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Contacting Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer Service Center

With more than 6,000 locations across the United States and the world, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is one of the premier car rental companies world-class customer service and some of the lowest rates in the industry. The company has transcended the times by offering more than just car rentals. Enterprise Rent-A-Car provides car sharing, vanpooling and car leasing.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department in the U.S. is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Customer service: 1-800-264-6350
  • Roadside assistance: 1-800-307-6666
  • Online assistance: 1-877-858-3884
  • Reservations: 1-800-261-7331
  • Reservations (Spanish): 1-877-416-0000
  • TTY: 1-866-534-9270
  • Business: 1-877-881-5500
  • Sales: 1-800-227-7253
  • Commercial: 1-888-736-8287
  • Fleet management: 1-877-233-5338

The customer service department in Canada is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Reservations: 1-800-261-7331
  • TTY: 1-866-9270
  • Business: 1-877-881-5500
  • Customer service: 1-800-264-6350
  • Roadside Assistance: 1-800-307-6666
  • Online assistance: 1-877-858-3884

The customer service department in the United Kingdom is open Monday through Friday 7am to midnight; Saturday and Sunday 8am to midnight.

  • Reservations: 0800 800 227
  • Roadside assistance: 0800 316 0977
  • Customer service: 0800 111 4312

The customer service department in Ireland is open Monday through Friday 7am to midnight; Saturday and Sunday 8am to midnight.

  • Reservations: 1 890 227 999

The German customer service department is open Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 6pm; Saturday 9am to noon.

  • Reservations: 0800 36 83 777
  • Business: 0800 37 22 800

The French customer service department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Reservations: 0 825 16 12 12
  • Customer service: 0 825 16 12 12
  • Roadside assistance: 0 800 13 12 11

The Spanish customer service department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Reservations: 902 100 101
  • Customer support: 902 111 902
  • Roadside assistance: 902 152 898

Mailing Address

Enterprise Rent-a-Car600 Corporate Park DriveSt. Louis, Missouri 63105

Official Website

Go to in order to make a reservations, buy a used rental car, check reservations or sign up for email alerts. Customers can also locate information relating to the company and contact the customer service department.

Customer Service Email

Enterprise Rent-a-Car does not have a dedicated email address, instead, customers will need to contact the customer service department using the customer contact form We sent a message asking how to cancel a reservation.

Customers can also connect with an agent using the Live Chat, the Twitter page or the Facebook page.

Our Experience

Considering the customer support department is open 24/7, we connected with an agent within minutes. When the representative answered our call, we asked who to sign up for the rewards program. The agent gave us the location of the program on the website and offered to send us the information to our email address.

We thought the call would turn a different way, but the customer service team surprised us. When you contacted the customer support team, was your concern resolved? We want to hear. Share your story with us.

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69 Comments on “Contact Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer Service
  1. confirmation number 683056562. I had booked a Ford Transit van from 5pm on Thursday Dec 19th to 5pm on Friday 20th Dec 2013. I realised on Thursday that I would be unable to pick the van up at 5pm (I was Santa at the local schools). I phoned Aberdeen South depot to be told this was OK and I could pick the van up at 9am on Friday the 20th. I was leaving at 0830 to pick the van up when I received a phone call from your Aberdeen South Depot to say there was no van available and there wouldnot have been one available at 5 pm on the Thursday. Earliest would have been at 10.30 Friday and no gaurantee of that! This is totally unacceptable as I had to make other provision to pick up our goods.
    I am using this post comment as I cannot find anyother means to email you.
    George Masson

  2. In December, we rented a car from Enterprise in Sanford, Florida. I decided that we needed On-Star on our car. I talked to Maleea (I’m sorry. I probably spelled her name wrong). She was so nice and helpful! When we got to Enterprise on December 6, she went to the car with us and made sure we knew how to use the On-Star. She was a great help. We also loved the car, a Chevy Impala. We have rented from other rental car companies before that we just awful, but from now on we will always rent from Enterprise. Thank you having such a well-run company and for employees like Maleea. P.S. The On-Star made our vacation so much better. Thanks, Gary & Sue

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I rented a car from your Mount Vernon Office on 01/17/2014 and return the car on 01/27/2014. The car windshield was crack and your sale associates was aware of the situation when I rented the car. I received two letter from your Atlanta office that I am responsible for damages on the car. I return the car with no damages on it.
    I wish to stated that I am not responsible for any damages on the car and very disappointed with Enterprise rent A-car company the way they handle this issue.Next time I will advise myself before think of renting car from company.

    Musah Alore

  4. I rent cars from Enterprise just about every week. I want to say that for the most part the staff members on your team are right on the money when renting cars. There is one person that works on your team that I feel should be noticed and his name is Patrick Herrington. Patrick is an excellent employee knows what the customer needs, is pleasant to deal with, always respectful and knows his job. Patrick is fast and accurate and goes the extra steps to make my rental experience as smooth as possible. I know when I am in a pinch and need wheels to get to where I have to go Patrick will and has made it happen every time.I hope that this letter gets into the right hands on your team because I want Patrick to be Recognized and I want to thank him through this letter to his superiors and let you know that he is doing an outstanding job for your company. Thank you Regards Frank Auriemmo

  5. Hello Enterprise,
    Just a short note to let you know that Chris at the Broad Street , Wadsworth,Ohio location did a outstanding job of getting me a car on short notice, the pick up went flawless as did the return. The car was super clean inside & out!! She was very friendly and smiled throughout the whole process. I have not rented from Enterprise for two years since I landed my plane outside of Chicago at 5:45 PM and found that the car I had rented from Enterprise was not dropped off at the airport & the office was closed for the weekend…$ 125.00 cab fair into the city and another $ 125.00 back to the airport on Sunday, NOT VERY HAPPY…Then when I called the next week they said they had just forgotten to drop it. Not even a discount or a “sorry”?! Chris makes me think I can start back using Enterprise again, hope you staff with more folks like her!
    Thanks Again, Doug Feesler – # JF3YVWV plus member.

  6. Every thing was fine, I made reservations based on landing at Denver Int Airport.
    We arrived at the airport and called the service and was informed they were not going to come get us and we needed to take ground transportation to their office.
    This cost would add $150.00 to the bill.
    The manager of the branch informed my wife that we should have verified the facts before we made the reservation???
    I would think that “We are landing at DIR at this time and there will be 6 of us”. Then when my wife confirmed the reservation 3 days prior no one advised us ” Oh by the way we are not at the airport and there will be an additional fee of $150.00 to get you to the office” Our bad for not confirming this small detail.
    We ended up spend a great deal of extra money that had not been budgeted for.

  7. I reserved a vehicle for 9am on 9/17. At 7:15am on the 17th someone from enterprise called let me know they did not have any cars ready and probably would not for my reservation. I was told they would call back by 10am. I received no call. I called myself five times over the next 30 hours (I never received a call back). I finally got.the go ahead to pick up my car at 4pm on the 18th. I left work early had to get someone to drive me to pick up the reservation. When I picked up the car I asked about the delay and the response was we had a really bad day. I was in a hurry because I had to go back to work and did not notice I had been charged more.than I should have(deposit was $50 more). I called customer service and after being on hold for 18 minutes the rep told me she could not help me and I should call the location in the morning. I called back and asked to speak to a manager and after another 23 minutes on hold a manager was equally unhelpful somewhere in the middle of her telling me there was no issue I was disconnected. Three “customer service reps” told the same story and no one even addressed the poor service on delay let alone apologized. I tried to email but the page does not work. Tomorrow I will try again.

  8. I had a one day (one way) rental that I dropped off at an Enterprise location that wasn’t open on a Sunday. Low and behold I receive an invoice on the Monday after which shows charges for an additional days rental. Because the destination wasn’t open to process the car the day I dropped it off, they charge me??? At no point during the rental process was that explained to me. I found out after the fact it’s hidden in the fine print. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I make a choice as to which rental car company I use.

  9. Although all rental agencies of which I know do it, charging a drop off fee ($191.88)when a car is moved between two rental centers is unacceptable to me. I realize you can get away with it, because others do it also, but not with me. Please cancel my reservation, JQKMZY.
    Sheldon Morris

  10. Hello
    I like to give my very special thanks to two very special
    individual who work at 131 northern blvd. , great neck, NY. 11021.
    Mr. Thomas m. Ferraro & Mr. Chris Lopez who did everything to make my rental experience wonderful. they are a great asset to any organization , and there politeness,and customer service are exceptional outstanding. i will certainly recommend them to all my friends, family and business associates,and will continue to use their service at any time I’m in town for business or pleasure.
    Thank you, Thank you , Thank you
    God bless and have a great holiday season

  11. i have rented vehicles from enterprise for several year now and have never had an issue til the last three time with a Arron Baker, of whom claims he’s the manager. the first time we rented a vehicle from him we requested a pick up. it took two hours to come and pick my wife and children up. of course everyone was late that morning. The second time we rented he tried to charge the regular rate when we confirmed the week-end rate via email. and the last of which was last week-end. he was just plain rude to my wife. i will never rent a vehicle from your company again.

  12. I would just like to take a moment to tell you about a great asset you have in an employee. I cannot say enough good things about Laura Lander she recently received a promotion to manager and left port jefferson station and is now in queens she will be missed greatly. She has gone above and beyond for my coworkers and I always making sure we had correct vehicles for the job at hand she always made sure vehicles were clean and fueled and always had a smile on her face. I will miss her and hope that she continues to sore in your corporation.
    Thank you for your professionalism Laura and enterprise.

    Christopher Ritter

  13. Had a rental reservation with Enterprise in Hot Springs, AR for Saturday 3.21.15. Arrived at the Hot Springs airport and was informed by the counter rep that there were no rentals available. I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode. This was completely unacceptable to me. I had to cancel a trip to a funeral out of state because of this. I will never attempt to do business with Enterprise again. I will be sure to inform everyone that I can of this incident.

  14. In early January, my family of seven arrived on a much delayed flight to Newark from San Diego and headed to Enterprise to rent a car. When the fellow at the desk looked like he was not in a helpful mood recommended we just head outside, I was hoping to get better service and we hit the jackpot! A cheerful, lovely young lady named Leslie Cruel greeted us warmly and took care of us wonderfully even tho there was not a minivan available for us. With 7 and luggage, we were limited but Leslie ran all over the garage in the bitter early AM cold telling us to go back inside to stay warm. She pulled up in a fine large vehicle, a Suburban, that could hold all of us and our luggage easily and impressed the boys on the cool factor for such vehicle. She could not have been nicer nor more helpful to us than she was that evening/early morning hour. I want to commend her on her exceptional customer service skills and seeing to it our needs were met. Regret the lateness of this feedback but I just found her business card which I asked for given how helpful she was to us. Thanks Enterprise, I will return! Anne O.

  15. have been renting from enterprise for over 40 years. have been renting regular from Colby Charles mgmt. trainee in Richardson, Tx he does an excellent job of representing your co. He has excellent mgmt. talent. a great employee

  16. 22 April we arrived at 12:00 AM . Two Enterprise staff were waiting for us after the stated jworking hours and spent considerable,time getting us the perfect vehicle and entering the driving directions in our GPS.
    On 30 April in Glasgow while returning the car Enterprise staff helped me pay a parking ticket using my cell phone, saving me the late payment penalties. At both locations the staff aware professional very pleasant and helpful. I wish I had the name of each person to give you as they deserve the recognition.
    Very professional and pleasant.
    Peter McGrath

  17. Tried to prebook and prepay a rental for August this year. Filled out all the requirements and then told not able to prepay but at an extra 24 odd pounds we can pay later. Tried every which way to contact you, your email link will not accept London (or other British cities) Heathrow, or the code for Heathrow so aside from an expensive call from NZ this is a last resort. All I want to know is why can we not prepay. An answer in the next few weeks before we leave the Southern Hemisphere would be appreciated if anyone in the Company actually reads these comments.I note that another customer had no luck via email in Sept last year. Does it ever work???? Have used your Company before in Britain with no problems but seems your admin system is letting you down, shame as most of your employees work very hard at presenting a good product yet your electronic communication is falling short of supporting them, not a good management policy at all.

  18. We have a booking for Aug15th TXSOFJ and were wondering if we can extend the time until Monday Aug17th. Also would it be possible for us to drop it off at the Swarzt Bay ferry terminal? Can you also confirm the total cost. Many thanks Andrea Hammond

  19. I recently rented a vehicle from the Columbus, Oh airport per conformation # 689545978. The car had the “push to start button” in place of a key. The attendant checking the car in did not request the key fob. I went into the terminal, checked luggage and went to the TSA check-in line. At that time I discovered that I had the keyfob and had to run back to the Enterprise office to return the keyfob. This was a major inconvinence and almost missed my flight!
    Please inform the attendants to request the keyfob given to the attendant to avoid this problem.

  20. I just rented a car from the Ashtabula location. The center counsel would not latch down, so I let them know that. I didn’t expect it to bounce up to the full upright position when I stepped on the brakes. I had a minor child with me who wasn’t feeling so well, so I called as soon as I got home. Asked them to bring me out another car to the house because this is potentially a driving hazard, as it could hit ones arm causing you to go left of center. They said “they couldn’t do that”, so tomorrow it’s another trip to exchange the car. My feelings are, that these things should be checked and this vehicle SHOULD NOT have been let out until this was fixed.

  21. I am in customer affairs in my company so I know what it takes to be successful and how I like to be treated. Katie does this. I will never go anywhere else to rent a car as long as she is there. Great experience! Katie makes it worth the trip across town to rent at Enterprise. I could easily go to a place closer to home but Katie would not be there. I use her services for my customers as well. I manage an upscale automotive repair facility and customers sometimes need to rent cars while theirs is being repaired. Katie gets that call too. Thank you Katie for your attentive and caring service. It made my unexpected trip to Florida due to a death in the family worth while.

  22. My wife and I rented a car for a day to go to the store. It was driven less than 40 miles. Enterprise Car Rental on Nimitz Hwy. in Honolulu is requesting payment for $1,400 which we refuse to even consider. The damage was there before it left the lot, covered by white scratches. It was not a “golf ball” size damage. My understanding is that this is not the 1st time this exact issue happened at the same location. This is on going and will be resolved by the truth. Minus 2 stars!

  23. I rented a car from Enterprise on 8-17-15 to 8-22-15 , a one way rental from iad to tpa but had to stop at a difference location to add a extra driver. thats where the trouble begins.The location where we stop at was the Chamberburg , PA. took them about 45 add a driver to the account because the agent had to call the airport for there system input,no problem there,but when she call the airport whoever she got she knew and they started talking about this and that and their love life for about 20-30mins . finely we got the driver add. Then, go to leave they had me blocked in. there were agents at the car they parked tight behind me laughing that they block me in and wouldn’t move the car so I could get out safety ,I did it no room for error. I should’ve just left the car right there on the spot and went to another company!!.
    That put a big damper on that part of the my vacation because my mother had to calm me down a little .Because one of the reason why I drove down to Florida was to bond with my mom not to be tic off.
    Then one of your GM called me and brush me off Sorry this happen have nice day!!! was his replied bye.
    Is this the way Enterprise does business now ? If this the case I wouldn’t recommend Enterprise to nobody and probably won’t get my business again, even those you do have some great employees working for you such as the people working at the airport locations especially Ashley at the iad location.
    Kelton Reynolds

  24. Awful service!!! I used to rent from enterprise in the past, and it was always great. Now I signed a contract to be charged 49.00 per day and am being charged ALMOST TWICE that amount. Obviously no one seems to want to correct this issue and my credit card has been charged already. I tried to email them but their web email form cannot find their own locations in the US… go figure!

    All in all, a terrible experience

  25. Hello (CLAIM NUMBER 06833903)

    I am writing this mail to you with deep hurt caused by your agent (Aaron Stewart) in Indiana PA. I rented a car (Chevrolet Cruze) from your location in Indiana PA on July 30th. My friend (Abayomi Fajebe) used his card to pay for me because i didn’t have sufficient fund on my card then. So I was added as an additional driver.

    We returned the car at night around 11pm and dropped the car key right inside the box as stated by your agent. The following morning, your agent (Aaron) called my friend and said that he couldn’t find the car. This was so embarrassing, because the car was parked right by the main entrance. My friend told him that he we parked the car just by the entrance. He later found the car and apologized. He then called my friend again that he couldn’t find the key. My friend was really mad about the whole accusations, and he called me to go to your Indiana location and attend to Aaron which I did.

    I got there and searched for the key in the box but couldn’t find it there. I then told Aaron that I am 100% sure that the key was returned right inside the box, because I was there with my friend as he was carefully dropping the key inside the box. I told him that maybe the key was stocked in the inner compartment, but Aaron started saying all sorts of words like…”we will have to pay for the key”…”that’s how some people do”…”he doesn’t believe us”…etc…

    I got mad and told him that I don’t like all these accusations. I said does he think that everyone is the same? Does he not have confidence in his clients? I felt really bad by all these words and i called my friend to come over. He left what he was doing in Johnstown PA and came over. He also searched the box but couldn’t get the key. At this point, Aaron continued his words but my friend later dipped his fingers into the innermost section of the box (right in our presence) and brought out the key.

    At this point, Aaron started pleading to us. We then went inside to sigh off the return document, and Aaron took us out to inspect the car. He said the car is good but i noticed something shortly. He then went “directly” to a spot “underneath the car” (as if he knew that there was a minor dent underneath the car prior to that time) and told my friend that there was a minor dent there. My friend and I told him immediately that we are unaware of the dent, that it wasn’t from us. Aaron then said we shouldn’t worry about that…that we are fine.

    Two weeks later, my friend got a mail stating that he damaged a Chevrolet Cruze and he has to pay for it. My friend got really mad about the whole thing and we both went to meet Aaron on August 8, and Aaron said we should disregard it, that he just told your corporate office what he “observed” while he was checking the car, that he wasn’t sure where it came from “Meanwhile, your agent that originally rented the car to us DID NOT showed my friend the underneath part of the car while he was renting it out initially, but just took my friend round the car and observed the inner part of the car then.

    Since then, your claims department has been bothering my friend to pay for the damage (dent) that we didn’t know anything about. They sent him an email 2 days ago that he has just 10 days to pay this amount, or else it will be transferred to the credit investigator, etc which is absolutely unfair and uncalled for. There is a great indication that your agent (Aaron, in Indiana PA) knows pretty much about the dent prior to that time, but he was looking for who to shift the liability on.

    I called your customer care line and they escalated the issue and promised to resolve it. They later called my friend and apologized and promise to resolve it, but your claims department at the other end was bothering my friend.

    I called Aaron about 3 weeks ago when my friend received another mail from your claims department, and he made a very offensive and unprofessional statement saying “he doesn’t even know whether my friend just inserted the key inside the box immediately when he came to look for it”. This is totally untrue because he (Aaron) was right there when my friend came and later dipped his fingers to the innermost compartment of the box.

    You can please check through your office camera and conduct a comprehensive investigation, not only listening to your agent (Aaron) alone.

    Since then, really, Aaron has portrayed the image of Enterprise negatively by all these acts and we are feeling deeply hurt by these whole scenario and false accusations.

    Kindly resolve this issue within the shortest time. Sorry for the long write-up.


  26. –Leaving this here as your contact form for customer service does not recognize the rental office in Batavia, New York.
    Whom concerned: I am writing this to inform you that I am going to be filing a better business bureau complaint as well as a sheriff’s department complaint along with a civil suit against your company and the employees at your Batavia, New York office. I shall explain why. On September 1, 2015 I was involved in a rear end collision which totaled my vehicle. Totally the other parties fault. I received a rental vehicle from your agency which their insurance company was paying for. The original period lapsed and was supposed to have been extended per their agent’s comments to me. However, I am guessing that once they learned I had hired an attorney they decided not to pay. Anyway, on the 16th of September 2015, I was at work and two guys showed up to take back the vehicle. I was not only upset but embarrassed to have this occur at my place of employment! One of your folks from the Batavia office, I believe his name was Jason or Josh, told me that $187.03 was owed at which time I told him in no uncertain terms that I was not going to pay that as it was supposed to have been taken care of by the other party’s insurance company. The next thing I know, I receive my bank statement, and discover that your agents took their money from my account without either my knowledge or approval!! They were also aware that what they were doing was illegal but felt they were going to get their money regardless! This was made obvious by the fact that they made the transactions in 4 separate charges. 3 Separate charges for $50 and 1 final charge for $37.03. This is not only fraud but theft as well and I will pursue this matter to its legal conclusion.

  27. I was referred to you by USAA, I went to 3014 Two Notch Rd, Columbia, SC Manager Rorey Garnett , refused to give me a rental saying that I need to process paperwork with John Harris. I told him my car was unsafe to drive and USAA had updated it in the system and to call them. He refused to call USAA and said I needed to go back to John Harris. I told him I no longer wanted to do business with them. He stated I needed to go to another Enterprise that was closer to the new shop I Chose to fix my car. He had a total disregard if I was in a unsafe car. It appeared to me He and John Harris were in a plot to force me to use John Harris even if I no longer wanted to do business with them.

  28. I have always rented from enterprise. Recently I rented an auto for 3 weeks and 2 days at your branch in Boynton beach Florida on woolbright rd. When I received my American express statement I noticed I was overcharged $200. I immediately called the enterprise office and spoke to the assistant manager, Andy, he informed me he would correct the mistake. I was put on hold, needless to say he never came back . I called again and got a female, explained the problem, I was put on hold again, she never came back. Is this the new way employees handle complaints? This is not acceptable behavior. In the future I will take my business elsewhere. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

  29. I’ve unsubscribed to email a few times over the last month. I keep getting email. Should I start making them as spam? Or report enterprise as spamming?

  30. Dishonest Clerks. Did not receive reimbursement. Farmers Insurance accepted 100% responsibility. Your clerk (Sacramento – Power Inn Road) asked if I needed additional coverage for the rental, I told her no that I have full coverage. I was still charged $136.61 she said this cover our vehicle, and that Farmers will reimburse me. Now I’m getting the run around treatment. And no return phone call like I was told. I feel I was deceived by your by the clerk; I want my money back. To Be Continue

  31. I recently tried renting a car from Enterprise & called 2 different locations in Honoulu. Couldn’t get a live person and no one returned the phone messages I left requesting a return phone call. Very frustrating experience.

  32. Dear Agent,

    Your Ann Arbor Huron and Jackson road locations did not have the compact/economy car sizes available for two separate rentals as requested. A sports car or a truck is not considered an upgrade to most people. In addition, dirty cars with numerous dents, chips and 50k plus miles is not what I would have ever received upon rental at Hertz, Avis or Budget. Only once, years ago when I was a college student, did I ever rent such a sub par vehicle, and that was at Rent-A-Wreck (but at least expectations were in line). Besides not having expedited service, the overall quality of service and inability to have adequate vehicles on hand will keep me from renting from you again.

  33. If your company recognizes an employee of the month, I would like to make a
    suggestion. Melvin, at the San Antonio airport, when above and beyond to help me when I could not find the return for Dollar car rentals. He had to move several cars to let me out, then proceeded to go into the road and point the direction I needed to head. Since there is no signage for returns on Dollar, he suggested I follow the
    shuttle out of airport. He was smiling and friendly throughout this fiasco. Time and date was around 1:30pm 2/18/16. Kudos to a wonderful employee!

  34. Website doesn’t work and phones aren’t answered

    Website wants location of rental complaint but app doesn’t recognize any entries.

    Called local enterprise office. Corporate line answered with prerecord end choices that never worked. Put on hold.

    Called Avis next door to same location. Mark answered.

    Guess who I’m renting from?


  35. I have rented from the Huntington Beach local branch many times. I am very impressed with the staff there. Their professionalism and service is outstanding. They are very friendly and always make me feel valued as a customer. They are always smiling and are very friendly. Hertz and Avis have local branches and it is completely the opposite. Even if the car is more at Enterprise, I will still rent there. Thanks for your time.

  36. Enterprise engages in fraudulent business practices: Their national ad tagline is “We’ll pick you up”. The branch in Boca Raton, FL refused to pick me up, despite me calling ~70 minutes before the 9am reservation. The franchie rep, “Shane”, offered to reimburse an Uber drive, however, he stated I would have to wait for a vehicle to be available. When I pressed Shane to be more transparent, he advised vehicles would not be ready until 3:30 pm, 6.5 hours after the 9am reservation. I told Shane he would have to call me to advise when a vehicle was available. No one ever called. I called their customer service # & was passed to a supervisor who was polite & advised he escalated the matter to the area manager for Boca Raton, FL. He took my cell # & my email & told me I would be contacted by phone or email. 5 days later and no one has contacted me. PATHETIC. I ended up reserving a vehicle from Alamo in Boca Raton … which also had insufficient vehicles, but I ONLY had to wait 45 mins. I rec’d an Explorer despite reserving an economy vehicle. I paid for only the economy vehicle, which is nice, but Enterprise lost revenue from me twice that day: once for the 1st rental and twice for the 2nd upgraded rental. Knowing that Enterprise acquired Alamo, I asked one of the Alamo reps what he thought of Enterprise’s corporate ownership — he smiled and said, “Well, It’s certainly different”. I will not ever rent from Enterprise; I do not understand how their business model works: how can a company consistently over book without alienating customers for life?

  37. We rented a vehicle at the Ft. Myers Airport on April 2nd about ll:30 at night. We rented a mini-van as that is all you had. We spent the day in Atlanta as there was a storm in Tampa and they flew us to Ft. Myers and we HAD to rent a vehicle to get to Tampa for our 7 day cruise the next day on Sunday. We drove the vehicle directly to the airport in Tampa and dropped it off. (approx. 3-4 hrs total. We took a cab from the Airport to our Hotel and took taxi to the Pier the next day. Point: We did NOT have the vehicle for the 2-8day thling you sent us. We rented it one way to the Airport and dropped the vehicle off. We will NOT be paying the $1367.4l you billed incorrectly to us and only owe for the one day minimum for the four hours of use of the vehicle. Please correct this billing immediately. We have proof of our cruise and took taxi from the Pier to the Airport after the cruise on the Norwegian Star. I cannot believe you did this to an elderly couple like us. CORRECT THIS NOW. Dale Bradley
    Rental # was 739547662 Invoice 90077529840

  38. I have rented a lot of cars at enterprise all over ca. never have I been asked for utllitly bill with my name on it and a Bank Statement. Is this a new part of your policey?. He said everything was explained on the email I received on my computer at home . I did not receive a email. I checked because I wanted to see if you are asking for a bank Statement .

  39. If you are asking for Bank Statement that is invasion of privacy there is no reason why you should have to show Bank statement to rent a car. If this a new policey, I will never rent from enterprise again. That is wrong.

  40. We reserved a Jeep at the Hawaii Oahu location to use during our family vacation for 7 days. Upon arrival, we were greeted and checked in by a friendly staff member who updated our reservation to keep the Jeep longer than expected, and then we were sent out to get the vehicle shortly after without any issues. We met a gentleman by the name of Joel (hope I spelled that correctly) from Oklahoma. Joel was super outgoing, friendly, personable and helpful about the exchange. Great service is rare these days so my family and I made it a point to remember his name and write in about our experience. Thanks to Enterprise for hiring great personnel who understands the importance for awesome service and thanks to Joel for the positive experience and we hope it works out for you and your wife in Oahu!

  41. I wanted to write to you and express my complete satisfaction with my car rental experience. I had to have some unexpected body work done on my car and I took it to Harry’s Auto & Collision in Los Angeles. I also needed a rental car, and I decided to get one from your Wilshire-La brea location (on Harry’s premises). Jackie was the agent that handled my rental and she was wonderful. I was not in the best of moods when I got there because of the circumstances, but Jackie greeted me with such a positive and refreshing attitude that I could not help but change my disposition. Her approach was very warm, upbeat, and sincere. She went over all of my rental options and explained the rental contract in detail. She was polite and patient while answering any questions that I asked. I had the car for almost 3 weeks and within 48 hours after returning the car I received a follow up call from Jackie to check up on my rental experience, and to see if I was satisfied with the car. The fact that we had only met once briefly some 3 weeks earlier, and yet she was able to recall details of our meeting, was very impressive, and it told me that she actually takes her job serious and is truly committed to giving excellent customer service. So, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best, Jackie gets a 10. Thank you, Jackie!

  42. I have been trying to reach someone in Customer Service because I need to update the credit card on file for a National/Emerald Club member. I have had the hardest time. I tried several phone numbers and have been transferred to various departments where no one has assisted me.

  43. We needed to rent a car in Amarillo,Texas for Tuesday March 21st at 8 a.m. till Wednesday March 22nd at 8 a.m. I work days and my spouse works night or evenings. We have one credit card and it is in my name. So I went to enterprise on Monday to do all the paper work to let her pick-up the car on Tuesday morning and your people said if I make the reservations today I have to take the car today. That way I have to pay for two days for a car instead of just one. So enterprise will pick you up but then they will drop you on your head. I would like to talk to someone so I could tell them the whole story

  44. On June 12, the transmission in my car failed. I called the Enterprise office in Sylva, NC and they did not have any cars to rent. While on hold, I kept hearing the commercial that asked, “Stuck at the car repair shop? We’ll pick you up!” I called the office in Waynesville and they had no cars either. I called Franklin and they had a minivan but could not “pick me up” because I was out of their jurisdiction. The owner of the repair shop was much more helpful. He took us in his own vehicle to Waynesville to our hotel. The next morning, I called and the Waynesville office had a car but could not “pick me up” because they were short-staffed. Once again, the owner of the hotel took me to the office to get the car. The “kindness of strangers” clearly outweighs the service of those who are paid to give it. When I returned the car, the manager asked about my “customer experience.” I briefly described what had happened and then he asked, “So would you say you were completely satisfied?” My answer, “No” was an understatement.

  45. This is the second time I am writing this…
    I rented a car in Tampa Florida (ref #837KLP). When I made the reservation, I was quoted just over $88. I ended up paying over $200. The whole experience was awful. I was never told where to pick up or return the car and nearly missed my flight back to Michigan.
    My service was poor and I am unhappy.

  46. Last weekend I rented a car at Burlington Wisconsin. I was flying and was delayed in transit and arrived just at your closing time. Even with the late arrival, you staff stayed late and did complete the rental of the car.

    The additional effort was greatly appreciated and I hope you recognize the addition they provide to your business.


    Bill Anderson

  47. I just finished renting a van at your Westlake, Ohio location. I want to tell you what a wonderful staff you have at that location. They were all so very helpful, kind and all seemed to be very happy employees. They deserve an acknowledgement of great customer service.

    Thank you all.

  48. Sir, my wife returned a rental to Germantown MD enterprise on Frederick rd. there was damage to the Vehicle from us but we have been accused of leaving a ding on the Rear Bumper. I know for a fact it was not done by us. I retrieved my son wheel chair from the vehicle rear area and there was no ding or dent i would have saw it. Your Agent demanded 250 Dollars on the spot after we returned it. because he stated that the person who inspected it when my returned saw it and it was not on the previous inspection. So this hero calls my insurance company and states to them i was in a Accident, which was not true. Now if someone did ding the van in a parking lot while i was no there i can not be held responsible. Mind you that the renter before us did have several bad scratches and white marks on the front quarter panel. So did your agent open two different claims to two different ins. companies on the same vehicle. And demand money up front. I told them that i need a recent of repair either to me or my ins. before i pay anything. also the inspection was dont without my wife witness of it and the vehicle was turn over to them and driven before by them before the inspection. So how do i know it wasn’t damage by enterprise while there then blamed on us. when we didnt Witness the turn in inspection. Also i never received the first inspection sheet by email like promise. cant you look into this for me. but i bet you will side with them any way.

  49. Your staff at the BWI airport is extremely incompetent and rude. Also, I had modified my reservation on line but you never updated the reservation or sent a new confirmation. After arguing for 20 minutes with a completely incompetent person at your counter, the manager agreed to the correct rate of $68 plus tax, totally $72.47. But when we went outside, they didn’t get the message, or the manager intended for them not to get the message, and they charge two difference charges on my American Express. One for $72.47 and one for $48.32. They said the second was a “deposit”. When we returned the car they charged the entire $120.79. I am reporting this to American Express as fraud.

    • I rented a car from Enterpise in Fort Myers on Feb. 12th thru Feb. 28th. It was rented as a ‘premium’ car but only a Dodge Charger was available and it was leased to me without any change in the rental agreement. During During the lease time
      there was a problem with a panel between a front wheel and the bumper. It dragged slightly. We took the vehicle to another Enterprise agency ( in Naples FL )which had no other vehicle for us to use. So we waited there for an hour and a half while it was repaired.
      All of the Enterprise personnel whom we dealt with were perfectly professional and courteous. We were very satisfied with the performance of the car we felt it was just unfortunate that these quirks occurred.

  50. I recently rented an Alamo rental car for two weeks in Hawaii.

    Since you are cutting your relationship with the National Rifle Association (NRA), I will be looking for another car company to rent from in the future.

    I will not do business with a company opposed to the second amendment of the US Constitution, as your actions appear to be.

  51. I can’t imagine such a stupid business decision as to cut ties with the NRA. Have you considered you have been hit by a left wing bot making ten people appears as many thousands? Otherwise I and many people who I have talked to will NEVER rent a car from Enterprise. I will walk first.

  52. Enterprise was my go-to place for car rentals, but now EXTREMELY displeased with your NRA position. I will choose NRA any day over you!

    Thank goodness for NRA that protects one of our most valued rights. You have thrown your weight in with the lib, globalist pc crowd that would leave us defenseless.

    Will be much less likely to do business with you!!!!!

  53. Dear Enterprise,
    Just wanted to tell you I will no longer use your company as you cowardly dropped your discounts to the NRA. Its not the NRA’s fault, new laws aren’t the answer, maybe the courts that let most drug crimes off. In his case everything was there to stop this wacko, the FBI, Sheriff Dept and the cowardly officer at the school.
    Society coddles these kids and schools have taken God and history out.
    Thank you

  54. I am a hard working, tax paying American, who wishes to preserve ALL of my constitutional rights. We are a family of 5 who will NEVER rent from you or any of your subsidiaries because of the cowardly stance you have taken against the NRA… I have also shared your position on social media as well as with family and friends.

  55. Sad Day,

    Being a two service military veteran and a life time member of the NRA / I will not be apart of any aspect of enterprise services due to your boycott against the NRA.

    Stay out of politics / do what you did best rental cars!

    Very disappointed with Enterprise!!!!!!!!

  56. February 25, 2018
    On December 30, 2017 we picked up our Enterprise car rental in Tucson from the North Kolb office. Tracy and Anthony or Gabriel assisted us. On January 1st, 2018 we experienced a flat on the left front tire. It was New Year day so most places closed. A Firestone place was nearby and they said tire not repairable and we noticed a big tear on the tire. They installed a new tire (we have receipt) and we able to drive to Tucson safely. When we returned car on Tues, Jan 2nd,2018. Anthony at the rental office made a call to Phoenix office and stated that we would be reimbursed within a few weeks for cost of tire. As of this date I have made many calls to Anthony and other staff at office and they say its being handled. I know feel that I as a customer getting I’m being ignored. We recently rented another Enterprise car as I thought I was being treated with fairness until now. I have supporting documentation to provide you. Thank you for your prompt assistance.

  57. i recently had a enterprise rental car for 2 weeks. completely satisfied.
    after the politically correct moronic decision to drop nra, i will never use your rental service.

  58. So, Enterprise chooses to publicly end its relationship with the NRA because a madman with a rifle goes crazy in Broward County? After 66 ignored warnings to law enforcement about the shooter? Your decision is nonsense, because the NRA was in no way involved. I’m not a member of the NRA, just a decorated combat infantryman who finds your grandstanding despite the facts an act of corporate cowardice. I travel a lot. But I promise I wont’t be traveling with enterprise (lower case intentional).

  59. I rented a premium car in Fort Myers on Feb. 12 thru Feb. 28 but was given a Dodge Charger the only car available. But no change was made in the rental agreement. Should there have been?
    There was a problem with a panel between a front wheel and the bumper. It was dragging. We brought the car in to a different Enterprise agency In Naples FL. They had no car we could drive but repaired it while we waited for one and a half hours.
    The staff in both agencies were courteous and professional.
    Please reply as to whether we should have paid less for the smaller car.

  60. The car the rental agent gave me, was dirty inside and smelled of cigarette smoke, there were cigarette ashes in the arm rest of the drivers door, there was food under the drivers seat, the car had not even been washed , when I called to complain they said they could spray the inside to see if it would take away the odor, they didnt even offer me another car.When I returned the car the person at the rental agency didnt act as if he cared about the complaints I voiced, if I need to rent a car ever again I will not be using your rental agency if I can help it.

  61. So I reserved a rental car at the West Bloomfield Michigan branch on May 16 for one week and when I called to tell them I was running behind they informed me that they didn’t have my car but had a mini van when I arrived they said they didn’t have a can for me at all I ask about a maximum they told me the car was on reserve for someone the next day so you do have a car but for someone the following day and then they said the car needed a oil change so they lied I will not do business with them every again I was without a car

  62. No problem with a car rental, but just received a call and on the call it said Enterprise Rental… When I answered the phone a woman came on the line, couldn’t speak two words of English that I could understand and I could make out that she was selling insurance of some kind. I don’t know if Enterprise is going into the insurance business as a sideline or some foreign entity is using the Enterprise name with a local phone number. Just thought I would inform you.

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