Contacting Facebook Customer Service Center

Facebook is the king of social media. With security problems and recently going public as a company, Facebook has been all over the news. Contacting Facebook corporate is a bit harder than we expected. There is no true customer service for the service because Facebook does not sell items directly like a retailer. We found contact information for Facebook corporate offices via court documents filed against the company.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you want to contact Facebook by phone you may have a bit of trouble getting through, according to some customers. Facebook does not list corporate or customer service contact information on the official Facebook page as they request contact be made via their business Facebook page.

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Facebook customer service is another piece of hidden information. It cannot be accessed easily from, but we did find the corporate address on a legal document.

Facebook Corporate Office
1601 S. California Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Official Website

The official website for Facebook is You can also access information about the company at, which is the Facebook page for Facebook. The website offers social media accounts for businesses and individuals. Business accounts can be setup to sell items directly from the page using apps providing by companies other than Facebook.

Customer Service Email

The best way to contact Facebook customer service via email is through the Facebook social media page. Simply click on the button to the right of the Like button on the main page here: Then click the Send Feedback link.

We have attempted to contact Facebook in regards to customer service contact information. We will update when we receive a response from Facebook customer service.

Our Experience

Calling Facebook was an easy process. Unfortunately, we received an automated response stating that Facebook does not offer telephone support.

We sent an email to and are awaiting a response.

Have you had to contact Facebook customer service? Share with us you experiences.

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3,747 Comments on “Contact Facebook Customer Service
    • Tika from indonesia. I have problem with mw own facebook. i have already in active my account for few months, but now when i wants to active it right now i can open it. And the problem is i forgot my email n password for my facebook account. So please can you send my email n my password to my private email in ?

      awaiting for your respons soonest.

      • For some reason, I’ve been blocked out of my account for 24 hours. If someone could tell me why this happened and how I can fix it, without waiting the 24 hours, I would appreciate it. Thank You!

          • I have done all varifications but my facebook is blocked i cont recognise my frinds propery my id is true ..pleeese help

          • Why did facebook cut me off was it because they wanted me to put my profile and picture on it sayying they had a lot of matthew coles on facebook and they wanted to single me out now they have a lot of white people they have animals saying their matthew coles but iam the only black 59 yr old matthew coles on facebook. Why the rest of the news didn’t show or speak about these white peoples not wanted these immagrant in their state and spit on them is this the reason i was cut off i date and put the time on it put the show name on it i watch MSNBC i watch O’Reilly wxii 12 CBS wfmy 2 and comment on them why did they cut me off one person on facebook ask me if i didn’t like fox news and the republican why did i watch them? I said i like to hear them say things and do things to make a fool out of themselve they cut me off from the republican facebook why? I have never seen none of these people on my facebook. facebook is abuseing their power and humilated me with this unjust neglence. I post what people say back to me on facebook. Tell me why you cut me off. Please reply black.

            Thank you, Matthew Coles

          • i have been blocked be couse of my pass word when i renewed it. i had to verified my birth date was said to be wrong. how do i renew my birthdate?

          • my facebook account was disabled for reason i dont know. anyone can help me getting back my facebook please.

          • My facebook account is temperory blocked please help me out i am doing all the verifications but it still does not work

          • I’m locked out of my account with the padlock I’ve followed instructions no access allowed help please

        • When I log in my account I have gone though sercuity test and have sent emails for help. Then they want me to send ID. This is not my falt, I would like you to help me and fix this.Please help Thank you

          • I am having the same problem all contact to Facebook via phone or email is not working. It is illegal to send information about your government id or have them ask for such things. I have tried all but I don’t seem able to get ahold of them.

          • Did you ever get back on your account I’m having trouble getting back on mine to I’ve been blocked I need to know how to get back on I sent proof of who I am

          • I lost my memory card unwantedly using my photo in id of my name only so plz close kavitha kavi account its a very vulgar profile please help me

        • My account has been hacked for almost 24 hours now, and FB is NOT helping me at all !! I have tried everything FB told me to do….jumped through every hoop, called many numbers, tried the email address here, and nothing is legit !!! I am beyond tired of FB IGNORING those of us who are having SERIOUS problems!

        • I had 2 fb account. But right now i forgot their emai id nd paswrd. Can u plz send me those? Tridi kalita nd tridisha kalita

        • I have moved and I get a message stating: we have locked your account because someone recently tried to lo in from an unfamiliar location. Please help us confirm that it was you who tried to log in. I have moved from MT to AZ. I can’t answer my security question because it is not my question. I would never pick that question as I don’t know either of my grandfathers and don’t have a clue what they did for a living. If you aren’t going to let me in to my facebook account then cancel it. This is just plain ridiculous. I don’t understand why you have to hide. Fix this or cancel me. I’m over it.

          • every time i log in they want a security check they say i might have been hacked i followed all requsts gave my i d still cant get in will not change my yyahoo info please help me

          • Canceled my account because they said they want to verify that I am over 13. How many of you have posted any news about Christian genocide or articles exposing terrorist activity or anything Republican. I think they are against Christians but maybe I am wrong. They wont answer my questions and the links they emailed me for help is either bogus or have to log in to use them. HELP!

        • I was locked out first than asked for my drivers lincese or passport than next day course id didn’t give them that finally got into sort of a way to reactivate my account than they said wait another 24 hours did they said account has been locked now try to get in now it is locked again if I can get into my account I will cancel it for sure somehow

          • I had to make another facebook account. a few years ago. I am now having this same issue. what do I do

        • I have been on Facebook for years but I have had a stroke and forgotten my user name, I do use my password which gets me in but I am unable to update my Facebook account and it is out of late by more than 24 months according to your software! How can I change my User ID?I tried to look in your help setting and it says I can secure and change it with my password but so far no luck! If you can help me with this problem I would certainly appreciate this. Thanking you in advance for your prompt reply!

        • I have no interest in the post Pe0ple you may now. I have tried to get rid of it and it keeps coming back. It contains porn graphics I am not interest in. If it continues I have to eliminate Facebook. can you help?

        • I had the same issue. I hope it’s only for 24 hours. I have all my photos uploaded there. I had to upload a photo and now I’m locked out.

      • hi Facebook team, i need your help to close or delete my old facebook account, because there’s so many private comments or stories. If you want interrogation me, i”m ready. Can you sent me email address to report my problems?
        Because i did”nt find any Facebook aemail address.
        Thanx. Please sent me information A.S.A.P.
        my email :

      • I need to retrieve an email I received in 09. It’s very important. I can’t seem to find it. I never deleted it and I really need it for legal matters. Please help.

      • I tried to reset my password the code they email me didn’t work then they blocked me permanently why I didn’t so anything Kim gross is married I would like to reset my pass word please help me I was blocked for no reason thank you please help me

      • my account has been disable and i dont know why ! im using my ID from last ten years how could you do that is my account is fake and someone reported my account

    • Dear Sir or madam!
      Plz i’m writing you this letter because i reported last week regarding about this person comment Emanita Latu Pohahau, she write another violence and disrespectful comments last night which leads to a big arguments and fights over our families as we are christian nd respect our culture plz we ask you to banned this person from face book.

      Kalisi Moala, Amelia Theresia Lokotui, Adela Branhe Maria Fonua, Sophia Maria Latu, Latu Mata’u (brother), Elizabeth Mata’u (mother) and the rest of our families and friends!

    • hello i think someone has been trying to get to my page. i tried retreiving another password i followed u all instruction by choosing three names ,but i cant contact on of my friend wat should i do. i would like to select another friend please help me

    • can some one please tell me how i can contact face book my brother passed away and we want to have his account clossed as its destressing the family i have tried every thing can any one help jean

      • I need help removing a face page that was created by a marketing company. They built a site using my company name All J’s water well service. The wrong phone number has been posted and people from other parts of the country are making rude comments. Please remove All j’s water well service from Facebook. I personally don’t have account and I can’t find a phone number to talk to a Facebook representative. Please help

    • I gotta a reply saying that you people told me that I was sending messages inviting people friends I did not know I had friends also on there that I knew and I don’t appreciate why I understand why you took me off if you get back with me and let me know why I would appreciate it and if its possible I get back on thank you this is Donald louk from Athens Georgia




    • hi i just need to closed my another account here’s is my old facebook account because this been hack pls closed thank you hope you see my request..

  1. hi i need someone can i talk cos i coudnt changce back my nem again some one open and change it pls help me

  2. This Companyy really sucks for a multimillion/billion dollar industry, ya i know they lost a few million in the last yeart or so, but this is crazy, I’m trying to delete a account that I can’t get on to delete because of a e-mail change, cannot call anyone? really who is running the site , india/china? at least we could speak to non english people if that was the case, but there is nobody…no servise at all, who the helll buys into this venue, this is why I am trying to delete my account permanately… facebook has become the slime and filth of this country and its sad that you cannot even get a response, fortune 500 compnay my ass, I hope all advertisers pull their products, and the only ones left will be the scum like porn sites…

    not very happy

  3. my personal facebook has been disabled how can i get it back..i had so many emailed them n got linked bt doesnot work..pls help me to reactivate my account

        • Mere id block ho gye h. Or mai photo verifications b nhi clear kar pa rha hu sir plz my face book account i just want them to open it back plz sir my frinds propery my id is true ..pleeese help plz plz help sir….

    • Within the last 24 hours we have received notification that someone has hacked and deleted all of our personal band accounts including Facebook. We are trying to resolve this issue immediately. What actions need to be taken to retrieve our page??

    • For the past fortnight I have been unable to access my fb account. When I log in I get a blank page. I can access messages by going into my account settings but I am unable to get into my home page, friends, or profile. Facebook is a lifeline for me and it is extremely important the I can get into my account. Having read previous comments from distressed fb users I am not sure that you reply to questions raised. However, if you do I would appreciate a reply asap. Thankyou.

  4. A security code was sent to your following number: 919709020302…in my id plz provide in my e-mailid so that which i enter my code and start my face book plz help me..

  5. the cell number which mention in my id has been changed kindly plz provide me in my e mail id immediately..

  6. I’ve been trying to access my account for two days now and have had no help from FB with obtaining my security code (SMS)!!! It’s been very frustrating because I do most of my communication with friends on FB!! I’ve also sent several e-mails and called the above number, which still has no positive results. Please help me!! Contact me at the email address above, not the mobile number listed on my acct. Thank you!!!!

  7. I moved from Fla. to Va. so my e-mail address was changed. When I tried to access my facebook I had to do a new one like a new person, so now I can’t message my friends as it says it’s blocked. Why do things have to be so complicated.

  8. moved from bc to ns, my email is disabled and now i have a new one, i changed my password over 2 weeks ago and it wont accept the new password, i am now locked out of the account, tried everything on the help page, it wont work!give me back my account!

  9. my old face book which was lost since an year is hacked nd its missused! i tried a lots to open it but the yahoo id is changed by the hacker so i cannot find it and the password reset code goes in that yahoo id of hacker so i m that facebook is used as bishnu tiwari as a user name nd had kept a relative girl’s photo by joining with my pic in profile! the girls family are planning for the police case from the u.s!i tried a lots to open that but unable.My every effort became effortless nd i cant get that coz the internal shetting of that facebook is changed!help me to get regid of this haker.

  10. My wife has facebook account and wa used it to contact with friends in long time ago, we posted a lot of picture on it but unlucky on yesterday 21.08.2012 my wife account is hacked by someone, he changed password so we coundnt access my wife account. It is to terrible! I had endeavoured to reset our password but unlucky, my wife yahoo accout is hacked 2 month ago ( yahoo email and facebook account is the same ). Now i realy want to re-take our accout to avoid someone use it to post bad things on internet, cheat my friends and bad effect to my life as some thing which was happend with my yahoo account when it was hacked. I still remember my wife facebook account and old password before hacked. I realse this comment wish facebook company can help us. Pls contact with my email to know more detail.
    Thanks and best regards

  11. somebody was trying to access my account yesterday morning here is the posted data, can you please help me identify the IP address or the computer that person who is trying to hack my account is using?

  12. by the way here is the data written on the screen when i logged in my account “Near Fremont, CA, US (Today at 7:05am) from Chrome for Linux”

  13. I have placed an ad with facebook and can’t begin to describe how counted productive this is! The ad gets disapproved every other day and stays inactive for days! When I emailed facebook, they said, “sorry your ad was disapproved mistakenly” not further explanations! This happened many times and I contacted facebook so many times and yet to receive a reply!

  14. Why my friend request and messages are BLOCKED for 30 days
    please unblock my friend request and messages
    thank you.

  15. Why my friend request and messages are BLOCKED for 30 days
    please unblock my friend request and messages
    thank you very much

    • my friend request and messages are BLOCKED for 30 days
      please unblock my friend request and messages
      thank you very much

  16. my friend request and messages are BLOCKED for 30 days
    please unblock my friend request and messages
    thank you very much

  17. I have tried all day to file a report concerning my subscription to Diamond Dash being cut off before it should have. I cancelled it, however, I was paid up through the 09/03. I followed all instructions and keep getting a time out error.
    I have contacted my credit card company. This is my last attempt to resolve this issue, otherwise, I will do as they suggested and dispute the charge. BTW, I cannot receive “extra”lives from friends because of this problem.
    I have spent a small amount of money on this game and expect to hear from you shortly. It’s a shame, a company of your size has no formal customer service department. Actually it’s crap!!!

  18. No one at facebook cares that it’s users have issues with its service. When you e-mail your issues there is no response from facebook. There are, however tons of 1-800 numbers claiming to be able to fix your issues if you give them your credit card information. Don’t know who these people are. They claim “in broken English” to be facebook third party. FACEBOOK DOESNT CARE ABOUT THAT EITHER. They just care about raking in the money. Don’t care if you have issues or get scammed. That is why their contact info results in a dead end. They act like a “third party” company when it comes to caring about their customers. So sad. I would have thought facebook would have been around for a long time. When a developer comes out with a similar media with a support team that REALLY exhists even if support is so_so people will say goodbye to facebook. Tomorrow wouldn’t be too soon.

  19. hi, i got very big problem someone just stolen my naked pic, and make fake acc and upload my naked pic, someone can help me to delete that name? where i can report?

  20. There is another Trudy Stevens in another state who’s posts keep hitting my wall. What can I do about this? it’s actually embarrassing since we are totally dissimilar. Please tellmewhat can be doneabout this ASAP. THX

  21. My daughter is 14 years old and have a very in appropriate face book page. Please contact me to have this taken off before I need to consult the media with this story.

  22. someone at facebook took a picture of my kids off my acct and said they removed it… i want to know why… picture of my kids understand on my facebook page understand not yours understand what in the heck is going on with you people at facebook…. you tell me why you cant even give a phone number to contact you people well,, u can call me back 8503752428 now asap i want to know what is wrong with my picture with my kids on my page in my home because you are not the facebook police…. or internet police of my facebook acct
    debbie racine
    302 w detroit blvd
    pensacola, florida 32534
    think u can find me or call me….really facebook please………..stop harrassing me

  23. Dear Face book team

    Why you are asking several time authentification .through sms .No iam not in india .my old number is in india .now my id has blocked .Today i have adding some old friend then id has been blocked .How can i change my old number now .pls advise or do some other option .pls open my id with other option .how can i change my old number from abroad
    reahul .

  24. Maybe I’m cutting off my nose to spite my face(book)…but I’m not thrilled with Facebook.

    I find Facebook and Zuckerberg and other insiders not the people’s best friend and out mostly for only their own pocketbook. Whether it’s fleeing the USA to avoid taxes or finding secret way to tap into your information for profit, it isn’t my cup of tea. The recent IPO, where they milked it for everything it was worth, or not worth, and made many facebook fans who bought stock a little poorer, didn’t sit well with me either.

    They are not for free speech either…just heard that a political book was not accepted for advertising…because it had the word “Hate” in the title. I’m sure that’s not the case, as they advertise many books with the word “Hate” in the title.

    Facebook doesn’t seem to take phone calls, stating that its an Internet based company and therefore takes communications by email only (makes no sense, but so be it). That’s not a sign of a human friendly company. I did get a person recently, and when I asked about the book…they gave me a second person…and she hung up on me. Nice company…NOT.

  25. hi ive been trying to access my account it keeps saying account confirmed even tho ive changed my password six times gone through a friends recognision and sent 3 emails to then saying ‘ my account is still saying its confirmed ? how can that be ? its not very professional of facebook and shows they really dont give a dam about there customers .. after all its us that made them all that money its disgusting

    • I have spent many hours trying to register and log-in, but this is impossible. I have been trying to change my my password ,and used more than a dozen different ones, None of these have been accepted. I am using password on other sites without any problems. There is something wrong with the Facebook registration site. Also fails to Email SMS to confirm phone number. Have been looking at Facebook reviews, and there are many complaints about loging-in.

  26. Hi – My name is Hunter and I work on the User Operations Team at Facebook. My role is to provide support, assistance and answer questions for the people that use the site every day. I thought it may be helpful for you to have a link to our Help Center,, as sending a letter in the mail to Facebook or calling our phone number isn’t the most efficient way to get an answer to your question. The Help Center contains resources about how to best use Facebook, and will hopefully provide you with any answers you may have to the issue you are experiencing.

    The best way to report abusive content on Facebook is by using the Report link that appears near the content itself. While reporting content doesn’t guarantee that it will be removed, we review reports to see if they violate the Facebook Terms ( If you have a general inquiry, you can also file your question in the Help Center. If you believe your account is hacked, you can regain access to it here:


    • hello. My account on facebook was hacked by my ex-boyfriend who got crazy when i decided to leave. he also hacked my email and had both accounts set up so that when i logged in from my computer he would be able to track every key stroke i made. i discovered all of this about a week after i left when a friend of mine told me that my profile photo on FB had been changed and crazy comments that my ex posted. i talked to what i thought was FB support and after an hour of trying to fix the mess they told me they would make the account inactive. well i want the account removed since there is still some volatile info on it..i have emailed all the FB sites suggested asking them to please just delete my account and have heard nothing back. if anyone knows what i can do to get the whole account removed please let me know…this is extremely frustrating and major bummer how FB handles such an issue..

  27. On Facebook when you see a picture you want to save,you touch the picture and it saids save photo. It used to save the photos now it doesn’t What’s the problem?

  28. hi, i recently put a photo up of my daughter and this guy and i who dont get along, well he has recently copied and pasted it to his wall, i have asked him several times to take my daughter down off his page as i do not appreciate it and he wont. i have made complaints and reporte it and facebook still has not taken it down. what can i do. please help.

  29. Hi,
    Can you please revert my name from travis simpson to what it was Travis DjSimz Simpson. Had to login today with my real name because of some security reason and could add it back the way it was..

  30. Hello,
    I have been trying to log on to my facebook, but it says We’ve temporarily suspended your account because we detected that your profile does not reflect your real name. Please provide the following information so we can verify your real name and update your account.

    I have provided the information required and it seems not to accept the ID upload. What do i do? Is there any email in which i can send the ID to for ur verification?

  31. sir plz reply that i did nt logout my account but someone changed my password and add bad image of my friends . sir please help me how can it solve pls pls sir reply me . my ph no 9668633427

  32. Facebook has taken money from my checking account alot of times today. i did not autherize this at all….80 dollars in total. i want that money back now!!!! I will take this further legal action if I need to

  33. My ex made a company facebookpage and named it My People “Meth” Services and placed all kinds of rude and false postings on there about me. Please delete this account immediately. The ex’s name is Ron Samuels. He is doing fraudulant acts against me. PLEASE REMOVE THIS SITE!!!! THANK YOU!!

  34. my friend request and messages are BLOCKED for 30 days
    please unblock my friend request and messages i don’t know how it blocked,and my password is knowing by some one how can it possible.

  35. SUCKS, they lock my acct , gave me no reason why ive sent all id info etc over and over and still no access. Id like to at least know why . Just another Big Co. stomping on the little people.

  36. date 02/10/2012

    Dear Facebook Help Team,

    Regarding my comment box not working its blocked.

    I am from India, Nagpur, Maharstra. i just want to help from u …
    when i giving comment or shared but it does not work
    and show me following message – (You’ve been blocked from using this feature, because you made posts on Facebook Pages that have been reported as spam. Learn more about what you can post.) for that i completely close my fb account for 2 days. but problem remain…how can i remove blocked feature on Facebook Pages ? if u possible please guide me ? in whole day i can only 2-3 comment post after that its blocked show me. tell me when will be activate properly ? i facing this problem last 10-12 days i send this request fabcebook help center but no response…Tell me please my facebook email id is :-

    Miss Rameshwari Bansod

  37. i have two personal accounts in facebook,but one is temporaraly blocked.a phone number is requested there,.but there is no sms come to this number,.. iwant my account back

  38. Things are being posted on my Facebook page that I DID NOT post. Facebook will need to fix this breech of security or I will follow with a legal complaint, absolutely!

  39. Dear sir,,

    This is naha jain..on facebook account…
    today my id is automatickly blooked…nd show the varefication for frnd’s pic..but i can’t undestand…so plz kindly active my profile..becouse i need this account…so plz sir…


  40. sir my facebook account only opened in facebook but i cant chat in facebook i download many facebook chat software like ebuddy facebook chat chat etc but my account cannot opened in these softwares why this happened?

  41. I cannot log in to my account it says email doesn’t match I’ve tried for two days to get in. I’ve asked for help and no response! How can these ppl b so rich and have such bad customer service????????

  42. I cannot log in to my account it says email doesn’t match I’ve tried for two days to get in. I’ve asked for help and no response! How can these ppl b so rich and have such bad customer service???????? Wow havin a hard time posting this comment!!!!!!!!! Surprise surprise


  44. Dear Sir,
    This is Abdul Rasheed Jogezai from District Loralai Balochistan Province Pakistan, i had a yahoo account with the name with password ‘balochistan’, this email id was my facebook id as well having the same password too and facebook profile/display name Abdul Rasheed Jogezai..
    on may be 20 september 2012 or may it was 21 september 2012 around 19:30 PM (PST) i was chating with one of my facebook friends named Abdullah Khan, resident of Nawan Killi Quetta, Balochsitan Province Pakistan. while chatting he sent me a file pretending that it was a photo on the other end i being a new bie to computers could not identify the file and its nature. as per his instructions i opened the file which was not a photo instead a web page opened asking the mail id and password. As soon i entered my yahoo ID and Password afterwards i am still unable to login into neither yahoo mail nor the facebook account. Now he has uploaded porn photoes and is sharing them to all my contacts which serverely distorting my image in my social circle.
    Moreover, Sir there are some very essential emails in my inbox which are very important as per my job.
    Hereby its humbly requested that i am in dire need for my yahoo account kindly help regain my account.

    Personal Informaiton

    Name =Abdul Rasheed Jogezai
    Gender = Male
    Date of birth= 27 Feb, 1982
    Address= District Loralai, Balochistan Province, Pakistan
    Zip code=84800
    the answer of Security Q1 is “Rashoo”
    while i don’t remember the anwer of the Security Q2

    Contact number= =92-333-9399666

    Sir I would be highly pleased if you kindly recover my yahoo id.

    Abdul Rasheed Jogezai
    emil Adress.

  45. we cannot find messagehistory, we have not deleted them, but after a click on a different option as ‘undo ….’ i think, it must have been the last listed of the options, the messages dissapeared….how can we find the messages? thank you and regards, Nursen

  46. Facebook customer service is non-existent. Earlier this year I had to send in my photo ID because they disabled my account a few days after I created my account for “friending too many people” or some other stupid reason. That took a while. Then, a couple of days ago, my friend went on while I was away from my computer and changed my birthday and now I can’t change it back. I really don’t want to have to create a new one, but I don’t want the wrong info to be there in case it screws something up with signing up for stuff. I can’t find an email anywhere, and according to this article calling does nothing. Facebook really sucks in helping their users.


  48. I have no idea what Facebook is talking about and I have not found a way to find out.

    You’re Temporarily Blocked
    It looks like you were going too fast and misusing this feature, so you’ve been blocked from it for up to two days.

    Learn more about blocks in the Help Center. (Useless)

  49. hello. My account on facebook was hacked by my ex-boyfriend who got crazy when i decided to leave. he also hacked my email and had both accounts set up so that when i logged in from my computer he would be able to track every key stroke i made. i discovered all of this about a week after i left when a friend of mine told me that my profile photo on FB had been changed and crazy comments that my ex posted. i talked to what i thought was FB support and after an hour of trying to fix the mess they told me they would make the account inactive. well i want the account removed since there is still some volatile info on it..i have emailed all the FB sites suggested asking them to please just delete my account and have heard nothing back. if anyone knows what i can do to get the whole account removed please let me know…this is extremely frustrating and major bummer how FB handles such an issue..please email me at….i really need to have this taken care of…..

  50. I have tried to permanently delete my son’s facebook account because he claims that people are hacking into it and he’s the one getting into trouble for it. It says that it’ll deactivate after 14 days as long as there’s no one trying to get on to the account. This is not working for his account to be deactivated and it’s really upsetting. He has been bullied countless times on facebook and i’ve reported it and still nothing has been done to fix it. I use facebook all the time to stay connected with family and friends and that’s what i believe it should be used for not for what these kids are using it for!!!! PLEASE someone permanently delete this account for me ASAP his email address is it would be greatly appreciated if someone would let me know at my email address when this has been successfully deleted!! Thanks

  51. when I try to log into my facebook it says my e-mail and phone doesn’t belong to any facebook accounts. But I can update my status from my phone and i’m getting notifications on my phone. HELP?

  52. Hi, when i was using my account , suddenly a note came ,and then my facebook account became a facebook page, so i want to convert my page to my old account.
    Plz help me. I want my old fb acount

  53. I don’t know if this is the right area of my issue but I cannot get onto my Facebook. It says it was temporarily disabled and a friend of mine said that there was spam on my Facebook the other day. I also do not have the same mobile number so I couldn’t not get the code to fix my account and I tried it on my email but nothing happened. Can you please help me with this problem?

    Thank you,


  54. We have 2 accounts that have been limited because we reported spam by a link that is on facebook associated with farmville2. It downloads malware onto our computers everytime we go into it. When I tried to unsubcribe from the site it said I had malware and locked my account. I was the one reporting the spam. I realize I probably hit spam more than once instead of hide post, i was just frustrated with it. The other account on that my daughter is using was also locked out. We were both using this site and realized it was causing our computer to have problems. We fixed our issue. Please fix yours and get our facebook accouts back up. This is crazy that you send us to help but we cant even contact you on it from our page.

  55. This is bloody pissing me off, My account was disabled for no reason i was on there Thursday morning, I went to go get the mail in the afternoon and when in came back my account was disabled. I have not done anything obscene or offensive to anybody.I use my Facebook account to stay in contact with my family and my friends and to link with other family members around the world i do not solicit other people that i do not know. I have some family member that have disable my account before and would go to extremes to make sure that i never get on Facebook again to stay in contact with family members or to see how much they have grown. My ex is hell bent on me having anything to do with my kids and even though they are adults he tries and block them from communicating with me ,I have a two sisters and two brothers that are also going to great lengths to keep me from staying in contact with them, I also have a very mean and vindictive sister in laws that would give anything by any means just to make sure i do not contact them by any means. Now i am not a person that like problems and i abide by the rules cause i have family members that are in law enforcement, so can we please reactivate my Facebook account, I have already filed a appeal i have contacted Facebook by email and have submitted what i think is sufficient in reactivating my account. I have linked accounts like Pintrest, zynga, Farmville2, and others accounts that i have linked to Facebook and i can only interact with them through facebook; My Facebook account is Emily N Charles Sirrizzotti, I use part of my name cause i have a long Italian name so i shorten it, I don’t use a picture of me cause of problems with family members, but i do pictures of interest, like PBR, western and lots of food, camping. So please fix this problem within a timely matter, I would greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. I have even asked my daughter who is a contact in my account to see if i even have a account anymore and she said yes that it is just unavailable at the moment. I am the one who uses the account not my husband.even though i use both of our names on the account, Yes i am a little bit creative but i still haven’t done anything wrong or against the law.

  56. Facebook locked my account because I opened an acct for a character I used playing on a role playing site for the Tudors, which is featured on FACEBOOKS site!!! Now they’ve locked my account and is asking for inappropriate
    and government based identification to re-open my account! This is a breach of MY personal security!!! How do I know that someone on Facebook isn’t trying to steal MY identity??? If they don’t unlock my site, I’m going to get on MySpace and let everyone know what Facebook has done and what they are asking for! Maybe law enforcement would like to know about this!!!

  57. I can’t open my account scene last 20 days i tried several
    times but i failed to access,I already give my ph no if any
    prb then cont me but i cant get any response.
    I requested to u plz do the need ful asap.


  58. Please advise why I have been blocked from accessing my facebook account and for how long more will I have to wait before the account is reactivated because there are a lot of pending messages I need to deal with.

  59. My Facebook is not letting me on it says there are to many users on it from differ areas it its fine I gave them permission to I need it back on ASAP my Facebook is the same as my email thanks

  60. facebook out of the blue demands a phone number to verify my account. In case you are living under a rock and don’t know, there was a major storm in the north east of usa (my location which is part of the info. in my biography) we have no power, and spotty cell service at best–assuming you have battery left on your cell phone. To cut off people like that, who are trying to communicate with their families through this medium is criminal. Do you need to add further harship to people who are already going through enough? SHAME ON YOU FACEBOOK!

  61. my facebook account has been temporarily suspended………………how i get it back…………..pls help me……………

  62. Lupita rodriguez is operating a escort service u need to stop this b4 a child get hurt or falls n her trap

  63. I am unable to change my fb profile name .I have tried to set may name in general account settings there I have already tried with 3 names so by default I have different do I delete them ?and I would like to set a new name ..pls help me

  64. When I’m using a facebook there is error show time will occured please contact service provider… Not working properlly .. All things worked proper but I just open a facebook from browser it show cross in the account n not open any pics b’coz of cross … Plss help .. Slove mah prblm as soon as possible

  65. Dear Sir,,

    Please be informed that you my Facebook Account
    this problem is friends request, comments & messages are BLOCKED
    This Feature is Temporarily Blocked
    for 45 days please unblock my request,
    comments and messages and like i don’t
    know how it blocked,like and my password
    is knowing by some one how can it possible.
    my facebook email id is :
    Password :

    Can you please help me with this problem?

    Thank you,

  66. Dear Facebook Help Team,

    Regarding my comment box not working its blocked.

    I am from India, Tripura, Agartala.
    i just want to help from u …
    when i giving comment or shared but it does not work
    and show me following message – (You’ve been blocked from using this feature, because you made posts on Facebook Pages that have been reported as spam. Learn more about what you can post.) for that i completely close my fb account for 29 days. but problem remain…how can i remove blocked feature on Facebook Pages ? if u possible please guide me ? in whole day i can only 2-3 comment post after that its blocked show me. tell me when will be activate properly ? i facing this problem last 25-25 days i send this request fabcebook help center but no response…Tell me please my facebook email id is :-

    Thanking You,
    Bappi Chakraborty.

  67. I have been surfing online greater than three hours these days, but I never
    found any attention-grabbing article like yours. It is pretty price sufficient for me.
    In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers made just
    right content material as you did, the net can be a lot more
    useful than ever before.

  68. my facebook ID is being block or not opening where as i am giving correct user name and password.please solve my problem.if there is any my fault also inform me so that next time i will be careful.

  69. On November 4, 2012 I no longer was able to access facebook from my blackberry. The message that comes up says “you are currently on a data plan that does not support this application. If you want to use this application, connect to a Wi-Fi network or upgrade your data plan. When I called my boost mobile plan they said it was a facebook issue, that I needed to contact facebook, that my data plan should allow me access to facebook. I have always had it up until 11/4/2012. Can
    you please tell me what the problem is and if it can be fixed on your end? Thank you

  70. my facebook ID is being block or not opening where as i am giving correct user name and password.please solve my problem.if there is any my fault also inform me so that next time i will be careful.

  71. I tried to Log in my Facebook and i can`t access. and the following message shown :

    {For security reasons your account is temporarily locked}

    “No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.”

    I`m looking forward to help me to access my account.

    Maged Samuel

  72. Respected sir,
    with profound respect i beg to state that after providing correct phone no , e mail id everything My facebook account is
    temporarily locked on 21/11/2012 at 2:15 am but why,
    please help,
    name – raja jaisal
    email id
    mobile – +919798337278

  73. My facebook account got spammed and when I tried to log in to it again I had to go through secuity and it tried to send an access code to my email and to my phone number. I have fixed my email addess but the number the access code was sent to I now longer use, so I no longer have access to my facebook please email me ways for me tp be able to log back in.

    Thank you for your help and time,
    Desiree C.

  74. I took my new email off my new facebook and put it on old one that i use everyday because the , i dont have access to that one. So i took the and put it onmy old one . The problem im having is i cant logg into my new facebook because i took the email address off my new one for my old one. I can still type the name of my new account in hte search bar and find it but i cant logg into it..

  75. Hi There, Im having alot of trouble logging into my account, I had a page to write my full name in which I put the name my facebook is in and it has stated that it is wrong and I will be sent an email soon. I have not yet recieved an email and run my business through facebook, please help me get back to accessing my account.

  76. dear sir i hve some problem to open my facebook id please help me and please i m ready to every thing for my id this is my contct no.923032166509 plz help me out as soon as possible

  77. Gentleman,
    Lately, as gift to friends and companies that mean something to me, I was sending them SONGS WITH VIDEOS that I personally composed and made as Token of my appreciation. All this material is officially posted on my You Tube and my Twitter account. Somehow, You declared this as SPAM or not allowed gesture. I accept F.B. policy and rules and being a lawyer (60 years of age)I kindly ask for your explanation why did You punish me with 15 days ban and warning? I feel that what I did was not abusive but, I repeat, if You insist that I shouldn’t do so; I will not send any more these gifts. In my opinion music that is nice and ”cool”can’t do no harm, but if you explain in your answer to this mail that it is prohibited, be sure it will not happen again.
    Best regards
    Srdjan Cukovic

  78. I tried to Log in my Facebook and i can`t access. and the following message shown :

    {For security reasons your account is temporarily locked}

    “No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.”

    I`m looking forward to help me to access my account

    Mann Beniwal

  79. I know longer have the email address I set up my facebook account. I don’t even remember it or my password. I want to keep my facebook and have a new address but I can’t change it!

  80. Good morning Facebook, i am Miocic Davide , and i was blocked the friendship for 30 days, your new filter is bad i hope or momentary out

    I remember that my son used my profile and the request about friendship are not mine, please reset my status,this is the second time,

    i’m waiting your answer at soon at possible

    Best regard

    Miocic Davide

  81. I am concerned that my nephew posted a video of a fight that happened at a local beach with many youths watching. Facebook was used to publish when and where the fight would be. I have taken it to the police and would like your help in getting the fight taken off as today there have been 143 comments and many likes. The behavior needs to stop.
    Can you remove these people fromfacebook for abusing it?

  82. tried to Log in my Facebook and i can`t access. and the following message shown :

    {For security reasons your account is temporarily locked}

    “No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.”

    I`m looking forward to help me to access my account


  83. I need assistance getting access back to my facebook account. Its asking for a phone number? Does it mean land line or mobile?

  84. Hi 5 days without fb its driving me mad!!! I’ve tried to login and keep getting Error 500, which is a fb server fault, my daughter can access her fb account on my laptop. Have sent so many reports but had no comeback yet. HELP!!

  85. I have added many friends to me. Just because of this my accont is locked now. Please, unlock my account. It is asking me to find out my friends photos. But it is immpossible, because it is too much photos. I need my account to contact with my friends.
    Thanks in Advance

  86. tried to Log in my Facebook and i can`t access. and the following message shown :

    {For security reasons your account is temporarily locked}

    “No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.”

    I`m looking forward to help me to access my account

    my id is

    i am not able to reconize the pictures
    pls help me out

  87. Hi Sir,

    My facebook account has been blocked, and Facebook admin need my Government issued-Id to verify my account, I am ready to upload my Government issued Id but whenever i LogIn to facebook one URL generated “”
    I dont know what is that URL and how can i upload my Issued-ID.

    please reply me at or

  88. hello i tried to retrieved my password i followed u all instructions but i choose a friend name and i cant get to them how can i choose i would like to change another friend name but it wont permit me pls help am desperate.

  89. My name is Andrea Parsons and I have a facebook account. But I can’t put any comments for a picture I posted. A didn’t post no dirty pic. Someone probly reported a pic of mine that they say and didn’t like. And its crap that I igot bloced from putting comments for two days!

  90. Hi Sir/Mam

    My facebook account has been blocked and i am spam from the facebook, and Facebook need me verified any photo but i can identified because i dont now tha photo and i am only upload 3 photon on my page. please how a can get my facebook again. i am sorry my english is not good

  91. Dear sir
    My old email id is this email id though i open facebook now i forgot this facebok passaward i need your help last 6 month iam not using facebook and this facebook mis use who are using this facebook i did not know in this facebook my photos my personal details are there so sir please close this facebook a/c this is my request to you i feel uncomfort so plz take action close this facebook
    thanking you.

  92. Tengo problemas con subir las fotos al facebook. Se me desordenan todas y si intento ordenarlas yo aun se me desordenan más. No se como solucionar esto.

  93. I can understand why my Facebook is unavailable.can u help me please.. why u guys doe tha.I remember I never have this problem in my space..Facebook is to much complain for everything.a many people use Facebook for.bussines I only used facebook.for make friends.everybody let’s back to my space.I think.there is more better never block.never make unavailable pag..never ask for payments.for u make friends.I think my more better.I never doe something wrong in my Facebook now is unavailable.I can understand know people.let’s back to my space

  94. Dear Sir,

    My Name is Arti nath yogi and i just want to inform you that my account has been disable without information, so i request you to refund my chips or forcefully & activated my account……..

    Account Name :-

    Waiting for a quick solution frm ur side

    Arti nath yogi

  95. ive been blocked temparily, without no warning, which is a total insult , i have done all as required and remain still blocked from my account after 9days, telephone number i used to sign up the account does not exist , and there fore i have rest passowrd’s, etc and still no luck, i need some1 to fix this immediatly as i have tried all forms and methods to retain my account.
    if my telephone number is unobtainable then what does this mean???????????????????????? help

  96. HELP! FACEBOOK support.

    My computer cannot load the facebook page. I get a try again message. I do not have this problem with other URLs.


    Therefore I cannot get to the FB help page or the FB contact support service.

  97. I am deeply sadden, for the past 3 days I haven’t been able to get on this site for less than an hour. Then it boots me & then will not reload. I enjoy getting on there to communicate with my friends & family, also I like playing the different games. So what is up with it not loading ? I have other friends that this is happening to also. Being on Facebook keeps me connected with persons I have heard from in years. Please get this fixed so we don’t have to go elsewhere. Thanks

  98. I have tried on numerous occasions to contact Facebook with no success. My son passed away and I want his page memorialized per Facebook’s Terms and Conditions. They have never responded to me and now I believe its time for legal action. Anyone, no a good attorney?

  99. What use is your site if one cannot access it? You do not offer phone support, I can’t log on to my account for your customer service. There has to be a better social network site out there… You just don’t “make it” anymore Facebook!

  100. I am trying to search my friends on facebook with their names and email id but everytime it shows no results found i am putting the right names and email id
    I beleive there are some problems with my facebook account i dont know how to fix it…please help me with the same

  101. Whenever i want to send friend request to anybody, this message appears – “You’ve been blocked from using this feature because you may have violated Facebook’s Terms. Please review the Community Standards to learn what’s acceptable to share on Facebook.

    If you need help, please contact us.”
    Please help me to solve this problem.. what to do…

  102. SIR,

    my account has been temporarily suspended.

    (Suspicious activity has been detected on your Facebook account and it has been temporarily suspended as a security precaution. It is likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Facebook. This type of attack is known as phishing.)sending lots of massages and my account was block,

    Please note that i can not resolve the security question because i did not give any driver’s license no.

    plz help me,

  103. I have a new I phone and I forgot my password please send me the password to my mail or phone number +23278181818 thank you in advance.

  104. My wife can’t get on her Facebook page because we switched phone Company and they wouldn’t let us keep the email address so were trying to put the new email on but it won’t take the password and it won’t let her get on I need help on how she can put the new email address in there she can access it Because the old email isn’t working so when you put the password in nothing happens there’s no way to get in .Please write back and let me know what I can do For her or give me a phone number that I can talk to somebody and maybe they could guide me through Thanks appreciate it

  105. Facebook don’t seem to have any form of customer service. I’ve contacted them 4 times recently and they don’t even have the common decency to even reply. In the past I’ve written to Microsoft who provided me with informative and helpful replies

  106. Dear Sir,
    Most respectfully and humbly I to approach u with the following request that,I have created an account named Abhik Ghosal , then I changed it’s name into Aloneboy Abhik Ghosal. Now since yesterday my account was not opening. It shows some pictures and ask the taggers of the picture, and I am sorry that I forget the name of the taggers, if u kindly help to open my Facebook account I was very thankfull to u.
    Please note my first account was also deactivated by this proses. Pls Pls Pls help me to opening my account.
    Thanking You,

  107. My fac1ebook account has been terminated, due to unknown reason. Unfortunately, I can’t pass your test. I am not able to allow to log in my facebook. I want to keep my account. Please advise how I should do.

    Jerry Chung
    tel: 886-918370413

  108. since morning my mobile application for facebook is not working.i m getting problem while opening this application,and facebook chat is also not working,i have already re downloaded all application but its not working again, plz help me soon
    thank u.

  109. mine fb account has been locked and it is asking for verification of tha account, the problem is that, i want the text message of code on mine gmail account not on mine phone no, because the no which is registered on my id has bean locked so i want code on ma gmail account, so please help me out.

  110. i think the next time u update fb u should a a buttin in the messages the lets u go to the very first message u sent a person

  111. Hi Sir,

    My facebook account has been blocked, and Facebook admin need my Government issued-Id to verify my account, I am ready to upload my Government issued Id but whenever i LogIn to facebook one URL generated “”
    I dont know what is that URL and how can i upload my Issued-ID.

  112. I am very upset that the noncustiodian mother of my minor child continues to harrass and bully me online and make people believe our child is being abused. She has posted our home address and phome number online also…isn’t there some sort of law prohibiting such behavior for bullying and the safety of the said child?!!!? Twice a week she posts on facebook what she calls a fan club for my child saying horrible things that are untrue and sometimes threatening and posts private info such as address and ph number…what if someone were to come looking for my child thinking they were helping or just being creepy?!!? PLEASE RESPOND!!!!

  113. Hey how is it going, I have an issue with my facebook, i am guessing it is because i kept requesting too many people. PLease help me fix it. I really need this because my gf is long distance i will stop requesting people if that is all it takes for it to work again

  114. HELO.. i cant access my account in last 2 weeks.. that means i cant read messages, add photos, share comments, chat etc.. and then my profile has look like a small size icons and letters.. why its happening? plz help me.

  115. sir/madam,
    my facebook got problem, someone create same facebook like mine and put my picture and name. it make a lot problem to me. plz remove that fb. that is not mine. please…

  116. i can’t able to operate my facebook id,but now it was blocked .now i have lost my sim card.kindly help me out from this issue.i have given my mail id below.—new mobile no -7401250665-name-syed jainulabudeen

  117. dear,
    sir my face book acount secratry bolk ho gya he plz mere facebook acount ko unbolk kare mob.91+9752119510
    arjent plz.
    my acount name -sonu rathor congress

  118. i’am very disappointed with the costmer service that facebook team have provided for me i been emailing my complaint for the last past wks and no “clear” response iam very unpleased as a account holder i would be a lil more pleased with alot more courtsey towards me as a costmer i been very patient waiting for some attendtion and some support recoving my account using this stupid genorater code that i aint recieving this is crazy i deserve to be treated better plus as human not an animal facebook costmer service team “suck”!!!!! rate is -0000

  119. yes you have a game sight called playdom i have been playing the game for a long time payed money into it i filed complaints to them about there game and they dropped me from the support this is really unfair i cannot reach them and the game is not letting me start up the first time

  120. When i tried logging in, its showing for security reasons your account is temporarily locked and asking to identify photos my friends are tagged in. I could not identify photos as there are many people with the same name. Plz help me logging in. Thanks.

  121. Dear sir !

    I have problem with my facebook account,\I want to sign into my facebook account . it gives this massege(To verify that you are the owner of this account, please identify the people tagged in the following photos. If you aren’t sure about a question, please click “Skip”.)

    would kindly help me in this regard , I really need for my facebook account

  122. My facebook account temporarely blocked. I am trying to unblock but unable to do this because. the security code which is sending on my mobile that I am not receiving.
    kindly help me as an urgent basis please.
    my mobile no. is 842381558. by mistaken I have mention my no. in facebook as 91842381558.

    Please help me
    Prabhakar from India

  123. Dear sir
    i m avinash karshingkar
    and my problem my facebook account is suspend
    plz my account do countinu
    my account name is:

    and password is: a……….r

    and other info. For contact mi:+919699006043/+917276984032
    i m wattting your answer.

  124. Here are my apologies for any behavior that might have been out of line in the past. Happy New Year. I’ll check myself.

    -J. ROD. JR.

  125. they are blocking me for 14 dayz because they think that i dont know anybody i have alot of family memberz and friends and family members in in sacramento cali and out of different states and cousins and homegirlz and homeboyz from lbhs and scc and all over the world please dont not block me for 14 dayz if you have any questions why and you need to reach me at 9167455302 my full real name is chillis nathaniel nickelberryIV but my facebook user name is nick nathaniel panetto for facebook the reason way i put that user name so other people family and friends from out of state could find me alot more easyer

  126. Hi , i made a facebook account then it said i had to verify it with a mobile phone number.
    i don’t have a phone number, or a phone.
    then facebook said i can upload i government id photo.
    i’m only 15 ! i don’t have an id, or proof of myself, i don’t like this.
    i need facebook to contact my mother who is across the world !

    please unlock my account , i really need it back, my email is

    i need my facebook back, how am i suppose to contact my family ? i live in new york , they live in canada . i can’t talk to them without facebook.

    this is unfair .

  127. my personal facebook has been locked how can i get it back..i had so many emailed them n got linked bt doesnot work..pls help me to reactivate my account my cell number :# 923335500869
    this issue
    Your account is temporarily locked.
    It looks like someone else may have accessed your account, so we’ve temporarily locked it to keep it safe. For your privacy, others cannot see your account while it is locked. To unlock your account, you may need to pass a security check.
    Note that attempting to access someone else’s account is a violation of Facebook’s terms. It may also be illegal. If you are not Fahad Iftikhar Hashmi, press Cancel.

  128. Hi this is vivek from delhi.i have no idea but my facebook req not sent pls allowed me, my facebook id name ,vivek francis. from old delhi ,

  129. hello sir this is vk from up .sir pls my facebook a/c is blocked so reopen my a/c my facebook a/c name is vk francis.

  130. can i know real facebook headquarter email ID so that i can deal an important issue plz… fb send me message that some one complain to fb why did i send friend request n i sould not send that again if i do that fb will close my add system….i really want to know who complain to fb about me plz…my fb ID is

    Rick Allen (blue color car pic)

  131. I just saw a lady’s picture (some paper’s editor) which stated that she wanted to post all the names of people in US who have gun permits – I don’t have a gun, but this bothered me — THEN anothr made the statement that if a facebook member said anything about her or sent anything to her they would be banned from facebook – is this not double standard – in just a few minutes it was no long there- what the heck is going on – I believe that she and facebook need to mind their own business and just do their own job !!! could not believe facebook would be a part of anything like this—-

  132. Dear sir !

    I have problem with my facebook account,\I want to sign into my facebook account . it gives this massege(To verify that you are the owner of this account, please identify the people tagged in the following photos. If you aren’t sure about a question, please click “Skip”.)

    would kindly help me in this regard , I really need for my facebook account
    plz unlock my facebook accuont

  133. hello my name is cassandra im having problem with facebook somebody try to hack my page twice nd now is locked but they sending me a code to my cell phone and i change my phone nd im trying to change my phone number in facebook so i can log in on facebook i really need help

  134. Facebook I do not like the page Feed link on the left hand side of the news feed. Why cant it be incorporated right into my regular news feed. I am no seeing a lot of posts. Having to go through 2 news feed pages is a hassle. I would rather have everything in one News Feed.

  135. Ok how can i clear my face book search bar no matter what letter i put in . women half dressed pics and names show up. i i put in they show up b no matter what .i think my son was using my computer and was typing this my face book search bar.i have a wife ok if she sees
    this she will be mad. and think its me so please u need to put up at bottom of of the list that scrolls down a clear search history button. i m not computer wise so if u can tell me in simple way how to delete.i tried everything and it still shows up please please help me

  136. Why does Facebook keep blocking me every time I send friends request to a couple people
    I know. Its getting on my nerves and its frustrating
    Me. Could you please unblock me

  137. thank you so facebook account is blocked and I need the securit number please ,and you send to me that you will connect with me soon but you didn’t.please can you sent it to me or phone me soon .
    thank you

  138. My facebook account is temporary unabled to log in.Im already waiting for a code to relog on my account.The problem is the first code that was expired and I have tried one more time to get the code.However,
    the second code have to wait for a period.May i know that how the second code’s waiting period as i want to relog on my account back.Thanks.

  139. i have a problem to login in my facebook account, i can login thru my samsung mobile, but i am unable to login in the computer, i tried so many times.. The error i am getting like i need to login in the recognized computer.., but i can able to login thru my mobile.. plse help me out in this,,,, its very important for me…..pls call me my
    official mob no: 09743 478 238 (within India)
    official mob no: 0091 9743 478 238 (out of India)
    personal mob no: 07795 750 281 (within India)
    personal mob no: 0091 7795 750 281 (out of India)

  140. Dear,
    sir my facebook id is temporaly locked how can it
    plz help me……..
    my email id is- shamshad.alam14@
    Thank you……

  141. I have read through all of these messages and it appears that the majority of us have the same problem. I have been blocked for 10 days for confirming friend request sent to me. I have sent absolutely no friends request out but a statement comes up when I confirm a friend request sent to me saying “YOU WILL BE BLOCKED PERMANENTLY IF YOU SEND OUT ANY MORE FRIENDS REQUEST BECAUSE YOU ARE SENDING OUT SPAM”. I agree with the person who said this company is too big to neglect all of the customers. What are we to do? This same thing happened to my sister. She decided to just shut down her Facebook Page. When she tried to she got a message that she had the wrong password and wrong email address. She could not close her page.. Anyone have any suggestions. Is it possible that only hackers, spammers, trollers, drug dealers, and criminals will be able to use Facebook to conduct their illegal affairs and use all of the honest people’s information to do it?.If we all ran our businesses like this the Feds would be knocking on all of our doors!!. Anyone listening out there that can help us?????????. JANIE PRICE

  142. I don’t understand why you keep blocking me from sending a friends request because I remember faces more than I do name so they look familiar I send a friends request so why do you guys keep blocking me from sending out friends request

  143. HI my facebook some one hacked and deleted some pic, so i forcly deleted my albums, is it able to recover my albums back to my mail.. i do not have any other backup of those pictures.. please help me…

    Thanks and Regrads..


  144. ■ hi,
    i am newly married and i wanted tto change my family name to my husbands family name,but i just knew it that there is a limit number of times to change the name which i exceeded already & didnt know from the beggining. But really appreciated , if you can give me one more chance to change my family name for the last time…it is really important to me…

    kind regards,
    Lisa Ruete

  145. Hey team this is Asha i cant recover my facebook account since 10 days i think somebody is hacked my account n they have added secondry e-mail address n two different phone numbers those r not mine so mails r going to that e-mail id n those phone number. Please help me to retrive my account contact me through address or 8867253380

  146. Kerkrade 22 januari ’13

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    This morning I was approached by Rita Wilson stating that I facebooklottery of the month (januari 2013 won) the $ 750,000.00 us dollars from the draw of 22 January to Dublin.
    Before taking this seriously to go, I would first verify that it is correct.?
    Would you be able to confirm that I belong to the winners of $ 750,000.00 U.S. dollars?

    Kind regards,

    Marie-antoinette Pieters

    Afbeeldingen weergeven
    Rita Wilson
    We are very happy to inform you that your name was selected among the face
    book lottery promotion winners for you year 2013 and you have just won the Sum
    of $750,000,00 U.S Dollars from the concluded Face-book Lottery promotion for
    Rita Wilson

    Your name was selected on a raffle draw that was held in London (United
    Kingdom),22nd of January,2013.So your urgent response is needed to enable us
    process the delivery of your winning prize

    Your name was selected by Mr Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Face book (Founder &
    Chief Executive Officer ) and the promotion was invented enable all face book
    users to benefit from the company and to show appreciation to our customers
    who have been using our site and network to reach out to their love ones.

  147. My account been close and I was asked to email my I.d which I did and still can’t sign on to my account…i need to know if Facebook requested my I.d

  148. In my id,, confirmation code error occurs,, i will change email id and fill correct code but the problem is not solve out,plz help me.

  149. Dear sir,
    am using fb accout since from 1 month only. am trying to add new friends on my account but if i send request to my friends its getting………
    You’ve been blocked from using this feature because you may have violated Facebook’s Terms. Please review the Community Standards to learn what’s acceptable to share on Facebook.
    But Sincerely i didn.t done any kind of violations but still it is showsing. I didn’t know why it is coming?
    Still now i didn’i gave my password to any one. Sir pls check it out once get it me clear.

  150. Dear Facebook,
    Facebook just requested me to verify my account for security reasons at a random point, my account name is Hiền Nguyễn, and now sent me a code to my old phone number which I changed it in real life but not on Facebook

  151. Hello sir / mam,
    hi, i hav an account with facebook, with an email id: , i was working with a firm name little italy, they hav a page linked up with my account, now last night they tried seperate the account or page, i dont i left the company long time a ago, and they have removed the page same time, but i dont know y, they did somthing to my account and now wen i m trying to access my fb id, it is showing me invalid username.

    i m shocked because of this.

    plz help me

  152. I’ve been trying to access my account for fourdays now and have had no help from FB with obtaining my security code (SMS)!!! It’s been very frustrating because I do most of my communication with friends on FB!! I’ve also sent several e-mails and called the above number, which still has no positive results. Please help me!! Contact me at the email address above, not the mobile number listed on my acct. Thank you!!!!

  153. I think you suck. There is no way to contact you with a problem. My credit card company gave me a phone number BUT you are not accepting calls. I have tried several times to buy credits with my card but it will not accept it. Called the credit card company after several attempts and they assured me there is nothing wrong with my card or account. I guess you don’t want my money.

  154. Dear Sir,

    I am using the facebook around 4years ready.but i don’t have any problem with my FB ID.write now i can’t comment to my please do something to clear my block comment box.
    thank you.

  155. Some hackers disguised as Facebook oficials are posting on my wall the messege which reads “this is cool, you can see people who are viewing yor profile….bla bla bla” and they put a scary black picture there. They also send this messege to my friends as if I have written to them. Please block the source of this junk messege and protect my wall from non-friends.

  156. I’ve been trying to access my account for four days now and have had no help from FB with obtaining my security code (SMS)!!! It’s been very frustrating because I do most of my communication with friends on FB!! I’ve also sent several e-mails and called the above number, which still has no positive results. Please help me!! Contact me at the email address above, not the mobile number listed on my acct. Thank you!!!!

  157. why is every post you have (3)about raspberry keytone and Rachel Ray have the pictures of Vanessa Marcil. Vanessa was Brenda Barrett the love interest of Sonny on General Hosp. Why wouldn’t the ad show Rachel Ray’s pic.
    Vanessa was already about a size 3 she doesn’t need the stuff.

  158. I got married and I want to add my new last name. It says I changed it too many times. I am a teacher and didn’t want my students to find me so sometimes I switched to my first and middle name, ect. It was still my name. Now I want to use my new married name. Let me change my name. I don’t understand why fb cares about this. Let me change my name!

  159. After I log in to my Facebook account I can’t post anything, check my messages, read my notifications, and I can’t like an item. I can’t see my friends that are online either. I don’t understand what the problem is and I’m hoping you can help me fix it. Thanks, Marsha

  160. Hello, my name is Shelbi Boggs… I’m contacting you because I am getting very annoyed and angry with Facebooks annoying issues… For the past month or so, every time I am messaging someone on the instant message box, when someone messages me, the message scrolls its self all the way to the top of the messages from whom I had messaged… I’m getting super annoyed by this… And not only that, but when someone messages me, I cannot tell who messaged me!! It wont show the pop up of the number one on the message bar by the name of the person who is messaging me! I don’t know why this is happening, but this is getting on my last nerve… Facebook used to be a wonderful thing to go on to, but now EVERYONE and by everyone, I mean EVERYONE I know has been complaining about this issue… If you guys would, can you PLEASE do us ALL a favor and FIX this problem?! Please and THANK YOU!

    Shelbi Boggs

  161. hi please help me to retrieve my account.. it was hack by the owner of this # 09122678178 . i cant access my account anymore just last dec.2012. the hackerkeep on posting faul photos and coversation to the wall and chatting with my friends pretending that it was me… pls help me.. she is now the one who keep on using my account … ineed your help please she even got my yahoo mail ang other gmail account that is connected to that account this is my account before.. but i cannot open this any more it says wrong password.and changed yahoo id please help me thank you so much and god bless

  162. Dear Sir or madam!

    i dont know why they block my face book account i just want them to open it back
    Plz help my facebook account reactive again..
    my phone no. 9913950465

  163. my friend lost access to fb account. got the link to access the account via email but fb is sending the recovery code to the mobile number which is no more active or lost. plz help to access the account.

  164. I updated my Facebook in my iPhone ! Now, after updating , I can’t open or acces my fb app .I’m sure I’m not the one who have this kind of problem .pls respond on it .thanks

  165. i am blocked 30days i accept it..again log in some msgs u r blocked 30 days..and also i m click i understand this pbm and click next button next page open..this is the nxt page msg..get us valuable feedback..i m click the feedback and click okay again again this page only open many more time this is the probleam..what is the reason

  166. sir am rajesh my id is but sir by mistake of mine it is temporarily blocked plz sir it is necessary as im in media line i will connects to those of reporter so plz sir find a solution for me as it is necessary plz i will not repeat it again plz am sorry

  167. I have been sharing postings that are already on my facebook page. Now facebook has told me that they are blocking me for 2 days. I have not shared anything offensive or sensitive. It is about gardening, dogs, cats, conservative posts, etc. All I am doing is LIKE and SHARE; nothing else. Why is facebbok doing this to me. I am now blocked for 2 days for innocent sharing. Facebook said I was going to fast. What does that mean? This is really upsetting me and if facebook is just going to block me for doing nothing for 2 days, then I need to reconsider if I want to stay on facebook. I have a limited amount of friends. A little over 25 friends. So what is your problem, Facebook? The fact that I share Jesus messages also?

  168. I have been blocked got sending old friends I haven’t seen for years sending then friends requests and they call it harassment I call it getting back in touch I’m often getting friends requests from people I don’t know. I have a number of apps I now carnt use some of which I’m paying monthly subscription for I’ve email Facebook but they fail to respond. Wayne

  169. Hi…I am Achala,I have problem with my Facebook A/C.All of sudden my Facebook’s language has changed into spanish from English.Since i am not familiar with spanish language,kindly advise how to rectify this problem.

    Awaiting your quickest reply…..

  170. I deleted my account from facebook and for some reason my account was reopen I don’t know how but I feel like someone has hack my password word to Roland McClendon account on facebook. And I want the account remove. My pictures in all have been put back on there thanks Roland McClendon

  171. My account has been blocked please re-log in my account.I’m getting no where your online help is not helping me to tell you there is no hacker messing with my has been weeks you let me log on on my phone but not on my home computer?????don’t make no sense at all???why is that so???HELP HELP ME PLS. Greg roberts

  172. I had to change my password account because someone else tried to get into my account but by doing this Facebook page and the appt on phone do match anymore and I’m not getting my FB messages on mt phone . And I also deleted another account I accidentally started.

  173. Farcebook is worthless! Can not contact anyone for anything! Their company needs to shut down! I call it Farcebook because it is a worthless site to use or to contact for help. The so-called number you posted is worthless, only a recording that does nothing. Can not get on any game on it, for several months they crashed, now nothing. Want them to contact me to file complaints to fix their junk!

  174. Cancel my account and forward my pictures, etc. to me like your terms and conditions stated you would. If I don’t hear from you please contact the FBI and ask for urgent help and witness protection program.


  175. I don’t know how but I feel like someone has hack my password word and collect my fack information print page plz tell soon when my account hacked.

  176. Hi dear
    My Facebook account is working properly everything fine like apps subscription pages are alright without friend list i had about 150 friends in my friends list but at this moment i cannot find any of my friend.There is no one in my Facebook friend list .so how can i solve this problem please give me some advice .
    Kind regards
    Shajanur Raja

  177. Hello last saturday somebody stole my iPhone and today I saw that somebody enter with my account from city that have never been there I took photo on that messege with that location.Can you help me?

  178. Hello sir some one has haked my account and that is missusing my account abouseing to my friends and psting wrong post on my account i has realy big probleb from the hacker o please i need help

  179. Facebook is social site to play games and contact friends you havent seen or heard from. I have been block 3 times now it says that i may be blocked permantly.Iam think that I have been blocked by a group of people that had a worked for me. I have invited a few friends that I know and a few of there friends to like my page why would that be harassment. dont they have choices not to go there. I think Facebook makes it to easy for people that like to complain iam re thinking about Facebook and thinking about cancling them .I would say harassement is what is happening to me. everyone has a choice not to be your friend and not to like your page so why not make it easy and put a delete button without comments. I have two bussiness that have two differnt pages I was thinking about addvertising on facebook , but not now when this has come up and pay Facebook for addvertisment for what so I can be told I am block from reaching out to other friends and there friends. besides dont we all have settings to keep the public out on what you post.

  180. Ive been blocked from my own account aswell as bein told there are no further security measures that can be used to access my account so im just in that point where nothin works

  181. I recently joined facebook about 2 weeks ago, now my facebook blocked and I was told to recognize that there are photos of friends on my facebook, but I can not recognize it because I have friends with them. is there any way other than to identify photos that are on my facebook?

  182. I lost my password and i want to change it the problem is am they are asking for security code from my phone and i do not still use the number

    Please help me to fine another way of retrieving the code

    not by phone number

  183. my facebook account is blocked and when i try to unblock it showing message no further verification availble come back later pls start my account or better u people close this crap in name of facbook and fool people.

  184. Hello sir ….my fb account not working plz solved my account has been locked.and i don’t know whats problem,so you plz short out this my problems……plz……….plz………..plz

  185. i am the ownner tony loh my fb password got people change pls fb custom service send the new pass to my cellphone 0124489101 ( come from malaysian )

  186. please i need help 🙁
    my facebook is locked by laptop when i use the secure browsing and after restart my laptop and enter to my fb account, the chrome tell me i can’t enter to my account because i lose my history plz help be unlocked my facebook account help me :)thanks..

  187. Hi !! when i was on facebook, suddenly it got logged out and when i tried to sign in again it said’someone tried to access your account and then when i opted for i dont know, it showed’hacked account locked’. It asked me for government ID and i have sent the documents but my account still remains unlocked. Kindly help me out !! Urgent !!

  188. hi.
    My fb a/c got hacked and i changed my password,
    but still m unable to open my a/c, it says to secure ur a/c log in from browser which u used before, i tried but still not able to open it, says to provide id.
    I just dnt knw wat to do.
    plz help me.
    i will be much thankful to u.

  189. Why is it that I can’t receive a confirmation code? What’s the problem facebook? Will you please send the confirmation code every time someone will send request for it please. Thank you. Be good facebook.There are a lot of people using you. Please help me gain access my account again. I can’t open it ’cause I need to complete the security check which is finding my confirmation code. And I still don’t receive the code.

  190. hello sir my facebook acount message didnt work ,when i send message my friends..acount has been temprely block that arrer sho in my acount

  191. Plese help, I suspect that sum one is trying to access my facebook account. Reason being that, every once or twice in a week I’ll receive an e-mail stating that I have trouble logging in to my account. Please help me track this if possible.

  192. hi i am tauco from indo asia.
    please give solution how can i get login may account facebook.
    this time my account have problem login and need confirmation picture what my friend, its trouble, due any pic on friend account not all is him, and we canot remember any more pic which my friend have there.

    please very help me, thanks and regards

  193. my facebook wanted me to verify if im really me but when i put in the text it shows me it says “No verification methods are available”

  194. I need help with a problem on my timeline. I am being bumbarded by spam like TIMEWARNER I do everything you say i should do (report), name it…they STILL SHOW UP ON MY NEWS feed…I get more crap like time warner and vix vapor rub then anything..10 times a day..This is crap to me and i need help[…please someonme help me with this..

  195. I was sent a email claiming to be Administration (Facebook) stating I had a problem with my account. I DON’T HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!

    Think someone it impersonating you for identity theft. Here is the email I received

    You have a new message from Administration.
    Your profile is missing required information.
    View Notifications
    Go to Facebook
    This message was sent to If you don’t want to receive these emails from Facebook in the future, please click: unsubscribe.
    Facebook, Inc. Attention: Department 415 P.O Box 10005 Palo Alto CA 94303

    * you guys need to research this .. What if I had an account?

  196. sir, i have 1 problem. 1 person open a fake account with the name of my sister… and using it with fake comments and photos i want your help plz cotact me as soon as possible. bcoz there are some problem

  197. Thanks for your patience as we work to verify this account. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve reviewed your ID.
    My face book acc is showing me this messege form last 2weaks so plz help me to get over it…..

  198. I don’t think I should have to pay to get crap off of my Feed that I didn’t ask to be put there. There should be a way to find out this information without having to pay for it.

  199. someone hack my account and change password i no longer have yahoo.mail and it been hack to .so plz i have photos of my kids photos plz save my safy of my kids plz close my account aspa…plz fb

  200. i have evernig complet in facebook…now why i am block why i am dost not pass the seciurity check plz rply my answer quickly.

  201. Iam Facing problem while trying to play Firm ville2 in face book do you Guys really have problem with this site

    Thank you

  202. my facebook wanted me to verify if im really me but when i put in the text it shows me“No verification methods are available” and To verify that you are the owner of this account, please identify the people tagged in the following photos. If you aren’t sure about a question, please click “Skip”. Pls sir help me to open it because i don’t want to open another one. Waiting to hear from you soonest Aaban Aahil. Email address –

  203. Suddenly, of late, I am unable to access my Facebook account. I need your assistance. I find there is another person by the name of Pappu Sahani of Anandapu, India is using my email id. Even after changing my password I am still not able to access my Facebook.

  204. Does not anyone see, that this is NOT the page to get support from? WTF is wrong with you? It’s just to give info on HOW to get a hold of Facebook Support.

    Also, do you know NOTHING about internet security? You should NEVER post personal information online, TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

    Hope you enjoy the spam you get from spambots that crawl this page.

  205. Making a report on Anthony ferguson he is disrespectful posting things on people page please do something with him please delete him or suspend him of

  206. I think it’s a bunch of BS! Ugh, I just tried awhile ago as I wanted to complain about there 48 hour hold on blocking someone as I had unblocked my now ex boyfriend to go through his friends list as I forgot to block his other alias accounts that he has for gaming. Which is against the TOS and I was going to report them. I have to wait 48 hrs. I’m just hoping he doesn’t realize he can access my page as I don’t want him getting at any of my photos although, they are supposed to be set at friends only I don’t trust the way FB has privacy settings always changing.

  207. dear sir,i need your help.if can send facebook customer care number in srilanka??because someone miss used my photo.i want complain that can do like this..pls rly me

  208. I set up a FB acct several years ago. Out of the blue, FB stopped recognizing my stored password. I contacted FB support, and their replies made it clear they thought they were addressing a not-very-bright six year old. They gave me the distinct impression they had better things to do than help me resolve my issue. A friend of mine suggested just setting up a separate FB page and notifying my friends about the new page. That’s what I ended up doing. Naturally, not long afterwards FB decided to once again accept the password for my old page, so I deactivated my old page.

  209. Hello, I am Sujatha. My facebook account has been hacked. I need to access it, but I could not access it because I forgot the password of supporting mail id as well as facebook mail id. I have around 100 friends. My facebook profile name is Sujatha Srinivas. And url is My profile photo is my own pic in green sari. One of my friend’s name is Nitin G.Maradia from Mumbai. Please help me in accessing the same facebook account by sending details to my gmail id Thanks with regards, Sujatha Srinivas

  210. There was some question of my identity. I provided a color copy of my driver license and have yet to receiver the courtesy of a reply.I also included my phone# which is unable to accept any text message.Please help so I can log in to facebook.

    Thank You,
    David Sieg

  211. sir my facebook account is showing tempererily suspended and there is no varification method is available. plz give a varification method of mobile no. identify the tag photo is much irritating and tough

  212. Hi Team,

    Please don’s disable my FB account it’s and request to you, My account has been disabled by mistake i assume and if there is any mistake done by me unknowingly I apologize for the same.
    I even use my FB account for social work like Medical camps and awareness. You can see my Photos I have shared. Please I Bag you dont disable my account.
    I hope you will understand me. Please Enable my account once 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Thank You.

  213. Hi !
    My name is hemanta.I am having difficulty to
    Reset my FB password because I don’t have
    Access with my old email.I want my account
    Under Hemanta Haridas is there any way to get
    My account back my ID is
    But don’t know password but don’t know password
    For email plz I am getting hard time
    I hope you will help me out to find my account
    Thank you !

  214. I have had tried over a dozen times to set up a business account and every time it comes up and says” we are unable to set up your registration” and that’s it. No explanation, no answers as to why or what the problem is. I have sent messages, emails and in almost a moth have not gotten any response, not one!!! For a multi billion dollar company I would expect if you want me to use FB, you would have some type of customer service, where we can find out why or what we are doing wrong. There is nothing!!!! At this point I would NEVER advertise or even purchase something through FB, because they really dont give a damn! I find it appalling that their customer service suck SO BAD!!!!!!! What a great way to make sure I never use it and tall all my friends they suck and they are not to be trusted!!!!

  215. I hate that Facebook is constantly making changes with no regard whatsoever to what we want. NOW they are making it so that we can’t block anyone anymore, and anyone we have blocked will have access. It’s bad enough that they made it so anyone can contact us, now we have to deal with the ones we’ve blocked. This is WRONG> I have blocked someone who was stalking me and hassling me, now I’ll have to deal with that again? WE all need to PROTEST this… THIS means that anyone can contact anybody at anytime, even pedophiles who want to contact kids! They will lost customers… I will have to close my account if this happens because of the problems it will create for me, and I don’t want to really do that because of all my friends on there. PLEASE LET’S ALL PROTEST THIS TODAY!

  216. I was overcharged $25.00 on my credit card playing zing a poker
    When I purchased $4.99 worth of chips and got charged $30.00 for $4.99 worth of chips I need a refund back for $25.00

  217. Hi guys I couldn’t log in to my account because I got a message saying suspicious activity on my account. Something about phishing so I’ve decided to permantly delete my account from today. Does it take 15 days ? Thank you

  218. I was wanting to close a duplicate Facebook account and got a person with a heavy accent I could barely understand who I am not certain understood what I needed to do, so I hung up fearing he would close the one account I do not want to close.

    The account I want to close is one that is on an old e-mail address that I don’t even remember. How do I get is shut down?

  219. hi my facebook acount is temporary locked.I always used to open my acount at intervals of two days but suddenly it showing this, please help me to open my facebook acount.

  220. hi my facebook acount is temporary locked.I always used to open my acount at intervals of two days but suddenly it showing this, please help me to open my facebook acount….please i love you facebook

  221. sir my facebook account is showing tempererily suspended and there is no varification method is available. plz give a varification method of mobile no. identify the tag photo is much irritating and tough

  222. Where can I send by emial or fax a request for a credit reference for a potential client who has business with you?

  223. how i delete message which was i sent another account
    how i delete message in from here and from there plzzz plzz tell me hurry

  224. Hello,
    My account has been hacked and for the past 3 month I have been unable to log in to my account. I called to one the tall free numbers found form search engine, and I was informed that I have to pay $60.00 to fix the problem.
    I don’t understand why I should be charged for customer service or for activating my account. If the account was hacked, than it is Facebook’s responsibility to rectify the problem as to why it has been hacked.
    Please help me to rectify this problem.
    Sincerely, Shahin Ayazi

  225. I have been blocked several times on facebook by mistake from adding friends. Before the first block I started adding friends that dont know me and I dont know them, which was a shameful mistake from me. After the first block I changed the way I displayed facebook in that I started adding friends that knows me and I know them in common. The people that I added friends that dont know me and I dont know them are my cousins friends in Chicago. I dont live in Chicago. I never lived in Chicago. After the first block, I started adding friends that went to the same college with me(Hampton University, my alma mater) and the people that were classmates with me in college( Hampton University is where I graduated from). In the future, I’m going to start adding friends that were classmates with me in high school courses, after I get this situation resolved. I took courses in high school like English, Advanced Math Classes, Physical Education, Spanish, History, and Pyschology as an elective. From the second block until now I have been blocked by mistake and I’m looking forward to not be blocked again. What can you be able to do about this? I have been blocked by mistake several times after my first block. The Facebook Team blocked me by mistake after the first block and I’m looking forward to not be blocked again in the future and to make facebook peacefully and enviornmentally secured. Can you prevent the friend request block to occur in my facebook account for good, because I know very well I have been blocked by mistake. Im doing my best job to keep Facebook safe and makes sense. After the first block, I have been adding the friends that I know from college and Facebook has blocked me several times and I dont think it is right. I’m following the Facebook rules in that I should add friends that I know them and they know me outside Facebook like friends that were classmates with me in college and high school. Facebook has blocked me by mistake from adding friends and I am hoping that I would never be blocked again, so Facebook would be a fun and safe enviornment for me, my Facebook friends, and everyone as well. After the first block, I started to connect myself with the people I know, but Facebook has blocked me several times after then. Before the first block I started to connect with the people I never knew and I am sorry for what I have done and I feel very shameful for what I have done and Im looking forward for a bright Facebook future. Im looking forward for this problem to be solved. My facebook User Name is Moe Elmustafa(Triple M, as an alternative name).


    Moe Elmustafa

  226. please get my account is old look i don,t use graph search, please please please help me. plase get my account is old look i don,t use graph search,

  227. I keep getting told my Facebook acct,that I’m making to many friendd request, and losing privileges of friend request, this has happened 3 Tim’s since Dec 18,2012, I’m being falsely accused, I called the ph number for help,was told for $150.00 to fix it! I was hacked, I don’t want to lose my FB acct, because of who ever is doing this,I’m getting blamed for,someone needs to contact me,to get this rememedied !!

  228. Hi guys I couldn’t log in to my account because I got a message saying suspicious activity on my account. Something about facebook acount is temporary locked.I always used to open my acount at intervals of two days but suddenly it showing this, please help me to open my facebook acount.
    so dear sir open it now other wise i’ll go to court….thank you……..

  229. I got blocked from sending requests for 30 days but i never sent a request to unknown person……….
    nd one other prblm is occuring i.e
    my facebook account is showing tempererily suspended and there is no varification method is available. plz give a varification method of mobile no. identify the tag photo is much irritating and tough

  230. My name is Taneshia Burns, I also go by the name Skyy Burns. I have had a horrible experience getting a facebook customer service representative on the phone. I am curious as to why they are not accepting, answering and responding to calls during these typical business hours. I am under suspension for the second time now, that someone is attempting and using my name and e-mail addresses to create fake facebook accounts. I have tryed to get someone on the phone at the number they have listed of 650-543-4800 and to no avail. I will continue calling and trying other numbers through a google search. I have contacted facebook once before and spoke to a rep regarding the same issue I was having about a year and a half ago. Keep trying to reach someone.

    Taneshia Burns

  231. I ABSOLUTELY HATE, HATE, HATE THE UPDATE ON MY FB. I probably will have to disconnect it all togheter.
    I thought technology was suppose to be a workable thing for the average person – – THEN WHY IN THE WORLD CAN I NOT UNDO THE STUPID UPDATE.
    It stinks! Doesnt make sense for a person looking at it.

  232. I’m basically sending this email because, y’all are blocking for making friends. I’m went to school with James Harley SR. My daughters mother name is Diana pelfrey so, why am I being block from her? It’s. People decision to not to except friend. Request. I’m not offend y’all rules. I haven’t seeing my daughter in to years. This the only way I can check on her. Her name is Asia if check the messenger. You will see the pictures her mom sent me.

  233. Dear Sir/ Madam

    This is Hananeh,
    I have a problem to log in to my account, I received this message
    “No verification methods are currently available please come back later”
    I’m active user in Facebook and have lot of friends
    you can see my activity and also see my family’s page such as my brother pages named “Mohammad Reza Zabihi” and my other close friends.
    Please help me about this issue As Soon As You Can
    Best Regards

  234. Funny how hard it is to contact support for help yet so many people are being blocked for being reported, hmmm wonder how they got through and why facebook doesn’t have to abide by our human rights giving us the chance to defend ourselves when we are falsely accused yet we have to abide by their rules or get banned, what am I saying, even if we do follow their rules we can get banned if someone decides to lie about us.

  235. Why am I blocked from friends? If you do not want friend requests don’t place Your name on. “ADD ME” on a game site I only requested friends that say. ADD ME. On a game site to avoid being blocked so if the person does not want friends they need to take there name off the ADD ME LIST !

  236. All the people that put there name on a ADD ME list in a game should not block the friend request and get some one blocked from Facebook… If you do not want friends do not put your name on a ADD ME list!!!

  237. Kindly get back to me asap i want to access my previous face book account which has been accessed by someone else. So please get back to me asap

  238. Please Help Me,after seven days i try to buy Chip Zynga Poker with My Credit Card but , The aplication can Accep may order , the answer “your order can to proses at this moment” in indonesian languange “Permintaan anda tidak bisa Diperoses untuk saat ini” . please help me..
    i wan’t buy chip from ilegal sel, because it make me get banned.. pelease help me SOON… thanks

  239. There is another hassle with trying to contact Facebook.
    My account got closed, because apparently, they suspected that it wasn’t a real account. It was my SimCity Social account.. The problem is, to go to customer support (the facebook page of facebook) you need to log in, which i can’t, because my account is blocked >_> The test they make you do to verify your account is to name tagged people, but since the account is for SC only, i don’t know any of these people, so basicly, i’ll never be able to go to this account anymore, all because i don’t want them to know my real name

  240. My wife changed my Username by mistake. This was the one change that is allowed but it was by mistake. How can I get the option to change it to what it should be? Please and thank you…

  241. Please help me, I have joined a group of my school Christ Church Senior Secondary School (ISC) for Boys and Girls..!!
    Any one of my school had made A page
    {{{{{Christ Church isc Khulase}}}}} Which is very disastrous page for us and for our school… All rabish thing is been uploaded in that page and The date when that page is generated is on 15 MARCH 2013…. which has been deleted. Please can you tell me the IP Address Or the person Name who has made that group So our school management take some action against the kulprete..!
    Thanking You
    Yours Faithfully

  242. i need to cancel a facebook account username is micheal tut-black he is only 11 yrs old he is to young for an account thank you so much

  243. I’m writing this to please unlock my facebook account. I’ve been trying since Sun.March 17, 20013 to get it back. It says my account is temporarily locked. I’m not sure exactly why but I do think my account has been hacked. I’m a 65 year old woman and would never have inappropriate things on my facebook account. The only thing I do on facebook is play Zynga games, and I’ve been doing that for the last 2 years. So please send me an email or whatever way you wish to do it so I can get back to my games, and I’m at high levels on the games. Thanking you in advance,

    Kay Wolfenbarger

  244. please help me I have problems in my family because of a fake account thats named penina lukindo joram.
    yes its a fake account cause Ive followed up to where the accountholder claims to work but they tell me that there isn’t anyone of that name.please she has posted so much that I feel everyone should read and see how she has troubled me.

  245. When I’m reading an article on my news feed and I’d like to ‘see more’ I’m unable to see more. When I click on the see more nothing happens. Help! Thanks.

  246. I didn’t know the security check.How can i verify my Facebook account? Please help me verify my account.

  247. Dear Sirs,
    I can’t log into my Facebook account as it says, “Enter Security Code to Continue”, and below that it says, “We texted your security code to you. Please enter it below.”

    I’ve been trying to access my account more then two days now and I have had no help from FB with obtaining my security code (SMS)!!! It’s been very frustrating because I do most of my communication with friends on FB!! I’ve also sent several e-mails . Please help me!! Contact me at the email address above, OR the mobile number listed on my account.
    Thanking you in advance for your reply,
    Yours sincerely,
    A. Grana

  248. Facebook customer support is the absolute worse. Do they ever respond to inquires? I have never had such a bad experience with a company of their size. Amazon, Zappos, Netflix, etc., etc., etc. – all of these companies get back to me within a few days time at most. One more reason not to like Facebook.

  249. hello I’ve got a problem with log in facebook I forgot my password can you send me new password please
    see you soon

  250. hello my facebook has been disabled and its saying i have to verify my name ive done this and rang up the customer helpline to try and help me but still i cant get onto my facebook please help

  251. there was $20 taking out of my checking that i did not authorize trying to resolve this problem is hopeless for your help and or your phone number do nothing but twist you around i have contacted my bank which always block this sort of thing until i approve i do not no how this even got through but i will find out the info on my account says rlevy… and did not get a confirmation sent to my e-mail

  252. I am unable to login to fb,could you please let me know what is up? It’s been happening off and on this past wk. I am able to go to any other sight but fb,so I know it is not due to my internet connection. Thank You

  253. Dear Sirs,
    I can’t log into my Facebook account as it says, “Enter Security Code to Continue”, and below that it says, “We texted your security code to you. Please enter it below.”

    I’ve been trying to access my account more then two days now and I have had no help from FB with obtaining my security code (SMS)!!! It’s been very frustrating because I do most of my communication with friends on FB!! I’ve also sent several e-mails . Please help me!! Contact me at the email address above, OR the mobile number listed on my account.
    Thanking you in advance for your reply,
    Yours sincerely,
    puja sharma

  254. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have signed up mew facebook address for my company under the name of Afghan Mark Pharma with my email address. I have added a lots of people in my friends list with some likes of pages. right now when i want to open my account it ask me about security check up which is very hard for me to know those people whom added by me. I am in terrible with such problem. how can i open my account? I will black or delete all unknown people which was added by me if this is problem. those picture which are coming for confirmation is not my friends. they are added by me but I don’t know them.
    Please help me and let me know how to open my company facebook account and page.
    With best regards,

  255. To Facebook Team
    I am a member on facebook I have been very disappointed with your nusty behaveir to suspend my account. I have done nothing serious crime so that you suspend my account, to block my account from sharing, liking and commenting. I do not understand why you do this to me. This is not the first time nor the second time , since I started being member of facebook you continue suspending my accout, blocking my account from sharing, liking and commenting. I am not phishing nor stealing features, these people whom I am sharing liking and commenting their photos are my close friends, we even talk and see each other on skype and I have their permission verbally through skype to share like and comment their photos. Why then you interfere as you do not have the right to act by this way. Kindly with all my respect unsuspend and unblocked my account, I will be much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance
    Marios Contopoulos or Rodolfo Valetine
    mobile no. 0030 6972804422 or 0030 6932734072

  256. I e-mailed you last night with my problem and earlier this morning I was able to login to fb. But only for a short time and then it quit working again. I hope you can figure out this problem soon. Thank You

  257. Hello,
    My friend and i have been trying to add each other as friend and nothing works…. we have check all privacy settings and everything is fine .
    Can you please help us….
    Thanx in advance

  258. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have signed up mew facebook address for my company under the name of Afghan Mark Pharma with my email address. I have added a lots of people in my friends list with some likes of pages. right now when i want to open my account it ask me about security check up which is very hard for me to know those people whom added by me. I am in terrible with such problem. how can i open my account? I will black or delete all unknown people which was added by me if this is problem. those picture which are coming for confirmation is not my friends. they are added by me but I don’t know them.
    Please help me and let me know how to open my company facebook account and page.
    With best regards,

  259. I HAVE BEEN BLOCK AGAIN FROM MADEING FRIEND I think it a jock when all I am doing trying to met people is facebook not to met new friends or what is it for

  260. 9th Dec 2012, 0730 hrs was the most unfortunate day in my life, wherein I lost my 23 years old nephew Mr. Vishal Arora, due to a brain attack. We all are still under the shock of losing our son at this tender age. But after his death I have seen that some one has started misusing his FB Account, sending request and unwanted mails.Its our humble request to kindly deactivate his account with immediate effect and if at you can help us with the IP details we would be greatly obliged to you. I case you require the proof for his death , we can submit a copy of his death certificate. Kindly help us and allow his soul to rest in peace!!

  261. ASKING FOR HELP !!!!!

    I’ve been trying to access my account more than a week now and I have had no help from Facebook with obtaining my security code (SMS) !!! It’s been very frustrating because I do most of my communication with friends on Facebook !!! I’ve also sent several e-mails.
    i ‘ m wondering what’s the point for this page ….. If the people doesn’t get help from ” Facebook “

    • Sirs: I, like those others who have written, have a problem logging into my Facebook page. It has been been completely obliterated by your support group.I spoke with Travis, from New Delhi, who said he would adjust the situation. An hour or so later he was going to have a Tech take over for a fee of $99.00. This was not acceptable and disappointing.
      My password is not accepted. I have used facebook since its inception. Please remedy this situation. Thank you Gigi Farber(Beverly Farber).

  262. Hi facebook, i have an open account which i do not remember the email address for or the password but i want to deactivate it, how can i do this? Please help

  263. i do not like the way you guys changed my page. information was changed arouned that i did not do. job information was changed. i would like for my page to go back like it was

  264. I have a business Facebook that needs to be pulled down. Sold the business and it needs to be deactivated. How do I do this without knowing the administrative login.

  265. Hi
    Dear Facebook moderators, i just find out that my friends or any one else cant see my post on my time line , and its sins i v got my Nokia Windows phone and tried to set up fcb account on my phone, its nothing showing on my time line if i post or share on my laptop, only if i share from my phone, tried all settings on my fcb account, and on a phone but nothing helped. if u could sort this problem out i would be very thankful , other wise i just got to delete my account because its no point to keep it , thank u very much ones again 🙂

  266. “My name is James Hopwood and I have been getting block-ups for sending requests to people. It says I don’t know these people when actually I know them very well. Can you help me for this problem?”

  267. Keep getting blocked by facebook to acquire friends that I know. Whats the purpose of the service if I can’t acquire friends. I need resolution to this ongoing problem.

  268. my facebook account has been reported fake, and it was a miss understanding. i am trying to get it back because at the moment it is disabled. please contact me i need help 🙂

  269. someone hack my account and change password i no longer have gmail and it been hack to . So please close my account and i uploaded my photo they misusing my photo please save me this is my humble request.
    Give me facebook helpline number.

  270. I’m trying to get my account I payed to sI can advertise creat and coup with company to get started my theme of who wants to and be sponser go patent and get password hook on no no I don’t have a unlock code don’t have the same number but you can reach me at this the emial sent and twitter nevarez gabriel and tuititshfunn twitter and GTAlamb777

  271. I DID NOT sign up or join “Facebook” while logging onto certain websites there is a “waiting for FACEBOOK” message on the sign in ! How do I keep the stinking messages from popping up on my computer ?!!!!!!!

  272. I have been bullied on facebook for over 8 MONTHS and have not been able to contact facebook services at all. There have been photo’s made about me and rude comments put up. I did block the person at a point of time but that does not stop them from making post about me, they just cannot tag me. I Really need help !

  273. I just returned froma week away from facebook and my timeline page and home page and photo pages are full of insulting ads! Testosterone, cigarettes, etc. are now appropriate and if facebook doesn’t do something to block these ads I will be gone! If this is how you need to raise money to do business you might as well list yourselves in the x rated column of internet sites!

  274. I statred getting a sms text from facebook after not be able to log in said I needed a code to able to get on, this happened everytime I logged in. Untill today I tried to logg in never got a code pushed the I didn’t get a code button and it said have requested to many sms codes. I NEVER REQUESTED SMS CODES THEY JUST SENT THEM THOUGHT THIS WAS AN EXTRA SECURITY MESSURE. IT WAS YOU NEVER GET ON AGAIN. Logged in with a different account with my yahoo email account to see if I could get on and get help. Please help need my account, going to online college and this is how my study partners and I converse. PLEASE HELP THIS IS RIDICULUS PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. My name is viraboth Sary . My question is ? I have lost my old face book and pass word that I need to take out from face book ? How can I get my old email and old pass word bake . Thank you

  276. 1. It shouldn’t be so hard to contact you!
    2. Our home page, Esmeralda Inn, looks awful. All the “stuff” like about and friends and recent activity takes up half the page and is on the left hand side, shoving the timeline info to the right and crowding out more than one column of updated stories. These things need to be small and off the main body of the page. What can we do?

  277. Somewhat improved. The about, friends, activities etc. need to be small and out of the way! How do I get rid of places?

  278. i am a writer butt unfortunatly my tags blocked plz help deblock my tags option , i want tags my page who;s posts.


  279. my facebook account has been hacked. I dont remember my old cell phone number from a lont time a go. Please give me access to my account again.

  280. I have been blocked from facebook , I sent some request to people who I don’t know in result my account my account was blocked for two days, therefore two days is long passed and my account is still blocked, I would now like it to be opened because I have a lot of business with friends and loved ones through facebook, thank you.

  281. Segun me dice una lista que no conoce sera que ahora aqui en miami no son los companero de la academia militar empezando por mi querida hna de padre patricia linarte

  282. I hate facebook. They have no customer service. Yet they are infested into many online games. In these games they force you to add people you do not know in order to play the game. Then when you add them, if one person chooses to click know, you’ve earned yourself a 7 day ban from facebook! You are treated like a child. This policy is stupid. If people do not want to add you simply click deny. A 7 day ban is not necessary and it conflicts with being forced to add people. I hope a better social network comes along so facebook can go the way of the dinosaur.

  283. I have tried for going on 3 weeks to get back into my account on FB and nothing is happening. I recieved 1 e-mail that said FB is working on it. That was 3 weeks ago. Still nothing. They have a file a report page but you can’t send it. The send button is faded and it doesn’t do anything. I’m not sure that FB really has it going on. I just want my info off of FB and then tell FB to go to hell.

  284. Somebody set up a new account, misspelled my name but used my personal information. I’d like to delete the account entirely but don’t know the password. They used a different email address than the one I use in my original account.

  285. i am really starting to get pisssed off with facebook now this is my 4th times getting a 30 day ban from adding ppl and sending mail to anyone outside my friends list, i am adding friends or people for the FACEBOOK games to get neibours and stuff how i can get neibours is you keep blocking me like gee i want u to unblock me i have did nothing wrong, and when my account gets hacked facebook still gives me the stupid 30 day block of of hackers like geez GIVE UP

  286. This is simply ridiculous. I ended an ad long ago but facebook decided to continue and charge me without authorization. now i have to deal with an overdraft! thanks a lot Facebook! I SHALL NEVER USE THIS AD CRAP AGAIN!!!!!!! i will stick with google.


  288. someone put a post for the new version of fb and i accidently clicked on it but i don’t like the new version at all it takes up way to much space some single posts take up the hole page and everything else is all moved around and is way time consuming and majorely confusing i just want my old facebook page back.can you please help me.i am blind in one eye which really makes this change so difficult for me to use my fb,please help to reinstall my old page again as soon as possible please,,,thanks

  289. Hello. My facebook name is Robert Mbabit. A picture and a document were posted on my facebook page on October 12, 2012 from an LG phone. The document that was posted is one of my very important documents. I don’t know who posted this document. Please i will like you to give me the details as to who posted the document on my facebook page and at what time the document was posted.

  290. my email id is not working so i am interestest to set my facsbook password on above menstion email ID kindly help me

  291. I am trying to lock down my facebook. I want to make it so no one can find my facebook profile. I have been able to take it out of the google search by unclicking the box in privacy settings to take it away from search engines but my profile still shows up in facebooks search engine when logged in as another user. How do I change this so it does not show up in facebook search? I know its possible cause I have seen other profiles do it?

    Also how do I hide all my timeline stuff. I have seen other peoples profiles timeline totally locked down so as another user you can see nothing. I have checked all the boxes to only friends but this still happens. Basically the most important question I have is the one I first stated about taking it off facebook search engine.

    Reason is because I want to keep just my very close friends and family on my profile. I have other friends who will want to search for me and add me and I do not want to tell them I do not want to add them so instead I just want to tell them I do not use facebook.
    Please help me.
    Thank you.

  292. Why am I blocked from signing in to my facebook account for 30 days when I have not been on my facebook If you do not unblock my facebook account I will be deleting it as I have not been using my facebook and I have not even sent any messages or added any one on facebook

  293. i wan’t to like that facebook page on facebook…but that’s why i need facebook customer support…i can’t like any page for that matter…i need help!

  294. It’s been a day now last time i log in,, i’m having trouble loging says that “someone may accessed your account”…when i pressed continue it says”please comfirm your identity”….i tryed loggin in one of the i pod touch, the other i pad….still says the same thing…..what can i do, i’m runin out of options…thanks

  295. hello sir
    I have got a msg from facebook…
    but my problem is as it is…
    after loging in its showing verify account by friends photos…
    I wanna verify my account by new phone number so plz help…otherwise tell for how many days I have to face this…

  296. please my girl girl friend facebook account has been blocked ,because he insulted the guy that was asking her out ,and the guy reported her insult,and now she has been blocked,please how can i reopen it for her?

  297. Facebook why is it that all my info is changed all the time and why is it that you’re site is being used by the government to spy on its own citizens and why is it my password is always hacked after.i change it every two months why is it that you have to try and control the people and friends seen why is it that your not a secure site why is it that there are these problems and a. Lot more why is it the people feel they need to destroy life for some hard working American I started working my first paper fought and have toyed to stay employed all my life and the few people I have as friends here on you’re bum site is not is not as. Promessed

  298. i can not access my account, when i try to do that it tells me to identify a picture which it will bring a picture tagged to a friend .. please i need my account back and the name on the account is wesley ifeanyi silva.. hope to hear from you and also to get my account back….

  299. I cant open my two FB accounts. i posted a photo of my common-law partner with his friends in a bar because i just found out that he went into one without telling me, while me and our baby was sleeping. I admit to having exchanged not so nice comments on that said photo with his friends who went with him in the bar,who were all lying just to cover his ass even if it photo tells it all. please please tell me how to open my two accounts again. i have never posted any indecent photos in those accounts.. i use them to communicate with my family in my home country since i work abroad and to post pictures of my baby… hope to hear from you.

  300. sent a message here this morning regarding my problem about not being able to open my 2 FB accounts and still hasn’t gotten any reply yet. im still not able to open them. i hope i will get a respond from you regarding this…

  301. im expecting for customer service to email me an answer to my problem… it did but it just said “sorry that you’re having trouble logging into your account”and then provided a link where i can do an immediate login which didnt make any difference since its the same login page that im having trouble getting logged into. o come on!

  302. Dear all Support team of Facebook,

    I face the problem while we know other people, even no mutual friends before.
    But Facebook always pop up for the BLOCK. This is really crazy and unfair.
    The people we know NOT NECESSARY to have MUTUAL FRIENDS always.

    R u crazy to block only a mutual friend then we can add new friends?

    Realize, think twice before bock the user.
    If that person doesn’t want to add friends, they will ignore. NO need the Crazy security to measure that we can have friends only A MUTUAL FRIENDS to be a GREAT SECURITY SOLUTION.

    Use possibility more than the narrow brain.


  303. hi, good evening, I am from UK. I have got some problem. few minutes ago I was editing one of my album but by mistake I deleted it. How do I get back this album? thanks.

  304. Hi

    I am really upset with Facebook service as my account got locked by 6 April and m continuously trying to unlock my Fb a/c even though i have also followed all of fb instruction for the same also uploaded my Govt issued Id-Proof but still m not able to unlock my account. I got a revert from facebook 3 days back but my problem is as it is. Plz tell me if any one know how to connect direct facebook customer service through any mail id ????

    Best Regards

  305. Plz don’t porn update in my account I don’t want that porn update plz plz plz delete it & don’t again

  306. Dear Sir
    I am authorized vestige distributor of vestige marketing pvt ltd. i had open FB account in the name of vestige india but now i am facing problem that my account is now blocked due to unknown reason.
    Sir please re open my account.
    If there is need of change in account name then please inform me i will do accordingly.

  307. Yesterday I tried to get on my Facebook and was told I was not me yes I’m and I’m very upset about this I’m in a couple bingo teams and was unable to connect to them iv lost credits on my game I phoned your up it took all my phone credit up can you please tell me when I can get back on thank you k walsh

  308. For the last three months I have not been able to get into facebook because my computer would freeze and cause me to re-boot. I am getting tired of not being able to get through via email, phone to the corporation to inform them of this issue and again being that they are not responsive…they really not care about they clients…good bye

  309. Dear Sir,
    My facebook cannot not open through nimbuzz “there was show an error message invalid user id or password. please tell me ?

  310. my facebook account has been reported fake, and it was a miss understanding. i am trying to get it back because at the moment it is disabled. please contact me i need help

  311. Hey can u block anurag Sran Facebook account . It’s fake and hareshing me . The guy put my pic on tht . Pls can u guys remove tht account

  312. my personal facebook has been disabled how can i get it back..i had so many emailed them n got linked bt doesnot work..pls help me to reactivate my account

  313. Hello sir.
    I want build a control system using a facebook.. “I have a tools, and i want control and monitoring that tools function using facebook” maybe this idea looks crazy. but I sure it can. Can you help me?? thanks very much.

  314. my girl friend nazia sajid facebook account has been reported fake, and it was a miss understanding. i am trying to get it back but at the moment it is verify a tag photo i am trying but he does not work. please contact me how i reopen my girlfriend id please ,my girl friend facebook id no. Is 919749618794 please help me

  315. Many of my friends’ account has been locked in Facebook and it is asking to identify the friends in photo tagged on myphotos. But the problem is, there are many unwanted images, in which many of the friends tagged in all the angles but it is very difficult (impossible) to identify the friends as there is no face nor any people in that photos.
    What are the ideal way to recover the FB account if such situation comes, when Facebook locks FB ID and asks users to recognize friends, who are not tagged by them. How to skip this and find an alternate way to recover locked facebook account?

  316. sir, my name is Rozina Ansari. Mera ki c ne password bana liya hai or wo meri fb chala raha/rahi hai pls mera password new genrete kaise karu mujhe bata de ya reset password meri id par send kar de.pls help me wo meri id ka kahi galat estemaal na kare.

  317. I am trying to retrieve some private messages so I don’t wind up divorced. Is there any way you can help me with that problem?

  318. My facebook was linked to a semi pornographic website that i am not a part of nor was i aware of it. i have never participated in any of the events or activities on the website and they claimed that i took part of a video. I dont know how to unlink myself from it. I got over 70 friend requests which drove me to temporarily disactivating my account. Please let me know how to handle this and take it off that website.
    Thank you

  319. i can not to access to microsoft account and many sites secured,,bokra net ,,facebook ,hotmail ,,&many others site plz resolve the prblm thank you

  320. I can’t identify facebook photos of my acc. I can’t remember all.
    sometimes I don’t see a lot . How can I unlock acc back?
    I didn’t add my phone no too in my acc.

  321. can you have a button on our messages where you can type down the dates and it can automatically show the conversations you had on that day instead of having to scroll up to the date of the conversations which takes foreverrrrrrr. thanks.

  322. Hi and Good day to you facebook team. I just wanted to state my complain regarding to this girl named Lyn Ching (Marites Garcia). I am engaged to my fiancee Yokohama Chan Lopes but this Lyn Ching keeps on bothering us through many facebook accounts that she made. Me and my boyfriend argued once because of this and to make the issue close, we decided to blocked Lyn Ching’s account and all those fake accounts she did to bother us.but the thing that annoyed us is that she still makes accounts to contact my boyfriend and even if my boyfriend already blocked him from his account, this Lyn Ching still manage to follow him, send him annoying messages and even threat us gravely..What should we do with this?? ..this really makes lose our patience..Please do some action guys to make her stop bothering us.I will wait for any reply in my email..Thank you guys and Godbless..

    • Hai i’am Maria from Indonesia. I forgot my facebook password and i have tried to get a new one but i didn’t get the confirmation code in my yahoo email. What does it happend? Help me to open my facebook again. Thank you

  323. i have been blocked by adding friends for 7 days 2 people i do know personally. i have no interest n contacting ppl i do not know. i do not believe that i have sent these ppl multiple of friend requests bcuz i am not a facebook stalker

  324. I am sorry facebook team please help me to open my account.please i requesting u sir/mam my facebook account is seeurity locked plz help me..

  325. Customer service..I hope to recover first email & facebook…same first,last,middle name & birthdate! Thank you..this is my first email & facebook.!!!

  326. My son James has a Facebook account that is still active. He died by suicide in July of 2010. I want to keep his Facebook page up as it gives family and friends comfort and allows them to reach out to him and post messages.

    He never “friended’ me and so I do not have access to read his timeline, etc.

    I would like access to read about his history. Is there a way, as his mom, that you can provide me with his password and / or friend me?

    Not a problem to send you death certificate, my authenticity, etc.

    Please let me know. So important…

  327. I sometimes get blocked out from posting anything while on Facebook! Also, I get this message saying that what I am posting is being reported as spam which is a lie! I want whoever is doing this to stop it immediately because I am doing nothing wrong!! I wish someone from Customer Service would answer my messages & help me fix this annoying problem! I am really fed up with this mess!

    • They did the same thing to me because I started posting back on ad’s and link’s I didn’t even want. However, I was not posting spam just the same thing I’ve been posting on my own time line about my book and that I paid facebook to promote.

  328. pls. give asap response about my problem I need ur email to send it my valid id to prove that the 3 account was really me.. Thanks!

  329. Hi, my facebook account is “temporarily unavailable” and it has been like this for awhile. can some body fix this for me? thanks alot. I appreciate it.

  330. Well I haven’t been able to login just a few minutes ago on my Facebook , I feel worried I just want to check what’s rong , now I could login but earlier I couldn’t

  331. some problem in Facebook many more duplicate account on facebook

    my orignal FB account page Khodiyar CAD Center education media (still 62 like)

    so other many dulplicate page like khodiyar cad center ,
    khodiyar autocad center etc.

    so i require immediate other duplicate page closed

  332. I also have a facebook account
    safety since he entered the recognition of those pictures I could not get him, I asked for password recovery but did not help because it gives me those photos to recognize them and I can not recognize them because everyone gave me access asked and do not know those people
    How do to get back on their back?
    whom I address? what to do to be able jump over those photos from the beginning?


  333. For some reason i’m block out of my facebook account. I try to sign in, but it doesn’t let me. It stays as blank page. Please help me out here. thanks

  334. Hello,I have been absent from FB for a least a month. I have not ask anyone to become friends for many months.
    Today I had a little time and went to my FB ACCOUNT. I had to have to change my password and I was once again blocked for now 1 month. Because I have barely time to go on FB, right now, I wonder what I did wrong! Still a is the third time that I am blocked while being absent for weeks from FB. I have tried to contact FB. Someone on the other line told me that I had to paid $100 to remove the block. (this was 3 months ago.) I would like to speak with a human been from FB that I would like to understand what I did wrong while gone from FB. I do not believe someone hacked my page.. Can someone explained to me what happened? Thank you.

  335. Your account has been temporarily blocked from this game for the following reason:
    Posted an inappropriate facebook image.

    You will be able to access the game again in 6 days.
    in 8 ballpool multiplayer

  336. I have so many problem in ascessing my fb account whenever I open my account it shows that my id is tempererily suspended so you are requested to check my account and please repair my account so that I usally open my account

  337. Hello.. I would like to report a sexual harrassment the guy name is Marc Rizal Baradi or Marc Baradi.. This person has been posting bad comments about anyone and posting up naked pictures which isunneccessary.i want to report marc baradi as a sexual harassment and broadcasting all bad comments.. Thank you

  338. HI

    I am Prashanth Sharma from Mumbai, India.
    Today morning I was disappointed after logging into facebook account. I was informed that I have been sending friend requests to unknown people. I was not getting access to my account and I was forced to select options which gives FB permission to block my account if I continue sending request to unknown people. I agree that I had sent requests to 2 unknown people but I also sent them a message for sending friend request. On the same day I have sent friend requests to the people I know. I agree that I have no right to enter into someone’s personal space. If the person has informed FB then FB should inform me that they got feedback from the user for intruding their personal space. I didn’t get any such feedback from FB. I don’t even know who is keeping a check on my activity, FB Or My friends. I am sure its not my friends. I am left with the guilt without even knowing what I did.

    I request you to give appropriate reasons before raising any allegation. Looking forward for positive actions from FB admin.

  339. The facebook does not accept my password.The password that you give me (028748) does not work. They keep on giving this number but it does not work.
    please help me because I want to login.

  340. I have been having trouble with my facebook. I did moved and tried to remove the old email. its never work. I have new email. Please, help or give me any number to reach somebody. thanks

  341. When I like a post and try to comment,you won’t let me post especially if 100 comments and likes are posted.What’s up with that ❓

  342. Hi everytime i try to add people i keep getting blocked for 30 days & i dont know why this is happening cos the people i am adding i know them i wouldnt juss add anyone !! This is like the seventh time it has happened to me now & im sick of it so something better get done bout it !!

  343. Send some one friend request should not be violation to me.
    I have no intention of arrassing any one.I can not open my face book for about 30 days.please I like to delete my profile.
    Thank you
    C. Robinson

  344. Hello Everyone,

    I hope everyone is reading this. I have an account with FB and just found out that they have block me because I send a message to someone I know. The reason according to them is that I am sending messages to people that do not know me. This has happened before and been blocked for several day without any proof of this. I requested to send me a list of those that supposedly I do not know and after several months still no response.

    This company beside that are providing the worse customer service or support they are targeting minorities and not telling the truth(Lying). They block you then for me to get back on to my FB page before I sign in they have me accept a false statement. My review to FB would be a great negative because they do not have a customer support dept.

    • Facebook blocked my account without giving any warning whatsoever.They should let us know what mistakes having been done so that people can learn their mistake.Please be more professional and attentive to people needs.Blocking people account without their knowledge is also a crime and a violation to people welfare.

  345. i can not comment in pictures and videos from pages.
    may be my comment was blocked from pages and facebook know me as abuse 🙁
    when this problem is solve? 🙁 if this problem not gona be solved please tell me i delete my account and i switch to other social sites .im blocked from last 2 months …..

  346. in your complain box there are 534 complain n i think its not gona be solved ……now im very disappointed facebook

  347. M facing this error.. Kindly solve AS soon As Possible.

    “Someone May Have Accessed Your Account
    To secure your account, you’ll need to answer a few questions and change your password.

    For your protection, no one can see you on Facebook until you finish.”

  348. Hello

    I would like to find out why my privacy setting for only my friends to send me fb messages is set, however there are some people who are not my friends who still can send me messages in which I had blocked previously. It becomes disabled after a while, and this is stressing me out because I do not post anything on fb therefore i’m not mindful of any changes that are done behind the scenes. I would like my setting to stay in effect unless I change the setting.

    My settings are still set to for people who are not my friends to contact me, however people still are. I would like to know why is this happening, I thought i was being protected by my privacy setting, now come to find out it doesn’t work. I don’t want to start using fb because this issue makes me not trust it, however i want to share pictures with my immediate family members that are throughout the world. Please Help.

  349. Besides the FBI coming to house for posting anti Obama slogans , now I can’t post at all for showing piece of art that famous artist made showing Mark with black eye, broken nose and teeth missing. WOW WHAT A COINSIDENCE?

  350. I have done all
    varifications but
    my facebook is
    blocked i can’t
    recognise my
    frinds properly my
    id is true… Can i add my phone no. for verify my id. pleeese
    help me…

    • They promised me if I sent my Id in they would open my account back up – well I have sent it in FIVE TIMES now – and I have been waiting 7 days – no luck! They won’t answer their phone, and I have sent them 12 emails now – begging them to help me. I have done everything under the sun that they have asked – and nothing. Is this a joke? How many other people are having issues with this? How did they get their account fixed? I have already changed my password – as they asked, sent in my ID – the only thing left is my first born! Is that next? Please help us FACEBOOK. There are lots of other people on this that have the same problem. Something needs to be done about this problem.

  351. i made id on facebook and add a number to veriy accont ok
    not that accont is close now why that number not veriry my new accont

  352. I tried logging into my Facebook and it will not let me log on. Keeps saying something about Dispute. My credit card and other information has been stolen. Please someone contact me back to as why I can’t log onto my page.

  353. My facebook account is temperory blocked please help me out i am doing all the verifications but it still does not work.

  354. I’m sorry to bother you but I have an issue.
    About 2 years ago my email account was hacked by a coworker to which I have never been able to recover. That email account was linked to my Facebook sign in. I remember the password for Facebook. My question is, is it possible to change the email for my account without loosing the ability to log in? If you could please help it would be greatly appreciated
    Grim Pack

  355. Facebook, $ 80.00 was taking out of our bank account for something on fb. I dont have a bank card and my husband never gets on the computer ! How can we fix this ? Can we get our $ 80.00 put back in our bank account ? We had to cancel our card and request a new one so this doesnt happen again.
    I am a big fan, but I cant afford to buy things on facebook !
    Can you please help us ?
    Thank You, Darla

  356. Sir greeting to and to all your staff on duties.Well i am a cameroonian and
    i would like to found out why my facbook have be temporarily locked.thanks waiting for my reply

  357. I have been blocked from sending friend request because someone does not want to be friends with me that I use to be friends with. why am I being blocked because a person don,t like me this is wrong of facebook to do this to me. I only sent them to people I know. how was I to know the person don’t like me any more, but I will survive life even if they don’t like me anymore, after all I have survived cancer twice in my life,and only have 1 and a half lungs now and I think facebook is wrong for doing this to me it is punishment enough for me that people I thought was my friends and family don’t even like me. please change this its double punishment and I did not do anything wrong. thank you waiting for a response from facebook

  358. What can I do about your advertisement on Facebook that’s all I see anymore getting a little pissed.I have been with Facebook for a while,and I think I am going to get off.You never had this before and I dont like it.!!! Is there anything I can do?

  359. I just want to know how my account can be closed for posting back on all these unwanted advertisements you stick on my page. That’s bull and I need that explained. How is it right that you put crap I don’t want on my page but I can’t put my own thing on all these links and ad’s you give me that I don’t want.

  360. I am unable to upload video. I was able before but I cannot do this . I also got a message that I used a music in one of my video that needed a license. since then I no longer able to upload video even videos without any music, HELP

  361. My Facebook account has been “down” all damned day. There haven’t been ANY updates and the rest of my family members HAVE ACCESS. I would like to know, if anyone can tell me, WHAT THE PROBLEM IS AND WHEN IT WILL BE FIXED!!!

  362. hi some one use my picture , i report more then 30 times about this picture for remoned ..but facebook not remover this picture , now im very disappointed facebook .

  363. i left a group and i want to join the same group again . but not able to do that , facing problem, need help . actually while leaving the group i had selected the option which says no one prom the group can re add me …

    now what to do .. please help

  364. this makes i don’t know how many times that i have been blocked for 30 days from sending too many friend request when i do not send none i have been on it for 30 days and i went to turn the computer on and they done it to me again blocked me for another 30 days and all i everdo is play gameson there with my grandson and look up things and recipes and noone has my password but me so facebook better get things straight

  365. I am so angry with facebook for the fact , I was giving a virus worm and I am no longer able to log on facebook nor my mail which I depend on for support. I have been trying for 2 days and keep getting strung along to every wrong page ,,but the correct one. This actually is totally wrong. I trusted facebook..hmmm not so sure NOW.. What can I do?

  366. my name is sunil venkatesan iyer from bangalore india
    I wanted to know I have been blocked my messages so when my block will be lifted because all my brother are in out of india so iam not able to send the message. I would be very thankful to you please and un block my facebook account
    awaiting for your positive reply
    sunil venkatesan iyer

  367. I just thought you may want to look up the nmae DONALD MACSPENSER he has 9 count em 9 facebook accounts. He has been, born, in California, United kingdom, albany, ny & northville, mi…… he says he work s from shee, now he works at a religious originazition…This is all the same man, He tried to scam me out of $1450.00 after 3 weeks of HOW MUCH IN LOVE HE IS …… Please for the love of GOD close all these accounts before some woman stupid enough falls for this and send this scam artist money !!!!!! I have over 900 text msgs from him, emails and texts on my phone….Pleas if you need more info please contact me

    Thank you !!!!!

  368. Dear Facebook Customer Service,

    I have inboxes a few colleagues and had my account disabled. I was then asked to name people in photos and only have so much time to do it by.

    I am in the music industry and cannot name half the people on my facebook as some are artist asking for advice etc. I also have dementia so its unfair I think that Facebook is asking me to verify my account by peoples photos.

    Please reactivate my account or I will be taking this further and writing a letter of complaint to Facebook department.


  369. i jus got an email saying sorry you have been having trouble login in to Facebook and had the link for me to go login but wen i try to login in it still says your account is temporarily locked its been like this for about a month now i have been waiting can u please reactivate my account

  370. You’re Blocked from Sending Friend Requests for 30 Days complet but now not open my Facebook plz open my this id

  371. I think facebook and its founder is SCUM. I have never seen a company that can hide so well. They are a million/billion dollar company and yet they have no phone number to contact anyone for help. When they are emailed they obviously dont even care enough to respond to there customer’s. Things in life come up that have to be dealt with, well apparentally FB doesnt think so. My account was hacked and very nasty things were being said about me and posting nasty comments and people thought it was me. I was beiing called on my phone number listed on my FB page that i had to change my phone number and keep it unlisted. I deleted my email and got a new one and now i cant change my FB account because i no longer have that email address. I have tried calling them, I have even sent a return receipt request letter to the home office address and it was signed for but nothing ever happened. so, I spent $25.00 for nothing. So, I have an hacked acct out there that i cant access and i cant get it deleted it either. So, the hacker can entertain him/herself. I HATE FACEBOOK AND PEOPLE SHOULD THINK TWICE ABOUT PUTTING THERE INFORMATION OUT THERE FOR ANYONE TO SEE OR HACK.

  372. You see facebook is not an appropriate thing for a teenager my age, I’m 13 and you know there are so many perves on fb and so many guys out there who want little girls and I don’t think that it’s a safe place for kids our ages to be on fb! You guys really need to update your site and make it so that you have to be at least 18 to have a fb really cause do you know how many people a year get killed? From cyber billing and from perves! 40 year old guys who are criminals and alls you have to do is lie about your age! You guys need to change that! You can say that your 13 and really be 40 years old or you can say that your 26 and really only be 8 years old! I know so many people on fb that are younger than I am and I’m talking like 8 through 10 year olds who shouldn’t be on facebook! Now I know that you can’t control that but, you should at least try to make it a safer place! And I 100% AGREE WITH THE COMMENT ABOVE MINE!!!!!!

  373. On 7/24/2013 My Ex Wife hacked my Facebook account. It made me 24 hrs to attempt to log back in. I called Friday morning at 7:13 am and was told a tech would call me in 4 hrs. That didn’t happen so I called back at 11:23 am and was told you will get a call back in 30 mins. That didn’t happen. I called back and the Facebook customer service rep hung up on me. Then he said you will get a call back in 15 mins guess what didn’t happen. This is absolutely horrible customer service and still my account is being controlled by my Ex. Total BS
    Any suggestions on how to get thus resolved

  374. My account was suspended last night they said I need to confirm who I am. Which I tried tho it keeps on going in a circle, it says to confirm my tagged friends and when I click it this wont allow me it then went back to the main page.
    Is there any other way you can confirm me bar using my security questionas its correct but facebook is saying it isnt.
    please re acctivate my account.

  375. i think facebook is not ready to help me.if they ought i would have already accesed into and chatting with why do i need fb again.oh sorrows.

  376. my accaout is hack…i want to close that accaunt….pls it help me………the person who hack me abuse me..

  377. I was blocked for 30 days and i just got unblocked. And in less than 4 days I got blocked agian for sending friend request to people I know how can i get unblock because I cant wait another 30 more days.

  378. i see lots of ad for loosing weight on facebook, when i put mine, says it is blocked. please help me with that. i am new to facebook.
    everybody wants to make friends , why you blocked me, how you know i know them or not. i have friend all over the wordd.

  379. My name is martin carty and i haven’t been able to login to my facebook account for about a month now.I sent a picture to verify myself, but everytime i login this is all i see:Thank you for providing your ID
    Thanks for your patience as we work to verify this account. We will get back to you as soon as we have reviewed your ID. Can you guys activate it again thank you

  380. hello dear i want your help plz its some thing important to me i deleted a message from delete conversation by mistake and i want it back its very important to me plz reply on me i heard about this team is very strong and can help ppl . thanks alot

  381. Hi, I had 3 Facebook account but step by step I changed my account because these are always making problem that’s why finally I made new account , after couple of days used I can’t open my Facebook , it’s showing the person are same account and ask some picture tag but I try I couldn’t , so please help how to fix it..

  382. Someone made a fake profile with my this email and the name they gave is “shopneel chand”.. Could u place delete the account ?

  383. I have been locked out for a month I have done all the things to get it unlocked.You told me it was,but it isn’t HELP !!!!

  384. Sir I know my user name and I forget my password I think someone collapse my account please recover my account I forgot last phone number in my account now how to reset my account

  385. hello
    for a week now every time I log in to face book I have to type my e-mail address in and password.
    I checked the box to remember but it don’t work.
    plus my bingo cards are way to big. also when I send gifts it wont send to all my friends.
    sue ronquist

  386. I have a major complaint! I play Candy Crush on Facebook and I spend alot of money on buying boosters to advance in the game. This past month I have been experiencing more problems than usual and now I’m really frustrated! Every time I play a game of Candy Crush, I buy boosters to get through a level and after I get through, the game freezes, uses my boosters and when I refresh my game, it goes back to the same level minus the boosters, etc.!! Then I end up buying more to get through the SAME level!! I want to be reimbursed my money back into my account. I am so pi##ed right now! I will never play this game again! I want my money back or I’m going to contact a lawyer! This is ridiculous!!

  387. My Facebook account was temporarily suspended due to suspicious activity.I tried to reset my password but when I got to the security question. I could not answer it as I forgot it. Every attempt I tried I got kicked out. I kept getting emails to change my password. But I got as far as the security question and bingo I get kicked out again. The account must be ok as I keep getting emails to change my password. How. Can I get the suspension lifted. I am getting numerous post notifications and I cannot respond. VERY FRUSTRATING

  388. i hate FACEBOOK and the people behind it they dont care about our problems believe me.. they taked away the option to hide from public search from creepers and stalkers.. shame on them not good..

  389. Facebook administration please enable my facebook account,this account is my life.I have many friends with which I’m able to contact only by facebook! facebook is my life and if my account is disabled,so am I too.please it would be my golden pleasure if you enable my facebook account name is -your name-, and describe your profile picture

  390. I have been blocked for sending friend requests….!!

    I tried cancelling all pending friend requests, but than i get a window saying something went wrong. Please solve this. I need my account very urgent !!


  391. My account was blocked from sending friend requests for 30 days.
    Now when I try to login to this account, facebook asks me to fill a feedback form in, then it directs me to a thank you page and it stops there. Whenever I click “okay”, it gives me an alert message saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later.”

    Help please….unlock my account !!!

  392. I am getting so frustrated!!!!! Facebook SHOULD have different avenues to contact them when a person cant even log onto facebook!!! How am i supposed to go to the Help Centre if i cant get into facebook at all!! When i click my facebook button, all i get is “website unavailable”. It was working fine yesterday…..can someone tell me why????
    Thank you!!!

  393. My account was blocked from sending friend requests for 30 days. Now when I try to login to this account, facebook asks me to fill a feedback form in, then it directs me to a thank you page and it stops there. Whenever I click “okay”, it gives me an alert message saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later. I have been blocked since 3.30am and FB are not responding. I am having to use a borrowed account to even send

  394. First why u block me to add friend ok and I am sending text mess
    Why I can’t bout only u can let someone got the hill of me I send what he doing
    U didn’t do nothing to him this not right what u doing its like what pls
    I add how I need ok

  395. my son started this facebook page on my e-mail address but I do not want it coming here. can you please cancel it for me as I do not know how to. at the moment the messages are all going straight to junk mail, where they stay until I delete them. thank you.

  396. i cant get any email you send you say go to email to cotinue to confirm my facebook account but i don t get any please help ty

  397. My account has been suspended because it said i wasn’t using my real name, but that’s false. Only my middle name wasn’t correct, i had put a nick name. I would like access to my page immediately.

  398. it seeems that ever since new management has taken over facebook that the quality has deteriorated to the point that i wish the old management were still there. im talking about interuptions and just plain wont let me type /finish/or even move curserfor a period of time. im talking about hair pulling frustrating stuff. you definately need to clean it up on the facebook.this includes losing what we were typing because someone there thinks it is R rated or something. if this facebook thing wernt for people to do/write/communicate you number one should not be monitoring it. this seems kinda like DUH not what it was intended for!!!!! maybe if you get enough of these type of comments you just might get the idea!!!!!

  399. dear, sir madam.I have been blocked my i can log in and facebook verfication I did, till i AM FAILURE.please help me.

  400. I need to know if you delete something from your time line is it stored on your system that it can be retrieved?

    Thank you

  401. I’m having problems getting into my Facebook page and your help is useless I have tried everything you have told me to do and it has been a awful experience..can I get some help or just cancel the whole damn thing can someone help…….

  402. Please until now i cannot open my fb account.if u want me to change a original profile please reopen my account.after all this i will change.due of how i cannot open my fb account due my email i can open without any problem.You block my account after i purchase a game and all of suddent my fb acc is blocked.
    Please i want to play fb game…
    Show message history

  403. I’m a shareholder of facebook and I just lisent to the conference call after the company reported great earnings. What I don’t understand is why this company keeps making stupid Public Relation mistakes. The CFO manage to bring the stock down after it had going up more that 8 dollars when the earnings where released. He was un-prepared and did not provided any actual figures. Please send this idiot back to collage and keep him away from the microphone or he would bring the stock price to 0.

  404. I am trying to log in to facebook bt its telling me we ddnt recognise yo 4n number.can yu help me to get back my account?

  405. pleace open my face book account..whats reason of my account temparaliy blocked.whats i am did for wrong pleace open my account.thanks

  406. I would dearly love to know why I keep getting band from sending friend requests when I send out every like 5 – 10 a month? First I was band for week and today I got band from sending friend requests for two weeks. I’m extremely frustrated that this keeps happening to ne.

  407. Hi can u help i am currently signed into my fb app however i am trying to sign in on safari and it keeps saying i am using an old password however i dont remember changing it and its saying i am answering the security question wrong aswell and i dont have access to the email account i set my fb up with as it was years ago and same with the phone number.. So how am i supposed to change my password when i dont have access to these things???

  408. A fraudulent account has been opened with a variation of my name and transferring pics and recruiting people to ‘friend’ them. I have reported this over a week ago and have received no response. I know who this person is and they will ultimately try to do something very damaging to me and if this is allowed to happen, I will be forced to hire an attorney. Please do the right thing and close this page down.

  409. To whom it may concern, I am aware of the many changes that FACEBOOK makes, My question is why punishment member with banned they accounts for hours due to something that was posted months or ever years ago. Most of the people on facebook are in roasting groups and sometimes its things said that may seem harsh. my account is being blocked for something i said months ago. and thats not fair. With online activity on the raise do you really think it would be safe to continue to ban people and cause them to pick another online community to socialize in ? Please take some time and think about the ban issue as many will decide to change social network hangouts I am in various groups and this issue is really makin the alot of the member seekin other places to chat.

  410. FB blocked me from my acct because someone tried to hack it. I changed my PW. It then did the security codes of identifying pics of my friends. However, some of the pics I had to skip because I had no clue who they were (obviously not friends). I guess I didnt identify enough of the pics. Why cant they just have me answer security questions that were submitted when I first opened my account rather than having to ID photos?

  411. My facebook account is temperory blocked please help me out i am doing all the verifications but it still does not work.

  412. I had a Facebook Account for about 6 years. Yesterday, 12 November 2013, I received a notice that my Facebook account was disabled. I waited for 24 hours, the required time. I tried to log-in the next day. I received a notice that my account was “Disable- Fake Account”. According to them,(in essence)I lied about who was I. I was asked,”Can I name a Facebook Friend?” I must have typed in wrong name(twice)or something. I was not quite sure if the friend put his middle intial or not. I could appeal the decision by scanning my ID (leave uncover my DOB, my picture, and my name). Their policy after they verified my appeal. The scan of my ID, it would be destroyed. I am not going to send a picture of my ID to “somebody.” I tried to find a customer service number. I got nothing except going around in circles (via on-line). How can an international corporation have no customer service number? How many corporations have that? When I told my friend that, he deactivated his Facebook account. I got better things to do with my time.
    Like the previous comments, Yahoo had me to list some security questions to prove that is me, and not someone else,if I accidently typed my password incorrectly.

  413. My FB has been hacked. Now I just want to take back my account.I can’t log in the Facebook because the hacker has changed my password.

  414. i have deactivated my Facebook account due to some reasons but now i m trying to activate it then it shows an unknown error “Sorry a temporary error has occurred Please try again in a little while” when i m clicking on resend sms button or enter code. and also nothing happens when i m clicking on re-send confirmation email.
    what should i do now?

    • My facebook account (Noel Chan)has been hacked.And I can’t log in my own account again.When I tried to log in ,that is not my acaount.Gt change the name to Soan Noel and send a message for me to say I change my e-mail.That not true.Now I just want to take back my account.It was because there has many photo take with my mum.But she is die.Please help me and reply me for chinese.Thank you!

  415. HelloI’ve recently tried signing into Facebook, it’s says I’ve been kicked off due to not using my page for what the name is, this is a joint account and I wish to gain access again, I need to print all of the complaints off members on my wall regarding Blythman and partners vets as I’m taking a complaint to the royal collage of veterinary practice, I need all the complaints people have sent me to send with my letter . I tried taking the steps its asking me to do but it simply isn’t allowing me to go through themThank you 

  416. Please I really need your help I forgot my Facebook password and my email password as we’ll so when I tried to reset my password I couldn’t do it because it’s sending to my email account would you help me to get back my Facebook password I don’t care what you have to do please help me…

  417. why y block me made a mistake on facebook it was me no body got in my account if they did contact me sap like to have it restored I forgot my pass word and had to change it please let me know

  418. I have been locked out of my account for 2 days. I have sent you two emails to verify my account, nothing. I can’t log in or anything. I use my Facebook every day. Please fix this.
    Thank you.

  419. I have been temporary blocked out of my account, I have had this account for yeaaars….. and never had a problem, now for some reason out of the blue my account was temporary blocked, a reqest was send to me to send proper ID to facebook so my account could be verified, I complied, still no answer from facebook and my account still bloked. Please, years ago my laptot broke and all the pics of my fam were save under facebook file, I just would like to retrive all my pics back, please, please, please someone help or fix the problem. I have followed directions and no one has answer.

  420. I’m at my wits end! I have been temporally blocked out of my account for almost a week. I have been with FB for 5 years and never had a problem. I have tried for the third time today to send my ID so my account can be verified. I am at a loss as to why FB does not have a “real” person to talk to when you cannot resolve issues via the Help Center, which is a total joke. If my account can’t be unblocked, I would at least like to have my pictures back. This is very disheartening and I would think you wouldn’t like those of us who are displeased with your service to recommend to others not to join FB.

  421. How do I transfer my old facebook account to the new one. I need my friends list. I know it can be sent so please someone let me know how???????

    • please transfer my old account to new contact. Can someone please tell me how I lost all my friends list and my tagged pictures. All is gone when I sign in with new email.

  422. the issue is that i changed my facebook account password . And i am not able to login through the new password . is it been hacked . What should i do . Waiting for a quick reply .

  423. Good day sir,
    am very happy to tell you about my facebook… I was blocked for 30 day because i am send friends request and i can not open my Facebook sence 3 months now… They said i should give them a feedback and have giving them the feedback but he did not still open…. Please please i want you help to me please.

  424. I have never been able to access my Facebook account despite sending a copy of my drivers lisense as ID. You persist in telling me someone may be accessing my account yet you also persist in emailing me contact and friends with whom I may be friends.
    This is the most ridiculous situation. IT CANNOT BE CALLED A SOCIAL SITE AS IT IS TRULY UNSOCIALBE FOR ME

  425. My account has been hacked three days in a row have changed my password and some idiot is still hacking into not only my account but several of my facebook friends accounts as well. This is not fun at all.

  426. am totally and utterly pissed off 5 months on and off you been blocking me for 5 days 7 day 30 days for sending friend requests to people which i havnt was turned on monday then couldnt send message to friend not on my list how can i stop this happening iam thinking of moving but have 400 friends

  427. when i log in my id then facebook show me that “You should receive an email from us soon. Thanks for your patience.” how can i solve this problem?

  428. Please delete my birthdate from my facebook page. I have waited months, as it is locked. I don’t want month, day or year displayed. Thanks

  429. Hi I am really angry has I have so much trouble sign in to day I have to change my password several time to day when I sign out then go to sign in again it will not let me. I have put in several pin code number in that been sent to my email address and it say that the number is in valued . So I want to no why I can not sign in.

  430. Why are you still allowing the link with Dawn French saying how she lost weight using ketones and offering the link when it is quite obviously a scam and people are losing a lot of money by being mislead by these people.

  431. I need help can’t remember my password my Facebook is new please help I’ve tried everything please with my password

  432. If a Facebook User deletes a title that has been added to their watch titles that they have watched via NetFlix and NetFlix has added this title on the users behalf how long do they have to wait before they can re-add this title once again?

  433. Why am i being blocked from , sending friend request, to my friends for 30 days, and everyone excepted my friend request, and they are my friends, All of them excepted my request for friedship, and you block me for 30 days you need to relook, and see they were all confirmed, and remove my block , that is crazy, and then you dont have a phone number to talk to your custmers that is making u rich, Please recheck that they were all confirmed, and remove block Please , so i can message my family! and email me please thank you very kindly God bless you.

    • i am being blocked for few days . i didn’t contact my facebook friends .
      why am i being blocked ? few days ago , i posted few kejriwal and aam aadmis photo in my timeline.suddenly i see my account is totally blocked. i change the new password but i couldn’t login. when i use reset password,then message me identity check up…….i dont understand this meaning . please help me about logged my account. so kindly tel me how i loogged my account. waiting for your answers.

  434. I would like to warn everyone about skin24 and natural skin.
    Free trial CRAP.
    get ur details then rob you and help themselves to your money.I have had to change cards. Bastards.
    When i sent one back they still kept 75% of the last one.
    Take them off.
    I dont want any adverts after this horrible experience.

  435. I was logged out of my account i try to change my password which i did a few times but when i was trying to sign in i couldnt somehow the new password didnt work and i was supposed to id some people and the people u put I have never seen before if they in my page i didnt pay attention so i fail the test so they keep sending me this codes which they dont work so what can i do to go back to my account without id this people i dont know or codes that dont work so I need help

  436. I do not feel facebook needs to allow petitions to be sign on facebook to hurt other people you need to control the drama that exists on facebook…

  437. i want to change my date of birth but the date of birth option is disable of edit profile option.

    so kindly tell me how to change the date of birth in my facebook account.

  438. Is it possible just to hide one friend from your facebook list from another… or someway to separate a list so the people that are categorized in acquaintances only see others in acquaintances?
    Thank you

  439. sir iwas new to fb while using i send frnd rqusts so after some time it dspled that verify ican verify but in one way my bst frnd was bobby singh today i have to send my pic to her now plz open my fb accnt i will give you all inftmtion plz plz sir

  440. face book has locked me out of my account and i think it is a mistake but i can not contact facebook customer service please help

  441. I want to change my name to my really name on FB, Since I set up with my Nick name. which confuse most people who know me by my reall name, only a few people can find me by this nike on FB. But the option of changing it is disable to do on profile optio. Also my date of birth wasn’t correct on FB as well.
    So how can I change both my name and date of birth correctly on Facebook.

    Please Can anyone there help me with this need…

  442. On my phone I have face book but when I get ameeage are email it does not come in English I have tryed many time to correct the English it come in porchagee or Germany not English pleasecontact me ASAP thank you

  443. I am trying to take my advertisement name out of my Facebook. I am trying to delete everything I have my account balance back to my checking account.

  444. k my soon to be ex-wife has yahoo-facebook account’s but i found out she likes to hack in to my account’s i have google and facebook but everyday i have to reset my password how do i stop her if i have to i will press charges could i get some help

  445. To The Manager,
    Facebook InC

    Today someone has posted a wrong comment in my Wall (It was a spam) -, Please block that person. The person name is Jiya Singh.

    Please remove this person it is a spam……

    Diwan Bisht

  446. My profile got hacked and in the process off that time they transferred all my friends into likes
    Please can you change it back ,I really need my Facebook to get hold off mates ,family and fans.
    I’m only 17 years off age and this is the most horrible thing that has happend to me

  447. I keep getting messages from Donna Nelson I have tried the information link she sent now i am going to be blocked i have no idea what i have to do can anyone help me please

  448. Hi my sister inlaws husband has walked out on her and she is disabled she can’t talk and can’t tell us her email and pass word he has deactivated her account it’s all she has left and he’s taken it away from her please could you help us get it back please many thanks

  449. Hi,
    My problem is in the mobile phone Galaxy II ver 2.3.5
    The application of facebook fell down and even if I download it again and again I have lhe notice : ” Connection Lost”
    Please help me

  450. Hey , is a required content on Facebook to send a picture of an ID to Facebook to unblock my Facebook? Or have I been hacked?

  451. Dear Mam/Sir;
    I want to ask a big favor regarding my husband’s account. Somebody hacked it and i don’t know how to deactivate it. It contains lots of unnecessary things, harrassing me and harmful behaviour. Your response is very much appreciated. I hope to hear from you.

    • My account is in a language I do not understand. I feel I have been hacked. I want my account back to English. I have changed
      my password.

    • Hello…i am a little concerned because one of my friends decided to create me a fb acc, even though I do not want to have one at this moment. I want to delete that account asap. Please send me an email asap and I will give you my info so that I can have this problem fixed. Thank you so much for your support.

    • I am receiving post from ” sexy look ” and ” Hollywood me ” which I have not signed up for, can you please block these posts from coming through on my wall. They are quite embarrassing, I think it is some sort of scam.

      I would be grateful if you give this complain your urgent attention please.

      Thank you

    • I realize facebook is a social network. I am tried of reading the profanity and cursing that people are using again our Governor of New Jersey. Young people use facebook and are subject to all the cure words. The first amendment allows freedom of speech and it doesn’t allow abuse. Thank You.