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Contacting ESPN Customer Service Center

ESPN is the global leader in sports information. The company started more than 30 years ago has grown into one of the most trusted brands in sports. ESPN is not just sports 24/7; it has more than 50 properties under its collective umbrella. The company is one of the most sought after companies to work for due to the relaxed environment and attention to perfecting the brand. One of the goals of the company is to enhance the customer experience.

Since the customer/viewer is the main focus, ESPN provides several methods to contact the customer service department. Customers do not have to register on the site in order to contact a representative, simply call, email or send correspondence through the mail.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

The customer care hotline is available 24/7 with a staff of trained representatives. Since ESPN has multiple properties, ensure questions are directed to the appropriate department. The company has a commitment to the viewers and values their respective opinions. Prior to contacting the customer service department, the company recommends visiting the ESPN FAQ page to see if your concern has been recently addressed.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers wanting to share feedback with the company are recommended to call the customer service department.

  • Customer Care Department: 1-888-549-3776

Mailing Address

The company also accepts traditional forms of correspondence at the corporate headquarters. Mail questions and concerns to the following location:

ESPN Viewer Response
ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010

When the company receives correspondence, it places the communication with individuals of decision-making capabilities.

Official Website

The ESPN official website provides access to every sport imaginable. The website also provides links to the properties, including ESPN 2, ESPN U and ESPN 3. Views can view live feeds as well as recorded highlights from the popular Sportscenter. One key feature of the site is it allows users to localize results.

Customer Service Email

When you have a question or concern, you can send an email to the customer service department. The customer care email here does not require personal information. In the event you are a member of, you can sign into your account and access the customer service email.

We send an email to the customer service department inquiring what cable providers allow access to live programming through the ESPN properties. The automated response claimed we would receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Our Experience

Calling the customer care department is simple and easy to navigate. The automated system does not provide a multitude of options, just what you need to speak with a customer care agent. We waited approximately 3 minutes prior to speaking with a customer service representative. The employee sounded pleasant and ready to serve our needs. We asked about the alternative methods to contact customer service. He provided us with the Facebook page and the Twitter page.

The customer service department at ESPN is world-class. If you had a question or concern, did the representative give you the run around or did they satisfy your needs? We want to hear from you. Share your thoughts below.

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354 Comments on “Contact ESPN Customer Service
  1. Check the tape about the last minute of the streak for the cash pick in the first half of boston/Brooklyn there was 6pts scored

  2. Enough of Colin Cowherd!!!! His focus is on ratings and his constant attacks on A&M are too much!!! The entire program focused on A&M and Manzel. He tried to go to baseball, something he knows nothing about nor cares, and ended back attacking A&M. He has without question said very positive things about the University of Texas and how they are going to take out A&M – goes “Ha Ha Aggies” was a bit rude but am sure he gets ratings. Well I am out – hopefully others will follow so suggest you all check his ratings – hopefully they drop and he will move back to Vegas where he belongs!!!

  3. There are dozens of us in Bend, Oregon that would like to lodge a major complaint against one of your ESPN, College basketall broadcasters, Bill Walton. We have given him a rating of zero for his continual obnoxious,arrogant and cricical comments about players, coaches and how the game has gone to pot since he played. Take him off the air now. Do a survey and we predict he will get a terrible rating. We have all decided that we will not watch a game in the future no matter who is playing if he is one of the broadcasters. Basketball fans in Bend, Oregon.

    • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I thought I was the only one that had to turn off the sound because of Bill Walton..He is absolutely obnoxious, and is so focused on everything but the game, it nauseating. We at Arizona have had it with him, and any station that uses his “expertise” from 50 years ago.

      W E Solinger
      Green Valley, AZ

    • ESPN’s second biggest blunder was hiring Bill Walton, its first biggest lunder is keeping him. He is absolutely worthless as an announcer. During an entire game he probably addresses the game maybe five times. The rest of the time he is talking about himself. Which is about as interesting as watching snail races. Please take him off the air.

  4. Hello,

    I have a problem, I have a fantasy baseball team named “DETROIT DUMPERS” with a group called “Sienfeld lovers” . I registered with ESPN using a random email that I don’t even have because the draft was gonna begin and it wasn’t taking my regular email. I need to know how to be able to get back on not knowing that email.
    Thank you!

  5. I watched both the Tues & Thurs. night broadcasts of the NIT men’s games. I cannot tell you how dismayed I was with the commentators. It got so bad Tues. night I actually had to mute the sound. They were totally distracting with their constant jabber about everything except the game. Rarely did they tell us what was happening & when they did, they often had it wrong. They spent most of their time telling old stories that had nothing to do with the game we were watching. We also heard a great deal about what they would have done when they couched & on & on & on. Their job should be to help us know what is happening on the floor In as much as we do not get a full picture of the whole game on TV.
    ESPN needs better quality control.

  6. Please, get rid of Alexis Lalas as a soccer analyst!!!!! This man is an insult to soccer! I’m a European living in the USA and I watched the last Euro and the current World Cup on ESPN and I am appalled, I repeat, appalled by his non-knowledge of the soccer rules. For a former pro player this is properly unbelievable and absolutely shameful. Soccer fans deserve much better from the worldwide leader ESPN is. Give us some analysts with real knowledge, we do not care about a former US soccer star, who to us is barely a second tier player.
    Thank you.

  7. Concerning the offensive language of your tennis commentators, I can relate to Tom Howerton who commented to Contact ESPN Customer Service in January that he put his TV on ‘mute’ to avoid it. I do the same thing. I started muting out Maria ‘Screamova’ as she’s disgusting, and then proceeded to mute out Patrick McEnroe with his continual ‘back to deuce’ bombs – I even heard him say ‘back to 30 all’ once. Fortunately you have Cliff Drysdale whose English is impeccable. However McEnroe has contaminated Chris Fowler and Pam Shriver also, who also occasionally use the ‘back to deuce’ inaccuracy. I thought I could comfortably watch a match with the sound on, with commentators Brad Gilbert & Tom Rinaldi, but then Tom spews out ‘ …from 40 love to back to deuce…’! Does anyone there care about accurate score reporting?

  8. You have some excellent commentators. I especially like Rennae Stubbs, Brad Gilbert, Cliff Drysdale, and others.
    But I cannot stand to listen to Chris Fowler who talks WAY too much, talks through the serve, between first and second serves, and in the last matches didn’t give John McEnroe (who does have interesting things to say) time to comment before a point started, and adds almost nothing anyway. I have also heard him make belittling remarks about another commentator. Please take him off tennis!

  9. Is there some way to do a story on the Colorado Rockies owner he doesn’t seem to care what the rookies fans think off there team all the fans are unhappy with some of his comments thank you Colorado Rockies fan

  10. I watch just about everything espn has to offer. My concern is that i don’t get to see any of the wnba reguler season,then you start showing the playoffs. I’m so enterested to see mya moore,britney grinner,della donna,and other great stars then you don’t telivise it intirty. A lot of people just don’t realize just how great the wnba performs. I would appreciate it if we could view all the playoffs and not just when you want to please letcus watch the rest.

  11. I meant to say costumer service sucks. I just hung up the phone after being on hold for 40 minutes. If you guys are that busy you need to hire some more help. If you ever get a chance please call me back I would like to play fantasy football this year.

  12. ESPN, love Berman on AZ vs SD game. DilFer has too many gun references and whEN he personalizes the game he ostracizes. Thanks

  13. I can no longer listen to Ray Lewis on any of your TV panels…I have been viewing ESPN for decades…no longer…

    His commentary is disturbing and his use of the English language is suspect, to say the least.

    He does not represent your organization at a high level, something I think should be a priority of ESPN’s.

  14. I contacted ESPN via email following the Clemson vs FSU football game. I thought it was a disgrace that FSU had thier suspended QB on the sideline but even worse that ESPN continued to out him on camera all night long. I received an email stating that my message was received and someone would respond to me. To date, no response. I called Customer Service tonight to express disappointment in Midnight Madness coverage. We want to see the celebrations, not a practice or the 4 talking heads in the studio. I also raised my previous issue. All I got was that they (customer service) are there to hear our remarks. No commitment of a response. You can do much better.

  15. Watching ESPN college football is a damn disgrace. You allow, all through the broadcast. these poor stupid little girls asking coaches and players stupid insane question. You down 40 points in the first half, How Does that make you feel? O My God how stupid.
    During the game ,when plays are binging run, you allow these same stupid girls to run around giving stupid reports
    Your announcers play callers are running their mouths not calling the game.
    Now we move to the regular broad cast, every program on ESPN has a stupid girl as the anchor again asking stupid questions.

    Why don’t you hire some people that know something about the sport your are covering.
    ESPN may have grown but is lousy program,. Thank god for the channel changer.

    • I bought a cricket 2015 package but I’m not getting a link to watch live cricketbetween India & Pakistan,I have been on hold with customer service @ 888 549 3776 for more tha 45 minutesFinally I had to hang up

  16. we have been watching nhra drag racing on espn 3 for 2- years.we like it cause we can watch it live and don,t have to wait till late at night. can you tell us why you won,t be showing it this year ,are very disappointed please let us know why.

  17. Keith Olbermann hatred for Penn State is be on compare to any sports announcer I have ever heard. Beside the recent comments on PSU Thon, which he is being suspended for his run away mouth. He has made statements about the Sandusky case, with out checking the facts. To date, the three men, Curley, Shultz and Spainer accused of hiding information, have to this date not had their day in court, but Olberman has judged them and the university guilty. If he even had a drop of integrity that Joe Paterno lived by, he could not hold a job because he operates on lies. I have watched ESPN since it started broadcasting in the 70’s, but I refuse to watch ESPN with an unscrupulous Olberman heading one of your shows. Seven day suspension is not enough. He forced out of Fox Sports, so why would ESPN Management keep him on the air. I will watch Fox Sports. At least they have integrity.

  18. I was very disappointed to see an electronic cigarette (Mystic) commercial on ESPN this morning! It’s an unhealthy habit, no matter the form, to be promoted on a channel that revolves around sports.

  19. Trying to watch the opener Cards / Cubs game on ESPN. 3 sports announcers are unaware there is a game going on. Please review your tape of this game and take note of how LITTLE these 3 talk about the game at hand. 80% is total BS between THEIR careers and constant review of Wrigley Field renovations…….Hope these commentators will not be doing many of these games…..
    7th inning…..changing to another program….

  20. There is nothing more annoying than watching the crawl for two to three minutes only to have it cut off by a fanduel commercial or meothelioma ad. Take care of business, you’re the worldwide leader in sports for Pete’s sake !

  21. I understand ESPN refused to pay a prize to the twelve year old boy who was the winner of one of your fantasy games. If this is true, your staff can only be described as nothing more than pathetic “SOB(s)”

  22. I believe that that young blond reporter, Britt McHenry, should be FIRED, not suspended for 1 week, for her horrid rant against that lady! She reflects very poorly on ESPN, and the entire industry. She is, and should be recognized as toxic!
    Jerry A Gauthier

  23. Since you brought Britt McHenry back, I am cancelling my ESPN channels. In any ofher organization she would be fired or placed at a desk. We all can only think she is someones daughter or dating an ESPN Exec.

    So sad but not worth ever keeping ESPN anylonger.

  24. Giving Britt McHenry a plum like Marcus Mariota is a shame. You have the same problem with consistency of punishment as the NFL has. One week for treating another person like trash and flauting her fame with ESPN? That’s it? And now she gets the number two draft choice to cover? Sickening.

  25. the information bar at the bottom of the television screen is really distracting. to much information to fast! The motion makes you dizzy..
    Can this be taken off, or the information slowed down.

    Thanks Bob Porter

  26. ESPN TIGERS baseball is not available for the Sisters of Mercy at McCauley center in Farmington Hills Michigan. What can I do to have this corrected. Is the problem my TV connection or something else. I’m 90 years old so my nephew Robert is sending this message.

    Thank you, Ruth M. Smith

  27. ESPN Tennis commentators – Have noticed that John McEnroe, Patrick McEnroe, Brad Gilbert, Robert Fowler tend to refer to Joe Tsonga, Gael Monfils, and Dustin Brown as ‘entertaining’ during their respective matches plays. Are they not considered professionals players as Federer, Murray Djcovich? ESPN, you can do better overall with these commentators. They talk like they s/b in a sports bar instead of on the air. Really irritating.

  28. You’ve hit a new low pairing Patrick McEnroe and Tom Rinaldi together (both ‘back-to-deuce when it’s NOT’ guys) in the Wawrinka/Gasquet match. Check your recording. Disgusting, inaccurate -plus, they talk WAY too much.

  29. You’ve hit a new low, pairing Patrick McEnroe and Tom Rinaldi (both “back-to-deuce when it’s NOT” guys) in the Wawrinka/Gasquet match. Totally inaccurate score reporting, plus, they talk WAY too much.

  30. Hello,
    I am a tennis player and like many club players – play doubles.
    Today, after the Ladies singles, you chose to show the men’s semi-finals? How about the doubles? I watched that match -plus with DVR – one does not even need to be available at time played.
    PLEASE show doubles – Martina Hingis, etc. You are really making doubles very unimportant.
    The other networks do the same.
    Unhappy watcher

  31. I am following up on the voicemail message I left you. I thought you might be interested in this volunteer Community project for Joe Di Maggio and his accomplishment that still stands today. We are almost finished with the 22′ Chris Craft runabout that was given to Joe on Joe Di Maggio day in 1949 at the New York Yankees Stadium. He brought the boat back to his birthplace and ultimately gave it to the City of Martinez where it was on display outside in the elements at the marina and fell into disrepair.

    A local resident John Wendt, who shares the same birthday as Joe thought this boat was worth saving, convinced the City of Martinez to put it in a shed and the Diablo Chapter of the Sons of Italy began fundraising efforts. I saw the article in the local Martinez News Gazette and thought it would be a wonderful community project.

    I raised two Sons in Martinez and being a third generation carpenter. I wanted to help restore the Joltin Joe for the City of Martinez to preserve the Heritage of this great community, the Italian fishing industry that thrived here, honor Joe Di Maggio and of course the Great game of Baseball.

    We began almost six years ago and with the help of an old pattern maker Shipwright Don Curtis, the Carpenters Local 152 with all volunteer labor has this boat showroom condition and ready for a museum.

    “We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.”
    ― Vince Lombardi

  32. I have been a longtime ESPN viewer and among the things I like most about the network is that there is a certain irreverence and willingness to not take sports as the most serious thing on the planet. From “Highly Questionable” – my favorite show – to the ESPN promos, their is a wit and intelligence about it.

    So, as a golf fan, I am almost dumbfounded by the inferior announcing of golf, most recently the British Open. With Scott VanPelt and Andy North being noticeable exceptions, what is going on with the announcing decisions? Mike Tirico is barely passable as a golf announcer and Paul Azinger a few levels down as an analyst. But Curtis Strange? He defies description as a talking head. His comments are obvious at best – while not verbatim: “The wind is blowing and that will make shotmaking difficult.” – to absolutely wrong. His forced guffaws after barely humorous asides were jarring and his performance in general was not up to ESPN standards. And this is not just a one time thing. He has been terrible for as long as he has been on air. Why does ESPN keep him on? It’s as if one of his fraternity brothers works at ESPN and wants to help out a fellow brother by giving him a job. Please, ESPN, I know you are losing the Open next year – just don’t subject us to another year of Curtis… please?!

  33. I am watching the Kansas City / Angels game on Sunday Night Baseball. The announcers, with blessings from ESPN, I’m sure, felt in necessary to comment on a gay Milwaukee Brewer who ‘courageously” came out of the closet. It offends me that ESPN and other media venues wants to trample on, and disrespect a groups religious objections to homosexuality. But, I suppose it’s politically correct to insult religious conservative beliefs and demonstrate intolerance. Do both sides of homosexuality a favor and show respect for both sides by keeping your mouths shut.. stick to sports!

    I am respectfully asking ESPN to PLEASE refrain from commenting on or supporting any side of a controversial subject… and STICK TO SPORTS! If the dude is “gay” – he’s gay. But to act like he deserves a medal is frankly sickening. Perhaps Christian conservatives deserve a medal for courageously standing against it. I’m not holding my breath that ESPN has decency to refrain from articulating positions on such sensitive issues. But if they don’t, I’ll exercise my right not to tune in. And believe me, there are more who take this position than those who support ESPN on taking positions on social issues. RESPECT THOSE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ISSUE….

  34. I was totally disgusted with the suspension of Curt Shilling. He is a man of character and intelligence. Publishing facts about those whose goal is to destroy anyone who disagrees with them is merely telling the truth. And ESPN suspends him? Take your political correctness and flush it!

  35. No one has picked up for 2 days. I’ve tried several options.

    I waited on hold for an hour 3 times.

    Why are the weekly point projections not provided yet? The season starts this week.

    I’d like to compare my players to my opponent’s players.

    Why does the line seemed to be unmanned? Has everyone been off Saturday today and will be tomorrow for the holiday? I hope not, because as I said, the season starts soon and people need help now.

  36. Tennis has always asked for silence (or near so) during play. Your announcers for this year’s Open have not abided by that tradition.The latest– I just heard them talking about someone’s children playing pac man while the women’s play was in progress. They would have been asked to leave the tournament if they had been sitting in the audience. Please have them stop talking during play.

  37. What the F–k are you doing ?????? The NHRA U.S. NATIONALS ARE IN INDIANAPOLIS FOR THE BIGGEST RACE OF THE YEAR & you ASSHOLES have tennis on both espn & espn2. Words cannot describe how glad I am that your sorry ass network will now longer be a pain in my ass after a few more weeks. NO NASCAR ,NO NHRA ,NO ESPN!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN MY HOUSE. THIS CHANNEL WILL BE DELETED FROM MY CHANNEL LIST AS SOON AS THE CURRENT NHRA SEASON ENDS . SUCH A SORRY BUNCH YOU ARE. G00D-BYE & GOOD RIDDANCE.

  38. so why would such a good brand support such a awful person as a britt mchenry? seeing that she obviously does not like the people who make up the majority who watch sports which are regular working class ppl. how do I know this her rant on parking lot attendent. espn brand has so much support for many great causes such as Jimmy v foundation. I don’t think she britt mchenry will help your brand grow I think it do lessor. I’ll make it know who you hire for on air talent. where Stuart Scott when you need him ugggh

  39. I played DraftKings throughout the NBA season,with no problems.I played week one of NFL and lost all the money i bet. My problem is that it won’t let me deposit funds on my account. The most aggrevating part is that I can’t communicate with a real person to solve this problem. I just keep getting automated text messages. No customer service phone number is a big problem to me. Even if you have to outsource real people this issue need to be fixed. can Somebody Help Me.

  40. Why did your app change ? I have an I phone and recently updated my phone and your app changed from being on the left column to the top. I have my favorites on your app and find it much easier to access my favorites on the left side than the top. Please advise if I can change your app back to the left side of my phone. Thank you.

  41. I can not believe you people have the nerve to allow a conspirator in a murder to appear on your programming as if it were NO BIG DEAL. Ray Lewis obstructed justice to avoid prosecution for the crime of murder. Please stop allowing that thug to think he is to cool for school, he belongs in prison !!!!!!!!!
    No more babbling RAY on the screen, PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of role models are you people, GANGS BANG FOREVER ?????????????????
    Just about what the NFL has turned into !!!

    Edward T. Murray
    Decorated Veteran

  42. dear sir. i have both a request and a complaint. first is the complaint. i havent heard from ur office with a complaint. second is the request. when is the 30 for 30 trojan war be availible on dvd name is john

  43. Watch ESPN everyday find it very disappointing how you keep belittleing and portraying these officer in such a negative way instead of bashing cops maybe u should take time pay some respect to the passing of a cop that was murdered in cold blood. Concerned about a tennis player or nba player who was injured by NYPD officers or. What about the four NYPD officers that was murder in the course of 11 months. Have no problem talking about sefolosha blake garner hands up don’t shoot I can’t breathe ….what about a segment on falling officer who were murdered!!.. Brian Moore Randolph Holder Rafael Ramos Wenjian Liu

  44. I live in Northwest Arkansas and wanted to watch last night’s Kansas State basketball contest on ESPN3. The message indicated the broadcast was blacked out in our area. The K-State site indicated the game would be blocked in Kansas, but that should not include Arkansas. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to get future broadcasts. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

  45. I need someone from espn to contact me ,, i would like to get theyre help to do a commercial for ohio and other states ,,to help AA and the people in need of AA ,,I am a clean and sober living person forover 11 years and want to reach out to anyone who needs AA clean and sober people need help and AA has helped so many ,,would someone give us a hand to help others in need ??

  46. The back ground noise from the spectators is so loud, you cannot hear th
    announcers. It is not our TV, nor do we have surround sound. Its the soujnd
    system ESPN has on the field. Can you do anything about this. We have other
    friends also say the same thing.

    Teresa Buchanan

  47. I’d like to make a statement about fairness when it comes to selecting teams for bowl games. What makes you think that Nevada and Colorada State should be denied an opportunity to be seen by their supporters on ESPN, especially when they have better records than some other teams in their own conference? Who are the lunatics who make these decisions based on who they like rather than who deserves it. The academic ratings shouldn’t have anything to do with who’s qualified. Teams with better records should come first. It appears to me that someone or some committee decided that these two schools just aren’t important enough for anyone to care about. We care and we hope that you stop adding extra bowl games unless every team can be seen on TV by you and all the major broadcasting companies .

  48. Trying to watch the Miss-Ok St FB game tonight…You have so many mics on to close to the bands and crowd, it drowns out the announcers…

  49. Please stop telling that a game is live streaming on your ESPN app if I get ESPN. I have Verizon FiOS with ESPN through FiOS programming with a package called “custom TV” and I have a choice of 2packs , one is sports pack which includes ESPN channels but not all.the second sports packs costs an extra $10/month of which now I will never get. While watching ESPN NCAA football bowl games your alternative availability was clearly misrepresented. Very inacurrate. Mainly issues with espn’s misunderstanding of their customers and the internet/TV providers or both.

    • Id rather not look the game on espn news if i do not get it and then try to use your app. Make it clear that if airing on ESPN News temporarily, and even though you subscribe to ESPN espn2 and others it “may” be available but not “is” for sure available.

  50. You have to pay a cable company $100’s per month just to watch espn 3 (that use to be free!)
    So, if I buy cable to get espn on tv, why in the world would I need espn 3? Just another way to screw American citizens out of another dollar?

  51. Ohio State vs Michigan “floor seat coverage” sucks !!!! Hard to follow game, impossible to see offensive and defensive sets. May have sounded like a good idea, but I ended up turning the channel and listening to the game on the radio. Too bad, your experiments hurt the fans viewing experience.

  52. I was so excited about rivalry week and watching the Ohio State vs. Michigan basketball game. Some knucklehead at ESPN decides to try to court side viewing. You not only ruined the game because it was way too hard to follow, you made me not want to watch your channel again. Nice job on ruining an important game!

  53. The “floor seat” broadcast of the Michigan/Ohio basketball was awful for the viewer. I spent more time looking at fans in the stands instead of the close up of the action on the floor. Additionally, I kept hearing the male fans shouting in the audio. Please consider never trying this experiment again as you will lose me as a viewer when this type of broadcast is used and I am sure your advertisers would not be pleased. It actually made me nauseous to watch for any length of time.


  55. First of all, I want ESPN to know that I appreciate your station with all the opportunities to watch college basketball. I have been a Kansas Jayhawk fan all of my life (57 years) and enjoy watching KU games on all networks. I do have one complaint about almost all networks when it comes to the commentators. Many times a foul will be called and the commentators are busy talking about what some player had for breakfast (or some other item that has nothing to do with the game), and do not tell us who or what the foul was. That becomes frustrating.

  56. ESPN is the only network that broadcasts MLB games and does not show the position of the batter when they show the graphic of who is batting. ESPN does it for college baseball and softball. It is annoying watching a game and you do not know the position of the present batter.

  57. Curt Schilling is RIGHT; a man is a man and a woman is a woman. If you’re not sure which one you are…look at your birth certificate.
    I will boycott Excellent Source of Political Non-sense (ESPN) if they are willing to let this excellent sports analyst go because his opinion is truthful.

  58. It is my understanding that ESPN is not covering the French Open except for a match you deem the best to be shown over a two hour period each day. Is this correct?
    If so, I can not stress how disappointed and angry I am.
    We rely on ESPN and, as you are well aware, there are
    only 4 Grand Slams a year and fans wait with great anticipation for them to begin and enjoy every minute of watching the matches on TV. I do not want to sit in front of my computer, pay for and watch a stream of the matches. Are you showing the second week; the finals? Is there another channel covering the Open besides The Tennis Channel, which we have to pay another channel we have to pay for.

  59. ESPN can do a lot better in their production of the NCAA Track and Field telecast. Try to stop focusing in on just one or two runners. Follow the action not the crowd. Tell the two announcers that LSU wears purple not Oregon green. Those two were brutally bad. Are they on the NIKE payroll? Lady on the field ask a few more questions of substance….please. All in all a very poor job. Major suggestion…. GET TWO NEW ANNOUNCERS!!!!!!!! They sucked.

  60. How wonderful this year to have ALL the round of 16 and quarterfinals available as they are happening. Having half on ESPN & other half on ESPN2 lets us watch one and record the other and miss NOTHING! Some of us can’t afford the steep price of the Tennis Channel – so THANK YOU for letting us see all the action this year!

  61. How wonderful this year to have ALL the round of 16 and quarterfinals of Wimbledon available as they are happening. Having half on ESPN & other half on ESPN2 lets us watch one and record the other and miss NOTHING! Some of us can’t afford the steep price of the Tennis Channel – so THANK YOU for letting us see all the action this year!

  62. Oh and we even got to see the doubles matches of Wimbledon this year! Y’all are amazing – tennis is so often forgotten and I thank you for making it better this year than ever before! (now if you can just get John McEnroe paid somehow other than by the word!!! Or tell him to omit unnecessary words!)

  63. I have tried to reach ESPN management without success. When I tune in for sports, I want SPORTS, NOT social commentary. You are turning ESPN into a Social Justice channel…and I will no longer watch any of your programming when I detect non-sports conversation. Rest assured that I am not alone…I have heard the exact same attitude from in excess of 10 of my friends…and I think I am understating the concern. Sports is an escape…and you are changing it to a continuation of the stress of live in general. Stupid of you, if you want us to watch. I note the advertisers and make it a point to NOT buy their products.

  64. This Morning around 7:30am CST. Oct. 13th you ran a commercial that talked about adoption I believe but not sure, can you tell me what company or when it’s going to run again. My son and daughter are both adopted and my son and I were watching and just saw ourselves. It hit home and when a 13 year old kid tells me “that was Cool and cried with me” I have to tell that company THANKS

  65. Who do you think you are!! Cutting off the men’s final at Indian Wells! Leave it to the tennis channel if you can’t show the whole match.

  66. Mr. Walton is a very annoying sportscaster/color person. He is very distracting from the game and very rude to his associate doing the Pac-12 games. He enjoys talking about his life’s experiences, about which I could not care less. I want to enjoy the play-by-play of the games. I actually turn the volume off to avoid having to listen to him. Please do not renew his contract for next year.
    Thank you,

  67. Mr. Walton is a very annoying sportscaster/color person. He is very distracting from the game and very rude to his associate doing the Pac-12 games. He enjoys talking about his life’s experiences, about which I could not care less. I want to enjoy the play-by-play of the games. I actually turn the volume off to avoid having to listen to him. Please do not renew his contract for next year.
    Thank you,
    You might add a send button to this comment post. I do not know if you get it.

  68. Please take Bill Walton off of ESPN and The Pac !2 Network. It is not fair that we have to listen to the radio instead of the TV broadcast. All is want is a play by play of the game. If you think, Mr. Walton is entertaining, please have him talk just to you. The NCAA tournament has been so wonderful because we haven’t had to deal with Bill Walton. There is no one I talk to that likes the way he broadcasts the games. You have ruined the ESPN and Pac 12 coverage of the games. I implore you to take him off the air.

  69. I have been a “dedicated viewer” of ESPN for many many years, but your firing of people for having views that dont agree with your LEFTIST UN-AMERICAN views make me sick. I am through with you. I will never again be a part of your organization again.

  70. The new Sportscenter with Carrier Champion is a show in am not watching. Replace her with a sportscaster that is about Sports and not about her clothes and her personality. And that opening line about “its TV time is ridiculous. Coast to Coast has got to go, or get some different sportscasters.

  71. Just watched the Women’s Softball game between UCLA and Old Miss. Did anyone else see the 7 run scored by UCLA miss the plate but was not called out. She returned to the dugout and should have been called out by the home plate umpire. Game would have been over. Watch the replay and see for yourself. Umpiring was very questionable, at least at the plate.

  72. I have watched Mike and Mike for years, this show is a combination where the whole exceeds the parts. Tray will be fine but now it will be just a sports show, not the crazy interaction of Mike and Mike. I will be watching the show less and have no intention of watching Greenberg’s new show.
    You have taken something that appeals to my wife who in not a sports person and converted it to something we both will watch less.
    As far as I an concerned it is a boneheaded move

  73. I’ve never been so disgusted as much as your person telling everyone that the NFL should not be playing the national anthem at ball games. I’m 70 years old and have never attended any professional event where the national anthem was sung or played. In one short interview, you guy alienated thousands. Shame on ESPN.

  74. How can you highlight your Back-Back-Gone segment and dismiss the 3-run homer by Gonzalez last night that gave the Astros a 6-4 lead over the Orioles? Very disappointing – you do know how good the Astros are, don’t you?

  75. You need to start a go fund me page so you can fix you closed caption on tv shows. It been going on for sometime. It’s got something to do with typing in the word “that”. Certainly looks unprofessional.

  76. Love Coach, Wendy, Louis, but will boycott my favorite show on espn NFL Live if that stupid smug faced Josina Anderson is now a member. She sucks in every way

  77. Who can I tell how much I enjoy Bone and Mendoza talk on and on and on about ANYTHING but baseball on your Sunday Night BASEBALL? airing? I am so damn sick and tired of all their war stories WHILE the game is going on and no one is calling the game. This is pure unadulterated BS. Tell those two ninnies to CALL the game.

  78. Will someone please tell Boone and Mendoza that there’s a baseball game going on down on the field. Pitches, batters, hits plays, etc. Tell them to stuff their war stories where the sun doesn’t shine.

  79. I will never watch espn2 again after bashing of our president. tell michael smith & jemele hill to keep their opinions about our president out of sports and do their job report on sports not politics

  80. Are you freaking kidding? Pulling an announcer off the air because his name is Robert Lee? Give me a break …. what idiots!

    • disgusted with ESPN’S statement regarding Jemele Hill bashing POTUS. You just had a little sit down talk with her and now she understands her remarks were inappropriate. What BS! If it was a white reporter bashing former president Obama I bet there would not have been a sit down talk. That person would have been fired.

  81. ESPN you violated the rights of Bill Lee and if you thought your ratings were bad
    last season, wait until we tank your stocks and #BOYCOTT ESPN…you are anti-
    american, anti Trump. we are 62 million strong, we can just ignore you and your

  82. Espn has gone from sports, to politics, to ridiculous. I used to watch Sportscenter since way way back…it was on all day; hey,, I used to fall asleep with Sportscenter on tv every night…if i want politics, i will turn on a political show. You’ve ruined it!

  83. espn use to be the best sport channel, but now your station is a political program channel. In this point in time when people need a break from all the nonsense in the world. People like me that are not from the left nor the right now have to listen to the people that you haven’t fired political views. I didn’t think that anyone would make me miss Skip Bayless but you clowns have done it by putting that idiot max Kellerman puke out his political thoughts because he has no clue about any sport beside boxing. To wrap this up you have lost another viewer as I’m sure that you have lost an awful lot of viewers that just care to listen about sports. I hope you learn this before it’s to late as you become even more irrelevant in the sports world

  84. Jemele Hill needs to be fired. If you don’t support the president keep it to your self unless you want to offend half of America that support him or voted for him. Half of America is tired of the people that have a voice on TV spinning the facts and cherry picking what is reported and what is not. ESPN has a reputation as having a liberal bias. I am a independent and should not be talking to a sports network about Politics. Maybe if you just stuck to sports you wouldn’t have a problem now. Send a message and fire Jemele Hill. You know you would if it had been President Obama she was talking about. We hope you do the right thing,

  85. I just read the statement ESPN made about Jemele Hills rant about white people and the president. A finger wagging, a you know better than that wink, wink. I will no long watch ESPN on TV or Listen to ESPN radio. When a product is bad you don’t support it and if enough people feel the same way they change or go out of business. ESPN YOU ARE FIRED.

  86. After watching ESPN for many years as a way to enjoy sports programming and not get political comments from Sportscasters. Espn has gone totally Left Wing and I and entire family(16 people will no longer watch ESPN programming) are done with this left wing liberal bull. I am not a republican either just pissed off in where this country has gone. Shame on you ESPN !!!!!

  87. I’m done with ESPN and so are a lot of my friends. Keep politics OUT of our sports. Its a disgrace what you did with Robert Lee, and your excuse was lame. Now we have Michael Smith & Jemele Hill giving their political opinions…! That was the last straw for us. Jemele Hill should be FIRED for what she said.
    Had enough in PA. i’m canceling tomorrow.

  88. You do realize that your organization is a joke at this point. I sincerely hope you recognize this. We want sports, not a political agenda. I grew up loving your network, now I can barely bare to press “go” on my iPhone to access your site. If you really count on me coming back over and over again, even to watch your actual sports programming minus your brainwashing, you are incorrect. Oh, there are millions of people like me and we have money. Keep it up.

  89. For years I have tuned into ESPN for scores and highlights.I was very surprised to hear some punk kid spew her political views.There are other sport’s show’s where I can get my scores and highlights.You have lost me as a viewer until you fire this idiot!!!

  90. This is to let you know that our household is blocking all ESPN broadcasts as long as Jemele Hill is on the air. We are tired of disrespectful comments about the President of the US and our country. People who make disparaging comments about liberal groups and causes are held accountable but supporters of liberal causes and anti american beliefs are not. Enough!!! Get her off the air.

  91. my commnt is jemele hill is a twit and should be fired for her comments about Donald trump but because she is a black pos bitch she wont,but you fired curt schilling who is by farther a better human being then this ape jemele hill.liberals ,dems and progressives are the biggest terrorist threats this country faces over all terrorist groups out there and the biggest one is obama

  92. ESPN’s commentator Jemele Hill accused President Trump of being a racist. That is her opinion. People watch ESPN for the sports not to get your commentators personal political views. you will lose viewership if this continues. Too bad one of the few female commentators has to ruin it.

  93. I’m sick of ESPN shoving their political and social views on us! You are NOT a network for this nonsense,…..or so I thought but seemingly you and your really bad choices of commentators have a different idea so I’m changing my cable plan to make sure ESPN is not a part of it. Enjoy your ride to the bottom!

  94. I’m done with all espn regardless what you’re showing on any of your channels.

    You’ve turned into a political tool for the left! This also goes for Disney as well. Quick to fire (Kurt Shilling) anyone not lockstep with the lefty agenda and give a pass to a race hustler jemelle on calling our President a white supremacists!

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Keep alienating the very viewers who pay for 90% of the taxes in this country and who have the biggest buying power who make decisions with their wallets.

    I’m also canceling DIRECTV just because your programming is included and will be streaming the actual channels we want moving forward.

    Rixhard Costa
    San Diego, Ca

  95. Your network has become the worst sports programing ever .No sports ,just biased political B/S . Myself and many friends have decided to Hell with ESPN, hopefully FOX ,or some other network can pick up the sports mantra ,that we the sports people want and deserve. I can assure you ,at this point ,You people are in the wrong business. Yes you should FIRE jemele ,and any one else that has anything to say in regards to our REPUBLIC.If we are interested in listening to B/S we can always turn to CNN . A SPORTS NETWORK ,YOU ARE NOT !!

  96. I have just removed the ESPN app from all my devices . And will never watch it again until, Jemele Hill is removed for her racist tweet about our president, and supporters like myself and my family.
    Billy Hymel

  97. I am outraged that ESPN would insult fans and beer drinkers. Miss Hill’s comment were totally out of line. I resent being lectured by a racist, & a bigot. She lacks the skills and ability necessary to communicate effectively with sport fans. I shall contact beer vendors who sponsor sports on ESPN and demand Ms Hill be Fired!
    Thank you

  98. Why are you not punishing Hill for what she said? What kind of double standard exists with you? Remember your stance on Curt Schilling? Whats good for one is good for the other. Very poor on your part!!!!

  99. Dear Sir or madam:
    Those of us who are sports fans find that the ESPN concept of professional picks is at best the worst of any network. 1. Those that you hire often fail to submit their picks before thur night game. Your handling of the Robert Lee announcer being pulled was bush league .Failure to fire the racist Hill woman was just another example of a station buried in liberal double talk. Forget ESPN and move on. Kenneth L. Dempsey

  100. I am writing to express my outrage that Jemelle Hill, an employee of ESPN made such outrageous an inflammatory remarks about President Trump. How can such a person be the “face” of ESPN on your flagship spots center. I just returned from Orlando after visiting your theme parks with my family. I’ve been there many times and spent much money on your goods and services. We watch your movies and I’ve traded your stock countless times. I’ve watched ESPN since its inception, however, if Jemelle Hill continues in your employ, I will stop watching ESPN. I will stop going to your theme parks. I will stop going to your movies and I will stop buying anything Disney or ESPN related. Schilling gets fired for a lesser offense. Enough alrehat you do the right thing.

  101. What a complete joke your network has become. Want sports not politics. Will have a party. Soon. When your politics shuts you dumb asses down. Pathetic and one sided. I use to spend every morning watching

  102. Just reading how your goal is to enhance the customer experience. As a million other people are doing in the past year I will no longer be watching ESPN. Talk about a double standard. You are supposed to be a “sports network” not a network to voice a political opinion. Take a long look in the mirror as to why subscribers are flocking in droves away from you. My prediction is you will no longer be a network in less than a year. Please forward this to appropriate department. Good riddance!!

  103. Bill Plaschke on Around The Horn is very annoying! He talks too long on each topic and fails to let other talk! He always overtalks others who are trying to make their comments.

  104. I have been watching espn sense it first came out I will cancel today because of the bashing of our president by jemele hill if I want to hear this I will watch the news

  105. I have watched ESPN for many years, but I will not watch any ESPN shows as
    long as Jemele Hill works for ESPN. Robert Lee got pulled off the air because
    of his name, but Jemele Hill can make racist remarks about the President and that’s OK. It appears that ESPN is racist and wants to force its liberal beliefs on
    those of us that only want to watch sports.

  106. I am opposed to the use of ESPN to shame anyone for political reasons. Ms. Hill went too far and she has irrevocably damaged ESPN’s reputation. I will boycott ESPN as much as possible. ESPN should disassociate itself completely from Ms. Hill. If you do not, then anyone can engage in similar sisgusting behaviour and only get a talking to.

  107. Everyone:

    The best way to show ESPN your displeasure, is to COPY THEIR ADVERTISERS ON YOUR LETTERS OR POSTINGS ! (indicating you will stop buying their products unless the person making such ridiculous remarks is removed from her position as a
    “Political Sports Announcer”

    My African-American friends share this opinion, if you must know !

    Money talks !

  108. I think you are a deplorable network for firing Schilling over his comments and allowing a racist like Jamel’s Hill to skate by with nothing more than a reprimand. Are you serious. What would you have done if Van Pelt had made a comment like that about Obama? Fired right. I will no longer watch any show she is involved in. The only time I will watch espn is when my team is on. I hope your network suffers greatly from this. It’s. It to late to right the wrong. Fire her.

  109. I”m highly disappointed in espn’ handling ofJenile Hill’s comments regarding
    the POTUS. Bad business decline on your part. I’m done with ESPN and their sponsors.
    Ken Jones

  110. You’ve lost another viewer.Curt got fired,Jemele did not. Just like the Democrats you take the white viewer/voter for granted.

  111. I will no longer watch any football games on ESPN until this issue of taking a knee is over. If I can find a way to cancel ESPN on Direct TV I will .

  112. As a loyal watcher and reader of ESPN and it’s mobile app from it’s inception, I find myself no longer able to watch your channels and have deleted your mobile app. Your blatant bias is more than anyone should accept. The Jemele Hill situation was the final straw, as a result it became apparent that it’s OK to spew any lies and personal attacks as long as they suit the “Left”. Jemele’s apology wasn’t an apology and your acceptance of it was insulting. The slap on the wrist she was given compared to other commentators being fired for saying fast less controversial things that were more towards the conservative shows your true colors. I have spent my career as an executive for large financial services firms and I can tell you our policies always ensured political opinion was separated from the business as we are in the business of helping everyone (democrats, republicans, race gender etc) and expressing personal views prevents us form doing that. Opinion on either side would not be tolerated and results in dismissal which in turn insured these issues didn’t arise. Apparently you haven’t figured out this basic concept. Jemele Hill should be dismissed just as you have done with conservative commentators, until that happens and ESPN lays out a plan/policy to ensure these type of things never come up again I will no longer consider watching your channels/mobile apps. I will also go one step further and do my best to convince as many of my friends to follow suit.

    goodbye for what I believe to be forever.

  113. Can’t believe you still have this idiot host, Jemele Hill on the air!!! She is one of many reasons ESPN is losing viewership. This woman is so arrogant and self-righteous that she thinks her demands carry weight. Reality Check–we don’t care what she thinks and it is totally unprofessional for her to air and force her political opinions on a show that is suppose to be about sports. Just as players are told to keep their political views off the field, she needs to do the same. Better yet, she should be “FIRED”!!!

  114. Just saw that idiot’s Jemele Hill’s call to boycott. I’m taking her up on it . .by boycotting ESPN! I’m DONE with you guys!!

  115. Now that Ms. Hill has shown her true RACISM – she needs to GO…. As long as this RACIST IS ON YOUR PAYROLL – WE WILL NOT TUNE INTO ESPN. Which used to be a staple in our household. But, since you have protected a RACIST LIKE MS. HILL – WE WILL NOT TUNE IN – UNTIL SHE IS GONE!!!!

  116. ESPN,
    Jemele Hill’s comments are exactly why I’ve stopped watching ESPN and listening to ESPN radio. I’m sick of political perspective being injected into sports!!!

    Unless you eliminate this and get back to sports I won’t come back.

  117. Regarding Jemele Hill’s 2 week suspension. That’s not the main question. The real question is why is she still employed??!!! The fact she hasn’t been let go is a revelation of ESPN’s double standard – one for African-Americans and one for non-minorities. We’re already not watching NFL games anymore; we’re already beginning to forget about ESPN, it’s irrelevant for us anymore. Good luck folks –
    Don Albert

  118. I have watched, listened and read ESPN for years but since you want to play politics then I will treat you like I have the NFL – No more – I am done, sports are as American as red, white and blue but I guess you guys are a bunch of libtards that cant even just put out sports info (Did you ever bash Obama?). I hate having to do this because I used to enjoy you. Good Bye.

  119. you mention on your website that the draw for the playoffs in europe for teams to qualify for wcup is dec, 17.
    This is incorrect !
    check the fifa website and you’ll see that it is october 17.

  120. Today is October 14, 2017 and is my final day watching ESPN. You’ve made me endure endless roundtable discussions regarding what’s wrong with America. Today watching ESPNU you cutaway from Louisville Boston College the exact second the final play of the game was about to snap. What has happened to ESPN? THE SPORTS LEADER HAS FORGOTTEN ABOUT SPORTS AND IT’S VIEWERS. I’M OUT.

  121. I will no longer watch ESPN until they show the National Anthem again to see if the players stand for our National Anthem the players are spoiled they need to learn to respect our National Anthem or your ratings will continue to tumble

  122. I love Marie Taylor. When she is commentating, why do the camera cut away from her or pan back? This happens too many times for it to be mistakes. You have great programs. Looking for a response.

  123. I am a UCLA alumnus, and I love to watch the UCLA basketball games. Unfortunately, Bill Walton is so awful to listen to (it’s all about him – who he knows, what he has done, where he has been, and incredibly rigid opinions that refuse to be tempered by facts or deep thought, and a general lack of respect for his co-announcer) that I usually turn the sound down low so I can barely hear him. Tremendous credentials totally wasted. However, that is my personal opinion.

    What is unconscionable, however, was when he convicted the three UCLA players before the investigation is complete. What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty? How dare he apologize until all the facts are in? If they are guilty (one or all) then it clearly is a terrible lack of judgement that reflects poorly on themselves, the team, and the U.S. In that case, a profuse apology would be in order. But at this point, totally uncalled for. Who made Walton the judge and jury?

    Irate fan and listener

    • I thoroughly enjoyed “First Take”, I recorded it daily and watched it when I got home. After Kellerman and Smith’s views of President Trump, which is their right to do, it is my right to delete the daily recording and refuse to them or the show.

  124. Will you please not have Bill Walton announce basketball game. Please for the love of God. I will have to give up watching college basketball and start listening to it on FOX Sirius radio!!!

  125. Hi all
    Please pass my comments on to ESPN Programming management.

    Thank you for teaming Golic up with Wingo!
    They will be dynamite as I trust their honesty, insights and decency.
    Well done.
    Loring Olk

  126. Thanks, NOT, for not showing the bands during today’s Celebration Bowl. We don’t need talking heads all the time. What a disappointment. For years I’ve been curious why collegiate band directors don’t organize to insist on more visibility of halftime performances. That’s what college football is about.

  127. Dan LeTard was 100 % correct when he called out MLB. MLB owes every fan in Florida an apology, for letting Loria run amuck and for owners who can,t afford to pay for a team. Marlins fans have heard all the lies and now the commissioner has joined the team of liars. Yea, Dan, he deseves a raise, dump some of you yes me, Stephen Smith, etc
    P>S> Baseball fan for 60 years !!

  128. I’m trying to watch V.T. and O.K. State but something has got to give. How many middle age white guys is your network willing to lose? I know it’s a “brave new world” but I just can not stomach your female announcer, everything she says sounds forced. Oh well I guess I’ll catch the score on my local news.

    Sincerely singing off of ESPN

  129. I AM TIRED OF BILL WALTON! As great a college/pro basketball player, he ranks with the best ever. As a sports announcer he’s become the worst of the worst. He needs to stop trying to impress the watcher/listener with his “knowledge” and stick to reporting what’s going on in the games he’s working. And, he really needs to stop trying to “show up” his broadcasting partner. It’s to the point I put the sound on mute and just watch the game.
    Bill, either change or get out!

  130. Max Kellerman should keep his political views to himself. we are not interested in what he thinks. If he can not stick to the subject of sports he should be fired. He is a jerk,Have some respect for the President of the United States.Stop with the Trump bashing or the boycott of ESPN will be even greater…..You see whats happening to the NFL……Boycotts do work……… Fire the bum……

  131. I have been an Arizona Wildcats basketball fan for many years. I follow the players as they go pro and enjoy seeing them at current games. Moving around the country, I have always managed to watch most of the games on Pac 12 or ESPN.
    BUT for the past few years, the games are torture for me because of Bill Walton. He is not equipped to be an announcer. Yes, he knows basketball and was probably a great player but constantly talking about the past and ignoring the game before him is unprofessional, disturbing, distracting and disgusting. I am tired of hearing about his grandchildren and his glory days. Pictures of him riding his bike and communing with cacti don’t belong in the broadcast. I feel sorry for Pasch. Please, rein him in or get rid of him.


  133. Since you employ Jemele Hill, give her a voice and condone her biased rants, I suggest you update your anagram to ESPPN (Entertainment, Sports, and Political Programming Network).

  134. Jemelle Hill continues to be the idiot she is, and you continue to allow her to be a paid employee. I will not watch your network. I saw ESPN struggle through the early days with bad announcers and stayed with you. You really stink! Keep your political trash, and I will look elsewhere for sports. You suck!

  135. I just got done watching a group of your analyst , including Stephen A. Smith, discuss why they support some of the Philadelphia players not going to the White House if invited. I believe that ESPN Sports should be just that, about sports! I do not wish to listen to them express their political views and condemn our President on national T.V. When I want political news, I will turn a news station. I’m seeing entirely to much of this on ESPN, and will not be watching your station going forward.

  136. We love watching PAC 12 basketball but Bill Walton is so irritating that we turn the sound off and listen to the radio. Walton talks about all kinds of things showing off his vast knowledge but he rarely talks about the game. Get him off or lose a lot of viewers.

  137. Where are the Paralympics? These are the real Olympians and you need BBC to find them. So very disappointed.

  138. I have a TCL Roku TV and when I use the Watch ESPN app I can’t get closed captioning. I have set the TV to Caption always on, on replay, & on mute. None work. MLB.TV closed captioning works fine.

  139. Huge, huge, huge disappointment ESPN2 has the license to broadcast the 2018 Formula 1 season and what a pathetic arrays of third rate announcers/presenters they have!!…
    Sorry ESPN2 you are nowhere near as professional or dynamic as NBCSHD, F1 is world renown for being fast paced exciting and glamorous, ESPN2 presents it as though you were attending a political convention on Giant Snail racing or at best a funeral.

    Our coverage this year has started poorly, I aways record the practice , qualifying and the race just in case I am not at home to watch live. So when I came home to watch t the previous program was running over by an hour and ESPN2 for some reasn cut the qualifying short by 8 mins so we never got to see all of Q3, useless springs to mind with the F word in front… ESPN 2 need to get their act together…….. we are off to Shanghai in ywo,weeks , if your watching keep your eyes open for me I’ll be the balding guy with the grey hair!!……. Hope your well Andy….??

  140. What a disaster you made of the F1 race in Australia. Announcers that America will NOT put up with! Race coverage that would have been bad quality even back in the 60’s! F1 deserves better coverage than you will be giving it. A shame, the US could have understood and liked F1. NOT NOW!

  141. And I thought your coverage of F-1 was going to be grate. How disappointed I was. From Sat qualifying (picture quality was junk,and the announcers are were horrible) I’m an American and not up on all the English slang words that were being used. Spend some money and bring back Hobbs and the gang. Race day was a fiasco might as well just turn off the sound. I have been watching F-1 sense it was on Wide World of sports and by far your coverage is the worst Dump the Euro feed and put Friday practice back on tv.

  142. Please change the color of the ball on your pitch tracker, (Sunday night baseball ) from white to YELLOW. It would be so much easier to see/track than the white.

  143. 4/6/2018
    After one F1 race weekend and one practice session, ESPN’s F1 coverage in the USA leaves a lot to be desired. The transmissions have been unsatisfactory as to truncated content, commercials at the worst possible times and commentators that are difficult, if not impossible to understand. If I were grading the coverage to date, it would be a resounding failure.

  144. Re: F1 broadcast
    The new format is beyond terrible. Listening to these commentators prattle on hurts my ears and my sensibilities. Bring back David Hobbs, Steve Matchett, Will Buxton, and Bob Varsha. (no Leigh Diffey). Why would ESPN change that which has worked well for years? This is not an improvement!

  145. I have been a faithfull fan of F1 racing for many years.This year is the worst TV coverage of F1 races I have ever experienced. Your two commentators are almost impossible to understand, the ¨blather¨endlessly, often having nothing to say about what we are seeing on TV. After 10 minutes I have to turn off my sound to enjoy the race. Your coverage of the race is by far inferior to what we have enjoyed in the past, including almost no coverage of the pre race, including no interviews with drivers. I feel I am receiving very poor coverage so far this year. I genuily hope that your F1 coverage improves.

  146. Your network is aweful! You are ver insulting to conservatives. You can stick your political point of views! Haven’t watched or listened in months.

  147. Please get rid of your racist staff, especially Jemele Hill. I think it would be the best for all. Racism should end now and it goes both ways. I am fed up with ESPN.
    Rich Szado

  148. Please put Sports Center back on the Air from 10:00 to 12:00 we really miss Sport Center during this period. Thank You

  149. What are you thinking taking Golic and Wingo off the air for NFL draft wrong answers!!! It’s your best show remove something else. Not happy at all what a slap in the face to your customers ME

  150. My husband and I are avid baseball fans. We grew up playing and my stepfather played professionally. We have been very disappointed the last few seasons with the commentators at the televised live games. They talk about everything BUT baseball. Tonight they also had some woman promoting football!! If we wanted to watch football, we would. You don’t have people in the booth during football games talking about baseball. We deserve the same courtesy. Call the baseball game!

  151. I want to subscribe to ESPN+ but before doing so I want to know is ESPN broadcasting any of the UCI cycling events for this year?

  152. NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship Game

    Thanks for not showing this game that we all waited all day to see instead at 2 pm when the game was actually playing you aired a Cornhole show. And then at 9pm we got to see the 4 and 5 teams pla into the 2 set before you decided you need us to see new for the NBA and MLB

  153. I have had money withdrawn from my bank account, a full week AFTER my free trial was cancelled and my account deactivated. I called your customer service. They asked did I do this and did I do that and refused to acknowledge anything was wrong. Then they told me it would be 5 to 10 business days before they could credit the money back to my account.

    This is unacceptable. If I do not have an account, I do not have a a subscription. When I cancelled the free trial, the credit to my bank was almost instantaneous. Now it takes 5 to 10 days?

    I will be going to my bank today. If they recommend closing my account or changing my bank card, and there is any expense in doing so (including my time), I will attempt to sue ESPN and/or ESPN Plus in small claims court for these expenses and the weekly subscription fee.

  154. I was watching ESPN around 1055PM in Texas–the advertising was easily more than 10 in a row–why would anyone expect that number displayed consecutively? I turned the station–may not turn back on. I understand you need marketing dollars–but this is ridiculous…… less customer thanks.

  155. I would like to know why we here in the Caribbean, at least Aruba, were not able to see the final game of the Europa League today ?

  156. Very disappointed to hear nba game announcers make a demeaning remark about the employee who’s job was to wipe the floor to prevent player injuries. Very arrogant to say that it was an”kids” job. Any job should be valued. Shame on them

  157. Why is ATP tennis NOT on ESPN this year? ATP/TV online directs me to ESPN but tennis is NOT on the programming. ?????

  158. Just want you guys to know that myself and many of my friends agree that finding you employing the likes of Alex “A-Roid” Rodriguez ridiculous, hypercritical, and ultimately offensive. Just so you know, we won’t be watching your telecasts with him as long you foolishly choose to employ this cheater, liar, and fraud. I would have expected a little more thoughtfulness, and moral integrity….but, I guess your moral compass isn’t working…..adios.

  159. Shame on ESPN sports, to even allow Miss Hill to use TV time for her own racist comments. I always thought ESPN was better but you continue to support why we all know your programming has be less than adequate for years

  160. ESPN is in my DIRECTTV package. I just discovered you will put Keith Oberman on Sports Center. I will never watch ESPN Sports Center again as long as that insane lunatic is on your program. He is completely out of touch with mainstream business men and hard working Americans all over this entire country. Maybe some people in New York and California will watch. Good luck with that radical on your show.

  161. Michelle Beadle
    Get your head out of your ass. Your not loosing millions and millions of dollars. The owners are . Not the place to protest

  162. We would like to speak to someone by telephone. We are on a monthly income and we would like to know if we can get baseball and how much it would cost. We do not want to pay for something we would not watch.

  163. Your coverage of the Eastern Conference finals is RIDICULOUS!!!!!! Every break is all about Lebron —- every single time, even when the Celtics were 12 points up. There ARE other basketball players besides Lebron. Did you even know that?? Are you a national broadcast or a Lebron broadcast. ESPN is a hater of all New England sports. We know that. And that is the reason I do NOT watch ESPN anymore, except when I absolutely have to, ie the game tonight! You are such a biased network!!

    He is a traitor. He is against the USA. He is against OUR PRESIDENT.


    Mr. Trump is not a LAWYER thank the LORD he wants nothing but the best for our CITIZENS and COUNTRY.

  165. Can’t watch your channel anymore with Kieth Oberman (spelling?)….. stay out of politics…. stopped watching NFL, now stopped watching ESPN, just do sports and quit trying to be political….. your not good at it and you piss off 50% of the country. Wish you the backlash the NFL got…..

  166. I turn my cable off today because of you and abc. You can shove you political views up your ass. That racist chik started and it continues. I did let direct tv know why I had it cut off. I am one of over 750.000 this month alone. You ass holes should have fired jaleel or wtf ever her name is. Screw her and the nfl.

  167. Please do not let Mark Johnson commentate on the Golden State Warriors. He is so obviously biased and angry about being fired as their coach. Further, his comments like “man’s man” are offensive. Finally, the constant bickering between Johnson and Van Gundy are extremely annoying.

  168. clicking on email takes me to a site with no contact point. Comments were: Why no live Canadian GP? No GP for an regional college BB playoff? Really professional. Why did take away our quality coverage from prior years if you are not going to provide proper coverage. Taped coverage on ESPN 4 or 5 is not good.

  169. Does anyone at ESPN understand that we tune in to watch the game (Giants/DBacks), not ESPN. Couldn’t care less about the yacht and other split screen nonsense.

  170. You advertise and list your programing as showing the baseball super regional college baseball game with Arkansas and So. Carolina on ESPN2 but you show a track meet of SEC women’s track and field.

    What idiot makes these kind of decisions… no wonder ESPN is such a joke

  171. Formula 1 racing coverage needed improvements:
    1) Background racing noise often too loud and prevents hearing of commentators, e.g., first 60 laps of Canadian G.P.
    2) Most English language speakers are not British and have difficulty in understanding the current commentators, especially when they get excited and speak rapidly.
    3) Often we listeners can’t understand the radio traffic between the cars and pit crews. Commentators should repeat the transmissions.

  172. Mike Greenberg. They can sit around and talk about how great LeBron is all day, but if I was the city of Cleveland, I would sue him personally for a minimum of $10 million for an admitted self inflicted injury that was significant in their losses.

  173. The 3 commentators on last evening’s CWS broadcast were very insensitive to the sleeping fan in the stands. They commented about him multiple times, showing him in his seat again and again. This is a form of bullying, and should not be repeated in the future.

  174. I am a huge Reds fan and I continue to watch ESPN every morning. Every morning I would like to see my favorite team on ESPN but all they talk about is the Yankees even though they didn’t win the world series last year. The Reds are an MLB team too and deserved to be recognized as much as any other team win or lose. ESPN does the small little clips of the games that are close, but no matter how close the Red’s game is, you choose not to show it. The thing I am most frustrated about is how if the Red’s get a walk off homerun to win a game you choose not to show. The Red’s aren’t even the worst team in the MLB. I was home all day once and all that I saw was the Yankees lost a game at least 500 times. On ESPN I think all of the MLB teams should be distributed equal showing time, maybe a little more with the division leaders in each group of teams. Please take this into consideration.

  175. Trying… and I mean trying to watch Cubs and Dodgers but the clowns in the booth seem to be the focus. Baseball is more than a pitch an a batter swing. LET US WATCH THE GAME! Use the overnight air time to babble

  176. Not sure this is the right place for this comment. Been watching Wimbledon and am finding commentators’ continuous talking during a point play extremely annoying. Tuned in to watch the tennis matches not to listen to commentators to sometimes babble on and on. Thanks

  177. you tell me why Stephen smith still has a job.
    most who made racial comments get fired
    whats wrong with this picture
    saying sorry don’t cut it

  178. Angels Vs Dodgers Sunday
    7/8/2018. The girl announcer should have her blouse buttoned up a bit
    I was not happy my son seeing her white skin above her breast

    Jerry Watkins

  179. I was very critical of your choice of Bruce Jenner for the ESPY courage award. While I believe that trans-sexual issues are real it wasn’t close to the courage others had shown and he had a reality show to prove it.
    You guys got it so right with this years choice! I think the choice was perfect at all levels and served the public good. Those women and girls standing tall and telling their story was on point and so valuable to young women.

  180. What was said by Jalen Rose about Dog Whistles made it sound like he was calling all people of a certain race dogs.

  181. Every time your shows start talking about politics I change channels. Talking about politics when everyone knows how liberal and Anti-trump that you are helps me make a decision to go to another sports channel such as Fox sports.

  182. We I just heard that that your firm has decided not air the National Anthem.

    Disgraceful. Our veterans serve our country and our country deserves better. My family and my brothers have not watched NFL football because of just this type of reason. We have turned to college. Now, we will turn off ESPN.

    I am a Business owner and compromising principles due to the outside pressure or today’s world is never the way to put profit above what is just morally right.

  183. Please let Mr Jimmy Pitaro know that I will not watch ESPN as long as he feels that not showing the our National Anthem is in his best interest. If subscriber base falls by another million or two, it may change his mind. If I could cancel my membership to this station, I would. I am completely disappointed.

  184. I was just about done with ESPN after your biased political stance instead of just covering sports. Now, you’ve but that liberal idiot Keith Olbermann covering baseball & now not going to broadcast the national anthem at football games. I am completely done with you. I will find out your advertisers & contact them & boycott them also.

  185. ESPN SUCKS! Won’t be subscribing. Won’t support advertisers who advertise on ESPN. The hypocrisy of Olberman and ESPN! The hypocrisy of ESPN and the National Anthem! Enough of you! Hope you go bankrupt!

  186. I am disconnecting from ESPN and Pro football, shame on all you who became rich in America and now want to whine and hide and squirm away instead of having the guts to play and honor our American Anthem.

  187. Re: national anthem decision

    Will not be watching ESPN or using either website or app until policy changes. Have removed the app & will be contacting tv provider on Monday re: cancellation of channels.

  188. I wanted to let you know, since you will not be airing the national anthem for Monday night football games, an American traditions, I will no longer be watching you network, until that policy changes.

    ESPN, the anti-American network.,

  189. Is ESPN NOT broadcasting the National Anthem in 2018? We will be boycotting Monday night Football bc of ESPN’s behavior intended to disparage our nation by not keeping the long-standing tradition (ie the Olympics, all other sports) of broadcasting the National Anthem. I have always made my family and sons stand and respect the flag even from our home. But now, we will just have to read about the game the next day!

  190. If you don’t want to show the National Anthem I WILL NOT watch you shows anymore!!! As a very longtime fan I am DISGUSTED!!!!!

  191. Very Sad day when I can’t watch an NFL game. I am one of those who agree that justice and fairness should be applied to all, However, if these guys do not stand for our flag, that my Father and brother served under, then I can stand to watch them play. It’s that simple!!!!!

  192. We really enjoyed Mike and Mike for years. Now, Golic and Wingo is sub par, (no chemistry) and Get Up, could be a decent show if Beadle was removed.
    Constant interrupting other guests, especially Greeny and influences Jalen in a adverse way.
    It was pretty darn good, when she was off for a few weeks and Jalen acts completely different when she is not there acting like a fool. Two hosts are enough and bring in a guest. Those were very good shows for a couple of weeks. We get tired of her sarcasm and drop dead looks, when someone else talks other than her. Get rid of her and bring in guests, or this show is going to continue to struggle. You are wasting Greenburgs talent with her constant interruptions and cackling.
    Move her to another show, as she certainly has a negative impact on this one.

  193. Your cowardly recent decision to forego showing the playing of our National Anthem during NFL (Not For Long) games has put me over the top. You are run by a bunch of left wingnuts, it appears, and I’ll be contacting my cable company to discontinue their services, as all packages offered have your trash included. I had been a 49’rs fan since age 7; I’m now 71. You and the NFL suits have knuckled under to a bunch of ignorant thugs who make millions from being so oppressed…yeah…right… Get out of politics, and maybe some of us will return to watching ESPN. For now I am DONE with your telling me what mine should be. I will be contacting sponsors!

  194. When I call espn of course no one answers. Just wanted to let you guys know here in South Jersey home of super bowel chams Phila Eagles we are getting many people on our side who will never watch ESPN BECAUSE you sided with rich black millionaire’s and will not let us see our national anthem. So you just keep helping them Black millionaire’s and ESPN will not be on our TV. God Bless America you disgusting people.

  195. Gee, I didn’t watch MNF on ESPN last Monday and I didn’t miss it one bit. I think I will continue not looking at ESPN. Maybe if you want to rejoin Americans and televise the national Anthem prior to games I might be back. Until then, no way.I am totally fed up with a bunch of spoiled jerks dissing this country and getting away with it. If they are protesting the treatment of blacks here why don’t they take some positive action. Take a weekend off and go to Chicago where blacks are shooting other blacks on a wholesale basis every weekend.

  196. Hello First I love the ESPN network but I love and respect my country and flag more
    With that said you should always air the national anthem before games it means something to all of us. I get chills when its played and the crowd goes crazy, my grandchildren stand and sing it with great pride

    so I will watch football on ESPN, but I will not buy products that supports the broadcast , I will also voice this opinion to every sponsor and people I know of this really ignore decision not to take a stand on being American is weak

  197. Jemel must be FIRED. If a reporter said that president Obama was an a black panther he or she would be fired on the spot. This is why ESPN is losing customers, now count me as one. I will remove that show from my Sling account unless they fire her now

  198. Your little league coverage is getting worst every year. Scheduling runs one game into another, switching channels trying to find games, listening to in game interviews while my screen gets reduduced by 60%. By the way your female commentator, interviewer, and analyst are annoying. The new bat rules make for long boring games as even your announcers get bored with. Looks like all you have left is basketball & soccer. See yea ESPN.

  199. I just got hung up on phone while stopping my subscription from some rude girl! Maybe because AMERICANS don’t like the Anthem not being played……..BUT I’M STILL A CUSTOMER . I see this being political on your end, but, IT’s AMERICAN on my part and I deserve the same service I pay for. YES, I’m paid up and stopped service without asking for refund. NOW, I want a refund. Rude… WRONG. I want me subscription money back!

  200. Your one sided attack on Urban Meyer was truly the most unprofessional and unfair so called journalism that you have allowed to air on your station it’s funny when one of your reporters is let go when they have committed wrongdoing against other coworkers that you don’t report one word against them your company is what is wrong with the media today and I turned your channel off last year when you decided it was ok to be racist please go out of business you arrogant group of greedy unprofessional hacks

  201. I am watching the WNBA semifinals on ESPN2 right now and I would like to know if Rebecca Lobo’s announcing partner, whoever that is, could be any more biased towards the Phoenix Mercury. He was the same way toward the LA Sparks when they played the Washington Mystics in round 2. Taurassi and Parker may both be good players but their attitude stinks and for the announcers to overlook their outrageous disrespect for the officials only tells the newest young player watching that it’s okay. After all the years these 2 have played in the WNBA they should be used to crappy calls and deal with it. Please, ESPN announcers, stop glorifying bad attitudes and crappy refs.

  202. Regarding US Open tennis coverage: your coverage should be about tennis and the best matches going on. TV coverage of tennis is not about Serena’s motherhood, it’s not 10 minute interviews and prognostication and cutesy-pie nicknames, it’s not about Serena’s fashion sense and it’s definitely not about the hip hop show on the stadium court (unless reporting on the event). It’s about tennis: put more interesting matches on and put different players on – not just a top player with a blowout match or whatever American is left in the draw. Thank you. Paul, USPTA tennis pro, Maui

  203. i was watching the game monday night. kurkjian and eduardo perez and one other…tom something…were (supposedly) doing the play by play and color.

    not only do these guys talk too much…and about other things than the game…with perez and kurkjian giggling like little girls…perez’s laugh sounding like the character on the huckleberry hound cartoon show…but what really got to me was this scenario:

    it was 6-3, bottom of the 9th, the home team yankees were trying to at least tie the game. i don’t think these guys called one pitch. what did they talk about? THE T-SHIRTS THEY WERE GOING TO WEAR THE NEXT MORNING!

    the game wasn’t primary. it wasn’t even secondary. the emphasis was on their lives and t-shirts. AND THIS WAS THE BOTTOM OF THE 9TH!

    this happens all the time with announcers. especially with kurkjian and perez. it’s like a party for them. they concentrate on busting each other’s chops instead of focusing on the game.

    part of the problem is the director putting shots of the announcers on the screen instead of the game. but the announcers act like children in the booths. these guys are clowns.

    doesn’t anyone at espn see this??

    and then there’s jessica mendoza sunday nights. mumbles, giggles. can’t understand what she’s saying. when she’s on, i either mute the sound or simply turn the game off….and it’s getting that way with vasgersian, too.

    the best broadcasts are when they come from one of the teams’ local broadcasts. those guys talk about the game and the players in the game….not their own ancient careers or their golf games. and they don’t talk so much (like vasgersian) that you can’t get a sense of the ambiance and vibe of the game and ballpark.

    thnx for the platform to tell you what i think. i hope somebody at the network understands my point.

    please escalate this email up the ladder so it reaches the highest level of management.

  204. Max Kellerman can go to he’ll!
    No longer going to watch ESPN and I’ll inform the advertisers too.

    Keep Trump haters out of ESPN!

  205. Max Kellerman can go to hell!
    No longer going to watch ESPN and I’ll inform the advertisers too.

    Keep Trump haters out of ESPN!

  206. Trying to politicize Tiger Woods was one stupid move you made. Then Max Kellerman made it worse with his statement about respecting the Office of the Presidency. You people just keep getting stupider and stupider every day. If you can’t separate the office from the person you should go back to the eighth grade and start over because your education didn’t take. Americans are getting more and more fed up with your total bias against anything non Democrat Party. Just report the sports.

  207. I have canceled my subscription to your programing. I have tried to be patient with your on air personalities but have reached my limit. I kept tuning in hoping to see a sports program break out but instead get political discourse. I can watch many other channels for that information. No need to pay you for the same.

    Maybe you should consider that people watch a spots network for sports!!!

  208. Just when you start making progress, here we go again. Get rid of Beadle and Hill both, (permantetly) and that would be a start. Then add Olbermann, Kellerman and Smith for good measure. You want to be non political, then the clown Kellerman wants to tell Tiger how to think and what to say?? We all, certainly care about Kellermans political views and how we should think and what to say.
    Tiger has every right to his own opinion and not what some clown commentator thinks. Where, do you find these hateful, biased individuals? Also, nice side step on not showing the national anthem being played. You had no problems showing these spoiled kids protesting prior to this. Now, you want to be non political? Apparently, many of these PC announcers, never got the memo. You wonder why ESPN is losing its base and the ratings continue to drop? Again, it is actions such as Kellermans that are driving this. Tiger Woods, the same as every citizen, has the right of choice and can voice his opinion. Kellerman, should be suspended and eventually fired if he can not control his emotions.
    ESPN, takes one step forward addressing these occurrences and two steps backwards. When will the network realize, that no one cares what Hill, Beadle, Olbermann, Kellerman and Smith think. ESPN a once outstanding network that now wants to dictate how the customer thinks and who they should like or respect. Folks, you are dying a slow death that will continue until you address actions such as this and quit trying to push the PC agenda down the viewers throat.
    This, needs to be addressed immediately. Tiger is within his right to his opinion, Kellerman should be ashamed and suspended. No wonder, we are all turning to Fox Sports! Terrible!!

  209. Congratulations, ESPN! You have finally run me off for good. Sadly, you have forgotten you are a sports outlet – not a political one. I am unable to watch your programming without political commentary. Max Kellerman’s attack of Tiger Woods (not a Woods fan) is a pathetic attempt to push his/ESPN’s opinion on politics. As a retired Marine Officer, I served at the “pleasure of the President” for over 22 years. I served under many Presidents, some of whom I did not personally like. However, Tiger gets this one right – I served and respected the Office of the President without prejudice, not the man. I grow tired of individuals unable to show respect when things don’t go their way – Grow Up Max

  210. I’d like to tell you why I will no longer watch ESPN, you are supposed to be the most trusted name in sports. However, when you have idiotic commentary like the words degrading Tiger Woods for fielding a question about President Trump in the most professional manner to date, you have lost me forever. Max Kellerman does not reserve the right to contradict an opinion by the stars that make comments. These were Tiger’s words and I must add that in my opinion they were spot on. Your Company has become a joke. There was a time when I would leave ESPN on my TV all day, even though sportscenter was on a loop, it stayed on. Your political bias has ruined your network. To be clear, I don’t care who is in office as it pertains to sports. If I want political viewpoints I can go to any of the other assorted biased new channels for that. Tighten your game up over there. Your behavior is embarrassing.

  211. After First Takes rude comments regarding Tiger Woods and his neutral comments about President Trump, I have eliminated the program from my daily viewing. Their skewed opinions are a sad representation of ESPN. If your hope is to make everyone feel welcome to viewing your programs this type of rhetoric needs to be eliminated.
    I was impressed with your handling of Jemele Hill and know it took courage to eliminate a woman in this day and age. I can only hope you will treat the men in the same way. It’s obvious some of your staff consider their opinions to be the only acceptable ones. I don’t understand why when they have made a living by speaking their opinions they can’t acknowledge everyone’s right to the same without ridiculing them. At the very least, they owe ESPN and Tiger Woods a public apology. Because ESPN gives them a platform,
    this is ultimately your responsibility. Don’t forget your competition is fierce. I
    I am grateful I have a choice. Just wish I didn’t have to make it.
    I appreciate your time and consideration.

  212. To Whom it may concern,

    I keep receiving a billing problem e-mail, The problem is that I Cancelled this Espn + account 3 months ago by phone and in the last two months and it needs to be refunded immediately. Furthermore, it if this continues Legal action will be taken

    Bradley Snyder

  213. With the exception of watching College Football, College Basketball and College Football Gameday, I do not watch anything else on ESPN! Why, because your other shows are not worth my time! Your left wing so called sports commentators are pathetic and very biased. And personally I could care less about what they think, especially when it comes to politics! Focus on sports and leave your mindless political thoughts out of it!

  214. SOMEBODY who runs things at ESPN better tell Max Kellerman that ESPN is a SPORTS network and not a political one. He has NO RIGHT to try to pry a political view from a SPORTS PERSONALITY i.e. Tiger Woods.
    I won’t be watching any show he’s on …any more.

  215. Please remove Brad Gilbert from the broadcasting of any tennis tournaments. He is horrible. He never has anything positive to say about the players and he should be told to call the players by name instead of the “cutsy” nice names he has for them. No need to have someone sitting courtside to distract the players.
    They do not add anything to the team . The announcers need to just call the play – not criticize everything a player does. No one can win every match. Chris Matthews is terrible. He and Brad Gilbert need to go immediately.
    John and Patrick McEnroe are excellent. Darrin Cahill and Cliff are very professional and courteous in their comments.

  216. Please inform the USOpen tennis commentators that talking about unrelated topics during the play is unprofessional. Less talk is more satisfying as a viewer

  217. We having been watching the US Open tennis matches. According to the Guide, the Serena vs Venus match should have been on about 7pm. Instead it is all about college football. WHY??????????

  218. Is everyone at ESPN dumb like Donald? Have you ever listened to your own VRU?If you ever tried to offer feedback (positive or negative) you would understand why people are leaving you. Your elevator doesn’t go to the top floor – so it doesn’t matter When you contract to show something you should honor your contract.

  219. done watching espn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One sided reporting. You accuse Meyer of lying and your reporters constantly lie. Your Brent whatever said Smith had a felony assault record. He lied! No retraction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. Watching college football ? today on ESPN, couldn’t see the time clock or what quarter game was in. There was a screen on the right advertising ESPN! What up??

  221. So your station will not play MY national anthem, well I will not watch one second of your game. Also, I intend on notifying your advertisers of me and my family boycotting your network and anyone who advertises during the game.

    Soooo disappointed in your network

  222. I downloaded your application by mistake. I don’t know if there is a charge. I don’t want to pay for that mistake. Can you confirm receiving my request. I deleted your application.

  223. I’m sorry but I cannot take Beth Mowins voice anymore. I am changing channels. She sounds like a cross between a jockey and Jody Foster. I’m sure she is a great person but her voice and football are not a good combo for us to hear for the entire game. I really wanted to watch the lions and Jets too!

  224. Sept.11, 2018
    While my husband and I were enjoying the Jet’s “opening” game last night, been a fan for over 45 years, imagine how I felt when you change the game to the Oakland Game. It was like the “Hedi Game” all over again. If you can’t schedule games , without overlapping , maybe you should find a different job. How dare you take away my time to enjoy the game till it was over!
    Did not not the woman announcing the game .She made wrong calls and was down right terrible!

  225. With an INCREDIBLY LARGE amount of SARCASM loaded on it I’d like to say “Thank You” to ESPN for once again ruining my chances to watch a College Football game. It’s only the 3rd week of the 2018 season and y’all have made it impossible for me to watch 2 out of 3 Georgia games by allowing Beth Mowins to announce the game, and I’m not even a UGA fan. I’ve asked before and am now begging you to please not use her as an announcer for College Football. I heard her calling a Girls College Soccer game which still annoyed me because just the sound of her voice is like nails dragging across a chalkboard, but I don’t care about Women’s Soccer so it didn’t make me angry to have to mute the volume or turn the channel. To put it bluntly….she SUCKS !!!! I’m sure she’s probably a nice enough person but her ability to announce a game is NIL. As soon as I hear her utter her first word I have to turn to another channel and then I’m just mad as hell for the rest of the day. There has to be plenty of other duties she can do for your network without having to subject the viewers to the agony of hearing her nasally whiny voice along with her yelling into our ears. I can’t even talk about how bad and annoying she is without getting angry and wanting to swear at y’all but I’m trying to maintain my civility during this correspondence. I know I’m just one small voice that ESPN probably doesn’t care about losing but I know MANY MANY MANY others that feel the same way I do, not to mention the #1 Rated radio morning show here in the Phoenix area that despises her and her lack of ability and they make sure that it’s known to all of their listeners. Please put aside your politically correct agenda or whatever seems to be the driving force behind wanting to force a female to be thrust into a male dominated position and just put the best person for the job into it……which is DEFINITELY NOT Beth Mowins. I will be more than willing to speak to someone in person reference this matter if anyone at your network even cares about losing viewers. Thank You for your time.

  226. I have been watching Monday night football since before ESPN existed. The new Monday night announcers are not good. They are not even close to the level of professionals I am used too. These guys stink… maybe you are trying for a different market than us grey haired guys. I guess I will have to give Monday night football the “Bill Walton” treatment and mute the sound during the whole game.
    Steve Metzler

  227. I have tried very hard to open my mind and enjoy the new MNFB team…..and I am giving up. Is there a way to synch the TV broadcast to the NFL Radio broadcast? The hyper enthusiasm is over the top. Consider banning the coffee cart in the booth?

  228. Monday Night Football is a ghost of prior greatness Its not the game, its the announcing team Do Joe, Jason & Bugger remotely compare to great booths of the past Joe does an adequate job but Jason & Bugger are the worst ever Color commentary does not provide insite into what is really happening on the field & sidelines Finally turned the sound off and continued to watch because My Steelers were playing Won’t be tuning in next week

  229. Jason Witten on Monday Night Football could not be any worse. He talks too much, too fast and too loud. We have to mute the sound to enjoy the game.

  230. Very disappointed that you have hired a known cheater for Major League Baseball broadcasts – not only is Alex Rodriguez a poor commentator ( or whatever he’s supposed to be), more importantly, he is a disgrace to the very game he is now being paid to discuss. I would think you could have found a better representative.

  231. I’m not even sure of how to write this post and maintain my civility because of my growing hatred for ESPN lately and your continual persistence to keep using BETH MOWINS as an announcer for College Football. Once again, Thanks for ruining another game for me. I wanted to watch the Clemson vs. Wake Forest game this past Saturday Oct.6th and I didn’t even get to watch one play before I had to turn it off as soon as I heard Beth SCREECHING through the speakers and then I had to delete it from my DVR as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop using her for College Football and stop ruining games for myself and MANY MANY others by having her on. I have NEVER met another person (and I talk a lot and talk to a lot of people) who likes OR can stand to listen to her. Apparently ESPN still doesn’t care about what I have to say even though you claim that the “customer/viewer is the main concern” so I’m going to start sending correspondence to the companies that advertise with ESPN to make sure that they’re aware of how many hours of commercials are not being watched due to TV’s being turned off or channels changed, and it’s all because ESPN insists on putting the worst announcer EVER on College Football Games. So again, PLEASE get Beth Mowins off of the TV. To put it bluntly…..she just plain sucks and is incredibly annoying.

  232. ESPN Monday Night Football commentator Joe Tessitore is overbearing and too dramatic. God how I miss John and Mike. Please find someone who doesn’t get on my nerves so much as Tessitore.

  233. So I’m watching the lead up to the Crawford fight on Sat. 10-13-18 and I am amazed that there is all this hype about the boxer, why? Because when the fight starts your going to put double windows up so you can run commercials as the fight is going on. Why the hell don’t you do the doubles with commercials during this crap you are showing right now? What is wrong with ESPN?

  234. What great shows, basketball a love story. I was fortunate enough to see all of the great players from the 1950’s on, play in person. This is the way ESPN used to be, (about sports only). Outstanding documentary that highlights all of the great players from the start of the NBA. West, Big O, Wilt, Russell, Pettit, Cousy were all great.
    We hope to see a resurgence of this network and have excellent shows like these on. You got rid of Hill, moved Beadle from Get Up and Skippy is gone. Great start on getting back to the basics. Clamp down on SA Smith and Max and get rid of Olbermann. Your ratings will climb with more shows such as this and forget the political agenda. Customers, are not interested any more in commentators political views, than they are on the Hollywood clowns that think they should tell the middle class how to think and vote. Tiger makes a statement and Max is all over that as it does not fit his political beliefs. Who cares, what Kellermans thinks.
    Keep these outstanding shows coming, as they are appreciated.

  235. Why doesn’t ESPN talk about all basketball teams more in depth? It seems to always be about the West teams, I thought this is a channel was for sports news, which includes all teams!! Also it needs to be look into about the announcers for the basketball games. They like to talk about there experience and they get off the subject of the game. This takes a lot away for the game and players. Very poor!!

  236. Oct, 20, 2018.
    We are watching the Iowa/Maryland college football game. We, and everyone we know, always look forward to the “HAWKEYE WAVE to CHILDREN’S” Hospital kids” at the end of the first quarter.
    Whenever we travel around the country people always comment how much they like and look forward to it. It is GOOD BUSINESS to show it live. It gets more viewers than whatever else you broadcast over it. Please show live from now on.!!!!

  237. The samsung code to get espn live with no espn membership/subscription as described by samsung which instructs user go to does not agree with anything provided by espn. Is not Samsung the “provider” not comcast/xfinity as described and instructed by espn. Is this not true given the agreement between samsung and espn? Nothing samsung provides as direction to get espn live, is in agreement with espn. The website samsung instructs users to go to ( does not even exist.

  238. After watching Sunday Night Football I must say that AL and Chris are the best broadcast duo on TV, which brings me to the worst broadcast team and that would be your Monday Night Football announcers. As soon a Booger begins to talk I mute the volume. He never knows when to shut up. And poor Whitten, he might as well be tending a herd of cattle in Texas as trying to give any insights about the game. I hope somebody at ESPN is listening to these guys, poor Howard C is spinning like a top in his grave,

  239. These announcers for the Purdue/Michigan State football game on ESPN are two of the most BIASED announcers in favor of MSU that I have heard in a long time. What ever happened to the day of honorable sportscasting that didn’t resort to blatantly biased statements. ESPN CAN DO BETTER. You would have thought that they were related to MSU’s Rocky Lombardi. It takes a great deal of enjoyment away.

  240. The producers and announcers for the Michigan State game on 10/26/18 were really bad. They missed plays talked too much about everything but the game. Cameras missed action and were late coming back from ads. The announcer thought they were funny and just talking too too much about use
    less info not about the game

  241. I continue to be disappointed with your basketball commentators, Dick Vitale and Dan Schulman as they were again , terrible. As a fan, I want to know about the game, its self, not where they ate dinner or who they know. If you guys are monitoring the game and listening to these two, you wouldn’t know you were at a basketball game. I am referring to the State Farm Champions Classic between Kansas and Michigan State. Fouls were called, but against who and how many does that player have. Again these guys need to announce the play by play and not the next game or other games or players of other teams. It’s good they are knowledgeable, but they do not need to impress me other than just calling the game, which is why I am watching. I guarantee, if I had choice, I would listen to another station.

  242. In the article “Gaylord Perry: Willie McCovey was our leader” there is a picture of Willie McCovey at an All Star game being “congratulated by Willie Mays”.
    I’m a lifelong Giants fan and I’d bet the house that Willie McCovey is being congratulated not by NUMBER 24, Willie Mays, but by NUMBER 44-Hank Aaron, maybe?

  243. The use of foul language by Lee Corso on “Gameday” Saturday, November 17, 2018 is unacceptable to viewers and your customers. Quoted as saying on air “These people don’t give a s**t.” This is unacceptable to the viewers and deserves a public apology. This is unprofessional. For those of us viewing the commentary with younger family members and our elderly grandmother in the room- I find this to be appalling and I am considering cancelling the programming. Can we restore civility to the commentary please?

  244. Bill Walton is a freaking moron! Totally disrespected Gonzaga two years ago on their way to the championship playoff and now has the balls to blow sunshine up their asses tonight in Maui. Couldn’t listen to him then… can’t listen to him now. What an embarrassment.

  245. Bill Walton is a total moron and has apparently misplaced more than a few brain cells. What an embarrassment. Can’t listen to him!

  246. Dear ESPN,

    I am forced to do this after watching another basketball Maui game with Bill Walton as the announcer.

    This guy is simply awful. He talks about totally irrelevant topics ignoring what is going on in the game in front of him. He seems to be enamored in talking about himself and how much he knows. You even now give him a split screen so we can barely see the game action !! He may well know a lot of trivia, but that is irrelevant to what is going on and it ruins the enjoyment of the game for the listeners. I mean do I care how great Bill Walton is or was, or how many rainbows are in Hawaii??!! Some of his discussions are really far fetched and I suggest most people could care less !! For example when there is a foul called or other controversial action on the court, many times there are no comments on the court action because he keeps talking the irrelevant topics vs describing the game.

    In summary his antics are totally out of the box…He doesn’t even look professional as an announcer. No suit etc. But maybe that must be what ESPN is looking for, but all the people I know think that is really stupid behavior. When I listen to all the other current games the announcers discuss what is going on. Very refreshing. We now mute him out once he starts talking. Some friends even listen to the radio announcer and turn the TV sound totally off. He ruins the flow of the game. He very often talks thru the other announcer so that he cannot even comment on the game.

    I think it would be wise if someone talks to him and brings some correction to his style. I know you may want color, but this amount of color is truly ridiculous.

  247. Watching Atlanta vs New York Red Bull’s.
    Get the commentator of the air. No even calling game.
    Just said was going to punch other commentator in face?
    What’s that got to do with what is happening on pitch.
    Does this guy seriously get paid to be this bad!?
    There is a game happening. One guy good the other one is a fool!!!

  248. Disappointed about how the College Game Day announcers laughed about Tua getting hit with a belt by his father when he did not do well in football. They talked about his getting the “Joe Jackson” treatment. Very insensitive reaction. The man is an obvious child abuser and should be called out.

  249. Your replacements for Gruden and McDonough are awful. They are very loud and emotional. Booger McFarland is a disgrace to broadcast football. If Witten and Tessitore would quiet down a bit, it would be terrific. Just listen to the professional NFL broadcasters on CBS and Fox and you will quickly understand how horrible your guys are. Sack ’em they are bringing down your broadcast.

  250. I am a 72 year old lady and love football. We are a football family, Dad played, kids played etc. I understand the game, I understand the difference between a hook pattern and a stop and go, I think I am qualified to made this complaint. Your Monday night people are a joke. Jason gets a favorite player each week and does nothing but praise him all broadcast. That other joker is light in translating the game in any form. and strapping that large man to a chair and running him up the side lines is a circus act. Its FOOTBALL, talk FOOTBALL give me the inside story like having 5 men in a box is the best against the run, I dream of Al and Chris

  251. Who will win Heisman? Kyler Murray vs. Tua Tagovailoa a historic battle. This is biased reporting. Put Dwayne Haskins Stats next to Murray and Tagovailoa and let the readers decide.

  252. OMG….from the pacific northwest. PLEASE espn get rid of bill walton! He was and is horrible to listen to during our #1 ranked Zag game. Who can help rid us of his nonsense? I felt bad for the guy he was paired with while trying to commentate during the game! I had to mute it because i just couldn’t listen to him!

  253. I have been watching the Golic show for many years. I no longer can watch it for one reason, Golic Jr. He is the most arrogant, smug, annoying, no talent on TV. Please remove him.

  254. CAPITAL ONE BOWL MANIA SHOW: Love the concept of confidence ratings and the rationale comments. Appreciate the lack of silliness that dominates some of the pro football shows. However, ALL three of the analysts should rate ALL of the games! Otherwise, the perspective is incomplete and distorted. Would be easy in a 2 1/2 hour show IF you eliminated segments not pertinent to predicting future bowl games, e.g., Heisman winner, “coach speak” interviews, etc.

  255. Please let Steven Smith know that i am pulling for Steve Deberg in tonite’s NFL game but Dan Fouts may give them some trouble. thank you

  256. The email that my fantasy leagues have been associated with has been compromised and deleted. I do not know how to change it in my ESPN fantasy profile, because I the instructions on the help page do not work.

    Can you please help me, or direct me to someone who can help me access my football and hockey leagues. Football is in playoffs.

    Thank you for your help/

  257. I have been watching several ncaa men’s games and you have an announcer that can’t speak correctly. He should be saying
    “ a foul “ but says “ faw awl “. My teacher taught me there was only one syllable in foul/fowl , not two.
    It pisses a lot of us off. Please correct this announcer , or we all will be sending you emails.

  258. Even on Christmas, these evil movie commercial, with people killing each other etc. they should’ve not be allowed. Disney I am very disappointed in your actions. You drive to be a company of values and putting smiles on children

  259. The UK Louisville basketball game has to be the worse camera work I have ever seen. You can’t even tell what is going on in the game most of the time.

  260. ESPN the presentation of the Cotton Bowl is way to busy, Just show me the game, I could care less about seeing the coaches pacing the sidelines. The two views of the game is very distracting, show the game as you normally do,

  261. Announcers all very partial toward Clemson!! As where half time analytist, this is college football please be fair! Always show that they dislike ND, why?

  262. Watching the Clemson/Notre Dame playoff game now. What’s up with the 5 different screens going on at the same time. I want to watch the game on one screen not the coaches on the sidelines, two different views of the game and a never ending set of stats. Please get back to showing the game. This approach is way to busy. Hopefully in time for the second half.

  263. Turn off the multiple screens while delivering tv sports. You’ve successfully turned my easy to watch 55” screen into a 26” hard to see jumbled up mess!

  264. You are ruining the national semi- final college football games!!!!!! STOP THE SPLIT SCREEN!! Maybe it is ok for an 80 inch tv but it is horrible for normal TVs. Who are your customers?? Ridiculous! What a stupid idea!

  265. It is a terrible shame that people who cannot afford or have access to cable can’t watch any of the big bowl games. There was a time when all the major bowls were on network television. I guess ESPN does not believe in tradition. Those of us that can.t afford cable or satellite will have to catch what little highlights are on the 10:00 news. Thanks a lot ESPN.

  266. Please please PLEASE! Enough of the non stop barrage of Lexis commercials. I’ve had enough December to remember to last a lifetime. Enough already. I don’t love the game enough to stomach any more commercials with the Lexis

  267. hello
    seen that Tom Brady was betting on him
    self with the team owener just 5 million bucks
    I guest NFL rules are not same MLB.
    I know Pete Rose bet on himself and on
    his team. they also banned him from the

  268. ESPN is #1 sports reporting of all times. I have enjoyed for years. I have only 1 issue and it concerns Stephen Smith. Why does he feel that he needs to yell and talk so loud. Every time “First Take” comes on, I have to change to the other ESPN. I miss watching “First Take” but Stephen is way to loud and my kids always ask, why is that man yelling all the time. I feel that Stephen is one of the best. But there is no need for the yelling and talking so loud. It takes away from the show.
    Please calm down a little and allow your fans to enjoy your shows.
    Thank you, Wm. Dickey

  269. How can you put such a hideous announcer as Booger MacFarlane on the air? His voice is grating and his command of the language is embnarrassing!

  270. Who was the idiot who decided to blackout the UNC-Pitt basketball game on 1/5/19 in Western North Carolina. The game was played in Pittsburgh and was carried on the ACC network which we can normally access on Watch ESPN. I have ESPN on my Spectrum cable.

  271. ESPN needs to remove Kirk from the national football games. He can’t separate his feelings and be unbiased. Not very professional for an announcer.

  272. Your broadcast of the National Championship game maybe the worst I have ever experienced. 4 analysts shouting over each other has made me turn off the sound. Also the reduction in screen space is ridiculous. The game is the show not your announcers. Never again guys. Notice I actually left the game to send this.

  273. Dear Madam/Sir

    I am a Brazilian citizen, and I watch ESPN and ESPN2 via a provider with the name
    “Sky TV Brasil” in my country.

    Well … I like to watch the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, NBA and American football.
    Additionally, the Olympic Games.

    It so happens that in all tennis games, some NBA games and all Olympic games,
    the audio is in Portuguese, even though I set the TV language to English.

    I just contacted Sky TV here in Brazil, and they claim it is your fault, that it is YOU that
    send to them the programs in Portuguese, which I find very odd.

    Just to let you know: it is absolutely annoying and aggravating having to listen to the
    stupid and moronic audios of the Brazilian commentators, usually former loser
    players or athletes with no projection at all when they were playing.

    Oddly enough, the best Brazilian narrators are in American football, where ironically
    I can get (thank God !!) the original delightful audios.

    Please allow us Brazilian people fans of sport to be able to listen to the original
    audios, if this is actually a decision that comes from you (not to send to Brazil the
    audios in English).

    What also strikes me is that your ESPN agency in Brazil, even though it has a site,
    it has NO “customer service e-mail contact” or something like it. I had actually to
    call them (11 3677-7700) and ASK for an e-mail (Lucas Diniz receives this as a
    copy as well).

    If you want to call me re this topic, you can reach me at:

    +1 55 18 99163-3858

    Thanks in advance,
    Carlos Flechtmann

  274. Dear Madam/Sir

    I am a Brazilian citizen, and I watch ESPN and ESPN2 via a provider with the name “Sky TV Brasil” in my country.

    Well … I like to watch the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, NBA and American football. Additionally, the Olympic Games.

    It so happens that in all tennis games, some NBA games and all Olympic games, the audio is in Portuguese, even though I set the TV language to English.

    I just contacted Sky TV here in Brazil, and they claim it is your fault, that it is YOU that send to them the programs in Portuguese, which I find very odd.

    Just to let you know: it is absolutely annoying and aggravating having to listen to the stupid and moronic audios of the Brazilian commentators, usually former loser players or athletes with no projection at all when they were playing.

    Oddly enough, the best Brazilian narrators are in American football, where ironically I can get (thank God !!) the original delightful audios.

    Please allow us Brazilian people fans of sport to be able to listen to the original
    audios, if this is actually a decision that comes from you (not to send to Brazil the audios in English).

    What also strikes me is that your ESPN agency in Brazil, even though it has a site, it has NO “customer service e-mail contact” or something like it. I had actually to call them (11 3677-7700) and ASK for an e-mail (Lucas Diniz).

    If you want to call me re this topic, you can reach me at:

    +1 55 18 99163-3858

    Thanks in advance,
    Carlos Flechtmann

  275. Please get Bill Walton off the air. He is horrible. He is negative and picks on the other announcer. I can’t stand him. He doesn’t call the game just runs his mouth about negative and stupid things. Please get him off the air or Atleast from husky basketball

  276. I was very disappointed to hear Mike Golic this morning (9/16) refer to former ESPN contributor and current ASU football coach Herman Edwards as “our boy”. A very inappropriate and racist slur. He could have very well referred to him as our former colleague or “our own”, but to use the term “boy” was not appropriate.

  277. Your announcers are suppose call game and not officiate Booger should not be on any station fits right in with fake news a complete Idiot right along with sport center commentator done watching radio sounds pretty good

  278. ESPN2 The Daily Line. Been listening/watching programs discussing sports betting lines since The Stardust Line with Lee Pete on the radio in the late 1970’s. Love The Daily Line! In my opinion, the only pure sports betting show on TV. Greatly appreciate the lack of silliness which, unfortunately, has infected almost all sports shows today.

  279. I’ve just got to tell you how irritating the voices of Matt Barrie and Beth Mowins are! It’s hard to believe that anyone would think these two are good on-air talent. You don’t even need Matt, just go with Joey and Jesse. Beth Mowins makes me want to scream! She has the most monotone, irritating, grating voice I have ever heard. I know for a fact that other people feel the same way. I’m sure nothing will change, but, at least I got it off my chest!

  280. This is for Tony of PTI on ESPN
    I do not a twitter or facebook so could you get this to Tony of PRI THANKS TOM

    Steeling Pitch Signs

    Tony First I am not a journalist, so forgive me for my grammar. This is in response to your comments about the baseball steeling signs discussion. You talked about that your real issue is the use of electronics. I am 73 years old and have watched sports for many many years. I am looking at this from today versus yesterday terminology. I am looking at the word electronics and the word foreign objects. Back in the day we did not have electronics but we did have files (used to ruff up the ball by the pitchers like the one that fell out of the back pocket of a Minnesota Twins pitcher) and some type of jell (stashed on the bill of pitchers caps to be used on the ball being pitched). So maybe the use of electronics today is like the use of foreign objects of days ago. Just a thought. Thanks Tom in Owatonna Minnesota.

  281. I tried Espn plus free trial and then canceled immediately because I couldn’t watch acc network because of my tv provider. I checked my bank account and I got charged for something I didn’t even use. I would like my money back. I am very unhappy about this.

  282. Why has your mobile site repmoved MLB quick link to near the bottom of the sports list? Shame on you (in Trump times, it’s the only traditional American thing left to believe in.

  283. I just endured the pregame show before the Packers-Vikings game. I usually try to avoid these at all cost, but today I got sucked in. How in the world did you decide to hire Randy Moss? I guess you just wanted to pick the most obnoxious Hall of Famer you could find. God, is he brutal.

    Then how about these three idiots jogging down the field with the lights dimmed, laughing like a bunch of Hyenas at the end of the show? Exactly what type of audience are you trying to appeal to?

    Finally, why are you trying to shove Chris Berman down our throats again? I thought you had farmed him out to pasture!

  284. Just want to let you know showing a split screen of the same game doesn’t make any sense it’s very annoying makes me want to turn it off

  285. I thought the announcers for the fiesta bowl last we’re horrible and was totally for clemson and was trashing Ohio State, it was just PATHETIC to watch them demoralize Ohio State like they did. You guys at ESPN have always put Ohio State down and given us no credit.

  286. The comments this morning about mixing up two white Jason’s by your co-host on Get Up is inexcusable. Stop the racist comments. You would have never tolerated a white commentator making such a comment. Stop your hypocrisy or I will be another subscriber dumping your borderline professional channel.

  287. Just discovered my recording of the Baylor/Georgia game came from the “command center” without asking. Whoever made this channel should be fired. I cannot believe someone would be so stupid as to shrink my TV to a quarter of its size. Run multiple images pulling your eyes every where. And having a bunch of data taking up the enjoyment of watching a football game on my big screen TV. The morons that did not even figure out how to make sure that you had the choice of channels to record from prior to doing this should seriously have their brains examined.

  288. Split Screen Sugar Bowl sucked, no more Split Screen please! Whoever thought someone would want to watch a game (any sport) in Split Screen is a total idiot.

  289. Will never watch Around the Horn again when Sarah is on. She always wins for some reason but her response tonight was the worse. Saying Alex Trebek is not going to be around forever so Tony should get his job. Alex is battling pancreatic cancer. First and last comment to ESPN.

  290. Kirk Herbstreit is a very onesided in his coverage of college football. He is all about Ohio St. He talks down to any team from the SEC and it gets old having to lisen to him.

  291. Showing “Hamilton “on all your programming is not why I tune in. Hamilton is obnoxiously biased and should not represent your independent view at ESPN. Shame on you. You should be more responsible.

  292. Why do you continue to show athletes chugging and shot gunning beers on
    Not a good example for the kids.

  293. Hi ! You incorrectly entered the match Caracas-Vasco da Gama on a yellow card ! Your text broadcast clearly shows that the score is 2-4 , and you write in the results 1-4! Please fix it !!

  294. Is anyone from ESPN watching the Maui Classic. If so, I can’t understand why you have 2 clowns supposedly doing the play-by-play. Bill Walton is the most horrible announcer in the world. They rarely talk about the game they are supposed to be broadcasting instead opting to talk about Corey Alexander’s beard, Shaka Smart’s hair, cardboard cutouts, Bill’s friends riding bicycles, how to pronounce certain words, what books they’ve read, and anything else they can think of that has nothing to do with the game. I muted the sound since they did very little talking about the game. Surely you can find better announcers to do the games. I can’t believe that I am the only one that finds them deplorable.

  295. The faux crowd noise in the Virginia Tech vs Clemson football was too loud. Had difficulty understand your sports castors.

  296. As a UNC fan, I appreciate that all the announcers for the UNC basketball games always discuss #50, but in their positions they should be informed enough to know that his name is Tyler Hansbrough. They all mispronunciation it every time as Hansborough, which is incorrect. I believe they should study more to be prepared for their broadcasts. Thank you very much.

  297. I was just on the ESPN website, and was pretty surprised to see that 11 of the first 15 articles listed in the main body were only available on ESPN+. Even the Love/Hate column! It is a sad situation that has made me start to look to other sources for my sports information (,, Yahoo Sports, MSN), since their simple articles don’t cost extra money to read.
    Just wanted to let you know about a disgruntled and former very loyal customer. I understand with some in depth articles, and that was how it started, but now it seems that several of your former columns, like the top 100 NBA players, used to be on regular ESPN. It’s a shame to see, as I can’t even read more than half of your articles anymore without subscribing to ESPN+.
    Wishing you luck with your new marketing program, but you have definitely forced me to start looking elsewhere for my news.

  298. I have watched ESPN do great things and yet I have seen some pretty Rotten things. Sports are being ruined and ESPN has a huge influence on the games. Please for the love of God and everything on this earth please step in on the CFP. It is OBVIOUSLY BROKEN!!!! How in the hell did the teams that got new year six games get them. What is going on?? I played sports my whole life all the way to professional teams but I am losing faith in the core and root of competition and reason to compete. Step in, say something, for heaven sakes DO something. Be the “Leader” in sports that you claim to be and fight for the integrity of sports and what they mean to the people of this country. Don’t let our pass time be taken from us because of money and power. Please ESPN do something

  299. I’ve called customer service twice for help/refund with ufc fight and both times they didn’t say hello and hung up on me! Customer service is horrible!

  300. br />
    American track league is the most boring coverage of a track event ever. I enjoy track and this was the worst I have ever seen Delays between events were just intolerable. Wont watch that again

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