Contact Geek Squad Customer Service

Contact Geek Squad Customer Service

Contacting Geek Squad Customer Service Center

Geek Squad is a service originally offered in Best Buy stores. The service became so popular Best Buy moved it from a store service system to a standalone business. Today, customers can pay for on-going technical coverage on electrical devices to lower the cost of repair.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Geek Squad customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven day a week to answer calls from customers in need, start a support ticket for repair or give customers information about an on-going repair.

Customer Service: 1-800-433-5778

There are bricks and mortar Geek Squad locations where customers can drop off electronics for repair. Visit the Find a Location page at to find your local Geek Squad location and the phone number for that location.

Mailing Address

If you’ve need to contact Geek Squad customer service by mail you can write to:

Geek Squadc/o Best Buy Corporate Customer CareP.O. Box 9312Minneapolis, MN 55440

Customers in need of an immediate answer regarding a service ticket, repair or customer service problem should call the corporate office or contact Geek Squad directly as mail delivery is the slowest means of contacting Geek Squad customer service.

Official Website

The official website for Geek Squad customer service is located at You can click on the Support Plans link at the top of the page to access information on premium support costing as little as $9.99 a month, as of August 2013. There is also a self help section of the website for consumers who understand electronics, but need a push in the right direction or a guide to follow. If you’ve sent your device to a Geek Squad technician for repair visit to track your repair.

Customer Service Email

Customers can ask general questions, request service or inquire about an on-going repair using the email form located on the Contact Us page. There is no direct email address.

Customer Service Email:

Our Experience

When you call Geek Squad customer service you are greeted with an automated, voice-activated system. If you press 0 you can bypass the list of options to speak directly to a Best Buy / Geek Squad customer service operator. You will need to ask the operator to speak with someone in the Geek Squad. We asked the agent if we could purchase system restore discs directly from the Geek Squad. The technician told us how to access a list of manufacturers, complete with contact phone numbers, where we could order replacement restore discs. Neither Best Buy nor the Geek Squad deal in restore discs at this time.

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9 Comments on “Contact Geek Squad Customer Service
  1. Just to say thankyou to Agent John Wright for having patience and good humour when installing my very challenging wireless printer today. Good job done. Many thanks

  2. I just received a charge on my Visa from Geek Squad. Although I am satisfied with the service, I would appreciate in the future receiving an email from Greek Squad advising the charge would be forthcoming if I do not cancel my subscription. Thank you for your cooperation. Ann Jourdain

  3. Reservation Confirmation #GTQ38166. Noon on 1/12/18. At BestBuy at 9630 SE 82nd Ave., Portland, OR. I don’t feel confident about computers. Your staff USUALLY makes me feel good about asking any question. Maybe even stupid questions. But the person who saw me this day made me feel like my questions were inappropriate. I feel incompetent with computers anyway, but your employee made me feel more so. Your phone customer service felt I had a valid issue that needed to be addressed in-person at your store. But the in-store Geek Squad person said it was something I could figure out on my own. He wouldn’t offer a recommendation.

  4. I received a cancellation of my service contract even though I had called in December and gave a new credit card number to renew my contract. When I talked to a rep yesterday I was informed there was a record of my December call but there must of been a “glich in the system” and it did not get processed. I said to him for Geek Squad. who I thought was very efficient, make this error makes me wonder about their services.. He said nothing else but my contract was now renewed..

  5. My survey confirmed without completion. My age may be wrong and I did not get to complete the comments. I was going to leave this comment: I had called ahead of time and set up an appointment for 5:00. I rushed from work so I could get to my appointment on time. I got there right on time. There was a lady right in front of me. She barged in and I heard her tell the tech that she had a 5:20 appointment. The tech went ahead and helped her without even acknowledging that I was standing right there. He NEVER asked me if I had an appointment. The other tech was helping another customer and also never acknowledged me. I had to wait almost 30 minutes past my 5:00 appointment time to get help. That is unacceptable! This was at the Waxahachie, Tx. location. The lady who jumped ahead of me took a good half an hour getting help while I had to stand there and wait. That was rude and the techs ignoring me was rude. The second tech did finally asked me if he could help me. I told him who I was and I told him and said that I had a 5:00 appointment. He went right ahead and finished helping the other customer, which I can understand, but I was NOT HAPPY about my service! Jeanette Hayden

  6. I renewed my Geek Squad Protection and Tech Support Plan September of last year. But when I tried to get online support for MS Windows, I was told that my plan included only hardware. I called and got resolution to my problem on the phone where, apparently, they could see my protection plan includes software. This happened 3 times during the year. I want to renew my protection again but only if I can have online support for software. This morning I spent 1.5 hours in 2 phone calls trying to confirm that software would be included. I was transferred to 3 agents, each of whom required my starting over and none of whom could help except to say that my plan includes both. At that point, I started over with a new call and asked for a supervisor. Two transfers later, the agent said the best way to complain was through the Give Feedback link on your web page. However, this link does not work. I am frustrated and still have not renewed!

  7. For the second time I have used the purchased Protection Plan with Geek Squad for a second laptop and again I am disappointed. The plan claims to protect each laptop, computer etc in the home. However, each laptop I took was over two years old but the plan does not state Geek Squad will not repair or update it. The last laptop that I took to them had been totally charged prior to taking it there and even worked for me to enter my password. When I received notice it was ready for pickup, I went the following morning after making an appointment on line. I was informed that the technician was unable to perform any services on the laptop because the charger port was damaged! Interesting enough it was not damaged prior to taking it to Geek Squad. What is the purpose of purchasing the protection plan if Geek Squad damages your equipment and are unable to repair it??

  8. I purchased the protection plan to cover all of my electronic equipment but no where in the plan does it state repairs cannot be made on equipment over a certain age! My last service request was for a Toshiba laptop which had been charged the day before I took it for servicing, it was even turned on for me to enter my password before I left it. Upon picking it up I was informed that the port for the charger was damaged and THEY could not repair it! Not happy at all with Geek Squad

  9. I had a very disturbing experience with a Geek Squad tech in Chicago at Belmont and Kimball store. Israel was his name. He said many inappropriate things to the woman below me and I tried to hurry and get service so he would not be that way with me and he became very aggressive. He was telling her how soft his touch is etc. Your problem with him will not be bad service but a law suit. It was very very disturbing. I went to talk to the store manager and left. She did not say anything but seemed surprised.

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