think they matter more now than then

  449. In my area southern Maryland,many of my friends do not want H.B.O because of Bill Marr.Let us know when you decide to fire him.

  450. Had to give up their service due to the constant racism in one of their comercia!s. You can’t parental guidance a commercial. My children now go around saying no-one this no-one that. What’s going to happen when they are in school. They even cut out what I said but it’s going on in their commercial.

  451. To Whom It May Concern,

    I opened my HBO account a month ago, but I did not use it much. Recently, I was charged from August 11. I wanted to cancell my current membership with HBO, but could not do it. I am writing to ask if you may cancel my membership and refund me 14$ that you charged because I do not use it all at this time.

  452. Well wanted to know why the 3D movies are not listed, if you don’t change the movies each month then people can’t receive them and constantly showing the same ones over and over will not promote people to subscribe, I have 3D and enjoy watching them but the last line-up was thru November all the same ones which has been on a long time if you’re not going to carry 3D movies then I will stop subscribing to HBO as it is the movies you carry are mostly movies from many years ago and people like myself do not enjoy watching them over and over it is a waste of money, PLEASE PUT 3D MOVIES BACK ON and change them monthly there are many many of them Thank You…

  453. Hello: i am.trying to cancel HBO Now. It charged my tmobile account because i can’t figure out how to cancel! Please help!

  454. Not happy ,,,the resin i bought this app was to watch GOT and on the season finale it does not work I want a refund…………

  455. Hello. I have an account fo r hbo Now.. I been having problems streaming through my phone. The streaming seems to skip and doest play back a show or movie.. I’ve had it happen most recently trying to stream sex and the city.. I’m not sure why this is happening. Please help.. thank you!

  456. I do not give permission to HBO to take money of my bank account.
    PLEASE, the suscripción its to be CANCEL !!!!

  457. I would like to immediately cancel my HBO account and I am unable to find anywhere on this mobile app that allows me to cancel this account. Help!!!! Can you please immediately cancel this account. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this query.

  458. I pay over 200.00 a mo for xfinity and most of the time we cant find anything to watch and its mostly music and sports that take up the channels were they can put new movies on all we do is keep strolling down to find something to watch and all they when we do find something its a re runs over and over and over they should put more movies on or lower r bill this is taking advange of coustmers that they have nothing to do or watch and a lot of coustmers r on ssi ssi is supposed to be a low in come instead r money goes to cable this isn’t right
    can u please start putting Halloween movies on instead of xmas can u play Halloween town pt 1 and 2 turner and hootch Cinderella can u put a Halloween marathon on next weekend Halloween 4 back draft ladder 49 the Jackson American dream ghost

  459. I’ve called, texted day’s after trying this. Didn’t use it ,even today told them and was assured I would not get billed.Just found out you took it out on my credit card.I expect it to be put back.Never seen anything like this on trying something. Please cancel and refund my money.!

  460. Lack of any “After Dark” movies on Cinemax On Demand! Since 9/1/17, Comcast here in Denver has NOT posted any “After Dark” movies or series on the “Max Specials” section of “Max On Demand”. I contacted Comcast by phone – they said they would have someone call me. No Luck! Please help. Thanks.

  461. I use HBO’s website to find programs I want to watch. I have a new computer with good protection. I’m finding HBO’s website for showing programs on from 7 – 11pm close and sometimes not coming up. It is hard to have the time to wait. Will this problem be cleared up soon?

  462. What the hell is HBO, doing that episode 8 of s7. Hasn’t aired yet since the wolf and the dragon. I mean they already postponed the last season like 3 times, The show will end regardless!!!

  463. When I tried to cancel my subscription the other day, I learned I had paid through 10/8. So, I waited until the 8th to cancel in case I changed my mind. I see I’ve been charged for another month and can’t cancel until November. Please cancel for this month as well. Thank you.

  464. Dear Sirs,
    I agreed to the 1 free month of HBO GO, and cancelled my account a few days prior to the termination date. But I got charged for another month anyway. And according to my Roku I DO NOT have the channel anymore.
    I would really like my money refunded please.


  465. Hi to whom it may concern I had hbo for free trial,today is my last day so just wanted to let you know that don’t need HBO pls cancel it ,or discontinue
    Rajesh c.Sundar

  466. I am not able to connect to my HBO NOW App. I have several tv’s that I watch the app on in my home through an Amazon Fire Box. I had an update and HBO NOW will not let me sign in.
    I am frustrated with HBO NOW. I will discontinue using HBO if this us not fixed!

  467. Yes my son has subscribe for the HBO app and I see that it’s going to charge me $15 and I’m not cool with that and because it was a Youngster doing it with my card I believe that this has to be not taking off in my car and taking the app off of my phone or his phone I have paused my credit card from being any money taking off until I know for sure you’re not going to take $15 out this was a minor that got my information and put it in and got it so I need to make sure I’m not going to get charged

  468. I am very troubled by the quality of service I am getting from HBOGo. If it works (and that’s a big IF) the video is lovely. But if I want to change the volume, the player crashes, if I want to rewind a bit the player crashes, if I use Chrome browser, I get a HDCP error, but if I use Edge, I can’t sign into HBOGo, so I have to sign into HBOGo with Chrome, then copy the resolved URL over to Edge, so that I can actually play videos. My latest error was just this morning, I tried to rewind John Oliver a couple of minutes, and got this error
    I know you guys are looking for a new PM in the Seattle area, and I think I could also help you with THAT, if this new PM is to look at this type of customer issue and hopefully create solutions.

    Otherwise, if you ever DO come up with a solution to the issues I’ve described here, please feel free to drop me a line!

    -Kirk Gremillion

  469. Beginning in December, I would like to cancel my account as I am no longer using. Could you please contact me via email to notify me it has been cancelled.

    Thank you.

  470. It is terable all I wanted was a straight answer from somebody it’s all computer and there not answer my question .My name is Truman soard and signed up for HBO GO and was very happy with the service of that ..My problem is they turned my service off trying to bill me on the 22 in stead of the first of the mouth I am on disability and thought I was clear when I signed up .I would love to countinue be a customer if we can come to a agreement .Thank you for your time .

  471. It is terable all I wanted was a straight answer from somebody it’s all computer and there not answer my question .My name is Truman soard and signed up for HBO GO and was very happy with the service of that ..My problem is they turned my service off trying to bill me on the 22 in stead of the first of the mouth I am on disability and thought I was clear when I signed up .I would love to countinue be a customer if we can come to a agreement .Thank you for your time .

  472. High my name is Leander Truman soard I am a customer with HBO GO ..I real like the sight and I was vary satisfied with the movies and shows.Now that said I really am disappointed with customer service my service was cut off I try to explain that I am disabled and get paid on the first of every mouth they wanted me to pay on the 22 I wasn’t able to do that I thought I was clear when I signed up my payment is to be took out on the first of every mouth i would to countinue being your customer but that depends on if we can come to a agreement.Thank you for your time.

  473. We are trying to find out as an HBO subscriber why we can’t watch Season 6 Episodes 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, of Games of Thrones? It’s not offered so we called Cox our cable provider and the say it’s not them, it’s only being offered by HBO and they have no control over what HBO offers for options. It’s the “on Demand” I’ve been watching – all the episodes to catch up. How does this happen and why??????

  474. Your streaming service really, sadly, sadly sucks. I’ve tried to put up with it, but no more. I’m sorry. I’m cancelling at the end of the month,

  475. Hello,

    Hope you are doing well. I was reading some of the blog posts on These posts are very informative. I’ve personally referred to some of my friends who are passionate readers and they’d surely give their remarks.

    I am a blogger and understand the value of good content. Wanted to reach out to know if you allow guest writers on your website? If yes, I would love to send you my post for review purposes.

    You will get my article for free. All I need is one or two Dofollow link back to my site.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  476. I just saw that you are now going to have obummer people going after our duly elected President. It is bad enough that you allow that VILE CREATURE bill maher on your network. I am seriously rethinking keeping this network. It is just another liberal waste land.

  477. I have been a customer of HBO for over 40 years- when we first subscribed it came on at 5:00 in the afternoon. I LOVE your shows, movies and everything. We recently watched Game of Thrones which was AWESOME and got this through HBOGO. This service requires us to constantly go online and “reboot” and activate our device…it happens all the time. I think this should be fixed, but in the meantime a discount or something would be wonderful.

  478. Do you think paying $15.00 a month would get you more than movies from the 70″ 80″ 90″s To program director can you please add newer movies, I can watch newer movies on USA, FX,TBS,SYFI, Without paying extra each month.

  479. Please, could you unsubscribe my account with HBO until further notice. I had the 30 day free trial period which suppose to end on the 19th of March, 2018.

  480. I enjoy the HBO show Veep except the horrible language used on the show. Why ruin a great show with such filthy offensive language. I will watch no more. Thomas Trotta

  481. Hi, I am from India. I am a huge fan of game of thrones. I’m eagerly waiting for the next season and I don’t want to wait please release the last season at the beginning of the next year. And my friends also waiting for that. please release as soon as possible.

  482. Hello,
    I have been paying for a HBO Now subscription for about a year and I have to say that the streaming quality is really not that good. I will likely cancel my subscription if there is no improvement.

    I also have Netflix and I have rarely ever had any streaming issues.
    Thanks for your time.

  483. your HBO on demand is screwed up episodes for your series are not under there titles i.e. Game of Thrones series 5 is under Curb your Enthusiam

  484. This is in regard to the partnership between HBO and Google Play for purchasing the HBO subscription. This partnership is VERY problematic, because neither entity will take responsibility for corrections in the event of a billing error. What they will do, is repeatedly refer you to the other company until you’re tired of going back and forth. In this scenario, the customer ultimately loses.

    My husband accidentally created a second account for an HBO subscription through google play without realizing it, and due to the auto billing feature that goes with this, we had two subscriptions (and we were double billed) for 10 months without our knowledge. When the mistake was realized, we contacted HBO, who sent us to Google Play, who sent us back to HBO, who sent us back to Google Play. After the second customer service call with Google Play, Google Play refunded only the last 4 months of charges and sent us back to HBO for the remaining corrections, which ultimately did not get made.

    Bottom line, this partnership is VERY problematic, because neither entity takes responsibility for correcting billing errors when they come up, and when the customer grows tired of going back and forth, the customer loses. We paid twice, ten times, for one product, and that should be corrected. The refund that Google provided, they claimed, was “a courtesy”, while HBO took zero responsibility.

    We are extremely disappointed that these two companies haven’t established/ cannot agree upon a process for correcting billing errors in the customer’s favor as they come up. Again, it seems like in this scenario, the customer loses.

  485. Please remove Bill Maher’s show from your network. If Rosanne has to be cancelled because of her insensitive free speech. Then Bill should be removed for insulting our President so often comparing him to primates.

  486. I am considering cancelling my HBO subscription. I have been a customer for years and I believe that I will be convincing my friends to opt out also. When one of your talk show hosts wishes doom on citizens financial situations so that a president looses in the election is just going overboard. People lose their shows for insensitive statements so why doesn’t this guy, who makes outrageous statements at will. Try to convince me an my friends should keep watching your programing.

  487. I have been watching episodes of succession on hbo demand but episode #5 is not listed. The episode listings go from #4 to #6.

  488. Unquestionably believe that that you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the net the simplest thing to remember of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed whilst people consider concerns that they plainly do not realize about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the entire thing with no need side-effects , folks can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  489. I try to contact you guys via phone. What I got is just an answering machine to your customer service line. I sign up with ATT which is Direct TV. I bought the Roku and the ATT sales people told me that my HBO is free as a part of their package. I got charged $16.00 per month for my subscription. If you can not resolve this Issue, I would like to cancel into my subscription,

  490. It is time to “cut the cord.” We have been customers of HBO since the late 70’s. Your programming has too much liberal entertainment for our liking, particularly Bill Maher. We watch tv to be entertained not to be lectured about political views. Our eyes have been opened and the louder Hollywierd speaks we will not watch their movies when derogatory comments have been made about our President. How stupid & dumb that is…….insulting half of the USA. Let the low information, uninformed clientele support your company. We are done!!!!

  491. The resort to celebrities one l by Prince with actorname at each wonderful thing.

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  492. Your network is the most liberal service I have ever seen ! Bill Maher and John Oliver. Really. I will be canceling tomorrow !!

  493. I have 8 HBO chennels on Dish. Every one plays older movies at the same time , most of the time. Those same movies are old enough to be on regular TV so why pay extra for HBO ?

  494. Who is the golden boy at HBO with the GALL to thinks it’s ok that I should pay $16.99 a mo. for your service in order to have access to RENT on demand the 1991 movie Doc Holiday for an additional few dollars?

    Respond SOON to tell me this is some kind of mistake before I cancel both HBO (and I think you also own cinemax) out of pure INDIGNATION!

  495. Dear HBO,
    I have been a loyal Fan of HBO Boxing after Dark for many years. It is the ultimate reason I subscribe to HBO. I recently read an article that you are discontinuing Boxing. I must tell you now that I will drop my HBO subscription if this happens. It may not affect you to loose one subscriber but I can not believe that I will be the only one. I have subscribed to HBO through many different carriers but it has always been the ultimate reason that I have had satellite TV. You can bet that after twenty five years of subscription I will give Showtime my money to be able to continue to watch boxing. I am sure you can understand that with the lack of new programing and the rebroadcast of ancient movies over and over that the exorbitant pricing is not worth it unless one can get something that they like to watch. People can rent movies thru Red Box cheaper and see the same thing each of you networks are showing over and over again. Though I am usually not one to complain or make waves you can bet your lost dollar that with out BAD I will no longer support your network.

  496. Hello,
    I made this account for the one month free and never used it. I noticed I was charged last month in September and have tried to receive reimbursement for it but have not yet. Am I still able to receive this refund? Also, from here I would like to cancel my account to avoid being charged again.

    Thank you,

  497. Going to tell u right now – quit pushing ur politics on ur customer base or u will lose us. ‘Pod Save America’ is total propaganda BS!

  498. What is going on. I pay good/hard earned money to receive HBO/Cinemax. Now, I am unable to get these channels. In this Trump era, why does this have to happen to good paying customers. If this blackout is the fault of DISH, you need to let us know. Do not take advantage of good, hard working people who enjoy watching your channels. This is a disgrace, especially to your TV viewers. We deserve an explanation. Provide us with one. Are the other cable companies going through this also? What is the problem that is do bad it cannot be fixed. I expect a response from you.

  499. Your dispute with Dish Network is UNACCEPTABLE.
    You have no product other than your content, and there are a lot of other sources for video entertainment content. Contrary to your advertising, HBO is just TV, and all TV is non-essential. Every day I go without HBO is additional evidence I don’t ever need HBO again.

    No excuses; No blaming DISH. JUST FIX IT NOW. Or I will complain to the FTC.

  500. Hy HBO 🙂

    Please, please, please, continue the serie “here and now” it ‘s one of your beste series ever ! i’ll make ads to my friend to have more viewers 🙂

    This serie is so interesting, the subject and characteres are deep and so interesting.
    sO Please ! thank s for reading my mail from France 🙂

    regards );)

  501. We want our HBO back! How about you negotiate with DISH to get this done? We want our HBO on DISH. Thank you, in advance, for getting this done.

  502. I bought ink of H&BO HP 61XL BK for HP ENVY 4500 printer and it was able to
    print test print (full page) of 1 page but didn’t print any further saying this HP printer will not be able to print other than using only HP ink though it printed the
    first testing 1 page correctly and it was able to print using other (not H&BO) ink
    before. How could it be able to use to print effective with this H&BO 61XL (BK)
    ink ?

  503. The main reason I have HBO is the boxing shows.
    Really great. Ending it is a mistake.
    Me and my friends are VERY disappointed.
    J Smet

  504. I have had HBO since the 80’s, and since it has been removed from DISH I have realized that I don’t miss it. It seems the network has become a shadow of its former self, all I really expect from it is movies and not all of the other stuff that clutters it. Thanks for the wake up, it will save me some cash.

  505. I enjoy the series ‘The Brink’ and do not want it cancelled.
    Its perky, timely and earthy that refresh into the moment. I protest the cancelled notion decision as bad for HBO given your series are decaying or ending.

    I strongly urge your brand and content managers reconsider this decision.

  506. I have been a subscriber for many years and hbo brags about its programming but I don’t seem to recall your channel showing 13 hours the secret soldiers of Benghazi? Seems to me you like your liberal bill maher and that side of politics but not cool showing the truth!
    I doubt it was ever on the channel and if I missed it then I apologize but I feel safe!

  507. Signed up for hbo for a free trial. Trying to contact iTunes or Apple or amazon don’t know who t talk to to cancel. Now I’m being charged when I only used it one day and can’t find any way to cancel. Tried called no one is available.. Jesus Christ do I have to cancel my ATM. WTH

  508. I just registered with 3 months of the product HBO GO LA and I cant login.
    Its not a error of mail or password typing because it shows another kind of error box:
    User cant be found in the database.
    Can you tell me where to send this issue or whats my problem?

  509. Why edit game of thrones episodes when you advised the reruns as FULL EPISODES. Time restrictions are not an excuse. FANS would have watched an additional hour.

  510. Me and my family cancelled our subscription to HBO yesterday because of those disgusting comments by Bill Maher, he’s a disgrace. We won’t come back until you cancel his show. More cancellations from family and friends to follow.

  511. You butchered His Dark Materials. After GOT I expected a great adaptation. They show HBO has produced is lazy and an obvious attempt to ride of the success of GOT. Just to point out one error, whenever there are many extras and in a scene, they don’t have daemons. An obvious, lazy overlook. I cancelled my HBO because of this terrible adaptation.

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