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Contacting Gillette Customer Service Center

The Gillette company is all about razors and giving men that close shave they want. New products, celebrity spokesmen and cool instructional videos are available on the official website. Gillette customer service works double duty because they also support callers with questions about product orders. We were surprised to find that orders are not fulfilled directly by Gillette. The company simply guides website users in the right direction so they can order from major retailers like Walmart, Walgreens and the Proctor and Gamble store. Proctor and Gamble is the parent company of Gillette.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Number

Have a question or comment that Gillette customer service needs to address? Contact the customer service department by phone toll free.

  • Gillette Phone Number: 1-800-445-5388
  • After-Hours Emergency: 1-513-636-5117

Mailing Address

The Gillette company is part of the Proctor and Gamble corporation. You can write to the corporate office for Proctor and Gamble, but you won’t find an address for Gillette customer service.

Proctor and Gamble1 Proctor and Gamble PlazaCincinnati, OH 45202

Official Website

The main page for the Gillette website is You will have to choose your country and language before entering the site. You can simply go to to bypass the choices if you want the US English site. From the site you can learn more about Gillette products and even download coupons for those products.

Social Media

Gillette is one of those companies that extremely active on social media because the company pushes a young, youth-inspired persona. You can connect with Gillette on Facebook and Twitter for special offers, current news and announcements about upcoming new products.

Customer Service Email

When you go to the Instant Answers page you have to click on the Email Us link to access the contact form. Instant Answers is just another name for FAQs.

Our Experience

The Gillette customer service phone line is answered with a stark message about the fact that your call will be record your call and possibly call you back about the issue addressed in the call. This is the first time we’ve come across a company that said they would use your phone number to call back with no differentiation between resolved and unresolved calls. The after-hours message then played giving us the phone number to call for medical emergencies or first aid information. That number is 1-513-636-5117. After giving us this number the call was automatically disconnected.

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245 Comments on “Contact Gillette Customer Service
  1. I am writing to e press my disappointment and concern with the Gillette shaving gel cans. 4 out of the last 10 cans that that I purchased started to purge themselves when the cans were approximately 1/2 empty, filling the shelf inside of my vanity with shaving cream. Tonight after shaving, the can purged itself all over the top of my sink. Like the product but the self purging issue makes me want to another brand. I have several photographs that may be helpful. The SKU number from the current can is 0 47400 13070 8. I saved this can in case someone is interested in looking at it and explaining to me why this continues to happen.

    • I bought the fusion shaving gel and the can no longer dispenses the gel. It just stopped working and it is over half full. It drives me crazy. What a waste of money. Any way to resolve it?n

    • have problem with Fusion Hydra Gel self emptying now on fourth can after three self emptied .please replace said cans adress ,as follows s.allen 14 Upton Gardens Worthing bn13 1da

  2. I sent an email to you approximately one week ago and never received a follow up email. I am now on my third can of Gillette shaving gel that has purged itself out of the top cap area and into my vanity cabinet. I am inquiring to see why this continually happens. Again, this is the third gel can in the past several months. I have pictures of the can with the gel foam coming from around the top. Please contact me regarding this ongoing issue.
    Thank you,

  3. I purchased your new line of Gillette razors and have been so very disappointed. The blade was so dull, it never even took the hair of even after repeatedly going over the same are. I have used Gillette since I was 20, and have never had a complaint about your product. For the cost of razors now, I can’t say I want to continue spending 20-30.00 for razor and blades. I also use your other products, including deodorant, and body wash, along with shaving cream. I am concerned your products are falling in value, but increasing in cost.

  4. For years I used, and was quite happy with the proformance of, my TRAC II razor and blades. I recently tried , and to no avail, to purchase new blades. I shopped at WALMART, WALGREEN and RITE AID without success. I assumed you had stopped the manufacture of, to force consumers to purchase a new razor. Idid just that!! I purchased the FUSION razor and I am thoughly disappointed with the result. If you still produce the blade I need, please advise. If you do not, I wqill be forced to find a different shaving system provider.

  5. Good Day, I purchased a Gillette Fusion shaving gel and to my disappointment after only using a quarter of the can it does not spray foam anymore. I can no loner use it and I am extremely disappointed because I have always used Gillette products and I have paid money for something that does not work. Thank You

    • I purchased a 4 pack of Gillette comfort advantage shaving gel . Out of the 4 cans of gel @ cans are completely DEAD .No pressure. This is very upsetting when you are away from home and do not have a back up can to take its place . I await for your response to this issue

  6. Hi I use Gillette after shave gel for sensitive skin but in uk boots stores they have a new version but does not smell same. Shame

  7. I love the fusion razor, been using them for a while. I went to Food Lion
    for replacement blades- they are now $27. Long story short…you have officially out priced me…. Hello Bic 4 blade razor……not as good but close enough!

  8. Hello. I’m writing right now to report a problem with the Gillette proglide styler. I’ve had the product for about 8 months now and it’s what I use in the shower all the time. Just yesterday I tried using the trimmer and it stopped working. It has enough power for the razor but as soon as I take the attachment off and snap the trimmer back into place I get no power. I even tried replacing the old battery with a new one with the same results. I’m very dissapointed because I paid 20$ plus tax for it and it didn’t last me. My 10$ Wahl trimmer lasted 3 years before this product came out on the market. I figured the proglide styler was better since I had all in one but I guess I was wrong

  9. I’ve had the pro glide styler for approximately 5 months now and I shave my head and face two to three times a week. I’m very satisfied with the product, but I have one issue with this product. I was shaving last week and the blue plastic that attachs to the trimmers broke right where it hooks into the trimmers. Now I can not shave with anymore. Can it be replaced, because I don’t want spend $20.00 dollars again. That plastic piece should be made of metal. Luckily I have the fusion power to get through, but it’s not the same. I like the longer handle on the styler better. Please Help!!!!!!!

  10. I have been using Gillette shaving gel for many years now. As of my last purchase of the gel-a-raser shave gel, (Gillette series) the gel refuses to come out of the can. Instead, a little bit of foam comes out. Unknown to me, the foam continued to come out and when I got home from work, it had completely covered the can. I took a picture of it, but unfortunately your website does not seem to support attaching pictures. Can I get a refund?

  11. I have gone back to single blade from 60’s. I used your twin blade for years now you want more money form multiple blades.
    I no longer buy your product I have returned to a reliable razor goodby.

  12. I was recently in car accident and now I’m on a very fixed income could really use some Gillette razors coupons thanks

    • In all national papers today Asda are advertising fusion 4 pack blades for £5.00. when i got to the store at 1.30 they had sold out none in the warehouse. I do not beleive that having stock to follow an advertisement they would run out this quick, not everyone would use this type. Very unhappy not to have purchased them at this price as normally pay over £10.00
      Hugh Asher

  13. I have Gillette fusion hand set but when I purchase from singapore I wroundly purchase Gillette Mach3,It’s can fix with Gillette fusion handset ? I hope you will be given best solution for me .the set is in malaysia,so that I want to comform.Awaiting for ur reply.


  14. I have bought 2 cans of Gillette pro glide in the past 3 days and both of them have kept poring out when I pressed the top I have been using Gillette products for over 20 years but I’m goin to have to change

  15. I have given a complaint 4 days back . But still i have not recieved any reply ,i am thinking you thst have not taken seriously. so why i have notgiven a complaint toconsumers give me reply
    thanking you
    y.saikumar reddy

    I purchased the Fusion Proglide razor about a year and a half ago. The blades seemed to last forever. I visited Walmart and saw your HYDRO packet of five (disposable)on sale so I decided to try them. These Hydro also seemed to last forever. Last month I purchased Fusion Proglide packet of four cartridges (47400 30286) and I am surprised that they don’t last more than ten days at the max. Have you reduced the quality or did I get a bad batch?. I have used two and both did not perform as the earlier ones. Reducing the quality is one sure way to destroy your company. Is it possible that the quality was downgraded to sell the newer and more expensive replacements?. I would like to hear from you.

  17. Hi I am writing to you to inform you of cans of shave gel bursting all of its contents out of the cap it was funny the first time but now on can seven getting fed up with this now please sort this out

  18. I’ve just brought some new blades for fussion power after half a shave the razor felt blunt and the blue strip had gone I know there are fake blades on the market how do you tell from fake to the proper blades as I think or should I say hope that these might be fake I brought from supper drug

  19. I recently recently purchased a can of Gillette series shaving gel for my husband,
    he used it once put the can down and it just erupted and emptied itself all over the sink, this was a very expensive shave.
    Hence not very happy as we do not have receipt to take it back to the shop, we are now very hesitant as to buy another.

    Unsatisfied customer,
    S. Pitt

  20. In November, 2013 I purchased a promo package of 20 Mach 3 blades at Sam’s Club. I tried two of the blades using a Gillette M3 Power razor. By the end of the 2nd shave with each blade, it was barely cutting my beard and scraping and nicking my skin enough to leave about 10 deep enough to bleed.
    Contacted Gillette customer service who advised that their Fusion 5 blade system would be much better for me and they would send a coupon for same. Instead they sent a coupon for a discount on a 4 blade package of Mach 3 blades (which Sam’s Club does not honor) and asked that I send in the Mach 3 blades for them to test.
    I sent them all the blades (and their coupon). Since then they have refused to answer either phone calls or emails.
    So they have the blades and I am out over $30.00 and all Gillette does is literally say “Too bad.”
    Just for a test, I bought 3 triple blade disposable razors for $1 at a 99 Cent Store. These blades for 33 cents each performed as well as the Gillette Mach 3’s which cost $2 to $3 each.

  21. The Gillette gel products I have used provide the smoothest shave I have ever used. However, over the last 3 years I have purchased a 3 pack of Gillette Comfort Advance and a 3 pack of fusion shave cream at Costco. All the multi pack cans (all 6) ran out of propellant when cans were over half full. I will certainly avoid multi packs in future.

  22. I got married there on 15th of March.I always use Gillette fusion.I bought a new 1 the day before my wedding to use but it cut the neck of was like it was blunt.I am so disappointed as I paid good money for this.please get back to me and let me know why this happened.

  23. I have purchased around about 8 cans with all of them filling my bag or cupboard with the contents at around half full.

    What are you doing to fix this.

    Looking at the comments above it is a clear issue that is not acceptable and should be a quick fix.

    Not expecting to hear back from you but an email explaining why it’s happening and what you are doing about it would be nice!



  24. We purchased 12 cans from Costco and everyone of them was only half full. And the can feel like there is a lot more shaving cream in the can..with these cans only a little at a time comes out..

    Very dissatisfied .

  25. I just paid $12.60 for 5 Excell Sensor razor blades. For the last time. As a person who has been in manufacturing for 45 years, including visiting a blade manufacturer, I know this is outlandish. Excell brand is OLD. The lines were depreciated years ago; no more marketing or advertising costs. The only push is to obsolete the product for 3, 4, or 5 bladed products (more blades, more profit).
    I’m done. No more Gillette. No blades. No shaving cream. No deodorants. Done.
    George Marjanski
    LaGrange GA

  26. Ive recently purchased 12 blade pack of mach 3 blades from asda, it appears the price is possibly the reason the blades last 1 shave! I have used your products for many years and in several countries,
    Never before have I felt so disappointed. Usually 2-3 shaves per blade!
    The money I saved is pointless with disscomfort these blades are causing,
    thank you for your time and I hope this product improves

  27. Hi I just wanted to make a slight complaint regarding your Venus razor. Im a small size 8 girl and unfortunately using your Venus razor I was unable to shave my arm pitts with this razor as the outer head is far to big so unfortunately I had to go and by your smaller headed disposable razor just for my arm pits must be a problem with smaller frames maybe?

    Julia Lategan

  28. Hi,
    I have used the Mach 3 razor blades for years with the two blades and recently you
    changed to 3 blades and it’s not as good and I’m getting a lot of cuts while
    shaving can you tell me why?I’m thinking about not buying them any more.My face
    feels sore and cut after wards, are you still making the old Mach 3 I feel like changing to
    a different brand because of this please let me know why.

    Chris Lindsay

  29. please bring back the best razor handle you ever had atra. can you help me find one atra handle i have been buying atra blades for 40 years please help need new one no other razors handle will do thank you anthony v.

  30. I have been using all your shaving products for years, I bought your gillette fusion gel shaving cream 2 to a pkg, the first one I used was fine , the next one I tried to use and there is no pressure, the shaving gel will not come out at all. I paid for 2 and I got the use of one. I went back to the store …they said they could not do anything and I should contact you. ( not happy )…..warren krock

  31. I am using the Fusion Proglide razor and I am very unhappy with the quality of the razor. The plastic hooks that hold the replacable blade on has broken on the last 2 razors. Your blades are expensive enough I shouldn’t have to keep buying the razor as well. I will wait for your reply.

    • Same problem for my partner. We have just sent a complaint to Gillette .we wonder if we will get a reply?
      Don’t rate customer service

  32. A was shaving recently with gillete turbo and the head snapped and cut my neck who do I contact with this complaint many thanks Tom

  33. I purchased a package of 4 cans of Gillette Comfort Advantage shave gel from Costco in San Jose , Ca. Two cans would not disperse any more Gel after being only half empty/full. One can about three quarters full put out a rust color Gel ? I took one half empty/full back to Costco and at the counter a customer leans over and says to us that also happened to me ! Costco was willing to replace the can but I told her to tell Gillette they have distributed a very poor product. I am very unhappy since I have been a long time buyer of Gillette products !!!

  34. my home country is nepal. i’m request by president of Gillette company .now new branch open in nepal please help me.opening the new branch in nepal,best business in south asia .please help me sir….

  35. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have a complaint regarding my recent purchase of MACH 3 TURBO BLADES.

    I have used these blades for some years now but the latest packet were certainly not of the usual standard, in fact to be totally ‘blunt’ they were not sharp!!. I buy these blades because they are more comfortable to use but this latest batch were not up to standard.
    If you should wish to check any details regarding this batch, the Bar Code is..3 014260 274924.

    I look forward with interest to your comments.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr B T Ridley

  36. I am 81 yrs old…..have been using Gillette razors since I was
    a teenager……tried Custom Plus-3 the last few months..terrible razor…especially around nose & chin..switched back to Custom Plus Pivot….absolutely better
    shave and a better razor all around



  37. I must say that I am very disappointed with the Gillette Fusion Power Blades. 8 cartridges which on the packet state that last up to 6 months. They are very dull and not shaving well at all. Are you sure that you are not selling used ones? By reading some of the other reviews I can see that Gillette is letting it’s reputation down. I also read that other people have not been contacted which is not very good for business. Long time Gillette user but looking for a cheaper and much more reliable company.

  38. gud day i have always been using ur products for years and i love it but i bought ur mach3 shaving gel200ml a while back and after 3weeks of using it it just stopped coming out when i tried pressing the bottle and clearly i can stil feel the bottle not even half.pls can u look into the problem as i dont wane change from your it.thanks

  39. I recently bought a pack of 4 gillette blue 3 razors , only for the handle to snap and me nicking my neck. I have purchased gillette for many years now. But this not good enough , in fact its dangerous . I have details if you email me

  40. I recently purchased a Gillette shaving gel sensitive the push down action broke before the can had even been used I have lost all faith in Gillette and am sadly disappointed as before this I had no problems,thank you.

  41. Does all gilette marc 3 blade packs have a lot number
    I think I am being sold conterfit packs by my local store

  42. Hi Team,
    I have recently bought a Gillette gel deodrant. I do not know how to get the gel out of the smaill holes on the top of the tube. When i turn the small knob below the tube no gel comes out. Only on pressing the tube gel comes out of the timg holes.
    Please help!!!!!

  43. I purchased two women’s Gillette razors last week ( the ‘Olay’ one) for my daughter and I. We both are extremely disappointed with them. One snapped so the blade cannot be fitted and the other one had a blade that was so dull it wouldn’t shave at all. I’ve used your products for years but this has left me with a nasty taste in my mouth.
    I have pictures if you want them. I’d like a response from this as soon as possible. A disgruntled customer.

  44. I do not hear on phone so wanted a question answered email.
    I have now for the 2nd time bought the non-HE detergent for my washer in error. I thought I was in the HE section of the choices and because of sensitivities I like the fragrance free and did not notice that it was not!! do you not make the fragrance free in HE??
    I gave the first ones away but now I really want to use up these products that I just bought-too much hassle to return to store as I am disabled.- can I use them using much less of the product??
    from the looks of previous questions, not sure I can expect an answer but would like one via email since I do not hear on phone. Please!

  45. I bought a pack of 8 Gillette fusion power blades and for the first 3 blades I have used I have only gotten 1 shave per blade I usually buy the 4 pack and I can get anything upto 6-8 shaves per blade can you let me know if perhaps they may have been a faulty pack that got through as I know that can happen with anything I really like the fusion power but I am a bit disappointed with this set that I have bought. Waiting your reply thanks George email as above

  46. Gillette flex ball razors wouldn’t cut tissues. I have to dig into my leg with the razor for it to even get a little hair off. Absolutely worst razor I’ve ever used. Gets sticky in water and even with soap and doesn’t glide at all

  47. Dear Gillette…I have for many years used your Sensor Excell (handle) with Trak 2 or 3 disposable blades and lately feel the Quality of the replacement blades are not the durability as what I have purchased in the past. I shave in the shower and always felt my whiskers soften better and get more use with the one blade than sink shaving. Lately with 5 or 6 shaves, I get “drag” and whiskers not being cut! I don’t know if you have gone to a less quality metal or et al… I just think for the high price of your razors, they should give more use! Thank you, “concerned customer” Scott E. Winters

  48. I’m a long-time Gillette customer. I currently use the Fusion, but I find myself wanting to return to the shaving experience I had from my earlier years. I wish I could find my old Gillette double-edge adjustable shaver. It may have been the Gillette “Fat Boy” made from 1958-1961, a hand-me-down from my Dad. Has Gillette considered a “classic” line of such shavers along with stainless steel blades? I’d buy one if made in the USA.

  49. The packaging (hard plastic box) used for the razor blades is excessive. It is not only difficult to open, but detrimental to our environment! Shame on Gillette!!! There must be a better way to package your products producing less waste and garbage! I understand it is meant to deter shoplifting…. but surely there is another way to display your products.

  50. Several of tFusion Proglide bladesI have purchsed three weeks ago only last 5-6 days. This is not the first time this has happened. Please conform and respond.

  51. I have used the Gillette Mac3 for many years but found the last 2 packs of blades I bought have lost sharpness after just 2 shaves, where before I was getting more from them. I cant afford the more expensive ones so will have to look at another brand.

  52. I have used your Cool wave clear gel, since it came out. Maybe 15 years, or more. I am not sure. At the Walmart with my baby girl she’s asking (what ‘s taking so long)! I was looking for my deodorant. The whole rack empty! The only thing there is Endurance 48 hours! Something new and more powerful. Big Flag!!! After a week, Burning and itch, with limited use. I have looked two more times. I guess I am back to cream! Why? It’s was a great product! Mark Elliott

  53. I would like to let you know that your Gillette Fusion Proglide shave gel can is poorly made, the gell dispenser clogs and the top flexable part breaks off. This has happened twice to me. I love your Fusion line and I’m disappointed with this gel container.

  54. I am moved to complain about your produce and tesco stores.
    On a visit to my daughter in cambridge my wife made a day trip to st neots and purchased a packet of blades from the tesco store. On receipt of these they were for sensor excel and not for my razor, contour plus.
    As we were nowhere near st neots I opened the packet vet carefully to see if they would fit , they did not.
    The day before leaving cambridge we visited tesco store at royston , my daughters local ,and tried to return the now redundant blades for credit as we were there for a large shopping trip.
    We were told that as the packet had been opened they would not accept the return , even though I showed them that the inner cartridge was obviously new and unused.
    The managers attitude was not in any way helpful or understanding of our situation and we left with a lot of shopping , and the packet !!!
    I have been a user of Gillette products for some 50 years and realise it is not you that have let us down.
    We have been a user of Tesco’s since they started and I will not shop there ever again due to this !
    We feel they have let you and your products down and portrayed a total lack of good customer relations.

    If you can do anything we would be extremely grateful.

    Mr W K Presdee ( 71 years young )

  55. I recently bought 2 GILLETTE shaving gel and I am very disappointed. It says cacao butter in it….that is not my concern. I shake the can and barely anything comes out…..My second can does the same and rust comes out of the top of the can. The product is fine but if only I could get it out for use. Maybe you have suggestion….Thanks P.C. Levaque!

  56. I bought a big pack of Gillette Mach 3 Turbo for my husband. He was very disappointed with the shave results. He found the product to be blunt and would never buy them again.

  57. My last purchase of Mach 3 razor blades are of very poor standard. I can only get two shaves from each bladewhereas,
    in the past, I have had 4 or 5. The quality seems to have slipped and I do not think I will be purchasing any more

    GS Armstrong (88 years)

  58. I have been using Gillette products for nearly 20 years. Always satisfied with the shave creams/gels and razors…until lately. The last 3 refills(Fusion razors) I have purchased have been nearly dull after the second use with each cartridge. I have cut myself non-stop. The last 5 cans of shave gel have purged also. If I can’t get an explanation and/or compensation for Gillette’s sub par products, I WILL give up on Gillette and find a different, and obviously better product.

  59. Why is it that whenever I use Gillette products especially match 3 and its aftershave I get a strong rash and itches
    What can I do to overcome this problem
    please advise

  60. I started using Fusion system with the free handle and blade I received in the mail years ago. I love saving with this product. I expected to pay a premium price FOR AWHILE. Now, years later, I wince at the price, but continued to pay.
    I found out about HARRy’s blades on a tech podcast I watch. When I saw the price, I was amazed. So, I ordered a set from HARRY’s. If they are good, you will have lost me as a customer. Too bad you held the price premium so long.

  61. Been using the new power pro glide with new flex ball technology and have been very impressed. The flex ball is an engineering marvel. Having an engineering degree I can only imagine the DOEs you went through to get the optimal amount movement for a perfect shave. Congrats!

  62. Have been a Gillette buyer since 1966. Have used the Mach 3 for many years. Bought the NEW? Fusion. The “orange bar” removed a lot of shaving creme…helped me to cut myself twice…sepic pen ! Was this thing tested ? Thinking that better to try a new razor rather than toss more money for more Mach 3 blades. Do you repurchase “once used” Fusions ? Rally disappointed. Also disappointed as I tried to look how to send an email…took the link for it…just ran to commercials and this “thing”. Ready to test another razor. What would you recommend ?

  63. I wanted to send a picture in an email but when I found this I knew the picture I took was an execise in futality.
    I had a blade in the plactic case and when I put it onto the handel I noticed it looked brown. a closer look showed me it was very rusty.
    I have also noticed a marked down grade in the sharpness of the blades.
    I have to wonder if this comment is even going to be read, or am I wasting my time.

  64. i bought mach three blades from razor shop and the machinism doesent spring back have to bring it back with my finger i have notice you cant contact the company watt kind off bussines you run not happy see how long iget areply and one more thing have used mach three for many years

  65. To Whom it may concern,
    I would like to start off by saying that I love your razor. About two years ago I picked up my boyfriends razor in the shower to shave my legs because my razor was dull. I was so impressed with the outcome that I never bought a ladies razor ever again! I have been buying the Gillette Fusion 4 blade razor ever since. About a month ago I bought a four pack of the Gillette Fusion replacement blades and they were all dull. I was a little disappointed not only because I didn’t have a razor blade to shave with, but because I spent quiet a bit of money on dull razor blades. I thought nothing of it seeing as how I have been buying the replacement razors for a couple years now with no problem. I thought I just got bad pack. I returned to the store at a later date and purchased another 4 pack of razor blades. To my surprise this 4 pack of blades were also all dull. I write this to you just to make you aware because I do love your product. Maybe you could look into the quality control of the product to see why some 4 pack of razor blades are dull? I have since bought a 4 pack with no issues. Again I do love your product and will continue to use and purchase your product, I just wanted to make you aware of the issue I have come across on two separate occasions. Thanks for your time.

    Lauren Hart

  66. I bought three pack of Gilette Fusion Shaving Hydra Gel and one worked for some time and stopped, I tried to make it work in many ways but could not do so. The other two did not work at all , I came to know that it is due to the new ingredients used.
    Can you replace them with New Gillette cans ?
    Or permit me to write to customer care or to your Patrice Jean Louis Louvet by giving their mail address.

  67. I have used Gillette razors for most of my life, they were the best I could find, I didn’t like the one that had the blade on the top that was meant to make it easier to shave under your nose, it cut me many times. I have been using the Proglide and the Fusion, but purchased the new ProGlide with the ball action last week and I am here to tell use that you need not try to improve on it, I enjoy shaving with it, I can go behind my ears without the worry of a snip cut, same around my mouth and chin, it give you a closer shave without having to make so many passes, am going to find out how to have them delivered to my home. Just thought I would let you know how pleased I am with it. Thanks,George.

  68. My husband uses your shaving cream, which I buy for him . I was wondering how hard would it be to put a plastic ring over the bottom ? My husband likes to leave the shaving cream on the counter or on the side of the bathtub so it is handy , but the bottom always leaves a rust ring , and that makes the wife upset at Gilliete. Thank you

  69. Have used the Mach 3 for several months with success. The last few purchases of replacement blades do NOT last beyond 2 – 3 uses before the blue coating begins to peel off. Any suggestions?

  70. My husband received the fusion kit for a present for his birthday, he went to use it and the shaving foam once button was pressed just kept releasing the foam and now the foam is useless, this is the second time this has happened and he now has none left. This has happened previously and in guessing there is a fault with the release valve. Will try a different make in future, as this seems to be a reoccurring problem.

  71. Hi to all.
    The fusion set my wife got me well where do i start.
    Ten days ago my wife got me 8 fusion blades.
    What a load of rubbish.
    In ten days i have usaed all the blades i am getting one shave out of each.
    Can you tell me the reason for this.

  72. Foamy Shaving Soap in aerosol can is not very satisfactory, At least a third of the can is just soapy water with no foaming qualities. Barbasol produces much more foam in its can – right to the bottom, whereas Gillette is just shooting out soapy water much pf the time. Please don’t tell me this is good. It is not a good buy at all.

    Incidentally, unpleasant as the soapy water is, it has taught me many shavers can get by without the foam. The watery liquid I describe gives the same shave as the foam.


  73. I am 75 and for the first time in my life i bought a competitors razor. Good News was the best razor ever but i guess you guys were not making enough money on it. amazing that you can convince people to spend a lot more money on an equal or less effective product.

  74. Have purchased your “flex ball” blades recently. Today I changed blades and the new flex ball had the 3rd and 4th blades bent up at approx. a 45 degree angle and when I first pulled down, it cut my face. It looks like something either push up these two blade or something has bent them. Needless to say I am not happy with this. I have never had anything like this happen in over my 50+ year of shaving.
    I have saved this and if you need pictures I can quickly provide them This is a severe Quality Assurance issue. I could have been cut much worse but maybe someone else might not be so lucky.
    Please reassure me that this will not happen again/

    • I was using a brand new gillette trac II razor and as I was shaving around my chin the bottom blade bent or broke off it’s support and tore a gash in my chin. This could have been much worse if it was on my neck line. I have the razor blade if you would like to see it. I have used the blades all my life and this has never happened before.

  75. Where do I start , I’ve been using your fusion blades for 2 years and my last 2 purchases of blades has been the absolute worst razor blades I have ever purchased in my life and I’m 56 years old !! It seems to me that your 8 pack price has gone up and the quality of your blades has gone way way down ! I spent a lot of money on those blades , just to tear my face and neck up….I am very disappointed in your product and will not be wasting anymore of my hard earned money on your sub standard product…It really is a shame !! Sincerely, a used to be customer !!

  76. I have been using Sensor Excel blades for many years and have been generally satisfied until now. The latest package of blades I purchased are very poor. A new blade shaves about as well as previous blades that have been used for two to three weeks and they go down hill from there. What has change? Besides the poor shave the blades plastic has changed from gray to black. Does this indicate a change in quality as well? Besides the blades being way over priced I am very dissatisfied with my latest purchase with respect to their quality.

  77. I have 15 track 2 blades and I need a handle for them. These are the clip on, not the slide on blades and cannot find a handle for them.
    Advise where I can obtain them.

  78. I have been buying Gillette razor blades 55-60 years. I like th Mack3, but every time i go to buy them the price keeps going up. $20 dollars for 5 blades is rediculess, thats $5 a blade Iam 75 years old, can’t afford to buy them anymore, I just bought my las pace last friday. From now on I will be looking for cheap throw aways. Thank You

  79. I have been buying Gillette razor blades 55-60 years. I like th Mack3, but every time i go to buy them the price keeps going up. $20 dollars for 5 blades is rediculess, thats $5 a blade Iam 75 years old, can’t afford to buy them anymore, I just bought my las pace last friday. From now on I will be looking for cheap throw aways. Thank You
    Gerald Morano

  80. The availability and identification of razors for my razor is not easy.
    I had one of those fancy, vibration handle razors. ran out of blades, bought what I thought were correct and they were not. I shall not buy one again.
    In fact thinking of going back to the old two sides razor and stop messing around with all the fancy stuff
    not a happy razor orwner

  81. Hi I am 61 yrs. old,I have been using Fusion razor blades since they came out,never had a problem,best blade on the market.I recently bought a pack of 4 at Wal-mart,all the blades were dull,I used each one once and had to throw it away.Usally I go 6 wks.on 1 blade.The only no. on the cartridge hoder is 829.Could the be a bad batch of blades.I will continue to use Fusion,I am just curious.Gerry.

  82. I am on blood thinner was told if I cut myself shaving I will need to use an electric razor that I do not like. Then tried Gillette Mach 3 Turbo I would say best shave I have hade in years.
    Thank you
    Ernie Walters

  83. hello
    I have a proposal for your products in order to be user friendly
    could you number the similar products in a pack? for example from 1 to 5
    this number should be visible and it can help us to separate the similar products in a package.

  84. I have been using Gillette Shave Gels for a very long time,and the one that I like the most and I am sure others would agree was the Advanced Preformance Vitamin Enriched (SOAP-FREE FORMULA).But what do you do you discontinued making the product.Please start making it again.

  85. I purchased a Fusion PROGLIDE STYLER. To my dismay the blade holder attachment that fits onto the styler snapped at the side attachment. I cannot find any where on your web site if I can purchase a replacement blade holder.. The only option appears to be that I buy a complete new PROGLIDE.. Which I find ridiculous can you adviseq

  86. Have used Gillette razors for years, but I am stopping. $18 for four cartridges is outrageous. Going back to cheap disposables. When you bring the cost of your blades down to a REASONABLE price (say, a 4-pack for $10), I may consider buying them again. How much does it cost you to produce ONE cartridge: 50 cents? Ridiculous. I for one am no longer buying your hype…or your blades.

  87. I do not know what has happened with the quality of the blades with Gillette, but the metals or whatever it is they are now using is awful in comparison to several years ago. Bad mistake and very tight of your purchasers at Gillette to be purchasing cheap and rubbish metals for your blades in an attempt I am sure to maximize profits. That leads to long term customers like me simply going to other shaving brands. Not well thought out, your purchasing team.

    You spend a tidy sum out on purchasing 5 blades at a time, only to now find out that just one blade equates to two shaves before you have to change the blade again. Hmmm, do I detect that the metals you now use in your blades is as I thought, rubbish and cheap metal from somewhere like Australia or a similar country where bulk metal purchases with no real quality exists. I do not have a beard or serious growth on my face, just a regular shave. Disposables are better than Gillette, not that I would use disposables now as they tear your face up and I have gone way past that stage.

    Another thing about Gillette blades is that they do now tear your face up and offer the same type of shave of that similar to a disposable. So pretty poor shave with zero protection and unfortunately for Gillette, I am after nearly 20 years of using Gillette now off to use the Pilkinson Sword brand.

  88. i have been using Gillette products for a long time and the new flexball razor does not give a close enough shave, the flexball seems to cause the razor to glide over the shave gel not making close enough contact with the skin which in turn does not give a good shave

  89. have 2 cans of gel shaving cream 1 will barle come out and the other is leaking , this is the first time that this has happened .. what can be done about this will you replace this i dont feel its the stores problem ,, would like replacement in some way

  90. Bought the pro glide to shave my head. It’s the first time I’ve used it. I thought it would be a good switch. Well it doesn’t glide very well. I changed the blade 5 times… I bought $30 in blades and cut myself more then ten times. Which I’ve never cut myself before. The blades were not sharpe at all.. And the store would not return my money.

  91. I have been using Gillette blades for some years & i have found the cutting ability is getting worse.I have tried normal blades & mach 3, i am very disappointed with the results i get & i am thinking of changing to another brand.I welcome comments.

  92. ive been useing ur product the gillette contour blades for yrs but rescently been very dissopointed with only gettin 1shave out ov a blade i am seriosly thinkin ov lookin elsewere very dissopointed

  93. i am writing to you to say how much my fiance like your produces and just would like to know if he can have some free produces or some coupons to get his fancy produces that you make.
    thank you

  94. Have always used MACH 3 since they came out. I bought a pack of 8 on 9th February and your claim at the point of purchase was that they would last 24 weeks. Must have got that wrong as I have had to buy 2 packs since. Still the best shave.

  95. Mach 3 are not what they were I have yused them for more years than i care to mention and they are not as good as they were.

  96. I just bought the third can of shaving cream in a row in which it doesn’t spray after the first use. I finally moved onto a different product because I was tired of wasting my money.

  97. I bought my husband Gillette fusion proglide gel. After just a few times using, the top broke off. no way tofix it prongs broke off.2 in l gel. I bouht him some else. It would be nice to get my money back.

  98. I have cut my face with your Gillette proglide razor I have taken pictures of it and I will take it as far as necessary as I got this razor as it was supposed to be good .
    Can you contact me regarding this matter

  99. hi I have been using Mach 3 blades for as ever I can remember but I recently bought some from morrisons supermarket in rothwell Leeds and I only used 1 blade once then the next one once that went through both packets I bought, as I was using them the bar at the top with the blue line across just totally came off and was on your face and they didn’t seem as sharp I was wandering if you had a faulty batch that went out thanks

  100. I’ve been using your products for years and have always been very happy with the products. But, I have to say that since I shave every other day (due to job) the past few fusion proglide blades I’ve used have left severe razor burn on my neck for a couple days each time. I’m not sure if there was a bad batch from my local pharmacy where I purchase them or if the quality is going downhill. I also have to ask, why does a pack of four blades cost $20 or more? I’m starting to think that it’s a little excessive especially when they’re leaving my neck red and extremely raw. Any answers are appreciated.

  101. I am a regular user of Gillette products ,i bought a can of shaving foam mouse i used it once when i went to used it again it had completely exhausted the product from the can i think the plastic button was faulty so had to buy a fresh can just thought you would like to look into this as i have never had a problem like this happen with Gillette products

    Regards Roger Craven

  102. I am an older female with severe facial burns caused by a laser. I have been using Gillette After Shave lotion (white bottle) for sensitive skin for several weeks now. I discovered the product by accident.. It is amazing…my facial redness and bumps have almost completely disappeared. My local compound pharmacist can attest to the difference. After five years of searching and doctors telling me there was nothing they could do…my face now needs only minimal ..light coverage touch ups. BTW the green bottle (GEL) DOES NOT WORK…ONLY THE WHITE BOTTLE …LOTION for sensitive skin..WORKS!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Gabrielle

  103. I am 63yrs old and have used your products for most of my adult life ie blades and moisturisers But of late purchasing sensitive Gillette shaving foam,I end up with a large amount of foam that I cannot access which is working out to being an expensive product at nearly £5per purchase

  104. hi sir : actually i am from Jordan i have complain about Gillette agency in Jordan

    its been noe more than a year & half i cant find the refill cartridge of Gillette

    sensor or sensor excel . its like the agency her wanna force us just to buy mach

    and the other hope u can do some thing for this . thank you & best wishes

  105. Thank you for your wonderful gillette fusion proglide. I’m 71years of age, so you can imagine the number of razors I have used, I can honestly say this is one of the best.The only downside is the cost of replacement blades, l can purchase a new razor with battery and blade for £8 at asda but it’s over £13 for just 4 blades, this is the only downside for people like me on a pension.Continue the good work.

  106. I recently bought a Gillette spar breeze I was very disappointed I only got three use s from it before it was blunt razors are not cheap and I think three use s makes it an expensive item

  107. This is the 3rd set (of 3 Comfort Advantage) shaving gel packs I bought from Costco. ALL of them stopped dispensing gel within a couple of weeks and I had to throw them all away. The “center” is only open for the East Coasters’ convenience. The tel # listed on the can sends you to a telemarketing site. What is going on, big Gillette? Not buying your products any more.

  108. thanks for excellent products, my husband is very picky n won’t use any product than Gillette but frankly saying it do hurts my pocket, even though it says 1 blade a month, he uses 2 blades a month, he says that it’s not that smooth like first two my budget gets up side down due to this.

  109. I have just bought a new can of Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Shave Cream. It is the new can with the twist on and off top. After only 4 shaves, the shave cream stopped coming out. The can is still heavy with shave cream, but it won’t come out. Apparently there was not enough gas put in the can to expel the shave cream. I am very disappointed in your product. I thought that you should be aware of the problem as it may be a problem with your process. The stuff is to expensive to waste a whole can. Please fix your problem. I won’t buy anymore of your shave cream until I think the problem has been solved.

    Jim W. Foshee

  110. will you please recommend me a Razor that does not cut your face, your products have gone down hill for some time now but your prices have gone up.I have spent a fortune on your Razors some have been good but not now.I have been using the TOP FUSION MODELS but cant get blades as Sainsburys have none, i had to buy Sensor 3 which cut you to bits.I suggest you look into this matter.Paul

  111. 4 pk of gillette fisiion- $17.98. I want my money back now. this 4 cpk. is faultry to-1609 country club apts.

  112. I like the product of your Gillette Fusion Shaving cream but have bought a total of 7 cans so far.. 3 didn’t work when I got them home, 1 was empty and others only seemed to last for several shaves.

  113. I have purchased the Gilette Foamy Lemon Lime shaving cream for the last 40 years now. The most recent can I purchased has the cost reduced lid. Just the small cover over the top instead of the full plastic lid. I do not like the change and I am sure the cost savings went into somebody’s pocket other than mine. Feedback would be appreciated or I am simply going to change brands. Thank you.

  114. After reading all these negative comments I wonder if the new can of gell will work. Maybe I should try other blades too Gillett has really become to expensive for my meager retirement check

  115. As a long time user of Gillette shaving products I have been very disappointed with my last two purchases of 7oz cans of Mach3 shaving cream. Both cans constantly leaked around the dispensing button and caused a big mess in my medicine cabinet and counter top. This also caused a loss of usable cream. If you would like pictures I can send them. The most recent can has the number 50288323A2 on the bottom… Don Morrissey

  116. I bought a new razor it came with two blades i could always get three weeks shaving per blade.this pack of blades i only got two shaves out of a blade what’s up with that.;

  117. Why are the Gillette Atra Plus razor blades no longer available? I have tried some of your newer razors. Not only did they not shave as well, the newer replacement blades are more expensive. I hope that this is not the reason why you made them unavailable. So that you can charge more for something that doesn’t work as well? Please bring back the Atra Plus!!

  118. i purchased a gillette electro fusion a month a go. the price of the razor was £15. the razor has now< come appart and the blade does not lock into the razor. this has made it now lethal to shave with, i have been into boots in the golden square warrington cheshire. i have explained to them what has happend; this must be a bad batch of razors. can you please get in touch; before i take it further. all i want is it checked over, before i go to the papers. this razor an d blade can cause a nasty accident. thanks for you co,opperation.

  119. I have a can of Gillette Fusion ProGlide that is defective, the gel comes out everywhere but the nozzle. Hoping you will make good and replace the product.

  120. Good morning , please help me , my husband has over 20 Cartriges of the Gillette sensor , he lost the razor part and has NOT been able to find just the razor anywhere , and he loves this product !!!
    Please help me, we live in south east Florida

  121. I’ve got a can of Gillette Shave Gel that is still more than half full, but there’s no propellant left, so none comes out. Does the company have a recourse for the shaves I didn’t get?

  122. I can,t fine Gillette fusion proglide sentive cooling lotion I have check
    Walmart, target I can,t fine where can I fine it

  123. Purchased the new roller ball razor from asda on 5/11/15. The first blade cut me to shreds. Two weeks later the roller ball razor became unusable as a result of a manufacturing fault. Back to Wilkinson Sword I’m afraid. NEVER AGAIN! !!!!!!!

  124. I have just purchased a 14 pack of Proglide blades.

    How does one open the package without injuring one self.

    It is a pity you do not worry about your customers as you do your sales outlets.

  125. have been using gillette f or 70 years-had fusion razor-for about 7 years-
    –blades are getting scarce–ordered and received a pkg of 8 blades-
    don’t get the smooth shaves that i had been getting-beard is rough and face
    burns when i apply gillette after shaving lotion
    the only shaving products
    that use are gillette ,hydra gel,and after shaveing lotion

  126. Very disapointed sent off for offer in the sun for razor, and after waiting weeks i telephoned the sun only to be told it was subject to availability and wouldnt be getting offer.not good for customer relations.

  127. Hi there, I purchased Gillette Venus embrace , bar code 047400 50533 yesterday from Walmart for CAD 8.75, I have the receipt. Looking at the package, I read ‘5 blades at the top of the package.’ There is a box like space in the middle which I assumed contained the blades. I have previously purchased different brand razors which housed extra blades in that space.
    I opened the package and there were no extra blades. CAD 8.75 is too expensive for one razor. As I have opened the package, I cannot return it to Walmart.
    I would gladly send you back the razor for a refund as I feel the packing is misleading.
    Thank you,

  128. I have always used a Gillette product for my personal hygiene and shaving. Today, I read that Gillette (P&G) sued Dollar Shave Club for alleged use of its patented technology. I guess I just wanted you to know that I am disappointed. I realize Dollar Shave Club has but into the razor business, but that’s what free enterprise does. At this time, I have to make a decision to no longer purchase Gillette (Fusion) equipment and I am switching to Dollar Shave Club. I’ve always had a problem with Goliath beats up on the little guy. Perhaps, just perhaps, if P&G (Gillette) cared more about their customers and not about their share holders, you wouldn’t be in this position to begin with. At least from the commercials, it seems like Dollar Shave Club may care about their customer base. Sadly, not something that I can say for Gillette.

  129. I have used the Gillette disposable blades for over 15 years. I am not certain that they are the Custom Plus blades or not, but they come in multi-packs and are blue and aqua in color. The new Custom Plus3 were just purchased and I do think the shave is better. I like the result, my complaint is that the so-called “ergonomic Non-slip Handle” is not Non-Slip. I found that it turned in my hand as soon as soap or water was on the handle. The older style is much better. Though I had a much better shave, it took me longer to shave as I had to keep readjusting the handle position. I’m thinking of putting rubber bands around the handle at this point. Just thought you should know! thanks

  130. If u shut down dollar shave club,i will never buy gillete products again,and i was reading about how dollar shave club stole your patent,how do u figure that

  131. Dear Gillette customers service,

    I am very disappointed that you ran an offer in the Sun Newspaper to collect vouchers,send them off and receive a free Gillette razor which I did and have never received anything. So I suggest that if you run these offers in conjunction with the Sun Newspaper that people receive a razor when vouchers are collected and sent off.
    Feels like this offer was very misleading.

  132. I am very upset that I purchased a 5 pack of gillette Mach 3 cartridges and they were as dull as coukd be. I’ve been using this product for years and this is the 2nd package were the razors were dull.

  133. I have been using Gellette ( 96867654 ) shaving foam for some years. Of recent I have had two cans which run out of propellant with most of the foam remaining in the can.
    I have always given a vigorous shake before use in an environment of a warm house temperature. It has not been my practice to retain a receipt on such a consumable item to enable return. There appears to be a quality problem.

  134. First thing is u have a lot of numbers that r disconnected can’t seem to find a good number!!! Second I have can that exploded durning the night! are u aware that your shaving cream cans exploded, please respond

  135. Well it’s seen real funny that your numbers on the net r no good and trying to submit anything and well that don’t work either! I have shaving cream cans that exploded in the middle of the night r u aware of this problem , please respond so I know what action will b required!

  136. I sent tokens from sun paper for free razor last year but never got one try and leave message for them no gvood so I hope they get this and answer me

  137. Greetings, I have a Gillette power Proglide and its about a year old. When I was shaving this morning the razor handle broke from the head. Scared and cut my when it broke. Do you offer replacements for anything?

  138. Hello,
    My name is Anant Desai and I live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

    I bought a Gillette ProGlide styler about a year and a half back. It has completely stopped working. I can do nothing with it. It doesn’t work when I insert a fresh battery. I don’t know whether it needs a change of blades or some service.

    I already reported this issue to the customer service(Gillette, Bombay, India) few months back. But they did nothing.

    I am a loyal customer of Gillette and I have been using razors of Gillette ever since I started shaving. I do not expect this from Gillette.

    Please help.

  139. I purchased a Venus Swirl razor pack today.
    The package information strongly suggests the pack contains 5 blades.
    In reality you obtain one 5 bladed cutting head.
    This is a very misleading form of retailing designed to cheat the customer.

  140. I have purchased Gillette Mach 3 -8 cartridges pack from Kendriya Bhandar, Krishi kunj, New Delhi. I checked that Mfg. date which is 07/14. I told why old stock? Store told that they have received stock of Gillett last month. What is the expiry date? Is there poor Quality of old cartridges or same Mobile 9013803432

  141. I have purchased Gillette Mach 3 -8 cartridges pack from Kendriya Bhandar, Krishi kunj, New Delhi. I checked that Mfg. date which is 07/14. I told why old stock? Store told that they have received stock of Gillett last month. What is the expiry date? Is there poor Quality of old cartridges or same Mobile 9013803432

  142. I am a loyal customer and love your products and will continue to be a customer. I recently purchased the newest razor with the yellow strip. Just some feedback. The yellow strip keeps melting off. Gone threw a whole pack in 2 weeks. I think they should last longer. Thankyou for your time.

  143. Hi, we’re currently looking for companies to donate raffle prizes for a fundraising day that we are having at our local rugby club in Thorne near Doncaster, (Thornensians RUFC). We are having a 7’s rugby tournament in the 8th may 2016It’s all to raise funds for the Yorkshire air ambulance. One of our under 14’s players and his brother were involved in a car crash in Doncaster last year, unfortunately they both died. But we have all come together and are trying to raise as much has we can for the Yorkshire air ambulance who tried to help the boys after the crash. As well as this fundraising day, many of us are doing the tough mudder to raise funds aswell. We’re just wondering if you would be able to help us in any way you could, eg a prize or anything. What you could do or donate would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance for your help

    Sent from my iPhone

  144. I am very upset that I purchased a two-pack of Shaving Gel and both cans stopped dispensing gel when only they were only one quarter to one half used. as a lifelong Gillette customer I am afraid I will have to stop using their products since this is clearly a quality issue and I have heard many other people say the same thing.

  145. thiw is not a complaint but information the last 3 cans of Gillete mach 3 shaving gel i have used havnt been able to get all the gel out about half due to lack of air pressure i think????? three in a row a liitle much been using gillete product long long time i am 75 good stuff tks please check it out

  146. Dear Sir, Madam, I have been using GII blades for many years now and I am so used to them that i am finding it difficult to use some other blades. I live on the Island of Malta and I have tried to find these but to no avail.
    Could you be kind enough as to tell me that you have discontinued to manufacture the Gillette GII

  147. I bought a multipack of Gillette Fusion shave gel from Costco and all of the cans run out of shaving cream at an alarmingly fast pace. I have been buying Gillette shaving cream for sometime and they never run out this quickly. The can itself seems like it still has shaving cream, but none comes out of the canister.


  148. I have been using Gillette Mach 3 for decades and only just recently had a problem with the product. The handle is fine but, some of the blades in the most recent package I bought in North Vancouver, in fall of 2015, are defective. The blade is unable to swivel up and down like it is supposed to. Some of the blades in the package work fine and others are just stuck in one position. I would be happy if Gillette would mail me a replacement pack of blades for the inconvenience.

  149. I purchased a can of your Gillette Series shaving Gel 8.4 Oz. serial # 32338323D1 that has stopped working even though the can seems 3/4 full. Can you explain to me what might have caused the malfunction ? Thank You, Richard F DiMarzio.

  150. Just bought one of your new “yellow” razors and handle. I was surprisingly pleased at what a good shave I got the first time I used it. Especially since I hadn’t shaved for two days.
    However after several days some of the yellow started coming off on my face and razor. Is this normal?

  151. I bought @ 3 pack from Costco of Gillette Fusion shaving cream 2 + 1 and two of the cans stop pumping after I use the third of it this is the second can that’s done this first two thirds of the product left in the can and there was 2/3 left in the first can I have one can left and I hope it doesn’t do the same thing that these first two cans did this is unacceptable I’ll give u the barcode number off the can 4740065318 if there’s anything u can do please let me know but I’m letting u know that theses cans r defective and it cost me money and I like your product thank you

  152. Very disappointed customer. I able to buy Fusion 4 pack in a you the major retailers in Gloucester/Stroud area. Forced to buy Sensory 3 -a very inferior product and a waste of money. As a 85 year old I simply cannot afford the capital outlay of more than £10.
    I look forward to your comments as to why there was no stock available – are you forcing the sale of the larger packs?

  153. I buy the gillette fusion Hydra del shaving cream. In the last 6 months, 2 of the cans have lost their pressure and do not dispense shaving cream before they were empty. The current can did this with about 80% of contents still inside. These cans are not cheap. Fix your design !!

  154. I am a retired school teacher and have been using the Mach 3 razor since it was developed. The last two 5 packs of replacement blades I bought each had a cartridge that would not pivot. When you try to use it, the unit flips up to 90 degrees and locks, rendering it useless. These are expensive. I emailed Gillette Canada twice and received no reply. I am not one to complain. However this company should stand by their product. Suggestions ?????

  155. Several complaints;
    Bad practise to to have an advertisement for a product at the beginning of your customer service help line.

  156. Purchased a pack of Gillette Fusion Proglide “Sensitive” 2-in-one at COSTCO. Cans failed to empty leaving most of the product in the can.

  157. Bought Gilette shaving cream and the product Won’t come out so complete waste of money . Would like refund please .

  158. I have been using Gillette Foamy for over 50 years! I especially like the Lemon Lime. Recently I purchased one at my local CVS, product code 60418323A1. There’s no aeration in it. It simply issues a thick liquid that doesn’t adhere to my face but drips all over. This is similar to what happens when a canister is nearly empty, but this one is full. A bit disappointed, but after 50 years I’m not going to switch!

  159. Dear Customer Service,
    I have a Gillette Fusion razor and many razor blade cartridges. The silicon padding on the razor is deteriorating. You have a new razor handle with a pivoting head. Are the Fusion blades interchangeable with the new handle? Thank you for the information.
    Sincerely, Daryl R. Bren

  160. After 50 years of using Gillette shavers and blades I am leaving you.

    The prices you charge for your blades have reached an astronomical level; one that I can no longer afford.

    I will miss your products – but I doubt you will miss me.


    Michael Foley

  161. FYI:
    The Gillette CustomPLUS 3 is inferior to the CustomPlus 2………I don’t understand how that’s possible with all the hoopla about the Cstom 3…….I have been using the Custom2 for years, happily and with great results (3-4 shaves per razor). I can not even get one full shave from Custom3–actually had to finish up with a Custom 2.
    You should really take note of this,
    Never wrote a complaint letter before——-I just thought you should know of my experience.

  162. I could not even get one full shave from the CustomPlus3 razor—had to use a reliable SensorPlus 2. to finish.Never had a problem with the “2”, but thought I might be missing something if I did not try the “3”.
    The packaging for the CustomPlus 3 is terrific—but I will take the bag of 10 SensorPlus 2 any time: better shave and better value. you should check his out.

  163. i am writing you reguarding a product of yours i have. i have a can of your gilette satin care shave gel. The can is still about 3/4 way full and i cannot get the release button to work so what is in can i cannot get out. Its like a total waste. Ridiculous that i have to buy another can. Can you make good on your product so i do not have to cahnge.

  164. I have been using the new Fusion Proshield blades which are excellent but I bought a value pack of the razor and nine blades for excellent price of £35 but when getting home and opening I found that all the blades had moulded into there safety case causing them all to be misshaped and unable to use.
    I tried returning to Tesco but they had no more in stock and was unable to get new blades….please can you help.

  165. My husband and I both use Gillette razors. $20 for a refill is extreme but we pay it because we have always received the closest shave, except this past time. I bought a refill and they are all dull. Gillette fusion razors are not cheap and paying that much to get razors that are so full that they make a squeezing sound even with shaving cream is really disappointing. I feel we should receive a complimentary refill, if not I will not be buying anymore and wasting $20.

  166. Your ad ” would you trust this face ” is very annoying. Covers info & cannot be deleted. I will not buy your products as long as you keep being so incosiderate.

  167. Have pics of shave cream can spewing foam like lava. Would like to forward to you. Please send me email address. As I cannot find on web. Thanks

  168. called 8-9 days ago complaining about shaving cream–purchased a 2 pack, first was fine, 2nd hasno pressure pushing out cream–told rep this was 2nd time this happened in last year and he said would send a coupon for 2 cans –never recd–

  169. Your shavers are the best but there are 2 things to improve if you want to multiply your sales exponentially: Price is still too expensive for too many. It takes me an insane amount of time and over 2 gallons of water to clean the blades after use causing frustration in the morning and a significant waste of water each year. Please improve both points and your sales will skyrocket. Thank you for reading this .

  170. I have been using your Mach 3 blades for many years. I have been buying the 20 piece Mach 3 replacement blades packages from Costco. I purchased a 20 pack last fall and noticed that the color of the plastic of the cartridges changed from Gray to Dark Blue. I finally started using the blue cartridges back in May. Several of the blades from that batch got stuck in the flexed position and I thought it was a problem with my handle since I have been using it for so many years. So I bought a new handle, which of course came with a couple of new blades. When I started using the dark blue blades again with the new handle a had a couple more blades that had the same problem. I believe there is a problem with the springs inside the cartridges. I have 5 unused blades I would like to send you if you can tell me where to send them, they have springs that are not functioning. Once you receive them and see that they are defective, I would appreciate you sending me replacements. My hope is you can use these blades to formulate a root cause, so you don’t continue to have this problem. Sorry I do not have the batch number, I removed the blade holders from the packaging to conserve space shortly after purchasing them.

  171. I recently had a terrible experience with your Fusion razor. I have been using your products for 2 decades… A BLADE must have become unhinged and left a nasty cut on the left side of my neck. The cut was not major but it bled for quite some time. Now I am worried when I go to use your Fusion product.

  172. Gillette shave gel made near Boston Massachusetts did not have any pressure in it.
    Does Tom Brady work for Gillette or was it someone else who let the air out?

  173. Hi.
    I am a Gillette loyal customer for years and have always purchased ladies razors and always happy with it.
    Yesterday I purchased Gillette Breeze pack of 2 with a little suction cup. This was the first product I wasn’t happy with.
    First of all the suction was keep falling as much as I tried and dropped my razor. Second on the first use, the soap part was came out. I used to have the Gillette embrace and that lasted for good amount of time.

    Just thought I would let you know my feedback.



  174. I remember when the Gillette factory was up here in Montreal right near Karft Canada by the hwy. 40 and Decarie. They used to make such great razor blades there being so proud and always advertising that their blades were tempered steel…and now…you never hear the mention of the word “tempered” anymore. Some stupid penny pinching marketing genious said: wait! We can’t make quality products anymore so let’s move down to the USA and manufacturer crap just like everyone else does down there. Now I am lucky if a blade will last me 1 week…after 4-5 shaves…that is it, the blade starts pulling and just goes down hill after that. Each shave hurting more and more. Before, many eons ago, their blades would last +1 month or more…so all I have to say about that is: Good for you guys, make crap and sell it for high $$ instead of “CARING” what you make and sell like you used to.

  175. The spray tip of my new $5 can of Gillette Fushion came off when I pulled the cap off and the foam started oozing out and the spray tip wouldn’t snap back on the can.
    How about a couple of coupons for replacement cans plus a service charge for you not answering your help 1 800 gillette line again and again and having a busy signal as what I remember you buy.

  176. Hi,
    My Proglide Styler housing for the blade broke in half.
    Now it cannot hold the blade for me to shave and I did not think I would have a problem hence I did not keep the receipt and as a result cannot return it to the store.
    I’m really disappointed by the low quality of this product as I really liked the concept for my all in one shaver for my traveling.
    Will you consider two things:
    1) Look into strengthening the housing
    2) Sending me a replacement as a this product should not break so easily after such a short time of buying it.
    I have a picture of the broken unit, if needed.

    Thank you.

  177. it is well over 1 week I have keyed in cell to be called back as your recorded message goes on BUT no body called back I believe it was my mistake to expect high quality of Customer service .I have been using Gillette Mach 3 Mono Thins well over 10 years first time the Container which holds blades WAS found empty having no blades in. This was purchased from a local store . Store people refused to compensate as it was not packed it was open how could I notice the package until next day. The container was supposed to have 05 blades . Can u have better quality control ? Thank u J D Rana Toronto ON. 20 Nov. 2016

  178. I am writing to express my disappointment with the quality and durability of the new yellow-stripped, supposedly lubricating razor blade heads. I have been a loyal Gillette customer for over thirty years, but the quality of this product is very sub-standard.
    While costing the same, or more, than the “standard” Gillette blades, these yellow blades went obviously dull within the first week. And were too painful to even use by the middle of the second week. They also did a poorer job of removing the hair, even when new.
    I’d take another run at this product. In its current form, it’s just not good and I will not be purchasing any more of them.

  179. As a major company you should be ashamed. Your customer service is a bad
    joke. You do not speak to your customers as most of them are complaining of
    bad products. I am 86 years old and disabled, My wife bought me a Venus Swirl
    package of razors costing $30 inc tax. It took me 45 minutes to get it open
    having to completely destroy the packaging. Then I tried to shave, resulting
    in a bad cut on my lip. I called the store, they will not accept it back as I no
    longer have the receipt, SHAME ON YOU

  180. I’m a life long G Man, as in your company name. All generations of razors, shave gels and anti perspirants, also in gels form. I wonder why these antipersps have an expiration date on them, whilst Shave gels don’t…..Love you guys and Mach 3 Turbo currently in use. Why are the razor cartridges so expensive for something so tiny and basically made?????



  181. Hi,

    I wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your company.

    I’ve been a long time buyer of Gillette and can’t imagine buying anything else. I know a lot of folks probably email to complain and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I’d add a little sunshine.

    You’re doing great work, it’s appreciated in our house, and I wanted to say thanks.

    I don’t know if you have any samples or coupons you could send my way but I’d be most appreciative to try more of your products.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    -Kelsi Campbell

  182. I purchased 3 Gillette Fusion Proglide shave gel. All three cans only dispensed 1/4 of the gel, then stopped! Looking through these complaints, I see this is a common problem.

  183. Email 03505591
    Having received £15 voucher I went to Tesco and tried to buy Venus embrace to be told voucher was blocked and did not except it. I was so embarrassed at the checkout , even customer service desk at Tesco would not accept the voucher. So unexceptionable
    Sent from my iPhone

  184. 03505591
    Having received £15 voucher I went to Tesco and tried to buy Venus embrace to be told voucher was blocked and did not except it. I was so embarrassed at the checkout , even customer service desk at Tesco would not accept the voucher.
    Sent from my iPhone

  185. I have a complaint that hundreds/thousands of men have regarding Good News razors. Please stop with all,of the technology and make the original Good News razors available again. We don’t want pivoting heads, slimy, snot like lube strips, or sensor technology (whatever that is). You have not come up with anything to replace what worked. Just plain old Good News Razors! You obviously do not listen to your customers as this is a big complaint among former Good News users. We understand your marketing ploys. Just give us back our good old fashioned Good News razors. Change the damned color if you think that will sell more razors, but listen to your loyal customers and give back the old original Good News razor

  186. I buying product of Gillette since 25 years, quality of product started going down, recently I buy Gillette shaving Foam GEL but after few uses it stops dispensing, it’s waste of maney, same thing happen for a new razor my old razor handle worn out so I buy new one the new is worst than old now, Looking at the complaint above did GILLETTE really taking action or replacement for the faulty units?

  187. I have just used your product guillette blue 3 , whilst shaving I received a half a cm cut to my upper life a place which I have never received such a cut from a razor , I have used your razors for over 20 years and I am very disappointed in the results from this razor and I will in future being looking at other companies products ,
    Yours diappointedly ,

    Darren Matthews

  188. I am writing to voice my anger with a pack of three ladies razors I purchased. I was using one which cut my leg open at the top quite badly due to the very sharpe edges on the side of the razor. I am not happy with the wound I received using your product. I have been using your product for a few years now and have been happy up until today. I would like a response with how to resolve this issue to stop other members of the public receiving the similar wound. I have evidence of the wound and the edges of the razor which gave me the wound. Yours disappointedly,

  189. I bought a pack of 8 mach 3 razors. The first 4 fine the second 4 waste of time.
    I have used mach 3 for years, but they are without doubt getting worse.

  190. My first Gillette Mach III/Atra razor lasted about a quarter of a century. My second one fell apart in three months. You are really mastering the art of planned obsolescence.

  191. I am looking for the old hair product called Curl free, hair straitening lotion, that was made by Gillette, I think. What was the reason for discontinuing it? I used it
    for 20 years and loved it, I don’t know what I could have done without it now once again I am in need of the similar product, sines there is nothing on the market at all. If you can help in anyway, I will appreciate it.

    I will appreciate your help in this search.

  192. I have many gillette TRAC11 plus blades. But I cannot find the razor itself that fits into these blades.
    I visited many pharmacies in Otttawa but I coudl not find it.
    Would you have a new address where I can fin it?

    • I have been using Gillette products for over 61 years. I have use for many years the Pivot Plus. You no longer make that products, I could use the Pivot Plus for about a week with no problem. The only thing that I can get is not very good at all and that products is the Gillette Sensor 2 plus and this a VERY BAD BLADE i can only get one (1) may be if I ‘am lucky shave. from one blade I pay more money for them with bad out come….

      Dennis Jacobs

  193. I have 2 cans of Gillette fusion shaving gel and both stopped spraying gel but look full. I fell this is a flaw in the way the canister was made?

  194. I have been using Gillette blades and razors since I was in the 9th grade. I remember to this day my first shaves with a Gillette “red” blade- (actually it was brown). Gillette blue blades were the premium blades at that time and we didn’t have the money for them. In the following years I depended upon Gillette blades to get me through inspections in ROTC, ROTC basic training, and then on to Infantry Officer Basic. And I continued to “stand close” to my Gillette razor and blades throughout my time in the military, and then as a corporate professional. My wife always buys me the latest Gillette products as Christmas gifts as she knows I really like them. BUT NO MORE. I cannot continue to buy products from a company that is so closely associated with an NFL football team that tolerates the “dissing” of my country. That team, now so inappropriately named “The Patriots” plays in Gillette Stadium. Until such time as Gillette terminates its sponsorships of the NFL, NFL teams (including coaching staffs and owners), and individual players who will not honor the National Anthem, I am not going to use Gillette products. I will ask my family and friends to also boycott Gillette products. And by the way, I also a Procter & Gamble shareholder, and will vote against the continuing services of the current Board of Directors. Procter & Gamble, Gillette, and the NFL cannot expect to keep people who love this country as customers when there are juvenile, self-glorifying, and uninformed actions during the playing of the National Anthem. I predict Schick is going to be picking up a lot of customers. Sign me, an actual patriot.

  195. I went to replace my blades for my fusion razor, they were 4 dollars more than, shick! I bought shick! Guess I won’t be using your products anymore. Your blades aren’t any better, but I’d been using them for years. No more.

  196. ​​I have been a loyal customer for many years. My family and I are extremely disturbed by the behavior of NFL players during the National Anthem and the pitiful, weak response of coaches, GMs and owners. As a federal employee working for the Department of Defense for the past 32 years, I have had the honor of supporting our military and am proud to have worked side-by-side with the brave men and women that defend this Nation and these NFL players’ rights to free speech. What I object to their using a non-political sporting event in general and the singing of the National Anthem in specific as the platform and timing for protests. Dating back to WWII, singing the National Anthem before games was a sign of patriotism and support for those brave soldiers that have sacrificed ALL to allow this great country to hold such events. If the NFL does not immediately enforce its policies regarding NFL player and employee behavior during the National Anthem, I respectfully request that you consider pressuring the NFL to do so lest they risk losing your sponsorship. Personally, my future buying decisions will be based on the same criteria.

  197. I am using your FUSION SET ever since its introduction. Last week i purchased one set blade which is not fitting to its stick.I thing it is a making mistake. Since it is so let me know what to do with it.I am from kozhikode kerala state india.

    • Hi, I brought an Olay razor. It was used twice and left on the side of the bath. I went to use it again to find all that was left was two plastic prongs were Olay soap had been. Razor is now unusable. I would expect for £10 for one razor for it to last longer than one week.
      Sandra Haddy

  198. I am boycotting all Gillette products until you stop sponsoring Sean Hannity. He is a liar and spreads propaganda that is hurting our democracy.

  199. Dear Gillette,
    I love your products. I’ve used nothing else since I started to shave … lo’ those many years ago.
    I’d like to remind you of our concern for the environment. The packaging of blades does not need to contain so much plastic. I’m certain of that.
    Other than the paper card within the package of blades … and the product itself (!), it is not necessary to have the package so entirely encased in plastic!
    Please rethink your marketing and packaging … for the sake of the Earth and all of the people who will be living on it.
    Sincerely yours,
    Thomas D. Anderson

  200. Hello, My name is Ragen Ivey. I was a country Music singer for over 30 years. I shaved every day during that time the only two things that I did with consistency was wear Wrangler jeans and use Gillette Trac ll razor blades Since that time, I have left country music. I still wear Wrangler jeans but I don’t use Gillette Trac ll razors anymore. Reason is I have lung disease and every nickel I have goes mostly to my medication. The track ll Gillette razor blades are so expensive now that I can no longer afford them. I would like to find out if you have some form of generic brand that is exactly like the track ll not the Gillette 3-4 etc just the track ll that pivots so that I can purchase them at a lower price. I can’t use the 3 4 & 5 razor blades because they just don’t work right for my face I can’t get between my nose and my face on the edges real well as the track ll. They’re just not the same. If you could help it would be helpful. Maybe a good off brand that are like the track ll Gillette razor blades that pivot they’ve been around for years and I have enjoyed your product. I have never used any other type of razor blade since the day i first shaved. I am now 54 years old.. I hate what I use now so thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon sincerely ragen Ivey

  201. The past two times I’ve bought new blades for my fusion (4 pack) they have been dull , like they was a month old .

  202. The past 2 times I’ve bought NEW blades for my fusion they have been dull , like they was a month old . Please resolve the problem .

  203. y husband accidentally threw away his Gillette sensor 2 blade razor. We have $60.00 worth of blades and cannot find a sensor 2 blade anywhere. It’s frustrating how hard it is to get this. You need directions for customers to know if other parts will fit or not. What you can buy without acquiring so much withouy being able to use it. My husband has dementia and will not use a different one.

  204. I have used shaving products for most of my life but recently the Shaving Foam for sensitive skin canister partially exploded from 3 purchased at Waitrose Sevenoaks all bearing the same bar code. I can only suggest the release mechanism is faulty which I have experienced with aerosols
    This fault could be dangerous and should I take the can to my local trading standards to access or return to you or Waitrose? The remaining cans 2 appear ok
    Thank you
    Tony Barber
    PS I have photographs of the offending can

  205. You’ve known for years your product was over priced!!! It paid for the stadium!!! I will never use your product again. We have a giant movement friends, fathers, sons, switching to those companies with the GERMAN blades. Better product and price. Shame these companies made you lower your price instead of doing it on your own!! All those you commercials liars. Our movement is getting a lot of guys getting into it.

  206. I and my father before me have always used Gillette razors and blades However since i started purchasing my razors from Cosco i’ve noticed the Fusion 5 blades are not sharpe at all and my shaves are very uncomfortable.I am a 69 year old male and i known a good shave. Actually i’m inclined to blame Cosco but first i’m writing you. In the past i have accused Cosco of selling inferior products that didn’t quite make the grade and sold as seconds.Could you please respond to that accusation. I don’t want to change razors but the cosco bulk packs don’t do me well,for the price i deserve better.

  207. I have been a loyal user of Gillette Fusion shave gel for many years. Sadly the recent change to Fusion 5 will stop me from using the product. The perfumed scent is overbearing! (and commented on by others). Please return to the original scent configuration.


  208. Dear Mr. Ms. I am 84 years old, I have used Gillette for 67 0f those years, I now use the fusion vibrating razor along with Gillette fusion cream since it’s inception.
    My father carried Gillette products in his store blue blades and foamy. I love your products. One thing I have noticed, is that when ever I buy replacement fusion cartridges there are always some that do not have as sharp an edge as the rest, and can only be used a few times without dragging, not giving a soft and smooth shave, where some I can get two weeks or more of smooth shaves, why is that. Are the cartridges made on separate machines? I feel that I’m not getting my moneys worth when I only can get a few shaves per cartridge. I shave everyday.
    Marv Behar, life time customer.

  209. Very disappointed in your packaging for replacement blades – they used to be in card which was easy to open and recycled now the blades are in plastic packets that are thick and very difficult to open even with scissors- not cool at all in this day an age when we are trying to cut down single use plastic

  210. This is in regard to Case 11305946
    i received defective razors from Walmart

    i was asked to send in the production code off of the razor.


    Joseph was great

    Thank you!

  211. I have this great old gillette twin blade razor. I have tried trac 2 and atra plus blades. Neither one fits. I have snapshots of the handle and blade.
    How can I send the pics to get the proper replacement blades?
    Thanks Robert Smith

  212. I have been asking a simple question for the past 5 months and still cannot get an answer. I would like to know if you still produce gillette foamy lemon lime citron lime shaving cream and, if so, where can I buy it. It is no longer available on amazon and e-bay is selling it at exorbitant prices.

  213. I am trying to get in touch with the complaints department for the last two days about my match three blades I am not getting the same amount of time with each blade I am only getting one or two shaves out of them Tanking you Anthony Feeney

  214. I bought some match three blades and I am only getting one or two shaves out of each blade I am trying to get in touch with somebody for the last two days and I think it’s disgraceful that there is nobody trying out there to answer my query

  215. Dear gillette I love you’re razors been a long time fan times are tough and I’d like to have a few stocking stuffers from r me and my son even if it’s a few coupons god bless 1507 east 39th ave spokane wa 99203 my name is William mcpherson

  216. Why did you stop making lemon lime shaving cream, my husband is lost without it. Do you have any more left I can buy?

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