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Contacting Electrolux Customer Service Center

Electrolux is an appliance company that sells refrigerators, ranges, ovens, dishwashers and professional kitchen equipment. Each type of merchandise sold by the company has a different website. For instance, there is a website for professional equipment, floorcare and appliances. The company has been selling appliances for more than 90 years and they have no plans of stopping any time soon. Customer service information is available on the individual website, but we are going to focus on the main company – corporate – for our readers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Finding contact information, especially a phone number, for Electrolux corporate is quite a bit more difficult than we expected. We managed to finally find an Electrolux headquarters website for the US that listed both the phone number and address for the corporate office.

Mailing Address

The official headquarters for Electrolux North America is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can use this mailing address to contact customer service for a complaint or compliment. If you are having a problem with your Electrolux appliance you should visit the official website for your product and contact customer service at the address listed on the website.

Electrolux Headquarters
10200 David Taylor Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

Official Website

If you are interested in learning more about Electrolux products, you can visit the Electrolux USA website at There you will find links to all the appliance websites and the corporate website for Electrolux. The address for the corporate website is You cannot purchase the Electrolux appliances from the official website, but you can learn all there is to known about the product specifications, prices and where they are available for purchase.

Customer Service Email

If you have a question about an Electrolux product, you can contact the corporate products department using a contact us page on the corporate site. This page asks you to choose your country and the purpose of your email before sending your communication. We have asked a brief question about a customer service email and mailing address to see if Electrolux is willing to share that information. When we receive an answer, we’ll let you know.

Our Experience

The Electrolux customer service line is not the best we have encountered. We pressed 0 at the start of the automated response, but 0 has no effect. We pressed 1 for new equipment and accessories and our call was placed on hold. The hold time lasted more than three minutes and when we asked for the email address for customer service, the agent said there was no email address. We asked if there was a way to contact customer service and she said you are already talking to customer service. She did not offer a web address for the contact us page or any information at all. Eventually she asked if there was anything else she could help with and we told her no.

The email inquiry sent to Electrolux was a top priority for the company. We sent communication early in the morning and received a response later in the morning, approximately 9 hours later. The representative answered our concerns and offered additional methods for customers to contact the customer service department. You will notice the communication below:

Date: Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 9:00 AM
Subject: RE: Customer service email and mailing address
To: Richard


Thank you for contacting Electrolux Appliances Online.

We do appreciate your time and inquiry. In fact we have many ways you can get a hold of an agent at your convenience. We have a Consumer Center open M-F 8a-8p EST at 1-877-435-3287. We also have our customer support email address for Electrolux products at CUSTOMERSERVICE@ELECTROLUX.COM and ELECTROLUX.EMAIL@ELECTROLUX.COM

Also you may write into our center and correspond with our agents via:

Electrolux Appliances

P.O. Box 212378

Augusta, GA 30917

Please let me know if you should have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Chris Polk

Original Text

From: Richard B
Sent: 03/27/12 00:40:44
Subject: Customer service email and mailing address
Country: USA
Topic: Major Appliances
First name: Richard
Last name: B

Message Title: Customer service email and mailing address

I was wondering if you’d be willing to share the mailing address for
customer service and an email address for your customer service department
where consumers can ask questions of your representatives.

If you’ve had an experience with Elecotrolux, tell us how the customer service department helped you.

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43 Comments on “Contact Electrolux Customer Service
  1. We purchased brand new electrolux appliances (icon 42″ side by side refrigerator-freezer, 36″ dual power range, and icon dishwasher when we were remodeling our kitchen less than three years ago. The dishwasher has broken down, now, a fourth time. (We also experienced a problem with the temp control on the oven but it seems it was a one-time problem)
    The dishwasher went out the first time while still under warranty, and repairs were covered, but it has failed three more times since then. I have my hands full working full time and taking care of three year-old twins, and this week I am washing dishes by hand again. 

    I am reluctant to call for service because I have already spent enough money on repairs to buy a second dishwasher. There should be a lemon law for appliances! 

    Will you please help?


    • We too puchased a kitchen full of Eletrolux appliances. The dishwasher which has failed 3 times now, the puch button panel keeps going out. The refrigerator door hinges and door had to be replaced just after 1 year….it is now making noises again and I’m sure will have to be fixed. The double oven and cook top takes over 3.5 minutes to ignite. I have tried everything and even had reapir people come out… they can’t figure it out. My husband is a builder and currently building single family homes in our area. I have suggested he not use Electrolux in his homes. I have NEVER had such trouble with any appliance and have had nothing but trouble with all of these. Sorry to say I will not purchase this brand again. I like their look, they just don’t function well. I spent well over 16,000.00 on this stuff.

    • The e-mail you listed is correct. In calling customer service, be prepared to be put on hold several times , each time could be 30 minutes or longer. My phone call to resolve my problem appliance took 53 minutes, way to long in my opinion. Poor customer service ! Web site to get information also is poor !

      • My dehumidifier did catch fire! There is a recall out for their dehumidifier, but like the rest of you, getting through to customer service is an absolute joke!

    • I’m having the same problem. The Frigidaire dehumidifier heats up so much that it feels like it will catch on fire. I’ve called different numbers and they send me on to another number.

  2. On 13th July 2012 we have the induction hob taken by Electrolux to repair as it was not working. On 1st October 2012 it was brought back after replacing Display (part no: 387574503) rm120, Induction Board (part no 357218450) rm350 and Induction Board rm580 (part no 357218451) + transport rm45 and labour rm65 charged and with a discount of rm105 and were asked to pay rm1,055.00 We had paid the delivery guy cash of rm1,055 . Since it as a cash we asked for a receipt and he was very rude Since he cant give a receipt I have to ask for his driving licence to pcopy- name Naminarajan a/l Vyran IC No: 827773 and ask him to acknowledge receipt for the cash. The worst part from him were “if you dont trust me I have to take back the hob”.

    It is very disappointing to encounter such approach . Firstly it took almost 2 1/2 months to had it repaired.
    Secondly to have such employee to represent Electrolux is a bad impression of Electrolux

    We have noticed the 3 pin plug has been changed and there is a wire sticking out. We hope this would not posed a danger to it and caused any power interruption to the house.

    For now I need a Official Receipt of rm1,055 from Electrolux. The Service Order No/Invoice No: 60wil 1207870

    Hope to have a better Electrolux employee serving their customers.

    Thank You.

    012 3731438

  3. cannot get any contact as my own country not listed how am I supposed to get any help or answers you think it would be easy only want to replace my lost instruction book for my ELECTROLUX enviro multi steamermodel no.z370

  4. The costumer service at Electrolux repair is not very nice because we try our best to deal with them but they are very nasty we called the repair man but we asked them if we can make a time but they said they can’t do anything we big them to nake appointment but they don’t care the repair man he comes to our place to check but he said they need to order the parts so I need to wait for 1 week but the service man he comes very early at 8:30 am we miss the service man because our friend arrived at 9:00 am but we called them back they said they can’t do anything they don’t even give you a time to come to repair the washing machine you need to beg them to make a time but they don’t care I promise to myself I never ever buy at Electrolux their service is very poor they only know how to sell but to repair their product you need to big them but they don’t care .

  5. we bought this dishwasher 3yrs ago we have had problems with this since then i had contact the place we bought it from they replaced it a peace that worst then the first one it has a smell that does not go away dishes are not always clean i wouuld like some one to get in touch with me so we can ressolve this thanks swan7034637928

  6. Our electrolux wall oven of a little over 3 years has a burned out heating element that warped the bottom of the liner and is literally glowing red. This has warped the liner and the repair person tells me is a fire and electrocution hazard. $800 to repair a $2000 oven. Customer service tells me it’s my problem even though it was probably flawed from the beginning.

  7. We purchased an Electrolux dishwasher in Feb. 2012. It was supposed to be one of the top brand dishwashers. It has proved to be the worst. Their customer service is the lousiest. When it broke down within six months and we called, they referred to a local repair company in Houston who took their sweet time to come look at it and tell us they had to order parts. After one week they called and made another appointment for five days later to come and fix it. The dishwasher did not get fixed, called customer service again, this time another company came. The same story, another ten days gone. Repair was not satisfactory. Dishwasher did not clean well. But we were tired. After third such experience and another three weeks of washing dishes by hand, we called. The same story. Parts changed, temporary repair. Looked like the machine is inherently defective. Decided to buy Extended Warranty. Again Dishwasher broke down within two months. We have been washing dishes by hand for the last six weeks. During that time, repairman came, ordered parts, replaced them when they came and a month had passed. Called customer service and requested a replacement. The answer was that it has not been repaired four times during 12 month period. They would like to send another repair man. I was extremely annoyed with that response and insisted that I talk to somebody more with authority. Eventually, I was connected to another rude person, who suggested that they will send different company this time. I told them to talk sense. Eventually she responded that they will supply a replacement, but they will not pay for its delivery and installation. I don’t know what kind of “Extended Warranty” it is where we have to get a dishwasher replaced at our expense. But we were supposed to get a call when the machine was in the contractors office. I guess they are still manufacturing the machine somewhere and eventually it will arrive and during that time we will continue washing dishes by hand.

    • I have had EXACTLY the same experience, except we have done 6(!) repair visits in the first year, and the unit still does not work…it is very sad

  8. Purchased dishwasher four years ago. I have had four repairs on it. Three times for a cracked water valve. I have had water in my basement three times. Customer service is not helpful.they put you on hold for thirty minutes and resolve nothing. I want a new machine. Wrote to Keith Mc Loughlin CEO. No response yet

  9. I have never been treated worse by anyone than the Customer Service Reps at Electrolux. NEVER! Except for one person, whose name is Brittney, everyone treated me disrespectfully. They raised their voices, they were argumentative, and condescending. I feel punished for spending three thousand dollars on an Electrolux Refrigerator. I just don’t know what I had done to deserve this punishment. But, let me start my story at the beginning. I purchased the fridge in July of 2011. It is model # EW28BS71IS. This refrigerator has the same exact issues everyone is describing and complaining about. The ice maker has not been working from day one. Earlier in the summer, the panels (temperatures) went haywire. My fridge heated up including the freezer. Unfortunately, I did not buy extended warranty and the one year warranty expired. I called Customer Service at Electrolux. The person I talked to made me buy extended warranty for $441 plus tax that would start in one month. Until my warranty would go in effect, she set up a concession so someone could come out and try to repair the fridge. She assured me that if the fridge cannot be repaired, the extended warranty will take care of it. They would give me a new fridge. I had four repairs done on this fridge. After replacing seven (7) parts and final verdict came. The fridge cannot be fixed. The ice maker does not work. The fridge keeps heating up inside. There are water puddles in the crisper boxes. The freezer box has ice on the wall and on the bottom. It is a lemon. A big rotten lemon. Bad, faulty design. It is all over the Internet. Everyone knows about it. Certainly, Electrolux is aware of it. Up to this process, I cannot even count how many times I called Electrolux . I can tell you, however that I was treated so badly that I actually cried. They kept telling me that once the extended warranty would be in effect they would replace my fridge with a new one. In the meantime, my extended warranty arrived in the mail with an effective date of August 21st, 2013. I called Electrolux again and asked them to replace my fridge under the extended warranty. They dared to tell me that my warranty (the one they mailed to me as a legal contract), would not be effective until September 22nd. When I told them that not what the document says they sent, they did not believe me. I had never been in a situation like this before. This was insane. Insane, I tell you. So, I called the # on the extended warranty, where I talked to Brittney. I asked her what she was showing in the system for the effective date of my warranty. She said September 21st. I told her that the original I received was showing 8/21. She said, the effective date was entered into the system incorrectly. She said, I could fax her he original and she would fix it. I faxed it to her and she fixed it. I called again to start the process of getting the fridge replace. Brittney took the information and said someone would be contacting me from Electrolux and the replacement process. Five days later, I received a call from Brittany that my claim for a replacement under the extended warranty was denied. I was told that the problems started with my fridge before the extended warranty went into effect. I was offered 60% refund of my purchase price. First of all, Electrolux manufactured a faulty refrigerator. I had nothing to do with it. It broke because it was a bad design. Giving me a partial refund is ridiculous. Second of all, Electrolux is obviously does not have a trust in its own products if they believe that the fridge would depreciate 20% in a year. So, this is where I am at currently. The fridge will never work. Can be used for an expensive smoke-box. That is all. Even if I were to take 60% (which I will not), I could not afford buying another fridge. The warranty was a sham. They made me pay for something that they knew I would never be able to use. Does not it sound like a scam? This is the WORST, the WORST purchase I have ever made. Electrolux has the WORST, the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. EVER! I would like to hear from Mr Troung, the CEO of the North America Division, what he thinks about this widespread problem. If Mr Troung is a proud CEO of Electrolux and believes in the company and its products, he will do something about it. In the meantime, I am out of a fridge. I want my money back, so I can go and buy a fridge from Costco.

  10. I purchased a dual fuel stove from Electrolux. Within 5 uses, the electronic ignition failed and the oven would not preheat above 165 degrees. The company will only offer to replace the stove. I do not want another of the same, it is a very expensive stove and obviously has design flaws. They refuse to give me my money back. I may be forced to sue them.
    What a disappointment. I am still under the one year warranty and I hope I can force a refund. I will NEVER buy another

  11. I purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher in 2009 and within the first year, the same part ( push button control panel) broke. Fortunately both times covered under warranty. Now, 3 years after the last repair, the same part has broken again. Is there a lemon law for small appliances? Customer service has not been helpful- reminding me that this is no longer covered under warranty. I contacted the BBB and they received the same response.

  12. I purchased a gas stove of theirs. Within 1 1/2 years, the oven will not work on bake. Their customer service sugg. two parts to fix. I installed said parts, and they did not fix the proble. I called Electrolux to return the control board. Thet stated that because an authorized servicer did not install the circuit board, it could not be returned. Nothing was mentioned prior to purchase of requiring an authorized servicer. I am disgusted with their operations, and still have a broken oven. I will NEVER purchase another product from Electrolux.

  13. I am a concern customer on why the rebate for the Chantal 3-Piece Cookware is not offered to those who purchased the Induction Cooktop model# EW36CC55GS2. I purchased this induction cooktop because the HHgregg sales associate sold this item on the grounds that Electrolux is curently offering induction cookware with the purchase of an Induction Cooktop or Range. The stated model was offered and I feel in loved with its features of induction hybrid and was told that is a Electrolux Induction Product that qualifies for the rebate. Please help. Was this item left off te rebate form in error?

  14. Last year I purchased an extended warranty for my Frigidaire cooktop. Today I received another offer for an extended warranty from the same company. I called the number listed on the form and ultimately receive a message that due to technical difficulties, they cannot respond to my call. I tried every number I can find on the internet for Frigidaire / Electrolux Extended Warranties and get the same message. Are they out of business?

  15. I recently purchased an over the range micro/convection oven and the magnetron(which is the brain of the unit is not working and must be replaced. I feel that Electrolux should replace the entire unit rather trying to repair especially since the unit is only 2 months old. They are only putting a bandaid on the problem. The real issue is why did the magnetron burn out anyway. I will definitely tell all my employees to never buy this product because they could care less about real customer satisfaction.

  16. Purchased a frigidaire refrigerator a little over two months ago model (lftr1814lwg) and my wife has been complaining about the design, and the poor freezing capability. This is without a doubt a defective product and should be replaced ASAP by you.
    Waiting on your response?

  17. I bought an Electrolux French door, bottom freezer refrigerator. It is one of the worst products I have ever purchased. Within 6 months the ice maker was broken and wouldn’t work. Since then I have had it repaired 7 times and it still doesn’t work. The last time it broke, in May of 2014, I had an authorized repair company come out and try to fix it. They said I needed 3 parts. It is now September 10, 2014 and we are STILL waiting for one of those parts. The repair company said every time they contact Electrolux to ask when the part is coming, Electrolux says next week….In the meantime, two weeks ago my refrigerator stopped working completely. I had a repair company come out to look at it because I thought it was not under warranty. The repairman said yes it was, for the problem we had and showed me the warranty in the manual. So I called them. It took 8 days to find an “authorized” service company in my area. Meanwhile, I have been living out of a cooler! All our food in the freezer went bad which was worth at least $500. So the authorized repairman came out and said we need a compressor and motherboard. I had to fight to get the compressor covered but they won’t cover the motherboard even though the compressor can’t work without it. Every single person I have talked with and there have been at least 10 different people, was rude and unhelpful. Several times, instead of connecting me with a supervisor as I asked, the rep sent me right back to the switchboard so I had to tell the story all over again for them not to do anything. No one in this company that I have encountered cares about their product nor their customers. I would never ever ever ever buy an Electrolux product again and I will go out of my way to advise anyone that asks me, not to purchase anything from Electrolux. My dog would have given better customer service. I truly felt like it became a game with them to try to frustrate me; they were horrible. So were the supervisors. I did get the email address of someone high up who I emailed twice and never heard from him. I truly don’t know how they have stayed in business this long. So it is now 15 days that I have been living out of a cooler. If anyone knows how I can get these people to honor their warranty, I would love to know about it.

    • I have the same refrigerator and the same problems. No one will step up with this company. They send broken parts or the wrong part even when the installer gives them the part number. A competent contact would b a bonus.

  18. writing concerning canister vac.oxygen,been having trouble,because it kept cutting off,when I removed the floor part I burned my hand the wires were burnt and very near to catch fire.can this be fixed?can I get replacement wires?

  19. Electrolux:

    This has been the worst applicance that I have owned in the past 60 years. I purchase a complete kitchen, with all appliance from Electrolux, worse mistake in my life.

    Please do not purchase this product, it is expenses, not reliable and is riddle with problems.

    I have had 4 independent service companies to look and to work on the Ice make for the Electrolux refrigerators, that informed me that it by far the most complicated and less reliable unit they have encountered.

  20. Bought a suite of Electrolux Appliance on Jan of 2014. We have had nothing but problems with the refrigerator, 5 service calls. Parts r ordered and received, not in the box. Reordered after spending hours on the phone with incompetent people, they lie ,r rude and have no culpability. Will hang up or put u back in that horrible que. The referred repair companies all hate Electrolux and will cancel an appointment because they say they r too busy or Electrolux won’t pay. There premium warranty is a joke, u have to do all the work, get all the approval numbers and hope u can get someone to help u,
    Just ry going to the Electrolux site and find someone to help or call, not available. This is my third complaint letter and still no response.
    Does no one in this company care?

  21. Electrolux customer service is pretty lacking. Their idea of service is to answer the phone (maybe), ask you to verify your information (every time they transfer you) and to tell you they can’t help you or it will take 24-48 hours to get back to you (which they never do, except for once, which is noted below). They have had the service technician come out 3x already to look at a brand new washer that is less than a month old that will not go into high speed spin cycle. The tech replaced the door latch and computer panels, which did not solve the problem. The tech stated there is still something wrong. The service tech called the Electrolux service techs and they stated it is working!!! How do they know? Called Customer Service and they stated we must be loading it improperly…been doing laundry for over 35 years and never had an issue before and now they are claiming I don’t know how to do laundry! They agreed to send a service techician out for a 4th time. Suppose to show up yesterday but they didn’t and no call from the service repair company. Luckily, Stephanie from Electrolux did give us a proactive call yesterday stating she sees they had to reschedule but didn’t see it in the notes that they had called us. My wife called the service repair company and they stated they had to reschedule and that we should be getting a call later in the day with the new time for tomorrow’s service. Still no call. Called Electrolux customer service this morning. They didn’t know the service repair company didn’t show up. They have to call me back after the service repair co. opens up. Typical run around. Going on nearly 4 weeks with a washer that doesn’t work properly.

  22. My dishwasher was purchased march of 2011 the top rack has rusted I need to replace it. My repair tech. Seems to think the rack is covered under warranty. FGHD2491LWO. And KH00201597. I would like to know if it is under warranty? If net what is the cost for a new top rack and how do,I order one?

  23. Bought a new house less than two months ago and builder supplied the fridge/freezer. First service issue was with the waterline/icemaker. knew about it before closing and still not fixed until after we had moved in. Now the only thing this fridge will do is make ice. Freezer says 0 C, it is not. Fridge says 64 C which is pretty close. Now they won’t be able to service until 19 Jun between 12-5 and I have no idea if the guy will have the parts. He can have them overnighted however which may mean as late as Monday 22 Jun. This fridge cost over $2k and this is the worst fridge I’ve ever owned. Never again.

  24. I have called the phone number listed in my owners manual. Was redirected to another number. Was directed to email my dehumidifier with serial number, model number with my phone number and address might be eligible for a replacement have heard NOTHING from my email. Can,t find way to speak to a rep. My model is FAD704DWD Serial number KN424109750 with a date of June 2014. Bought this last summer does not work. Does anyone know anything.????????? So far service STINKS as does the dehumidifier. HELP!!!!!

  25. Washer smells, has ruined our clothing and because we have a disabled child we can “mask” the smell, because she get a rash, it has mold I. It and the so called helpful per said my message would never get to the CEO because she will stop it. WOW not cool, to discriminate against a 3 year old disabled child. She was rude and I NEED HELP, Please help me/us.

  26. I selected home appliances, tech came on after 30 minutes of waiting to your message stating to leave my name and a “PROMPT” call back, right. The technician stated I was given the wrong department and he would transfer me to
    someone who could tell me how to open my washer door on my NEW washer.
    I was then forward to a leave your name and number for a call back. So now I am going to see if your PROMPT call back is more then the 30 minutes I waited to call you. Do you understand your how BAD your service is, I am so happy I choose your brand and paid your high cost for new washer/dryer, NOT SO!!!!

  27. I purchased a exectrolux washer & dryer Oct 19 2017. I’m hoping to direct my problem to your rebate for a hundred dollars. I’m seventy one and not skilled with the computer. After my purchase I told my sales person I was not able to fill out the rebate application, so she said she would do it for me. I gave her the necessary information and as of today I still haven’t got or heard from that department. So maybe you can help by direction me to the right person.

  28. There are so many people complaining about the same thing I have had problems with. I bought the Electrolux refrigerator because I thought It was high quality. The icemaker has been nothing but a headache. It has been repaired or replaced multiple times. Customer service obviously knows about the problem but they act like I am the only one who has experienced this. Of course, all the other appliances in my kitchen are matching. Instead of making the appropriate repairs, Electrolux offered me a 10% rebate on a new refrigerator. I’m asking myself, “are you that foolish?” Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. C’mon guys, step up. Count the complaints. You know you have a problem with your product. Stand behind it!

  29. Our Electrolux dishwasher has never cleaned great going on 6 years it is not even worth putting the dishes in the dishwasher as they come out worse then when they went in, it would cost over $400 to fix if it even could be.

    Now we just had a quote to fix our 6 year old wall over for $1390 totally unacceptable.

    I will never buy Electrolux appliances again, the reason I bought them was the commercial that was aired with Kelly Ripa claiming how awesome they are.

  30. Electrolux sucks in their Customer Service Dept and I am fed up when I ask to speak with a Customer Service Manager yet I keep getting directed to a Supervisor. There is a difference. I have never had so much trouble with a fridge before and I am beyond done. If Electrolux can’t step up to the plate, there is no chance I will ever purchase another product in their lineups and I will do my very best to let everyone and anyone know this.

  31. New INDUCTION COOKTOP works only for 10 days. Now we are waiting for 2 main part to be replaced for already one month and do not have actual date when it can be fix.
    There should be a lemon law for appliances!
    Poor customer service – they took 2 days to reply for e-mail, and never can be reached by phone.

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  33. I have been supposed to have warranty service from A & E Factory Service on a Frigidaire stove in my home. For weeks and weeks they have made appt’s, not come, cancelled late in the day. The excuse is always the parts aren’t in. I have let them know multiple times that the parts are at my home. One part had to be reordered, I have had it for 2 weeks and notified them that I had it. Today they insist the part is not in. Now they want to schedule an app’t for 12/12. I need it done now.

  34. My wife has had a Electrolux Pronto 2-in-1 vacuume for a few years, and has never worked, so weak that it did nothing—I checked with stores that handle your product, and get no answer.. this is a model EL 1000,serial number 053907429 —-It looks great but does nothing. She was looking for a small one ,I said she had one, That’s when she said it never worked, Is it the Battery or the machine—-no one wants to give me a answer—-Was there a recall on this unit? Where can I take it for serviece? What can I do??

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