Contact Fitbit Customer Service

Contacting Fitbit Customer Service Center

Contacting Fitbit Customer Service Center

Fitbit is a technology company founded in 2007 with the sole purpose of making the lives of customers better. The founders realized that customers needed a product that was relevant, timely and assisted them move more and achieve overall health and wellbeing. Fitbit is the result of years of planning and innovation. The health and fitness product helps customers reach fitness goals and create a feeling of empowerment. Considering the company is relatively new to the industry, you may need to contact the customer service team to voice concerns or ask questions. You can connect with the customer service department by traditional mail, email, through social media or by phone.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-877-623-4997
  • Sales (New Zealand): +64 9 913 7520
  • Customer Service (France): 01 55 21 01 49
  • Customer Service (Spain): +34 93 318 46 69

Mailing Address

Fitbit150 Spear St.San Francisco, CA 94105

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Fitbit website have the ability to learn about the innovative product and services. You can read the information relating to liking the devices to your existing mobile device as well as linking the devices to a Wi-Fi enabled scale. There is a section or the website allowing customers to connect with a community spanning the globe. If you need additional information relating to products or services, we recommend visiting the Customer Support page.

Social Media

In the event you cannot reach a live agent, we suggest connecting with the customer service department through social media. There were several conversations, especially on Twitter, that the customer service team responded to in less than 12 hours.

Customer Service Email

There were several email addresses available so customers can connect with the customer service department. We utilized the customer feedback form and asked about the hours of operation. This information was not available on the website. We are waiting for a response from the customer service department.

Our Experience

We called the customer service department and reached a live agent in less than 90 seconds. After the representative answered the call, we asked several questions relating to the availability of the product as well as the return policy. The agent answered all of concerns and eased our fears. The overall experience was perfect. Can you say the same? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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239 Comments on “Contact Fitbit Customer Service
  1. I have tried to solve my problem on you website, not finding anything close to an answer.
    I lost my tracker but have all the other parts . My question is can I by just the tracker or do I have to purchase a New Bracelet etc.

    Simple question!

    Makes me wonder why you are so unavailable! To Keep people interested in you product. Customer Service is the Key.

    Fitbit Customer service where are you?

    • 2nd call to customer service both calls received amazing service! Had an issue with the band on my charger and within 5 mins a replacement is on its way! Very helpful Fitbit rep.

  2. I LOVE my fitbit but my black wristband cracked..I then purchashed a 3 pack of new ones and the plastic fastener broke.


    • Ian trying to send Fitbit a photo of my charge 2 watch unable to do so. Want instructions on how to sent photo for evaluation of the crack in the face please respond back thanks.

  3. I love my Fitbit. But I achieved my 15,000 steps three days in a row. But no badge. I would like to have my badge please.

  4. I just lost my fitbit because it fell off my wrist. I think they need a different kind of clasp. So sad, because I really miss my fitbit. But hesitate to buy a new one.

  5. Hello,

    I am writing to you as I have lost my fit at a water park, I don’t know how, but it came out on a slide. I was wondering if I can get a new one.

    Thank you so much for help! very much appreciated.


  6. I have tried contacting the customer service for fitbit for 3 days now. the website always is down. there is no email for customer service and the phone number is not working. FRUSTRATING! It works about as well as the clasp on the fitbit. I have lost it once again and I understand they replace it.

  7. Is there anyway that I can get a band a little larger because my wrist is a little larger than normal.Can u tell me where I can get one or order one I will need a extra large.

  8. Cannot sync my fitbit Charge to any device, cannot get hold of customer service for help. Not impressed. Bought two for presents, returning them!

    • I have been trying to contact customer service team, after buying 3 fit bits for myself and presents after setting it all up I went for a walk a give it a try only to find when I got home the fitbit had fallen off??? first time very sad and disappointed can’t even speak to team member regarding faulty catch ? Would love to hear from fitbit team.

  9. On 12-13-14 my husband purchased a FitBit Charge from Dick’s in Mooresville, NC of which was given to me for Christmas – I instantly fell in love (hence disposing of the packaging.) However, after about 2 or 3 days of using the gadget during I noticed that the data I was receiving could not possibly be accurate. As a group exercise instructor at a local gym I am aware of approximately how many calories are burned during a variety of workouts. While I feel the calories listed are accurate for when I run and do callisthenic/tabata type exercises it is not serving its purpose during weights, row and spin classes. In addition to this, the sleep data is random saying things like I took 5 steps in the middle of the night but also that I never work up. After researching FitBit I learned that the FitBit Charge HR is going to be released soon. I think this product will be more accurate with data since it will have constant heart monitoring system. I took the device to Dicks tonight with original sales receipt that my husband had kept. I was informed “I need to have the original packaging. If I can’t resell it, I have no use for it.” I was not asking for my money back but simply for store credit so when the Charge HR comes out I could add some money to the store credit and purchase what I hope to be a more accurate activity band. This led me to contact FitBit directly about their 45 day satisfaction guarantee only to be told that it was only if I purchased directly from them and not from a retailer. So basically here I am stuck with a $130 piece of equipment that is of no use to me and it isn’t something I would give or recommend to the students in my classes as I only want them to use the best devices possible when it comes to helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. Why is it impossible to return something that isn’t accurate when I have the receipt and then purchase something that is supposed to be more accurate?

  10. Have attempted to Fitbit throug the Australian telephone number listed on your web page ANF he email address.
    The responses from the telephone number was that it was incorrectly listed and they could not provide the correct number . Most unhefull!
    The email address replied with a redirect but at this stage no response received.
    As attempting to track whether an online order was activated or not in accordance with a system error message after it was submitted this is not only frustrating but lead to me wonder whether your site has been hijacked or is it is just that the site needs update.
    An urgent response is required please.


  12. How accurate is the count for steps taken in a day? Also why is it not keeping tract of the steps I go up and down? I have the fir bit charger. Not sure the step are being counted accurately.

    • Excellent service tracker was not working are sending a new one.
      should arrive in 1-3 days no shipping charge.
      Wait time was less then 5 minutes for a rep.

  13. Hi, bought fibit has only been 2 was on wrist then coming home from the beach realized wasn’t there anymore:( don’t know how it could of detach from wrist. Is it possible for another new one.

  14. My Flex’s lights are not turning on, even if I charged and restarted my tracker. I wasn’t able to use it for couple of months. When I plug it to PC the lights stay open at all times, but as soon as I disconnect it, it doesn’t work anymore. Please advise.
    I am located in Vienna – Austria.

  15. I have purchased a Fitbit surge and there are two problems,

    1. The light seems to be dimmed in the bottom left corner
    The steps do not count correctly I regularly need to tap the watch to get it going

    I have only had the surge for just over a week, I have reset it and powered down several times

    What can I do from here

  16. Feb 25,
    After having two other fitbit products, and being reasonably happy, i bought a new Fitbit charge HR off of Ebay. Two days after i started wearing it my arm broke out in a severe rash. Contacted fitbit and all they have done is ignore me….i guess when they have a problem with their product hiding is their answer.

  17. My girlfrien bought Fitbit for my for Christmas. It is almost march and I am still not able to get to work this silly fitbit. I wasted so much time to solve the problem but still does not work. I would not pay 130au when I soo my present I thought it was 20 au. I do not like it cos it does not work.

  18. i can’t sync my Fitbit to my computer and my phone after having
    It several months so I would like to know what the deal
    Is with that.. It should always sync to your devices regardless…
    I spent a lot on this an thought it would be worth it
    Oh well I guess it’s not worth it at all

    • If your device is not syncing or is having other issues, typically restarting the device will correct it. I’ve had experience with this:
      1. Plug your charging cable into your computer.
      2. Plug your One tracker into the charging cable, making sure that the gold contacts on your tracker align with the gold contacts in the inside of the charger.
      3. Hold down your tracker’s button for 10-12 seconds.
      4. Remove your tracker from the charging cable and press its button until the screen turns on.
      Your tracker should now work normally.
      If your tracker still doesn’t work after a restart, contact Customer Support (/?cu=1).

  19. I’d love to ring and speak to a customer service agent to have my issue rectified but there isn’t a number listed for australia. Do I have to call America to get help?

  20. FYI the NZ contact number you have listed is a personal number. I feel for the guy who answered my call because apparently he has had a number of calls. His advice? Call the US number or go to the Fitbit website for details. The guy should be getting paid a commission!

  21. I have had my Fitbit now for approximately two months and love it. However I have now stopped wearing it due to the fact that the device needs charging every day. When I first started using the fitbit the battery would last for about a week, which is what I was expecting. It is now impractical to wear it and have to recharge the device every day. Others tell me they charge theirs weekly. How can mine be fixed please?

    • Try rebooting your device:
      1. Plug your charging cable into your computer.
      2. Plug your One tracker into the charging cable, making sure that the gold contacts on your tracker align with the gold contacts in the inside of the charger.
      3. Hold down your tracker’s button for 10-12 seconds.
      4. Remove your tracker from the charging cable and press its button until the screen turns on.
      Your tracker should now work normally.
      If your tracker still doesn’t work after a restart, contact Customer Support (/?cu=1).

  22. I purchased a fitbit aria scale 2 weeks ago and set it up for myself as the only user. It worked well until 2 days…now when I step on the scale I get a guest reading and not mine???

  23. I have had the fitbit flex since November last year and just updated the app on my computer and now my fitbit wont sync to my computer done everything that you go through to try and fix the problem but nothing is happening…….. please help cause I’m lost without it. Regards Patricia

  24. I was given a Fitbit for my birthday last November- In February 2015 it just stopped working.I went to the store and they replaced it (with extra payment) with a Charge. The Charge stopped working last week March 2015- won’t hold charge. I took it to the store and they said it failed due to water penetration. How can you market such a product that you cant shower with? No where on the packaging is there advice or warnings about this serious product deficiency !

    All in all, If I don’t get a full refund I will be telling everyone I can about this crap product and my appalling experiences- it is definitely NOT fit for purpose.

  25. For two months I had a wonderful time with my Fitbit, loved it, couldn’t wait to check my steps, calories each night, but right from the start I was aware that the wrist strap was not very secure and would fall off when brushed against clothes etc.
    I was forever checking to see if the Fitbit was still on my wrist, but inevitably it fell off and I lost if for good.
    I am really upset about this.

  26. i got a fitbit for my birthday and the band is coming apart and the Australian phone number is wrong and don’t work and i have email them 2 times and get no email back about what to do. they need to work on the customer Service skills by getting back to the customers ASAP.

  27. We got our fitbit for Christmas. We really like it . The fitbit keeps us motivated everyday. But when we go in your sight to track our steps, active minuts, and calories. It takes us many times to get in. Sometimes you are having trouble. This is very annoying.And now you changed up the active minutes. We are ready to just keep our own records. How can you resolve this.

  28. I just wanted to report how dis appointed I am on how cheap the wrist band is made. I purchased a fit bit charge about one week ago and after a day or two wearing it, I noticed how easy it came un done. Today on my lunch break, as I usually did, go to look to see my progress and its gone.. I am so disappointed as I suffer with MS and the main purpose of purchasing this fit bit was to monitor my sleeping patterns. I can not re purchase one as this one was only one week old and with them not staying shut and secure , only concerns me. I paid the price to have mine one week. Anyways loved the concept and watching my goals increase and trying to get better sleeping habits . Just unfortunately cant afford to go buy a new one after only one week use, before the band gave out. My wife said hers does the same thing she is just lucky she has felt hers fall or come away from the wrist. so I can confirm this has to be because of the make up. Thanks Steve Barnes

    • My charge button fell off and is now lost. The band is also coming apart on the inside. Is was such a waste of money. The return policy and 45 day warranty is a joke. I got mine for Christmas and didn’t fall apart until April.

  29. Hi my Name is Cheryl & My Husband bought me a fit bit for my Birthday on the Weekend . I only had it on for about 20mins when I realised it was no longer on my wrist . We had gone for a walk to see my steps you could image how upset I was to have lost it . We tracked where we had walked but was not found , the clip must have been faulty to have fallen off so easily with out me noticing .. My husband has the receipt for proof of purchase
    Kind Regards Cheryl

  30. Both my husband and I have the Charge. I love the motivation it provides and competition with friends and family. After 3 months, both have ceased to work. They will not even turn on or hold a charge. Who do I contact to have them replaced?

  31. The original fitbit charge that I purchased from the website did not work. I spent considerable time on hold and finally reached customer service. The rep gave me a work around that was supposed to fix the problem. It didn’t. After again wasting time on hold I was connected to the Philippines and the rep said they would send me a replacement. They did. The replacement worked for exactly 2 days and then failed. Again on hold. The rep said they would send me another replacement. These devices clearly have an engineering flaw. Unless you enjoy spending time on hold, and receiving a second defective product, buy a tracker from a different company.

  32. Was given fitbit charge as. Present 3 months ago and have loved it up until now. Little button on side (mode) button fell off , hence can not access any of the modes. Have tried customer service here in Australia – useless! Have tried to email US customer service only to be advised it would cost me $50 for an answer- R U SERIOUS! So fitbit – product and idea is great, customer service is disgusting!! So very disappointed, will not be purchasing a replacement – will try other brands first.

  33. No live support at all in Australia. I have a faulty product and to date has not been able to talk to anybody at FITBIT.

  34. I purchased the accessories wristbands (only) from your online store. The delivery was prompt but wrong size were delivered (small instead of large).
    I don’t know how to go about returning them for the correct ones.
    I’ve tried looking for a phone number to contact someone but it appears that Fitbit Australia cannot be contacted by phone.
    Can you help?

  35. I am just plum dissapointed.. This thing has worked right for at least a month I’ve had it 2..I believe I have a lemon.. I have friends with them and they also believe I got a bad one.. I just would like a replacement.. But you call and your on hold 15 min to be exact.. I hung up. Really? A company that’s making big $ can’t help some one the has help pay the bills.. Sad if you ask me

  36. I am just plum dissapointed.. This thing has worked right for at least a month I’ve had it 2..I believe I have a lemon.. I have friends with them and they also believe I got a bad one.. I just would like a replacement.. But you call and your on hold 15 min to be exact.. I hung up. Really? A company that’s making big $ can’t help some one the has help pay the bills.. Sad if you ask me

    • This is what has happened to the company sadly. From a much loved product with great website interface to dropping it’s loyal customers like hotcakes. They are censoring their online blog sites as well. Millions of disgruntled people losing a product we loved so much. Don’t expect anything positive back from them.

  37. I question how you figure out how many steps taken among other inaccuracies. I have a Fitbit charge and it seems not accurate most of the time

  38. So disappointed!I just use fitbit flex few times, then it would not connect with my mobilephone unless using USBcharge!!! Is the quality of fitbit so bad?I am thinking do i need to buy a new one ( fitbit charge hr)???

  39. Do you really want to know. Right now customer service is not my favorite. I have not been able to sync my fitbit one. I keep getting a not working message. Did all that customer service asked. I sent another e-mail telling them that it was still not working and they sent me a reply saying that they were glad that my fitbit was now syncing.Well I guess they did not read my e-mail correctly. I have tried over and over to get it to sync and nothing. And customer service has not gotten back to me since my last e-mail.I am at my wits end. Guess I am not an important customer.

  40. I buy fitbit from target store
    but i have some problem charge device to setup or sync, not connect to the tracker .
    first time when i try to setup on prosess but my leptop battery is running low and shutdown , when i try to setup or sync again then not connecting tracker not paired with fitbit .
    i am waiting for on email support from fitbit team please.
    thanking you,
    Krishna Chaudhari

  41. Let me first say thank you Gadi Amit and his team for for making Fitbit. I bought mine on May 21, 2015 and began a great journey. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 47 years and know that in order not to be a causality of this disease I need to stay active, Fitbit is allowing me to do just that. I also began on May 21 a million step walk to honor my son, who at 13 was diagnosed with diabetes and who at 23 took his own life , not only because of the disease, but other mental issues. His birthday day is August 15 and my Fitbit is helping me to honor my son. It well be great on the day my Fitbit well not only do the things it does, but also well be able to read my blood sugars. That would be a life saver for the 24,000,000 Americans who have this disease.
    Thanks again


  43. bought this junk yesterday-7/18/2015-after charging noticed it had a months worth of data-this morning showed 300+ calories used after the reset at midnight. info in help says email customer support with reason for complete reset and wipe out of data that is not mine. email address??? chalking this up to a waste of 100 dollars and moving on with life.

    • Customer service does not exist at this company. I was given a “Zip” for Father’s Day and loved it. Was planning to get one for my girlfriend. I used it all day everyday until it stopped working completely a week ago. l I have never experienced a company that makes it more difficult to get help with a defective product and have the warranty honored. I emailed “support” simply to get an address to return this thing to in order to get a replacement and have been waiting THREE DAYS for a reply. That’s just to get the address! Now I want my money back because I am within the 45 days but I’m imagining they will stall until that time period is up. I am done with Fitbit. Great idea, but there is much more to good business than just coming up with a cool product.

  44. Love my Surge, had it for 3 months.Helps me stay more active, fit, and lose weight. Suddenly two days ago, the display clouded over and the tracker stopped working. I just called Customer Service and they are going to ship out a new one no questions asked. Carlos expedited this process which only took about 10 minutes.
    Assuming the new Surge arrives soon and works, this is tremendous customer support and service!
    Thank you!
    Bob Currie

    • Stick around Bob, you will soon find that you don’t count in the scheme of things. Your experience is unusual. This is from someone who has loved the product for years.

  45. I posted some comments earlier that for some reason are “awaiting moderation.” Not sure why, there was noting in it other than my displeasure about being unable to contact Fitbit. Anyhow, thanks to this website and the contact info posted at the top of this page, I was able to contact Fitbit. I spoke with a young woman named Celena who could not have been more helpful. She asked me my problem and immediately set about helping me. I could not be more please with the courtesy and service she showed me. Really hard to understand. I copied the email l just sent her below. It pretty much explains how I feel and also my confusion.

    Thank-you so much for your help. I really liked the Zip I was given. When it stopped working I was very disappointed. However, that disappointment turned into frustration when I could not find any way to contact Fitbit, other than by email. No address, no phone #, nothing on your website. I sent an email expressing my dismay and asking for contact information over three days ago. I have not received a response to that email yet. It was only when I searched online for customer service complaints about Fitbit that I was led to a site that posted your phone # and address. I called and you personally could not have been more helpful. Had I not found that contact information I would have never done business with Fitbit again.

    I am puzzled why a company that is creating and marketing such innovative and useful products, and who obviously has some excellent people working for it in customer relations, like you, would choose to make it so difficult for customers to find the contact information necessary to obtain warranty help. I hope you will pass this on to the folks who make those decisions. Based on many postings I have read on various sites, I am not the only person who has felt this frustration. As I stated, I really like your product; and you were awesome, why not have the phone # for customer service on the website? I intend to repost and say how helpful you were to me, but again, had I not found the phone # I would still be unhappy.

    Celena, thank-you again for your help. Have a great day.

    • I have been wearing my fitbit and suddenly realized that the time changed to a wrong time over 2 hours off. I tried the method suggested: plug it in to computer, press button 10-12 seconds, unplug and reset. That didn’t work. is there another suggestion?

  46. Very upset right now – the latch on my small black fitbit charge became loose and the wristband would pop off my wrist at random times during exercise, walking, just about anything, etc. I was very careful with it but now it has come off again during exercise and I cannot locate it. It could be somewhere on the streets of downtown Kansas City as that is where I walk/run. I am supposed to use the fitbit as part of Americo Financial Life and Annuity health program in order to assist me with reducing my health insurance costs. The wristband connector should not be so shoddy as to come open when you are working out. This is its purpose to track you when you are doing exercise. I would like to request that you send me a replacement fitbit charge at no cost but I doubt that your customer service will see fit to do so. My coworker’s came off and it got ran over by a car and she got a replacement but was able to send you a picture. I can’t send a picture because mine is somewhere where it fell off. I really need the fitbit charge for my health insurance reduction cost. I would appreciate anything you could do for me regarding this matter.

  47. Received a fitbit charge for my birthday in JULY of 2015. Charge only lasts 2 days TOPS. Everyone else that has one says that’s not so with there’s….what can I do?

  48. Why has this company dropped it’s loyal customers? After spending a lot of money on fitbit products, we have been dumped, disregarded. No positive replies from your moderators. No support to disgruntled devotees of your product, who have convinced so many others to use the product for so long. What a fool I was.

  49. I have written an email today but not sure if it was USA or AU contacts
    I noticed last night my flex was flat,I never received an email saying it was flat so I put it on charge all night
    Go up this morning and exercised from 530 til 630, it was working but later in the day I checked and found that it is totally dead,it will not light up or charge
    Please help

  50. I have received notification for my badges for yesterday, but this information or exercise recorded for fitbit for yesterday is not displayed on the website or app. Today’s has started to record. What is going on here?

  51. my Fitbit did not record Friday sleep on Friday. It recorded it as Saturday and consequently, Saturday is now Sunday. My time zone is set as Sydney & has not been changed. I cannot manually change it. Help

  52. I bought my fitbit flex 3 months ago. I cannot get it to stay charged. I get all 5 lights lit on my computer. The minute I insert it in the band it quits flashing and won’t flash even if you tap it. I have read everything online I could. It appears charged until I put it on.

  53. I contacted Fitbit support since the non-replaceable band on the Charge HR that I purchased for my son as a Christmas gift broke. Like many other users have experienced, the rubber around the pin that holds the strap ‘buckle’ tore through, rendering the product unusable.

    Admittedly, I did not know what e-mail address my son used to set up his Fitbit account when I called (and he couldn’t remember either), but the support person was incredibly condescending while I was trying to figure out what it was. Sorry if you were having a bad day for some other reason, Mr. Support Guy, please remember that being an ass to your employer’s customers is entirely unnecessary.

  54. I have only had my fit bit since August and the plastic piece that connects to where you charge it broke off and now it wont charge I need this replaced asap. I have the fitbit charge hr Please contact me about getting this replaced. Thank you

  55. Since I bought my fitbit Charge HR last month I have not been able to pair it with Bluetooth hence not able to settle account n functions properl. I hv been looking for fitbit help desk contact number in Australia with no success. Cud anybody kind give me the contact number for help on

  56. I sent a letter to Fitbit at the published customer service address in San Francisco at 150 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 and it was returned to sender.

    How do I send my letter to Fitbit Customer Service

    Thank you

  57. I am a very unhappy customer/ I have had four Fitbit Ones, and one was lost, and you kindly replaced it. The other three have all done the same thing. Quit tracking! All have functioned well until about two or Three months usage. Then they start to loose battery power and even though charged, they no longer will track. I have a lot of badges and close to 2,000 walking miles on record which I hate to loose, because my Fitbit”. s malfunction. You have replaced two of them, but it just keeps happening. I hate to, as I like the format of your program, but I have decided to try and find a more reliable product. I hope you will work in this area to make your product function as it should in tracking. Sincerely Yours……..Karen J. Thomas.

  58. My Fitbit is a piece of junk. It was a Mother’s day gift and it fell to pieces a little over a month ago. It has a 12 month warranty but it is impossible to find out what to do to make a claim. Only phone number in America, I should have rung while I was there but I expected good service in Australia. So I just have to chuck it in the bin. Hard to explain to my son’s why I’m not wearing it.

  59. I purchased my fitbit in February 2015 in Melbourne. I’ve been very happy with the product however the strap around the display unit and larger support arm has disengaged from the display unit. this happened over the last 3 weeks and is getting more separated each day.

    I am unsure what to do, if there is an option to replace the strap or if I have to get a completely new unit.

    your advice would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards


  60. I love my Fitbit and lost it several times,and fortunately found it. however, I Lost my Fitbit forever this weekend. I am so sad. I’m thinking of finding something else where the wrist band is better. I need a wrist band that will stay on like a watch band.

  61. i loved the way my Fitbit flex recorded my steps and the fun I had with family and friends on the weekend challenges. My Fitbit fell off my wrist three times in the past month and then a few days ago it must have fallen off while walking in the park and My Fitbit is gone forever. I am sad about it because I did like the format but I’m thinking I should try a different brand that has a wrist band that keeps it on. I can’t keep spending money buying a new Fitbit every 8 months.

  62. Web site says delivery the same day or next day but it does not actually work that way. Web site says 45 days full refund policy but they refuse to cancel the order that has not delivered yet and claim that it was lost and therefore they will not refund and I have to accept receiving the item again or loose my money. What kind of a company that treats its customers this way.

  63. Is this the Australian site?
    I placed my order on the 16/10/15. Order #151016-4739-2851055
    I have already sent an email inquiry about my order, to which I have had no response.
    Can someone tell me why I’m still waiting for my HR Fitbit ?
    Every time I check the tracking the date gets moved further.
    Is the colour out of stock? Maybe an email to explain what’s going on would be nice and offer options????
    Maybe a refund so I can purchase one from the shops.
    Looking forward to hearing from you with explanactions or options.
    Cheers Sue Stockdale

  64. My fitbit device has stop working for some reason. I am wondering what my option is as far as replacing goes? Thanks

  65. I have had my fitbit flex since Christmas 2014. I have had to replace the band four times, two times the band split and two times the band came apart from where the band fits onto the window. The last two times I had worn each band for one week after I had bought the three-in-a-package. I would like to receive replacement bands. I have previously written about this problem but have not received a reply.

  66. Hi
    I have had my fitbit flex for years the strap (large) is about to break. I have visited shops in Adelaide only to find I have to purchase a new fitbit to get a new strap. Can I get just the bsnd replaced?

  67. Hello, I have a fit bit that I received last Christmas for a gift. It stopped charging and I have been unable to wear I for several months. What can I do to fix it? Thank you, Jeanette

  68. On November 26th, 2015 I bought your Fitbit Surge on a Cathay Pacific flight number CX401 from Taipei to HongKong, when I arrived HongKong I sync with my laptop and found that it is not working and I would want to know how I can return and exchange for a new one.

    Thank you

  69. I do not have 10-15 min to wait for service

    When I left Il. Yesterday my Fitbit time w as cst I am in ca. And my Fitbit is still on cst. I will be here for two was and would like to have right time

    Thanks Robert Merrell

  70. My customer service experience was off the chain. The representative was very courteous, pleasant, and seemed interested in my concerns. my rep’s name was Kiarra. Not sure if that’s the correct spelling, but she was amazing.

  71. I have had my flexi Fitbit for a bit over 12 months and now cannot sync it. Have tried reloading but still coming up with an error. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks

  72. I’ve had my fit bit HR for almost a year and last week it stopped recording my exercise activity and my sleep what can I do to fix it

  73. I use to LOVE FITBIT. Likely still would if you all would ever mail me my replacement. 13 days??? Why is it, every time I have a problem you drag your feet, make me spend hours on the phone or chat..BUT when my
    Command Sergeant Major Son-in-Law calls you? You overnight him a new one. Which you have had to do on four occasions. So. Do I need to throw his name around to get my darn replacement, since he and my daughter bought it on post, and all. (On Post means ON BASE)

  74. Your setup website is a freaking nightmare. I can’t set up my device because the help screen tells me to go to my account and set it up. I have an accout, but the site does not include a link to get to my account and set up the device. What the hell are you people trying to do?

  75. It did take me 11 minutes to have my call answered by a customer service rep.
    However, a very short time after my call was answered, my problem had been taken care of. Very happy with the service I received.

  76. My customer service rep was Perla, and she exceeded my expectations! Story goes like this: The plastic tip fell-off the holder for my Fitbit Zip – and I was wondering if I should glue it back in place, or what the recommended fix was. Perla mentioned this was an out-of-the ordinary failure and stated, after looking-up my registration information, that she would arrange for a new holder be sent to me free-of-charge since the unit is only 3 months old. Regardless of why…she made this consumer feel justice had been done, and then some!
    Thanks for such a customer centric-friendly approach to resolving my query!

  77. My wife kindly bought me a fitbit for Christmas. I have tried to set it up via the app. It keeps telling me that my date and time settings on my phone are wrong, which they are not. The customer service phone number does not work. It was bought on line. I want to send it back and retrieve to payment. Tell me how to do that and soon before the 21 day purchase option runs out. U

  78. My wife kindly bought me a fitbit for Christmas. On trying to set it up via the app it keeps telling me that my date and time settings on my phone are incorrect, which they are not. The customer service phone number does not work. I’ve tried it umpteen times. It was bought on line. Tell me how to send it back and to retrieve payment and soon before the 21 day purchase option runs out. Appalling and useless service!!!!!!

  79. The customer service I received after talking to 3 people (none of which spoke English very clearly) very polite after I was on the phone for a total of 3.5 hours which was awful. My problems still exists and I have no idea how to get this fixed because I could not understand what the last rep said! There for I am sending continuous email until I can get my charge fixed!

  80. Customer service is NON EXISTENT !!
    I received my Fit Bit this week – its dead as a door nail and I cannot get it started – I have emailed BUT NO ONE RESPONDS.

    All I want is what I paid for – a WORKING FITBIT…… can someone PLEASE RESPOND
    Fitbit Order Enquiry: 160104-9287-3312380

  81. I received a Fitbit Charge HR for Christmas. I really like its features; those of most interest to me are the step count, the distance, and the calories burned.

    Here’s my complaint: I wear it on my non-dominant wrist, but set it as though its being worn on my dominant wrist, at the end of the day, the readings for the “steps,” “distance,” and “calories burned” are WAY too high, as compared with my Omron tracker.

    I find that it accurately counts the actual steps I take. The problem is, the Fitbit is far too sensitive to wrist and hand movements. As a result, it interprets and registers almost every non-step move as a “step.” By the end of the day, there are several thousand extra “steps” recorded.

    If I don’t wear the Fitbit for the first two-and-a-half hours after I wake up, at the end of the day its only a few hundred steps higher than my Omron. But, I shouldn’t have to leave it on the shelf at all. It would be wonderful if there were some way to program it to be less sensitive to slight wrist movement, while still sensitive enough to continue to accurately detect steps actually taken.

  82. Hi, Don’t know whether this is the correct email contact but couldn’t find any other way to contact fitbit
    Hope you can help. Is it possible to purchase another usb interface connector as I’ve misplaced my original.
    Regards keith.

  83. I have now spent 4 hours trying to get my surge to update so that I can use it. I have been in contact with customer support who were polite but didn’t resolve my issue. I have just returned a surge due to a fault and been given a new one but am so annoyed now that I have spent a day off trying to get my new one to update. On my original surge it took 5 hours to update so I’m not impressed. If I cant get this one going fitbit will lose out as I will demand a refund. They really need to sort this issue out……

  84. I have a Fitbit charge hr. It is not recording every flight of stairs, even when I’m going up the same flight.

    It is not recording all my sleep activity either. The last 2 days it has only recorded the last hour or 2. I go to bed at 11 om or so but the sleep hours are only from about 5 am to 8 am.

    As I got my fitbit at Christmas this is very annoying.

  85. I was greeted this morning to your new tile software. I hate it. I am a person of some life experience. I am not a ” jock or a jockess”. I was tracking my sleep and my steps and you took that away. I really liked nd appreciated the simple software. I suspect that you eliminated a large part of the population from using your business. I have a HR and I will no longer use your products because of your change in software. I really like the simple software.

  86. Is the Fitbit surge waterproof or not? I need to go into pool with it, understood that previous surge was h20 resistant but not h20 proof. Then saw an ad stating there was a new latest surge with improved heart monitor and that it was waterproof. While reading surge reports online however, reports stated it was not waterproof and to not even use it in the shower?
    Yes or no? Is it waterproof or just water resistant? And if the latest is waterproof what is the model number?

    • The band of my fitbit flex is coming apart. This is the second time in a year!
      can the band be replaced and how?
      I can send photos. I bought it in Sydney and live in Sydney.
      Looking forward to your advice.
      Nicholas Baker

  87. I appreciate the short wait time but not the answer I got to use a new fit bit. My wife has used one for some time and we believed it would be fine for me. The issue is we can not register it without another email account. your instructions should say this up front. Now I have a messed up computer, bing on it I cant get off. and now very slow.

  88. I have spent the last hour trying to find out how I contact someone about the Fitbit Flex that I bought in December. it has stoped working there are no lights on it and when I put it on charge still no lights the unit has failed, I called the shop I bought it from and they told me to go to your site and after trying three different sites I have landed here and I am frustrated.

  89. I have been trying to contact Fitbit for 2 weeks. My daughter bought me a Fitbit Charger for Christmas and it does not work! The retailer Dick Smith in Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia say that they cannot change it as they are in receivership. Please can you advise!!

  90. I have had my Fitbit charge HR since June, I wear it consistently and when I went to charge it the piece in the back that surrounds where you plug in the charge broke off and now I have a dead Fitbit that will not charge. I would like to know if it can be replaced.

  91. Best customer service ever. Contacted customer service regarding a broken charger immediate response and a replacement forwarded to me. Up and tracking. Thanks Fitbit. Bucky

  92. Hi! I am hoping someone can help me:-) I was wondering when the Alta will come out. There is no date on your website. Do I need any accessories to go with the Atla? Can you please give me the conformation number I can’t seem to find it. Thank you! Have a great day!

  93. I’ve been trying to find a contact telephone number in England as having trouble with my fitbit connecting to my mobile. It’s so frustrating, all l want to do is speak to someone, but l cant find a telephone number! I even exchanged my fitbit for another one and am still having the same problem, as l can’ get my sleep pattern on my mobile! Please help!

  94. Please help cannot find telephone number in England. I cannot get my sleep pattern on my mobile l have exchanged my fitbit but still having same problem. Please advise, as need to speak to someone!

  95. My wife bought a Fitbit on line about a month ago. I tried to charge it for her last nightt both thru a USB port and a charger. My fitbit charged in both places. I called Customer Service this morning and was connected with a person who barely spoke English and didn’t seem to know what she was doing. She finally said she’d transfer me to her supervisor & I waited another 20 minutes on line
    listening to music and then the call disconnected.
    This is POOR service. Pleas advise how we can resolve what is apparently a defective unit.

  96. I’ve been having problems with my fitbit. It will not charge,it flashes real fast and nothing happens. That’s all it will do. I tried to reset it and still nothing. I hope you can help me cause I’m missing out on my challenges!! Thanks!

  97. My son received a Fitbit for Christmas, we both wear it but it’s under his name. The band has broken, which seems to be a common fault and yet because he’s under 13, they won’t do anything about it and they’ve deleted the account. It takes days to get a response from them too which is not acceptable. Poor customer service.

  98. Hi,
    My name is Joan and I splurged and bought myself a fit bit charge I was always very careful with it, I am trying to lose weight and I do not sleep well and I thought this would be great , I was tracking my steps, I really loved it. A co-worker told me not to buy the fit bit charge because of the snap on the wristband , it pops off, I thought well they wouldn’t make it that way if it popped off? I bought the charge because I couldn’t afford the more expensive one ! You are supposed to be able to wear it and do everything with it on, well my popped off while I was running did not realize it and now it is gone. I cannot afford to buy another one. I have seen many other complaints the fit bit charge wristband and I feel you should send me a new one since this is a design error. Or reimburse me my $100 dollars and I will put the difference in to buy the HR. I work very hard for my money and after 3 months it is like throwing money out of the window. It is not fair and many, many people have complained about the band. I would appreciate your help in this matter. I have my receipt. I would really like the fit bit HR with the more secure band, I would have never bought the fit bit if I had known so many people have lost theirs. I would only hope that you would stand behind your product. I look forward to hearing from you. Joan

  99. The part that houses battery and piece that you push to show data broke off of my charge HR. I called customer support and spoke with Mike C and he helped me to get a replacement with no hassle. He answered my questions. I appreciate his help. I thought I would have to send my Macy’s bill to prove that I bought it but not they looked up my account and could tell when I bought the tracker. I should get my new charge HR in 2-3 days. Thanks fitbit! I’m addicted to it.

  100. The metal (not plastic) band that fastens on where the hook goes in the holes came off, I need a replacement I have been waiting on phone for 30 minutes.

  101. Trying to set up my new alta and that is not a choice for which device to set up. What am I supposed to choose??

  102. I called and was on line with an on line person by phone within minutes. He introduced himself as William. Very polite, clear and helpful.

    He is still working with me to resolve a programming issue on the new fitbit charge hr but had to share already such a positive experience from the beginning. Have not seen this professionalism in so long. My hat is off to William and wanted to thank fitbit for training and hiring the staff they had.

  103. purchased fitbit FB404BKL on 5 Jan 2016 at Best Buy in Charleston WV. It worked for 2 months and now it will not charge and is nothing but a non working bracelet. Best Buy will do nothing because too much time has expired since purchase and was referred to Fitbit customer service.
    I am a disabled veteran and was using the fitbit during rehab after major surgery. I am very disappointed with this product and requesting replacement.
    Jerome Hairston

    Please help!

  104. The snaps on my fitbit, didn’t, stay snap , so I lost it last week. I really love my fitbit, can you help me out.

  105. I bought my wife a fitbit charge hr for her birthday in Jan 2016. The cover that covers the button fell off.I had lost the receipt and assumed lost cause.Turns out it will be replaced at no cost. Great company to do business with. Thank You

  106. I have had my fitbit since March 2015. Now the charge on the battery will not last but two days and the band is wearing out. How can I get this repaired.? I do not have the receipt and I think it is a “charge” model.

  107. The Fitbit purchased by my children for my birthday has broken down in less than a year. In that period I have walked the whole of India and so on. I averaged at least 10 kilometres per day and I am going to be 76 in another 8 days time. I have acquired many badges but am disappointed the item has broken down. As my children have lost the receipt for the item I do not know how or whether I am eligible for a replacement at no cost. Please advise.

  108. I have a fitbit onewireless activity plus sleep tracker. I have enjoyed it since last august but for about a week it has stopped tracking the steps on my smart phone. It will not sync the steps keeps saying looking.. what is happening?

    • you e-mailed back saying refresh. how is that done? I did shut smart phone off and than started it again. did not seem to do anything

  109. I just had the pleasure of speaking with Caroline about a problem with my Charge.
    I am extremely pleased that I will receive a replacement and also extremely pleased with your customer service representative. Sincere thanks to her and to your customer service dept.

  110. Bought Fitbit in November and it never worked after being charged on computer, I have not had the opportunity to wear it yet.

  111. Tried to get a replacement for a defective Charge HR I have spend many hours on the phone explaining my situation. Every time I call they have no note from my previous call. Would not recommend this company to anyone. I have decided to write off my purchase.

  112. I just spoke with Sofia and I’m not really happy with the outcome. My Charge is not tracking accurately and the battery can be fully charged and then be completely dead the next day. After asking questions and putting me on hold a few times she finally comes back and says that it sounds like its the battery but because it’s due to “the user” (I can’t remember what word she used), it can’t be replaced. Because I forgot a few times to take it off before showering and because I used it when I cooked, she said it shouldn’t be put in the oven or near the heat when I’m cooking. One, I’m right handed and I wear it on my left wrist so I hardly think it gets near the heat. Nor do I leave my hand near the flame on the stove or keep it in the oven for it to get heated. I told her I never went swimming with it, nor did I go in a sauna and I don’t live where it’s humid. I feel like I was made to be blamed for my tracker not working properly and I was not very happy with the whole situation. I hope I hear back with a response. Thank you.

  113. I am so extremely disappointed in my experience with your customer service today. Your representative was trying to be helpful, but she did not get any support and could not do her job. I have a fitbit charge and the band is separating from the tracker AGAIN and it has been approximately just 9 months since I got a replacement for the one that separated after just 2.5 months. Since this happened after just 2.5 months with my first fit bit, I was told that there was nothing you can do about the defective merchandise for the second one now and I would need to purchase a new device as it was no longer under any warranty (even though it is just since the end of August–less than 10 months I have had the device). You (fitbit) would offer me a small discount on the purchase of a new device. But why would I buy another device that will fall apart in less than a year if you will not stand by your product or fix the OBVIOUS flaw in design of this item. I am a 50 yr old middle school teacher and I never once wore my fitbit in the water, shower or anywhere except on a daily basis while teaching and around the home to help me keep track of my personal fitness. I am extremely disappointed in-the quality of this product and even more disappointed that it happened to a second fitbit even after ALL the reviews from people telling you about the obvious flaws in the band. I went online and have seen NUMEROUS complaints of this happening on SEVERAL websites and this is obviously a design flaw and you are not willing to fix nor stand by your product. I am further annoyed when I found out that if I lived outside of the US I would not be having this conversation as the warranty elsewhere would have this covered. (ie Europe where I have since learned a friend of mine is on their third replacement charge in less than 2 years as she has a two year warranty on the exact same product!!!!). Since I waited until school was out when I had time to contact you, my warranty apparently expired a few weeks ago and I have been told there is nothing you will do for me (even though we are talking WEEKS since the first fitbit warranty expired–and it was broken then but I did not have time to email then). I am saddened by this and hope that you reconsider and help me remedy this. What I thought was a fantastic product and brand has totally been changed and I no longer will recommend this product to ANYONE because of this horrible customer service. It is your flawed merchandise and you should fix the matter–with a replacement or like item that this will not happen with.

  114. Just spoke with the Fitbit rep. (Bryan) about my surge not charging up at all. I brought a new surge to replace my old one that I had for about a year. He said it was the issue with battery and offer to send a new one. I also explain to him we purchase two Charges and one of the batteries would not stay charge. The rep. explained the Charge we were having problems with should not be charged with a wall unit only the computer, because the batteries get damage and he offered to send an Alta to replace the Charge that does not stay charged. Very happy with the outcome. I offer to send the old items and receipts back to the company and was told I didn’t have to. Wow… I am a very happy Fitbit customer right now…..

  115. I have just had an atomatic update on my Galaxy S6 and now I cant add my calories for the day or see the datatbase woth all my info

  116. As I expected, I had a very negative experience with your help desk. They are located in the Philippines and the accents are so thick you can’t understand them. I kept asking her to speak up but she kept fading. Perhaps it she wore a headset not manufactured in China I might be able to hear more of what she was saying. Her knowledge left much to be desired and I don’t believe she had the knowledge or experience required to ‘help’ because I seemed to know more that she did. My FITBIT shows military time and there didn’t seem to another choice when we went into the setup or profile. My experience just reinforced that my next tracking purchase will be anything else other than FITBIT!

  117. I love your Fitbit. I had the Fitbit flex and the snap kept coming off. Great idea, great invention, but the to snap a $110.00 product not good. Very disappointed in the way to secure it. Now it’s lost and I have no way of finding it. We GPS our phones we should GPS our Fitbit too.

  118. My charge HR does not charge any longer. I have been wearing this one for less than a year.
    This is my second Fitbit my first one was basic and still works.
    I am disappointed that this one does not work any longer.

  119. I called today for customer assistance in linking my fitbit hr with the LT Connect Application. I had already spoken to LT Connect and they stated that this is something Fitbit has to show me how to have the device sync with LT Connect the rep put me on hold and only offered the solution to call LT Connect.

    I also told him that this is the second fitbit I have personally, the first one the band came un glued and fitbit replaced without any issues. this one the only thing they could suggest is a 25% off on a new replacement. I have only had the device for over 1 year and it seems like it should not be falling apart already. Where I love this product I do not want to have to go out and purchase a new fitbit every year to year and a half because the band starts to fall off. The representative was very helpful but really at the very least I would have expected that fitbit offer to repair the device free of charge not the solution of purchasing an additional device as a solution.

    Michelle Bisio

  120. Customer service is great, unfortunately the device is not! I only have the fitbit HR for less than 2 years and the plate on the back fell off and I couldn’t connect the charger anymore. What a waste of money:(

  121. I am having trouble recording my information on my fitbit. My time will be off, will not record my steps. Then all at once it will correct itself. Also it is coming apart. HELP!!!!!!! We are starting a contest at work, so it needs to be work.

  122. 1 year and 3 months old and Fitbit is completely broke with no chance of repair. ((Defect of the watch , not the user) Talked over an hour with 2 reps online and all they could offer was 25 percent off. I missed the Warranty by 3 months. So dissatisfied to be treated like a number and not a person. At this rate I’ll be putting 100 dollars into replacing it every year…. Fitbit went from a 10 to a 0 in my book… I can’t afford such a mediocre product.

  123. I am on my 2nd Fitbit and it still doesn’t work. No one can resolve the issue other than tell me it has been escalated to the engineering department. I am a very dissatisfied customer.

  124. Good morning,
    I am contacting Fitbit today because students at our elementary school in Northern Ontario will be participating in a fitness challenge for the month of June (2017). We are curious to see if there is support from Fitbit to provide a set number of students with activity trackers to assist in their challenge. Our students come from a low socio-economic area and parents are not able to financially afford trackers for their children. We just thought it was worth a try to ask for this support and to see if there was any chance we could help these students in ways they never thought possible. We are looking at a total of 10 fitness trackers. These students are special need and they get super excited when they see our teachers wearing their Fitbits at school. We look forward to hearing from you 😉

  125. I purchased fit bit 2 days ago can you tell me why first thing in the morning before l put the band on I have burned 550 calories l have had cheap ones and not had this prob can you tell me the prob before I take it back

  126. Looking at review prior I find I’m not alone.

    Hi, I’ve worked in customer service for many years, from The Gap to the mortgage industry and no matter where you work your customer should always be happy. This customer is far from happy. This is my third Fitbit but my Charge HR just didn’t work for me. The caller id didn’t work, a full charge lasted 2 days and the steep stairs I climbed never registered properly so I started with customer service help in Feb who sent me some exercises to try,,,, nothing. Each person I spoke to after that got worse. My dad just passed and I now had my mother to take care of and a son with special needs. Finally I made a call and asked if I could swap out to the Charge 2 just because of the crap and neglect. I was put on old for quite a while for a supervisor’s approval. Finally he came back with approval which I was happy about then asked for an email for verification. A week goes by with no email so I called and you would have thought I ever called anyone to begin with, I wanted to cry because it got worse from there on, they said they were on doing a replacement with a doogle or what ever they call that thing and a charger cord. In a period of a week I received those two pieces on separate days and overight delivery but NO TRACKER, that was on a 5-7 day delivery. Now tell me if that makes any sense? Since I got my first fitbit when they first came out and got my whole crew of friends to join me with a competition. Do you feel I should tell them to stay with the Fitbit just because they’re use to it or find a new tracker? I apologize for my out of whack keyboard.
    Happy Days,


  127. I have had to have a replacement fit bit but am having problems erring it up. I can’t remember my password and I have asked for a new one but it seems Fitbit is not recognising my email address. Please advice. Thank you

  128. WHY do my steps keep disappearing? they all count until sinc then most of them are gone- I am really thinking of going to a different company,. I have 4 different fitbits- I really liked them until this happened. I have tried everything but still lose them .

  129. My replacement flex 2
    I walk the same circuit every day Some days I do 40 laps. Some days I do 50 laps
    It always say that I have stepped 9982 when I download the info after walking my circuit. Then I walk around the house a bit more to brake 10,000 steps. It did not do this until I complained about the poor English when I call for help on other issues. So I have ordered a Garmin Tracker to wear at the same time and compare. I’ll bet 50 lap totals will be deffrent than 40 lap totals. then will talk about return, then it will be bye,bye Fitbit!

  130. I ordered a different color band in tourquise and needed the Alta band but
    received a different band. I spoke with customer service today and he was
    Very polite and helpful.

    Our son,also received the same positive experience when his fit bit stopped
    working. Great products and excellent customer service! Thank you Fitbit!

  131. HELP my 5 days ago purchased Fitbit Alta is not holding a charge. Having to charge it every other day. I believe there is something wrong with this tracker. Please advise… Thank you

  132. I am very unimpressed with the support service. I have been trying for 3 days to get my password reset as I am unable to use my fitbit.I have been unable to do this and am still waiting for an email,

    • I have just messaged about the same thing take it to whereyou got it and you should get a replacement but it is a design fault and needs looking at.

  133. I have a charge 2 Fitbit and my wrist band is falling apart, I’m shocked it wouldn’t last longer since they cost so much. I like it,but the band is finished

  134. That is NOT your customer Service num. I called it in DC and got a hospital!!

    Need to find out who sells a Fitbit charger I lost mine and do not want to buy a whole new one!!

  135. Just wondering why my charge 2 on a 6 kilometer walk says 7500 steps and my wife’s Alta HR has 5200 steps she has on average 150 les calories burned as well. We have the same stride length and walk together same trail every day.

  136. My Fitbit Charge HR not functioning. When Charging shows half charge bar. When pressing no show of any functions.

    It was bought by my daughter on April 2017 in Australia as a gift for me.

    It is less than 7 months only. How I can have the replacement as for Warranty.

  137. My Fitbit Charge HR was purchase on April 2017 in Australia by my daughter as a gift to me.. It is less than 7 months now and 3 days ago when I charge it it’s different does not shoe full charging. The Battery bar has only half charge and the functions not show. Totally stop.

  138. Please, please, please I need help. I made a typo on my zip last night while setting up my fitbit zip. I could not figure out how to correct the error so deleted my zip to try to start over. Now, I am just totally in a mess. Can soeone help me

  139. I am on my third Fitbit HR and when talking to customer service at 9PM tonight I got disconnected and when I caked back you are closed. Maybe time to look at Apple

  140. Why do you assume that every buyer has a computer or even access to a computer?

    I will now have to go back to the store for a return of merchandise.

    There should be large print on package that states a computer is necessary.

    What a disappointment.

  141. Aria started eating batteries at a rate of one change/month after less than five years of use. Apparently beyond the warranty period according to customer service. I will be looking for products from other vendors that have better performance.

  142. I bought my fitbit 2 charger at kolhs. it only worked for 3 months. I took it back to kolhs and they said I was to call fitbit customer service center. please tell me what to do . I paid 150 dollars! I ether want my money back or a new fitbit 2. it is already in the same package as I bought it….

  143. Very lengthy wait from number 42 in a queue, waited around an hour! I accidentally logged out of the conversation to Mayel before I could say thanks, he suggested setup on a device other than my phone. I had Alta HR for 6 months and it stopped working altogether, received a replacement which would not recognise my phone model and wouldn’t connect to my email. The brief chat we had helped so thank you and sorry for discontinuing the conversation.

  144. My Fitbit will not start. I will not pay to speak with a technician as I need support now. If this is not resolved I will be returning the Fitbit for a full refund. Where is the support free of charge???

  145. I am now on my 4 fit bit the first one stopped working after approx 10 months, this was replaced by Curry’s.

    The 2nd one the fixing on the strap broke and it was always coming off, again Curry’s replaced it after some deliberation about the increase in price as the fitbit charge 2 had taken over from the altea and was £20 more.

    Yesterday I had to take the 3rd one back for the.same.reason after almost losing it on Saturday after it fell off in the street.

    There is obviously some design fault with the strap fixing. I love the fit bit and the little comps with friends and family bit I am getting fed up with the inconvenience of tracking them back and having to wait for a new one.

    I look forward to a reply from you with a solution to the above problems .

    Thanks Bev Watson

  146. I am on my 3rd fitbit. This one falls off too. Your engineers need to understand that the band must stay attached to the device. I’m done. Where can I send my fitbit to get a refund?

  147. I have 3 Fitbit Charge 2.
    on one the clock face is now dark and cannot be read
    The second is not holding its charge and is showing incorrect time and the strap is not staying on
    on the 3rd the strap is lifting off from the clock face and looks like it will soon come apart completely
    Can you please help?

  148. This is my third Fitbit HR. Each time the back clip where you plug in the charger has fallen off and would not stay when glued for any lenghth of time. Now today the wrist strap on one side came off. I loved the whole concept and enjoyed it while I had it functional but at the price I am afraid to invest in another one. Hope the product design improves in the future. My neighbor had the back of hers fall off in less than year and they wanted a 24 service charge to repair or look at it.

  149. How can I get in touch with Fitbit no email address ? The only thing I can find is a tweeter account and I dont want 1

  150. Hi I’ve called Canada customer service several times and I either get Guatemala, Philippines, or another country! Why isn’t there some one from Canada since I’m calling Canada customer service!

  151. I brought a Alta Fitbit about six weeks ago, it has stopped keeping daily, weekly count of steps walked, and data on sleeping habits. They were reasons I purchased it, please advise the problem solution.

  152. only a mobile number to call in Australia, which has a message that it is switched off or not in a mobile area. This is my second Fitbit, the first one just crashed. This one I’ve had for a couple of months only, and the stages of sleep have just started to total zero over the past couple of days – very disappointing. I’ve tried troubleshooting as per forums, but no resolution yet.

  153. This e-mail is directed to James Park or Erick Friedman
    My current fit bit does not have a charging system with it.
    Plus I HATE how big this is on my wrist.
    If I have my choice I would not purchase a fit bit because how big and balky it is.
    I was going get one for Mother’s Day but she also has a small wrist.
    What can we do to problem solve this?

  154. I received a fit bit for a present.
    Then the devise was not working and had to replace it.
    The new one is big and balky, not feminine what so ever.
    I was going to get a fitbit for my mother for Mothers day.
    But she would not like it either because how large the face is of the new unit.
    What can we do to problem solve this devise?
    Please feel free to contact me

  155. Please help me with information. My fitbit alta watch wristband (strap keep coming loose from watch. What glue or bostic can I use to repair)

    • I have s fitbit alta hr. I received it as s Christmas gift The band broke with in three months. I did receive a new band from fitbit. It is now September and the band is broken again in the same spot. I believe you need some better quality control for the manufacturing of your bands. I am dissatisfied with the bands. I really do like the fitbit watch. I do not like the repeat breaking of the bands every three to four months, as I have only had it for eight months now. Can you help me with this problem?

  156. I contacted Fitbit re the new partnership with Google wherein my data and daily stats will be made public. The CSR had to place me on hold several times and was still unable to provide me with any information whatsoever – he seemed to be totally unaware that this was happening despite the 4/30/18 press release.
    I used the Chat option with similar results.
    Fitbit needs to set up an area / group of CSRs educated on this issue and ready to answer our questions – I am thinking I will need to separate from Fitbit.

  157. Good afternoon. I own a Fitbit Charge 2 that I absolutely love and use daily but today the battery died and cannot be charged. Can anything be done? it is 2 years old and if I can reboot it or start it back up I would be ecstatic

  158. So my Fitbit charge 2 is not working correctly call Fitbit and of course my warranty expired on April 19th and it’s may 23 but my screen is deem on top one of my lights on the back the top one is not working what can I do am I only gonna get a years use out of this watch

  159. Hi i have fitbit charge2 cannot get to work with my phone, i have no one i can speak to at fitbit very poor costumer service, been trying for weeks to try to make it work

  160. do not waste your money on a fitbit,, all the company wanted is your money when it come time to get a problem resolve you can’t get any help. I have spoke with customer support several time to help me. I need a reset password and no one can fix the problem. So what good is customer support if every time you contact them it have to go to a higher level which no one has have help me with a simple task of password reset. My fitbit will not send a reset password.

  161. I have lost my Fitbit several times because it fell off my wrist. Luckily I was able to re-trace my steps to find it. Fitbit definitely needs a make a better kind of clasp! I like my Fitbit, but I will never buy another one for this reason, when I lose this one for good. This is a big problem for Fitbit and a costly one for owners!

  162. So far my customer service experience has been rubbish. I have been directed to one site that offered only platitudes, and another that wanted to charge me for a response.
    I include my query below. Please see if you can do better.
    I have just bought a Tory Burch Gold bracelet for my wife’s FitBit Altra. There is no tracker in the centre removable part of the bracelet. The tracker from my wife’s other Altra Fitbit (which incidentally is a silver colour) does not fit the bracelet correctly. Could you please advise. Should there be a tracker in the Tory Burch bracelet? Is there some way of fitting the tracker from her other bracelet?

  163. I bought me a new fitbit i need to delete my email for my old fitbit and set my new fitbit up to my email address. How do I delete my old account?

  164. Hi, I recently did a chat with one of your CSRs about a fitbit that quit working. As nice as she was, she did not help me at all. I still have DEAD fitbit that was barely a year old. She offered what is a measly discount on a new one, but, really, why in the world would I buy another fitbit? Terrible product – one year is not long and way too expensive to have what turned out to be just a toy that doesn’t last. AND terrible customer service – not even an offer to repair it. tsk tsk tsk

  165. I had problems updating my Fitbit charge 2. I talked to Nate in Central America. He took his time in helping me with my Fitbit. He was very knowledgable, courteous, and nice person to talk to. Nate is definitely a very good customer service representative. I am 75 and average 20,000 steps a day! Thank you all!

  166. I love my fit it it encourages me to exercise I am in my eighties and am a diabetic but unfortunately it will not charge now.
    I have tried the telephone numerous times and at several different times of the day . I have sent emails to several different addresses and all I get is some email addresses are invalid.
    I would appreciate a telephone call as soon as possible .

  167. LOVE LOVE LOVE my FITBIT; I got it for a gift in NOV 2017..on 8/24 it starting vibrating & battery died…it will not recharge…HELP

  168. I have a charger 2. Last night I plugged it up to charge and today it would not come on and will not sync to my phone. When on charger will show the battery is full but when take off charger nothing will display on the face.

  169. I cannot find a free UK phone number to arrange a refund or replacement for my faulty fitbit. I am disgusted as I emailed Fitbit 3 days ago and have not had the courtest of an answer

  170. I need a device to track sleeping, particularly times awake. My Fitbit One worked until it wouldn’t sync. I got a new Fitbit One and later a Fitbit Alta; but despite my efforts to uninstall Fitbit, the website kept bringing me back to the original unsync’d Fitbit One site.

    Why should I buy a Fitbit Ionic if it will not sync?

  171. My back clip has broken to my aria scales – their customer service said I have to buy another one. WOW, I have to buy another scale because a plastic clip has broken on the back. disgusting

  172. I have been trying to get customer service for my charge 2 and cannot find any web sites that deal with this. I need to know why the band on one side keeps coming off. What can I do about it?? can it be fixed or do I have to buy a new one?? I do not want to loose it!! Can u pls help me or give me someone who can! I have only had it since 8/29/17

  173. the fitbit blaze just died called they could not repair purchased several band for the blaze so I have a large investment they could not fix it and now they no longer make it and they wanted to give me 25%off and something else. I have spent 100’s of dollars on band DO BUY FITBIT THEY DONT STAND WITH THE COMSUMER

  174. tried several times to contact C/S. Connected overseas…difficult to understand w/their accents. HORRIBLE. Tempted to withdraw interest in |Fitbit product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Please send me details how to manually sync my blaze. It will not sync having gone through a time zone change. All I get is advertising from all your tabs. The menu and sync option appears to be deleted. The blaze model is no longer showing in ads. Have you deleted it? If so why haven’t you told me and I want a 100% refund.
    Why is there no UK phone number listed? Please provide it or call me from wherever you are.
    Yours really frustrated.
    Linley Murdock

  176. customer service call center followed protocol, which meant I was on the phone playing with my faulty new fitbit for at least 30 to 45 minutes, then I returned it, and they mailed me another faulty one, so I get to play this game again. This will be my third such call; I can hardly wait. Why they won’t let me have a Fitbit Charge 2 instead of the Alta HR I don’t know, since they’re at the same price point. It’s a real thrill for me, these monthly conversations. Their shipping speed is not what I would call hasty.

  177. I have the fitbit Alta. My charger is broken. I ordered a replacement charger. It works but my time is not set accurately. I found information stating that I had to press the reset button. There is no reset button on the charging cable. I need an original charging cable. Where can I purchase this charger. It has 3 prongs. I purchased a fitbit Alta HR for a friend and her charger has 2 prongs on the cable.

  178. I received a Fitbit charge 3 for my bday. I’m a marathon runner, so this was important to me. I wanted to know my heartrate during my sleep. I’ve been running with my GPS garmin and it’s been perfect and correct for 5 years, but it doesn’t record my sleep. So my daughter bought me the Fitbit for that reason and it is not working, I have called your company many times, I get a rep from the Philippines and can’t understand them, and by the they never ever can help. Finally I ask for a manager in the USA, but that’s impossible, so I settle with a manager from the Philippines or San Salvador, witch is very disappointing since we paid in American dollars for this Fitbit, we deserve American techs to help us. I’ve spoke to Tatiana, Mike, and Jay and I’m fed up. I want my Fitbit to work or a new one, but at least I deserve a call or a sign that someone is looking into my issue. Your people are nice and polite but that doesn’t fix my problem.

  179. i have a fitbit charge 2 the band keeps falling off can you send me replacement it is 5 months old dark blue can you help

  180. I bought my Fitbit Charge 2 from Telstra It is not working, Telstra told me to send back to Fitbit. I have had no luck finding the address I am suppose to send it too
    Very Very frustrated. If this is the service I get I will not buy another Fitbit nor will my family.

  181. Hi I have just about had enough of your company after returning my fit bit and you agreeing to refund me £165 on a electronic mastercard with the number of
    5270 9900 0000 0000 I have tried to buy goods online and with pay pall and nobody will take it,the visual card is useless, please send me a cheque for the outstanding amount of £165 by return my address is Mr Melville Bath 41,Enfield road Poole, Dorset,BH153LJ. case number 26730192

  182. I am very disappointed with the lack of ease it should be to email someone.
    I have had my Fitbit Charge 2 since 2017. I went to charge it 2 nights ago and
    it would not charge. We tried every plug in the house. I have never submerged this watch. I love it and I recommend it to everyone I meet, even my PCP .I am looking for some help so I can start using it again. I am lost without it.

    Do you have a service so I do not have to buy a new one, I really cannot afford it, and this was a gift from my sons.

  183. I have tried to contact customer service several times, by phone, email etc. The issues were never addressed and I’m hoping to get someone to exchange ,replace or refund me my money as soon as possible.

  184. Awful. Fitbit has mislead customers in selling products that are not available and promising a delivery time they can not keep. And there are no US customer support numbers. You get India when you call customer support. Not helpful. Poor company. Poor business practices. Do not bother with Fitbit.

  185. The rep had trouble understanding plain English. When I asked what the blue flashing signal light meant as compared to the green flashing signal light, he said he didn’t know how Bluetooth worked it just did. Hire someone who speaks and understands English or give more training.

  186. I returned my Fitbit to the store where my husband purchased the gift for me for Christmas because it was impossible for us to set it up. The Store where we purchased the Fitbit wanted to charge $25. To set it up. Apple sets up phones and iPads for nothing and I refused to pay for the setup.

  187. I was unable to understand the woman that took my call so I accomplished nothing except I spent $200. for a box with a “gadjet” in it.

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