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Contacting Full Tile Poker Customer Service Center

Full Tilt Poker is a gambling website that uses real money. This site is not a virtual currency site, so when you sign up you’ll have to fund your account to play. There is a deposit bonus as of December 2012 that matches the first three deposits up to $600. That means if you deposit $600 you’ll have $1,200 to gamble with. The site is owned and operated by Rational FT Enterprises Limited, the UK business that also owns

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no Full Tilt Poker customer service number listed on the official website, but we’ve included some of the numbers listed on other websites so you know if these numbers work or not.

  • Customer Service US: 1-888-845-8729
  • Customer Service UK: +353-12-39-3664
  • Possible Alternate Number: 44-19082-00022

Mailing Address

A mailing address for Full Tilt Poker customer service is also missing. We were able to find an address for the company that owns Full Tilt Poker, however.

Rational FT Enterprises Ltd 33-37 Athol St Douglas, 1M1 1LB Isle of Man

At no point in time should you add your credit card or bank account information to your letter. This is the corporate address, not the address to the financial department of the company. We were unable to find an address for financial communication.

Official Website

The official website for Full Tilt Poker is available at, but you won’t find much in terms of customer service contact information. The site offers plenty of tips and tricks for how to play poker and how to deposit money into your account, but contacting customer service about deposit issues, financial discrepancies and other issues appears to be impossible.

Customer Service Email

Now, the customer service email for Full Tilt Poker is the ONE piece of contact information available on the site. We also added a few other email addresses listed throughout the web.

Our Experience

Although we didn’t find much information regarding customer contact, we were pleased with the service we received from the customer care department. Several online testimonials speak of long wait times and rude customer service agents. On the contrary, we breezed through the automated system and was speaking with the friendly agent in less than 5 minutes.

We asked the agent for information relating for responsible gaming. The agent was pleased to provide the following information regarding responsible gaming. The call went well, the agent was friendly and the experience was ideal. Did your experience mirror our experience? Comment below.

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72 Comments on “Contact Full Tilt Poker Customer Service
  1. fulltilt is unfair and should be shut down again. they say play premium hands but even so i tracked my plays, premiun hands even 1 on 1 lose 86% of time. thats not possible unless rigged.

    • I couldn’t agree more…….This site is a JOKE….Until you figure out a better computer program for it SHUT IT DOWN.

      • Full tilt said i should contact them at customer support yet you could not find it on their website.
        secondly it will not let me speak on the chat due to a argument that i had on the website with someone swearing at me for no reason and calling people nigga on the website for no reason because the person was speaking in typing in Italian the site program could only recognize what said in English and it blocked me.
        also i was blocked because i said i don’t believe people should gamble on a website were in 25 hand 20 hands on deck showed a ace because it only means the program could be rigged.and finally a couple friends of mine on the website check in 100 hands the program show a ace of king 80 times in real poker you never see it .as i have played 20 tournaments and never seen it in hundreds of table.the program does not let freedom of speech its a scam website

  2. Your site is terrible……..It isn’t even realistic to live poker. Is your computer program really that bad. I mean it is terrible.

  3. Unable to connect to the site they said that my e-mail dosent match my player name but they are the same for month…i have money in my bankroll and i can’t connect….and i send 4 e-mail without a response!!!!!!
    this is just not serious…..

    • I fully agree. There is no customer service. And they allow people to abuse the other players without doing anything to correct the problem. No wonder they’re losing players.

  4. full tilt is a very big scam its a a computer simulator program .meaning it gives you the illusion that your really playing real poker but the system every deal has it program who its going to pay as member get out it randomly picks the next person it will pay out to .its a casino machine online were you think you stop the machine with your hands to win a bet but really its has nothing to do with it the program really decided it will pay you or not

  5. Just want to play for free but it says my e-mail is already in use. Used to play but when you were off the network I went to superstars poker. Please re-open my account or allow me to create anew one for free poker

  6. no support tried to deposit u kash 9its not the first time ) been told to wait 48 hours no help or anything had i known i would be waiting 2 days i woulda placed my money on 888 instead thnx full tilt for ur useless help page to it really doesnt help …your dealing with ppls money where is the live chat 24/7 like it says i cant get any help

  7. don’t you think its about time you fix your site from freezing up on everyone and screwing them over for their chips so you can make noney on us and I play for weeks at a time and get no cards for bonus this is a joke to thanks for takeing 159 trillion from me on freeze ups you peace a site

  8. This site is good…. For your first 2 weeks, in which you will most likely win atleast 50 quid. My first time 1800, my second time 210. Each with a cheap 5=35 pound buy in. But after that it screws you, time in, time out. Keeps happening, it’s fixed and if you don’t believe it your naïve.

  9. full tilt poker is a joke and a money grabber. do not play poker here.. I’m calling the games commission. I lost on a straight
    that I won. No number to call to chat with… chow.

  10. Ive done everything i know how 2 get my CHAT ON…………………………MY screen name is ALL_IN_LEW711,WOULD U PLEASE GET THIS INFO 2 THE PROPER PARTIES………….TY,

  11. Do you really think that we don’t notice the rigged board cards that you deal out… totally dishonest and unethical …like you card… and you have the nerve to ask for money for .” free chips ” wow … you must be kidding

  12. you have a vert poor site. you have blocked my account for no reason.can not get in thouch wiyh you in any way with my problem by phone or email do i have to find a new site to play on.i am one upset player at this time what are you going to do about this probem 46MERC

  13. I lost and gave them more money no problem to take your money out your acc but i won it all back now I am blocked lets see what my bank says??????????

  14. i told fulltilt before there is to much detail on there site now i found this page i rember why i left fulltilt too much crap on this poker site

  15. changed my email now fulltilt wont send me my validation code lost 22 tickets and 9 bucks been 3 days how do you guys still have a site when there is no way to get a hold of anyone

  16. changed my email 3 days ago still waiting for validation code lost 22 tickets and 9 bucks no way to find help no liking the site now long time player pissed

  17. Ihave been trying to get into full tilt poker to play..i have been playing on full tilt for a long id name is ellia0007…I cannot get into full tilt poker to play..i llost my password….can you please help me ..thanking you….

  18. Dear Sir – With all the cruelty going on with Isis, (men dressed in black with their faces covered and only their eyes showing) I find it very offensive that you would offer an icon as such. I do not like sitting at a table that depics the beheading of innocent people, burning of a pilot trapped in cage, etc. I understand this is a free country but do we really need to portray an Isis terrorist, his face covered and a sword at his side? I would really appreciate if this option were taken off the poker site. There are enough reminders on the news and all around us. I play poker to get away from it all for a while.

  19. FTP closed my account the said send them a I did, they reopen it..then they said buy chips from them with-in 7 days and we will give a bonus of 50%…so I go on FTP but 199.00 chips and they close my account and charge me 199.00
    they send message said prove I am who I am with bills,photo, drivers license, so I send in to them and they block me from sending
    cannot contact them

  20. Although I haven’t lost big money I must say that this site is the most unrealistic out there. How many times can 2% odds hit? Not able to contact by phone or email. Total garbage. Ill be bringing my money to OLG gambling sites. At least its regulated and I can contact someone.

  21. I play in the us so i cannot play for real money. so in order to get your money they fix the play so you will buy play chips. this is the most corrupt site i have played on. these people are so stupid,they think you cannot figure out that they cheat. they end the hand quickly so that you do not have time to see results of winning hand. For example i had a pair of nine and other person hand a nine and a five, hand played out to a nine high straight and they gave him the hand when i had a higher whole card.

  22. although it’s only play chips, it’s all we have . the new ring game menu really sucks, especially only 6 handed. i play hi/low games and you need 9 players for a good game

  23. what is wrong with you people?Your driving more USA,and Canadians to go to other sights,and I’m not talken about that goofy starz sight…..Why did you change ring games?You cn’t socialize,let alone win on any of them!!!! I use to love FT,had a blast,saw friends and gambled away play chips,now it’s not any fun…..SHAME ON YOU….YOU NEED NEW CONSULTANTS AND BUSINESS AGENTS!!!

  24. I play everyday with play money. Went on today and everything has changed. You can only play with 2 people????? Where are all the tables with up to 9 other people???????at each table ?? I tried everything and all my settings are as they have always been but there’s just 2 person tables.

  25. Ftp employees are perhaps the stupidest people I have ever had the misfortune of having to contact. for people who work for a poker site U would think they would know something about poker, but no. U would think they would at least have the courtesy to respond to simple questions, or say they didn’t know, but no. their arrogance is as overwhelming as it misguided, they get paid minimum wage to (try) give automated responses and work for a company with a history of being thieves, and yet they act as though they’re above everyone. Anyone looking for a poker site with good/prompt/asequate customer service, I promise U ftp is not the place for you.

  26. hi, im unregistered on $10k players club party flip, today in 20:30 the tournament starting. please register me againe thanks

  27. Why doesnt the Deal work on my computer, I click onto it it and just a white screen appears that it, why doesnt it work?

  28. Its too bad the freeroll and edge formats have been changed,I used to be able to play bronze edge freefollls for $500-1000, now i can only play these useless coin flips until my balance runs out then im s.o.l. Guess its off to 888, as Stars are owned by RK as well, im done depositing money like i have been for over a year now.At least $40 every two weeks.About $1000 a year.But you probably dont give a crap.Just letting ya know

  29. i need to know how to make it so that when playing flip out i can return and play again and if i previously played 2 spots how can it be ready for me to play 2 spots again

  30. I need to change my debit card number and I can’t find out how. If you could email me the information I’d appreciate it. Thank You.

  31. i’m having trouble in loggin on to my account i have even change my password 3 times and it still would not let me log on, i know my user id but every time i put the password it say INVALID! PLEASE HELP! 🙁

  32. Dear Full Tilt Poker…Your software is rigged. No wonder youre not permitted to allow players from the US to play real money on your site!!

  33. played today with Phish Axilla…. called me faggot and pussy and all kinds of nasty talk…I play on this site to relax after work and unwind…..don’t need players like this

  34. I won a gold coin in a gold chip tournament,and it won’t let me change the gold coin to my other avatar….I would like to change back to my original avatat please tyvm and please answer my request…thank you very much

  35. Someone has hacked my account took two hundred pound out of my bank and can’t speak to no one about it it’s a joke of a site and I want it back it is fraud but they don’t care but I want be ripped off so any help would be great

  36. i have been trying to create so i can pair it with my pokerstars account. it will not let me use my pokerstars id. what do i do ?

  37. Hi,
    I’m very upset and thinking of never again use Full tilt poker. was playing with play money and won a lot. So I wanted to try real money and added my bank details you never approved it and I’m locked out and can’t get back into my login. I also won tickets to play live which is now lost because I can’t get into my login.
    Shame on you after I win a lot of play money and ticket you lock me out.

  38. I’ve been a patriot of your full tilt poker site for years. I had my chat with other poker players taken away. You said it would only be for a month. Well it’s been 3 months. Is there way you can turn my chat to others back on. Thanks

  39. I have an account with full tilt poker and when I took the update on May 17th it now takes me to poker stars and I can’t find my 840,000 chips I had on full tilt poker. What happen?

  40. please need help. cannot use my account with fulltilt poker because of

  41. me and my mother are re-registered with fulltilt…now since u change its aweful……a lot of my friends who play on the site everyday cannot log in to play I been trying for over 4 hours now trying to get in on a table ………………HELP ME PLEASE…………MY MOM AND ME PLAY EVERYDAY ALL DAY NOW WE ARE GOING NUTS TRYING TO GET IN..WE HAD TO CREATE NEW ID AND PASSWORD AND STILL CANT GET ON THE TABLE…………..IF U CAN PLEASE EITHER CALL ME OR SEND ME AN E-MAIL ON INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GET ON A TABLE SO WE CAN PLAY….WE ARE BOTH HOME EVERYDAY AND WE DEPEND ON FULLTILT……..WE LIKE FULLTILT BETTER THAN POKERSTARS

  42. For 2 days Iv not been able 2 pullup your site let alone login. I would like to play fun chip poker not cash.It wont connect comes up message OK or Cancel.Tryed to uninstall as U prompeted me to do & reinstall, Did not work 4 times! What seems to be the problem??

  43. How do I cancel my membership to full till poker with your latest update you are now sending me to poker stars and I do not like that site. My name for full tilt poker is redneckrobber and I lost somewhere around 830,000 chips. Sorry but I will not be recommending your site to anyone.

  44. I did not get my bonus for registater my account agoin .if not given full bonus now I will cancel my fultill account .

  45. I cnt switch to ps bcause im ot fully in the ft system when I go to control panal I show no ft program but I can still play …weird,ive been arguing wth ps over not being able to platy spin n go max,bcause I have been for moths on ft and now they took it away

  46. Didn t get help I needed. I am registered in 4 spin and win tournys and no players joining. I can ‘t unregister. I have 3,600,0000 at stake. please help if you can. These are play money tournaments. 2495893393, 2495946352, 2495966876
    and 2496049395. Please help if possible.

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