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Contacting Giant Eagle Customer Service Center

Giant Eagle is a grocery store chain that offers fuel perks, online coupons and recipes/meal planning. You can order some products online, but it doesn’t appear that the company supports online grocery shopping. There are a total of 404 stores listed on the Store Locator page. You can find the contact information for your local store by using the locator. We’ve included the link in the Official Website section for your convenience.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Number

The customer care department, which handles all incoming calls of compliment, complaint and question, is open from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 6 PM Saturday and Sunday. There is no time zone listed.

  • Giant Eagle Phone Number: 1-800-553-2324
  • Corporate: 1-412-963-6200

Mailing Address

We looked for a dedicated Giant Eagle customer service address, but there is no such address. If you want to write to the customer service team, you’ll need to address your letter to your local store or to the corporate office.

Giant Eagle CorporateAttn: Customer Service101 Kappa DrPittsburgh, PA 15238

Official Website

We found the official site for Giant Eagle at The site aims to give customers information on healthy eating, recipes, new products, coupons, special shopping deals and more. There is an option for online ordering, but that option does not mean you can order groceries online for store pickup. Check the bottom of the page for MANY links to special deals, contact information and even a credit card issued by Giant Eagle.

Social Media

Even grocery stores are going social and for good reason. There are tons of couponers out there who want access to instant savings and companies like Giant Eagle are able to offer limited release coupons via sites like Facebook.

Customer Service Email

It appears that the Giant Eagle customer service department answers emails during the same hours as they answer calls. Emails are answered as they are received so there could be a delay of a few days before you receive an answer.

Our Experience

The customer service team at Giant Eagle was friendly and helpful. They addressed our questions and resolved our concerns prior to the end of the call. The initial portion of the call went smooth. We endured the standard automated system with several options dedicated to the various departments. We selected 0 in order to speak with the operator, who in turn connected the call to the customer service department. The total time waiting to speak with a live agent was less than 3 minutes. We received a great vibe from the Giant Eagle customer support department. Did you feel the same way? Take a second to share your comments below.

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51 Comments on “Contact Giant Eagle Customer Service
  1. I have been shopping Giant Eagle for 4 years now. I want to know why you do not accept internet coupons. In the past you had accepted the coupons. Walmart snd Krogers accept them. This will have me shop else where.

  2. I ordered a prescription refill using the Giant Eagle pharmacy phone system. The first thing they ask for is your phone number. They also tell you your prescription will be ready the next day after a certain time.

    When I went to pick up my prescription, they said it was too soon to refill it, I needed to come back 4 days later. I asked why they didn’t call me and tell me that and and save me a trip. The clerk said ” we don’t do that”. There are a lot of places you can get prescriptions filled and service is important. I think this is an example of very poor customer service.

  3. This evening I called your Rocky River,Ohio store, I spoke to a gentleman in your meat department, his name was John Gilbert previous to calling I called the meat dept. at Heinen’s in Rocky River and Bay Village what a difference in service. John’s service and answers were way beyond my expections, due to my questions about my turkey he had to run back and forth because every time he answered a question, I has another one for him. He was extremely polite and he new what he was doing and talking about. I now have a meat man.

  4. I am writing your company to inform you of the rudeness of your staff. I visiting Giant Eagle (Pine Creek shopping center, Pittsburgh, PA 15237) around 10:30pm tonight (May 24). I usually always go to the self check out but I was literally the only person in site so I went to the 1 cashier on staff. I answered a phone call and when I hung up the cashier took my entire basket and flipped it upside down (bread, meat, everything… onto the belt and said, “It would really help us if you can empty your basket before you put it on the belt” as she smashed all of my groceries. I was totally taken back by her actions and attitude for me. Her name on the receipt was Carol C. and her register was #9. My fiance and I own a business and I would be appalled if one of my employees spoke/handled a customer that way. I spend 100s of dollars every week at that location, and she honestly doesn’t make me want to go back.

  5. I bought 2 cakes at your Northern Cambria, Pa store one cake had 2 one dollar off coupons on it when I checked out the cashier very rudely stated I could only use one acting like I put that extra coupon on the cake….. Even one of the other cashiers stated ” You will have to give her the other dollar off…. I am a good customer spending 600-800 dollars a month on groceries. My next shopping trip will be to the Bi Lo I hear they have and excellent bakery…..

  6. I frankly don,t like that I called Customer service about the Store Location On Buckeye Road In Cleveland Ohio I should not have say That The Supervisor of that store Failed To contact me back about A complaint that I called customer service about I was charged for an Item of Barbeque sauce I was charged on my giant eagle card I don,t remember the exact date but it was sometime last month That I called customer service I still have not been credited the amount of the Item That another customer left The Cashier Rang this up by mistake because she wasn,t paying attention to the items the customer in front of me actually purchased among the other stupid things that gives customers reasons to complain customer service at that Location Is I wanna say It could be better but it,s not it,s worse The fact is That there need to be a changing of management & The store is not what I call a friendly shopping experince

  7. secondly the cashiers are slow The weekend following the 4th Of July weekend there was only a total Of Four Lines in The Buckeye Road store Location That was open despite no matter how many times this was not a big sale or holiday I usually go to the Store location On Chargin Blvd & green Road location I hardly have to complain about the cashiers or the slow service or how many lines are not open there is a major problem with the store location on Buckeye Road one the attitude of the employees & Management is very poor sloppy messy not professional Customers grumble & mummer under their breath while waiting in the Line on these cashiers the only thin that improved lately is Cleveland Police officers presence outside of The Buckeye road store Location to ward off Pan handlers Thieves & Con artists who seem to be attracted to that location mostly around the Beginning of The 1st & between the 15th of the month I ignore these types of people because you don,t know what the hell they are doing there If I spot somebody who even looks like one of these persons If I,m in the mood I contact the store personal like at Me as if I was were just as crazy as one of those pan handlers con artists or thieves looking to mess with people this is also a problem in he parking lot because the giant eagle store shares with other stores in the same shopping area This Is Beyond stupidity Ignorance of this store these are just some of the things I am noticing that I am saying these things need to change or else this store location is going to have major issues or eventually be closed that will be because Giant Eagle Is not taking these matters seriously

  8. My mother went to your store yesterday on Hamilton Rd in Groveport. My mother is 78 years old and it is difficult for her to shop, so when she goes to the store she goes for the entire month. This usually entails 2 carts.
    Yesterday while at your store she asked the customer service clerk where to park her first cart, so that she could finish shopping. The clerk indicated a location and my mother parked her cart there. About 20 minutes later, my mother returned to the location(she never left the store)and the clerk said that they had to put the items back??? My mother went to the store manager to complain and was told that the clerk had said that she left. Since my mother does not drive that would have been impossible. She was told that the clerk would not have told them that unless she had seen it? In effect, calling my mother a liar? Really?
    This customer “service” is reprehensible! Instead of an apology, my mother was treated terribly. Minimally she deserves an apology. Please contact her and apologize. How would you feel if your mother had been treated like this?
    If you need information, you may email me.

  9. Just wanted to say I have always a wonderful experience when I go to the Sea food/meat dept. in the Marietta store. There is a young lady who works the counter (Amy)? who is wonderful. Every time I go there she is helping someone. She is happy, full of wonderful ideas on how to fix the seafood products. It makes you feel really good to be around her. She is what you want from every one of your employees. I can not believe we have her in Marietta. She deserves some kind of recognition for being a wonderful representative for Giant Eagle and a true help to her customers.


  11. why is that giant eagle takes away fuel perks witch I shopped for.
    I’m retired and don’t drive that much.
    Why not just let them build up instead of taking them away from us.
    Right now I have 80 cents and there taking away 30 cents the end of January.
    This isn’t fair to your loyal customers

  12. I’ve been a regular customer of giant eagle for over 25 years. I buy my gas at get-go and I buy the bulk of my groceries at your store. I think my purchases only prove my loyalty to your store……I find it troubling that I’m expected to sign up for your advantage card if I want to use the self checkout registers. I understand needing it to get the discounts, but to use a checkout line? What’s next? Will I need an advantage card to use shopping carts? I’m just trying to give you my money as soon as possible….but since that’s not okay with you, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. Some place that doesn’t make you wait in a line for 20 minutes while to stare at 20 open self checkout registers. It was nice doing business with you, but this relationship has to end…….its definitely you not me.

  13. I would like to commend Paul who works in the Produce Dept. at Giant Eagle on RT 40, Frederick, MD location. He is always kind, helpful and goes out of his way to take care of customers. Everyone knows his kind nature and he should be commended for his attention to detail to his customers. He truly carries his heart in his sleeve. Kudos to Paul!

    Tammy Frank

  14. I was just at giant eagle pharmacy in rochester pa it was the most infuriating trip i have ever had there a middle aged blond out of a box bimbo who couldnt understand that for me to hear her she needs to speak into the microphone
    Now i am sick right now so i might be a bit more critical but dont give me attitude when i have done nothing to you
    Her name was debbie and maybe i was interupting her grazing time because she was eating something from her pocket
    I will transfer all my business somewhere else if i am treated this way agin

  15. Why are they removing the “hot bar” from my local GE. ? It was great knowing that I could run in and pick up quality take out that I could choose. Especially the ribs. I am told the salad bar will remain -big deal! Persons with busy lifestyles will miss this greatly.

  16. Service at the fresh fish department at the Giant Eagle in Chesterland, Ohio is terrible. More than once, I have walked away because there was no employee behind the counter. The last time I was there, there were two employees behind the adjoining deli counter. They weren’t really busy and I know they saw me standing there. I left without buying what I came for. What has happened to customer service? Makes me not want to patronize there.

  17. I have been shopping at giant eagle most of my life, I’m 70. I have to say thjat I bought usda choice beef md cab up bottom round steak at the water front store in homestead pa and it was the worst steak at7.99 a pound that I ever had . tough and stringy and no taste. I put it in the garbage. it was like shoe leather and tasted like it.

  18. Hello My name is Monica Brown i went to the Get-go gas station/ convenience store. And this great employee name Shannon was so cheerful and polite that she helped my mom and I a lot looking for what my dad wanted . Shannon is the best employee i have ever met that gave me a good service and good service behavior.

  19. Shannon is the best employee every!!!!!! She know how to cheer people up when their have a bad day. Shannon works at Giant Eagle Get-Go on East Patrick Street. Shannon is so polite and is great with Customer Service she helped me with getting a gas pump and she also help me wipe my windshields. Shannon is so helpful I’m very happy with her employee attitude.

  20. I usually shop at the Giant Eagle in Columbus on Stelzer Rd. Last week I purchased a gallon of milk. They didn’t ask if I wanted it bagged like they usually do. The milk somehow got a tiny hole. I didn’t know until I carried it all the way through my home and sat it on the table and it squirted all over my kitchen. Then I realised it had dripped all over the floor throughout my entryway, living room, kitchen and car trunk. Needless to say I was out the money I paid for the milk and my time cleaning up the mess. A bag would have saved me all this trouble. Twice in two weeks my cheese was bagged along with fresh meat by two different cashiers. To top it off today I was also charged full price for the tea that was this weeks

    • Continued from earlier. I was charged full price for the tea that was this weeks e advantage offer. This store has a habit of overcharging on most sale items. I find the customer service at this store doesn’t exist.

  21. I went shopping at the Ravenna Ohio Giant Eagle on 12/02/15 at 9:30 PM…After I did all my shopping, my bill came to a little over 200.00 and I gave the clerk a 20.00 off store coupon from the sales paper…I was informed that the coupon was not effective until 12/03…Sense it was only a couple hours until midnight and I already had all my shopping done and was checking out I ask if they could honor the coupon or I could bring back my receipt tomorrow and do it then and the Manager of the store said NO WAY…I said that if I had to come back tomorrow that I would do all my shopping then and the store would have to put back all I had brought to the register and still the answer was no way would they honor the coupon. So I left a 200.00 cart full of food for someone to put away. I am 62 years old and have been shopping Giant Eagle my whole life but I am so disappointed in Giant Eagle I may just start shopping at Acme

    Brenda Edgell
    5879 Newton Falls Road
    Ravenna, Ohio 44266
    Phone 330-296-9058

  22. I do not like to store or keep food or frozen foods. so I shop at Giant Eagle Daily, Today I went to shop and at the register I wrote a check in front of eveyone I was told the check was no good I was so embarrassed, then a girl boss came and said, it was because I have too many outstanding checks for the week, I shop daily and sometime in the morning for breakfast. why? r the check held so long and I in 25 years. at Giant Eagle never bounced a check, this was so embarrassing in front of so many people they way it was handled, these checks should have been deposited and cashed.I have been a consumer over 30 years at your store, this is wrong. I am not happy at all.

  23. I bought the “Nature’s Basket” (natural) ground turkey to make lasagne on Dec 24th. The meat had a very strange flavor which made my Christmas eve dinner a disaster!! I have always bought Jennie O in the past and have never had a problem! I would call your meat vendor to see if there have been any problems with your poultry (turkey) products. I tried calling your corporate office but they are closed on Saturdays!!

  24. To whom this may concern,recently I purchased 2 of your italian subs
    they were pitiful 2thin pieces of lettuce 2thin slices of tomatos thin onion
    bread was pale and not very good, your add with a gorgeous looking sub
    is a miss statement of what it looks like ALL I CAN SAY IS M\NEVER AGAIN WILL


  25. On January 21, 2016, I sent the following email and asked for a reply. As of today, Feb. 10, 2016, I have not received a reply from Giant Eagle.
    On 1/15/16 I purchased 2 chuck roasts that I thought were bogo. One was marked USDA CHOICE BEEF CHUCK MD CAB BONELESS ROAST, unit price $6.99. net wt 2.91 lb, $20.34,
    card savings $1.45, card price $18.89. The other was marked USDA CHOICE BEEF CHUCK MD CAB BNLS SHOULDER ROAST, unit price $6.99, net wt 2.67, Total price $18.66. This roast has a sticker buy one get one free. The other roast did not have a bogo sticker. However I did not realize that at the time. I called the store when I discovered I did not get one roast free and was told to bring the receipt to the store. I did that on Jan. 21, 2016. The girl at the service desk called the meat manager who very reluctantly agreed to give me a refund after embarrassing me. I talked to the store manager who explained they can’t be responsible for customers putting the wrong roast in with the bogo roasts. The experience at Giant Eagle today was so unpleasant that it makes me want to shop somewhere else. After getting home I got to wondering what the difference is between a USDA CHOICE BEEF CHUCK MD CAB BONELESS ROAST and a USDA CHOICE BEEF CHUCK MD CAB BNLS SHOULDER ROAST. My Giant Eagle card number is 4 00820 91321 2.
    Email address is Phone # 412-881-5470
    Genevieve Vaglia
    2928 Brentwood Ave
    Pittsburgh PA 15227
    Phone 412-881-5470
    GE card # 400820913212
    store #616

  26. I have been shopping at GE in Marietta Ohio for about 1 year now. I have a spinal disability. Your employee named Delores (she is the one who is rather large bodied) has continued multiple times to throw the receipt at me when our transaction is completed in addition to being very impersonal and rude. Is this typical? Is this acceptable to management? Also, her behavior toward the customer before me was similar. So…go ahead and make your comment saying how sorry you are for my experience. I would say that 50% of your cashiers are just like Delores. What is it that you will do to assure me that my next shopping experience will not be like this? I don’t expect any positive change to occur either. Because of my disability I don’t have an option to shop elsewhere. If she does it again…I will contact the city paper, the BBB, and consult a lawyer relating to a possible discrimination case. Ty.

  27. Margareti pepporini is $9.99 a pound at GE! I paid that much for this item the last two times I shopped at GE. I bought the exact same item today at Rulli Brothers for their every day price of $5.99 per pound! Come on GE you certainly can do better!

  28. The giant eagle in liberty, Ohio has a very ignorant manager. He feels he needs to make comments about the appearance of women who come into the store . Believe me if he spent one second In the mirror he would keep his mouth shut. I heard him speaking to someone who was stacking pop and making very unkind remarks about the figure of a women who was merely shopping. He was not concerned about who else over heard him. The young man that he made the remarks to seem to be a lot more mature than the manager who I referrer to as Lurch from the monsters. I hope the women didn’t over hear him but like I said he was not quiet about it. I try not to go to that store much and it seems many others feel the same way. The store is virtually empty. Maybe I am not the only one who thinks Lurch us a complete loser and butt hole.

  29. I had bought $150.00 in gift cards, the sigh said .20 cent per 5o dollar, well I only received .30 cent,
    she said that the offer had expired on the 29 of Aug. well why was the sigh still up, the manager would not answer our questions.I think that the manager was in the wrong to not check the signs.This was on Sunday Oct. the 2nd.I want my .60 cents. Thank you.

  30. Why does GE Seven Fields PA charge $9.99 for McCormick ground cloves? I would not pay the price and found them at a mother store for $3.99 minus $1.00 off.

  31. GE Edgewood has a real tyrant named “Tony” with the title “Store Manager”. As a long time, frequent customer of that store specifically, I have on multiple occasions seen him wander around aimlessly while verbally berating employees by using vulgar language that is unprofessional and harassing, yell at other customers and try to kick people out of the store for no reason, and generally create a hostile shopping environment. It is clear from the loss of your entire front end’s management corps during the last year alone that the Store Mgr is the problem, but the owner seems either clueless to the reality of what is happening or actually condones his abhorrent behavior. I had heard that Tony’s “corporate” culture would benefit me as a customer and improve the overall shopping experience. However, it is clear from his continued gorilla behavior that he himself has imploded what used to be a family-run operation that supported its employees and customers, and GE Edgewood has now lost my business considering its “corporate” culture is terrible to witness at best and violates labor laws at worst. My money will be spent elsewhere considering no amount of customer and employee feedback and corporate contact seems to improve anything, and instead “Tony” will yell at you on the phone and then hang up on you but he “doesn’t have time” to deal with anything other than the next abuse of his “power”. How many employees have to resign, and how many shoppers have to stop shopping, before the owner or GE puts an immediate stop to his harassing, intimidating, and abusive language and behaviors?

  32. Why have I been on the phone three times this week for well over 30 minutes,only to hang up before ever talking to anyone in customer service?? VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!

  33. I used a coupon from a Giant Eagle flyer yesterday to receive $15 in free groceries in a future shopping trip with a new or transferred prescription. At the time of using the coupon I asked if I had to buy $15 of groceries at one time or would it work like a gift card- I was told that it was like a gift card, so why didn’t it work when I bought $6 of groceries today? I called customer service today and was told it had to be a $15 purchase- apparently Giant Eagles hand doesn’t know what its right hand is doing!

  34. My hubs and I went to the Get-Go in Harmarville, Pa today and found a cashier that was totally clueless. This Dee person needs more training. Was fumbling with the cash register..wrong change…bumbling..and very slow with a long line waiting…she needs help or a different job.

  35. I just found out yesterday that you have discontinued an item that my family and I love…the Kale and Chickpea salad that was in the fresh deli section. This is terrible! I bought that every week and many of my friends bought it too after eating it at our home or at picnics. PLEASE bring it back! It’s delicious and healthy, a great meatless choice. There are always cold salads available, so I can’t imagine this would be a seasonal thing, right?? Hoping this is only temporary. Please let me know, thanks.

  36. I have just read the letter describing your new rewards program. I find it very confusing and less desirable than the current gas rewards program. If it works the way it sounds…the result will be less loyalty to Giant Eagle…..back to checking prices of all weekly ads and store hopping.

    I hope I am misunderstanding the program. If I do understand it, I hope you will reconsider it.

  37. So I stopped last night to pick up some chicken,looked very good however when I got it home it had been on the heat to long so the meat was very tough and dry.
    Not worth taking back and spending money on gasoline. Just thought you might have a time limit as to how long to leave meat under heat.

  38. I was at the giant eagle at mcKeesport on Saturday around 5 o’clock and meat case look very bad I asked the young meat cutter to cut something for me he seem like he did not want to do it or did not know how . He needed more training. Don’t put people like that in your stores if they don’t know what they’re doing once again the meat cast looked very bad and it was around 5 PM thank you.

  39. This morning (12/11/17) I purchased a gift card at Giant Eagle in Wadsworth, OH. I wanted a Virgin Mobile Top Up which I had bought on numerous occasions at this same store. I couldn’t find the specific card I was looking for but found a different card (Verizon) which I thought was the same thing only under a different name. I guess I was somewhat confused. When I got home I realized it was nothing I could use even if both started with “V”. I would like to be reimbursed for my $20.00 purchase after returning the Verizon card in error. Thank you for your consideration.

  40. RE; Giant Eagle store on North Center in Somerset PA. I use my Advantage card to buy groceries and earn fuel perks ,also I pay by check. Next I go to GET-GO to use my fuel perks and am told it is Corp. policy not to take checks for gas purchases.I must pre-pay with cash,debit or credit card.How can i earn the perks with a check but not redeem them with a check. Why is it the honest people are singled out,so now I will use my check at the store with lower prices and no fuel perks.

  41. Very disappointed in your Hempfield store. I shop there regularly, but I’m con-
    sidering changing. Your registers are always under staffed. The other day there
    was only one register open and the line was very long. This has become common
    at this store. I do use self checkout when I have a small purchase, but prefer a
    regular register when I have several items. Also, I’m finding that the items for the
    coupons you send are not on the shelves. I worked in retail for years and some
    of your staff need to smile and say THANK YOU.

    • I’m a retired MD & had a Wonderful Experience with Pharmacy Tech: Janet @ the Goucher Street Pharmacy, in Johnstown,PA. After I challenged Janet, I always copay less than $15, for my Meds: @ Walgreens (in PGH: & Fl); she explored all avenues to minimize my copay to about $7. It’s not a issue of my affordability; it’s the “Time & Effort”, the Minority of Pharm: assistants put in to obtain the best deal for the client! This is the first time since the Inception of this store, I experienced such Superb Service, even though Pharmacies in Johnstown have known me for nearly 40-Years! Thanks Janet.

  42. I have been entering YOUR OPINION MATTERS a numerous times. I had NO Idea that a person can only enter this contest once. I feel that this is ridiculous! It should let a customer know this,after entering the first time. Everyones time is valuable and I just clicked on the rules today after filling this survey out so many times and I had my Wishful thinking that I could win. Im sorry but the rules should be right under the survey. And I bet alot of Giant Eagle customers feel the same. Sincerley, Janet Luther

  43. Every year at Christmas time I give a Giant Eagle gift card to our daughter in Pittsburgh. She shops at Giant Eagles. But this year I have tried several times to send her a gift card but find it impossible. I live in New York City where there is no Giant Eagle and therefore I have no wish or need to sign up for an account. But the gift card process insists that I sign up. Rethink this system. It is frustrating to people like me who are trying to gift someone but have no need for going on Giant Eagle’s list.

  44. I was at the giant eagle in Kennedy township, Pa (Mckees Rocks Road) on Saturday March 28th. I was checking out right before closing, 9:58pm, on self check out lane #7. A female came in line behind me, extremely close to me, even though our state is basically on lock down because of the high number of cases and deaths. I just tried to get my change and quickly leave. It has come to my attention that this female is actually an employee of giant eagle. That is a little confusing to me since I would think the employees, who are so concerned with not having contact with customers, would know not to get within inches of a customers face. I am very upset about this because I have 3 daughters. One being only 6 years old. Maybe this employee does not understand the meaning of social distancing or maybe she does not grasp the severity of this virus. I do not know her name, but I am positive they can find out who it was by looking at the surveillance. I was there with my daughter who was bagging our groceries. The female I am referring to was talking with the cashier at lane 8 beside us before getting behind me.

    • I ordered delivery (my 2nd) from giant eagle at city view in Garfield Heights. My food was left by my side door with no doorbell ring, phone call or text. I had perishables and frozen. I will not be ordering from there again.

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