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Contacting Ford Customer Service Center

Ford is one of the largest US-based automobile companies. Despite financial turmoil, the company managed to redefine itself and push sales with changes to customer service and the look and feel of most Ford models. Ford also offers customer financing so customers can use in-house financing instead of buying through another company.

If you’re a Ford customer and you want to contact customer service or you want to learn more about the company or available vehicles, you can call, write or email a customer representative. You can also get in contact with a local dealership if desired.

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Contact Info

Customer service contact information is available for many different situations. If you want immediate action, the call center can answer your questions right now, but you may have to wait a bit and put up with transfers to multiple departments. If the question is less pressing, an email is the best way to go. If you want to send communication by mail it will take longer to reach Ford.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Relationship Center (US): 1-800-392-3673
  • TDD (US): 1-800-232-5952
  • Customer Service (Canada): 1-800-565-3673
  • US Customer Service for MyFord Touch, SYNC or Ford Navigation (English): 1-800-392-3673
  • US Customer Service for MyFord Touch, SYNC or Ford Navigation (Spanish): 1-800-392-3973
  • Canada Customer Service for MyFord Touch, SYNC or Ford Navigation: 1-800-565-3673
  • Marketing Program Customer Service: 1-800-334-4375
  • MyFord Magazine Customer Service: 1-800-335-1357

Mailing Address

Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48126

Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited
Customer Relationship Centre
P.O. Box 2000
Oakville, Ontario, L6J 5E4

Official Website

The Ford official website at sells cars and products. Customer service is clearly a secondary focus. You have to search for a small Contact Us link to find any information on customer service at all.

Customer Service Email

A customer service email address is not available, but you can contact Ford customer service using a contact page. This is a secure form, but that does not mean you can share your financial information or personal information in the email. Though we sent an email to the customer service department we are not guaranteed a response, according to Ford customer service.

Our Experience

The Ford customer service center phone number leads to an automated response center. The automated response answers the phone, as usual, and offers the caller various options. Press 1 for English and then press 0 five times with a slight pause between each. You will move directly to the customer service queue. We waited on hold for less than a minute before a representative answered our call. The representative located our nearest Ford service center and even offered to connect us with the center to make our maintenance appointment.

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192 Comments on “Contact Ford Customer Service
  1. Called customer service 10/30/12 at 1:20PM (PST). Representative was very friendly but otherwise was a complete waste of time. I would rate this as a 1 star in a 5 star rating.

    • William , Ford flat out cheated me. Get this! The Ford Fiesta MSRP 15,080 dollars. I put 3000.00 down and they “claimed” to have given me a 3000.00 rebate and I still financed 15,000.00. I admit I was super stupid, but Ford has not heard the last of this When I get finished with them, my recommendation to the people of Wayne County will lose far more than theystole from me. I am very active in churches, I was a former Parole officer, , been in many election pollical races, they are going to pay an economic price. By the way I went across the road to Toyota of Goldsboro and bought 2019 Corolla. When I tell the people about this, you will lose no telling how money. Have a nice day. By the way , Toyota gave me a fantastic deal. Shame on you!

  2. 1)figo car is super but only one problem rear power window is not aveleble in top end allso way
    2)ford fiesta & figo same engine but millage ford fiesta 32 ford figo 22 way

  3. I have a ford focus down moved it because of maintenance of ford dealers in Algeria, he did not change the fuel filter drain for four it is for the injection of the vehicle is damaged.
    I file the complaint to the dealer and my car is 06/01/2013 as it is a pre-sales services of dealers is it does not fix a date for your knowledge is the book I guarantee recent this day.
    mark ford never falls down except that it has 36048KM maintenance unprofessional, I want my focus to go as soon as possible that I neutralized the 06/O1/2013 I live far from the capital of Algiers in I do what is 500km coffin with the bus to my own average it costs boucau granny costs troubleshooting this me who pay these serious here in Algeria.
    DENDANI AMOR IMT: 00610.111.05 VIN : WFOPXXWPDPAM63865


  4. I had a noon time appointment today dropped my truck off at 11:45 am told the man I was gonna be across the street for lunch came back at 2:00 because I got no call to find that they haven’t started on my truck because they didn’t no I had a appointment now 2 hours gone and there sorry guess what my truck didn’t get. Worked on with sorry
    Sorry is a sorry word for sorry people
    Rory LaBate Nashua NH.

    • I don’t know how my local Ford service department is, because I’ve never had to use them. I’ve had several new Fords and three new GM products. For the Fords, I’ve never had any issues. For GM, two of them were great, the third one had to be taken in 17 times – including being towed in 3 of those times. They never fixed a single problem and it had many. Mostly, dying while going down the road for “no reason”, not starting or even trying, front brakes locking up sometimes, and 8.5 MPG for a 4.3L V6 pickup in regular driving. I had to trade the junk Silverado in on a 2013 F150 because I needed something that was reliable.

  5. Called customer service line seven times and had no response. Took my car to Ford dealer for inspection and he said fuel line failed due to “corrosion.” Took it to my mechanic and it was NOT corrosion. There was a hole in the fuel line from the bracket rubbing on it. No corrosion on the line at all!

  6. Ford stands for Fix Or Repair Daily, Customer Service, at the Corporate level, non existant, a reasonable answer to service related issues, non existant. It reminds me of talking to Congress, “who are you and why should we help you.”

    Oh you have a 5.4 Triton, “FOOL”, injector issues, cam phaser issues, spark plug issues, oh and your vehicle is equiped with power windows so naturally your windows just fall down because of a plastic piece in the regulator, oh sir that will be $450.00 for each of your 4 windows about every 3rd year. Oh yes, then their is the paint issues where the primer did not adhear correctly, that will be another $5,000.00. Oh and you think Ford should take care of some of this, what are you smoking.

    Then if your stupid enough to by another ford, 2012 Focus, that is an entirely different set of problems, starting with an engineering issue with the right front axle. Why does the axle appear to hop or skip when driven any distance, oh didn’t we tell you it is a manual design place in a car with an automatic transmission. Daaaaa???????

    Don’t expict I will be a repeat customer do you?

  7. dear sir or madam i have a ford fiesta reg dg58txw new shape. my trouble is the boot keeps sticking when you try to unlock it with the lever. i have been on the internet and theres a lot of people have the same trouble. just like to no why ford have not done a recall to resolve this problem.

  8. Ford Motor Company USA
    Customer Relationship Center
    P.O Box 6248
    Dearborn MI 48126

    Dear Mr.

    The reason of this is to explain to You the situation lived on Sunday 13/01/2012 with the vehicle Ecosport 2.0L 4 x 2 XLT Plus automatic of my property with my wife, is 2011 model and has 30,050 km, having done all service and maintenance of rigorous in the official dealers of Ford.
    Being approximately 12 hours and entering at very low speeds to the access ramp to housing situated in Buenos Aires party, missing little to stop us, and being destabilized and without having powered the accelerator, suddenly the vehicle accelerates wildly, moving uncontrollably which prevented progress control it and only “Try to ” leafleting” or bend culminating stopped by a tree (There are photos behind what happened).- Fortunately the 4 occupants only suffer blows without greater consequences.
    Make the call to Ford, requiring a technical revision, Submit a claim to the Ford (opening of case No. 00726941).
    after 30 days, making many calls and complaints, Mr. Ricardo Caffull (Manager of Customer Care) is contacted to let me they said they would send one engineer from factory . I was informed that “Everything was normal, there was no problems”. A vehicle that
    “accelerates without touching the accelerator ” It has no problems???. That answer is absolutely not credible, especially when in online forum Ecosport many customer complaints claiming to have the same problem!!. And You should know it very well the Toyota in the USA also had serious inconvenient with this same problem. But Toyota fix the problem at the customers. At this moment Ford in USA is under investigation about cars have similar problems. I requested to a review of the “Servo brake” system , because if the membrane that divides the oil pressure to the admission vacuum breaks, hot oil passes directly via admission to the cylinders and produces an uncontrolled acceleration equal to what happened.
    “accelerates without touching the accelerator”.- But Until now nobody said anything about it.??
    Now, the dealer “ Viel Automotores” passed me a quote for the repair equivalent to more than 50% of the vehicle value.
    Can you imagine that I can safely return to driving that vehicle? If nobody gives me any explication or warranties?
    Suggestion: Please do not spend more than 1 cent. On advertising on “Customer Satisfaction” because the “Department Customer” of Ford Argentina is really very bad. Only able to make customer are much hotter. I required “By writing” officially the review report, but the Ford employee say: They can not do it. It is not possible. What’s the reason? Who are they hiding??
    For this reason , before starting with the “Corresponding Legal Action” I ask who can intercede with applicable here in Argentina, for which I extend a “written Report” of the investigation and also guarantee in writing that the repair was made under the Ford manufacturing standards.
    I’m Ford customer and user of 21 years. I hope your answer to my request. Thank you very much
    I am waiting for your comments.

    Best regards

    Ing. Roberto Antonio Somale

    Healthcare Project Management & Logistic
    Complejo Empresarial Urbana
    Julian Segundo Agüero 2830
    Munro-Partido de Vicente Lopez
    CP.B1605EBQ Prov. de Buenos Aires
    República Argentina
    ( ++54 (011) 5432 – 6000 int. 6480
    7 ++54 (011) 5432 – 6623
    Celular : 11 3794 3194 NEW *

  9. I have a 2001 f150 and it blew out a spark plug all because of fords faulty designs of the heads so far 800 dollars in repairs will never buy ford again because there are thousands of people with this problem and they won’t back up their junk well they didn’t learn from the 80s and 90s well I hope they fail.

  10. Hello all,
    I am really upset of what happen to me and to my family with FORD. On August 2012, I bought an Explorer 2013 from Saudi Arabia, Khobar branch. I have a very nice experience with Ford vehicles since my previous two cars were from Ford for the past 12 years. On 2012, I decided to go ahead and buy a new amazing generation of Ford’s vehicle. Explorer 2013 attracted me. My family and I really like it and its features. My two daughters (7 & 3 years old) are enjoying any trip with this car UNTIL last Thursday April 18, 2013. It was a nightmare for me and my family. We were in our trip to enjoying our weekend. Suddenly my daughters were shouting saying “Water with a strong smell is leaking from our lovely car”. I found out that it was not water but it was a fuel leaking from the car. We escape from the car and run away. We took a Taxi to go home. My family are really afraid of our family car. Yesterday, I took the car to Dammam maintenance branch to fix the car. they were very nice people in dealing with me but I was unhappy about the below items:
    – It was known to Ford and to the local dealers that Explorer 2013 has this issue with the fuel leaking as “Manufacturer defect”. NO one told me either by Phone or email.
    – They told me that the required parts are not available and they do not know when they will have them.
    – They gave me a very small car as a replacement to my car until they fix it which is not equivalent to my car in price or in size. I have a big family and need a bigger car.
    – My daughters are afraid to ride our car again because of what happened to us last weekend. We imagine that anyone could through a cigarette while we are inside the car. This is against respecting our rights as a usual customer to FORD. Also, it shows how cheap our lives to you.

    I need your investigation on this and reply to me at below contacts:

    Car Serial # 1FM5K8D85DGA35611

  11. Ford India offers on sale-Ford Fiesta-(Style Petrol AT and Titenium+ Petrol AT).The Co. gives Test drives but Titenium +Perol AT is not in production. Style Petrol AT does not have todays even basic features of Blue tooth and USB port. the dealer wasted 3 hours and tried to sell the model in stock. Ford India customer care says it can book the car but can not give a delivery date. Do you think the customer is a fool. With so many options in market Ford is sure to be out of the Indian market soon. the countdown has begun.Already mentioned at the end, response not assured. so this is even more un profressional and you call yourself a corporate.

  12. How long does it take to make a bog standard KA my son ordered 1 on the 22nd February its is now 7th May and still it has not arrived he was told yesterday that it would be another 10 days i cant believe it takes so long to cap it all they have taken 2 payments from his Bank Account COME ON FORD get a grip

  13. I have FORD Mondeo, 2011 manufacture in Belguim.
    I am station in Malaysia and purchased Ford Mondeo in year 2011. Since them i had issue as follows :

    1. Noise from rear when reversing-Ford Mondeo
    2. Car totally cannot start – 6 months ago but change battery it works on 6 months.
    3.Lastest happen today 6.30am car cannot start, harzard lights on…at about 3pm we start the car got started with cracky sound and vibration, booth open automatically and no lights on radio but have sound.

    This is my wife car and we are so disappoint what has happen within 1.4 years. This has caused us so much inconvience and who is going to pay back.

    Ford Malaysia PJ is doing their best but we need a complete solution.

    Please advise direction and acknowledge.

    Appreciate your support

    Tina nadarajah

  14. Ford vehicles in general are great purchases.
    Follow through service from Ford is Horrific. I purchased a new Escape, and a new f150 on the same day. I had a noise in the transmission section of the f150 from the get go. I took it in several times, and was told it was a normal noise. But, none of the other f150s I have come across have made the noise, only mine, so I traded it off for another brand . Then my wifes Escape had an issue with the electronic power steering, the same issue that has cost Ford a lot of angry customers. The same issue that requires the whole steering column to be replaced, and costs up to $1500 to have fixed, when it should have been repaired to to an inadequate design. Ford seems to me that they have forgotten about taking care of the customers. What a pitty,I will be purchasing another vehicle soon, and I am not really looking at any Fords, due to all of the bad experiences I have had with service.

  15. I still have not got any comment from you ???i am so disappointed of not having my Ford and My wife dislike Ford..i would suggest to pay full sum base on the purchase price and we will walk away from Ford.
    From May 9’13 until now still in a checking mode and i will not accept this car unless the management of sime darby malaysia grarentee me that this will not happen again or else refund full.
    this is serious.

  16. I bought a 2012 f150 ecoboost for my company in Oct 2012. It only gets 15 mpg on hwy and misses really bad. Blows black smoke on cold starts and has been through 3 sets of plugs in less than 12k miles. Ford has had it in the shop for a total of almost 6 weeks and cant fix it. They gave it back to me and said bring it back in 30 days maybe they will have a fix then. Monday I will file suit on Ford.

  17. I wish to complain about the service department of Long-Lewis Ford, Muscle Shoals, Al. I am the original owner of a 2010 Ford Fusion (first Ford I’ve owned)and have received excellent service from Woody Anderson Ford for the past three years. Long-Lewis on the other hand, required me to make an appointment for Thursday (one week later than my initial contact). I asked for a shuttle van (always within 5-10 minutes at Woody Anderson) and was told to go to the waiting area. 58 minutes later I asked for my car keys back. In that 1 hour wait I was never told how long the wait would be or how much longer. I think this is a terrible way to treat the customer. If I had known it would be an hour I could have made other arrangements.

  18. I bought one of your cars a 2001 zx3 2weeks after I got it the F ignition F up this cost me 300$ when I looked up on the internet I found out that this is a common problem and you are not going to do anything about it Two weeks later the F security system F up and it wouldn’t start lucky I had a friend that told me how to temp fix it. I am not telling you how you can figure it out yourself. Today I was running late for school I jump in the car and backed out of my drive way and the security system F up again. Now I know why ford stands for fix or repair daily or found on road dead. I am going to trade that P.O.S. as soon as I can and I will never buy a ford again. I am also going to stop at every ford dealer when I see someone looking at one of your P.O.S. cars and try to convince them not to buy and get anything but a ford. Good-bye forever

  19. I have a 2008 F 150 supercrew lariat 4wd. Ford certified vehicle.While delivering mulch in my yard two and half weeks ago, the steering bound causing me to gouge the passenger running board considerably. While acessing the damage , I noticed a lot of pitting and peeling on both running boards. I found that the lower steering shaft was the cause of the binding. I spayed PB blaster on the lower shaft which reduced but did not eliminate the binding. I found the FORD has a revised part number for the shaft. Being a former Master ASE certified technician, I know for a fact that manufactures do not revise parts with few issues. I took the truck to the dealer and they verified my concern that the lower shaft was to blame. To my surprise, there is no recall on this part and it is customer pay $538.00 parts and labor. The running boards, first pitted, now one side gouged ,also not covered , another $1226.00 parts and labor. I left my truck at the dealer for 11days awaiting a response from FORDS CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER. I received a call from said manager the day after picked my truck up. She told me she needed to reach out to the dealerships service manager to see if there was some financial assistance Ford could offer. I received the call today and her solution was that I pay for shaft and labor and they would polish the running boards. I had no problem paying the dealer to verify my complaint on the shaft,but only to offer to polish the gouged pitted running was laughable. I spent 13 yrs diagnosing and repairing cars and trucks. To this day I have replaced no steering shafts. I don’t think the solution to this design flaw should at the owners expense. I thank god that I was was not merging on the highway or that my wife and kids were not in this truck at highway speed when this happened. I’m still very unhappy about the damage caused and the pitting on boards. I have found aftermarket running boards with a lifetime warranty for $400.00, Fords are $1225.00 with no warranty?

  20. I waited on my phone for 6 minutes and no representative from customer service answered my phone call. I have spoken with the service department at Ken Garff Ford located in American Fork, Utah about the sound coming from the driver front location of my 2012 F150 Ecoboost. (It sounds like a large fan, but is not the AC/Heater fan) and only comes on when I start the vehicle. I have purchased an extended warranty for approximately $1,800.00, but my truck only has 14,352 miles.
    I work Monday through Friday and must use my vehicle to and from work, the Ford dealer service department is not open on Saturdays, they have no loaner cars for me to use for approximately 3 weeks.

    The only thing I can do is drive the vehicle until it breaks down or I’m able to get off work early and drop by their service department.

    Unfortunately I’m not very satisfied with the Dealer or Ford customer service, I have promoted Ford products to my friends and purchased a Ford vehicle because you didn’t take any government hand outs.

    Unhappy customer,

    Max Smith

  21. In November 2013 I took delivery of a new Ford Mondeo Titanium X Business 2.0 Diesel. Having not had a Ford car since 1989 (Sierra)and had 13 Renaults since then, I wanted to express my delight with my new Mondeo, and wonder why I have not purchased a Ford before now. I find the Mondeo such a pleasure to drive also very comfortable with a splendid dash board layout. and the automatic gearbox is an absolute dream compared to Renault.
    C.R.Richardson. Herne Bay Kent England.

  22. Our 1999 Mustang V6 has 96,000 miles and has been “babied” oil changes,tune ups , plugs, wires trans fluid, brake pads, etc. About 3 minths ago a feint “howling in the rear end began and today shavings were found on the magnetic drain plug. A very reputible tans repair shop feels that the rear may have been set up incorrectly from the factory. We bought it new from Reed Randle Ford in Waukegan, Illinois. Our car also has a COBRA steering wheel and spoiler on it as delivered from the factory. It’s possible that another error (differential set up ) may have happened. May I have your comments, please ? I feel Ford has erred.

  23. I heard today about GM problem with failure to recall cars that have problems for the past several years. I have a 06 expedition and a 06 f 150. Each have a problem with the engine shutting down to idle, no steering. This is a problem for me and my wife.

  24. Very unhappy with the service at the east colonial drive location in orlando.
    I had an appointment to have my car serviced. I brought it in. It sat there all day. Nothing was done.
    I wasted valuable time as well as gas. Location is 30 minutes from my home! They are not honest with you and nobody knows what going on. Rick is dizzy. The other Manager Kevin is in a fog. Watch out!

  25. The lousiest service booking service need to call up before 3 weeks time.Even I send my car early in the morning just for the changing of the engine oil it takes me half a day to complete

  26. Iam a 75 year old owner of a 2006 F150 purchased from Astro Ford in D’Iberville, Ms. in August of 2006.The truck has 35,434 miles on it.It is a V6 automatic and over the last few days has developed some strange transmission problems. All fluids are normal and the temp gauge stays at normal range.I can’t drive it at low speeds or under a load such as driving over an elevate bridge without it “hopping and jerking”.by shifting through drive to second and back and feathering the gas petal,there are times when I can get it up to freeway speed and lock it in overdrive.then it runs fairly smoothly until I have to slow down as in traffic. Then,back to the bairly running. Monday, the 23rd of June, the transmission light came on and now is permanently on when started. This doesn’t seem at all normal for this low mileage vehicle.Never had a hitch or a ball on the bumper.Please advise as to whether this is a commom problem with this vehicle and whether or not I can get any assistance with the problem. Thank you, sincerely, Robert Svendsen


  28. We purchased a truck at Bell Road Ford in Phoenix Az, could not be happier about the deal. But while in showroom decide to get a bag of popcorn, when opening the door to popcorn machine a metal tray fell cutting my foot open. Everyone there was a great help stopping the bleeding and helping me out, but was sad to hear that this had been a problem in the past of falling off and nobody did anything to fix it. Now three days off work and missing out on a holiday weekend because of injury I can not get response from dealer on what they are going to do about this matter. Yesterday I was told they where to busy with the fourth of July Sale to get back to me. On a good note the next day the tray has been removed.

  29. Ford was a good company NOW ONLY CARES TO STEAL from older customers $600 for a STARTER!?! GET REAL SEMIS DON’T COST THAT MUCH. I KNOW I DRIVE ONE.


    • I Will never buy another Ford, new OR used… I bought a used 2006 Ford freestyle one year ago..,. was told I would NEVER have a problem with the transmission or the timing chain…Was told that these cvt transmissions were the same transmissions used in Hondas. I paid 6500 cash for the car because I am a single mother and can not afford a car payment or full coverage insurance … I have driven this car for 7 thousand miles and BAM it started acting up…took it to the dealership because my regular mechanic said that they make these cars where no one else can fix them except the dealerships (which is a total RACKET) They came back to tell me my transmission is shot and it will cost over 7K to fix it!! I am screwed all the way around… I am seriously thinking of painting a mural on one side of the car and putting it in my front yard (busy 4 lane hwy) warning thousands of people on a daily basis to STAY FAR AWAY from any kind of ford product….such a disappointment

  31. I bought a 2007 Explorer, it has been taken care of very well. The running boards just seem to slowly pull apart. I lost an escape odd one of running boards. Ford does not sell end caps, you have to buy the entire board, which is excessively expensive for the cheap quality of the running board. I took it to a speciality shop, who advised me that it was too rusted to put any running boards on. So, I call Ford, I was told by the person I talked to she would send my complaint to whomever deals with this. So, now my car is pretty ugly with no running boards and no way to replace them. The vehicle has been very nice except for this. Ford will not assist in any way. Next car I buy will not be a Ford.

  32. I ordered Ford CMax Titanium at the end of June on the understanding I would take delivery on Sept 1st. I have now been told that delivery will be sometime in October. WHY ?.
    Three months to produce a Ford? UNBELIEVEABLE !, For many years I have purchased
    new Fords yearly and recently delivery has been declining.Unless delivery is improved L intend to cancel the order and renew the road licence and AA membership due at the end of this month on my present car. An early reply would be appreciated.

  33. Ford is way ahead of the rest of the crowd but for one thing,auto stopping cars like german cars.

    A Ford with auto stopping brakes that apply themselves in an emergency…how about it guys..

    I am a California freeway driver and this little option or standard feature would stop a lot of accidents from happening, a great added feature to all of your cars and trucks.

  34. Ford is way ahead of the rest of the crowd but for one thing,auto stopping cars like german cars.

    A Ford with auto stopping brakes that apply themselves in an emergency…how about it guys..

    I am a California freeway driver and this little option or standard feature would stop a lot of accidents from happening, a great added feature to all of your cars and trucks.

  35. Hello,

    I purchased a 2013 Fusion with a 4 cylinder new in July of last year and also leased a 2013 Ford F-150 with a 6 cylinder and 2 wheel drive at around the same time. I’ve been buying Fords since 1973 and have owned at least 10 over the years. I’m writing to express my disappointment in the overall MPG for both vehicles. One of the determining factors in my decision to own two Fords was the city and highway miles listed for each vehicle. Neither vehicle has ever achieved the highway mileage rate even after repeated trips ranging from 1000 to 2000 miles of almost exclusively highway miles. Around town and even with a 25 mile one way coomute to work, both vehicle are 3 to 5 miles per gallon under the city driving rates. In all, very disappointing. I originally thought to purchase the truck at the end of its lease, but based on the mileage, I will likely look for a more fuel effecinet alternative. As to the car, I’m stuck with it till someone offers me a good enough trade in value

  36. Bought a F-150 on August 2. Told I would receive my new tag in a few weeks. Today is September 24. Last week, went by dealership (Ted Russell Ford on Parkside Dr, Knoxville, TN) and was told next week. This is next week so I called again. Told tag was still at courthouse but not sure which one. Other excuses. When I told salesman I was told I would get my tag next week, he told me he still had 3 days but could not guarantee I would get my tag. So far, my experience with dealership is less than satisfactory.

  37. I’m referring to MIKE DAVIDSON FORD of Jacksonville, Fl. I currently own two ford vehicles and now will select other brands when I purchase my next vehicle. this dealership is the worst in customer relations for service/collision related work. all you ever get is the run around and dissatisfaction to what was originally promised

  38. Called Ford 3 Times about Sync support.Claims they have a update for Navigation system,i was transferred 3 times 2 were Ford and then transferred to outside company that handels there Map upgrade I need the upgrade they said but it will not be available until the end of Oct 2014 why would Ford put it on Sync if it is not available yet, very poor issue to use outside company that does not follow updates on Sync. I have a 2014 Escape.

  39. I purchase new a 2010 F150 Super Crew and just recently have experienced a problem with water entering the interior of the truck. The water is poling in the channel beneath the drive side door kick plate. The channel houses a wire bundle. I need help to resole the problem. The local Ford dealer stated they have not had any previous cases of this problem and are not sure how to correct it. An internet search indicates that mine case is not the only one. The is no evidence of water entering the cab interior, however the carpet is soaked and starting to mildew adjacent to the channel. Do you have any suggestions to correct the problem? I need help soon before the carpet is ruined.

  40. Took our Ford Edge into dealership in Berge Ford in Mesa AZ for a recall. I was disappointed in waiting area did not have coffee available & when I picked up vehicle it was not detailed. There was not a vehicle rental for the day. All other dealerships have had that available. We feel it is just good customer service.

  41. I bought 2 2015 Transits and 1 has been in the shop for three weeks at hackensack ford. Rear axle bearing blew out making vehicle not driveable. Keep caling to find out about when I will get my vehicle back and service tells me they dont have parts for this and they do not know when any parts will be coming in. Have been calling cust. service and got a case number and they referred me to regional rep. who could not access that information and said she could not help me. If I was at Ford this is the first position I eliminate. Totally useless. All she said was its special handling. I asked her whats that mean she said I am really not sure. So how can you tell me that. Then I get to the executive office, next position I would eliminate. all they do is refer me back to the regional person. She says i see its special handling, I said oh yea!! Great whats special handling, she says i am really not sure what that does or means!!! Oh my God!!!@@@*** I told the dealer you have brand new Transits sitting in your yard, pull one in and take the parts off that and put in my vehicle which I paid for. he said oh I dont think I can do that. To think I was getting ready to buy 2 more transits this month, and 2 more in July, i think I will pass on fords and go with the Pro Masters.

  42. After multiple times and repairs to my 2014 Focus the Ford regional manager is virtually gone. Won’t return phone calls to me let alone the dealer what I should expect next. I want out of my vehicle. I will purchase something else. Something that’s not in for repairs every 30-45 days. There are many different manufacturers out there ! They are all making good cars. It all depends on Ford taking care of this problem. I’m not willing to “trade-in” this vehicle and take a huge hit on its value because of transmission troubles that Ford is experiencing.

  43. I currently have a 2014 Focus. I have had the trans worked on 5-6 times. Replaced, reprogrammed etc., etc. The Regional Customer Service Rep. will not respond to me nor the Ford dealership. Lots of calls and the canned response “either I’m on the phone or away from my desk”. It’s like every 30-45 days it’s in to be reprogrammed with updates or repaired or replacing my transmission. I WANT OUT! Not willing to trade-in and take a huge hit because Ford can’t seem to put a transmission in my vehicle that will last

  44. We own a home in NC where we title our cars and a home in Tampa. Were going to go to Brandon Ford today to buy a truck and was informed by the salesman AND the Senior Manager that they have a policy to NOT sell to out of state people who want to title their cars in another state. Unbelievable…..They had made mistakes in the past on the taxes they charged so they decided not to sell to those customers. Then I was told they just recently started selling on a “case by case” basis. Isn’t that discrimation? Needless to say I am not begging anybody to to take my money. Unbelievable all of the people they must turn away!

  45. I am really very upset of what happen to me since when I purchased brand new Ford Escape 2012 – E402 I am facing problem and no body is willing to resolve my following issues which are coming from the beginning and time to time I informed to service but result still zero only they solve my steering vibration problem via changing all four tires but for other problem they call me keep my car for two, three and five days and after that they telling it is normal.

    1- Engine Light. (Service Engine Soon) My SUV still fail for I/M test as shown in the book. 4 to 5 time they call me and keep my car and in last visit they told me that this option is not available in UAE.

    I/M test related for Emission control and every body known that UAE is very keen to control emission and during car renewal they check then how is possible that this option is not available here?

    2- Engine Oil Change Soon. From the 1st service I am informed service adviser that I am not receiving message Engine Oil Change Soon in my SUV and every time they told me that “We reset the system and this time it will show” but till now my SUV complete 50000 KM but still I did not received any message.

    3- Low Tire Pressure. One day when I reached office and park my SUV and saw my one tire with low air so I read the book and as per book their is TPM but I did not received any message on display then I chat with Mr. Francisco (sales) and he told me that yes their is TPM then I call to MR. Mohsin (Al Tyayer workshop Deira) he told me no their is no TPM but their is another system when tire pressure gone to certain level message will come to display so in evening when I going to home first I went to nearest Petrol Pump and check my Tire Pressure and its shown 16 psi next day I took appointment & went to work shop and inform all detail they keep my SUV for checking and after that they told me this option is not available in this model.

    4- Engine Noise. Since very first service I am informing service adviser that after continue running 15 to 20 KM when you stop the noise is coming from engine like TAK TAK TAK and each time they mentioned in record and told me that they will check and inform but every time they told me that no there no abnormal sound and every thing is OK.

    5. Steering Noise. from third service (30000 KM) I am mentioning that some noise is coming from inside the steering wheel during turning and mentioned in their report and after that they told me that we lubricated and problem will gone.

    6- AC Compressor Noise. I am also informing service adviser that after driving around 20 KM and stop the car that time I haired abnormal sound from AC why I am say this because AC is control by thermostat so whenever AC start giving sound and stop because after maintaining cabin temperature AC start and stop for short time for maintaining set temperature and during these time abnormal sound is coming. But as usual they told me every thing is fine.

  46. I’m writing a complaint about harbin ford company in scottsboro, al. They have had my truck since Tuesday and the part they ordered was wrong and the lady in the service dept told me to come and get another vehicle. My husband went down to get it and the lady told him that the man that works in the Chevy dept took the keys from her and gave it to another customer. I will never take my vehicles back to them. That’s the reason it is there getting fixed bc they pinched the gasket when they put it together for the first time. They are very unprofessional.

  47. how come I cannot get a ford dealer- not one- to quote me a price for a new truck using my e-mail address???? the two from san Antonio did not fulfill my request but tried to pressure me to go into the dealers and buy a truck NOE!!!!!!! I just wanted to know a preliminary price so that I could tell my lender how much a new Ford pickup would cost……I need a Marine Corp red,normal cab, eight foot bed , with bed liner, six cylinder, 2×4.., leather seats,rubber matting – no carpet,,no power windows,,no power locks,,tinted glass,full size spare tire

    now is that too hard to handle? Is that too hard to figure out??if doing price quotes over the internet is against Ford policy , then tell me so that I can find another make of American pickup truck……..

    • whats going on with ford? we were in an accident 3=6=15
      tried to get rt frt door rt rear door.not available till 6-11-15 i think you should fix that Now.doubt we will buy another ford product

  48. my sister has 08 mkx got into an accident on 3-6-15 went to shop tried to order rt frt door rt rear door not available till 6-11-15 whats up with this horrible service on fords part.wont buy another one

  49. Good day Sir/Madam!

    I would like to ask if you have stand alone Microcat software for free or we can download for free.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Thank you in advanced.

    Ford Philippines

  50. 2013 F150 Ecoboost…..Drive train and interior is excellent. This truck is white and we have rust spots down both sides. I went to (2) reputable dealers and one said it was from the brake dust…..the other saying it was dirt and would come off with rubbing compound which he showed me how to properly do. Problem in dozens of spots when we cleaned the paint there are pits in the paint where the brake dust has eatin through the paint. Now tell me what to do? This is your truck, your brakes and of course your paint. 32,000 miles. I have bought dozens of new fords, lincolns and this truly disappointing. Let me know.

  51. I have a 2004 ford ranger 4 .0 4×4 that needs bank one and bank two catalytic converters replaced.checked by local ford dealer.why?is the price so high.$3’350.00 dollars.I’ve had nothing but Ford’ way at looking at it the company is out for just the big buck.after market doesn’t have it.that’s why it’s so high priced. The truck only has 71’000 miles

  52. After being a ford driver all my life from used to new it is a shame what ford has turned into . My wife and I have bought 3 new f350’s in 4 years . We ordered a 2011 which we loved until one problem on a recall dealer said ford made the call and ford said dealer made call . Ok so we let a 1000 dollar bill go . Trade my 2011 for a 2014 king ranch [ all trucks are diesel . This past march our 2012 had a fuel pump go bad at 25000 miles low fuel pressure lite low power . Taken to dealer and know problem . This is a different dealer now . My 2014 had a noise from fuel pump under cab in December dealer said it’s fine and normal . At the end of may low fuel pressure lite no power call road side and was told will not tow you are at a dealer which was closed . I was 2 hours from home paid to have trucked towed home . Called dealer on Monday they towed no charge they said water in fuel . Now I have 11 other tanks that fuel goes in and the tank is filtered and do not have water in anything also drained into clear one gallon container on side of road and nothing. Dealer said will not warranty called ford told dealer made the call here we go again . We need to buy a truck for the business we farm and bread race horses so traveling is every day. My 2014 was sold shame loved the truck but the way things have gone no one cares . It would be nice to hear from ford but I will not be holding my breath . My new gmc is nice mybe the new farm truck will be the same we will see if ford reads this or not

  53. I’m very upset with the sand’s ford dealership I’m a life time driver of fords I worked for ford for 23 years I bought a 2014 ford focus I have a problem with the clutch in the transmission I had it over to sand’s in Redhill pa 1st I was told by the women that works behind the desk who’s name is Donna that it was normal for my car to shake when the car would start out then we took it back a 2nd time because we were not happy we gave them the car for 3 day’s because we were on vacation Donna called and asked if it was ok for the tech. to take it home for a test run being he lived a distance away we agree,we get a phone call from Donna telling us that the tech.said that the clutch for the transmission was slipping and that the part had to be put on order we said ok this was 6/8-6/9 after 10 day’s we contacted Donna who told us that they had other people ahead of us with the same problem and that we were #3 in line today 6/29 we contacted sand’s ford about a recall for the fuel pump and was told that we are not on the hot list until we have problems with it starting it’s not a priority we then ask about the clutch and was told that we are now #5 on the list when we questioned Donna about her telling us that we were #3 last week she told me that she never said that I went on to say that was not true and she hung the phone up on me very unprofessional This is not the 1st time we had problems with this women with getting service on our cars I would appreciate if some one would get back to us I don’t know where we stand getting this car repaired.


  55. Sir or Mame,
    My names is James Simpson. I am completely DEAF ( a situation I discussed with you service rep0. I had a blow out on Sunday (Jul 19) changed to my spare and returned home. On the next morning, I went to Mathews-Currie Ford in Nokomis FL and wanted all new tire put on the car. They said they did not have them in stock but could get them in the afternoon if I wanted to come back. I told her I would be there a 7:30 am the following morning (Jul 21). I was there at 7:30 and she TOLD me it would take a “couple hours” but she could have me taken home and picked up when done. I again explained that I had no phone. I only have TEXT. she said “np Problem. Give me your number and I will text you when it is done and have someone pick you up.ILt is now after 2:00pm and I just got home after WALKING to the dealership to get my car A couple hours…OK—-but 7 hours
    I could have gotten the same tires cheater than the $780.00 I had to spend but want to be (as I have always been) a good Ford customer. I believe in buying American and I have written several time thanking and congradulating Ford in the past. If this is an example of their service and complete disrepect fpr their customers, perhaps I should look elsewhere the next time I buy an automobile.

    James R Simpson

  56. Northside ford in San Antonio TX at the service department; service rep. employee Stephanie Rocha. Horrible customer service. I have a certified pre owned f150. Service rep. Gave me a difficult time about a rental vehicle to start off. After picking up my truck from a sun roof fix I went to open the window and it only opens half way. Then have to press the open button a second time to get it fully open. The sun roof does not work like it’s supposed to yet the service rep made an excuse and said it was a “vent” open. They also left black fingerprints on my cloth ceiling and I can see an opening where sun comes in the truck even with the sunroof visor closed. I don’t believe Northside ford has certified ford mechanics if they can’t even correctly fix a sun roof. I will never go back there again. Also probably will not ever buy a ford vehicle again with that kind of ford customer service.

  57. Have contacted Ford Customer Service a few times regarding my 2011 F250 and the dealership that I have to use (the only one in my town). All of the reps within Ford Motor Company were very nice; however, the outcome of the entire situation is not resolved and multiple phone calls have been a complete waste of time. Next step is contacting the local news station…I will never buy another Ford vehicle again and will do what I can to ensure people that I know don’t waste their money on one either.

  58. While on vacation from Ohio to Utah, the battery light kept coming on. We called in to Lewis Ford in Dodge City. Jim Glover got us right in and hooked up to a computer. The alternator was bad. He ordered the part and had it installed by 10 the next morning. Lewis Ford saved our vacation. Thanks to you Jim from Dick in Wilmington, Oh.

  59. I purchased a 2013 Ford Explorer Limited, paid $42,000 for it. Loved it as soon as the warranty went out the door handle on the drivers side just broke off. Took several weeks to get one in. Then within a week of that the glove box fell on the floor. Can not believe how cheaply made this expensive vehicle is made. Working on fixing the broken things to get rid of it before something else breaks.. Oh an yesterday it was dead, had to replace the battery…Disgusted…..

  60. I contacted Ford Motor Company because of a half done job on a short block that was put into my truck (failed injector causing hydrolock) the dealer put in the short block, on injector, 1 plug with checking other plugs. I was told the truck was ready for pickup, after signing paperwork and driving off the dealership I didn’t make it 5 miles before the truck started to run rough again. I took it back to the dealership and they refused to fix it. The only way that it could be fixed is if I paid for the work. Way to go Nelson Ford Martinsville, VA. !!! A waste of time talking to customer service dept.

  61. I bought a 2011 F350 (56 miles), it came with Lt 275 65 R 20 Premier cast aluminum 20″ wheels. After all servers up to 35000 miles I had a tire separate. I removed t spare and installed on the right rear, once installed I continued myonly to get several warnings. Up on infestations my spare is a 275 70R 18!!! Upon calling Columbine Ford Inc.Rifle Colorado I was told the Dealership had been sold,and I was on my own! Going to Hellman Ford Delta Colorado I was told too much time had passed! Saiesman @Columbine told me all 5 tires were the same . Now I must buy a new 20″ wheel and tire on my own, what. does Ford Company Inc. $65000 customer or go to Chev /Dodge

  62. in our family we have 8 fords from year 51 through 1911 years. my grand daughter is 11 she saw a chevy with the bow tie and dodge with the ram she said we need a design all we have is a circle with a name in it..

  63. Your GM, mr. Allex at C&G motors, Mariental, Namibia, has no idee what customer service means!! Please train him very urgently unless u want to loose lots of clients!! How could u’ve appoint a person with such a stink attitude in that position?

  64. I opened a case with Ford regarding the defective 2013 Ford Focus that I purchased. It has been “repaired” no less than 3 times and the clutch/transmission is still not fixed! The car continues to shutter and has stranded my family 2 times. I opened my case on 9/11/15 and still do not have resolution! The CSM’s DO NOT return calls as the recording says they will. This is TERRIBLE customer service, if you can even call it service at all!! If this is what I can expect from Ford in the future you can be sure that I will take my business elsewhere.

  65. I recently took my Ford escape to Four Seasons Ford for maintenance. I Have Had this 2008 Escape since purchasing new in August 2007, Then it was Bryan Easler Ford. I had made appointment for oil and filter change and transmission service this was in Sept 2015, last month. I had until that day not experienced and problems with my transmission. This service was preformed at the “Quick Lube”. I Live 35 miles from the dealership. While driving home thru traffic controlled by traffic signals I noted slippage in the transmission when leaving from a stopped position. I called immediately to Quick lube was informed to come back and scheduled to return on Saturday. Meanwhile I checked the fluid level which high on the dipstick. On Saturday the service manager at Quick Lube suggested after a technician drove the car for me to make a appointment at the service department which I did for Thursday of next week only time available in the meantime the wrench icon illuminated. Upon the service department scanning the wrench Icon at the cost of 95.00 plus dollars I was informed that gear two and four where bad and that the transmission needed rebuilding at a cost of approximately 1000.00 dollars. There was no discussion of possible fault by the Dealership. Quick Lube was quite confused on proper serving technique when I took it initially in. I asked about flush, no was the answer too many miles, 170,000 they countered they would drain and replace filter. When up in the air they informed me there was no serviceable filter and suggest to drain the oil, replace it drive drain again and replace the oil. I am a layman and not a mechanic so I agreed. I believe the quick lube is responsible for damaging the transmission, not sure how, but I had had no problems before that date. and think the dealership should be responsible for repairs. Fred Holmes, 1023 Bear creek Rd, Leicester, N.C.28748-6312. 8282306368

  66. I own a 2014 escape, with 200100mi, still under warranty. The car wouldn’t start after setting for a month. I put a charger on the battery, That seemed to fix my problem. Put later the battery was dead again. On Tue. 10-20-15 around 1pm I take it into Columbia Ford, in Longview WA. They tell me that they need to run a test on the battery, It will take about 2hrs. So I wait. 15 mins later, they come and ask me if I have another set of car keys. They locked my keys inside of my car. For an hour I watch them trying to reach my keys by spring the doors with air bags and a long metal rod, trying to fish my key out. Well my the time they start the battery test It’s nearing 4Pm. They offer me a ride home The next day 21st Wed. late they call me at home, saying there is nothing long with the battery. I had taken it to Art’s Electric, A well known automotive Company before going to Columbia Ford. Art’s told me it had a dead cell. So I told Columbia Ford to keep the car, I was sure it was a battery problem and it would go dead just sitting. I called them Fri. 23rd to check on my car. When they called back 3hrs later. The service manger informed me that the battery was dead and would have to keep it over the week-end, to work on it Mon. I said No that I would come a get the car and take it to another dealership. They sent there shuttle to pick me up. It’s about an half hr each way. When I get to Columbia Ford I notice my car is running with the window down ( no workers near my car) I go inside and say, why is my car running and just sitting there. The service manger informs me that the car battery won’t start the car, so they left it running knowing I was coming to pick it up. I told him at the time how upset I was with there service dept. How they had locked my keys in my car, used air bags to spring my doors to fish the keys out, after 3.5 days didn’t fix my car, left my car untended running with the windows down. I asked him if not being able to shut my car off due to a bad battery didn’t indicate to him that my car had a battery problem. His answer to me was that I was raising my voice. WOW . I have had other difficulty’s with there service dept. (I won’t at this time go into those,) you can ask if you wish too. Any way, I took my car to Landmark Ford, in OR 70mi away. #hrs. later they informed me that the battery had a dead cell, and they had also changed my oil. I didn’t have to raise my voice to get warrant work done. I have been a Ford person from 1974 own 3 at a time currently have 3 Fords. Would like to get them serviced locally. It’s my on fault that I go to Columbia Ford , I just think that they can do the small maintenance.. My boss had a saying ” if you can’t trust a man with a small job , how can you trust him the a big job). I thank you for your time rodger Vinton

  67. I took my 2003 Expedition to Ford Pampanga Philippines to have a tune up and some suspension work done. When I picked it up the transmission will not shift out of first gear and they are clueless as to what they did to cause this. That was almost 4 weeks ago. I have to commute at my expense as they will not provide me a vehicle to drive while they continue their research. This is not the definition of customer service.

  68. I am finally to the point of outright disgust and dissapointment with the whole experience of purchasing and ownership of my 2012 Ford Focus. Was never informed of any extended warranties when purchasing my vehicle used from Townsend Ford dealer located in Tuscaloosa,Al. Was further lied to from service desk and even seasoned mechanic upon first replacement of the clutch defect. Suddenly I received extended warranties letters involving the clutch issue and the TCM problem. Well the clutch has been replaced now a second time after a two month delay regarding a shortage nationwide of the part. So much for honesty involving the deception from my Ford dealer and their representatives. Then suddenly the TCM goes out requiring my further loss of time from employment doing the replacement of this defect. May I further quote that never once have I been offered a free oil change or even a reasonable apology for all my experiences. Also I brought my vehicle in right after the 60,000 mile warranty expired and after Ford diagonistics found the power steering gear is going out with a future price tag of $1,700 for replacement,(being realistic,maybe my life)! Oh lets not forget my water pump has decided to start leaking! But just a couple more complaints,then I will go away as usual. My cruise control does not work properly,sometimes shutting down during interstate driving and the steering wheel seems to be disintergrating,basically speaking before my very eyes and hands. Wonder how toxic that is? Anyway the mileage now is 65,000 miles,it has been a very terrible situation especially since there is so much negative money owed,cannot trade or sell,I AM STUCK WITH THE LEMON OF THE WORLD !!!! YOU SEEN ME COMING,SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

  69. I have a ford Edge 2013 it has 19000 Miles the 16th of Oct when I started it the alert screen said Engine coolant overheat, it hadn’t been run in 2 days. Carried it to Thomaston Ford, Thomaston, Ga . They it was malfunction in a senser and would have to order parts. The temp gauge don’t work the air conditioner would work the tem gauge for outside temp don’t show anywhere the right temp. I’ve called 3 times since then, the most recent yesterday the 20 Nov. They said there were no parts in the system they were waiting on back order.
    I purchased this car expecting better service than this out of your company .
    by the way I am retired from you Company Atlanta Ga. after 33 years. and am shocked at this kind of service. this is the first time I have ever had this kind of service out of Ford.

  70. I was wondering when the spark plug settlement would be refunded back to me. Please contact me by email or at 319 350 4901

  71. I own a 2005 Ford E350 Super duty van. I bought this used,and this is myl first diesel truck with the 6.0 engine. Shortly after driving this truck it started to bog down and shut down. It would start up after 15 minutes and repeat the process.This was very frustating because when it started it ran great until it bogged down and shlkut off. Contacting my mechanic and checking the ford truck forum on line i learned that others were experiencing the same thing.Suggestions came in to clhallnge lout EGR valve,replace injectors,turbo and chang out fuel and air filters. I did these things and still lhad same problem. A local mechanic after inspection and researching the problem and also inquiring with FOrd about any possible recall was told no. He then changed the fuel filters and noticed paint chips in the fuel while draining the lines. Ford uses this paint to line their gas tanks and in time will delaminate.We had to get a new gas tank with new fuel pump and new fuel filters.This fixed the problem but the $2000 expense shouldl not be borne by owner. This is obvious defect bad design and Ford should step up and take care of this problem through a recall. I am hoping for a refund

  72. My wife bought a 2014 Focus Titanium from Marshall Ford (Marshall, TX) on August 22, 2014. When we initially drove it, we noticed a slight hesitation when accelerating gently. We were told, “the car learns how you drive and will smooth out.” It was very intermittent for a while. It has gotten much worse recently. At the second oil change on 11/19/15 at Marshall Ford, I began to report it to the Service Department. The guy writing the ticket had it written down before I finished telling him about it. So they are very aware of the problem. When I went to pick it up, I was told it needed a clutch and they had ordered it. I have called back twice and parts are still not available. This is Dec 21, 2015 and I have a feeling I’m not a priority. I also believe the car can be unsafe at times when it falters at an intersection or going up a hill.
    Your response as to what I should do will be appreciated.

    Michael Phillips

  73. Super disappointed in customer service in Las Vegas friendly ford . Friendly only when paying big dollars .long story short they let me leave the shop today without replacing a 120.00 battery that was under warranty. I wonder if anyone will even respond to this mail . Ford you lost a loyal customer who has been looking to purchase a new truck . I’ll be sending pictures of my new Duramax or Cummings haven’t decided yet which one only know it won’t be ford.

  74. We purchased a 2010 Ford Escape in December 2, 2010 at approximately 16, 000 miles the car started making a noise that sounded like the wheel bearing were going bad. TImbrook Ford in Keyser, WV was the dealership and they said it was a tire problem on all the 2010 Escape so they suggested that we purchase new tires at a cost of almost $800. Now the problem is back and the road noise is so bad that you can not even carry on a conversation. I see lots of post on the internet with other 2010 Ford Escape owners having the same problem. The dealership told us that the problem was corrected on the 2011 Escapes. Two question if the dealership and Ford know what the cause of the problem why was there not a recall to correct the problem and secondly are there any way we can be reimbursed for the tires that was not the problem? Today this same dealership has a 2013 Lincoln MKS that we are interested in but refuse to buy from them because of past experiences with their management and service department. In August of 2003 we purchased a 2001 Lincoln Town Car from Timbrook Ford also and their was an oil leak. We had the car back to them three times and finally they pulled the transmission and fix ed the oil leak but when I picked the car up I drove it only approximately 200 miles and the transmission when out. I was on my way from Keyser, WV to Oshkosh, WI for vacation and had to have the car towed to a dealership in Youngstown, OH and get a rental car to complete the trip. I feel that this dealership should be held accountable for all the inconvenience and expenses that we had incurred. They are never welling to work with us in any way shape or form. As previously stated we like to buy locally but this will never happen. We have purchased three pickup trucks and three cars from them in the past 15 years but never again. I feel the Timbrook Ford is truly departmental to the reputation of Ford Motor Company and should be reprimanded for their actions. Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated.

  75. I love Ford cargo vans BUT!! I wish FORD for the price of old or new,would at least UNDERCOAT them at Factory!! ??? and add on Mud Flaps behind tires!!! to help Stop RUST panels,and floor in cargo area,,for the Price you pay i think this is very little to ask, to do,Please Ford eveyone woks hard and pays over $30k fo a cargo van at least protect your product!!( maybe look into WHY paint peals off front ends ,hood,roof etc…. than you Billy b,,

  76. I’m a 25yr combat vet I drive a 1996 f250 best truck ever. However I’m just about poor work 2 jobs and now need a new truck. Built Ford tough is what I know . still serve my country and want to deploy. But really need my family to have good transportation. Is there help out there for guys like me. Not a better just a great American. Now that’s a great commercial

  77. I have a 2011 Ford Fusion with 80K on it, just recently my car quit working. After having a mechanic look at it he discovered my #3 ignition coil was melted. After replacing all 6 of them now it looks like it has damaged the PCM. I have called several parts locaters only to find out they can not cross reference the PCM, and told me I must purchase it from Ford. After calling a local Ford dealership I find they are on back order. I have placed the order, but now my concern is “Will I have to have the dealer install and program the PCM or will it come pre programed”.. I have to be honest after giving Ford a second chance to prove their product is worthy I am questioning that decision.

  78. I had a bad experience this week because the electric power steering in my car went out.I took it to a Ford dealership that told me it was nor covered as a recall. I have always driven a Ford but will reconsider my decision when I get another car in my future. There have been other recalls for different parts on my Ford Taurus and also the electric power steering in most of the 2011-2013 Taurus. Unfortunately my car was not included in the group of recalls. I feel this decision is unjust. Ford should stand on their word. according to all the other people posting complaints Ford Company will not satisfy their customers no time too soon. Sorry for all of us.

  79. I am the owner of a 2005 ford expedition bought brand new 09-12-05 I have a folder full of service done on this vehicle well kept told last month I need an engine WTF no one can explain

  80. So far not so good. The representative could not give me specific towing details on my ford f250. The RV and Trailer towing guide for my 2006 f250 super duty truck is very confusing. In the front of the document the first paragraph claims that this truck can tow up to 24,900lbs. Further down in the document via a series of charts the payload capacity diminishes steadily down to 15,500lbs. + or – 100lbs.
    I am going to buy a gooseneck trailer and this information is very important to me to make sure I buy the right trailer.

  81. Ok so the second representative was much better. She understood what we were trying to accomplish. She also understood that engineering needed to be consulted based on the numbers in the document. The call ended by assuring me that on Monday we would talk again concerning this with engineering and determine if the trailer/cargo combination would work with this truck. Or is there any upgrades to the truck that would need to be done to accomplish the task. Or would I need to downgrade to a different trailer to make it work…..So at this point will see how Monday goes.

  82. my 1st experience with ford was good my 2nd not so much . what happened was i went to dealer to order 2 parts for my truck an was told the small parts i wanted could not be bought separate from the piece it was on . so i ordered them when they came my wife went on line an found the small parts for 16.20 the ford parts were 242.47 so i took them back.they charged me 35% restock fee which i think is so wrong since they could not provide the part that i wanted.35% for nothing is very wrong to me. probably my last ford back to chevy

    thank you very much

    ray carlson


  84. I have a complaint about the Vermillion Ford in Vermillion , SD. We have taken our daughters 2010 Ford Fusion in there several times and the Service Manager at Vermillion Ford over charging for parts and the service. I found out when I took it to another Ford Dealer. The same coil that Vermillion Ford was going to charge us was $201.44 and at the other dealer 14 miles away was $120. And theses are all Ford Dealers. Vermillion Ford said she needed a new values on this car. The other dealership said it was just. I am very disappointed with the Service and Managerment with not dealing with this concern as it will take the business down with poor maintenance. Andrew it’s a bad name for Ford. We are not the only one complaining about it. When we asked what was wrong Vermillion Ford charged us $90 for a diagnostic check and the other dealership said it was free that is Ford Motors policy when you used their parts. Does Ford Motors not have a set charge? I want to know what the hell is going on. I have owned Ford vehicles all my life, and with what happened I am leaning to Chevy vehicles. I have a 2003 Ford F-150 pickup that has 351,000 miles on it and has never been in the shop. Bought it brand new. It has a straight stick and I love it. Would like a response? Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Jo Cuka

  85. My 2010 Ford Edge with 77,000 miles all of sudden started this loud noise my husband thought it was a bearing but upon further investigation decided it was the power transfer unit. Seems it is called a lifetime part so there is no access to filling it with fluid and it only holds 12 ounces, so seems that mine has been seeping out and we had no idea. According to the forums this is an issue on the Edge as well as others however Ford in its infinite wisdom has done nothing to fix that is unless you have a new Taurus those they have made improvements to the ptu. My complaint is that I emailed Ford directly asking for some assistance as the part itself is over $600 and then you have labor as much if not more at the dealership. Instead today I am told Ford won’t help as it doesn’t fall into the “parameters”, no idea what that means. My family is a 2nd generation ford family we have 5 in our household right now. My oldest is driving my 98 Explorer that has over 200,000 miles on it, but right now I am so disgusted with Ford and how it treats its customers I am seriously considering trading this thing in for a Toyota or maybe even a Kia. Please feel free to forward this on to Ford, not that they really care what the person who buys their vehicles thinks they are more interested in their profits.

  86. The parts guy at lafourche ford in lockport,louisiana was very rude to me this morning.03/21/2016.when I return a part.i think his name is John lewis.

  87. HORRIBLE !! 2012 Focus that had shudder issues as soon as I drove it, was told by the dealer in Lima this was “normal for eco-friendly” car. Sept. 2015 car was recalled for TCM (transmission control module) Car was serviced at Whitehouse where I lived. Asked them at this time if this would stop the shuddering, I was told that was not related to TCM. At this time I had 96,045 miles and still under warranty. Transmission was slipping so I took it to dealer in Maumee Ohio near where I live. They told me Whitehouse did not replace the TMC or clutch and now that it is not covered under warranty I have to take it back to Rogers. On 3-1-16 I took my car to Rodgers and they replaced the TCM. Manager refused to replace the clutch at this time, despite what Maumee dealer told me. I had them just replace the TCM. I called corporate Ford customer service and was assigned CAS 8968538 and was told by FORD rep that I should take my car to another Ford dealer. I took the car to Ford dealer on Secor Rd. Was told when I dropped it off that there was a $98.00 diagnositc fee. I called corporate Ford again and spoke to Serena who told me that the $98.00 will be waived when they find out that its related to the TCM or clutches. I received a call from Secor Ford dealer that the clutch and seals need replaced but my car has over 100,000 miles and not covered under warranty. He told me to call Corporate Ford. I did and gave them the case number. I spoke to a gal who said I was not covered due to the miles. I told her I called corporate earlier and was assured if it was one of these issues, it would be covered. FORD CORP knew my current mileage and if it was not covered, should have told me this rather than lead me to believe that this case would resolve my car issues. Your customer service is horrible, This focus has known issues with TCM and clutches and issues a recall. Rodgers Ford in Waterville did not check the clutches at the time I was covered under warranty and as such I am now stuck with the expense of repair??! NO!!!!!

  88. I have a 2014 F150 with 13,000 miles on it the Battery went dead no juice no lights nothing I called ford 24 hour service and the tow truck showed up now the problem was not able to get truck out of park key in foot on brake turn key nothing unable to get out of park have been looking for a bypass unable to find one call customer service no help call dealer no help I will never buy another Ford product

  89. Customer Satisfaction Survey, regarding case number CAS-9064671-S5N8X5
    Opened On 3/21/2016 11:18:50 AM. Missed subject Survey due to travel after problem was corrected satisfactorily. Thank you and Sam Galloway Ford Fort Myers, Fl 33907 for the excellent response to our problem which was handled in a timely and direct manner by DANIELLE BENNETT and HOMER PERSON. We were able to maintain our return trip schedule from Florida. Thanks again.

  90. My husband took my 2015 Ford Mustang in today to be regularly serviced. Nic Peters took excellent care of my car. Nic has taken care of us before and has always been willing and eager to help in any situation. He is the reason that we continue to use the dealership service center at the Warner Robins location.

  91. I would like to take a few moments of your time to tell you what I think of Ford Loyalty. It’s one way! Consumers are loyal but Ford is NOT!

    I am President of the Oklahoma Chapter 64, of the Early Ford V8 Club of America. I contacted Roy Cisco, one of the owners of Seminole Ford, Seminole, OK a year in advance of our up-coming 42nd Annual Spring Fling. He, in turn, told Mark, his General Manager to contact Ford & arrange for donations of either/or promotional items or prizes for our raffle room. Mark told me yesterday that Ford was contributing Nothing. However, he is expecting some promotional items for our Welcome Bags, curtesy of Seminole Ford, that should be arriving “any day now”.

    Our event is held annually over the Memorial Day weekend, this year the 27th -30th of May at the Holiday Inn at Quail Springs Mall, Oklahoma City, OK. It will be attended by approximately 100 EFV8 Members from OK, TX, AR, MO, GA, AZ, CO, IN, KY etc., and Canada.

    Being dismissed by Ford Motor Co. is like a Mother ignoring her children.

    The EFV8 Members are like me – I’ve bought nothing by Ford, Lincoln & Mercury vehicles for over 50 years. I am now 76 and currently own 7 assorted. I have believed in the principals of Ford. Made in America foremost. The fact that Ford did not take monies from the Government during crisis when the other Automotive Companies were lining up with their hands out made me proud.

    Collectively, the EFV8 Members will bring over 80 + EFV8 Flatheads to the Ford Family Reunion. These vehicles will be exhibited on a dedicated parking lot will draw thousands of spectators drawn to the site.

    Ford has blatantly ignored a prime opportunity for free advertising–and embarrassed me.

    Just wanted Ford to know how I felt about the NEW meaning of Ford Loyalty.

    Thank you for taking a few moments of your precious time.

  92. having been dealing with Judy Rizzo at ford for some time now concerning my 2014f150sc that leaks water.truck has been to dealership over three times and new parts have been thrown at it without any help.An engineer has been out to inspect could not make it leak so he deemed my truck as a non-leaker. The next day I went to pick up my truck and we found water in cab. Service Mg saw this and smelled mildew so then a new sunroof was installed and truck was cleaned up and delievered.Rear carpet was still wet and smell only got worse. Called dealer and new carpet was ordered. Judy Rizzo now tells me not eligible for buyback and engineer must come back again to try and duplicate water leak.Basically telling ime if he cannot seeit leak then it is my problem. I wonder just how many lawyers would like to get in line for some of this. After searching internet concerning this same problem it seems there is a whole lot of customers having same issue. Looking for HELP.

  93. sick of making payments on my 2012 f150 super crew I do not have it, it is at a ford dealer waiting for a pump for the brake booster.
    can not pull my camper had to cancel two camping trip so far this year, drop the truck on april 25,2016 still waiting for parts as of june 1,2016
    just don’t know why ford motor company didn’t up production of this part earlier I know they knew this problem was coming because they sent me a letter back in October of 2015

  94. I was treated very rude and disrespectful to have paid New South Ford $1303.00 to fix a fuel sensor problem that I was told had to replace 2 injectors but it took 3 days to figure out which ones they said lets just replace all 4 on the left side that should fix the problem. I pick up truck and within 20 miles of dealership truck is doing just like before. The problem is this vehicle is how l make my living I’m losing money everyday it sits in shop. Then to be treated like it was my fault the truck was not fixed if I could have the ability to diagnose the issues why would I pay someone to fix the truck. We were told it could take 2 to 3 days to get in shop they only had 1 diesel mechanic I have a service oriented business if I treated my customers like I was treated this morning I would be out of business. New South Ford Service Department needs to be told they are paid to help customers not treat they if they were a nuisance or ignorant I am neither this I my first and probably my last Ford Motor vehicle if that is the way they treat their customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. I have a 2013 Ford Focus that I bought used in the spring of 2014 at 37,000 miles. The day I brought it home it had transmission issues. 1st visit to dealership said there was a misfire and sparkplug had been wet! 2nd dealership said nothing was wrong! A few months later I got a recall letter on the trans describing my issue. By the end of the year they took it in for repair but only days after still issues. Kept taking in, year after year, no fix worked, the issue keeps coming back within days. Three years later after being promised by Ford Corp. that if anymore issues on my trans, they will “take care of it.” No mention of a time limit or mileage limit “because of the history of problems I would be taken care of, don’t worry.” Finally had a Transmission Malfunction Service Now light and bells almost a week ago. Had towed to dealership, calls into Corp Customer service for that promised help but now they won’t return my calls! Dealership and others I’ve spoken too hint around that since I just crossed over 100,000 miles they won’t help. What? How is that my problem when they NEVER got it fixed it between 37,000 miles and now with multiple visits? I am writing this comment because so many days of waiting at my desk to get this promised phone call, I am board. I really need to go to the bathroom!

  96. My husband and I purchased a car August 2015. The Koons FOrd Dealership had the car for 2 months when we purchased it. Once we got the car, there were things that were still not correct, scratches in the paint, the headliner ripped, the cigarette lighter/charging port does maintain contact with plugs and the Resistal (interior and exterior protection has ruined and discolored the seats. I have contact the dealer on numerous occasions, I was talking with a District Customer Service Person and I have still not been made whole. The car still had issues. Then I receive and email from Ford stating that my case has been closed. Nothing has been fixed so how can Ford close my case? I am so disappointed with Ford. I am wondering if there is some legal action that can be taken?

  97. I have received two urgent cards from Crown Ford, Fayetteville, NC concerning a recall (# 15N01) on my 2012 Ford 150 Truck. I live in Sanford, NC, and this truck was purchased at Crossroads Ford in Sanford. When I inquired about this recall at Crossroads Ford, the service manager seemed unfamiliar with this recall. He thought the problem may have been corrected at an earlier service interval before the recall was issued. I don’t think so. I would prefer to have the problem corrected at Crossroads, since this is a more convenient location for me. Please tell me what I can do.

  98. 3 days ago i heart a bad voices , when i drove my ford focus , 2010 , and when i visit your customers services at Beirut Lebanon , i was in front a very bad stuff and after 48 hours , they told me about the engine problem and the cost to fixe it , it was 5900 U.S.$ ,they are crasy , i think , i will never buy your products again specially when i read about the problems in 2010 , engine problems

  99. I need a right rear door latch for a 2007 escape. Been trying for over 2 weeks. Dealer says there are none available. What’s going on?

  100. We a bought a new 2016 F350 in June. My husband noticed a blister on the chrome grill. We took it in to the dealership 3 times for pictures. It is almost impossible to take pictures of chrome.The Service Manager said it was a manufacturing defect. The first two sets of pictures the blister was intact. The 3rd time it had broken. Who ever they sent the 3rd set to said it was a road chip and denied the claim. Customer no service said I had no recourse and it was my problem. I am not satisfied with that answer.

  101. I have gone to Quicklane in tampa since they opened and generally had one mechanic work on my two mustangs, when he recently retired the whole place just became a meat market, they only guessed at what was wrong with my car saying the shaking was shocks so they replaced them, still shook, told me I neded new tires and like a fool I decided to get 4 new tires although there wasn’t anything wrong with the ones I had, still shook finally my son, my husband and myself put ujoints and guess what? shaking stopped. after I paid for all that other work for nothing, I would never advise anyone to go there for service it isn’t there anymore just as much money as they can get and no personality

  102. Ford customer service dept is useless. My 2013 Escape needs repairs which Ford already knew about because of the TSB that was communicated but they are saying that it’s not covered under the warranty! Worst experience. I’ve owned over 4 Ford cars and this is how they treat their customers! Can’t do anything for me, not the company and not the dealership! Horrible!

  103. I bought a 2010 f150 lemon I had this truck 4 months when I took it back to the dealership they charged me $351.00 for an o2 sensor that night I drove the truck to work and it stalled and had the same problems. I took it back the next morning. Well I decided I would buy a brand new truck being I had a very good credit score @ 760. What I want to know is why I did not qualify for a 0% ford credit you have been advertising and not only that I am now paying $46,000 for a $31,000 truck. As far as I am concerned I got ripped off I should have easily qualified for ford credit. I also took the truck back over a week ago for a defective bumper and have not heard back from them yet. After buying a 2003 taurus, a 2005 500 and now two trucks (46K) I should get a little respect and satisfaction. I really liked the ford vehicles I have owned but this is the last straw and my next vehicle will probably NOT BE A FORD

  104. I find it incredible that you would treat my daughter the way you have. Just because she is 19 does not mean she is incapable of understanding there is a problem with her vehicle. We have purchased two brand new Ford cars from Mike Bass Ford in the last two years. I will be purchasing a brand new diesel 3/4 or 1 ton truck in the next year but it I doubt it will be from Mike Bass and may not be a Ford. I have been a Ford owner for years but the way the company has handled the issues with my Focus and 6.0 diesel, has me starting to rethink my loyalty. All companies will have manufacturing problems, how they take ownership of them, resolve the problem and treat their customers is the true measure of the company.

  105. I have been driving a Ford pickup since I drove my fathers ’53 to school in the early ‘60’s. Personally, over the years I have owned a F100, a Range, a Sport Trac, 2 Super Crew Lariats, one of which I’m currently driving. That does not include all the Ford cars my wife and I have purchased along with my immediate family that have always owned Fords.
    When I returned from combat in Vietnam the first vehicle I purchased was a Ford 100 pickup. I fought in Vietnam to defend the Constitution and the right of Free Speech. Some Americans are denying other Americans of their free speech rights and others are exercising their free speech rights.
    In the NFL plays are exercising their free speech rights by not standing for the national Anthem. That is their right. But I have rights also. I object to this type of demonstration and do not agree with that type of demonstration or think it is appropriate.
    I do not demonstrate, march, or deny others their right of free speech. But what I can do is boycott the NFL and those companies that sponsor and contribute money to the owners of the NFL and their players.
    As of now I am boycotting the NFL and Ford Motor Company’s Truck Division. If you want to continue to have my Ford PU business you will tell the NFL to tell their players to stop the foolishness or you will drop you sponsor ship of the NFL.
    This is a right I fought for and saw 65 of my fellow soldiers wounded and 25 die for.

  106. I’m having trouble getting my door latches fix at the Johnson Ford dealership in Pittsfield Ma per the Ford recall.

    Made 2 appointments so far and both times they tell me the parts are still on order.

    One of those times they took and keep my car all day before I contacted them just to find out they had no door latches to fix my car. But when I drop my car off in the am they told me the door latches would be fixed that day.

    They have lied to me and keep giving me the run around about fixing the door latches on my 2014 Ford Focus Se per the recall.

    Not sure what I can do to resolve this.

  107. Had to call “Ford Customer Relationship Center” Once I was able to speak with someone it was an out of the country call center. They 1st time I called the lady was rude. So I told her “Bye and waited for the survey after she was to hang up. She didn’t hang up so I couldn’t do the survey I held for half an hour. To bad ford uses this call center. I called back got a different person and same thing happened would not hang up so I couldn’t take the survey. Very interesting Does ford even monitor that they don’t get survey. POOR CUSTOMER RELATIONS!!!

  108. My company vehicle is going on 6 weeks in the shop for a/c and senor. I am recommending that we do not buy any more vehicles from Ford for FedEx. this is the 5th run in with service and it seems we are not a priority. I have spoke to many people with no resolution.

  109. I am the owner of a 205 Ford F150 , with only 95111 miles , I have just paid $1415.16 bill for a rear end issue , if some one had told me this could happen to a ford truck , that is only used for on the road use I would have been shocked that any such issue could happen to a ford truck .
    I do not see any requirements for preventive maintenance listed for , this type of breakdown.
    I think this issue is total out of the character for a Ford truck and I need to be compensated for this cost and inconvenience of this breakdown .

  110. I called the customer care line yesterday and voiced my issue with not being able to get a roof part shipped to my dealer’s body shop for my 2013 ford escape to repair hail damage. They have had the car for 3 weeks already and are just now telling me “PDR” isn’t an option, they need to replace the roof. Anyway the customer service rep told me I would receive a phone call from the “regional” Einsteins’ within (1) business day. Geez like I’m really surprised I haven’t heard word one from anyone!!! They want to sell you a new vehicle,(and I’ve bought several from this dealership but they don’t have your back when you need them?

  111. I purchased a 2015 Ford Edge Titanium I had the car for 1 year. I had regular oil changes. While driving I started hearing a knocking noise coming from the engine. I was informed that the oil pressure sensor was leaking. This is an internal problem. I read on car complaints .com that another person who purchased the same car had the same problem within a month of him purchasing his car. There was also another person that wrote he had the same problem and the sensor was but in wrong from the manufacture. however the cars are no longer operatable due to the oil leak which did not give any indication due to the oil sensor malfunctioning. There were two other post with the same problem the sensor unit incorrectly installed which cause the leak. However this oil sensor unit is not covered under any warrantee. So before your bump to bump warrantee expires get your car check out or don’t purchase from Ford.

  112. That is very unfortunate to here. I don’t believe I should have to fix the same thing twice if i only have 109500. I would like to discuss this further with a manager and if that can’t be arranged, I will never promote or buy Ford again. I have a couple of kids coming to the age of where they need a vehicle and will not purchase anymore Ford vehicles. I will though, inform everyone through social media of how bad this particular vehicle is and what I have already spent to get this fixed the first time and now I’m having to pay again to fix the same thing. I have promoted Ford for the last 18 years and if this is not resolved I will no longer. Please get back to me as soon as possible because this is becoming life threatening and I need to act promptly.
    Thank you

  113. This is the second time I have had the death wobble and I payed to fix the first time and I only have 109500 and it’s doing it again. Ford will not take care of it. I will never buy a Ford again and will let everyone know what kind of Product and Service that is offered

  114. I have been leasing fords for last 5 years. When this lease is up I will no longer support Ford because their owner and the owner of the Lions because of their stance on the American Flag. Good Bye No longer watching NFL anymore either

  115. I just read that Ford made a statement about the NFL protests in support of the protests. I have been a loyal ford owner for 25 years. I WILL NOT buy another one. Should have stayed out of it.

  116. We have bought quite a number of Ford cars in recent years (Ford F150, Mustang, Explorer, Fusion, Escape). We love Ford, but we are very disappointed to see you endorsed what the NFL players are doing during the National Anthem. We absolutely understand about free speech and First Amendment rights, but we are so unhappy that Ford would make a statement backing this demonstration. As a daughter of a WWII vet that fought in the Battle of The Bulge, a niece of a Lt. Commander in the USNavy, a cousin of a Iraq war vet and knowing a brave young 20 year old that died in Afghanistan war, the response was unpatriotic.

  117. I’m angry that a Ford dealership has had my vehicle since Friday 9/29/17 and as of today have not even taking a look at it to see what’s wrong so it can be fixed. I find this very unacceptable for service on a vehicle I purchased from this dealer. Gene Messer Ford, Lubbock, Texas

  118. My first Ford was a ‘68 Mustang, I currently own a ‘12 Edge and a ‘13 F-150 Platinum. As a Vietnam combat wounded veteran “I stand for the flag” and you NFL stance is deplorable.
    Chevrolet is looking very good!
    Thanks for the memories.

  119. I currently own a Ford vehicle and have had multiple Fords in the past. Given your company’s decision to support millionaire NFL players disrespecting the country that allows them to make millions of dollars for playing a game, it will be the last Ford vehicle I will buy.

  120. I will never purchase another Ford due to your support against our country and for the NFL. Throughout my life I’ve been a Ford supporter, but you have left the America that Henry Ford admired.

  121. Dear Ford
    I bought a 2017 ford fouison in October 2016 so far its a great car I
    like it. But in December 2016 I had to put a new battery in it had 2100 mies on it
    and July of 2017 it had almose 12000 miles and I had to new battey in it again
    And last week I want to get in my car and all the windols were down
    when I know they were up Also when I am going down the road the a/c comes on by its shelf I belevie there Something wrong the Elac
    Yours Truy Philip Eichen

  122. I bought a SHELBY GT350 and it is an absolute piece of garbage I have put 6300kms on the car, the car has scaring on the cylinder walls and eats oil like crazy. I have had the worst experience with Ford right from the dealer I bought it from to the customer care center.

    The dealer sold me my car with manufactured dents and scrapes in the Paint, my car has had to be repainted and the dealer was very hesitant on fixing the dents and scratches. Next thing is, the dealer let me drive off the lot with a known recall (oil cooler lines) that could have been fixed within the allotted time to when I bought the car and when I picked it up. With this being said, they fixed the issue but oddly enough a couple thousand KM’s later the cylinder walls now have scaring on them. (Maybe oil was never added once the performed the work…)
    I have not received any direction from customer care other than I have been advised to talk to my local service manager, who in turn has been telling me to contact customer care. I have never felt so helpless, I feel as if I have been lead in a circle. According to customer care I cannot contact anybody else other then them, which makes me feel even more helpless.

    I have always thought that the Ford product itself was very good and that the customer service was very friendly and backed the Ford product, but apparently I was wrong, big time. There is/has been no ownership for this poorly manufactured car. This was suppose to be an amazing purchase, but now I regret it, it has been the worst decision I have ever made. I will never buy a Ford product ever again in my life time.

  123. The Ford dealership in Renton, WA is as terrible as the Ford Customer Service Center. They make it so difficult to complain by not providing an email address and having to do things the old fashion way, by sending a letter to a post office box. Makes it great for them because they won’t get as many complaints this way. It’s difficult just to get in touch with a Regional Manager because nobody at the dealerships want to give that information out.

  124. I had a wheel come off of my 2015 Ford Taurus on 10-2-17. Roadside Assistance classified it as vandalism when I called for a tow. I called the police & the officer who arrived at scene said it was from car being serviced. McCarthy Ford had done a routine warranty related tire rotation on 7-18-17. Two service managers claimed it could not be their fault because too much time had passed. After our insurance reported no evidence of tampering with the wheel, I found forensic research online that shows this kind of wheel failure occurred well within the time frame and mileage after service of accidents examined in studies. McCarthy Ford has ignored this evidence. Moreover, I am a loyal customer. I have purchased 3 new Tauruses from McCarthy Ford in the last nine years. Up until about two years ago, I was very happy with their service. Since then, I have had to make repeated appointments to get several problems diagnosed or corrected. On one occasion, all 4 tire caps were missing. And the sales department has also slipped. I walked out on a sleazy lying salesman last June when responding to a solicitation to trade up my current vehicle. Apparently McCarthy Ford thinks it can not only refuse to honor it’s warranty obligations, but that I should be stuck for a loss in value on the car due to their shoddy workmanship. I hope Ford Corporate will stand up to assist in correcting this situation. I would like to provide much more information by communicating with you directly through email.

  125. We try to buy a Ford Focus electric, but the Ford website shows dealers, that do not have the Focus electric. We could not find any dealer in our area who has a Ford Focus electric. Did Ford already sold all electric vehicles, or is Ford not interested in selling them? Are there any Ford Focus electric for sale in Texas?

  126. I visited one of your dealerships (Fritts Ford, Riverside, CA) this afternoon to take a look at a Mustang after dropping my car off for service at BMW Riverside. I mentioned to my service advisor that I was getting the Mustang when my leased ends in March, and while I had no concerns about the car, I was worried about the service I’d receive from a Ford dealership after my BMW experience. Cut to being ignored then dismissed with “God bless you” and “Have a blessed day” from Mike Marrish after I expressed my displeasure at being ignored. Prior to this, the only thing any Fritts Ford employee had said to me was “excuse me” as they moved past me. No “Hello.” No “May I help you?” Mike Marrish told me he’d seen me looking inside the black Mustang you have out front. I’d also seen him and the other three, presumably salesmen, chopping it up in conversation about 10 feet away. Mike Marrish told me that he, and the other presumably salesmen, saw me pull up, but didn’t say anything to me because he thought I was being helped. Apparently, Mike Marrish is under the impression that Fritts Ford employs invisible sales people as well. Mike Marrish attempted to pass me off to a nice saleman by the name of Terry. Mike Marrish told me since there was now someone who was willing to work with me, he didn’t see what the problem was. That’s when Mike Marrish thought he should bring God into our interaction. It was the final “Have a blessed day” that turned me around and made me request to speak to his boss. Nick Karamat did what Mike Marrish should have done. Perhaps that is why Nick Karamat is in a higher position. Nick Karamat being the team player that he is even went so far as to ask that I wait an hour before calling the Ford Motor Company to express my displeasure with Fritts Ford employee Mike Marrish. While I am uncertain if Fritts Ford will still want my business, Terry and Nick Karamat were kind enough to make that a possibility.

  127. I’m entering the market to replace my 2008 Ford Focus. However, I find the audio systems on the new vehicles inferior to the one in my ten-year-old Focus. The newer audio systems, including Revell, are designed to play highly-compressed, “downloaded” music. Such systems are not made for listening to an 80 to 110 piece classical orchestra. Moreover, I would like a six (6) CD changer with a graphic equalization and de-compression components’ When listening to the New York Philharmonic, I expect the sound to be that of being front-row-center, first balcony, of Philharmonic Hall, Lincoln Center, New York City. Please advise me on alternatives to spending five-figures to replace a new car sound system/

  128. I have just had a block heater and cord installed in my 2011 Ford F250, 6.2L gas truck. I had compared pricing at the parts window at Ford and than went across the aisle to get a pricing for total cost for installation to see if I would do the job or have Ford. The cost of both was about the same with my request of what would be the cost with labor and materials to install the items. The service desk person verbally responsed no more than $160.00, of which I asked more than once of cost. Never was a pricing given to me different. Even in getting the truck schedule and picked up the conversations were the same. I pick up the truck and receive a bill for $340.+. I am expecting a bill of around $160. I talk with the service manager who tells me he can reduce to $284. but no less since I have no written estimate. I told him I should have gotten a estimate now that they have not been honest with me and than pay my bill. I let him know I am a Ford man for ever, but will not deal with this dealership again. I cannot trust what is said. I have bought mostly Ford’s in my life of 65 years, but this will make me reconsider options as there are no other Ford Dealers in our area. Just venting and very frustrated w/ this dealer service.

  129. My 2017 Escape, purchased 11/24 has been at Ford waiting for the Brake Booster since Dec. 9th. I understand the waiting for the part but no returns calls. Apparently the only person who can help me is Kimberly the regional manager and and she has not returned any messages. The dealer doesn’t return my calls and I get they are waiting for Ford to get back to them but a phone call an update anything would be helpful. I am still waiting for Kimberly to call me back since last week.

  130. Took diesel in for lite on, was tank heater. Got less than 25000 miles in a 2015 f350, been in 2 times since last oil change for pollution problems, plus dealer in Sterling,ill let truck sit outside now def tank froze. Not happy customer . So we with longer now, been over week for warranty work., Which should of been a day job

  131. Starting to see why truck was at Chevy lot when we bought it 3 months ago, probably had same problems. You think they can get their def system where it works rite by now, after all it came out years ago

  132. This is really a bad deal.
    My name is Steve and I have been a Ford guy my whole life starting with a new Taurus then a1990 Ford Bronco II that had 450 thousand miles before quitting on me. I then got a 2009 F-150 and also had Awesome luck with it. I just trade it in with 108 thousand miles for a 2017 F-150 that is a month and a half old with 1500 miles on it and has been in the shop since Wednesday with no result for a Heat sensor deal. I am very disappointed in this and told them yesterday at Berge Ford here in Arizona that they should put it on a flat bed send it back to Ford and get me a new one. Still waiting for a call today but nothing. I bought this because I did not want to have any trouble and could rely on the Ford Brand and here I sit. I have talked a lot of family and friends into buying Fords but have a real bad taste in my mouth for what is going on plus if I ever do get back can i rely on it and not have something happen again!!

  133. Last week ( 01.24.18 ) I droped my SUV ESCAPE in a Ford dealer (Gus Machado of Kendall) because I received a recall mandatory notice about to replace a” fuel delivery flange” code 16S41 , it supposed that my car should be ready about 5:00pm but when I called the person who assisted me told me that the part just woud arrive till next day when it supposed the car would be ready .. I called the next day to check the status of the work and the representative told me i<ve have bad news the part we 'll have just til Feb 10/18 so I don"t understand why you mail a mandatory notice and the dealer doesn't have the part to be changed..

  134. My 90 year old mother has a 2012 Ford Focus with 22,489 miles. She has had two recalls on this car, which we have taken to the Parkway Ford garage in Ogdensburg, New York. I have no complaint whatsoever with Parkway. However, the car lost power steering and was taken to Parkway on 1/23/18. It needed to have a new unit put in at a cost of $1,549.37. This was a huge hardship for my mother. She needs a dependable car even though she travels very short distances only. For a car with on 22,000+ miles this seems to be a problem which should not have happened. My mother called the Ford Company and was told they could not help. This does not seem to be the kind of service or reliability Ford would like to promote. We are very disappointed that is the way the company would handle this issue. This also happened very shortly after the warranty term had ended. I would hope due to the circumstances that the Ford Company would be willing to reimburse her. Thank you.

  135. Over the past two months In have been trying to get some help with a problem I had with the purchase of a new car. I bought the car but I was taken for extra money and it made a negative impact on my credit and nother of these things had to happen. I have been on Ford Facebook and pm them as they ask, I filled out two surveys, talked to the dealership several times and provide all the inform I was ask for. All I got was ” we will forward inform to dealer” and then nothing. I really!!! Thought Ford was better. Can’t get any help at all. Even went on Ford news trying to Email CEO. Gave info to get accounts and was told it would be considered. That was a few days ago and nothing. After buying more than ten new Ford’s in my life I now question why I have been so loyal. CAN ANY ONE HELP ME?

  136. I am reaching out to Ford Motor Company as sponsor of the 2017 Ford Championship Nascar race on November 19, 2017 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. This was my grandson’s first Nascar race and while enjoying the Ford experience at the track, he did the Spin the Wheel challenge and was told he had won a sign that needed to be mailed to him. As of this date nothing has been received. I have contacted the raceway but have gotten no response. This is certainly not the way to win potential customers. I have a very disappointed grandson. Can someone please help to rectify this situation. Thank you.

  137. Found out ford reports mileage on our fords to Carfax. It is not acceptable without my permission. I understand if there is an accident but the mileage when we get service. Speaking of Carfax, I owned a pickup that had been wrecked twice and it had a clean Carfax when I traded it in. Do not get your ford serviced by ford.

  138. i purchased a new ford truck aprox 5months ago—-it came with sirius radio— the free trial has now expired and now i have been harrassed 4 times by sirius calling my cell phone– each time i tell them i am not interested and that to please not to call again—
    this part of my ford experience has tainted the entire experience i have had with ford and will make me reconsider any future ford purchases

  139. I ordered a 2018 Expedition in January 2018 and was told by Ron Alpen Ford in Durant, Iowa that it should arrive by mid to late March 2018. I have now been informed that I will not receive the vehicle until mid May. I am seriously think of cancelling the order. I have been a loyal ford customer and have bought at least 5 new Ford vehicles in the past 12 years. My loyalty may change. If I accept the May delivery for the Expedition that is only 4 months before the 2019 models arrive and the car will be considered a year old.
    I am very surprised that a sold vehicle doesn’t take preference over dealer orders. You may have lost a very loyal customer as the result of your inability to provide my ordered Expedition as promised but Ford may not care.

  140. Extremely disappointed in my Escape. All maintainace done as required. Daughter driving north on us75 towork at Ford Truck plant. Stopped on 75 at the medium [4 lane hwy and cars trucks are speeding], do to a noise she heard. Called home for help. Sent my son to check on her. Ex boyfriend had picked her, do to Bennie her boss on the line was not answering his phone. Son and grandson took pictures of the block with a nice big hole in it from a piston breaking loose and going through the block. No warning except for the noise. Had 77k+ for the milage. Got 2 more payments to make on it. Think I’ll switch to Chevy or Dodge.

  141. Bought my first Ford in 1952 and recently bought a 2015 Escape at Wright Auto in Hillsboro, Illinois. They since have folded lock stock and barrel. Terrible sales experience to boot…..where do I go for service… the way a nice car indeed…..

  142. Recently bought a Ford Escape 2015, dealership folded lock, stock, barrel, (Wright Auto, Hillsboro, Illinois) sales experience was a horror story. Where to for service?

  143. We were treated with no respect by finance director as we were purchasing a new car from your company over n over . Improvement needed to customers

  144. As of today, I have submitted three written appeals to the Ford Customer Relationship Center regarding a recent transmission replacement on my Ford F-150 that I feel should be considered for a policy adjustment. All three of these appeals have been submitted in writing to the attention of Mr. Phil Perry, Manager Ford Motor Company Customer Relations. Two of these written appeals were sent by certified mail but to date, I have received no response. If Ford Motor Company doesn’t intend to respond to customer concerns submitted to their Customer Relationship Center address at PO Box 6248 then I suggest they remove this address.

  145. Hi folks, not sure everyone is aware but this is not an “official” Ford web site, these folks are focused on customer service generally and provide contact information for many different companies in order to help customers connect directly with Ford, a Ford dealership or other resource. I don’t think anyone from Ford will read the comments you write here, but I suggest you cut and paste the information you’ve written here to include it in a letter to Ford (see mailing address above) or to remind you of the details of what help you need when contacting Ford. It may be possible to send them an email, but many companies do not have a customer-facing email address or system and if your want to help Ford help you I be recommend writing a letter first, then follow up for status or questions by telephone.

  146. I was a first time Ford buyer of a 2013 Ford Flex Limited, the car was great for 3 years until the door latches began malfunctioning. Even with the door closed it registers as open, causing the dome lights to stay on (killing 2 batteries) and the alarm to go off randomly (such as at 3 am). I replaced one for $500.00, when the second one became defective I called “customer service” which was a waste of time as all they did was say the warranty is past. I have no problem paying for maintenance or repair what breaks from my usage, however the door latch should last the lifetime of a car! I will be looking for a new car in another 3-4 years and will certainly not consider another Ford, my father was correct when he told me they are unreliable. 5 year old car defective: 2 door latched($500.00 each), rearview camera($1500.00), O2 sensor ($600.00), Engine cooling fan ($1500.00).

  147. I just purchased a new Motorhome with a Ford Chassis. When driving it home from the motorhome dealer I noticed the AC on the dash was not working and the steering wheel was not straight. The rig does not pull to the left or right when driving. My rig is now sitting at Tindol Ford in Gastonia,NC. The service advisor Sam said the issue with the steering wheel is because Coachman put several thousand pounds on the chassis(building the rig). Could someone explain to me in Ford how building a camper on a Ford Chassis will make the steering wheel crooked and the wheels are straight. He also said that the problem with the AC is the thermostat is stuck open under the dash and that Forest River installed the thermostat. Again can someone in Ford explain to me why Forest River would take out your thermostat and install there own? I have purchased 3 Ford Vehicles in the past few years. And if this is how Ford wants to treat the customers maybe I should move on to another manufacturer. I’m not sure where Tindol Ford in Gastonia ,NC gets there service advisors , but Sam is hurting your business. If you are trying to get out of warranty work at least come up with a logical excuse. This man is dump as a rock.
    So to summarize, I have a $100000 motorhome with 1600 miles purchased new with a Ford Chassis and the air condition blows warm air and Coachman for some reason takes your thermostat out and install theirs under the dash and My steering wheel is turned at 2 o’clock when driving down the street but does not pull to the left or right so the alignment is good (which Sam agreed ALIGNMENT IS GOOD) and the problem is because coachman put a camper on your chassis. Ford if you do not see a problem here, then I feel for you and your employees. Because you will not have a future.

  148. I purchased a Ford 2018 Ecosport SE, this SUV does not come with a spare tire, wheel and jack. Also the external keypad for vehicle entry is not included.
    Ford manual does not match whats furnished with the car, dealer cannot obtain info. and fomoco gives you the runaround.
    I won’t do business with Chrysler and GM due to poor service, is Ford next?

  149. Ford Tough means it is tough as hell to get Ford to honor there warranty. I have been waiting for 8 months for my 2015 Mustang to be repaired and after 3 promised dates for the part I am now getting their is no release dat for the part and the only thing ford customer service is saying is we’ll just have to wait.
    Yeah My car is ford tough….. tough as hell to get fixed although it is under the manufacturers warranty.

  150. I am crazy but not stupid. I am 70 yrs but not dead. My hearing is good so the only thing wrong is I dont carry a tape recorder and I dont expect to be lied to. Bought 2016 Escape, used in Tennessee March. Before we got back to Florida the A/C started working only when it wanted to (this always happened when starting the car) Now two months and first being told it had to be in the shop when the A/C not working, than told the codes were reset. Than again it had to be not working .Yesterday we drove the 70 miles to be told that it made no difference and it could not be checked at this time and we would have to come back. Just another brush off the only time it was ever checked was when the codes were checked (if they were) I am TIRED. 4 or 5 times to the shop and only once has it been touch. But nothing done.

  151. We have not had our truck for months and FORD will not help us. The service center has asked for help from FORD and they refuse to help. I sent two letters to Phil Perry with no response. I NEED HELP!

  152. I had an appt with Joe Myers Ford/Lincoln Dealer in Houston Texas for an oil change for 7amon May 26th I arrived at 6:45 to be told they wud not service my car since I did not buy it there I own a 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Is this the kind of customer service you would expect. from any BUSINESS

  153. I can’t believe Ford doesn’t have a Customer Service email! That being said, I have a 2014 F-350 Super Duty Crew, 6.2 gas with less than 46,000 miles. The air-conditioning recently stopped and I took it to my local Ford dealership. They found the Air Conditioning Evaporator Core a $296.24 had quit, the big kicker it takes approx. 11 hour to change and none of this is covered under warranty. All said and done (labor, core, re-charge…) this cost me $1,559.32. I find this disappointing on so many levels, some of which being a Air Conditioning Evaporator Core built or designed so poorly it would fail in less than 4 years, that it’s located so poorly that it takes 11 hours to change (the entire dash board has to be removed), and on top of that Ford doesn’t cover any of this under warranty.

  154. I received a safety recall on my Escape. I called York Ford (Saugus MA) and set up an appt for about 2 weeks later at 8:00 am. I arrived on time and was told they would have to keep our car overnight. They stuck another client in our time slot. Who can do without their car for that long? Had they called me, I would have rescheduled the appt. They had our phone number.
    I called Ford Motor Company’s Customer Relationship phone number. I spoke with “Reggie” who was less than helpful. I asked to speak with her supervisor. She told me I would have to wait 24 hours to speak with her supervisor. A company that make customers wait 24 hours to speak with a supervisor is asking for small problems to escalate to big problems. That is what happened.

  155. The worse customer service i have ever seen. i was on hold for over 30 minutes 3 times!!!

    Never even resolved my issue. Dealership is telling me one thing and there customer service is telling me something else

    I will never buy a ford vehicle again!!!!

  156. Hello, I have purchased 4 ford’s in my life. Recently, I purchased a used 2016 Ford Explorer with under 30k miles. Immediately after purchased we noticed the air conditioner was not working well. We took it to colonial ford in Plymouth MA where they replaced it under warranty. It still doesn’t work right, we had since moved to Charlotte NC where we finally brought it into Capital Ford in Charlotte. I re-contacted Plymouth Ford where they informed me the part was under warranty for 2 years, but Capital Ford in Plymouth then corrected this telling me because it was replaced while still under warranty the part was only under warranty for 1 year/12k miles which had elapsed. Here is my issue:
    1) How could a new AC compressor fail that fast
    2) How could a part be guaranteed differently if you paid for the replacement versus if it was warranty replaced?

    The whole thing appears very suspicious. I’ve tried to contact ford customer service, an AMERICAN Company and I can never get anyone on the phone except outside the US Call Centers. FORD doesn’t seem to care about their loyal customers, so unless this is resolved now I will no longer buy any more Ford’s and I will share my story with the Media.

  157. Not sure this will go anywhere considering the previous comments- sad. However I am writing concerning my Ford Escape that has engine issues and it is noted all over the internet the engines have been blowing up- LITERALLY!! I have articles that state..” Ford will cover any repairs from coolant leaking into the engine””…however Ford is not covering the cost to repair. I have called the so called ‘ customer care line’ , my dealer has reached out told no. I am seeking legal advise . I guess they will consider paying after we have a class action law suit for these damages. SAD.. I had a foreign car for 17 years tried Ford and in a years time total disappointment!! I am sure this will not e answered either

  158. My 2016 Ford 150 with 25,000 mi. on it was serviced 7/20/18. On 7/24/18 after compalaining to them that something was wrong with the truck, they found a bad cylinder. The maintenance person suggested either they needed to replace the engine or the cylinder. After calling Ford to replace the engine, they were told “only the cylinder”. this truck is under warranty and I do not feel comfortable driving a truck that is not 100% reliable. I feel the engine should be replaced and so do other mechanics.
    Can you help with this. It is Kelly Ford in Melbourne, Fl.

  159. My 2004 Aviator with 102,000 miles was serviced for what I was told a rod thrown in the engine, therefore I need an engine and was quoted at about $8,000.00. When I took my truck in initially on 7/11/18, I got a oil change rear brake service and Multi point inspection. At that visit I told them I was hearing a rattling noise near the front end of the car. The mechanic said he did not hear the noise at that visit. He asked me to reschedule to diagnose. I was rescheduled for 7/19/18. The noise had grown loud enough and the mechanic could hear and he return with the diagnoses of a bad engine and needed to be replaced. We gave the ok to replace the engine. We rented a car in the mean time, because they had no loaner car. We picked up the car on 8/7/18. The noise was worse than ever. I came back the same day to let them know that the same noise had gotten louder. I was told to bring it back on 8/14/18. However on 8/8/18, I took back the truck and spoke with the service manager and told her I did not feel comfortable driving the truck with all this noise and spending $8,845.00. She stated that this noise was a different noise. I told her that I felt like my engine was still good and they had made a mistake, because now they say the noise is the catalytic converter. But she also said the mechanic said the engine was bad and she had to go with what the mechanic said. We had no indication of a bad engine. No engine light, no oil leaks, no indicators at all of a bad engine. I think my engine was good and we only needed a catalytic converter. They gave me a loaner and told me they would make it right. I don’t expect to get back my money spent on an engine that was still good. What can I do now?

  160. I bought a 2015 Ford Flex in June of 2015 new. I only had 20100 miles on it. Several times this passed July the Steering Failure light came on so I took it in to be looked at. My husband was in the hospital and I waited for about an hour and Joel said they didn’t know what was wrong yet and I told them I had to get back to the hospital for my husband. So took it in at a later date and they said it would be $1996 to fix it. It was the racken pinon and not covered under warranty. I almost cried. Missed warranty by a few weeks. I did get it fixed, but not at the East Tn Ford.Crossville TN.

  161. I called in reference to an open case that I submitted 2 weeks ago. The customer service person refused to give me any information about the case and told me I had to work directly with the Service Department manager. When I asked what information they still needed to make a determination I was told “to call the service department manager.” When I asked why they refused to give me any information about the case I was told “contact the service department manager” When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told it would be 24-48 hours before anyone got back with me.

  162. I only know of Tim and Matt Webb whom was a wonderful friend and we were married for a while and stayed friends.
    My Daddy was Luther C Pool and his second wonderful lady was Joan Pool. My mom Joan purchased a Ford Focus 2007 about 3 years ago. I have so many things I need fixed due to car such as a transmission, a battery, tires again, and I believe brakes for real or I’m confused and after what I’ve been threw, I don’t think so. They towed my car after last flat (Sheriff’s dept. from another County, not Wake)
    Now, they cannot find my car. I need transportation no matter what it looks like. This is so bad because now I can’t take my son to school: Our friend is doing it or we have to call Lyft or a taxi. Please help us find our car.

  163. The heat was working on the passenger side of my vehicle, but not on the driver’s side. When I questioned the service writer what the diagnosis code or broken part was, the answer was “none/nothing”. I was given a bill for $258 for something they can’t give me a code for, nor a part number for. I was then told Ford did a software update, and it was “hit or miss” if it would affect your vehicle. When I asked if this was something I could fix myself I was told no, and also told ONLY a Ford dealer could fix it. I’m having a REALLY hard time understanding how Ford did a software update, that still had bugs in it, that then broke my car and I have to pay for it when it is my vehicle, not a lease, and Ford did not have my permission to alter my vehicle’s software. I will be pursuing this matter with the District Service Manager and corporate until it is resolved. If the issue is not resolved I will never purchase another Ford in our household again.

  164. we have a ford explorer / when we first bought this vehicle the pass side handle on the pillar, the plug on the bottom always falls out// then in the inside door panel, the molding slit where there had to be a weakness in the molded material

  165. Recently we noted there was dampness in the back seat again. We “assumed” it was a different problem given the previous assurances and did not mention it when we took it to another Service group. After a great deal of troubleshooting, they determined it was a leak at the rear lamp assy. The exact same problem that was supposedly fixed last time. So much for it not being a recurring problem. This time we spent $349.61 to get the problem fixed. It was their assessment it was a product issue.
    At this point we have damages in the back seat from all of the water and we are out $570. We believe Ford should either compensate us for the expenditure (on a problem that never should have happened) or, at a minimum, replace the back seats in the truck and resolve the damage caused by this product deficiency.

  166. I wrote a letter to Ford Customer relations (Dearborn) and have not heard back as of today. Furthermore I had another less than satisfying experience with the parts department at my dealership and desire that somebody that cares contact me.
    Thank you,

  167. Bob Bell Ford advertised a 2018 Ford Edge for $26000, marked down from $41000. I bought a new 2016 Explorer 3 years ago and wanted a new Ford for my wife. I got in touch with Ken Golder and he said he would call me back. When he did, he said it was a mistake and thanked me for calling so they could change the price, which needed to be done on all the vehicles. There was no apology and I was not offered anything. As of 2 days ago they had not been changed. I consider this a loss leader and very dishonest.

  168. Ford customer service team is a bunch of cowards. I have reached to them numerous times and cant get a response. They have changed a life long ford man into someone that will never set foot into another one. I will continue to slander ford till I die due to the lack of customer care they portray. Thanks ford, for making me finally drive a real truck(Toyota). Your incompetent employees finally did me a favor in making me now hate you guys now!

  169. Hi,

    Thought Id ask if there would be a good time to briefly get in touch this week.

    There were some ideas for I wanted to quickly run by you (Mostly relating to how we can help develop more traffic/leads)

    Would you be open to quickly connecting with my reps to discuss? Just reply here with a good number/time if interested.


  170. Our Ford Expedition has been a nightmare due to a manufacturing defect that does not actually seal water out of the vehicle. In a year of ownership it has spent three months in the shop trying to correct the issue but all they have accomplished is moving the location of the leak. It is a health and safety issue at this point because wire harnesses have has to be replaced because they have melted with the water exposure. The latest issue is because of the soaking of the seatbelts repeatedly there is a mold problem and our 8 year old constantly goes into coughing fits once he is in the expedition. The greatest part is the issues has bever been resolved and the mileage has just gone over for the warranty and ford does not want to acknowledge any responsibility. The Ford customer group does act with great cowardice because they will never tell you know they let dealerships be the middle man to do that so they can waste your time on the phone with no intention of giving a resolution. My wife loves the expedition but due to the negligence of Ford to correct the issues and the vehicle becoming a health and safety hazard we are now looking at other brands who will stand behind their product.

  171. To Whom It May Concern,
    I purchased this truck on Nov. 15,2018. I was told the truck would be delivered to Dejana Truck and Utility Equipment between Nov 30th and Dec 6th, 2018. That did not happen. I started calling Ronnie on Dec 8th to get the progress and got no response.
    After visiting Dejana myself on Dec 10th I was told the truck was not there. I then called Ronnie again. He said he would check on it. His response was “they can’t find the truck” and the carrier is on strike.
    I left several messages asking for an update.
    On Dec 19th Ronnie told me the Ford Rep was coming into the office and he/she would get this straightened out. I called Ronnie on Dec 20th at 4:17 pm. He text me and said “can I call you later”. I replied “yes”. I never got that call back!! I finally received a “text” on Dec 26th at 9:13pm. The text was “I have truck. I sent a private carrier to Jessup to grab it. I have Dejana picking it up in the a.m.”
    Still no call back!!
    Oh and by the way, I have received the title AND my payment info.
    On Dec 31, 2018 I made my 1st payment. STILL NO TRUCK!!
    I also traded my truck in on this deal so I have no old truck(2016) and no new truck (2019)
    I called Ronnie on Jan 1, 2019 and left a message to please call me back and give me an update.
    I want someone to tell me when this truck is going to be complete.
    I am very disappointed in the way I have been treated after spending almost $80,000.00

  172. Very good web site
    Senior has had damage to her car while in Service at Ford Dealer ship.

    I wish to tell you all about it I have an appointment so will do later

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