Contact Frigidaire Customer Service

Contact Frigidaire Customer Service

Contacting Frigidaire Customer Service Center

Frigidaire is a well-known name in home appliances and electronics. While most consumers likely know the company for refrigerators and freezers, they also sell stoves, microwaves, washers, dryers and accessories.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers can contact Frigidaire customer service from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday EST. There are no customer service hours on Sunday.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-374-4432
  • Customer Care Department: 1-706-860-4110

Mailing Address

Mailing a letter to Frigidaire customer service should be reserved for issues that do not require immediate attention. Your letter could take longer than 10 business days to reach the customer service department and even longer to receive a response. Faster means of contacting Frigidaire customer service include calling the company or sending an email using the contact form.

FrigidaireAttn: Customer ServiceP.O. Box 212378Augusta, GA 30907

Official Website

You can find out more about Frigidaire products and services on the official website at If you are interested in purchasing a Frigidaire product you enter your zip code on the product description page to locate a local retailer. You cannot purchase Frigidaire products directly from the company. If you currently own a Frigidaire product and you need assistance with service or parts, visit the Owner Center at for additional links.

Customer Service Email

Contacting Frigidaire customer service is simple using the contact form on the official website. The email form allows customers to request a call back from the customer service agent handling the issue. You must include your name, email address and state to send the form. If you want a callback remember to enter your phone number in the available box.

Our Experience

Frigidaire customer service is available as an automated list of options that starts immediately after the call is answered. Customers can press 1 to learn where to purchase products, 2 for repairs, 3 for replacement parts and accessories, 4 for extended service agreements, 5 for product manuals or 0 for customer service. When we pressed 0 we were given another number to call for customer service. The second number is 1-706-860-4110. Consumers press 1, service providers press 2 and appliance dealers press 3. You will then be asked a series of questions about why you are calling to route the call. We tried to press 0 to skip the automated options, but that just took us to another list of options and another list after that. It is best to listen to all the options and choose the reason for your call in order to speak with a representative more quickly. It took us 50 seconds just to make it through the automated options and we waited on hold for another three minutes before an agent finally answered the call.

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12 Comments on “Contact Frigidaire Customer Service
  1. I bought refriger brand Frigidaire brand last year for rental house. I bought from Lowes in Vidalia Georgia., it went out in oct. of 2015 and I bought it in june of 2014 and I did,t buy a extended warrant, because I thought your applances were better than this. I have a stove smouth top I have had over 20 years with no trouble. I think I should have consition on this app. I have dryer & washing machine. I am very dissoped in this.I am 70 years old living on fixed income. thank you.

  2. I had a very poor experience with your customer service staff and would appreciate a call back from someone in authority. Thank you. Vicki Miller

  3. I accessed several actual Frigidaire websites (, and phoned Frigidaire customer service (phone # on metal appliance Mod#/Ser# information plate), to determine how to set/use timer on Frigidaire wall oven Mod #FEB24S5ABC, Ser #NF72818442. Cannot secure needed info anywhere online. I am currently on “hold”, and have been holding continuously for 53 min & 47 sec on appropriate phone menu selection. The “hold” music is nice, but not helpful. FYI, EST is now 3:02 PM. Please respond via E-Mail if possible. Augusta, GA Folks want to know. Thanks.

  4. I’m currently waiting over 2 months for a new replacement Frigidaire Dehumidifier that was recalled. Customer service through Media has not helped
    I e-mailed photos of serial and model # tag along with pic of cut power cord to Media on 6/28/17

    Model # is FFAD5000T10 AND SERIAL # is KN71101480

    Please research this and notify me via e-mail on the status of my new replacement unit. This is the 2nd unit that I have had to replace within a year. I want my dehumidifier ASAP! My e-mail is posted below.

    Richard Salerno

  5. Bought a cooking range from Frigidaire. Electric service the electric comes and goes and sometime service is interrupted due to sunspot activity. The guy that came to repair it told us we were at fault for not taking good care of this range. Thee computer is still out and the oven is unusable and still will not work We are out of the money and still without any means of baking. The model number is FFGF3047LSJ. Serial number VF70937634. The misuse of this appliance would invalidate the warranty.

  6. I bought a brand new Frigidaire refrigerator about 14 months ago it worked perfectly for 3 months and then my experience with it was like a bad night-mare. It broke down so often I had technicians coming regularly to service this defective product .I was exhausted trying to keep this product working. I had to keep on defrosting it to prevent spoilage. Yet, many items went bad. The ice clogged the vents and cold air could not get to the products on the lower shelves. What a nightmare! I finally got a replacement, I purchased one which was more expensive in a matter of two months it broke down a,repetition of the of the same problem. Frigidaire is making defective products in order to sell warranties. Refrigerators which is a durable good should last 5 to 10 years or more. I had fridges which lasted over 15 years, now they are made defective deliberately in order to sell warranty. The longest warranty is 3 years. Fridge usually lasted 10 to 15 years. What a shame! reputation, does not matter anymore, Frigidaire was a reputable name now I abhor at the name. I had such a bad experience. All that matters today is money, which is the new God! The technicians have said they do not make refrigerators like they used to what is made today is just junk! The sad thing is Frigidaire is not the only maker of junk the other brand names are making junk also. This is not a new invention it is over 100 years old. They should be making a better products. Frigidaire get back your reputation make products that you are capable of making . I do not mind paying more for a good product.. Thank you. I am experience was and is so horrendous. just not knowing when the fridge would break down. You have to do better than this. Thank you

  7. Why is my e-mail address still on the screen? it stated that my e-mail will not be published.Remove it. Thanks. Cynthia

  8. I am having a problem with my model #FFRE4120FW. When drying clothes it turns off and says clean filter but the filter is clean. I can open the door and it will start but shut off at 10 mins.

  9. my refrigerator ice maker has broken down every 6 months after replacing same parts over and over same results model lfhb2741pf8a serial number 4a53916883

  10. We bought the supposed top of the line Professional Series package (fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher) for our new home approximately 2 years ago. We are two retired adults at home and the only ones using these appliances regularly. Since we purchased, the microwave plate broke in half ($50 to replace), the microwave handle broke off the door (superglued back together and back on door), the stove burners have ruined all of our cookware (black soot build up), and the dishwasher has NEVER worked sufficiently (food particles left on dish surfaces).
    I WILL NEVER purchase another Frigidaire product! They are garbage!

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