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Contacting Ethan Allen Customer Service Center

Ethan Allen is an interior design company for the home. The main pull to the business is the furniture offers online and in stores, but there are other pieces like custom art, window treatments and storage.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Ethan Allen customer service department is open from 8:30 AM to 4:45 PM Monday to Friday. No weekend or evening hours are available. You must call on ET.

  • Ethan Allen Phone Number: 1-888-324-3571
  • Fax: 1-203-743-8577

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Ethan Allen customer service is listed on the Client Services page, referred to as the Customer Service page according to the link at the bottom of the website. If you have a simple question about the company or the interior décor pieces sold by the company, a letter may be overkill. You can ask any question using the email or social media contacts we’ve provided. However, if you must write a letter of compliment or complaint, this is the address for you.

Ethan Allen PO Box 1966Danbury, CT 06813

Official Website

Visit find the latest styles and discontinued items at rock bottom prices. Sales and specials change often, but there is usually some sort of sale and there’s always a clearance section. The clearance prices tend to reduce the normal price up to 60%.

Crafty visitors may notice the link to My Projects and Free Design Help at the top right of the page. Ethan Allen helps customers design the room they want to live in and save that design to use as a guide in the decorating project.

Social Media

Ethan Allen may not be the most social company, but they are a consumer-driven business and today that means having at least some social media presence.

Customer Service Email

If you want to contact Ethan Allen customer service by email, you have to visit the Client Services page here Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page and look for a small Contact Us link. An email form will pop up that you can use to ask a question.

Our Experience

The word of the day as it relates to Ethan Allen customer service is confusing. We realize the majority of customer service departments have an automated system, but what the systems should provide is direction, not the misinformation. The system only had three options to start with, so we selected the option pertaining to the customer service department. The call transferred to another set of options. This process occurred for two times after the initial selection. By the time we attempted to select the applicable option, we could have easily forgotten the purpose of the call.

Eventually, we reached a live customer service representative, after more than 10 minutes either waiting or attempting to decipher the automated system. This is not what a great customer service experience is supposed to be like. Do you have an experience with a happy ending? Take a few moments to share below.

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21 Comments on “Contact Ethan Allen Customer Service
  1. I would like to inform you the horrible delivery device that is occurring or lack thereof. I have ordered a headboard back in April 2014 just to find out the salesperson did not inform me of the upholstered rails. I then had to order the tales after the delivery of my headboard. I ordered the upholstered rails in August still no rails and my headboard remain leaning on a wall. This is my first bad experience and I am completely unsatisfied with this service and will be shopping elsewhere. Sad after all the furniture I bought with you guys. Not a satisfied customer.

  2. I would like to inform you the horrible delivery device that is occurring or lack thereof. I have ordered a headboard back in April 2014 just to find out the salesperson did not inform me of the upholstered rails. I then had to order the rails after the delivery of my headboard. I ordered the upholstered (including a second delivery fee) in August still no rails at the end of October, and my headboard remain leaning on a wall. This is my first bad experience and I am completely unsatisfied with this service and will be shopping elsewhere. Sad after all the furniture I bought with you guys. Not a satisfied customer. Some type of reimbursement or compensation would be appreciated.

  3. I ordered a Tang Horse, it arrived today. When I attempted to remove it from its packaging I discovered it was encased in the cheapest type of Styrofoam imaginable. Every part of it except its head witch had cleanly snapped where the packing materials stopped. The packing material crumbled into thousands of tiny pieces which clung to my hands, clothing, the carpet and the cat who walked by, its everywhere. You need to rethink your method of shipping, not only did it fail to protect this item it is also a major inconvenience for your clients.

  4. PLEASE teach your delivery people some basic people skills!!!! Ethan Allen delivery person came to my front door at 10am and barely announced he was from EA and started coming in my home without saying his name or greeting me!!! How bout ” Hello Mr Clark my name is blank and I’m here to deliver your furniture” and perhaps a how are you today would be nice. Omg. It was not very exciting to get my furniture because of him. Not friendly at all. Get with it people!!!!!’ If you hate your job then quit please!! Horrible man to see first thing and he represents your company?!?!?!?!?!? I’d fire him

  5. March 7, 2015 my wife went to the Pembroke Pines, FL store to meet with her sales person Jeannette Castelloux about a problem she was having with the Cutglass Hurricane piece. The silver on the piece turned colors and we wanted to know what could be done about it. The new store manager ask what we cleaned the piece with and my wife told him just a wet cloth. The store manager told her the water probably oxidized the silver. My wife being in the medical field explained to the new store manager that air oxidizes not water. She explained to him that we were regular customers and between the two of us have spend close to $30,000.00 with Ethan Allen throughout the years. The store manager said he had an audit coming up and could do nothing about the light. You need to know that the reason I have been purchasing Ethan Allen furniture is because we perceived it was better and we would not have problems with and issues with the furniture because it is at the high end of cost. This is terrible the way my wife was treated. My wife let the store manager know that he lost a loyal customer and he did not seemed concerned. We could have gotten better customer service from Walmart some place that we would not shop. You all seem to have a training problem if this is the way your managers treat your loyal customers. NFL (not for long)

  6. I purchased SALE chairs off the floor. Decorator, Linda told me chairs are all the same height & width. Well, chairs purchased are 251/2 inches wide. Chairs I am replacing are 19 1/2 inches wide. So, I called to return them, as I have NOT been called for a Delivery to date. I was given direction to call a Robert, who was so rude & said he would not allow me to return, but I have not even been called for a delivery yet. The Sick Story is I have been an Ethan Allen customer for over 40 years. My family has worked at an Ethan Allen franchise in Louisiana. No, the Really Sick Story is we are talking about $850.00. Is this not the most STUPID event you have heard of from a 40 year Customer. If I do not get proper resolution service, I will be telling the world of my Really Sick Story every chance I get!

  7. I placed a large order with Gayle C at the Lexington KY store on April 16 for a custom sofa, artwork, and ready-made pillows. I called about a month later to get an estimated delivery date. I found out then that Gayle had left and spoke to Sidney. Sidney did not have any information for me, promised to check, and never called me back. The next time I decided to talk directly to the manager, so I asked for Kerry and was told the items should arrive around the second week of June. The sofa and one piece of artwork were delivered on 6/20. I had received no explanation of why my other items were not delivered or when to expect them. I finally received the remaining items on August 8, almost FOUR MONTHS after I had ordered them. Between the first and second deliveries, I called Kerry 7 times and emailed her 7 times, because she would never call me, even after promising to check status and let me know.

    Here are my two issues with this whole process:
    1) Poor customer service – someone should have reached out to me after Gayle left, made an effort to find out what was the delay in my delivery, and called me back when promised. None of those things happened, so I had to constantly call and email to get any information. I understand I would have probably had better service and attention from Gayle if she had been there, but it seemed like no one cared about me or my order since they didn’t get the commission.
    2) Delivery time – why does it take 4 months to get 2 ready-made pillows??? The only custom item in my order was the sofa, which I received first.

    Despite all of this, Gayle did a wonderful job helping me pick everything out, and I love my new things. Hopefully EA will look into these issues so they don’t happen again to someone else.

  8. I don’t even know why they bother to pay whoever answers the phone. The guy could not be bothered telling me the exact name of my furniture piece(even with emailed pics), nor how to get paint repair supplies. Whatever happened to Ethan Allen being quality furniture? There is NO help if you run into a problem. I will NOT but Ethen Allen again.

  9. Worst experience I have ever had. The girl Sarah I spoke with was rude and very unhelpful to me. She made me feel awful and nothing but belittle me. She should not work in customer service. Sarah I hope u don’t treat people like this everyday. I only had a question about a chair I purchased and she was very mean. I don’t think I’ll be shopping here anymore.

  10. I am VERY disappointed with the quality of finishes on the coffee table and desk purchased on sales order 4167444934. Both surfaces are very soft and scratch easily. I’ve had Ethan Allen in the past and have not had this issue, but the new flat surfaces are very poor quality. No better than the inexpensive tv stand I purchased for a lot less money. I originally contacted customer service looking for information on what the finish was because the local person I contacted to refinish them wanted to know so he didn’t use something incompatible. No one would tell me. But said I did have warranty and they would send someone out. That wasted a month of my time. The person came out and determined the surfaces were scratched and it was my problem. I told them what the problem was before they scheduled the service call. Whole thing was a waste of time for no reason. Again, I’ve extremely dissatisfied with the quality of the finishes. Ethan Allen used to mean quality, but that no longer applies. I WILL NOT purchase any additional items from Ethan Allen, nor would I recommend it to anyone.

  11. I purchased 2 Meyer Tables from Ethan Allen in Skokie, IL. Order 2678268225. While recently in an Ethan Allen store I noticed how significantly different the table finish was versus the finish on the ones I received. I understand slight differences but in this case the difference in finish is dramatic. The tables in the store and on line are a warm toned with without black all around the edges. The tables I received are a brownish color with black around all the edges. I have tried to work with Ethan Allen on getting a refund and the tables returned. No one seems to want to respond to my calls BBB complaints and emails. I would like a full refund for these tables and will gladly return them. Pamela Malkowski 773-575-1575

  12. Your service is terrible. I have tried to work with you to resolve an issue with two Meyer tables purchased that have a significantly different finish than do the ones in the store and shown on line. Please contact me to discuss a full refund. Pam Malkowski 773-575-1575

  13. We live in Seattle and my wife accepted delivery Saturday morning. She said it was the best delivery experience she ever had. The gentleman who came to the door introduced himself and his partner. Jason and Cody were very helpful and friendly.

  14. Received our MING DISPLAY/Media sideboard on 4/27/16 at 8:15 am. Delivery personnel were excellent. However, I noticed later in the day when we had more natural light in room, that there are two defects. I notified my salesperson PAULETTE BUTLIN, Lakeside center that afternoon. Had to leave message as she was not available. I never heard back from her so I called her today, Friday, 4/29 at 2:35 pm. I asked her if she received my message and she responded with: “I put in a call to our service center”. Her demeanor was unfriendly and rather curt. I told her that I was disappointed that she chose not to return my call and that her attitude was not courteous or professional. IS THIS HOW YOU WANT YOUR SALESPEOPLE TO REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY? We have purchased many pieces from Ethan Allen and have never been treated this way! I would appreciate a response to this email complaint. I regretfully will not shop at Ethan Alken in the future if this is not handled in the proper manner.
    Thank you,
    Carole Gage

  15. Received a delivery of a sofa bed and love seat. All 16 pillows are overstuff and wrinkle leaving it to look like you need to iron the sofa and loveseat. I’ve called several numbers
    1) sofa and love seat delivered
    2) called customer service about pillows someone was suppose to call me
    3) called Corp left a message
    4) called store I brought the furniture from
    5) called store I brought the furniture from again talk to assistant manger
    6) called Corp again say they will call store but the person I spoke with didn’t take any info only my phone #

  16. please remove address from previous post. Having a hard time locating your customer service contact.

  17. we recently ordered furniture from Somerville, nj office for our family room. The loveseat and sofa both had very poor finishing. The coffee table was not sturdy and was shaking and also had a stain on the top. After sending pictures we had to mail swatches for the sofa and they said they would replace the cover. We had to schedule a day/time with the repair guy. He came on weekday and fixed the wiggly coffee table but not the stain. Ends up they have to replace the covers for sofa, loveseat and top for the coffee table. The only 2 pieces which were okay were the 2 side tables. What a waste of time. What happened to quality of Ethan Allen?

  18. I have been advised to write this email to your company’s client service department.
    We have been going through the worst experience we could ever imagine. We ordered chairs, 14 weeks ago, selected a quick ship leather on a non quick ship style chairs and ottomans. We have not received our order and at this point do t care if we ever go. You see these were our dream chairs never had anything this fancy in our 60 plus years could never afford! But we splurged knowi g these would be the last chairs we would have in our life. So needless to say we find out on 12/05 our leather color had not been available from the tannery. This was our first notice and we initiated the call to get an update on our order. No one ever contacted us to select a different color etc. so the holidays have come and gone we have no chairs and cannot even begin to tell you our total disappointment in your service , and lack of communication. We tried to cancel the order on the 5th when we were told they had not started on the chairs. But was told they would keep our $1600 deposit. We thought long and hard but that a whole months social security and were not sure we could afford to loose. Your company should be ashamed of this type of service and lack of. Communication among your stores and delivery and management and mfg. Absolutely shameful,
    Ray & Donna Bailey
    Springfield, IL

    • Sir or Madam:
      I noticed on my cell phone that I have an order with you. I cannot imagine
      how this order was placed, or when, or by whom. you have assigned order #\
      1785911. This better not be your way of advertising!!!!!!!!!!

      The text came to my cell phone on June 1, 2018. Please remove such
      an order AT ONCE. I never placed such an order. Also, please tell
      me why I would get a bill in the amount of $349.00.

  19. Very unhappy with the terribly uncomfortable cushions on the sectional we ordered. Focus was all on the material which was fine but, Salesperson never explained options on “stiffness” of sponge rubber filling and welt design.
    However, after reading about Customer Service performance above, I’m not even going to bother to pursue it further.
    Never again.

  20. Beyond disgusted! While UPS is the problem, Ethan Allen is not taking charge to remedy the situation! The item I’m needing is LOST. Ethan Allen could easily resend another while dealing with UPS issue, but they claim they can’t do that. Cancelling appointment with their design center where I was looking at spending $5 – 15k. William Sonoma Home is interested in my needs and providing me with the level of service that everyone deserves.

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