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Contacting eFax Customer Service Center

eFax is a virtual fax machine that companies and individuals can use to send and receive faxes from any personal computer. The fax does not have to be fed into a machine. Any computer document can be sent using the eFax system. All eFax communications are sent and received as email attachments. eFax is not a free system; customers pay for the ability to send and receive faxes using the website. As of November 2012, there are two programs – eFax Plus and eFax Pro.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

eFax is available in many countries, but the eFax customer service in the United States is located in Los Angeles. The contact us/customer service page lists the sales and service phone numbers for the Los Angeles office.

  • eFax Sales: 1-800-958-2983
  • eFax Sales (toll): 1-323-817-3207
  • eFax Customer Service: 1-800-287-3499
  • eFax Customer Service (toll): 1-323-817-3205

Mailing Address

The eFax company is evidently associated with J2 Global. J2 Global is a cloud-based company that works in communication. Customers contacting eFax customer service by mail will address the letter to the J2 Global company.

J2 Global, Inc. Attn: Customer Service6922 Hollywood Blvd. 5th FLLos Angeles, CA 90028

Official Website

If you want to learn more about eFax and the virtual faxing service the company provides, visit When the company was first starting out, they offered a free fax number to people even if they did not sign up for service. Today, there does not appear to be a free fax number or any free version of the program. Both the eFax Plus and eFax Pro levels require a monthly payment while limiting the number of faxes the customer can send each day.

Customer Service Email

On the eFax customer service page there is a contact form listed as a means of sending feedback to the company. You can find the eFax customer service form at . It appears the form can be used for multiple reasons, however, because under the title Customer Service reads Technical and Billing questions. If the form can be used for feedback, technical and billing questions it covers just about every angle of communication. We chose to contact the customer service team with a product question to see if we receive a personal answer or a copy and paste response.

Our Experience

We were delighted to speak with a live customer service agent in less than 2 minutes. When the customers service agent answered the call, we asked if the service was compatible with older operating systems, considering not every customer has upgraded their computer system.

The agent explained eFax is compatible with new and old operating systems and provided information of the system requirements. Although the agent didn’t have to provide this information, we appreciated the attention to customer service. Did the customer service team deliver exceptional customer service? Let us know in the comment section below.

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