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Contacting Easy Spirit Customer Service Center

Easy Spirit is a show company aimed at the professional with a sense of style. Easy Spirit shoes are known for being comfortable, but the company takes comfort one step further with an Anti-Gravity line. Anti-Gravity shoes employ nitrogen bubbles to decrease weight on your feet and potentially reduce foot pain.

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Contact Info:

We were not thrilled with how the contact information was provided for Easy Spirit. In order to access the information you have to search for Contact Us on the customer service/help page. Not many customers would think about searching the FAQs for contact information.

Phone Contact Numbers

Easy Spirit customer service is available from 8 AM to 12 AM ET. There is no mention if the lines are open on the weekends or just Monday to Friday.

  • Easy Spirit Phone Number: 1-888-327-9772
  • Fax: 1-914-640-1612

Mailing Address

If you’d prefer to pick up your pen rather than log into your computer or make a call, you can choose to write to Easy Spirit customer service. The address for consumer support is:

Easy Spirit1129 Westchester AveWhite Plains, NY 10604

Official Website

Shopping Easy Spirit or contacting a customer service agent is as simple as visiting the official website at The site is a storefront and a customer service center, which means the customer service staff is available to take orders, check on the status of an order, advise customers about returns and handle all other product customer service issues as well. It also means there is likely a lengthy automated list of options for customers to deal with at the beginning of every call.

Social Media

One thing we quickly noticed about Easy Spirit was the lack of social integration. We didn’t notice any Facebook or Twitter icons. Many companies offer website visitors the ability to share selections on their own social media pages. This increases brand marketing and sales. The company pages on popular social media sites were also missing.

When we looked for Facebook and Twitter pages for Easy Spirit, we found nothing but user’s pages and pages for local stores – no corporate connections.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Easy Spirit customer service by email at,default,pg.html. Simply fill out the form with your name, email address, category, subject and q uestion. You can even attach a photo or document if desired.

Our Experience

We called the Easy Spirit phone number hoping to find the fastest way through the line. When you call, press 2 when given the option. This will forward your call to the next Easy Spirit customer service representative. We asked Sara about the width of standard shoes and she didn’t have an answer other than they were standard width. She seemed a bit confused by the question, but we did manage to make it through to an agent in less than 40 seconds.

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47 Comments on “Contact Easy Spirit Customer Service
  1. Dear Easy Spirit, I have, for many many years, purchased your shoes as I wear a WW. I would make a special trip to twice a year (110 miles) to the outlet closest to our home just to purchase several pairs of Easy Spirit Now, your outlets carry no WW (been to three stores – in Florida, Indiana, and South Carolina. Many of your shoes online, especially the pretty shoes, no longer are made in WW (ex. – Vinyasa, which I would have purchased in every color). Your shoes were always so consistent in fit and that also seems to have changed. I have the Traveltime shoe in 5 different colors and have replaced several over the past couple of years & they are, of late, not always a consistent fit as in the past. The only other shoe I wear in Munro which also has a great fit in WW. Please, go back to making more WW as I think your company always had the best selection of any company, even among more expensive shoe manufacturers.

  2. This afternoon I had the unfortunate experience shopping at one of your stores. I entered the empty store with my young niece while the sales person, Valerie attend to shoes on the shelve. There was a greeting as expected, great. However as we walked towards the back of the store where sandals were located we admired one of the sandals. We had also shown an interest with a fall shoe as well. During this time the sales person made her way behind the sales counter. We approached the counter with two different shoes (sandal & casual shoe) while making request for the sizes needed. The sales person states, “I will be with you in a moment.” It appears the sales person was reading from the computer monitor without giving no eye contact. The store was still empty as the three of us stood around the sales counter. The sales person continued to read and keyed something into the computer as we stood awaiting for appropriate service. This however went on for nearly 2-3 minutes. I then walked away towards the front of the store admiring another shoe. STILL no sense of urgency from sales person. I quickly walked back to the sales counter and still I was forced to wait!! I made my request again for the sizes 10 1/2 or 11 shoe in which I was holding. The sales person replied, “We don’t have those sizes in the store.” (Said in a nasty tone) Thinking I misunderstood the sales person I asked again. The sales person replied, “We may have sizes 10 1/2 wide or 11.” (Sales person appears to be annoyed) I replied, “Yes, I will take the10 or 11.” While sales person is speaking, she displays such a nasty attitude while responding to my request. She finally takes both shoes to the back of the store to retrieve them. The sales person comes back with a box of shoes. No dialogue of the other shoe that sales person was perhaps unable to retrieve(?) – Another sales person (young male) returns to the selling floor behind her while retrieving some shoes boxes left on sales counter. This of course indicates she was not alone in the store to perform in a professional matter. Another customer enters the store and makes their way into the same corner where the sandals are displayed. Immediately, the same sales person goes into a whole speech of the current promotional sale ( Buy any 2 shoes and get 20% off) Standing nearly 3 feet away, I immediately asked, “What was that about a sale?” Only then, the sales person repeats the statement but in an unfriendly tone. Nevertheless to say, I purchased the one shoes she brought out. The sales person states, “Is there anything else.” At this time she is speaking very low so therefore I did not fully hear her statement. I asked, “Sorry, what was that?” The sales person repeats herself. I had to ask, “Is everything ok with you?”. She sates, “Yes, I’m ok”. I completed my purchase while asking for sales person’s name. At this time the sales person appeared surprised of my request(??) I left very disappointed with the service we received this afternoon. The young lady demonstrated a negative tone; bad attitude, unprofessional ism and lacks social skills. I am a regular shopper who has visited various locations in the New Jersey and New York areas. However, this was the first time I was subjected to such negative and unprofessional behavior from one of your sales persons. I only wish to know what is the company’s general training for appropriate customer service. Again, this was a terrible experience for myself and young niece. I only wish Easyspirit makes attempt to address such need for the quality of service they are generally known for.

    Thank you,


    Location: ESR 6267

    Menlo Park Mall

    Edison, NJ 08837

    Salesperson No: 68133

  3. Dear Easy Spirit, I have a pr of easy spirit shoes that smell badly and make my feet stink. Have washed the shoes several times, but as soon as I put my feet in them they start to smell. Can’t wear them, except in the house – when i’m alone. I assume they are made with some chemical that is activated when the shoes are warmed to body temperature. Shoes are called ESARORA # AJ1112. Is there some kind of dangerous or toxic chemical in these shoes? It doesn’t even help to wear socks – the socks get smelly. Shoes are horrible – sorry.

  4. The E360 is not comfortable as advertised. I wore them around the house and thought they were a little stiff and sole was quite rigid but hoped they would get loosened up with time. I went to a mall yesterday and they were most uncomfortable. I have peripheral neuropathy and need a good cushion in my shoes and even though the ad said they were cushioned I didn’t fine much. Since the insole is not removable I cannot replace the insole. I have 3 pairs of traveltime and hoped this model would be similar, but it is not. I realize you cannot take them back but want you to be aware that this shoe does not measure up to Easy Spirit standards.

  5. I have unfortunately had the experience of purchasing 4 pairs of shoes from Easy Spirit and they have been a today waste of money. I have thrown away 3 of the 4. I purchased 2 sandals on brown leather wedges at a large retail store. They rubbed my feet everywhere and were very uncomfortable. Garbage- I then found myself at one of those discounted retailers and came across a light grey wedge also Easy Spirit. These were more comfortable and I was able to get a few wears out of them, but not to my surprise they started falling about. I chucked that up to the price so those to went in the garbage. Last year I went to the outlets in South Carolina, I went into the Easy Spirit Outlet because my mother in law needed some comfortable shoes. The sales lady was so nice and she convinced me to give you guys another try. So I purchased a pink flat shoe and these boots ESEMARIS AAU 9 1/2W as that was the last boot the store had. Needless to say the pink shoe since then was worn 3 times, all three times the shoe rubbed the back of my heal raw- so those too were thrown away.
    The Boots- In less than 6 months the sole needed to be replaced as it completely fell apart. When I took it to the repair shop the man told me the sole was made of compressed paper. I was able to wear then a month more and now they have completely fallen apart the heel has completely broken. Not off the shoe but the actual bridge of the boot has snapped. The repair man suggested I reach out to Easy Spirit and stop simply throwing away the shoes. Which I thought OK! I will reach out to them and let the company know how awful there merchandise is.
    This is the worst boot I have ever owned, I am glad that I cannot find the receipt nor can I remember the exact amount that I paid for them because then I would be even more upset and disgusted that I have had to spend my hard earned money to purchase these boots and all the other shoes I have wasted money on.
    I have to agree with the other person that posted – the shoes are HORRIBLE! And not cheap!
    Also, getting a person on the line is hard and no email is listed to be able to email the company.
    Disgusted- lost a customer.

  6. I’ve worn Easy Spirit shoes for many years and for the first time a pair has failed. They are Aristocrat 308 low black shoes. They felt odd on my feet today when I returned home and found that the solid plastic soles had almost completely broken across at the widest point and along most of the length. Such seems to be a manufacturing fault in using a material for the sole that has no lasting resistance to flexing. Guess it would cost more to repair than they are worth. I hope this same thing doesn’t happen to any of the several pairs of Easy Spirit shoes in my closet. If so, I’ll change the brand of shoe I purchase. A reply is requested.
    Thank you, Selma O’Kelly

  7. I have ordered 3 pairs of easy spirit AP1. I wear a double A. I returned the first 2 pairs because they were much too wide in the heel, also the heel on one shoes was not the same h eighth as the other one. I kept the third pair even tho it is too wide in the heel. I will not order any more Easy Spirit shoes. Have you thought about having them manufactured in the US ? Thank you for your consideration to my complaint.

  8. I have a pair of white and beige easy spirit travertine sneakers that are dirty and am windering what I can do to clean or perhaps wash them in the washing machine. I really find myself embarrassed to wear them when I dress for the day and they are in perfect condition and very comfortable. Would appreciate your input as to what I can do to clean these two pair of shoes up. The white pair look like they sort of lost their white cast to it and look almost more like a faded beige. Thank you for your attention and reply to this situation.

  9. Love your Traveltime slip-on. Name the color, I have it! It is getting impossible to find WW in 5-6. It is just as difficult to find regular width 5-6. 6 is a little big for me, but when you have small feet, you buy what is available. PLEASE, PLEASE start making some smaller and wider versions of this shoe. It’s about the only shoe I can wear at this point, and I even wear them in winter with socks, because my feet are bad. Thanks for whatever you can do. Being short is bad enough, having small feet is even worse!

  10. Please consider bringing back your outlet store to the Concord Mills Mall. This mall is the biggist attraction in NC and yet you closed the store. We also have a new Tanger Outlet opening at Steele Creek Charlotte, NC. It would be a distance for me to drive but worth it if you had an easy spirit store there.

  11. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with easyspirit. The Motion shoes are the only shoes I can walk into a store say I want an 8 Wide and take home and they fit. I have bought them for years when they go on sale. HOWEVER, this year was different. I decided to by them on line…BIG MISTAKE!! I had to fight for two day to get shoes ordered. I decided to not only get the motion shoes but to try a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of dress slack shoes. After two frustrating days I got them ordered. When they arrived the tennis shoes were too big the dress slack shoes too small and the motion shoes instead of sending me 8 W as I ordered they sent me 8 D. This has been a TERRIBLE experience. I would advise everyone and anyone NEVER to try to buy easyspirit on line you will absolutely regret it. As I get ready to return them I am wondering what kind of problems I am going to have.

  12. I have worn Easy Spirit for over 30 years and always and still do
    believe they were just meant for my feet. Never had a bad pair
    but I have only one complaint. The round laces on the walking
    shoes are too slippery and come untied some times when walking
    and the laces are much too long. Other than that I love your
    shoes and intend to keep buying them.

  13. To whom it may concern I purchased a pair of boots at the Monroe,Ohio outlet mall while on my way to visit my son in Frankfort,Kentucky I live in Detroit, Michigan when I made it back to Detroit I notice I got a 9 narrow
    I called the Laurel Park Mall not knowing I could not exchange the size the store manager was so very rude she told me that I had to take them to Birch Run that is 90 miles away from where I live. Which I think that is so wrong if I purchased it from easy spirt I should be able to exchange it at any easy spirit. She was so rude she did not offer to help me resolve the matter in no way. Your company must not strive for good customer service. I love the boot so much I guess I have to drive 90 miles out of my way to exchange it. Or maybe return it. Thank you I hope this email does not fall on deaf ears!!!

  14. I purchased a pair of easy spirit which is all I have worn for years, from footsmart. Wore one day sent back one shoe larger than the other, sent back said I wore them would not take back. 69.00 dollars, gone no use to me. Tried to wear again one shoe is definately defective. I will never wear another shoe from easy spirit and FootSmart I am telling everyone not to order from them. Yesterday in Pennys the clerk told me to go direct to you people. I have had the sneakers about six months still new.

  15. I am a frustrated, long term. loyal easy spirit customer. Your customer service information is inaccurate, and your lack of concerned cutomer care support is deplorable. Perhaps you should take a page from Shoe Mall’s playbook to learn how to invite customers to you rather than frustate us and repel us away. I recently ordered three pairs of Traveltime, have three more to be delivered in March, and wanted to order by PHONE at least five more. I have a new medical foot problem that is requiring a change in foot width, so I am trying to stock up on winter colors and plan to order more in spring and summer colors. I do not order on line, so I need to use phone contact to complete orders. The customer service number listed,keeps recyling the hours of operation but adds the office is closed. Information enclosed in the shipping box confirms that you should be open but aren’t. Would you get your communication act together, for Pere’s sake? It’s annoying to keep calling and getting a response that supposedly is inaccurate. Either you’re open for business or not. A positive business model is to be communicative and accurate. Try it. You might like it. You are in business to make money, aren’t you?

  16. Just bought a new pair of Travel time slipons–my most comfortable shoe. Have two other pairs about 2-3 years old. The new ones seem to be made by a different manufacturing site, and are slightly different in style. They have three rows of stitching on the toe top, and the older ones have four rows. Also, the new shoes are not as comfortable as the old ones. Have you changed where they are manufactured?

  17. I would like to bring to your attention the wonderful service I received from one of your sales associates at Miramar Outlet mall this past Monday. Her name is Beth Anne Algie. Beth Ann went way out of her way to help me find shoes for hard to fit feet. I bought 4 pairs of shoes and couldn’t be happier.

    In addition my husband has medical issues and was quite exhausted and hot and I asked Beth Anne if there was a shuttle that could come near the store and give us a ride to our car and she made 3 calls to the office and was successful in getting the shuttle to help us out. My background is in customer service and Beth Anne did an excellent job in both areas of our needs

    Please make sure this note gets to the proper department. I live in Cincinnati and am visiting relatives down here.

    Thanks for a wonderful experience at Easy Spirit. You certainly have a gem in Beth Anne.



  19. I went to the East Spirit outlet in Pittsfield, MA this morning. I have bought shoes there before. This time I wasted my gas and my time. Do you not believe that people who wear a size 6 might also need a wide. Apparently not. You had none. Not only that, you had a ton of black flats but nothing in navy blue. And the excuse – we’re sold out. Well let me tell you I grew up working retail. If you know you have a large turnover in this size and width – then you order more. Oh yeah, you can mail one to my house in 6-10 business days. That would be a total waste of my time. ORDER MORE SHOES IN POPULAR SIZES. I will not waste my time going back to that store.

  20. why do they not make the trim around the back inside of th travel time out of more durable material? You paay that much for a pair of shoes and this marerial wears very quickly. I was at Belk in Gastonia, N. C. and a customer and I were talking about this terrible designe. She had on a pair of these shoes and she showed me how worn and fraied they were and I told her I had two pair at home that looked just like that. PlEASE CHANGE THIS MATERIAL TO A MORE DURABLE MATERIAL. I have a pair that I have not had very long and the are already starting to fray. Next time I may switch to another brand.


    • Jan 20, 2017 bought my first and last pair of easy spirit shoes. I wore these shoes to work only and last week I noticed my left foot felt wet
      , once inside I took off shoe and the sole was broke in half! How does this happen with normal walking?? I took the shoes back to the store yes I had the box and receipt, the manager whose name was Helen said she could not take the shoes back as they had been worn!! I said of course they have they are shoes she then asked if I had worn them outside!! Was she serious? I would expect shoes to last more then 2 1/2 months. Needless to say i never purchase another easy spirit shoe, I only wish I had seen these other reviews prior my purchase , I would never had wasted the $60.00.

      The shoes were purchased at Birchrun outlets Birch run Michigan .

  22. I bought a black pair of boots that the (leather) material is peeling off the side and top of the toe of the boot. I think the boot material is faulty. When a customer pays $100.00 or more for a boot, shoe, etc. it should be worthy of that price and be of good quality material. I think there should be some compensation for faulty material that does not stand the wear. I have been an Easy Spirit customer for a long time. This is the first time that I have had trouble with any shoe. I purchased the boots at a reputable retail store.

  23. I am trying to understand why you don’t advertise your shoes. I am from New york and NJ. I moved to PA live in Collegeville for 14 years. The shoes here are terrible and I am now 62 years old. I run and stay in really good shape but my feet need comfortable shoes. I was in outside sales for 20 years,so my point is I stopped into your Elizabeth NJ outlet store on the way back from New York City. Oh my god it was great,the prices and styles,quality. What are you thinking of,you had a store in our Philadelphia premium outlet store, that you had in a bad location, you don’t advertise your shoes,Natralizer, Aerosoles do very well. Try opening a store in the Upper Providence Shopping center,only DSW is here and it’s pretty small. This is a very high traffic area,baby Boom location, it gets so crowed due to all the shops and Movie Tavern,Wegmans Grocery store,Michaels,Petsmart it is a great shopping center. Most Yogert places don’t do that well Kiwi does great. Your shoes will do well pick a good location and come here.There aren’t any shoe stores near here except DSW and they are very limited at this smaller store with sizes and choices. This store will pull from everywhere west near,Collegeville, Pottstowns, Phoenixville and most places near here, Oaks Audubon,Limerick, Sanatoga,Gilbertsville,PA. You won’t have that much competition like the out let store of Philadelphia Premium outlet. Try placing your new store in front of Wegmans I think there is a children’s store that closed about 6 months ago. It’s a very visible location and advertise it. If I’m wrong you will never hear from me again. Just to tell you I was a marketing manager and a Pharmaceutical sales rep for P&G with an RN license and an Associates degree only. I am very aggressive with analyzing potential business, P&G kept me with my minimal AAS degree for 10 years and laid off many other people,additionally they gave me Patterson NJ because I did so well in sales. I am a fashion forward person,people come to me for fashion Ideas.I wanted to open my own clothing store but I don’t feel this economy and market will sustain sales,so I will hold off on this.Your shoes are really comfortable and good styles, quality.

  24. I have been an Easy Spirit Traveltime customer for over 10 years. I travel extensively and found this shoe to be my best friend. I buy 2 new pairs each year and recycle the older ones for everything else. I would like to suggest a new product…I would love to have navy traveltimes with black soles. The white soles make it look too much like a tennis shoe and would not blend as well in Europe. Please think about this request. I will buy 2 pair asap!

  25. Love the Easy Spirit slides! I have them in almost every color available. I wish a nice medium/dark/olive green shoe was in the works. I have the Lime Green, but it really doesn’t go with the other greens. Only other suggestion would be for the stores (Bealls) to carry more 5 1/2 sizes. Thanks and keep on making these shoes, I am known as matchy, matchy Marge.

  26. I have tried, several times to contact Customer Service through your “Live Chat” feature. I was unable to “send” my request. I came to this site and, again. I’m having difficulty getting through. I read one of the complaints which spoke of the same problem and explained how she eventually got through. The question I have been trying to get an answer to is as follows:
    I bought a pair of flats at your Wrentham location a few years ago.They are soft, plain leather with a zipper running up the top of the shoe. The problem is, I’ve tried to replace them for the last three years and cant find them. Can you tell me if you are going to run

  27. My daughter bought a pair of easy spirit shoes I own many pair, well as I have many old pair of shoes these shocked me 2nd time yes 2nd time on my feet ,WOW WOW , they sole vanished no I am not a wack I walked a short distance . as I had to park in a field I got out my bottom of my feet got wet .I was shocked to find that both sole s have broken apart yea broken apart .what the heck happened what were these soles made of ???

  28. Called your customer service number to place an order.. on hold for over a half hour. Could not get through..

  29. Wear your shoes exclusively. .. Black, blue, tan clogs. . . however have a question about your flowered Waterfall clogs (I think they are called). They seem to made differently and impossible to wear….have you had other complaints about these? Is it a design flaw? Put pressure on the wrong spot on the top of my foot and just about cripples me! Have tried to wear them two or three times and the same results….I am not happy….

  30. I have a pair of Easy Spirit shoes that I am very unhappy with.The name of the shoe was Nestors ,the whole sole separeted from the top of the shoe.I took it to a shoe repair shop and they ssid I should cntact the company.I do not remember where I purchased tne shoe.I buy alot of shoes and I do not believe that this is your usual quality.Please advise

  31. I have take time to read all of the presently posted concerns with the purchase and quality of Easy Spirit shoes and they assure me that I am not along in taking time to encourage Easy Spirit to bring back quality. I have been a customer of Easy Spirit shoes for many years. I have had many wonderful experience with the wear, style, color, etc. However, I concur when others state that of late, over the last six years I have noticed that the quality of Easy Spirit shoes have gone down. Wide sizes have changed, linings in the shoe are of poor quality, shoes actually spell, and fall apart. I do not wish to be rude or show a lack of understanding concerning what it takes to stay in business–my father owned many businesses. It my observation and belief, since China has started manufacturing your shoes quality has gone down.

    Many of my purchases have been disappointing as my fellow reviewers. Recently, over the last year, I purchased 2 pairs of your shoes–both black heels. On was Fabricet 8 1/2 wide and Parnellat 8 1/2 wide. The dye from both of them colored my feet black. I only wore the Parnellat 2 times. I just wore the Fabricet one time–Sunday 9/17/17. The ladies of my church pointed out the stains to me in disbelief. When I took the shoes off the lining was broken with the first wear.

    Fighting unions, taxes, high costs, and workers may be difficult, but it is better than going out of business. PLEASE CONSIDER BRINGING THE MANUFACTURE OF YOUR PRODUCT BACK TO AMERICA where you can address these issues more easily. I live in NJ and I also shop in NY and PA.

    I am a customer who would like to remain so, but I cannot not buy a product that offers such low quality and the possibility of making me ill.

    Please take my review seriously and give me a reply

  32. Hi Easy Sporit,
    I have a pair of shoes beautiful chocolate brown suede that I wore for the first time to go to church this Sunday, very comfortable. As I was walking out of my home to get into my car, my shoe soles disintegration to nothing but crumbles. Never ever have I experienced this from any shoes, I am 52 years old, your shoe has amazed me and has left me in shock! Please Advise or help me understand this horrible experience and what you are suggesting to do about this purchase. Very disappointed!
    -Mrs. DeSantis

  33. On 24 October 2017, I went to the Easy Spirit outlet store in Commerce, GA, and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a friendly store clerk (Carol) who turned out to be the assistant manager as I understood it. She was extremely helpful w/my shopping experience. I say that I was pleasantly surprised because the last time I was in the store, I vowed never to return due to a very cantankerous employee who worked there. Every time I visited the store in previous years, she was there creating an atmosphere I did not care to be in. My understanding is that the person to whom I refer has left and I applaud the replacement you chose as well as the store manager, Renee’. I look forward to a return visit in the future.

  34. Hi, I am a frequent easy spirit shoe purchaser.
    I have a pair that I bought (5 to 7 years ago) that were my favorite.
    They are a mule, but the mesh and lines of the shoe are more streamlined.
    I have purchased others since then, but none compare to this earlier version.
    identifying making I can see is: AJ 1112 ESINSTEP

    Please bring them back — they were fabulously comfortable and foot slimming.

  35. I order a pair of shoes on April3th and Iam still waiting for them.
    Order #004760237 They were paid by PayPal
    Wharf Wedge Sandals

  36. I received 2 pairs of shoes from you…one wrong color…advised I could not return at store….came UPS yet I have to send to PO…..received yesterday today 40% off…no adjustment….I have all e mails on file…and taped conversation with Julisa which I informed her about…..Asked for corporate number did not have, etc., etc. etc. I have purchased much easy spirit in this year as gifts for me etc. I will no longer be purchasing unless this is resolved asap…Also, if not resolved by monday I* have no recorse but to take further steps….UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I have worked as a volunteer at our local hospital for over 12 years, and have always worn Easy Spirit #79934659-9DZ – Estravel time – White/Lt Blue – Bar code # 2900552906.
    On every single pair, the part of the toe end has come unglued, making it necessary to buy a new pair. Took pair to nearby shoe repair shop today, and they will charge $7 for each shoe, to glue back together, which I think it outrageous!
    So, am sending you this email, along with a picture of said shoes.* Hope that there is someway you can make this not happen to future shoes!
    *Do not know how to send picture with this email, so when I hear back from you with an email I can attach a picture, I will do this!

  38. I live in the US six months. I do all my clothing shopping there, especially shoes. I have ten pair of easy spirit.Love them! I am 86 and find them very stylish and comfortable.
    My problem is every time I put in the address for, It automatically reverts to while I am in Canada. I have called Canadian customer service and they were of no help. Of course they want me to buy in Canada
    . I like order to from the internet and no other company does this while I am in Canada. Can you tell the reason?
    Can you help?

  39. Thieves! That is what you are. Returned a pair of shoes and couldn’t find the reciept. Was issued a merchandise card. Found the receipt and was told it was too late since the card was issued. I didn’t think it would be a problem since that is where I purchase my work shoes. Then the store closes. I try to use it online even though the back of the card reads you can’t.. Since the store closed and there is not another one in the state I mistakenly thought that a company like Easy Spirit would take care of their customers! I called the number on the back of the card and was told to take a picture of the front and back then send it in an email. Waited over a week and no response. I sent a reminder email and finally received a response that the back of the card reads not valid online. I called to explain the situation again and was told like the email reads there is nothing they could do. Even though they always ask for your email when you check out! you always get emails on their special sales. Not one email on how they are closing and if you have a merchandise credit use it before you lose it. Absolutely ridiculous customer service. Worst ever! Single mom trying to make ends meet and they just steal your money! So disgusted!! Will never buy from them again!!

  40. I purchased 2 pairs of shoes on line 11/23, the shipping to occur within 3-5 days. There was no confirmation email sent. No tracking numbers to check on shipping. I went on line to check when they were shipped and the web site had no info. I sent an email, and c.s.ticket number was sent back stating that I would get a response within 24 hours. That did not occur. I tried locating my order on line without success on. 11/30 I resorted to calling customer service waited on hold fo 20 min. Was told the shoes were going to ship until the following Monday and again would have to wait 3-5 days to receive them. I asked for expidited shipping and was told they couldn’t do that. I asked to speak to a supervisor and again waited 20 min. She said they could not do expidited shipping and had no answers for me. She said she knew about the problems on the website. I asked for the CEO’s name and she didn’t know that. I Still don’t know whether I will get the shoes I ordered. Never again.

  41. I bought your Easy Spirit “ON CUE” and had to send them back the first time because sizing isn’t true and when I got the exchange I put them on and they are so miserable inside the shoe like no comfort whatsoever. Like walking in a shoe that had all the innards scrapped out. There is nothing in there as your foot feels like it’s right on the cement. The soles are hard and every step awful. They are on their way back again and I’m so done with Easy Spirit. You must be riding on old laurels as the comfort and a nice insole inside are missing. My sister said the same thing. She quit too. How about spending more money and line the inside because that’s where the shoe totally fails.

  42. I bought a pair of women’s ANTIL driving style loafer in gray in size 7.5M from Amazon. On the third day I wore them, one shoe came apart. I tried to return them to Amazon, but they said the return window was out the previous week. I have only worn them three times. I would like another pair to replace mine. Thanks for your cooperation.

  43. I have sent two emails concerning defective sandals that I purchased and wore 1/2 dozen times and the toe thong let go. There is absolutely no wear on these shoes. I never even received a courtesy response from them. I won’t be purchasing any more Easy Spirit shoes. I worked for this company years ago when this line first started. The company was sold. Too bad. They were a great shoe.

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