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Contacting Gucci Customer Service Center

Gucci is more of an icon than the name of a clothing and accessories line. The company was started in the 1920s by Guccio Gucci, a former Savoy Hotel employee. With innovation and art in mind, the brand grew over the next few decades until Gucci passed in 1953. His four sons took over the business and built it to the powerhouse of fashion it is today. In the beginning, however, Gucci was all about handbags and only handbags.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Number

The Gucci customer service staff is available from 8 AM to 8 PM ET Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 6 PM ET Saturday. Agents can answer questions about products, place orders and tend to complaints and compliments.

  • Gucci Phone Number: 1-877-482-2430
  • Repair Service: 1-800-234-8224
  • Sunglasses: 1-800-850-3919

Mailing Address

Finding a mailing address for Gucci was not as easy as we thought it would be. The company shares just about every other piece of contact information on the front page, but that address is just nowhere to be found. Finally, after searching everywhere we found the address for Gucci Online in the privacy policy.

Gucci Online Shopping695 5th AveNew York, NY 10022


GAI Fashion Repairs50 Hartz WaySeacaucus, NJ 07094


Safilo Group Attn: Sunglasses801 Jefferson RdParsippany, NJ 07054

Official Website

Gucci is an ultra high-end company with a website located at You can view the latest styles/trends and order Gucci products online. Gucci is known for women’s bags, but the company also sells men’s clothing and accessories.

Social Media

Consumer companies were some of the first to use social media sites to connect with customers. Gucci offers multiple pages so every customer can make at least one connection.

Customer Service Email

We found two email addresses for Gucci customer service on the Contact Us page. The first is for online orders and the second for the repair service. We did not find a general customer service email address.

Our Experience

Gucci customer service is available for limited hours Monday to Friday. After listening to the welcome message, you can choose from various options. If you press 0 during the welcome message, it will be disregarded. You can press 1 for order help or Gucci online help, press 2 for repairs and press 3 for corporate. We asked the agent to locate information on a pair of sneakers available online. The agent found the sneakers quickly using the product number we provided and was able to give us details about the shoe. However, the details were identical to the information listed online.

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90 Comments on “Contact Gucci Customer Service
  1. Yesterday, my spouse entered the gucci store with intentions to buy me an anniversary gift. I was informed that right when they entered the store they were rudely greeted and followed by security. I think this is an example of the worst customer service experience. No one offered to assist him nor even acknowldged his exsistence. Then, as he was finalizing his purchase a woman was criticizing my spouse due to his appearance. I am furious with gucci’s rude customer service and as a frequent customer i will not be returning to this location. I hope you can do something about this issue. I feel that my spouse has been profiled and discriminated against because of his appearance. If this does not get resolved i will take further action.

  2. Called and got no respose my husband got me great pair of shoes but wrong sz this was Christmas went on vac came back home got called away one of my children got very ill well long story short four months later got to store and was told you didn’t read the return didn’t want money back just needed 1/2 sz smaller told couldn’t help me smh will not get anything again in life from you customer service what happen to it .

  3. I have been a devout, loyal customer of Gucci since the 1960’s. What happened to you? It isn’t that I can’t afford the most exquisite flat, thong sandals in the world. You charge $495, which is unacceptable for skimpish sandals. This is so, so sad, because you will lose in the end.
    Penny Shane

  4. I bought a black Gucci watch, whilst wearing it, one day it just fell off. I took it to Trafford centre, Gucci shop, were they sent it off to the workshop.
    I was contacted after 2 week and they said the repair was down to a faulty bracelet on the watch and would coast £30 + VAT for the repair. I was not happy because it was no fault of my own the link came apart it was a faulty bracelet, but I agreed for the repair to be done. A month past so I got restless and contacted them again to see were it was, I got passed to pillar to post. I was told several times I would be contacted. No one called or had any information on my watch. I received a call yesterday, this being the second call after 3 month, On the first call from Gucci, they verbally confirmed a price. I was told yesterday that Gucci mad a mistake and the watch isn’t fix and would now cost me £280.00 if I wish the repair to be carried out. I think this is appalling and to have a verbal contract with a good customer and then not to stand by there word is disgraceful, I will not be buying any more Gucci products and will be passing on this horrible experience with my friends and family.

  5. bought a 400.00 pair of sandals from Gucci. 3rd time I wore them the Gucci symbol fell of.. took them to the store and they said it would cost 100.00 for them to put it back on!!!!!!!!!!! my mother in law then bought me a purse and the clasp that holds it to the purse breaks in 2….they want 100 to fix it……never do business with them again!!! crappy products at very high prices.
    the store in Philadelphia has the RUDEST sales associates who act like they are doing you the favor of selling you their product. please. Vuitton is just next door and I will take my business to them instead!

  6. I purhased abekt for my son at the store in Skoane Street today the 12th June .I specified I needed one that was 85cm,The assistant tod ne she had one and promptly gift wrapped it.When I got home I measured it only to fins it was 107cm in length!!
    I cannot abide deceipt.I am not local to the area so will have to make another trip to change it.I will be be contacting the store manager to make an official complaint about the sales assistant.Is this kind of deceitful sales encouraged?

  7. So I have my perfume Gucci guilty , and the last 10 mls remains in the dottle due to the fact the plastic pump doesn’t go right down to the bottom, perfume for me is a treat and money is tight, there is no way of un doing the bottle in any way, grrrrrrrrrrrr

  8. Don’t ever buy something at the gucci online store.
    You will have to wait weeks till you receive your purchase.
    Customer service is very bad, I had to write them 3 emails every time before
    Getting any responce at all.
    Never again!

  9. I bought a gucci purse in San Francisco and in a couple yearsvlater the strap of my purse is broken brought it to the store for repair after couple months they send it to me stating the price of repair to change the handle strap is $150.00 i just had a baby and not intention to spend that extra money for the bag that is worth $650.00 after 6 months i decided to bring back my purse to repair since i had the money couple months later they sent me back the bag stating sorrybthey cant fix the bag because the parts is nonlonger available. Bottom line i am stack with my broken purse. Wasted my money. Guccibis a high end boutique but such a bad reputation for ot taking good care of their customers i dont know how they stay in business. We should do something to stop this nonesense. They didnt offer some discounts in order for me to uy a new purse. No mercy and bad bad customer service. I am very very disappointed and unhappy customer. Non planning of buying any more gucci until they learn to solve the problems

  10. Brought a pair a Gucci sneakers, that had to be repaired because the sole came apart from the shoe. Sent to repair and was without sneakers for about 3 months, they came back in claiming that they were fixed. Wore the sneakers two times and again the sole came part from the shoe. Again sent for repair and was without sneakers for another 3 months. Received the sneakers back in the mail saying that there was nothing that they could do. Called customer service and they said if they cannot repair they just ship back. After not having use of my sneakers for a total of 6 months and them not being repaired the first time, I thought I may have been provided with a voucher for the cost in order to replace my item. However, I was told that this was not possible. I think that is poor customer service. Considering the $500 I spent for the sneakers and the additional $125 that I had to pay for a repair which did not last, I hoped to have been receiving something in return from the company other than sorry they are not repairable. When spending this amount of money for something we are hoping that it will last. Proceed with caution when purchasing sneakers, they may look nice but not sold on the quality. I was planning on buying another pair before this incident, and now I know I will not be buying any shoes and probably not any products from Gucci. Feeling unappreciated as a customer.

  11. Hello.
    I study fashion design degree sem3 .I’d like to move to usa and id like to work for Gucci.may you help me how can I reach my it possible?
    Thank you

  12. My mother have baught a gucci sunglasses in the 1985. She is still wearing it to date, & it didn’t need any repair throughout the 28 years. She is wondering if gucci might launch a similar design since she insists to wear this design.
    The sunglass reference : GG 2420/S
    Thank u

  13. I went into the Gucci store in selfridges London, and I asked for a 8 and was given an 8 and a half. I told the assistant that it felt a bit big but he assures me that this was the way it was supposed to fit. It was when I got home I realised that I had been deceived an sold a completely different size than I’d asked for. I live miles away from London an I am faced with having to return my shoes another day wasted tut tut. Bad customer service

  14. Hello im gucci is my best brand and my small girls used to were gucci sence they born now they are five and six years they only wereing gucci only gucci and they have foto genick face them drem to jouin gucci to but them picture in the gucci cataloge than you

  15. I wanted to pass on how underwhelmed I am with the lack of customer service at GUCCI. I ordered a custom made pair of shoes while in Italy and am just now receiving them. The timeline I expected, the horrible attitude in an email response asking for tracking info was not. I received an email from Valentina in Rome Italy to not contact here about any questions regarding things. And so you understand the ramifications of this matter, I have 3 GUCCI Stores that I used to frequent that I will no longer go to in my area now. I will take all of my business to LV and Ferragamo and other high end retailers.

  16. Dear lady and gentleman

    i`ve already purchased from your company and i`m happy with it. Due to high quality this product, i`m desiring to purchase again. I have demand to inform me if replacement is possible whether the product is damaged or the size is inconvenient.

    thank you for your patince and cooperation
    yours sincerely
    maryam ranjbar

  17. I brought a gucci 3600m watch years ago and like many the g bezel fell of and it’s near impossible to get a replacement I asked in a shop 250 pound the watch is not even worth that now all you get is terrible service and cocky responses so now left with a watch that’s useless that cost 750 pound at the time I think the best way to go about it is like them on Facebook then put a complaint so more people will see I haven’t got recipe due to buying years ago poor show.

  18. Iv bn having problems with sizes at gucci especially the sneakers cause I a zig zag lace up but the lady at the store in cape town south africa said they don’t have a size 4 & 5 wich is (38 &39 uk) I really hope gucci designers will work on these sizes matter.

  19. I bought a Gucci G. Watch Rose colour in August of 2012 I’m not please with the product the rose colour gold has brushed of and now is yellow gold and that is brushing of this watch cost me $800.00 that is not a cheap watch, what kind of product are they selling, I have a few Gucci watches and none of them have lost their colour accept for this one. I took the watch to a jeweller and they send out to Gucci and they said in order to fix it, it will cost me $800.00 I can buy a new watch, very disapointed!!!!!!!

  20. Hi-
    I sent my Gucci watch off for repairs before Christmas to NJ. I was really hesitate at first because I really didn’t feel comfortable sending off a very expensive item thru the mail. I called about a week later to make sure it made it and it did. I spoke to Becky on numerous occasions and she was very professional and was able to take my watch repair payment over the phone. She also sent me a receipt and was able to tell me how long the repair would take.
    I received my watch in the mail yesterday and it looks brand NEW and Gucci was kind enough to give me a free pretty watch bezel. Thank you to Gucci for putting my fears to rest and offering great customer service!

    Kathryn Kaltwang

  21. I received an e-mail 2 months after I dropped a purse off at the Gucci store in Chicago. Not only did it take forever to get back an e-mail, you state you’ll only hold the bag for 30 days AND charge me $60. That is totally wrong in so many ways. I paid $1400 for this bag—it never should have gone back to be repaired in the first place. And if it had to go back, you damn sure shouldn’t have charged me for it. This is not a bag that comes out of a trunk in New York.
    I purchased another Gucci bag in Vegas—however after this treatment, I will never buy another one!!!
    You should take better care of your customers, whether middle class or rich!!!!!

  22. When my very expensive Gucci sunglasses broke at the joint after only one month and showing no signs of abuse, they exchanged them with a similar but much poorer quality version. No one to complain to, no one will help me.


  23. I purchased an orange Gucci handbag for my wife early 2014 for about A$2000. She hardly use it at all but the leather/ color faded( less than 6 months ). This is completely inferior comparing to her LV handbag which is 4 years old and still in great shape. We made complaint to Gucci only top be advise there is nothing they can do. What a joke.

  24. I purchased an orange leather handbag for my wife early 2014.
    My wife used it for five times, she swapped with other handbags, ie LV and Burberry. To our shocked, the color/ leather deteriorated. Contacting Gucci office adds to our dismay as we were told there is nothing Gucci can do. What a joke.

  25. Dear Sir / Madam

    I am writing to complain about my shoes that I bought one year ago from Italy from the shop L’Angolo in Corso Roma,Cuneo. My shoes soon were broken. I did not copmlain that time because was tiny broken but after a while more and more the shoues’s material has been boken more and more.

    I would like to know how l can resolve my problem. I am disappointed that renowed brand as Gucci can have so low quality

    I would like to resolve my shoes problem in Birmingham in the UK because l am living here.
    I look forward to your reply as soon as posible.

    Yours Faithfully
    Gabriela Calin

  26. I have been a frequent customer of Gucci for many years. I’ve come to notice that the Gucci eye glass frames are poorly made and over priced.I own six pair of Gucci eye glasses and the Gucci symbol is completely tarnished.Its very upsetting because I have tried everything to make them look better but nothing works.I believe Gucci should be held accountable for these poorly made products.I would appreciate repair or replacements.Nevertheless I still love Gucci.

  27. I am very disappointed by the service provided by gucci kolkata store.I bought gunglasses from there which were defective and when asked them to repair it the response I got ws “mam we specialise in bags and cant repair sunglasses and they asked me to go to some local sunglass store.I said I dont xpect such repky from gucci specially being a regular buyer and in that case please mention at your sunglass rack that buy at your own risk.and I said I am vety disappointed before walking out of the store..the response to that was “yaa maam”.honestly being a regular customer I am genuinlly very disapoointed and will higly be obliged if some action is taken asap..thanking you.

  28. I gave my damaged handbag to store in South Africa and they reply alert few days that the material of the bag was made wet or some sort sofa chemical used it is not true as the fabric on some spots are damaged and some not. It is an excuse to clients I paid big bugs for it. This is excuse to clients not a brand that excepts it responsibility
    Very sorry to deal with such a company

  29. I have recently awarded myself for my birthday with a Gucci guilty perfume. I wanted it for such a long time and at the end I just gave in and spent 100 dollars on what was the perfume of my dreams. I am so so disappointed. This perfume is pure scented water, it stayed on me for like 7 minutes after i have poured half liter on myself. I have tried testers of it and they would stay on me like all day and I was satisfied a lot. But this, this is beyond words. I have busted my ass to buy this for myself. Never again.

  30. I recently had my sunglasses in for repair because two tiny little
    Screw came off. It is still under warranty, but the
    Service takes so long. I had them in 25 October 2014
    Till now it hasn’t neen sent back to perth. I had used
    Oroton brand for 3 years n had no problem. With
    Gucci sunglasses I paid 3 times the price but within
    5-6 months, screw fall out. Isn’t Gucci a big company n
    Known for its name? Something that the company
    Should look into? Thank you.

  31. I called you’re customer service line today regarding buying some sneakers but had a question about the colour they come in. The Asian lady who took my call could not understand a word I said and I couldn’t understand her. When I tried explaining about the colour her reply was “you can’t order them, its Christmas and you should try looking in January” then abruptly hung up. That wasn’t even the answer to the question I asked for. Shocking customer service and I’ve really went off the sneakers now as I don’t like the service I’ve received.

  32. At the outset, a very happy new year to Gucci.May you succeed as always in the new year. Please redress my greavence. I am an ardent fan of Gucci products.My family were celebrating our New Year at the exciting destination of DUBAI.I purchased the following from the Mall of Emirates–
    Gucci- OUD for men 75 ml
    – Premiere for woman 75ml
    – G

  33. I always use Gucci Guilty! So i got one as a gift from my boyfriend! I open the box to use it, the metal glued on the bottle falls down! And i was surprised to see a spider on the bottle and i threw the bottle away! Its unaccaptale!!!!

  34. I just want to say that Gucci being high end . Has terrible customer service. I dropped off a bag for repairs, and tried calling on the statis on the bag , when I couldnt get thru left several messages for someone to call me back . No response. So then I called Watch repairs and told the person how upset I was and that I wanted the number to corporate to complain and some how she got a hold of someone to answer my questions on my repair. Every time I called I was put on hold and the music was so depressing , then a recording would come on and if I wanted someone to call me back leave my number and repair number and someone would get back to me. Well that didn’t happen , I’ve left several messages and no response . Just very disappointed with Gucci not at all what I expected.

  35. Gucci being one of the most high end suppliers with extremely high quality goods. Has the worst customer service ive ever dealt with. it angers me to think that a company with such a rich reputation could ignore its customers, if they didnt ignore you they would send a message that did not answer your question. i think they recruit anyone and everyone as the people dont know gucci clothes/accesories even as much as i do it disgusts me that the small time businesses like the place where i work have brilliant customer service and support and they arent making much money but why should gucci turn over nearly 20 billion pounds a year with such terrible customer service im thinking about not shopping with them again.

  36. Terrible customer service. I dropped off my shoes in September for a very simple heel repair. It’s now April, the event that I wanted the shoes repaired for has passed, and I just received a price quote for the work. I’ve been on-hold for 15+ minutes trying to provide my credit card details to finally have them repaired and sent back. They told me it is another three weeks, by the way, before I receive them. I have called previously over the months to check the status of the shoes, left messages, and was never contacted back. Also, the phone agents have been consistently rude. I am very disappointed.

  37. Really disappointed in Gucci’s customer service. Sent my sunglasses to be repaired which cost me £4.38 postage only to be told as the parts were no longer available they were unable to help. They were over 2 years old had only been used in summer and kept in very good condition. Gucci told me that they were only guaranteed for 1 year. Considering these are classed as luxury items I would expect them to last more than a year. Gucci has a high reputation but need to improve dramatically on their customer service and treat their loyal customers better after all they are the people buying their goods. Sadly I won’t be one of them anymore.

  38. Never ever known a company like this I bought my 3 year old boy Some trainers for Christmas £140 he only wore them 4-5 times the side of the shoes was fraying away soles still looked brand new so I ring them and explain they said send them to us and we will see if we can fix them useally takes upto 4-6 weeks it will be 8 weeks on Saturday since I sent them off by the time they come back they won’t fit him never ever buying anything from them again what gives them the right to keep items you bought this long!!!

  39. Gucci claims to have ultra high end products. Unfortunately they have ultra low end service. The buckle on my high end belt lost a screw and Gucci could not replace it after waiting two months to to find out….

  40. Sales associate Cedric Gray @ Madison ave store in NYC is a credit to the store and to the Gucci brand. He is patient and knowledgeable. The rest of the staff there are also nice. Great experience! Thanks Mr. Gray


  42. I also had another pair of sandles in black which I bought the same day from Gucci store and they also broken its incredeble how soon they broken iv had never had this problem with Gucci . I never knew they had expired dated on them Just 2 weeks I was embarrassed to go back to complain but I knew it was the right thing .just hope they call back soon

  43. Bought a gucci handbag January 2014, the stitches uneven I go to gucci in Woodbury commons. Didn’t hear anything from them after 2 months, I call they can’t find my handbag, what should I do now? Who should I call? Please help!!

  44. Recently I purchased a handbag for $950. At the Woodbury location I came back home to DC and the bag was on sale for $679 I tred numerous times to contact customer service regarding the price difference and to dat I have not received a call. Each time I have called I was put on hold for long periods at a time. When I left a message no one returned my calls. Terrible customer service for the prices that they charge.

  45. I had a bad experience at the Gucci store in Atlantis Bahamas. I was buying a duffel bag for my daughter, for college. I asked if they could get me a new bag, since the one I was purchasing was the “floor model”. I was told that was the last one. The next day after I bought it we saw the same bag on display again, I went in the store and told them I was just here last night and was told I bought the last one. One employee told me we just found it in the back, while another employee came over and said we just got that one in. They lied flat out to us, very disappointed with that store. Since that day was a holiday and there were no new shipments!

  46. I had a bad experience at the Gucci store in Atlantis Bahamas. I was buying a duffel bag for my daughter, for college. I asked if they could get me a new bag, since the one I was purchasing was the “floor model”. I was told that was the last one. The next day after I bought it we saw the same bag on display again, I went in the store and told them I was just here last night and was told I bought the last one. One employee told me we just found it in the back, while another employee came over and said we just got that one in. They lied flat out to us, very disappointed with that store. Since that day was a holiday and there were no new shipments!

  47. I think that gucci is not a good business because they charge to much and I personally think you can by a pair of shoes for £30 wich are just as pretty but will proberly last longer than a pair of £200 or £400 pair of gucci shoes I am only 13 years old but I think that people waste there money on gucci things and can get better value things for a lot less money gucci rip people of for money I may only be 13 but I am not stupid and think that people need to know there is no point in spending hundreds on things that they will grow out of or lose or brake so im saying what I know is true and that many other people will agree with me and one day people will raise your nit that great thank you for listening I hope you understood where I am comming from

  48. I have a steer and I am selling him at a auction, his name is Gucci. I was wondering if they wanted to buy him. Or if anyone woukd want to buy him. Thank you..

  49. I have bought the Gucci guilty handbag spray – but the top from the black vaporiser is broken leaving the item useless – I bought it at the airport and cannot get any joy to resolve it there – how can I get a new dispenser

  50. I sent my sons wallet for repair . u said it did not need repair done ,trying to phone ys impossible .just want wallet sent back to us mrs knox

  51. Hey I love Gucci and I have a couple of belts. Anyways I have this design and in a couple I wonder if you can check it out

  52. Today was the worst experience of my life. My husband and I were invited to the friends and family sale on 33rd street in nyc. We both took the day off and arrived on the line at 7:00am. It was chaos! The security guards lost control of the line due to not having a plan. They never issued numbers or wristlets to the customers who waited patiently for hours. I was at the front of the line being pushed by crazy people.
    How dare Gucci treat you’re hard working faithful customers so rudely. After being on line we and hundreds of people were cursed at and inappropriately dismissed. The doors were locked an hour early for no reason. My husband and I lost a day of work because our friend cordially invited us to shop and regretfully were treated like criminals. Shame on you!!

  53. I made a purchase in the Milan store in mid October.
    A VAT refund form, for Premier Tax Free, was filled out for me, which I took to the Milan Airport on the day of my departure.
    I also had a form for Global Blue from another vendor.
    Both forms were processed on Oct. 24.
    Global Blue posted a refund to my credit card on Oct.28.
    I am still awaiting for the Gucci/Premier Tax Free refund to post.

  54. Management should be aware of the horrible service at your store in Sunrise, Florida. Tuesday, November 23 at 6 pm they made patrons wait in line for over an hour. They would only have 8-11 people into the store at one time as they only wanted one group with a sales agent. They would only allow 1-2 people in at a time and wait until 3-5 people left the store before the allowed 1-2 people in. They were the only store at Sawgrass that had a line. The doorman was rude and argumentative and the staff was not friendly or helpful once you entered the store. The displays were unorganized and look as if they had been picked thru and unkempt. I am a local of this mall and this store and have used a personalized shopper, Meghan, several times. I asked to see her. She came to the front and was nasty with a terrible attitude as well. This is not the way this caliber of a store should operate. There were many designer stores that were friendly,outgoing and helpful. Shame on the manager and leadership for allowing this type of behavior in retail.

  55. As you know it’s the weekend before Christmas. I am standing outside the Gucci outlet store at Sawgrass Mills and have been here for over an hour. They do not let people in the store because they don’t have enough sales people. Six customers have exited the store and no one has been let in, I assume it’s break tome. I think for a company and a designer like Gucci this is unacceptable. I’ve been calling the store and they don’t answer and voice mail is full. I’m sending this from my phone and i. Upset so please forgive my spelling and grammar.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas.
    Delia Lovelle

  56. On 1st of December 2015 I purchased a pair of Gucci coda high top sneakers from your shop within Macy’s department store on 34th street,Manhattan New York. I have somehow lost the receipt and was wondering if you could email me a copy receipt.
    Great service and sneakers
    Chris Brown

  57. I agree with every single person on here that says Gucci has TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I ordered a belt for almost $400, was told OVER NIGHT DELIVERY was gaurunteed by sales rep and stated on Gucci website OVER NIGHT delivery. That was on Dec 19 it’s Dec 26 the day AFTER CHRISTMAS!!! Still NO BELT!! But THEY DID TAKE MY MONEY OUTTA MY ACCOUNT! I have spoke with several sales reps INCLUDING A SUPERVISOR sent SEVERAL EMAILS AND HAVE NOT GOTTEN A RESPONSE BACK! Not to mention THE NASTY, UNHELPFUL SUPERVIVOR! Apparently GUCCI is doing ME THE FAVOR BY TAKING ALMOST $400 from ME FOR A BELT!! I am SHOCKED by how TERRIBLE THEY TREAT their WELL PAYING customers!! I was treated and appreciated more as a customer from Kohl’s for a cheap order than by GUCCI!!! I WILL BE DOING EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO GET THIS INFORMATION TO SOMEONE HIGHER UP WHO MAYBE CARES ABOUT THEIR SH*T service and that’s putting it politely!! Everyone who feels GUCCI’S customer service is UNACCEPTABLE should do exactly what I’m going to do send letters to every address anything I can find connected to GUCCI AND BLAST IT ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Maybe IF IT STARTS EFFECTING THE POCKETS OF THE OWNERS AND BIG SHOTS MAYBE THEY’LL start giving a crap!!! Maybe they’ll ENCOURAGE THEIR STAFF TO NOT LIE TO THEIR WELL PAYING CUSTOMERS, HAVE THEM RETURN CALLS E MAILS ECT, AND SHOULD REALLY CONSIDER NOT CHARGING A CUSTOMER WHO PAID HUNDREDS OR OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR SUNGLASSES, BELTS, SHOES ECT ANOTHER COUPLE HUNDRED TO FIX SOMETHING WITHINTHE FIRST YEAR… BECAUSE WHEN YOURE PAYING THAT KIND OF MONEY IT SHOULDNT BRAKE OR FALL ALART THAT EASILY OR QUICKLY!!!! Amazing how a high end store DOESN’T get that they should be accomadating their customers who pay SO MUCH APPARENTLY TOO MUCH MONEY FOR THEIR MERCHANDISE!!! Gucci may be an EXPENSIVE HIGH END PRICED STORE…. But BY NAME ONLY… EVERYTHING ABOUT GUCCI IS POOR QUALITY ESPECIALLY THE TREATMENT OF THEIR CUSTOMERS… Who by the way PAY YOUR SALARY!!!!!!! Thanks Gucci for giving me insight on exactly how you operate, every customer that is dissatisfied has EXACTLY THE SAME COMPLAINT! NOT a coinsidence that SO MANY CUSTOMERS FIND GUCCI EMPLOYEES RUDE AND UNHELPFUL!!! Maybe the owners should start taking a look at the complaints ppl have and REMEMBER HOW AND WHO STARTED THEIR VERY WEALTHY BUSINESS!!! He was an a Average working class man… Wonder what he’d think about Gucci Sh*tting all over their hard working customers!!??? Never again I’m DONE WITH GUCCI AND I WILL MAKE SURE I CONVIENCE EVERYONE I KNOW TO NEVER PATRONIZE THIS LYING, SNEAKY, RUDE, OVER PRICED, LOW CLASS COMPANY EVER!!!!

  58. I am a fairly liberal person but your latest series of commercials have made it necessary to turn them off if my 11 year old granddaughter is watching tv.
    Sell the brand not SEX. Been done in advertising for years. I am sure your Ad department is too young to remember. Not a fan of censorship but family hours are no longer that. It is a shame.

  59. Terrible. The representatives only know “no” and “we can’t do this” and even had the nerves to say he shook hands with the CEO and he knows they wouldn’t change policy.. I received Christmas gifts from Gucci and the shoes were too big and the belts were a size too small. We only wanted to do an exchange or be given credit for the items rather they were sale items or not but just to lose a lot of money is unwarranted .. They were purchased early but they were also Christmas gifts and you don’t give a gift early..

  60. Worst customer service ever! Paid $500 for sunglasses that I accidentally broke. I then called the customer service line for sunglasses and they said that they were impossible to repair and I would have to get new ones. Well my glasses have been repaired by an amazing company that repairs sunglasses for pretty much no charge. End of story never purchasing anything from Gucci again.

  61. Spettabile Customer Service,
    desidero rappresentare che, in occasione delle Festività recentemente
    trascorse,ho avuto necessità di rivolgermi al vostro negozio di via
    Borgognona in Roma. Voglio comunicare che l’accoglienza riservata a me
    ed a mia figlia da parte del Sig. Antonio Demuru è stata
    ineguagliabile. La Sua professionalità ,la Sua disponibilità,il Suo
    prodigarsi per aiutarci in ogni modo al fine di soddisfare le nostre
    esigenze sono state encomiabili. Non è facile incontrare Persone che
    amano in tal modo il proprio lavoro. Anche gli Operatori che lo
    coadiuvavano,Barbara Giancola e Artur Montis,si sono dimostrati molto
    gentili e professionali.
    Mi è sembrato giusto informare la Direzione e complimentarmi con chi
    opera le scelte e addestra il Personale in un momento storico così
    difficile ,che rende assai raro il riscontro di quanto io ho trovato
    nel vostro Negozio di via Borgognona.
    Cordiali saluti.
    Gabriella Girelli

    Prof. Dott. Gabriella Girelli
    Ordinario di Immunoematologia
    Facoltà di Medicina e Farmacia
    Sapienza Università di Roma
    Direttore Unità Operativa Complessa di
    Immunoematologia e Medicina Trasfusionale
    Azienda Policlinico Umberto I
    Via Chieti,7 00161 Roma
    Tel 0649976536 Fax 0649976501
    email :

  62. I purchased both the Flora silver penny type pendant and bracelet no more than a year ago at a cost of over £700.I am absolutely devastated as the pendant on the bracelet fell of as I was driving it didn’t catch on anything it wasn’t pulled I’m only glad that it did happen when I was driving or else I would have lost it forever.Please can you tell me where I send it to be repaired obviously at no charge to myself the bracelet was purchased in Edinburgh Princess Street.

  63. So disappointed with Gucci Australia customer service, almost 3 months ago I asked for a replacement key ring for my handbag as the current one broke off (poor quality). I got an email 4 weeks later saying its still being ordered, I wrote again just asking for an update and nothing still. That’s just rude, you can answer emails easily. Definitely getting my next purchase from LV.

  64. I am too disappionted at your shop assistant’s service one hour ago and can’t wait to write this complain email to your company.
    Me and my husband walked in Gucci shop located in ShannXi Rd. JinYing Store Shanghai,China with good mood to have a look at your new collections. One of the SA named Minna ‘served’ us with very bad attitude.
    1. Her tone and voice are so arrogant like we can never afford anything in the store. When we ask about the bag and price,she rolled her eyes.
    2. She do not have enough knowledge about your collection. When we inquire about the Sylvie bag,she said it belongs to the previous designer and nolonger in sale. For sure I know you have changed designer and this bag is the new design. I am a big fan of your new designer!
    3. Her arritude disqualify her as a SA to attract customer. After my clear discrption of the bag,she finally understand which one I am talking about and told me that is very experiensive and I cannot see it without order!
    With above reasons,I feel disappionted at Gucci’s customer service. If your employee not been coached properly,I will feel disappionted at Gucci too.
    Hope you take my complain and feedback seriously and do not lose any of your customer and fan.
    Thanks for your time look my email.

  65. I have called Gucci head office and was told to phone Gucci Trafford Centre -no one answers, so I tried the London shop -no one answers. I have tried the Customer Service number -it’s a ‘dead’ line. The service is terrible from Gucci. I bought a pair of sunglasses this time last year in Manchester Airport for £140 and both lenses have dropped out. I won’t be shopping Gucci again!!

  66. first my husband purchased a pair of shoes for me, I wore on my birthday , when I took it off a few hours later, the right side stained my foot, my whole foot was blue/black. it was very embarrassing. when I went to Gucci today 4/30/16 at almost 5:30 pm, to show them the shoe and actually to remove the sensor off the pants that my husband also bought me , the manager gave me an attitude and told me to get back in line, even though the sales rep was expecting me to come. it’s very disappointing how a manager isn’t even apologize or tried to fix things. she actually lost a customer. I was going to buy boots but changed my mind. the manager’s name is Kerrie at the rosemont branch at the fashion outlet mall in IL

  67. I was recently visiting Sawgrass Mills mall for dinner and the restaurant happened to be a couple doors down from your outlet store. you had an end-of-season sale going on for 50% off selected items. As I was meeting friends I did not have time to go in the store, however, being a Gucci client for many decades, I was definitely interested. The next day I went online and called the store and verified that they were open until 8 p.m. I arrived at 7:29 p.m. only to have the security officer at the door explain to me that there were too many people in the store so they were closing early. I explained that your store hours stated you would be open until 8 p.m. and asked if I could wait for a person to leave the store so that I could go in. The gentleman was explaining that he couldn’t guarantee someone would leave when the salesman behind him shouted over people in the store “we’re closed, I said we’re closed”. This is really not the type of customer service that I am used to dealing with at any type of high end store. Actually, let me correct myself and say that this is not the type of customer service I’m used to at any store, whether it is Target, Neiman Marcus, or Gucci. The rudeness is really inexcusable. Really sad that your company feels this is an acceptable way to treat customers.

  68. Good day, I recently purchased my first Gucci item. I was very disappointed after purchasing the item abroad and upon returning home, realizing the dust bag had an open seem and the item did not come in a box, only a Gucci shopper bag. Designer brands with slightly cheaper price tags are better packaged and presented than the Gucci brand. Could I collect a new dust cover in Dubai where I reside?

  69. I just bought a purse on sat 5/21/16 at Gucci store Fashion Valley Mall SanDiego. Very frustrate of rude & poor customer service of Marissa – store manager assistant . Nobody inform me about the final sale . May someone let me know how to make better customer service . I want to make a complaint & would like to return the purse , just because of the rudeness of Marissa

  70. This is the last time I bought a purse from Gucci . Rude customer service , poor quality . If anyone want to buy anything from Gucci , please think twice about it

  71. While on a long weekend into NYC, we decided to do some light shopping on Fifth. My fiancé and I decided to pick up a belt for myself and a new bag for her. I was taken care of promptly, however my bride to be really had the pleasure of being helped by a wonderful Sales associate Desiree Kruse. She really catered to every concern that we had offered us helpful ideas & suggestions and really made it a wonderful experience for Victoria. Many kudos to whomever hired her just make sure she is there the next time we come up for a long weekend.

  72. I am upset that I brought a Gucci bag that bleed on the canvas I returned it a couple of months after purchase I only used it once and it has been sent out repairs sense April 12 2016 and I still have not heard anything yet no pleased at all 6 and last Gucci bag for me I am done!

  73. Worst customer service ever. I sent them a bag that I had bought for my daughter as a gift. The leather straps cracked and snapped. I was shocked! The Gucci leather should not be doing that, especially for the amount of money that they charge for “quality”. I will not buy Gucci again. I also hope that they will get back to us on where the actual purse is in the repair facility. It seems nobody knows.

    • Yes, they customer service is terrible. They had my purse since March 26, 2016. I spoke with them today and they are sending mine back not fixed. You have to call the number on your receipt, cause they are not going to contact you!

      Good Luck!

  74. I will no longer be purchasing Gucci products. I will tell anyone that I talk to, not to buy your products! You guys had my Gucci purse for 4 months, to tell me you cant fix it! Because you cant determine whether its authentic or not. You should know your product! That is totally disrespectful, why would i waste my time to fix a fake purse. When I took it to the Gucci store to have it shipped out, they should have been able to tell, whether its fake or not.

    You have a lost a customer and many more it I can help it.!

  75. Hi, Dear:
    I bought this pair of Gucci sunglasses a few years ago at Toronto, When bought, the small decoration next to the sunglasses sometime falls off,On this trip to the western United States, sunglasses fell and the small part fell out again.This small part will never be found again。Please help me! Thanks

  76. I am very disappointing. I have called twice. Waited on hold for 45 minutes with no answer and left 2 messages with no return call.

    I ordered the flip flops over 30 days ago for a gift for my daughter for Christmas so she did not try them on until Christmas day. I am hoping she can get a new size even though its been over 30 days.

  77. hi this is Layla,
    I lovee your company and items!! it would be amazing if I can get some freebies!! your company puts a smile on my face:) thank you so much for having the best company!

  78. I just received the NM Christmas book and saw the Gucci ad on page 9. I don’t know who your CD is, but this is the WORST ad in the history of worst ads I wish I could attach it but 3 ppl standing in the rain carrying a Gucci bag. And mind you in being kind in this comment. This makes the classic Gucci customer look like a garage sale customer. Reevaluate and fix it.

  79. I just received the NM Christmas book and saw the Gucci ad on page 9. I don’t know who your Creative Director is, but this is the WORST ad in the history of worst ads I wish I could attach it but 3 ppl standing in the rain carrying a Gucci bag. And mind you in being kind in this comment. This makes the classic Gucci customer look like a garage sale customer. Reevaluate and fix it.

  80. I bought some sweatshirts in Florence Italy then returned them in Rome cause my boys didn’t like them. So i returned them in Rome Italy. They said they had to wire the funds back and that is the only way they could give me my money back. They also said it would take 2-3 weeks which is crazy but I agreed. It has been 6 weeks now and I still don’t have my money back. They have their product and won’t give me my money back and its almost $2000. They have ripped me off and all i can do is wait and wait and wait. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH GUCCI!!!

  81. Hi! I do not want to receive the cataloge anymore by DHL, i had to pick it up at a DHL depot nearby my oké address while I moved to another city 100
    Miles away.
    I also think it’s too much waste of paper ( sorry) and it is bad for the envirement. Can you send me a confirmation that I won’t receive the Look Book amymore? Thank you! Best regards Petra
    from The Netherlands

  82. Hello! I want to buy bag Gucci. I am from Azerbaijani Baku. We have shop Gucci in our city. Address: pr Neftynnikov 117. But I am afraid to buy. Can you tell me shop in Baku sell original bags Gucci? How can I check that I bought original bag?
    Thank you

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