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Contacting Fidelity Customer Service Center

Fidelity is a financial company that offers trust, college savings, corporate stock plans and other financial planning to consumers on a personal and business level.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You can use the Fidelity phone numbers listed below to contact customer service for each of the most popular Fidelity financial programs. When in doubt, use the New Customers phone numbers to be routed to the proper Fidelity department.

  • New Customers: 1-800-343-3548
  • Personal Account Holders: 1-800-544-6666
  • Retirement Assistance: 1-800-544-4774
  • 529 College Savings Plans: 1-800-544-1914
  • Corporate Stock Plans: 1-800-544-9354
  • TDD: 1-800-544-0118
  • Employer Programs: 1-800-835-5097

Mailing Address

You can use the Fidelity customer service address listed here to contact the financial company, but if you’re having financial issues or problems with your account, it is best to use phone or email contact in place of standard mail. Fidelity is a huge company and it could take a long time to answer your letter. In addition, it is NOT safe to send detailed financial information through the mail.

Fidelity InvestmentsPO Box 770001Cincinnati, OH 45277-0003

Official Website

Visit for the official website for the Fidelity company. The official website offers information on financial products and services provided by the company.

Customer Service Email

When you want to learn more about Fidelity or ask a simple question that does not pertain to a personal or business financial matter, the email contact form located at is a good choice. Especially if you don’t want to wait on hold or reveal tons of information to a representative before being able to ask your question.

Our Experience

The Fidelity customer service line for new customers is automated. Though this number is listed for new customers, the first options give are for existing customers. You can press 1 for transaction on an existing account, 2 for existing customers for investment help, 3 to learn more about being a customer with Fidelity. We pressed 0, but that forced the automated system to request a user name or social security number. If you enter nothing your call will be placed on hold for customer service. Our call was answered in about 1:15. The agent was bright and bubbly and more than willing to send us information on the Fidelity 529 Plan. We were never asked for personal information like a social security number, so you do NOT have to enter that information when asked by the automated system. We did have to reveal our address for obvious reasons.

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6 Comments on “Contact Fidelity Customer Service
  1. I need help in contacting the Retirement Consultant of Alcatel-Lucent accounts. I received a voice mail from Mr. Pet Sheaffer (last name most likely spelled wrong) asking me to return his call. But I’m currently overseas and can’t use the 1-800 number he gave in his voice mail.

    Could I please have his email address, or ask him to email me? I won’t be going back to the US till early July. Thanks!

  2. Brain with customer service resolution is very rude and he is no real help in solving and finding solutions for customer so happy I’m no longer investing my money into this company. This copy had me pay pay $25 for a two day aire. The error was on there part because the company entered the wrong zip code. No refund they said its my fault. Its ok BC I will never invest in that company again. Its the small things that couldn’t be taking care of.

  3. Poor customer service training. Brain resolution. Matter and as a customer service team poor notes where reference not the customer poor poor service

  4. I spent the entire day calling in today from 8am until now ( 11:24pm ) on hold. I need to make a transfer and on line takes 3 days. I spent 10 hours calling because I do not have funds in my cash management account. It’s absolutely terrible I am going to better business bureau

  5. At least put a message in the system that says your computers are down or please call back after a certain time. You have please hold on and make people think someone actually works

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