Contact ETrade Customer Service

Contact eTrade Customer Service

Contacting eTrade Customer Service Center

eTrade is financial service company that allows everyday people to trade online. In addition to online trade, the company offers banking, investing and brokerage services. eTrade was founded in 1982. There are approximately 3,000 employees working with eTrade as of July 2013. The company headquarters is located in New York, but there are at least 30 branch offices in the United States.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

eTrade customer service can be reached by phone 24 hours a day. Choose the customer service phone number for the division of the company you need to reach.

  • eTrade (Securities and Bank): 1-800-387-2331
  • International (Securities and Bank): 1-678-624-6210
  • eTrade Credit Cards: 1-866-503-2856
  • Stock Plans: 1-800-838-0908
  • International Stock Plan: 1-650-599-0125
  • Retirement: 1-877-921-2434

Mailing Address

You can choose to send your mail to the general post office address or directly to the company office.

eTrade SecuritiesAttn: Customer ServiceP.O. Box 484Jersey City, NJ 07303


eTrade Securities Attn: Customer ServiceHarborside Financial Center501 Plaza 234 Exchange PlaceJersey City, NJ 07311

Official Website

The US website for eTrade customer service is located at From the main page you can choose to learn more about eTrade products and services, eTrade bank, stock purchase plans and retirement programs. If you have an account with eTrade, log in to your account at the top of the page. You will need your User ID and password to log in.

Customer Service Email

Visit to send an email to the eTrade customer service department. The Send an Email link is located on the right side of the page. A box will pop up when you click the link. Fill in the requested information and send the email to the customer service department. You can also choose to chat with a live representative by clicking the Chat Live With a Representative link.

Our Experience

The eTrade customer service line is automated. You will be greeted by a welcome message requesting a social security number or account number, but you can press 1 for new accounts. We pressed 1 and the call was transferred to an agent specializing in new accounts. Our call was answered after slightly more than one minute. The Elite Services representative walked through the process of creating a new account on eTrade, but he did not push for personal information. According to the agent, the easiest way to start a new account is to sign-up online with a minimum deposit of $500.

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One comment on “Contact ETrade Customer Service
  1. #1 – I was unable to sign in to my account today.

    #2 I faxed to your fax number yesterday about 8:00 pm – RMD Distribution forms completed and signed for $5,000.00. Did you rec’v. it and could you email and let me know when you will send the check?

    #3 I was unable to do rating with the stars above.

    help help okay.

    Sandra T

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