Contact Google Play Customer Service

Contacting Google Play Customer Service Center

Google Play is the media service for Android devices designed to compete with iTunes. Customers can purchase and download media to their devices. In the event customers have questions or concerns with the service, you can connect with the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You won’t find a phone number for Google Play customer service, but you can have an agent call you back if you request contact.

If you have issues with a Google Play device call the support team 24/7.

  • Device Support: 1-855-836-3987

Mailing Address

Google CorporateAttn: Google Play Customer Service1600 Amphitheatre PkwyMountain View, CA 94043

Official Website

When you visit the official Google Play website you have to ability to customize your experience based upon you Android device. Once you sign into your Google account, all of the features change to “My”. You have the ability to search and purchase music, books, magazines, movies and television shows. Customers can download the application or purchases products on the website and download to the appropriate device.

Social Media

When we research the availability of Goggle Play in the social media world, we only ran across the service on Facebook. We have to note, there was little to no interaction on the page which make us believe this is the not the official Google Play Facebook page.

Customer Service Email

When a company offers several email address, this can be both good and bad. In this case, this is great. You will have the confidence that your message will reach the correct department and not have the potential of being lost. In order to test the response times, we sent a message to each of the email addresses. Our messages concentrated on the hours of operation. In particular we wanted to know if the various categories had different operational times. As of now, we have not received a response.

Our Experience

One would think a company the size of Goggle would have a way to connect with a customer service agent for one of the company’s more popular departments. Not every customer has the time to wait for a call back or wait for an email response. This is the downside of Google Play. Customers cannot reach a live agent to receive real-time problem solving. We wanted to know why, so we called and left a message for a call back. The agent took four (4) hours to return our call. Can we say unacceptable? We asked several questions relating to refunds for no operational applications. The agent explained the process customers must follow in order to secure a refund. We love Google, but attempting to reach Google Play leaves us a bit empty. Did you have a better experience contacting the customer service department? We would love for you to share your thoughts and experiences with us below.

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122 Comments on “Contact Google Play Customer Service
  1. I didn’t order this and cant use it I would like the charge be returned to me please. I can be contacted at 7708913397

  2. My google play store want let me down load games or nothing I have a good signal I have been trying for hours and I still don’t have any results so if you would can you help me

  3. I am haveing trouble with slots of fortune I have sent them emails and no response at all and I have gave them bad reviews and hopeing Google play would help and have not got nowhere. I bought a newer phone and when I download it again and to start completely over and had over 47million47 dollars and even purchased other stuff swell and they won’t reply I just want help to make it right please help and I can give my user name swell thanks john

  4. I play pocket empires online, I’ve been threaten by another player with real. lif e violence. The same player then said he having hacker look into me log. I’ve got screen shots to prove it. I contacted the support staff they don’t seem to be taking this seriously. It clear that both of those actions are against the rules . The player laughing say he donate real money to the game do they not going to do anythinthat he get special treatment because he donate.something need yo be done. I got screen shots to prove every thing I said he.plz contact me asap

  5. i had to delete my google account just to keep from getting emails from google play, the unsubscribe link didnt work, imagine that.

  6. i having problem. i cannot installing SpeechSynthesis Data
    Installer. i did but suddenly i loose them and i should install again. i tried for 4 times. what should i do??

  7. I paid $1.99 for 4, 000 coins on my talking tom app. For my daughter and it took my money but never gave me the coins…I want the coins or my money back…thanks

  8. I am not able to play Candy Crush, all of a sudden, I think it is because I have a new credit card number which I need to change with Google play store and don’t know how to do this.

  9. I’ve talked to my cell phone carrier and they say it doesn’t matter what I charge to my cell phone account. But Google play keeps saying t-mobile declined the amount. This in fact is a lie. Who are they to make that decision? I have been with t-mobile for 12 years. Google play is very hard to work with. 30 min wait when you call. Ridiculous





  11. I put in card number to make a purchase then canceled that card and put in new one and they continued to pull money often other card so please call me or put money back on first card account

  12. I can’t open my you tube after I update they warning show that say some google play store is not supported and contact manifactor I don’t understand can u help me please how to fix it.thanks

  13. I want you to know that I’m very, very displeased that someone has been purchasing apps from Google Play Store using my Visa card, ever since our son got a tablet for Xmas.
    I would really appreciate someone contacting me with the unpublished e-mail address I provided, with a phone number I can call to speak to someone about this.

  14. Hello I deleted my account on my computer via facebook and added another account which I thought was coming out of that newly account I added but It wasn’t…. on my moble I cannot delete the exsisting account now the first account which was suppose to be deleted is all messed up how can I delete from moble. It keeps telling me go on computer on fb there are no accounts found. And it says payment received via google wallet which I do not have a account for pls help

  15. Need help..why cant i purchase games or anything on play store .being billed on phone bill..i could do that before. Error always pops up and says..unable to confirm your acct. To so mad before this was never a problem..Help plz

  16. I downloaded a free app of hd movies and deleted it by mistake is there a way of getting it back it dosent even show on settings and all apps please help

  17. I really do enjoy the games on here. But I’m not sure of the message being sent to young girls. I was sitting with my six year old daughter looking for girl games, and no matter the game (cartoon, 3d, etc..) The main picture or the main character was always a Caucasian girl. I’m surprised she noticed but if you take a glance, she’s absolutely right. I didn’t have an answer for her. I thought we lived in 2014 a more diverse world. Is there a reason why the games just show Caucasian girls and don’t appeal to the other races?

  18. Thank you for my talk with Amanda She was able in a very professional way to resolve some mistakes I made with a recent game minecraft pe. She indicated that she would sending us a e-mail that will help with future sales, as my Grandsons tablet had trouble ,, Insignia tablet We had to make a exchange as it was covered under Best Buy policy. In all that Best buy told me the game goes to a cloud. Amanda Is very good with customer Service and very knowledgeable. Thank You so much for having her as a employee
    Thank You Ji

  19. Is there a problem with battle it tells me there is a problem with my internet.but there is not .can u fix problem.other games conecting ok.

  20. I have been having problems getting in contact with goggle. I had downloaded a game called vegas casino cruise last year they are still charging me $2.99 a month and I can’t download the game on my new phone which I purchase back in November 2013. They have been charging me $2.99 a month since December of 2013 up to now and I would like to cancel the purchase. Please advise me of who I can contact and a phone number. I been calling all the 800 numbers but have been on hold for over 30 minutes.

  21. Hi,

    I am looking for a Nexus 5 phone 16 GB unlocked with SIM options.

    Can you please tell us whether it will work in India as i am going to use the same in India only.

    Need your immediate assistance.

    Is there neared google store outlet in Virginia where we can go enquiry about the products.

    If we order through online how long it will take to delivered the product.

  22. I bought a game for my son which was £0.69 google play took £150 from me and I want my mony back. I dont know how to contact them I the uk. Am hurt so much I could just die. Why why why why cant it just be straight forward why. I cant sleep I cant eat dont have that kind of money to throw away, it was in good faith I got the game but now I feel hell

  23. The need to have contact via an email is necessary.
    Do you have an email for a customer service?

  24. Google play have ripped off over £500 from my account, apparently buying points for free play sims. I have changed my account 2 times once through switch and they are still taking money from my newest account even though it’s not linked!!! Help no phone number? No way to stop them

  25. My google play wont open I have good connections but it keeps telling me change to another wifi when I open my google play it tells me add a account or use existing one no matter wat I put it keeps telling me to change to another wifi couldnt establishe a secure connection what do I do I have no other networks around me to connct to

  26. Received a credit card bill 0ver$500 this weekend. Over 500 purchases from GOOGLE – SUPERCELL in three days! and I had not even known what supercell was before.please refund the money or otherwise I need to make a Police report.

  27. I am 53 yrs old and have breast cancer google play charged my sprint account over 700.00 for games I didn’t order.I am having a hard enough time as it is facing cancer now I am worried I will loose my sprint phone I have had an accont with sprint for 10years and worried I am going to loose it because of this I am sick and certainly don’t feel like playing games please take these charges away from me

  28. They are crooks! Their services are crap! The music is extremely limited and reflects only certain cultures, tastes, and genres. So you barely are able to listen to the song you want and when you find it you may need to pay extra money! It’s so hard to speak to someone, because they are cheap. They don’t want to have many customer representatives. It’s almost impossible to cancel their services through their website. It just sucks!

  29. I can’t download any games or apps every time I try it just says “failure to retrieve information from server(rpc:s-3).what does that mean plz help me .

  30. On Oct 3rd I had 57 unauthorized purchases posted to my account totaling over 1300.00. When I called customer service the first gentlemen said he would get it refunded. He was very helpful and documented everything and then said he would send me to google wallet to finalize my refund. Then came RICK. He said while he couldn’t confirm it wasn’t fraud “he felt I could have purchase the game upgrades and would not refund the funds. He sent me to his supervisor that told me “I could contact paypal they weren’t going to do anything for me. The worst customer service expierience I have ever had. Time to sell the android and go back to Apple.

  31. i dont have a google accnt someone is using google play store for purchases on my credit card i need a response to this email asap

  32. I have been using Google play for many years now. Today I tried to make an in app purchase and was denied and told to try again in 30 mins. I have never had an issue with purchases before. I am not a kid and I have a password set to make the purchase. I should not be denied in any way. I don’t even make purchases that often, maybe once a week… I am very unhappy with Google play. You may lose a customer a will always give a bad review about Google if this issue does not stop.

  33. I cannot find a contact number all this is really a frustrating sight ! ,all I want to do is cancel my account.

  34. there are other sites to download apps. GetJar, amazon appstore, Samsung apps, slide ME, f-droid, and appslibb. You may have to go into your setting and change it to where you can download from other sites. Good luck and don’t let Google play ruin your view on android phones.

  35. A multi billion dollar company that could learn from Amazon!
    Impossible to find out how to purchase a DIGITAL gift certificate to
    email a friend.I guess googleplay does not need the business!

  36. My sons had upgraded to a new phone and the google play had been add as a free trial. He has never used the apt and is being charged each month the $9.90 fee. We have tried to follow the steps to have the subscription canceled yet we never get a cancel button in the settings selection. I have sent an email to have someone contact me a week ago and still have not heard from anyone this needs to be canceled before the next charge on 03/16/15.

  37. Use “Google Play Store” all the time – a new game Grabby Word by Playzot has appeared. The developers invite you to provide your comments BUT your comments cannot be submitted because you are told to check the “security code” to make sure you have it correct. It is correct so my guess the company is a bit phoney just as the game appears to be rigged in that one can never win.

  38. I requested my “GOOGLE PLAY” account be discontinued after 30 day promotion. I’ve had no response about the matter and a months premium was taken from my VISA card. I requested a refund and got no response. Also I order a movie about 10 hours ago I’d like to cancel and get a refund. PLEASE RESPONDE!

  39. I have been unable to access google play store from my android handset, as a result I am unable to upgrade my apps or download any new apps. I have to constantly revert to the factory version on my phone.

  40. I bought gems and you charged my card 13 times this needs to be fixed immediately before I call my bank and tell them you did this without authorization.

  41. Your customer service is very lacking I take one of your apps off my device only to have to take it off my device 5 minutes later. If you do not want to loose my business you will not I repeat you will not keep putting twitter on my device. I HAVE A LIFE I DO NOT WANT TWITTER ON MY DEVICE! So please respect and read this communication or you will loose my business.

  42. charges for this on my card and I do not want this.. don’t have any contact information for customer service

  43. Accepts payment, refunds payment,accepts payment, refunds,payment. Enough!!no customer service support number. No one to blame besides myself for not doing the research.

  44. I paid for 2 of the 230 rubies for farm animals, never recieved them. I would either like my funds returned to my account or the rubies attached to the game as paid for. This was done on 8/29/2015 PM, there was also a glitch in the game at that time, but the funds were already taken out of my account. Please let me know when this has been corrected. Thank you.

  45. How do I download the Google play store app ? Every time I try to download it say’s not compatible with my device . I have a Nokia Lumia . PLEASE HELP

  46. Hi. I like to play bejeweled blitz which was downloaded from play store. However I’m not able to access daily challenges on game. Tried uninstalling & installing again but same result. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  47. I recently purchased 3 15.00 Google play cards I gave one as a gift and I can’t find the other 2 I looked everywhere even in my garbage nowhere to be found is there anything I can do

  48. Hi

    Could you assist I cannot purchase give error message… This service is not available try again later… ive been trying to buy a pack for game of war for three days now…I last bought a pack 0n 29 December 2015 and I am getting desperate

    Kindly assist






  50. I have Snapchat on kindle and Google play but it still not working would u be able to sort it out send me something to download for it to work

  51. For three weeks now I have been getting a message that says, “Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped.” I am now unable to download/update the service because I keep getting another message that says, “Error in retrieving information from server.” [RH-01]
    What can be done to remedy this situation.

  52. Sir this is to inform u that I am not able to download any application from Google Play store the message come like downloading pending and I updated my playvstore new version is 6.4.12 kindly resolve my problem my handset model no is gionee F103
    Contact no 08002741031

  53. I called earlier today in reference to getting a refund on all the in app purchases my son had made. I spoke to Gabriel who was polite, professional and reassuring. He provided amazing customer service and was completely amazing. All my money was refunded and all sorted in a phone call less in less than 10mins. I can’t explain how impressed I was by this man, my son emptied my account, I had no money for bills or food and now I do.

    I believe you can give the best training in the world but if you don’t really care it comes across.

    Well done Goole Play, and especially Gabriel for one of the best phone calls I think I’ve had.

  54. hello , my account was block and everything I try for get my account back not work ( I try all the step on your website) please contact me !

  55. Hi I purchase minecraft on my son tablet a while back. Somehow we had to reboot his tablet and while rebooting he wanted to download it again and it says I have to purchase it is there some way that we can download it without repurchasing it again.

  56. Money keeps missing each month outve my checking account, and I’d like to be contacted back plz by customer service to figure out the what’s going on.

  57. I want to purchase gems in “Farmville Tropical Escape” but it keeps saying “inactive visa debit card.” My debit card works just fine for other outside purchases. (restaurants, stores, etc.)

  58. I am a beta tester for game app war Z strategy and the developers rip me off I made purchase so I can move my base to another state I made purchase thru google play and evidently they made changes to game so u cannot relocate within 15 days which was not there b4.I ask developer about refund and said that I have to talk to google play..I see in your polices u do not give refunds. This is wrong what the game the game developers are doing and I am probably not only one they did this to.

  59. On August 14th, someone used my existing account for my GSN Casino game by making a $99.99 purchase. I spoke with someone from Google and my Bank on Saturday 26th and the issue has been partially resolved. I have a new problem now, someone has stolen approximately 54 million worth of tokens from my account between 2:30 pm to 9:30 pm yesterday. The mentioned time is the first and last time I accessed the GSN casino to play deal or no deal. This is not the first time my tokens have been stolen, but I am mentioning it now because my account and bank card were compromised. I need to know what is going to be done about my missing tokens. I am the only person who uses my phone.

  60. I can`t sign in to Play Store from my mobile phone in spite of the fact that I can open Google Account without problem on my PC and on my tablet using either my gmail Address or my normal e-mail address. On attempting to access on my mobile I am immediately presented with a @gtempaccount obviously based on the ntlworld e-mail address which I normally use and which allows me to access various other Google services since its original use in prehistory to use You Tube. This gtempaccount is followed by a series of rediculously illegible captcha letters to be entered which occasionally produce a request for My Google Account password. When I enter my Account Password which works on my PC and Tablet it is not recognised and we are back to square one to go round and round in circles.Can you please advise how I can get out of this vicious circle.

  61. Bought a google play card as a gift, they went to put it on their account pin wasn’t valid. So I take the card and receipt to place of purchase to exchange for a card that works. The customer service desk at Tops calls customer service for google. They put me on the phone I explain my issue I am told that unless I give them the email, account information and sign in information they can’t do anything for me. I don’t have that information it was a gift. I work for a retailer that also sells google play cards and when a customer brings in a card we call google play they tell us if the money is on the card or not if it is we do a return and sell them another google play card. because this individual with customer service for google wouldn’t talk to them or help me they wouldn’t do anything. So I know have a card with money on it that my daughter can’t use. I told her in the future I will be going back to iTunes cards or cash. I even tried to explain to him what other retailers do with google play cards that have issues with activation and he said that I was wrong. very dissatisfied customer.

  62. When I try to make a purchase in an app, I get an error message that says “your transaction cannot be completed”. I called my banks and all my cards are up to date, have money in them and I have no problems with any of my cards on Navy Federals end. I’m not sure what the issue is but please help me.

  63. I recently visited the UK from Canada. While I was in the UK I noticed that all of my purchased songs were gone. I paid lots of money for them and would like them back. How do I get them back?

  64. Hi to whom it may concern

    Kindly please help out I didn’t brought anything from before and it charge me for 2 months already I check my history nothing shown but my bill come show it

  65. Please help I didn’t brought anything from this co which is and it charge me for 2 months straight I can be contacted

  66. They’re all a bunch of lunitacs if you ask me! I called them several times, I, stupidly let a representative get in to my PC about an issue I had with an app that I used called Turbo VPN & they didn’t solve anything, doped around going nowhere but to hell itself!

  67. This message should go to the developers that can solve the problem. I have been unable to install apps and updates onto my Android phone. I have tried all of the troubleshooting methods and nothing has worked. It is my hope that the developers can find and fix this problem. I have eight updates waiting to be installed. I have a ZTE Android and Tracfone is my carrier. I received this phone from Safelink.

  68. My credit card is being charged for purchases while playing games. I have not purchased these items. So how is my credit card being charged? I tried to remove the credit card from my payment methods, but there is nothing listed in my account under payment methods. Very frustrated, please help. Thank you.

  69. I’ll tell you my experience about talkig with a Goole rep; they all SUCK! I had five (5) of their phone numbers & thought the 24/7 line would be the best so I tried that one first & the rep wanted to remotely control my PC so I figured it would be okay because I did a trial of a service on Google Play store of which I never used with my PayPal account & they had been drafting funds out of my account on a monthly basis. The rep first went in to my PayPal account, then in to my Google settings, changing the fonts, and going in to my Google wallet, then checked all of my programs that I had personally downloaded saying that he could fix it for so much $. I then asked for his name & ID at which he shouted, “YOU’LL NEVER GET THAT OUT OF ME” then hung up the phone. I tried the other three (3) numbers & as soon as they heard my voice, they immediately hung up. Finally I gotta hold of one very nice lady that sent me an email cancellation for inappropriately automatically withdrawing funds from my PayPal account. Thank God, please DO NOT EVER USE PayPal to purchase ANYTHING on Google Ply Services! Thank you.

  70. Cannot download games etc nothing works troubleshooting error code 491 keeps coming up every time I try a download need help

  71. hi there

    hope i dont sound stupid i was wondering how come so e apps are free and others have to be paid for?

    my theory is that the paid apps are sold by private individuals and the free apps are funded via advertising, correct ne if im wrong

    Feedback much appreciated


  72. I am extremely pissed off that y’all are stealing money from me for a dam game I deleted and I want it stopped immediately!

  73. Worst customer service experience ever. I had a $25 gift card and used it for an app subscription. The code didn’t go through the first time, but it charged my credit card instead. Waited for 30 minutes to talk to someone and asked them to credit my card and take the gift card. They said the gift card was already used just by inputting the code even though it was not applied to the charge. The rep on the other line was extremely rude and obnoxious and called me “dude” which just summed up the lack of professionalism that this company holds its employees to. If every experience at google play is as bad as this, then this company deserves to go extinct.

  74. Last evening my son who is a little slow was scammed by someone claiming to be the IRS and bought google play cards as payment to the IRS. I realize that this scam has been going on for some time, however, someone of his capacity does not know any better. When we contacted google play they blew him off and said there was nothing that could be done, even though the cards had not been redeemed yet. I realize that your company has policies, however as big as you are your would think there would be a way to help someone who has been scammed. Now he has emptied his savings account and has no money for bills for this month. So sad to see that someone of your stature would be so cruel as to not help someone in this instance,

  75. Your Playstore app is constantly sending me notifications saying..body sensors, camera, and microphone permissions must be turned on. Why? This is not accepted and should , in no way, be a requirement. Neither of the three are something that would be required to function properly. Explain to me why this app don’t or better yet couldn’t work without these permissions? I’m not giving you or Google all permission to my phone. Please do not respond by bot or A.I.!

  76. hello Ya/ll This is From Bryant Gilbert I Just Wanted To Let Ya/ll Know That
    I Have Got A Savings Account Money Card Number From The First Carolina
    Bank Corporate From Rocky Mount And my Savings Account Card Number
    is 717 0549 6643 4875 And I Bought A ATM Machine From Ya/ll So I Just
    Wanted to let Ya/ll Know So Can Ya/ll Check it Out For me and Send my
    Dad An Email When it Gets Put in Threw My Email Have A bless Day
    Ya/ll Have my Email Already Have A Bless Day

  77. my payment keeps getting declined in Play Store I even put $$ on Google Account and it gets declined. Please Help

  78. Is google play store down? Every time I try to get on it on my laptop it tells me its not working that there’s not a connection or it has timed out. I have perfect wifi connection and the internet is working fine. Just trying to figure it out so I can download work related stuff.
    Thank You

  79. My little nephew made a purchase for 99.99 on a game he just down loaded earlier today while playing on my phone without telling anyone
    i have contacted the devs of the game for the app and was told to contact google play.
    there is no “how to” for in app purchases. Only buying of the original app..
    There is no contact us option that lets me get through like this to fix the issue. everything im reading online says there is a 2hour window and I need this fixed thank you

    Transaction Id: gpa.3354-9312-4745-45360

  80. My name is Mitzi Davis. There has been two charges on my debit card for August for 10.66 and September for 10.66. I am an elderly disable person and know I didn’t do this cause I wouldn’t know how. I need for this to be taken off. Please look up and see if a Ricky Roberts or Trace Roberts has ordered this. If so they did without my permission as they are just 12 and 14

  81. Horrible customer service. I purchased some apps which crashed after two weeks. I have attempted to contact the developer. No contact from the developer. After one week I contacted good about getting a refund. All google suggested was getting in contact with the developer I have tried. Useless customer service. I am going back to Apple.

  82. I recently downloaded a game from Google Play called NBA JAM that was actually purchased but I would like to refund the money back onto my credit card due to the fact of not working properly thanks

  83. What experience? lol It takes day for Google to respond to you. I’m surprised ppl tolerate google. Every since you took YouTube over from the people and ruined it deleting millions of vids it’s been down hill for chrome, google and gmail.

  84. Ive received my phone bill which I never purchase any google play store game which they already charge on my phone bills 012-2999055

  85. I am desperate to stop my sister from using Google play cards. She has dementia and her brother and I are in the process of getting financial control. In the mean time she is using her social security check to buy google cards. Scammers tell they can double her money we live Indiana and she in Colorado. Is there anyway to stop her buying your cards? I undert this is extraordinary. Thank you.

  86. I bought google play card today at Target, when I went to use it, would not work. It only had 16 numers &letters in activation code and they usually have 20. Called Target and was told nothing they could’ve. Call google play. I think you should refund my money or send new card (50.00).

  87. Hello – this seems to be the only way to contact Google Play?

    I am having great difficulty UNSUBSCRIBING from this app Smule Piano app.

    I have followed the instructions and when I go to Google Play to manage the subscription it only takes me to Google Music, and does not show the Smule Piano app.

    Please unsubscribe me from this app as I am paying monthly and wish not to.


  88. Hi, I bought 4 google play cards total of 300.00$. I have been ripped off by PNC bank posing as some one to lend me money but had to buy theses cards to get insurance and pay taxes on the money . Now I find out it was a scam. they latterly stole money from me. I am on disability and have very little to live on. Is there any way I can either stop them from using them or get my money back???? please take this seriously. contact me asap.

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