Contact FAFSA Customer Service

Contacting FAFSA Customer Service Center

FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a requirement for all undergraduate and graduate students prior to applying for a school of choice. The purpose of the application process is to determine the potential students eligibility for assistance, including, Federal Work-Study, Federal student loans and Pell Grants.

Considering the application process has specific deadlines, students should return the forms early. Upon receiving the FAFSA, the U.S. Department of Education will inform the student of eligibility. If you do not hear back, you can contact the customer service department to voice questions and concerns.

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Contact Info:

New and existing students applying for Federal Student Aid can contact the customer service department Monday through Friday 8am to 10pm EST. Aside from calling, students can contact the department by traditional mail, email and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Information Center: 1-800-433-3243
  • TTY: 1-800-730-8913
  • Customer service: 1-319-337-5665

Mailing Address

Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ)Department of Education Building400 Maryland Ave, SWWashington, DC 20202

Department of EducationPotomac Center Plaza (PCP)550 12th Street, SWWashington, DC 20202

Department of EducationCapitol Place555 New Jersey Ave, NWWashington, DC 20208

Department of Education1990 K Street, NWWashington, DC 20006

Department of EducationUnion Center Plaza (UCP)830 1st Street, NEWashington, DC 20202

Department of EducationL’Enfant Plaza490 L’Enfant Plaza, SW, Room 2100AWashington, DC 20202

Official Website

By visiting the official FAFSA website students can apply for assistance paying for college. Students can start a new FAFSA or check on their existing application. The website also contains invaluable information relating to the application process, including, deadlines, school codes and various filing options. The U.S. Department of Education recommends visiting the student help center prior to submitting a FAFSA application.

Customer Service Email

Go to order to send a general or technical question to the U.S. Department of Education regarding your FAFSA. We sent a message asking if students attempting to pay for college out of their own pocket still need to fill out a FAFSA. We received an automated response with no indication as to when a customer service representative would answer our concern.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, there was little wait time. We were speaking with a live agent in less than 2 minutes. We asked the representative if we missed the deadline, is there a possibility of receiving an extension. The agent explained students would have to contact the main office and explain the situation. There is a possibility students could receive an extension, but the agent was not at liberty to discuss this matter any further.

We wish the agent could have told the whole story. Did you have better luck receiving an answer to your questions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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33 Comments on “Contact FAFSA Customer Service
  1. I have been trying to help a student complete the parent part (with the parent’s permission). All of the information requested on the web is for the student. Then I called your information line. I have been on the phone line for 15 minutes without getting through to Customer Service. The system keeps going back to Main Menu. Also the FAFSA is not easily followed. Whatever the changes were, go back to how it was last year. It ain’t working for me!

  2. I have called and called the customer service line to get help and still haven’t received any help and I really need it or I can not submit my fiefs and therefore I will not be able to start school next semester! PLEASE HELP!!

  3. I was approved but have not heard anything about my check.whats the problem with my information. no school have wrote me and told me my amount of student aid help help.

  4. I have been working on the parent part of the Fasfa.Every time i went to log in and make and ID or PAssword it would not allow it. Then I had to answer questions ….By this time I was getting very upset when it could be handled so much easier.
    I called the help line 1 hour later still no one answer my call.I am now hoping I can print put the Fasfa,and make corrections in get it in on time.

    • Hey did u ever figure out what you had to do. That’s the problem I’m having right now and I still have not resolved it .

  5. i can understand the number of students who are trying to get information on their fin-aid, but gee 15 mins hold omg that long maybe there should be more reps. to help. Too long a wait.

  6. Not sure why we had to go thru this process again but getting our kids FSA has been difficult. Son signed up and none of his info would be accepted. Daughters was fine. Hoping this call to FAFSA is not like standing at line in post office or DMV!

  7. I’m a part-time student taking 6 credit hours, I received my reimbursement check, If I drop one class will my aid be affected?

  8. this new format for getting the FASFA ID really sucks. It doesn’t recognize my dob or social. Neither one has changed obviously so I really don’t understand why it is saying that the information I entered doesn’t match their records. If it aint broke don’t break it.

  9. Why can’t I make contact with someone who can assist me in completing my Fafsa? I e-mail no response. I call and there is always a high volume of calls. I’m sorry but you people sucks, and I think I will contact someone at city hall

  10. I have been trying all week to access a completed FAFSA application, been on the phone every day, was assigned a case # and walked through changing the password ( I am the parent who filled out the FAFSA), and tonight I STILL CAN’T ACCESS THE INFORMATION. I am also an educator (college professor) and can’t believe how convoluted the online information is. Different reps on the phone have told me different things, including that I was given misinformation (??!!!), and I am totally stressed out and disgusted by how badly this works. Filling out the form was a piece of cake, but accessing it after it is processed is a total nightmare. This is MY information too (bank accounts, tax info etc) and I should be able to access it without spending 4 days on the phone and changing passwords and miring through a completely screwed up online process.

  11. I’m trying to get information,concerning taking a leave of absent that I took because my school don’t have my schedule classes on the calendar until march and this is the 3rd time I’m forced to do this I need to speak to someone concerning this matter

  12. I am a parent and have been trying to sign my children fasfa but can’t get through even I have tried to get fasfa on the phone still can’t get through please I need your help, tell me what to do step by step I really need to get an ID to get in please. thanks

  13. I called the help line and was assisted by a Stanley. Mr. Stanley was very informative and eased my mind about the information that I needed to know. Thank you, Stanley. God Bless You.

  14. Awful site. Very stressful trying to send the signature electronically. I must have requested my login and password 15 times and each time I put it in it tells me its incorrect. Tried several times to contact customer service but cannot get through. Now I have to send my signature page in the mail delaying this process even more. Absolutely ridiculous. Get this changed!!!!

  15. I call. I got a machine response, but in the options I select the topic, after is another menu but I dial 0 and direct me to the operator, no wait. I talk with the person and give me answer. Good experience for me.

  16. Can you please help me finish my Fafsa account? It is saying that I need to complete something else even though I am sure I completed all my contact information.

  17. customer support number listed is out of service…..I am having trouble getting a PIN…need to talk to someone…asap…thanks…Andy

  18. customer support number listed is out of service…..I am having trouble getting a PIN…need to talk to someone…asap…thanks…Andy

  19. You need to get this hacker or employee off my account Every time I enter my user name I get a “username being used” in red My entry is correct and your system states the same. So somebody is blocking me. Fed up with thid

  20. I think FAFSA IS GREAT. I get students\ loans for school higher ed.
    I am now looking for application for personal Government Grant Money
    Nov. 8.2018 8:29P M

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