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Contacting Express Scripts Customer Service Center

For more than a quarter century Express Scripts has been one of the leading providers of home delivery prescriptions. Unlike other providers on the market, Express Scripts does not have the backing of large pharmaceutical companies. The company is proud to be independently owned and operated. The base of operations is St. Louis, Missouri, with customer service locations dispersed throughout the United States and Canada.

Will millions of prescriptions filled on a yearly basis, top notch customer service is critical to the brand and the livelihood of the customer base. When customers have a problem or concern, the company provides several methods to communicate with the customer service department.

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Contact Info:

Customers should not settle for just one method of communication, especially as it relates to a customer service department. Express Scripts allows customers to contact a representative through traditional methods, including calling and mail. The company also accepts correspondence by email.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers wanting to speak with a live customer service representative can call:

  • Customer Care department: 1-877-852-4060

Mailing Address

The new world headquarters and customer service center is located here:

Express Scripts
University of Missouri – St. Louis
1 University Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63121-4400

Official Website

The official Express Scripts website provides information for new and potential customers, pharmacists, physicians and pharmaceutical companies. The company provides detailed information on applicable laws and regulations to better service the customer base. When signing up for an account, customers have the ability to refill existing prescriptions, track orders, find a local pharmacy and start home delivery service.

Customer Service Email

Non-existing customers can send an email to the customer service department here This is where general questions are asked. Existing customer must use or in order to ask questions regarding their account.

We sent an email to the customer service department asking about the types of insurance accepted and are awaiting a response. The estimated response time is up to five business days.

Our Experience

Our experience dealing with the customer service department was rather pleasant. We waited less than 30 seconds prior to speaking with a live representative. The customer care agent was polite and rather professional. We asked if the department could provide use with information regarding customer care contacts. The agent gave us all of the applicable contacts without hesitation.

The level of customer engagement was at an all-time high. We want to know if your experience was similar to our experience. Share your thoughts and concerns with us.

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50 Comments on “Contact Express Scripts Customer Service
  1. I am trying to gain access to have a government recalled prescription returned to you and refilled with Atorvastatin by a company not banned from doing so. You are deliberately not providing an opportunity for me to register my concern by moving me from voicemail to voicemail until I am back to where I started.

    I intend to involve my attorney general in this matter as you are endangering the health of my wife by not doing the right and honest thing.

  2. auto refill settings – Express-Scripts for members
    Have used this for several years, but today we can’t get into the listings of our meds to be refilled soon.
    Gordon & Dorothy Hansen

  3. Worst customer service of any mail order prescription company I have ever worked with. Sent me a medication that was sent by the physician in error – called and had it canceled – they sent it anyway. They won’t reimburse me and I’m stuck with 3 months of a drug that was prescribed in error.

  4. Are you kidding?! You Called Express Scripts and had a pleasant experience. Did they pay you to say that. I have to call this “pharmacy” 100’s of times at my job and they SUCK. They don’t care about patients, and they don’t care about doctors. They care about THE BOTTOM DOLLAR. They are incompetent and inefficient, which in my opinion is engineered by the CEO’s who run the company – exacerbate the caller until they shut up and go away. There should be legislation regulating specialty pharamcies – they make patients suffer.

  5. The head of Express scripts (mr vreeland) has a checkerd past. How he wasn’t investigated during the hiring process will haunt the company.
    Once it comes out company stock will drop.

  6. I have using Express Script since 2008. Their service, fast communication has been excellent. I have been very pleased. I now have a problem. As of 12-31-2013 I must find a new insurance company and pharmacy. I have am enrolled with another insurance company, but I do not feel their pharmacy will be the same. Is there anyway I can continue to use Express Script pharmacy and what will be my medications costs. Please reply.

  7. For months now have not been able to sign in using Firefox as browser, express script was informed of this way back when and to date have done nothing about it, for someone who claims of customer service, there is none, per chance express rips is using obama’s web programers and now we know the type of company they are.

  8. We’re sorry, we can’t find the page that
    matches your request.

    You might have typed in the address incorrectly, or the page may no longer exist. Please make sure that the address and spelling of the page name are correct or
    go to the home page.
    This is what you get when signing in with firefox, follow the web site listed above takes you to sign in page which takes you back to above page info. a circle unending, have you no programer that can fix this?? or do you give a #$%^#$*@$?

  9. they denied my claim because it didntlisty number of day supply on my pharmacy receipts when it say qty 30 common sense would tell youi its a 30 day supply even a chimp would know that

  10. The worst thing that happened to insurance card holders…every single time I order they manage to find a way to screw it up… I order my prescription to go out express the sent it out regular it sat at the terminal for 21/2 days…I ordered it express for the extra monies because I knew we were getting hit with back to back snow storms…time before that I ordered express..they sat on the order for 5 days..yeah they printed out the UPS lable but didn’t ship it …when I called I went thru 5(count them 5 different people) with 5 different excuses..( think they were people I’m beginning to think their are monkeys with key boards that JUST DONT CARE!!!!!) anyway I was told I be credited back my $21.00 for express shipping that I paid for….WELL THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!That was back in Dec.2013…even though I’m not out of medication that’s not the point..the point is that EVERYONE WHO WORKS THERE FORM SO CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS,SO CALLED PHARMACIST ,SO CALLED SHIPPING DEPT. DONT DO THEIR JOBS & FOOD FOR THOUGHT EXPRESS SCRIPTS CEO & POWERS THAT BE EITHER GET UR IT TOGETHER OR CLOSE UP SHOP & HAND OVER UR BUSINESS TO ANOTHER COMPANY WHO CAN DO THE JOB & ..I FEEL REALLY SORRY FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LIFE THREATING ILLNESS THAT NEED THEIR MEDS & DONT GET THEM ON TIME DO TO UR LACK OF ABILITY & CARING…I KNOW THIS WILL NEVER GET READ OR ADDRESSED BY ANYONE AT THIS POORLY RUN COMPANY..BUT ONE CAN HOPE !!!!!

  11. I have had a couple of issues with Express Scripts recently and it appears they train their people to argue and refuse to offer solutions instead of trying to resolve issues. Recently I received a prescription that Express Scripts maintains was filled by my doctor in June of 2013. It is now June of 2014 and I am just now receiving the prescription, which, by the way, my doctor informed me I should discontinue a year ago! They took a whole year to fill a prescription that I never requested and now they expect me to pay for it. That is beyond ridiculous. Not to mention that if I truly needed the medicine it could have been a serious health concern. I am totally disgusted with the service – or should I call it scam?

  12. you now have my email address now what is yours. I am a member and have a question about an order I have placed one place says to be shipped on 8/11 but another place says cancelled. there probably is a simple answer but this old lady is mixed up. sure would appreciate an email address so as to clear this up thank you great gramma jean…a really old customer

  13. As Betty stated above: “They are incompetent and inefficient, which in my opinion is engineered by the CEO’s who run the company – exacerbate the caller until they shut up and go away. There should be legislation regulating specialty pharmacies – they make patients suffer.”

  14. Your ordering page is so difficult to use and so slow that I think you are trying to force customers to buy direct from their local pharmacy!. Please fix it or I will complain to till the moon turns blue.

  15. I got a phone call from your company, I was asked for more information on the subscription that my Doctor called in. I told the person that called me, That I could fax him pictures of what I needed. He told me they did not have s fsx machine. How can you run a company without a fax machine?

  16. IMPOSSIBLE to contact Express Scripts by email, even though they say, in SEVERAL places, including on their CONTACT US web page that you CAN contact them by EMAIL. They do NOT provide an email address ANYWHERE. I called their Customer Service numbers and they would NOT or COULD not give me an email address. They transferred me to their web site Technical Support technician, and HE could not find a web site, even though he AGREED that their CONTACT US page definitely stated that they COULD be contacted by EMAIL, and he would make a report on this matter.
    I give their CUSTOMER SERVICE a definite F-, or a numerical grade of 0.

  17. It seems to be impossible to find a contact to lodge a complaint for grossly misleading members about drug charges through Express script as compared to local Pharmacies. In my case I had to Pay $219 for 30 pills through Home delivery, where I could have picked it up for $100 at the local Pharmacy. It is under threat of charging more later if I have it filled more than twice locally. Extortion and deception without interference from the Federal or State Insurance oversight Agencies!

    • While trying to locate mailing address for Christine Houston, Senior Vice president – Operations so I could send her my detailed complaint I found this site.
      On November 15, 2014 I ordered refills for 4 prescriptions. They did not arrive in a few days so checked my order page. Shipping was delayed a few days. This went on until December 20 when I sent a message through the system. Was advised order would be shipped by expedited carrier to arrive December 24. This did not happen! Several phone calls and messages later my order arrived January 8, 2015. Representatives I communicated with were all polite and apologetic for the system but were unable to move my order until Sara S on January 6 promised to get my pills shipped. Fifty days to ship an order. Ridiculous!

  18. EXPRESS SCRIPTS has changed its site and now wants PREPAYMENT before medication is sent. For those of us who do NOT want to give our EFT or CREDIT CARD information and would prefer having our bank send a check via ONLINE BILL PAY, this is very annoying and unnecessary. The amount is small ONLY $10; but even if it were not, this makes no sense.

  19. Website sucks. 90% of my logins return:

    We’re sorry, we can’t find the page that
    matches your request.”

  20. I have been trying to see my medications since Jan 1 (it is now the end of May). Since April 1, i have calling them WEEKLY to get this fixed. They write trouble reports and nothing gets fixed. It is SOOOOO frustrating that I am in the process of sending a snail mail letter to the Chief Information Officer. This problem makes it impossible to manage my meds.

  21. the order for Lorazepan from the office Dr. Timothy Goltz, Damarscotta, Maine was cancelled – 29 May 2015. DO NOT SHIP OR BILL. It is being filled at my local pharmacy. This a response to the e-mail sent to a short while ago, probably before you received the order.

    Edgar W. Oestreich

  22. My wife used Express Script for the first time. I mailed in our payment. I continue to receive bills from them even though I now have a cancelled check. I have offered to e-mail it and they refuse to give me an e-mail address. They want me to fax or mail them a copy. I know that sounds reasonable; however, I do not have a fax machine and, believe it or not, I live in an area without mail service. About 30 seconds on the computer would resolve the problem but they are not interested in working with me on this.

  23. I was a member just a few years ago, and now am unable to sign in with old user name/password. The web site will not allow me to sign up with a
    new user name/password. I would like help in eliminating the old info so a new one may be set up.

  24. I cancelled Express Scripts as my mail order pharmacy 2 months ago and as of 8/27/15, I am still receiving medicines. When I needed medicines I could not get them, now that I don’t want meds, I get them. If you are thinking of changing mail order pharmacies from Express Scripts, remove your credit card information ASAP!

  25. Express Scripts refuses to fix there fax. I have called daily for months telling them that every time I send a fax it comes back “No Response” and I have even mail my proof of “No Response papers” back to them, and still I can not fax any scripts out to them, and when I call to put in a script verbally the pharmacy techs are extremely rude. I will never recommend a patient to use this mail order pharmacy.

  26. I am deaf and have trouble using the phone to ask questions. My husband took care of your orders but now I am a widow. So please share this information with the person that should receive it and let me know how to follow up in the future. I have a new Dr. my regular Dr. moved So Dr. Elizabeth Cook sent my Hydrochlorothirzide ( 25 MG Tab) order to you all and I was wondering when it would be refilled. I have enough to last for a week. So please let me know. Caring, Lillian Jordan


  28. Reff; Phone request, 12/05/15 Express Scripts Representative “Donald”
    Poor customer service.
    I “tried” to explain my problem to your representative, but he would not listen.
    We received a damaged order from Express Scripts , the “flimsy” envelope was damaged and the pill bottle was crushed and broken.
    Your representative seem to think this was the manufactures fault and I would have to contact them, not Express Scripts. I do not think the manufacture had any thing to do with shipping the Rx. I think Express Scripts needs to be responsible for the proper packaging of its orders.
    I am requesting that future orders be packaged properly to prevent this from happening again.
    Thank you,
    Deanna Barnes

    Reff; Order # 50705383, Rx # 14298085, filled 12/2/15

  29. I received a membership card and tried to activate but it keeps telling me errors 4006. I am unable to call you due to vocal paralysis. I have tried many times to create account but can not. Please advise. Thank you.

  30. Great customer service. First James helped me and then turned me over to team member Raquel. Both were courteous and very helpful. The missing rx is the doctors fault. They did not respond to a fax sent to them requiring a new prescription. First time I have ever called express scripts and I was very pleased.

  31. Your medications don’t work. I havent slept for days and am trying to switch back to my previous manufacturers used at my drug store. You obviously use inferior generics. I get cut off when I make phone calls. very unhappy. You probably wont even read this.

  32. This is the second time Ive written this and when I posted it, it disappeared. Not surprising since your Company is so defective. My new meds don’t work. You have cheap generics. I haven’t slept in days.

  33. My account was locked because of over limit trys to access Pharmacy. I could not find a place to reset my password, as they requested that I do. I could not find an email address to make contact without logging on, which I could not do. I cannot go through the frustration of using the phone and not understanding all the routing that goes on when I do! My request to you is that as Customer Service that you have my information reset as it was and I will try again after you leave a message on my email.

  34. Please take me off your calling list. I do no appreciate your company leaving automated voicemail on my phone at 8:30 at night. I do not care to utilize your services. Failure to comply with this request will leave me no option but to file a report with the Sheriff’s office.

    Thank you…

    Mark C. Rowley

  35. horrible horrible service its at least 6 -7 or more phone calls to resolve an issue. never does it get resolved on the first phone call. there is never anyone there that will go that extra step to make sure it gets resolved…

  36. I am a customer of express Scripts living in Cleveland Ohio. In today’s newspaper, I learnef you have decided to limit the potency and amount of pain medicine on your own. I am totally opposed and angered concerning your decision to make decisions about medical care instead of leaving it To the patient and his doctor. I totally disagreewith your decision to limit pain medicine. You have overstepped your authority and need to reconsider this decision.

  37. Poor Customer Service by Express Scripts. I paid the balance owed on line and showed a $0 Balance. Three Days later ES send an email that they won’t ship a refill that I’m about to run out of unless I contact them to beg for it. The all because of some nonsense about a “Floor Limit”?!? I don’t know what that is, but how can there be one on a Zero Balance?

  38. i don’t like your -[plan mjn you dontg help pedoople with prio authorizations appeals for 90 days and i am not rich n

  39. Re: prescription omeprazole #171815397159. I received several e-mails 2-3 weeks ago re: refill. I clicked that I did want this med, and since about a week ago I have received e-mails saying “because we didn’t hear from you, can’t fill. It makes me wonder if my doctor has not renewed. I called this morning (5/14/18) to inquire about mix-up and was told she was placing it in auto refill, auto delivery. When I asked why this has happened, only response I received was “is there anything else I can help you with?”
    I appreciate all you’ve done for me in the past and expect to receive in the future, but is all this follow-up on my part absolutely necessary? Please answer my inquiry. Thank you for your help.

  40. Spoke with Marsha today. She is very pleasant, kind, understanding, and has a calming and encouraging voice for customer service.

    Thank you for having customer service representatives as nice as Marsha.

    Very truly yours,

    Jon in Michigan


  42. Payments are not being credit! These payments were made thru the bank and include invoice number and member number. During a 3 way call the bank confirmed to Express Scripts that these payments were made and a confirmation number for the payments was provided. After a week no payments have been credit and now Express Scripts DEMANDS a written confirmation!

  43. I am absolutely appalled by this customer service or lack thereof. After reading the other comments, I see now that this is deliberate on the company’s end. After a total of 2 hours and 36 minutes over a 2-day period trying to resolve my SHIPPING ADDRESS, I was told that their systems were down and that I should call again in 1-2 hours. I asked for a manager, and was told to CALL BACK later for one; asked for customer service, and was told that she would pass on the message, and that they would try to call me in 72 hours?!?!?!?! Has anyone reported them tot he BBB? If this doesn’t get resolved, I plan on it as well as the MA Attorney General and my HR Office.

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