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Contacting GMC Customer Service Center

GMC is a brand of truck, van and SUV sold by General Motors. Larger vehicles have traditionally been known as gas guzzlers, but GMC is attempting to change that with hybrid trucks and SUVs. Some models offers double the miles per gallon compared to traditional models, but the price is nearly twice as high. Customer service is available to talk with potential buyers and help owners in any way possible.

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Contact Info:

GMC customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in at least some fashion, according to the official GMC website.

Phone Contact Numbers

Phone agents are available for your calls between 8 AM and 9 PM ET, Monday to Saturday. The information line open the same hours as customer service, aside from the shortened hours on Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM ET. There are no agents manning the phones on Sundays.

  • Request GMC Information: 1-888-988-7267
  • Customers Relations (Owners): 1-800-462-8782
  • Service Bulletin Orders: 1-888-551-4123
  • People with Disabilities: 1-800-323-9935
  • GMA SmartLease: 1-800-32-SMART
  • GM Card Application: 1-800-8GM-CARD
  • GMC Owner Center: 1-866-694-6546

Mailing Address

GMC is located in the US and Canada, there are GMC customer service addresses listed for both locations. You can write to the US address from Canada, if needed, and vice versa.

GMC USA Customer Assistance CenterPO Box 33172Detroit, MI 48232


GMC of Canada1908 Colonel SamOshawa, OntarioL1H 8P7 CanadaMail Code: 163-055

Official Website

GMC’s official site is available at You will find all the newest models listed on the site with base price information and the ability to customize the model for updated pricing. Customers can build the perfect model and place an order with GMC for the truck, SUV or van, but they will need to prove financing or payment before the vehicle is built.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email address for GMC is listed prominently on the site. You can visit to fill out the customer service form. The form requires you to pick the subject of your email before being sent to the actual form. If you choose incorrectly, just go back to the first page and start over.

Our Experience

Press 1 for roadside assistance as soon as the automated system answers the call. If you’re calling about your GMC vehicle, press 3 to hear the vehicle-specific options. A list of vehicles will be read- you have to say YES if you are driving one of the vehicles or NO if you’re not. Depending on your answer you may have to provide additional information before the call is answered b y a GMC customer service agent. Our agent was pleasant and well spoken. She helped us compare the Yukon Denali Hybrid with the Yukon Hybrid in terms of features and gas mileage.

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12 Comments on “Contact GMC Customer Service
  1. Dear Sir;
    recently I bought a GMC at GMC Buick in Dublin, Ca. There were some changes that I wanted in the truck and was put in the able hands of Mrs. Mary Ann Feldmeier of the service dept. What a pleasure it was to work with this woman.Her work ethic,knowledge,personality and her advise,which I took,made the experience a distinct pleasure.If I weren’t retired I would do my best to try and hire her away from you people.
    Yours Truely;
    David L Johnson

  2. I am the original owner of a 2004 Suburban with 75,000 miles on it. I have maintained it perfectly with a recent 60,000 mile dealership expensive service.
    Recently we have noticed a loss of coolant. Turns out to be a manufacturing defect. GMC refuses to stand by its product and make this right.
    You can google “coolant loss, suburban” to confirm what I and other owners are stuck with.
    Basically the engine is defective and will fail through no fault of my own.
    I am urgeing everyone to NOT to buy GMC trucks, SUV’s or autos.

    Norbert Chaudhary file#71-118 4273531

  3. Last week my husband and I had to contact GMC. We were going to the beach in South Carolina, while driving my Chevy cruse the steering wheel locked up on me. I could not turn the steering wheel, and I was in serious traffic. This not only cause me at that point to break down and cry, I couldn’t help but think I was going to loose my life. My car had to be towed and we could not get it back until the end of the week. I feel that my vacation was a let down, due to this. I also feel that someone from GM could of called and check on us. This was a very serious situation and someone could of lost their life’s. I am concern about my car now that something like this could happen again. To me the steering wheel controls the whole vehicle and when that’s gone bad, it’s a bad situation. I don’t under stand why we didn’t deserve someone calling and apologizing for our problem which was a GM concern.

  4. Dear GMC General Manager ,
    I am from Doha Qatar registration No.54641
    Please note that I do have GMC suburban 2007 Yukon XL up to now so far no problem.
    Recently I bought GMC suburban 2014 Yukon XL
    1- During driving on D drive there is no enough power of the engine during transmission and need to accelerate more and result more noise of the engine
    2- using lights during night it does not give enough light on the road even using high beam.
    2- Air condition does not give enough cool.
    3- Mirror navigation system is not satisfied specially using phone
    Please note that I am not satisfied with 2014 and if possible to be replaced with 2015 of course I will pay the deference . I need your help.
    Thank you for your good cooperation in advance.

    Best regards ,
    Mrs. Badeah Mohammed mahmood
    Tel : +974 55299014


  6. I have a 2014 GMC sierra, and don’t understand why oil changes in Oklahoma vs California are more expensive. $62.61 at joe coopers, shawnee, oklahoma. oil change rotolo Chevrolet, San Bernardino ,ca$42.96. service writer polite, but could not provide an answer

  7. Travelling from Alberta, Canada to Florida in my 2013 Sierra…engine light came on in Mississippi. I stopped in at Atwood Chevrolet, Vicksburg, MS, they did a diagnostic, charged me 305.00 to replace a part..2 hours down the road; engine light back on ?? I will not be returning that way, therefore I am cancelling the transaction with Visa and going elsewhere! Not Happy !!
    Doug Smith

  8. crossroads automotive when i bought the 2011 Acadia, It was cover from bumper to bumper, oil and oil filter changes, tire rotations multipoint vehicle inspection, 2 years or 24,000 miles. but when it came to not having no a warranty is no good.
    when i bought it was good to here them tell it. miles was 62,318 on the lot now it has 71,025. july 25, 2014, I carried it back last year because traction control & stabil trac lights came on ABS light came. cruise control , They haven done 1 thing but change oil , that all that done. Beside what i paid them for the 2011 Acadia when i bought it from them, plus 2005 suv. thats last time i’ii buy from them parts and labor fixing ligts that was coming on,$220.66

  9. I purchased a 2016 Yukon Denali brand new from the dealer in October 2016. Since this time the vehicle has been in the shop 5 times. The first time was due to front driver side door not being fully aligned with the front fender. This issue was not resolved as they said it would “most likely mess the vehicle up further”. In February of 2017 my Yukon went back to the dealer for service involving the power running boards not deploying and control panel not illuminating. The control panel was blamed on a software update. While at the dealer the service manager stated that “GM put out this software too early”. In May 2017 the rear DVD player went blank and stopped working. These two issues were both covered under warranty. In November 2017 the radio started to “freeze” and wouldn’t change channels. I was told this was a software update issue and I needed a new HMI ($500) and will not be under warranty as I now have 40,000 miles. In December 2017 my Yukon went back to the service department due to air conditioner failure. After reviewing on the internet this seems to be a common problem for this vehicle. Apparently, there was a special bulletin the consumer isn’t aware of until it breaks, so it was also covered; however the blower motor ($377) that broke due to this issue wasn’t covered. I contacted GM customer service and filed a complaint with a supervisor. I was told there is nothing they can do due to my Yukon being out of warranty, and when they build these vehicles “they do not know how long parts will last”. In my opinion this is unacceptable especially for a $75,000 + vehicle that is only 2 years removed from the manufacturer. I have owned 3 GM products (Tahoe, Yukon, and now this vehicle) and I will never buy another GM product.

  10. I bougt my wife a 2016 1500 high country crew cab truck. she loved it. at least untill the transmition started giving her trubble. after reprograming the trans. three times and still not correcting the issue we entered a buy-back. My wife said she didnt want the same problems again so she opted for a Surburban. upon taking possesion of the surburban we noticed very poor fiting of the body pannels. the dealership offered to have a local body shop try to refit the pannels. this helped some, some of the issues could not be corrected at all and trying to adjust some of the pannels caused issues in other areas. keep in mind we have less than 14000 miles on this auto, so this is adding up to a lot of time in the shop. on top of this we started to the airpot with her mother to drop her off yesterday morning and watter started dripping from the head liner. this seems to be the final straw for her. she has staded in no uncertain tearms that her confidence in G.M. is gone and she wants to be done with them in whole. I myself have been a G.M. supporter for life and am very disturbed buy the last two new auto for her. HELP.

  11. I have a 2016 Denial HD which I love but I have had it back to Colonial in Charlottesville a number of time for the brake squeaking, the first few time they said they could not make it happen so they could fix it the next time they said they had a recall or something and the would turn the rotors which did nothing but make it worse now they squeak most of the time but worse when cold, I have ask to have the break pad change but they would not change them at this point I think it need all the rotor and breaks changed, this is a 60K truck it is being advertised with breaks that squeak most of the time is this the way GMC wants there truck to be seen? I will be taking it back in roughly 30 days for state inspection can you please help me get the breaks fixed?

  12. We purchased a 2017 malibu from jim butler in Fenton Mo. In June of 17 (repeat customer) unfortunately within 6 months the car had to be taken back 7 times we are now taking it back for 10th time alot of check engine lights, replace catalytic converter , replace gear shifter carpeting kept coming out from under trim, some sort of sensor on air dam and now a key lock module in the door. At what point Does a consumer get to claim a lemon . While at Butler Chev. Witnesses numerous other malibu’s in service bays even one getting new engine very enlightening to be able to walk through a service area and see the type of product Government Motors is putting out these days. Also one of the mechanics left a wrench on radiator cover last time its mine now what if that wrench would of fell out and hit your car or truck or caused an accident hurting one of your family members? JIM BUTLER spends alot of money on commercials gloating about how good the products and service are well I SAY B.S. JIMMY ! I warn anybody from purchasing anything from this Dealer or G.M. PERIOD THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THE PRODUCT THEY MANUFACTURED. AND CUSTOMER SERVICE AT G.M. IS A JOKE AS WELL CALL THEM AND THEY TELL YOU HOW SORRY THEY ARE AND THEY WILL HAVE SHEMAYA CALL YOU IN 24hrs guess she has too much to do because still havent heard from her it’s been days not hours. It pains me to my core to say this since I am a UNION man but I would buy a foreign vehicle before I buy another GOVERNMENT MOTORS PRODUCT. OR MAYBE EVEN A FORD. SHAME ON YOU JIM BUTLER AND SHAME ON G.M. YOU’VE LOST MY BUSINESS MY KIDS FUTURE BUSINESS AND ANYONE ELSE THAT WILL LISTEN AND AGREE. $28,000 mistake .

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