Contact eBay Customer Service

Contacting eBay Customer Service Center

eBay is one of those companies that starts out small and suddenly takes the world by storm. Today, eBay is the largest online auction website. Contact information for buyers and sellers is available from the My Account page on eBay. Customer service contact information is also available for the corporate offices.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need contact phone numbers for eBay support – buying, selling, listing, etc. Visit the My Account page or Online Support Click on the Contact eBay button and you will be asked to sign in to your account.

  • eBay Headquarters: 1-800-322-9266 or 1-408-376-7400
  • eBay Investor Relations: 1-408-376-7493
  • eBay Investor Information: 1-866-696-3229

After contacting eBay support via Facebook, we were given instructions on how to find the customer service phone number.

  • eBay Customer Service: 1-866-540-3229

Customer service is available from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. PST, 7 days a week.

Mailing Address

There are two addresses for customers to contact the eBay headquarters or corporate offices.

eBay – Whitman Campus
2065 Hamilton Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125


eBay Park North
2211 N 1st St.
San Jose, CA 95131

Official Website

The official website for the eBay auction site is Other pages on the site customers may find helpful include:

From the main auction website, customers can bid on new or used items, purchase new items and more. There is a wide array of auction channels, including auto and real estate.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email address is not openly available for customers. Instead, eBay asks that customers view the FAQs section or log in to their account to find proper contact information. We found several lists of “secret” email addresses for eBay – but these email addresses are not associated with customer service.

We will continue to search for an email address for eBay customer service, in the mean time, you can contact eBay on Facebook and Twitter!/eBay. We sent a message to eBay on Facebook inquiring about a customer service email address.

Our Experience

We called the eBay customer service line for the United States. After a few options spoken by an automatic response system, we attempted to bypass by pressing 0. This led us to a direct call to a representative. It took about one minute and 32 seconds to get connected with a representative. They spoke clear English. We asked several questions regarding customer service functions and selling products. The eBay customer service representative was polite and helpful and answered our questions accordingly. We also sent communication via the eBay Facebook page and the eBay Twitter page since eBay did not have an email address available to customers.

Have you used eBay? Have you called for their line for customer service? Tell us your story.

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448 Comments on “Contact eBay Customer Service
  1. I have been trying to order things from ebay for the past 3 days now. When I click ‘buy now’ or ‘add to basket’ it will not let me go any further! my user name is niknakpaddywak

    Can someone please tell me if this is a problem with ebay? As my internet seems to work fine with any other website apart from ebay.


      • she’s not the only one with that experience/problem. Calling ebay is little more than mental mast—bation. may feel good but accomplishes littleof substance. I’ve been on hold for over an hour.

  2. I’ve ordered a phone from an ebay seller who is not replying to my emails. I even text and called and they will not answer. I have already paid for the phone with paypal. I wanna demand that I get my phone since ive paid for it.

    • I also ordered an item and paid for it without receiving it. Now the seller is no longer on EBAY and I can’t even leave a feedback. I finally got thru to ebay only to get transferred and then disconnected. I guess I will eat this one.

      • Why should we “eat” this? Why is there no way to get a hold of ebay besides their “Contact” automated support? It’s almost like ebay does not want to deal with issues that come up on there site.

  3. I ordered and received a set of DVDs from DeVoteD DVD. They just neglected to tell that Australian DVDs don’t fit North American machines. This is cheating! Being in the DVD business they should have known that and not sell the wrong item knowingly. They should be reprimanded and compelled to straighten it out: eithe send the correct DVDs or arrange a refund’ Credit card refund, postage included.

    • Doesn’t fit in North American machines? I don’t think you should be allowed to touch dvds again let alone buy them. It would have said which region they were, and if you didn’t look into that, that’s your fault, guy. AFAIK America is Region 1, Europe 2 and Austrailia 4. You, sir are an idiot. Pfff, Dr indeed.

  4. Ebay used to have a good customer service, helping customers. No longer! As you got bigger, you deteriorated. The whole thing is mechanized and it is impossible to receive personal help. If you don’t resolve the DVD issue for me with DeVotedDVD, I will never go near ebay again.

  5. Hello i have a question to ask its u know those Nike Air Max Kids 29.99$ are they like real shoes or something else!

  6. Hi there, last month i just buogth the cell pheno, you sell that phono no working ,cant you tell me i cant return that

  7. i want to close my ebay account as i would like to change the email address and basicallay start a fresh with a new account plus i have forgotten my password and also its in my partners email address id like it in mine now< i cant start it over as it wont let me can anyone help?

    • EBay is the worst for customer service!!!! I have had nothing but trouble with them. Last phone call was that someone was going to call me back and resolve my situation….You guessed it…no phone call

  8. My wife was recently killed in an auto accident. She has a eBay account and was buying “bling” for resale. In checking her emails I learned that she’d been reported for not paying for an item…she was about to lose it. I responded to the email, letting eBay know what happened and heard nothing back. After getting another notice I called Customer Service. I finally got a real person. I told her I wanted my wife’s account cancelled and didn’t want any more eBay emails. She had no idea what to do and put me on hold for 9 minutes. Then another rep came on. He tried to get me to keep her account open. I told him what I told the other rep. By this time I was pretty angry. He put me on hold. After 5-minutes I started getting the mesage about how important my call is and that I’d be directed to the next availalbe representative. I hung up. And I’m furious.

    • I can really feel for your situation. I too have been VERY frustrated and livid with the customer service people who just seem to “not really hear” what they are being told by the ebay customer and just encourage you to not worry it won’t really effect you , they will take care of it. But mostly not to worry. While they go out of their way to communicate with sellers how to better their reputation and seller benefits, (keeping a strong dashboard), they are remiss, I feel in keeping up their end of protecting the seller, in specifically following through with open cases: ie their resolve, written documentation and getting th recorded facts CORRECT. I have become aware that two cases opened by buyers who had strong cases of buyers remorse, (before I accepted returns)and made up problems with the description of the items so that they would have a case to return. I reimbursed both for item price, shipping both directions and in my Dash board, both cases are listed as UNRESOLVED BY THE SELLER and it is noted that these case when I am reviewed will effect my standing as a good seller.
      But their response is that I shouldn’t worry because they know that I did resolve the cases. ANGRY

    • Every right to be so, so sorry about your lose, how painful it must be, then to be treated as if your issue made no difference and mattered not to anyone, WOW!!!

  9. Hi Sir/madam,

    i (natraj.ankhe) ebay user name, had purchased a product from ebay and payment was made from my paypal account transaction id : ID7JF27012756313949
    on 11 Aug 2012 and would like to know when i will receive the product.

    please download the attachment for further details about the order and product information.

    please guide me for further process.

    thanks and regards,

  10. You can not submit your listing due to the following problems

    We regret to inform you that your eBay account is prohibited from listing certain items at this time, including the item you are trying to list. In order to maintain a safe trading environment, selling limits are occasionally placed on accounts, such as yours, that have previous violations related to Intellectual Property. If you wish to appeal this restriction, please contact eBay’s Community Watch Department using the Webform by clicking here, then click on “Listing Potentially Infringing items”.

    We sincerely value you as a member of our trading community and look forward to a continued successful relationship.

    Click here for a window with eBay’s policy on replica or counterfeit items

    I got scammed for $500 2008. Long story short send original ring and this guy did dispute via his credit card ( of course payapal realase my money to him ) never send me my ring back or money …. Called ebay today 8/25/12 talked to few diffrent people like adrian , melissa, mike – they give me fake names anyway. they said they remove this from my account due to some mistake first phone call i made. Now they saying the violation stay permined … Supervisor mike .dr called me later and said tha same. Becouse i got scamed that what i am getting. Ref 1-4395017195. Ebay is shady…

    • I know what you mean about ebay being shady. They screwed me out of 57 dollars. I returned a iphone that a guy sent me and didnt work I sent it back with the shipping label provided and they never gave me my money back. There assholes

      • You need to buy a tracking number when you ship the item you’re returning, or there’s no way to verify that you sent the item back. It’s called responsibility.

    • I was scammed of $ 2000.oo in ebay gift cards. They cant give me no info on when, where, who scammed me( Lie lie lie) they can track.
      Ebay refused to Refund me, and refused me credit.
      I sent them proof, and had to wait 15 dang on weeks just to hear No Refund.
      So now i getn Lawyer and Sue n Ebay for time, law fees, Refund, what all i can get.

  11. Yeah, Ebay is too big to be good anymore. I’ve had an ebay account since 1999 without any trouble until recently. Suddenly, they cancelled my account….I called them….said because I wasn’t shipping out items fast enough. Anyway, sometimes they shipments were not shipped out right away because the buyers asked me to hold the shipment until they returned to their homes from being out of town or the customer wanted to add extra items and get combined shipping so they asked me to hold. Well, I had 100% positive feedback but they suspended my account indefinitely anyway….which apparently means forever. I don’t get it??

    Well, started searching around the web and they have been doing that to many people and their seems to be a wealth of law suits pointed at Ebay.

    Then, I get an update to Ebay EULA saying the new EULA releases Ebay from any class-action suits….. you can only bring suits on an individual item. So, I guess I would have to suit Ebay for 200 four dollar and twelve cent items I have issues with and costs incurred?? Wow….I’ll have to hire a team of lawyers to do all the paperwork… In addition, the only way to opt-out of the new EULA is to close your account…..haha….funny. Well, it looks like Ebay is too big to do any good. They have caused me to loss thousands of dollars invested in inventory and other expenses and they are trying to protect themselves for many disgruntled customers, sellers, etc. Hopefully, there will be an alternative to Ebay which will not manipulate bids, have poor customer support, and ban sellers with 100% positive feedback. Will see how their stock fares well the class action suits come out?

  12. My user id is same as my email with ebay and I forgot the password. I have used “I forgot my userid” & “I forgont my password” tools from online to reset my password, but its not working.

    1. When I use “I forgot my id”, I get my userid in email, which is my email address.

    2. Then when I user “forgot my passwrod”, and it asks me my user id. When I type my userid (my email address that I receieved in email), it gives me an error saying that my registration is not complete with this user id.

    Last I used my id on ebay was around 2002.

    Please help, since I am not sure where to call, who to ask to fix this……. I have gone thru your website and don’t see anywhere anyhelp to reslove this issue, nor I see any number to call to speak to someone.

    Please please help.

  13. This is Joseph Nagy I need customer service phone number I am looking for and need contact number and I can call them about my parts and shipping.

    Thanks so much
    Joseph Nagy

  14. I try to explain, I activate this account or close it, I can not call because I do not speak English, I translate everything with google, I have 3 accounts all regular ebay Italy: marvelstore – ebay germany: marvelgroupshop – ebay america-old marvel, now due account of the suspended particles-old marvel, I have limited other accounts, all with positive feedback and in good standing of invoices.

    I ask you to please solve this problem closing it or turn it on, because the other accounts I need to work, I restore and sell vintage products etc. …

    important and, unfortunately, I do not speak English, but I’d like to talk.

  15. My account was suspended…although I’m a member since 2008,I’ve tried to solve the issue many times but no result,how can I resolve my problem?



  17. I had just opened my eBay account over 1/2 of my items disappeared from the draft. I have not gotten any response yet to what’s going on with them

  18. Could you please send my item I orderded last week. it was birkenstock minnie sandals shoes black. Its very urgent because I am willing to travel.

  19. I just want to say how repulsed I am that you pulled a Glenn Beck product off of your site. how in the world do you well I out of a thing such as used condoms go on your site get an innocent man tries to raise money to give to the poor and you yank it because he is a conservative. what would happen if it was 1 of the leftist or communist posting things I bet that you would let it stay. I hope others R as upset as I am and they pull their product from your site and never use it again as this is so wrong on so many levels. pull your head from the clouds and maybe listen to Glenn Beck and see the stuff that he is trying to teach and warn you people that just have no clue.

  20. oh my gosh…I would never recommend anyone getting a paypal account. I linked a different credit card with my paypal account, understood that a $50 charge would be assessed and then taken off. Well, it wasn’t. I’ve now been transferred to the 4th person at ebay and been on the phone over 45 minutes. This is BY FAR the worst customer service experience ever. I will NEVER use my paypal account again…EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s a load of horse crap. PayPay has never charged me or anyone for signing up let alone charging a fee. you probably signed up to a fake hacker site.

  21. There’s no way to contact you via email. It’s incredible but I don’t find a place where to contact you. I have my account locked since a week and I don’t know exactly the reason; I can’t phone you because your phnoe number doesn’t work in Italy, but you answer me to contact by phone. I thought you supported the right ebayer but I begin t think is not true. Please contact me o my email address

  22. Dear sir,
    details as follows
    Item number:271108528371
    Sale date:Nov 22, 2012
    PayPal transaction Id:4WT347641U4424900
    Case ID:5021539176
    Case opened on:Dec 17, 2012
    Problem:Item not as described

    seller shipped only bunched of papers,no phone found , package was intact when i received it , i am in big trouble, seller is not responding , seller is fake i dont know what to do

    please find enclosed pictures
    please forward it concern person
    i am new to ebay ,
    i wold be glad if you look into this matter

    • if you paid by credit card claim it back or if you have any luck contact ebay and take out a dispute i dont think they release money till you leave feedback

      • huh? Money has nothing to do with feedback. People, please learn what feed back is about and how to use it. Some of you are the reason good people get bad feedback for nothing!

  23. tried to warn people on ebay that person was selling as 9ct gold when it said b&f which is sort off rolled gold got cut off buy seller and ebay dont seem to bother the item should be taking off wasted £5 on phone calls to ebay never even spoke to anybody is it worth trying to help

  24. not good customer support its like there happy to sell anything and let the seller and buyer battle it out if anything goes wrong i am sticking to the buy now new things from now on to much problems with dodgy sellers on second hand things and no contact to ebay to tell them why is there not a box to fill in to tell them your problem and help it be a better site

  25. Paid $56.80 on 10/14/2012 for Item # 321000226398
    Iknow its from China butt by 11/27/2012 I had not recived the Canvas Backpack I sent the Seller
    lisawen1227(2394) a standard EBAY form to ask What was
    going on ?? No Answer so on 12/17/2012 sent another
    email and still no answer I have tryed for the last
    month to get thru to EBAY for HELP. Sorry but I cant find a way to get help ??? Thanks for any way you can HELP me, Richard O Boyd ( PAY/Pal account
    and EBAY. Have worked out thru the years the few problems
    I have incounterd. I need HELP with this one.

  26. I have been with ebay for over 10 years. I just got totally taken on a 57.00 purchase. The item showed delivered to an address in my town but then returned to seller. I disputed and lost. I have no idea why I lost. So unfair.

  27. I have been very frustrated in trying to get past your phone links, passcode links, emails, online methods, and every other alternative other than to call your investors and government connections to inform them that you have products that are being sold on ebay that have been recalled for causing illness and death, and your refusal to address this situation. Several have tried to contact you. YOu have my name and my email address above. Contact me!!

  28. i didn’t receive my item, so i opened a claim; when the seller promise me he will refund my money in 24 hours so i canceled the claim.
    after that, every time i called them, they response in good attitude and told me they are in processing and i will receive my refund soon.
    after 3 months now i still get anything. what should i do?

  29. I would like to inform you that I have received another book.
    Please can you check my order ?

    Best Regards,
    Adel Bamakhish
    Item Id:200689039545

  30. hi i just bought a set of make up brushes from i ordered them on november 11 and now its feb 2nd and the brushes still not arrived.the seller is saying that we had sent it and v cannot resend/refund untill we receive the package back. ebay does not helps me becAUSE its alredy more than a month from the order and they say that time period to lodge the complaint has been over. but the seller had already showed the shipping time of a month.i lost my money and i didnt even received the order.what do i do???the parcel was sent via china post airmail to india.please help me

  31. I am CANCELLING my ebay account, they are business criminals. First of all, I have had a multitude of problems with them before today. I spent an hour trying to call them today, I was transferred over and over again to limbo, I was hung up on three times. Finally when I got a “supervisor” on the phone he lied to me, tried to give me wrong information and in the end, when he realized that he got caught in a lie and that I was smarter than him and wouldn’t take no for an answer, he just kept repeating “there’s nothing I can do sir” like a robot. F*ck ebay, use amazon or or ANYONE else other than them. Also, paypal can and will hold your $ hostage if they feel like it. ANother reason to AVOID AVOID AVOID

  32. I’m form the USA but I moved to Italy and when I tryed to post my Chevelle for sale in Italy I was locked out of my account. I’m currently deployed so I don’t have a number to give. What should I do to reopen my acc

  33. I have ordered the dove soap from ebay. It supposed to reach till 14th february still i dont get the sopas.My order ID is 150992939674. I didnt recive the soaps that i ordered still they mail me for feefback. it is rediculous

  34. I am floored by the amount of final value fees ebay is charging now. Their final fees are almost 10% now, I sold an iphone for 610.00 and I had to pay Ebay 56.00 out of that. I remember when there fees were less than half that, that is highway robbery! I will be using craigslist for any high price items in the future.

  35. i like to purchase Xperia J mobile of Sony.I had visited other showrooms in Chennai where same mobile price is approx.16500 but you are giving it at 12500.I wann to know the origin country of this mobile from whre you are supplying.

  36. I live in Australia and bought a toy for my grandson from the USA.
    When I paid the invoice I noticed was charged $US4.88 import duty. I thought this was incorrect as items imported into Australia are duty free upto the value of $AU1000. I rang and confirmed this with Australian Customs and sent a email address they gave me to give to Ebay(USA) so that they could get verication of this in writing.
    Meanwhile I decided what the hell I’ll ring Ebay AU for customer service, a Phippino accent answered the call….thats when the run around began!! Below is a few brief notes I took while making the call.
    Rang eBay Australia 10:41. Answered : 10:45. Asked if call centre that talking to was in Philippines…answer YES. Gave details of situation and item number as requested. 10.49am-Transferred to Ebay USA.on hold till 10:51am. Asked if this would cost me any money, she said no.Transferred call. Explained situation again. Said hold on as she has to go to another terminal to get information. 10.55am-unable to transfer to shipping department , contact was busy with another call. Said would ring back tomorrow…then…”Ooops can’t as we can’t ring overseas countries”….you will have to ring us back tomorrow?!! She apologized. Asked if she was located in a Philippine call centre(heavy Philippine accent)..said it was there policy not to divulge that information. End of call. I am hoping for a email reply to my query hopefully by tomorrow. If nothing positive unfolds I will post the complete saga starting from my original query.
    I intend to update this entry as it unfolds and keep going until I get a positive result.

  37. I was given wrong information by their Customer Service reps by phone on two separate occasions involving an item I had up for auction. Now I need to deal with the problem that caused, and I want to send an email to someone with authority, and also to have a “paper trail.” The fact that they do not provide an email address is frustrating and unacceptable business practice. I guess the only recourse is good old US Postal Service, and if I do that, it’s going to their corporate offices. Folks, let’s keep complaining until somebody hears us!

  38. Buen dia, yo compre un automovil, lo pague, envie mi fax con los datos requeridos, me confirmaron el cobro y me dijeron que lo enviarian el dia siguiente de esto hace una semana al dia de hoy no tengo informacion alguna al respecto, quiero saber cuanto tiempo tardan en entregarlo en mexico d.f. porque tengo otro tratado pero asi no me gustaria tratar mas con ustedes,

  39. I am not happy with their CUSTOMER SERVICE really! Most of them are based in the PHILIPPINES I think and …etc….etc. Poor connection most of time and they also do not know what they are talking about !!!!!!!!

    Their service is very POOR anyway!!!!

  40. I ordered my grandson an innotabe 2/2/2013 paid 27.88 but never recieved it. I have tried to connact the seller but the item is removed so I am unable to. I have really enjoyed purchasing items from your site, please help me to dissolve this matter.

  41. I have been a seller on ebay for quitea while. I have an almost perfect record….until a buyer named cameroncrazie came along! His false, but not inflammatory feedback was a real defeat to me. The buyer is also a seller, he has negative reviews as being a “cheat” “scam-artist” “counterfeit” andalso sellsthe same items that I do. I am very detailed with all of my selling descriptions, this one included…a simple belt, size 40, used by me- a size 38. Please know, I’m nota wimp, a cry baby, and can handle my business, but the scripted half-@$$ help by ebay is definitly pro-buyer.
    I know freedom of speech and one’s right to their own perspectives, but to have a totally unfair and totally false feedback with no help is not fair. I believe in what is right and what is fair….the American dream…right? Where is the non scripted help that ebay should offer. I have called ebay for other reasons and it is the same written and read statements. Where is the support…only if someone threatens or is inflammatory will they even think about helping. After 3 hours, 5 people, 2 disconnects, an “I’m so sorry” is all that I got….
    I pay a lot of money to sell my merchandise on ebay. After sellers fees, paypal fees, and taxes, its hard to make noticeable dollars. AGAIN, DONT GET ME WRONG…I KNOW WHAT THE GAME IS… Where is the unbiased referee?
    It just hurts to know the the support that you pay for, fight for, is so buyer-sided.

    If someone is blatantly false but does not swear or threaten does that make it okay??? To ebay…..YES, YES, YES. and it is a shame.

  42. Received a fraudulent email from a buyer and they sent me a fake paypal confirmation email so i shipped the item. Now im out 400 dollars and Ebay deleted the listing because the buyers account was compromised. IM SO PISSED

  43. I have had a terible experience contacting them. Difficult tonreach and irsponsive. Impossible to contact by email or chat.
    I bouught a vacuum from the Hoover Outlet store on ebay in Nov 2012 and was deffective. Returned it following the instructions of seller ( and afte contacting him trough ebay) but to this date they havent reimbursed me. So they kept the returned aapliance and MY MONEY ($99.99) withouth anynexplanation. Ebay has not helped me at all. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they did not bother to answer either. My advise: Do not use Ebay, and definitely do not buy from the Hoover Outlet Store there.

  44. I can never shop eBay again. I made a purchase but I never received my item and the Buyer Protection Plan turned me down. Why? I purchased an item, payed by PayPal and nothing. At least use your credit card and NOT PayPal!!!
    PayPal and eBay refuse to answer my questions.

  45. Hi ‘I wrote to you so many times and even try to phone you but the answer is the number is not connected. My concern is that I wanted to purchase a cross stitch frame but when I realize how much that would have cost me to shipped to australia i’ve changed my mind i’ve tried to cancel it but I couldn’t see any part that said cancel so I didn’t finished paying for it thinking it be ok. Than i’ve tried to email about 5 times to cancel but no replay now today I got an email from ebay telling me they going to take action its not my fault if they never answered my calls so now do whatever you want I wont buy anymore from you lot

  46. Hi u put in this item was free delivery but it’s wasn’t how can I go and collect this item from West Sussex crawley

  47. ebay put a hold on my account because I have 4 low ratings for ‘item as described’ but the monthly reports show 3, which is within the acceptable limit. 27 phone calls – yes 27 – calls later, no resolution. They have tried to take money from my bank account, because of the hold they put on my paypal account in error! & now have suspended my account. I’ve been told 3 times it was being investigated & elevated to managerial review, whatever that is, & that I would receive an answer with 72 hours. Not 1 call back. I went to the Campbell office to try to get an appt. talk to someone& was told there is no customer service at that location & they couldn’t give me a mailing address for customer service at any other location.

  48. to all that reads this: they are becoming crooks just like every other scammers on this planet,i bought paid,sent and also tried for 3 months to get my money or my product back and still no answer from any personal time to revolt????? maybe but if a company wants to keep its buisness then it should keep its promise to the public that makes them and therselves rich and dominant above us blue collar hard working american people any one who disagrees aparently has not gotten shnooked yet see the picture not the prize!

  49. I “never” received an item that I purchased, and I have no idea how to email their customer service dept about tracing my package; or receiving a REFUND???? Some one please help!

    • From the looks of things they have no customer service, this place is an absolute joke.
      This is the first time, and last time I will ever use them. I am beside myself that a company that large can be so irresponsible, they have my hard earned money, I have defective parts. Talking to their “customer service” reps, and waiting on phantom e-mails is such a waste of time & energy. I will go to Amazon, get what I need and I will be done with this sub standard co. AND I WILL “SHARE THE EXPERIANCE”

  50. Dealing with EBay is a nightmare. The ad would not accept any revisions, like adding a photo and updating text (yes, you’re supposed to be able to do this even with a bid). The contact info is useless – clicking on contact links would consistently freeze up the page, with no results. I even tried calling their corporate number, which led to menu hell and no direct rep contact. Finally, the so-called EBay member-to-member websites are equally useless. They tend to provide immature responses by some kid working out of his mother’s basement. I will never do business with EBay again. I’ve divested all mutual funds with holdings in EBay. This is not a company I want to invest in.

  51. hello ,i want to buy range finder of BOSCH company .modles are GLM 50 and DLE 40 .what will be the cost of it for a home delivery in pakistan lahore send me rate list

  52. hi..
    ihave 110$ giftcard for amazon..iwant to change it to transfer to my ebay account…help me ..tell me the ways for change this giftcards to put it to my ebay account

  53. does anyone out there comprehend the recycle bin where and what concept on ebay? what gets recycled where and why? does it have a recyclable value? if so what and to whom?

  54. The help line that is in the Philippines is worth less.
    I have been lied to and put off for months for a problem that is related to E-bay. The PI agents give me nothing but the runaround and the wrong contact numbers. They say one thing and will do another. They have called me with the same questions that answered for them when I called and when I e-mail the help line. So how do I contact the Stateside office and lodge a complaint to get some action on this ongoing problem related to E-Bay?

  55. I have already been applied for registration to ebay partner network few days ago. I want to place my order as soon as possible, when you tell me how to do so. I am your new customer, and I am still waiting your reply through my email.


  56. 1. On August 3rd I purchsed a Minolta 500 mm mirror lens. It was mailed to Brazil (South America) instead of to Israel and I have yet to receive it.
    2. I attapted to purchase an adapter to connect Sosy alpha lemses to a Sony Nex camera and paid $ 300 for it.
    I received a message from the seller that he does not ship to Israel. Now I’m being accused of not having paid for the item.
    All in all I’ve been severely traumatized by these experiences.
    Please see to it that I might be able to purchase from you fearlessly.

  57. I bid on an auction that the user was shill bidding on also he committed title fraud and mileage fraud I have all the documents to prove it ebay is doing nothing about it and I’m out $7550.00. Also there is no one here in the states to talk to regarding this that UNDERSTANDS ENGLISH

  58. It took me five (5) hours on the telephone just to request a return shipping label so that I could return an item that I bought on eBay. No one seems to know anything. I was transfered to six (6) differenct persons in different departments only to be cut off after a full hour. I had to start all over again with the same old run around. EBay can do better than this. Customer Service is not very good.

  59. Hi I’m really not impressed of the way they have done my account you can’t talk or reach any one to tell them. It’s been two weeks they are confirming my account and tell me another week they took 140.00 out of my account plus 2.45 twice, they have not paid any of my items with the money they took out the people have been waiting for a long time so they can ship my stuff out this has been way to long I would never I’ve done this through my account if I’ve known this really disappointed with eBay karen

  60. I am sick and tired of being sent to southeast asia. When I call customer service I want to speak to someone in the United States. I much prefer supporting a job for someone in the US rather than someone in Asia.

  61. I have been trying to contact eBay by fax concerning a seller wrongly accusing me of not paying for an item I had successfuly bid on.Anyone have that customer service fax number?

  62. Look very carefully at Ebay “remaining time to bid.” At least on a page I looked at, there is a one-hour discrepancy between the remaining time to bid and Ebay’s stated remaining time to bid. In a page that I was looking at, remaining time to bid was given as 6 days, 4 hours after 10/1/2013 at my time of 13:20:33 EDT. Ebay says this bidding window closes at 15:20:33 PDT on 10/7/2013. The days are right, but look at the time of day. It’s off by one hour. I made sure by waiting until the hour changed (Ebay doesnt give minutes on the deadline display). But 4 hours after 13:20:33 EDT (10:20:33 PDT) is 17:20:33 EDT or 14:20:33 PDT, not 15:20:33 PDT as stated by Ebay. This makes buyers think they have one more hour of bidding left at the time of the deadline. Seeking finder’s fee if I am correct.

  63. I purchased K-9 Glucosamine several weeks ago-did not receive order although my bank account was debited for the purchase. I have spent several hours trying to resolve this matter with eBay and Easy Living Health to mo avail. I have purchased several items from eBay with no problems until now. There is no easy way to resolve a problem with eBay far to much run around. I am so disappointed

  64. I purchased an item and tried to contact the seller may times. I goy no response, so I contacted The Resolution Center to get contact information for the seller provided then with the item number and they said that the number was invalid. I was so frustrated!!! There system sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. I recently sold some items on here g1 transformers hot shot, swoop , overbite they were described with perfect detail used condition with plenty of photos the buyer bought them after reading my description with no returns posted and used cond. they didn’t like the way they smelled which is irrelevant they are used not new mint in box now e-bay is ignoring my e-mails acting like I’m in the wrong I’m not letting someone damage my merchandise and wanting a return after posting no returns . I will tell this story to every merchant on here and media until I get justice

  66. Was ripped off by someone threw Paypal,someone got my checking and took all they could till I found out.It has been months Paypal will not make good on money taken from my checking I can’t even pay my bills!

  67. I ordered the same item from two different sellers and both told me later the item was not available. Which is fine, however I couldn’t be refunded until I responded to the cancellation request. I clicked the Respond Now link in both the emails but I was taken to a log in page to log in to Ebay. These items were not bought through an account. It must have been a guest checkout page because no account information was required to sign in and at the time i didn’t have an account. Now I keep getting messages from the buyers saying they can’t refund me until I respond, but I have no way of responding. I have tried calling customer service already twice today and keep getting asked information regarding the account the items were purchased under. I am just looking for a general customer service representative that can help me and look into the issue. This whole site is trying to be too technical and while I am sure it is great for pinpointing exactly where customer service calls go to when everything is run through an account, It has been nothing but frustrating for me trying to find a number to call so I can get my money back on items I never received. I’ve had other sellers who canceled orders just refund me with no problem, so I am frustrated with this run around.

  68. eBay is so greedy nowadays. Even if I sold a book for $1, I won’t make much money after paying $$$ on post office and Paypal. It is nonsense. I even paid the cost of tape and parcel roll.

  69. i bought tv parts from ebay ship from matthew oliveri parts not working i would like to return this parts skan3829 please help

  70. From what I’ve read, eBay is a billion dollar company with 15, 000+ employees (jut looked that up), but is run worse than a mom and pop store.
    I spent over an hour and a half trying to get a couple of questions answered. The first half hour was spent looping around the same web pages on eBay with no luck getting an answer or anyway to contact them. I wasn’t able to find any way contact until I found this website (thank you I spent another 45 minutes trying to speak to someone (I spent a good 20 inputting the same information over and over and over). When I finally pushed 0 it said I would be connected with customer service. Once connected, they said it would be approximately 6 minutes for them to get to my call. After about 3 minutes there was another message that said if I would prefer to have a call back, I wouldn’t loose my place in line, that I could have a call back. I was really unsure whether I should try this considering what I had already gone though, but….. I tried it anyways against my better judgement. 18 minutes go by and still no call back….. so I go call back and go through same routine, but this time I answered I had a question about a payment…. my call was answered in less than a minute.
    After all is said in done…….. WORST COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH EVER!!!

  71. Even though I have no returns for items the buyer still gets their way and open up a case and ask for a refund while ebay instantly takes the money away until this is resolve . The buyer is over protected and now the sellers are is the bad guys . I understand about protection of the buyer but the sellers are forgotten . If I choose no returns why doesn’t stay that way ? Get rid f that then as it is a useless option . Sincerely not a happy seller

  72. My purse was stolden and on 3/14/14 I was notified by my bank someone tried to make a puchase with my card. Can u please give me the information so I can submit it to the investagator. I’ve never had an ebay account. Please contact me asap

  73. Hi a purchaser sent a payment to what was the incorrect paypal email. I don’t know if it was an ebay error in transposing letters in the id. The account needs to be corrected to my account. I have asked the buyer to call paypal and explain the account id was miss entered, as the account is not me obviously. Can paypal help the buyer correct this so it goes to my account? It may have been a letter transposition by voice or by data entering error on the paypal side. Right now the money is in limbo. Hopefully there is no one with that erroneous email, that will open an account and claim that money

  74. I’m absolutely heart-broken that yarnbow has blocked me for a few years, I would like to find a way to nake peace.

  75. Hi, i recently started using ebay, and I’ve been billed these $66 final value fees on my items sold and I’m curious to what these fees are and why are they so much?

  76. On 3/9/14 I purchased a new Mens Outback Jacket. When it arrived it was a Womens Jacket. I tried contacting the seller with no response so I opened a case. Seller responded & said what can I do. I said I will split the mistake, send me half. Seller said couldn’t do that because Jacket was worth too much money, (I was the only bidder)! Seller said send it back but didn’t include the cost of shipping. Ebay ruled against me in favor of seller. I called Ebay & finally talked to a Representativew that told me that case wasn’t handled right & would forward it to higher authority. Never heard anything! Called Ebay again & got different Representative that said because I didn’t send it back was reason case went in favor of seller. Shipping for the Jacket was $8.75. I suppose it would have been about the same to send it back at my expense. It was a nice Jacket & I gave it to a needy person & I can afford the loss; I just don’t understand EBay’s decision. Was this so hard to figure out? Order a mans Jacket & get a womans???

  77. I bought a Mans jacket. When it came it was a womans. Seller didn’t respond. I filed a case & Ebay ruled in favor of seller. I talked to 2 different people at Ebay & got 2 different answers. I thought that the purpose of leaving bad feedback was to warn other buyers. My feedback is 100% on over 400 items. The seller had 17 feedbacks. Who monitors these transactions?

  78. I don’t know what to do .shopping on eBay has cost me so much in money time and effort ,i promiss I will NEVER shop with eBay any longer? It’s disgraceful the way your company abuses customers.You charged me twice, 2 seperate times ,2 seperate charges, for two seperate products.The business and your paypal folks and eBay folks can’t see or figure it out.

  79. The eBay Corp. is just a bunch of liars. I purchased a Danbury Lamp from a seller identified as crunchy 1010 which was sold as good condition. This item arrived poorly packaged and the lamp socket and shade was crushed beyond use. I had to have the lamp repaired at a shop and buy a new shade. I opened a case with eBay Customer Support. My case was denied. I appealed. My appeal was denied. My negative feedback of the seller was removed. This was all done in spite of eBay making claims to have a buyer protection program. This pure BS as eBay is simply a greedy company that treats the buyers as crap.

  80. would like results on a john deere r tractor that sold out of waterloo, Wisconsin yesterday. could not find anymore thank you

  81. biggest batch of lairs outside of congress. you cannot rely on anything they tell you. they are capricious,and ill trained about their own policies, will lie outright and do not enforce any of those policies when the complaint involves the larger merchants. one rep will tell you one thing and the next one will tell you the complete opposite. which one is lying? how can u tell? buyer beware.

  82. Ebay is so full of crap! I called those assholes after they suspended my account because they said that I was selling counterfeit otterboxes — which IM NOT! So, I asked them why don’t they suspend other accounts whose listings are on the first page in the second,third,and fourth spot selling otterboxes for 9 dollars! I told them that OtterBox would not approve of that, so I know that eBay only pick and choose who’s listings they want to remove! They just flat out could not explain why the other listings were not removed! They never said that OtterBox approved of people selling their cases for 9 dollars! I told them that I was going to sue them, and the person asked me was he being recorded!
    No.2, eBay would also bury my listings. My listings would literally be on the 1st page in the 2nd spot, and then all of a sudden in the middle of my listing it would be buried in the 1000th spot! They could not explain that to me either! They’re nothing but a bunch of liars and cheats!

  83. Hello Ebay customer/seller service center,

    I was never informed of a fee, when I signed up for all my listings I was told it was free. the indicator on the side bar never showed a fee for any of my listings and I did check it. even your fine print said first 50 of every month free for buy it now and listing fee. I feel ripped off and disgusted. also, I hope your company honors the free relisting of up to 3 weeks and no further charges because the fees are getting out of hand. considering or another site to do business with in the future.

    thank you

    crystal paprock

    moreover, I am contesting these charges.

  84. ebay is too greedy and I am fed up. after I pay ebay off I will think long and hard before I list something with them again. the fees are outrageous. nickel and dime you for everything. I think you should only be charged when your item sells and they should not be charging you on your shipping too! I paid for the shipping for the buyer, why is ebay now charging me. I personally went to post office and paid the shipping, ebay was not involved in any way shape or form as I did not used ebay to create the shipping label. just tired of eBay’s greed.

  85. My hubby just sold trousers on eBay. They were fine when sent but the buyer has made up all sorts of faults and excuses and raised a case. We are refunding but I can’t get an email address to ask ebay how we can make a complaint if it turns out the buyer has deliberately damaged our item. I’ve been searching through the contact us for an hour to no avail. I’m really annoyed that such a big organisation cannot be easily emsiled

  86. I have purchased items thru ebay for a long time. Recently I have had two different transactions that have yet to be completed. I have sent emails to ebay after my confirmation delivery date. I have still no response. This has been over three weeks, Either refund my money or get my products. I have never had this issue with Amazon. Yes they cost more however I dont have these issues. I would appreciate some form of communication to get this resolved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. I ordered a dress on eBay from littlemall & first off it took a long time to get here longer than the 5 to 12 business days they said & then I tried contacting them about the dress because I needed it for my senior prom & they tell me to go buy one from my local mall because they can’t do anything about it so even after that I missed my senior prom because I had no dress then I’m asking for my money back & they say they will refund me my money if I give them a good feedback & then once the dress finally got here after literally month later I ask them for my money back because the dress is here & they say they will only give me 15 USD back & I obviously said no I want the full refund & as of now they told me they will give me my refund back if I give them positive feedback back & I honestly do not want to do that. This is the worst experience I have ever had to the point where I will not be ordering from eBay again & I will defiantly be telling my friends about this so they don’t come across this worst experience.

  88. Since you guys have suspended my account, I have been posting what a crock of you know what you guys are. I will continue to blast you because your customer service is terrible. At this time your site has lost thousands to other sites, by the way saving me money. So, stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. My wife loves going after big companies like yours that enjoy playing games with people. She has had 2 major corporations beg her to get off of their case. You deserve as much bad press as you can get. Ernest, Tampa Fl

  89. Way too many better sites to purchase from, good competition that saves lots of money. Do not waste your tims and money on ebay.

  90. When i try to shop a product from ebay through paisapay all bank transaction was completed and amount rs 1490/- (transanction ID is-IGV6708931) deducted my account and before ebay payment completed that time internet was discunnected, so, ebay payment was breakdown Kindly return my full amount in my same account.

  91. Code box errors?

    Why when sending a message, the “code box” displays a code which I enter correctly, then after clicking on send, it reads “Please enter the correct code” ?

    Irritating to say the least. Anyone have any ideas as to why this happens on a semi-regular basis? I use an iMac with Mac OS X 10.7.5 .

  92. I purchased 4/24/2014, #121321535175 located in France via paid 450euros with bank transfer. The seller,however, assured the refund. The item wasn’t as described,so opened the case to ask refund, I had to, due to no response from her.And I got directed from for the return saying the seller issued the full refund. So I did. Once I confirmed the delivery, the case was closed by customer service said ebay can’t refund it. Meanwhile the seller sold the item I paid for to other buyer!!!!

    Shocked, emailed her to ask to wire the money. She said, waiting for the email from ebay…. that was may 29. Not a word ever since. Of course tried to solve this never reachable, Uk ebay forwarding me to……..

    left negative feedback, police report and suing her in EU.Guess send the letter to all and…
    just one more contact the seller to ask the refund on behalf of me that’s all I want from ebay. Does this sound too much work?

    I do not have any other contact to seller except mail never answers me back.
    Any thought?
    Frustrated in Warsaw

  93. I had a case opened against me for a black diamond I sold. In her opening statement of the case, she stated the diamond tested positive. The case was allowed to continue. I talked to a total of 5 people, 1 was a supervisor, 1 was in escalation. I was told that even though she stated in her opening statement, it was positive, she could still open a case. And, she was the ONLY one that could close it. I kept saying this was wrong. I was told that I had to tell her to send the diamond back, and if it was mine (which I may or may not be able to prove), would have to give her her money back. I asked for a supervisor. At 15min before you close, I got one. She stated that the buyer was NOT entitled to a refund and that I had been told incorrectly, she would make notes, and send me directly to escalation so they could notify the buyer that she was not entitled to a refund before she could get to the post office, this AM. I was switched to Frolian who told me I that even though what I was told was wrong, and even though the supervisor told me they would notify the buyer, it was too late because I had offered the refund. And, I HAD TO HONOR MY WORD! The buyer didn’t! She lied about the diamond and opened a case with no merit. The customer service rep. that told me I had to offer the refund or get a strike, didn’t. The supervisor who told me it could be stopped and correct, didn’t. BUT I HAD TO HONOR MY WORD! You do what you say, and it it is wrong, you punish your people, NOT YOUR CUSTOMER! You held ME to a higher standard, than the buyer, and YOUR OWN PEOPLE AND SUPERVISOR! HOW DARE YOU! I lost $149.99, my fees, my shipping. But you MADE SURE YOU GOT PAID didn’t you?! Why would I,or my husband, or my father (that I got all to come on here and buy and sell) EVER even consider doing business with a company as incompetent and dishonest as you? The buyer has ALL the power. You don’t support the sellers at ALL! I did what you told me. I did what you THREATENED me with! And, then you WOULDN’T MAKE IT RIGHT FOR ME? I intend to tell everyone how you treat your sellers. It is SHAMEFUL! I have worked so hard to be honest. Keep a perfect record. Pay my fees immediately. AND, THIS IS ALL I GET! Lies, threats, and telling me I HAVE TO HONOR MY WORD…BUT NOT YOU! Thanks eBay for opening my eyes to your business practices and the lack of knowledge your customer support has! That is ALL I can thank you for!

  94. Ebay has failed to issue me a $100.00 reward coupon that was promised. I have called 10 times as of today and was put on hold for over 3 hours. I was also hung up on. I will be contacting the F.T.C for fine violations and also reporting to B.B. and all the scam reports. I spent over 60,000 buying magic 4 fundraisers and they must need the hundred dollars that was promised and ok’d by Fernendez also several others at the customer service line but still no coupon.I have 100 % credit/feedback with ebay after years online buying magic 2 perform to raise money 4 kids with cancer and this is how they treat me.

  95. l’just bye ( Men jean levis strauss 501 ) and is very small for me, and i try to return the ithem, and the realy size i ned is W33 L32

  96. E-bay was once a great venue for commerce. Now they don’t have customer support though chat or e-mail. I have limited phone minutes per month. I think E-bay sucks! I want to report a technical glitch in their site. If they want my business they’re going to have to do better!

  97. Yes, I have not still found the email of the customer service From ebay america. If somebody has one, please tell me.

    I need it urgently.

  98. The Ebay app keeps crashing. This problem has been occurring for several years now yet no one has fixed it. I don’t understand why Ebay hasn’t resolved the issue when lots of other people have said the same thing after down loading the Ebay app and there isn’t another app to switch to. What is the point of updating this app if the bugs flaws aren’t patched or fixed? I’m almost at the point of not using Ebay any more. I don’t like using Ebay’s site on Safari because the print is smaller and the content takes longer to down load. Please fix the app from crashing or design a different one.

  99. i had an issue on a transaction called ebay .talked to a representative from california got in an argument with her and the next day i had a restriction for selling on my account .I can no longer sell because of this woman !!!what kind of policies is this? poor quality of help they are not for there members

  100. Getting through to Customer Service is horrible! I’ve waited up to 40 minutes and then get cut off only to start all over again, a LOT TO BE DESIRED! Let them hire more representatives. I don’t call very often since I’m a veteran eBay seller since 1998 but things have gotten a lot worse than they ever have been!

  101. If you get the Philippines, you lose. Period. They have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. If you get the right guy, you can occasionally get them to transfer you to U.S., but next person will tell you they cannot do that.


  102. My credit card was charge for ebay fees even though the item that I was selling was returned and refunded. I tried to resolve this by calling the customer service. I was transferred to several people in 4 different department. I’ve been on the phone for 1 hour and 30 minutes and still on hold as we speak. Kay from the billing department has no customer service and rude. I asked to speak with a manager and what she did is transfer me back to the queue and be on hold again. This is unacceptable. My issue was not resolved

  103. Not a good experience at all. I purchased a piece of expensive luggage on the the ebay site. Upon receiving it I discovered it will not work as a carryon for an international flight. Contacted ebay to use their HASSLE FREE RETURNS was told they could find my order!!! I received emails from them confirming the order, emails stating item was shipped etc. They made it sound like I never ordered it. Who the hell tries to return something they dont have. Then they informed it was ordered by a different person, (now I am seeing RED) oh wait. no i ordered as a guest therefore they could not find it..If they couldnt find it how did they know I ordered it as a guest??? I have made several calls to them. they tell me to call TravelPro, the manufacturer of the luggage..I call they tell me to contact EBAY..Their customer service leaves a person wondering how they are still in business??? So here I sit with a suitcase that I cannot use because no one will take responsibility for its return and I am out my money. I am going to go through my credit card company and hopefully they can resolve this mess. I will never do business with eBay again ever…and buyer BEWARE!!!!

  104. I have been a thriving member of eBay for years. I sold and sent a beautiful vintage Holy Rosary to a customer. I have 100% feedback which I am very proud of and have worked hard for. The Holy Rosary arrived to the customer in PERFECT condition (the box that the item was sent in was broken in transit…not my fault.) So this lady has given me a neutral feedback that will stay on my account for a year. Ebay says that they can not help me because it is the customers opinion. I beg to differ Ebay,… when it is the sellers on Ebay that do all of the work and pay YOU for the honor of using your system. Wake up and realize that the Sellers need some support sometimes as well. I am leaving Ebay and going to ETSY. A sight that some say is miles above what I am presently using. Good buy to all of my friends and my certified letter sent to the corporate office will request that Ebay sometimes show some support for the seller. Without sellers, there would be NO Ebay!!! I had a account manager tell me that he was going to help me. He put me on hold and the call was dropped??? Anyway Ebay, you have lost a good customer, if I do say so myself. Sincerely, M 🙂

  105. PS…Forgot to mention: I was on the phone with Ebay for nearly 3 hours. Honest to Gosh…It was amazing how comical the customer support is…So glad I have unlimited minutes on my phone – THREE HOURS…My Hubs was so upset that I even gave Ebay the time of day…Amen!!! Plus my email is being flooded with well wishers whom say that I was treated unfairly and they are in the midst of telling me their nightmares with Ebay…

  106. I ordered an item about 5 days ago… buy it now item; and immediately I received an email from the seller that the shipping label has been printed and I will receive my item in the usual 3-5 day time frame. As my customers car sits in my shop awaiting the part I was guaranteed by the seller was in stock and was in the process of programming and testing, I receive an email from the seller instead. It states “Good Morning Scott, I am your account manager for the engine computer that you ordered. I wanted to inform you that I am aware that ebay has it showing that you would receive your part tomorrow, but we are actually a little behind due to the holiday (Labor Day, wow such a holiday to slow down parts guaranteed in stock huh…)and that I would receive my part by the beginning of next week. Please call at ###-###-####.”
    This is a little unorthodox for me in my dealings with ebay sellers; to call them with concerns, which is a nice touch I guess. Still, they are trying to play off the message I received about the label being printed as an automatic Ebay message regarding the time frame for shipping. Well I can understand this as I have received many messages of this nature. My problem is that the email specifically states that my part in in the programming and testing phase and will be sent out promptly. I did not know that Ebay referred to this phase of programming the VIN and auto mileage as part if their automatic reply.
    Any thoughts or ideas? I immediately asked for a full refund. I feel that they should have informed me as to the fact that it was not in stock the moment they accepted my payment, rather than waiting until the day of to email me telling me that instead of a part coming today, you have this nicely worded message instead… well, gee thanks baloonstones!
    The information referring to the shipping cost, the shipping time frame, that it was in stock and the cost of the item were pertinent in making my decision as whether or not to buy from this seller. In my rural area, many manufacturing and other smaller businesses have closed up leaving the local mechanics to resort to methods such as these for parts that their customers want. Please give some feedback as Ebay seems not to want to be bothered with it seeing as they do not post info to contact them directly.

  107. it would be nice to be able to talk to a human being to be able to ask a question that computer will answer. Put the human element back into customer service would be nice!!!

  108. Paypal reported an error in the transaction for purchasing a cell phone, a Motorola RAZR V3. It charged me for the warranty (which I did want for the cell phone); it charged me for the donation I made to Habitat for Humanity
    But IT DID NOT CHARGE ME FOR (and thus appears that I didn’t order) the cell phone itself!
    I’ve gotten a run-around simply trying to explain what happened to someone at eBay; and then they say I should contact PayPal. I am on hold to 888-221-1161, the number I was given for PayPal, now for 17 minutes.
    So I figure I’d better do something myself, which is to cancel the “product” ( your Protection Plan), since it is being charged for nothing: No one believes me when I say eBay, or PayPal, had an error, it actually said this in a screen after I submitted the “Confirm” button. This is terribly frustrating, so instead of “fighting” to get the original order THAT I THOUGHT I HAD MADE, I felt it was easier to simply cancel the warranty.

    PayPal says there was a denial code to the seller because MY address wasn’t confirm.
    On hold while PP is checking on something.
    On hold with PP at 10:40 am, on call for 34 minutes so far …
    Now 10:47 “talking with supervisor to get problem corrected”. I stated that I’m not confident that it will be fixed (meaning, if I’m finally charged, does the product ordered actually get ordered?; WHAT THE WARRANTY?)
    PP says they will directly contact the warranty company and give them the full details so they will apply the warranty to the product …
    (I still think it would be better to just cancel the Warranty “purchase.”

    @10:59 got same error while PayPal support is still on the phone

    We were not able to process your PayPal payment
    If you encounter this message more than once, please contact PayPal customer support for further assistance
    Error code: 70046 12203

    PP says hold while they contact eBay to see if THEY have an error code.

    Time now: 11:01 am. Have been on this call for 55 minutes so far.

    On hold until …
    11:04 – PP staying on line while getting

    11:13 Now eBay and PP are each saying it’s the other one.

    11:30 am. eBay is sending it to tech support; eBay will e-mail seller about situation; eBay will e-mail me with case number and results, and will coordinate with PayPal if eBay determines it is not their error.

    Portable phone battery going dead. So had to hang up.
    # 11:32


    7:36 PM Message to seller via “Contact Seller”
    I will try to get the entire log of the problem sent to you somehow, as the direct contact only allow ls 1000 characters. I hope I can get both the screen capture of the failure, and this text, into a single PDF file, and hope the attachment capability lets it go through.
    Shhheeeeeeeeeeeshhhh! I’ve never had such a nock-down drag-out problem like this with either eBay or PayPal.
    I swore to them that I wasn’t going to contact the seller with their recommendation for an alternate way to pay for the item. And yet, here I am, doing exactly that. I feel it is terribly unfair to make me go through this “exercise”, and I’ll bet you feel similarly. So I apologize … I just really wanted this phone.

    You simply won’t believe how hard I tried to pay for this but eBay consistently fails when I submit the transaction. I’ve been on the phone with BOTH eBay AND PayPal, in a conference call, and now THEY are pointing at each other.
    I was promised an e-mail update both eBay’s 2nd level tech support by now, but haven’t heard from them.
    I want to buy this phone, in black only. eBay/PayPal suggested I contact you to see if there is a way i(which I don’t completely understand) that somehow you bill me through PayPal … Like I said, I don’t understand this.

    “They say” that the transaction is being rejected by the seller not being able to confirm my shipping address, but both eBay and PayPal have verified that it’s correct, and they see that many previous purchases (and even the Warranty I purchased for the phone!!) went through OK, and shipped OK, in the last TWO YEARS.

    Does the word H-A-L-P-! mean anything???

    I have not cancelled the Warranty, yet, as eBay/PayPal said they would directly speak to the warranty company and coordinate associating my already-paid-for policy with the phone purchase … which as you can see by this message, still hasn’t gone through, and consistently fails a to go through.

  109. I sent a DISPUTE form to the address you have above:
    eBay – Whitman Campus
    2065 Hamilton Ave.
    San Jose, CA 95125
    It came back from the Post Office as Undeliverable. I have a letter to the San Jose Postmaster asking what’s up with mail not being delivered to a valid address?
    Stay tuned.

  110. I was trying to bid on something today and realized I was being conned into bidding. It would say I was outbid so, of course I’d bid higher. Well, I checked the list of bidders and it was just me bidding 7 freakin’ times. And then finally a different person after the bid increased $10

  111. Have been trying to get a hope of customer care. At first it tells me 28 mins and someone will be with you. Three days now I have been waiting on the phone for over 1 hour sometimes 1 1/2 hours. I still have not been able to get a hold of customer service. What is the point of have CS if you don’t have ppl to answer your calls. This is nuts.

  112. This is the worst customer service EVER!

    1. When you click “Contact Us” – This should have an email and 800 number that we can use.

    2. Had to Google just to even fine the customer service number.

    3. Heaven forbid it’s been more than 90 days, which will happen if the seller is pre-selling an item that hasn’t been released by the manufacture yet.

    4. When Ebay sends you items to complete for Fraud (, then send the instructions and then notify you that you must complete and provide eBay the form number. But they don’t supply instructions on how to get that info to them.

    I’m being ripped off by the seller on this website, and I’m finding that eBay doesn’t care, or wants to make it impossible to get your money back.

    Ebay…you just lost my business!

  113. Ebay used to be a great company. Now the site doesn’t work and the directions have declined and constantly change. BUT WORSE, what used to take 2 minutes on the site, I am still on the phone with customer service for now nearly 2 hours and the basic function is still not resolved. FIND ANY OTHER WAY TO DO BUSINESS

  114. im writing as im very dissatisfied in the way my current problem has been handled by ebay and seller I bought refurbished laptop that never worked properly from arrival im now to pay for return to seller as its heavy item it could cost me around £ 30 to return I feel this is most unfair as its sellers responsibility to pay this as item never worked properly iv been long loyal customer for may years im not sure if ill continue to use ebay I could not print out return slip as don’t have printer I asked if you could post one to me which you refused im not happy with your support service c.mcerlaine

  115. I certainly could not recommend this seller he had said a courier would call to collect the defective item he gave me various dates I sent suitable date but no one turned up c mcerlaine charlesina 111

  116. Ebay cust. service starting to suck!
    By phone, it is easy to reach them but on line it is like running around in circles.
    I just got plant that was pinched with zip ties so hard, it just about killed the plant. It also had 4 bends in stalk and leaves.I took pictures, seller told me I have to pay for shipping either for replacement or new one. I thought it was not fair since I expected healthy plant and now I have something that will not support itself-stalk is half brown and bending even with support. I offered to split the shipping cost even thou it was not my fault. Well I got accused of trying to get one plant for free. He was nasty and rude and yelling at me, borderline harrasing me. I showed the plant and pictures and the emails to my boyfriend and co workers and they all agrred on bad customer service from ebay and the seller.
    Long story short, ebay would not refund money and seller would not provide shipping label.
    So I am screwed out of my money and no plant.
    I think ebay is just carring about the fees. Screw the customers.

  117. Subject: My Ebay Transaction #-608258805022

    To whom it may concern,

    Altatac asked me to make a comment about this item

    That I ordered from their company and since there is

    no way for me To get access to ask when I will

    receive this item I was forced today to hire a firm to look Into all legal aspects of

    this matter and I will now Be leaving this problem

    to the firm to bring To fruition and as of

    10.20.14 I haven’t received this item that I was

    Charged for on my credit card.



  118. You guys suck! I’ve used ebay to buy and sell for over a decade. I was unable to purchase an item for less than $95.00 and had to have my wife buy it. You guys are the worst and I will find alternatives. riw

  119. EBay I am very angry with you I relied on you to email me about a auction that was coming to a end no email. No win auction no more eBay for me please STOP sending me those dreadful advertisements

  120. I would like to suggest that ebay publish the fact that state sales tax will be charged by the state that the customer lives in when they are succesful in winning.Post in the bid window or advertisement of the item they are bidding on so everyone can see how greedy these states are.

  121. Last week I bought Iphone 5S from eBay, the seller sold locked phone instead of unlocked device and he defrauded. Locked phone doesn’t work with any SIM cards. I am so disappointed about this. Right now I just want to return this item to get my money back. Please contact me as soon as possible to protect customers, thank you!

  122. I have a new password but, can not register for account to sell items. when I try it wants me too get a new password. have a new password, why can I not get into my account? now it’s saying my email address is invalid, what’s going-on?

  123. Email address of customer support was not found any where here in this page. Please send the email I.D. immediately and oblige
    Yours Sincerely.
    Venkat raman

  124. i bought a bag. and the seller sent me a defect one. end up i returned the bag to the seller to get my refund. the seller only refund me the original price. but the original shipping cost and the return shipping the seller did not refund. im trying to appeal the case on the more action drop down menu from my MyEbay purchase history but there is not appeal can be click.
    Pls ebay kindly advise on this issue.
    really upset with this seller.

  125. I just had the most hilarious and frustrating eBay experience. I listed my laptop on Tuesday evening and someone ‘bought’ it yesterday morning. However this turned out to be a fraudulent purchase.
    Oh well, it happens. So yesterday I spend three hours on the phone being transferred to this department and that finally ending up getting what I want… the ability to repost my laptop. So again I wake up today to my laptop being purchased which is great because I am on a deadline to get this house and I needed an extra grand or so. So after inspecting the new purchaser today I realize that it is suspiciously similar to the one that was fraudulent tomorrow. So after working my way through PayPal I eventually get transferred to eBay. I am going to spare many of the details, but lets just say I called eBay at 1220 eastern time and low and behold I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE.
    The first couple hours I was able to laugh it off as I figured there are always some level of shenanigans to shift through with modern call centers. I will admit looking back I feel like a tool for sticking around on the phone that long, but I just kept telling me My biggest qualm is that I was told at 230 that I was going to be receiving a credit of $50 as well as eBay fronting the cost to republish my laptop (which kind of is worth it… although I really just wanted to sell my laptop.), as well as being able to republish my ad WHICH IS ALL I REALLY WANTED. After speaking with several supervisors and managers, painfully being transferred and climbing ladders made of bored, uninterested and occasionally rude office drones, I am basically in the same position as I was this morning, with a total of nine hours wasted being transferred around by various zombie like desk jockeys who didn’t really understand my American accent, except that I am now wise enough to never attempt to use eBay again. I’m not going to blow smoke and say what a loyal customer I have been but I did used to occasionally use eBay as it has been a powerful resource throughout the years I have used it, but I can say that I am so annoyed at the way you guys have your departments set up and especially of what now seems a strict lie by one of your supervisors, that I will make it my mission in life to promote online sales for any company that is NOT eBay.

    I guess I will sell it on Craigslist, that won’t cost me a hundred bucks and 9 hours of my life. I know this isn’t your fault and sorry for my run-on sentences, but geez what is this. I have lots of details, including my reference numbers for all of my transfers (today), and I am going to move forward with some sort of action on my part if this is not resolved.

    I would not have wasted so much of my time if I wasn’t being misled by a plethora of associates. To be honest something like this has never happened to me and I really have never heard a horror story like this before. Let me know if there is anything you can do to resolve these issues.

    Sincerely and annoyed,

  126. Ebay customer service is amazing. Amazing that I can no longer access my ebay account after years because I cannot get them to change my contact information to comply with a forced password change.

    After multiple phone calls, and online chat, and providing them with requested old emails, phone numbers and addresses they sometimes cannot locate my account or when they do, they keep asking for more addresses and old phone numbers beyond what I have given. At a certain point it becomes pointless.

    Why do I want to provide my entire life history to buy from ebay anyway!!!

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH If I had Ebay stock, I would short it, because the incredible incompetence of customer service is sinking this company into obscurity.

    Bye bye E-Bay, it was nice while it lasted, Alibaba is going to eat your lunch.

    • Ok closed my account with very similar circumstances. Ebay’s response literally is: don’t let the door hit you in the – ss!

  127. I’m having a great deal of trouble re-regestering as a new account.
    I keep installing a password that I know I haven’t used before and it keeps rejecting it! please help!!

  128. I keep trying to register as an Ebay customer. The same thing happens every time – I fill in the page where you register your details and invent a password. Then I press continue. The same page actually slightly different as it has a tick box for conditions, which the previous one doesn’t) comes up, with some of the things I typed in deleted. No matter how many times I do this it never accepts all the things I’ve typed in. I’ve given up. And of course the only way to get help is to telephone a US number and doubtless go through endless tedious routines. I can’t be arsed.


  130. wow…I fanally did get a situation resolved with an awesome customer service person, I got reimbursed and I truly appreciate it EBAY!!!

  131. App for ipad eBay 3.4 is an EPIC fail! I don’t think it was tested and rushed out for the holiday. It’s not just me read your reviews at Itunes, they are terrible. Please bring back 3.3.3 version before you loose a ton of customers. I buy quite a few trading cards which makes for many transactions daily……..people are speaking, are you listening?

    Don’t let this email fall on deaf ears as it will soon effect your stock price. I am just a buyer and can’t imagine being a seller with the roll out of 3.4 it must be a nightmare for them.

    thanks Kevin

  132. Ebay has really gone down hill. They have unethical buyers and it takes forever to ger
    your money back. Hope you like to talk with Pakistan because that’s who you’re going to be talking to. And then when they get through with you they’re going to tell you to contact PayPal which is also outsourced Pakistan and then PayPal’s going to tell you to talk to Ebay and vice versa and it goes on for days and days and days because they aren’t responsible. Don’t buy eBay. By Amazon

  133. I bought a pair of shoes on 18 october 2014 which I never received.I contact the resolution centre for help. I was asked to escalate my case to ebay buyer protection for money back. It could not be done because I was continuously told there was a technical hiccup in their service. I emailed several times to no avail.The matter will be automatically closed on 28 dec. Really disappointed with ebay customer service.

  134. I received the phone not as described. The charging door was missing. I shipped the phone back to seller. Seller refused to refund my money. eBay made decision to seller favor. So now seller keeps the phone and money. I lost $362.17 plus shipping. Is it right? How eBay protected buyers?

    • I used it three times, with scammer sellers. So they took away the buyer protection pledge. So I received some counterfit coins from China, Ebay did nothing to help. Goodbye all Phillipino Custer service ningcofpoofs!

  135. I closed my Ebay account yesterday. This is why: the customer department let me down nearly every time I asked for help, without fail.
    I am owed $50 with shipping for some Chinese “counterfit” coins. I have reported to US Treasury how Ebay is complicit with these counterfeiters. No one in customer service could give a reasonable answer, as to why these accounts, continue to operate with Ebay’s good graces?
    The Ebay company has taken away my buyer protection, from those I have bought from, because they tried to cheat me.
    Buyers are treated sellers pretty well, except there are many scammers, how make bailed threats, when they interpret their purchase with disdain.. My last sale was toa buyer,who called me a liar, blamed me for a crack in the coin holder and weather or not the coin grading company tried to cheat him. I offered a refund and shipping cost, but the buyer is intending to leave a negative feedback. I am tired of these Internet “bullies”!

    So along with sloppy, inconsistant customer service, high selling fees, and charging me $42, for closing my store early. I say goodbye to a company who has a death wish!

  136. I may have made my last eBay purchase. Iu sually have no problem but experienced a damaged purchase from recordsafariauctions 12/28/2014. Ih ave tried direct contact for resolutionan d am directed to PayPal. PayPal is of little help. Your website is impossible to get thrpugh ifa problem occurs. I have learned my lesson: STAY AWAY FROM EBAY.

    • You are right, ebay and most of the sellers in ebay are not doing business. Instead, they are cheating people in a legal form. Since ebay is so ‘generous’ to prepare this website for us, why don’t we fully-used this website to alert other people, so that they won’t be cheated again, again and again. Let the whole world see their real faces. ebay has too many faces already. We all try to stop them from generating more and more faces. Otherwise they will have more and more clients and customers, which will be turned out to be their victims. Remember : stay away from ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Ebay may be the largest, but has decaying customer service, allows known counterfeiters to rip off the public!
    Your just a number, was invented by Ebay. I said to aPhillipino lady, named Jo, the the company has a customer service department that “stinks”! Her response was, I’ going to hang up because you cursed. I guess stink is a curse in Phillipino?

    I closed my account after 13 years in total disgust!

  138. The rigidity of your rules, leaves one with few options. I was forced out of business. 99.8 was my feedback rating in 13 years. No fees discount, penalties for early store closure, about three months fees. No real customer service, just mirrors, and double talk canned answers to everything.

  139. I have canceled an item on eBay. My refund has not came in at all it’s been over 3 weeks amd I am so unhappy with you guys service. This will probably be the last time I ever shop on eBay. I want my refund ASAP. I paid with a credit card and I want it back on my credit card.

    • I am sorry to tell you base on my experience when dealing with ebay. ‘ASAP’ is too optimistic, not realistic at all as far as ebay is concerned. You have to prepare for the worst to come.

  140. Ebay is not what it use to be they made there web site harder to get around. They make it hard to find away to get a hold of someone. They also don’t allow you to print your shipping labels now that want you to go to the usps web sit. wow this site sucks its better off selling things on Craigslist.

  141. Ebay treats people differently. It looks down to certain people from certain country. When someone has problem, ebay asks him to key in certain information in its website at the same time purposely disabled the website. Then ebay says that person is violating the rules and requirement of ebay. Ebay is informed by that person that eBay’s website cannot work. But ebay insists that even though it is not working, that person still has to key in the required information as even though the website is not working, it is still valid, as far as ebay is concerned. Sound crazy? It is a real issue, not created story. Who is that guy? I don’t mind to tell you, he is I myself. Ebay knew me. Now its tactic is ignore my email and phone call made to Customer Service. I am from Malaysia. What are the information needed to key in? Courier company’s name and tracking number. I told ebay that the tracking number is EE028654855MY and the company is Poslaju National Courier. So long as you get this two information, you are able to track the shipment. Nobody can track the shipment in the website of ebay. You can only track it in the website of Poslaju National Courier, regardless of which website you key in. You can key in these two information in many many websites you like. But if you really want to track, you still have to go to Poslaju National Courier website and key in the tracking number. Actually this is a return-to-seller transaction. I was told that the refund won’t be made if these two information is not in ebay website even though its website is not working, just like a page which you cannot modify or key in something.

  142. I purchased a jacket which made of polyester as mentioned in the seller advertisement. It is not the case when I received it. Ebay asked me to send back the item with tracking number. Once the item is moving, the refund would be paid. However the website provided by ebay to key in tracking number and shipping company cannot work. I tracked the shipping and the seller received it on 12 January 2015. I told ebay customer service that with the tracking number, you can go to poslaju website to track the item. No respose from ebay. I don’t know why ebay insist me to key in tracking number and courier company in their website even though there is another alternative. Wherever I key in the tracking number, you still have to go back to Poslaju National Courier website to track it. It makes no difference at all yet ebay insist that I must key in the tracking number and courier company’s name. And ebay inform me with 72 hours everything will be ok. But now one week already, the website is still cannot work. I can’t imagine that just a small problem of website, ebay is unable to solve it for more than one week and now is still cannot solve it. Sorry to ask you one question: is the website purposely disable? And ebay is still insisting me to key in their disabled (I think this is the correct word) website. Ebay do not one the courier service company’s name and tracking number provided by me. I was informed if the company’s name and tracking number are not in ebay website, don’t expect for refund. Because ebay website clearly says that “Add tracking details within 0 days of shipping item. We’ll send refund when tracking shows the item is delivered. ” (quotation directly from the website). Even though I can provide the company’s name and tracking number, but it is against the quotation above, so I was informed that logically I would not get the refund. Well, ebay is a big company yet it doesn’t has proper and well-trained staff to solve the website. Sometimes ebay respond but sometimes it do not. From this case, we can see ebay is totally bias. Ebay said the refund wiil be included the cost of returned but they never ask me how much? So the refund amount is how much? I send back the item first without knowing the exact amount as I claimed many times that I trust ebay 100%. But it seems that ebay has never trust me and keep on giving me troubles. Please be sincere to solve the problem with the seller. Everybody is trying to reduce loss. But if it is the seller fault, he has to absorb the loss. If I know in advance that this may happen, I better throw the wool-garment into garbage. At least I can save the cost of return. It costs me RM150.00 as in the area I stay, only courier service provides tracking. No tracking for normal post. And the total cost I paid for this “jacket” is about RM210.00. Just compare 2 amounts, do you think the seller wants to absorb this RM150.00. Return and Refund, this is the instruction given by ebay. Ebay is a big company, don’t tell me that you do not have qualified or professional to handle the accounts and finance. You all should know that we won’t used the term which has general meaning, which can be interpreted like this or like that. The term refund is too general. Once I sent back, somebody for example the seller may claim that this is not a fully refund or just a partial refund. Again I told ebay I trust you 100% without asking any question. I just simply follow your instruction and send the item back. Why you want to use a tricky term? Now the seller got the item already, where is the refund for me? Are you still waiting for me to key in the tracking number and company’s name?


  144. I contacted the seller before went to ebay for help. A lot of emails have been sent to this seller with a name of articouture, but no response at all. Then ebay asked me to return to this address Tony Tseng, 19475, East Walnut Dr S, City of Industry, CA, US. SO NOW MY ADVICE IS , BE CAREFUL WITH ARTICOUTURE OR TONY TSENG, I THINK THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON. AND OF COURSE, YOU ALSO HAVE TO BE ALERT TO EBAY, DON’T TRUST EBAY AS I DID!

  145. Ebay treats people differently. It looks down to certain people from certain country. When someone has problem, ebay asks him to key in certain information in its website at the same time purposely disabled the website. Then ebay says that person is violating the rules and requirement of ebay. Ebay is informed by that person that eBay’s website cannot work. But ebay insists that even though it is not working, that person still has to key in the required information as even though the website is not working, it is still valid, as far as ebay is concerned. Sound crazy? It is a real issue, not created story. Who is that guy? I don’t mind to tell you, he is I myself. Ebay knew me. Now its tactic is ignore my email and phone call made to Customer Service. I am from Malaysia. What are the information needed to key in? Courier company’s name and tracking number. I told ebay that the tracking number is EE028654855MY and the company is Poslaju National Courier. So long as you get this two information, you are able to track the shipment. Nobody can track the shipment in the website of ebay. You can only track it in the website of Poslaju National Courier, regardless of which website you key in. You can key in these two information in many many websites you like. But if you really want to track, you still have to go to Poslaju National Courier website and key in the tracking number. Actually this is a return-to-seller transaction. I was told that the refund won’t be made if these two information is not in ebay website even though its website is not working, just like a page which you cannot modify or key in something

  146. Hay you chicken ! Why keep on deleting my comment? If you do not want somebody to know your act, than don’t do it! Yet you want to do it and scare of letting people know, better go to sleep inside coffin. Than ask somebody to throw the coffin to Pacific Ocean! Than people won’t be suffer of your act

  147. Ebay has some of the WORST customer service for Any company of its size. How does such a large company Not have a way to contact them by email??? And it is Impossible to call them.

    Very very Horrible terrible customer service…the worst!! It’s like they hide from their own customers and members. What does that say??


  149. I purchased item # 281576681767 . The product was listed as a Smart TV. The pictures listed were blurry and hard to see with no item number. I purchased the item on the premise it was a Smart TV only. Since I have been researching the box and found the identical item ELEFT407 eBay item number:111587801967 that states this is “a basic TV” (not Smart). The person I bought from does not respond to my numerous emails. The item was “marked” as shipped 4 days ago, but there is NO tracking number. It was sent Priority from the same state I live in. I have not received it yet. I am worried that if I wait a few more days to start a claim that I have not goon my product, the seller will send me the NON smart TV and I will not be able to file another claim that item was “not as described.” I get NO real customer service. There page says I can open a claim if I have not received it, but I don’t know if the guy sends the non-Smart TV I will be screwed out of another claim.

  150. I called earlier and was told I would be called back!! eBay has suspended my selling for no reason!!! Just because my son has a account and we have the same address because he lives with me. I bought 1500$ worth stuff to sell this is not right I have done nothin wrong I need to be called ASAP this is really bad if I need I will take it to court someone with some authority needs to look at this I will not be screwed!!!!!!! Call me back like you told me you would

  151. Sold an item on eBay. Shipped the item. Buyer complained after 3 days that item didn’t arrived and wished to cancel the purchase. Weather has been really bad in the NE part of US because of the winter storm so buyer should give enough time for parcel to arrive. Buyer received the item, eBay refunded the buyer because item didn’t arrived on specified time not considering that postal system is flawed as well. Now eBay is billing me! Meanwhile, buyer got the item worth over $600 and his money back! Tried getting in touch with buyer several times and no response.

    I have been trying to find a way to send eBay an email so there will be a trace on the communications since there is no help at all for sellers who are scammed. Phone calls are useless as I don’t have time to wait 30 minutes on CS to answer the call. I will write and make a complaint with BBB if these thing isn’t resolved by eBay.

  152. I try to contact eBay and go through their contact process on eBay but when I FINALLY get to the point of receiving a temporary pass code they do not provide their phone number to call in order to use the pass code. How pathetic is that!? This is a serious issue that I needed help with and you continue to make it impossible to contact someone for help!

  153. I tried several times to pay for an item through PayPal. I finally decided to call them about the problem. The representative told me PayPal no longer accepts the type of payment I use. There was nothing posted on eBay’s site about this. After contacting the seller I told him this. He opened an unpaid item case. I know that ebay has telephone support but they need to have an email for customer support also.

  154. phone numbers are a sick joke, all it is is a time wasting tree that directs you to use the online contact way. basically this is another ebay way to avoid talking to customres with questions. dont know about anyone else but when i call a comapny like ebay because i have questions that i cant find on my own and i get this after already spending half the day looking on the website for the info i get really aggravated and as such when i finally do get ahold of a real person i want IMMEDIATE action not 3 to 5 days ( or longer)at that point because i have already been in a run around loop.

  155. I am so mad right now I havent received my wolfs necklace or my Indian bracelet and god only knows what else your stupid site isn’t showing anything for purchases except the eyeliner I bought

  156. I have a EBay account & a PayPal account. I put some thing for sale on EBay now I think some thing is wrong. I do not know if the two are linked or not. I know my item is in your listing but it is not on page of similar items. After hours trying to figure out this mess there is no way to do the linking on my computer or try to find out wear my add went. If you can not figure out this issue because eBay web is invalid and to hard to navigate I may have to find some other way to sell stuff. and eBay seems to makeit extremely difficult to email for help

  157. Trying to get a hold of you is a joke. I called and sat on the phone for about 20 min’s or longer waiting for someone to answer and when it was time for a real person to get on I am hung up on. I do not want to sit another 20 plus minutes. My problem and I have several things to discuss will be brought here now. I bought a purse item # 290967760343 and returned it with a return slip sent to me on my ebay. I used your slip with the address you put on it and sent it USPS. SHe the seller never got it back , I don’t have a tracking number because I dropped it, the package, off. I used your prepaid print form. I paid $35 and want my money returned. I want to open a case to find out what happened. you do have enough options for these kind of things.

  158. I’ve been selling and buying on E-bay since the beginning. E-bay used to have a customer service chat feature and customer service e-mail address. Clearly the reason they no longer have these options is that they don’t want to hear from customers. They don’t wish to be bothered by customer complaints and they don’t want to walk customers through issues they may find confusing. The feedback system is extremely flawed in that sellers have no way of knowing how many stars a buyer has given them in feedback. I am wondering at this point why a seller would bother leaving feedback for a buyer. Sellers are only allowed to leave positive feedback. Recently some jack ass left me less than five stars on ratings for shipping charges and delivery time. I have no control over shipping charges. Those are set by USPS. I have no control over delivery times – again controlled by the Postal Service. E-bay needs a serious overhaul. E-bay’s problems began under Margaret Cushing who began sabotaging E-bay as soon as she took the helm. I’m not sure what the current President’s (John Donahoe) excuse is, but it would be nice to see someone in charge who cares enough to remedy the problems that I mentioned above. E-bay’s profit margin could use a boost. Maybe if they cared more about their customers they would get that boost.

  159. I have a purchasing problem with ferryjewelry. I open the case but no respond from the seller. Ican’t escalate the case cause technical problem on ebay website. I still haven’t receive all purchasing on ferry jewelry. What I have to do now? Please advice

  160. EBAY,

    I’m writing because your endless contact loop gets nothing accomplished.

    EBAY has provided my personal information to 3 different people on 3 different occasions.

    All 3 of these breaches of security have been given to people who are not EBAY members or who have become members within a few minutes.
    NOBODY is allowed to bid or purchase items from me unless they have been a member for at least 30 days and have a previous purchase/selling record.

    Those conditions are in place. EBAY has decided not to follow their own rules thereby jeopardizing the personal security of the individual and possibly putting me in danger.

    Talking to people OFFSHORE does nothing– the people in INDIA have been no help.
    EBAY needs to know that I’m writing because absolutely nothing gets done telephonically.

    It’s faster to write a letter, trying to reach someone to resolve an EBAY generated issue is next to impossible. I have been trying to do that for almost 2 hours today and this is the 3rd time I’ve gone through this.
    EBAY and its staff is about as effective as Washington, in other words its crap.

    I will contact an attorney and the FCC and the State regarding the fraud surrounding the EBAY corporation.

    Dan Dolan

  161. on 8th March 2015 I bought a drug polly visol with iron for my baby from our litle family store member. The delivery deadline date wat 30th March but ı didn’t receive it so that I sent an e-mail the member who I bought it and wanted an information where my pacakage is. The member sent me a nasty e-mail,how the e-may allow to sell this kinf of people in their website. I sent a comment about it but nobody respond me. I don’t trust his or her drug so I wanted to get my mony back and give the punishment this seller or avoid it to use e-bay to sell his o her product.


  162. For the life of me I have never seen such crappy customer service. I pay these people money to be sent around in loops on their website. I have questions that are not addressed on the site and I need help but to no avail.
    Honestly I am getting really mad at their lack of care for sellers.
    I am giving strong consideration of trying Ebay needs to know they are not the only game in town!

  163. I ordered a child’s toy organizer from jameslparish. I have contacted the seller to let them know I have not received the item. According to FedEx the package was delivered on March 21, however I never received the package. I contacted FedEx who informed me I would have to contact the seller to reship or to refund my money. I need help in resolving this matter.

  164. I would just like to say that I am greatly disappointed by eBay changing their listing fees and amount of items you are able to list unless the seller pays you to have a “store”. You will be losing a lot of business and I am one of them. I have given you a lot of money in the past several years but you will no longer keep my business if you are intending on decreasing the amount a person can list to 20 a month. Thats ridiculous and is no longer worth my effort or time. You are just another large corporation that wants to rape the American public.

  165. I gave someone by the name of cade shilling ford to order a Samsung galaxy s4 for me. The phone was order on the 25th of February 2015 and delivered on the 5th of march. According to the seller he would send the unlock code with the phone but he did not.cade has called and email him but he has not reply.

  166. I purchased a automotive part for my business as ebay quest and was never sent a comformation email . so i dont know if i have been ripped off or when the part is coming. also trying to contact customer service as someone who bought something as a guest has been very frustrating

  167. I’m really disappointed with your new 20 free insertion fee policy as of 5/1/15 instead of 50. Ebay already profits on the back end with the final value fee. This new policy makes no sense. I may not continue selling as a result or if I do, only 20 listings/month. I’ve enjoyed being a seller on ebay but my participation level does not warrant having a basic store & it’s not worth paying an insertion fee on top of the back end ebay/paypal fees. I’ve read a lot of other comments from small ebay sellers who are equally disappointed with this new policy (I’m being nice with that description), actually, a lot of small sellers are downright pissed & feel ebay is being greedy. Seems like ebay stands to lose in the end when there are fewer listings each month, fewer sales and therefore lower final value fees paid to ebay. In an effort to keep a lot of your longtime, loyal sellers, I sincerely hope you reconsider this new policy.

  168. Hi my account has been restricted due to fees owed but i actually have not sold any items successfully in i dont know how long and dont know what i owe them for? Can you please explain and consider waiving them? I am quite a rookie at it all and would rather just close my account to avoid more issues like this. Thankyou

  169. It has taken over two months to collect a $35.00 refund from PayPal. Do you read or ignore the reviews people have submitted about PayPal? The decision to buy that company was beyond stupid. I will tell you that if EBay’s prices were 50% less than any other companies I wouldn’t buy a thing ever again.
    If your going to remain blind to this situation it will hurt EBay permanently, and you will have deserved it.


  170. We are professional couriers in kuwait. We can do the local delivery inside kuwait.
    Can i get your kuwait telephone number

  171. Your website requires JS (though there are ways around this) but some of your sellers have disabled (well, gotten around it anyway) the back button, so that I am not supposed to be able to go back to the previous page. I think you should require the scripts to be written so that they cannot keep customers from going back to the previous page. Or else do not require javascript for your site.

    • I purchased a patio umbrella on 7/18. Received ebay confirmation with item # and transaction ID on 7/19 with an ETA delivery 7/23/15. Additionally received confirmation from Paypal of payment on 7/19/15. I have had the worst luck imaginable trying to get any response from ebay customer service. Having finally gotten the correct phone # I will now have to wait until 8/5/15 before ebay will even attempt to issue a refund. I am totally exasperated and will not likely deal with Ebay in the future.


  173. hi, Im a 62 year old disabled Vietnam vet who has also beaten cancer who has been with you for years and was just wondering why my seller dashboard is below standard for the last 2 months when it was above standard forever before this, I follow every rule, it says 86% tracking when I do every single item tracking- also 9.76% defects for a couple of return cases and open cases (now closed) from over 6 months ago…so Im being punished for things that happened 6,7 months ago or more. just wondering whats the deal…seems super unfair as if Im being railroaded. thankyou for listening, looking forward to your email. teekaa

  174. I am really sick and tired of contacting ebay. My problem is that of receiving the Daily Deals at 11:30 am (EST), I am not receiving my daily deals until 11:30 pm every night, instead of every day. My last contact with ebay was today, May 27, 2015 at 6:00 pm (EST). I am still getting the runaround about why I am still not receiving my Daily Deals in the morning, but receiving them at almost midnight every day. Has anyone else had this problem?

  175. I lost an important auction today because of a faulty phone app. The app would not let me put in a max bid and I lost the auction because it would only let me bid in small increments.

    When I called customer service they said the app was having issues or a bug and basically “oh well. So sorry”. Attitude. I called back again even angrier as I spend a lot of money on this site. I wanted them to rectify the problem or contact the seller and interceded and they would not. They even said there was no problem with the app on the second call.

    Not at any point did they offer real help, only a sorry, can’t do a thing about it. This is lousy customer service for such a huge company. They didn’t even offer a gift card, or free auctions, nothing. VERY DISAPPOINTING for such a large company. I am going to the BBB site now to post a complaint!

  176. dear e bay the last few days as i look onto e bay as i look onto motorcycles all you are bike ads may i ask why thank you jay

  177. I bought a phone on eBay, but I found out that it was a stolen phone through sprint services. The seller did not say it was a stolen phone , that’s a fraud.

  178. I have tried several times contacting EBAY I am unable to bid it says I have an unpaid item I was sent from one person to another and they state you have no unpaid items and they state something is wrong in the system I was sent to the person who correct the problem and he stated you have no unpaid items and to wait 24hrs and the problem would be fixed well it did not happen still can’t bid I missed biding on several items is anybody in charge there can anyone really do anything to help I am ANRGY DAY TO DAY it seems like no one cares and passes you on to another who has not a clue to correct the problem I hope someone besides other buyers someone in charge reads this and can be of help!!!

  179. I have written eBay many times and have yet to receive a response. I ordered something with a Confederate flag on it. They arbitrarily cancelled my order because they SUDDENLY deemed this southern symbol as racist. Because of their new CENSORSHIP policy, they removed the item and I had no way of knowing who the seller was. I could not make contact with the appropriate person.

    I am closing down my account of 10 years plus. I do not need another BIG BROTHER or UNCLE SAM. I want nothing to do with politically correct agendas. It was INSULTING and OFFENSIVE to disallow my purchase as though doing so made me a racist.

    HOW DARE A COMPANY RESTRICT BUYERS based on their personal agendas. They will not get any more of southern money from this family. eBay is not the only game around.


  180. Dear sir , i am jaydeep talaviya my trimmer percheas is not dillevery 3 week ago to the perches online and his massege is dellete sir my problem sollution plese requst me sir

  181. How in heaven’s name can one reach CUSTOMER SERVICE for EBAY? They had my address as incorrect = 8 years old, and when I made a purchase, it did NOT allow me to review before it went thru, then it’s been a 3 hour nightmare to try to correct it to the SELLER! SHEESH… remind me to buy on ebay ever again@ I need the same address as my PayPal record/billing.

  182. I have been unable to sign in to eBay for weeks and only today
    found the phone #. I connected to a person very quickly, who spoke English :), and he was able to fix the problem within a few minutes. !! One of the best customer services experiences
    I’ve ever had.

  183. Unbelievable. I’m a 10 year member, 100% rating. My customer refuses to accept delivery. He was refunded within hours. He continually sent demeaning messages, including one about my tattoo, a memorial of my deceased son, who commited suicide (i told him the story; from under what rock do such people crawl). He said my engineering degree must have been out of a cracker jack box. Actually, I have three degrees including a doctorate from the University of Michigan. Rhetoric like this generally comes from someone uneducated, high school dropout or maybe a GED? My rating was lowered because he failed to complete the deal. I can’t resell the boat on EBay for a decent price because now everyone is suspicious about the relist and the accompanying negative rating he gave me for the associated non-sale. I sold the boat today by putting it in front of my house and it was solld in 30 minutes. I got $1700. instead of the $2099. which Ebay buyer agreed, then refused to pay (didn’t even haggle, didn’t care, since I had recent heart surgery and almost ended up in the ER over your company’s lack of service. i begged to have someone call or e-mail this buyer and request him to stop the harassment. He cancelled the deal and he got his money back. I’m the loser on this one to the tune of $275. (Including fees). There are way too many nuts with guns running around. EBay has a responsibility to try to control harassment. I finally contacted his local Police Dept., never heard back from them. So beware, your buyer does not complete the sale, writes negative feedback on you to prevent a resale, and then continually harrasses you on a personal and inexcusable level. Shame on you EBay


  185. Oh My God — I cannot believe how long it took me to find a customer service phone number for Ebay. It seems it’s nowhere on the Ebay site… or it’s “embedded” deeper than I could figure out. This in its self is “poor customer service.” I finally found the phone number by doing several google searches. This is the first time I’ve had to try to contact them in years of doing business with them. Everything has gone smoothly until now. It’s obvious that they do not want to do customer service by phone. I’m more upset by their “customer service” than by the original issue which involved my payment to a buyer and no product received. The money wasn’t worth the aggravation I had to go through to try to get it resolved. …and still the issue is not resolved! I have to wait another 7 days.


    You could do better Ebay.

  186. dear ebay customer service. on the slot machine 777 seller vincent i did do the option and press cancel order and did cancel the order . and.eny outher orders. but went threw enywas with billing and to charge . thats bad wrong for buisness and buyer . i can notarize that. i would like to ask the record is cleared up and my account cleaned up and erased . and because of that im thinking about taking my buisness elsewhere . thats wrong.

  187. Tried to register for ebay at our new address. The software would not accept our zip code or zip plus 4 code we know our address and our zip code without s doubt and the ebay form would not accept the information is accurate. If you get your high software fixed you can reach us at the above email. Until then we’ll be at amazon spending moneyy and having fun

  188. eBay is world’s biggest scam. I don’t know where to start other than having to deal eBay’s BS policies and so forth have cost me over 300.00 USD in 2 weeks. Contacted their customer service on numerous occasions and still haven’t got anything resolve. Only getting the run around and ripped off…BUYER’S BEWARE!

  189. I rec’d a mink coat described as “needing lining tacked”& coat was in shreds, w stips of fur hanging to floor,lining totally separated, both pockets detached. Contacted eBay & seller offered 1/2 refund, which was absurd. As I communicated w him. he told me 3-4 lies but agreed to refund payment& ship cost to & from. I cannot reach anyone to verify this or see if eBay followed thru. You are directed to one site after another but get no answers. It is absurd! I am elderly widow & too old to be sent down rabbit trails!

  190. I am trying to contact customer service to make sure im not being scamed. I got an email from ebay motors about an invoice but no invoice or option to pay. The seller is wanting me to purchace ebay money cards to pay for a purchase that is asumed to be linked to eba. I tried to call a customer service rep with no luck.

  191. I don’t know what happened but I got cut off from billing, I was trying to close my husbands account because Frank Stallings passed away on June 2,2015 and he will not be using this account any more so cancel the account.

    Thank you,
    Grace Stallings

  192. I recently became a member to eBay to sell tax lien real estate…Ive sold many properties but haven’t been paid!!! The reason for this is the fact that eBay has NO penalty fees towards fake buyer’s/BIDDER WINNER’S…I have over $2000.00 of insertion fees that eBay was suppose give me credit on but hasn’t !!!!!!!!!! I spoke to numerous managers etc.and nobody has helped!!!! eBay is like a MAFIA/CARTEL THEY DONT HAVE ANY REAL RAMIFICATIONS TOWARDS FAKE BIDDER’S…IVE SOLD OVER A DOZEN PROPERTIES BUT NOT ONE HAS PAID BECAUSE THEY WERE BIDDERS.. THESE BIDDERS ARE PURPOSELY BIDDING AND NEVER PAY… eBay does NOTHING but EXTORTS money from eBAY SELLERS TO PAY OR SHUT DOWN ACCOUNT!!


  193. Have not received my order of Elton John Love Songs. My email from e|Bay said the delivery would be September 3rd 2015. Having difficulty with your website to see the tracking of CD. Help!

    • I want to appeal eBay customer service center because they give up their promises and reject to answer my question even though I email the center again and again.
      The reason is that I challenge a customer service representatve, Justin, due to his poor ability and even his poor English.I can not believe eBay customer service can give up their promises answering in 24-48 hours just because they want to protect an unqualified representatve.
      I send emails to ask to contact a senior supervisor but all my emails are hid by eBay customer service.
      How terrible the customer service is now!
      Because the customer service never serve thier customers , but protect themselves and damage eBay .
      There’s something worst happening in eBay customer service center.
      So, I do need one senior supervisor to contact me and I will offer all information to prove the terrible case.
      I do expect for an answer sooner.

  194. My problem, I don’t think, can be taken care of by the Q/A. When I opened an ebay account a few weeks ago, I typed in my password and clicked for google to remember it. For some reason I had to create another password. This first password, having been clicked for it to be remembered, blocked the new password, and I can’t get into my account. Is it possible for me to talk to a person?

  195. I am pissed. When I viewed my purchases, each open invoice is listed separate. Each with a pay it now button. I wanted to pay one invoice so I clicked on its button. Didn’t notice you had the gall to automatically add a number of my other open invoices to it…. tacked on the bottom. I have now paid invoices waiting for seller cancellation (already paid via another invoice), items already cancelled by seller which i have yet to respond to and open invoices, kept open, while still in process of adding items for combined shipping. I now have a nightmare. I am a longtime buyer. Bought near to 1000 orders this year. The horrible things you have done with your apps and your horrible new mobile application has me thinking about buying only from amazon……

  196. I want to appeal eBay customer service center because they give up their promises and reject to answer my question even though I email the center again and again.
    The reason is that I challenge a customer service representatve, Justin, due to his poor ability and even his poor English.I can not believe eBay customer service can give up their promises answering in 24-48 hours just because they want to protect an unqualified representatve.
    I send emails to ask to contact a senior supervisor but all my emails are hid by eBay customer service.
    How terrible the customer service is now!
    Because the customer service never serve thier customers , but protect themselves and damage eBay .
    There’s something worst happening in eBay customer service center.
    So, I do need one senior supervisor to contact me and I will offer all information to prove the terrible case.
    I do expect for an answer sooner.

  197. I had the misfortune to deal with your team regarding a dispute with a seller/buyer.

    Following 3-4 conversations with employees I asked for a supervisor in all the process took approximately 2 hours. I can’t communicate with one person I have to talk to multiple people. Even at this time I’ve had to call back to remove the feedback of name calling / non-compliant communication from a buyer/seller.

    At this time I’ve been transferred to (3) people at 11 minutes thus far to remove what the supervisor was supposed to remove following our 2 hours on the phone the first time. Unacceptable Poor Customer Service.

  198. im a deaf person and cant use the phone. I cant access anything. I have to contact a seller about an item. I cant use my old use name and password. Please help. I need my old accouints. Why do you have to change everything.

  199. I do not know why you are accusing me of selling something fake. You have no idea. I am very upset over this matter. You need to fix your mistake immediately

  200. I recently started selling on eBay. I have posted and sold a bunch of pairs of jeans (I am gradually going through my wardrobe and getting rid of things).

    eBay only allows you to sell a specified number of the same thing in a category. For example, I am not able to sell another pair of jeans for 30 days or supposedly until I sell a pair I already have up for sale (even though I have sold multiple pairs and still can’t post new jeans for sale). I am fine with this, what I am not fine with is that they do not provide us with a dashboard that shows sellers

    1. What exactly the limits/restrictions are (for example “no more than 10 articles of clothing in women’s jeans”)
    2. Were we are at as a seller with regard to these restrictions (for example “you are at pair 9 out of 10 pairs of jeans you are allowed to sell in woman’s jeans for the time period of 30 days”)
    3. Some sort of alert when this restriction has been lifted (for example “you can now post an additional pair of jeans since you sold a pair today” or “the time period of 30 days has passed and you can now post 10 more pairs of jeans in women’s jeans”

    I called eBay support on this because I couldn’t find such a dashboard under my eBay account and the rep said nothing like this exists but they are working on it. Obviously eBay has a way of telling where I am at with regard to their restrictions if I get a message saying I can’t post stuff because I am at my limit – why not allow sellers to view this interface, too? It’s a pain in the a** to go through taking pictures and writing up a description to be told you can’t post. I can’t tell if the limits are restricted to a category (jeans) or more broad (all women’s clothing) or even broader (all clothing). I’m fine playing with eBay’s rules, it’d just be nice to know what they are and where I am at.

  201. I tried to talk to customer service rep about a comlaint about a return.
    He would not listen to me and said it was a done deal and there was nothing I could do. When I asked to talk to his superior he said it was no good that they would just say the same thing

  202. I purchase a nokia lumia cell phone four days ago for $ 29.99 and when I looked it up today I was charged 41—– for the item . Postage was suppose to be free

  203. I am Trying To Set Up An Account. Is Ebay Free To Set Up An Account? I Want To Find Out When Do You Pay Ebay. How Much Do You Sell Before You Owe Ebay?

  204. I won the bid on item number18163069610 black us polo shoes size 9 I had my physical address instead of my po box they got sent back and I sent my po box to the person in a message now they are back up 181909458292 this item need to come off I pay for them I want the shoe I’m tired of playing games with the person 7062015370 call




  206. I was attempting to buy a rv, The seller says you at Ebay sent me as invoice. Then she tells me that. I have buy with cash ,pay pal cash cards of $500 each.
    She also told me then I must call a number with card id on back. I convinced this is scam. Please let me know .Her Rebecca Atkins. It for a 2010 Jayco BH

  207. Yesterday I made a purchase of an item, total cost $355.. I had a $100. ebay coupon which was accepted, Ebay sent me an email that stated the purchase cost was $255. with paypal. However, when checking my paypal account I discovered that I had paid the full amount of $355.What is wrong with this picture?

  208. I started buying on eBay very recently and have already had to deal with Fake items and Scams! However I read all the customer service information and opened resolution request. They do not easily let you find the customer service phone number – had to google it – but once I called the number, on a Saturday afternoon, I did get to speak to a representative in like a minute. She explained how to handle my issue, so I am satisfied at this point, have to wait 6 days. Hopefully, I’ll get all my money back at the end of the 6 days!

  209. Hi Ebay
    I am having no luck contacting Dillon 1 about 2 packs of refurbished ink cartridges. He has received them on monday. Now he needs to put the cost back on my credit card.
    Thank You
    Deb Wunder

  210. I can’t give a good or even a nice comment on the Customer Service as I have been on HOLD for 58:21 minutes and counting. My stupid boss needed to return an item and was too much of an idiot to print out the return airbill and I’ve been on hold to have customer service send me a copy so I can get idiot’s item sent back.

    Stupid people should be blocked from ordering from eBay. Or he can just be a lazy A-hole and eBay has horrible service or should I say Non-service.

  211. I was on hold for more than 50 minutes (FIFTY!) just to speak to one of your customer representative about a feedback issue. This is simply outrageous. That is no way to treat a customer.

  212. I was told I would be refunded a fee and instead of returning the money to my bank or my PayPal they simply put a credit on my account, minus another fee, that I cannot spend. They took this money from my account and overdrafted it so the only way it seems that I can have this money is if I keep selling things through you or I can wait over a month to get it back and I have to just eat it on the overdraft charges. I regret ever selling anything through eBay and I will never do it again.

  213. Why can u talk to a human .., I won something on eBay and my paypal is not working . I don’t understand how to get help if you can’t talk to any body ….this is crazy ….please help …..

  214. My item number 261804679522 order one month ago. Today me recieve one massage my order is refuses the post office . Now how my money refund

  215. could you POSSIBLY make it more difficult to get some customer service help with a basic question? what the hell kind of service are you providing for what money you take in?? i only want to know how to contact a seller re an item that quickly became defective, and i couldn’t find the answer ANYWHERE – not one of the questions that fits into one of your basic boxes. i called the customer service line and was only directed to the ebay site. why do you make it so damn difficult to just talk with someone for a time amount of time for an answer??

  216. I received a gemstone from Troy Cho I don’t know who he is and can’t find him on my list to give seller feedback. and I don’t have the information on the gemstone, which i need to resell it. Would you please help me out

  217. I have been trying to access my account of may years now and I only receive a page indicating an ‘Error’ when I try to sign-in. Seems to me it’s time to cancel my account and it appears I will probably have to do that task in writing. Probably a better way anyway. My user handle is T-Bell1 and if someone at eBay sees this review, please let me know if this can be fixed or please provide the appropriate address in which to cancel in writing. Thank you.

  218. You guys refuse to allow us to contact you in any way. I have some type of bill for $ 13.00 or more. I have no idea of what it is for. Don’t expect payment of anything if I don’t even know what it is.

  219. Customer Service, You are causing me to email you about this too many times!!!
    Isn’t there anyone there who responds to customer emails, when it is almost
    impossible to reach you by phone? Do you want to alienate customers?
    S. E. James

  220. I buy one gps in 28.11.2015.In 2,3 december i whait the post Royal Mail 2 end i don’t have nothing.Please make something.Thank you.

  221. Please come my gps.Because my pay i no have nothing.Ebay write 2,3 december coming.I 9 december no have nothing.Mi goo king’s lynn the Royal Mail i no have nothing.Mi email have message mi paid The gps

  222. I have purchased online from many vendors, I must tell you I am so disappointed in my whole buying experience with your company. First, I did not know when I purchased from you that I was buying a product from a third party. I bought a refurbished computer from what I thought was you but was from some guy in Colorado. It was processed and shipped slowly, it was a dinosaur and did not have a hard disk drive. When I called the phone number on the shipping label I got a woman’s voice on a recorder. Once I realized that it was useless to me I ordered one elsewhere and received it 2 days before I received the one that is unusable. I do not think I will be ordering any products from EBay again.

  223. I have spent 45 minutes trying to purchase 3 items on line. I REFUSE to use PayPal and am unable to purchase items avoiding PayPal. How do I use eBay without PayPal? Your website won’t let me.

  224. I called this evening to receive help because I still haven’t received my order. I have tried contacting the seller TWICE and received no response. I called ebay tonight, and was told that I needed to HANG UP and ask for the appeals department. I called back, and the customer service line said it was closed for the evening. Originally, I opened a request because I didn’t receive the item. However, I looked and saw that the estimated delivery date had been pushed out an additional two weeks. So, I closed the request because that wasn’t fair to say that I haven’t received the item. Now, Ebay is saying I should have kept the request open! The fact is, I paid a great deal of money for this item, and STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT. I want a response immediately, and want a refund for this item. I ordered it 11/29 and it still isn’t here. I won’t be doing business with ebay again if I can’t receive proper help from customer service.

  225. I purchased a vintage music box, that plays you light up my life. I purchased it in August, and immediately wrapped it for Christmas. Without opening it. When my daughter opened a couple days ago, it was broken. I purchased this from 21 realtor. I’ve contacted the seller, and they told me to start a return. Your website doesn’t give me the option, I’m assuming because it was purchased in August. The sellers open to contacting the post office thinking that it was broken during shipment. But I don’t know how to get this done. I’m very frustrated. Can you help me. I’ve going to the resolution center. I’ve gone to the my order history, and when I click on the music box, it doesn’t give me the option to start a return. If I go in the other way, from the return page. It doesn’t show me the music box. I just don’t know what to do from here.

  226. I would like to compliment on how polite and helpful your customer service rep.Tristan was on Jan. 5th . Thank you keep up the good work!!

  227. I bought a dress on Ebay this past December. I can’t find any history on the item. I need to return it as it isn’t made correctly. W1USA Chevron Color Blocked long sleeve empire waisted Jersey maxi dress $29.99. Can’t find info on the seller. I called and your customer service number hangs up on me. Rather frustrated. Just need to return the item free of fees and get my refund. Please.
    Tammy McGhee

  228. Concerning my Amope Pedi Perfect Nail Care. Receipt Number 1544-6531-2245-2912. Mr. Delgado suggested I contact you for a refund, because this item arrived defective. Thanking you for your concern.

  229. Dear eBay I would like to start out by saying that your customer service has been fine .The nature of my email is the failure rate of things that I have purchased on your site . At the on set of my time with you I experienced a failure rate of 20 percent but of late that’s increased quite a bit. So my question is are you becoming Craig’s list or buyer beware?In the past I assumed a margin for human error but of late it seems to me that more and more sellers are deceiving people with intent .This makes s me wary of using your sight as I’ve left a large amount of money on the table for useless items.i am contacting you with the hope you have a solution and thank you for listening to my opinion. C. S.Gisler

  230. Unfairness does not look good on you. You are trying to make me pay for your seller’s greedy illegal practices. I will not pay for a return label and wait for you to ask the seller to reimburse me. You send me a return label and tell the seller to reimburse you. OR tell the seller to give me a full refund since he can’t provide a return label.

  231. I purchase a appalachin wireless driod razor maxx phone

    While back i payed 69.95 taken out of my credit card i didnt recive this item so when are u sending it out to me.

  232. My experience with customer service on two items I sold was terrible! Everytime I called I was given a different explaination and they kept me stringing along for weeks, I will never use Ebay again. I lost sooo much money through their miscommunication that I am now in the negative.

  233. A purchase in the amount of $465.98 was made for a felonious item that was shipped to an alternate address not listed on the invoice. After mishandling the complaint ebay representatives closed the case. To add insult to injury any negative feedback was restricted. No worries, Paypal saved the day.

  234. Ebay customer service does not exist by phone, by email by post
    I do not know how meaningful their guarantee is if it does not give the terms of the guarantee. and customers are left unable to pursue a dispute because the Ebay system simply does not allow it.
    I have spent several days trying to find how to communicate with Ebay and all the evidence on the internet is that Ebay customer support does not exist I did eventually find an overseas telephone number I tried phoning but after a quarter of an hour I gave up.
    They offer what appears to be a guarantee for virtually all transactions.
    Then the user finds out the limitations usually time limitations
    I bought an item – paid for it same day the seller agreed that I could collect (although seller then stated on the Ebay system that it was in the post) The item was posted eventually arrived damaged a few days ago and does not seem covered by Ebay It seems I can only raise a dispute on very recent items nowhere does it state the time limitation on raising a dispute but you find out by experience
    Although I only just received item a few days ago I cannot raise a dispute because only very recent transactions are listed on disputes page and only those shown can be disputed.
    There is a box to search for other items not shown (by seller or item number) but it simply says NOTHING FOUND…. So clearly a time limit has cut in which hides all but my last two transactions and prevents raising a dispute on all other purchases..

    I recently had my Ebay account locked when in Hong Kong – February 2016 (suspicious use because I was in Hong Kong instead of London ) and had to phone an expensive Ebay number to get it unblocked and to reset my password only to find that the item I bid on was withdrawn hours before the end of the auction.

    NOT IMPRESSED When an alternative to Ebay offers what I want I will stop using Ebay. Great idea to begin with but as Ebay gets bigger it starts to dictate to the customers rather than giving the customers what they want.

  235. I recently purchased items from amazon. having been a long time ebay coustmer .I noticed that items from amazon seem to arrive two three sometimes four days quicker using same carrier and same shipping method. probably will still use ebay but like best service.

  236. I’m looking for a contact information for eBay. I need a email address for them? is there a email address out there so I can email them?


  237. I offered a price on a bumper, didn’t hear back from the sell so I purchased a different bumper from another seller. I get a notification that I purchased the bumper when I only MADE AN OFFER less then the asking price without being notified it was accepted or declined. Now they want me to pay for this bumper by the 26th, I can’t reach Ebay, their online Customer Service link DO NOT WORK and I can’t even reach out to the seller because it re-routes me back to the PAY page. What do I do?

  238. There is no other way for me to contact eBay about this.

    I notice that several dozen sellers of baseball trading cards are skirting your policy on presale items by hiding that fact by cleverly putting in their auction title the date the product goes on sale or the word “pre-order” rather than the word “presell.” I can point out one such auction: 381542392362. This auction is clearly a violation, and one of many active auctions for similar products.

    Are you enforcing your own rules?

  239. just awful all the way around. I have been selling on ebay for over 20 years and the customer service is worthless. automated menus to useless dregs that have no power. the returns service has also become useless.

  240. Please remove the Ellie men’s jacket I am selling. I removed it a couple of weeks ago. Thank you.

  241. I can not enter my account do to some message as follows, “Welcome member. Please read important information below: Because of the closer alignment between and eBay, you will need to review and accept the eBay User Agreement before continuing to use and eBay. Just click the Continue button and complete a couple of steps, and you’ll be able to bid and buy on eBay and Ebay was working on it when it happened stated they would get back with me and have not. This is not a new account. I think the customer service is very lacking and needs much improvement.

  242. I have had several interactions with customer service, some good some not. However, I have been caused a 280.00 loss due to an action I took at eBay’s instruction. That turned out to be ill advised. As we all hear so many times, eBay offered no help or solution, they did not instruct buyer to return my item and closed the case. They sent her an Email requesting she return them, she never responded, I am now fighting for eBay to reimburse me. The issue seems to me that when a circumstance is out of the ordinary, there is no reliable source of information, I have gotten Three different answers. I was guaranteed an investigation, but the day I was promised a response has gone by. I am a top rated seller with a hundred percent rating I have paid thousands of dollars to eBay in fees and as far as I am concerned they have done very little to protect myself or my business. EBay is the only game in town so we have no choice but to use them, but if another option becomes available I will certainly look into it.

  243. I ordered 4 23A batteries on 3/31/2016 and never received them. Your access code was NCPEOG8Q, USPS tracking #9400110200829972358581.
    PayPal got my payment and I got nothing. It seems your suppliers can not be trusted.

  244. Attention!
    In order to keep eBay a safe and trustworthy environment, we regularly review accounts to confirm information provided by our members.

    As part of our review, we’ve placed your account on hold, and you won’t able to buy, sell, or send messages to members. Your active listings have also been placed on hold during this period.

    To remove the hold on your account and confirm your information, please follow the instructions in the email we sent to your registered email address or your My Messages in My eBay. Make sure you respond to our email as soon as possible, otherwise you may be subject to other actions, such as suspension of your account.

    We appreciate your cooperation in confirming your information as soon as possible and welcome

  245. This is roger blanton
    I ordeted a iphone 5c blue i retured it back to the seller. Now when am i getting my money back on my credit card. That i used to ebay for89.95
    Yours truly roger blanton

  246. Hello I pursched a printer on your web site, and when it was delivered I changed my mind, and the mailman told me to tight refused on the package and I have not received my refund, please let me know what I can do, thanks for your time

  247. Hi, dear

    I bought MK belt XL I didn’t check the size XL is big for me I need to change to get size M.

  248. The worst experience I have ever had. After 7 different customer service people, with only 1 in the States, I gave up and disputed my charge with PayPal.
    The offshore customer service reps never understood my issue 100%. Sad. They may speak English but they DO NOT UNDERSTAND English.
    Invest in eBay stock? I don’t think I will.

  249. I have never experienced customer service as awful as ebay’s. I am receiving packages I did not order and there is no one to help me. eBay is horrible and I will spread the word on that.

  250. Been a Ebayer for a couple of decades both buying and selling.
    Not happy that sellers get slammed with negative feedback by questionable buyers that are only looking for a cut in price.
    NO CHAT option on your site.

  251. I’m done with Ebay. Worst place ever to buy and sell from. Full of liers. Would love to go into detail but too much to mention. I live in a smoke free pet free home and sold an item that buyer complained it smelled of smoke. She won the battle. Item came back, not the item and entire package smelled of smoke. Refuse to even bother with Ebay. Deleted everything and refuse to sign in ever again.

  252. I have been calling or emailing EBAY for the past year. My problem is that for the past year, I have not received my EBAY daily deal notification until 10:30 pm (EST). I used to receive my daily deal notifications at 11:30 am (EST). Every time I call or email EBAY concerning this matter- the flat answer is the daily deal notifications are computer generated. My question why can’t you fix the computer generated problem?

  253. I am asking how to return an item toChina ir Hong Kong with symbols in address. If we pay with paypal do we not get return labels. You refund 1 not 2 of the same dress just different color . If I could get my shipping label thats fine.

  254. Question,why do i need a credit/debit card or Paypal acct to purchase stuff? Other online shopping don’t need a debit/credit or a paypal acct U just redeem a gift card and u have a balance And u don’t need all that extra stuff Thanx! Talk to u soon

  255. I could only imagine the type of response I would receive if my identity were known to ebay
    With 300 positive feedback and no negative marks I was blocked from buying due for non payment from a certain seller.
    I had an emergency and was not available, so when I attempted calling/contacting customer service I was not able to do so, I tried for the better part of an hour to log into customer service by clicking on their function area, but each and every time, nothing happened. Finally had to go to Google to find their Ph.# for customer service. eBay is so quick to hand out a negative rating, well, I think the tables should be turned on ebay and hand them their own bitter pill for poor service in not readily providing us, their customers with an easy to locate a contact number when needing their assistance.

  256. Just now scanned some of the feedback remarks and must say how it truly bothered me to see how badly Ebay has fallen from the great company I once knew them to be.
    Seems the future of bad business has now creeped into their boardroom of CEO’s
    What a shame that eBay would allow this to occur, seems the whole world today is rapidly going to hell in a handbasket quicker than imagined, Ebay right along with them.
    And this is the world were wanting to leave as our legacy for the next generation!
    If that is the case, and it does seem to be, then shame on us for allowing it to happen, but then what can any one of us do, answer is NOTHING…
    Were dealing and swallowing in the myer of Satan’s system.
    May our great God in heaven help us all.
    The end is closer than we think.To much pain and shame

  257. In referencing the closure of high value case number 5107151894 please be advised that self-selecting your own customer service to arbitrate disputes is farcical and outside of american constitutional provisions. Furthermore every state in these United States applies a standard called: The Implied Warranty of Merchantability to essentially all item selling. To put it into customer service vernacular this means that any item sold must provide the services described by the seller, and if not, the right to a full and complete refund is absolute. The seller in this case said that the item was fully functional and never denied during numerous communications that it had been shipped with out half of its protective corners. For him to later deny that he in fact shipped the item with them in his 11th hour email is contradictory and disingenuous. It is also untruthfull. Your CS reps simply can not be the ruling without any law.

  258. I am not sure that you have a customer service! I am currently in China (I normally leave in the United States) and my account was suspended because I apparently did not reproduce the security question (Q: First employer; A: Carl Fingerhuth) exactly, and so I am now suspended. I cannot call, I cannot sign on, and so I have to wait until I return to the U.S. do tend to my bids. I am very disappointed. This is no way to treat a customer.

  259. eBay “online customer service” is a joke.
    No way to contact via eMail or chat. only by phone and I don’t feel like talking to someone in India about my problem. I guess that my issue will go unresolved. I don’t have a issue with a seller or a buyer, I have a issue with the platform itself, specifically the cart is not updating.

  260. I tried ordering a part thru eBay, I don’t think there is real people there and the same for your partner all lost a sell and a customer forever,you and your friend palpal no real people

  261. mesage about promoution is gone. how it posible??? week ago i recived messege frome ebay about promoution – if i will sell somting i will recive rpocode 25 usd. now when i sold somting message is gone and i didnot recive any promocode. How it possible? is it cheat?


  263. I can not sign on ,I had the same screen name for a long time.Yesterday password didnt work.Changed password. Worked ok then .Today,wouldnt work.Tried changing password but cant sign on.What is going on.You need a customer support number that works.

  264. Let’s face it, Ebay since day one has operated one big Corporate scam. You call customer service and get an agent in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan or the Philippines. They employ the most ignorant, uneducated dumbfounded fools. This all goes back to the stingy, greedy founder who will nickel and dime you to death. Bottom line; this is a Dollar General, K-Mart educated organization founded on GREED! Such a sad, despicable, greed infested company!

  265. Hi,
    I purchased 10 Breeze hose clamps size 28 as per sellers description. A general description of a hose clamp is it fits around a hose, when tightened, it squezes to make a tighter fit. Each clamp no mater size has a minimum measurement and a maximum measurement. I will take the measurements right from the box they came in and a size 28 hose clamp is as follows: 1 5/16″ minimum [(that is as small as you can tighten the clamp) which is about the size of a Kennedy Half Dollar] and 2 1/4″ maximum [(this is as far as the clamp will open to slide it over the hose before tightening it) which is about the size of a soda can]. What was sent to me was 10 Breeze(brand name) clamps that are a size 10. A size 10 clamp, and again this info is coming right off the box they were shipped in, is as follows: 9/16″ minimum, which is the size of a dime, and 1 1/16″ maximum, which is the size of a quarter. Apparently the wrong size clamps in the box and was listed as to what was on the shelf worn box and not what size the clamps were. How am I suppose to put a clamp the size of a quarter around a hose the size of a soda can. That’s like buying a pair of shoes and box says size 9 and when they arrive the shoes are size 6. Apparently the seller didn’t look at the size of the item in the box before listing what was on the box. How can eBay make a decision that case is closed when they don’t even know all the facts. They never even tried to contact me for all the issues. All I tried to do when I opened the case was to ask for the seller to send me the correct clamps and we were good. Thanks, Joe

  266. Just plain awful seller beware ebay has the right to charge your account for any reason if buyer says item is not as stated. they don’t care so sad Take note that there customer service is a one star!!!!!

  267. I will not buy stuff from ebay anymore. Had awful experience returning an item. In order to give a full refund or money I had to fill out all kinds of forms.

  268. Ebay. Quit loading up my email just because I looked at an item!
    I have had to send you straight to junk mail!
    I can make my decisions with out your mindless oversight!
    If it’s not broke don.t fix it

  269. I get this message and can’t login into my account

    Because of the closer alignment between and eBay, you will need to review and accept the eBay User Agreement before continuing to use and eBay. Just click the Continue button and complete a couple of steps, and you’ll be able to bid and buy on eBay and

    Something went wrong. We’re sorry.

  270. I have been a member for many years and I have to say eBay is going down hill fast!! They stand more behind a seller that’s a thief than they do a member such as myself with over 1000 transactions that were all 100% positive. I will make sure I do not stop from telling others my negative experience with eBay in the hopes others will go somewhere else to shop.

  271. EBay needs to come up with alternative ways to pay other than PayPal or I will close my account. PayPal is engaging in discriminatory censorship of free speech by cutting off Jihad watch and other conservative groups I will now be cancelling my PayPal account this is unnaceptable in a free speech society! EBay you are complicit in this violation of the constitution unless you find another way for consumers to pay

  272. No way good. Circular…try contacting eBay about item not on their “list.” Do not waste your time.

    I had to go on WWW to get this far. All I want is to fix a minor problem as customer.

    Purported “customer service” sucks.

  273. Interesting that most recent post comes last – and it alls seems to be complaints because eBay has NO complaint process. Ranting publicly seems to the preferred approach.

    Made an offer that was accepted, but PayPal keeps rejecting my credit cards (tried 3 different ones). I’ve agreed to terms that state I’m supposed to pay, however, you won’t accept my payment. Good to see corporate insanity is alive and well.

    Now that eBay has divested themselves from PayPal, maybe you should start looking for a new payment processor? How about one that actually works? Stripe seems to be killing PayPal – no surprise there.

  274. I had purchased 2 Bluetooth Adapters from a China Vendor. I brought one on the guest account and one on my regular account. from the same vendor at a price of $3.99 each. I received one but not the other. The deadline arrival date was 8/25/17. Please contact the vendor to send another Bluetooth adapter or refund my credit card. I am not comfortable overpaying for two Bluetooth adapters and receiving one. The vendor needs to send me another adapter or refund my credit card ASAP. Thank you.

  275. I purchased an at&t modem from this company to use for my internet. I am told by at&t that I can’t use the modems. Why are you selling them if we can’t use them? That looks like false advertisement. You say I can, they say I can’t. You’re selling them. Can you please clear this up for me, or discontinue selling the at&t Arris NVG 589 and other at&t internet modems?

    I couldn’t get through the barrier.

  276. Terrible I paid for 2 mirrors on 1/9/17 ,both marked as paid, eBay has 2 cases in Resolution for action trid to complete but option is incorrect as ive paid for both mirrors,not received a refund, told I couldn’t open Resolution case as not through eBay,seller didn’t mark 1as paid and didn’t cancel the echeque as he said he couldn’t cancel it? I then paid £229.97 for both mirrors,ive received them but both useless not powerfolding mirrors,Iwas told by your rep she opened a case for 1 mirror,but other I have to ho PayPal,she told me case open .. It’s Not?? This transaction has been a nightmare ive spend £1000s with you and also sell items.. This is a disgrace,read messages to and from me this will confirm both mirrors were paid for in full otherwise why would seller have sent the mirrors..

  277. Please stop the adds pop-ups, they slow the screens down, change the screen size and simply bog down buying. I do know what I want to buy, I don’t need a commercial every 5 second.

    I am here to buy, not waste time closing useless adds!

    Thank you

  278. Trying to end notifications about buying a Studebaker. NEVER WANTED TO BUY A STUDEBAKER! Very disappointed as I’m trying to ask someone, ANYONE, about how to turn off the notification emails. . I went through the contact us route many times before I gave up.
    Mind blowing that a company that depends on satisfied customers is impossible to contact

  279. I have used EBay for quite some time now. All of a sudden, my name/email address, and password don’t work any more. No matter what password I tried changing and setting up to, it wouldn’t work. So, finally called Customer Service. They assisted me with entering a new password and I tried it and bingo….it worked. We hung up and the next time I tried signing in, bingo….it told me I needed a new name/email address or password. Called Customer Service again and was told that I needed to go with a new email address and password. I am NOT SETTING UP A WHOLE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!! Why can’t Ebay just fix the problems on their end and let us continue as usual on ours??

  280. Tried leaving a comment and it said it needed moderation before publishing. I don’t understand half the stuff they are trying to tell us!

  281. “Thank you for calling ebay Mr. Ebay customer. I am sorry for your trouble but I am only able ad-lib a bit while reciting from this stupid script and don’t really have a clue how to help you with the technical problem. In fact I have trouble thinking about what you are saying. I will however suggest that your Firefox browser is out of date even though the version that you are using is less than a month old. You should download the bloatware: Google Chrome or even use IE if you mus, but we are not optimized for Firefox even though it is a popular browser. Now that you have told me that you think Ebay should support Firefox since it is so popular I will forward your concern to our Tech team. Try making your purchase again in 24 hours and call back if checkout is still not working correctly, call back.”

  282. After complaining that I never received an item, and hearing nothing from eBay or the seller, suddenly I get an email saying the case has been closed. Trying to question this decision, with nothing resolved as I am out the money paid, leaves me in an endless loop of trying to figure out how to appeal the closure or re-open the case. I am furious at the inability to even inquire about this as well as having paid for an item never received.

  283. ebay did not refund me two open cases of items not received after several messages in the ebay portal, i still have not received any refund or response. what should I do ? how can I contact them if not automatically? I’m not happy with ebay behavior and I have the chance to sue him for fraud.

  284. I am overseas, I logged in to my eBay account and bid on a camera, checking my email I see that e bay has done something to my account and now I can log in again, and I cannot get my New Zealand phone messages while using a China sim card
    Please reactivate my account Thanks Michael

    • OK now I see the email EBay have reset my password but have not told me what it is ,,, I have no way to find out what is…they have no email address and my NZ phonecdors not work over here WTF

    • OK now I see the email EBay have reset my password but have not told me what it is ,,, I have no way to find out what is…they have no email address and my NZ phone does not work over here WTF

  285. Your customer service is shocking!You make it impossible to contact you through my ebay account!! WHY should I have to call you from my UK mobile phone which would cost me a fortune! I opened a case because ive paid for items which the seller made it impossible for couriers to collect,I finally feel I should have a refund.You simply closed the case after a month due to activity on the case!! Ha what a joke I tried everyway to contact you & even details of item has disappeard.Im always buying on ebay & im so so disappointed in ebay,I am very wary of you lazy bastards now!!!!!

  286. It is totally impossible to make contact with ebay. No chat no email no nothing. I was attempting to order 2 items for around 50.00 plus dollars. I will no longer use ebay. I had always been able to sign in as a guest. Then i signed up and even yesterday i had an account and was able to sign in as a guest. Now today IT SAYS I HAVE TO SIGN UP AND I WAS TAKEN TO THE SIGN UP PAGE. DUH!!! The bigger a company gets the dummer they are. Of course my opinion. I will not longer order on ebay lest i can order as a guest. Thanks any way ebay. Just do not need the crap you dish out.

  287. hey mate,i received the ebay official reply for my refund last 28th, it said it will refund to my paypal account, but i never received it. So wat can i do since i m abroad and will be back to state next week.the case number is #5153152844

  288. I am attempting to file a return request. Every time I fill out the form and click on Submit return request, the submission fails with a message that I don’t have authority to access that page.

    When I then attempt to send a message to the seller about making a return, I type the message, select “send a copy to messages and your email,” and click on “send.” NO MESSAGE EVER SHOWS UP IN MY EMAIL OR IN MESSAGES ON MY ACCOUNT!

    It’s becoming a nightmare to try to accomplish things for which you pretend to supply a method and ready-to-go forms! Your forms and methods are at present useless, and your “help/contact us” option is worse than useless — it’s infuriating because it merely sends one to the same useless forms and allows no way to actually contact a person and actually get a problem solved.

    • I’m trying to contact service its very difficult to impossible to email response..i’m being billed for a sale I didn’t make, last week after calling I got the erroneous sale deleted and I hope this sales billng can be deleted also. thank you

  289. I want to make a request to report a scam from the seller and eBay for not getting my item and not giving my money back of $1800 dollars. Email me.

  290. I order (6) mini water for my granddaughter for her Barbie’s Nov. 17,2017 and paid $1.04 for them same day. I received (1) bottle of water, now I hit the roof when I open the package. Oh, did I mention I ordered this for a Xmas present and didn’t get it until Jan. 7, 2018. This is all wrong and UNACCEPTABLE. seem like like to me my orders weren’t important enough to you, my granddaughter being happy sure in the hell didn’t matter to you, my order obvious wasn’t large enough to matter, I didn’t spend enough money for you to pay attention but let me bring something to your narrow mind Ebay, you put the name Sylvia Lowe in your computer and do a talley on the amounts she(I) have spend since the beginning of 200_ and see what kind of money I have spend in Ebay when people were proud of what they sold of instead of these you have today that are only interested in the dollar and just send anything they think they can get over with and the futher they live away the better their odds but then they never met ME. i want my granddaughter’s present sat right and I want them to do it on their ($)dollar. Who in their right mind would order (1)bottle of mini water for a doll at $1.04 all the way to China when another seller is selling (4)for .88. As a matter of fact their were 4 sellers side by side selling 4 bottles of waters for .88. The one I chose advertise this way 1/6 1/12, and he had 6 bottles of waters together and he had 12 bottles of water together so you tell me what that meant to you? Then rectify my order.

  291. I have a case opened on 6 items from the same seller. He and I agreed that he would reimburse me for 1/2 plus shipping and I keep the items. He also said that I need to close the case first. I’m not comfortable with that unless I’m paid. I called Ebay customer service twice and was told that the buyer could send a refund. I explained 4 differently that he said I had to close the case first. The customer service people kept saying the same thing over and over and would not help at all. Not to mention I can barely understand them because they do not speak English very well.

  292. I have a challenge in selecting the colour on Men’s Cowhide Fringed / Beaded Cowboy Western Leather Jacket. There is no option to choose the preferred colour. How do I do that?

  293. ebay has not respondred at at anytime in seven calls regarding a S N A D ISSUE .Their go to issue for seller taking back an item at their expense.
    And subsequent threats of pain and theft by selling store in new jersey.
    ,after i demanded they take the vehicle back.i have all record including texts and and ebay messages but their AVATARS in philipines r not interested .i am out 7965.75 dollars on a truck that was totally misrepresented by their saleman…EBAY posted and their automotive partner completed the scam…….do not buy from dealer in nj…three other auto purchases on ebay,perfect w honest sellers

  294. Hello,
    Why it is impossible to contact anybody from ebay by Email?
    I have a problem with a purchase but it stucks actually about 30 days. Why nobody helps me. Why no contact is possible?
    Thank you.

  295. I am very upset and indignant with the young man who assisted me in costumer service on 3/8/2018 at about 6pm GA time. The only thing I wanted was to increase my selling limits , in my account, first call they asked me what I wanted to tell them and they told me they were going to send me an email saying what they would increase me, the email never arrived, then I did it by ebay same and the famous email did not arrive, then I called again; My husband talked to this person of customer service, but this person started asking a series of questions, such as … what was the color of my eyes, according to my license, that where I had lived before, what was my last address? , who were my children, where they lived, which car brand did I have and that if I … had any debt; And because I was wrong in an answer, he told me NO that I could not increase my selling limits, because I had been wrong in a question. And that his time of attention had already ended.He told me to try again in a month again,when my account, is about to meet one year. This is ridiculous and shameful that a company as serious as it is (EBAY) has people who do not have an education and who have asked me all that kind of questions, (I was not asking for a line of credit) it made me feel As a delinquent, the only thing I wanted was to increase my selling limits , to sell, which is also money for you. I have two accounts with you and the only thing I wanted was to increase the new account.
    Tell me if this is correct to ask such questions, I have many years of selling on Ebay; And they had never asked me that kind of question.

  296. Getting through to Ebay is like spending your life in perpetuity in hell. I have been on the phone 22 minutes and holding, not just this time but a number of times. They are the worst company to try and contact. I do not know how they stay in business.

  297. From the letters above it is clear that many people are upset about their dealings with e-bay. I wish to UNSUBSCRIBE PLEASE DO THIS

  298. I called to cancel my account last year, she said she could not for one month, called a month later, cannot close the account. called today ..cannot close the account. .until paid if full… when I first called to cancel. we were even. I WILL NOT WASTE TIME WITH THIS COMPANY ANY LONGER… I WILL NOT PAY YOU A DIME Close the account or not…. U will not see anything from me again.
    do not contact me with you’re BS…. done end of story.

  299. I called ebay to speak with customer service about an unauthorized purchase on my account that was paid for by my paypal account and the music played and a prompt would come on to you that you will be serviced in the order in which you called. That went on for 30 mins. twice.

  300. I placed a bid on an item, John Deere Tractor, won the bid and was sent a conformation message from ebay. Only to find out I did not get the item even though I was the only bidder on it and met the advertisers low bid. No one else bid on the item but me. I evidently did not bid soon enough even though no one else bid and the biding was still open. If you are not going to count the last minute bidding have the auction close one minute sooner.

  301. I am uncomfortable about an e-mail I received from a company rep where I purchased an item from. (VIA E-Bay) It also concerns me how hard it is to find a way to contact E-Bay with my concern. My item was inexpensive but my information that I thought was being sent to a reputable company may now be in the wrong hands. I just would like to hear from E-Bay that “All is well” or “Brace fro impact”

  302. I have contacted ebay four times today. (Customer Service) All I needed was a return label sent to my email so I could return a package. I still have not received any email or heard anything back from them. All I asked was for a return label. Will someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  303. I sold two JBL speakers on e-bay and the buyer would not pay. I thought that if you bid on something and it was accepted by the seller, that the buyer was obligated to pay. I guess that’s not the case. Contacting E-bay with a dispute is like pulling teeth! Except, when you pull teeth, you get an end result. Not so with e-bay. Why I put up with this crap, I just don’t know. E-bay has become so big that they don’t care about customer service. I will never, again, sell or buy anything that has e-bay involved. Their partner in crime, PayPal, is just as bad.

  304. after losing a dispute on a purchase. i went back to contact the seller. he said to return item for a refund. for the past 3 days i have been trying to get a return address so i can send it back for my refund. however the sell er wont respond to my 3 requests to give therte postal address. please help

  305. I ordered 20 light led12w day light and received 10 bulb led 12wsoft white? is this the ways you treat your costumer?

  306. The last thing I sold resulted in almost half of the income in expenses with shipping, eBay charge, PayPal charge. Then the ignorant buyer gave me negative feedback because they did not know what to buy. So my 1400 transactions over 16 years now results in my feedback going fro 100% to 97.2%. I am done selling on eBay.


  307. U said for me to send back the Items and I did and filled out your form with the tracking number and the return number u said I would have my money back for the shipping in two days wheres it at, yall are as crooked as these ass holes that sell this mess on here.

  308. I need to know if there is a cart I left unfinished. Bonita Nelson
    Ordered Clairol hair products but have not received them. I have placed a new order and do want that one as well.
    Can you check this for me??

  309. hi I order a idle air control valve iac for 95 Toyota camry 2.2l 22270-74290 on july 2,2018 I got it so we had try it and got nothing out of it so the part was defective we tried it on a 12 volt battery. no results on throttle body butteryfly. so is this the way u sale to ur customers. item no.# is 273054520969 PLEASE RESPONED BACK BY CALLING 8089377322 ASAP Thank u very much lissa pabro

  310. What the purchasers should do is gain up on Ebay for allowing sellers to take their purchases away from Ebay, than screw a person over, never getting their merchandise. My son purchased a $2,500.00 computer off Ebay never received the Computer they received every dime. The seller served time in prison, was suppose to pay back the people over a 10 year span of time. He received approximately 3 payments in the amount of $8.00 a piece. over the last 12 years. They should not give sellers the right to remove any protection that Ebay would have for their customers if the forms were filled right at the EBAY website. ALL SELLERS ARE NOT HONEST PEOPLE ANYMORE, WE LIVE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD NOW. I REALIZE THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY WRONG AT THE WEBSITE. THEY HAVE HIRED NORTON AS THEIR SECURITY. THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN GET “YOUR PAST HISTORY OF PURCHASES AT THE WEBSITE”, NORTON AND SAFARI TAKE ME TO. I THINK IT IS A PHISHING WEBSITE THE WAY IT IS SET UP NOW.


  312. I ordered a DVD Miami Vice identified to be like new. Order #Item ID: 312198154861 ……..arrived 8-23-2018 and on scale A to E, the condition is an E. The container filthy and broken and the DVD, BADLY SCRATCHED. I threw it away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First bad experience with EBay seller merchandise.

  313. Your cust ser is terrible. I have been trying to get a refund from your sellers
    and I requested a prepaid return label. I was sent a pr of earrings that look nothing like the picture and I also mentioned to the seller that they don’t even look like same earring. So far I have heard nothing from you or the seller
    . I want my money and that labeled. I will never purchase anything from this service..if you want to call it that….again!

    Someone needs to contact me!!’

  314. Terrible – Almost impossible to get a hold of a real person. I had to wait 15 minutes on hold the first time with no response. I called back a second time and was on hold again. The recording kept saying “please hold for the next available agent”. I think the ONLY “next available agent” must still be in bed sleeping.

  315. Ebay suspended my account saying i made to many claims i would like to be reinstated its not my fault the hard wood floor sander. Arrived broken up i spend a lot of money onebay snd tjsy treat customars badly

  316. My Partner buy and paid in full $33000.00 for a CAT wheel loader
    Item # 162605839366, The machine never sended
    Member is suspended, and cancel account
    member ID is Claxton72
    Please I need you send me a complete information, name,address and more
    to take action at court.-
    Buyer Name: Tyler Sanzari , Woodland Park,NJ
    I’m partner and Lawyer

  317. I purchased a Cabbage Patch Doll 23 years ago, It was never taken from the box, can I find out through you how much it is worth today? Thank you very much.

  318. I’m surprised your instant transfer money fee is going up to 1%? I understand it’s 1% but it just seems like this is “Another Fee” Sellers have to deal with?? Now .25 cents can turn into 2-6 more dollars just for this fee alone??? I feel this is poor business. & after waiting a few days for our money? Why should sellers pay more just to get our money 24 hours sooner? I mean we already wait a week? Isn’t that long enough?? I’ve been selling on Amazon now for 3 1/2 years and they don’t do this??? I mean doesn’t E-Bay realize The listing fees, the buy it now fees & such is enough??? Once I get my last item I ordered I may close my account & just keep selling on amazon! I’m trying not to complain! but I feel this is ridiculous??? & I like selling on EBAY! But more fees?? WOW?

  319. Ebay,

    Please accept my “Thank you” for the handling of my case #5784395733.
    Please do not allow this seller now or in the future be a part of the EBay family, she must be held accountable.

    The only allowable excuse would be death or a comatose state.

  320. I am a senior citizen and decided to sell some items on EBay for extra money since I only receive Social Security. I cannot believe the fees. Last month it was high and this month I thought that I was going to have a heart attack. I have not sold much and the fees seem to be more that what I have sold. I need someone to look over my account and let me know why the fees are so high. I just cancelled some of my listings. I cannot afford to sell on EBay. It is not for the little guy. Please someone look over my account and get back to me. It looks like there must be a lot of mistakes.

  321. I have not received merchandise or any resolution in the matters of 3 different orders that have been placed through Ebay. I am trying to resolve the matter by addressing Ebay first but I may have to go through The BBB, FTC & also contact The Attorney General’s Office to resolve the matters instead and at least have the issues I’ve faced documented for future buyers. I have talked to the police department and they have informed me to file police reports & charges against the sellers & potentially ebay for not backing up their money back guarantee policy. Anyone else have any problems or issues with not receiving their merchandise after paying in full for it. Here I am not only out money, but the products in which I paid for.

    Daniel A. Vanderheyden (

  322. I placed a order when I went to check out and pay, I was told to download
    Google chrome to up date browser I did but still unable to check out and pay

  323. There is no customer support by telephone or email. I am trying to buy an item on ebay with an ebay online gift card and there is no way to enter the number either before or after the sale. All your FAQ’s give information to redeem gift catds that doesn’t work! What’s up with that????

  324. I been on Ebay for years, there sells want you to pay high price shipping and the date you will receive your item and it don’t come.. I buy alot items on Ebay that I know it will come on that date not to have it change till another date. I change my appointments to be there to get my package and it don’t come. Ebay needs to make the seller pay for shipping if it don’t comes to the buyer on time. This is happening to much.

  325. Hi! I bay winter jacket item # 302965382602 at 11/16/18 $18.65 Till today i do not get my jacket,
    Sealer DO NOT RESPOND FOR MY 3 EMAIL. What kind of service YOU provide ???
    How i can tract EBAY ????

  326. I am very disappointed re: Ebay’s lack of customer service. I was sent the wrong size boot and at first wanted to return it. The seller offered me 20percent refund not to return it. The cost of sending this item back to China does not make it worthwhile to send it back. I also am house bound and cant get to post office. I countered the sellers offer and said 50percent. If this was Amazon, Id have my refund already. This is a perfect example why I hardly buy anything from Ebay anymore.

  327. ATTN;ebay customer service please note: Your company should be aware of this vendor. I would not recommend this company.

    Experience with eBigValue
    On December 6, 2018, I purchased a Tablet Portfolio (order # 2381761) for my wife’s tablet. She received it on Christmas and two weeks later the case separated from the case making it useless.
    On January 4, I notified your customer service of this in a phone call and left the information including my contact information on your answering machine. I never received a call back
    On January 7, I called at 4PM Pacific Time and received voicemail stating your office closes at 6PM PT. Since this was 2 hours before closing, I wondered if eBigValue was still in businesas, In any event I left the same information and asking for a suggestion as to how to resolve the issue.
    Since the comments on the order sheet state: Customer satisfaction and feedback rating in very important to us……please contact us before you leave any feedbac etc, I wanted to give Customer Service an opportunity to respond. However that did not happen
    On January 10 ,I sent an email to customer service again explaining my problem with this product.
    On January 11, I contacted the phone # listed for customer service (909-471-9498) This was NOT customer service.
    On this same date at 8:40 AM PT, I called the office #323-744-1385 and again received a msg that the office opens at 8:30 AM PT again 2 hours
    after opening
    On your website you appear to be an active legitimate company, but your lace of response indicates your company is in trouble.
    I believe I have gone out of my way and have yet to get a response.

    B L Aumann

  328. My problem with Item is so old it does not come up as an option on purchases.
    I am out of patience…attempting to get an order from 10happendoline #252834356986 . 1st order placed in October for 1 Christmas trees transparent clear stamp DIY silicone seals Scrapbooking card…$1.64. Worked with Seller…Did not receive 1st order. Did not receive 2nd Order supposedly shipped 12-3-18. Numerous contacts have been made with Seller…last one 1-30-2019.
    KDL1940 (Ebay Name)

  329. What are the only companies left allowed to set-up and/or design a store. Trying to call or email has been impossible, and following the online directions will take forever. Thanks.

  330. Someone tried to charge us on pay-pal once, then two more times. We called on the first one. It showed up and then disappeared. Not sure what was/is going on? The last 2 times it just showed up on its own, we talked to the ebay person on the first one and she said, we are ok. I hope so. Scary.
    It was on a 2017 Panini football card offered by – robertmatthewcrane (21)? Something weird going on with is card, now showing 150 people watching it. Clicked on it long time ago(attempted purchase), then went way, now back. I hope someone looks into what appears to be a scam. PLEASE and thank you!

  331. I am a buyer/seller on When I call customer service I don’t want to speak to an Indian that doesn’t understand English properly.

  332. hello!
    I want to know the right status about my ebay account of “jessen*daisy”,
    whether the account can continue to list a item or not?

    if the answer is not,then can i apply another ebay account?
    thanks lot!

    jessen li

  333. I have not received my ebay bucks certificate for last quater from july thru sept 2019.Showed $500.00 on the 1st oct and then disapeared.Called customer service and answered by some foreigner and kept on telling me last quater is not up yet is 4months not 3months which is a joke and also started explaining me how to earn ebay bucks when I have been doing it for 3years.WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO $500.00 WHICH I HAVE EARNED. IF POSSIBLE GIVE A CONTACT FOR A PERSON I CAN TALK TO IN THE USA

  334. why are all of your leaders allowing thieves coming on ebay to sell at expenives prices In might add TOILET PAPER. iTS HARD to find at stores because thieves bought most up left Toilet Paper uavailable to many. There are many people who find even the normal prices difficult to pay. Pkease be kind to many of those suffering by closing those sales and adding high shipping prices. So evil– please don’t join them by keeping their sales open.

  335. Letting thieves sell on your website causing others to suffer. Especially at a difficult time like this, making yourselves partners with them.

  336. There should be a law to stop people From selling their items at a ridiculous price I can’t believe eBay is not doing anything to stop this its very annoying that’s why I am boycotting eBay and hope others are too!! Shame on all of you price Gauger’s!!!

  337. Who is the person of influence most concerned with regard to an eBay rep erroneously conveying the outcome of a Request for a Return Case to the buyer, and how can this individual be contacted to apprise them of the matter.

    Understanding we, as a world, are in the midst of a pandemic, we have been intentional to extend an extra measure of grace in virtually all circumstances.

    Nevertheless, in the past week, we have had similar occurrences to this with eBay; albeit, atypical in our 19 years as eBay buyers. If left unaddressed, recovering from an extended period of this being allowed to continue could result in a high cost to eBay’s good reputation.

  338. Customer assistance is non existent. Very frustrating to communicate with them so… take your money elsewhere.

  339. Want to still get the same phone case ordered; just want to change the colors to pink and purple…please if possible..Sincerely,Betty J Rogers..sorry for any inconvenience..

  340. That’s the only reason for the cancellation order,I changed my mind about the color….if it’s not too much of a problem,please…just change colors to pink and purple pls…BJR. Date:12/27/2020

  341. There is no way to contact eBay on a question that is beyond the scope of their automated system. I have a business account question and there is no way to get an answer. Not a good way to run a business.

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