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Contacting Customer Service Center is an eBay company and that means customer service nightmares are bound to happen. specializes in connecting sellers with buyers. The products sold on include books, games, music and movies. You can sell your own stash on or send them your products for instant cash when your package is received and graded. Customer service options listed on the website consists of a Help Wizard, but we were able to find a few contact numbers and addresses for eBay – the parent company.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You won’t find a contact number for and many of the eBay phone numbers listed online are bogus. The problem is that eBay customers are asked to fill out a form regarding the problem they are having with the site and that form generates a phone number and PIN. Those phone numbers are for specific departments and eBay reserves the right to change them at any time. Here are a few of the phone numbers we tested. The final number is available for customer service from 5 A.M. to 10 P.M. Monday to Sunday. All hours are PST.

  • eBay Inc: 1-800-322-9266 – no customer support
  • eBay Customer Support: 1-800-717-3229 – high call volume, cannot answer calls
  • eBay Inc: 1-408-376-7400 – same as 1-800-322-9266
  • Customer Service: 1-866-540-3229

Mailing Address

If you are tired of trying to get ahold of customer service you may need to contact the eBay Headquarters at one of the two corporate addresses.

eBay Corporate Whitman
2065 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125

eBay Corporate North
2211 North 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95131

Official Website operates an official website at You can also visit the support website at As you’ll notice, the support page is located on the eBay website not the website. You’ll find several of the pages on move to eBay making it difficult to navigate back to

Customer Service Email

The customer service department cannot be contacted by email. When you fill out the HELP Wizard on, you will be taken to your eBay account if you want to contact customer service. You then have to enter some information before a PIN is generated and you’re given the phone number to call.

Our Experience

We called the customer service number for eBay and we managed to get through to customer service by pressing 0 at the prompts. The agent asked for information to look up our eBay account, but we ignored the request and started asking questions about seller fees. The agent was polite and told us everything we needed to know about selling on

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7 Comments on “Contact Customer Service
  1. half,com customer serive is even worse than regular ebay customer service they let repeated bad sellers operate under multiple accounts. you cannot reach by phone ., they turn a blind eye on rip off sellers. for example twice thrift books sold me advanced reader copy papeebacks instead of the hardcovers they had lsited. ebay and did ntohting. so I bought what I thought was the lsited hardcover from greysky books. this turned out to be a cover name for Thrift books and once again they sent a marked not for resale hadvanced rader copy instead of the listed publishers hardcover I bought . this is a clear pattern of fraud yet ebay and half,com do not act , they do nothing

  2. I need help on how to contact the seller of an item I did not receive . I do not want a run-around. I just want my money back!!! Thank you

  3. Please contact back. I would like to know how to get my money back from a seller who did not send my book. I am very sad and disappointed . That I am given the run around and can not reach any one

  4. I think is has nothing to do with ebay. Ebay certainly washes its hands of customers having trouble with and is apparently a ghost company. They leave customers NO WAY to reach them either by online chat, phone or email. If one of those is attempted, there is NEVER a response. Their ridiculous “Help Wizard” makes one a hamster put on a wheel, it accomplishes NOTHING. Don’t be tricked by I’ve read complaints from sellers who are waiting weeks to get their money. Items are deleted from wish lists at will, wish list renewals don’t operate…let’s see, what else?

  5. My daughter rented books thru this service and returned them with the supplied packaging. Now is charging my credit card for the price of the books! I’ve called the number provided and it hangs up on me! WTF!

  6. I rent a textbook on,and now it is time to return.But I cannot find that book in my account,and there is no record for the rental,in this case,I cannot print the return label.Please reply to me ASAP,the rental item is due in 10 days.

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