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Contacting Firestone Customer Service Center

Firestone is an auto repair company providing engine tune-ups, oil changes and transmission services, among other automotive care needs. You can schedule your appointment from the official website or find your nearest store.

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Contact Info

Whether you’re upset about the service you’ve received at a Firestone location or you want to praise Firestone for the fantastic help they provided, you’re going to need customer service contact information. Firestone offers a single page with two phone numbers, two mailing addresses and a contact form.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is open from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. (CST) Monday to Friday. The customer service department does not appear to be open on Saturday or Sunday.

  • Consumer Affairs: 1-800-367-3872
  • Rewards Customer Service: 1-877-493-8423

Mailing Address

Firestone Consumer Affairs
PO Box 6397
Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Firestone Rewards Customer Service
PO Box 618
Taylorville, IL 62568

Official Website

Firestone offers customers a one-stop customer service page on the official website at This page gives all contact information and a contact form. If you need to contact an individual store, you’ll have to find contact information for your location.

The official website is perfect for learning more about the services provided, finding a local store and even scheduling maintenance or repair appointments, but contact and customer service information is scarce.

Customer Service Email

Again we’ve found another company that shares a customer service contact form, but no email address. We sent a simple email asking a question about contact information for the customer care department. We were immediately taken to a confirmation page that promised return contact shortly. When we receive the answer to our question, we’ll update this page so you know how Firestone handles contact page submissions.

Our Experience

The number for the Firestone Consumer Affairs department is answered by a real life customer service representative. We were warned before the call was answered that it could be recorded for quality service. We asked the customer service representative if we could have the email address for the customer service department and she told us to use the contact form on the website. We told the rep that we knew about that form, but we wanted a direct contact email and she told us there was no email address for the customer service team. She was pleasant, but she did not provide us with the information we needed.

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62 Comments on “Contact Firestone Customer Service
  1. i have been going to the same firestone in glendale hts for many years now. i always receive great customer service there. it makes me want to continue to go there because i feel they are fair and that i can trust them. i don’t say that very often about car repair places. they have a great team and i really appreciate it

  2. Please remove me from your mailing list, as I shall not visit my local Firestone store anymore. I went in for an oil change and also had them to run a diagnostic check on the cruise control..I was advised “THIS WAS THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM”, as he held a part. The cost was $127.00. I said OK. Four hours later I was advised “THIS REALLY IN THE PROBLEM” They found one for only $550.00. I declined the repair. AS I would go outside for a walk I noticed my truck sitting part of the way into the shop and no one working on it. Everyone was doing oil changes.FOUR (4) days later I get my truck back. The warning bell for “lights on and or keys in Ing. did not work. To this day only the sound for the lights work. I have been doing business there since the day the store opened. I have located a Mech. shop down the hwy that come highly recommended so I’ll go there. Sorry Firestone, I “DID” like your service. Jay Bird

  3. Devistated. Tried to help my 77 year old father by doing repairs on his car. First price from $600.00 then by the end of the visit it was $1200.00. Ok, I wanted him to be safe. I find out the next day that the parts, belts, fuel filter, etc to be replaced, was not replaced at all and I was charged $1200.00. The old parts are still on the car, one part that they did replace was attached to the car with black electrical tape. I am devistated, my family sacrificed to help my father and Firestone and the smooth talking manager David in Mansfield, Texas took advantage of my father and me, and they have been malicious in what they have done. This saddens me deeply, that a company I trusted to treat my father fairly and right has such dishonest things. I will contact the Credit First Nation Bank and Right a complaint to the consumer affairs department as well as anyone else that will listen to my loud mouth. This is wrong,,, who does this?

  4. Very poor telephone service. Most of the time I get a no answer, phone just rings and rings. How am I suppose to schedule my appointment? Seems like not enough workers. I’m sure you’ll lose alot of customers for that reason.

  5. Worst customer service EVER!!!! Waiting for 30 minutes just to make a payment. Employees walking back and forth. Diana didn’t even looked at me to see if I needed something or let me know it was going to take long, thanks Joshua for at least saying something later. This will be the last timeI go to riverside firestone on magnolia and hole, or any firestone at that.

  6. I’m completely disgusted with the level of customer skills given. You clerks often have communication problems despite the fact that they have the customer’s phone number at all Times. This is the second time I’ve come back in the alloted estimated repair time , only to find that the car has yet to be touched,moved or seen.
    Really???? What a complete disrespect for your customers!
    Ivette Pinela
    Ft Lauderdale , Fl
    St Rd 84

  7. the point….they do a free brake inspection and i had a high mileage oil change done. I was in at 3:07pm and on my lunch brake from work. By the time they took me back to my car to tell me about the brake job i needed along with a few other things the tech said he was going to do, it was 4:47 pm and after all the explanations it was around 5pm because i work at a dealership and told them how much the work would cost me with a discount. I was called at 6:28pm and was told my car was done and they were coming to pick me up. I was charged $300.75 in labor! I work at a dealership for Christ’s sake. They did not finish all the work agreed upon and on top of that, dealerships charge $90 an hour on labor. I had no time when I got there and showed my dismay. I figured I could handle this afterward. The store is at 4371 Fox Valley Center and I asked if everything was dine and tech happened to be up front and said oh sorry didnt replace your front right bulb and something else i dont remember but had to do with the brake in the back. I never asked for an Exotic wheel alignment which cost $70.. I overpaid on labor and they still owe me a front right bulb that I could get a ticket for. I work hard for my money and when i told them i was just going to take it back to work. It would have been $262 cheaper with my bulb… and dealerships are supposed to be more expensive..BS! Firestone charged me $300 for less than an hour and a half for labor and not explaining everything in an itemized fashion instead of making it completely confusing on paper when its time to pay ans keeping me busy with bs tech talk while Im looking at the bill. I want a set of brand new free tires or $300 back because that alignment is free everywhere else basically with a coupon…ie Meineke…or my dealerahip that wouldvhave basically saved me $300 with the front light installed which is a $6 part for me and i could easily install myself but Firestone of Fox Valley leaves out thevone thing that could get me a ticket. Invoice # 179532. Figure it out or its goingcto thE BBB and AG and rating sites.

  8. First off wow on the terrible customer service with only two other ppl in the room wandering around took 20 straight mins of waiting just to hear may i help you. Ok i thought no problem but here is were it gets good becuase i came in for a simple patch job i took the tire off myself and delivered it to them even rolled it right into there bay. Finally i was told to come back HALF AN HOUR LATER. After an hour passed from running errands i get back to see the tech SITTING ON MY TIRE HAVING WHAT SEEMED TO BE A WONDERFUL CONVERSATION with another tech. When i asked for my tire back i was told the TECH WAS STILL LOOKING FOR THE AIR LEAK WTF!!!!!! SO AFTER ANOTHER HALF AN HOUR OF WAITING and him actually working with my eyes glued on him the tech comes to me CLAIMING THERE IS NO LEAK AFTER A FRUSTRATING CONVERSATION I FINALLY CONVINCE THEM TO TAKE THE TIRE OFF THE RIM TO CHECK FROM INSIDE…They find the nail thx on my behalf he finally does the job while i watch and hawk every move (seems the only way they get it done) then when i went to pay i waited another 20 mins and was still not aknowledged i left the statement and the money on the desk and walked out the worse i ever seem that store…And nobody could debate or argue or even feel anyway type of competetive way towards me becuase i worked in that very store A FORMER FIRESTONE EMPLOYEE AND IT NEVER TOOK ME 30 DAMN MINS TO TAKE OFF PATCH AND PUT A DAMN TIRE BACK ON ESPECIALLY IF THE TIRE IS ALREADY OFF THE CAR?????? DISTRICT MANAGER ABILIO IF YOU READ THIS DONT BE FOOLED BY THOSE EMPLOYEES THAT WAS THE WORST SERVICE EVER AND I BEEN IN RETAIL MY WHOLE LIFE. THEY NEED WARNINGS OR STRAIGHT FIRE THEM AND LOOK FOR PPL WHO REALLY NEED A JOB IM POSITIVE THEY WILL WORK HARDER AND BRING YOU BETTER BUSINESS. Dont go to Firestone in Fairview NJ

  9. You are bad company. I did alignment and oil change after I bought 4 tires. The grease leaked to my drive after two weeks. Your staff cut my inner CV boot and let me to replace whole axle and want to charge me more than five hundred.

  10. My daughter goes to college in Weatherford, TX and I live in Gurnee, IL. My daughter had bought a so called new battery 7/20/2011 Invoice#061479. Her car would not start on 1/7/14 so I figured there was a battery issue. We called the local Firestone to see if there was a warranty and based on time there was some sort of prorated credit. We had the car towed there and they began to tell me that they would have to do some sort of test. It started at $24.99 and than they said it would be $79.99. They called back and said I would need a battery first because they are unable to do the test because the car for sure needed a new battery but there was indeed a problem but could not determine that since the car would not stay on a needed the new battery. They quoted me at $95 and that was with the proration. I asked how can that be when the last batter I bought cost $90 after installation. They said the battery was $110 and that’s all they had for me. I just purchased a battery for my 2010 Acura TL for $90 so not sure how a 2001 Accord can be $110. I told them I would have the car towed if they can’t do better on the battery. They said they could not so I called another local place and they had a battery equal to the purchase price I originally bought. So I set it up that my car would be towed to that place. So Firestone called me back and said I still needed to pay the $79.99 even though they specifically told me they could not test it since the car would not stay on. In 2 different ways Brandon told me they did not do test and was not able to complete test because the needing of a new battery. He also told me there was definitely something causing the draw on the battery but they need the car to stay on to determine that. I than spoke to the mechanic at the other shop. The only issue was the battery. There was nothing wrong with the car except the battery. I told him that I bought battery from Firestone 2.5 years ago and he told me that battery looks way older than 2.5 years and the issue was there was a hole in the battery. After discussing there is no way to prove that I was sold a used battery so I really can’t go anywhere with that. My problem is being charged $79.99 for NOTHING being done! 10 years ago I was ripped off by the Gurnee, IL Firestone and now this is happening in Texas. I swore I would never go back but when you have a vulnerable daughter 1000 miles a way you are limited on what you can or can’t do. I did not authorize a $79.99 charge on my credit card for no work to be done. I will be telling anyone and everyone through social media. My daughter will do the same. How Firestone stays in business is amazing to me. I will never ever go back to a Firestone and never ever purchase or own Firestone parts or tires or ANYTHING. When I go to buy a new car and if there are Firestone tires I promise I will demand for those tires to be changed or I will not purchase the car. I am DONE for the rest of my life with Firestone.


  11. I have been going to Firestone on greensprings for years the last took my car in for alignment but when I got the car back the left side mirror was the mechanic said someone hit him and Firestone said they will buy and put ig back at no cost.That was very inconvenience for I use my car for delivery meaning am on the road 10 to 12hrs a day put ur self in my shoes driving for hrs without a mirror. I took the car back for them to put back the mirror and they tell me to wait on the car for 3hrs if they did not break my mirror in the first place I would not be in thi mess.I choose not to call the police I will not recommend any one attitude has to change around there u will lose and not gain customers

  12. The firestone store in innbrooks mall in Asheville nc has become very rude in the last couple of months that I have took my last 3 three tire business else where has you can see I have been a very good customer the last 30 years, but due to on have they been treat me as a customer. I just about quite doing business at this location.

  13. The firestone store in innbrooks mall in Asheville nc has become very rude in the last couple of months that I have took my last 3 three tire business else where has you can see I have been a very good customer the last 30 years, but due to on have they been responding to me, I just about quite doing business at this location.

  14. I had a misfire in my colo truck, took it to firestone in raymore on 2/14/14, they did a diagnostic service (that cost 79.99) and told me it needed a cam position sensor (that cost 146.39). after I left & still had the misfire I took to chevy dealership in lees summit that said if the position sensor didn’t fix the problem it shouldnt have been done. I did call firestone & they said I would get a credit on my bill. I got my april bill, today, & no credit. ive bought tires from firestone for years & thought they appreciated my business better than giving me a pack of lies. never again.

  15. Dishonest trtreatment,rebate for brake was not offered,when I ask adviser Kamil told me he forgot about it,but I can go info was provided .Today I call again where I shall mail my request for rebating,Kamil put me on hold,then said ,he has cupon ,I can pick it up. Also,next day he advise me to do additional service on my Lexus es 330,change the coolant and hoist,I have only 41600 miles,car is about eight y o. I ask the cost and how long that will take.he said,time is about an hour/I was there waiting almost two hours.the price was change-to less,than he said,after I told him ,I call Lexus to check,if it was an emergency.then he said,he advise me because I need to do it soon.i don’t trust him,and I am a customer since2009. Do you think. I will go for service at firestone again,I am not sure.With regards,Ms Cherikover

  16. There have been questionable practices at the Firestone store I have used for several years but none as egregious as this last and final time. The day after they installed a new water pump the steering belt slipped off. Another mechanic, not Firestone, put the belt back on and insisted that there was no way that belt came off on its on. He felt there had been tampering and predatory practice. Two months later I took my car to another shop for an oil change and flush and as the car was being driven into the shop the coolant started gushing out. Since this pump had been installed by Firestone under a lifetime warranty the mechanic insisted that I call Firestone to come get the car since it was unsafe for me to take it to them. After returning it to the shop the Firestone mechanic (the same one who had installed the pump)belligerently claimed tampering. A ridiculous charge as Firestone was the only one who had been under that hood and there was no money to be made on repairing it due to the warranty. There was no tampering, just negligent and incompetent installation on his part. I think that’s called CYA. I have cancelled and shredded my credit card as I will never again take my car to Firestone and I will make sure that everyone will know the reason the reason.
    Joanne Mayo

  17. This email was sent to Firestone Corporate Office five days ago and none of their corporate office has even acknowledged the receipt of it, so I am sending it again and will continue to do so until I at least receive an affirmation that it has been reviewed and followed up on.

    I would like your corporate office to be aware of an unacceptable event that happened today at your store with manager Eric, at 3424 W. Bethany Home Road, Phoenix, Az.

    Around 7:45am today, May 9th,2014, I called Eric, the manager, & set an appointment to have my oil changed for 11am. Eric told me it would be about a 30 minute event, BUT, when I arrived for my appointment at 11am, the person at the counter told me I would have to wait for TWO, MAYBE TWO & A HALF HOURS, because no bay was open.

    WHY DO YOU ACCEPT & MAKE APPOINTMENTS, if you do not plan for an open bay for the SET appointment? This is NOT acceptable!!

    I am TOTALLY dissatisfied with this kind of treatment & I am going to let everyone and all I know by verbally sounding off in every possible way!

    I have been a customer for 20 years in three states, and there have been issues, but resolution usually was made on the spot, but this is the last straw, and I will no longer take my business to Firestone & discourage everyone NOT to use Firestone, ever! Don’t set appointments if you cannot keep the appointed time at any of your stores, PLEASE! I had a time crunch that day, therefore I thought the appointment would be a good solution, but was I ever wrong!

    My name is G. Lester Thompson &,I hope you can help make changes in scheduling in this store that will most effectively serve their community with GOOD, not sorry, service.

    Sincere regards,
    G. Lester Thompson

  18. Your website for complaints doesn’t work! I went to your new store in Cape Coral Florida on Skyline for new tires. My wife and I walked over to Homedepot to shop. When we got back guess what, no new tires, but they had the hood up and told me my water pump was leaking and needed to be replaced. Just had it done 4 weeks ago and it was not leaking! I asked them to just put tires on. The put it on the lift and immediately told me the front end was bad and needed to be replaced without even looking at it! $500 to $600 they quoted. I asked how they knew and they said because of the wear on the passenger tire! It was a used tire because my wife is curb shot sally! Lol. So far 2 hours have gone by and all they managed to do at this point is get a lot of grease on my nice white mustang and its new convertible top! What kind of chop shop are you running there? I will never ever use your services again and will always recommend people go elsewhere! Just thought you would like to know!

  19. I’m HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED with the treatment/service that this company has to offer. I went to the location in west Delray Beach for a simple tire patch 25 minutes before closing, and was treated so poorly from the time that I walked in by the guy who was attending the service desk by him slamming things, and speaking to me in such a disrespectful way, that I asked for my keys and blatantly told him, “that since he had so much attitude and didn’t want to be bothered, I’d be more than happy to take my business and money elsewhere”. He then, tried to clean up his act, and did his best to have a better approach when assisting me, but I can tell that he was still bothered/annoyed. And the guy who serviced my car was even worse. Needless to say, I haven’t been to Firestone in about 7 years because of their disgusting attitude and behavior, that I thought that I’d have a better experience years later, along with better service, but they have definitely proved me right, AGAIN; that they are just another insensitive, money-hungry company, that somehow continue to miraculously exist, UNFORTUNATELY. And as angry as I am, and as angry as I will always be with this company, you will be on my side of the table on day – and I still wish you all a better mechanic than your company has had to offer me…

  20. I am so disappointed. I purchased Firestone tires. Came to have a flat. Brought the car to the Firestone on route 12 in lake Zurich Il. Asked for help and they said they couldn’t help me. They were too busy. I explained I was not from the area and they said go somewhere else-really, and Carlos N pointed to and told me to go to another tire place immediately adjoining the Firestone which was, as he knew, closed. Probably wanted me to just get out. I continued to ask where was I going to go and he said I wish I could show you a Holiday Inn across the parking lot but There isn’t one so I cant. Eventually when he realized I wasn’t leaving and was asking him again what should I do he relinquished said they’d fix it. He literally started throwing ghings around on the counter and told me to go sit down. He started pulling paperwork out that I thought he wanted me to sign, he said what do you want im fixing your tire. I explained I thought he was spreading out papers for me to sign and he said no go sit down. I thought I was in grammar school. Then he proceeded to call me rude at which point in time he realized I was taping the conversation and he switched to being more polite.

    I told the girl that was at the counter that I was sorry if I was rude to her and she said no it’s him. He just transfered to the place. She said yes they were swamped and maybe he was s little frustrated but he nvr shouldve talked as he did.

    I have 4 cars and there’s ind thing I know and that is I will nvr buy from or recommend Firestone to anyone. Definately a place to avoid.

  21. Horrible place. And imagine my surprise when I found the only reviews were negative and pretty much the same issues

  22. requested my truck get checked for alignment, they went ahead and did it, charged me, but the report shows I didn’t need it in the first place. They think I won’t see the figures of where it was “before”? Duh

  23. All they do is rip people off. They give you a list of items that need to be fixed and it all fraudulent. They are worst than a dealer. I will stop using firestone.

  24. The alignment has been done twice, and still is not right! We drive from Lake Wales,FL to Winter Haven, FL and have the “lifetime” alignment. Yet the truck pulls to the right STILL! How many times does it take to do this damned alignment?!

  25. My name is stephen yannacopoulos i live in Leominster mass. I’m a single father of four children that live with me.I am disabled because of a back injury. It’s been hard. I write this because of firestone my jeep has broken down a few times and when I could not find any auto macanic’s to help or be cost helpful for being a single father but firestone helped me and my children management and employees are the best operating company to me and my children in need.Im most grateful for the Leominster mass group. They have very nice and understanding to my family’s needs and safety. To the number 1 family company Leominster mass i stephen yannacopoulos thanks all of you. And corporate should know they have the best team and auto macanic’s in Massachusetts.

  26. I have had to return my vehichle twice the last two visits to Firestone Avon Ohio. I was not informed of possible issues, most are up selling, but asked about tire pressure light was told it was fixed, went to vehicle and it wasnt! Went back to store and heard store manager tell staff well its probably the sensor its an old car and these things happen! Why was I informed completed and not completed, he is a terrible resprestation of Firestone’s mission statement….


  28. I brought in a van for an alignment with a lifetime warranty. I got the warranty in 2014 and had it aligned in jan 2015. When I came in they said they couldn’t find it in the system. I had to drive all the way home to get proof of lifetime alignment. The manager needs to be retrained on how to look up a vehicle by the vin or tag number in your computer system. He was clueless.

  29. Firestone in Mt Juliet has been taking care of my car for the past 3 years. They were recommended by a friend in Nashville, TN. I drive from Nashville to Mt Juliet four days a week to care for a special needs grandchild. It is important for me to trust that my car is in the best condition. They have always given me excellent service, every available discount, replacing parts that did not work at no charge. They care for me as if I’m their grandmother. I appreciate the level of service I always get from the Mt Juliet Firestone.
    Chris, the service manager is the best. No excuses! He sees that the job gets done, every time.

  30. Wow! Guess there is not much hope for fixing a wrong with them. Is the better business bureau aware of all if this? Why is corporates email such a big secret. I think the attorney General may need a heads up. My next step!

  31. I took my 2001 ford explorer in for a upper right ball joint and 2tires. Katie called and told me they could not align the fro t end without changing bot upper ball joints. I foolishly told them to do it. But I got thinking about it and ford never had any trouble aligning the front end. I feel like I got ripped off again by firestone just like I did two yrs ago. I called them back but they had started on it otherwise I would have told them not to do anything to it. I will not go back again

  32. I have just returned from another professional service from my Firestone location in Roseville, Michigan. John Fenton told me he is soon to retire from his job and I just wanted to let him and Jeff Schimelfening know how very valuable they are to Firestone’s business. I have watched as they help the disadvantaged, seniors and others and they deliver the best service and quality work I have ever seen. My father ran gas stations in the 50’s through the 80’s and I know when someone knows how to create customer satisfaction and the desire to return year after year to take advantage of that special personality they have developed!


    John Kavalick CHS-III, ACFEI

  33. I want to compliment Catherine at the Firestone location of 75th and Wornall in Kansas City, Mo. She is professional, kind, and hardworking. She is definitely
    management material. Patiently explains to me the problems with my vehicle.
    I bring in my vehicle when Catherine is on duty. Because I know she is will take care of my cars needs. Because of her I will always be a loyal customer. She is a 10 out 10 star employee. Thanks for hiring her.

    Respectfully yours,

    Johnna A. Clark

  34. My store is in Lauderhill, FL. in the 7700 block of Commercial Blvd. I have been going to this store for years and all I can say is every time I need something done to my car, the service is excellent! The manager Wayne and his whole crew always greet me as I walk in the store. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and accurate. Also I have never been told a time for repairs that was not on the money. I had them fix a slow leak in one of my tires this morning and once again I received prompt, efficient service. Give these guys a raise! They are an asset to the Lauderhill community!

  35. My comments are saying “Awaiting Moderation”. (THOSE Comments made ARE MODERATE, to the amount of Ignorant Damage done). Ok, don’t want to post my Comments…??? My Video, of the teardown & WHAT INCOMPETANCE I find will be posted to “YouTube”, (Unless my Lawyer, says that’s illegal). If so, I’ll express my Freedom of Speech Rights by making many, many copies & hand them to Customer’s driving in at the sidewalk, before they enter the lots.

  36. I went into the Brittain Road location in Akron, Ohio for a tire rotation and battery test. I was told that they recommend that I purchase new sway bar however my battery was fine. The very next day my “tire pressure sensor light fault” came on. I never called or inquired about it because it was obvious that something had been done incorrectly. I then noticed that a few days later that my car was shaking terribly when driving on the highway. Found out from a back yard mechanic that I needed an axel on the driver side. Here I am a month later having to have my vehicle jumped twice in one week and can you guess why? I needed a new battery. Thanks to O’Reilly Auto Parts all of the issues that Firestone on Bucholzer in Akron, Ohio caused. These group of guys are terrible., nothing but crooks.

  37. I am a very dissatisfied FIRESTONE customer. I am in Las Vegas, Nevada n I stopped at a FIRESTONE dealership to pay on my account n they would only take cash n the person was not very professional. I have been with FIRESTONE for many years n if I can’t pay my bill at any Firestone then I’ll go elsewhere. I live in Albuquerque, NM n they don’t treat customers like that .

  38. Hi my name is Angela Kimble I have sent several emails I have yet got a respond .This issue started last year in September 2015 when I got a oil change in South haven Mississippi I drove my car about a Month and it stopped on me Three times before I arrival to work and later home .I haven’t had no transportation since October 01,2015 I was diagnose with 1st stage Breast Cancer I have put a burden on my family as well as friends .Please respond ASAP Sincerely yours Angela R.Kimble.


  40. Hello,

    I have a complaint that has been opened roughly five times now. This is in regards to a complaint with both Firestone and Tom Mocny. Tom is the customer relations representative that I have spoken with during my process, who ignores me. I have never seen such a disrespectful manager, with absolutely no feeling for the customer. This complaint is in regards to my 1999 Infiniti which had an AC compressor replacement. I paid about $1200.00 out of pocket for this repair, which then my Air Conditioning did not work. Firestone said it was “broke” prior, and that if I wanted to have AC again, to pay close to another $1000.00. Tom said “this happens sometimes, and since you received a discount on the service, you will not receive any discount or relief”. I had to open the Firestone Credit Card in order to pay for this, which I have a balance of $600 left on this card. I took this to a dealer twice, both of which are not the PCM like Firestone wanted to replace. Tom will not reply to my emails, he ignores me completely. I am asking kindly to zero out my balance on the credit card to $0. I am paying for a repair that I feel was a set-up to have another repair completed. I will never go to Firestone again at this point unless some serious action is taken. I do not want my vehicle ever touched by “master technicians” working for Firestone. I also do not want to speak with Tom, he is rude, arrogant, and inconsiderate.

    Please call or email me,

    Rob Tomczak

  41. Alan F. is a shining example of what great customer service is all about. My wife came in with a flat tire and Alan dud everything in his power to make her feel at ease. There was some murky details about some previous tire purchases, but he was very attentive to our concerns. Because of Alan F. we are Firestone customers for life. Firestone should be very proud to have employees like Alan in Sarasota,Fl. on Bee Ridge Rd.

  42. I was ripped off 300 4 2 tires I didnt even need replaced. Then my new tires were stolen by someone working at the service center after they took them off my truck. Now Im getting the run around about a refund or where my tires are. Dont go here 4 any type of services. They arent honest with their customers.

  43. All I would like is for my repairs to be done correctly,,, No more No Less
    I’ve been to the same locations 5 to 7 times, not done correctly yet!

  44. I went to Firestone at 12420 Cedar Rd to have tire repaired. I did not have an appointment but I had purchased tires at that Firestone and purchased road hazard for the tires. I had a nail in the tire and my tire was low. dropped car off at 7:30 AM went back at 3:00 PM and they had not serviced my car at all which could have taken 30 minutes for repair. I asked for keys and left.

  45. Needed an oil change.
    They told me my Battery was dead when I came to get my SUV (it was in the shop with lights on) and told me it will not start if they don’t replace it. Replaced battery that was less than 2 yrs old.
    They did not know the code to activate navigation system. Did not reset Oil change counter. After I left and reviewed the bill it stated that they did courtesy check on my (old) battery and it was “in good condition” Place: 27900 Tomball road Tomball TX. Service Advisor: Mike.
    End up paying $257. Had to go back for them to reset the Oil counter.

  46. I recently took my Nissan Maxima to Firestone in Hackensack, New jersey to have the catalytic converter and front end exhaust pipe replaced. Upon receiving my car back I heard knocking toward the back end of the car and fluttering squeaking noise toward the mid front of it. I took my car back a week later and complained. They resolved the knocking noise by replacing a worn rubber piece ( why didn’t they replace it during the initial repair) and advised me nothing else was wrong with my car. I simply told them something was still definitely wrong because when driving the car you can hear fluttering noise and I suggested that they test drive it. They acted as if they were in a rush and never drove the car. Two weeks went by and the noise became more annoying so I complained again and brought my car back in. For a second time within a month’s time I sacrificed not having my car (an entire Saturday) to drive. Wasn’t very happy I had to keep bringing my car in for something so simple as an exhaust repair. Anyway, while they had the car I received a call and was told that my car was finally driven and in fact they heard the squeaking and fluttering noise and fixed it. I picked up my car and drove it for 10 minutes before hearing the noise again. I’m so upset I refuse to ever go back to Firestone. A few days later I couldn’t take the noise anymore so I got under my car with some WD-40 and sprayed where I assumed the squeaking noise was coming from and so far no more noise. Why couldn’t Firestone do that???!!!!! I’m in the process of taking it to Meineke to have the fluttering noise repaired. Firestone charged me $750 for their work and now I have to go pay more money elsewhere for fluttering noise that they said they fixed. Ridiculous!!!!!!

  47. Went to Firestone because dealerships suck and Audi dealerships are the worst dealerships in America (the fools are getting ripped off left and right from Audi, most people in America won’t own an Audi because of their repair polices and costs).
    Discovered immediately that Firestone sucks too.
    If you’re not allowed to watch your car while it’s being worked on, then very simple don’t ever let anyone work on anything of yours, unless you’re allowed to watch what they are doing, of course without your ass talking or interfering with the person working on your car, your house, appliances, plumbing, YOUR KIDS!
    When people aren’t watching their repairs, that’s when the majority of lower class companies will rip your ass off! Period!
    If you don’t know about six personal things about your mechanic, then you’re in the wrong shop.

  48. The Firestone in Green Valley AZ is a perfect example of why people do not trust car repair shops. My sister, who is a single mother, working to put her kids through school took her 2003 Eddie Bauer Explorer in for a noise in the front of the car. She was told that it was the transfer case – and it would cost $1850 to replace it. Before she spent the money – I called and spoke with the manager, Andrew, and asked if there was anything else that needed attention – he stated – we have check it out and that is the only issue. We had the transfer case replaced and I called and asked Andrew – “Did you check it out, is all OK now?” to which he replied “ALL IS GREAT”. My sister picked up the car and it was making a noise – to which Andrew responded – “This is an all wheel drive car and they all make noise – they are meant to be driven off road”. He now has lost all credibility – and has shown himself to be clueless – and now he refused to make it right – saying that it is the rear end that is the issue – so – we have spent $1980 to fix the car per his instructions – and it still does not work – and he refuses to do anything – stating – “We don’t work on rear ends only front ends” This is a crock and he is a crook – stay away!

    • February 12, 2018

      Although this letter is three months overdue, I could not rest until it was written. As a consumer, I realize that we usually only write letters to the Corporate office to complain. However, today I wanted to showcase one of your outstanding employees and his customer service at your 3582 Lee Road, Shaker Heights location. That representative Service Advisor is (#02) Corey.

      My husband and I entered the establishment on November 21, 2017 to purchase snow tires for my (college) daughter’s Toyota Yaris. We shared our concern about commuting during the snowy months. Corey informed us that the Black Friday Sale was the following week and we could save a few dollars. Because of his informative generosity, we decided to wait. During the week of waiting, we also decided to increase our purchase from tires for one car to three cars, totally $1,744.20. Not only did he save us money, but he was able to upsell and encourage us to buy your safest (Blizzak) tires on November 27, 2017. The very next day after our purchase, we received a phone call from Corey, regarding a rebate for $200, in which we were able to donate to “Compassion for Christ”, for Christmas.

      Thank you for having such thorough employees, willing to offer generous and rare customer service. Please offer him an “Atta-Boy” for us.

      The Edwards Family

  49. I have been a customer with Firestone for over 25 years. Typically, I have been satisfied with the service I have received. This past week I brought my car in for standard maintenance care. I received an oil change and 3 system flushes. The counter clerk estimated 1-1.5 hrs to complete the work, so I decided to wait. After 3 hrs. I approached the counter where a different man was now working. I stated my frustration with the excessive wait for a few system flushes. The man barely gave me a care and stated regarding the previous mans estimated time. “wow, he was really off wasn’t he” and he went back to what he was doing. He offered no explanation, apology or assurance of when it would be completed. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in this store over the 25 yrs I have been taking my cars there. I guarantee you that I will NEVER go there again. The present employees there need to be educated on customer service etiquette and acknowledge long standing, loyal customers who ultimately ensure their salaries and job security.

  50. At the Southgate Michigan service center i had new tie rod ends replaced with an alighnment. I took my truck back the next morning because the alignment was so far out of whack that if you let go of the steering wheel it would put you in the ditch. I went in there and told them what was going on. They told me that the alignment was fine and that they would rotate the tires and charge me for a rotation. I told them I rotated the new tires with 8000 miles. So I told them I would take my truck somewhere else and have them fix it. So the next morning I called firestone in Monroe michigan. They told me to bring it down. I’ve been going to the monro e store for over 20 years. I told them what was going on. They took my keys and said they where sorry about what happened. They realigned my truck. For nothing and it was perfect. My hats off to the monro e store. The fact is that they should have never giving me my truck back messed up and I shouldn’t had to drive 45 min to monroe. I hope someday the firestone in Southgate learns from the Monroe store.

  51. contacted jim clint to talk about complaint have not received an answer 1 week later. firestone used to have a high quality of service and integrity but that has changed.

  52. I have been a loyal customer of Firestone for several years. Well, about a year ago, when I brought my Honda civic in to get the oil changed, I was told that the bearings needed to be changed, They told me that it was unsafe to drive! Well, I drove it to the dealership, and they laughed and said that Firestone most be looking for there Christmas bonus, and that there was nothing wrong with my bearings. Well today, I decided to give Firestone another chance. My tires are worn, and it’s time for some new tires. I had gotten several quotes. They quoted me over $100 everyone else! Just wanted to let someone know!

  53. I really don’t like the customer service that i get o. 95th an western they need to be more clear about the service that they give never have i been so upset with the location as i am today t/20/2018.given wrong information to customers is very upsetting.something needs to be done i will not give any recommendations for anyone to be going to Firestone on 95th and Western or any Firestone for that matter if I have to be treated like that it’s totally ridiculous.

  54. I have a problem. today I did my car for the mechanic, I feel I paid a little more than I should have paid. Looking at prices, Firestone have a double price for all parts. I know there’s a deviation from every mechanic, but that’s a bit much. Please check my bill. I looked at prices elsewhere, far less than here. Parts are counted at a double price, so there is not such a big difference. For example, Labor is $ 584.54. Example: reman brake caliper everywhere about $ 80, $ 206,99 for me, This was: 3937 Gate City BLVD. Store #028274.Sorry for the bad formulation, but I feel something is really not good. Thank you!

  55. Firestone- Hampton Va
    I need to sing the praises of JUSTIN this “incredible “ employee of yours!!
    I have been a long time New York Firestone customer, however, have never been so impressed by the service & genuine caring about his customers as this young man! I had, had a very bad experience speaking with the Manager of this store in trying to make an appointment and getting pricing for an oil change & tire rotation. Long story short Justin stepped in & up in making a most infuriating situation smooth as silk. He assured me my needs would be met with not only the correct oil for my 2016 NISSAN Rogue but in a very timely fashion!! I cannot say enough good qualities as far as “superb” customer service!! Because of Justin I will remain a thankful Firestone customer .

  56. I went to the Hillcrest location and met Shawn.

    I thought true customer service did not agsist any more, but I thought wrong after I met Shawn

    That was the best customer service I ever received in my life.

    Hope he gets some feedback on this because he deserves the recognition.


    Keith Kimball

  57. Dear Firestone Auto Care:

    I am very upset at a recent experience I had at your Delray Beach Firestone Complete Auto Care store located at 5190 W Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach Florida 33484-8108.

    The Service Writer Theresa is a very friendly knowledgeable employee, I have been servicing my automobiles with Theresa for several years, never any problems. On Friday November 30, 2018 I took my car to your service center to have my wheels and Bridgestone Ecopia tires balanced and my car aligned before a trip.

    As always Theresa was friendly and wrote me up for a 4 tire balance and front end alignment. I returned hours later to learn the technician was having difficulty removing a lug nut from my front right side wheel. The Bridgestone tires were last mounted by Firestone (too tight). As a knowledgeable auto person I told him to put some heat to it and left to get a bite to eat. Upon returning Theresa had gone home for the day. I was informed that they were unable to remove my tire so they only balanced three tires, which I was charged $36.56 for on my newly opened Firestone charge card.

    My car was in your shop from 1:59PM until 5:58 PM. It was getting dark when I checked out. The nice gentleman who checked me out was displeased at what had transpired and advised I contact Firestone. On Saturday morning I checked my wheel and as you can see the lug nut that the technician had worked on was totally destroyed and rounded.

    As a result of his barbaric efforts there is no way the wheel could be removed in the event of a tire failure. I am holding Firestone responsible for removing, replacing the factory lug nut and repairing any damage incurred. This matter may require a machine shop to remove it.

    I am leaving for a road trip on Thursday December 6, 2018 and require this matter be addressed and repaired prior to my departure. I ask that a Firestone representative get involved and effect the repairs or I will take this matter to a machine shop have a bolt welded to the stripped lug nut and hopefully remove it. In the event that method does not work the Chrysler 17” wheel may have to be cut away to get access to the stripped lug. Firestone shall be held responsible for all costs to the repairs required.

    Kindly have someone contact me ASAP on my cell phone (561) 860-6888.

    Thank you,

    Cary M. Nagdeman
    20920 Concord Green Drive
    Boca Raton, FL 33433

  58. Firestone recently repaired a CV Axle on my vehicle and did a poor job. I would like to know how to get a refund. Thanks.

  59. Unethical, lying about the times to get the business, if you do not wait for your car they will take care of the cars of customers waiting first even when you drop off your vehicle early. Very very disappointing. Had to wait more than 5 hours to replace the tires.

  60. Firestone Complete Auto Care
    2901 Skidaway Rd
    Savannah, Georgia 31404
    This location is a complete joke! I have had nothing but problems with them and there management every since I purchase a lifetime alignment for my 2003 F150. Everytime I take my care to this location there is a reason why they can’t align it. The most recent time was the worse. I was told there is play in my front end. Two months ago I got it aligned there no problem and now this? My car was in the shop the last 2 months with a blown motor of which I just got back and immediately took to this location to be align. This is not the first time I have had this issue, every time its something. If I don’t let them repair/replace what they say is wrong, its a problem. This is complete and utter bullcrap. The last time they said I needed new wiper blades which I replaced ONE DAY prior to taking to them, how would I need new ones in less than 24hrs. A very classless and unethical organization. I will never take my vehicle to this location again and will pass my bad service report on to all my friends, family and colleagues. This BS has been going on since 2014 with them. I feel as though I wasted my 200.00 dollars on this service of which I can’t seem to utilize.

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