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Contacting Entergy Customer Service Center

Entergy is a utility company providing service to customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Orleans and Texas. The company operates a main website and subsidiary websites for each of the divisions located in their respective states. You can contact Entergy customer service using phone, email, mail and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The main customer service phone number and all subsidiary phone numbers are open 24/7 for emergency reports. If you have a general customer service question you can call between 7 AM and 7 PM Monday to Friday. There are no customer service hours on weekends. If you have an emergency you’ll need to contact the company using the alternative emergency number or you can call one of the following customer service numbers and choose the Report an Outage or Report an Emergency option.

  • Main Customer Service: 1-800-368-3749
  • Report and Emergency: 1-800-968-8243

Mailing Address

We found multiple mailing address for Entergy based upon where your service area is located. These addresses can be used to contact customer service or make a bill payment. If you are addressing customer service about an issue that requires immediate attention it is better to use the phone or email communication details provided.

Entergy Arkansas
P.O. Box 8101
Baton Rouge, LA 70891

Entergy Louisiana
P.O. Box 8108
Baton Rouge, LA 70891

Entergy Mississippi
P.O. Box 8105
Baton Rouge, LA 70891

Entergy New Orleans
P.O. Box 8106
Baton Rouge, LA 70891

Entergy Texas
P.O. Box 8104
Baton Rouge, LA 70891

Official Website

Locate your local Entergy website using the official company site at The main page gives you much of the information provided on the subsidiary websites, but local information and contact details is only available on the state website. Click on the Residential Customers tab at the top of the page for a list of state websites.

Customer Service Email

Our Experience

Entergy’s customer service phone number is answered by an automated system. On the day we called we were warned of possible long call wait times before any options were given. You can press 0 to move the call to the verification stage. Your phone number will be read back to you – press 1 if the number is associated with your Entergy account or press 2 if you need to enter a different phone number. We waited and the automated system told us to press 1 to talk with a representative or the call would be disconnected. We pressed 1 and the automated system said GOODBYE. It took three minutes to make it that far into the call. We called back and tried again, we were placed on hold, but the hold time was estimated at more than 9 minutes. It did indeed take 10:17 for a representative to answer the call. The agent was pleasant enough, but when we asked for the average deposit required to open an account with Entergy the agent told us there was no way of knowing the average amount and to call back if we had any further questions before disconnecting the call.

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12 Comments on “Contact Entergy Customer Service
  1. i think when you send somebody disconnect notice and it said you have a date to paid ithink should be on that date and then on the weekend send a text and tell you arescheduled immediate discounnect and try to see whats wrong and cant find anything outwhy you dont have the time to pay i will pay this monday before 10 am in moring sorry about this im so sorry

  2. contacted entergy during 3 day outage in aprl,ive had several outages since wth surges because of fault we were told at 2575 gardere lane lot 83 filing complaints because of damages to applances,air conditioning and games.there has been no form of reponse nor adjustment nor reimbursement.

  3. Cust service rep could not retrieve my Entergy profile by my street and billing address. He wanted my entire social sec number! unbelievable!

  4. Last year Entergy sent someone to cut a tree next to my property. They cut the tree and it fell on my fence. They didnt know I was watching and quickly left. I have cows and I drove down the street and stopped them and made them return to repair fence. Lots of damage and it took them am hour to repair. Entergy blamed it on a third party and did not accept responsibility. However I supervised them and made them repair it while their supervisor sat in his truck on the phone. The Supv. Did not apologize as they were ticked that I caught them. This is unethical! I am glad I was home that day.

  5. Entergy sucks service sucks I wish vicksburg had the same light company as memphis. They need to just fire the whole verification department fwy day and no-one still haven’t call they don’t care about their customers at all

  6. Hello why is your fax number not findable?
    I need to fax a c
    Pass code page but your impossible to reach.
    Help please.
    870-675-7540 James brown.

  7. I am trying to pay a bill for my son we live about 2 1/2 hours away and you won’t let me pay the bill for him because I am not on the contact list. that is sorry I have the account number the invoice number and the amount of the bill it is due today so if things get shut off it is not the customers fault we are trying to pay the bill but you are blocking everything

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