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Contacting FEMA Customer Service Center

FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, handles emergency situations and front-line response to natural disasters in the United States. FEMA is part of the Department of Homeland Security. FEMA operates out of Washington, DC, but there are field offices all over the United States. There are also other departments working in association with FEMA, including Mount Weather Emergency Operations station.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The main contact number for FEMA is a toll number in Washington, DC. FEMA customer service agents are available during normal government business hours in EST.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-621-3362
  • TTY: 1-800-462-7585
  • Technical Assistance: 1-800-745-0243

You can also contact FEMA at:

  • FEMA Customer Service: 1-202-646-2500

Mailing Address

Standard mail communications to FEMA can be addressed to the department’s physical address in Washington, DC.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
500 C Street SW
Washington, DC 20472

There is also a post office box setup for consumer communication.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
P.O. Box 10055
Hyattsville, MD 20782-8055

Official Website

FEMA‘s website is located at Here you call learn about the government department and the role they play in national security, but FEMA also provides informative articles and tips about emergency preparedness.

FEMA is available on major social media websites including Facebook and Twitter, however, contacting FEMA about sensitive situations should not occur on social media sites.

Customer Service Email

The main means of contacting FEMA is through the online contact form on the Contact Us page. You’ll have to choose the main topic of your communication to move to the next section of the contact form. You can choose from General, Business, Disaster, Fraud, Equal Rights and other topics. When you choose a topic you will then be asked what department you are inquiring about. FEMA is listed along with the National Emergency Training Center and Mount Weather Emergency Operations.

We have contacted FEMA in an effort to find an email address people can use from a mobile device to request emergency assistance. If we hear back from FEMA we will update you with that information.

Our Experience

We tried the main customer service phone number for FEMA customer service. Press 1 for English to move the call to the next set of options. FEMA accepts calls for damage assistance only so you’ll need to use another form of contact if you have a different issue. Via phone you are asked to enter the zip code where damage occurred before progressing the call.

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61 Comments on “Contact FEMA Customer Service
  1. Yes I’m wondering what youre real plans are for all the fema camps that you built. You know the ones with the razor wire and the ones where a train goes right thrugh the camps. You know what ones I’m talking about. The largest one is in Alaska I do beleive. How much money was spent on building these camps that hold 1000,s of ppl. What are these really for. Bet I can guess.

  2. Just got a notice telling me my flood insurance has lapsed and promising all sorts of dire things if I don’t renew.

    It lapsed for several reasons: 1. premium went from 376.00 yearly to 1863.00 in a year’s time. 2. When I inquired I was told I suddenly lived in a flood plain. 3. When I asked how that could be I was told the burden of proof was mine. 4. Both my insurance agent and myself looked at your maps. Could find nothing to indicate a change. 5. Further inquiry was met with a repeat of #3 above and the comment the person I was speaking with was too busy to look at the map himself and provide a definitive answer for the price increase. 6. FEMA refused to cancel the existing policy claiming the loan provider required coverage. I’d paid the mortgage in full three years prior.

    If you were treated like this, would you be in a hurry to pay five times what you had previously for a service your representative is unable to define? Your customer service is predigested substance. I’m saving for the remote possibility there might be a flood here before I die.

  3. I simply want to access information re: flood zone info. (map#, date of map, and zone). Why has this been made more difficult? What am I missing?

  4. Dear Fema,My name is Robin Paige.And we lost our home 7 months ago in a flood in williamstown vermont we lost our car and cat as well.We have not recived any help from fema or any other services.My husband works hard for his wife and son and daughter. and when we needed help we didnt get it.I dont understand why.Is it because we live in a small state?or town.We lost our savings and sence of security.Please respond so i know that someone cares

  5. Hi, I am a new home owner. Can you tell me the history of flood at this property or area? How many times has it been flooded and when was the last time? I am currently in the closing process.Thanks, Chanty

  6. To whom it may concern:

    In preparation for a discussion of civil preparedness in the US to take place in my community later this week, I read your document on how to plan.

    I was AGHAST that you wrongly use the classic business triangle – Strategic, Tactical, Operational.

    I proceeded to research this triangle in my business books and online in case I was remembering wrong but I’m not.
    The classic triangle represents the level and magnitude of each of these categories.

    Strategic = Goals and Objectives of an organization – fewest, most general definition, smallest section, highest because it’s set by high level management

    Tactical = Means by which a particular goal or objective will be achieved – the specific approaches to achieve a goal – middle because it represents many objectives and their respective approaches – set by middle managers with specific responsibilities

    Operational = the specific activities required to implement the means defined in tactical – . – the day to day activities employed, exactly how things will get done – lowest level, most detailed, comprised of the largest number of people and resources – supervisor oversight and planning

    This HUGE error on your part brings into question the knowledge, experience and general capabilities of your policy setters. Someone ignorant must have told your plan authors “Heck of a Job, Brownie”.

    American Citizen, Voter, Lifelong Democrat, Educated person

    Sandra Linfert


  8. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Hi, regarding to my application my dad was receiving a call from you. They said, “they cannot help us on fixing our house.” We understand that they can’t help us on fixing our house but we are asking for was “Rental Assistant”.

    Thank you for your reconsideration.
    Catherine Joy Barrozo

  9. We downloaded the new fema elevation certificates for 2016 and was able to fill out the form for our clients, all is good except one thing. We cannot paste pictures into the building photos section. so pretty much it is useless to us. Pdfs are not the way to go especially for day to day work environment with all the security on the pdf file. Can you unlock that portion of the form to allow copying and pasting pictures in to the form.

  10. A small church in Maribel NC the Church of God of Prophecy received damage in the storm several years ago. FEMA came and inspected and they had to write a check for 9k to FEMA. It took their money that was for air conditioning. I never heard of such a thing. They are a struggling congregation as the elderly have died and young moved away. I as an advocate think this is unfair and ask you to refund it. The contact person is Ms Lilly Mae Pegram. I am wondering if the money actually went to FEMA or if someone took this money representing FEMA. The address is NC 55. Help this church please

  11. I’m looking to work in West Virginia flood relief want to know if there is agencies paying people to help out if so please contact me can start as soon as tomorrow

  12. Looking to work in West Virginia floods if there is agencies to pay people like me please contact me

  13. To whom it may concern,
    My name is Sam Rodman. I had emailed FEMA accouple days ago but got no answer. Am trying again now. I had read online that FEMA is hiring temporary paid positions to help with the disaster going on in TX. That it is 120 day assignments.

    I don’t know where to apply for that position? Can you please tell me?

    I currently live in Shelton Ct. Am I still eligible?
    Sincerely, Sam Rodman

  14. My husband wanted to go to Texas to help with the clean-up from Hurricane Harvey. He has major experience with semi and dump trucks . Was needing to find out what agency is in charge. Thanks

  15. I signed up on line for assistance for Hurricane Harvey and when I go online to check the status they ask for a 7 digit id and i do not have that. Could someone send me that I.D. # please. I need help fixing my house as we had no flood insurance.

  16. Hello Fema how are you and all is doing my name is Ernestine Hollimon I live in fort pierce florida saint lucie county this morning on sept. 10 2017 I walk in my kictchen to get me some food to eat and the roof fall on me and knock me down on the floor I lay there for a while screaming for my boy friend to help me he did he was comeing any way after he heard me and the roof fall he hurry up and call the 911 the ambulance came and took me to the hospital they say I have a facial & scalp contusions the roof fall down on me and my boy friend turn off the breaker electricity can fema comes out and look at it please I have to get a head doctor I still have pain the roof fall on me it piles on me come and see the roof in the kictchen and take pictures of it its very bad and my legs hurts to both of them from Ernestine hollimon

  17. The city of beeville texas is commiting fraudulent invoices for brush pick up.City manager william de librio is claiming brush pick up due to hurricane harvey.This brush had been piled up at city yard erll before harvey ever hit.In my eyes this is a fraudulent claim. I WOULD LIKE THIS MATTER INVESTIGATED.THSNK YOU.

  18. Filled out application for FEMA assistance. Hit by hurricane Irma. They said they are not helping us. I understand devastation in other areas were greater than mine but I still have damage to my home and property. And what about high deductibles

  19. I applied for help online but I never received my pin number to check my status. My name is Felicia Plummer. DOB 09/04/1968. Last four of social security..2142.
    Please send me my pin number so I can check my status.

  20. hello my name is lakessa clay an i have a claim in my applicatio number is 50-1060326 – 4337
    i have applied 9/12/2017, i have been calling to try an speak with someone an no one can get threw, people are trying to reach fema an no way to contact, this is not fair, i would like to know if someone is going to come out an look at my damages, or at least pick up the phone, i wait on hold for hours this is not fair to no one. please respond please i want to no were does my application stand an how long for help.

  21. I initially filed for individual disaster assistance. Marked the boxes wrong for needing food clothing and rent . Never received any funds that many friends did. Called about twenty times never got through (60-90 minutes waiting then dropped) finally got through and told nothing could be done to change initial application. Sorry good luck was told. I evacuated spent two weeks away could only get two nights Fema hotel , stayed with friends , slept in my van . Wiped out most of bank account. Doesn’t seem fair.

  22. A lot of money was paid today for 5 guys working for fema. Four leaned against an oak tree while one worked hard with a loader. Fema clean up is a joke. They leave as much as they take. They are not even a mob cause a mob has a leader. By the way, the hard worker was a black man, I’m white, sue me. 9-24-17.

  23. After reading all the sad and derived comments. It made me realise how lazy and sad some americans are. For most of the comments can be answered simply. Get off your butt and start moving forward,as my family has had to do. As for the Alaska rant.? I bet you keep a mask covering your face, and attend snowflake meetings. Shame on all the poor comments. FREE rides are for folks who deserve and follow the process. Dust off, Stand up. And grow up.. Anyone have the contact info to go to PR to help with the logistics over there. ?

  24. I have been lied to one employee said there are no managers at fema one told me she had to get off the phone because her work area was in danger. Talked to a manager on the 3rd said our brnifits would be there 5 to 7 days its been 23 days no inspector no money what are they doing.

  25. Ii have been treated Wong I am a veteran I am disappointed they
    Treated wrong I plan
    To contact the leader of the free world in regar to let him known
    My calls not answerd

  26. Registration ID: 92-0091107
    Help never Got the check from you guys as i can recall I just saw this assigned up for relief from being hit by 2 Category 5 Hurricanes 12 days apart
    Please help i could my family of 6 could really use it right now even to purchase a bed

  27. Im a Harvey evacuee. Me and my fiance, 7 months pregnant. She was just moving to my place in Pasadena, been in TX little over a week. The storm hit, we managed to get out 3 or 4 hours before all hell broke loose. We ended up in Anaheim CA. I started filing with FEMA right from the start. So far I received $500. lodging remburstment, and currently have been staying in a hotel on th TSA program. My appplication, however has meen withdrawen twice, due to the fact that I have no way to get back to TX, even if I did then what. I went through Katrina and was forced to start over from scratch in Ohio. Now I’m being told I have to find a way back to TX so FEMA can complete my inspection. How.. I lost everything, home security, job, everything. I got till the 23rd of oct till this hotel thing is over. Im sure it wont get extended beings they are withdrawing my application… THIS SUCKS

  28. If this pertains to the application department well I was denied cus of proof of loss…but yet there been lots of claims approved by people who didn’t loss one thing but a nights sleep a received 500$ or more an they get monthly checks but yet I can’t get approved for my actual losses an cost of rooms..for three days..the is a sad y’all department should really think on how you over look real people in need I have three kids an wife live in housing an not Workin life is hard as it is an y’all just made thing a little worse…thanks an have a nice day.. hopefully good will forgive y’all’s actions..

    • Hello
      With the recent storms, the Fema government has to shelter in each of the cities that are in the hurricane paths in suitable places in the city underground, and with all the facilities such as proper amenities for families and shops in government control, proper outlets, Which is not accessible to the flood route, or to the top of the water



  29. I sent a check August 20, 2017 to FEMA in the Amount of $5,000.00 for the Harvey Hurricane victims. It was returned to me this pass week, NO note, NO nothing on why they returned it. With all the Hurricane’s, I am sure that money could be put to good use. I would really like to know why you didn’t accept my check.

  30. I understand they are giving out food vouchurs for those who lost ther electricity. It wa 7 days and we lost all our food I frig and freezer. Do you have a number I can call to get information> thanks ///Ruby Whalen

  31. Please call me my name is Paul Daly I am trying to call on behalf of my 92yr old mother whos condo was completely destroyed she has been left homeless a I fear only the stress alone is having a detrimental affect on her health I love my mother and it is truly hurting ne to have to watch her suffer through this natural disaster we do not no who to turn to please contact us and help us find any and all assistance that is available to help ease our pain in our moment of need I know that we are not the only family caught up in this crisis but at this moment in time we have never felt so helpless and alone thank you for any help or assistance that you can share with us Paul and Gloria Daly

  32. Hello, I don’t think that it is fair that i have to be judged by my income when the money that fema is providing for people is tax payers money. I honestly answered the question on my application and the only thing i need help with is gas for my generator that i used for 5 days and lodging, now i have to give you all of my receipt to prove that i am telling the truth. All i have to say is in a crisis like irma everyone needs some kind of help. I really think that if fema has to put a cap on give out funds,then they should give every house hold $1,000.00 for assistance with gas,lodging,food etc. I am not talking about people who lost everything,that is in another class by itself. Thank you and have a nice day.

  33. I would like to acknowledge one of your employees as being extemely helpful in assisting my friend with her needs due to hurricane Irma. His name was Hernan and his number is 116846, there should be more people out there like this young gentleman who takes pride in what he does and it shows. This is why I am notifiying you of this because I feel he needs to be commended.

  34. I am reaching out to the director of FEMA! Fema gas paid for me to be in a hotel with my 3 kids under the age of 5, I was calling for an extension, and kept getting the run around! I am now back living in my car with my kids! There was a gentleman I spoke with that was very rude! I have it recorded, he was laughing that I was about to be homless, he denied me talking to a supervisor,said he would not provide me a letter saying they know I’m homeless now and no one has gotten back to me about my extended stay! I will take this to the news station. There is no reason this should have happened! I would greatly appreciate an email back. Thank you!
    Kiersten Bawol

  35. The customer service is a HUGE JOKE. Called 3 times. 1. Given a directory of many dept. when I did choose one it was no longer working. 2. Called back the so called answering operator hung on me. 3. Once again the operator hung up on me. All 3 times was a different operator. Why are there so many people being paid to do nothing. Has FEMA also directed counties if flooding occurs the county emergency mangagement cannot enter private property to help place sandbags. Has anyone in this entity given any thought as to those who are elderly and/or disabled who cannot perform these tasks to protect their property. No, I think not Time to think about who and how everyone is going to effected while you sit in an office and give orders as to what can and will be done to aid the public when an emergency arises.

  36. Hello
    With the recent storms, the Fema government has to shelter in each of the cities that are in the hurricane paths in suitable places in the city underground, and with all the facilities such as proper amenities for families and shops in government control, proper outlets, Which is not accessible to the flood route, or to the top of the water



  37. I am a 58 year old woman who proudly takes care of herself despite minor handicaps and great financial burdens. Last year hurricane Irma destroyed my home. The roof was all over my yard as well as the neighbors. My home was on the front page of the newspaper here in Highlands county. A professional contractor has estimated the damage at $68,000. (FEMA did help me with $1,000 last Oct. This barely took care of cleaning up debris let alone repair my home to be safe and livable.) I have been praying for further help from FEMA ever since. Today I got a letter from FEMA that has me very devastated. “FEMA has determined that you are not eligible for Home Repair because you have been previously awarded all eligible assistance for this type of loss … This decision is final”. Why put me through a second inspection and keep me waiting and hoping all these months just to crush me? Seems pretty cruel. Is there anything I can do? Thank you for listening. I hope I am not alone in this.

  38. This is to inform you that I will be turning off my cell phone when the final date/time is announced for the Presidential Alert. This president has demonstrated repeatedly that what he says cannot be trusted. I do not want to subject myself to whatever weird tirade he may be on during the time selected for the alert.

    Thank you

  39. hello my names is shemeka michelle reed, i been trying to reach you. as of my compliants; i had sent to supreme federal court e file, and
    my contact number is # 1404-604-7863 shemeka michelle reed # 1313-290-4181 shemeka michelle reed. ansd you can reach my husband on google buzz hangout as the hurricanes i remeber that you said that you move around, as the hurricane seasons.

  40. we are a licensed contractor in florida ,with 40 years experience in restoration and debris removal with insurance and bonding capabilities.
    have heavy equipment large loaders.excavators,skid steers,trucks,roofing equipment,drying equipment and lots of experience.
    looking for working relationship with FEMA to assist in hurricane michael
    we are on stand/by looking for contact from fema to see what needs you have that we may assist in
    whoever recieves this message please forward to the person of need,Thanks

  41. Dear DHS and FEMA: Like those people who wrote their messages and suggestions and questions, I have some GREAT ideas how to solve many natural disasters like the wild fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and many others. I want DHS and all government agencies connected with the security of our country to know my ideas, but not to fall these information to the hands of unauthorized people. So, if you can reply to this email of mine, I would be gratefully appreciate it, for I know the information I am going to give are very important to our over all country’s security and well being. Thank you very much.

  42. By the way: I just posted my idea and suggestion, but when I tried to send it, it just disappeared. I want to DHS and FEMA or any agencies that are responsible for the security of our country caused by natural disasters like: wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and many more, to reply to my email, for I do not want wrong people to receive it, for they might use it in a wrong way. Thank you very much.

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