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Contacting Farberware Customer Service Center

Farberware is a kitchen equipment and accessory company with a name for quality. We were surprised to find a tiny website for the company that offered relatively little information with an out-of-date navigational style. Farberware is not a new company. The history of the kitchen tools reaches back to the early 1900s when SW Farber handmade various kitchen and home accessories out of copper and brass. By the 1930s, the artisan was making a coffee machine, which started the movement into kitchen appliances.

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Contact Info:

If you click on the Customer Service link on the Farberware site you will notice very little information and very little font. We found just one Farberware phone number, but we found lots of email addresses.

Phone Contact Number

Farberware customer service is available from 7 AM to 5 PM PT Monday to Friday; cookware only. There are no phone numbers for the other Farberware product lines.

  • Farberware Cookware: 1-800-809-7166
  • Salton Electronics: 1-800-233-9054

Mailing Address

There is but one address for customers to reach a Farberware agent by mail and that address is dedicated to consumer support. You can address your letter to:

Farberware CookwareConsumer Relations2005 Meyer WayFairfield, CA 94533

Official Website

We found the official website for Farberware at, but we soon realized this site was nothing more than a portal to the cookware site. The cookware site, located at, is more of a consumer site than the main website, but we revered back to for contact information for specific product lines.

Social Media

Customer Service Email

You have more than a few options for contacting Farberware customer service by email. Most of the email options we’ve listed below are direct email addresses. You must log in to your email client, like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, to send your message.

To use the Ask a Question page, located on the Farberware cookware site, you have to register for a free account. There does not appear to be a way to bypass this registration.

Our Experience

Farberware customer service is an automated system, like most big companies. You can choose from six options, but don’t press 0 because the system will just change to Spanish and you’ll have to restart the call. If you question pertains to an electrical device you are asked to call 1-800-233-9054 to reach Salton, the company that handles electrical appliances.

Press 1 for orders, press 2 for warranty, press 3 to find out if you have an active warranty, press 4 for warranty information, press 5 for tabletop warranty information and press 6 for all other calls. We pressed 6, which moved the call to another automated message. We pressed 1 for general questions and our call was placed on hold. According to the automated message we could be waiting about three minutes for an agent. Our call was answered in 3:17.

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303 Comments on “Contact Farberware Customer Service
  1. I purchased the 13 pc cookware setfor both me and my sister for christmas, we were surprised to find that the pot and the 2 pans had rust after washing them, the 2 knives and the baking pans as well as the skillets are great but, wondering what to do about the pots and pans, please contact me at my email

  2. I recently received a faberware knife set as a birthday present I also was shocked when the knives rusted so easily was not pleased with this product

    • I also received a farberware knife set as a gift. The knives are all rusting since the first time I used them. I had farberware knives before and this didn’t happen. I am not happy with the knives at all. There should be something done to rectify this.

    • I purchased faber ware steak knives about 2months ago and they have rust on them. I hand wash most of the time. What do I do now?

  3. about a month ago i purchased a pro nylon short turner i used it a few times and it broke in half turning eggs. i hope you can help me regarding this matter thank you

    • I need a new electric cord for my farberware 12 cup coffee pot. Can’t find one at hardware or electrical stores. Please help me.

  4. purchased slicer from walmart about 3 weeks ago and after using one the wire came loose and would not tighten up the second one did not even last slicing two slices before the same thing happened what ever happened to your good name and products will never buy any more of your products slim

  5. Worst customer service I have experienced. I just purchased a percultor and it has a rust spot after a week of use. Now I have to pay for shipping which now the unit is costing me more than what I expected and I could have purhased a more expensive one and not have any issues. I am very dissipointed. Last time I am going to buy Faberware products.

  6. Less than 7 months ago I contacted Farberware regarding a 12 cup coffee pot that I had purchased and was less that a year old. After a very frustratung wait of close to 40 minutes waiting for a customer service rep to speak with, I finally had to leave my number. They did call me back and after sending in the cut end of a cord they sent me a replacement pot. As I said that was approximately 7 months ago. Now the new pot they sent is exhibiting the same issue. The coffee is very weak and not hot. It did work properly for a short time, but now is no longer working properly. The first Farberware pot I purchased lasted me 20 years. In the past 5 years this is the 4th pot I have had issues with. I do not have time to wait on the phone for 40-60 minutes waiting to speak to someone. Farberware Customer service does have my contact information

  7. I purchased a 15 piece Soft Grip knife set and the second time washing them I notice rust on the blades of the knifes!… I have tried to contact someone to help with with this issue but I am not having any luck!.. If anyone knows who or how I can contact them let me know… Thanks

    • I purchased the same set a few months ago, not only do they have rust spots, three of the steak knives have come apart while I was using them! Be very careful the knife part will separate from the rubber handle.

      • I bought a Farberware 12 piece stainless steel knife set in june 2014 have found when put in water, water seeps into the handles and when drying water keeps running out. i’m having trouble contacting farberware company. have decided I will not be buying anymore of their products! as they have no concern for their customers!!!

  8. 2 weeks ago I replaced my old 8-cup coffee pot with a new one. The old pot worked beautifully, made a great cup of coffee and finally died. The new pot is made with inferior grade stainless steel. The coffee is not strong enough no matter how much coffee we add and the coffee grounds overflow the basket leak into the coffee. We have taken to using 2 filters, but to no avail. I am so disappointed in Farberware.

  9. Some time ago I had purchased Farberware Knives at Meijer, I was so pleased at FIRST, then as time went by my knives started to RUST. WHY? I would carefully wash and dry them buy HAND and replace them into the knive holder. Then they were rusting and after I dried them even more carefully I noticed water was coming from the handle, so when I was putting them into the holder water was running down which caused the rust. Who is responsible for this, and why did I have to pay for this!
    I have no receipt, no proof, only my word, that used to be enough. Where’s your word for backing your NAME?

    • Trying to contact customer service was frustrating on their website. I bought a masher about a month ago and used it for the first time today to mash carrots. It broke. I sent an email to farberware with pictures and waiting to hear back from them. After reading the comments, I don’t think anything will be done. I have read all these comments and intend to use social media to alert consumers to beware of buying farberware products. I get the impression that they will not reimburse me for the money spent nor will they send me a replacement. I am hoping they will, but if it’s a defective product then why bother. Never will I buy anything made by farberware

    • I bought a full knife set with block opener everything for my new home and the handle broke. What can be done about this otherwise your name means nothing and word of mouth will hurt your business. thank you Cheryl

  10. Purchased a Farberware percolator in Dec. 2011 through Amazon/Geros and it has quit working July 18,2013. Can’t return to Amazon, how can I be compensated for the Farberware faulty appliance that only lasted 16 months? I’m very disappointed, as I thought Farberware was a well made product.

  11. I received a silver knife set for Christmas. I really like it. I use the paring knife all the time. I was cutting a onion the other day and the knife broke and cut my hand, I was lucky it on cut it a little bit. The onion wasn’t that hard to cut but the knife was slicing crooked when it broke. I wanted you to know this happened. I would not want this to happen to someone else. Thank You, Nancy

  12. Just want Farberware to know that I will never purchase any product from your company ever again.
    The can opener I purchased has stopped working after about a month of use!! Really?? Do you people not try out your own products? I have read reviews as well and see that I am not alone in my can opener problem, but see people have other issues as well.
    OXO was recommended on Cook’s Country Kitchen. I will try them.
    Shame on you for shoddy products. You get no more of my money.
    Rosie Taylor

    • I have a similar can opener issue. The first one I bought broke after a short time, and Farberware promptly replaced it. The replacement broke on the first turn on the first 15-oz can I wanted to open. The return postage is nearly as much as purchasing another one. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be negative, but I feel like I’m just wasting time and money.

      • I have also bought a can opener and because it was Farberware I thought I was getting a good product. I guess I was lucky mine lasted almost two months before it would not grip the cans long enough to open. You have to keep attaching it every time you turn it to get the can open. After reading some of the reviews I’m just going to throw it away. I ALSO will NEVER by any FARBERWAR product.

      • Same here with a can opener. First use, I spun the knob and it completely broke off. A pile of junk. Wont be buying their products anymore

    • My can opener quit working within a few months. Not a happy Faberware customer anymore. Have many other items that are very old and very good. Think maybe all NOW being made in China.Very sad.

      • I wasted about ten dollars on a Farberware can opener which broke while opening a small can of cat food. Called the 800 number provided by Farberware and listened to a series of taped messages, then the phone reverted to a dial tone. I recommend that anyone looking to buy anything made by Farberware read the comments and reviews which have been given by dissatisfied customers. I strongly suggest that you think twice before spending money on the junk products made by Farberware! It used to be a good and reputable company, but no more!!!! BUYER BEWARE!

    • I had the same problem, it worked at first but not long after it stopped working – it will clamp on but it wont turn at all – garbage products

  13. I bought Farberware pots and pans 35 years ago and still have and use them last week went to Canadian tires in Toronto Canada bought a your can opener used it 6 times ,it has fallen apart to a points of six pieces, look at the packed which I still had it, MADE IN CHAINA. SHAME ON YOU ,WILL NEVER BUY OR RECOMEND YOUR CO AGAIN

  14. My tea kettle blew up this a.m. I have electric stove, burner was set on med low, spout was open and I left the room, and was preparing to make jello. Thank God I was not in the room and my little dog had just left the area as well. Scalding water went all over the kitchen area with the lid blowing off. It was a horrible experience. I have never had an experience like this before and I have owned several tea kettles. What happened?? The pot is approximately two years old, beautiful burgandy color, 2 1/2 quart size.

  15. good morning. i am 62 years old and love percolated coffee. i am truly disgusted with your coffemakers. do you not read blogs and complaints. your coffee makers are not what they were in the 1970’s. when are you going to wake up and fix the thermostats on them. they last anywhere from 12-18 months and then they’re shot. they dont finish brewing, coffee is warm and weak. there are enough of us out there that have used keurigs and mr coffee makers and all the others, but always come back to percolated coffee. with good reason! for us there is nothing like percolated coffee!! wake up and fix your problems. go public tell your faithful that you are launching a new and more reliable product and maybe you will win your following back. but since you people bought over farberware you ruined a beautiful product. time to blog this on social media to boycott you!!! sincerely, marjorie p.

  16. I purchased a stand mixer, and although it is four years old, I rarely used it. Today I took it out and the on-off button has disappeared and the release button won’t stay in. I thought I was buying a quality mixer. I am so disappointed with this produce.

  17. hello I am 64yrs old and believe nothing is better than percolated coffee. I bought the 2-4 cup percolator in 2010,2011,&2012. Each one lasted about 13mths.Today is oct 6 2013 and my percolater has stopped working.I’m done.farberware needs to fix this problem.I love this percolator,but I wont buy another one.$55 dollars is too much to spend on a coffee maker that only lasts 1 year.farberware quality has fallen off.

  18. We had your deep fryer for five years and we loved it, when it quit working we went out and bought the same one, to our surprise it lasted a month after using it three times, no box or receipt, we had to buy another one, we choose Presto cool daddy, we are to scared to buy your product again.

  19. I purchased a can opener from them and it stopped working after 3 weeks I was thinking surly this is just a glitch so I bought the very same product 1 month and it will not open a can. I have tried to contact them threw there web site and found its just a portal for their crappy products.. well never again I will surly preach and warn any and all friends and family about this !

  20. After reading other posts, I’ve decided to throw out my rusted Farberware whisk. The customer service site isn’t available probably because there is no customer service from this company! I’ll stay away from this brand in the future.

  21. I will never again use my money to support brands like Farberware.Customer service is a fake .Please stay away from this brand in the future. RUUUUSSSTTTT IN ALL PRODUCTS.

  22. Got your electric percolator as a gift from my daughter last Christmas starting using in June of this year and now it doesn’t perk all the way and the coffee is like colored water no matter how much coffee you put in. What a joke Im going back to the stove top percolator. Stop sending all your stuff to hina and maybe the Faberware name will once again be a household word. I live in Bronx and remember when Faberware factory was about 2 miles from my house on Bruckner Blvd.

  23. I had purchased a manual can opener awhile back and shortly after using it the handle seemed to not grip any longer, so I called an they sent me another opener very fast….. now the same thing is happening again. what is up with this product?

  24. I am among the many, yes many that think your coffee makers are the worst. My coffee is weak no matter how many scoops i put in. The leaks i have to pour over the sink. i too am going to use public social media to tell as many as possible about your product.

  25. My husband bought a farberware electric skillet a couple weeks ago. Last night while making a spaghetti dinner the glass lid shattered into my sauce wasting my money time and effort. Leaving my family having to find something else to eat was frustrating. I’d love to get my money back for my food and that skillet.

  26. I purchased a Farberware Stainless Steel coffee pot about 3 years ago and it has already stopped working. This was not cheap. One of the reason I purchased it was because it had water filters – but of course, a month after I had the coffee pot, you stopped making the filters. Now – after spending A LOT of money on this appliance, it has stopped working…what a rip off. I will not be replacing it with another one of your products. I should have stuck with Mr. Coffee that lasts a lifetime!

  27. well..i was going to ask about warranty info for my scissors but after reading how many people are frusterated with your company and its products ill just throw them away and choose a more reliable brand.

  28. Farberware has always made products we could rely on… mother had many products….recently,my wife bought a can opener for about $15.first time using it would not open a can.I tried and noticed pieces of metal chipping off the gears….are you kidding me….Did you eliminate your quality control dept.?….if it was made here ,shame on us….if made elsewhere ,shame on you…..another trusted name lost to greed…..we ,meaning all my family and friends will never buy another product of yours.!

    • Kevin, I totally agree about the PAST products being quality… I also bought the can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges on the can and within a short amount of time it was leaving little bits of metal and refused to finish opening the can… the gear kept slipping and the wheel that is supposed to do the lifting to help the gear teeth grab, will NOT TURN! Ugh. If the thing worked properly, it would be worth the money but it doesn’t.

  29. I purchased what i thought was going to be a great Sanchoui knife & a professional hand can opener. The knife wouldnt even cut an onion, it was so dull, and the can opener i took back because i couldnt even open 2 cans of green beans for Christmas. I had to borrow a good knife and can opener from my neighbor. Needless to say, i had to return the items i purchased at walmart. Do not believe i will try another product or recommend farberware to anyone i know. Very unhappy with the two products i had to return.

  30. I have tried to contact Farberware Customer Service by e-mail several times and the e-mails were returned(????) I called customer services and was placed on hold for 40 minutes, when I gave up. Is there anyone at the other end of the ‘wire’?


  31. Recently purchased a Farberware 8″ Nonstick EGG Poacher cookware; A serious burn to the fingers and /or hand and body can result if the person tries to remove the lid to check on or remove the eggs from the unit. I would suggest that a Teflon or other non-conductive knob/handle be incorporated as a part of the lid. We are very happy with the cookware other than the recent accident my wife had. Thanks Paul

  32. About a month ago, I purchased one of your can openers. In brief, it doesn’t open cans – at least not after the first can – in under 10 minutes of re-doing the cut over and over while can contents spill everywhere. The cutting wheel continually skips off the can. I’ve tried greasing the wheel, changing the angle, holding the opener as hard as I’m able. Nothing works.
    Unfortunately, I threw away the receipt and cannot return the product I paid 10.99 for PLUS 12% sales taxes…a total of $12.30. As far as I can remember, it was the first Farberware product I’d bought and did so because I thought it was a good brand-name. Never again. If you can’t manufacture a simple can opener, why should I trust any other Farber products?

  33. Having now read all the other customer complaints, all I can say is that the company needs – and deserves – a few successful class actions suits. Maybe THAT would smarten it up.

  34. I have been a loyal customer to Farberware for 57 years. I have my original pots and pans and I have lauded the product to all who would listen. Now the coffeepot is another matter. I have replaced the coffeepot too many times and I am unhappy with the results. My newest one is NO GOOD! The heating element doesn’t work properly and the coffee is tepid. What can you do?

  35. Several years ago I purchased a set of Farberware Millennium skillets with a non-stick coating. These 8 1/2″ and 10″ skillets were advertised with a “life time” warranty and the non-stick coating was described as suitable for use with metal utensils.

    The non-stick coating is now coming off the skillets and they are certainly no longer “non-stick”. It is impossible to reach Farberware Customer Service directly to discuss my options. The automated Customer (no) Service line simply provides an address where I can mail the skillets (at my own expense) to Meyer Corporation for their evaluation.

    This is basically NO CUSTOMER SERVICE in my opinion. I would recommend that customers NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. The company makes excercising one’s warranty rights difficult or impossible (and expensive!)

  36. While I have had your Farberware pots and pans for 46 years, knives for at least 15 years, I am having a problem with my Farberware hand can opener. I’ve had it less than 1 1/2 years, and the wheels no longer engage to turn to open the cans.

    I am very disappointed in a product that had such a good reputation.

  37. After having a set of kitchen knives for the past 5 years I decided to get a set for my daughter.She has had them for 2 months and hand washes them…they have gone rusty and pitted. Could not get the link to a web site for them. Never will I buy any Farberware products again

  38. I recently purchased Farberware classic cookware. I am not happy with the handles and find an edge on each handle that slices into my finger. I called customer service and am still looking at where to find someone to help. This cookware is unacceptable.

  39. I purchased Farberware knives, within a week the blades where covered in rust. I hand was and dry my knives but no matter how much I dry them water continues to run from the handle down the blade. I am very disappointed with this product.

  40. I would like take some time to let you know that I returned a “classic 3qt pot” because of a broken handle. Let me say that the pot was a few years old, you returned to us a brand new “classic 3qt pot” no questions asked. I say that’s excellent customer service—-thanks

  41. I have been using your products ever since I have been married 46 years, however I have sent in at least 4 rebates for different products and have b
    Never received one, so I am not a happy person which leads me to try other products other than yours. This is not very good customer service.

  42. Hopefully enough people will read these comments and stay away from Farberware products. Yes, there was a time when this was THE brand to buy. In my family, the name was synonomous with coffee makers. Now, if they last a year you’re very lucky. So for me, it’s back to the stovetop for percolated coffee.

  43. I would be more likely to praise a product than to be negative,BUT– on 3/1/2014 we bought a Farberware 5 cup coffee maker. We have used it since with no problems until this morning {3/12/2014} when it quit. The timer works- but it will not start the warming cycle. I will not use $15 worth of gas to take it back to the store where we bought it for $19.95. We all forget the old saying; YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Sometimes a ‘bargain’ is not really a bargain. Sorry. Going shopping today.

  44. I currently have a 3qt pot that has a loose screw and it has been that way practically since new 3 yrs ago. Here’s a bit of history – we were married in 1958, my husband was enlisted Air Force and we lived on $79. a month. Our Christmas, Anniversary, B’day gifts to each other were Farberware pots until we had a nice complete set.I loved my pots & pans, so much so that we recommended to all of our children, and they each got your pots when they married. Now here’s the SAD part – our kids decided they’d surprise us with a replacement complete”new” set – a gift from them. My heart sank– not only did I love my “old” pots but there was also a lot of sentiment. I could not bring myself to tell them of my disappointment as I checked my cupboard & saw that my treasured pots were gone.SAD STORY:( ?? & even sadder because my “old” pots were a much better quality. After 50+ years of service still looked better than my new ones & there were NO LOOSE SCREWS. My husband keeps regularly tightening the loose screw and I’m afraid that one of these times , when I have a pot full of hot soup, the contents will end up on the floor or worse yet scalding me. I’m sure my “old” set had a lifetime warranty. Please advise if any warranty exists.

  45. I purchased a 12 piece cookware set and the picture on the box was cream color. Imagine my surprise when the person I have this to as a gift opened it only to find it was silver!!!! Did not match their kitchen and was the last set at the store. I was very disappointed.

  46. We have two of your can openers. Both of them are a problem. With the black one the black handle split, so now it no longer works. The yellow one does not seem to cut deep enough. It seems that the cutting wheel does not go deep enough.

    Thanks Walt & Judy

  47. Can I get an reply? Is the cookbook available for the open hearth indoor electric rotisserie broiler grill???

  48. Their 5 c coffee pot is the worst design ever,the measures inside are too hard to see,filling by carafe is too much,pouring with the lid on to avoid the streams from the side of the lid leave the hand in hot steam, the “on ‘ button is so small it has to be pressed with a finger nail…..any way to get my money back ?

  49. Just wanted to add a comment about the manual can opener we purchased from Farberware. Bought one. Worked on 2 cans. Called Farberware. They replaced with a new one. It worked on 1 can. Handle and gears started skipping again. Have gone to Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Hopefully we will have better luck with this one.

  50. I have a farberware kitchen knife. the handle tore and is unuasable. The knife has a black handle which is a rubbery type. The blade is5 inches long with divot-type things along the lower edge of the blade. It was a gift so I do not have the receipt for it. I like Farberware products and liked the knife. Is there any type of warranty on this? Thanks

  51. I purchased my first ever Farberware small no stick frying pan or so I thought. Followed the directions as to cleaning and not using spray products etc. The directions also stated not to use anything on non stick cookware. It’s definitely not non stick because everything I’ve cooked in this frying pan sticks. Guess the only way to have the food not stick is to use oil or butter which I do not cook with. This is by far the worst product as far as cookware goes. Have even purchased cheap non stick cookware as well as T-fel (that is the best) with no problems of anything sticking. Only purchased this because I needed a smaller fry pan.Called customer service and they told me they couldn’t replace or refund and then proceeded to hang up on me. G

  52. I didn’t finish my previous comment. Was saying after they hung up on me, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Farberware won’t get my business ever again


  54. I just recieved a 8″ nonstick skillet as a gift with an easy clean teflon sticker glued on the cooking surface of the pan which cannot be removed even after soaking for an hour. Someone is using the wrong glue and you owe me another skillett.
    Henry Hofmann

  55. Another of your electric coffee makers that has ceased to perk!
    It is not a year old and the coffee is weak and tepid. The telephone number for Salton leads me to another company. What is wrong w a company that used to be respected and a household word! I’m done with Farberware products . I also wasted $13 on the can opener, which did not function….

  56. I bought a simple ice cream scoop trusting Farberware for some longevity, but was surprised that after perhaps 15 uses it has started to corrode in the center of the scoop. No more hand gadgets from them for me!

  57. I bought a 12 piece cutlery set after having a fire in my apartment. I have had the set less than a year and all knives are covered with rust. The worst part of it is that customer service is useless. I will never purchase anything with the Faberware brand again.

  58. I got a Farberware waffle maker for xmas (as a gift), I used it about an average of twice a month. After 6 months it just quit working in the middle of making waffles.
    I got a Farberware deep fryer yesturday, I am keeping the box and recite in case it too stops working.
    I don’t think Farberware is as good as it used to be. They are making things cheaper and their products don’t last long. I would rather pay a higher price for a better product, that last longer.

  59. We are old farberware customers with many of there old products that work fine.We brought an electric tea ketel that leaked after 3 months and quit after 3 more. Well the wife liked the idea so she figured it a fluke and got another ,it lasted 6 months and literly fell apart ,leaked, top broke on its own and final stoped all together. Farber and salton have gone chinese and are nothing but junk products they dont even back up!

  60. Purchased a BBQ tool for picking up and flipping ribs etc. after the first time the tip fell off and dropped into the BBQ and caught on fire. Had to rescue the tip before it spoiled the meat on the grill. Shame, Shame, Shame.

  61. WOW!!! These reviews are sad. I wanted to let you know I THOUGHT your products were supposed to be really good BUT I personally came to find out recently that looks can be deceiving. I purchased a can opener & garlic press…..both are horrible!! Shame on you & your products. My 10 yr. old products (another company) work better than your new ones. Very, very disappointed.

  62. I have purchased a Farberware garlic press and the handle broke while i was pressing my garlic! When i saw the farberware name i thought i was getting a reputable product! I sure hope you stand by your name and replace this shoddy product free of charge it is not worth for me to pay to return this product to you unless you cover the cost.

  63. purchased a can opener. what a rip-off. used maybe six times. should have bought a $1.98 el-cheap-o.NO MORE FARBERWARE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  66. #103744 coffee maker is the biggest rip off I can think of. The coffee is weak, cold and the grounds are not even wet. When you go to the web site…. It says it isn’t properly installed. I will call the phone number every day for the rest of my life until something is done to get my full payment returned

  67. I bought a personal blender, used it less than 10 times and the lid got stuck on the cup. This is my 2nd complaint because I have not heard from anyone. I had to throw away the cup and lid because it was stinking up my entire home. Now I have a bad product I cannot return since its missing pieces. I should have went with a better brand, got what I paid for I guess.

  68. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! this company is the epitome of “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!” It is junk. I am on my 6th can opener and second set of cookware- in less than a year. I have had nothing but bad luck with the company–spend a little more and get a better product.

  69. I had bought a Farbarware can opener. The handles were large and fit my arthritic hands very well. It was a great opener for a month. Then I tried to open a can of coffee, and the turner let go inside where the gear seems to be. I wanted a replacement, but after reading the complaints about these can openers, I’d like my payment back. I have no receipt. What happened to the quality products you used to handle???

    I’ll await your reply.
    Jenny Kronberger

  70. Their may have been a time when your company actually took pride in the products that you manufactured no matter how small or big, but after having bought 3 or 4 of your manual can openers, ( starting at about 3.99 to my last purchase costing 9.98 plus tax ), i can be sure that this is no longer true.The plastic turning apparatus that is used to open the cans is made to such an inferior standard that no matter the price range the most service you get out of it is 3 days ,(if you’re lucky)! I Can see from the majority of the commments that theres not a whole lot of complements as should be the case with shoddy workmanship.

    • I purchased a Farberware manual can opener. when the first one quit working, i figured it was a fluke and tried a second. it too quit working after just a couple of uses. both times the black plastic handle got a crack in it and would no longer turn properly. i bought another manufactors brand and have had no more issues. i would like my money back but after reading all these messages i’m not going to hold my breath. i have bought my last faberware product.

  71. On 9/18/13 purchased a Farberware Coffee maker and a 4-slice toaster. I had to return the first coffee maker as it would not come on. I swapped it thinking it was a fluke. On 7/30/14, less than a year this coffee maker quit working. I did not try another Farberware coffee maker. Today the toaster is just shy of one year and it died this morning. This infuriates me that I spent $80.00 for these appliances and they did not last one year. I will not trust Farberware again. I would like for a representative contact me.

  72. My can opener stopped working on the first day ! somebody please get bak to me I new a new one shipped to me as soon as possible. I need you to make this right , I payed a crazy amount for your cab opener because I figure it would be the best.

  73. I purchased the Farberware dishwasher safe 12 piece hard anodized cookware set in 11/13. I could not be more disappointed in the shape that they are in now. They look like my T-FAL after 10 years of use. This set should of held up much better. The pots/pans are peeling off on all the edges and inside. The outside color is now dull. The lids do not fit very well. I would like a replacement product. Please contact me asap…

  74. I don’t know why you can’t make a coffee pot that puts the coffee in your cup. No matter how you pour half of the coffee goes all over the counter. Slow, fast, one side of the cup. Your coffee pot stinks. Why can’t you create a pot that puts the coffee in the cup not all over the counter?

  75. After reading the reviews Farberware IS NOT the company I thought it was. I think I’ll go back to Mr. Coffee. Were any of these reviews taken care of? I will never give them a 2nd chance that some of you did. If they can’t make a coffee pot that puts the coffee in the cup I don’t believe I’ll give them a 2nd chance.

  76. In the spring of 2014 I purchased a set of Farberware pots. Five days ago the two quart pot was being washed and the handle just fell off. Can you imagine what would have happened if I had just been cooking something hot and the handle fell off? It’s very upsetting to think that someone could have been burned by the hot contents of that pot. This should never have happened.

    I have Faberware which I purchased almost twenty years ago. No problems. As of this date I will no longer consider Faberware as my go to company when purchasing kitchenware.

  77. In the spring of 2014 I purchased a set of Farberware pots. Five days ago the two quart pot was being washed and the handle just fell off. Can you imagine what would have happened if I had just been cooking something hot and the handle fell off? It’s very upsetting to think that someone could have been burned by the hot contents of that pot. This should never have happened.

    I have Faberware which I purchased almost twenty years ago. No problems. As of this date I will no longer consider Faberware as my go to company when purchasing kitchenware.

  78. I am not happy with your product, when I use the pots the steam comes from around the lid and runs onto the handle and on my stove and it doesn’t matter if I have it on low heat. I have never had this problem with other pots I have used.

  79. Love your 4-6 coffee pot….all my guests swear it makes the best coffee. I am on number three over 30 years. Recently I notice sometimes the coffee as not as hot as it should be…other times it is fine. Is it time for a new one??

  80. I do not have a good review of your product.. I purchases the set of the Santoku Knifes, took out of the package and hand washed… Sliced one little garlic clove and the blade broke right off of the handle.. I was very disappointed in this product!

  81. I bought a farberware toaster in Jan. of 2014, three months later the wire that holds the bread broke on the right side, the heating element does not heat well. My bread comes out barely warm even though it’s on the highest setting. I thought if I spent more money to get a good product, it would last longer. Wrong! I am very disappointed in your product, I would never buy a four slice toaster from farberware, again!

  82. I recently received an electric percolator coffee pot. It does not heat, the red light comes on after a few minutes, like it senses that it has completed the perk cycle, the light comes on to show the coffee is kept warm. It NEVER perked. Very disappointed. If anyone cares I can be contacted at the email address I provided.

  83. In May I purchased a Farberware toaster, convection, rotisserie oven. This was a replacement because GE no longer made this product. I kept my GE for two years. This one lasted four months or less. I had to call to replace the crumb tray due to the tray kept warping (it burned two holes in it twice). Now I have two trays with two holes and the rotisserie no longer works. THE PRODUCT IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY. The quality is far from the previous manufacturer (GE).

  84. I got a FABERWARE can opener that opens the top of the cans from WALMART about 6 mo’s a go now it can not do any thing now. I well not in any way buy FABERWARE products no more but all so we all no that WALMART buys very cheap made products and sells it at today market price and dis not back them up just like FABERWARE products very cheap made products. this tell us what kind of people at FABERWARE & WALMART are !!!!!!!!!!

  85. Bought 3 of your can openers. Each is defective. All broke on the inside of the handle within a week. I always respected your brand. You seriously need to fix this. I imagine a lot of people are going through the same experience.

  86. I had my farberware pots for 38 years my daughter bought me a new set 2 years ago they are horrible you cant get them clean I used brillo and baking soda still not completely cleaned I need a new pot set.

  87. On 9/21/14, I purchased you Farberware knives and figured they were Stainless Steel. They are not. They rust if not cleaned and dried immediately. I have sworn by many of your products for 38 years and this is my 1st bad experience. I hope it is my ONLY bad experience.
    Any solutions for me? I have a box that I can send these defective knives to you. I need Stainless Steel. 😉

    copy and receipt mailed 11/22/14 to Farberware…

  88. Hace unos meses compre el horno en walmart no tengo recibo pero esta lleno de moho el techo y cae sobre la comida….tan buen equipo y por dentro se puso fatal….soy una persona muy enferma que vivo sola y me es necesario…por favor necesito que me lo remplascan ….gracias por la ayuda que me puedan brindar…

  89. My mother bought a knife set and on Thankgiving I was using one of the knives to cut potatoes. While cutting the knife broke at the point where the handle and knife meet. I did cut my finger from the plastic handle, luckily it wasn’t the blade. Moving on to a new product!

  90. My parents owned a Farberware coffee pot that landed in my kitchen upon their passing. It had some serious perk miles on it and I continued to used it until one day it just died. I purchased a new 8 cup and within a year it began doing reheats while undisturbed. I called and the representative told me to stop using it and a new pot would be sent. The new pot was a 12 cup and within the past three months I have had to jiggle the cord to get contacted. It doesn’t do random reheats but it does lose electrical contact and I return to a lukewarm coffee pot. I call for a new cord on Oct 16 and was told their was a 6 week backorder. Today it has been seven weeks and upon calling I learned it was still backordered. An offer was made to purchase a new pot which I did (but not happily) and leave the cord order active just to have a back up. This will be the third pot I have purchased since my parents pot quit working. It has also been less than six years. We all know where everything is made today and it is obvious that we are importing junk. Wake up Farberware because the next time I will be purchasing someone else’s product.

  91. I purchased a set of steak knives and 2 paring knives less than 2 weeks ago and I noticed that they were starting to rust where the blade meets the handle. I thought that the knives were made out of stainless steel, so why are they rusting? I guess they are not as good as I thought.

  92. Truely disapointed about the coffee maker I bought. It has a chlorine filter , which is a big sale point on their info site , but unfortunatly you cann’t find a replacement filter anywhere. I have spent over an hour going to any site I could on the internet. Guess its time to get a maker I know I can find the replacement parts for.

  93. This is such a simple thing. I purchased a Farberware egg slicer as a stocking stuffer for my wife. She was using it for some boiled eggs for a salad. Six eggs… just six eggs and the wire slicers broke. Come on .. they weren’t that hard!! Farberware is just another ‘Made in China’ junk. America can’t we make an egg slicer.

  94. just got the 4L dual deep fryer for Christmas and went to use. DO NOT PURCHASE! Very dangerous! Metal “fryer” buckles and makes hot grease shoot up into the air. Would have been severely burned had I not been able to get out of the way of the grease. It shot up on my cabinets and “showered down” all over the kitchen floor!

  95. This is my second Farberware hand-held can opener in a short time. The first one was bad, but thought it was a fluke. Well, the second one is worse. It will not cut open a can smoothly (skips and hops) and then you are forced to use a knife to pry up a side, the barbs left are dangerous. Two pieces of trash. No more Farberware of any kind for me. My bad for giving it a second chance.

  96. I purchased your pots and pans eons ago. Had to leave them, along with my steak knifes, in VA when I moved to CO. I decided your products were excellent since I was still using your products and decided to replace my steak knifes with your brand.

    Lo and behold, the first time I washed these knifes by hand, I am old school, RUST. YES, they were made in China. What a shame we outsource most manufactured products to China. The customer pays the price, but your loss is the customers` respect and integrity in your company, Farberware.

  97. Can opener I’m on the third one , and they seem to be good but the most important part is the turning handle and it breaks because its plastic.
    I’m very disappointed in farberware can opener.

    • Dan, I had the same experience with a Farberware can opener. It broke after only a few weeks. Don’t waste your time calling their 800 number!



  100. I purchased a Farberware Professional Turner. The description was on the turner part with evidently glue that is not made to be removered. After soaking it in hot water for over an hour I finally succeeded in getting the glue from the label off with alcohol. There should be a better way to tell about the product than gluing in on the turner part of the utensil.

  101. The large self cleaning garlic press.
    It’s the worst kitchen gadget on the market.
    Don’t waste your money.
    Does not press garlic at all, so your digging the unpressed garlic out. I gave it several tries.
    Going in the trash basket!

  102. Hello,
    We bought last november a knife set at Walmart..We were realy desapointed to see that the steak knife are already rusting after two or three Weeks of using it…What could we do?
    Edith & Chris Johnson

  103. I purchased the Farberware can opener at my local Walmart- kept the receipt and limited lifetime warranty for 6-8 months after purchasing then threw them away; shortly after the can opener started malfunctioning and can’t be used. I was not able to return it for a refund. I’m disappointed in the lack of quality and durability of this product.
    Sharon, NH

  104. Faberware can openrer is a piece of garbage..bought at wal mart..use it twice it spun and won’t opena can…junk

  105. Just bought a new Y-PEELER.It will not cut at all. You need to take this product off market.This is the worst cutting product that I have ever purchased. Would not refer anyone to buy this product

  106. I bought the three utility knives and after a couple of times have come out of the dishwasher with rust spots. If this is the same steel used in their cookware etc., forget about buying their products. Faberware used to have such a great reputation, and my older pieces are still top notch and shining. The China steel is all garbage. Bring us back to the USA!

  107. hi, i’m an inventor of sorts and being frustrated with can-openers that either wear out or break i invented the “everlasting can-opener that only has three parts and is so durable it will be passed down for generations. could you put me in touch with someone in the company that handles new ideas and products. THANK YOU, gary

  108. Purchase top of the line can opener, it doesn’t work, Cost half the price to return it and will probably get the same piece of junk back. Farberware products use to be top quality, now they stink, won’t buy anymore of their products.

  109. I have used Farberware Cookware for over 30 years. I purchased Farberware Cookware for many bridal showers and have enjoyed using my Farberware Cookware. In December 2014, my daughter and I both purchased Double Boilers. Boscov’s was offering the Double Boilers for $39.99 each with a rebate of $20 per household. We each purchased one and submitted our rebate forms before the deadline. We both received emails that our submissions had been received and we should receive the rebates by April 5th. Neither of us received the rebate. I called today to hear that there were several flags on the rebate. One claimed the rebate exceed the amount paid. Not true. The other was the rebate was postmarked in January, too late for the refund. I know that the rebate was mailed before Christmas! I am furious. That is the last time that I will recommend or purchase a product from Farberware and I will be sure to tell everyone about the rebate process too. I believe that I have copies of everything and the response by the person on the phone was, I can’t control when your mail is stamped. I did ask for a copy of the stamped mail and I was told that it is too late to get that information.

  110. I was using our knives last night and dropped one- the blade broke instantly. Not bent, FLAT OUT BROKE IN 2 PIECES!
    We have not even had these knives for a full 3 years- others have rust spots on them(i thought were because of hard water but after reading other comments its clear it’s common with the product) and another knife blade separated from the handle as I removed it from the knife block.

  111. Millenium series hand held deluxe can opener.
    I spent more than I would have because this can opener looks classy. I have not even opened 15 regular cans and it will not open a single can now. The gears do not turn, the blade does not puncture, it does not grip the can and is a total waste of my time and money. I did not think I would need to keep the reseipt for this item so I am SCREWED. I am pissed this turned out to be such GARBAGE. Now I have to buy another one. I will probably just eat the cost. DO NOT BUY FARBERWARE. Let the buyer beware. Read the reviews by real people.

  112. I loved my stainless steel Farberware pots for 58 years. My husband bought me a new set for our anniversary last month. However, they are “non stick” and to be safe I only use plastic utensils. To my surprise just stacking them in the cabinet caused them to scratch and within 1 moth they are a total mess. I am afraid to cook in them. I am so surprised that a company like Farberware could fall so far from Grace. Hope people see this as well.

  113. I called this company 2 days ago because my faberware zL208 cord stop working. I explained to them after asking about codes on the cord it was still under warranty but I didn’t have the receipt. The sales representative told me to just take the skillet to walmart & I could call them from the store if they gave me any problems. I did just that drove 49 miles to get my new skillet. Only for faberware representative to tell me they had to go with the store policy said they couldn’t give me another skillet because it looked likw my skillet had been used to much & it wasn’t in good condition. Well this company should not tell us we will handle a oroblem that they cannot. Tell us they may or may nit be able to handle the problem so some people wouldn’t have wasted 49 miles to and from the place they brought it from. I was so PO’d. How else would something cooked in everyday to feed my family supposed to look? Now I have nithing to preare meals for my family until I can come up with some extra money. I could have saved that gas money for a smaller skillet at least. I will never purchase anything faberware again. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!

  114. I bought the 12 cup programmable coffee maker and am very disappointed in it, coffee is not hot enough and will not stay programed. store won’t take back without receipt. always had a black and decker before but loved the style of this, bad mistake.

  115. I bought the 12 cup coffee maker model 103744 about 2 months ago. I have no problems with the coffee maker at all (so far) but I have been through the worst time EVER trying to get the charcoal filter replacements. I would like to order them to have so I am not scrambling to find them at the last minute.
    The customer service for Farberware is the biggest joke on the planet. None of the websites work, and I am half tempted to just chuck this coffee pot and go back to mr. coffee which is what I had before.
    As I said, so far the coffee maker works well, but getting the filters is another story altogether.
    Never again

  116. HAVE a coffee pot 2-4 cup electric foe 8 months or less and it got weak coffee . didn’t perk like it
    should . called faberwear and told me to cut the cord and send in the plug with $7.50 cents
    Specturm Franworth address never heard since … a number FCP240 coffee maker , what happen
    to the check i sent …

  117. I bought a brand new set of knives and I was so excited about them, to only use them for the first time trying to slice an orange and the knife broke and I sliced my finger open! I am so mad and can not return them to the store they said because of what happened I needed to contact the company! I want new knives as these obviously are not safe and break very easily!!!!!!!

  118. I will NEVER buy another Farberware product !!!! You don’t stand behind your products, and I’m tired of throwing my hard earned money in the trash. I’m going to warn all my family and friends about the poor results I received in talking to your customer representative. Your making inferior products, and charging exorbitant prices. NOT FAIR !!!!

  119. I was married on July 10, 1965. I received a set of Farberware pots as a gift at my bridal shower. I have used my pots over all these 50 years. The pots are perfect to this day. And if I
    could only explain to you how hard I am on appliances, both small and large, you would more fully understand how amazing
    these pots are. I am always proud to say that I was born and raised in the Bronx. I believe, Farberware pots were manufactured not far from where I lived. Another reason for me to be proud to be a Bronxite.

  120. My son gifted me with your Faberware deep fryer for Christmas and I gave up on using it after several attempts and finally burning myself horribly because the electric cord has such a weak magnetic pull that it continuously falls out so in the middle of frying something you have to pull the machine forward, find the cord and attempt to get it to latch on, and in a tight space where you’re trying to be careful not to splash hot oil on you, it was very frustrating. I hope you can somehow fix this problem. I loved the good old days where your cord was attached to your machine and you were safe. I just don’t get it.

  121. I have purchased at least 6 12 cup coffee pots & after a couple of years they no longer keep liquid HOT!!!I’m tired of being fornicated by china.Hopifully I can find a mgf. of coffee pot made in America,I know you could care less,but will still aire my comments on FACE BOOK!!!!! In closing maybe you’ll go BROKE.

  122. My farberware knives are about 30 years old.They are still like new.Sent every year a few to be sharpened but they are wonderful to use.

  123. Last year I bought an Ultrapro Euro Peeler. IT’S THE BEST PEELER I’VE EVER HAD!!! and I’ve been peeling for over 50 years!

    Thank you sooo much for making it. I recommend it to everyone!

  124. I was in need of a measuring cup and found your brand at a discount store. It was a little less expensive because of being at the discount store. Being a brand I could trust I bought it. I used it in one of my favorite recipes and was appalled at the result, wasting quite a bit of time and quite a bit of money for the ingredients After checking things out I was surprised that the measurements were not even close to being true. I think you should destroy inferior merchandise instead of farming out. You have a trustworthy brand but will not trust it from now on.

  125. I bough a 8 cup electric coffee maker about 7mo ago.Now it perks but does not make hot coffee just warm coffee.I have many other farberware products for many years that are great,but this coffee maker is very bad.

  126. I bought farberware pancake spatula. The front end want hold the pancake, the pancake tilts forword and makes it Hard to flip pancake.

  127. We purchased a knife set, several of them rusted after two uses, I would like to know what you plan on doing about the issue?

  128. I just had the worst customer service ever!! I had a simple question about the products I purchased. So, I went to the website. It would not let me get through without a password. I typed that in along with my email and still it would not work.
    THEN I called the toll free number and that was a mess..I only heard info. on warrantys, etc. and there was no prompt for questions or to speak to a live person. The worker informed me that the site is not meant to answer questions!! I felt like I was defending myself for even contacting them.. I was totally frustrated so contacted customer service again. That was a big mistake. She was useless and emailed me my username, email address which of course I ALREADY knew. I emailed back that the problem is with the Farberware website. It was not working correctly, including the mixed up phone. I emailed her my simple question which she did not answer. I will NEVER deal with any Farberware products or their customer service which is anything but!! Do the top CEO’s know that the customer service department is ridiculous? What are they getting paid for?? The website attempt with my trying to get through was ridiculous.
    I emailed the cust. svc. rep that I am returning all my new Farberware and the ones I got to give as gifts. I also suggested that she contact her manager who could let the website techs know that the communication through this site is not working. There are so many responsible, caring and customer service companies out there, so who needs to deal with Farberware?! It is obvious that the employee I dealt with did not care at all and her responses were not making sense. She needs training and lessons in real customer service. I am reading the other complaints on this site…looks like others feel the way I do. I am glad I do not own stock in this company!

  129. The hand-held Farberware can-opener I purchased at Wal-Mart several months ago suddenly broke while I was opening a can of tuna. The plastic handle cracked and simply spins around as I turn the knob. Calling Farberware is a waste of time
    The recording hangs up and gives a dial tone without allowing any discussion of the problem or the solution. I’ll never buy Farberware products again!!!!!!!

  130. One of the earlier comments stated, “You get what you pay for”! Not really!
    If you buy from Farberware, you get far less than what you pay for!
    Believe me, their products are shoddy!

  131. Purchased coffee pot percolator By Farberware model fcp240 . Would like to know what the inside is made of?? Aluminum ?on the bottom?

  132. I just brought my wife the 4 in 1 grill for $40.00, for beginners it’s a pile of cheap junk!!! I was trying to get a bigger cooking surface than my forman grill. I counted at least 4 defects testing the grill??? What I will do is apply with faberware for a QC position to help consumers get a better product!!! Needless to say I will not buy another farberware product until brand gets better??? going back to forman for my kitchen products…

  133. Recently bought your potato peeler & ?? it just slid over the carrot not even removing any peeling & even when I pressed hard I still would not cut??? Bought it to replace a $ store one I’ve had years ^& it’s still sharp….bad purchase!!

  134. This is my second can opener I have bought and it breaks after less than a year’s use. I have to always go back to my old army knife. Why?

  135. I purchased what I thought would be sturdy, hand-operated can opener. The cogs simply stopped turning. I bought another Farberware oan opener at Walmart. The first time, it failed in exactly the same way: the handle cog does not engage the cog that moves rhe cutting wheel. Again, I had thrown away the wrapping card, so a return was not possible.

    Any suggestions?

    I surely won’t buy another Farberware can opener!

  136. I purchased a 13 piece cookware set last year. Recently the handles have been becoming super-heated. I only know this because I went to move a frying pan off of the burner and ended up with second-degree burns on the palm of my hand and two fingers. I have contacted customer service, but have never been put through to an actual person. Their products have really gone downhill. I have to replace my cookware set, and won’t be wasting my money on Farberware!

  137. I have been raised with wonderful Farberware appliances and products my entire life. They are definitely a very high quality organization. We recently misplaced a part to our rotisserie, so I was trying to contact them to see if they still had the part. When clicking on “Contact” on their website, I had the most frustrating, anger producing experience. Each number from the Farberware list that I called was a sales pitch from some company!! (and NOT Farberware!) Then, as I got on to the “hash tag” key, I would pull out as soon as they started their pitch, – but much to my surprise, all I got was another sales pitch – actually many of them one right after another. Once in I could not get “unglued” from this multitude of “gimmicks” which all those people had!! It looks as if Farberware has given their permission for them to “answer the phone” for them, but they are really taking advantage of the opportunity, and lock you in. Very upsetting! I would hope Farberware would look into this matter. (I could handle ONE commercial at the start, but let me opt out right away if I would rather talk to Farberware!)

  138. I have been a loyal customer of your company since 1959 and have usually had nothing but excellent results with your products. That was true until I purchased two of your hand can openers. I`m very dissatisfied with your openers. This seems very unusual to me so that`s why I`m writing this letter. I can`t believe that your company would ,put your name and reputation on such a poor object. I can`t call it a product, as it doesn`t qualify as anything but “junk”, in my opinion. I will be buying other products in the future, however, I`m not sure they`ll have the name of “farberware” on the product. Also I wish you had a customer service phone number so someone could call on problems other than cookware or electrical. I know no company wants to hear the complaints, but sometimes It could save a customer. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

  139. Customer service was awful. The product was of very poor quality, and often had Teflon in my food, and they refused to honor the warrantee. Awful quality, and rude customer service!!!!

  140. Very poor quality cookware. Teflon was coming off in our food. They refused to honor guarantee, for their very low quality cookware! Customer service was very rude! What a poorly run company! I will be warning friends of this!

  141. I purchased a single serve blender 7-14.I used it everyday since then & now I have a major problem w/my (l) hand useing it to put the lid on & off & twisting.Now I contantly got to the orthopeic & chiropractor.I have health problems useing this blender .Constantly have to wear a brace & learning to use my right hand to do everything.Even writing. Very painful. What should I do ? Go to a lawyer to get this resolved.Some meds i need for my hand is not covered by my!

  142. I purchased a Farberware hand can opener about 6 months ago.It looked very substantial, heavy duty with good grips.After only light use the gears are stripped and it will not rotate around the can to be opened.What a piece of poorly constructed junk.I will definitely not buy any more Farberware products if this is what happens .

  143. I have a red handled Farberware can opener which can’t be more than 1 to 1.5 years old. It has stopped working; I mean not going around the can at all!
    I thought your stuff was supposed to be high quality!!

  144. Farberware products are completely useless. I really cannot fathom of any way in which they could persuade me to buy their garbage products ever again. The knives don’t cut any better than cardboard could get through a Roma. The kitchen shears couldn’t make my dick bleed. They really should be ashamed of themselves and I spent good money on their substandard product.

  145. I purchased a Farberware Ultrapro can opener for its lifetime limited warranty. It didn’t work right out of the package . The two cogged wheels do not mesh accurately. please HELP!

  146. On my 3rd and final Farberwear hand can opener. All 3 lasted a grant total of about 6 can openings each! Thanks farberwear, for adding just a little more stress to my Thanksgiving Day dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE FARBERWEAR FOR THIS HOUSE OR THE SIXTEEN GUESTS THAT HELPED GET THE CANS OPEN!

  147. I bought a cheese slicer with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. The handle snapped off within 2 weeks. I ordered a pre-paid label to ship it back for replacement. Stay tuned. I have confidence that they will replace it, under warranty, for my lefetime.

  148. I have bought several farberware manual can openers. They are AWFUL! After 10 uses they just don’t work. Not only that, the spring on this last one I bought broke and then the whole thing fell apart. There are not many options when buying a can opener for under 20$. Unless I go to William Sonoma and spend $50 on a can opener I suppose this will continue to happen. Farberware STINKS!!!

  149. I think nothing of your Customer Service phone line 1-800 809-7166. There is only a recording which does not address my issue. I feel sorry for the folks who do not have touch tone phones. The issue is I bought a 15 piece Farberware knife block set from JCPenney on 11/27/15. Where do I apply for the $5 rebate which was advertised? Website says no rebates! How may I speak to a live person?

    • I bought the same knife set and the colors are bleeding into the food I cut! It’s disgusting and certainly can’t be good for anyone to eat paint-tainted cheese, for example. I hope your knives aren’t doing the same, but keep an eye out!

  150. I am writing to voice my opinion on a product I purchased recently in April 2015, we recently purchased our first house and were in need of nice cutlery set (see pics attached). We use them weekly I would say 3 times at the most, now it being December 2015 we are unable to use them at all. We are very disappointed as we spend a lot of time looking for the best product and we do our research on reading reviews on a product we decide to invest in. However, we are to the point that we would never recommend your product and will voice of experience on the product reviews, we are unable to use our nice knives as they are rusted and dull.
    We tried exchanging them where we purchased them, however were told he had to go to the manufacture and we have had nothing but a big run around every time we call.

  151. I just want to thank Farberware for the toaster oven I purchased at WalMart a month ago. My expensive toaster oven died after 18 months so I had been searching for a user friendly replacement unit I could cook and bake in without burning my arms and fingers in the process!
    I am so happy with my unit, the slide out adjustable tray, the indicators on the controls which show what heating unit will be involved and the size of the control knobs. I live fulltime in a RV, have decided to not use my propane cooktop as it is too hard to keep clean so started using a toaster oven. Thanks for your smart unit

    • My sis gave me a nice looking toaster oven for Christmas. Thought it would be great, but tried to cook a pan of cornbread, in very thin pan, set at 375 for 20 min. checked on it, and put my finger on top of bread, to test, and finger went thru top and it was all still soupy.. turned up to 400 for another 20 plus min, and finally. Taking it back for a refund. Ain’t got time to waste on a product this lousy. So dang sad companies rip people off like this.

  152. I bought the apple slicer about 6 months ago,Mathis morning I was slicing the apple as I do every morning to pack lunches and it broke well when it broke it sliced my thumb pretty good. Not happy about this

  153. I have been trying to contact someone about my Farberware electric coffee pot. I keep being referred to Salton at 1-800-233-9054. After going through numerous prompts, I get a message saying their system is not working!! Needless to say this is not what I wanted to hear! I just want to know the approximate life span of your electric coffee pots. I have had mine a little over 1 year and the perking time has become much shorter. No matter how much coffee I use, I still come away with very weak coffee. I have used your products for years as did my mother, but I am very disappointed with your customer service. Hopefully this message will reach someone and I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible before going out to purchase a new coffee pot.

    Thank you,
    Jeanne Bowlby

  154. I bought a set of farberware utensils from Walmart. I have only used the small spatula and a spoon. Just wanted to let you know the material is not suitable for a spatula. The edges seem to melt. I have thrown them away. Just thought you should know.

  155. Got the run around, never could get a person that could help me get a blue cover replaced for a food storage container since one of the latches was missing and can not use to close the container

  156. I have purchased two of your can openers at Walmart, and they are rubbish. You need to contact your chinese slave factory friends and fire them. THese can openers do not work.

  157. I purchased one of your box graders prior to the Christmas Holiday. I used it once, Cleaned it with soap and water and put it in the cupped. Christmas morning I took it out to grade my cheese for Christmas dinner. After grading a pound of cheese I remove it from the pile of cheese, Only to fine my white cheese speckled with black flakes which after quick examination turned out to be the paint from the box grader. Being Christmas morning I was not able to replace the cheese or grader. Needless to say I am not very happy with Farberware. I have many of your products but do not understand how the quality could be so poor. As you can see by my email address I too work for a large company that has stood on a reputation of quality and service for more then 80 years. Please try and restore my faith in your name the has been part of my family for the past 70+ years.
    Respectfully Submitted
    Joseph Calzada
    PS. I submitted the above to the “Knowledge Center” only to receive an email to join another web site, The “Knowledge Center” is only to improve my experience

  158. My wife and I love our AIR FRYER. 2 THINGS. #1 – Mark the notch on the timer with red or white or yellow, I don’t care just so I can see it, I’m old. #2 Need a handle on the basket holder, so you can remove the basket.

  159. I just had excellent service from them. I complained using online site regarding problem with handles on pot. They required a picture, which was a nuisance, but then promptly sent replacement. I’d give them five stars for service based on this.

  160. Recently I bought a can opener,first day used it felt a part,what a shame product,don’tthink iIrrecommend to anyone

  161. I purchased five paring knives, all the same, for a small gift to myself and neigbhours for our annual Christmas breakfast.. everyone gives a small gift and I thought a good knife would be appreciated by all

    They each where pleased with my choice.
    But, for myself, and ùi have not talked with the others, about their knives,for myself though I have found your knife to be almost useless.

    Why that would be, I do not know as ùi have purchased these knives before. Is just a little kitchen knife but there is nothing that pleases nor gets more use in a kitchen than a decent knife
    purchase was in ft Myers Florida

    Was just going to throw the knife out but thought I should first write on the subject.

  162. I just bought cookie sheets from you. I’m not happy, I just made bbq ribs on one and it stained the pan! Won’t come off! Any suggestions?

  163. Warning! Farberware manual can openers are junk. Plastic handles break. Should have looked at reviews on before purchase. Eighty-eight percent of owners give 1 of 5 stars.

  164. Hello, I am a loyal farberware customer. However I am very very dissapointed in the can opener I bought at Walmart 2 months ago. It quit working. I tried to return to Walmart but would not return with no receipt or wrapping!! I know I paid 8.97 for it. Upset because this is the second one that went bad within a year, if that long!! I would just like another can opener.
    Thank you!! I tried to call but already closed for day.
    Gerry Straniak
    306 sunset dr
    Cartland, Ohio 44410

  165. Can’t even get in touch with Farberware. Handle on my 10″fry pan loosens and is stripped . Such junk! AT LEAST GIVE A RESPONSE!

  166. brought cookware set/havent had it very long/ nonstick is coming off/ i use scratch proof spatchers and spoons. been buying faberware pots and pans for years. very disappointed with this product/wont be buying any more unless you clean up your act and quit cheating comsumers with bad products.

  167. I called this past week concerning a broken can opener. I was told that a new one would be sent to me after I gave my name and address. Please send a commercial can opener since that is what has broken. I can send the broken one to you if you wish. Thanks for your thoughtfullness.

  168. Just to remind you of mmy broken can opener. It was a commercial one that I have . I called and gave my name and address to you and you said it would be mailed to me. THanks for your thoughtfullness.

  169. I bought your $9.95 Farberware can opener with a lifetime warranty just about one year ago. For several months now it will not work to open simple cans. I bought a good one, thinking that would be a dependable one. However, it does not work. What can I do? It has a lifetime guarantee on it but if it doesn’t work, what good is that?

  170. I need a replacement legs for my Farberware electric skillet 08-52501. Where an I purchase this item/ is there a parts store in WA. state?

  171. Farberware 4 cup electric perc coffee maker about 10 years old, cord part that connects with coffeemaker getsvery hot when making coffee. Do I need new plug or new coffee pot? Please advise.

  172. purchased Farberware non stick 12 inch pan about eight months ago. Never used harshness on it. The ridges on the outter of the stainless steel pan make it close to impossible to clean the greases off and it’s very darkended by it also. all the sudden small chips showing where teflon is. Took photo’s of it also. On lifetime guarantee, they make it sound simple to all and get it replaced. I couldn’t get a live rep on the phone and they want you to ship it to them. However that’s defeating the purpose of the problem. If this isn’t resolved, I’m going to try T-Fal. I heard it’s a much better item. Was good while it lasted.

  173. I purchased the 4 cup coffee maker. Love the product with this exception. The lid for the glass receptacle is awful. You cannot pour any liquid with the lid in place without said liquid running everywhere. You have to make sure to lift the lid before pouring.

  174. I just had the strangest thing happen. I purchased a 6qt frying pan from Wal-Mart and when I got home I started cooking dinner. While my food was simmering the lid shattered right before my eyes. Needless to say we couldn’t eat the food and now I’m stuck with a pan with no lid. If there’s anything way I could be compensated with another one I’d appreciate it. I have a video if you need it.

  175. I bought your product twice and it stop working . The first time I purchased this product. It stop working I used it twice and it stopped working. OK I returned it and bought another one. And I used it once. And when I tried to use it again it wouldn’t come on at all so I had to return it for the second time. And this time I got my money back. I will never buy this product again. I have a small business and I had orders to fill and I couldn’t. Because the product couldn’t work .I can’t understand why if I bought this same product twice and the same thing happened twice. You should take this off the market.

  176. Purchase a new coffee maker and not all the parts came with it, customer support is unavailable when I am.
    not impressed at this point, will have to see the response.
    I also purchased a set of knives for Christmas, and the serrated are very dull already. For what I paid for them I was expecting better.

  177. A guy with a heavy accent answered with a lot of background noise. I told him my problem that my coffee pot suddenly stopped working. He said that will cost you $200. I said for what? They don’t even cost that much. He said $200. I hung up. What a bunch of scammers.

    • Hi I’m going to prchase my first ho.e and would Love if you could send me coupons for pans and anything else for my new home.I so would appreciate ot so muchthank you

  178. I share your interest in blades. They are the oldest human technology. Still room for improvement.

    My habit lately is to carry a small canvas bag to the community center for free morning coffee, wide screen TV, and breakfast. The breakfast is fruit and walnuts. Occasionally I need a knife. I packed away my pocket knives in an inaccessible tool trunk locker. I was throwing a paring knife into the bag, but eventually that would poke a hole in the bag.

    I decided to purchase an inexpensive purse knife with sheath. These are an Asian concept. Traditionally they have an ornately lacquered wooden sheath and the thin blade is chrome plated, razor sharp. Ladies carry them in their purses.

    Walmart had two such. The Chinese version was $1.44. I opted for the $3.99 made in USA by Farberware. When I opened it up at home I noticed great thought had gone into the design. The plastic handle and sheath are a nice match with elegant curves. The sheath/scabbard is bidirectional. The sheath has artistic curved slots so that the inside is accessible for cleaning with water pick. The handle is a good grip with adequate width, pommel, belly, and quillon. The blade is exactly 3.5 inches legal. The balance is 1 inch behind the pommel.

    Here’s the berries. The blade is completely covered with multi colored polka dots on a white background. This coating is non stick teflon. The polka dots make the knife less aggressive when used in a school setting etc. I thought if this blade is covered in teflon then it is probably high carbon blade steel. I gave it a few of the lightest swipes on my worn out, smooth sharpening steel that I covered with 5 micron compound. The blade shaves paper.

    Kudos to the designer. I admire excellence for $3.99 retail.

  179. I run Facebook Ads for Chiropractors and can put you infront of 10,000 potential patients in your community and track immediate ROI, would you like to know more?

    We helped one chiropractor book $9000 in lifetime patient value off of just $250 in adspend!

    • I am very disappointed with my Farberware cutlery purchase. I didn’t realize until after I brought them home and opened the box that they needed to be hand washed and not dishwasher approved. OK I thought, Farberware is a good product right? I’ll keep them even though I would rather have stainless steel cutlery that I could clean in the dishwasher. They are so poorly made that after I hand wash them I can’t even lay them on the drying mat because after I pick them up to put them in their holder they still retain water in between the handle pieces and drip all over even after a night and a day of sitting out. A potential germ, mold and mildew factory is what I purchased I believe. I won’t be purchasing any more Farberware products in the future. No longer a Farberware fan!

  180. This is my second Faber ware Panni press in less then 2 years. The brackets that hold the griddles in place keep melting off so they won’t hold griddles in place. For what we pay for this appliance it should last longer then a couple months. I have only used this press less the 20 times. Loved the panni but not worth buying any more from company. Wish there were parts we could order .

  181. This is my second Faber ware Panni press in less then 2 years. The brackets that hold the griddles in place keep melting off so they won’t hold griddles in place. For what we pay for this appliance it should last longer then a couple months. I have only used this press less the 20 times. Loved the panni but not worth buying any more from company. Wish there were parts we could order .

  182. I am writing about my knife kit set .The small knife broke the blade snapped inside the handle. Does the life time warranty still good? My set is 2 years old, I do not have my receipt. I bought this kit at a Canadian Tire Bathurst NB.
    I am hoping you can help me with this , either replace the small knife or the kit. Thanking you in advance.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  183. I purchased the Farberware 5 cup programmable coffee maker. The coffee maker works well enough. It’s the carafe, the cover is on in such a way that makes it drip on every pour. I actually had a lady in Walmart see it in my basket and tell me about the dripping carafe. I should have listened to her. I wish Farberware would fix this defect and send me a new carafe. But, I have the box and may just bring it back and pick something else that has a better design.

  184. THanks for the 1 quart pan. I finally had to buy a new one because the one that my grandma used was glued together too many times. I’m 52 and no telling how long she used it before me. Anyway, it was so nice to be able to get the exact same one.

  185. CUST. SERVICE SUCKS,, Called 4 times, prompts didnt have info.on what i needed,, Couldnt speak to a live person, Kept hanging up o me,, PISS POOR SERVICE. Whats wrong with hiring a HUMAN to answeingr the phones?,, SCREW THEM,, I placed my order with Amazon..Ordered 3 hot air fryers.

  186. I wanted to ask what happened to my Farberware electric tea kettle. The base inside that heats the water suddenly turned corrosive looking. It was fine for the morning tea, then I went to turn it on again and noticed the water was not clear. I dumped the water out and seen that the bottom was a chalky whiteish color. I use only bottled water in my tea so it is not from the city water supply here in Palm Bay ,Fl. The glass tea kettle is about 2 to 2 and a half years old.

  187. I have purchased 2 handheld can openers and they both are junk. Neither has lasted more than 2 months at most. Don’t plan on buying any of your products again.

  188. I spent $15.99 for a can opener and It did not work the first time I tried to use it. Thinking it was just a bad one, I took it back to Kohl’s and got a replacement. But after a couple of months now, it is totally unusable, and I don’t have my receipt anymore. So that is wasted money. I will go to Walmart and get anything other than Farberware. I bought lots of Farberware in years past, but I guess the quality is not there anymore.

  189. I bought two Farberware non-stick skillets on Amazon. The non-stick coating came off in less than six weeks, the pans are worthless. I asked to return them to Farberware under warranty and they refused. Why have a warranty if it isn’t honored? Ridiculous. Spread the word.

  190. In 1981, I purchased my 1st Farberware convection oven. It was one used for demonstrations, so I don’t know how old it might have been. It lasted 8 yrs., and worked perfectly until it died. In 1989, I purchased a brand new replacement oven. It has been doing a wonderful job for the last 28 yrs. It is now protesting loudly, but still working perfectly. I would love to have another (if they’re still being made), but after reading all of the negative comments, and realizing it is not owned by the original Farberware Co., I’m reluctant to do so. My pots and pans are also Farberware, along with a purcolator, all purchased in the ’80s and all working perfectly. Thank you for the wonderful products you USED to make!

  191. I had my first Farberware coffee pot for 20 years before it stopped working. My second one didn’t last a year! I ordered it from Amazon. I could have bought a warranty, but why would I gave thought that I needed one? Of course I should I have bought one. I am hoping Farberware replaces my coffee pot. These coffee pots are inferior.

  192. If you own the single serve coffee maker be very careful! I will be contacting Consumers on this one! The lid for the boiling water literally exploded off of mine! I’ve had it for over one year and up till then it was fine. A. Lisa in NC

  193. I purchased a set of Farberware steak about 2months ago and they now have rust on them,. What can be done or do I have to throw them away?

  194. Amazingly, I have, AND STILL USE, a Farberware 4 slice toaster which I received at my wedding shower in 1969. It has NEVER been repaired and continues to work perfectly. Neither I nor others who see and use it can believe how old it is. Products were made to last in those days.

  195. I am trying to contact someone in reference to Farberware Cutlery the customer service’s number says they don’t deal with Cutlery know where on their website can I find anything in reference to Cutlery.

  196. I bought a set of Farberware knives back in May 2017. So less than 6 months. all my knives are rusting and the handle of the steak knife broke in half. I paid well over $60 for this set at bed, bath and home and they won’t take them back. I’m to go through the company they say. please contact me so I can either ship you this disgusting set of rust for a new set

  197. My husband bought me a deep sided electric skillet about 8 months ago. I have used it about 5 times. It does not matter what temp I put it on, it never is really hot enough to fry food. Very disappointed. Will not consider buying Farmers are again. Carolyn H. LOUISIANA

  198. I have been a Farberware fan for over 50 years. I stopped buying your perculator pots a few years ago when they did not work after 6 months. I missed the great coffee taste and went back. I bought an 8 cup pot that was acually only 6 cups using a standard measuring. I just opened up my new 12 cup and find that it measures 8 cups a dash under the 12 cup measurement. I can work with this, but you realize is affects the amount of coffee which differs for 8 or 12 cups??? Please explain this??? I had to figure it out myself. Does Farberware use their own version of a standard one cup measurement?Can’t beat the taste of perked coffee! No Kurig for me. I have guests asking me how I make such good coffee – reply – Farberware.

  199. ill never buy another product from farberware. got a air fryer and after the 90 days it does not work and all the number and timer number are gone there goes another $100 dollars thanks for not helping sorry you product lasted about 9 months. at least you could of gave me money off another one. ill look at other air fryer.

  200. I purchased a Farberware Roaster with Rack, 12″ x 16″ at Target in Chili, N.Y. primarily to fit a 22lb. turkey. The Target flyer said this item would fit a 25lb. turkey. Nowhere on this Roaster did it indicate what size turkey it would accommodate. I took it home and found it too small. I think that your Roasters should state on the packaging how many pounds it could accommodate. I’m returning this Roaster. Very disappointed since your brand of cookware is supposed to be excellent. Your items should be labeled for accuracy.

  201. I have had a farberware roasting pan I use all the time this time I cooked a roast and bottom drippings stuck and I cant get it off I love your products can you help me thank you

    • I purchased the roaster pan that has the high top and after 2 uses the aluminum started peeling. I can only use it with foil lining. I paid too much for the pay not to be able to use it otherwise.

  202. Purchased a air fryer on black Friday It had no instruction manual called Farberware and they told me to contact the store I purchased it from What kind of company does not have a way to get another manual They should have soe kind of record of the manual that they can go to

  203. Faberware products are horrible I bought a set of stainless steel knife set and they have rust area on them…so no more I will go to a much better product … Also a family member has the same thing but they called customer support and got nothing but a run around.

  204. I purchase 3 faberwear digtal oil less air fryers for my daughters for Christmas. I paid 39.00 for each, never thinking of my self. I cannot for the life of me find one anywhere. I do know the price will probably be doubled, I’m on a in stock list at Walmart they will send me an alert when they come back in. So I figured maybe getting in touch with the company itself would help. My daughters absolutely love it. So if there is a way I can purchase one from the company please let me know.
    Thank you
    Marge DeRosa

  205. Very poor customer service …..bought 2 pair of your scissors at different times and they were both junk ,both broke within a week ..called your company to complain was told to send a picture of the pair I still had….did that and the email you gave me was returned….I might add the women I spoke to was very rude…was told by this crabby person to take a picture and they will give me a new pair …didn’t happen just more aggravation…..

  206. i purchased a Faberware toaster a few months before Christmas; after a month one side would not stay down to make toast; now the right hand side does the same. I want to know what can be done

  207. I will NEVER buy another product from farberware.. I bought a small deep fryer no instructions no manual NOTHING…. And nowhere online to find them. Well thought I would try this thing anyway Guess What It Caught FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!! My hand was burned and all my fingers….I cant even get someone on the phone to take my complaint. NEVER NEVER buy anything made by these people…

  208. I also purchased a set of what I thought would be good knives, but was I wrong. I followed all directions on how to care for them, but they still rusted. One actually broke while cutting a piece of tender meat.

  209. I bought a Farberware manual can opener. It is very difficult to turn the knob. It cuts for a few turns and then stops and falls off the lip of the can. The Farberware site states that it does not warranty this item, a fact I found out AFTER purchasing the item. After reading the above posts, I will just throw it away and buy an OXO brand. Sorry Farberware, but your name used to mean QUALITY. But no longer.

  210. I have an 8 cup electric Farberware pot. It doesn’t brew the coffee correctly. It is mostly water. This pot is fairly new. Also the cord doesn’t fit into the pot. Can you send me a replacement. These pots are not made as well as the older ones. Can you give me a replacement and a phone number ?

  211. Hi I did warranty claim 4weaks ago the claim #180224-000028 they told I gets answer in 2 to 4 wk. I call and find out my pot is not in warranty that company is closed then what is the life time warranty from the name farberware? why you have farberware name it is cheating

  212. Hi I did warranty claim 4weaks ago the claim #180224-000028 they told I gets answer in 2 to 4 wk. I call and find out my pot is not in warranty that company is closed then what is the life time warranty from the name farberware? why you have farberware name it is cheating

  213. I recently had trouble with my faberware electric perculator. I had to cut the plug and send it to the company. Had to give them a check for $7.50 and they sent me the wrong pot and said I had to ship it back to California, which will cost me $36. and they refuse to do anything about it. I was told I have to send it back at my expense. Not pleased with this outcome. I appreciate that they gave me a new perculator but it is not the same and the quality is not the same as the original one I had Please help. thank you

  214. Purchased 2 Farberware ice cream scoops within the past year. Both developed holes right through the scoop. With the first one I thought it was a defective one so I purchased a second one. Well the same thing happened. Farberware was once a respected brand. I have Farberware pots over 50 years old and they are still good. Your quality has certainly deteriorated and I will never buy anything with a Farberware name on it. There are too many quality products of the market to settle for less. THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE COMMENT!!!

  215. I think your Customer Service stinks. I have a knife and questions and can’t find anyway to contact someone about it. Why do you advertise on here
    “Farberware” and you get nowhere. I’m very disappointed in a company that I always thought was so reputable.

  216. Hi, I purchased a pure cook 12 piece set from Kmart here in Graham WA. after very little use the handles on two frying pans came loose and I showed you how they can’t be fixed. I sent them back to your company because you agreed to exchange them for me, that was excellent customer service. I received the pans about 7 weeks later. Now, after just a short while, the same thing is happening to the new pans you sent me and again there is no way to tighten up those handles the way you have them set up. I am totally fed up with your product and if I had the monitory means to send the whole set back to you with some pretty nasty remarks on what you could do with them, I WOULD!!! I’m just going to throw them away and purchase from another brand name. I’m sending this also to the attorney general of my state and ask him to look into your product. Who knows how many more are out there and people don’t complain. And why doe it take seven weeks to return products to buyers, simple fed x or ups would work great….. Vince

  217. I just purchase the battery operated can opener,it has to go around the 2 or3 times, then the magnet is not strong enough to out the lid Not good

  218. JUST PURCHASED A 3 QT PAN FOR 29.99 AND NOW I SEE IT ON AMAZON AT 20.99 .DID I PAY TOO MUCH. WHY WOULDN’T FGABERWARE HAVE THE SAME PRICE./ I DON’T WANT TO RETURN AND GO WITH AMAZON IF YOU CAN ADJUST THE PRICE. i have owned Faber ware for over 60 years and i love your products. best n the market

  219. Purchased Farberware electronic pressure cooker… Not sure what happened but there is a huge dent on the side of it the pressure cooker after one knows anyone to talk to… If you call Farberware, Walmart answers because they own Walmart I’m totally disgusted I could have blown up my house probably

  220. Bought a spatula & wanted a smaller size. Used it twice, & 1st time corner broke off after heating & then drying! Snapped right off! Kept it, & after 2nd use, it melted paddle h warpped the whole thing! Now its going in the garbage! Sent pics to Faberware…lets see whst they have to say! Waste of money!

  221. i bought farberware food processor
    the first use when i put the plug on i find the bowl cover its brake
    when i went to wallmart to make a complain they told me this item out of stock
    and no more about it in any location i try to call customer service each one transfer me to each other right now i dont know what i do

  222. We purchased a Farberware skillet #103745 through Walmart. This skillet is an engineering disaster. We don’t know how you test products for convenience and cleanliness, but this products failed miserably. 1) The power cord is about a foot too short. 2) the sides of the skillet are too tall for a person who is 5’2″ to wrestle with the food. 3) Moisture gets trapped under the lid handle and cannot be removed without taking the lid apart. 4) The temperature settings are unreadable since they are under the handle on the end and in shadow.
    If you have another model skillet that addresses all of these concerns, please let us know.

  223. Purchased a Farberware toaster oven which is now not quite three years old – we are in need of a timer knob and cannot find a replacement – can someone please help. Paid $50.00 for it and do think it should last longer – please do not tell us to purchase another as that is not possible at this time. It works great otherwise.

  224. I also was shocked to find customer service is terrible! I have been waiting for months for a replacement microwave for mine that stopped working under warranty. Now I am told my 1000 watt microwave will be replaced with a much cheaper 700 watt and there is nothing I can do

  225. I own a 12 cup coffee maker – Farberware, but made exclusively for Walmart.. The bottom where the glass coffee pot sits has RUSTED out! Over the years I’ve had several coffee makers and this has NEVER happened before! The makers works great but I have to replace it because I don’t believe it’s safe to use.

  226. I purchased small blender appliance and have only used it three times . The rubber gasket keeps falling out. I must say very disappointed in this,product.

    Sally Namisniak

  227. Microwave. Junk! 4 months old. Quits! Edge consumer products, 2 months ago, get the run around with my replacement!

  228. Purchased a can opener from walmart, #553734852. It opens the side of the can. No sharp edges,cool. But while opening a tuna can started getting these fine hair like silvers.Not cool, If these metal silvers get ingested could be devastating!!!!! I can not find a consumer hot line of any kind. Only cookware. If this gets in your intestines could be VERY BAD !

  229. Purchased a can opener from walmart, #553734852. It opens the side of the can. No sharp edges,cool. But while opening a tuna can started getting these fine hair like silvers.Not cool, If these metal silvers get ingested could be devastating!!!!! I can not find a consumer hot line of any kind. Only cookware. If this gets in your intestines could be VERY BAD !

  230. Just purchased a faberware single serve blender(model: 16249) from Wal-Mart. The seal unit blew right off the threads. This was for a coffee drink no carbonation involved. Coffee everywhere. Going back to Wal-Mart. Buying a nutribullet. Don’t waste your time or money on faberware.9/23/2018

  231. I have been trying to contact faberware about a 10″ frying skillet. The bottom of it has lost in some places the stainless steel. I did come across a website where they wanted a picture of it. Did just that summitted it. Have not received any word from them. The set is old but serviced me except the skillet. I take care of them the same way.

  232. I have been trying to contact faberware about a 10″ frying skillet. The bottom of it has lost in some places the stainless steel. I did come across a website where they wanted a picture of it. Did just that summitted it. Have not received any word from them. The set is old but serviced me except the skillet. I take care of them the same way. I have the address and now phone number . I will write and phone them.

  233. I have been trying to contact faberware about a 10″ frying skillet. The bottom of it has lost in some places the stainless steel. I did come across a website where they wanted a picture of it. Did just that summitted it. Have not received any word from them. The set is old but serviced me except the skillet. I take care of them the same way. I have the address and now phone number . I will write and phone them. 236

  234. 237 I have a set off faberware pots and skillets. It is a very old set but has serviced me all these years . the set is all stainless steel with a black handle. the bottom of the 10″ frying skillet has lost some of the stainless steel. I can still use it but thought you can replace it. I have sent in a picture of it from my cp. reply still pending. my phone is 848 232 3899


  236. The faberware blender I purchase 8/28/18. Blew up burned my hand and arm. My name is Beverly Triche address 150 Peyton Pl #2202. Atlanta. I have pictures .

  237. I purchased a Farberware flour sifter. It had a label running all around it. It took adhesive remover and 30 min of my time to remove it. The sifter cost about 6 bucks but I spent 6 more getting the label off. Seems to be a quality product but will not purchase Farberware anything with a label glued on it again. Your service department doesn’t cover this item so I will post my experience on the Consumer Product Complaint department and buy from Oneida in the future. Years ago I walked out of a GM dealership because at the time car manufacturers didn’t care whether seat belts fit properly either. Little things do matter.

  238. I am going to sue you’s if I don’t hear back from someone about a week ago my slow cooker explodes I got badly 2nd degree burns all over both arms and wrist I’ve tried to get in touch with you and Wal-Mart have not heard anything I have pictures and hospital note get back to me via phone 7742288075 or email

  239. I received a 15 piece stainless steel cutlery set for Christmas. I am missing the 31/2 inch paring knife. the item # 5089000. I have tried a number of ways to convey that to your company without success. I am very frustrated.

  240. Faberware manual can opener, 2nd one broken. The plastic crank handle, cracks at stem. Second Faberware to fail the same way. Please switch to a metal crank handle. Will buy another brand that is more reliable

  241. Had a curling iron by Farberware and it is now being held together with tape. Do you still make Curling irons????Had this one a very long time. Can’t find one locally. Any suggestions??? Mine is model #fwemt 1/946 120v 60hz 90watt listed 753R E 59901 Made in china… It has been a great curling iron and would love to buy your product again. Have many of your other products….

  242. From the looks of the reviews on Farberware products, I’m not surprised at the ‘shoddy’ workmanship or construction of my hand held can opener. Over the years I’ve purchased their kitchen utensils, tools etc., and they just don’t last, because they’re made cheap, so they break easily or just stop working all together. Another MISTAKE I made; because it was Red; a hand held can opener that stops 1/2 way through cranking it, splashes liquid & won’t engage again to finish the job! What a waste of $ – NEVER again will I purchase anything with the F…ware name on it…neither should you!

  243. We have been trying to get a replacement blade for our
    Farberware Blender, Model #103742 for several day with
    no sucess. One of the blades broke. I am not looking for a
    free blade, I will happily repay to have it replaced.
    Please email me back and advise or call me 1-520 301 5172
    thanks if you look into this for me.

  244. I bought the oil- less fryer. Worked great for the first 3 weeks, the 4th everything started sticking, all the coating had come off. I’ve done everything by the book on cleaning. I’ve sent over 10 people to purchase this because they loved the food and NOW THIS DISASTER! WHEN YOU SPEND$100 on something it SHOULD LAST LONGER THAN 3 WEEKS!! I used this every day for dinner and now I CAN’T USE!!!!! NOT HAPPY!!

  245. I have been using your farberware coffee maker for 30 years. In the past two years I bought two which stopped perking or did not stay hot. I am very disappointed and afraid to buy another one. I never would purchase any of the coffee pots they have out now, and afraid to purchase another Faberware. Can you please let me know have there been issues with these kn the last year or two.

  246. I just bought f aberware classic knife armor 8 in chef knife tried to to cut boiled cicken for my rods. It wouldn’t cut through that, then tried it on some salomy, my teeth could have done better. I’m though with there cheap was shut that’s made in china. By American knife co

    American products made here

  247. I was trying to call customer service to help my mother who is 84 years old to address her broken 8 quart pot cover handle. The handle was broken and she wanted to have it fix. The toll free number claiming to be Customer Service was really not at all helpful. It was quite frustrating to say the least. The prompts led to nothing.

    I thought Farberware was a quality company that stood by there products or can at least direct consumers on where to go to address their issues.

  248. I paid good money for this fryer and I can’t even believe it the plug in cord is so SHORT that I had to bring out an extension cord. I don’t know who in the hell designed your fryer but I can only imagine a man (someone that obviously doesn’t cook that much). That is rediculious. I hope in the future you give someone enough cord to plug in Damm thing. I think it’s rediculious Everytime I want to use it I have to drag out a extension cord. Maybe next time you should get someone to design your items someone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals. Thanks for the little idy bitty tiny frugal cord that doesn’t do me any good being too Damm SHORT.
    A cook Tess

  249. I purchased a broiling pan 2 months ago and the paint is peeling off of the pan! The broiler rack is fine. Such a disappointment

  250. I bought a can opener and it doesn’t open the can nor does it go around the can easily, can I get a new one?

  251. I love my Farberware pot. There are tiny rust spots that developed on the bottom of the pot. Is it safe to use?

  252. Hello, I have an electric pan and I prepared my fish for Easter dinner and the lid of the pan exploded and broke all over, glass fell into my fish and we lost all our Easter food.

  253. A little over a year ago I purchased a Farberware Professional microwave. The interior light burnt out before it was 3 months old! Now the LED panel has some “segments” that are not illuminating! Trying to find someone to speak to about this has been a daunting task. Several telephone #’s later and then I was given an e-mail address. The FARBERWARE MICROWAVES # I was given is DISCONNECTED!! This isnt looking good! Spending twice as much $ to by WHAT I THOUGHT WAS A QUALITY PRODUCT BACKED WITH A QUALITY NAME is turning out to be a HUGE mistake!
    FYI…I was told that Farberware went out of business over 20 years ago! Each of the “divisions” (cookware, electrical, etc.) are now handled/sold through different companies who are allowed to use the Farberware name! This tells me that any Farberware product you have/get that isn’t older than 20 years old probably is cheaper made products sold under the “illusion” of the Farberware name!


  255. I just purchased a Farberware oil less fryer and the recipe and operating instructions are missing would you please send me one The address is John OBrien 510 court rd Grand Junction Co 81501

  256. I have a 9″x5″ loaf pan that I use for bread baking. It is a silvery-tan color. The bread I bake in it comes out darker than the other pans I use. Why is that? I really like the pan, I just have to watch it when I’m baking loaves in both style pans.

  257. I purchased one of your can openers from Kohl’s in Rockford I’ll. I paid over $15 for it. It is defective as it skips the opening process when in use. Very frustrating.

    • I purchased the Farberware Stand up mixer & I destroyed the wire mixer while mixing cookie dough. I am trying to buy a replacement wire mixer. Can you help me?

  258. Purchased the Faberware black plastic garlic press with the red cover and it could not press butter and certainly not garlic. Do they test these things before selling? It was only $8.00 but had I known it wouldn’t work, would not have purchased it. It would probably cost as much to sent it back for a warranty refund.

  259. Horrible Customer Service. I’ve called for over a week and cannot get anyone on the phone. I have also emailed three times over a week, and no response.

  260. Got two knives for Christmas. The packaging was the most horrible, time consuming packaging to open. I would not buy this product or recommend just because of the packaging. Surely you can do this better.
    I tried to phone but there was a whole run around and never got to talk with anyone, poor customer service.

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