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Contacting Fiat Customer Service Center

Fiat is an Italian car company with five models as of December 2012. The official website describes each of the models in detail and even gives consumers the ability to build a virtual model that can be ordered directly from the company. There are dedicated Fiat dealerships located throughout the United States. The term dedicated means Fiats are sold at Fiat-only dealerships.

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Contact Info:

If you want to get in touch with a local Fiat dealership, you’ll have to visit the Dealer Locator at the top of the Fiat website.

Phone Contact Number

Fiat customer service answers consumer calls from 8 AM to 8 PM ET Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 5 PM ET Saturday and Sunday. If you’ve financed your vehicle through Fiat, you can contact Ally Bank for assistance.

  • Fiat Phone Number: 1-800-242-6342
  • Ally Financing: 1-800-327-6278
  • Ally Customer Service: 1-800-200-4622

Warranty information is available from 9 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday ET.

  • Warranty: 1-888-240-2709

The Tech Authority line is open from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday ET.

  • Order Service Manual: 1-800-890-4038

Mailing Address

Fiat USA offers customers and potential customers several addresses to choose from when contacting Fiat customer service. The first is for Fiat corporate, the second for Fiat customer care and the third for Fiat extended coverage questions.

Fiat USAPO Box 21-8007Auburn Mills, MI 48321


Fiat USA Customer CarePO Box 21-8004Auburn Mills, MI 48321


Chrysler Service ContractsPO Box 2700Troy, MI 48007

Official Website

The official website for Fiat is located at, but you can bypass choosing from the three Fiat websites by visiting The site is absolutely dedicated to introducing visitors to the latest and greatest Fiat styles. As of December 2012, Fiat models include Fiat 500 Cabrio, Fiat 500L and the Fiat 500 Abarth.

Social Media

Fiat USA is active on social websites so customers can connect with the company for additional customer service options.

Customer Service Email

There is a main customer service email form listed on the Fiat USA website. We contacted Fiat to ask if there were any plans to build a larger model that holds a minimum of six persons.

Our Experience

Call Fiat customer service with questions about models, service, products and more. When we contacted Fiat, the call was answered immediately by a customer service representative. There was no automated message welcoming us to the Fiat customer service line or list of options to choose from – just a hello.

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9 Comments on “Contact Fiat Customer Service
  1. Bought brand new 500c convertible 29/04/2013 lost wheel trim3 days after still awaiting replace ment.?

  2. Just purchased a new 2013 Fiat Abarth fully loaded with all the extras. It was specially ordered by the dealer and was in the showroom. It is black with red mirrors, break calipers. Goucci leather seats and Abarth pin stripe. This car is fantastic! Great handling, ride and super fast…. I added scorpion decals for the mirrors and gas cap door. Also applied an Abarth logo with pin stripe for the nose. I believe these few additions really bring this car to life! Only complaint, arm rest is too small, otherwise, one of the best cars I ever owned!

  3. I have recently purchased a 2013 Fiat Punto 1.4 Dualogic transmission 5 Door Hatch vehicle, and I am extremely impressed. It is smooth to drive, very fuel efficient and feels like a sports car. I have put in lots of goodies and for my first brand new car at the age of 43, I am happy to say that Fiat has survived long enough to see that day! However, I find it really amazing that for a 21st century car, it has no secure petrol tank or lockable petrol tank cap. Given the Fiat 500 is fitted as standard with a lockable petrol cap, I thought it would be only natural that the Punto (for a similar price) would have it too! I am in Australia and perhaps it is a localized problem, but I would like to think that a lockable petrol cap would be a uniform standard for any good car maker in the 21st century. Believe me, such a little thing can cause big problems, starting with the decision to buy the car in the first place. Hope someone can fix the paperwork!

  4. I have a Fiat Bravo 2009 and 1400 t jet engine oil cooler broke down
    I try to buy such a part of the Land of Israel, and I can not because of the price the garage company Fiat require for part 1200 ero .. This price does not make sense and I’m sorry to tell you that because of the prices of spare Fiat in Israel I better not buy a Fiat ever and anyone that I know not buy . Fiat’s service in Israel is not good … they are not answering the phone and it took me four days to get them ..Please help with car part my car number is: 13-091-67 and the pice oil cooler number is 44 3220582 Thank you

  5. i live in chicago and i bought a car from fait of chicago How can I bought a new car from Fiat but got a piece of crap and fait of chicago didn’t take care of it
    I bought a new car from fiat of Chicago since 28 April 2014 . I didn’t thing when I buy a new car with fiat brand got me too much problem . I went to service 5 time to fix the problem in 7 month how your thing this is a good car to drive. First time I got panic coz the car was shaking very loud but the dealer had a company car to use I feel happy for service , Second time it better coz I knew what I should do but Third time shouldn’t happen again right coz this is a new car .The dealer just change the policy, they said no company car for rent but they rented from enterprise to me . When Forth time I got very mad coz they said I fixed everything but still coming and I can’t did anything except wait the sell manager said if happen again Fifth time I will talk to fiat USA to change the new car to me . Fifth time coming so fast I went back to dealer and sell manager said I should brought your car to service to find out what happened first and the bad thing is my sell person said to me no more rented car from us.( I paid the rented car by myself )3day later I called to fiat service for ask about the car ,fiat service said this time had the same mean my car had 4 time same code and 1 time different code and I went back again to ask sell manager about the rented car he said that sell person didn’t know anything and I told him about what I talked with the fiat service,he said same code .Sell manager said ok I will talk to fiat USA ,it take about a week . After 1week I asked for it and sell manager said I didn’t hear anything back from fiat USA ,second week I asked again he said I can’t speak for fiat USA .Since the day my car went to fiat service it 3 weeks the dealer call me tell me you will not have a new car and they said it should be 5 time if it happen again they will change the new car .I don’t get it how dump they count the number ,5 time mean I brought the car to you 5 time if happen again it mean 6 time right.

  6. I’ve owned a 2014 500L Easy since end of June 2014 and over time I thought I could get used to the lumbar support in the drivers seat, but I’ve given it all I can and the back aches are getting worse and worse. Is there anything I can do? There’s to much lumbar support, even at the lowest setting. I’ve taken it to the service dept, and all they told me was that I could buy a replacement seat for $8,700, which is not feasible for me. Please Fiat, is there something we can do?

  7. The warranty booklet that came wiyh the 2012 fiat 500 sport states no charges for limited maintenance warranty for 36000 miles or 3 years for all owners. This includes oil service, tire rotation, check clutch disks, brakes inspection, even wiper blades. No charge for oil and filter and fluids or tire rotation. Take it to a fiat service center. There’s a place for the service center to sign and what is covered each 8000 miles for service. Neither the fiat dealership nor fiat customer assistance would honor this. In fact the fiat customer assistance person said the warranty booklet came with each car but it only covered the ‘promotional’ fiats. An email and a phone call did not provide anything except excuses. The dealership I took it to in oklahoma did not provide anything except different excuses. On tv the oklahoma dealership has paid for a commercial that says buy a 2015 fiat and we will give you service maintenance for 4 years for free. It is against federal law to have written express warranties and not honor them. I have filed a complaint with FTC (federal trade commission.

  8. My wife wanted a 500 sport and she had a complete idea of exactly what she wanted. We found it, we bought it and she couldn’t be happier. I want to send a picture of it from our latest trip

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