Contact H20 Wireless Customer Service

Contact H20 Wireless Customer Service

Contacting H20 Wireless Customer Service Center

H20 Wireless is a mobile phone company that appears to work primarily with the GSM network. GSM is outdated cellular technology, but it does allow the company to offer cheaper pricing plans with no long-term commitment or credit check. Customers simply order a SIM card or purchase a phone with an applicable calling plan. You can upgrade to 4G for Internet access, but not for cellular phone coverage.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Callers will reach an H20 Wireless customer service representative between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m. Monday to Friday or 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. If you have an account with H20 Wireless, do not call from your mobile phone. You will be asked to hang up and call back after spending several minutes working through the automated system.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-643-4926

Mailing Address

H20 Wireless customer service work for Locus Telecom. There is no customer service address for H20 Wireless, but there is an address for the business behind the mobile phone company. Address your letter to the corporate office at:

Locus Telecom Attn: Customer Service 2200 Fletcher Ave. 6th Fl. Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Official Website

Shop phones, mobile plans and SIM cards on the H20 Wireless customer service website at Phone prices range from $30 for a basic phone to nearly $200 for a refurbished iPhone 3GS, as of 2013. It looks like H20 Wireless sells the phones other companies have discontinued or left behind and phones that did not make the consumer cut.

Social Media

Social media is important to all sorts of businesses, including mobile phone and Internet companies. Current or potential customers can log in to their favorite social media account to connect with H20 Wireless customer service with general questions or comments.

Customer Service Email

Contacting H20 Wireless by phone is the fastest means of receiving an answer to product or account questions, but when you are too busy to call or you simply want to skip the person-to-person contact, you can email a representative, go about your day and read the answer at your convenience.

Our Experience

Reaching H20 Wireless customer service requires working through an automated system and a list of options. You can press 1 to purchase airtime, 2 to activate your service, 3 for customer service, 4 for instructions for adding airtime or 5 for instructions for voicemail. You will be given a new list of options in the new menu or you can simply press 6 to connect with a customer service representative. You will listen to a few messages and you will need to press 6 again to reach a representative. The system is a little confusing and the agent who picked up the call had a strong accent.

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21 Comments on “Contact H20 Wireless Customer Service
  1. Sir do yall do insurance on yall phone service. See I need to have insurance pick on my phone.i got a mega galaxy. Thank you.

  2. will you please send me another information on my contact so i can keep it on my record. and i want to know how much it is to get another phone please sir.

  3. will you please send me another information on my contact so i can keep it on my record. and i want to know how much it is to get another phone please sir.

    The Rep said i had to call to receive

  4. I’m writing to complain about two wireless phone numbers me and my wife pay every month. First 9176033845, and my wife’s 9175280958. I have automatic payments that come out of my disability monthly check I get on the the 3rd of each month. Your company tried to charge me before on the 30th. Then you disconnect my service. The same went for my wife, her payments were to be paid by a master card, and you charged too early. You blame my bank declining, and the credit card declining. This mistake is two too many. Do I need to change wireless companies. I’m not going back and forth with the bank, credit card company to try to find out what happened. I want my 10% discount for both lines for paying with debit, and master card. I hope this does’nt happen again. Lets see what happens next month……………..

  5. Even if I did use my phone as a business phone I still wouldn’t have 17 text messages coming out of my account at one time then it’s not even a phone number it’s like a five digit code coming in so I know it’s from you guys you guys already charged my credit card $63 and never put the minutes on my account you took the time that what it came with the chick that I got from my phone and barely gave it to me on for Sim cards I had to use to get it right you guys are really not Aunt for this job the same person that I call every single day speaks to me on the phone the same gentleman and then every now and then a lady gets on the phone who really has no idea what she’s talking about it all she’s just clueless as everyman I talk to you so here’s what I’m going to do anybody who knows any type of business in America knows that even foreigners work for company there is somebody American working for that company to soak the fact that every person I talk to her salon is probably a red flag but anyhow I’m calling my attorney and I’m giving her all this information that I told you I wouldn’t give her if you could my count the amount that I get eight you guys are liars you chip people and you’re always ripping off the American hard workinformation man or woman. I canceled my credit card I hope you try charge it again because they will come directly to where you are in a rest the person that puts the number through so I’m waiting on you do that go ahead try to again and I promise everything I told you I would do which I’m pretty sure that if you say you’re recording conversations you got it last time I talk to you I will not stop any procedure on putting into place and I’m putting it into play Monday morning you don’t have a chance to call me back I don’t want to hear from you guys you guys are bad in business I would ours everybody not to use HT won’t because they gypped people.

  6. I can’t understand what going on with the customer service line my phone been off since this morning I called like 50times no answer .Everybody gone on vacation or lunch . Too horrible

  7. I really need to speak to someone about this not being able to pay Bill I am out of town right now I need my phone please

  8. What’s the point of having unlimited data service if at any time you pass your limit and they turn off or as they say suspend your service. WHAT IS THIS!!!! UNLIMITED MEANS: NO LIMIT!!!!

  9. I am currently in Hawthorne,NV 89415. Your service map is quite confusing. I currently have no service. Could you please tell me if I should or should not have service. Is this a coverage area? If so what do I need to do for my att Nokia Lumina 635 prepaid phone. Respectfully submitted.

  10. H2O has sent me two defected phone consecutively. I am still without a working phone after also 6 months while H2O continues to debit my account. I am Johnnie Nixon

  11. I tried so many times to reach the department who can give me my account
    number because I need it. No body can not take care of me for my call. Can I
    please send me or call me to get my account number. It is really frustrating.
    Thank you,

  12. I went to the H2O shop at Far Headingly, Leeds to arrange a standing order system to ensure that my bill was always in credit. There I encountered the worst salesman I have met. He was too busy selling a transfer to his system to find out what I needed, although I tried to tell him. He told me to sign up to a new system which appears to have deleted all my installed addresses. How do I reverse this commitment before I go on holiday later this week?

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