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Contacting Fisher Price Customer Service Center

In the midst of the Great Depression, Herman Fisher, Helen Schelle and Irving Price capitalized on a need in the baby industry, toys. With the need filled, Fisher Price was created. The company continues to create products and offer services based upon its core principles:

  • Call to action
  • Value
  • Solid construction
  • Ingenuity
  • Value for the customer

The vision of the company is to take the company into the 21st century and beyond through innovation and taking care of each customer, as if they are the only customer. This is why the company has a world-class customer support team ready to assist customers with every question and concern.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Considering Fisher Price is a subsidiary of the Mattel Corporation, there are several departments which could connect customers to the customer service department.

  • Customer Support: 1-888-762-8835
  • Customer service (U.S. and Canada): 1-800-524-8697
  • Fisher Price division: 1-800-4132-5437
  • Power Wheels 1-800-348-0751
  • Digital products: 1-888-892-6123
  • TTY: 1-800-382-7470
  • American Girl: 1-800-360-1861

Mailing Address

Fisher Price Brands636 Girard Ave.East Aurora, NY 14052

Mattel, Inc.333 Continental Boulevard El Segundo, CA 90245-5012

Mattel Europa, B.V. Gondel 1 1186 MJ Amstelveen The Netherlands

Official Website

Visit the official Fisher Price website order to find new and existing products, locate replacement parts or join the conversation through social media. When shopping, customers can make purchases by product, brands, type of toy, age or gender.

A key resource for customers is the customer support page. This page allows customers to locate instructional sheet, contact the technical support team, review the FAQs and find out information regarding product recalls.

Customer Service Email

Customers can contact the customer support team here either send general questions or product specific questions and concerns. We sent an email asking for the hours of the customer service department, considering this information was not available on the website. Immediately after sending the email, we received a response stating a customer service representative would answer our question within 24 hours. Customers can also connect with the customer support team here:

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer support team, we encountered the typical automated system. This was not a concern, due to the short wait time. We listened to the options and within 60 seconds, we were speaking with a customer service agent. We asked the agent how to return items on the recall list. The agent explained customers can return items to the place of purchase or return the items according to the instructions.

The overall experience was pleasurable. What was your take on the customer support team? Share your thoughts with us below.

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14 Comments on “Contact Fisher Price Customer Service
  1. I want to buy that fur real friend that one which is a poodle dog which grows and learns to speak our name what is the procedure for buying that. I am living in India.can you help me and tell me how to buy that.

  2. I have seen many of your commericals. Can you tell me have I missed any that have children of color? I have asked my friends to watch in case I am missing it. They say they too have not seen any children of color in any of fisher price commericals. Are these products not for these children??

  3. Hi
    Today i went to wal-mart in Canada to buy, a toy to take back to England for my Grandson, The toy in question is called, sing and story time puppy. I always thought Fisher Price toys where the best, but when i played the puppy, to make sure it was working. I found that it only plays half the song,then stops. the singing alphabet only goes up to s.r. then stops. The same with the story,s. I went back to the store to see, if it was faulty, but they are all the same. i told the supervisor. who then reported it to the manager, to let him now, these toys are faulty. i will be returning mine, tomorrow, unfortunately, i will not be buying another one, which is a shame, as i am sure my Grandson would of loved this toy.

    Julie Jones.

  4. I am a couponer and was looking for coupons to buy toy for my grandchildren for Christmas….Someone said on facebook that Fisher Price had $10 coupons on their web page but couldn’t find them….I’m very upset because I’m out of work and wanted to get something nice for my grandchildren.

  5. just like to be able to get parts for fisher-price car BMW power or on an out swcit cannot get it at all 6 contar point

  6. I was very excited about the BeatBos toy. I bought two. One for my home and one for my granddaughters home. Unfortunately I was not impressed with the volume capability. Very hard to hear with volume at its loudest. Model CGV 42 DNF33. Maybe my comment will prompt you to review the volume. Sincerely julia

  7. HI,
    PLS, if possible, be sent to the e- mail to communicate with the Sales Representative for Foreign and thank you.

  8. I called customer service about one of their product toys sounding extremely low. Without hesitation, they are sending me a coupon for the replacement value. That’s the best customer service I have seen in years!

  9. I was interested in one of your products aimed at girls (Color Me Gemz) but one of the markers (that was packaged with the Frame & Mirror Set) had previously stained my carpeted floor (after what Austin Conner Reina did to it: drawing a line which prevented me from going to his room). So I emailed Fisher-Price about replacing one of the markers free of charge.

  10. I have a Fisher Price Musical Parade ride on toy. The back light decals are missing. Can you please send me new decals for this? Please feel free to call me at 314-267-3297 if there is a cost to this and I will be happy to pay for the decals. Thank you for your help.

  11. My dearest girl was playing upstairs and had stepped on one of your despicable Thomas the train toys! It was blue with a little red collar and I thought trains were supposed to be moving and soft, this train was sitting still and was as hard a lego! This manufacture must be fixed emediently! This is unacceptable, please rectify this as quick as possible. Merry christmas

  12. Hello fisher price,i wanted to send an email to say how much i adore your family toys. Im a single mom of 4 children and we have always bought fisher price toys for birthdays,christmas,birthday parties etc etc.In April I was laid off due to covid and I was in the process of saving for a F150 Raptor power wheel for my 5 yr old son.Its all he has wanted for two christmases and I cannot afford to get him one.Its hard to come by happiness in this climate of covid but I wanted to reach out to your company to see if there is a oulet store or anyway i could try to get him this amazing truck.Hes 5 yrs old and is a happy child,but this truck would be EPIC for him to get.Please please please let me know if your company could help me make my sons dream happen.Thank you so much for your time.Jennifer

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