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Contacting Fandango Customer Service Center

When customers are preparing an evening at the movies, the ticket purchase is available at the theater or customers simply avoid the stress and buy tickets through Fandango. The online movie hub sells tickets to more than 20,000 theaters throughout the United States. The company also provides information on new releases and existing movies.

With the average price of a movie ticket close to $10 per person, customers want the best service for their money. In the event a customer has a problem or concern with the company, they provide options to communicate with the customer service department.

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Contact Info:

When customers want to communicate with a representative from the customer service department, they can call, mail correspondence, send an email or contact the company through social media. The response time is quicker when calling, verses emailing the customer care department. The average response time for an email is 24 to 48 hours.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers can contact a live representative by calling:

  • Customer Service Department: 1- 866-857-5191

Mailing Address

In the event customers want to mail correspondence to the corporate headquarters or the customer service department, the address is:

12200 W. Olympic Blvd.
Suite 150
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Official Website

The official Fandango website allows customers to search for movies in their local area, find theaters as well as provide commentary on new releases and upcoming movies. Customers can purchase tickets and DVD’s from the site. Although customers can register for Fandango, making a purchase does not require prior registration.

Customer Service Email

Not all of the time can customers reach a live representative. When this occurs, customers can contact the company using the customer service email There is minimal personal information required and customers are expected to receive a response within 24 hours.

We sent an email asking whether or not the service Fandango uses is encrypted to protect personal information when making purchases. We are awaiting a response. Additional methods to reach Fandango include the official Twitter page or the official Facebook page.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer support line, we encountered an automated system directing us all over the place. After navigating the system for approximately 3 minutes, we finally were able to select the “other” option. This directed our call to a customer service representative. The gentleman was polite and professional when we asked questions regarding signing up for the website. Was your experience similar to our experience? Share your thoughts below.

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61 Comments on “Contact Fandango Customer Service
  1. Terrible website, very confusing. When I called to get a refund, I had the worst customer service agent ever. Will not be using this site again.

  2. Recently bought tickets to Les Mis on Fandango to avoid long holiday lines/possible sell-out. Paid a service charge of $7.50 for this reason. Had to wait in long line at Belmar Theater anyway, got crappy seats in the dark during previews. Will never waste money on this “service” again.

  3. I was charged a total of four times. Yet while on line the system kept shutting down telling me my info was incorrect

  4. Fandango is without a doubt the worst company with whom I’ve ever worked. I am still now, on January 27th, dealing with an issue that started when I tried to purchase gift cards on December 3, 2012. We never received our gift cards (which were gifts for our company employees) and Fandango customer service did not contact me to remedy the situation until January 2013. Everyone with whom I’ve spoken there has been rude and incompetent, and I will never work with this company again. It’s nothing more than a headache.

  5. One of the worst companies known to man. I repeat never purchase movie tickests from Fandango. I was charged 4 times for tickets I really think it is a way for Fandango to scam there customers. Was online waiting for agent 3 hours then get message Status: Canceled
    There are no agents available to chat with you right now. Please try again later. Waiting on hold another hour with no help. Listen to my warning do not purchase movie tickets from this company.

  6. Tried to call customer service to talk to a representative and the automated voice said it would be 58 minutes until someone was available. These people need to get it together!! Do not give them your business.

  7. I am now on a mission to bring you down. Shame on you for your horrid customer service. If you think one person won’t be able to change anything, you haven’t met this person yet. YOUR PHONE SERVICE SUCKS, YOUR EMAIL IS NOT USABLE AND YOUR ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE QUEUE IS AN EPIC FAIL. You suck and I’m making sure everyone knows.

  8. Used this to try to avoid lines and save some money. Charged me twice for what I ordered. I have never used FANDANGO before and I never will again. Customer service is awful. Thank god I work at a bank so I can dispute the charge. Thanks for wasting my time M*THER F*CKERS!

  9. As above- charged twice for tickets- now on hold forever after having to google the 1 800 number since the Fandango website was not functioning. Never Again you paper bag hand puppet douche canoes.

  10. This has been the absolute worst give card we have ever received. I hope we never receive another one of your cards. Customer service wait times are 30 minutes are more and trying to buy online is a joke. Which numbers on the card do you want? How come you have to be different than every other gift card which you use at time of service.

  11. We have tried many ways to get help using your card to no avail. My husband’s number is 8504509757. We will be contacting the BBB and the retail stores that sell your cards.

  12. I was given a gift card. I purchased two movie tickets and owed a 1.50. Fandango charged me for the whole purchase. The help line is horrible! They say there open 24 hours a day. That’s a big ass lie! I’ll never use them again.

  13. I purchased a ticket through the Fandango website using a Groupon I’d purchased. I purchased the ticket for the wrong theater (which I didn’t realize until I was already at my local Regal box office). I re-purchased the ticket at the box office and foolishly believed Fandango would do the right thing and refund my money… I was WRONG! I called, was on hold indefinitely, contacted customer service through chat and was disconnected. When I finally got in touch with someone, Jalon informed me that since I re-purchased the ticket, I should be contacted through a follow up email regarding my refund. He then sent me an email informing me that I should contact the theater in Las Vegas ( I live in Florida) for a refund, the Vegas theater told me to contact Fandango, Fandango sent me to Groupon to request a refund as they cannot refund the ticket because “Fandango removes the requested ticket quantity from the theater’s inventory, reducing the number of seats available for the chosen sow time.” So in other words, they take your money (including the “convenience” fee) and you get nothing in return! A horrible service! Fandango clearly does not care about customer satisfaction, which is evident in their unwillingness to be fair and just in their practices.

  14. I was charged four times and two dropped off. Now they won’t refund the erroneous charge. Horrible customer service and corporate office. I will never use them again.

  15. Went through the online purchase and chose a local movie theater. I even went through the get directions to verify how long the drive was and then purchase tickets. At this point, convinced that the local movie theater was associated with what I was looking for, I didn’t pay attention when it changed somehow. Went to the local theater with confirmation in hand only to have agent point out that it was not at that location. Came back home to read similar cases online while I’ve been on hold waiting for half an hour for the online chat, or the phone which is on speaker. still waiting… I do everything online(airlines, hotels, etc..) and have never had a problem of this nature, so I’m a little suspect. Either way I’m willing to take it as a mistake as long as I get a good resolution from Fandango.

    • Update – Fandango offered to issue a refund in 5-7 business days as long as I repurchased the tickets in 24hrs for the correct theater. Mind you that the movie is still in session, while I’m wasting time on the phone and online – I declined, advising that my opinion would cost the company image more than than my refund for tickets. But who cares – I lost my money and Fandango won’t help make amends. Shoe dirt to fandango..

  16. I purchased 5 gift cards. 2 were to be returned and fandango has refused to reverse the charges. There is no where on the screen whn purchasing
    tixs that is not refundable. I escalated it to the top. I received a letter saying blah blah n no refund. What kind of company is this? I hve never ever dealt w companies that are so ridiculous to do this!!! Any suggestions anyone. I will continue to bug them until I get my money back! Imgoing to to Help me Howard so it can go on TV. I think there treatment is unacceptable. Without good customer service their company will get affected like all the other cheap a… Theather chains.

  17. Worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with, I’m going to Facebook and any other means possible to inform the public about this company and it’s terrible practice of cheating people out of their money. NEVER AGAIN

  18. I was charged three time on my credit card when I was trying to buy three tickets online in your web site and you sold me a three tickets with the wrong date and time I will contact you so my bank will cancel the transaction with the wrong date and time .

  19. I hope someone from Fandango reads this, because I am unable to send them an email any other way. Why? Because my browser is outdated. Really? It’s not that old, and why can you not grandfather it anyway? Before anyone tells me to just get a new browser – some of us do not have that option. Bottom line to Fandango: Your browser snobbery has cost you this customer. P.S. I thought your older website (before the ‘upgrade’ that cost me my access) was more user-friendly than now, anyway.

  20. When you publish a “synopsis” of a movie, it would be a good idea to make sure it isn’t so full of grammar errors that it borders on incomprehensible. Example: A review for “The November Man” was by some guy named “Rovi.” He can’t even write a complete sentence.

    If this is how careless you are, it’s no wonder all these other people are losing their money on your site.

    WHO ARE YOU GUYS? Lame Eastern European scammers? Under 13?

    And BTW–most websites are getting better. Yours has become GUI challenged, with nothing that could pass for decent site navigation, and ugly, stupid pages that make me not want to go to the movies.

    Take your munchies and kid toys home and let your parents, or someone who speaks English, and some grown up programming language back in to run the site.

  21. Wow. Never use these people. I’m surprised theaters associate with these people.

    One click and your screwed. Non existent customer service (notice their number is not even on their website). It seems like someone set this business up a long time ago and is letting it fail – not putting any more attention into customer satisfaction or follow up.

    Total breakdown and imminent failure of a business concept. Easy to pay them and almost impossible to contact them afterwards. Buyer beware. Never again. Spread the word.

  22. I was given $15 in gift cards for Christmas and can not use them in our town. I have TRIED and TRIED to talk to a rep. but have been on hold as long as 30 minutes. I want to talk to a live rep. and see what can be done. Just reading the messages people rated you on and it sure doesn’t look good. Try to redeem yourself.

  23. bought a gift card to give as a valentines day gift, they went to use the gift card online to purchase tickets and it said “invalid number”
    called the customer service number, got a recording saying “they are all busy please call back another time” time 5 more times and same recording, called the next day… same recording…
    went on there website and did a vitual chat, waited 68 minutes to connect to “Joe” spoke with him back and fourth for 30 minutes, he sent me emails with blank attachments saying that was my new card send electronically. then tells me he cant help me and disconnected our conversation

  24. Was on the Fandango site looking at movie times in my area and even though I did not think I had actually purchased tickets, my CC was procesed as if I did. Called the customer service number and spoke to a gentleman first with no help, then spoke to the customer service manager. They REFUSED to refund my credit card. USER BEWARE….DO NOT EVER USE FANDANGO SITE! Its a ripoff with the poorest customer service I’ve ever encountered.

  25. In june, when coke rewards was offering a promotion of 6 minute maid caps, 3 points each, and Fandango would give me a free movie ticket. I did this 5 times at 18 points per movie ticket.

    I followed the instructions, no tickets. I contacted Customer service and they sent me an email. Still no tickets.

    I request Fandango issue 5 movie tickets IN THE MAIL, because the Web site will not, even after following the directions.

  26. YOUR ads to buy ticket come up before you can watch the trailers to decide what movie to see…. the page comes up with a strip for a movie to buy the tickets. I’m left angry for four times trying to view trailers to decide what I want to watch. FIX IT!

  27. I called the customer service number and I have been on hold for 20 mins and still no response. Their customer service is non existence!

  28. I purchased movie tickets online on 12/4/15. I then realized that I had a schedule conflict, so I processed a refund, also on 12/4/15. The tickets were for a week later, so there was no issue like “it’s too close to showtime, no refund”.

    I received an e-mail saying my refund was processed on 12/4/15, but it may take several business days to post. The refund never arrived at my bank.

    I waited two weeks. Then I started using their “online chat” customer service tool, and talking to their representatives. Literally the only thing they can do is 1. forward a request to corporate, and 2. tell you to “check with your bank”.

    I have now had that conversation with their online chat team THREE times. They promise that corporate will resolve it, and will get in touch, but it may take a week. NO ONE FROM CORPORATE HAS EVER CALLED, E-MAILED OR REACHED OUT IN ANY WAY.

    When I initiate another chat, the online chat person tells me that they have read the notes, corporate looked into it, and corporate confirmed that the refund was sent. Then I am told I “should probably check with my bank”. I tell them I have. They tell me to check again. I ask for an ACH tracking number, or anything to help me investigate. They have nothing. They can’t contact corporate directly, and corporate won’t contact me.

    I have spent four hours so far, just trying to get a refund. Fandango knows that there are communication problems, because the online chat people have told me. They just don’t care enough to fix it. It’s financially more viable to let me get frustrated and quit and then they keep my money.

    The absolute lack of care for their customers is shocking. Fandango is absolutely horrible. If you spend money with them, you better make sure you don’t need any help of any sort, because you will not get it. Other than Comcast (which has soul-crushingly bad customer service), Fandango may be the worst customer service company on the planet.

  29. Purchased 24 tickets online in advance to make sure our high school baseball team could all be in the same movie. Had 2 injuries and a coaches wife went into labor. No problem with Fandango, “worry free” refund policy, right? Wrong!!

    Because our purchase was over $100 the refund had to go through “corporate” and that could take 3-5 days. Because this could possibly be after the ticket date, the refund would then be invalid. What?????

    I would never use this program again!

  30. I tried to purchase tickets through the Fandango website, i used my gift card, i could not complete the purchase. I called your customer service, the lady who was on the phone tried to help me, she also couldn’t completed the purchase, the gift card is valid, but does not work on your site (the card was purchased at the Regal Movie Center) when i asked her to refund my money, she told me, that, the gift card is not refundable. At this point, should be my choice, if i want to spend my money at your service or not.
    After i wrote to your Facebook page, where a person, called “Shelly” responded, first she copied and posted the same rules, you can find on the website, when i kept complaining, she wrote that actually, Fandango can help to get the money back, so i`m asking why the person on the phone was not offered the same thing ?
    Also compare the IMAX website (where i can easily purchase tickets anytime, and their service are flawless) your website are not customer friendly, i had to spend an hour on the phone without any results. Your phone line, suggested to use a different device, really ? That`s the best what you can offer ? How about a better, more customer friendly website and service. I still have miles to go to get my money back, but your service is offensively expensive and poor, 4 dollars uncharge on my tickets a ripoff, and your gift card service is worse. To going to see movies, should be fun, but thanks to your company, it`s turned into the worst nightmare, shame on you.

  31. You guys are terrible. Every review I’ve read has been negative. We just want to know why when we’re watching Hawaii Five O, Fandango shuts down in the middle of the show 3 or 4 times all the time. Why ?????????????????????? Unacceptable, we’ve never had this trouble with M-go ever. Your company is sad. I will pray that someone will buy you out and fix the situation. Everyone that works there should quit today then the company would find an owner that has common sense and start over by taking a customer service 101 class. You employees may not get paid the company is sooooo poor! 15 minutes on hold and based on previous reviews we could be on hold for a week.

  32. Was billed twice to my ATM card even though my Fandango app only shows one purchase. Spent over 45 minutes on hold with no rep ever coming on line. Hung up and called back to only get automated service stating they are busy to call back. Worst customer service.

  33. Well- maybe this will evoke the appropriate response from customer service? I’ve called 3 times to try and secure a refund. Fandango sold me tickets to a movie that wasn’t even playing at the theater when I got there! In addition to all the trouble and time I’ve spent trying to get my money back- I also travelled across town to a theater out of my area to see this special showing. Imagine my disappointment. Then on top of all of that – I’ve had to chase your company down for my $25 refund! Grrrrr! This is really bad customer service! Get it together! Give me my money back or I’m going to call the local news and shout from the rooftops what a terrible company Fandsbgo is that do business with if they make a mistake and owe you a refund.

  34. Lilly says:
    So far I have waited 1 1/2 HOURS on an online queue for customer service! For 25 minutes I have supposedly been number 2 in the queue. Ridiculous. This company does not know the meaning of customer service! Please AVOID this company if you want to avoid frustration! My inquiry is related to a coupon included with Dove candy I received, so I will be contacting the Dove company with the suggestion that they also cease to do business with this incompetent company!

  35. It’s frustrating to wait long time in a queue to reach customer support that isn’t really helpful. They couldn’t even modify the booking to next day on the same movie/same show even though plenty of seating was available.

  36. fandango now is a complete mess and I will not be ordering anymore movies off of them ..sometimes you don’t get your points for the movies you buy ..and more than once I have been double charged ..when you call customer service you are on there waiting forever as I can imagine a lot of complaints ..customer service is the worst ..I was told we only charged you once and than both will go through ..also they will give you a credit for a movie because of all you been through but will make it a credit you can only use when you continue to buy 20%off movies ..which should be your choice..i called and the customer service person was very rude ..I will no longer use fandango now

  37. On Saturday, November 25th, my girlfriend and I went to see a show at a Regal Cinema property. We reserved tickets online using a $15.00 gift card and paid the difference via Paypal for two adult tickets. When we got to the Cinema we were told there was a problem with the reservation. We could not get it corrected because we were told the show had already started and ended up paying AGAIN to see the movie we wanted. I will make sure everyone I know hears about the experience. DON’T BUY FANDANGO TICKETS FOR GIFTS!!!

    • Need better trained employees, and honesty is not their priority! They pass the buck to avoid the issue…will not be using this company again…Moving on..

  38. Calling and no answer or return call. Scam! Don’t walk, run away as fast as you can. Very sad to think someone would treat a customer like this. Wonder how they would feel if it was there money.

  39. Terrible, service! I made a mistake in my ticket order. The “refund” page was “down”. Went to customer service. Waited 2 1/2 hours. Just when I expected to talk to a customer rep, a sign came up and said “No customer service reps available”. I don’t really think this company is inclined to fix things, but my confirmation number is 283040969 .

  40. You need to answer your phone. I purchased tickets for a show and the movie theatre closed down due to an emergency pipe break. how do I get my money back? Customer service link has over 24 hour queue?????? And no answer on the phone

  41. My experience with this company is they are very dishonest, and not about the customers. They pass the buck to avoid the issue and the employees all have a different story to tell..will be moving on from this company…

    • The guy we spoke to was great once he understood what we needed and was very helped us get where we needed to be. Thank you.

  42. very very dishonest company, believe me you are not doing yourself a favor when you purchase your tickets thru this company.. If I would have checked Fandango reviews, this would have never happened to me.
    1: never could have a phone # that was valid.
    2: very difficult to present yourself as a very dissatified customer.
    3:The co. makes millions of $s from us and are frustration as a result we do not follow thru with our complaints. FOR A MERE $22.00 CHARGED TWICE ONLINE. WITH NO AVAILIABILITY TO SUBMIT EVIDENCE.

  43. I’m thru with this customer service department! I’m just going call the attorney general’s office and find out what is going on with this outfit. Activation codes that don’t work , website with unreachable links, password resets that will have you pulling your hair out since you didn’t forget your password in the first place. Some businesses just need to fire everbody and start from scratch. A very frustrating site. I feel dread when I have to go to this site for anything. But when you’re buying something that part works. If you have an issue with a purchase, forget it.

  44. I inadvertently purchased movie tickets for the wrong theater while in destin Florida. How may I get a refund. The tickets were never used.



  47. You guys should follow what flixster say about movie info\cast
    The predator flixster saying its not bloody its Sci-Fi adventure and mystery and thriller and action you guys arn’t following the same thing about all the movies that come out every fri

  48. I just used the “chat with a Customer Service member” feature and was extremely disappointed in the “service” provided. I wrote back and forth with an associate named “Aldith” and my matter was not taken seriously at all. She continuously contradicted herself between what she “knew” and what was policy, she was very short with me, and had a “too bad, so sad” attitude.
    Very unprofessional.
    Very unfortunate.

  49. I have been on hold yesterday 45 min today 40 min. It said I was 26 in the que. Should I just stay on the phone for hours knowing no one will answer ever?
    I need a refund on 2 tickets. I went “prior” to the movie showing, at AMC Show , they said they would switch the ticket on the phone then when I got to the show ahead of time, they said I had to go to the other AMC movie office. I did they said I got them on Fandango, and had to go thru you. How can I get a refund? Absolutely horrible horrible horrible service

  50. I spent $100 on gift cards for my family members thinking that it would be a treat for them as they never have the money to go out. Upon arrival at the theater the father was informed that there was a service charge for using the Fandago site! Come on. This was not an activation charge, it was a service charge! I will never again do this. As far as I am concerned , Fandago, fandago gift cards, and their customer service department are rip offs and should not be used by anyone!

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