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Contacting Gold’s Gym Customer Service Center

Gold’s Gym is a fitness gym with locations all over the United States. Fitness gyms have a bad reputation for signing new customers to long-term contracts that are nearly impossible to get out of. Gym memberships are one of those spur-of-the-moment purchases consumers make at the beginning of the year or near the summer months when clothing gets smaller and bodies are revealed by bathing suits. Customer service information for Gold’s Gym customer service is available in consumer and corporate varieties.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

One thing you won’t find on the Gold’s Gym customer service page of the official site is a phone number to call if you need help with your account. We did find one phone number mentioned on a gym forum. If you are attempting to cancel your Gold’s Gym membership, read the cancellation details in your membership contract. You cannot cancel a membership by phone.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-465-3775

Mailing Address

There is a Gold’s Gym customer service mailing address, but only listed on the corporate side of the website. The mailing address for your letter is:

Gold’s Gym International 125 E John Carpenter Freeway Ste 1300 Irving, TX 75062

Official Website

The main page of the Gold’s Gym customer service site is This is NOT where you’ll find contact information for customer service or corporate. You need to click on the Customer Care link at the top of the page for customer service or the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page for corporate.

We also found a Twitter page for Gold’s Gym that could help customers find simple answers to everyday questions. Facebook pages for the gym tend to be location-specific, so if you want to contact your local gym there may be a page you can connect with locally.

Customer Service Email

Email is clearly the best choice to contact Gold’s Gym customer service. You can choose to contact the customer care department or the corporate office. Neither option will be effective if you are looking to cancel your membership.

Our Experience

The customer service department is easy to connect with. Depending on the concern, you may have a longer than expected wait time. Our call lasted more than 10 minutes, between finding the correct department and the correct answer to satisfy our needs. When the customer service agent answered the call, we asked if customers would be charged an early termination fee if the had to break a contract due to moving.

The agent explained this situation as a yes/no type of situation. Customers will be charged is the event there is a local club and the customer chooses not to transfer their membership. No, if there is no local club in the vicinity. Take away the early confusion and the experience was what we expected. Do you have something more to add? Comment below with your thoughts and experiences.

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165 Comments on “Contact Golds Gym Customer Service
  1. I am looking for replacement parts for a silver exercise ball. Call your customer service number and it is for for gym info. Called another number listed and all they did was hang up on me as it was not the proper department. Can you please give me the right phone number.

    I tried to use your E-mail screen, but because I do not have an extension I can not post me E-mail.

  2. For the past 2 months I am trying to cancel my membership and it seams so fkn hard to do so I am very upset and satisfied with your level of service u to this point, I am in the Military and I moved to a military base where they have a 24-7 free gym. I talked to the local Golds gym in Tulsa OK and they said I have to do it online! I cant figure out how to do it one so pleas help me

    • Golds Gym recently bought out The Rush and said that they would honor all Rush memberships. My wife and I spend 6 months in Florida and 6 months in NC. In past years The Rush would allow us to suspend our membership while we were in Florida at no cost to us. When I asked Golds Gym to do the same, I was informed that they would suspend our membership while we were in Florida but it would cost both my wife and I $15.00 per month. At the current time we are only paying $19.00 per month. When I mentioned that they had stated that they would honor all Rush memberships they said that this option was not in our contract and that the Rush only did this as a courtesy to us. During my two conversations with their customer service personnel I found them to be very matter of fact with a take it or leave it. The two reps that I spoke to showed very little interest in serving the customers. I have read the reviews posted on this site and it appears that I am not the only one that has experienced this attitude.

  3. I am trying to contact customer service. I have been on hold for 30 minutes and had to hang up. I called back and was on hold for another 35 minutes. WTF????!!!!!!
    I just called back for the third time and have been on hold so far for 10 minutes.

  4. As I sit in the waiting area for the tanning associated with golds gym of Provo, UT I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to listen to the girls who work here gossip about who they’ve been making out with recently. I have a 15 minute wait while I my boyfriend tans in the ONLY level one bed they have working;this has been the are for several weeks now. Having previously been the manager of a tanning salon in Yorba Linda, CA I’m aware of what type of maintenance issues these machines have and the turn around time it takes to get them working again, so I sit patiently, still listening to these young adults gossip like hens. When it’s finally my turn to tan in the one open bed, the bed is dirty, sweat stains still lingering on the hot plastic. In addition to this, the other “out of order” beds seem to have been used recently; why couldn’t I use it? But I keep quiet. I’m then told that the next time I want to tan, even though I pay for a VIP package through Golds, that I must pay an additional fee each month, for what no one can tell me. So I pay the extra amount ahead of time and continue to keep quiet. But as I walk out, I hear the girl behind the counter make a snide remark about my workout attire and that’s the finals straw. Between my boyfriend and I (joint income, as we live together) we pay $70+ /month to workout and tan but it seem more like we pay $70 for HORRIBLE customer service from snobby BYU girls who spend their working hours gossiping. I love golds and the atmosphere of the Orem location but I am SICK of funding these girls paychecks when they so blatantly disrespect an ignore their customers. Please PLEASE do something about this!

  5. First, every link I click to get in touch with either the customer care center or the corporate office does not work. Second, my roommates and I went to sign-up for a gym membership at Gold’s Gym in Ballston (Arlington, VA) because there was a sign out front stating “Join today for $0 enrollment. No contract, no processing fees.” We walked in, filled our our paperwork, and began discussing memberships with an employee. He mentioned the year long contract would be a $142.00 enrollment fee. Clearly puzzled, we inquired about the sign out in front of the building. His response: “Oh that is just a marketing thing we do to get you all to come in here. It isn’t true.”

    I wish I could say he was kidding, but that would be the furthest thing from the truth. Whether there is an actual law against it, or just morally unjust, there is something very wrong with that and neither myself nor my roommates will be joining this gym. Negative word of mouth spreads much faster than postitive words, and we will be sure to inform others of our extremely negative experience.

  6. I am going through financial hardship, I had golds gym put a freeze on my account. was told it would be in effect immediately and would not be charged for that month-sept. But I was charged and it was not taken off. Then I get an email saying membership fee would be billed Oct. I was assured this would not happen. Was assured freeze was in effect. I got billed -automatically taken out of account. Now I am short for my rent and not only that I am one of the government employees working but not getting paid right now so am even more financially in trouble. I really doubt the integrity of golds gym. And when indeed my membership is up I will have nothing to do with them.

  7. This is the worst gym to sign up for. after a few days with signing up with the gym i requested to drop my trainer after i did not to work with them any more because i fell a couple days later after so i said cancel. When i arrived for a light work out i got a mouthy response instead of a cancellation. I mailed my information accordingly, the gym keeps telling me they never received but they received the other member that i paid for never mine. Golds gym are thieves and im having to cancel my banking information because you guys want to keep charging me telling me you never received my information.

  8. gold’s gym hagerstown, md is a filthy dirty with broken down equipment. the gym is not female friendly. the womens area has only machines and about 10 free weights. the customer service is horrible from the fromt desk to management. chad the gym manager is extremely rude and has zero customer service skills. he cant be selling many memberships with his attitude. i cant wait until my membership ends. i will never use a golds gym again. i would not recommend this gym to anyone. hagerstown needs a nice gym.

  9. I am trying to contact customer service. I have been on hold for 30 minutes. I called back and was on hold for another 30 minutes. I just called back for the third time, it was succesful to talk with the staff after 10 minutes,however I was asked to hold again, now 10 minutes passed again.

  10. I finally got around to using my membership because I have 2 small boys and was told that it’s family time tuesday and thursday 6-9 pm in the pool. First I was told my 4 and 5 yr old can’t be in the dressing room area because they’re too old. That I was to take them to the kids dressing area which I didn’t even know existed!!! My kids are way too young to go to a dressing room alone with older kids, I still take them to the women’s restroom with me. You either need a family changing area or teach your members how to hide their butts if kids are around and they don’t want to be seen!! I’m sure they can use a rest room stall or something. Get it together Golds!!! Also, if it’s family time in the pool, get the memo out to your elderly members because they were telling me to get out of the way cause they had a bad leg and gave my kids dirty looks!!!!

  11. I have been a member of the gym for a really long time. The golds gym in new bern nc is really going down hill fin what I have come to expect of the golds gym label. I sent the following email “I am really disappointed at the direction that golds is going in. The spinning room was barely ok before now it is simply unacceptable. You have wonderful instructor but even they can’t over come that fealty trap. Very sad” and got pased along. I have repeated told them of the scalding hot water in the bathroom no action. The door to ladies gold is often left open and was ignored when repeated asked if they could put a sign up to close it. The spinning room is a glorified closet that is truly a death trap. And now they made it even smaller. The manager has been replaced at least 5 tines in the last year. along. Service and faculty are constantly being reduced. It has gotten ridiculous. Th only tithing the is still good are the ggx instructors I can assure you that me and my measly month fee will not be renewing not will I continue to recommend golds. I would really reconsider or at least investigate the facility as your franchise name is attached to it.

  12. Wow so golds gym closed by my house 6 months ago and I have still been being Charged. I have not been to a golds gym in a year. They have charged extra fee is the reason I noticed this now.

  13. I loved fitness first, then it became this Golds Gym. I immediately was heartbroken when Fitness first was no more. But, atleast the rest of you dont have to deal with the rudest “boss” what she calls herself and boss receptionist. A place with inconsistent managers but they all were really nice. Lastly, a new sales ad visor who acts like the GM and the receptionist, sales advisor threaten to cancel my membership and also would let my friend to sign up to golds untill i threaten to call corporate. Which I already have and filed complaints on both of them. Anyways I live in Maryland, this is a germantown branch which is freakishly aweful. When the previous employees complain about the gym, you know its a bad gym…..Anyways took me ABOUT 1 DAY to reach support but someone eventually answered and helped me very smoothly. just keep trying and eventually. Also i call’ed at 10am on the east. which would prob be 7am for the west. fitness first 4ever!

  14. I have been a member for about 11 years. I go to Spanish fork, Utah location. This location has not changed for the duration of those years. The use of members has quadrupled. It is so ridiculously crowded. You have to wait for machines always. My workouts are a joke because of it. The Orem location is 6 times size and gets same use. We are only location on entire south side of Utah county which continues to grow at rapid rate. Every member I talk to complains. When will you build or expand this location? If I opened my own center I could steal so much business.

  15. I spent 35 minutes to get the customer service on line. That was the worst customer service I have ever seen. They charged me twice when I enrolled my son!!! and I spent more than 3 hours so far to get it back!! And I don’t know how much more I should spend. I just sent them an email and attached my bank account statement.

  16. I knew this would be bad when the gym gave me this number and I have now been put on hold for 30 minutes each!!!!!! Terrible customer service….

  17. Over a one year membership, I cancel since it was hard to attend the gym because of my situation. Four months after I canceled my membership, I received an email that offered a great promotion. On the email, it did not clarify that it was for a different city from where I lived. I do not understand why they would have send me “false advertising” promo. They need to be clear in the email or simply don’t send promo emails to people who they are not going to offer the promo. This is not only unfair, but a teaser. Please be more careful with your adverting. Thank you. Please get the information correct next time so I would not waste my time with things that doesn’t apply to me. Have a great holiday.

  18. I’m feeling your pain. I just quit, not because of the gym, but because of the CUSTOMER SERVICE….TERRIBLE!

    Safer bet, the YMCA, not for the gym, for the Customer service! LOL 🙂

  19. This gym was overcrowded and in poor shape when it was fitness first. I cancelled my membership by phone with fitness first and now, over a year later, golds gym is still billing me for service since I cannot produce proof of my cancellation in writing. Golds gym of course can only offer my verbal promises that my cancellation is in effect, which of course is the same problem I had with Fitness First. No customer service person to speak with. All issues have to be issued in writing to the corporate office! This is 2013 and golds gym does not have a corporate customer service email or online function? Pathetic. Without any focus on the customer experience and a complete lack of online service, I would not recommend this company as a whole. Terrible.

  20. Don’t understand why the escalators at the Rockville gym located on Randolph Rd have not been working for over several weeks. It always seems like it takes this location forever to get anything fix. Said something to the front desk girl the other morning about the escalators not working and wanted to know if they are broken or is Gold Gym trying to save money on electricity but not turning them on. She said something in a low voice which I could not hear.

  21. I call your two Gold Gyms in the Spring, Texas area to get either the monthly or yearly cost in order to make a decision on wether I wanted to join or not. Your phone reps refused to give me the information wanting my namne and phonenumber first. One even went to far as to say I would have to come into a Golds Gym to find out. I altready belong to 24 hour fitness and wanted the costs to make a decision as my contract at 24 hour fitness is up this next week. How I was treated is enough to tell me that I don’t want to join Golds with this type of service.

  22. I call your two Gold Gyms in the Spring, Texas area to get either the monthly or yearly cost in order to make a decision on wether I wanted to join or not. Your phone reps refused to give me the information wanting my namne and phonenumber first. One even went to far as to say I would have to come into a Golds Gym to find out. I altready belong to 24 hour fitness and wanted the costs to make a decision as my contract at 24 hour fitness is up this next week. How I was treated is enough to tell me that I don’t want to join Golds with this type of service.

  23. Golds gym is run by bunch of frauds and losers. they will not let you easily cancel your payments even if you are on month to month contract. DONT join this gym.

  24. I joined Golds Gym 2 days ago . I went in today for my first work out . I chose this gym because they have childcare and a pool . I am a mother of 3 and my husband is deployed . I NEED the childcare for my 8 year old daughter . My other two children are old enough to work out there and need to practice year round for swimming . We went in to the facility several times before I joined . I noticed that they had childcare but that the room was never open . I have been to gyms in the past , when they had childcare it was available from 6 am to 8 pm . You had to sign your children in and they could not be in the childcare center for more that 2 hours per day and no more than 7 hours a week . You signed them in and if you went over the time you were penalized and could lose childcare privileges . I agreed to pay $88.00 per month because of the childcare . It was the first day that we came in . Once more the center was not opened . I thought nothing of it , because my older children could swim while I waited with my 8 year old . However when I asked about the childcare I was told that my 8 year old was not allowed to even use the restroom at the gym . She is only allowed in the childcare center . The childcare center opens at 9 AM . By 9am I have to be at work . It is opened in the evenings when my children all have sports and after school activities . Also I will still have to wait for a slot to open up for my child in the childcare center . I can not afford to pay $88.00 a month to a gym where I can’t even work out . I could hire a sitter but then Im still paying for childcare that I can not use . I thought that this was a serious professional gym . I don’t know a single mom that can leave work to come and workout , or that has time and money to waste . I am told that it will take 30 days for me to get a refund on my account . I am extremely displeased with this business . I have seen smaller gyms that had full time childcare and a booming business because of it . I would not recommend your business to anyone that has kids . I also would like to add that on several of my visits I saw families with children much younger than mine that were in the pool . Yet my daughter is denied the right to even walk in your bathroom ?

  25. I saw many complains about Goldy’s Gym policys about cancellation, you need to do something about because you are lossing a lot of customers. I went to Goldy’s Gym to try to cancell my agreement, because since I enroll I didnt go any single time, my job dont let me time and I m going out of town often. But Goldy’s Gym doesn’t care at all they want to still taking money even if they Know I can’t asist to the Gym, because they said I have one year agreement with them. Goldy’s Gym doesn t have a good customer service. I wont recomend to anybody Goldy’s Gym. Please help me

  26. Dear All,

    I am doing gym from last 10 years and it’s the worst experience I have in Gold gym. They are not following any Quality standard and its getting worst day by day ,The man power or trainers don’t have atticates to treat a customer. They are just behaving like a local Ruffian and threating the customer. I observe the Gym local management also dam care about quality they are looking for money only.
    Now I am fed up from there service and day to day problems, now when I asking for refund because I have availed one year service they are saying we don’t have any provision to refund just go to hell.
    Can you please help it out because as I joined the brand name of GOLD gym not the local gym.

    Gaurav Sharma

  27. I joinedyour gym in November 2012 for a one year membership. The facility and staff in Chantilly, VA were good. I left the area in July of 2013 thinking that the membership would expire in November. I found out later that the membership rolled over to a new yearly contract. I was not notified of this at the time of my signing of the contract. Apparently it is in there, but the sales consultant did a poor job of going over that area. Not only did I have to continue to pay, but had to pay a 29,99 annual fee for amembership that I canceled. Your business practices are piracy at its finest. I will take the liberty of letting people I know to avoid Golds Gym at all costs. Rip off!

  28. The contact information from the Gold’s Gym web page has been removed. I guess they would rather not be contacted. It is frustrating that I pay for a VIP membership so I can schedule and use the racquetball courts but because they are never cleaned I have to clean them. Normally I have dusted the floors every other week but today they were so bad and dangerous that my group couldn’t play. We used our time to wet mop the floor, which I know has not been done in the three years I have been a member. And for this I pay extra, but it is the only racquetball court on my side of town.

  29. I have been a member of Gold’s Gym at Stephanie and 215 in Henderson NV since it opened. Lately the number of machines and equipment that is “out of order” is approximately, on average about 6 to 8 on an ongoing basis. The women’s workout room in particular only has 2 treadmills and one has been “out of order” for approximately 2 months. Yet they continue to enroll new clients. This makes it difficult to get the equipment needed to have a successful workout experience. Please explain why this continues to exist.

  30. I have never seen such a crap business model in the USA. Golds Gym has a website with no contact information. You have to dig for their phone number. Customer service waiting time is over 10 minutes (how long I have no idea, because I had no time and patience to wait more). Cancellation of your membership is impossible, even after you finish your annual term. You have to run after your money. My advise is just change your credit card number or dispute the charge. Somebody should collect our signatures and sue this company. They rape the Quality Standards. About Rockville, MD location: my complain list is endless, I mention only some: escalator hasn’t been working for over a month, sauna’s temperature hasn’t ever reached the normal temperature not even close, water fountain does not work, half of the paper towel machines do not work, leather of arm rest on machines are torn cutting your skin, etc. But on the other hand they force you to pay your membership fee. I did not sign for this kind of service.

  31. I belong to the Frederick MD Westview location. The personal traing is satisfactory but the management which is part time stinks. It is always hot whether it is summer or winter. They ignore customer complaints. Also did away with the wipes to wipe down equipment. Now they supply terrible quality paper towels and bottles of cleaner which smells too much like plain water. Equipment is never repaired. They just do not seem to care. Looking for another gym.

  32. We had a membership at a location and moved to an entirely different state. We were advised the membership would not work in the state we moved to so we would have to submit a letter with proof of our new address to cancel. We did this yet we are still being charged the monthly fee and just received a charge for $39 which I have no clue what that is for.

  33. Golds gym in San Antonio Texas on Babcock does not open up on time. It is 0534 in the morning on feb 19 2014, and the gym is closed. There have been 10 people so far waiting and that does not include the people that didn’t even bother to get out of their cars. The general consensus among those here is it happens often and the new manager here allows it. I work for a hospital. And I am fed up. Canceling today. The guy just showed up it is 0545

  34. I just cancelled my Gold’s membership in under 3 minutes. There is a 30 day waiting period–two more billing dates. The customer service rep indicated that I can continue to use the gym for 3 more months. I read all the horrifying reviews and was ready for problems, however, my cancellation went fine.

  35. Gold’s Gym Staff advised of offering $25.00 Gift Card for Guest Referrals that sign-up with Golds. Found out from Gold’s Customer Service that you don’t get this reward. It’s an insult that you only now get a CHEAP worthless Gold’s Gym T-shirt and ONLY have 5 days to CLAIM REWARD… This is a WASTE of my TIME trying to recruit and get 4 people signed-up to later find out you get NOTHING of VALUE…. Ticked off at GOLD’S

  36. Just trying to navigate getting someone in the organization to help me with the damage done to my car in their parking lot. They have security cameras in the parking lot, but cannot see anything on them. The lighting is too poor to see who it was that struck my car. If it is too dark too see camera footage, then it is too dark for the safety of the patrons , especially women who use the gym at night! Please help me find the proper manager to help me! The site manager keeps sending a desk person to speak to me. PS according to the desk attendant, Gold’s Gym is not responsible anything that happens in their parking lot…Whatever..

  37. Have tried NUMEROUS times to reach someone about my overdue bill. It was turned over to some company in Virginia, I think SWIFT Collections. The Girl that calls me is VERY RUDE! I try to talk to her about my account, she Hangs up after threatening that My account is going to be reported tomorrow to my credit report! I know all about Collection Laws and Procedures, and this little Chick is in violation of the Law. DO NOT call Me anymore, unless it is Golds GYM Corporate. Your Collections Company is a bunch of Immature, Unprofessional Idiots. I would never pay them, but might entertain the idea of speaking with Golds GYM Corporate to come up with some type of agreement to resolve this.

  38. 69 year old, male, received 36″ mini trampoline for Christmas 2013. Stitching burst for the first time a week or so ago, second stitching came apart from different area this morning, 19 March 2013. Less than three months use. Although purchased at a local Walmart for approximately $35.00, disappointed with the poor quality of the stitching. Other than that found the product to be sturdy, good springs, mat, etc. SUGGESTION: Either stitch with quality threading ensuring a longer lasting product, or take off the market. Thank you.

    Tom A. Yelich

  39. My sitter from Europe under my cc joined Golds gym in Sept. I did clearly ask- will there be any problems to cancel her after 6 months because she will stay only that period of time. they said no problem. she filled out papers on dec 2nd to give enough notice (her leave date was Feb 28, and she brought her flight ticket). In mid jan i asked our rep via email at the gym if thats ok and she will be terminated… no answer. 2 weeks later another email. she said she will look into it. days went by. asked again 4 days later. she said it was sufficient paperwork to show she is leaving the country. long story short…. finally 3/7 i was on the phone with cust service and they did cancel. problem why it wasnt done right away – the ticket said “intinerary” and not “one way”. i was so mad. i did talk with them for 35min. no solution. i paid basically extra for more than 1 month. its not the money. its the point- it was their mistake and i started process in time. i just do not feel they should have charged me on 3/7 when they basically terminated. hardest company ever to deal with

  40. Yesterday I called to question a bill that I was still receiving after canceling my membership last October. Steve informed me that they found the notice that the employee submitted when he told me it was taken care of, so he stopped future billing but refused to credit my account. He started laughing when I questioned their policies. It only about $200, but that’s not the point. When an employee said he had my membership canceled, I took his word on it. The supervisor, Belinda Snead is yet to call me back on the issue.

  41. Yesterday I called to question a credit card payment with customer service. Steve informed me that he found my notice that a Gold’s employee turned in back in October, but my account wasn’t stopped from being billed. Steve also told me that he would stop future bills but he and the Belinda Snead the supervisor couldn’t credit my account for all of the extra money they stole from my account. He laughed when I questioned their policy and the supervisor hasn’t called me back. Buyer beware!!

  42. I work 10 1/2 hour shifts I want to sit in the Hot tub It hasnot worked in three days I want to be reimbursed for those three days you are only opened 24 hours $ days a week so now three of those days are shot the Tulsa Memorial Golds Gym Thanks for nothing

  43. I submitted a cancellation request the last week in February 2014 at a Gold’s gym in the office tower I was working in because I was being transferred to another building where there is no Gold’s gym. Subsequent automatic withdrawals from my checking account and a phone call to the gym confirmed that the cancellation request had never been processed. The gym told me they would send the cancellation request through this time but when I call the customer service line to verify that, I get put on PERMANENT HOLD. I’ve had to put a block on my debit card to prevent further withdrawals of my funds by Gold’s which is a major inconvenience because now I can’t use my debit card for daily purchases. Apparently Gold’s is like the hotel California -you can check in anytime you like but you can never check out.

  44. Worst customer service ever. The San Diego franchise call center could not speak to a manager. Was rudely hung up on. I am a paying customer and golds gym who was almost bankrupt wants to treat new customers this way. Wow. I hope your gym members read this. San Diego call center operator was very unprofessional.

  45. SAD SAD! I have a membership that I am still being charge for! I was away from my gym location for 40 days (plus or minus 2 days). While away I was notified by my job I would be moving to fill critical position, which does not have a Gold Gym. I called and contacted my gym to let them know I would moving shortly. I reminded the gentleman that I was rmilitary, asked what were their exact steps to cancel membership, & to inform him that I was away for training (30days). He informed me that he would place a note in my record so I would not be charger anything extra. So I stopped by today to provide documentation upon my return, however there are no notes in my record. This mean Gold Gym will charge me the biweekly fee for something I will not have access to. Horrible customer service!!!

  46. I went to water in motion today, I enjoy the class a lot. The problem is I am sick of heraring about the new pool in Manchester. I joined the gym in Florissant because of its location not because it was new. I, and a large number of members, are mad that the number of classes at our facility have been cut so our instructor can do a class at the “new pool”. Complaints have been presented to Kimberly Call by most of us. Instead of replacing our Friday class, we were told there would be a class every other Saturday. I joined here for the water classes becauses of my age and joint problems the water classes best fit my needs. This morning we got out of the pool to find no water for showers. After dressing and going to the desk, we were told “There is some one working on the water heater or something”.It would have been nice if we were told this and at least given time to rinse off. This was very inconsiderate to your members. Many people count on showering before going on the the other activities of there day. “Disappointed”

  47. I have been going to the Gold’s Gym Express in Del City, Oklahoma for several months now. My membership is up in July and I do not plan on staying. There is a girl at the front desk that does nothing but hang out in the manager’s office. When I need to tan or buy a drink I have to stand at the counter for several minutes before she comes out to help me. Sometimes she is in there with the door closed. How can you help members when you are in an office and can’t see the front desk. She never smiles, always rude and I don’t know how many times I have seen her yelling across the gym at other employees. I have even encountered her in the parking lot as she is leaving pissed off almost running me over. I tried using the classes they offer but she would give me dirty looks and stare across the gym at me the rare times she was at the front desk. I started going later just to avoid this person which is very inconvenient and what do you know, there she was. I have filled out comment cards and still the same thing. Any ideas on how I can save my membership and not have to deal with this one person?

  48. Terrible service! We have has billing issues in the past where our local Golds Gym tried double charge us. Now we want to cancel and we have to speak to an account manager. REALLY??? Why can’t I just call or go into the gym and cancel. We pay month to month not even on a contract. This is the worse customer service for a gym ever. We will tell everyone we know NOT to bother with Golds! There are so many other places to go that are much easier to cancel when ready

  49. I have been going to Gold’s Gym in East Windsor, NJ for about 3 years now. I will NOT be renewing my membership at Gold’s gym again because they do not care about issues going on at the gym.. Equipment has been broken for months. They play hard core rap to cater to one select group of customers. They could give a rat’s ass about anyone else, especially people older than 50 years old. Anyone over 50 really feels like they do NOT belong there. One is forced to listen to hard core rap, or bring in an ipod. The bathroom stalls are all broken and they absolutely REFUSE TO FIX them. There are rusty safety pins on the stall floors. In addition, there are no rubber mats on the floor so a customer can easily slip and fall and crack their head on ceramic tile. Today, a man was in the ladies locker room. WTF? In addition, many of the lockers are broken. Also, there is new staff there every month, which says quite a bit. Gold’s Gym is clearly a gym that you should clearly stay away from.

  50. Equipment at Santa Ana ca. golds gym need a better maintain, lubrication on machines and some machines don’t work properly. Maybe you need a better mechanic. I already told the personal and they don’t do nothing about it.

  51. I’m a member of Gold’s Gym since February 2014.Today May 31 2014 I went with my wife she had in hand a 7 day pass that I printed from Gold’s Gym web site. On the web site I pick the Gold’s Gym on (450 Killian Rd Columbia SC 29203) the one I visit every day. They told me the pass is no longer accepted in this location even when the web site give you the option of pick this location. My wife have to go home without the try. The guy that was on the front desk wasn’t friendly at all. It’s the first time I have a problem there. But I Know others persons that complain about the staff. I can say at lease 4 staff members aren’t friendly at all. I think a smile or greet is something everyone can do.

  52. I was told that thatt Gold Gym would stop my membership in May, they are still taking my membership money out of my bank. It would be nice if you stopped taking memgership dues from my bank and put the money back. Thank -you.

  53. hoy he tratado de buscar ayuda por este telefono de customer service y me han estado transfiriendo de una extension a otra porque no hablan español…y especificamente la persona q puede esclarecer mi duda, no habla español…creo esto realmente increible…pues cuando paguĂ© mi cuota de membresia, no me hablaron en ingles….

  54. DO NOT JOIN!!!! Corporate are complete A-holes i have cancelled my membership over 2 months ago and yet i still keep getting charged every month i have to call and wait for a refund. and everytime im told it wont happen again and that they are SO sorry BS!!! i am beyond done with this company and will tell ALL not to join one. Oh and good lick trying to talk to a manager about a complaint bc apparently they dont take complaints funny probably becasue their entire day will be dealing with them.Called 3 days ago was told that a refund would be given and everything is cancelled nomore problems (second time being told) very next day my bank tells me they cahrged the full 279 dollars. called this morning was told again will be refunded could take 3-5 days (electronically) asked for a confirmation email this time SUPRISE they cant do that…just sit and wait to see if they can get it effing right this time. meanwhile my rent isnt being paid. I will be filing a fraud claim against them.

  55. Hayden Christensen is the type of Russians who live in Tokyo.
    Don’t forget what happened to Napoleon.

  56. I was a member for a year and a half and needed to drop my membership threw half of the second year so I paid the 150.00 fee on 6/30/14, on 7/1/14 I was still charged 78.00 on my checking for the month of July. I was told that 6/30 was my last day to use the gym. Why in the world did I get charged for July when I paid the fee to cancel? That is theft! Very unhappy with Gold’s and wont come back like I planned to!

  57. I sent Gold’s a certified letter cancelling my membership in April. They’re continuing to bill me in July!!!! I kept the receipt for the certified letter and just sent it in to them, hopefully I’ll be refunded my $140.00 a month!!!! I contacted my bank and will pay the $20.00 fee to stop payment for good.

  58. I have looked everywhere to find a battery compartment cover/door
    for my Golds Gym exercise bike.I am tired of tapeing the batteries
    in place please help me. I would like to enjoy the equiptment
    properly. sincerely D Woods

  59. It’s very unwise to point the direction for someone to become a psychic.
    Anyone who gets psychic service will see how nasty it is to be a near neighbor.
    p.s. Sheina

  60. It’s very unwise to point the direction for someone to become a psychic.
    Anyone who gets psychic service will see how nasty it is to be a near neighbor.
    p.s. Sheina

  61. It seems as if every few weeks something breaks or needs to be fix, I do water fitness, water too hot or cold, worst, no instructor! I had cancel my membership because of this, I was promised it got better. I have seen no changes and it looks like no one cares! I would like corporate to come and see how run down things are!

  62. I have been told that gold’s gym sells products to wear on the abdomen, upper arms, and thighs to aid in weight loss, like a belt or neoprene wrap. Is this true? Do they truly help at all? I live in Ontario Canada and if you do sell these aids, I am not sure if they are available in any stores, or how to locate them, or even how much they cost. I have been exercising, eating better, drinking lots of water, etc, but want a bit of extra help. 🙂 Thanks

  63. This company is apparently out to rip me off. I canceled my membership in May and I’m still being billed at the end of July. I called my gym and they told me to contact corporate. I called and the message tells me they’re not open until 8am M-F and to call back during business hours. I called at 8:45am. Not sure if they mean PST or what, but there was no indication in the message. I went online to try to contact someone and none of the links to “corporate” or “customer care” work. I am severely unimpressed right now and I’m about ready to call my bank and have my card canceled. Wish I’d read these comments before I signed up.

  64. There is not any pages for customer care. i need to cancel my membership immediately. I want to drafts to stop at the earliest possible.
    I would appreciate you forwarding this to the appropriate department.

  65. Bronx’s Polynesian descendants from the Pacific Isles are swimming to this country and are landing near Alcatraz at the beaches in the state of California.

  66. It is very sad that Gold’s Gym rips off customers by their sales representative’s not providing correct information when they are talking about their “contracts”. They charge a $25 fee to cancel a “no contract” contract within the first six months. So the company’s reputation is to be con artists and sell meaningless contracts to a customer then provide horrible customer service and hire incompetent employees to manage the locations.

  67. For being young and wanting to change into a healthy lifestyle I was very displeased when I was not told any information and now they will not help me cancel my membership. I can get a gym for free and no one is helping. I refuse to pay anymore because they don’t like to tell the customers anything. if anyone knows please help!

  68. Well looks like Golds Gym is off to a great start or maybe this is how the normally treat customers from what I’ve been reading. My wife had a membership with the Rush which Gold’s Gym just purchased. They said they would honor the Rush’s contracts. Well her contract stated she could bring family guests with her so my two teenage girls would go with. My wife also had 4 paid trainer visits left. The manager told her in order to bring the girls she would have to pay extra for a family plan. It was asked if she could at least bring them for the last of the trainer visits and the manager and corporate said absolutely not. So lets evaluate, Golds gym says they will honor old contract, this is was a lie. They might as well have said no, all contracts will not be honored and you will just have to live with it. I would have at least gave them a 5 star for honesty. I would run from this establishment if you have not already. Wow customer service is not seen at Golds gym.

  69. The cancellation process is terrible! You can open a membership in the club but they make it impossible to cancel. I am under the opinion it is designed to discourage you from cancelling.

  70. First time ever to complain yet I feel you need to know! I have been a member for 2 years, recently you changed managers in Murfreesboro TN, I have no idea what is going on in this ladies life however I am actually praying for her at this point! She is so rude and short with people I am shocked. After my first 3 encounters I actually said something to my wife and she replied that she was treated the same way. I then asked my Son of his experience and he replied, love the gym but the new manager lady is mean. Not sure you even care however I have been in full retail for 30 years and NO way would I allow this behavior. When I went in 4 days ago to give my new credit card number for billing she was so rude I cancelled the membership on the spot. Her response “well that will cost you another $59.00”. LOL, who cares, I never complained about the $800 a year for my family to have a gym however at this point it appears another company will be getting it! Again, in case you are getting several of these (would not shock me at all) I thought you should add this one to the list.


  71. If you can avoid golds gym please do. They have the worst customer service and try to squeeze every last penny from you. My bank had a breach and had to send out new debit cards so i got my card and went on the day it is due the girl said theres a late fee and since we waived your fee once(lost my card) we cant so i called customer support and i asked the guy how is there a late fee if im paying on the day its due. His answer well its a declined card fee you should of paid cash before it was due. They make up the rules as they go along. Been a member 2 plus years and this is how they treat you.

  72. My experience at this gym has been very unsatisfying. I paid a full year membership for me and my mother including the sitter for my child. Since day one I felt a discomfort from the persons taking care of my child, because I didn’t know if they had any experience with children. Now I know that neither of them have any kind of certification that evaluates their skills with children, neither do they have a background with children care. Nevertheless, I felt a bit better knowing that I was able to watch my son through the cameras in the kid’s zone room. One of the persons taking care of the members children had been outstaring my son at all times. It has come to a point where this woman (an employee) yells at me (the customer) and at her manager too. The manager did not know how to approach this event, and still has not done anything about it. I have never seen an employee yelling at the customers and the manager. I myself am owner of a business and if one of my employees ever yell at me and does any of the things this employee did in front of her manager and me I’ll definitely let go of him/her. I have been putting up with this women’s attitude towards my son due to the fact that she still works there. I feel that the management at this gym is very weak and the employees are out of control.

  73. The customer service for Golds Gym is the worst ever. I would never recommend Golds Gym to anyone. Never trust anything they say unless you have it all in writing and signed by a staff member. We have been trying to cancel our membership since the summer and were told as long as we provided a proof of new address it would be no problem. Here we are in December and still getting a bill (from their collections dept.)? Unacceptable. I will continue to call Golds Gym to make sure this matter is resolved.


  75. I have been trying to cancel my membership since Nov of 2014!! every time i talked to someone they said I had to call. I called and talked to someone about canceling my service and refunding for Nov -Dec because i havent usedthe gym thinking that my account was canceled. they said that i had to give them a 30 day advance notice and that they have no record of me canceling so they charged me. its Jan now and i just got hit for a $45 charge from them….. im trying to find the dang number again so that i can call and cuss them out and get my damn money back but i cant find crap… this is seriously pissing me off

  76. I am disputing a charge from Gold’s Gym in the amount of $1876.20.
    On two occasions I went to the desk at Gold’s on Forest Drive and asked about removing my fiancé from my account or stopping his contract. I explained he broke his foot and per doctors orders could not workout. I was told to call corporate and they would suspend his account. After calling corporate I was told that I would need to pay and they would add his the months onto the back of the contrct. I explained several times that he was very sick and that it would be well over a year before he could return to the gym. After speaking to corporate and the front desk I was not able to get any help with suspending my then fiancé’s contract. Well my fiancée became very sick and ended up having his leg amputated to date he still has not been cleared to return to work or the gym. Gold’s showed no compassion or understanding in my situation and therefore I do not feel I owe them anything. I would hope that in the future this organization show some compassion and understanding when dealing with customers. They are very friendly and helpful when they are getting you to commit to a long-term contract but when you got with legitimate issues they are not very understanding or accommodating.
    I will be forwarding a copy of this letter to Golds, the Better Business Bureau and the American Amputee Coalition
    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

  77. Don’t join!!!! They overcharge and refuse to credit back after admitting their mistake. They caused overdraft on my account. Told me they would mail a check or give me an account credit on my membership. Nothing about the overdraft charges.

  78. As per tel con with your coustomer service agent I am providing the following Information.
    On Sat (20 Mar 2015) I took my guest of two adults and (kids 14 and 15 years old) to visit the Gold Gym Located on Pat Booker, Universal City TX. They were thinking about joining. Upon entering the Gym I was told that the only way they could be entered as guess was that the kids have to be 18 years or older by Senior managenment. The reason given as to why the kids will not be admitted was Gold Gyms policy due to libability. Ask yourself what is your policy on ages from 1-13 years of age?
    However I was advised, if the adults would enter into a contract the with the gym they could use the facility with no problem. This is where your rule hurts you brand name. How many people will agree to join Gold Gym if they are not able to check out the gym plus what member would recommend new people after a goat rope like what happen to me. Please change your policy to where when members bring people to the gym, the Members and Guardian of kids under 18 shall sign a waiver realeasing Gold Gym of any and all libability.
    The next issue is on Sunday (22 Mar 2015) the gym was not open at 0700 AM as advertised and was still closed at 0750 AM when some of the people left. This is no way to run a business.
    Please advised Senior managenment that these two issues require their immediate attention.

  79. I am so disappointed in Gold’s. I joined Gold’s because it was the gym my Dad used to go to and I have been loving it…and even recommending it to people. Then I tried to cancel my membership because I am moving and they told I still had to pay for a full month even though I already paid my last month’s subscription when I signed up and no one told me I needed to give 30 days notice. When I called customer service they were unhelpful and when I asked for a Supervisor they transferred me to an answering machine and said I will get a call back in 24-48 business hours which makes me doubt I will ever hear back. In such a competitive industry, it’s a shame Gold’s doesn’t take better care of their customers. They are now making it difficult for me to sign up for a new gym membership as I am still paying my old one…thanks a lot. I am so saddened that their policies are like this because I genuinely loved their gym and now I’m leaving with a bad taste in my mouth.

  80. The Monday 9 a.m. Instructor krissy is constantly and excruciatingly too loud!! Several of us have asked to have her turn her music down. She only turns it up not only for her own teaching but for other teachers. Her attitude has been rude and uncooperative. Please help!!

  81. they are the worst customer service since Bally’s and there’s a reason Bally’s went of business. disappointed that Gold’s bought out Fitness First and it’s been a disaster ever since.

  82. I have been a member of Golds for five plus years. I pay my membeship in full every year.Its a beautiful facility. The problem I have is when something go wrong, it takes manager forever to fix the problem. Im at Hazelwood, Mo location. For instance the basketball rim needs to be repaired. I discuss this with one of the employees. he simply said it will take while before its repaired. Thats not something I want to hear after paying $325 for yearly membership.

  83. The Golds Gym Murriet was dirty and the attendants that managed it treated customers very unprofessionally. The womens bathroom had a custodian in there all the time acting like he was cleaning with no sign posted outside to warn women before they entered, I addressed this several times and nothing was done so I ended my contract.

  84. I want to say that it doesn’t matter where you work as long as you work out. I was just working at a Golds in Waukesha Wisconsin, and for the most part I loved. I enjoyed helping others transform their lives. But it’s hard to work with the double standard that goes on. And as a consultant I get a little pay on the members I sign up. I didn’t expect to get rich working here, but when you have a pill poping, dip sucking, greedy flipping (Tim Ahner) for a punk ass manager taking my referrals and leads, what am I supposed to do. Our assistant Alli D whom has slept with most the trainers is the Assistant manager who does the same thing. These two get salaries. Not to mention Alli is getting state assistance on top of that. Now one of the owners to this Golds, Joe Harrison, said in a speech, ” the employees here are like the employees at the Apple stores, they don’t quit “. Not even close, the turn over rate is tremendously high. I didn’t want to leave, but I can help others with their fitness goals anywhere. I’m sorry for the rant, but think twice before taking a job at Golds.

  85. I went to the gym as I usually do! and it turned out that it seems that he would enter a federal building as migration! I asked for the papers of my guests! I am very angry about the way that discriminated me! Dalton Georgia in gold gim

  86. NO SERVICE. mildew in pool area. rust falling from rafter beams, meat locker cold in shower area, one dressing room, lockers are broken into overnight, cold pool and not the 84 degrees as advertised. Unhealthy conditions.

  87. I have moved and wanted to relocate my gym. When I called, they said that I could only relocate to certain gym locations. But I have a Gold’s Gym right across the street from my new house! They wouldn’t let me cancel my membership, and they wouldn’t let me relocate to the gym closer to me. I’m not going to drive an additional 20 minutes to go to the preferred relocation gym when I could go right across the street. Please give me a number, email, or way to get ahold of someone that can help me relocate to the Gold’s Gym in my neighborhood.

    Your company takes out of my master card TWO payment each month.
    So why am I getting charged. Master card told me my account is all up to date.
    Also mastecred said you company never put in a charge on the 19. I would like to talk to someone about this problem. My gym the manager has not come to work as of 9:40 am today.

  89. I joined Gold’s Gym mainly for use of the pools. I have been very disappointed in the last few months. All of the pools I have swam in are filthy. Bandera Gym, Prue Gym, etc. There is hair, band aids, and other junk I am not sure of. I am very close to calling the Department of health to have these pools tested. I am also frustrated with the fact that the pool lanes are filled with the swim classes. I realize that Gold’s would like to have extra income, but the hours especially in the summer should not be in the afternoon when work lets out.

  90. I’ve been a member of Gold’s Gym in Vestavia for several years. They are
    authorized to debit my account when payment is due. They did not to that in
    August , which was not my fault. Now they are saying . I owe a late fee. I do not
    intend to pay and will . Join else where.. Not a Gold’s Gym.

  91. Here’s a great one. I joined Golds Gym and paid $142 up front so I could cancel anytime. I pay $15.95 biweekly. I will be traveling for the US government and called Golds just now to put my billing/account on hold while I’m gone. They told me that while I’m gone, they would put my account on hold, but charge me $15 per month simply to have my account on hold. I confirmed with the telephone rep that she understood that I was paying $32 / month for my membership, and that I would have to pay half of that just to place the account on hold – $15 – and I wouldn’t be attending the club while I was out of the country. She said that was correct. This is beyond absurd. In my mind it’s a race for the most outrageous billing/contract terms between cable companies, cellular companies and health clubs. Health clubs are far and away the leading offenders. Predatory charges, undisclosed fees, contract fine print, unreasonable terms. I will never again belong to a health club – they are almost all the same. I’m sure that when I call to close my Gold’s account, I will be told that even though I paid $142 up front and was assured by the club rep that there would be no fees when I cancelled, I still will have to pay some ridiculous cancellation fee. When you mention these policies to club managers – they shrug and say “that’s corporate” and accept no responsibility for these offensive practices. Outrageous.

  92. I just ended my membership at Gold’s in Elkridge, Md. I had problems with billing because of a poorly explained contract by one of their employees. I write up 10+ contracts like these everyday for my job, so it’s not my lack of understanding. Very unprofessional and rude staff. I’ve overheard the trainers and office people complain about their job and doing their work. Kim at the front desk is very nice, and she is the only person who will say hi to you. Everyone else is very fake and has a negative and unpleasant attitude. I spoke with customer service after this location tried billing me with late fees that were being charged to me before my year even ended, and got it resolved. I will be contacting corporate and filing formal complaints. Stay away from this gym. 0 stars.

  93. Golds gym hesters crossing in Round Rock has the most HORRIBLE customer service and i will be cancelling my membership and going to 24 hour fitness

  94. An arrogant club manager named Breynard Quintong located at Bluebay Walk Philippines humiliated me and my girlfriend who are paying customers by shouting at one of the Physical Trainers telling us to leave the machine because we are not allowed to use it. There is no sign in the machine that it is “off limits” nor was it stated in our contract that we are not allowed to use certain equipments. There is also a proper way of telling us that we are not allowed to use it not by shouting and humiliating people

  95. Hi

    This is Abdelaziz Alshammari, i just checked my bank account and you guys have took from me 14 USD, and i’ve subscribed for only one month,and i payed 14 USD twice, but the 14 USD that you guys took i don’t know for what exactly. Also, i don’t have the number of my membership to cancel it but you can check by my phone number, which is

  96. I do not use gym anymore and I have been trying to cancel. Your company does not make it easy to cancel service. If I would have known how hard it is to cancel, I would not have joined in the first place. I think people would like to cancel, but give up because your company makes it so hard. I will never join another gold’s gym.

  97. The customer service for Gold’s Gym is terrible. When I signed up for my membership I was supposed to receive a discount because the company I work for has a deal with the gym. When they started charging me, I called and went into the gym, nobody would give me the discount because I signed a contract and the “just so happened” to not “put it in the contract”. When he was filling out the contract he showed me what my payment would be so I know it was in the computer. Nobody would help at all and the lady on the phone was extremely rude. I’ve called customer service and been hung up on several times after being asked for my barcode number at the beginning of the call. Also, the hold music is horrible. Fix your customer service!!!!

  98. My wife has been trying to cancel her membership with Gold’s Gym and yet she is still being charged. She has performed the necessary tasks via internet and reassured by phone 3 times that it has been canceled and that no additional charges will take place. This is absurd, we are still being charged and everyone directs us to someone else to talk to. Now we can’t get online to confirm cancellation because “the account has been canceled” and/or the server is down. Canceling the account was part of the directions. We want the membership canceled and the additional charges refunded immediately! I don’t think it is out of the question to ask for additional money considering the headache and frustration from dealing with the cancellation policy. Please contact me via the email above as soon as possible to get this membership out of my hands!

  99. Hi ,
    Team this is Tabish khan I hope all well , actually few months back I took annualy membership from GOLD GYM ( AL FAHIDI AL MUSALLA TOWER BRANCH ) but due to some reasons , I could not able to continue because I already shift my home to Dubai internet city so I have requested to transfer my membership to my friend but its not working according to Mr. Julian I can not transfer he said he is a operation manager and he will not do it because its not written in membership form , why this kind of services you are giving , when I was taking membership no body told me I can not transfer my membership , they told me you can transfer any time but now its not working . I realy appreciate if you can help and resolve this issue . I am not satisfied with your services and that reception guy ( Mr. Julian ) that’s not the way when you deal to your custumer . its such a disoppintment for A BIG BRAND . please review this issue and contact me for solution .

    Your urgent response in this regard will be highly appreciated

    055- 11- 35821

  100. I just walked in to work out and one of your employees I believe his name was Pat was very rude to me and my friends every other time I have came when other people were working I have had a great experience but this particular time we were disrespected

  101. Terrible service I received when trying to cancel my membership because I was moving.

    When I called the office, Gold’s Gym said I had to go in person and fill out a cancellation form. So I stopped by the gym in June and filled it out. I thought I was done with it then, but little did I know, I was not. Last month (Oct), when I checked my credit card statement and I couldn’t believe it when I saw that Gold’s Gym was still charging my credit card! That’s an additional 4 months of monthly charges on my credit card after I canceled my membership. Then I called and again Gold’s Gym said I had to go in to discuss it. When I went in again, someone at the front desk did some research and said they could not find the cancellation form I filled out so and I had to fill out another one. However, they did not refund me the 4 additional months that Gold’s Gym charged me even though this is entirely Gold’s Gym fault because Gold’s Gym misplaced the original form. Gold’s Gym claim its my fault because I did not request a copy of the cancellation form. Are you kidding me? I would trust that any business keeps has people at the front desk who knows what they are doing and are capable enough to do their job including dealing with membership enrollment and cancellations which I would expect to be a big part of their jobs.

    Gold’s Gym is careless with their paperwork and they expect me to just pay the extra months and accept it. The worst part is that they just don’t care. They didn’t even apologize for their mistake. Instead accusing me that I should have asked for copy of the cancellation form when I initially signed it. This gym does not take ownership and responsibility for its employees and mistakes.

  102. dear sirs,
    I tregret to inform you of a condition observed in your WINTER hAVEN store having been in business myself I feel compelled to relate my experienced. I have been a member for quite sometime as my sons grew up they woulsd accompany me to the gym. Standard operating procedure I would pay a $15.00 guest charge log in in and recieve a lecture re: i was respoinsible for them Unfoprtunatley at apro 5:30 on 11-13-2015 I took my son to gym no sign in paid cash and unfortunatley the regester never opened I feel your staff pocketed the fee no big deal but how do your owners and shareholders feel .if happens on a regular basis never saw it happen that way before. thought you should know

  103. The Golds gym service in Killeen Tx is horrible. Golds has gotten so big it’s forgotten about providing good customer service. I paid in cash for personal sessions and no contract. The trainer had a hard time with my schedule and was never available for me. What the heck?!! I shouldn’t have to put up with this therefore I told them I would forfeit my sessions and to cancel out. I even had a credit balance. The said I had to pay for one more month! I’m so upset with them. No one at anytime informed me I had to go online to cancel. Has anyone tried to do this? It’s so difficult to cancel online?!! Never will I use this gym ever again!!!!!!!! I spoke with management and they told me I wouldn’t get charged. Well guess what, I got charged. I work for a big company and word of mouth can be very powerful! I will make sure to let people know the type of service Gold’s gym really provides.

  104. I ask the person at the front desk to make the manager aware of what I’m about to share as well. I figured I’d also send this email and hope that someone reads this:

    I live in Clermont FL and have recently gotten a membership at the Golds there. I used a brand new business card to pay. I have only used it on one other occasion for a doctors visit. Other then that the card has not even left the house. Now I know that you don’t necessarily keep the card information in your system but still think you should investigate the company that handles your customers financial information.
    Over this weekend I talked to my bank and apparently someone is using my card, which I have in my possession, in California. Now since again I’ve only used it twice so far and one of those two times is for a doctors visit my suspicion/worry is that somehow your system may not be secure.

    Please respond so I can see that someone actually reads this.

  105. I’m inquiring on how to complete & submit a member survey on the current location I attend (South Arlington, VA). I was informed by corportate that a survey would be emailed to me, however, I have not received a customer (member) surely. Please advise. Thank you.

  106. The GMs at the Arlington (South), VA location are always personalble & professional! Unfortunately, the Personal Training Mgr is less than professional majority of the time and usually carries a defensive attitude; not exactly manager material.

  107. I don’t think Gold’s management will care about my negative comments here, or any of the 111 similar complaints listed before mine. The pattern of poor maintenance and local managers who are unable or unwilling to correct the problems (and do not seem to care) is obviously irritating to many of us at many of the gyms. The gym in Simi Valley CA. fits the pattern. We’re encouraging comments on Yelp and any other sites with more visibility than this.

  108. I just want to say the staff in Wacos golds gym has really declined in the last six months. They appear to hate there jobs and need to know how the treat members. We also do not access to the pool,sauna, and wifi. But yet we are still charged the same amount for less. Is anyone in a hire position aware of this? Hope this does not get overlooked and some actions come out from this. Thanks in advance for your help.

  109. Don Livingston
    2447Lockhill Selma RD. #701
    San Antonio, Texas 78230

    Tuesday, January 12, 2016
    Nicole Smith

    Dear Ms. Smith:

    This Email is for your interest.

    I have been watching with anticipation for the opening of GOLDS GYM at the Lockhill Selma address, and on Friday, January 8, I saw a small sign saying OPEN.

    I have been a Member of many fine Health Clubs/Gyms for a number of years throughout the United States, and held Certification from ISSA as a fitness Instructor……., long since lapsed.

    I am in my 70’s, and have worked out rather religiously for over 50 years of my life until this past year where business became overwhelming and interfered with my routine.

    This Email is a recap of my experience as a potential “walk-in” Member of GOLDS GYM.

    When I entered, no one greeted me, and when I asked if I could look around to check out the facilities the female Employee at the desk told me I had to fill out a “questionnaire” before I guess would even be allowed in. This was done and I was asked to sit on a bench until someone was available………., ALL I WANTED TO DO IS CHECK THINGS OUT to see if it fit my interest.

    Shortly, a guy by the name of Richard Rodriguez approached me. He did not introduce his self, nor did he ask my name…, I volunteered it. I told him I wanted to look around to check out the facilities, and instead of giving a guided tour he directed me to his office. He still did not introduce his self.

    I felt very uncomfortable sitting there. He asked me no question why I was there, what were my goals, what my back ground was, etc. I offered the information…., still no tour offer.

    He went right to “the pitch” 1 year, 2 year,month to month, Bi-Weekly payment and gave me his card. (then I knew his name…., RICHARD RODRIGUEZ – FITNESS CONSULTANT). No mention of an introductory fee (which by then would have made no difference), or an up and coming one. Then he said…., “Now what is your name?” He made me feel like the whole experience was a waste of his time.

    I left his office and looked around alone, and left. No one said thanks for coming in, no one said could I help you, no one showed any interest what-so-ever!!!

    This gave me an incite as to where the priorities are for GOLDS GYM…….., it certainly is not with the interest , or goals of a Member, but signing that contract. I can only imagine what it’s like after becoming a member.

    IF I could have found a Corporate address to send this to, I wouldn’t have wasted your time.

    Anyway, after a few days to think about this, I decided to let someone know and maybe the above comments will make a difference some way.

    Thanks for your time,

    Don Livingston

  110. It’s 10.30 in the evening in the mens locker room and a Mexican women who can’t speak English walks in to clean up with Mr and others in Bryan Texas.your guns are out dated dirty iv been begging LA fitness to come to college station Texas and Bryan Texas I lived in Minnesota when LA fitness came to town golds closed many gyms

  111. I cancelled my membership online April of 2015. I never received a confirmation. I got several calls where I was told I owed money. I told them I cancelled. They said they would get back with me and never did. Now I’m receiving collection calls. This is ridiculous! I cannot get ahold of anyone at Golds that can give me an answer. I cannot believe how hard it is to cancel. I thought I may return to that gym before all of this mess. I can honestly say with the poor service I’ve had with this I will only give bad reviews. The fact they make this so hard is criminal. I’m so tired of getting collection calls !!

  112. worst customer service experience ever in my life.. its hard to reach them, even though not fixing problems … i will nevr recomneded anyone to join goldgym its just useless

  113. The steam room has not been working for months at quail springs gym in OKC.
    It breaks every few months and takes a few months to repair. The problem seems to be hard water. How about a water softener system and a new motor! The showers are also a mess – water not very hot and dirty. You need to get with customer appreciation!

  114. I am trying to get my account set up in Valencia, CA and have waited over a week but corporate is not putting in the info

  115. Hello. I went to Gold’s gym to inquire about the no-contract deal I saw on TV, and I was helped by Chris at the Gold’s gym in Reston, VA. I told Chris that I was trying to decide between Gold’s gym and another gym, and he told me everything I wanted to hear. He also assured me that it would be $32 monthly, and that Gold’s gym would deduct $15 from my account on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Chris was so kind that I gave him a great review when I received a survey about my experience. But, he was too kind. In fact, I’ve been traveling back and from VA to NYC to litigate a law case, and a few days after I told Chris I was interested in joining I reviewed my bank account, and was shocked to see that $196 was deducted from my account. Immediately, I contacted Gold’s gym to request my immediate termination thereof, and I requested my money back. I have never worked out at Gold’s gym, and when I spoke with employees they made it sound as if I would get my money back. But, after the first few phone calls, or text messages, I was getting impatient and wanted a specific date as to where/when I’d get my money back. Then, I called the 866 number and spoke to a girl in accounting who said I cannot have my money back. Of course, I contacted my bank to demand stop payments to Gold’s gym and, if for some bizarre reason that didn’t work, I can just file a small claims lawsuit at the Fairfax County Courthouse in Fairfax, VA. However, I fear other people will encounter a similar experience. It’s disconcerting to think I was helped by a truly, genuine employee of Gold’s gym when, in reality, he took advantage of me and my credit card. If this is normal, then shame on me for contacting you directly. Or, if it is not common to behave similar to Chris’s behavior, then I urge you to take immediate action. Thank you.

  116. I was using a gym in florida and thought I had cancelled membership but kept getting charged. Called that gym and they told me to fax them a signed letter saying I wanted to leave golds gym. That gym then closed a month later and I’m still getting charged a monthly rate 5 months after my gym had closed

  117. would like a email address for gold’s gym corporate company for a complaint ab
    the gold’s gym in Florissant Mo 63031, If any one has it will you please leave it in comments. Thank You

  118. I run Facebook Ads for Gyms, Fitness and Yoga Studios. I can put you infront of 10,000 potential clients in your community and track immediate ROI, would you like to know more?

    We helped a gym book 12 new members in a month with less than $300 in adspend.

  119. I run Facebook Ads for Gyms, Fitness and Yoga Studios. I can put you infront of 10,000 potential clients in your community and track immediate ROI, would you like to know more?

    We helped a gym book 12 new members in a month with less than $300 in adspend.

  120. It’s like a sauna in the Cinema Room of the Golds in OFallon, MO. The front desk says there’s a ticket to fix it but it’s been over 3 months. Nobody can use it. The room is always empty.

  121. sent email, as instructed by your representative about several safety issues that require immediate attention. Though a reply was to be provided within 24-48 hours, I have not receive your response!

  122. I am looking for someone to talk too to get a phone number or a manual for a Gold Gym exercise bike with Power Spin 230 R on the side of it. As soon as possible as ours is broke and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible so I can finish my aerobatics class.

  123. you have the family that runs golds gym in Cheyenne,wyoming asking Hispanics that they have to be citizens,joined for six months did not get a discount for senior citizen,retired railroader in Cheyenne,wyo.,and veteran,then was not asked to rejoin

  124. AWFUL! Although it clearly states in the “rules” of the dressing room, the Gold’s Gym in Waxahachie, TX does nothing about camera use! There are people taking “selfies” in the dressing room while others are actually changing clothes behind them! I’ve been victim of this twice and witnessed many others. I have reported this to management THREE time to no avail. I want to cancel my membership, but they won’t let me. Is there anything I can do?

  125. Good morning, my name is James Johnson and am very disappointed in the level of customer service that I have been shown at the location in Richmond Virginia, in Willow Lawn. I have been trying to get some service since Monday of this week. The manager at your location was out and I spoke with her representative who assured me a call by 7PM yesterday and still nothing. At this point I feel that I am being brushed off and I do not appreciate it especially since I am paid up and owe you nothing. It is wrong and I am expecting something to be done by close of business today.

    Thank you in advance,
    James Robert Johnson

  126. I have been a member of the gym in Moore since it was L.A. Fitness. Since then, I have never had an issue with my payment schedule or method. About two weeks ago, I had some unauthorized charges appear on my bank statement. When I went to check it out, they took my credit card, the same one that I have been paying my membership on. Two days ago, I finally received my new credit card in the mail. I knew I would be going down to work out on Thursday, September 21, so I figured I could change the method of payment then. When I went in, the lady at the desk informed me there would be a 44.00 charge because of a 10.00 late fee instead of the usual 34.00.

    Now, I understand I did not call the gym to change my method of payment, but when asked, they told me I should have called three days in advance. There’s one major problem: I did not receive my credit card until two days ago.

    I do not believe I owe this late charge because I tried to correct the problem within 24 hours of Gold’s attempt to deduct the membership dues. No matter what, I could not have abided by your three day mandatory method of payment change.

    I would appreciate it if you could look into the matter and have them take the 10.00 late charge off of my statement.

    If there had been a problem before, I would understand, but there is no habitual or accidental problem regarding my account since I joined approximately four years ago.

    Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this unfortunate incident.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Terri L. Black

  127. I have been trying to cancel my membership for 6 months. Every month I am told
    that it is cancelled and every month they keep charging me,
    Golds Gym is the worst gym and it is the worst gym to do business with.

  128. I want to know why when I joined Golds Gym you immediately pulled money from my account, but when I cancelled my account TWO more payments were taken. seems very convenient for you. Also I signed up for the Ruby membership which included towels, however the live oak tx. location did not furnish any for at least two months, shouldn’t I get some sort of restitution, or is this another way for you to gouge your customers?
    I would like a reply please.

  129. I haven’t been able to find anything at all about the Golds Gym Elliptical I have that needs a control panel that goes on top of the center post and controls the speed, etc of the machine. I have a model: GGEL62808.0 and SN: AAA30G04545. This is a good unit and during our move, somewhere along the way this part was knocked off and lost between old house and here. I’d appreciate it if you can direct me to the proper area/service that handles replacement parts for this machine. Thanks
    Jim Callihan

  130. I have been trying to get my membership cancelled since August 2017. I even cancelled my credit card and got a new one to stop their charges when they refused to accept my cancellation more than a month after my contract expired. They are STILL charging me and lying to the bank when I dispute the charges saying I never cancelled when the local office assures me that they sent the cancellation to corporate. If I could speak to corporate myself I would but oddly enough, there never seems to be a person available in any department to talk to. I am currently looking for an attorney and hope to have a class action lawsuit filed within the next couple of months because I cannot be the only person this has happened to.

  131. I witnessed a very disturbing incident at your Dallas Preston Center location. I saw a guy named Neil punch a Hispanic man in the face for no apparent reason. Neil (heavily tattooed white male) was very aggressive towards this man. I don’t know what set him off.
    I had a similar incident a few months back where I moved Neil’s gym bag from a machine that he had not used for over 10 minutes. He came towards me very aggressively and threatened me.

    The staff at the gym has not removed this guy from the gym after several incidents. This guy is unstable. I wanted to make sure Gold’s has been placed on notice of this guy as the next innocent victim will have a major claim against your company for lack of security.

  132. I need a battery door for a Power spin 210U unit., I can not find it on your parts list and got ) response sending an email

  133. I sent a letter to corporate Headquarters on John Carpenter Freeway but it was returned. what is the correct address? thank you

  134. We signed a no cancellations fee contract. Cancelled with the required letter. They stopped the draft. THEN, 6 months later they started drafting my AMEX card again. AMEX refunded me, and now Gold Digger Gym turned it over to a collection agency. Impossible to talk to anyone. I am working on putting together a class action suit. They are committing this fraud everywhere.

  135. I never signed up for a Gold’s membership and they are threatening to turn my “account” over to a collection agency. I had a membership at Fitness 19 to whom I sent many requests to cancel and they refused. They were apparently bought out by Golds and now Gold’s is sending these threatening letters to me. Golds needs to stop.

  136. Bad experience! They tried to do anything they could to get me signed up after I told them that I couldn’t afford the startup fee. They kept lowering it. The add says only $10 a month. That is true, but they don’t tell you that you have to pay anything upfront. I have health issues and wanted to get some help. I truly can’t afford any more than the $10 a month. I tried to get off the mailing list. I couldn’t get a corporate number, I couldn’t find any of their websites with a way to contact them. Even the number for customer service. The recording asks for your zip code so that you can be referred to the local gym. I already called and they were of no help.

  137. Golds gym, 133435 research blvd, Austin tx.
    This is a very nice gym gone down hill quickly. The music venue has changed recently as has the volume. Terrible music so loud that my own music through my ear buds does not overpower the gyms music. On slow times and all weekend the volume is horrible. Many, many people have complained as have gym employees passed complaints to the manager who does nothing.
    There are 2 large gyms within a mile and customers have started moving and if this volume is not tamed down, My family will also move,.
    Thank you

  138. Golds Gym Glendale sucks . Used my membership rewards for one month of free dues and my credit card still charged me. The guys that work at the the gym are rude. The girls at the front desk are rude. The whole vide sucks in that place. Ego lifters slamming weights down all the wish i never join this horrible club. Most of all the manger needs to get off his high horse

  139. I cancelled my membership and they kept taking fees out 2times for 30.20 . I email Byron and he said that it was refunded , not true never got refunded, then I contact an attorney as they are not telling the truth and then he said he can not help any longer that I have to deal with Golds legal dept/ I can not even get an cudtomer service number.

  140. We have tried to cancel our Gold’s Gym membership, and they keep trying to bill our credit card and charge us late fees for something we do not use, nor do we want to use. We only asked for the initial three months due to us going on a cruise to Alaska, so we only wanted the three months prior to the cruise. They tried to keep billing us after that initial date. We specifically told the manager at sign up that we only wanted it for three months. That was the official notification that we were only interested in a three month membership. What is so hard to understand about that? The phone calls, the harassment is getting old.

  141. On November 5 and 6 I was very much inconvenience on going to workout at the gym location De Soto Texas there was no one there on both days to open the doors of the gym this is definitely an inconvenience however, I make sure that I pay my dues on time so
    That GOLD’s do not have to wait for
    Payment . I am a Dedicated
    customer . Please take this time to acknowledge all complaints Thanks.

  142. I have set up and met with general manager Ronald Ward at the Burlington NC Gold’s gym to cancel membership. I am still being charged 4 additional charges more than I am suppose to and need refunded. I have tried to deal with this man several times and he really can’t seem to help him. Please send me his bosses contact info so we can finally get this all straight.

  143. Gold Gym Kalibata City are super sucks!!!

    I have changed with 3 PT and none of them were good!

    The last PT I had were resigned and they did nothing about it!

    I want my money back!!!

    Or, give me 5 months free membersip

  144. Beware of these thieves. I signed in and was never mentioned I was signing in a year membership. I was in this gym like 5 months before trying to cancel. When I tried cancelling I was told I needed to paid the remaining of my account (which they never explaining initially) I asked them to show me the contract where thats stated and for my surprise its a contract I never saw and thats SIGNED by somebody else. They faked my signature which is not even close and now the manager is always avoiding my calls and is never available. Who should I contact?

  145. I’ve been trying to contact Marc at downtown la location for cancelling my memebership – I moved 50 miles away and it is the legitimate reason to cancel my prepaid membership. However it is been a month of emailing and got one reaponse saying that there is $200 cancellation fee. That is almost same as what is probably left of my prorated balance. Still waiting to hear back and they do definitely treat people differently when they try to join vs. cancel, like what AOL or Blockbuster used to do. Anyway, please be respectful for your members who cannot attend your gym due to personal circumstances.

  146. Why did I get charge $9.99 un April 2020, and the gym is closed..I want my Monet return. You ssd should not be taking people Monet at this time.

  147. While I’ve been on hold for over the past hour ( while I type this),trying to figure out why I’ve been charged 80$ over the past month . This is the 3rd time this has happened to me throughout my membership. I get charged extra and then customer service just adds that to my next month credit .
    #2 Is when did monthly level 1 charges go up from 29.00 to 39.00.
    Just wondering- while still on hold

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