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Contacting Haband Customer Service Center

Haband is a retail company that operates solely via online and catalog orders. The company started in 1925 selling handmade ties, but things have changed a bit over the last few decades. Today, Haband is not as well-known some clothing and retail companies, but there is longevity with this company offered by few companies operating today.

Customers have to sign up for an account online if they wish to order from Haband. That account is the hub of customer service activity as all customer service is initiated based on the specific order where the problem originated. Customers can also contact the service department for general questions, compliments and concerns, as desired.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info

We found a contact phone number, email address and mailing address. The mailing address was hidden in the Privacy Policy.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service line is open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST. There is no mention if those hours are daily or Monday to Friday.

  • Phone Orders: 1-800-742-2263
  • Customer Service (Other): 1-800-213-1220

Mailing Address

Haband Company, LLC
#1 Bargain Place
Jessup, PA 18434-1834

Official Website

You can look through the various items for sale from Haband on the official website at Haband started with ties, but the catalog offers much more than that today. The customer service information is limited, but customers have everything they need to contact the company if there is a problem or praise. Haband offers an affiliate program, so there may be other social media pages claiming to be the official pages. Haband is officially on Twitter and Facebook.

Customer Service Email

Haband is clearly behind the times because they still offer an email address for customer service contact. The email address customers can use to ask questions is The website does not exist and it does not redirect to the website, so we’re unsure if this email actually works. We’ve sent a test email about sizing for one clothing item to see if the email is even received. The email did not bounce back immediately, so maybe it was delivered to a customer service agent – we’ll let you know.

Our Experience

The Haband customer service department does not get much love on Facebook and we understand why. Our call was placed on hold for more than three minutes. The customer service representative immediately asked for our last name and zip code to call up the order. There was no order so I tried to ask a question about a product and the agent asked for the last name and zip code again. She claimed she could not look up an item without that personal information.

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427 Comments on “Contact Haband Customer Service
  1. my act no 5780-9795-5047-9752- i have been trying to send you an order but i get a reply not acceptable. what is the problem

    • please cance my membership to haband vip plus effective this date 7-24-2014 do not charge my account $14.97


      • Credit card charge for Habard Plus VIP is $14.97 a month and apparently it is only for the privilege of ordering on line. I want to stop being a VIP member. If I want to order anything else, I will send a check. Please un-enroll me as of today. If the charge is on the next credit card statement, I will refuse the charge since you have been notified I want to opt out.

    • please cancel my membership to haband vip plus effective this date 3-18-15 at7.30 pm. do not charge my account.

  2. I need to return a razor that does not work and I have no bill to send with it. Tell me what to do. Thanks 5044274926 is my phone number

  3. This is the fourth new mailing i have received and went to order the same day but not in stock or not available, for instance flannel loungers or woven boxers. If they are not there why put them in the mailing?

    • In late November i returned a (size) large Argyle sweater, asking for a medium.

      As of this date I have not heard from Haband.
      What has happened to my order?

  4. as of this date Please _____stop mailings and close my account , Ray A. Aderson 6620 Goodrich Ave Minneapolis 55416-2429. My customer # is 0312-839-533 My wife passed awaw AND I AM MOVING.

  5. I purchased a pair of Charcoal Carogo pants. The Zipper does not work correctly. It is very hard to zip up, zip down, and sometimes the zipper pulls apart when zipped up.
    I would like to return these for refund, how do I go about that process?

  6. Was pleased with prompt Haband service applied to a problem encountered recently with an order. Needless to say, I will be ordering from them again.

  7. sent back 3 pr ice house pants with defective snaps to their dist. ctr. in Ga. after 3 weeks called cust. serv. to find ut what was dong and recieved answer cannot find the order even though I gave them he #. told me to go tto UPS and prove I sent them. Did and then called & asked for a fax # & was told they did;t have one. Asked for a supervisor, asked to hold when rep came back said they have one its broke and they are trying to fix it. I don’t want money only credit so I can buy their denim pants that hve a button instead of snaps. This iss biggest runaround I every encontered and I’ll ell you I will Never buy anythig from theagaain even though we have been buying from them for at least 25 yrs.

  8. I am telling you again again. I still see Mrs. on catlog and others. Please do not put Mrs. Because I never get married. Please just put my name without Mrs. Okay! Thank you, Joni

  9. Re: order #4169024

    I do not have a copy of the original invoice for this order as I probably sent it with the return of the original order when I found the slacks were too large. My Visa statement shows a charge on 2/19 for $13.94. That evidently was the original charge with free shipping.

    In the return package the new pair of slacks were even bigger than the ones I returned to order a smaller size. On the invoice that came with the second package was an additional charge in the amount of $8.99 for a “Smart Label”. I don’t know what that is. However that made the amount I paid out for the order, $22.93. I expect to get all of that credited to my visa account.

    Today I received an e-mail from you stating that you had credited $7.00 to my account. That doesn’t cover any of the charges I have had for this order. Therefore I expect a further credit in the amount of $15.93 unless the $7.00 is another additional charge which has not been shown on my Visa account as yet. If it is an additional amount, then I expect the total of $22.93 to be credited to my account.

    Evelyn Heyl

  10. I’m really upset with this company.I ordered 3 pairs of knit pants,and the total was 29.97,but they deducted 180.00 from my bank account,and put a grandmother clock on my order-which I did not order!Sneaky.I want this corrected,or I’ll sue you!And I’ll never order from this company again!I takes an act of congress to talk to a rep!Shifty business practices!!Very unhappy customer!

  11. To whom it may concern: I have been a customer since 2000. I really like some of your styles in clothing. I like to place orders with you. I feel that by the time I pay the few extra dollars for the bigger sizes and pay shipping and handling, I feel I am not really saving much on your items. I would like to receive more coupons for so much off each order and free shipping and handling. I would appreciate any help you could give me with this request. Thank you, Keith M. Tanksley.

  12. I was promised a dollar discount on my recent order. No amount of tweaking would help. The Omega Joggers (2)were to be discounted if (2) were ordered. I finally gave up and just spent an hour trying to navigate past the fraudulent and non-existent “”. I have ordered by phone for literally decades from Haband. The illiterate telephone reps forced me to e-mail my orders. This last experience my force me to shop elsewhere. Please…fix your mess. I love your selections.

  13. UNSUBSCRIBE, do not send any more catalogs or ads & take my name off ALL shared lists, thank you, Mr. Townsend

  14. I havefriends introduce to me the products of Haband ,Ilike them ,please send to me WOMAN catalogs ,my adresse is 692 Joplin st aurora CO 80011 Thanh you

  15. I don’t know what kind of scam your company is running, but I did not receive an item I ordered for my mother. I called and the customer service representative told me I did not order it when it is clearly on the email you sent me as an order confirmation. Then I am told the item is on backorder and will not be available. Maybe a courtesy email informing me of this would have helped. Right now I am very frustrated and will advise my mother to take her business elsewhere!!!

  16. I placed an order for 3 pair Fit-Forever pants in Medium size ( the product size M inseam 29-30 ) and when I received them the package was marked with M but, actual inseam was 31 1/2 !!! I contacted customer service to return and Rem ( customer service rep I spoke with ) assured me I will not be billed for shipping back return since it was Haband error. My other issue is I should be credited for the entire order. ( S&H cost also when I placed the order ) I am very disappointed and hesitant to place another order in fear the same or similar problem with other items of purchase. Keeping an eye on my credit card for any credits and charges from Haband. Also, I was provided good courteous service by the rep.

  17. I ordered thru the mail service, the first order came & the 2 items were too large, so I returned them & reordered. Today 5/10/2013, I received the package from you & it only has one item in it. The items ordered were D0J06 a lace jacket-white, the 2nd item is D2N01 cardigan-white, sz M. I received item D2N01 the cardigan–NO LACE JACKET – white- ITEM # D0J01. Please ck your records & send this item out!!!!

    • I placed an order on 10-3-18. I used a prepaid MasterCard. I just finished using the balance on the card yesterday, which was leftover after placing your order and one from another company.
      I have been waiting all week for the order to arrive.
      Today, I get a phone call saying there was a payment problem!! Why did it take a week for you to let me know there was a “supposed” problem!! Now giving you the same information the person I spoke with tells me it will be ANOTHER 3 days before the order will even be processed!! Then another week before shipped!!
      The other company processed my order and I had my purchase two days later!
      I have done business with you in the past and have never had any problem. This time is just too much hassle!!
      I will definitely think twice before I try ordering again from you!

  18. On 3/29/13 sent a ck for 56.94 for 3 mens vests. When shipment came there were only 2. On 4/10/2013 sent you a note requesting a refund. Its now May 15/2013 and I have never heard back from you or received a refund!!!

  19. All previous orders have been promptly shipped–WHAT HAPPENED? it’s been 16 days–The shirt color? ‘bologny’! You repeatedly said it was shipped before you contacted me about the color. If you haven’t shipped–cancel the order. (I previously cancelled the shirt order). Reluctant regards.

  20. placed a order with this outfit about a year ago, today i got my bank statement, they have been taking 14.95 out of my account since i placed that order, called a number that was next to charge and got a guy in INDIA could not really understand but got him to give me back 4 month,s back of this bogus charge, these people are a scam and will take your money for doing nothing. i could understand that india thing but then i saw the address of this oufit is pa, american,s steeling from american,s

  21. Part of my order was received, have not received the pant suit, ordered 5/28 Reference # 24261051. Please reply.

  22. I recently received an order, part of which were 4 gauze shift dresses. I am very disappointed with the workmanship. I have had to take 2 of the dresses partially apart to correct mistakes in the sewing. I would have sent them back, but to me it is not worth paying double postage. I may not order again from you if you carry such junk as that.

  23. I would like to know why Haband is using Sara Morgan?
    I bought 2 pair pants in a 18 to 20 with Sarah Morgan
    name inside.I gave them to a friend who wears a size 14 and they were a little tight on her.I will have to go else where for pants.

  24. I have been buying from Haband for many years and have always been happy with the products I purchased until my last order. I ordered several shorts , got them, wore them once and the zippers broke a 2 of them. I have been trying to contact CS but unable to use your site to do so. Whats the deal???

  25. Ordered two pair of shoes with two different color numbers & received both of the shoes in the same color. Very disappointing!

  26. The CS phone number listed is to a foreign country. Their CS is outsourced and useless. I was able to get a number to somoone in the states that was helpful and able to answer my questions.

  27. Ordered 3 pair of pants on 07/02/13. One pair was incorrect size. I mailed them back for replacement with correct size. As of today, I am still waiting for the replacement pants. My credit card has already been billed an extra $8.99 for the exchange. Also another pair of the pants had right front pocket liner that sewing thread had come loose in two places leaving holes in the pockets. My wife repaired them rather than having to pay another $8.99 to return them for exchange. I am beginning to think about quitting with Haband.

  28. I like your products…price and durability are pretty good. You even carry my super-sized husband’s sizes some-
    times. What I do NOT like are the fliers/slips of paper that you mail to us. Those are very hard for us to manage.
    They end up sliding onto the floor, I am in a wheelchair, &
    picking them back up is a chore. When you send catalogues that have pages fastened in the middle, then I shop from you. The slippery slips of paper just go into the trash!

  29. We ordered some pillows and waited over two weeks and upon contacting Haband found out they were out of stock. It seems like someone would have notified you so that you can change your order, other companies do.

  30. I received my order today. The desk set I received the clock does not work. I was suppose to get a watch but that was not in my order. Is that still being shipped. thank you.

  31. I have bought a lot of items through Haband, but never again. The customer service is so poor that I couldn’t begin to put it in words. Do not buy from them with the idea that they will fulfill the extras they claim. I’d rate them the poorest people I have ever dealt with.

  32. Sent jeans back over three weeks ago. Have not received credit. Talked with representative who was of no help. It took 10 minutes of asking to speak to representative before I was allowed to speak to one who was of no help. Plan to dispute the charge with credit card company. They wanted to know why I returned item. Would not take it did not fit nor did I like them for explanation.

  33. Very disappointed. I ordered a sweater back in mid Oct. by phone and waited until 15th of Nov and called on the status of my order because it hadn’t come yet. By phone they told me my order was out of stock and I asked why I wasn’t told when I first ordered. Sorry I was told. Well when will it ship I asked and they said this Friday. Ok, well that was over 10 days ago and today on the 25th I got a phone call to let me know my order is delayed because – – they just went out of stock???? No way to run a business.

  34. I had to return an order because it was wrong color & size. I didn’t have a return label, so called & was told it could take up to two weeks to get one, so I said I needed the exchange before that. I said I would pay the shipping & you could reimburse me. She said we don’t do that. Anyhow I paid the shipping & it cost me $15.25 with $50.00 ins. I called back & told her & she said we only pay up to &10.00. I have been doing business with Haband for quite awhile. Why don’t you include return labels with orders? Would solve a lot of problems. Anyhow I told her that I would pay the shipping, take me off the mailing list. Sorry that’s the way you do business. Just send me my exchange items.DON’T SEND ME A REFUND for shipping. HAPPY NEW YEAR…

  35. I sent an order for a CMFT SUIT JKT CHARCOAL XLG. It has been on back order and I would like to know what the status is? The number for it was 25603 Thank you.

  36. I tried 6 different numbers to call to have that VIP thing taken off . You keep saying it’s been done so why am I paying a late charge??? Please take all charges off my account, I don’t order enough to leave it on and I probably won’t anymore if this is how you do business.

    • What up sets me.Two months ago or maybe a little longer.Iordered a suit,mens pants vest @ jacket.Well I was told it was on back order.And would get it in April.So i said thats fine.So i reasonly called.And was told they sold out.I thought this was a bad custmer service way of doing your customers.When we have been ckecking the mail every day for it.
      And also i ordered a grey jacket that fit.And we kept it.Then a couple weeks later we recived another gray jacket that i never ordered.I sent it back.So I now hope i’m not charged for it mailed to me.And charger for its returned or chasrged for that jacket.When i never ordered it.Hope you can check out my bill and get it stright.
      Also I hope you let me know the next time i can get a mans suit for $59.99.
      Thank you for looking in to this matter,Glinda Rankin

  37. The last order I placed was for two pair of fleeced lined cargo pants. After wearing them both a couple of times they both had the seems around the pockets come loose. I sent an e-mail to return them,that has been at least three weeks ago, nothing yet. However I have received two mailings advertising more products. I have been a customer for several years but as now I am totally ready to trash can your advertisements. I was promised that the return material would reach me in two weeks. As stated before I have nothing.


  39. haband is a professional rip-off company: beware do not do any business with them, or expect to pay for nothing. beware beware

  40. I just received order and 2 things were wrong, 3 season jacket was a 2xl and should have been xl 3 season jacket yellow had blue ink stain. I’m not sending it back because why should i have to pay 9.99 for your error. Please take me off the mailing list as i will not be ordering anything further.

  41. I have been charged twice for orders I did not place ($14.97 both times) I tried to call to discuss this and could not get a live person to speak to. Do not send me any more catalogues and do not accept any orders for Carilyn Wallace.

  42. I have been charged two times (14.97 each time) for orders I did not place. I tried to reach a real person to discuss this and it was I impossible. Do not send me any more catalogues and DO NOt accept any orders in my name.

  43. When I received your new Spring Catalog I tired several times
    to order Item F,cotton shorts, item # K-2960 or 999-K2960, color 11 (green) but every time I tried to place this order it would tell be this item is not available. If it is not available then why is it in your new Spring catalog??????????

    Cheri Dempsey

  44. I plced an order for 3 shirts I received order today 3-28-20014 and the bonus gift but I din”t received the free watch the Asian lady that took my order was toobuzy tryng to sell me more merchandise and dint paid attention when I reminded her about the free watch canyou help me?

  45. I ordered the buy one get one free back in March. I received the wrong colors, so I returned them. You gave me a credit for them. Well, today I received I set with no mention of the free set that I was supposed to get. One was pink and the other one was pink roses.. I received the pink one. Please get this cleared up for me. Thanks, Wilma Dean.
    This is a valid email address

    It’s nice to know that I am one of you best customers in Utah,
    and all the gift’s are welcome. This will be the last time I mention my problem because no one seems to give a damn. For the past week I have been trying to log in purchase many things, and
    time to check out I am denied. Won’t accept my credit cards. I have NEW valid cards because I lost the others. Rather than keep
    asking for a valid card, why not find a better way to identify
    me.I tried again to get my shirts from the cart and check out.
    Thanks for the gift offer, but I am taking a break from you for now. JD

  47. Please cancel my VIPPLUS MEMBERSHIP as I will not be using it for awhile probably winter months on fixed income. Thanks You. Please send email that it is cancelled. Thank You

  48. Be advised that doing business with Haband is a major mistake. I called in an order and spoke with someone who was not fluent in English and I hardly could understand him. I purchased items using my American Express along with a few dollars for return mail postage guarantee. The sales person kept insisting I open a credit card account. I must have told him NO 50 times. Next thing I know I receive a credit card statement from Haband with a $49 dollar charge for a catalog I never received. I am still receiving harassment letters from some bank for the last two months.

  49. i was accepted for a haband card but they dint give me the card im supposed to order something

  50. l tried to get my order straighten out but what you customer service person did was hang up when l ask for ld # or name. My order #263907 was incomplete with 2 jog suits but 1 was only the bottom and l ask to correct there mistake. I`ve paid for 2 jog suit sets but they want to charge me more money. this is the last order from me. You`ve lost a good customer

  51. I am trying to track my three items I returned from order #9857177 and I cannot get any information. Those three items I requested an exchange for a size 2x. Please let me know as early as possible the status of my exchange.
    I only received the exchange for two shirts that I requested and they were an exchange from a small shirt to a medium.

  52. I placed an order 4/13/20014 for 4 pairs of pants for my husband. To date I have not received that order. I kept checking at and it shows order pending. All the information is correct in the order and I received my Haband card. When I called customer service the gal(who spoke very poor English), said could not find order. I’m STILL WAITING FOR THAT ORDER.

  53. Returned A2G78 Poplin Pants $8.o5, B3M26 Snap shirts Coral, and B3W30 3/4 SLV Tee Pink all these (3 items) I have returned on 5/23/2014 in two packages . Up to this day you have not put the money back with the cancellation of the HAB*HABAND VIP PLUS membership cost @$1.99 into my credit card. Clear my account first before I will order others. You took the money out on 5/12,14,15/2014 Return what is due me.You shouldn’t be doing business this way.

  54. sent back a order of two pair of pants.they were to large &to long asked for the proper size but as of today have not heard anything on what is being done. thank you .could you please let me know (are youending new items or credit me the money back to my creditcard?


  56. Takes 7 days from order date to ship 1 lightweight jacket. Sorry no more ORDERS FROM ME. I could have driven to your warehouse and back before you shipped this product. Do you even have a warehouse and order just as we do and then have it sent to us??

  57. Please cancel my VIP plus as of today June 26, 2014.
    I really would not use it enough to take advantage of these services for the price that was being charged.

  58. I recently returned several articles of clothing using the return/exchange form that accompanied my original package delivery and received acknowledgement that the returned Merchandise was received by Haband and my purchase would be refunded but I have yet to receive reimbursement for the purchased Merchandise. I recommend using extreme caution when dealing with Haband as they are a Company that unloads Foreign made Merchandise of Dubious quality which is not manufactured in the United States as one would expect from a company that receives Legal Protection,rights, Safety and security all of which is provided by the Millions of Men and Women who have demonstrated the character and courage necessary to defend all of its citizens. “How about you the owners and operators of the Haband company when did you serve”?

  59. I received a free watch when I placed an order for some shirts. The shirts were nice, and I like them. However your “Free” gift the watch sucked. The lens was cracked. And it doesn’t keep time. Non of the buttons work. In plain language it was a piece of crap. It makes you look bad when you send crap like that. So far I have been pleased with your products. And the pen in the order worked well and is nice for a cheap pen. What do you expect for free, “Huh”. Well just so you know your free gift of the watch sucked big time.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Jim Seay


  61. FYI
    I placed an order. Two weeks later someone hacked my Discover card for $347.00, This also happened 2 years ago. I will not be ordering anything more from Haband. You need to make your site more secure or screen your employees.
    Very disappointed

  62. I just tried to place an order. The reply was that I did have an account, but when I tried to place the order it said that I had an account, but said I needed to pay by check. I do not understand. If I applied on line it said that I was accepted why wouldn’t they accept the order?

  63. I was a customer of Haband for over 30 years. My last 2 orders were almost a total ripoff and I will never order from them again! I ordered sneaks and they subbed dress shoes, I ordered slippers and after 1 wearing, the stitching gave way. I sent the shoes back and they took $10 off the refund! I have tried contacting them but it is virtually impossible. This used to be a fairly reliable company in the past, but the last couple years, they are going down the drain and using fraud against their past customers now!

  64. This is the worst company I have ever done business with. I order the selection of choice and send a check to pay for merchandise. Check is cashed immediately by receiving party, and product is not mailed to me until nearly six weeks later. Try to call and you get stuck in the Philippians, with some agent that barely speaks English, and makes all kinds of excuses. I will never order from this company again and further advise my friends and colleagues to follow suit. If enough US citizens would make complaints they would provide US representatives to aid consumers who are tired of outsourcing valued employment from American employees.

  65. This is the worst company I have ever done business with. I order the selection of choice and send a check to pay for merchandise. Check is cashed immediately by receiving party, and product is not mailed to me until nearly six weeks later. Try to call and you get stuck in the Philippians, with some agent that barely speaks English, and makes all kinds of excuses. I will never order from this company again and further advise my friends and colleagues to follow suit. If enough US citizens would make complaints they would provide US representatives to aid consumers who are tired of outsourcing valued employment from American employees.

  66. This is the worst company I have ever done business with. I order the selection of choice and send a check to pay for merchandise. Check is cashed immediately by receiving party, and product is not mailed to me until nearly six weeks later. Try to call and you get stuck in the Philippians, with some agent that barely speaks English, and makes all kinds of excuses. I will never order from this company again and further advise my friends and colleagues to follow suit. If enough US citizens would make complaints they would provide US representatives to aid consumers who are tired of outsourcing valued employment from American employees.

  67. Cancel my membership to Haband Vip Plus. I can’t afford the
    $14.97 monthly fee. Cancel my membership as of 8-29-2014.

  68. I will never call an order in again after talking to someone not in the United States. I thought this was a US company.. also my mystery gift on my last order #1411088 was such a mystery that I have not found it yet…

  69. 9/6/14 Saturday
    I really have a hard time with your email address.
    I received my order but had to return 2 pairs of slacks.
    I did so a few weeks ago along with the prepaid sticker.
    I have not heard if you received the above and credited it to my
    account or not.
    I cannot always call.
    It is very frustrating.

  70. I placed in an order yesterday evening for some long pants, shirts,Dr.Scholl’s sneakers and Health rite soft-weave slippers. But up till now I have not received a confirmation code for the order after providing my payment debit card details.
    Does it mean that my order was not received or incomplete. If you need more information, please let me know.

  71. In August I requested cancellation of the Prime Service and cessation of the charge of $14.97. I received a response that said that this had been handled and yet in September I again face these charges. This seems to be BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

  72. In August I requested cancellation of the Prime Service and cessation of the charge of $14.97. I received a response that said that this had been handled and yet in September I again face these charges. This seems to be BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE and PUBIC RELATIONS. To folks reading this, make sure that you know what you are signing up for with this company as paying a monthly fee when barely spending that amount annually is hardly economical and then battling to get the service cancelled is irksome at best. Beware.

  73. I placed an order recently for 2 pair of men’s flannel pajamas. They looked pretty good when I opened the package so my husband tried them on, I altered the legs which were too long and washed both pair in cold water. The inside seams came apart and there was lint all over them. Thanks goodness I washed them separately from the rest of the clothing. They are completely unusable. Just wish I hadn’t altered the legs and I would definitely return them. I will not order from Haband anymore.

  74. I Think you may have to wait until “October” For me to pay for the “Blouses”. I can’t drive & I can’t get anyone to get me to the Credit Union.

  75. I’m afraid you may have to wait until October, For me to pay for those “Blouses”. I don’t drive & I can’t get Anyone to get me to “The Credit Union.

  76. I Think you may have to wait until October, For me to pay for “The Blouses”. I don’t drive & I can’t get Anyone to get me to the Credit Union.

  77. I just placed an order by phone and it was the worst experience. The person on the line was of such a dialect that it was very difficult to understand. Also the constant trying to sell other items was annoying. I tried to use the web-site however I dis not remember my password and was unable to connect for billing.
    I like the merchandise gut ordering is too hard on-line and the personal contact was unsatisfactory.
    I don’t know if I can continue buying from your. concern.

  78. Haband, Worst Company i ever dealt with on line. Placed and order from them and paid for 3 day delivery $21.95 then i find out that they say it takes 3 days to process the order. Put me in to the vipplus that i did not order that charges you $14.95 a month for what i do not know. Tried to cancel the hole order and Haband is saying they cannot and they tell me my credit card has not been cleared. Customer service people you cannot understand. What happened to push 1 for English? I would not recommend this Company to any one. Dumb me as i most of the time check out the rating of a company before i order from them. DJD.

  79. I have been ordering from you for 8 or 9 years. Now I am told I have to change my password. You can not recognize my password. I want to know why?

  80. I read you other posts and I see I am not alone. I bought a large order for a friend who is plus size and hard to fit. The order was not the right sizes to what he said he was. I returned most and 2 months later FINALLY got credit. I exchanged 3 of the items which was a nightmare – you tried to exchange 4 or 5. Finally credit for all but those 3 items were credited to my card. Then one of the 3 items was backordered. When the other 2 items came in, the fit was still not correct. I cancelled the back order which was not credited on the first return and therefore still a charge and returned the 2 items. I paid my own postage so this time the return was done with 1 month. I am still waiting on the credit for the back order. To complicate matters this all took so long, my credit card expiration date changed – nightmare of holding and holding to correct that. Now my card was a part of the Home Depot security breach so I have a new number. I just blew a gasket with a “customer service” rep if that is what you can call the idiot that I had a $12.99 credit and needed to give an updated card number. YOU SENT ME AN EMAIL AGREEING THAT I WAS DUE A CREDIT. YOU CALLED MY HOUSE FOR A NEW CARD NUMBER TO BE GIVEN AS THE OLD CARD WAS INVALID NOW. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO ARGUE WITH SOME DUMB CR THAT THE CREDIT GIVEN 4 MONTHS AGO IS NOT THE CREDIT I AM REFERRING TO

  81. I should have read all these comments before I sent a $125.00 order for some clothes, I mailed the order on the 20th of last month and still have not received it, I ordered some sheets from another flyer three days later and received them within 2 weeks both from Haband so what’s the deal? now I can’t find a place to check on the order, that seems to be well hidden among a lot of stuff. I will not be so quick to place an order to this co. again I can’t check on the order without a tracking no. and so far I haven’t seen one of those either. if anyone even looks at these emails which I doubt could they please check on my order.

  82. on Oct.9, 2014 I placed an order with HABAND and it went through, I tried to put it on my same bank card that I always use and it came up through pay now or pay pal and I don’t know why. I have not received the items and for some unknown reason, I now have 2 more orders that I did not order or even see. Now I have a total of 3 different orders and no product. I’ve tried calling and Emails to get this fixed , and I’m tired of chasing buttons and being put on hold with no return answers. Seriously fed up.

  83. I ordered4 pair of dress slacks [first time iwore slate colored therear end busted out .returned them allowed2to4weeks no reply called4times their reply we cant find the package.IGUESS IT FELL THROUGH THE CRACK.

  84. LAURIE YOUNG I wish you would check your facts before you send letters saying I owe money check xmas catalog fleece blanket one 14.99 the second 12.99 5.00 off first order I called twice to get this straight I owe money not what you say send me a statement I will pay the correct amount

  85. I returned order #9077989 Oct. 14 and haven’t received a credit yet. Customer #0362821795.
    I’m a disabled veteran so it’s easier to shop on line than stores. I’ve ordered several time but the last order was awful. I called CS and they hung up on me. I couldn’t understand the person anyway. Can you advise me of the status of my order. I assume you won’t steal from me and give me credit on the return.

  86. I received your “private communication” designating me as an Official Advisor #0361-012-198. I do not want to buy anything at this time but I do have a suggestion for you.

    I have enjoyed many items I have bought from Haband but I have been frustrated too often by garments that don’t fit right — because ordered the wrong size. I understand that I can return them … but paying postage and repacking the items is too much of a hassle and I do not do so. So the garments sit on hangars unused and serve as constant reminders tobe wary of buying from Haband.

    Trousers are a case in point. I have several unused Haband purchases because they are too tight.

    My suggestion: Haband should provide garment extenders at no cost to any customer that requests them.

    Whether or not you accept this suggestion, please let me know by email that you have received this message.

  87. Monday 17 November 2014

    HABAND sells defective products. Send you notice of FREE GIFTS FREE SHIPPING and forget to send FREE GIFTS and charge for SHIPPING you go through hell speaking to their employees from India, China, Vietnam, Africa, Philippines that can’t speak English let alone have a clue one what they are doing.

    With my recent order they just send an entire package with someone else invoice inside and his boots, jacket, belts which I never ever ordered called Haband to get a RETURN LABEL and after arguing with employee hung up called again to speak to SUPERVISOR was told they are NOT available WHAT? Finally ask for manager, then was put on hold, then hung up on, then called again and started the entire theatrics all over, finally got fed up with being hung up on over and over and send nasty email man how fast did I get a A RETURN LABEL – – THEY SEND ME SOMEONE ELSE ORDER AND PUT ME THROUGHT HELL TO GET A RETURN SHIPPING LABEL HELLO AMERICA

  88. Monday 17 November 2014

    HABAND sells defective products. Send you notice of FREE GIFTS FREE SHIPPING and forget to send FREE GIFTS and charge for SHIPPING you go through hell speaking to their employees from India, China, Vietnam, Africa, Philippines that can’t speak English let alone have a clue one what they are doing.

    With my recent order they just send an entire package with someone else invoice inside and his boots, jacket, belts which I never ever ordered called Haband to get a RETURN LABEL and after arguing with employee hung up called again to speak to SUPERVISOR was told they are NOT available WHAT? Finally ask for manager, then was put on hold, then hung up on, then called again and started the entire theatrics all over, finally got fed up with being hung up on over and over and send nasty email man how fast did I get a A RETURN LABEL – – THEY SEND ME SOMEONE ELSE ORDER AND PUT ME THROUGHT HELL TO GET A RETURN SHIPPING LABEL HELLO AMERICA

  89. Placed order Oct 27 was shipped Oct 31, Nov 23 still don’t have order, called Oct 15 to find out where order was after tracking it online to find out they don’t have it. Called back Nov 24 they are sending another shipment out today because they don’t know where its at, claim I will have it in 8 to 10 days we’ll see, I wouldn’t recommend anyone order from them. Customer service reps are very hard to understand.

  90. Your order phone numbers are all OUT OF ORDER. I went on line to place an order but a number of the items I see in your catalog are not shown online. What gives here.

  91. This co. is the worst. Back in July I placed an order they said in 30 days i could cancel the vip. I called and told them to cancel the vip deal. I got the order in and then I got the bill. The next day I sent them the amount owed, wrote on the bill to cancel again. The next month I got a bill for the 14.97 I sent it back saying cancel then I called. Next month same thing. I called and they said they had not had anything saying to cancel it. The lady I talk to was very rude. I had calls from a credit place starting at 6:00 a.m. and cont. until 9:00 at night for many days. I finally got in touch with a guy that said he would make sure it would be taken care of. they e-mail me conf. stating it was. Well guess what Yesterday I recieve another bill. I called and got the same guy he said it was taken care of and guess what the credit place called 5 times today. So I’m taking all of the e-mail the bills where I’ve called and when with whom I’ve talk to and taking it to my lawyer plus sending copies to the attorney general. I hope no one else will ever order from them.

  92. My orders#2784226&2784225 have been mixed up. is threre any way yu can rectify it.i placed order for 4 item s and only received 1.could you check my order receipt and send the xmas nuts to where they were supposed to go . thanks. LEO OKON

  93. I received a pair of pants that were defective. Customer service was horrible. They must be on other calls while you are talking to them because they do not understand english. I told them the pants had rips and they said I would have to pay shipping $9.95 and then for the new pants. They finally conceded that this is their problem and I can return the pants and get a resend in 4-6 weeks. There is no way to get to their executives. I just want the replacement and to be taken off their mailing list. Although their prices and quality are decent, the service is not.

  94. Again Please cancel what you call VIPPLUS status. Stop taking $14.95 from my account. You owe me a credit of same. ripped off again……..

  95. I have attempted several times to cancel the Haband VIP Plus as I will not be using this in the future. I have been UNSUCCESSFUL at reaching a site that is able to do this even though you state this in the brochure. The original offer was for 1.99 and the 14.99 was mentioned later???? This is not a good way to run a business (by deceit). I would like this cancelled immediately (12-28-14) and will advise my bank of same.
    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and Happy New Year.

  96. I have a e-mail on 12-20-2014 when Haband send my order #2899805,and I don’t have yet, please find out what happen. Thank You.

  97. I placed an order on 12/4/14, check was cashed then I received an e-mail on 12/16/14 that order was back ordered but have not heard another word since. As of today 1/9/15 still have heard nothing. Tried to check on status but no order was found. What is going on!!!

  98. I ordered a pair of men’s walking shoes Monday the 5th of January Today is January the 11th. S&H charge was $9.00 plus.

    As soon as you confirmed my order my e-mail was bombed with advertisements to BUY BUY BUY, no notice of shipment or tracing NR. and payment is still pending in my bank from the 6th of January.

    Your service sucks as does your follow ups, I will cancel this order if fails to show up Monday the 12th. And will do no further business with Haband.

  99. I ordered a coat in Nov.2014 paying with check# 1450.My check was cashed but I received no coat.Was told in was on back order. I know it dose not take over a month to do a back order,so here’s the deal. you can keep the coat and the money because I feel you need it more then I do.I will never order again from you and I will spread the word on the kind of business you run.I feel you have lost a good customer and more if I can help it.Thanks for nothing.

  100. Hi, Duke, Buddy. What are you letting happen to your once great business? I have placed two orders recently (latest on 01/15/2015). I was ripped off on the first one and have not received the second one. How about taking hold of the reins and getting things back on track? I have just read over 125 comments on Haband’s shady practices and poor service. How about sending me my order and returning to the glory days of “Haband of Patterson”?

  101. Even though We like most of what we order our problem is :
    When we order you can not understand the person. I have had my
    orders so mixed up and have had to replete myself
    a number of times . There are two people in this household
    one has aHaband account and one has a Blaire . I placed a
    order and ask to have it put on my Blaire account after repeateldly
    Told the girl that it was to go on my account . The next day I got
    a e’mail and realized they put it on Bens Haband account.
    I tried for two weeks talking to quite a number of people who could
    barely speek English. I never got it put on the right account they kept
    saying that it couldn’t be corrected. We have decided that it
    Is not worth it to shop Haband any longer . They have loads of phone numbers
    To call with complaints or questions but you can never get a human and
    when they are you can’t understand then nor do they
    want to listen to your problem !! We’ll never shop there again

  102. I placed an $80.00 order on Saturday January 23 and paid an extra $10.00 FEDEX charge to receive in 2 to 3 days because we are leaving Friday, January 30 for a month vacation. I called customer service on Wednesday, January 28 and was told it was shipped and I will receive on Thursday. THURSDAY came and went… package. That will be my first and last order.

  103. order #9185770 was wrong again color I ordered was tan, but I’ve had it with your company, I cannot continue repack and reorder any more.


  105. what a rip off you do not need the plus they charge you 14.97 monthly for nothing be warned
    cancel my membership as of 02/01/15 NO MORE 14.97 A MONTH

  106. Ordered 2 items from your catalog. On 2/5/2015 received letter from company letting us know we were short funds on the order placed. Called customer service and told them the error was theirs as we did not order the extra jacket. I was told that it would be taken off and our order would be shipped 8-10 business days. 2/19/2015 still no package. Called again and was told that extra item on our original order had not been cancelled. 2/19/2015 was told package was shipped out today. When we receive it, we are to send back the extra jacket. Totally dissatisfied with Haband on their inefficiency in this matter. Spoke to a supervisor and was told for our inconvenience, we would receive a $5 credit on our next order. I am NEVER ordering from Haband again, am sending a letter to your corporate office and telling everyone I can not to order from Haband. Have been customer for long time but not now.

  107. Haband, I love you as you can probably assume by my orders. I am desperately in need of your Sara Morgan pants in BEIGE. All the ones in your catalog are too dark. Can I get them in beige?

  108. Hi I received a notice in my inbox that you received one jacket , you must have just gotten the first one I sent back , The second one was mailed back the next day so you will have to take that off of my Haband card also when you receive it.
    Thank you
    Dorothea ADams

  109. I called customer service regarding a returned item and I wanted to report that the customer service representative was very helpful and answered my question quickly. I appreciate good customer service and Haband’s representatives are friendly and helpful. Thank you.

  110. I have payed bill twice but have not yet recieved coat untill i do i will not order from you agian!!!!!

  111. my order sent to wrong was returned and my cc credited….I would like the order released to my correct address.

  112. So far I am totally UNHAPPY with Haband! I ordered 2 tops on March 17…..both items were suppose to be in stock and available. I haven’t even heard from them until yesterday 3/26 and they are mailing 1 item…..where is the second and why is it not with the other. This is the first time I’ve ordered from here but its likely to be the LAST time.

  113. Please cancel my VIP membership immediately. I had no intention of joining something like this and am upset that you automatically signed me up for membership. You are not authorized to take any more money out of my account. at any time for “VIPPlus”.

    Please respond to me email with confirmation that this has been done.

  114. Please cancel my vip membership I did not authorize this charge
    do not charge my credit card. I would like a confermation that
    you will not charge the monthly fee!!
    Tony R.

  115. Been waiting for a refund since Feb..They sent my refund onto my gift card company after I told them I no longer had the card..The supervisor had told me they would mail me a check but they still sent it on to the credit card..I’m writing to the corporate ofc in Penna today as I’m tired of playing games with customer service…this is a poor company….

  116. Been waiting for a refund since Feb..They sent my refund onto my gift card company after I told them I no longer had the card..The supervisor had told me they would mail me a check but they still sent it on to the credit card..I’m writing to the corporate ofc in Penna today as I’m tired of playing games with customer service…

  117. Would like to remove my name from Haband catalog mailing list ! I have written several time but keep receiving them. Please stop the mailings please !

  118. Would like my name removed from your catalog mailing list. Have written several times but they are still coming . Please take care of this !

  119. I wish I had read the comments on this site before I ordered from Haband. I put in an order for 3 pair of slacks. They tried to sell me more but I refused. Before I placed the order I asked about the size I thought I needed and wanted more information as to how the sizes ran. I received n o specific information so I had to guess about the size by the size of a pair of slacks I owned. When I called and asked if I had to pay for the return, I was told, yes, unless I ordered a replacement for them. When I asked if they had the size I wanted, I gave then the waist and inseam figures, but they would not confirm that they would do that. So I paid for the shipping. After that I received mail telling me I was a “valued” customer. Wrong! Irate is the word.
    When I looked on the net for a FAX number, I could not find one.
    I finally found a mailing address on this site stating that it is: #1 Bargain Place, Jessup, PA and I am sending them stuff they mailed me that is an outright lie. I am not one of their “valued” customers or they would not have treated me as they did. I asked them to take me completely out of their mailing list as I do not want to order from them ever again!.

  120. Tried to order two suits at the flyer I received price of $59.99 each. Had to pay regular price.. Tried phone to no avail. Also would not accept promo code for watch and free gift.

  121. Please cancel my membership to haband vipplus and stop charging my
    my credit card for i dont want this.
    Thank YOU.
    Mrs Getty.

  122. Please cancel my membership. Do not charge my account. I will not be in the country to use my account.
    Thank you.

  123. The shirts I ordered are great but I would no longer like you to charge my account. If I want to buy something, I do not want a monthly charge hanging over my head so I have to use it.
    Thanks, LJ

  124. Ireceived email about one day 5/17/15 free shipping. I placed 2 orders but each added 9.95 shipping and would not except promo code xgm. I used credit card so please return shipping on both orders if I was charged. I felt charge would probably drop off when cc was charged. If not, I’m sure you will want it credit it as I am a long time customer and you have always been a fair company. Thank you for dealing with this.

  125. Please cancel membership as of 5/21/15 and stop charging my credit card a of 5/21/15 have contacted credit card company thanks glenn

  126. okay per your letter i will be refunded my 9.99 and am sending back these belts and will not be charged 9.99 fee has per your email plus you will refund me 44.99 as per your email.i am sending back the belts back today 05/20/2015

  127. My order#4483103 was not complete. The chopper did not arrive. I got the nylon panties. Please check on this.

  128. I am a little disappointed in my order, and it will probably be my last order. I was suppose to get a big flashlight and what am I getting, a truckload of screwdrivers. I don’t need screwdrivers. I have screwdrivers and we live in a senior citizens hi rise and my son is the superintent of maintenance for the whole place including the low rent apartments out in back of our highrise and takes care of all problems. I don’t even need tools. Thank you very much. And Good-bye.

  129. When I was in the U.S. Army station in Fort Dix N.J. at the Pix store on the base I saw a jacket like your Shoulder Jacket #G677-31Y44, It had a patent that was very diff. from other patents. The Store manager said he could not keep up with the stock on the as he was selling them as fast as the came into the store.

    I was looking the other day for fabric on line and had the very material fabric ( Artisan Batiks Bakari Cone Stripe Sunrise Stock # 0385916 & another fabric Harvest Bounty Tossed Bounty Brown, Stock # 0347612, that was on the Jacket. I was thinking if your company could try this Material on your Shoulder Jackets to make them a little Stylish.

    Donald F. Phaneuf

  130. Please cancel my VIP PLus membership immediately. As of 6/15/15 I will tell my charge co. not to charge $14.97 to my ACCT. If I SEE THIS CHARGE ON MY BILL I WILL INFORM LIFE LOCK OF A FRAUDULENT CHARGE BY HABAND.

  131. YOU Misunderstand – I DID NOT agree to pay ANYTHING other than for the pants which I ordered.

    I will , therefore, Contest ANY CHARGE for ANYTHING other than the pants which I did order.

    YOU Can NOT arbitrarily “sign me up” for any “plan” which did did NOT authorize ! ! THUS, I will not pay for a “partial” month of “membership”.

  132. April 2105 order PAID in full $28.75. UNWANTED service $14.97 called 4-30-2015 TO CANCEL THIS SERVICE The rep said it would be done CALLED AGAIN May and requested cancellation again. June fee balance is up to $53.91 and a phone call from collections. What is the problem? What ever the fees are for must be Cancelled immediately. Poor customer service



  135. I ordered on line yesterday 7/18/15 men’s drawstring deck pants size large, and I did not receive a confirmation for order


  137. Please cancel my membership in Haband VIP Plus as of 7/21/2015 and do not charge my credit card as of 7/21/2015. Please acknowledge this cancellation by email, or future purchases with Haband will not happen.

    Thank you

  138. I ordered a Easy Knit Shrug in light taupe and it arrived
    yesterday dirty. This has never happened before and it was very
    disappointing. I ordered it 7-10-15 and the order #30972008.
    I am going to try and clean it, but, I shouldn’t have to do that.
    I hope this doesn’t happen again,but, I wanted you to be aware.
    Fran Miller

  139. I sent you [ Haband ] an email several days ago regarding my last order received ! I told you the clothe were badly wrinkled so I had to send them to the cleaners for pressing !!!! I also stated the snap-closure on the slacks aren’t any good , when you snap it it pops back open !!! I asked you what can you do about these issues and I got no reply from you !!!!….John Sproles

  140. Very disappointed with order as you charged me for shipping and it was Free shipping…I would not have ordered if had to pay this much extra!!!!!Jean PAULSON

  141. been tryin to get a refund of over 40 bucks for over a year and a half – no luck to date -never gonna order frum them folks agin – want my 40 bucks

  142. When somebody calls Haband, why are we put on hold for an excessive amount of time? My time is just as valuable as yours. And that stupid music and B/S computer talking head is irritating. If I was to give Haband a grade on your customer service, I would give you an “F-“. And after waiting on the line for about an hour, I get some idiot in the Philippines who can’t even speak pidgin English. After reading the comments on Google about Haband it appears that I am not the only person that is pissed with Haband. I will NEVER again order anything from Haband.

  143. Cancel the 14 95 your deducting from my account I will no longer be ordering I retuned items that did not fit and was still charge half of what I paid

  144. on July 11 2015 I returned a pair of shorts meadow color using your return label.on august 12 your agent named Brian assured me that a pair would be sent within the next 7 10 days in exchange the original was damaged. as of today August 28 I have not received them. today I spoke to your employee named Kim who told me that his claim is still being investigated….my act number is 0374-309-862 if you need any more information you may contact me at 803-358-9508

  145. Please cancel the Haband Vip Plus, I did not realize what it was. Do not put 14.95 on my card. Shirley McDaniel

  146. Please cancel my VIP Plus membership immediately. My husband and I both think this is a scam when we noticed a $14.95 charge on my bank account. I did not sign up this. All I did was order a few Items from you, now I wonder why I did. No other company ever charges someone for a membership without permission. This better be cancelled. I will be calling customer service soon. I don’t want any answer expect ” It will be cancelled.” I do not want any more charges taken out of my account!

  147. I called in July or aug of 2015 to cancel my Haband plus Vip charge for my mother who is deceased and u said her account was not being charge and it still is $14.97>>& im pissed!!Closing out account so no more charges!!!!!Calling u all 1 more time!!!!then getting a Lawyer because we r being lied too!!TU!!:-) 🙁

  148. On Aug 20015 I ordered 4 items, and what it showed on line after I called in the order only 3 items and a double order of one of them.I called the next day and placed an order for the other 2 items and was told that I could return the other double order when lit arrived. All of this was discussed on the phone to customer service in the Philippines. I asked for someone from the USA but she refused to let me do so and said it was all handled from the Philippines and I will probably opt/out of ever ordering there again. I don’t know what I will receive in the mail. I live 90 miles from a Walmart store or any small department store. You can not call anyone from the main business in Jessup, Pa. in the USA. All of the items from this order are from a flyer that came last week in my last order I received by mail. One item [a lantern] was buy one for 7.95 and get a second one free and they would not honor it. Good luck people on your ordering, and please look on line at other customer complaints.

  149. You gave me a trial membership and I do NOT want it…DO NOT CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD MONTHLY. Today’s date is Sept. 3, 2015. Your phone numbers do not work. Peggy Malone, Fruita, Colorado 81521

  150. I have asked to not be a member of your Haband Account Services…Do not charge my Credit Card with A monthly membership charge… I tried several times to call your customer service number, as I was told I could , to cancel…None of your numbers work!!

  151. I sent an order for 75+ dollars on Friday 9/25, then I get an E-mail giving me free shipping if I order on Friday the 25th. I used to purchase from Haband and have been away for a couple of years, but I’ll guarantee that I will not be purchasing anymore from Haband after this screwing.

  152. Hi I have tried several times to go online for the VIP and all I get is not able or error. Because of this I wish to cancel at this time. Thanks


  154. My order #5033878 for the Coolblast.As per your request this item was sent back on Sept. 28th,2015. Please advise if this item was received,and when will a replacement be sent. Thank You. Gary Cohen

  155. I ordered 1 Cargo Fleece Bottom Burgundy size XL M and 1 full Zip Fleece Top
    Burgundy size XL on 9/29/2015. Order number 9832167 and you said on 9/30/2015 it had been shipped. to date 10/8/2015 have not received it.
    Not sure what has happened but there was no way for me to do tracking.
    Would appreciate you checking into this. Thank you, Judi Smith

  156. I placed an order on 10/2/15 and received a confirmation with an order #9848887 and would like to know when i might be receiving the item since I haven’t heard anything from you and it is now 10/13/15.

  157. I placed an order on 10/2/15 for a bedspread and received confirmation #984887. I haven’t heard anything from you and would like to know when the order might be shipped since it is now 10/13/15.

  158. i orderd two coats from you 10/7/15 and i got a email telling me you got my order and you would send me a mesg to let me know when it was shiped now its the 14th when are you going to ship can you please let me know because if you cant get it to me soon i will buy elswhere because its geting cold so will you please ship asap

  159. I recently received an order for 2 pr women’s corduroy slacks,size 12p.The gray pair fit perfectly,the black pair was short in leg and in crotch(both sized the same!)Where is your quality control??

    Margaret Foster



    If you are truly concerened with your customer you can call me.

    I have an order to place but will not place my order unless I hear from you, if I do not hear from you I will place my order with STARCREST .


    You do not have customer service – 3 caals 70+ minutes wasted. My issue remains unresolved.


  162. I have ask 3 times for your mailing address so I can mail an order I have fixed up &I cant find a address any where why wont you sendit to me.?

    Style: B272J
    Color and Size: Purple L

    This shirt was washed in cold water. It shrank and fuzzed all over the shirt. I will never be able to wear it and returning is too expensive. No one should order this shirt.

  164. II want to cancel the VIP plus and not be charged $14.97. I didn’t understand
    what it was. I will noyify my credit card if this isn’t cancelled. and not order
    until then.

  165. Order that I placed on Sunday nov 8 shouldn’t of had a shipping fee of 6.99 with code Xpf. Take it off or I’ll cancel the order.

  166. I have ordered from Haband for a long time.I am very upset with Haband at this time. I was suppose to get a free gift of a Topaz necklace and earrings. I got an empty box.I contacted you. Later I got the set and it said Topaz on the the order form but it was silver. I made an order just to get a free 9-Band World Radio but you sent me a screw driver set that I didn’t want. I saw in the reviews that you did the same thing with another customer. I tried to buy only the radio but didn’t get it. I ordered some compression hose with a zipper for my wife who has varicose veins. You sent me hose with no zipper. You are not living up to your word. You are about to lose me as a customer. Also, I ordered a blue gabardine suit(wrinkle free). It came wrinkled and I’m paying to have it pressed. You have lost my confidence in you. I bought my wife a $90 outfit from another company recently. John D Cooke

  167. returned a pair of women’s corduroy pants last week that had ripped out on the seam . WOULD LIKE TO KNOW STATUS . PLEASE ADVISE THANK YOU

  168. I ordered 2 pr of slacks on 10-20-2015 – order # is 9893187. Order status says order is in process. Can you tell me when this order will be sent out? I feel that there has been more than adequate time to fill my order and to be sent to me.

  169. I placed an order on 11/14 which is suppose to be shipped free of charge. There are shipping charges added to my bill. I have tried to call customer service but they could not help me as the order hadn’t registered yet and there is no there one answering on Sunday (contrary to what the rep told me on Saturday….”Call tomorrow…maybe someone will answer” I want to make sure I am not charged shipping on this item from the catalog which says “FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING in this catalog! No minimum purchase! Hurry! Order # is 9956506. I ordered online and there were no instructions about free shipping. Please advise

  170. Haband take notice. you have 24 hours to respond to this e-mail. If you do not I will go to the United States Postal Service and demand that they charge you with mail fraud and theft. This concerns order #5971731 of which I only received a partial shipment. I have contacted customer service on 3 different occasions and have been lied to every time. I also am going to contact the Indiana Attorney General’s office and demand that they do the same. This is your last chance before legal action is taken against you.
    Charles Higdon

    • I meant every word I said . I will take legal action if you do not respond in 24 hours to resolve this issue.
      Charles Higdon

  171. I just placed an order today for an item and had a terrible time understanding the order taker that I asked for someone else The second one had just as bad English. If this ever happens again,then I am done with Haband. Sincerely, William Wecker

  172. I need to discuss a credit card matter…I cannot reach a live person..


  173. I recently placed an order with a FREE Haband coupon for a weekender suitcase FREE gift. I recently received my order but not the free gift. I received a box with 2 nail brushes & another box with a travel alarm which I do not need. Where is my free weekend little luggage set. I am still waiting. I have used Haband for a long time but if problems are going to happen – I will not continue to be a customer. Thank you.

  174. I spoke to Jerry with customer service just minutes ago. I told him I would like to cancel the VIP Plus membership. After he told me the benefits of the program, I still wanted to cancel the membership and he did! He was very polite and professional. We wished each other a nice day.

    • Don’t believe them! They will continue to charge you this fee every month! I had to cancel my card after they assured me it was all taken care of! And they only returned half of the money from the first month! If you didn’t get a cancelation number from them they didn’t cancel it. I never even signed up for this, they just started charging me for it!

  175. Our experience with Haband has been horrible. We placed an order on the 15th and got an email on the 18th saying it shipped on the 17th. We called for a tracking number, which we were given and told it was for UPS. The number was not valid in UPS. We called Haband again and were told the number was for FedEx and for USPS (add 92 in front of the #). Apparently the order goes to FedEx who sends it to USPS. We called FedEx yesterday and today and were told they had no package. Customer service is no help, lying and saying it shipped and reading from a script. Their distribution center is closed on weekends so nothing can be looked into until Monday. Needless to say the package will not be here until next Christmas, if ever. We will never order from them again.

  176. Mailed check on 12/12, check not cleared bank, and now calling to obtain payment. All other checks mailed that date cleared bank weeks ago.

  177. Please cancel my VIP Plus account. And do not take $14.95 out of my account effective 12/2/2016. I do not wish to order on line anymore.

  178. I am a long time customer of Haband/Blair. Today I received order # 689574, account # 0126-017-763. This order is totally opposite of what I ordered by mail, prepaid by check. The order description on the form states it’s what I ordered: side elastic, medium blue; but I received “back elastic, Indigo, & Duke.” I already returned my previous order (6826470), which was also wrong. I will NOT be bothered to return this order, but I am not satisfied at all. I will NOT be ordering again anytime soon.

  179. I would like my VIP account cancelled.

    I need to return some pillows and can’t find an address to send it to. I didn’t keep my return slip.

  180. I DO NOT want the VIP Plus. Cancel immediately. If you do not I will contact the better business bureau in my state.

  181. don’t send me any information about you vip program i’am not interested and i need the phone number so i can can cancel the program

  182. If I am to get free shipping with my first order, why did I get charged for my first order … Of the yellow jacket?

  183. Please cancel my vip as I don’t need it any more. Have asked before and money is still being charged to my credit card. Please, please cancel my account immediately.

  184. I^m trying to locate and purchase I*VE been to all local stores in my area no one can help me. Iwould like some help on this item,,thank you don


  186. I see a monthly charge on my DISCOVER card for $14.97 and do not know what it is for and certainly do not want it….

    I am being charged for a Haband VIP plus and I do NOT want it.

    I am satisfied with most of the products that i receive from you, but I do not want this!!!!

    I like receiving your fliers, but this charge is unnecesary.

    Please cancel and stop charging for it.

    Please cancel and stop charging my account for it.

    Thank you,

    501 N LARSON ST
    GRAND SALINE, TX 75140

  187. I recently was informed that you credited my credit card in the amount of $114 and some cents, the refund should have been for $132.35. I am thinking the difference was shipping charges. I can’t imagine why you think that I should pay you shipping charges for a package that I never received, I know that a package was delivered to my doorstep, but it was not my order and I was nice enough to return the package. Please let me see a credit card for the full amount. Thank you. Beatrice Beaver

  188. All these complaints are depressing. I’m a long time Haband customer and fear that I, too, will eventually run into bothersome problems.
    A few months ago, Haband mailings stopped to come in the mail. (I used to get sometimes two in a week.) What’s going on?? Please, reply.
    Thanks, H.W. Kranz

  189. I just made an order the number is,9155337, in my catalogue I am suppose to enter promo code XRK and get $5.00 off and a free ADESSO WATCH and a 6piece pen set free.
    My customer number is0376-111-969 and the source code is 13C

  190. I ordered clothes about eight days ago and I have not received anything as yet. Am I going to receive them or was there a mistake made ?

  191. I ordered ballerina flats ages ago, haven’t gotten them and today they appear on sale. So am I getting them at the sale price, do you plan to send them or is this all some sort of fraud?

  192. I’m on the edge of being really annoyed. Already sent email about not having received two orders from Jan 21 and the other was earlier. order numbers were 909088 and 9098753. They were sent to 3 Oakview Highway, East Hampton instead of 105-3 Oakview Highway or 105 Oakview Highway Trl 3. Received reply to allow 30 days altogether as post office requires this time. I sent another email that thirty days was up. At this point winter is almost over, so don’t send them now and to replace dollar amount to my credit card. I’m still waiting for answer one way or the other. Is the company closed down, did everyone die? Please contact me by email as I’m not allowed calls at work. Next step will be lawyer

  193. I am writing you about the chargers you are trying to make me pay. the $119.51 you are asking me to pay, is mot my bill. I did not buy anything from you for this amount. I will not pay a bill for something I did not buy. You can tell Comenity to stop calling because I will not answer the phone when they call! I do not have a Haband credit card!

    Thank you,
    Edward Simmons


  195. I am checking on an order of four pair of womens pants which I ordered on 3/9/2016. I have heard nothing about shipping them and wondered if the order was lost. Please return a reply so I know what their status is. Arlene Nordeen

  196. Just received check for $22.80 for sold out slip on , order #7574-829 what happen to my check for $24.99 I sent. I lost $2.19 on this deal? Not great bussiness to me at my age

  197. I did not realize that Haband VIP Plus I’d a subscription. Please cancel immediately. I do not want it. Please respond with a cancel conformation.

  198. I would like to cancel the VIP Plus that has been charge to my account. I only purchase one thing that is all. Please cancel and stop charging my account.

  199. Order #9094258 . Rec’d only 1 0f 2.
    Sent 2 emails No replies.
    All further ordering on hold until y’all respond via email.

  200. On the morning of March 23, 2016 I ordered three jackets, order #9240933 and did not see a place for the shipping address which is different than mailing address. I call Haband # and they said there was nothing they could do and it was too soon anyway. I told them no one lived at the address where they were shipping to. I asked them to ship it to 8401 N. Lee Trevino Dr., Tucson, AZ. 85742 but it was the worst customer service I have ever encountered so I called back to get a different customer service rep and it was the same terrible service. I will never order again only because of no customer service.

  201. I ordered a lambskin jacket from you last fall. what i got was junk, it was not leather at all. It fell apart quickly. I will never order from your company again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me

  202. Customer service rep. was rude & not very knowledgeable . She was only interested in selling the company’s credit card and pushing today’s specials.
    When I told her I was not interested in the card or specials- just want to place an order- she hung up. I had to call back to get my order & confirmation #.
    Hope their clothing is better than the people employed there

  203. I called you directly April 1st. and asked that my refund be returned to my credit card. Your agent asked for banking and routing number. I was told I would have it in 5 to 7 days. It is now April 15th. and I still do not have the credit back in my account.

  204. I received the first order I placed with Haband. Was very satisfied with products as well as free gifts. Placed another order on 4-8-2016. Waiting on it to arrive soon and I am 100 percent sure it will be here as promised! Thanks, Haband PS Love your items!

  205. I ordered two pairs of shoes on 4-9- 2016 order# 9282301 for $89.97 and never received them a week later. on checking order there is no record. take me off your mailing list!

  206. I called 1-800-226-7051 to cancel my VIP Club membership and got a Haband
    Rep in very short time, and was able to cancel quickly. She even sent an E-Mail
    confirming my cancellation. Prompt and curteous service.

  207. On 4/13 I received an email from you stating that the balance of my
    order, 9224536, was still on back order and if I wanted to cancel the order to call
    your service department. I called at 4:17 and requeste4d cancellation
    and your service representative said he cancelled it. A few minutes ago
    I received a notice from you stating the items have been shipped. I have been
    a customer of your company for many years and don’t appreciate receiving
    something I had cancelled.

  208. )n 4-11-16 I placed an order #9288138. In trying to check the order status, I am told there is no such order. Where is it?

  209. I ordered some tee mock shirts they were too large and I sent them back and wanted to exchange them for medium size but I have not recieved them back.
    Could you please check and see what happened I still would like to have the shirlts Thank you

  210. Dear Sir/Mame On 04/21/2016 I Ordered 2 2Piece Walking Suits I ordered the Pants 44 S, I Would Like To Change Both Pants To 46 S Just The Pants The Order #8051746 Thank You

  211. This was my first experience with C/S. I called to check on an order and received answers to all my questions. The person who took my call was polite and knew everything I asked him. A mistake was made with my order, and it was corrected in a short time. This was a great experience, something I really like about this company.

  212. Order Number #9308771, l placed an order online on April 18, 2016. I received all of my order except BCY05-Salon Studio Caftan Twin Set in Blue for $23.99. It is included on the list, but I never receive it. Would you please see to it that I receive the item that I paid for as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much.

  213. I mailed an order to you on April 19, 2016 for a blouse and a bra. the blouse came but the bra was back ordered. that was over a month ago and have not received any more about it.. where is it? Please send it or send a refund.


  215. I ordered a couple of rings in March that I received promptly. I never revived the free gifts that were supposed to come with that order. So I finely called Customer Service. After waiting through several different commercials I finely spoke to an accented person that said I would receive the free gifts in 8 to 10 days. I ask from when. He said from when the order is sent. I reminded him that was in March. Then he said the watch was out of stock. I told him that the same watch offer has been sent in the last two mailings I received. If the watches are out of stock why is the offer still being made? Is this fraud offering something that will never be sent because it is out of stock? Please help!

  216. Recieved my recent order today. the yardlights are ok, but I didn’t find the kree flashlight and any other free gifts.Will you ship those in a second package? If so, I can expect it. If not,we’ll have a conversation.

    Please keep me informed
    Thank you

  217. I received my latest order today. The yardlights are good,but I found no free gifts. Was that a slip-up or was purposfully done? If the first is true,I’ll expect the cree flashlight shortly. If not, we may have a conversation.

    Bill Furrh


  218. I have always been happy with the produces in the pass, but since I have become a vip member I cannot get through the order process.

  219. I purchased an item back in oct. 9th 2015, I did not notice that you have been withdrawing every month since then $14.97 that’s six payments totaling 89.82 could you kindly refund me that amount. I receive your catalog every month. my wife and I look at whats new to buy. up til now nothing caught our eye. again sorry I did’nt catch it sooner. could you reply and let me know the outcome thank you Ralph,

  220. I disputed my charge to your company. I could not get through to your company and have disputed the charge with my credit card company. Please give professional customer service. Your company refuses to respond to my inquires.
    After reading your comments from other customers I think your company is a scam.

  221. this company has very poor customer service. They do not even know the address to send a payment to.The form inside the box lists everything but the payment address. I listened to 14 mini ads while waiting for a human to answer my call and then he did not know the mailing address. He gave me the phone number for their bank to call tomorrow during business hours.

  222. I’m pissed! every time I go to buy something off the internet from Haband, and upon checking out, I put in my Email address and Password, it comes up no such
    information in our system. Well I’ve been using that same email address and password for over twenty years now and I have an Haband, charge card. What the hell is going on with Haband. You don’t my business? I won’t give it to you.

    Edward ODonnell

  223. I placed an order in May and still haven’t received it. Got an email on June 7 saying it was delayed. It is now June 26 and I await further news. The
    order number is #9410398. PLEASE GET BACK WITH ME!

  224. I received a packet indicating that I joined your Haband VIP, and amounts of monthly membership fees. I DID NOT JOIN HABAND VIP AND WILL NOT PAY ANY DUES. PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR VIP LIST. I will continue to purchase items from your catalogue as I choose.
    Rocco E. Zappia

  225. I have not joined the VIP Plus program. Please take my name off of this and do not bill me for any charges.

  226. I want to cancel my Haband Vip Plus membership. If I order again I will send a check. Please don”t bill my credit card because I will refuse to pay it. June 28, 2016.

  227. I have been denied a VA Loan because your company reported to the credit companies that I was seriously late on a payment to you. In fact, I had returned the merchandise , unopened, to you, thusly not owing you anything. However, you continued to send bills demanding payment for something I did not have or owe you for. Never again will my family purchase anything from your company nor will I recommend your company to anyone.

  228. I am very upset that my order was not as I orded and to have to pay additional money to return the order. I made a purchase of two pair of shoes size 10EEE but dthe order cane 10E. I am a long time customers with Haband and I want to remain a customer. Because it causing me additional money because of your misrtake, it will make me to Reevaluate our relatioship. I would like for some one to respond to this email, if not then it lets me know that you don’t want my business and the ones that I recommend.

  229. I am very upset that my order was not as I order and to have to pay additional money to return the order. I made a purchase of two pair of shoes size 10EEE but the order came 10E. I am a long time customers with Haband and I want to remain a customer. Because it causing me additional money because of your misrtake, it will make me to Reevaluate our relatioship. I would like for some one to respond to this email, if not then it lets me know that you don’t want my business and the ones that I recommend.

  230. I placed a order #9515807 and I was supposed to get a $4.00 off my order as a VIP discount which did not happen and this order is not the first time this has happen.

  231. Why are you charging me $14.97 every month.
    I havent buy anything .
    I did not request any memebership so Iam asking you to CANCEL

  232. Thank You for your Haband Order
    Pauline Young 7/19/16
    To: Haband

    I just want to tell you that this blouse that I ordered is defective. I wore it and then washed it and when I put it on again and tried to take it off, the snaps came off with it. This would be a nice blouse with buttons not snaps. Now I have to find a way to take all the snaps off and try to put buttons in it. I order another blouse and I hope it is not made the same way or I will e-mail you for free return postage as it is not worth $13.99, which I know is not expensive but not to go through all this trouble with a blouse. This is made cheap. Pauline Young

  233. Months ago I ordered a suit for a reunion this July 28,2016 using YOUR size chart. I received the suit and had to exchange the vest and pants ,but the vest turned out to be too small as the other too big, both in a big way. Therefore I ordered the only logical choice left , but was told it wasn’t available and would be in the first of July. To make sure , I checked with YOU back in June and was ASSURED , without fail it was back-ordered for me and would be sent early July. But now I’m told there was NO BACKORDER and YOU still don’t have the vest to complete my suit !! I’ve been a Loyal Customer of Haband for a long time now and to be downright LIED to is reprehensible and I don’t appreciate it one bit ! I now have to rush to get a new suit and was told I’d be sent a RETURN LABEL for this suit but of course haven’t recieved it in my e-mail either. Since this is the way Haband chooses to treat it’s long time customers, I will NEVER make another purchase from this company and will put on Facebook, Twitter etc. the experience I’ve had with this company. This probably means nothing to Haband but a good, decent business doesn’t LIE and MISLEAD loyal customers ! Shame on You !

  234. I placed an order on July 16. I cannot find it anywhere. I was given an order #9508519 and when I try to access it, it tells me no such . I called on July 21 and was told that it is being processed. I still cannotfind it!!

  235. CUST # 0162-711-790.

  236. I have a question. I am trying to order my husband, 2 pairs of jeans. They are Casual Joe Stretch Waist, Item# 03LA6. It is trying to charge me $ 27.99, but it perfectly states,on the web, if you order two can you can get them, for $ 15.99 each. what’s the deal. If, what it says, is not true, than your open, for a legal battle. Too many merchants, online rip off innocent people, and they are not aware they are being, taken vantage of.

  237. no excuses for your lousey sevice dept.i put in an order yesterday and was told confirmation would be emailed nothing came this is the 2nd time it’s happened

  238. I have noticed that $14.97 is being taken out of my account the last 3 months for the VIP Membership. I did not sign up for this and I do not want it. Please cancel this membership. I will continue to order at Haband at will but I do not want any membership.

    Thank You

  239. My order #2267077 was meant to be 3-5 days delivery. I will be traveling so I will need this order in my hands before April 13, which is Thursday.

  240. I bought a computer thru haband,using haband card.the thing don’t work!!! haband says it was sent from HP,so I need to call them.i did,they said they will send something for me to send still sitting on my OLD computer because this new one don’t work,and I hope you don’t expect me to pay for it !!!

  241. I’m very disappointed in the shirt I bought. I found one of your shirts that someone left at a laundromat. It was the softest shirt I’ve ever worn. And anybody, especially girls, who touched it commented on. So I found you guys and ordered another. Not even close. What happened? Anyway very disappointed. Please remove me from VIP Plus and quit charging me. Thank You, Brian.

  242. I sent an e-mail 7/17/17 about an order I placed earlier and placed the wrong size on the 3 belt set. I inadvertently put the set as size 34 and the size should have been size 54. I never got a reply to the e-mail.
    Can anyone there help me.?

  243. I placed an order in June of 2017 and was charged $39.97. I did not want any of it, so I sent it back. I was charged $9.99, I guess for shipping, on July 7. I later received one of the items that I had returned, and was charged $19.99 on July 7. I returned the item without opening it, and marked it “refused” and return to sender. I got a letter why I said refused and why. I called the number listed and was told that I would NOT get my $19.99 refunded. I think that this a very dubious company and would never order from them again. I will tell as many people about the company.

  244. I am very disappointed with the service concerning my last order. I ordered three pairs of slacks and a shift. One pair was left out. I called, told them I was missing the turquois slacks, size 12 P. Then, today, I received an email saying that they had mailed my order…in a size 18 P!!!!!!!!! I have to wait until Monday to call. If that’s the case, then I’m now faced with having to mail them back, and reorder! I was going to order some shirts and blouses this afternoon, but “no way”. I told the girl I spoke with, plainly, to make sure they were 12 P! She said, no problem, she’d process the order right away and apologized for the missing slacks.

  245. I previously asked you to cancel my membership to Haband VIP Plus and you said it was cancelled. Today I received in the mail a $15 Haband Gift Code… evidently you have not canceled for me. There had better not be any charges to my credit card.
    Virgie Ford
    P.S. This note was not able to be sent through proper channels so I am posting it where ever I can.

  246. why does it take so long to ship clothing?
    I placed an order over one week ag
    seems there has been any info.on when it
    .may be shipped? l would like to know when to get this.

  247. after reading some of these reviews I regret having ordered from you, I am still waiting to hear from you about my order received by you on July 24, 2017.

  248. This is in regards to my order #3363128, dated 8/25/17. I ordered 2 pair of cargo shorts, one in denim, the other in blue. When I received my order I opened the package & found a pair of denim shorts & a pair of SLATE instead of blue.The Package said Blue. Evidently Slate was put in the wrong packaging. I am sure my package was not the only one with the wrong color.Please correct this error so when I order again I get the correct color. Thank you.

  249. Terrible Customer Service! Overseas call center got my order wrong after reviewing it 3 or 4 times! When I called back after getting the wrong order (again overseas – would not connect me to the U.S.) they told me that they sent what I ordered. I explained again what was wrong with the order and asked for a supervisor and was told “in a meeting”. They offered me $5 off of me next order with no remedy for the wrong order! Will probably never order from Haband again!!!!!!!!

  250. In the past two days I have tried to talk with a live person as to why every time I try to sign on to my account they do not recognize me. Then I go through all you hoops and finally get a code, then I need to change my password. In the past week I have changed my password three times. I recently joined the VIP plan and with the customer service I have received I wish to cancel the VIP plus plan. I am still on the 30 day trial period. You charged me $1.99 , I do not want to pay anymore for the service I cancel my plan

  251. I ordered some clothes on sept 27 at 10:44 A.M. and was told by automatic email that I would be notified by email when the items were shipped. It is Oct 3 and I have not received any shipping info.

  252. I tried to order clothing. The fliers said two free gifts. When I tried to get those on line with order I was told only one code per order. If I can’t get the same on line as through the mail quit sending me this stuff.

  253. I tried to order on line. The flier said two free gifts. If I can’t get the same with and order on line quit sending me this stuff.

  254. I have an order #9427698. I got an email saying that I returned the order, I did not return the order because I never got the order. I want the order so please send the order. Thank you.

  255. What happened with my order from 10-04-2017,when you received my check
    number 1372 on amount $46.42,and in the same day you took money from my account?To this day,10-09-2017 you don’t tell me nothing about that,and,don’t send me nothing what I ordered.
    What it means? I am not satisfied with your job and your irresponsible relation
    with customers.
    Take care about that,
    Thank You

  256. I want to cancel my Haband VIP plus contract for $14.97. I do not remember signing up for it and have had a horrible experience trying to cancel it by phone. Three separate phone calls and I am routed back to the same menu or am hung up on. I would like my $14.97 refunded.

  257. horrific service. unable to contact anyone who speaks English. could not track order. canceled order after 6 days told it was still processing for delivery.
    will never order from this site again.

  258. Please do my charge me 14.97 any more on my account.It is against the Law.Signed a very pissed of Frank D.Carroll.P.S i Contact my Attorney if you charge again…

  259. I have been a Haband customer for many years and today, I had to cancel order number 9573944, when I found out that I would not be receiving this order in three days. Your customer service person told me that it takes three days to process an order before it is shipped. Because of this, I feel that the only time to place an order is when I’m not in a hurry to receive it.and standard shipping is OK. When I placed this order I asked for three day expedited shipment and with this in mind, I had every reason to expect my package by Monday, 11/19/2017.

  260. when my order was confirmed I was suppose to have free shipping because I had a code from one of the books and they said it was invalid ,it was not invalid …my order does not have the free shipping

  261. I was double charged on my order. They charged me for my order, I have a receipt. Then later they charged me another 110 dollars. My card went into a negative balance. I’m pissed this should never happen ever.

  262. ATTN:
    I mailed an order to you on November 8th.
    I have never received a confirmation that you received the order or that it is being processed.
    Frances Haussamen
    I mailed an order to you on November 8.
    I have never received confirmation that you received the order or that it is being processed. My orders from you are always slow but not this slow.

    Frances Haussamen

  263. about a month ago I received a pair of trousers I ordered and they had a foul smell .I washed them and also hung them outside for a day. The smell is still there and my other clothing now have the same smell. I finally had to throw them away last week and to this day the smell still linkers. Since I no longer have any receipt I do not expect anything in return but I will no longer buy anything unless you can tell me what the nasty smell was.

  264. Very unhappy with the defective item I ordered and horrible return policy. Take me off your mailing list. Will never order from this company again.

  265. I ordered merchandise worth one hundred ten and unintuitive cents through a catalog you sent to my home. This was November tenth. I waited all this time, and when I sent you an email you knew nothing about it. If you ever find the order just tear up the check. I am totally disappointed and angry at your lack of service. Alice Moldenhauer

  266. Please cancel any subscription that you have for me, my credit card has been charged several times for some Haband VIP something. I do not want this at all, in fact I only ordered from you because I was getting a gift for my Mother, you have absolutely nothing that I would ever buy for myself.
    I do not want to see the $14.97 charge against my credit card ever again.

  267. i ordered a set of western belts about 2 months ago one of themsplit in half i talked to your cust service and they said i had to send it back i told them to send a envelope and a return authorization lable ,.they said they did ,on my email there was a notice that it was sent about 3 weeks ago but i never received it . please look into this for

  268. I have been on hold for 1 hour and 30 minutes. All I want to do is change the size of an item that is on back order. I will never order anything else from Haband ever again. This is ridiculous service.

  269. terrible service, I returned boots because they weren’t even close to the size I ordered and the inside lining wasn’t even sewed in properly, I felt I should not have had to pay to return them when it wasn’t even close to what I ordered. I have never returned an item before, and these were the worse I have ever seen from you. I feel return fee should be paid by you, because of sending me such an improperly labeled and mad product. Please take me off your mailing and email list, as I will never be buying from you again. And I used to buy quite a bit.

  270. Regarding my order # 9709538, placed on Jan. 12, 2018. I have no idea when I will receive my order, but I do not appreciate payment being withdrawn from my bank account the same day as I placed my order!! I have been trying to find out how to cancel this order – and, of course, there is NO INFORMATION about that. So I’m requesting right now, Jan. 13, 2018, to cancel this ENTIRE ORDER, and to REFUND my money, as quickly as you had it deducted!!!! THANKS A LOT!

  271. An order I had placed went over the amount we could charge, so you said it had been canceled. You went into our account and billed $116.25 and I want it put back into our account. If anything comes from you, I will return it to SENDER. You never contacting us about this order, except to say it would go over our limit. You did this without our knowledge. This is illegal. Thank you.

  272. I purchased sweatpants foe my husband and when they were washed they are now all fuzzy and bally. This was such a waste of money.

  273. I returned and order several weeks ago to One Peachtree Plaza ,Eatonville is your policy. The order I rec’d was not what i ordered. Now you have not issued a credit so now you send a statement with $27.00 past due and I have never rec’d a statement till this one.As many of your customers have stated there complaints I to will discontinue your credit card. I will not pay your $27.00 late fee and I demand the credit for the order returned.and close the account. My experience with talking to your people when ordering by phone is like talking to a stone.

  274. Trying to order from your catalogue, but each time it says the promo code is not valid nor is the source code valid. Just received this catalogue so it is not out of date. What is wrong?

  275. Hi, when I sent in my order, I checked the box for the free bags, and the clothes arrived today without the bags, so I wanted to contact you about it, Thank you, Peggy Sanland

  276. I am trying to inquire about my charge account with Haband. I get no where with your auto talk line. Please advise me what my credit balance is.

  277. I ordered some shirts from Haband for 12.99 each on 3/26/18. I received the next catalog in the mail on 3/31. Those shirts now on sale for 9.99. Customer service rep Dianne said that they couldn’t adjust the billing and said that there was no supervisor there. I am very unhappy.

  278. Agreed to wait another 30 days after receiving the “green card”, but still NO RESPONSE after the days—HOW CAN I FINALLY CANCEL?

    • I received my bill yesterday and found out that when I paid my bill, I had a bill of $22.00( late fee $20.00 and $2.00 service charge). When I PAID THE LAST BILL I BELIEVE I SENT IT ON THE DAY NEEDED TO BE POSTED ON MAIL AS BEING COMPLIANT. I cannot accept getting a late fee so I have requested to discontinue my charge card with Haband and am reguesting to no longer use the services of the company altogether. I think the policy( if that”s what this was) is NOT fair to people who have been compliant and faithful to the company in using the company. I am sending the amount of $22.00 to cover your fee and please discontinue sending me future advertisments..

  279. Haband: I recently sent an email to please cancel my VIPPLUS account. I did not
    think I signed up so please cancel me. You sent to emails saying that I would
    hear back and I never received it. I have ordered clothes from you a time or two
    and I think I deserve a little consideration.

  280. I placed an order early today, #9922142, for three (3) pairs of pants. I would like to CANCEL that order for i won’t need them now. I used my Haband Credit Card to pay for them . Thank you.

  281. I called to check on a order that was suppose to be here on the 16th of april,i tell you I want to talk to a person,not push this and push that I was so confused trying to listnen to what I was suppose to do,I just hung the phone up.all I wanted to know on my late order,that still didnt come when it was suppose.this is the order I was asking about.02819 two pairs of medium blue jeans,if the order will come or if I will get my money returned.

  282. why am I signed up for the VIP service????? I clicked on a “receive 15 % savings!” so I clicked on it and suddenly is was informed that I would be charged for signing up for the VIP services. I never intended to sign up for anything! what a phishing scheme you are running. I am currently waiting for my order to ship but all the unintelligible customer service agent could tell me was that it hadn’t been processed yet and she couldn’t see any order I had placed. this was after I had entered all my financial info on your website. this is extremely disconcerting. if I don’t receive my order AND am charged for this ridiculous VIP nonsense I will definitely contact my LifeLock and have them track you down. your organization sounds like a farce. I want my ordered clothing but I will never visit your site again.

  283. As regards catalog source code “OKK”, customer # 0238-411-664, I first ordered a small in “dusty sage”. The pants, from waist to crouch was extremely too small. I returned the small to exchange for a “medium” but changed the color to tan. I received a “medium” in the same color that I had originally ordered in “dusty sage”. I probably would keep the second request even though it was the wrong color–except the only difference from the small pants and medium was longer legs but the waist to crouch almost the same as the small. These pants are made for Oriental type people not standard sized Americans. I will not ever order pants from Haband again unless you have more measurements in your catalog such as waist to crouch and inseams for length of pants.

  284. I ordered three tops on 5/2/18 (ladies) for a total of $64.96 and received 2 of them a week ago in the mail. The third top was “back ordered”…Item #BVF06 Periwinkle in color on Page 71…$17.99. I have not yet received this top and would appreciate receiving same as soon as possible. Thank you!

  285. I ordered couple of items from Haband 48 hours ago&didn’t receive a confirmation. Please cancel my order & I will never order from your company never,ever again. I’ve been a good customer with Haband for years, I don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

  286. I ordered two pair of capris and a pair of jeans. To date, I have not received them. This is the second notice I have sent you. PLEASE respond.

  287. I placed an order 7-6-2018, I had a response the12th. I tried the tracking number, and it gave me orders for1-27-2017. What is going on? I would like to know if and when I will be getting my order.

    • This has been the most unacceptable service I have ever received from any company. On Sept 6, 2018 my order for two pair of size 7.5 shoes was sent, but one of them in the package was size 8.5. I spoke with customer On Oct 2 I received a replacement–again the wrong size. I spoke with CS again, told them to cancel the order, remove the charge for shipping and I was told I would not be billed again for the returned item. Guess what! I received my bill on Nov 3 with the original return shipping charge removed and two more added on. On Nov. 5 and 6 I tried calling CS to again fix this. I could not get thru the first day –referred back to the number I was on. Today I was on the phone over 1hour trying to get thru. I was to get a call pack in 3 minutes but after 30 minutes, no call. I called again, told wait time was 10 minutes, no option for call back. After another 30 minutes I gave up.

  288. Hi My name is janice i return a pair of sneaker for a different size about 3 weeks ago and have not heard any thing. would like to know if you got them. thank you

  289. UI’ve written to your company requesting “tall” be added to your women’s catalog. I love some of your style clothes and would like to purchase them (along with my daughter who is also tall) but we cannot wear average sizes. Do you think this can be done in the near future?

  290. My order was supposed to be delivered by today, “end of day”, as the email said. I was looking forward to getting this order on time. I NEEDED to get this order on time. I am extremely disappointed and will reconsider ordering from Haband again.


  292. You said that my first order there is no shipping charge,however i am being charged $8.99 for my order which i have not received yet.Please explain or am i being ripped off.

  293. Absolutely the most frustrating merchandise purchasing experience of my life!
    COULD NOT UNDERSTAND THE SPEAKING OF FOUR (4) different ladies in trying to place an order. Had to ask them to repeat at least once on every exchange of dialog!

  294. I have a question about the last part of order number 9136124 placed on July 18; 2018. We received the two pair of pants and have not received the shoe order. Has it been shipped.?

  295. Sorry customer service They send you to another number an that number sends you back. I paid $29 plus $10 ship on a credit card. The item would not work so I sent it back. Never received a refund but I did get a bill for shipping an now they’re reporting my to the credit bureau. DO NOT ever shop with these people.

  296. Can my mother have a reprive on her late fees? She has been in and out of the hospital and nursing home since July 9th and I (her son) has just come across this late bill. Mom is usually good about paying her bills, but as of late she has been sick and broken several ribs. If ypu would waive the late fee for last month I would you a check for the $117.20 plus interest let me know asap. Steve

  297. We have ordered for years, but the last time, with my husbands tennis shoes coming the wrong color, & the hassle, they wore out before they were 6 months old. You buy inferior products, so please take us off your mailing list, & I believe you owe us a refund. We are so very disappointed, how can you in good faith take our money?

  298. We have ordered for years, but the last time, with my husbands tennis shoes coming the wrong color, & the hassle, they wore out before they were 6 months old. You buy inferior products, so please take us off your mailing list, & I believe you owe us a refund. Our customer # 0337-672-844 source code 17T. We are so very disappointed, how can you in good faith take our money? Looking at the comments, I realize you should close operations, but not before you send us a refund. Look up the account.

  299. My mother (80) seen their ad in VFW magizine and ordered $80 worth of shirts for my father (83) and a veteran. They set her up with their credit card thru Comenity Bank. They never got the shirts but they did get the bill for the charges on the card. After a month or two talking to them still didn’t get the shirts. By then the Comenity takes on late fees and interest. Final frustrated my father canceled the card and paid it off. $180. Never got shirts. Now 8 months later, Comenity Bank is back wanting late fees and interest. Because buy the time they, Comenity, credit the account the $180 another late fee of $35 was added. So now they want late fees and interest on that $35. Both these companies are a scam. VFW magazine is getting contacted shortly about why they allow this!

  300. I just place an order yesterday with the idea I would get 25% off a $25 order and free shipping. When given the total there was no discount. Plus I tried placing an order for a couple tops and you are already out of stock on colors that are just coming out??? B3617 3/4 selve turenics Ky z7 LT in 2xl

  301. Please cancel my Haband VIP plus subscription immediately. I did not authorize the credit card to be charged monthly. The credit card number was not authorized to be kept. I will call my credit card company and ask them to not accept those charges. Otherwise I am happy with your products and services. Thank you, Diane Lee

  302. Thanks for letting me know you got my returned item. I’ll watch for the refund on my credit card statement. Good job.

  303. I ordered 3 pairs of blue denim cargo pants & received them; however they were not what I expected, so I kept one pair & returned 2 pair for a credit to my credit card. I received notice that you had received my returns on Aug.31, 2018 and then on Sept.3,2018 that you were giving me a credit to my visa in the amount of $19.99 for order # 9168435 . My return not, even opened, was 2 identical pair so why didn’t you credit my visa for 2 times $19.99 instead of only one pair. This is really confusing and I really hated all 3 pairs, but kept one pair out of the goodness of my heart. Please correct this error!

  304. i have been a customer for over 12 years, but all good things come to an end i was sold an outmoded dell computer without notice it was outmoded, when i wrote and asked for a credi back on my haband card i recieved no reply from customer svc, i keep recievng noticed im vp customerhahait appears that just swolow the 199.00 loss and order no more, everone should becautios on ordering electronics from habansd, mosy aere used and ot of date

  305. I ordered from Haband catalog (source code F709-61J); when I applied the free shipping promo code, the order form would not accept it. Please apply that to my order and rebate my shipping costs.

  306. The absolute worst customer service ever. It’s not even my order, I’m just trying to get their garbage back to them. They keep shipping garbage to my house for someone who hasn’t owned my house in 6 months. They can’t answer anything. It’s ok I will just throw the garbage where it belongs, the dumpster.

  307. To whom it may concern: On 9/6/2018, I placed an order for some items to dress for women of 4 knit pants (page 47) and 2-pc. Simulated pearl and crystal stretch bracelet set (page 52) in the amount of $ 6l.95, plus $ 8.95 for the delivery of 3 to 5 days, in check # 0716 dated 9/6/18, with the offer of I send free in my order of $ 25.00 or more, using the promo code X2C … After 18 days, I have not received the ordered items, so Haband has not complied with the deadline or delivery conditions, and has not communicated with me to make some clarification, so I beg to return the value of $ 8.95 of the additional shipment, for the lack of compliance, and I expect from Haband, an explanation about it … .

  308. To whom it may concern: On 9/6/2018, I placed an order for some items to dress for women of 4 knit pants (page 47) and 2-pc. Simulated pearl and crystal stretch bracelet set (page 52) in the amount of $ 6l.95, plus $ 8.95 for the delivery of 3 to 5 days, in check # 0716 dated 9/6/18, with the offer of I send free in my order of $ 25.00 or more, using the promo code X2C … After 18 days, I have not received the ordered items, so Haband has not complied with the deadline or delivery conditions, and has not communicated with me to make some clarification, so I beg to return the value of $ 8.95 of the additional shipment, for the lack of compliance, and I expect from Haband, an explanation about it …

  309. I need to cancel an order> cusomer number is 0383829504 and order number is 006278628. please refund. thank you Lillie Garrett

  310. I was told that my credit card was not accepted. Checking with my visa they said that bank had a two day delay due to some new ruling on deposits or something??Nothing wrong with my visa account. Would you please put it through again as you are not shipping until you hear from me that it is okay. In case you have a wrong number, my visa is 4270 8250 1199 3578. My order was ready for shipping. Can you send it now?? I have had no problems with other companies.

  311. I placed an order on 10-3-18. I used a prepaid MasterCard. I just finished using the balance on the card yesterday, which was leftover after placing your order and one from another company.
    I have been waiting all week for the order to arrive.
    Today, I get a phone call saying there was a payment problem!! Why did it take a week for you to let me know there was a “supposed” problem!! Now giving you the same information the person I spoke with tells me it will be ANOTHER 3 days before the order will even be processed!! Then another week before shipped!!
    The other company processed my order and I had my purchase two days later!
    I have done business with you in the past and have never had any problem. This time is just too much hassle!!
    I will definitely think twice before I try ordering again from you!

  312. I placed an order on 10-3-18. I used a prepaid MasterCard. I just finished using the balance on the card yesterday, which was leftover after placing your order and one ofrom another company.
    I have been waiting all week for the order to arrive.
    Today, I get a phone call saying there was a payment problem!! Why did it take a week for you to let me know there was a “supposed” problem!! Now giving you the same information the person I spoke with tells me it will be ANOTHER 3 days before the order will even be processed!! Then another week before shipped!!
    The other company processed my order and I had my purchase two days later!
    I have done business with you in the past and have never had any problem. This time is just too much hassle!!
    I will definitely think twice before I try ordering again from you!

  313. My husband ordered two pairs of pants and a shirt in August aand the wrong
    size was sent. We literlly hand carried these from Tennessee to where thd hanand
    company is along with Blair. We gave the package to a man in the officed who
    was supposed to take care of this and call Haband and the right sized to be
    sent. As October 18 we have not heard anything from Haband. We will not
    be ordering anything else from them until this is settled and we have ordered
    alot of articles from them. They should have the courtesy to return our mail
    in someway to adknowledge the return

  314. My order #6546461 placed on 10/3/18. Did not receive FD10-20-03-04 Athletic Pants Grey. Did receive the other two item ordered. but the pants were not with them. What shall I do?

  315. I had returned clothing items that were not acceptabile sizes. They were returned today with a letter that the items were not 2with-in the 90 day return period. I was in the hospital for over a month and was not able to return the items then.
    I have been a good customer for several years and found this to be very disappointing customer service.
    If this is not addressed it will leave me no option other than not doing business with you again.
    An order received yesterday for mattress covers was suppose to include a free radio and mug. Thos items were not in the bag.order #6549374

  316. I received a email Oct 17 2018 thanking me for my orders also the have me a confirmation number #9337231. Now haban d is saying that they cannot find where I even placed a order! How can I st a email and confirmation no. If I didn’t place a order? My credit card was charged $60.39. Where’s my order?????

  317. I got a letter from you saying that my order was 90.94 it was suppose to put it on my Haband credit card what is going on with this order

  318. I cannot talk to a PERSON! My order of 9339374 was placed on 10-18-2018. It is for two pair of pants, wine colored and camel colored. Today is November 1, 2018 and I HAVE STILL NOT RECEIVE3D IT!!! Either send me that order or credit my account ending in 0624.

  319. I ordered a fleece top in size 2X and received a medium. Now you want me to pay $10 to return the item when it was your error? I don’t think so. Please remove my name from your email and mailing lists as I won’t be purchasing any more items from your company. Thank goodness I didn’t use a credit card to pay or I’d have to be worried about that too.

  320. My name is kurian Sksria, 12017 Ferndale st., Philadelphia, PA. 19116 Tel. 215 676 4995 e-mail More than 20 years I was a customer of Haband .My last shipment you charge me a shipping charge. I ordered by on line, and I sent a promotion code for free shipping. I called the customer service,she said she cannot do any thing. I said OKAY. PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR TAKE MY MAILING ADDRESS OUT OF YOUR MAILING LIST. PLEASE PLEASE Thank you. Kurian Skaria

  321. I’m getting upset about all the emails you are sending me and no info on my order haven’t heard if it’s been shipped no tracking # nothing quit with all the e-mails and send me my order

  322. I ordered “New Balance” sneakers, men size 12 EE, with Velcro (not lace ups)
    I received my e-mail the next day showing “lace up” which I can not use. was told by customer service I would have to received the wrong ones, then ship them back. I only ordered the last night but she said it’s too late. It is not my fault they chose to send the wrong shoes but they want me to go to the trouble of shipping them back. Not good business. Please refund my credit card account.

  323. Your catalog displays a christmas tree, states the price is 39.99 each.
    when I attempted to order the tree on line the check out price was 59.99. When I applied the promo code X2Y the price did not change. My husband had a recent bad experience with your firm and said I was a fool to even order anything from you. After this experience I feel he may be right.

  324. Re: Order # 009279504 Item is back ordered and this is to confirm that I would like delivery when it becomes available. Thank you

  325. Re: Order # 009279504 Item is back ordered and this is to confirm that I would like delivery when it becomes available. Thank you

  326. I have tried to place an order by phone and email without success! I have several items in catalog that list buy 2 and save various amounts of money according to item!

    For example item 1641K list save $6 when you buy 2 which is $11.99 @ but when trying to order by phone and email it comes up $14.99 @!

    I have over $200.00 items to order! I have never had trouble before!

  327. to whom it may concern.
    Sometime ago earlier this year I ordered your special deal for pants and belts for my husband. when they arrived the merchandise was not satisfactory and didn’t fit my husband at all. I immediately put everything back into your package. Unfortunately I fell and broke my shoulder bone. Being much involved with doctors and rehab I overlooked mailing it. I did mail the merchandise back to you not thinking I should have called Haband earlier and. Foolishly thinking that all was well. Then I started getting bills for the late fees. To date I have given Comedity bank a total of $55.98 for billings of late fees. When I first begun to receive bill from Haband after my return I ignored thm due to the fact you already had the merchandise. We are Seniors living on SS only. Paying bills has always been my priority. However, when I receive bills for merchandise returned I automatically ignore them. Harassment is not a word used freely, I have called in both payments to your Bank. Every month I receive bills for late fees. How can anyone have late fees from returned items. We pay our monthly bills as soon as we receive our Social Security payment. I beg of you to erase all charges your bank keeps billing me. I have spoken to so many people trying to explain why I ignore their harassment. this is becoming very upsetting to me. Would you please demand they stop contacting us for more and more late fees.. I owe you nothing and have paid out monies under protest. As of date I cannot recommend anyone to accept a credit card from you. There is a danger to that, especially to people well over 65. Last month I became very frustrated with my conversation over the phone and ended up telling them to close my account. Then I was told later that it is too late for them to help me because the account is closed. Thank God for that one. However, my point is I am begging you to erase all charges being made on my Closed and grossly overpaid late fees. Please call me to verify that I owe you nothing and I was grossly overcharged 973-948-4465 At my age this has not only become a great burden financially it also is most upsetting to me.

  328. I ordered a red plaid shirt, after one washing there are two holes where the shirt is falling apart at the seems. Can’t return it because I do not have my receipt..

  329. We ordered The Omega walkers sneakers, & after many problems with delivery, wrong colors, etc, they fell apart within a few months. I can’t believe such shoddy material, & we never got an answer to our inquirey of 3/3/18. At least be polite enough to address the problem, but wait, I see many complaints, what is that all about? I wish you could refund our money, it is a shame we continued with the order when we had so many problems. Shame on Haband!!!

  330. returned item to habamd and item received by haband end of november and still no credit as of 12/25/2018. DON”T BUY FROM THEM..

  331. Loretta Behrens ordered 32503 puffer jacket in m. it was to small so ordered and returned the m but reordered in L. was wondering if you have received it . and if another has been shipped?


  333. I was charged $14.87 for something that I did NOT order. I think this is come kind of a scam, and will report it to the BBB, if not taken off my so called account.

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