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Contacting Forbes Customer Service Center

The name Forbes is associated with top 10 lists, powerful news stories and trusted information. The information comes as part of just one side of the Internet media company. There is also a print magazine that differs slightly from the online edition. There is no mention if Forbes will eventually move to online-only, like Newsweek, but we expect most print magazines will make the move.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Number

Forbes customer service is available on the east coast and west coast. There are also a few additional phone numbers we’ve provided for your convenience. We did not notice any customer service hours, but we’ll attempt to fill in that information when we call Forbes customer service.

After calling the customer service line we found out customers have to call between 7 AM and 9:30 PM Monday – Friday or 8 AM and 6 PM Saturday. All hours are central standard time.

  • Forbes Phone Number East Coast: 1-212-620-2200
  • Forbes Phone Number West Coast: 1-415-544-4800
  • Forbes Magazine: 1-800-295-0893
  • 1-212-366-8900

Mailing Address

Just like the phone numbers, we found multiple addresses for Forbes customer service. We chose to list all the addresses so you have choice of where to send your letter.

Forbes East Coast Office60 5th AveNew York, NY 10011


Forbes West Coast Office250 Montgomery StSte 800San Francisco, CA 94104


Forbes.com980 5th AveNew York, NY 10011

Official Website

You can find Forbes online at The site looks more like a news portal than a company website. The latest stories from Forbes magazine are listed on the front page as written by Forbes staff, but there is also access to popular posts and current news.

Social Media

Customer Service Email

We expected there to be a customer service email form or address of some kind, but none is listed on the About Us or Contact Us page, though tons of other information is listed there. We did find email addresses for the editor and corrections, which we’ve listed here.

Our Experience

We chose to test the customer service line to find out the hours of operation. The line was closed, but the automated system gave us the information we were looking for. The customer service line is open from 7 AM to 9:30 PM CT, Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 6 PM CT, Saturday.

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28 Comments on “Contact Forbes Customer Service
  1. I’ve gotten E-Mail saying that I ordered some Magazines. I right away E-Mailed back saying that I did not order the Magazine but if somehow I hit the wrong button, I did not want the Magazine. Someone said they would turn it over to Customer Service. Now I have a Bill for $12.00. I know that Business is Bad but do you really have to force the Issues on people?. Doesn’t anyone there have any Sense. I DONT WANT YOUR MAGAZINE!!!!!.

  2. I also have gotten a bill for Forbes magazine and never ordered the magazine in the first place. I wondered why they were sending me free magazines. Now I have a bill for $59.95. I would appreciate a response to this problem. I don’t want your magazine.

  3. Signed up for a new subscription several months ago and have receiv ed the journals recently. I am awaiting the watch that you promoted for my nephew. If the offer is no longer available please let me know.

    Phil Jutras

  4. What a horrible customer service for a reputed magazine like this. And stop fraudulent marketing techniques. Be truthful, if you promise something to renew subscription, be honest and send it. If you do not have enough supply , do not use false marketing and promises and not fulfill your promise. I have called three times, and I was promised by different people in your customer service that your free gift of world clock and digital calendar is on way, as apart of promise for renewing Magazine subscription. It is now more than 4 months, with three false promises and assurances, I have not received it. Why can they not be honest and tell truth? Why such a reputed company has to use such misleading and false techniques? Would somebody care to reply?

  5. I accepted an offer for a free copy of magazine and itI arrived in a few days. On the first of the month, i received a “statement of account” for issues I ordered – savings rate included like they were doing me a favor. First thought : ignore this ridiculousness. Second thought; cleat this up so it doesn’t affect my credit trading ten years from now. Trying to reach someone from customer service is like trying to teach a CIA operative. WTH?

  6. I’m very surprised by the bias in your presentation of the segment by Paul Trustful which is Promotion|Emerging Markets. He has featured one country more than 3 times in the last 8 months as if there are no other countries in Africa besides DRC and Mauritius. I’m an African and would love to see my country featured too, but besides the point I want all African countries featured in subsequent editions of your august magazine so that we may know what’s going on there economically other than what we hear from the governments.
    I’m very impressed with the piece by Steve Forbes on ‘Facts & Comments’ section that he writes especially in regards with the IMF & The World Bank with their false fiscal prescriptions to economic problems that needed more local incentives and creativity to fix.
    I really agree with him on the ‘Currency Board’ idea as well as the low tax rate , subsidies and laborlaws.
    Hope to see other countries featured in your next editions. Thanks for your education of the people.

  7. I received an email but do not want to subscribe to Forbes magazine. I cannot afford to pay for this magazine I am only in high school and just wanted to subscribe to the magazine. In conclusion I would like to not have to pay for the magazine and unsubscribe.

  8. I would like to ask for assistance i am a south african a member of ethekwini community church base in south africa province of kwazulu natal in durban area we want to buy this build we using as a house of worship now the bank offers 70 percent and we trying to raise 5m inorder to buy this building yet by april lease of aggrement to rent is expiring now by that time we wont even b close to the 3/4 of the amount the bank needs could you please assist us any kind of help is appreciated

  9. I have received an invoice for a $20. subscription that I did not order. I have not a clue as to how this happened, but please do not send any more magazines as I do not want to have to pay for something I did not order. Thank you and I am sorry for the mix up.

  10. I never order any magazines.iam wondering why they did this. it is of no use to me because i dont get time to waste. I recieve a bill for 29.99 and never get any .Please do not send any magazine to my address.I do not get them. I want all issues to be CANCELLEDas of dated 04/ 23/15 (Do not send) Thank you and have a great day

  11. I never order any forbes magazines. I am wondering why they did this?and also i recieve a bill for 29.99 and never get any thing.please do not send any magazine to my address.I want all issues to be CANCELLED as of dated 06/25/15 (Do not send) thank you and send me conformation of cancelation information. Thank you.

  12. I am writing you to stop sending me your somewhat threating letter to me ,I have not ordered any magazines from you.You are sending collection letter to me saying if I don’t pay you for something that was ordered five months ago Thank You very much for

  13. I received a late payment invoice for $10.00 for 12 issues that I NEVER ORDERED nor RECEIVED. What’s even sleazier, is that the invoice doesn’t even have a phone number on it. Just send payment to PO Box 5474, Harlan, IQ 51526. I DO NOT OWE YOU, I do not want your magazine.

  14. I called 1 month ago and ask to cancel my subscription which I never order.
    Somebody told me that I will get just one issue and subscription will be canceled.
    But I already got second issue and a bill for 20 issues.
    I am so unhappy with you service and I tell all my friend about your bad service.
    My account #FRBO182034959/8#.
    I will never have service with you and your horrible customer service.

  15. I never order any forbes magazines. And also i recieve a bill for 29.99 and never get any thing. Please do not send any magazine to my address. I want all issues to be CANCELLED as of dated 08/05/15

  16. I received a bill from you advising that I owe $10.00 for a subscription that I never ordered or received. Your records are wrong so please stop sending me bills.
    If you have any evidence that I ordered the subscription send it to me by email to verify your claim.

  17. yesterday I received a copy of the Jan. 18, 2016, edition of Forbes Magazine. I did not order this magazine nor do I want it. Stop sending any further copies. I am not about to pay for something I did not subscribe to nor do I want.

  18. Seems this deceptive practice used by Forbes is how he really made his millions!
    Exactly the same situation with me. What can I do to get this issue resolved? Email
    sent,yet I found yet another invoice in my mail! Please post a reply answering my
    question! Thank you.

  19. Just recieved a bill from a COLLECTION Agency for a magazine I NEVER ordered. Tried calling the collection company but would not allow communication unless one had their account ready for payment. Tried calling Forbes customer service but was tangled in the directory which NEVER once mentioned customer service or billing issues. This sounds a lot like a scam I need to report to our state’s authorities.

  20. Stop sending your magazines and Bills saying I owe you. I have never request any of your magazines. The account # on the Bill is 0251982187. I Never ask for the magazines and Do Not want your magazine mail to me even if they are FREE. If I receive another one in the Mail I will call the Better Business and Report Your Company. Just reading complaints from others on your Website it seems like I am not the only one you sending books to that have not request them. PLEASE STOP. Ms. Thomas

  21. I never order the magazine . This passed week I receives the magazine and I never gave it a thought of it until I got a bill for it . You can have your magazine and your bill too … . Its Mothers Day. Happy Mothers Day !

  22. This is crazy! I had no idea why Forbes started sending me magazines… since I didn’t order any. Then I got a bill…no mention of Forbes exists on the envelope… But in the window, shows “Receipt Verification Audit Dept.”. Opened on my way to trash can and noticed it was a bill!

    Nicely worded letter from Stephen Howard about hoping I received my issues, but they aren’t sure since the “invoices” have gone unanswered. Duh! I have considered ( in the past) possibly ordering… But this horrible experience of getting something I never asked for, then the letter demanding payment… I don’t think I will ever be a Forbes fan. Shame on you…no way to talk to a humane being to try to cancel. I’m done! Don’t want magazines that I never asked for, nor bills that I did’ agree to!

  23. Forced Adblock whitelisting is not acceptable. Start making decent business models or loose customers. We do not want adverts on our sites, especially when you cannot guarantee virus free/malware free adverts (which we have seen again, and again…)!

    Start acting responsibly. Care about your customers. Don’t harass them!

  24. I received a post card where it states that you will charged my credit card for a subscription in the amount of 31.95 for 26 issues WHICH I DID NOT APPROVE OF THIS NEW SUBSCRIPTION EXTENSION !! Please cancel this subscription before it starts !! DO NOT CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD!!

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